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a new sort of dance

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Romilda is trying to stop herself from trembling when Narcissa Malfoy steps across the threshold of Gryffindor Tower. As part of reconciliation efforts after the war there will be another ball, of past and present Hogwarts students and houses are to be mixed. Narcissa peers around curiously before moving towards Romilda.

"I confess I expected it to be more garish."

Romilda smirks, " We do that to annoy you not ourselves"

"Quite. Shall we? I wasn't sure what products to bring for such an event. It has been so long since this...age I brought everything I own."

Romilda gestures Narcissa up the stairs and braces herself. It is going to be a long evening but something gives her the feeling that it may not be a bad one. No, if she can get her hands on the sort of things Narcissa Malfoy can afford it might just be a brilliant evening indeed.