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[Art] Meltdown

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This scene is obviously from TFP, but it's also an illustration for my story 'Pain Management2'.


In chapter 6 the Meltdown Sherlock suffers (that leads to this situation depicted) is explained from an autistic background / mindset. The expression on his face just shows perfecly how devastating, overwhelming, horrible and exhausting it is to have gone through an autistic meltdown.


Chapter Quote:

Another ten minutes later Sherlock finally sat up and lifted his knees, rested his elbows on top of them, but his head was hanging low and all he did was obviously trying to get his breathing under control.
It took six more minutes until he tilted his head back so that the upper back of his skull came to rest against the wall, his eyes were staring blindly upwards.



Colourpencil on Coloured Card (blue-gray), A4+

Meltdown by TheCeruleanFeline





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Stimming Sherlock by TheCeruleanFeline



I am on the autism spectrum, which means I write my stories from an autistic perspective, because that's the only one I have.
As a child, I was often scolded for stimming, so I learned to do it in a way that is society compatible.
The thing I do most is rubbing the sides of my middle-fingers against my thumb, fast.

Therefore I loved a photo of Sherlock doing something that looks similar - so much that I wanted to draw it.
This is the result.

A4+, Brown Wrapping Paper, Polychromos Colour Pencil, about 3 hours

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