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A Night of "Gaymes"

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Looking up, the boys of Class 1-A turned their heads to the front door to see a group of girls barge in.

“We’re here, everyone!” Uraraka cheerfully cried out as the large group of girls quieted down to listen to her. “Let’s move the furniture and then I’ll prepare the snac-”

“WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS YOU LITTLE ASSWIPES?! I WAS BUSY WATCHING MY SHOW YOU DIPSHITS!” Bakugou interrupted, a look of annoyance on his face as he yelled at the girls until Iida interrupted.

“Bakugou, I’m sure Uraraka and the girls had informed us of their friends sleeping over this weekend. We all agreed to it, don’t you remember? This means we have to go into our rooms as they will be using the common room tonight.” Iida started flailing his arms about, rambling about the sleepover the girls of Class 1-A had planned with their friends.

“BUT WHY DO THESE CUNTLICKERS HAVE TO INTERRUPT MY SHOW NOW?!” Bakugou screamed, Asui beginning to ask him and the other boys to go in their rooms so the girls could prepare. Sighing, he got up and retreated to his room along with the other boys, mumbling to himself.

The girls waved to the boys until they all entered their rooms. After that, the girls began moving furniture to make room for themselves, Uraraka and Kendou working together in particular to move the couches and tables. Yaoyorozu created a large blanket for the girls to use as a cushion, the rest of the girls using their own blankets and pillows to sleep with.

Finally finished making room, they all threw down their bags and ran to choose their spots on the giant blanket. After rolling around on the blanket for some time, Uraraka eventually got up to prepare some snacks. The girls formed a circle and Uraraka placed the snacks in the middle.

Clapping her hands together, Uraraka began to speak. “Alright, everyone! What do you want to play first? I vote truth or dare!”

The group of girls all voted, eventually deciding on truth or dare as nobody else wanted to play spin the bottle with Hatsume and Jirou. They eventually chose Hagakure to start the game.

“Ok, hmm… Ashido! Truth or dare?” She cheerfully began.

“Um.. truth?” Ashido nervously asked, knowing how vicious her girlfriend can be when playing this game.

Chuckling, Hagakure gave her question, “Have you ever watched or read porn?” Ashido immediately began to blush, the other girls giggling at her reaction.

“No! No way would I watch porn!” She covered her face, Jirou and Kodai shaking their heads in doubt.

“Your turn, Ashido. Pick someone.” Hagakure said in a teasing voice.

“Alright, um… Hatsume, truth or dare?” Hatsume’s eyes lit up, looking even more excited than before. “Ooohh… dare!” Hatsume scooted over to look Ashido in the eyes, her eccentric personality startling her.

“I dare you to… umm… ooh, I got it! I dare you to slip an opened pad under one of the boy’s doors.” Ashido dared, Hatsume looking both shocked and determined. As the other girls giggled, she pulled a pad out of her bag and ripped off the wrapper, running to the dorm rooms and chose a random door (with the guidance of the 1-A girls so she wouldn’t choose the wrong door, of course). She slipped the pad under the door and quickly but quietly ran back and sat down in the middle of the group, waiting for the reaction of the victim.

The girls decided to proceed playing the game while they waited for the poor victim’s reaction to Ashido’s dare. Darting her head over to Uraraka, Hatsume quickly shouted out the question, “Uraraka, truth or dare?”

“Hmm.. truth!” Uraraka happily exclaimed, Hatsume’s face staring a suspicious stare at her. “Have you ever masturbated?” Uraraka looked shocked and hesitated for a moment as Jirou and Hagakure erupted in laughter together, not being able to contain their reactions. After they quieted down, the girls listened attentively, awaiting Uraraka’s answer.

“Umm.. no.. but I tried once and got scared.” She said quietly, Jirou and Hagakure once again continuing their bout of laughter until they were interrupted by a new voice, turning to see the source of the commotion.

“I’d like to ask what this is,” Iida spoke, holding up the offending pad for the girls to see. They all immediately erupted into laughter, Hatsume beginning to blush as she switched glances between Iida and the pad. Jirou and Hagakure pointed to Hatsume, unable to form coherent sentences to answer Iida’s question. He blushed as he proceeded to throw away the pad and go back to his dorm.

Hatsume buried her face into her knees, though her blush was visible through it. Hagakure and Jirou managed to get a few words out, teasing Hatsume until Uraraka chose her victim. “Asui, truth or dare?” She turned to her girlfriend, Asui looking startled until she made her answer. “Truth. After seeing what happened to Hatsume, I’m not ready for a dare yet.”

Jirou mumbled under her breath, however it was loud enough for Yaoyorozu to hear. “Pussy.” She was then elbowed in the hip by Yaoyorozu.

“Hmm. Asui, what’s your cup size?” Asui’s face went blank as she blushed, answering in a low voice. “...38A.” Uraraka huffed, disappointed that Asui had a bigger cup size than her. Groaning that the game was too boring for their tastes, Kodai and Shiozaki suggested that they play Cards Against Humanity, the girls agreeing and choosing Kendou to start the game this time around as Jirou and Yaoyorozu pulled out their differing editions of the game, mixing them together and piling the black and white cards separately.

“Alright..” Kendou pulled a black card and placed it in the middle of the circle, reading it out loud for the girls to hear, “TSA guidelines now prohibit ______ on airplanes.” After the girls finished picking their cards, Kendou gathered them all and deviously looked at her choices until she placed a white card next to the black card and read it out loud, “Picking up girls at the abortion clinic”. The girls muffled their laughs, Kodai raising her arms in the air to proclaim victory before taking the black card.

“My turn.” She said, pulling a new white card for herself and then placing a black card in the middle, “______: Kid tested, mother approved.” Hatsume suspiciously stared down at her cards. “Ohohoho, I have the perfect card for this.” She said as she turned her card over and placed it next to the black card as the girls finished placing their choices.

After picking up all the cards and reading them all over, Kodai stifled a laugh by covering her mouth. “Alright. It has to be this one.” She uttered, placing it on top of the black card and read it out loud, “Cocaine in vending machines”. As expected, Hatsume cheered, grabbing the black card and picked a new card for herself.

“Okie-dokie.” She smiled, pulling a black card and placing it in the middle, reading it out loud, “What’s the next Happy Meal toy?” After many scuffles and shuffling, Hatsume gathered all the cards and made her choice, reading her selection out louds, “Two midgets shitting into a bucket.” She managed to cough out, not being able to contain her laughter after.

When the girls finally finished playing Cards Against Humanity, they started to talk about their classmates among other subjects. “So who do you guys ship?” Hagakure spoke up, getting the attention of all the girls.

Uraraka immediately began raising her hand to get everyone’s attention again. “It’s a bit of a short list, but so far I ship Bakugou and Kirishima and Sero and Kaminari.” She winked, Ashido zooming over to stare her in the eye. “NO. BAKUGOU AND MIDORIYA ARE THE CUTEST THING EVER.” Ashido continued rambling about Bakugou and Midoriya until Yaoyorozu spoke.

“I’m pretty sure Midoriya is with Todoroki right now though?” Ashido’s eyes immediately darkened as she crawled back to her spot, Jirou laughing at her as Komori slowly raised her hand. “Umm.. does anyone here ship Monoma and Tetsutetsu or is it just me..?” She nervously asked until Kendou and Hagakure’s eyes lit up.

“Who doesn’t ship them? They’re the cutest!” They squealed, surprising Komori. Eventually, Uraraka mirrored her phone to the television so they could do something no one else had done: watch the forbidden hentai known as “Boku no Pico”.

There were collective “ews” and groans as each scene played, Jirou and Kodai laughing through it. Their eyes had seen worse.

After the episode concluded and the girls complained they couldn’t watch anymore, they realized it was one o’clock in the morning. Taking advantage of all the sleepy girls, Hagakure pulled out a water bottle and placed it in the middle of the circle. “It’s time to play spin the bottle!” Too tired to object, each girl decided to change into their pajamas before playing in case they’d fall asleep. Many blushes could be seen around the room as boobs were shown and panties were removed and put back on.

Once they began the game and Hagakure spun the bottle, it eventually landed on Kendou. Another spin doomed her to kiss Shiozaki. “B-But I’m straigh-” Shiozaki tried to protest until Kendou grabbed her shirt collar and dragged her on the balcony. Collective “oooh”’s could be heard from the group of girls until Shiozaki and Kendou eventually returned, Shiozaki’s face redder than a tomato and Kendou smiling a mischievous smile.

Almost as if the bottle was sentient, it landed on Jirou and then Yaoyorozu, the two of them making their relationship apparent with Yaoyorozu’s blush and Jirou’s grin until they walked out on the balcony. Ashido playfully told them to hurry up as their kiss exceeded two minutes.

Eventually, each girl fell asleep, Kendou and Kodai being the last ones awake. Yawning, Kendou turned to face Kodai. “Well, I think I’m going to go to sleep now. Try not to draw a mustache on me like Jirou did to poor Asui, Kodai.” She chuckled as Kodai blushed. “Don’t worry, Kodai, I still love you as always.” Pulling her into an embrace, Kendou hugged Kodai, noticing her worry about Kendou and the other girls.

The hug morphed into a kiss, and eventually the girls stopped and fell asleep.

Todoroki, Iida, and Midoriya awoke to see 14 girls sprawled out across the floor among a mess of blankets, a spilled pile of popcorn, an asleep Kendou and Kodai holding hands, and a poor Asui with a mustache on her face. Not wanting to know what happened the night before, they each retreated into their rooms, hoping nobody saw their reactions.

Little did they know Hatsume had her phone zoomed in on their faces and on silent as she hit the burst button.