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The shine in Carla’s eyes as Devo looks at her. The smile on her face as she catches his own grin that adorns his face. She knows that she is his friend, that her father trusts him and that her mother and grandmother see him as part of their family. Carla knows that no matter what happens, come crimson fire or high water, she will always be friends with Devo no matter what.

“Mystic crystal, let it shine! Spikes just like a porcupine,” says Devo, and Carla giggles. The sound of her laughter, bubbling like champagne, is music to his ears. It’s like violins playing a beautiful tune, and like dancers moving themselves along to the music.

And yet, she knows that this is one of the cutest moments of her childhood. Devo is one of the coolest people she’s ever seen or met in her life. As her beautiful chocolate locks flow like water down her back, Devo notices, and gives her a secret smile. She returns it, and feels full of one thing.

Hope — hope for the future, and hope knowing that when the day comes of everyone else turning their back on her, that Devo will always be there for her. Carla smiles, and then heads over and hugs him, and he hugs her tightly back.

He knows it too. He knows that she will always be in his heart no matter what happens down the line, and that they will always have each other.