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A Hundred Roads Lead to You

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The Dragon in Flight



She ran through the streets as fast as she was able to in this small, untrained body of hers, careful to keep her pace quick yet not enough that it would seem suspicious of her. She was trying to seem more like a servant that was hurrying for a particularly important task than looking like a wanted fugitive, after all, it would not do to be caught by a guard just because she seemed like a thief. The fact that the draogonseed was strong here also made it convenient for her; where in other places she would immediately be spotted or stand out against its inhabitants, here she just blended into the crowd of other silver haired and purple eyed people.

Still she couldn’t afford to get careless right now, not after coming this far on her own, so she made sure to keep the words the little wolf had told her so long ago echoing in her mind; all the tips and tricks to blend in. She tightened her veil around her face, making sure to seem like she was just casually adjusting a loose garment that kept her too silver hair partially covered and disguised along with the simple blue-grey top and soft sea-green leggings she wore as she scurried down the streets of Lys.

As convenient as this place was for making it easier to blend in she was tired of men and women thinking her a whore or slave of the pillow houses and soliciting her. Their grasping hands certainly didn’t help with her opinion about them. She made a mental note to make sure to propose a change for the next rendezvous city. Well if there was a next time, obviously. Given their track record though she was sure the answer was a resounding yes.

Finally she arrived at a crowded market and the silver haired girl made sure to blend in with the other browsing patrons, seemingly inspecting the crafts on display while in reality she was looking from the corner of her eyes to the ones that she was sure were hired and/or sent to return her, just so she could be sold like chattel like she was so long ago, for the ambitions of lesser persons with delusions of grandeur. all out did they. I’m flattered, truly.

As she finished counting her pursuers, she handed the necessary amount of coin to the perfume seller after bartering for a bit. Pocketing her purchase carefully in her bag she made her way further into the market with the sellswords in tow.

...They’re trying to lure me...

The young girl realized after the third turn she had made, they moved with too much purpose not to be. She bit the inside of her mouth, she wasn’t as familiar with this city as she was with others, only having been here extensively a total of three times long ago in her lifetimes and even that wasn’t a guarantee that the city wasn’t subject to change. Not letting her growing worry show she made her way around the streets and stalls airily, like she was a simple girl looking for something in particular among the wares on display; idly brushing her fingers through rolls of cloth and lace, caressing clay pots and bronze statuettes.

All the while the men got closer and her lanes of escape got narrower.


Suddenly, when she was growing most anxious, she spotted two dogs tussling among themselves, in one of the entrances of the streets leading out of the market square. Beneath her veil she gained a joyous smile and hope filled her body once again. Because though these seemed like simple fully grown dogs they were anything but. The violet eyed girl had been around them enough times that she would recognize them anywhere, even if they were the smallest she had ever seen them as.

The grey and white furred dog suddenly sprang apart as part of their mummer’s play and looked at her with their respective gold and red eyes.

She readied herself, adjusting any loose bits of her outfit and the bag around her form in a casual gesture that made her seem like she was merely cleaning herself up a bit and waited patiently as she walked towards them…

As she prepared her breathing for what was to come…

And when a merchant passed behind her with a train full of stock, effectively putting themselves in between her and the majority of her followers she sprinted right towards the pups without hesitation. Said pups also started running further into the street they had been playing by, yet they didn’t run at their full speed, didn’t run like they were getting away from an angry pursuer.

She was able to keep them within her sights at all times even if sometimes it was just their tails. Right, straight, left, curve into an alleyway and right again followed by a straight road for some seconds. On and on she went, never stopping no matter how much her lungs burned and the muscles in her legs ached and protested at their mistreatment along with the straps of her bags digging into her. She pushed through it all as she followed the pups.

Suddenly they disappeared around the corner, the first time they had actively sped themselves up since this little chase began and so she herself pushed her body some more. When she rounded the corner the violet eyed girl spotted the tail of the grey one disappearing around the corner on the far end of the road while the white one casually lounged on the entrance to one of the little streets present in the avenue, one that looked just like the numerous others present along it and all would probably lead to even more web of paths.

The young girl didn’t stop this mummer’s chase though, this was the first wide open street that was actually alone, the others always having some manner of people that would no doubt point out a running girl to anyone that asked. So she continued running, letting her steps echo through the air to those on the more busy street she had come from as she got closer and closer to the white pup.

Said pup also being the reason she didn’t unsheathe the long lyseni styled dirk hidden in her sleeve when she was hauled up around her waist as she passed said street.

Deftly she turned in the arms wrapped around her in mid air and let herself meld into the slender frame she was then held against, her legs hanging in the air as she wound her arms around his neck as they – rather he – went further into the side street, then finally into a little alcove, effectively hiding them from the main road as he leaned back into the opening, a short low whistle the only sound he made to signal the pup to once again run.

She buried her face into his chest as she let herself relax her aching muscles. She panted softly, making sure to not be too loud by controlling her breathing, no matter how hard it was to do so. Her breath fogging up the scaled armor he wore above his light blue and black tunic. As she was starting to finally get her breathing under control and the burning sensations in her body wound down to a light ache, hurried footsteps resounded in the silence, making her tense up once more. She wasn’t the only one to do so, and she felt one of his arms stray down her body to her lower back so his hands would be closer to his hips, just where she imagined he had whatever dirk or dagger sheathed.

Curses in bastard Vayrian dialects reached them through the air followed by the order to search upward through the various lanes. The footsteps briefly echoing somewhat close to their position before one let out a cry that he had found the veil she wore further near the exit of the main avenue and to the side. Sure enough she then noticed that her hair spilled over her shoulders in its braid. She really should have realized it earlier when she was seeing her breath fog up his armor.

Thankfully the footsteps hurriedly retreated into the distance further and further away but she didn’t let herself fully relax until he finally gave his confirmation.

“They’re gone.”

Finally she let herself sag into his form, a boneless heap in his arms as she let out a deep sigh.

“...You never do grow, do you?

Slowly, she untangled one of her arms from around his neck, making sure the skin of her arm leisurely brushed against his neck the entire time. She lifted her head from where it was still buried into his chest so she could stare directly into his eyes as she tweaked his ear for that little comment.

He chuckled, even as she twisted his ear even more. The vibrations from his chest rumbled against hers and his grey eyes shined in amusement as he tightened his hold on her.

“Miss me?”

She let go of his ear then to slide her hand over his neck until she was cupping his cheek and pulling him down to give him a long soft kiss to his lips.

“I always do.” She uttered against his lips when they broke apart, giving him a brief peck before he set her down, her feet finally touching the ground ever since he picked her up.

Daenerys Targaryen smiled brilliantly as she put her hands on her hips while she looked up into Jon’s four and ten year old features with her own three and ten ones.

“Lets catch up, shall we?”


– O –


“Aegon?” Daenerys inquired while she quickly pulled her leggings down her legs, deftly folding the garment before stuffing them in the larger bag Jon had brought with him.

“Fake.” He responded from where he was leaning against the alley wall opposite of her, hand on his dagger and gaze sweeping anywhere someone could appear.

“Blackfyre fake or truly fake?” The young Targaryen princess pulled out some cream colored breeches he had packed, and smiled gratefully at him when she noticed he had gotten her some made in the style she preferred.

Her smile turned more mischievous when she noticed he was looking at her legs. She made sure to pull them up her legs all the way up to her hips, slowly, and blew him a kiss when she started to lace the front of them up.

He did deserve a reward for traversing half a world to get to her in time after all.

“...Truly fake.” He said with a cough after her little show and try as she might to do the same when she changed her top for a light blue colored one he was more resolute in keeping a lookout this time.

“That explains the Dornish armor you’re wearing then, right? And mind helping me with these ties on my back?”

Jon stepped up to her and she saw him nod before she turned her head forward once again, “Rhae’s alive. We’ve already made contact with her and got along surprisingly well and fast.”

It was said casually enough but she knew him too much after living together for years and years and his hand had just twitched ever so slightly where they were tying up her dress. “...She tried to seduce you the first time she met you, without having any idea about who you were, didn’t she?”

Jon stayed stubbornly silent, not even dignifying her with a response and that caused her to break out into giggles more then his denial would have.

“Well at least that proves she’s a true Targaryen and we know it really is her-”

She gave an absolutely girlish yelp as she felt him pinch one the cheeks of her arse, complete with a little jump that made him chuckle in his slightly cracking voice.

“All done.”

Dany swatted him on his arm as she passed by him to place the clothes she had been wearing when on the run into the bag. She then pulled out a long strip of cloth to weave into her hair, designed to draw attention to it more than her particular brand of Targaryen silver hair.

“Anything else?”

He nodded, “I’m fireproof. So is Rhae. You?”

“Likewise,” she similarly nodded in kind before continuing, “Viserys is mad this time. Illyrio definitely has a hand in things and I was to be married to Drogo.”

The silver haired girl finished putting everything in order and fastening her bags before she deposited them into his waiting hands and intertwining one hand through his arm.

“Allies?” She questioned simply as they began to casually stroll out into the busy streets once again.

“Dorne, Rhae, Starks, possibly the Spider.”

She hummed in acknowledgment, “Where’s Arya?”

“Waiting in our safe house along with our Dornish escort.”

“ they still expect me to marry Quentyn?”

“Probably.” She pinched his arm at that which caused him to tighten his arm around her hand and shoot her a brief look.

“Don’t look at me like that, its not like I agree with their little pact. We’ll figure something out with Rhaenys when we return. If nothing else they’ll listen to her.”

“Of course we will, I’ll not have others deciding my fate for me.”

She weaved her way through the sudden influx of people while making sure to keep close to him and took that chance to brush her lips against his arm. “Besides, I already have two people I will always choose to share my fate with.”

Jon said nothing but the warm look in his eyes as he gazed at her for a second was enough for her and the warm silence between them as they made their way to their destination certainly helped soothe her heart even further.



– O –


“...You’ve certainly...gotten along rather quickly, princess.”

The Red Viper’s tone was free of any worries, just like it always was, yet it didn’t fool the trio of the suspicion slithering underneath it.

“What can I say prince Oberyn, Blood recognizes Blood.”

He nodded slowly, no doubt thinking about matters between Jon and Rhaenys to help her little claim. Speaking of she would need to get the full story of that from Arya.

Now she only had to get through this dinner with Oberyn spouting praise upon praise about his nephews, Quentyn, Dorne and Rhaenys. She bore it all with a smile befitting her role as a princess with Jon helping her mood by taking her hand in his and routinely stroking her fingers at regular intervals underneath the table. Also helping her was the sight of Arya, even if she was a girl of nine instead of the teen she was used to seeing.

Daenerys had to admit she was rather precious like this.

Then again she was blatantly biased when it came to these two, rightfully so since they had spent multiple lifetimes together but it was nice seeing the wolf maiden smaller then her, even if she knew with time they would be roughly the same height and neither of them would ever be particularly tall.

So on and on the dinner went and she made sure to give the right responses when it was appropriate. Smile, blush and laugh when it was needed, all while wondering when this would finally end. She would like at least a full day to reacquaint herself with her wolves after many moons of being alone with her mad brother and the ambitious cheese monger and all the other people who would have loved to buy her and use her, whether for their gains or body. Most likely both.

“I’m sorry princess, forgive my rudeness. It would stand to reason the you would be tired after your escape, if you would like I’ll have one of my men show you to your quarters.”

She smiled then, making sure to look tired and pleading. “I thank you prince Oberyn, I am indeed rather tired,” the silver haired girl shifted her gaze uncertainly for extra effect before raising her hand hesitantly to Jon’s arm for all to see, “But...I would like to get to nephew some more. Perhaps...he can escort me to my rooms later?”

Dany saw his hesitance, and wondered which thoughts exactly caused it but she would not be denied after months of solitude and knowing what could potentially happen to her if either of their previously thought up and agreed on plans failed, “His cousin could also join us if it eases your mind?”

Her tone was light, sweet and full of worry she had crossed a line.

Naturally, he cracked, “Of course princess, you would naturally be curious about your other family members that you did not know about. You’ll most likely be the same when you meet my sweet niece.”

And so after some more courtesies and empty words from her part she found her arm intertwined tightly with Jon’s as they moved towards his rooms with Arya hanging on to his other one, all the while she smiled up at him with her violet eyes and looking like she was naturally curious of the nephew that rescued her from her pursuers, as they talked about nothing while they made their way down the halls, for all to see until they were safely in his rooms.

Their wolves were already present and at their command they sniffed the room before settling themselves peacefully in the middle of it. Still just to be safe they waited a few extra moments to really start talking.

“Oh my prince,” Arya started as she easily propped herself down on the edge of Jon’s bed, her tone entirely mocking with a smile on her face, her naturally childish girlish tone adding to the effect, “Will you please allow me to spend some time with this heroic nephew I never knew I had until a few moons ago, when I then braved going out by myself into the world to escape my mad brother’s clutches,” the younger girl placed the back of her hand to her forehead melodramatically, “Who then bravely helped save me from the big bad men that would marry me to a complete savage?” She fluttered her lashes with her hands held under her chin then, “I would ever be so grateful. Why, he won’t do anything with his young little cousin there.”

Daenerys walked towards the grey eyed girl until she was in front of her and then easily leaned down to give her a kiss to her lips.

“I’ve missed you too, sweetling.”

She murmured against her lips and the girl gave her another peck before leaning back and flashing her a genuine roguish smile, “ ‘Course you have, we’re the best things to have happened to you.”

She chuckled. “Very true.”

The silver haired girl then handed the vial she had kept on her person to Arya, who took it with a raised eyebrow.

“What’s this?”

“Your favorite,” Dany answered easily while she leaned back to better see her next smile, “Found it while I was browsing and looking for an escape.”

The young girl popped off the lid to take a whiff and sure enough smile she did, “It really is my favorite.” She turned towards Jon then, waving the vial for emphasis as she spoke to him, “See this Jon? Dany still gets me gifts, even while on the run.”

“I am not buying you that complete armor set and armament until you turn four and ten, Arya.”

The Stark daughter exaggeratedly rolled her eyes at that, playing up the act, “See this Daenerys? Men say all these pretty things yet they then twist their words. Truly they’re all the same.”

She gained a pout, her arms crossing sullenly and Daenerys couldn’t help the pearls of laughter escaping her as she reconciled the words being spoken by her female lover when she looked like nothing but a girl of nine, instead of the woman she was used to holding.

“Together forever he said,” she gestured towards the unamused Jon, “Have all these years together meant nothing to you?”

Jon threw a pillow at her head and then another one that landed on her forehead when she manged to dodge the first one.

“Sooo,” Dany began impishly when her laughter died down, as she sat down next to Arya and began taking off her boots, “You’re pretty cute as a girl of nine.”

“Hardly,” said girl snorted and easily kicked off her boots before flopping back on the bed, “I’m plain at best.”

“I disagree. Even if so its only for now,” she neatly gathered her boots and arranged them to the side of her bed along with tidying up Arya’s thrown ones, “You’ll become a real beauty with time, just as you’ve always become. Besides with the number of times men have tried to become your suitors, more than once I might add, it should certainly say something.”

“I care not,” Aya waved dismissively one hand in the air from her laid down position, disinterest plainly obvious for any to see, “They can think they have fallen in love with me as many times as they want. Think they can dominate me or ‘cool my fiery temper’, ‘shackle the wolf’ or ‘wear me out’ as much as they’re little imaginations will allow them too. I already have two loves and that’s not changing any time soon, no matter how much the viper prince keeps remarking how much I’ll love it in Dorne or how good Trystane is.”

“Trying to also tie you to their land, are they?”

“You have no idea,” Spoke up Jon as he finished undressing himself until he was barefoot and only wearing his airy looking black and blue tunic and loose pants. He quickly made his way next to Arya where he laid down, the grey eyed girl easily rolling towards his form to lay her head on his arm, “They’ve been trying to snag her ever since the second week we were in Dorne and she charmed all of them on horse back.”

“The Dornish are truly easy.” She spoke up, not even bothering to move her face from where it was buried.

“Well, their plans will certainly not go as planned.” Daenerys commented as she also laid down on Jon’s free arm, her face staring directly at the girl’s one visible eye, colored grey like smoke trapped under glass, staring at her while her hand clutched at Jon’s collar possessively.

“Indeed they won’t. Had fun as a fugitive?”

“It was certainly easier this time around,” the violet eyed girl confirmed with a nod, “Had trouble with Lord Stark?”

“Not really, the speech we thought up long ago still works even now, with a few modifications of course. However, it was kinda hard to convince him and mother to let me go with Jon this time.”

“I’m glad they relented.” Her hand stroked the girl’s small fingers before going further down and stroking her Jon’s chest, “It was certainly an experience seeing you two so young. This is the first time we’ve went so far back.”

“Just like when we started.” Spoke Jon as he wound his arm around them both, his fingers dancing along their backs as he turned his gaze down towards them both.

“It is extremely helpful that we have more time but...” Jon let out a groan as he lay his head back, interrupting his cousin in her explanation.

“Not this again love.”

“Shut up Jon. Its a valid complaint.”

“What is?” The Targaryen princess inquired as she rose a bit from her lounging position, violet eyes staring at them both as she laid a hand on Jon’s chest.

“Look, she’ll agree with me,” saying so the youngest among them copied her actions and Jon used his free hand to throw one arm over his eyes with a suffering expression, “Dany, so it’s great that we came back way younger than usual, right?”

“Yes, we certainly have more time to execute our plans and to implement more variations. At least seven to ten years.”

“Right, but there are also the downsides of it.”


“Yes,” the wolf princess nodded resolutely, her expression seeming like she would be imparting some great words of wisdom soon. Jon just buried his arm into his face harder, “Specifically for me because I’ll have to wait years until Jon will take me to bed again.”

Arya’s face was truly serious in the silence that followed, while Jon just let out a long suffering sigh as he blindly gestured his free hand towards Arya. Dany for her part just let the words sink in.

And then she started giggling madly.

“Dany! Shut up!” Arya swatted at her yet that did nothing but increase her humor at it all. “Oh sure its easy for you to giggle like that. You don’t even have to wait that long to do so, or even wait if you so wish.”

“I’ve had this argument for months, with her.” Said boy sighed out, his arm moving down enough that she could see the exasperation in his grey eyes. “Months.

“It doesn’t make my words any less true.”

“Arya, we’ll still end up sleeping together, regardless of everything else.”

“Well of course we will,” the young girl flopped fully onto his front, causing him to exhale from the force of it. Arya just propped her chin on her hands over his chest and kicked her legs in the air as she looked up at her lover with a mischievous smile on her face. “Its not like I’m interested in sleeping with any other man and I’m definitely not giving my maidenhead to any other.”

Daenerys couldn’t help herself, she just had to speak up at that, “Not even me?”

“Maybe you.” She answered easily not taking her eyes away from Jon for one moment, “Speaking of, you shouldn’t really complain; you’re not the one that has to go through having their maidenhead torn every time we go back and share a...well I was gonna say bed but surface works better.”

She gained a contemplative expression then, “Though even that isn’t exactly true.”

“...I’m sorry?”

“You shouldn’t be. Like I said it’s not like anyone else but you, and maybe Dany, gets that right.”

The Targaryen princess just smiled while her nephew rolled his eyes theatrically. She really had missed them too much.

“Letting the off topic comments for the moment,” she began while she lay down on Jon’s arm again, her face now much closer to Arya’s then before, “How are we doing so far?”

“We’ve managed to get the supplier of dragon eggs that Illyrio used so we’ve got that covered. Did Jon tell you of our allies?”

She nodded.

“Well good. Dorne is trying to convince me to marry their prince, the idiots. The Lannisters and Baratheons are still in the dark, we’ve managed to broker some dealings with various sellsword companies though we won’t be able to return to Tyrosh for a while.”

She shot a look towards Jon and he looked entirely unapologetic.

“He was right there, if anything it was a sign from the Gods.”

Dany sighed, “You killed Daario again didn’t you?”


“Oh yes.”

Both of her Starks responded and for all that Arya was seemingly scolding him she had no trace of disapproval or remorse whatsoever in her expression.

“You really do keep a grudge.”

“Margaery and Arianne.” They echoed easily and she blushed a fiery red.

“That’s entirely different.”

“No it isn’t.” While she sometimes found it amusing when they spoke together like that, right now, it was just annoying her.

“I’m killing Drogo too.” Her nephew had no doubt present in his voice.

“And if he doesn’t get the chance, I will.” Neither did Arya.

She rolled her eyes at them, though there was a fond smile on her face that she tried to hide.

Naturally they saw it, and even if they didn’t, they knew her enough that they would already know of it.

“We figured you would like that.”

She needed to get this conversation away from her and she knew just how, “Arya, will you mind telling me about Dorne and Rhae?”

Jon was back to groaning again while Arya gained an amused smirk with a flash of possessiveness in her eyes.

“This is my curse,” He began melodramatically, “it’s not coming back after every failure. Its dealing with you two when you’re in this mood for ages upon ages.”

They grinned at him and they both pinched his ribs on either of his exposed sides before it was their turn to speak together.

“Quiet you.”