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If you could only see the beast you've made of me

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Her coat, a bright blood red, stood out against the white snow and the brown trees, their limbs long covered with piles of ice that threatened to snap the branches in half. It was the exact same color as the rabbit’s blood that still stained the wolf's teeth. The thought made Widowmaker lick her fangs. She eyed the brown basket on the girl's arm, the contents which were hidden from her nose, through that powerful scent of lightning and fire woven together. Purple wisps floated around her, lighting up the path in front of her-the only light beside the half moon. The wolf, a deep, dark grey-almost black, trudged carefully through the snow, making sure her paws were silent, her golden eyes tracking her every move.

It was rare that a traveler came to these part of the woods. It was nowhere near a town and it was easy for a human to get lost. Not to mention, the many rumors that the wolf made sure that was spread so that no one would dare approach her hunting ground.  Widowmaker weaved in between the shadows, avoiding the light-just like she was trained too and lightly trotted to keep up with her. The girl stopped suddenly  and the wolf froze, one fore paw hovering mid-air. Her right ear twitched as the girl’s voice drifted into her ear.

“Who the hell lives out here?” the hooded girl growled, her purple nails digging into the red cloak. The wind whipped through the trees, the hood blowing back exposing her features. Her bright purple hair, contrasting smoothly with her tan complexion. Her purple eyes glowed in the moonlight, displaying her current irritation.


“Fuckin’ Gabe.” A string of Spanish phrases flowed from the girl’s lips as she pulled out a thin piece of paper from the basket she was holding.  Widowmaker could see the black lines on the other side, it seemed to be a map of some sort.

Reaper. If she was going to go see him, it would take her at least two days to get there. He was all the way in the eastern part of the forest. Widowmaker snorted, as she considered her options.  Not that she cared,  truthfully, she would only slow her down.It was some deal away from her den and with the approaching winter, it’s getting more dangerous to drift from outside of her cave.  However, this girl knew Reaper and if this girl went missing she didn’t want to deal with his whining whenever she saw him in the woods again.  Plus, the risk of him burning her hunting grounds in rage would mean that she would have to go even deeper into the woods, where food was even more scarce.  The wolf rolled her eyes before she stepped out of the shadows, reluctance leaking from every step. The girl was still distracted as she looked at the map, her eyes narrowing even further in frustration. 

“His handwriting is terrible.”  

Widowmaker stood behind her, ears twitching in irritation. If she was really  hunting her, this girl would be dead. She let out a throaty growl from the back of her throat and the girl whipped around, eyes widening. She jumped back, a loud cry falling from her lips as she raised her hands in front of her.

“Holy shit!”

A wave of lightning flew from the girl’s hand and aimed straight for her. The wolf rolled her eyes and felt her fur stand up as the electricity slipped through her. The girl’s mouth fell open as the wolf was left standing there, seemingly okay.

The girl feel flat on her back,  scrambling even further away from her, kicking up a handful of snow on top of Widowmaker’s fur. The wolf fought down the urge to yelp. She watched as the girl looked around, grabbing the closest branch and holding out the stick in front of her.

“Don’t come any closer!” the girl yelled, keeping the branch between herself.  The wisps around her flared brightly, almost threateningly around them. Widowmaker was unimpressed. Did she really think that would hurt her? Widowmaker shook herself off, letting the snow pile back down to the ground. The girl watching her with wary eyes as she looked inside the basket. Yep, she definitely needed to get her home. She moved quickly snatching the stick out of her hands, and snapping it in half. A wolfish grin stretched across her muzzle, displaying the splotches of blood on her canines.  The fear in the girl’s eyes grew wider  and it reminded her of her last kill.

The girl scooted back even further making her cape flow open and Widowmaker could see the goosebumps started to form on her skin. They needed to get a move on before it was too late. She gently picked up the basket and slid it over to the girl before fetching the map and trotted on towards Reaper’s cabin.


“Hey! Lobo!” Widowmaker kept on trotting, hearing the scrambling behind her. She briefly turned back, watching the girl gather up her basket before turning wildly to follow her movement. 





Sombra had no idea what this wolf’s game was but it was better than freezing to death due to Reaper's horrible instructions. Normally, she wouldn’t even dare to venture into the woods but Gabe really needed her for a spell he was about to cast. Something, something, make his old friends pay- whatever. Sombra cast another warming spell through her coat, after another wave of cold air hit her. She had no idea how long they had been trudging through the woods-following this magic-resistant wolf.  To think that this wolf could shake off one of her strongest attacks, made a tinge of fear run through her. How could she trust this wolf? For all she knew it could be trying to lure her towards it’s lair. She stared warily at the wolf in front of her. Now, noticing how it’s head easily reached her shoulder.

“Hey. Can we take a break?” she said, feeling an ache in her leg.  “I don’t have the same stamina as you.”

The wolf turned it’s head back at her, eyes narrowing. Sombra threw up her hands in mock surrender.  The wolf turned it’s head to the side, and for the first time she noticed the jagged scar on its muzzle. The wolf made a sound that seemed like a sigh and moved towards the cliffside, towards a small crack that was barely big enough for them to slid through.  Sombra nearly moaned in relief as the cold air lessened. She turned her head, watching the wolf scratch had another one of it’s scars, this time behind it’s ear. 

“Hey, lobo. What’s you're deal?”

The wolf growled,  dropping the map on the ground, before turning it’s back on her and curling into a ball. Sombra eyed the wolf for a second before walking towards one of the cave walls, sliding down to the floor a distance away from the wolf in the corner. She wrapped the cloak around her, casting it to grow bigger before letting it flutter down around her. She fell asleep quickly despite the danger that was lurking near.



The next morning, the wolf was gone.