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The Earth's Core Is Pretty Deep

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Nigel's gaze washed the street calmly but anyone pierced by the maroon orbs would have felt anything but. To his right were two men he did not trust but outward appearance means everything, and it would do good for possible "acquaintances" to see that Nigel was no man to mess with. To his left two more men whom he did trust to some degree, but their loyalty only came from being spared of his wrath during various gang wars.

He'd kill all of them in a blink of an eye just to make a point though.

Suddenly Nigel reached for the gun under his shirt, not yet pulling it out.

"S-sorry" A stuttering voice spoke out. Before Nigel could grab the shorter man he was already past him. Nigel stood with his little group watching the man.

"I say we go for 'em." One of them spoke up. Nigel almost did...almost. But something about the man, maybe his gait, or the twitching, but something about him was almost childlike. He decided not to pursue the man by simply continuing to the club, the memory of the small man with neatly tamed curls fading with every drink and every stripper.


When Adam got home he first did his chores, his dad's crossed out name a reminder of his being alone. After all of his sweeping was done he disappeared into his room, turning off the lights and turning on his space projector.

'Why couldn't I have been born there?' Adam wondered in his head, soon his thoughts were swarmed with all the reasons why it would not have been possible for him to be born or sustain life on the planets he looked upon. But maybe another galaxy. Maybe there were more people like him.

Maybe one day his stomach wouldn't hurt when he looked at how happy everyone else was with their friends, families, loves.

Not that Adam really understood how he felt though.

!~!*2 weeks later*!~!

Nigel sits outside of the strip club on a ledge accompanied by three women; two hanging onto his sides and one leaning on his back. To any bypasser this is a man who knows his way around, at least enough to have the three best workers of the most elite club in town practically worshiping him.

But Adam's not just any bypasser.

"Hey honey how about taking a rest here for a while." The girl on Nigel's back purred as Adam walked by. These girls knew what to look for. Adam dressed nice, no, not suits, but nice enough to look like he wasn't a slob, and his hair was neatly gelled and parted, surely he must be important in some office or head quarters.

How could they know he only occupied an empty janitor's closet?

Adam glanced at the scene with innocent curiosity but he wasn't stupid, he kept going. Nigel's cool stare stayed on Adam as he attempted to keep walking. He looked familiar.

"N-no tha-ank you." He managed to get out.

"Hey!" A voice bellowed through the open door. Adam tried to keep walking, until a large fat hand jerked his shoulder.

"What's wrong with my girls huh?" The same voice permeated his ears in a puff of thick heavy smoke. Adam coughed as he tried to back away. "I-I'm sorry." He stammered out, still trying to get out of the grasp.

A harsh push and Adam was on the ground, his face mixing with blood on the concrete.

"Oh for fuck's sake Jack fuck off!" Adam faintly heard a heavy accent spew.

Whoever had pushed Adam mumbled something along the lines of 'it's always the fags who get under my skin'

The younger man was being pulled up by his arm, a hand firmly wrapped around his elbow. Adam looked around to see the girls sauntering after Jack into the club, then his attention focused on the man in front of him.

"Hey kid, you okay?" That same accented voice asked. Adam looked up at the man, but it only made his head hurt more. He tried to get out of Nigel's grip but the man held on. "Maybe you should see a doctor?" Nigel asked, suddenly alarmed that he even went to help this guy.

Adam shook his head no, causing blood to splash onto the other man's dog printed bowling shirt. "Oi look there, Nigel's got 'em self a lil twink!" A high pitched voice rang out of a group of men approaching.

Adam watched as the older man seemingly growled at them but they kept coming closer. "So what, gonna take his money, kill 'em, fuck 'em or all three?" Another man asked with a bitter laugh.

'Why do I even deal with these people, I could be running the greatest crime empire right now, but now, I'm stuck with these morons and some bleeding guy.' Nigel thought, reflecting on his luck.

"Piss off" Nigel barked, only to be met with crude laughter.

"Oh come on Nigey, you can share can't ya?" The same man asked, reaching out to stroke Adam's cheek.
Adam looked away at the contact and tried to get out of the grasp again, his breathing getting faster.

Something inside Nigel ticked when Brian tried to touch the man in his grasp. Nigel yanked on the boy's arm as he began walking him to his car. It was old, but nice, nothing too flashy, but enough to get places.

Adam tried to protest as Nigel shoved him in the passenger side, but he was not strong enough.

The group dispersed into the club after seeing such behavior from Nigel, none of them willing to further aggravate the dangerous man.

"Where do you live?" Nigel asked, but it sounded more like a bark with the roar of the engine.

Little did he know what was going on in Adam's head.


'Too much touching
No don't touch me
Please don't talk to me just let me leave
I can't breath, my chest is tightening
Don't let him touch me please
Where am I being taken
They're all so mean'

The thoughts zoomed in Adam's mind until his body could no longer take it and did it's best to shield of the danger.

"What the fuck?" Nigel breathed as he watched the younger man fold in on himself, his sweater covered arms and pale hands grasping his shoulders as he shook and panted.

Nigel wasn't stupid. He knew something was obviously wrong with the man, more than just the bash to his head. 'Maybe something's fucked in his head' He thought.

Suddenly the man stopped moving all together, and slumped over.

Nigel didn't feel like dragging off another body, so he was thankful when he saw the rise and fall of the smaller man's body.

He took one last look behind him making sure no one was following and began driving to his apartment with the strange bloody blacked out man in his passenger seat.