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Victor adored Yuri, loved absolutely everything about the shy Japanese man. He still had a hard time believing that the past nine months were real. A year prior he’d been preparing to take gold for the fifth year in a row at Europeans, then again at Worlds.

He hadn’t a clue what his future held, but knew that even going through the motions was exhausting. He’d begun to wonder if everybody was lying about love, a mass delusion in order to further the species, with nobody willing to question it.

Then a viral video turned his world on its head, and he couldn’t be happier.

Now the person he was convinced was his soulmate sat at the small kitchen table in his… their … St. Petersburg apartment. Hair, getting a bit long, ruffled from sleep and fingers curled around a steaming mug of tea.

Yuri’s eyes had drifted to the gently falling snow outside, and they glittered behind his glasses.

The moment was broken when a notification sounded on Yuri’s phone. He blinked and turned his attention to the device. He picked it up, squinted a moment, choked on air, and blushed.

Victor laughed, though he had to admit that he loved the flustered look on his fiancé. “Care to share?”

“That photo of us you posted on Instagram last night has a handful of… unexpected responses.”

“Oh?” Victor pulled out his own phone and opened the app. He scrolled to the photo and stared. Nothing seemed off about it. They were sitting in a restaurant, untouched plates of steaming food in front of them, Victor’s arm slung over Yuri’s shoulders. Both of them wore large smiles.

Victor blinked, then opened the comments.


QuadFlip123 - Those are the faces of two men getting dick on a regular basis. 

Liv4Sk8ing - Great to see you both so happy. Now eat that food and go enjoy your evening together. ;-)

Victuri4Eva - ‘Date’ night? ;-)

Christophe-gc - What are you two doing out? It’s a free day tomorrow. Shouldn’t you two be ripping each other’s clothes off? 

Phichit+Chu - I agree with @Christophe-gc. Go get some of dat Russian ass @Katsuki-Yuri

There were more, but Victor could tell by Yuri’s deepening blush that they were much along the same line.

God he looks great like that.

“They have a point you know…” Victor mused.

Yuri’s face shot up, shock in his eyes.

“It is our free day,” Victor took a couple steps closer to his love, then sat across from him at the table. “There’s no good reason to not to indulge.”

Yuri swallowed, and Victor saw that his eyes had already started to darken with lust.

“I think I want to enjoy my fiance today,” Victor purred. “We’ve been far too busy and I miss it: the desperate kisses, the taste of your skin as I suck marks across it…”

Yuri’s eyes widened, and his lips parted.

“... the flush that starts on your face and travels to your shoulders as I open you up.”

Yuri’s breathing had shortened, and he licked his lips absentmindedly. Victor wanted to capture that tongue between his lips and suck on it, but driving Yuri wild with words alone was his first goal.

“I love the way you beg when I stretch you, unable to contain your need. Your tight heat around my cock, your fingernails carving into my back as I thrust into you… that little shudder and moan every time I come inside, as if your entire body wants it.”

Yuri’s eyes were blown wide, a blush across his cheeks, and his breathing definitely indicated that he was aroused.

Victor loved that look, and on impulse he picked up his cell phone and took a photo.

“Vitya!” Yuri protested.

Victor smirked. “You looked too good, I had to.”

“I’m going to get you back,” Yuri warned.

“Oh really?” Victor teased.

Yuri smirked, walked around the table and moved to straddle Victor’s lap as he kissed him deeply. “Later though, when you’re not expecting it. For now, just fuck me.”