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JJBA Reader Insert One-Shots

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You certainly weren't the best female jockey alive, but your sole presence in a sport primarily dominated by men quite made it appear that way. However, as you had grown up beside two of the best jockeys in the world, you knew just how much room for improvement there was.

Johnny Joestar and Diego Brando were your best childhood friends, though they never seemed to get along when you weren't around. They were constantly trying to impress you and to prove themselves as the best horseman. However, Diego was the only one who actually seemed notice you . They would bicker and fight, and you would try to calm Dio down when Johnny got on his nerves. It was when you told them your parents were soon moving overseas that the three of you actually began to bond. The month before your move contained the happiest memories of your life. Then you were forced to say goodbye to your childhood friends, as well as your childhood.

You gave up riding horses for a long while. Instead, you focused on your education, artistic and musical hobbies, and the like. However, as you approached adulthood, you heard of a large horse race that was to take place across the entire country. It was then that you again took up the reins and headed for the prize. You were warned that it would be dangerous after years without practice, but you felt up to the challenge.

The day of the race finally came, and you approached the line on your striking Andalusian named Shadowfax. It might be nice to see some of your old friends, but you doubted it would actually happen. The stables seemed to be a while off, so you tried your best to steer through the hordes of spectators that swarmed the grounds. Several others floated above the sea of heads similarly, as their horses did their best not to trample anyone. The crowd seemed to be gathering around a particular jockey, most likely one of the favorites to win. Shadowfax could not help but be pulled into the stream of bodies, though you pulled the reins away from the current. The torrent swayed you, however, till you almost collided with the famous jockey, who seemed to be fleeing from the fans.

“Goddammit!” he cursed “How do you expect to run a race if you can't even steer–” he paused.

“I’m sorry. Although if your fan girls choose to swarm the course during the actual event, then it isn't my problem. Good day,” You pulled the reins away, as the crowd seemed to finally be clearing, but the man was still staring at you.

Turning on your saddle, you prepared to make another quip. Then you noticed his hat: ‘Dio’. Holy crap . That same blond hair, those bright blue eyes, his arrogant manner… Blood rushed to your cheeks as you stared back. One thought predominated your mind: ‘Holy hell he is HOT.’ You weren't usually the type of girl to notice these things, and you chastised yourself for it. You didn't fawn over boys, you buried yourself in your work. But Diego had really grown into an attractive young man.

The moment you locked your eyes seemed to last an eternity, however, the force of the crowd quickly swept you away again. You had to meet him. You had several hours till the race began; you had to meet up with him. It had been ten years since you had last seen each other. The wave of nostalgia rushing over you was overwhelming. However, you took a deep breath, and proceeded on your course to the stables.

You stroked Shadowfax’s mane, calming him after the nerve-wracking encounter in the crowd. However, you were still quite restless as well. But you set your mind preparing your horse for the race, though you caught yourself absentmindedly sighing from time to time.

You heard a panting from behind you, and the clop of horse hooves, likely another jockey getting ready. Then you felt a firm hand on your shoulder. You whipped around, reflexes preparing you to fight, but you softened at his face. His mouth was agape, though his face still held a sort of… hope. You noticed the beginnings of tears in his eyes, which prompted your own eyes to water.

“(y/n)?” he seemed to implore. You nodded, speechless.

He pulled you into his warm embrace, strong arms wrapping one around your lower back, and one into your hair. He seemed unwilling to relinquish his grasp on you, almost as if he were still afraid that it was a dream. You chuckled into his neck, relishing in the feeling of his your cheek brushing against his skin.

“This isn’t really like you Dio…” He pulled away.

“Shut up.” he looked away. “I know it isn’t like me, but… I haven’t seen you for years! You…” He couldn’t seem to get the words out. “I always felt different around you. And now you just show up here and don’t even tell me–”

“I didn’t know you’d be here.” He groaned, rubbing his face with his hands. He seemed surprisingly… vulnerable.

“You’ve changed.” he finally spat out. You giggled.

“Well I’ve grown up, but I think I’m still the idiot girl I was back then.”

“Dammit!” he cursed. You couldn’t understand his frustration, and grabbed both his hands in yours in an attempt to calm him.

“Dio, is everything alright?” you questioned. He hesitated for a moment.

“I don’t know what to say, so I won’t say anything.” In that instant, he leaned forward and hastily planted a kiss on your lips. Surprised, you pulled away for a second, in shock, pulling your hands to your lips. His face was flushed red, and he looked away.

“Good day.”

“Dio, wait!” you grabbed his arm as he turned to leave, turning his face towards yours with your other hand. You softly pressed your lips to his, trying your best to relax despite your rapidly beating heart. He responded, slowly creating a rhythm between the two of you as you drew your arms up to circle his neck. His hands rested on your lower back, and you began to play with his hair as the kiss became rough. He gently bit your bottom lip and you smirked, allowing his tongue to run gingerly between your lips, almost as if he worried he would hurt you. Though he regained courage, and slid his hands down your back, your hips and onto your–

A bell rang in the distance, and the two of you immediately pulled away, worrying the race was soon to start. You sighed and looked back at Dio. His face was still bright red, and you were sure the same was mirrored in your own complexion. You smiled, somewhat shyly.

“I think I understand what you were trying to say.” He still stared at you, seemingly mesmerised.

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered quietly.

“What?” You couldn’t hear him over the surging roar of the crowd.

“I, umm… I have to go. I’ll see you when I place first at the finish line.” He stated confidently.

“Now there’s the Dio I know and love.” he smirked before the two of you registered what you had just said and flushed.

“I-I’d better get going.” before he could get away from you just yet, you placed a peck on his cheek.

“Kiss for good luck!”