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The Parallel Universe

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Deaton looked over the corpse of the women, her eyes blown wide in terror but dull and lifeless. Though that wasn't what was troubling him.

"So?" The Sheriff asked.

"This is very strange indeed, its not a werewolf attack and yet I find it difficult to believe a human did this either, where did you say they found her?"

"Lydia found her, in the woods" He said, pulling a face, still not used to the idea of her being a supernatural, a banshee, why not? He honestly felt like if a student turned out to be a fire breathing dragon, he wouldn't be surprised.

"You won't tell Scott will you? I need to sort this out, they've had enough on their plate as it is. Its already taken everything in me to hide whats happened in the past two days from Stiles, you know what its like. I want to be sure its something I can deal with, without Scott getting involved and maybe being hurt" He told Deaton protectively.

Deaton raised his eyebrows at the Sheriff.

"I don't think its Scott you're worrying about.."

His jaw clenched though he didn't respond but Deaton reassured him "Its okay, if this is something Scott and Stiles doesn't have to be a part of, I won't tell them but we need to make sure first"

The Sheriff nodded, determined.

Deaton and the Sheriff looked down at the women, it looked like she had been mauled, yet the bite marks sunk to deep and looked two big to be a coyote or mountain lion, at first it had looked like a huge animal had done it yet... there were perfectly straight calved marks on her, like someone had run a knife through her and a odd looking hole in her shoulder that went right into the bone and blood. The hole oddly looked like she'd been stabbed by a big needle.  It looked infected, black veins around the hole.

"So its definitely supernatural? Or should I be looking for a psychopath with raiser sharp teeth, a big needle and some gigantic knifes?" The Sheriff asked dryly.



Deaton frowned as he replied "I honestly have not seen anything like it before"

He slowly put a gloved finger into one of the women's wounds, then took it out, bringing one of his fingers to the light, something on his finger, almost to small to see.

"What is that? Something supernatural?" The Sheriff asked.

"Its something natural but why it would be scattered in injuries and why its there in the first place I have no idea. It even feels a little warm" Deaton muttered.

He showed it to the Sheriff more closely.

The Sheriff picked a little bit of it up, completely flummoxed "Sand? Grains of warm sand?"