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Frostbite and Fangs

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Your breath left misty clouds in the air as you walked calmly along the dirt path.

You often find yourself walking along the footpaths of Mt. Ebbot's hiking trails. A way to get away from your job, demanding boyfriend, and heavy heart. People said there was evidence of wolves on the mountain, but you hadn't seen a single one. Though, ever since the monsters emerged from the caves beneath your feet, your life has been that much stranger.

It began snowing a bit heavier as you continued on your way. You paid it no mind though. The mountain truly was a beautiful place. Even with monsters being the proven cause for the disappearances on the mountain, people still were very cautious of it. Which left you a way to avoid people. Even your boyfriend Michael refused to join you up on your hikes.

You were kinda glad, because he had become overbearing in the past few months. You kept hoping it was just a mood he was in, but something in the back of your mind kept trying to convince you to get out before it was too late.

Much to everyone's surprise, the monsters had integrated quite well into society. The murders were astonishingly forgiven, though you kinda understood why. If you had the weight of your people's freedom on your back, killing 7 people wouldn't seem so bad compared to the lives of everyone else. A few of the older monsters had actually come forward and gave personal testimonies that two of the children had actually willingly gave their souls. Stories like that gave you hope.

You took a second to look around at your surroundings and jolted. Everything had a blanket of thick snow, including you. You hadn't realized how heavily it had begun to snow. The path was nowhere in sight either.


You knew you wouldn't be able to get to the bottom of the mountain before you froze to death, or at least fell unconscious. Searching around for any kind of shelter you saw a flash of blue in the corner of your eye. Looking behind you, you caught sight of two glowing blue eyes in the shadows of the trees. 

At first you thought it might be a wolf, but as the four legged creature raised itself up onto two legs, you realized it was a monster. It looked vaguely like a skeleton, except it's skull emongated into a fanged muzzle, and a long tail whipped behind it. 

It cocked it's head at you but then made a beconing motion and headed back into the trees. Feeling kind of numb, and not from the cold, you followed.

Sans was shocked. A human female in his territory? He hadn't seen a human since Frisk had freed them from the mountain and he had settled here. When they finally noticed him he had gotten close enough to notice them shivering.

He had a sudden urge to take you to his den. You'd likely freeze out here if he didn't. It pleased him immensely when you followed without complaint. Though he was constantly letting out a warning rumble for any aggressive animals nearby. This was his prize. Though as you walked behind him he was able to get a stronger hint of your scent. 

There was the scent on another human on you. A male. Maybe your mate, but if he was smelling right, whoever this male was, he hadn't been doing a good job. You had seemingly never had pups, which was a concern in his animalistic mind, as you had a mate.

Once you both had made it to the monster's cave, as it seemed, you were surprised to find it entirely furnished. There was a couch, rugs, a kitchen, an old tv, even a bed! It was just a mattress on the floor covered in animal furs though. The skeletal monster plopped onto the bed.

"Feel free to take the couch." he rumbled calmly. You jolted in surprise, but didn't dwell on it, instead moving to lay on the couch. The wolf-like skeleton huffed in satisfaction, though of what you had no idea.

Sans was pleased. Being in his den, you were picking up his scent. And moving to the couch, where he spent a lot of time, only strengthened his smell and claim on you. He didn't care if you had a mate. You were open to be claimed in his eyes. Your mate didn't deserve you if he didn't even try to claim you. You barely smelled of the other male in the first place!

You were also drifting off. As you fell into a deep sleep, he sat up and carried you off the couch and onto his bed. His dulled monster senses from before he had turned yelled at him that he was going too fast, but he didn't care. He claimed you. You were his now. 

As he wrapped his larger body around yours, he resolved his decision by rubbing his jaw along your collarbone, further coating you in his scent. Once he was content with that, he held you close to his chest and began drifting off himself. Though before he fell asleep he felt you nuzzle a bit deeper into his embrace and felt complete for once.

You were his.

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You woke up in a warm embrace. For a second your groggy mind thought that Michael had snuck into your bed again, something you had told him not to do, but then the sensation of a bony snout buried in your shoulder knocked you out of it and you remembeed everything.

It was snowing too hard. The skeleton had invited you in. You had fallen asleep on his couch? But it seemed like you had been moved to his bed after you fell asleep. You also noted that all you could smell at the moment was snow and apples. You assumed it was the monster's smell, because it was coming from him. Too late you snapped out of it, face tinting red.

Don't just sniff him! You silently berated yourself. Though now that you had a clearer head, you noticed that you also smelled like him. Probably from cuddling up to him in his sleep. 

Grimacing, you carefully extracted yourself from his hold, freezing whenever he huffed in his sleep. You found your boots nearby and started, you hadn't even noticed they were gone. Sighing you slipped on your coat. You had overstayed your welcome, even if snuggling with him had been rather pleasant for him being a skeleton. He was rather soft actually. 

Peeking out of the cave, you were relieved to find that the snow had stopped. It had also risen a few degrees and melted the snow down a bit so there wasn't any ice. You tested your feet on the snow, just in case there actually was any leftover ice, but relaxed, finding none. You had bearly walked a meter when you heard a rumbling growl behind you.

"Where are you going?"

You nearly froze in fright if it wasn't for the slight confusion underlying his angry tone. He had honestly no idea why you were leaving. It made you kind of feel bad as you turned to face him.

"I have to go home. My boyfriend will probably be worried sick about me."

More like angry.

Sans caught on the scent of your uncertainty on the air.

"Your mate is lousy." he grumbled. "He hasn't even properly scented you. He has no claim." his tail began lashing angrily. "I have scented and eventually will claim you. You are mine."

Your heartbeat rose in your chest. He was talking like a wolf. Possessively. A shiver went down your spine that wasn't from fear. Michael wasn't possessive, or protective. He was oppressive, trying to block you off from anyone you liked to talk to. You also knew, that if this monster was anything like a wolf in instincts, if he had scented you, he would track you down no matter where you went and keep his promise. 

Sans could smell your slight arousal and fear. He was pleased you liked the idea of him claiming you, but the fear left a sour taste on his tounge. Like rotten grapes. He circled you, growling out at the woods, as if scaring off whatever you feared.

You lifted a hand to placate him in hopes of calming him down.

"How about I come back every day. At least until I either decide to stay, or my uh..mate decides to do something about your claim.

He was set on edge by the choice of words. Nobody would take you from him. No female had willingly walked into his territory in years, even less likely that they talked to him. He growled lowly and corralled you back into the den, before knocking you down and unzipping your coat to display your neck.

You froze, unsure what he was going to do, and yelped when he licked along the area where your neck and shoulder met. Surprisingly the skin went numb, and you were about to move away when he bared his fangs and sunk them deep enough to leave a scar. You yelped and held back a broken groan as he licked the blood away apologetically.

"You are mine. Tell that to your boyfriend."

 Your body and thoughts were heavy as you trudged down the mountain. Your neck stung something fierce, but Sans, as he had said his name was, had helped you bandage it. You knew it would scar, and be very visible against your golden brown skin, but a deep part of you didn't quite mind.

The skeleton had been surprisingly gentle with you now that you thought about it. He had even been nice enough to let you shower in his bathroom. 

You knew one thing though. You didn't really regret going up the mountain. And you also knew that eventually, Sans would take you. You just hoped he'd give you time to get to know him better first.

Opening the door home, you winced at the sight of your boyfriend, Michael, sitting in a chair waiting for you to come home.

"Where have you been?" he asked lowly. You felt your knees begin to quiver.

"U-up on the mountain. It started to blizzard and I had to spend the night in a cave."

Not exactly true but close enough. He seemed to believe you, but he also noticed you favoring your right shoulder. He stood up and you yelped in surprise as he pulled your coat off and pulled down the collar of your shirt a bit to get a good look at your bandage.

"What happened." he questioned icily.


"I scratched myself on a rock pretty bad. Thankfully I had bandages on hand and patched myself up."

He seemed content with your answer, but the boiling in his eyes suggested otherwise. You barely saw it coming as he slapped you firmly across the cheek and sent you sprawling.

"Do not. Ever. Lie to me again."

He trotted off further into the house and you stared wide eyed after him. He had never hit you before. Only slight scolds here and there. You must have angered him more than you realized. You let out a quiet whimper. Your patience was beginning to break with him.

You slept on the couch that night, and packed some of your things before Michael woke the next morning. Your most prized possessions. The few clothes Michael had let you keep. You didn't even feel bad as you took the money you had been saving up with him to go on a vacation. You had been the one to put most of it there in the first place.

You wrote a note and left the house. Not even turning back to look as a shout echoed far behind you on your hike up the mountain.

Sans found you before you found his cave. He took in the sight of your bruised cheek and duffel bag and nearly let a growl rumble from his rib cage. He could smell the other male's scent on the mark. How dare that groveling creature you called a mate hurt you. 

He picked you up bridal style, much to your distaste, and took you to the den. You objected when he set you down on the bed and curled around you, but he could see and feel you sinking gently into his warmth.

He felt his eyes glow green as he licked at your cheek, healing magic fizzling gently across your skin. You jumped at the feeling of his tounge, but relaxed as the ache in your face faded. You eyes began drooping and Sans nuzzled you, not even objecting as you fell asleep on his chest. 

After all, who was he to complain?

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Waking up, you didn't even try to move, as the feeling of someone kneading your back in a comforting motion had you melting back into the soft animal furs of the bed. Though, you surprised yourself by making a sound as close to a purr that the human body can make. The massage stalled for a second, before the sound was returned by Sans, who was the one comforting your sore muscles.

In reality, Sans was also kneading his scent deep into your skin. If it made you feel good too then that's a bonus. He was not expecting you to purr though. He was very pleased with that. Finished with his work, he sat back, completely content with laying half on top of you. You didn't quite mind either.

The past few days with Sans had been pleasant. Sure, he was still pretty feral, but he loved to talk to you. He would still give hints that he wanted you as his mate, wanted to claim you, but you began to recognise that was his way of letting you know how much he cared other than cuddling and a healing touch here and there when you hurt yourself.

A massage was definately a nice way to wake up. As you stretched you found almost all your aches gone. You had grown content with the constant smell of Sans wafting off and around you, at least it was nice. Snow, apples, and a bit of biting spice, maybe raw cinnamon.

You jolted from your place tucked into Sans' side as a loud voice echoed outside. Had Michael found you? No, the voice had a different accent. Sans perked up beside you at your sudden movement and you had a feeling that if he had ears, that they would be pricked and swiveling around.

Footsteps crunched in the snow outside the den and Sans tail twitched happily. He stuck his muzzle into the crook of your neck to tell you it was ok. It was strange how quickly you had picked up some of his more animalistic gestures. It was sure useful for when he didn't want to talk.

A tall skeleton trudged into the cave, grumbling as he shook off the snow that had accumulated on his clothes. Looking up, the new skeleton froze when he saw you on the couch tucked into Sans' bones. His jaw tightened.


Ok loud.

"Outside. Now."

You looked slightly uncomfortable as Sans got up and he could tell he didn't look much better. He put a hand on the area where the scar from were he bit you was developing. You relaxed, recognising the gesture. He made his way outside after his brother.

Papyrus was pacing.

Pacing always put Sans on edge and he growled. Papyrus stopped, remembering who he was speaking to.

"Sans! Why is there a human female in your den! You can't just keep someone there! I could smell you all over her. What is wrong with you?"

Sans felt himself bristling.

"You know what's wrong with me. You can't take her though. I'm going to claim her. She's mine. And she's fine with that."

"Sans you can't just talk for someone!"

"She's been sleeping in my den for days! Of her own choice! Her previous mate hurt her!"

"She has a significant other?! How much worse can this get?"

"First off, her mate hurt her! I could smell him on her injury! Bad intent smell. Second, I've bitten her. She's mine, not his."


You watched in exasperation as they continued arguing. It was clear that this skeleton wasn't completely used to Sans' way of thinking. Though you wondered what they meant when Sans said that the other knew what was wrong with him.

Your hand subconsciously moved up to brush against the scarring wound. A surprising feeling of fondness rose up in your chest, and you felt something inside you fill with warmth. Sans at least cared about you. 

"Papyrus! Are you even listening to me?!"

You snapped out of your thoughts. Papyrus huh. Fonts. Heh.

"There's nothing you can do! I think I love 'er!"

Everyone froze.

You moved out of your hiding place.

"You care that much about me? You love me?"

Sans had a frustrated yet scared look on his face.

"I-I think so? It feels like it. I care about ya deeply."

Papyrus appeared to be in shock. Shaking himself out of it he gazed at you in apprehension as you turned to him.

"I really am mostly fine with it. I mean, the bite hurt pretty bad, but he took me in after I left my boyfriend. And he's been healing me whenever I got hurt. This morning he gave me a beautful massage- Ok I'm getting off topic. At least he's been nice to me. My ex-boyfriend slapped me across the face after I got caught in a blizzard and had to stay with Sans."

Papyrus raised his eyebrows at both of us. Sans had a very happy look on his face as he began purring plesantly.

"Now how about we all act civil, and go inside for some tea. I'm cold."


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Papyrus did actually stay for tea. It was awkward, and he kept staring forlornly at Sans whenever he other wasn't looking. In the end you were kind of glad to see him go. He was putting Sans on edge and and edgy Sans was bad news for everyone. Sans actually growled at the entrance after he left. The poor wolf skell wouldn't let you out of grabbing distance for the rest of the day.

Waking up, you groaned at the pain in your lower back from sleeping on the couch all night. You had convinced Sans that he had been being too clingy, which was a feat in itself if you considered his animal-like instincts. Though as you shifted, you felt a wet stickiness between your thighs and realized that the pain wasn't from sleeping on the couch. You were on your period.

You hadn't really thought about it. You were too preoccupied with thoughts of Michael and Sans to recognize the signs. Plus it was rather hard to tell time up on the mountain after your phone died, so you had no idea what the date was. Well according to your monthly, it was near the middle of the month but that wasn't really a surprise anyway. If you counted the days since you had last checked the date- yep. Great. You really needed to get up right now, before you stained the couch.

On the way to the bathroom you had to pass Sans to get to your bag, which held your Thankfully he didn't wake up, but you noticed that his nasal cavity twitched and he let out a quiet growl. You inched back around the bed, trying to stay quiet as you made your way to the bathroom.

A few minutes later you left the bathroom, fully cleaned and padded, to find Sans sniffing frantically along the couch cushions, where you were sure that to him, the heavy scent of your blood hung in the air. His head whipped towards you immediately and a noise that somehow melded a growl and a whimper exited his ribcage.


He was on you in a second, running his muzzle along your skin while constantly throwing questions at you.

"Why are you bleeding?"

"Where are you hurt?"

"Why didn't you tell me?!"

You flinched at that one and pressed back against his snout as he neared your legs. Sans whimpered at your objections. He just wanted to help! Why wouldn't you let him? Looking up he noticed the blush showing slightly against your slightly dark skin. Were you embarrased? Why? He redoubled his efforts and managed to get a sniff between your legs. You squeaked in outrage but he was too preoccupied with making sure you were ok.

He could smell something floral, yet hinted with chemicals. Though below that was the strong scent of fresh blood. Why were you bleeding there? The other smell was probably some kind of bandage, but you didn't seem in too much pain, just embarrassed.

You were still processing the breach of privacy when he suddenly swept you off your feet and laid you on the bed. He flopped down after you and laid half on top of you. You groaned as it strengthened the pain of the cramps and Sans froze. He gave your abdomen an apologetic lick, as your shirt had ridden up quite a bit, and you sighed, getting a bit more comfortable. Experimentally he licked it again with green magic, popping and fizzling nicely along your skin, like pop rocks.

Surprisingly the magic lessened your cramp and you melted into his touch. Sans seemed rather surprised as well, but was too busy licking away your pain to comment on it.

Once he had finished and the ache had abated temporarily, he laid his muzzle on you comfortably and tilted his head at you.

"Why were you bleeding?"

You snuggled into him tighter before answering quietly.

"I'm on my menstrual cycle. If human females don't become pregnant while fertile, their bodies shed the special lining that was made for the baby. It just cramps and hurts. We bleed for about 5 to 6 days and then it takes a few days to form a new lining."

Sans took a moment to process this. So humans had a specific time when they were fertile? Good to know. Though he wasn't pleased that whatever this was hurting you, even if it was natural.

He growled and pulled you close to his chest, as if warning off your pain. All he could smell was you, himself, and blood. It was alarming to his instincts. He felt alert enough to be able to stab anything through on bones if they even looked in your direction. Why were humans so damn fragile?! 

He felt a hand run over his face and realized that his magic had been acting up. The left side of his face felt slightly warmer from the excess magic spilling out in a smokelike trail. Sans buried his face into your shoulder.

You were his. He wasn't going to let anything hurt you. Anything that dared would have a deathwish. He would protect you. As you continued running your soft hands along his face, he had a feeling you cared about him too.

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2 days after you finished your period, where Sans (heh) hounded you the entire time. He literally followed you everywhere. It was kinda cute. Anyway, you had to go down the mountain, as you were quickly running out of food. You couldn't singularly survive on the slightly chewed game that Sans brought in. He obviously objected when you told him you had to leave. He only let you after he rescented you heavily. 

Your duffel, now empty, was slung over your shoulder as you made your way down the path. Sans' eyes bore into your back, as he said he would, to make sure you got down the mountain safe. Rolling your eyes, you stopped at the bottom of the mountain, turning and giving a wave before continuing down the path into the woods.

Returning to civilization was strange. Like it hadn't even been three weeks, but you swore that all of your people skills had vanished. You were so used to reading Sans' body language that it was so much harder to understand other people. There was also the fact that monsters on the streets kept giving you sympathetic looks. 

In the supermarket, while looking for the pie crust dough, because you were too lazy to make it yourself, a dog monster couple walked right up to you and asked if you knew Sans. You nodded and gave them a quick smile to placate their worried faces. You gave them a watered down summary of your situation, but you insisted that you were fine with it.

Finally finding the dough, you wrapped up your shopping and left the supermarket, slightly anxious to get back and away from the crowds. You were so distracted that you didn't notice the blue blur until it was too late. Whoever it was rammed into you at breakneck speeds. You yelped as you were pushed backwards onto the sidewalk, slamming your head painfully into the pavement.

"Got you punk!" shouted a feminine voice above you.

You groaned and rubbed your head.

"Yes you did. Now can you please let me up. I have to get home."

"'re not the punk! Where's Sans? His scent's all over you."

"Up on the mountain. And just saying, he's not gonna be happy with you. He growled at his brother the other day just for semi-insulting me."

"Papyrus? Geez. He hasn't done that since he turned into that thing. Still doesn't explain why you smell like him."

You deadpaned.

"Doesn't it? He wouldn't let me come down the mountain without covering me in his smell. I swear he rolls in my clothes when he thinks I'm not looking so they smell like him."

"You live with him?! How hasn't he bitten your head off yet?!"

You chuckled nervously.

"Well he hasn't bitten my head off. Though..."

Your hand rubbed unconsciously over the long claiming mark on your neck. Before you could do anything the fish woman pulled down the collar of your coat and shirt to see the scar. She whistled sharply.

"Shit! He claimed you? That bastard! Has he...yunno, forced you yet?"

You jolted in surprise. What did this woman know?

"What?! No! He's just really fucking possessive. I don't mind though. He cares about me."

She hummed in thought.

"Most monsters that turn out like him either die or become completely feral. Though Papyrus has said he can still speak in fluent sentences. Just know, that whenever he chooses to mate you, because he will. That he will want to have you with child. There's no going back from that."

You nodded absently as the information sunk in. Children? You'd always wanted children. The wish had lessened over the years, but mostly from bad relationships. The fish woman prepared to leave, but turned to look at you one last time.

"Names Undyne, by the way. Nice meeting you!"

Then she was gone.

Well that was interesting.

Sans was not happy when you got home.

"How dare she! The next time I see her I swear I will punch her!"

He was currently healing you with his hands on your head. His claws tightened in your hair as he said this and you gave a tiny whine of discomfort. As Sans loosened his grip, you answered sarcastically.

"First off, she is literally like living cement. Ow. Second, aren't you, like, a hermit? You never come down from the mountain. When would you see her to punch her? Third, she thought I was you, so its kinda justified? Plus she gave me useful information."

He huffed and began running his fingers through your hair as you leaned against him. He began purring against you and you smiled into his shoulder.

"You know I care about you, right?" you whispered.

"I know."

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Waking up next to Sans was usually pleasant. That is, when he hasn't been out wandering the mountain all night and tries to crawl into bed with ice cold bones. By the time you wake up, he's had time to warm up a little, but you were so done.

As you got up to move to the couch, a cold hand touched your wrist. Not really holding it, just getting your attention.

"blu-j'y? wh're you goin'?"

You froze at his low tired voice, a shiver that you had become familiar with going down your spine. You derailed that train of thought and sent it flying off a bridge.

"Blue-Jay? Why Blue-Jay?"

He shuffled and turned his head enough for an eye to peak up from his pillow.

"'cause your soul's blue. plus blue-jays be badass."

You snorted, face tinting red. 

"Wake up jackass. Or I swear I will bite you."

He tilted his head towards you.

"That a threat or a promise, Jay?"

That motherfucking smirk!

Your face turned entirely red and you scowled at his smug look. Honestly you were ready to punch him.

Suddenly he sat up, and you felt yourself being pressed back down into the bed. His smirk held on his face as he lowered his snout to your ear.

"Did you think I couldn't smell your arousal? All those times I felt you shiver against me? You've been driving me insane."

He grinded his pelvis into your core, pupils widening in his lust. You groaned, burying your face in his shoulder. You felt as he nosed down the strap of your tank top to get a better look at your scar. Sans licked it tenderly and growled before turning back towards your ear.

"I don't want you to ever forget that you're mine."

You gave a broken moan as he sunk his teeth into your shoulder again, the skin more sensitive then before. He gave accentuated thrusts against you before pulling back from the wound to take in your flushed face. Sans then ducked down and gently licked along the wound, tounge flickering green just long enough to stop the flow of blood. He curled up beside you, bones suddenly warm.

"love ya, my blue-jay." Sans purred into your back. You bent down and gave him a quick embarrassed peck on the cheek before you got up, face flustered, and made your way to the kitchen. He whined at the loss, but as the hour dragged on the smell of something baking pulled him out of bed. He peeked into the kitchen and immediately froze at what he saw.

You were swinging and swaying to an imaginary beat, your cyan soul glowing brightly through your clothes. There was something you were mixing in a bowl as you danced, miraculously not spilling a thing. A bright smile shown on your face as you poured the icing into a piping bag. Where you got powdered sugar, he wasn't sure, but it looked good. 

As you turned to grab whatever it was you were baking out of the oven, he left the kitchen and opted to lay on the couch and listen to you bustle around, humming a small tune. He drifted off for a moment, and when he woke everything was silent, he got up and checked the kitchen curiously.

You weren't there but there was a presence behind his back that felt a lot like you. Soft golden arms wrapped around his middle from behind as you pressed your face into his coat. He barely heard the mumble, but his soul lit up at the words.

"I think I love you too."

He turned around and picked you up, holding you close as you melted into him. You echoed what you had said before quietly, just in case he hadn't heard you.

"I love you too."

Chapter Text

Over the next few days, your skeleton roommate got more and more restless. He held you tight in his sleep, and refused to let you sleep on the couch again, much to your frustration. You knew you loved him, but it had only been about a month since you'd met him. Your rational thought was clashing with how your soul felt, and it left you frustrated at the end of the day.

Barely awake you shifted and rolled over, attempting to tuck yourself into the warm sturdy body that you had grown used to sleeping next to. Unfortunately for you, there wasn't anyone there, only cold animal furs and the thick scent of snow and apples that always congregated in places Sans slept.

Confused and barely awake, you sat up quickly at the sound of ripping fabric and a startled yelp, your head turning towards the couch where the sound had come from.

Much to your surprise, Sans was seated on the couch, looking just as tired and barely awake as you, just sporting a new pair of jagged curling horns that were a strange mix of a ram’s horns, a bull’s horns, and the usual bone spines on the back of his head. As you'd been taking note of them, Sans had turned to look down at the rip in the couch (presumably caused by his horns) and had lifted a hand to feel curiously at his new assets.

He also looked confused, and you had been running the possibilities through your head with only one option making sense. Though the thought made you blush, and Sans turned to look at you in question.

Sans had been really restless the last few days. Spreading his scent all over the den much more frequently, and scratching his claws across trees like a bear might to mark his territory. Now he had grown horns, and if you took into account his uh..teasing a few days ago, it really couldn't lead to any other conclusion.

Your face went even deeper red and you couldn't help but blurt it out.

“Are you going into some sort of heat?”

Sans’ exhausted brain took a few seconds to process what you had said, and then his face exploded in a greenish blue blush. A strangely cute noise came from him, somewhere between a squeak and a pigeon coo, and he buried his face in the couch cushions, not caring as his horns poked holes in them.

Feeling embarrassed you scrambled to your feet and sat next to him on the couch with a worried expression. “I'm sorry! I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable, you've just been acting...and the horns-! You looked away from him as you stuttered, but you paused as he interrupted.

“I….guess you could say that. Though the horns have never happened before. Might be because of you..”

He trailed off and you both went quiet, though another question that had been tearing at you rose to the surface, and you didn't attempt to reign it in.

“Why do I feel so close to you? It's only been a month.”

Sans hummed and turned to face you, is eyelights shining slightly blue. Though he still looked uncomfortable.

“It may be a collection of things. The magic that fused into your mark, constantly being in a place with my magical signature, or maybe even the fact that our souls are the same color.” Seeing the question on your face he elaborated. “We both have cyan souls, for Patience.”

“I don't feel like a patient person? Maybe you looked at it wrong?” You said hesitantly, but he shook his head.

“It isn't that simple. Not everyone shows their trait in the same way. You might not be patient in some ways, like reigning in your bluntness,” Sans snickered, “or waiting for something to happen in a situation. But,” he sat up and pushed you down on your back again, laying half on top of you with his nose in the crook of your neck, “you are very patient with other people, and you know when to wait when something needs time..”

His breathing began to slow and he slumped into you. “..and you're so patient with me jay, even when i can be so terrible and territorial and smothering. you don't care about my stupid animalistic though they're normal…..” the skeleton’s voice went deeper as he drifted off, more baritone than before. Almost as if he was speaking in lowercase, which you realized was a weird way to look at it.

Then you realized Sans had just fallen asleep on you out of nowhere, and your previous blush returned in full force, much to your embarrassment. At least he couldn't see you.