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942-C Wilson St.
Washington, D.C.
5:25 pm


Scully drove home aggressively, her memory egging her
on, her mind working overtime. She had still not lost the
crimson hue that her face had assumed some 15 minutes
earlier, when she had walked unknowingly into what she now
realized must be *the* most embarrassing moment of her life.
How was she going to face him, when she saw him next?
Unfortunately, that was going to be first thing the next
Scully had been on a stakeout that night, having been
paired with the only other agent, besides Mulder, with whom
she had something approaching a friendship. Marie Scott
had been her classmate at Quantico, and they had remained
in touch afterwards, although they had had little time to see
each other since the reality of their workloads had forced an
end to their casual social get-togethers. So Scully had been
pleased to be assigned to the watch with Agent Scott.
Mulder had been scheduled to relieve them with the help
of Agent Hopkins at the end of Scully's shift. She knew he
was due at 9 pm, but she had been lost in the pleasure of
conversation with Agent Scott, and failed to notice the time.
So she had not been aware that Mulder had quietly admitted
himself to the mostly bare apartment, through the front door,
which was out of her line of sight.
When Mulder had cleared his throat at the door of the room
containing the two Agents and the high powered telescope the
FBI had anchored there, Scully had started at the sound. And
her ears immediately began to burn. She inwardly cursed her
fair complexion which tended to betray her when she was
embarrassed. Her mind ran rampant at the sight of his eyes,
which were trying to look anywhere *but* into hers', and the
slight smile he was trying desperately but unsuccessfully to
hide. How much had he heard? Oh, God, just how long had
he been standing there?
Scully had jumped up, aware that she was undoubtedly
acting in a guilty fashion, and quickly informed Mulder off the
state of affairs in the operation. She had then, just as quickly,
confirmed with him the time of their flight out of D.C. the next
morning, and hurriedly bade goodbye to all present, who now
included Agent Hopkins. The last thing she heard as she
sped out of the apartment, was Hopkins saying, "Did I miss
something?" and Mulder's reply of "No. Let's get to work
Scully pulled her car up into the driveway of her building with
a screech of the tires, turned off the engine and just sat there,
with her eyes closed and her head down. She did a mental
inventory on the topics of conversation that she and Marie had
covered near the end of the shift. Just what *might* he have
Unfortunately, she knew that the most potentially
damaging things they had talked of were all right before
Mulder had appeared in the doorway. They had been talking
about what they had talked of extensively late at night,
in their dorm room at school. Namely, sex, and of course,
men. She enjoyed the conversation, as she simply didn't
have anyone else who she could talk to about this subject.
Her sister was dead, and her only real friend was Mulder, with
whom she *never* talked about such things, as the tension in
the air between them would always reach for a breaking point
whenever they so much as neared the topic. No, she had
relished the chance to travel back to the old days, and
discuss their hopes and dreams and, well, fantasies with
someone she had always trusted and confided in.
Marie had been asking if she had ever been able to
live out her fantasy of being dominated, directed, being
used for pleasure, by a man in bed. Scully had replied
that regretfully she had not, but that she had yet to find a
lover whom she trusted enough to allow such an event.
They had, from there, moved to other related topics, the
last of which was eligible men in the Bureau. It was
Marie who had brought up Mulder's name.
"Come on, Dana," Marie had said, "You can't tell me that
you don't find him unbearably hot. I've seen you two in the
hallways at work, and the way that you gaze at each other is
a dead giveaway. Admit it."
Scully had paused, then sighed. "Okay, I do concede that
he is a very attractive man. And I won't say that I don't
fantasize about him. In fact, he's pretty much the only one
these days that I *do* fantasize about. I don't know, maybe
it's because I don't have any other men in my life."
"But you trust him, don't you?" Marie asked.
Scully, not sure where her friend was going with this,
said, "Well, yeah, of course! More than anyone alive."
"Then why," said Marie, as if it was all very simple, "don't
you start something with him? Then, maybe you could finally
live out that fantasy of yours! He is *obviously* interested
in you."
Scully shook her head at this.
Marie fixed her friend with a sardonic smiled. "Well, at
least I, and half the Bureau with me, see that he *is* into you."
Scully's face twisted. "I don't know...its sort of a non-issue
with us. Our friendship is enough for us."
Marie crossed her arms. "Dana..."
Scully changed the subject.
The conversation had gone on, in another direction, for
less than 2 minutes when Mulder had appeared at the
doorway. Now, no matter how hard Scully tried to convince
herself otherwise, she knew that there was an incredibly
good (no, bad!) chance that her partner had overheard some,
if not all, of the sensitive comments voiced.
Scully shut her eyes tight and slowly shook her back and
forth against the steering wheel. No, this would not do! How
could she face him?
She sighed again as she settled on her age-old plan of
defense. She would simply have to pretend she had never
said such things-denial was the only way to go. And they
were so practiced at it anyway. Besides, he may not have
heard anything anyway.
She slowly dragged herself out of the car, despondent,
trudged to her apartment, and crawled into bed without a
shower or a bite to eat. She'd do those things tomorrow,
before she left for the airport in the morning. When she
felt more like facing the world. She was sure, knowing
Mulder, that whatever he overheard, he would never
consider bringing up to her in person. Knowing this, she
slept soundly.


Day's End Motel
Stanford, N.C.
Three days later
9:30 pm

Mulder, for the most part, had been true to her assessment.
When they had met at the airport that next morning, everything
was as it always was. But, every once in awhile, she caught
him watching her, with an oddly blank look on his face. It was
something like his "panic" face that he had shown her that day
on the roof of the federal building in Dallas, but somehow
different, more feral. At one point when she caught him staring
at her in such a way, he had stepped close to her, asking her
softly if she trusted him.
"Implicitly," she had replied,"you know that."
He had nodded solemnly, and turned away again to focus
on the report he had been reading. Other than these few
incidents, all was as it should be. He made his usual lame
jokes and one-liners, and, as usual, chattered endlessly
about the case at hand.
Unfortunately, the case at hand had turned out to be a
wash, and they had been there to investigate what was
little more than a prank put on by bored local teenagers. Now
she was dead tired and looking forward to some relaxation
before she and Mulder were due back in Washington. A
hot bath was definitely in order. She bid Mulder goodnight,
entered her room, and drew the bath.
She emerged clean and refreshed, ready to vegetate.
She threw on a fresh pair of panties and a small blue to-shirt,
lowered the lights a bit, and collapsed backwards onto the
bed with a sigh of bliss.
Scully lay there for several minutes listening to herself
breathe before she noticed the sounds emanating from the
next room. She had become accustomed to hearing the
moans, gasps, and cries from Mulder's video tapes,
especially on the last night of a case. This was probably,
she figured, because they tended to be more relaxed when
a case had been finished. Of course, the cases rarely turned
out to be truly closed, but that was the nature of their work.
But this was the first time she had heard them since the
night at the stakeout. The sense of embarrassment all flooded
back for a moment as she recalled the events of that night.
But she pushed these thoughts away. Time to relax, not stress,
she told herself.
Not for the first time, she found herself wondering what he
did when he watched those videos. Was he actually...touching
himself in there, just on the other side of the connecting door?
The thought made the heat rise to her face, and she felt a
pleasant sensation between her legs. Was he...maybe...
thinking about her? Doubtful, when those "tapes that weren't
his" were filled with his type of women, brunette and
big-breasted. But still, the thought made her blush deeper.
Her hand stole southwards down her body, coming to a rest
at the juncture of her thighs. She pressed her the heel of her
hand up against her panties, and wasn't surprised to find them
damp to the touch.
Oh, hell, why not? she thought. She *was* supposed to be
relaxing. She considered getting up and locking the door
adjoining her and Mulder's room, but thought better of it. It
should always be left unlocked while they were sleeping, for
their mutual safety, and she had a habit of falling asleep
immediately after her climax. Better to leave it unlocked.
Besides, she doubted he'd have reason any time soon to come
to her room, from the sounds coming from the other side of the
wall. Usually it took quite a bit to tear Mulder from his porn.
Scully piled up the pillows on the bed, and settled back on
them. Closing her eyes, her hand drifted once more to its
place at her core, feeling the heat and wetness there. She
pulled off her panties, and allowed her index finger to push
through her labia to find her clit and circle it gently. Mulder...
She felt a fresh gush of wetness. Her other hand came
up to caress her breasts, to pinch at her nipples. A quiet
shuddering sigh escaped her.
Now she let her finger explore her own opening, while
making quick flicks back to the little hard nub of flesh that
was beginning to stand on its own. Finally she plunged one,
then two, and now three fingers her cunt, imagining Mulder's
cock doing the same. She gasped and her hips bucked off
the bed. Little moans and purrs were now issuing from her
mouth, but she tried, after a particularly loud groan, to keep it
Her eyes were tightly shut, and she was close, so very
close, that she did not notice when the dimly-lit room's
shadows shifted due to the opening of the connecting door to
her room. She didn't even notice when the door swung all the
way open. When she did notice, it was too late. Her fevered
eyes fell open on the visage of her partner, who was standing
stock-still in the doorway.
Mulder was leaning against the doorjamb, mouth open,his
breathing shallow. From behind him came the sounds of
energetic coupling, louder than before, emanating from the TV.
Scully froze, mid-stroke, when the image her eyes saw was
finally, sluggishly, relayed back to her brain. Her mind
registered every inch of him, including the massive erection he
was sporting, which was tenting the material of his black silk
boxers in an impressive manner.
Their eyes locked, and held. Mulder began to advance
towards the bed where his partner lay, panties around one
ankle, fingers buried in her folds. For some reason, she felt
no shame, exactly, in fact, she felt nothing but the shock of
seeing another person while engaged in this act.
"Don't stop," he said softly, perching himself on the edge
of the bed.
Scully held his eyes for one beat, then a second. Not
taking her gaze from his, her fingers began to move again,
minutely at first, and then with more action. She could hear
a rumble coming from deep in his chest something between
a moan and a sigh. His face was as if an artist had painted it
as an exercise in lust, with eyes half closed, his breathing
shallow. She saw him drop his hand to his lap, and he gently
grasped his erection through the cloth of his boxers and began
to run his fingers in an slight up-down motion.
Within seconds, Scully climaxed, still staring into her
partners' eyes, hands slick from her arousal, breathing in
deep gulps of air as if she felt she was close to death.
Mulder's hand dropped from his own lap as she panted in
an effort to recover, and he reached for her hand. "Oh Scully,
he breathed. "You're so beautiful."
A small smile worked its' way onto her face, but she said
nothing, not knowing what there was to be said. This was a
situation she had never thought to consider, it seemed she
must be in a different, though parallel world, for something
like this to occur. She didn't know whether to be angry at him,
and give him a shot in the head for invading her privacy, or to
grab him, climb on top of him, and ride like hell. Or something
in between.
He must have read her face, because Mulder smiled and
looked down. Then his eyes rose to meet hers again and
he slowly brought his hand to rest in the relatively safe and
neutral place of her belly. The smile left his face, and he
looked incredibly serious. "Do you mind?"
Scully paused, trying to read his face. A thousand doubts
flitted through her mind - the friendship; the partnership; the
X-Files - would they be affected? How so? Should she?
Shouldn't she? Was this some sort of one night thing, some
sort of game to him, having heard (and she now knew he must
have) what she had said to Marie that night at the stakeout?
And as she peered into his deeply green eyes, she saw
nothing but respect and care in them, along with the passion
which was so obvious. She slowly shook her head in the
negative. No, she didn't mind...
The smile returned to his face. She dropped her eyes to
the spectacle in his lap as he began to draw his palm up her
body, and she shuddered with the ecstasy of the sensation.
His hand slid up to where she had hiked her t-shirt, and he
gently reached and pulled it up and over her head, she
lifting her neck and shoulders off the bed for him and raising
her arms to free the fabric from her body.
She settled back down onto the pillows, drinking in the
sight of him, his bare, muscled chest with its sparse hair;
the broad expanse of his shoulders; the six-pack of his
abdomen, the hard, intriguing evidence of his arousal. His
hands had both reached her breasts, and were kneading them
gently, thumbs brushing rhymically against the hard peaks
of her nipples. When he bent to enclose one of them in his
mouth, she gasped aloud, loving the quick flick of his
tongue, wanting to beg him to suck, to nibble.
Suddenly, Mulder released his hold on her breast, and
leaned back to look at her. Scully stared in confusion.
He held her eyes, looking vaguely troubled.
"If at any point you feel uncomfortable, you want to slow
down, or to stop, just say my name. My first name. And we
can stop. Promise me that, Scully. I don't want this if you
don't feel good about it."
It seemed to her that he was almost pleading. She felt
another rush of warmth for him, this good man, this beautiful
man, this man she knew she loved.
"I promise, Mulder."
His face lit up, and his hands found her body again. But
this time he brought his face to hers, and their lips touched,
tentatively at first, and they drank each other in, gently
exploring each other fully, barely able to breathe for the
pleasure of it.
Mulder pulled himself further onto the bed, to lie on his
side next to her. He softly kissed her eyelids, forehead,
chin, moving along her neck, pausing here and there to
suck playfully. Scully had raised her hands to his chest,
exploring the hard muscle she found there. Her fingers
drifted to his nipples, tweaking them, and loving his gasp
of pleasure.
But then took her hands softly, and raised them above her
head, holding them there. A grin came to his face, and after
several seconds, he whispered, "Up here."
She searched his eyes, and found nothing to fault, so she
nodded in acceptance, wondering where this could go. Her
memory of that conversation that he must have overheard
came traipsing back into her conciousness, and something
clicked. She guessed where this may have come from, and
a fresh wave of pleasurable heat suffused her body. Could he...
could he have heard...was he planning to fulfill the fantasy she
had spoken of to Marie? His question concerning her trust in
him returned to her, and she was now sure of her assessment.
Did she really trust him to that extent? Would this, could
this, do damage to their relationship? She must really trust
him in this way, she said to herself, as he bent again to kiss
and lick his way from her neck to her collarbone, and
continuing on to return to her breasts. Her proof was in the
responses of her feverish body, shuddering and tingling in
explicit pleasure. The thought of her fantasy fulfilled with her
partner, her closest friend, filled her with such intense heat
and pining passion that she felt she might spontaneously
combust. Now *that* would be an X-File.
And how could something that felt so good, so right, so
devoid of guilt, be harmful?
As if he hard heard this internal monologue, Mulder
glanced up from his current spot at her belly for a second,
and, as he bent his head again to carving the path he was
forming on her body, he mumbled something quietly,
punctuating his words with a dart of his tongue into her
Scully opened her eyes to peer at him from her flushed
face. "Mulder." She spoke his name as a question.
He looked up again, and held her eyes longer this time.
"I love you," he murmured, and bent again to his wonderful
task. "So much. Trust me."
She squeezed her eyes shut, and shivered all over.
Oh God, she thought, such pleasure.
Quickly, softly, he reached the spot where her body
sprouted silken, curly auburn hair, and she hitched a breath
in anticipation. He lingered there for several moments, each
second passing for Scully in a blaze of erotic expectation.
Finally, finding she could bear it no more, she found herself
He felt him smile against her. "What is it that you want?"
she heard him ask.
She could hardly stand it. "I want...I want...please..."
she gasped, a tiny corner of her mind feeling vaguely
embarrassed at the degree of need she heard in her own
"Tell me," he whispered, while lightly, teasingly, barely
letting his finger make contact, ran his finger from the
top of her slit to deep between her spread legs before
returning his hand to her thigh.
Her hips bucked violently in response, seeking more
contact. A moan broke from her lips, cascading down her
body to Mulder's ears, and she saw him grind his own hips
hard into the bed. His moan quickly followed his. "Tell me,"
he repeated huskily.
Scully hitched in a massive breath, and released it as she
replied in a shaky whisper. "I want...I...touch
Mulder, please!!"
He had spread her folds wide, and was now lapping at her,
in tiny flicking strokes, softly teasing her throbbing clit. She
gasped, and heard something akin to a purr rising again in
her own throat.
Now his tongue drifted to her vaginal opening, and he
probed gently, going as deep as he could, as his fingers
continued the stimulation on her clitorus. Then, changing
his body's position slightly to directly between her legs, he
raised his head to take in the flushed beauty of her face, as
his middle finger, replacing his tongue, plunged deep inside
her. Holding her gaze, his face flushed and slack
with lust, he slowly withdrew his finger. She whimpered as
she felt it leave her, and whimpered again as he raised his
finger to his below his nose, sniffing softly, closing his eyes
in ecstasy. He then put the finger in his mouth, sucking her
juices off it, obviously relishing the action.
He then returned his hand to her folds, this time inserting
two, then three fingers into her cunt. His thumb circled her
clit endlessly, steadily speeding her towards another orgasm.
Scully's body was undulating with pleasure, her hips
flexing rhythmically, her back arched, her breasts flushed
and nipples erect. Her hands had crept without her knowing
to her sides, when she noticed them, she had to restrain
herself from reaching to caress his head, to obey what he
had asked of her. But she forgot her hands as her climax
fast approached.
Mulder again raised his head to watch her come, his
thumb taking over the work on her clit, his fingers pounding
relentlessly in and out of her. Her orgasm was like an
explosion, suffusing her body and mind.
"Oh...God...Mul...Muld...ah...Mulder!" she cried,
somewhere aware of the length of hardness he was thrusting,
grinding fervently into her leg, and this awareness of him
brought an extra flavor to her bliss.
He slowed his hand, still sliding his fingers in and out of
her as she rode the aftershocks of her climax, her body
shuddering head to toe. When she had stilled, breathing
steadily again, she opened her eyes to his smile. She
watched him slide down to stand up at the end of the bed,
and saw him beckon to her with his finger. "We're not done
yet, Scully."
She felt a grin playing with her lips as she slid down to
the end of the bed. Thank God, she thought, I could do this
He stood looking down at her as she placed her hands on
hips, just above the silken waistline of his boxers. She
glanced up at him, silently asking him for directions. At
this point, she was actually hoping that he *had* heard
her fantasy that night. God...might it happen?
He smiled wider at her unspoken question. "Yeah, take
them off Scully."
Slowly, gently, she peeled the black fabric off him, freeing
his erection, which was close to vertical, the ridge of his flared
head only an inch or two from the hair that trailed down his
"Oh, Mulder..." she breathed. He was uncircumcised,
though his foreskin had slipped back, exposing the head
almost fully. A translucent bead of fluid leaked from the top.
She carefully freed his legs of the garment, and he lifted each
foot in turn to aid her.
He placed his hands on her shoulders, and she reached
for him with both hands, gently encircling his penis. She
saw his eyes squeeze shut for an instant as a low groan
issued from his mouth, and she watched him take between
his teeth his plump lower lip, to bite and then release again.
She focused again on his cock, letting her fingers glide
over it, smiling as she heard him gasp. While maintaining
her languorous movements with one hand, the other she
let drop to his balls, lifting them, testing their weight and
texture. His cock twitched in her hand, and he pushed his
hips towards her body. His hands gripped her shoulders,
slowly working her muscles there, giving her a sort of
massage as his body responded to her investigations.
Both of her hands were now back on his erection, and
she brought his foreskin up to cover his head again and
then pulled it back uncovering the slick, red surface. He
was now pushing himself rhythmically into her hands.
His voice, sounding choked and husky, drifted down to
"Put it in your mouth."
Scully felt heat flood her pelvic region again, and felt fresh
wetness between her legs. Oh, God, she thought, does that
ever turn me on...He knows, he must know....
She bent to him, and flicked out her tongue first, catching
up the bead of pre-cum at his opening, testing the flavour,
and finding it pleasurable. She then engulfed only his wide,
flared head, letting her tongue swirl around it, enjoying the
gasp that came from him. She then took in as much of him
as she could, which was not to to much, due to his size.
God, she loved the taste of him, smokey and musky, and
just incredibly *male*. She wrapped her hand around the
base of his shaft and started to bob her head, sucking as
she withdrew, and swirling her tongue around his shaft as
she took him in again and again.Her free hand alternated
between fondling his testicles and dropping to her lap to
touch herself, finding the wetness there fresh and total as
she stroked.
As she had hoped, his hands soon left her shoulders
to reassign themselves into her hair on the sides of her head.
He did not pull her onto him, but gently guided her, showing
her the rhythm that most pleased him.
"Gorgeous," she heard him breathe from above her.
He moaned again, and then his hand dropped to below
her chin and he gently lifted her head. "Scully? Gotta stop.
I'm not gonna last. I wanna be inside you when I come."
She pulled back and looked up to see him gazing down
at her, a huge smile on his face.
She moaned at the thought.
He pulled her to her feet, turned them around, and sat
down on the bed himself. Then he took her hips in his hands.
He stared fixedly at the triangle of curls and the juncture of
her thighs, and placed a kiss there. He then gently turned
her around, her back to him.
"Sit," he murmured.
She turned slightly to try to look at him, but he stilled her.
"Trust me."
So she sat on his naked lap, and he pulled her back
against him, so she could feel the hard length of his cock
pressing into her the small of her back. She rested her head
on his shoulder, her head beside his.
"Spread your legs."
She spread them, and his knees came up between them,
spreading her wider, exposing her to the air. His hand
snaked around her waist and slid down her body, finding her
heat radiating out for him, her labia slick with her juices.
"Oh God, Mulder." she rasped, as he ran his finger down
either side of her clitoris, just barely touching it on its way
up and down.
After a few moments of this teasing rewarded him with
another gush of her fluid, which had now slicked his legs due
to the grinding motions of her hips, he slipped his hand away
to her hips.
"Sit up a bit." She heard his breath, hot and heavy, in her
She raised herself up a bit and his hand went to grasp
his penis.
"Now, sit."
And when she lowered herself, it was to be impaled on
his engorged cock. At first he just allowed her to take in
his head, and he supported the rest of her weight. She
was thankful for this, as he was the largest she'd ever seen,
and it had been a long time. She at first felt like she was
being ripped in half, but soon felt the walls of her cunt
adjusting to take him. After several moments he took her
hips in both hands and drew her down on himself, slowly,
allowing her body to stretch to accommodate him. She took
him in almost fully, his penis pressing hard against her
Mulder groaned from behind her. "Look at us, Scully.
Look in the mirror. Look at us...Oh God, Scully, you're so
At first she didn't know what he meant, but when she
opened her eyes, she noticed what she hadn't noticed
before, namely that at the end of the bed, not three feet
from where they sat, was the only mirror the hotel room
had, a large mirror, placed low over a small vanity table.
She saw their reflection, could see herself on Mulder's
lap, and Mulder's face beside hers', watching her watch
them in the dim light. His eyes were half closed, his face
was flushed, his mouth was slightly open. She had never
seen such lust in a man. She could see where they were
joined, saw where his cock disappeared into her, and she
thought she would die from pleasure.
Mulder's hand was again at her clit, stroking it, flicking
it, driving her crazy, and he was moving his hips now,
pushing deeply into her, and watching with her as his
cock went deeper, shallower and then deeper again into
her depths. She began to use her hands for leverage to
lift herself up and down and she slid easily along his
"You're so tight," he said through clenched teeth, "you
feel so damn good, Scully!"
His fingers at the center of her pleasure moved faster,
and she once again approached orgasm. She shot over
the edge screaming his name, the muscles in her cunt
contracting, clenching at him rhythmically.
Before the waves of her climax even began to abate,
Mulder was in action. He picked them up, still joined,
turned around, and set her on her hands and knees on the
bed, at an angle where they could watch themselves from
the side in the mirror.
He paused for a moment, to savour the last contractions
of her vaginal muscles around his cock, pulling her hips
back to take him in completely. A beat, two, of that
wonderful fullness, and then he began to move, thrusting
deeply into her faster and faster until he was pounding at
her savagely.
She turned her head to see the mirror, and watched
them together with lidded eyes. Fuck, this felt good.
He was just drilling into her, and she had come so
many times. Her ass slapped wetly against him with each
of his thrusts, and she could feel his testicles slamming
against her as he worked her.
Mulder began to grunt with every thrust and she knew
he must be close. She clenched, hard, several times,
and she saw his face contort into an almost painful
expression in the mirror and he buried himself deeply into
He collapsed over her back for only a few seconds before
pulling out of her probably for fear of his weight crushing her,
as she was so tiny compared to him. He fell on the bed in a
heap beside her, spent.
He gathered her to him and nuzzled her hair gently. She
felt his semen begin to trickle out of her, down her leg, and
heaved a great sigh of satisfaction.
Well that, she thought, is one to cross off my life's "to do"
She returned to the moment at hand. He had gathered her
up against his chest, and she could hear his heart beating, hear
it as it recovered from their activity.
"Mulder," she said quietly.
"I love you too."
She felt his muscles tense, and then, just as quickly, relax.
He responded in a whisper. "God, I was hoping so."
She smiled against him.


the end