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Brumes et brouillards (Mist and rain)

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As The night sky was lit bit by bit by a faint golden light emerging from the east. In this early of a morning, in Bukhansan National park-some kilometers aways from Seoul- one of the entrance of the park was illuminated by the powerful headlight of multiple police cars and an ambulance. Police officers were standing in front of the vehicule door while the ambulancemen inside were busy taking care of an unconscious young man laying on a stretcher.

One of the police officer took a step forwards.

- How Is he ?
The ambulanceman hearing the question lifted his head from his clipboard to look at the policeman face.

- Well, he is not in any dangers. He has some superficial cuts here and there but nothing serious. His states are also good. He only is a little deshydrated and in shock. Still, we will take him to a nearby hospital to conduct another check-up.

- I see. Which hospital are you heading to  ?

- Hum… we will probably go to Pak Hospital in Nowon-Gu. 

The officer wrote down all the information while nodding.
- Could you tell the hospital to call us, please ? Here are the contact information of our headquarter. Once they reach the secretariat, ask for Detective Kang Jae-Rim. It probably would be him in charge of this case.

The ambulanceman looked at the officer with a bewilred look.
- Detective ? Is there a need for a detective for this ? He asked pointing at the sleeping youth. Isn’t this simply a person who lost his way in the park ?

The policeman smiled faintly, shaking his head.
- That young man is the missing teenager, Shim Changmin, from seven years ago.

The ambulanceman face went pale as his eyebrow almost went higher than it could possibly go on his forehead.
He turned around to goggles at the youth.

- He was alive !?