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Do you really have to go, sororis? I don't want you to. Can't you stay with me?

I really have to go, parvulus, her sister had said, reaching up to brush her fingers through her hair fondly. I'll be back. The war won’t last forever.

Faye didn't know if the war had lasted forever or not, didn't know if the faint.. memories? were fake or real, something her mind came up fanciful. Little things had slowly been prickling in her head for ages, ever since that tape had come around back to her. She'd talked about a sister, then; a foster who'd lived in their house, Lucrezia. She had been, according to her younger self, every much Faye's sister as how Faye saw real sisters interact.

She wondered how the war had gone. Not well, considering the overall state of the world.

She wondered if she should care about Lucrezia at all. She didn't think she should, but she felt... guilty for not. Lucrezia had been her big sister...