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One Week of Danger

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It was a warm summer morning and the sun snuggled into the white clouds while the blue sky yawned above the mountain tops. A small river dashed down from between the stony cracks until it melted with the glittery ocean. Some birds began their cheerful songs and woke the city from its deep slumber. A mischievous barmaid polished a freshly cleaned glass with expertise one could only gain from years of working in the field.

Welcoming her first guests, Mirajane Strauss listened to their troubles and didn't waste a chance to poke her fellow guild members for fresh pieces of gossip. She was the guild's self-appointed matchmaker, after all. Lisanna watched her sister suspiciously, the woman was far to giddy for her own good. In fact, Mira had been acting rather strange this entire week. It was almost as if the barmaid was waiting for something major to happen. She was plotting something and Lisanna was determined to find out what it was.

"You've been awfully chipper lately. Care to tell me why?"

"Aw ~ Why do you always assume the worst of me?" Mira pouted at her younger sibling, stetting down the polished glass on the counter. "Can't I just be in a good mood?"

"There is a difference in simply being in a good mood and being the kind of hyperactive maniac you've been this past week," Lisanna muttered, pinching the bridge of her nose. Luckily, she had the patience of a saint when it came to her beloved sister. "What did you do, Mira?"

"You'll see soon enough," the barmaid whispered into her ear conspiringly. That bit of information made Lisanna dread the future. She prayed for the poor soul who was on the receiving end of the demon's schemes. Reluctantly, the white-haired woman let go of the topic and settled down on one of the bar stools in defeat.

People drifted in and out of the guild hall as the hours slowly ticked by. Mondays usually meant business since new job requests kept flooding in, leaving the stationary members to bustle around the place and accommodate potential clients and messengers alike. It was also the day many returned from their missions, telling tales about discovering a particular interesting area of Fiore and bragging about their achievements in battle. The latter often spurred a contest trying to decide who's mission was the most dangerous, often leading to arguments that ended in a full out guild brawl.

This was Fairy Tail after all. They were notorious for destruction.

Mira's and Lisanna's heads snapped to the front door when loud yelling announced the arrival of Fairy Tail's most notorious team of wizards. The two of them couldn't help but smile at the group, it's been a bit quiet during their absense but it seemed they were quickly trying to remedy that.

Lucy was pulling Natsu's ear, scolding him for something he was surely guilty of eventhough he tried to protest. Happy was flying above them, munching on a fish with a dreamy expression. Gray was currently struggeling to pry Juvia off his arm which proved to be fruitless. The water wizard didn't seem to listen to him, mumbling something about marriage and babies. Erza was already busily scanning the room for any wizard who acted out of line during her absence. She made a pitstop on quite a few tables in order to lecture their current inhabitans on proper behavior in the guild.

Yes, it was definetly Monday.

While Natsu and Gray joined the ongoing brawl fists first, Lucy quickly tried to walk towards the bar, dodging flying chairs and bottles on her way. In the past she always sported some bruises after carelessly walking around the guild, but she has gotten used to their violent ways. Sighing exhaustedly, the celestial wizard plopped down on the chair beside Lisanna.

"Are you okay? You don't look so good, Lucy." And it was true, there were barely visible purple bags beneath her eyes. It looked as if the woman didn't have a good night's sleep for a while.

"Just peachy," the blonde muttered in response, resting her head on the polished counter in front of her. "Thanks for worring though, Lisanna."

Despite having resolved the tension between her and Natsu, Lucy couldn't stop thinking about the horoscope after their confession. It kept her up all night and not even the fire wizards warmth beside her could lull her into dreamland. She just didn't want to give into Miss Mystic's predictions. Lucy had to admit that they were strangely accurate, but she didn't feel comfortable with the thought that her decision's weren't her own.

As if eavesdropping on her thoughs, a white-haired barmaid slid into view and put down a steaming mug of coffee in front of her blonde friend. Lucy gratefully accepted, mumbling a small thanks and took a sip from the hot beverage. It was liquid heaven and she felt her sore muscles relax in response. Flipping a coin in her mind, she decided to share her troubles with the siblings.

"Do you believe in fate, Mira?" Lucy took another sip from her coffee and looked up to the barmaid in curiousity.

"Why ever would you ask that question, Lucy?" She raised a perfect white eyebrow, shooting her sister a meaningful glance. Lisanna groaned in realization. Poor Lucy, so she was the one Mira's plans revolved around. "Honestly, I only believe in fate as a means to an end."

"Huh? How so?"

"I'll explain myself, if you tell me why you asked that question first."

Lucy noticed the odd glint in her blue eyes but shrugged it off, deciding there would be no harm in telling.

"Before I went on the last job, I've read last weeks issue of the Weeky Sorcerer. There was a section about horoscopes and since I didn't have anything better to do, I read mine. Usually, I don't believe in these kind of things. It's odd to hear about contellations being the cause for people falling in love and things alike, when you know most of them personally. Believe me when I say, Cancer is not a romantic guy. This entire week has been strange though, everything in that horoscope came true."

Saying these things out loud made Lucy realize two things. One being Mira's odd comment about fate being a 'means to an end'. Number two being the fact that Mira regularly worked for the Weeky Sorcerer. Of course, the beautiful woman mainly posed for sexy photoshoots. However, that didn't rule out the possibility of her sweet-talking an editor into adjusting certain parts of the magazine.

As if the barmaid sensed her thoughts, she pulled out last weeks issue of the offending paper and fumbled with the pages until she found what she was looking for. Mira sensed the anger radiating of her friend, so she was extra careful when handing over the last piece of evidence. Taking a sip of her own beverage, the matchmaker thought the only thing missing to make this moment perfect would be some popcorn. She was truly evil.

In a hurry, the celestial wizard reread the horoscope, sucking in a calming breath when here eyes found the name. Miss Mystic aka. Anje Marie. It was an anagram. If you rearrange the letters it clearly spelled out Mirajane. For someone who constantly read buried her head in novels, Lucy felt disappointmed that she didn't figure this out sooner. There was still something that didn't make sense.

"How did you write this and make it hit so close to home?" The frustrated blonde was torn between admiration and irritation towards her meddling friend. "I'm serious, some of it really creeped me out!"

"You forget, I'm the one who hands out the requests. I knew exactly where you're going and who you're going with." Mira giggled behind her hand when she saw Lucy's stunned and her sister's accusing expression. A job well done. "Cana and her cards helped with a few details. As for the rest, I have lots of time on my hands on simply observing everyone. I could tell something was different about your relationship with Natsu recently. So, I decided to give you a secret little push. You'd have brushed me off, if I told you there was something going between you two love birds."

"The horoscope felt so real though. It couldn't just have been my imagination," Lucy argued.

"Our minds are pretty adaptive to our circumstances. Horoscope work similarily to the Placebo effect. You just need a tiny spark of belief and your mind will automatically attribute meaning to the words," Mira explained proudly, she really did her research before jumping into her matchmaking plan. "For example, if your horoscope says you'll be unlucky and the next day you accidentally drop a cup of tea, you'd think back to what the horoscope said. It usually helps that most descriptions in yours were very vague and of course that fact I know you well, Lucy."

"I can't believe you went through all this trouble." Lucy shook her head in mild disbelief and Lisanna patted her shoulder in comfort. "All of that to get Natsu and me together …"

"Aw ~ No need to thank me, I'm always glad to help!"Mira squealed excitedly while the blonde fought the urge to strangle her. "Did it work though?"

"Did what work?"

"Don't play coy with me, Lucy. You know exactly what I mean." The barmaid sounded friendly, but the stellar wizard could detect some dangerous undertones. An ominous aura started to surround the white haired demon, no one stood between her and juicy gossip. "Spill, I want all the details."

Before Lucy could stutter out an answer, a blurr of pink and fire whizzed past her and slammed into the counter next to her. Hoping he didn't hurt his head too bad, she helped Natsu on her feet. He really just saved her from a conversation she wasn't ready for, her cheeks were already reddening just thinking about the questioning she'd have had to endure from the Stauss siblings.

"Hey Lucy, sorry for almost crushing into you. That was a close one," Natsu apologized and rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. He looked at Lucy from behind salmon coloured bangs and poked one of cheeks when he noticed their red-ness. "What are you guys doing?"

"Nothing in particular, just having some good old girl talk." Lisanna giggled behind her hand, resembling her sister in that moment. "Were were just asking Lucy about you two. You've sure been dancing around each other for a while."

"Dancing? But we haven't danced at all, except for that one time at that ball?" Lucy slapped her hand against her forehead. He might have become more mature in some ways, but he sure had a long way to with that level of denseness.

"No, Natsu. What Lisanna means is that you two looked like you were in love with each other," the barmaid explained calmly, knowing from experience that patience and rewording were the only options to get through his thick skull. "And we were wondering, if you've already confessed?"

"Oh, that's what you meant. You could've just said so," Natsu replied annoyed and turned to leave. Before he joined the fight again though, the dragon slayer pecked his girlfriends cheek and smiled at her. "Have fun with your girl talk, Lucy. Let's meet later and decide which job we're gonna go on next, okay?"

Mirajane and Lisanna squealed in delight, much to Lucy's chargrin. She was sure they would have the time of their life, interrogating her later.

"S-sure," Lucy stuttered, trying her best to control her flustered expression but it was futile.

Two very intense stares bore holes into the back of her head and the blonde wizard mentally prepared herself for the onslaught of questions. Lucy still wasn't sure whether she would forgive Mira yet. She did cause her a lot of worry and stress during the last week after all. In the end, it all worked out in her favour. Moreover, the blonde woman couldn't deny the happiness that spread through her whenever she thought of her new boyfriend.

In your face, Aquarius. She finally found a boyfriend.

Having the damn horoscope figured out, the celestial wizard felt incredibly content for the first time since last week. Mira may have successfully tricked her into believing into fate for a little while, but she wasn't unhappy about the push it gave her towards recognizing her feelings for Natsu. Lucy was in charge of her own future and she was looking forward to it now.

Next week, she would definitely flush the damn thing down her toilet tough.