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Tiny Tae (TT)

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The streetlight is almost burn out at the way it blinks every minutes as if it gives the power to the darkness along the empty street with dim lights in the middle of the night. The rain only started to come down an hour earlier but there is no sign of it getting heavier in any time.

The light patters of rain does not annoy the walking man but his wounded shoulder. He needs to continue his journey but the sedation shot to him giving his energy out. He stops his painful journey, resting his back against the wall to catch a breath as he’s panting so hard – they might heard him.

Somehow the black motorcycle parked at the dark alley, gives him no option left when he heard footsteps approaching him. He climbs on that motorcycle with full of difficulties since he was only as small as size of a palm. He climbs on it very careful and hides in the black bag on the motorcycle, passing out in that bag of towel and clothes.


Hoseok walks out from one of the building, twirling his motorcycle key with his index finger as he whistles smoothly. Covering himself with orange jacket, he does not feel cold at that night despite his breath gives out a vapour.

Hoseok puts his backpack on his back and his helmet on before gets on the bike and starts the engine. He heard the sounds of footsteps approaching him and he waits for the person to appear but there is no one and the sound stops. Hoseok shrugs it off and drives out from the residence area.

Hoseok walks into his apartment and throws his backpack to the couch, followed by a small groan he heard from his backpack. Thinking of him hearing it wrong, he shrugs it off and goes to grab a drink his in kitchen. Somehow, he could not erase the uneasiness in him so he checks his backpack. He could not be more surprised to see a tiny human in his bag, sweating, panting and unconscious.




Tiny is a little creature of human that is shrunk in size. They are not created like a doll nor breed like a dog but those who become Tiny are the one who volunteered to be one. The process of turning into Tiny can only be done by the government laboratory under the official order. The lifespan is between 10 – 20 years and only those aged 18 – 28 can transform into Tiny. Their function is to be a man’s partner of life.

Frankly speaking, Hoseok does not need one. Besides, he does not know how to take care of a Tiny. But he knows first-aid, the reason why he puts the Tiny on his pillow on the kitchen island to aid his wound. It is so hard due to the size of the wound and he does not sure either to sew or just put a band aid – and he choose the latter.


“You should bring him to the hospital.”

“I don’t even know there’s a hospital for Tiny.”

“Hey, if there’s one for pet, why not for them?”


Hoseok groans in frustration towards his sister on the other side of the phone. The Tiny he found is still unconscious on the pillow in his bed while Hoseok is getting crazy at how to handle this situation. Calling his sister does not very helpful but giving him more headache.


“I believe he’s lost or something. Report to the police.”

“We’ll see about that.”

“Good. Gotta go, bye.”

“Bye, noona.”


By the time Hoseok ends the call, he heard the small voice waking up. He sits on the bed gently without rocking the pillow and looking at the Tiny with concern when he groans, holding onto his head but later, Hoseok is surprised to see that big eyes that matches with cute chubby cheeks of that little creature.

Hoseok loss at words.

The little creature looks up to Hoseok, blinking that big eyes cutely before it yelps – even cuter.


“W-Who are you? W-Where am I?”

“Hi, I’m Hoseok and you’re in my house. I found you in my bag.”


A tiny frown appears on that little man’s face before he nods his cute head slowly. Hoseok shakes that cute image from sticking into his mind.


“Urm- are you lost? Do you have an owner? Should I bring you to the police-“



The small voice shouted.


“… My master abused me. I … I don’t want to go home. I’m afraid.”


That somehow explained the wound shoulder that little creature got. Hoseok was about to ask more but a small growl sound can be heard by both of them and somehow it is so awkward. That Tiny pouts slightly as he rubs his stomach.

Fuck, Hoseok thought. That’s so cute.


Hoseok steals a glance over his shoulder to the little man sitting on the kitchen island, playing with his tiny fingers as he is waiting for Hoseok to make something for them both to eat. Hoseok, frankly speaking, is not a good cook but he can make a simple fried rice kimchi. Hoseok takes the smallest plate he has (yet it is still big for the Tiny) and serves the food on the plate.


“Urm … I don’t have any small chopstick.”

“It’s okay!”


The Tiny grins brightly in a form of rectangular and starts eating using his hands. Hoseok blinks for a while. He always know the existence of Tiny and how cute they are but he never saw one like Taehyung because that smile leave Hoseok speechless. He pours a drink into a cup and puts it next to Tiny’s plate.


“What’s your name? You must have a name.”

“Taehyung. My name is Taehyung.”


He said with a puffy cheeks, mouth full with food.


“So ... what’re you going to do now? Do you want to go back to the shop to find new owner or …?”

“Urm …”


Taehyung stops eating, wiping his messy mouth and looking down as he is thinking of what Hoseok said. Hoseok feels guilty for bringing it up when Taehyung is eating but he is seriously does not know what to do with him. Like mentioned before, he does not have any experience to take care of a pet nor Tiny.



“Can I stay here? I’m afraid my owner will look for me. I promise I’ll behave!”

“Don’t you want to try to report to the police? They might arrest your owner.”

“I don’t think there’s any case of Tiny got abuse before.”

“Hmm … fair enough. How did you know?”

“I watched TV a lot.”


Hoseok nods to it, watching Taehyung continues eating.



“Seriously, I don’t know what to do with him. My noona said to take him in. But you know I don’t have any experience in this stuff.”


Hoseok complained to his friend, Seungcheol in their usual café during the lunch break. Taehyung is still sleeping by the time he leave the apartment.


“That’s very sad. I never thought anyone could hurt such little cutie creature.”

“Tsk- People even eat cat and rabbit despite they’re cute as hell.”

“Well, if I were you, I’ll take care of him. It’s time for you to learn how to take care of it. Buy their stuff and clothes, feed them and spend your time with them. As easy as taking care of a dog but better since they know to handle their own shit.”



Hoseok sighs, sipping his hot latte carefully. Talking about clothes, Hoseok remembers on the dirty clothes Taehyung is wearing right now. It got scratched and some blood on it. It must does not feel good to sleep in that kind of clothes.


Hoseok walks into his apartment, greeted with a loud sound of people talking from the TV. He puts down the stuff he bought on the kitchen island and approaches the couch, seeing Taehyung sitting next to the big sized remote control as he is watching the TV. Hoseok can’t help but to smile at the view, seeing him sitting politely, hugging his own legs.


“Oh, you’re back!”


Taehyung after realised the presence of Hoseok, standing up on his small feet and grins brightly. Hoseok feels the warmth radiating through his smile. For years he has been living alone, for the first time there is someone to greet him when he returns.

Hoseok smiles.


“I’m back.”

“Where did you go?”

“Get you something. Wanna have a look?”


Taehyung nods his head fast, blinking his cute eyes. Hoseok picks him up and puts on the top of the kitchen island before taking out a small clothes from the paper bag he brought in. It’s a long sleeve white shirt with black pants.


“Go change into this. I’ll wash your clothes later.”


Taehyung nods, taking the clothes from Hoseok’s fingers and hugs it but later he looks around and pouts, looking back to Hoseok.


“Hmm, why?”

“Are you going to watch me changing?”

“Ah! Sorry!”


Hoseok turns his back facing Taehyung, cursing himself for forgetting the fact he is still a human despite of the size. Taehyung puffs his pink cheeks and starts to change the clothes.


“Are you done?”



Hoseok turns around and burst into a laughter. He knows he shouldn’t laugh at his own mistake for buying a big size for Taehyung (though he guessed the size to be right) but Taehyung looks so cute in that loose big shirt. Taehyung huffs.


“Yah! Stop laughing!”



Taehyung unamused with it, pulling the paper bag to lay vertical and crawls inside, letting Hoseok to finish his laughter. Hoseok finally able to stop himself pushes the paper bag slightly to look at Taehyung inside, looking at the clothes Hoseok bought for him. He swears, Taehyung looks like a hamster from behind.


“Do you like it?”

“Mh-hm. So, are you going to let me stay here?”

“I guess. But not for so long. I never want a Tiny before.”


Taehyung puts down the clothes for a while and crawls out from the paper bag, looking up at Hoseok with his sparkling eyes.


“Where am I going to sleep tonight?”



Hoseok tucks Taehyung under the blanket he bought for the Tiny along with the pillow, who is lying on the big pillow belongs to Hoseok. It was cute to see Taehyung bathe under the faucet in the sink, using the shower foam with strawberry scent and changes into a blue pyjama.


“Tomorrow, we’re going to the hospital for your wound. Then, we’ll go buy the things you needed when you’re home alone.”


Taehyung hums to it. Hoseok smiles and lies in the bed next to Taehyung.


“Good night.”


Taehyung said before Hoseok put the lights out. Knowing he is not alone tonight, Hoseok smiles before he switches the table lamp off.


“Good night, Tae.”