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Your name is John Egbert, and you have no clue where you're going.
You know you are in a crate, you know you are being adopted.
You know that you are not considered human.
You live in a world where some humans got mutated to sport animalistic bodyparts and characteristics. You live in a world where those 'humans' were no longer 'humans'.
You were bred, you were not born into a family, you were born to a mother and a father and that was that, you were raised separately in a legitimate 'kitty mill'. To be adopted when you reached the age eighteen when in human standards you would be 'legal'.
You have basic schooling provided by the people where you were born, you as far as you know, have no siblings.
It's really cramped in this crate, so you shift around a little, which is when you hear music coming from somewhere, you are in a car you presume. You reach out and try to get the lock undone, only to have your fingers pushed back in one by one by a pale hand, you try to peak out but you feel your crate get spun around, you can now see someone's chest, you shift your head and peer, seeing a man with ginger hair that was swooped, freckles covering his face. For some reason he was wearing sunglasses, though it looked like it was evening. The man in shades appears to be looking at you, so you meow at him, then inquire where you are going, "we're going to my brother and I's place," the ginger man spoke. His voice was crisp and smooth, which was more comforting than the harsh, commanding tone of your masters. You scoot back a little and you see a hand reaching for the door of your crate, it was open, the shaded man had opened your crate. You hesitate before you crawl forward and out, stretching a bit, you are now half-sitting out of your crate.
You look around and you see another male up front, he was also wearing shades except they appeared pointy? How strange. You look out a window to see you are in a large city.
Where the hell are you?