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The Shirtless Plan

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Duo wandered into the library and looked around the shelves, making faces at some of the titles.

Shi noticed when Duo came in and chuckled at the faces Duo made at some of the titles, “I didn't pick them though some would say they are so my style.”

“Yeah...None of these are really to my...taste?” Duo half said, half questioned.

“There's all sorts of manga over here.” Shi gestured to the shelves in front of himself, “And all sorts of manuals and how to books over there.” He gestured to the bookshelf along the wall on his right side.

Duo glanced between the manga and the manuals, “Which to choose.”

Shi shamelessly held up a book that said, "The ABCs of Kinky Sex" which becomes noticeable when he gives a wide shrug, “A bit of both?” He chuckled as he gave a lopsided grin.

Duo glanced at the book Shi was holding, “There another one of those?”

“There's about two of everything over there in the manuals and self-help. It was the only one that looked interesting.” Shi said

Duo walked over to the shelf and found the second manual before finding a chair to curl up in and began to read.

Shi also pulled out a copy of Junjou Romantica before settling into a chair to read the manual first, the manga being there because he never could keep reading only a single book before needing something else to switch to.

“That big moving mountain guy of Kat's replaced the decaf with normal coffee. So please don't decaf the caf.” Shi said casually.

“I would never do such a thing to the coffee!” Duo exclaimed as he looked up from the book.

“Right.... So that wasn't you in the kitchen the evening before I figured out the coffee was switched then?” Shi asked his twin.

“Of course not!” Duo said.

“Well, it wasn't me, and it wasn't Triton, as he was in the garage just finishing fixing the radio that had gotten rebroke when someone broke the volume knob and another cut the power cord. The power cord cutter was in the training room.” Shi said, “So forgive the two plus two equals four. I must have been mistaken.”

“I was on my way to the kitchen as he was just putting it away when I heard someone moving about in the kitchen.” Shi continued, “Which would mean you were around there when he was fixing and putting it away.”

“I'm sure I have no idea what you're talking about.” Duo said.

“So... If you weren't in the kitchen switching the coffee. Where were you? Because I know self-preservation being as it is means that neither of us were willing to go anywhere near Wufei.... And Triton and I were in the garage and no one else was in there with us.” Shi asked.

“I was out for a walk.” Duo said not looking at his twin as he tried to hide his laughter.

“Uh huh.” Shi grinned and shook his head. He didn't buy it for a nanosecond but he lets it drop for now, “I'm gonna see if Howie or maybe the Claw and the Mushroom head can bring some junker car. Triton agreed that it could be fun to fix a car together. Which.... Maybe I should be worried that he agreed with an idea I had.” he considered it for a moment and then shrugged.

“Maybe he plans to get you all alone so he can have you for himself.” Duo wiggled his eyebrows with a teasing smile on his lips.

Shi gave a snort of disbelief, “Yeah, right. Not that I would complain about that, but… Yeah... Right.”

Duo let out a chuckle before turning back to the manual in his hands.

“You wouldn't complain either.... And you know it.” Shi he grumbled before returning to the manual.

“You're right. I wouldn't complain.” Duo winked at Shi.

Shi chuckled, “I know, we are too alike.”

Duo grinned, “Well we are twins.” He chuckled, “Maybe we can get Tri and 'Fei to walk around shirtless.”

“We’d have to steal every shirt they owned and hide them...” Shi starts to say before a grin took over his face, “Which wouldn't be against my morals to do.” He smirked.

Duo matched his twins smirk, “Wanna help me steal’em?”

Shi snorted, “Does a bear shit in the woods?”

Duo cackled, “Wanna travel my way or are we gonna do this the normal way?”

“Your way is faster.” Shi said.

“Grab on and let’s go.” Duo said as he stood.

Shi chuckled and grabbed onto Duo’s braid in retaliation for all the braid tugs his twin had given him over the years.

Duo hissed as Shi pulled his hair but disappeared with his twin.

Shi grabbed onto Duo's belt loop with his other hand and let go of his braid. He was tempted to make a crack at being soft in the head.

Duo tugged on Shi's braid as they appeared at the end of the hallway where the bedrooms are located.

“You know what type of traps they got set up? If any?” Duo asked.

Shi snorted, “With WuWu it could be anything. I doubt Triton has any set up... Since normally I won't dare mess with him... His sister has lots of sharp pointy things called knives and a very wicked aim.”

“If I get you closer to 'Fei's door could you dismantle any traps set up while I keep guard?” Duo asked his twin even though he was better with traps than his twin.

Shi lightly scratched at his cheek with a forefinger in thought, “Has Yuy been able to make a firewall I can't hack? I don't think any of them can make a trap I can't dismantle given enough time. And they aren't prone to making traps with things that go BOOM. At least.... Not in the house.”

Duo laughed, “True. Ready?”

“Born ready.” Shi grinned.

Duo laughed again before grabbing Shi and disappearing from the end of the hallway and reappearing closer to Wufei's door.

Shi's smirk turned into his Shinigami smile, and his hands itched to dismantle things. Once near Wufei's door, he was already moving his hands around nooks and crannies to hunt for anything that might even be considered trap like.

Duo kept an eye out as Shi dismantled any traps he found.

Shi almost pouted at finding really simple things... Like tape to simply show when the door had been opened. He pulls a set of small lock picks from a special holder he made to conceal in his braid and picks the rather simple lock on the door.

“Are we clear to go in?” Duo asked.

“As long as you don't drag your feet.... Doesn't look like there's anything else.” Shi said as he stood.

“Sweet. Let's grab his shirts, hoodies, jackets, whatever we can find that counts as a shirt.” Duo grinned as they entered the room carefully.

“And his tunic tops.... Don't forget those... You got a rucksack?” Shi asked.

“Yep.” Duo said holding up the bags he had with him.

 Duo proceeded to shove all the shirts and shirt like items he could find into the bag.

Shi started helping put Wufei's shirts and the like into it, “At least put them in right. I only want to be skewered for taking them. Not that herikeri whatever for wrinkling them as well as stealing them.”

“True.” Duo started folding the shirts and shirt like items quickly and put them in the bag, “Go start on Tri's room.” He handed the other bag to Shi.

Shi took the bag and gave Duo a look, “Don't mess with anything but the shirts and shirt like stuff, because guaranteed if he can't catch you, he'll catch me.” He made his way to Triton's room to pack all shirt like things away.

“Yeah yeah.” Duo muttered.

Duo finished putting all the shirts and shirt like items in the bag and looks around to see if he missed any.

The bag that Shi had was halfway packed, as he grabbed and folded every shirt, hoodie, sweater, robe, and anything else that could be used to cover the upper torso in any way, shape, or form.

“I'm gonna di-ie!” Shi sung as he did this.

Duo left Wufei's room and locks the door before replacing the tape. He poked his head into Triton's room, “How's it comin? Also, how are we gonna get the shirts they're wearing away from them?”

“Which is why I know I'm gonna die. The easiest way out of one of Wufei's shirts is to spill something on it that might stain if he doesn't take it off immediately and put it in the wash.” Shi said.

“Hmm. Tomato juice?” Duo asked.

“Triton... I am pretty sure would just take his off if either of us asked him to.” Shi placed the last sweater into the rucksack.

“No that will probably stain the shirt either way.”

Shi placed his hands on his hips and rocked back and forth as he thinks.

“Food fight?” Duo asked jokingly.

Shi gave him a pointed look, “And waste good food? Sinner.” Shi said, “Could always have some red wine and spill it on him.”

“Good point.” Duo said.

“And hope to God he isn't wearing silk.” Shi continued.

“Mmm. Fei in silk.” Duo moaned at the thought.

Shi chuckled, “I know but to get him out of the shirt he is wearing.... Hope it isn't silk or it's our death warrant.”

“Anyway, if we're done here, I'm gonna take the bags and hide em.” Duo said.

Shi handed over the bag with Tri's clothes, “You do that. I'm gonna plan some contingencies to get Wufei out of his shirt. And other ways to get Tri out of his if asking doesn't work.”

“Have fun.” Duo said as he disappeared with the bags.

“I'm gonna die.” Shi said again, “At least Tri promised to patch me up if WuWu skewers me.”

Duo reappears in the library and continued reading the manual.

Shi went back to the library to plan the de-shirting of Wufei and Triton.

“Maybe we should write a manual for ‘dealing with difficult men and how to get their clothes off’” Shi chuckled.

Duo laughed at the thought, “It would be an interesting read.”

“With the side companion workbook of ‘and not die doing it’” Shi said.

Duo nodded while laughing even more.

“I think, all we need to do is ask Tri to show off his.... erm.... sexy circus muscles.” Shi lightly blushed at that, remembering the conversation the night before the day of no coffee.

Duo laughed again knowing that his twin had a crush on the much taller man.

“He certainly goes shirtless without any problems when he's helping with the circus.” Duo pointed out.

“Mmhmm and he's the one that said it that way so... Yeah, I am pretty sure that just asking him would yield results.”

Duo grinned, “Who gets to ask him?”

“I do. You get to spill wine on Wufei since... Yeah,  I know he's already got me on his grudge list. Though... I would happily take them both if I could. But that would be greedy, wouldn't it?” Shi asked.

“That's fine. I don't mind taking Fei all for myself.” Duo winked at his twin.

“I'd rather have Fei but Tri's awesome too... Which makes deciding that much more difficult” Shi muttered.

“Too bad.” Duo grinned, “I get to make Fei become shirtless.” He grinned more.

“Yeah... And I still get to enjoy the view while you run away with his shirt.” Shi smirked, “And I won't have to run away this time.”

“What makes you think I'll be running? It will be a complete accident after all.” Duo smirked.

“If you think he's gonna buy that. I've got ocean front property in Arizona that I'll let ya have for a steal.” Shi chuckled.

Duo laughs, “Nah. I'm good. Grins I don't mind being skewered by Fei.” He grinned, “Besides, I can just disappear if I need to.” 

“Yeah… Handy trick to have.” Shi grumbled.

Duo laughed at his twins tone.

“I wouldn't mind getting skewered... If it's his other sword and not the katana.” Shi said, “The katana hurts like hell.”

“I know what ya mean.” Duo sighed, “How big do you think it is? Bigger than the average Asian?”

“Well, I don't think he's compensating for anything by having that katana. Maybe a little longer than average, but probably not too wide in girth.”

“Mmm. How big do you think Tri is?” Duo asked.

“Either a little longer or a little thicker than Wufei. I imagine... Probably a little thicker... Since he seems a little wider in bone structure than Wufei is.”

“A little? I imagine Tri to be very...thick...” Duo teased his twin.

“Well, I don't think Wufei is a pencil dick so.... Yeah... I think Tri would be pretty damn thick.” Shi growled at his twin.

“Anyway. Do we have a wine cellar? Or do I need to go pick up some wine?” Duo asked.

“Little door to the left of the pantry.” Shi informed him.

“Thanks. I'm gonna go see what we have and get the kitchen set up.” Duo said.

“Mhmm.... No changing the coffee... It's my lifeblood.” Shi chuckled, “I think I'm gonna ask the mountain about that junker for fixing. Since we have a garage that ain't being used. You want to cook dinner or you want me to?”

“I'll cook since I'm gonna be in there anyway. But you're welcome to come help.” Duo said as he got up and made his way to the kitchen.

“And to make sure it's edible?” Shi teased his twin but follows, figuring he could ask Rashid later.

A few hours later when both Wufei and Triton come home.

“It's Wufei, Maxwell.”  Wufei said. Well at least Duo's not hanging off him for once. Goes to the stove to make himself tea.

“Would you like some red wine Fei?” Duo asked, “Shi is cooking up a good meal to go with it.”

“Have you ever known me to drink wine?” Wufei asked as he arched an eyebrow.

“Wu, the coffee maker with clear liquid is for tea and red wine is perfectly paired for dinner. You wouldn't begrudge us, would you?” Shi asked.

“Come on Fei! Shi is making this meal just for you!” Duo pleaded.

“And if you mess up my cooking I will skewer you with your own katana.” Shi informed Wufei, “And to my knowledge, yes, you have been known to partake now and then.”

“Not red.” Wufei huffed, highly suspicious of the twin’s bearing drinks, and has pretty much given up correcting them on the sword name, “Fine, I'll have a sip.”

“Great!” Duo exclaimed.

Duo went to get a wine glass for Wufei before popping open the bottle and pouring some into the glass. He then carried it over to Wufei before tripping over his own feet, causing the glass to fly out of his hand. Duo watches in horror as the wine splashes onto Wufei's shirt.

“Shit! I’m so sorry Fei!” Duo exclaimed as he scrambled up from the floor.

“Meh.” Triton moved over to Wufei and tugs at the shirt, “Red's a good look for you.”

Wufei sputtered at the splash, pulling his shirt away from his chest. He growled, “Not spilled wine red.” He got up to go to the laundry room, already unbuttoning his uniform shirt.

Shi muttered under his breath, “It does if there isn't a shirt in the way.”

“...You want my shirt Wufei? That way you aren't cold?” Triton asked while removing it, sending the twin’s a wink.

Duo started cleaning up the spilled wine but stopped and looked up as Wufei started unbuttoning his shirt and then again when Triton removed his.

Shi hissed under his breath, “You give him your shirt and I'll kick you.”

Wufei turned red, determined not to look back, “I'll be fine. I have another one in my room.” And off goes his shirt so he can rinse it first.

Shi turned back to finishing the dinner he had been working on and snickered under his breath.

Duo hid his smirk as he finished cleaning up the wine and went to put the now stained cloth in the wash.

Triton laughed, “Aww, but he'd look so adorable in my overly large on him shirt. Besides, if you kick me you'll get my pants dirty... and then where will we be?”

“Without your pants.” Shi said with a smirk, “Which I can live with that.”

Triton laughed some more, “Maybe after dinner okay? These chairs aren't exactly comfortable.”

Wufei headed to his room after dumping the shirt in the washer. A moment later, “MAXWELL!”

“...What did you two do?” Triton asked.

“Yes Fei?” Duo asked barely hiding his smirk.

Shi started giggling as he's put the food onto serving dishes he gasps and murmurs, “No shirts… heh.”

Wufei stormed back in, “Where are my clothes?!”

Drools at the sight of shirtless Wufei, “What do you mean? They aren’t in your room?”

Shi happily eyed Wufei up and down, “Not on you. That's all I know.”

Wufei was absolutely red, he folded his arms over his chest, “My dresser is half empty. It was full when I left for work this morning.”

“Are you sure?” Duo asked as he shook from holding in his laughter.

“I'm not that blind. Yes, I'm sure.” Wufei growled.

Triton snorted and sat down at the table to bang his head softly against it, “If I go to my room... are mine gonna be missing too?”

Shi shrugged as he placed the food on the table, “I dunno, I've been cooking.” Head ducked he fussed with the dishes glancing to his right.

Duo smirked, “What makes you think it was us?”

Shi patted Triton on the head, “You'll break the table doing that. And food is ready... So.... Why don't we eat?”

“Great idea Shi! Let's eat everyone!” Duo exclaimed heading to the table.

Triton laid his head to the side to look at Shi with a raised brow, “How exactly? I'm pretty certain a hardwood table isn't going to break because of my head.” He began snickering as the words 'hardwood' and 'head' twist around in his brain

The food that Shi had made was chicken drumsticks with sweet and spicy Asian barbeque, rice, and mushrooms with Asian vegetables.

“I dunno Tri.... I think your head is harder than the table.” Shi smirked.

“You all expect me to sit here shirtless at dinner?” Wufei asked incredulous.

“Yes.” Duo had no problem with Wufei being shirtless at the table.

“What is the problem with that, Wufei?” Shi asked.

“You ain't got nothin that we don't have.” Duo pointed out.

“I will if you will Dragon.” Triton said.

“If it makes you feel better, I'll take mine off so you aren't as lonely in shirtless land.” Shi offered.

“We can all be shirtless at dinner.” Duo said.

“I'd rather be clothed. It's cold.” Wufei muttered.

“If you’d like, one of us could…warm you up.” Duo offered with a grin.

Shi snorted at his twin.

“You could always sit in my lap Wufei, I've been told I'm quite warm.” Triton waggled his eyebrows at everyone.

“Mmm. I'll take him up on that offer if you don't Fei.” Duo grinned.

“Mmm.... Now I wonder which would be a better seat.... Wufei's lap or Tri's.” Shi mused.

“I think both of them would be the” Duo smirked at his twin.

“I dunno, one tends to throw people off. Not so fun on the tailbone landing on a hardwood floor.” Shi said.

Shi sat cross-legged in a chair, after shucking his shirt as he promised, “Food's getting cold though.”

Duo followed Shi's example and slipped out of his shirt as he sat down.

Wufei just stared at all of them while he spluttered.

“What's wrong Fei? Never seen a half-naked guy before?” Duo asked with a wink.

“Sit and eat, Wufei.... Not like you haven't seen any of us in less than full dress.” Shi said.

“I've never sat in one's lap!” Wufei exclaimed.

“Would you like to?” Duo asked.

“You can sit in mine!” Shi smirked.

“You got three people offering!” Duo grinned.

“Though I am tempted to take Tri up on sitting in his lap.” Shi chuckled.

“I very much doubt you've never sat in a half-naked man's lap before Wufei. Even I've done that.” Triton rolled eyes and began dishing up food, since he happened to be starving.

Shi also started to help himself to the food he cooked, “Besides.... What you got to lose? Pride? Pft.... How do you lose pride showing that off is beyond me.” He said gesturing at Wufei.

Duo followed their lead and started to fill his plate, “If you don't come and eat the food is going to be gone Fei. Either sit in a chair or come sit in one of our laps.”

“You know you're hungry, Fei. And it's good food. This nice Chinese lady taught me this recipe.” Shi informed Wufei.

Wufei covered his face with a hand and very firmly grabbed a chair to sit in at the table, “Planning to give me my shirts back after?”

“Maybe tomorrow before you leave for work.” Duo said as he took a bite of the food.

“Damn well better. I can't go in shirtless.”

Duo imagined Wufei going to work in nothing but his pants and a tie before he got up and grabbed the wine bottle and poured everyone a glass.

“Mmm. Yeah.... Wouldn't want to let Lady Une get that kind of eye candy.” Shi muttered.

“Wouldn't want anyone to get a piece of it.” Duo muttered.

“...A piece of what?” Wufei eyed them suspiciously.

“Nothing Fei. Eat your food.” Duo said.

“Right.” Wufei started to eat.

Triton simply rolled his eyes at those seated around the table and ate his food, “It's not a matter of Une having 'eye candy' it's a matter of the woman who tried to kill us all seeing us a little to bare.”

“That too...” Shi muttered.

“Bad enough Sally's seen too much skin.” Wufei grumbled.

“She's the doc. At least she has that professionalism and a damned good reason.” Shi pointed out, “Even if the less I see her the happier I am.”

“Mhmm.” Duo muttered jealous.

“She's not your partner. I don't have the option.” Wufei grumbled.

“You'll get your uniform back before you go to work in the morning even if I have to stay up to make sure it's clean.” Shi said.

“And the rest of my shirts?” Wufei asked.

“Well she's one lucky lady getting to look at that.” Duo gestured at Wufei's unclothed chest.

“I dunno where they are.” Shi said, glad that he actually didn’t know where they were.

“Yes, you will get the rest of your shirts back.” Duo sighed.

“I'd better.” Wufei glowered, still red.

Duo rolled his eyes, “Relax Fei. No reason to be embarrassed.”

Triton snorted, “You realize you just admitted to taking them right?”

“He already knew.” Duo pointed out shrugging.

Shi got up and draped himself over Wufei's shoulders, his head on Wufei's left shoulder while his arms hung on each side of Wufei, It's not that bad, Fei. Besides.... We could always compare scars.”

“...What?” Wufei turned his head to stare at Shi, “I think I'd rather not.”

“Then what is wrong? You're not a female so that whole stigma of going topless isn't an issue. So, what's wrong?” Shi was genuinely curious.

“We didn't go around undressed a lot in my clan. Male or female.” Wufei admitted.

“And I better not speak of your clan because I still am not too happy with what I know about how they treated you.” Shi growled.

Wufei scowled, “Exactly how do you think they treated me?”

Shi snorted, “You are aware that even Yuy has a hard time keeping me out of computer files. Right?”

“My clan treated me well. I've never said or written otherwise.” Wufei growled at Shi.

“Making one who fits a scholar into a warrior isn't what I call being treated well.” Shi growled back.

“But didn't Fei make that choice himself?” Duo couldn’t help but point out.

“I did. It was an honor to fight for my clan. If you'll excuse me, I'll finish eating later.” Wufei got up from the table, “I will be going to the training room.”

Shi watched Wufei leave, “I fucked up huh.”

Duo frowned at his twin, “You made him mad. How are we supposed to get him pant less now? Unless you know of a way to salvage our plan, I'm going to return Fei's shirts to him.”

“I dunno.... I didn't think I'd make him mad.” Shi fiddled with the end of his braid, “I dunno... But I'm going to at least try to apologize. It's the right thing to do.”

“I'm gonna go get his shirts.” Duo said before disappearing.

Shi sighed before making his way to the training room.

Triton finishes his food thinking that he hadn't had a dinner that interesting since Relena got drunk and tried to make out with Heero over his lap. It had certainly made eating his food difficult. He shook his head and cleaned up the remaining food and washed what dishes were left before grabbing his shirt and heading to his room for clean clothes so he could take a shower.

Wufei entered the training room to start his sword forms, probably a little more aggressively than usual.

Shi walked in, fingers busy with the end of his braid as if it were his lifeline, “Um... Wufei....”

Wufei finished the form he's currently on before acknowledging Duo, letting out a slow breath, lowering his sword. “Maxwell.”

“I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you mad or insult you. I just.... Maybe I just misunderstood because you seem so wise and like you should be a scholar writing books about things most of us wouldn't dream of knowing about and not just someone who's only good at fighting. You've got what Yuy and I and others lack... Something worth sharing with others and I am not talking about swordplay. Anyway.... I just thought I should apologize. I am sorry.” Shi gave a formal bow and turns to leave... His fingers still worrying at the end of his braid.

Wufei nodded his head and quietly put his sword back on its rack. “Thank you. Perhaps I will educate you about them further, later. But before I forgive you now, I want you to do something.”

Shi half turned and waited for whatever Wufei wanted him to do.

Wufei motioned him closer, looking directly at him. “Fight with me.”

Shi turned fully and raised an eyebrow, “No weapons, not even blunted knives?” He had his misgivings but either they would come out in draw or one of them would win.... He knew there wasn't a sure fire answer on the outcome.

“No weapons. Unless you want to try wooden swords.” Which Wufei somehow doubts.

Shi shakes his head in the negative, “I prefer my own two hands and two feet.... Unless dealing with the non-friendlies.” He sliped off his shoes and socks before moving closer, rolling his shoulders before taking a more carefree and nearly boneless stance, eyes locked on Wufei's eyes.

“Whenever you are ready.”

“Now.” Wufei moved, and moved fast, leg swinging out to knock Shi from his feet.

Shi jumps back in a backflip, back arching as his hands land on the floor he kicks it with his legs in an attempt at a counterstrike while dodging Wufei's attempt to knock him off his feet.

Wufei twisted to avoid the kick, darting forward to try and take advantage of Duo's unbalance while he's kicking.

Duo appeared in the open doorway and watched fascinated by the sight of Shi and Wufei sparring, but made no move to enter the room or to interfere.

Shi growled and just let himself drop, as he saw Wufei coming, even if it might cost him a bit of hurt himself.

Wufei aimed a knife hand at the back of Shi’s neck.

Shi rolls towards his left, and keeps rolling in an attempt to get a little distance between himself and Wufei before popping back up onto his feet to face Wufei.

Wufei feints left before turning to aim another kick towards his right shoulder, focus absolutely laser targeted on Shi.

Shi shifts his feet to move with the kick, grunting and hissing out his breath, a grimace twisting on his lips, wrapping his right arm around Wufei's leg from the inside, to where his elbow cradles Wufei's leg and his right hand grips Wufei's kneecap. He steps his left leg beside Wufei's remaining leg and pulls on the one in his grip while twisting towards his right, attempting to unbalance Wufei.

If he was going down, he was taking Shi with him. Wufei twisted his leg around Duo, pulling his whole weight on the other man to bring both of them to the ground.

Shi grins and goes down with Wufei, twisting and rolling as he does so, attempting to tangle his legs with Wufei's, his lungs not happy with him from landing pretty hard, twice, but he'd deal with it. He wanted to avoid having to play dirty in this fight. He didn't want to bring true L2 tactics to this.

Duo winced as the two males hit the floor, but still makes no move to enter the room or to interfere.

Wufei twists them to land himself on top, a hand pressed over Shi's collar bones to hold him down. And... straddles him without realizing their exact position.

Shi growls, eyes all but spitting violet fire, not liking being pinned down, but when he shifts to try to buck Wufei off of him, his growl ends in a startled meep as he realizes just what position they are in.

Duo eyes the position the two males are in and wonders if he should give them some privacy.

Which is when Wufei realizes, abruptly freezing and going red when he notices exactly where he's sitting! He jerks back, landing on his ass practically between Shi's legs.