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The General and the Commander

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I was thirteen at the time, when I first met Armitage Hux with his father, Commandant Brendol Hux. The 17 year old boy with red hair was taller than me, a cold expression on his handsome features. His uniform was in perfect conditions, hands laced behind his back mimicking his father's. His blue eyes were calculating, not a fly could pass by without him noticing.

I stood by my father's side, heart beating in my chest anxiously. It was the first time that he had ever brought me on a meeting with other First Order members. He said that I should learn how the job is done, observe and study all the elements that surround me, analyze every detail. He also said that I had a good brain, but I lacked in confidence and spirit of initiative. I had developed too many traits similar to my mother's, too kind to make it through the high ranks of the newly formed Order.

The redhead greeted my father with respect, shaking his hand vigorously, but not too much to look bad mannered. His eyes moved to me after he had parted hands with my father. The glint in his eyes seemed to disappear, looking down at me as if I were some insignificant being.

"Commandant Roan, who is this lovely lady, if I may know?" Commandant Hux asked with a polite smile, eyes looking at me.

My father placed a hand on my back, introducing me to the two people, replying with a proud smile. "My daughter, Esme Faye Roan. It's her first visit at the Order."

"My, my..." Commandant Hux held out his hand for me to shake and I reached out with my small one to answer the gesture, being careful to not make any false movements, but his son appeared to see right through my mental barrier. "You look just like your mother, but your hand shake is just like your father's!"

I almost winced at the mention of her, but instead I just smiled and nodded. "Thank you, Sir."

I bet he could feel my hand sweating, the sleeves of my uniform a little too big for me, something the young redhead noticed. He was quick to judge, but he also knew that he should not jump to conclusions without a proper examination, like looking at a lab rat. Armitage saw a little girl feeling out of place, taller than most ones at my age. Amber eyes gave off the impression of someone who has never seen something evil before, a pure look meant innocence, and innocence did not have a place in the Order, according to him. He shook hands with me, barely acknowledging the fact that now at every meeting I would be there, standing in the shadows and just passively participate.

His blue eyes wouldn't stop gazing coldly into my amber ones. His hand was warmer compared to mine, but our skins were the same pale color. He had his red hair brushed back neatly, while my light brown locks were pulled back in a tight braid, only a few loose strands at the sides of my face.

The meeting went on smoothly, high officials sharing their thoughts and plans, scheming new operations, everyone giving their opinions, mostly when not needed to. What surprised me the most was that there weren't women, only men with their sons, and some couldn't help but tease my father, who fortunately always had a remark up his sleeves for defense. He knew what kind of thing he was getting me into, and for me to be acknowledged by all those pricks would mark his success both as a Commandant and a father.

But I didn't forget why I was there, standing silently on my feet in a corner of the room, lined up with other guys too along with Armitage. I didn't let the numb feeling in my legs, from standing up straight for too long, distract me. I listened carefully to what everyone had to say, fixing my eyes on each Council members' face, remembering the features, the voices and their words.

I may have been too young for someone's opinion, but I had a peculiar trait that allowed me to read people, being able to find hidden meanings even in the most believable words. Although I was still growing up and experiencing new feelings, I was able to detach myself from them and analyze things with a clear mind.

After the meeting had ended and I patiently waited for my father outside of the Council Hall, Commandant Hux's son approached me, menacing, same dreadful look in his eyes, he spoke to me in a low voice. "This is no place for someone like you."

I looked at him whilst slightly furrowing my brow, but before I could speak, he had already turned around and left after his father. The heat rose in my cheeks, making me boil inside. My father had asked me if anything had happened, but I just shook my head. "I want to earn a place in the First Order." I told him firmly, and he arched his brows. "Not just any place. I want to be in the higher ups, prove to everyone that even if I'm a girl, I'm still your daughter. I won't let anyone make fun of you anymore."

For the first time in what seemed to be ages, he smiled genuinely, tucking a loose strand of hair behind my ear. "Your mother was wrong." He said. "You're not just any Princess, you will become a great General, and I'm gonna make sure of that."

That was the day that I had decided to put my whole body and soul into one of the most difficult challenges of my life, all because of a redhead who tried to intimidate the shit out of me.