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Horniest Day Of The Year:

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*Summary: Kit & Hannibal have no idea that Face was experiencing one of her horniest days, What will happen to them?, Stay Tuned, It's gonna be a great one!!!!*


*Author's Note: This is part of my series, Read with my compliments!!!!*


John "Hannibal" Smith has no idea what his girl would want, He entered the club, Erotica, where they first met, & he was suddenly overtaking by some guards, & brought into the sex dungeon, where Temperance "Face/Facewoman" Peck, along with their girlfriend, & other lover, Kit Vaunderpump were waiting for him, He was being dragged through the club, & once he was in the room, Kit was in a peek-a-boo blue panties, & bra set, which brought out her eyes, But because of the pregnancy, as it was started to progress, Temperance looked absolutely great in red, & in a role of a dominatrix, Her big, & luscious titties are ready to burst out of her bra, & be exposed to him.


Temperance was sucking along her pretty neck, & as he looked at him ravishingly, & leering at his clothed groin, which is forming an impressive tent, as he was enjoying what he was watching. He groaned, as she agonzingly slips a strap down to Kit's shoulder, & let her pretty fingers travel inside, & claim a prize, As soon as those fingers went to work on one of Kit's nipple, The Feisty Woman lets a breathless moan, as a response to the stimulation. She did the same thing to the other side.


She tore off Kit's bra, & she played with the beautiful breasts, & tortured the nipples, "Look at these beauties !",she exclaimed, Then, she put on a sex show with Kit. John doesn't know if he could hold his load any longer. "God, They are stunning", he thought to himself, as he watched them in the act. When, They were done, they had their sights on Hannibal."This is one of my horniest days of the year, I am gonna get what I want", as Temperance squeezed his genitals, & he moaned, as a response, to the pleasure that he was receiving from his demanding lover.


"She always gets her man, Stud", Kit said seductively, as she kissed his lips, & worked him over, like Face wanted. She pushed him on to a table, tied & bound his arms, after she tore off his dress shirt, & tossed the side. Face was ready for the next step in her plan. She will get to fuck him roughly, & royally. She straddled him, & made her way down his body, & got to his groin, licking her lips at the sight of it. He blushing, as she was leering at it. She smirked, & looked at her guards, She said this in a commanding tone.


"Hold those wonferful legs apart, That way I get to see those wonderfully sculpted thighs", They held the legs apart, & stood away, so their boss can do her magic. She agonzingly undid the zipper, & popped the button, & he tore them down to his ankles, leaving him in all of his naked glory, He was straining against the binds, she leaned down, & flicked, & licked one of his nipples, kissing the tip of it, It made him groan, & his erection reach it's limits. She had her fun with him, making sure that he was teased, pleasured, & satisfied with his sexual needs.


They were fucking like rabbits, & they were both spent, & she smacked each of his asscheek. Then, She did a cavity search, Once, They were denying each other orgasms, & had multiple ones. They left love, & claiming bites on the other, Nipples, & Cocks were worshiped, Temperance dismissed the guards, They cuddled, & snuggled, "That was one hell of a day", Kit said, "I love your horny days", Hannibal said with a smirk, & they huddled together, & fell asleep.


*Author's Note: Watch out for a possible sequel!!!!*