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Yuzuru was going to throw up, Javier was pretty sure. They were lucky enough Brian had talked Yuzuru’s mother into not answering her phone or talking to anyone or else Javier was pretty sure Yuzuru would have launched himself out of the nearest window from the twelfth floor hotel room they were in. They were also lucky Brian had talked the JSF officials into letting him talk to Yuzuru before anybody else, because Javier was far more comfortable with Brian’s no-nonsense, no-judgement demeanor being the one to break the news to them than officials.

They had been summoned to Brian’s hotel room and he had let them in (thankfully his partner had vacated for this unfortunate meeting) and turned his tablet around as soon as they were inside and rolled up the screen cover and said, “Please, for the love of everything sacred in the universe, tell me this photo the world woke up to this morning isn’t actually Yuzuru and it didn’t actually come from Javier’s phone.”

It was a photo of Yuzuru with Javier’s dick in his mouth.

Javier had sat down on the foot of the nearest bed with a ‘flump’ when his knees gave up but Yuzuru visibly stiffened, his eyes trained on the tablet. Brian groaned at their reactions. “Oh jeez,” he said, quickly putting the screen cover back and tossing the tablet onto his bed. “I don’t even know where to start, guys. Most importantly,” he put a hand to his forehead. “I could have lived my entire life without seeing that, thank you,” he said in a somewhat bitchy tone and Javier grimaced. “Also, Yuzuru, you’re so lucky I found out before anyone told your mom and I was able to warn her to not look at anything on her phone this morning,” he said, and Yuzuru slowly turned from deathly pale to slightly green, hence Javier’s suspicion that he was going to puke soon. “What on earth possessed either of you to do that?” he asked, seeming more confused than upset with them. “Guys, it’s 2017, you’re not this stupid!”

Javier reached out and grabbed Yuzuru’s hand before he could start his thousand apologies and stood up again. “How are you sure it’s us?” he said quickly. “All you see in that photo is from collar bones to the very bottom of nostrils,” he said, and it was true. The photo was clearly from one of the times he fumbled with his phone, because it was a washed out photo, since the flashlight had been on, of a mouth with a dick in it, a chin, jaw, and ear, some dark hair, and then a neck down to the collar bone.

Brian paused. “Actually, that’s a really good idea,” he said, looking mildly relieved. “It’s bullshit,” he said quickly, looking at Javier. “I know what the bottom half of Yuzuru’s face looks like, but that is something Yuzuru can claim, that it’s not him, just someone with a similar chin and jaw.”

“My necklace,” Yuzuru finally murmured, head bowed down in shame. “You can see my necklaces in the photo.”

“Tons of people have necklaces like yours,” Javier said, looking at him. “Your necklaces are distinct, yes, but that also means if someone was dressing up like you, they would have the same ones.”

Yuzuru looked up with tears in his eyes, and Javier felt even more like shit than before. “It came from your phone, he said,” he pointed out. “Why would you have pictures of someone dressing up like me?”

Brian hummed. “Well, actually they are alleged to come from his phone. He didn’t accidentally tweet them or something, someone claimed they got that text from Javier Fernandez and someone else screenshotted the text they got from that person saying that, and someone else they shared that with posted it online, and it spread from there.” He looked at Javier. “I’m assuming it’s not a close friend or a relative if they got a text like that and shared it with someone else, so chances are you can deny it happened like that.”

Yuzuru sniveled some, looking up with tears streaking his face. “But everybody I know will know it is really me,” he said in the most pitiful voice. “E- Everybody will see and they know my face is not a stranger that just look like me.” He let out a soft sob. “Oh my God, all my friends and family will see,” he cried, and Javier reached out to put a hand on his neck to pull him into a hug but Yuzuru swatted his hand away. “Javi, tell me you did not on purpose,” he demanded, looking up at him with horrified, tear-filled eyes. “You said phone for light, why not just turn on lights in room? Was it to take photo-“

“Yuzuru, come on, no,” he stressed. “Yuzu, I would never do that to you or anybody,” he said firmly. “Also, why would I send someone a photo of myself getting a blowjob?! That’s crazy!”

Brian groaned. “I don’t need to hear about these things, guys, come on,” he said desperately and Javier blushed a little.

Yuzuru whimpered. “People do not see you naked, Javi, nothing in the photo is ident- identity- I- Argh!” Yuzuru let out a frustrated cry, putting his hands over his face as his shoulders shook with tears.

Brian reached out and put a hand on his back. “Identifiable,” he said softly and Yuzuru let out a hoarse sob and nodded. Brian sighed. “Look, Yuzu, it could be worse. Your full face isn’t in the photo. You can deny it. Both of you can. I know that doesn’t make it any less terrible,” he comforted. “But at least you can deny it and you probably won’t lose any sponsors or anything. I know your friends and family will still know it is you, but this won’t be the end of the world, I promise.”

Javier bit his lip. “You know I would never do that to you, right?” he asked, and Yuzuru picked up his head, meeting Javier’s eyes with a look that broke his heart. Yuzuru’s entire face screamed utter defeat, and his cheeks shined with tears. “Yuzuru, from the bottom of my heart, I am so sorry this happened.”

Yuzuru nodded mutely, looking back down at his hands. He reached out and hesitated a second before sliding his small, slender fingers into Javier’s. “I believe you,” he whispered.

Brian looked less angry and more sad for them as he looked at the two of them. “Javi, you need to leave like nothing has happened and be seen with your girlfriend for the next few days. Yuzuru, your mother has already arrived in the city and is waiting at a nearby airfield. A security team will be here for you soon. You’re leaving out the back and the JSF has already arranged a private flight to get you home without anybody confronting you.” Javier cringed, because that sounded like they were taking this very, very seriously. “I’m sure you’ll have to deal with them, but just sell it that it’s not you, it’s someone dressed like you,” he stressed. “Javi, I’m sure you’ll get a call from your own committee as well since this could cost you sponsors, but it won’t,” he said quickly, before Javier could even panic. “You find out who leaked the photo and discredit them.”

Javier nodded. “It’s- it’s probably best if we don’t come up with a story together,” Javier said to Yuzuru, who looked confused. “If it sounds rehearsed people will know it.” He shook his head. “You don’t comment about where the photos come from, and I won’t comment about what’s in them. Not more than to say, “I don’t know about that” or something,” he said, and Yuzuru nodded silently.

“Alright guys,” Brian said, looking at the two of them. “Most of all, you really shouldn’t be seen together in the coming weeks. I know Javi mentioned going to visit your parents, Yuzuru, but I think it’s probably for the best that doesn’t happen.”

Javier realized with a pang of sadness that he was right. He had been looking forward to that. He hadn’t met anyone but Yuzuru’s mother before. However, he had a feeling it would be a very awkward trip if he showed up after this. “I should go get my things and check out, then,” Javier finally said. He looked at Yuzuru, who was still so quiet and curled in on himself. “Will you be okay?”

Yuzuru nodded, not looking at him. “I will see you in Niigata,” he said quietly and Javier felt it like a blow to the chest. Yuzuru was closing himself off and it hurt.

Normally he would never do it with Brian in the room, but Javier knew he couldn’t just walk out, so he stepped closer and took Yuzuru’s face in his hands. Yuzuru’s cheeks were still wet with tears and he looked so broken and helpless when his eyes met Javier’s. “I-“ There were so many things Javier wanted to say, so many apologies, requests, pleas, everything. Instead, he just closed his eyes and pressed his forehead to Yuzuru’s. “I love you, Yuzuru,” he whispered. He pulled back and brushed a kiss to Yuzuru’s forehead before stepping back.

“Te amo,” Yuzuru barely even whispered, but Javier heard it and it made his heart slowly unclench in his chest so he was able to breathe again as he released his hand. He clapped Brian on the shoulder in silent thanks and then left, going to get his things and leave before anything could go worse than it already had.