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Mario Kart

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While walking up the stairs in the warm summer night to get to her apartment, Asuha began to wonder if her girlfriend had lied. Earlier that day, Anko claimed she had come down with the flu and wouldn’t be able to attend work. Asuha was hesitant, but she finally let Anko stay home and rest. However, now that she had time to think, Asuha figured Anko was probably lying so she could have a break day.


As Asuha slid the key into the key slot and unlocked the door, she found out her presumptions were correct. Before her was Anko, sprawled out on the couch surrounded by various types of junk food. Her hair was in a messy high ponytail, something Asuha had to remind Anko to do more. And on Anko’s lap was a game controller. The television flashed bright colors and sounds.


Usually, Asuha would just wake Anko up and bring her to bed. However, Asuha hadn’t been feeling particularly...tired, to say the least. So, she set her bag down and strolled over to Anko quietly. She carefully pushed Anko’s head up and laid it down on her lap as she picked up the game controller. Anko stirred, but didn’t wake up.


Asuha played her game for what seemed like a while. It had been some kind of racing game, she was pretty sure Anko had called it “Mario Kart” . However, Anko began to stir again, until she slowly opened her eyes. Instantly she realized her head was on Asuha’s lap, and she quickly sat up. Asuha blushed and shoved the controller under the couch.


“A...Asuha? When did you get home…” Anko hazily muttered.


“J-just a bit ago, would you like to go to bed now?” Asuha stuttered, hoping Anko hadn’t seen her playing the game.


“Yeah…” Anko said, slowly standing and holding her hand out to help her girlfriend up. They walked into their shared bedroom, and Anko collapsed while Asuha changed into pajamas. After changing, Asuha nestled in and pulled Anko into a half-cuddle half-hug. She lightly kissed Anko behind the ear and began to doze off.


“By the way, I knew you were playing Mario Kart …” Anko whispered, burrowing herself into Asuha’s side. Asuha’s cheeks warmed and she lifted her head.


“W-well, I know you weren’t really sick today. So there!” Asuha stuttered, giving herself an inner pat on the back for her good comeback. However, Anko just looked up at Asuha and grinned, pulling her head down and giving her a kiss on the cheek.


“I love you.” Anko stated, and finally began to doze off.


“I love you too…” Asuha murmured, resting her head above Anko’s as she too fell asleep.