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Chapter 1

AU: MischiefTale (this is where it begins)

AU and fanfic made and written by: Realitythe2nd, EcstaticFlyGirl


'What am I supposed to do with this?'

In the darkness, not much unlike the Void itself, two souls appeared. One was a very confused person with red eyes that almost glowed in the dark. The other appeared to be fast asleep, laying on the ground in what one would assume to be a comfortable position. Was it? Who knows.

'They don't look dead, per se. Is this the person that woke me up?'

They decided to examine the sleeping person's stats. They have all of the normal stats for a human: no LOVE, the name "Frisk", 1/20 HP--must've gotten hurt on the way down--no gold, no EXP. The examiner decided to delve deeper into their stats to search for more. The sleeping human didn't have their guard up at all. How stupid... they could be attacked by someone and be taken in one strike. Unless... perhaps this is their game. Maybe the sleeping person was just very good at pretend.

'Nah. I would be really surprised if they were.'

The ghost poked and prodded for more information. The sleeping human--Frisk?--has  100 INT.

'So they can remember every reset no matter what. They're like me.'

Frisk's soul is that of Determination, just like the person that was looking them over.

'That's rare.'

The examinee looks a lot like the examiner, too. The ghost doubts that they look this cute while they sleep though, and the apparant lack of paranoia while Frisk slept would allude anyone into seeing that Frisk isn't them.

The examinee's current description certainly rings true: Frisk: definitely not Chara.

'Our fashion sense isn't too different. Just different colors. Are they kind, or are they bad? They just fell down. They're hurt. It'd be a disaster if someone with bad intentions found them as they are right now.'

As if the world thought they would take a laugh at the ghost and sleeping human's expense, Chara heard muffled sounds in the next room over. The could have thought they heard someone saying in a panicked, distorted voice, "it's gone, it's GONE" over and over again, and a slew of "no, no, no, no, NO"'s. And then, it sounded like the voice got angry.

Chara looked at Frisk again. Their description changed to: Looks like free EXP.

'Oh no.' they thought. Chara peered out of the Void space. It was the first time in ages that they had been able to see anything, but their movements were limited. They saw where they both were. Frisk was asleep--passed out?--on the golden flowers on top of Chara's grave. From the other room, they saw a glimpse of something small and yellow entering the room, heading their way.

"Just in time to have another worthless piece of garbage fall from the Surface, I lose my powers?! What the hell is this?!"

'A golden flower is talking... and moving... oh, wait, didn't I hear Asriel telling me before what happened to him? I was fading away at the time, so I guess I can barely remember. I guess this is what he's been reduced to.' Chara checked his stats.

Flowey the Flower: Soulless flower. Just lost his godlike powers. Less than thrilled.

'Sounds like an understatement.'

"Hmm..." the flower looked around Frisk, examining them. "What if it wasn't a coincidence that I lost my powers right when you fell? It couldn't be." he continued to look around them. He checked their stats.

Frisk: killing them would be easy, but it wouldn't do any good in the long run.

"Wouldn't it?" Flowey's face contorted into a creepy expression. "Let's find out, shall we?" an unnecessarily large amount of Flowey's bullets rained down on the human, and their soul broke apart. He laughed demonically... and then the world reset.




Frisk woke up on a bed of golden flowers, sat up, and looked at the grey walls of the cavern they had fallen into. They glanced up at the hole they fell in. They could see glimmers of sunlight, and basked in it as if they had never seen the world before.

They thought they heard a voice saying 'now isn't the time for that', but they couldn't comprehend it. It were as though they had never heard anyone speak before.

Frisk tried to stand up, and immediately fell over. Their reaction to the pain were as though they had never been hurt before, and their face and the whimpers that they made were pitiful. On Chara's end, they wondered if there was anything they could do for Frisk. They already lost HP just from falling on their face...

Options appeared on their end. In the Void space, they looked at what they were given. The first thing they did to help was click the option to give Frisk a bandage. It appeared on the crying human's cheek, healing up the scrape they just got. They started to calm down a lot.

Chara clicked another option that said 'Send help'. They weren't sure what that meant, but it sounded good at the time.

Frisk noticed an option for themselves saying 'Receive help'. There was no other option, so they slowly raised their hand to click it, but before their hand connected with it, vines wrapped around them and pulled the screaming human into the other room.

"FRISK!" Chara called out. They ran after them.

A whole network of vines were wriggling throughout the room. It looked like some sort of plant emporium that nobody ever wanted to go to. Flowey was naming aloud things he learned about Frisk already.

"Name: Frisk. Age: 21, just old enough to drink. You're mind is totally blank. You have no memories, but it goes beyond that. Seems like you never had any to start with! Golly, is this really your first time in the world? What am I supposed to do with this?"

'I asked myself the same question...' Chara thought.

"Evidence shows after our short and glorious time together that you, indeed, have my powers. You don't even know how to talk, walk, or comprehend even the basics of this world, so what the hell is giving such power to an idiot like you good for?! God, I just can't understand!" more vines intertwined up Frisk's legs, and under their shorts. "Maybe if I explore enough, and see what buttons I have to press, I'll find out what I need to do to get you to give them back to me." he grinned. That smile wasn't innocent. "For starters, let's see if anything under here is important to you." a vine violently ripped through Frisk's clothes from bottom to top. A vine pushed the clothes out of the way so that he could see everything that was available to explore.

"Flowey! Stop this! They can't possibly understand what you're about to do to them!" Chara yelled. They couldn't condone this, but Frisk wasn't able to ever press the 'Recieve help' button, so there wasn't anything that could be done for them.

"Mm..." Flowey groped at Frisk's soft body, paying attention to spots that made Frisk gasp particularly loud. "If only anyone else were this honest. But you don't know any better... do you?" he paid lots of attention to Frisk's breasts more than anything else. "You may not be able to say anything, but I can tell that you think this feels good. Believe me. I know what makes people tick. I've spent a lot of time figuring it out. With my powers, I could do anything. I went everywhere, and did everything." a vine trailed down Frisk's soft, perfect skin. It truly looked like they had never experience a single thing in this world. He slipped a vine into the tattered barely-there remains of Frisk's underwear, petting the delicate flesh, and moistening his vine with it. He put it in a little bit every now and then, but not too much. There isn't anyone he hasn't fucked that didn't like it with the way he did it.

Flowey brought Frisk's body closer to him so he could get closer to the wet, dripping orifice that he wouldn't stop playing with. While he removed the rest of the clothes that were in the way of his exploration, he asked,

"If you know nothing, how will you go about living in this world? Will you let everyone take advantage of you? Will they tell you things, and you will just whole-heartedly believe them? I can't imagine living a life like that. What if you met someone that did this to you?" he pushed the vine all the way into the tight warm hole, and Frisk squealed. It hurt, and it was still probably too soon for it, and blood dripped down the intruding appendage. Flowey licked his lips, and smiled. His fangs showed. This was just too good.

The attacker licked at the area while he slowly moved the vine in and out, taking his sweet time. After all, as Players, they had nothing BUT time... right? The blood mixed with the sweets fluids and that tantalizing smell... it was enough to make him forget about how mad he was and just enjoy the moment.

"I've wanted to do this for so long." he sighed and dove right back in. The moisture was turning from dark red, to red, to light pink, to clear. The pain was slowly disappearing for Frisk, and it felt so sweet. More of that excellent smell and taste overcame Flowey's senses. There was so much, and he adored the taste. He hungrily licked at the tasty organ. He can't remember the last time he felt this way. Anyone else that he's assault this way wasn't like this. He looked up at Frisk's face. Their eyes were half-lidded. Red eyes. Just like them. A thrill of arousal shot throughout his whole body. He shivered. He never thought he would be aloud to taste the forbidden like this.

"I never thought you'd come back to me. I thought I would never see you again. I missed you... so... so... much..." he buried his face back in Frisk's smooth muff, stuffing the vines in harder and faster while he licked up that delicious, addicting taste. "If it's you... it's okay. My powers... if they're yours... I'm okay with that..."

Chara tuned all of this out. They didn't want to see or hear any of this, but they could have sworn they heard Flowey say their name... full of lust, with his eyes clouded over by the overwhelming new feelings.

"How much I can feel depends on who I'm with. I feel so much more now that you're with me again. I always hoped you would save me." vines squeezed soft breasts and pinched at tender nipples. Others traveled along Frisk's soft thighs and backside, causing a slight tickling sensation that added to the pleasure. "I feel like I'm complete again... like I'm whole as long as you're here with me... don't ever leave me again. I... I knew you were just sleeping! You took so long to wake up, I didn't know what I would do..." he lowered Frisk down to him so that they were bent over. The vine continued to pump in and out of them, the feeling driving them crazy. "So please," he touched their face with a leaf, a gently caress. "Don't leave me." he kissed them.

Chara watched this, their hand over their mouth, eyes wide. Tears leaked uncontrollably from them. What was going to happen when Flowey realized that they really weren't here? They can vaguely remember a bad, faint memory of Flowey's voice. He had lost his mind while talking to them, tearing at their grave, trying to get them to wake up and be proud of him for finally killing. For becoming strong, like their older sibling. He screamed and cried, and pounded their body with attacks, not able to at all understand why they wouldn't wake up and let their lives just go back to normal already. And then, he reset... their grave going back to being tidy and covered in flowers. Chara didn't hear from him for a long time after that. They wondered if it was shame that drove him away.

The taste of their own natural flavor on Flowey's tongue wasn't one Frisk could enjoy. It was sour, and smelled funny, and they didn't know why it seemed like the little flower liked it so much. All they knew was that the feeling inside of them was different than they had ever had before. It was bubbling up inside of them. They were afraid. They didn't know what was about to happen, but if they knew how to compare one thing to another, they would be much like a pot about to tip over. Something was going to come out of them in torrents and waves. Flowing emotions. Flowing sensations. Is this what the world is like?

"I love you to death... I... I think I can still be myself when I'm with you. You don't exactly... look like yourself anymore, but I can work around that! I'll take you back to our house, give you your old clothes... I'll do my best to remind you of who you are! And I'll make Mom and Dad get back together by threat of force! We can be a family again... and we can stay together... just like this..."

"No..." Chara whispered. "Please... don't replace me you idiot, I'm still here!" they cried harder. "Don't leave me... please don't be like that with this stranger... I'm still here... I'm still here, Asriel!" they screamed.

Frisk felt it come over them. Feelings overwhelmed their senses. They could have sworn the world turned white. They came back down from their pleasure-high and panted over and over again. Frisk spent all of their time breathing. Chara spent all of their time crying.

It didn't take long for Flowey to look Frisk over and feel a certain sense of dread. Could this really be Chara? What if it wasn't?

Then, everyone heard a startled woman's voice say, "Oh, my goodness!"

Flowey didn't have any time to react to the flame bullets that were thrown at him, and he flew across the room. The vines retreated from all over the room, and from out of Frisk with a messy, wet, pop.

"Oh, my child, are you hurt? What a miserable creature, torturing such a poor, innocent youth... here. Let me take you home. I need to get you dressed before anyone sees you like this. I have never seen a monster attack a human this way, I am so, so sorry..." the goat picked Frisk up with ease, and tried to carry them in a way that would preserve their dignity.

"Mom?" Chara whispered. As Frisk was carried away, Chara's vision blurred, and their head started hurting. They tried to follow after them, and when Chara got closer to Frisk, they could see again and their head stopped pounding. "I guess I can't be away from you, can I?"