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Shape of Her Heart

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It was a night like any other, only it was completely different from any other night. The door to the roof opened and Kobayashi and Tohru stepped out into the brisk night. Kobayashi zipped her jacket up as a small chill ran down her back.

“I hope Kanna is having fun at her sleepover with Saikawa,” Tohru said as her tail swished back and forth under the skirt of her maid uniform.

“I’m sure she is,” Kobayashi said. She’d never really been one to go to sleepovers when she was in school, but she had known enough classmates to know that most people enjoyed it. Those two had become such good friends during the time that they’d been in class together that Kobayashi was sure that they were having fun.

“So, what is it that you wanted to do up here?” Tohru asked.

“I was wondering if you could take me flying?” Kobayashi asked, a small amount of hesitation was just barely audible in her voice.

“Really? You want to go flying?” Tohru bounced like a child in her excitement.

“I sure do.”

“Alright,” with that Tohru the human girl that wore a maid outfit vanished. In Her place was Tohru the dragon. She was a Western style dragon with green scales. The only thing she had in common with the girl was the horns, the tail, and the eyes. Kobayashi had met a few dragons since the day she first met Tohru and now she could better appreciate Tohru’s dragon form after seeing the forms of other dragons.

“Climb on,” Tohru said as she lowered her body to make it easier for Kobayashi to climb on.

Kobayashi scrambled on, doing her best to secure herself and holding on tight. “Alright, I think I’m good.”

Tohru flapped her wings once, twice, and then a third time. She lifted off the roof and into the night sky. It was cloudy, the stars only occasionally peaked through the thick cloud cover. They flew up and up until they were in the clouds and then they broke through to the clear skies above the clouds.

“Is there someplace specific that you wanted to go?” Tohru asked.

“Yeah, can you take me back to where we first met?”

There was a pause before Tohru said, “Yeah, I can do that.”

Tohru banked into a turn. Kobayashi clung even tighter to Tohru, even though she knew that there was little chance of Tohru letting her fall and even if she did then Tohru would catch her long before Kobayashi could hit the ground. It didn’t take long to return to that mountain where the two had first met. Kobayashi still had vague recollections of that night, but she’d been drunk enough that she couldn’t remember all of it. Tohru descended rapidly and landed on the mountainside. It wasn’t the exact same spot where the two had met, but it was very close to it.

“Is this alright?” Tohru asked.

“Yeah, it’s fine.”

Kobayashi climbed off of Tohru and moved to stand in front of her. She could look into Tohru’s eyes. There had always been so many emotions in her eyes, whether as a human or as a dragon. Sometimes Kobayashi forgot that the girl that lived beside her every day wasn’t the real Tohru. It wasn’t what Tohru thought of when she pictured herself. This was the real Tohru.

“I wanted to talk to you about this. It seemed only right to do this where we first met and I wanted you to be in your real body for this.”

“Miss Kobayashi?”

Kobayashi had rehearsed this so many times in her head. She’d even gone to Takiya for help. He of course had plenty of anime and visual novels that he could draw from to offer her advice. She’d even liked the sound of some of his suggestions. Now, they didn’t seem right at all. It just felt wrong to give Tohru secondhand words, especially not these words.

“I love you,” Kobayashi finally said simply.

“Do you mean…”

Kobayashi gave a small playful smirk as she added, “I mean sexually.” She called back to how Tohru had once clarified her own feelings for Kobayashi months ago. Kobayashi stepped closer and put her hands on Tohru’s snout. She leant in and placed a kiss on Tohru. It wasn’t very long, more of a peck than anything else. Kobayashi didn’t have much experience kissing humans in general, so she really didn’t know how one was expected to kiss a dragon, but she did the best that she could.

“I wanted to tell you this in your real form. I love you in either body, but you’ve told me before that you prefer your natural dragon one.”

Suddenly, instead of looking into large, plate-sized eyes, Kobayashi found herself looking into human sized ones. The change had been so swift, so sudden that Kobayashi barely had time to process the twin-tailed maid in front of her before Tohru reached around her with gloved hands and pulled Kobayashi close.

“Hearing you say those words, I thought I’d never hear them. I love you so much, Miss Kobayashi. Hearing that you love me in either body, it’s just one of those things that makes me love you even more. I do like my dragon body better, but this body has some advantages too.” Tohru, with her arms still around Kobayashi, pulled the other woman into a second kiss.

“So, I suppose I should take you out on a date now?” Kobayashi asked as her own arms went around Tohru’s waist. She could feel where the human flesh changed into the dragon scales of her tail.

“Let’s not rush things. We have plenty of time for our first date. Would you be alright if I picked it?”

“Yeah, that’s fine. Do you already know what you want to do?”

Tohru vigorously nodded her head up and down. “Yes, I’ve always dreamed of going on a date with you so I had a few ideas already. I was thinking about a picnic. I’d love to pack one for the two of us to enjoy together.”

“A picnic sounds good.” Kobayashi paused then said, “I’m still not eating your tail.”

Tohru laughed. “I can wait until you come around to it.”