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In The Mind's Eye IV, Growing Up Torres

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Disclaimer: This story is an AU Story. It mixes both the Godfather and Greys Anatomy. I don't own these characters, I borrowed them. All credit goes to The Godfather and Shondaland. I own nothing.

Be Not Dismayed

"Fear isn't so difficult to understand. After all, weren't we all frightened as children? Nothing has changed since Little Red Riding Hood faced the big bad wolf. What frightens us today is exactly the same sort of thing that frightened us yesterday. It's just a different wolf..." ― Alfred Hitchcock

Chemotherapy is often given before surgery to reduce the tumor size and avoid amputation of the arm or leg. Also, it is almost always given after surgery to destroy any tumor cells that may still be in the body. Chemotherapy for osteosarcoma is usually given intravenously. Sometimes, a small box is placed under the skin with a tube that goes into a large vein. This device, called a port-a-cath, allows direct access to veins to deliver the chemotherapy regime. Monty's port was placed in his chest several weeks ago and, was now in full use.

The chemotherapy treatments were well into effect now. Monty lay in bed, the medicine, or magic juice as Arizona called it, coursed through his veins. Looking down, Monty saw the tubes, the line going into his tanned chest, and he sighed. There was so many other things he could be doing this summer instead of lying in this hospital bed hooked up, recieving medicine that would make him sick in a matter of a few hours. But, he had no other choice and unbelievably he never complained. Monty kept himself occupied while time seemed to pass by slowly today. How you ask? By texting Kylee and wiring in his journal.

K.S. "I miss you."

M.T. "Me too."

K.S. "Why didn't you tell me you're sick?"

M.T. "I didn't want that to be the only thing you remembered about me."

K.S. "How are you feeling?"

Monty almost didn't respond to Kylee's text. It was hard enough admitting it to himself but, it was the truth. It was his honest feelings and so, he typed the words that were on his mind the most today.

M.T. "I'm dying slowly. They say I'm not but I know I am, I can feel it. They're doctors, it's their job to know the truth and hide it from me. Even my mom says I'm not, but I can feel it. I'm dying slowly."

K.S. "I wish I were there."

M.T. "Me too."

Monty picked up his journal and begin writing once again after he finished texting Kylee Stewart. He hadn't told her he was sick, she had found out from her parents. It was just too hard to explain to her and Monty really didn't feel up to the challenge of confessing it to his "girlfriend." How do you explain a sickness like this to someone else? Not wanting to be defined by his disease, he chose to remain silent and knew that she would find out on her own. And, she did. But, that didn't change anything about her feelings for Monty Torres. Sick or not sick, you couldn't help but like the little boy with the contagious smile.

Monty wrote in his journal regularly and this had been quite an liberating experience for him. Arizona had suggested it, and once he started, he took to it like never before. The pen in his hand today, it would tell the truest feelings of a boy that smiled on the outside but was pained, and deeply grieved on the inside. It would tell the innermost secrets of his heart, his mind; a mind that understood what was happening, even at age nine. A mind that; knew happiness but, also now knew pain.

Journal Entry #30

The days are not as happy as they once were. I miss Nevada. I miss my house. The old house here is nice, but it's not home. I really want to go home. Mom says that we can go home but, it will be a while. How long is a while? Weeks, months? I'm sitting here with my beats headphones on listening to music as I write. Mom is at home with Gavin and Hope. Gabby went with Grandma Robbins and Pop on vacation for a week. Today, it's just me and mama. I look over and she is reading the newspaper. Mama looks tired. And, don't tell her but, I can see a little gray hair on the top of her head. She needs to get that colored soon. Gray is not a good color on her at all.

I meant what I said to Kylee, I know I'm dying slowly. It's weird how you can feel it, but you can. I've had weeks of chemotherapy to get rid of the cancer in my leg and the places on my lung but, I wonder if it is doing anything. Is this medicine making it go away? The only thing I can see is that I get sick after each treatment. So sick. Mama cries each time I get a treatment, she'll start as soon as I begin to throw up. She can't stand the thought of me dying. But, doesn't everyone die? There is no need to cry about it. Some people die old. Some people die young. Some people die alone, at least I have my family, I'm not alone. I bet that some people even die without feeling a thing. But me, I'm dying slowly, I feel it and, it's the worst thing.

I asked Gavin what I did to be sick. Did I do something to make me sick? He said no, it wasn't a punishment. It was just part of life. Being sick means that no one has a life in my house. My moms don't go anywhere but to the hospital with me. I had to stay in the hospital a week because I was so sick, and my moms took turns staying with me. I know they are tired. I usually go home after treatments, unless I'm too sick. But, when I get home, I'm so sick that I don't do anything. I just lay there and puke.

Gabby sits with me and she plays with her dolls on my bed. She knows I'm sick but, she doesn't understand everything. Hope crawls all over me and I love her but, she's too wild and crazy for me to play with right now. I just hold out my hand on the side of the bed and she takes it and smiles. Then, she bites it. And man, that shit hurts. Mama spanked her because she has been biting everybody lately. And her teeth, they are sharp and man they really do hurt. The only person Hope doesn't bite is mom. I don't know why mom gets away with not getting bit.

Well, mama is getting up and walking over here. She's so nosy sometimes, she wants to know what I write in here and mom told her she can't look because it's my private thoughts, so I guess I'll stop writing for now since she is sitting on my bed looking at me. It won't be long and this medicine will be through and then I will get sick once again and mama will start crying once again and then, like always...I will come up with some joke to make her smile. Don't tell her but, she has the best smile in the world.

"How are you feeling baby?" Callie asked her son, as she sat on the edge of his bed.

Monty closed his journal and tucked it under his pillow, safely away from prying eyes. "I'm good mama. Same as I was when you asked me last time."

Callie smiled. She knew she was overprotective. She just could not help it. This was her baby, her heart, and any parent can appreciate the love and devotion she was showering her son with. It was understandable. It was expected because, Monty was dying. She knew it, but that knowledge didn't make it any easier to bear.

"Okay Monty Torres," the blonde nurse said as she walked in the room. "You are finished and free to go home."

Chemo was over today. And, Monty smiled, he was thankful. Of course it didn't hurt that this was his "favorite" nurse and she was really pretty. Monty smiled at her sweetly as she unhooked the IV from his port. Covering the sensitive area on this chest, the nurse saw he was smiling at her.

"You are cute. You know that?" She asked.

Monty smiled. "I've been told that before," he said, giving her a wink. She shook her head. Monty was the biggest flirt there ever was at age nine. But, he did get it honest, didn't he? Callie, as always was not impressed by there son's reaction. Sure, the nurse was pretty, but really? Now?

Clearing her throat, Callie caught her youngest son's attention. Monty looked at her and smiled, giving her a wink too. "Doesn't work on me," she said with a face that wasn't mad, but wasn't entirely happy with him either. Monty laughed. His mama was all out of sorts lately. She was losing her sense of humor and that just wasn't a good thing at all he thought.

"Hey, I got to flirt, while I still can." He said. He thought it was funny but, Callie did not she her son's feelings/

Her smile dropped and she looked at him intensely. That wasn't funny. It was no where near being humorous. Sure, she knew he was making light of his disease, trying to make things easier on everyone but, there was no laugh to be had after that. Because, he was right. He had better flirt, smile, laugh...while he still could. And then, the tears that she had held back all day once again resurfaced. Poor Callie, she just couldn't keep them at bay sometimes.

"Don't cry. I want just teasing. I'll be here when you are old and gray." Monty took his mama's hand in his own while she cried. Arizona had told Callie that she had to be strong, not let Monty see her cry and not upset the boy in any way. Yet again, she had failed on that promise she made to her wife. But, Monty never told Arizona that Callie fell apart when she accompanied him on these visits. It was their secret. And, he could keep a secret all day long.

Callie smiled, and wiped her tears. "I'm not going to get gray hair," she said. Dyeing her hair was something that Callie had started doing a while back when she spotted the gray shining through. She would not have gray hair, whatsoever.

Always full of spunk, even in the darkest of times, Monty said, "Hmm. So when did you get your hair dyed last? I think I see..." Frowning his face, he appeared to be searching for the spotted gray hairs and Callie jumped up with a ferociousness bark.

"Monty! I don't have gray hair!" Walking to the mirror, Callie spotted what Monty was talking about. She did have some gray showing today and with all the appointments and visits, she had failed to get it colored lately.

"Oh My God, it is showing..." Callie said, combing through her hair and looking with her brows furrowed. "I look..."

"Beautiful mama. You look beautiful. See, I'll still be here when your hair is gray. Because even when you color it, its still's just dyed. And underneath all that black hair dye, you are still an old gray haired woman. That is still beautiful."

Monty laughed, slapping his right leg. That was funny. He just couldn't help himself, she deserved that teasing jab after wanting to always read his journal entries. So nosy, she tried to scan the pages some days, while Monty turned the book away from her view.

"Very funny Monty Charles...are you ready to go home?" Callie asked as she turned around.

"To Nevada, absolutely. To Long Island, not really. I'd just assume we lived in the Bronx." He replied.

Callie walked to his bed and held onto the rails. "What do you know about the Bronx?" She asked.

"I don't but Gavin said, as much as I fuss about living here now, I should be thankful we don't live in the Bronx. No idea where it is, and really don't care."

Callie smiled. Her children had been raised far from New York and really had no clue what life was like in the big city. They had left when Gavin was a baby and really, he didn't know much about New York and the surrounding area any more than Monty.

"It's a nice house, and it's pretty there." She said. To be honest, she wasn't so pleased about living in Long Island any more than her son was. But, she tried to make the best of it. However, Gavin and Arizona had taken quite a liking to living back in the big city for some reason.

Monty said, "Well, I must be missing something." He smiled and sat up. His nike shorts and shirt were wrinkled from sitting for hours on end. Slipping his sandals on his feet, Monty stood and felt a little dizzy.

"You need a wheelchair?" Callie asked, sensing his balance was off just a tad.

"Yea." Monty replied, sitting back down and exhaling slowly. He waited until his mother went and got one of those chairs that "old folks" rode in. That's what Gavin called them and Monty wasn't too fond of wheelchairs either. It wasn't something he was proud of, not being able to walk out on his own but, it was his life now. And, he had to roll with it, however it was.

Minutes later, a nurse...the blonde nurse that he just couldn't help but smile at walked up with the wheelchair and a large smile. "Want a lift?" She asked, jokingly.

"I couldn't say no if I had to," Monty laughed and sat in the black apparatus that took his dignity and his pride away each time he sat in it. A mask adorned his face as he and Callie, along with the nurse walked out to the pickup area. Rocco had been called and within seconds he swung the black suv around to pick up the sick little boy that was very special to him as well. Monty was everyone's kid, if you knew the truth.

"Ready to go bud?" Rocco said, opening the door and holding onto the younger boy's arm to lend some stability to the situation. He was much weaker than we they first arrived in New York and it seemed that maybe the chemo cocktail he received was not helping matters at all. Potent and deadly in itself, Monty's chemo had been increased the past couple of times. This was a difficult cancer and it required tweaking the medicine at times to cure him of this dreaded disease.

Monty nodded. He felt a little queasy now so he didn't comment back to Rocco. It was always about this time he started feeling funny and, he knew what was coming in the few short hours ahead. But, he wasn't afraid. He wasn't dismayed. As children, we were all afraid of something. Nothing has changed since Little Red Riding Hood faced the big bad wolf. What frightens us today is exactly the same sort of thing that frightened us yesterday. It's just a different wolf...

Dismayed means to be struck with fear, dread, or consternation. Have you ever faced a situation in your life when you felt as though the problem you were confronting could literally take you down? Take your hope, your love...your life? The truth is, we shouldn't be dismayed by our fears or even good-byes. Fears won't last forever. They fade away with time. And, a farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends. Life, it is the game that must be played. This truth at least, good friends, we know; so live and laugh nor be dismayed as one by one the phantoms go.

Farewells do happen, they come and they leave us feeling hopeless, desolate and miserable. But, the empty cloak that is death, it's certain for everyone as we all have an appointed time to die. We all have a time to mourn and to weep the loss of something so precious and so pure. And, we aren't allowed to pick those times when death arrives. These are our challenges, our burdens to bear as part of the human race. But, Fear Not, nor be Dismayed at the appearance that is darkness...Sometimes we must be hurt, in order to grow...

"Sometimes we must be hurt in order to grow,

We must fail in order to know,

We must lose in order to gain,

Some lessons are learned best only through pain.

Sometimes our vision clears

Only after our eyes are washed with tears.

Sometimes we have to be broken,

So we can be tender;

Sick, so we can rest and think better

On things more important than work or fun;

Trip near death, so we can assess how we've run..."

-author unknown

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Quote Credits:

"Fear not, nor be dismayed at the appearance that is darkness, at the disguise that is evil, at the empty cloak that is death, for you have picked these for your challenges. They are stones on which you choose to whet the keen edge of your spirit." — Richard Bach (One)

"Don't be dismayed by good-byes. A farewell is necessary before you can meet again. And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends."-Richard Bach

"Life is the game that must be played, this truth at least, good friends, we know; so live and laugh, nor be dismayed as one by one the phantoms go."- unknown

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The Path To Misery

"There is neither happiness nor misery in the world; there is only the comparison of one state with another, nothing more. He who has felt the deepest grief is best able to experience supreme happiness. We must have felt what it is to die... that we may appreciate the enjoyments of life. " — Alexandre Dumas

"Where are we going?" Monty asked his brunette mother that had a just rolled him onto the front door of their Long Island home.

His hair was now gone. Monty had allowed his siblings to take part in shaving his hair off. And, he decided they should throw a part and celebrate. Why? Because Gavin shaved his off to in solidarity with his younger brother.

Arizona shook her head at the idea of a party and Callie could just literally stop breathing when Monty suggested such a thing. It wasn't a celebration they thought. But, that was Monty Torres. His approach was to take life as it came and just be in the moment.

Placing a cap on his bald head, Callie said, "We are going for a ride. Just you, me, mom, and Gavin." The brunette motioned for Rocco and Luca to come and help her with Monty.

"And we get a black limousine to ride in today?" He asked, looking at Callie suspiciously.

"Well, yea. You will have more room and we are just cruising today. Cruising in style..." She smiled at her son. Arizona and Gavin walked outside and closed the front door. The girls were left with Nanny Martinelli as they took this little excursion. The older woman was such a lifesaver in this whole situation.

Two hours later, they were in New York City...cruising just like Callie had said. "This is the church where your mother and I got married." Callie explained as they passed St. Patricks Cathedral.

Monty and Gavin looked out the window at the tall building that was such a famous landmark in the Big Apple. They had seen pictures of their mothers' wedding day before. They had seen the cathedral in passing once before when they took a brief trip to New York several years back.

Today, it seemed that Callie was after much more than sightseeing. She was trying to take Monty on a tour of her's and Arizona's life before they had kids. Before they moved to Nevada when Gavin was small. She wanted him to see and have some knowledge of his parents roots.

As they drove down the streets, the limo turned after some time and they were in front of Carmine's. "This is where mom and I had our first date." Callie explained. "She was so nervous..."

Arizona laughed. "I was and, your mother was not."

Callie confessed. "I was a little. I didn't think you would like me and want to go out again after that night."

Monty laughed. "Well, I could understand. She was probably blinded by all that gray hair," he said, prodding the self-conscious brunette.

"It's getting dyed tomorrow smarty pants," Callie said.

"Thank God." Gavin smiled. They loved to aggravate Callie any chance they got. It was in fun, she knew it was. She liked it whether she admitted it or not. There really wasn't that much gray at all, only a few strands here and there that was perfectly natural for her age. But, they gave her a hard time anyway.

"Hey...that's my wife you two are making fun of," Arizona said, taking her wife's hand and coming to the brunette's rescue.

"Tell them..." Callie laughed, looking at their sons.

They all laughed and then something caught Monty's eye. He looked out the window and said, "Hey, look at that building. That's a pretty building."

It was pretty and it was very familiar to the brunette. "That's where my old office was. The Torres Group was located in that building for years." Memories, they last a lifetime don't they?

Callie became a little teary eyed as she thought about the times that she and her father went to work at the same office. The years had passed by but, Callie still missed Carlos Torres immensely. Some days she missed him more than others but, it was always a void, an emptiness that sat right on her heart. Looking over at Monty as he assessed the building, Callie thought...How was she going to deal with losing Monty if that happened?

Their little tour of the city lasted a couple of hours more and Rocco stopped for Callie to hop out and get the boys a cupcake from her favorite bakery. Monty couldn't get out and be around people much anymore. Three months into his chemotherapy had taken a toll on the boy's immune system. In fact, Arizona was adamantly against this little excursion but, Callie had the limo cleaned from top to bottom and Monty was still wore a mask although, he didn't have it on right now.

"This is a really good cupcake," Gavin said. His was chocolate chip and it was deliciously satisfying.

"Yes, it is," Arizona agreed. Her's was chocolate and she loved chocolate...although it ran her blood sugar sky high. Unhealthy treats were rare for the blonde doctor, but she would indulge just this one time.

Looking over at Monty, Callie asked, "You don't want yours?"

He made the face that said, it wasn't agreeing with him at all. Arizona reached over and handed her son the pan and it was just in time too. Poor Monty...he couldn't stand smell of cupcakes apparently.

"Put it away..." Callie said to Gavin. If Monty couldn't eat and couldn't stand the smell, then no one in the car would be dragging this out for him. Monty protested. He didn't mind them finishing theirs, he just couldn't handle it himself.

"Nope, if you can't eat...we don't eat." Callie said.

It was one for all and all for one, as Gavin had said days ago. A group effort to support the sickest Torres. They would always be bound by love and loyalty to one another in this family. But, would it continue to stay that way? A path to misery was soon on the horizon and, how would they sustain one another once they walked that dreaded path?

Weeks later, Monty was so sick and, oh so miserable. A pathway to misery is what he was on and today, he felt that he had walked this rocky path all that he possible could. Pain wracked his frail body. Losing quite a few pounds and now with a much paler complexion, the younger boy seemed to be going down hill in a hurry. What had changed? He had been rushed to the emergency room and was screaming at the top of his lungs due to the insurmountable pain he was experiencing.

"Make it stop! Make it stop mommy!" Monty screamed.

Arizona held her son and tears flooded her eyes. Looking at Callie, she saw the brunette was sobbing uncontrollably. At a time like this, she really needed to be there for her wife, but how could she do that when her son was screaming, latching onto her and begging her to make the pain in his leg go away?

"Mommy...please..." Monty screamed. His leg was swollen, more so that ever before. His temperature was up and he was in the most pain Arizona or Callie had ever witnessed. And, for him to call Arizona mommy, she knew it was severe. That didn't happen very often at all, if any these days.

Callie tried to gather her emotions and she embraced her son that was quite literally tearing her wife shirt off of her body. "'s going to be okay," Callie said, trying to soothe her youngest son.

"It hurts! It hurts!" Monty yelled, clawing at Arizona. If anyone could make it stop, Arizona could he thought. She knew everything about medicine. She had never failed him before and she couldn't start now. What a helpless feeling for both mothers and their son at this present time.

When the nurse walked in, Arizona said, "I want morphine in his IV immediately." This had to stop, he had to regain some level of comfort. As a mother, it was heartbreaking. As a doctor, it was still the same feeling. No one wants to see a child suffering. No one. It isn't fair. It's not the way life was supposed to be. The happy days, seemed so far away now. The darkness just seemed to hover over them like a thick cloud.

"Yes, Dr. Robbins," the nurse said. Monty had an order for morphine on this charts and it always seemed to ease the pain somewhat. Three months into the chemo now and it seemed there was no easy fix here for Monty Torres.

Two hours later, Monty lay in room number 502 at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. Callie and Arizona eatched as their son was peacefully resting now that the morphine had taken effect.

Dr. Bolton walked in a while later with Monty's chart and his scan results. The young boy had endured several scans once the morphine was administered and the news was not quite what they nor Dr. Bolton expected.

"Arizona, Callie...the CT scan of the chest had an excellent partial response. There's only minimal disease remaining. I only see one nodule left in the lung. Because of that response, I want to do another round of the same chemotherapy regimen."

"That's good news..." Arizona said, breathing a sigh of relief. And it was good news. Oh but, she had no idea what was going to happen next.

Dr. Bolton continued, "However, the MRI and CT scans show that the chemotherapy treatments aren't working as well as I would like on the femur. Monty's tumor in his leg has increased a little in size. We have two options here in my opinion. One, we can keep the leg and and perform a limb-sparing surgery. You know about that procedure...Taking out the femur and kneecap, replacing it with a titanium rod and new joint. But, keep in mind that limb-sparing surgery patients might need more surgery in the following years, and some might still eventually need an amputation. Or, we can go ahead and amputate Monty's leg, alleviating the problem all together. Both amputation and limb-sparing surgery have pros and cons."

As Dr. Bolton went onto explain he pros and cons of both procedures, and what he felt the right decision was in Monty's case, Arizona knew exactly what she wanted done. She knew beyond a shadow of a doubt. And, while Callie listened closely, hanging on every word that was spoken, she too knew how this case should be handled.

Arizona looked over at Callie as the doctor waited for an answer. Callie turned and glanced at Arizona. Both know exactly what they wanted. Oh, how on earth was this ever going to be solved?

"Cut it off." "Save it."

Both wives spoke at the same time. Only, they both disagreed on the course of treatment for their son. Two opposing sides. Two very different women with views that were no where near comparing at this moment in time or in the coming days ahead. Looking at one another, both wives couldn't fathom why the other had said what she had. A battle of wills was about to take place. Who would be the deciding player in this decision? That...just might surprise you.

"...Live, then, and be happy, beloved children of my heart, and never forget, that until the day God will deign to reveal the future to man, all human wisdom is contained in these two words, 'Wait and Hope." — Alexandre Dumas

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My Soul To Take

"Promise to give me a kiss on my brow when I am dead. -I shall feel it." - Victor Hugo

"Now I lay me down to sleep,

I pray the lord my soul to keep,

If I should die before I wake,

I pray the Lord my soul to take."

Bedtime prayers were a ritual that Carmela had with her children and her daughter in law had also continued in her family. They allow for a little quiet reflection, the older woman had told Arizona years ago. Time to access the day that ended and, what was to come.

"Mommy?" Gabby whispered after they finished their bedtime prayers.

"Yes baby?"

"Where is heaven?"

Sighing, Arizona closed her eyes. Why was this happening to their family? Why was death all around them, covering them with a heavy cloak that she wished away, yet it just would not leave.

"It's a place you cannot see. But, if I were guessing, I'd say heaven was straight ahead. Maybe somewhere past the moon and the stars."

Gabby nodded. She'd heard Callie mention the word earlier and apparently it was on the little girl's mind. Death is one of the hardest subjects to broach with young children, especially when you're struggling to deal with your own sorrow. But death is also an inescapable part of life, and children want to understand it and find ways to grieve. You might not believe it but, preschoolers are aware of death from early on. They hear about it in fairy tales, see it on television, and even encounter it with the death of a pet for family member. However, there are aspects of death that kids this age still can't understand. And that was Gabby tonight as she in her bed, she just didn't fully comprehend the events of the day.

"Why did he have to die?" She asked Arizona. Her bottom lip stuck out and she was quite upset of the loss. She loved him. He was...her's. And, life just wouldn't be the same.

Arizona didn't have an answer to what had just happened a couple of hours ago. So she said, "His body was just tired and it didn't work anymore."

"I will miss him," Gabby said.

"I know baby. Me too." Arizona agreed. Tucking her daughter in, Arizona kissed her on the forehead and left Gabby's bedroom door cracked just a little. She would likely be up in a few hours. It wasn't a good night for anyone to sleep tonight. Sleep, it just would not visit the Torres house on Long Island this evening.

Walking downstairs, Arizona grabbed her glass of wine. This was her fourth glass this evening, and surprisingly, her buzz had not yet been achieved. "Maybe I'm turning into an alcoholic," she mumbled. Yet, another sip of the red liquid was tasted on her lips as she drank from the long fluted glass. Anything to drown out the day. The Misery of the situation. Anything at all, she would gladly accept if it made her current situation disappear.

"Don't you think you've had enough to drink?" Callie commented, her tone laced with venom as her wife came to sit in the living room. She and Arizona had been arguing for the past day or so and they were not getting along at all right now.

"What do you care?" Arizona chided.

Gavin walked in and said, "That funeral was rough. I never want to give a eulogy again. I'm all drained."

Callie nodded, staring straight ahead. Arizona sat in her chair, still sipping her wine. It was sad...and Gabby took the loss oh so hard this morning.

Flashback to this morning

"Mama! Come here quick!" Gavin screamed. Which of course made Gabby and Hope run over too.

Running in the living room, Arizona just knew it was Monty. He had been so sick two days ago when he was rushed to the Emergency Room but, had begged to come home for just one night before having to check back into the hospital tomorrow morning. In three days, he would have surgery.

"What's wrong? Where's Monty?" Arizona asked.

"Right here mom. I'm still alive." He said with a smile.

Arizona grabbed her chest and tried to calm her breathing. She just knew something had happened to Monty. She was alone with the kids in the house this morning. Nanny Martinelli was out grocery shopping while Callie was sat outside, alone with her cup of coffee. The brunette was spending time away from her wife that she was so upset with right now. Of all the times they were fighting, it was now. Sickness does take a toll on loved ones though, doesn't it?

"Mom," Gavin said, pointing to the fish tank. "I think that Lucky...isn't so lucky anymore."

Gabby walked up and sure enough, Lucky the Goldfish, big and beautiful, was floating on the top...belly up. Yes, Lucky Torres had died. Passed away from this life, into the next. What a sad occasion this was to be.

Gabby asked. "Why isn't he swimming?"

Arizona looked at Gavin and them back over to Monty. Monty smiled. "Lucky fish..." he chuckled out loud, causing his mom to give him a glare. "Don't look at me like that. At least he doesn't have two parent fighting and not speaking. And at least he doesn't have bone cancer. He is pretty Lucky I think."

Always the truth teller of the family, Monty Torres was accurate in his feelings and perceptions this morning. He was tired of Callie and Arizona on opposing sides of his treatment options. And, no one could blame him for that at all. Couldn't they come to an agreement on this somehow?

"Well, it looks like...Lucky has passed away," Arizona announced.

"He's right there." Gabby said. She didn't see him pass away, he was right in front of her. Just floating...that's all. "He's asleep," Gabby added.

Callie walked into this scene unfolding. Her cup of coffee in her hand, she looked at her wife that she hadn't spoken to since late last night. And that fight, that argument was an argument to top all arguments. The argument of Monty's course of treatment that they felt so differently about.

"Lucky died," Monty whispered to his brunette mother. Arizona looked at Callie with a pleading look. Let's face it, Gabby was Callie's child in all respects. They had a very unique bond. If anyone could explain this to Gabby, it would be Callie.

"Gabriella, I think Lucky has went to heaven," Callie said, bending down at the little blonde that held her heart. Callie sat Gabby down and explained as best she could to the little blonde girl. Hope, as always, was right in there too, soaking up every word her mama was saying to Gabby. No, she didn't understand at all, but she would look over at the gold fish and frown. Something wasn't right.

"Maybe we should have a funeral," Gavin suggested. That would help give Gabby some kind of closure he thought in his young mind. Callie agreed.

"That's a good idea son. Lucky was such a good fish and I think he needs a burial at sea." Callie said, looking over at her wife with a half hearted smile. She loved Arizona so much but, they just didn't see eye to eye right now.

"What do you think mommy? Burial at sea?" Callie asked. Surely they could agree on this, the brunette thought to herself.

"I guess so," Arizona agreed.

And so it was that, the Torres Family gathered around the toilet of the downstairs bathroom in the large two story home on Long Island to pay their deepest respects to a fine member of the family that, had served them well for the past...two weeks. Yes, poor Lucky was only here for two weeks but, in those two weeks, Gabby had grown quite fond of the golf fish that swam in the large tank.

Gavin cleared his throat and Callie nudged him to begin. "Lucky, you gave us endless delight as we watched you swim. You made it look so easy in that big ole tank. Every time we fed you, you swam over and was so excited to eat your food. You name suited you...You were a lucky fish because you had Gabby as your friend..."

Monty cracked up and chuckled loudly. "We're gonna have my funeral next if he don't hurry up. This is taking forever..."

Arizona closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip. She wanted to laugh at Monty's words so badly but, Gabby turned at looked at both her and Monty so Arizona kept it in as best she could. But, this whole situation was funny as it could possibly be right now.

"What kind of family does this for a fish?" Monty whispered to Arizona.

"'s for your sister." She replied, trying hard not to laugh. Callie smiled. She could only imagine what Arizona and Monty were saying while she was holding the piece of cardboard, carrying the deceased fish that was about to meet his watery grave very soon.

" left us to go wherever good fish go to after they die. And, even though I know mama will buy another one tomorrow and you'll be replaced, we'll still remember you Lucky Torres. You were a true blessing from God and a beautiful creature, and we miss you already. Ashes to ashes...flush to flush..."

Monty could no longer hold it in. Laughing so hard and so loud, Callie got tickled and accidentally dropped Lucky a little ahead of time into the toilet. Don't worry, Gavin covered for his mother's mishap and flushed the toilet immediately.

"Bye Lucky," Gabby said as she waved at the whirling water that was carrying her friend of two weeks away permanently.

Arizona helped Monty back to the recliner. "Y'all crack me up," Monty said. "This is really the best family memory I have right here."

Laughing, Callie said, "I hope you have better family memories than that."

Monty shook his head. "Nope. That topped them all right there."

End of Flashback

Monty smiled as they relived the moment earlier in the day. With girls asleep upstairs only he and Gavin were still up and sitting with their mothers downstairs. It was getting close to calling it a day.

Sitting on the sofa, Monty said, "Gabs asked me if fish went to heaven. I told her...sure. I mean, why not? But, flushing him down the toilet and calling it a burial at sea...really mama?"

Callie smiled, and she gave in to laughter that bubbled just beneath the surface. This was the first time she laughed so hard since all of this occurred. A funeral...causing was understandable considering it was a fish that had died. Any other time, laughing would be inappropriate after such an event. However, sometimes laughter can be good for the soul though, can't it?

Arizona knew they had a decision to make by tomorrow. Tomorrow was the deadline to have an answer as to what kind of operation they chose for Monty to have. And, the blonde felt that the small talk happening now in the living room was enough. It was time to get down to business with the brunette that refused to listen to her suggestions.

"Callie, I need to talk to you in private about treatment options," Arizona said to her wife, standing up and placing her glass down on the table beside her.

"There's nothing to discuss. I am making the decision on this." Callie said in a dismissive tone.

"You? You are making this decision? What about me? I have a say so too Callie Torres."

The brunette stood up to face her wife. "Would you chose the same treatment if this were Gavin who was in this situation?" Callie asked Arizona. "Well, would you? Gavin's yours biologically Monty isn't...maybe if he really were your son, you would see it differently."

Neither Callie or Arizona ever questioned parenthood. But, when your whole world if falling apart you just can't think. You can't feel. You can't breath...Callie couldn't breathe. She really couldn't feel at this moment. And, what she just said, it came out of nowhere and she didn't mean it the way it sounded.

Arizona froze when she heard Callie's question and the suggestion she was implying. Would she chose the same course of treatment for Gavin? Of course she would. They were both her children. The four Torres kids all had the same place in her heart. No child was more important than other. The love she felt for them, all of them was infinite. And, when she thought that couldn't feel more pain Callie just broke her heart all over again.

Arizona lit into Callie with a good tongue lashing she was famous for when she took a notion. Her wife's words cut quite deeply. And, she would not sweep them under the rug.

"How could you ask me that? Of course I would chose that for Gavin! Just because I gave birth to him and you gave birth to Monty doesn't have anything to do with my decision, or my feelings. I love all of our children the same. They are all equal in my eyes. And, don't you dare throw up to me that one child is mine and one is yours!"

Callie was about to say something back and Monty interrupted. "Mama..I want an amputation." He said. Monty had kept quiet since this came up. He really didn't want to have his leg removed but, his mom said there was just no way around it.

Callie turned to Monty, stopping him from continuing. "It's not your choice Monty, we make that decision. We know what is best for you..."

"NO YOU DON'T!" Monty yelled at his brunette mother. "It's not your leg, it's mine. I want the pain to stop and it will if they take it. You don't live with this pain. I do! I do!"

Looking over at Arizona, Monty said, "I trust mom's decision."

Gavin looked between his parents and his brother that sat up straighter than he had in days. He was still on high doses of pain medicine and would be returning to the hospital first thing in the morning. He knew it was a tough decision. Gavin wanted to speak up but, he really hated to take sides. However, he did take sides. And, his side just might surprise you.

"I side with mama." Gavin said.

Monty turned to his brother. Really? Had Gavin just said that? He snapped Gavin up quickly. "Well, this is none of your business at all." Monty snapped.

Gavin looked up at Callie and she shook her head. She didn't want Gavin to say anything more to upset Monty. His mind was made up and she would not go against it.

"Callie large growing tumors that are poor responders to chemotherapy are often best managed by amputation," Arizona explained to her wife. "Patients with tumors that infiltrate the skin around the bone are poor candidates for this. You heard Dr. Bolton."

Callie looked and she was not phased by her wife's words or her son's feelings. Screaming at her wife the brunette said, "He won't be able to play sports after this! He won't be able to run Arizona! Monty, your entire leg will be gone. Do you realize that son? Are you thinking of all the things you won't be able to do anymore because of your leg being taken?"

Any patient who must decide between amputation and limb salvage must understand everything involved with both options. A consultation with a prosthetist is invaluable in understanding life with amputation. They can usually show the patient and their family an example of the prosthesis they would have, and videos showing the activities that the patient could perform.

"Callie, you saw the videos...we all watched them. Kids get along well after amputation." Arizona said.

Dr. Bolton had shown the couple and Monty the results of both procedures. They were made very aware of the difficult decision that was now to be determined in less than twenty-four hours. Amputees still have a good quality of life. However, limb sparing surgery candidates do too. It really was a tough choice.

There are however, lots of considerations in deciding between limb salvage and amputations. There is the emotional aspect. Amputations can be both emotionally and physically devastating to patients, especially children. There is the technical aspect. Unlike limb salvage, amputations tend to be technically less complicated operations for the surgeon, resulting in few complications. The ongoing surgery aspect is something to consider as well. Patients with amputations usually need no further surgery, while limb salvage patients may need multiple surgeries throughout their lives to fix problems that occur with the initial reconstruction.

As for returning to functionality after either procedure, amputation patients often have a faster return to function and may even have better function than limb salvage patients. Considering that artificial limbs have been improved in appearance and function, many have a more natural appearing material to make them look more like a normal limb. Patients with above-the-knee amputations can function very well. Although they often have a minimal limp and can play many sports, they do tend not to function as well as below-the-knee patients because of the need for an artificial knee joint as part of the prosthesis.

Now, don't misunderstand, limb salvaging surgery works well for many patients. And, in Monty's case, it was worth a shot...wasn't it? Callie certainly thought so.

"Amputation patients in general require more energy to walk compared to limb salvage patients," Callie stated. "After surgery, you can go to physical therapy for gait training, knee range of motion, and muscle strengthening," the brunette added looking over to Monty. She had done her homework too. Callie had studied up on this.

"Keeping your leg is the best option. No wheelchairs, crutches, no prosthetic leg. Once all the surgeries are finished, you'll have a better quality of life Monty. Just trust me." Callie said.

But, Monty Torres refused. "I want my cancer to go away. I am having an amputation and that's final." Monty said, looking at his mothers.

"I want me and mom to make this decision." The younger boy said.

Sure, either parent could override their son at any time. But, didn't Monty have a say in this too? This one decision was life altering and would forever be something Monty would have to live with. And, he was tired of the pain and really wasn't looking forward to more surgeries in the future. Think about it, when children make educated decisions, even as young as nine, helping make their own decisions allows them to deal with things a little better. So if they're involved in the process to have an amputation or limb sparing surgery, then they deal with it better than if it's, you know, forced on them.

"My worry is, he won't get clear margins Callie. He could not get it all and the cancer will return. And then, he will just have to take the leg anyway." Arizona was right, that could very well be the case. There was no one hundred percent guarantee on either surgery in reality.

"Many parents do select the option you want. However, I think as doctors we don't want to expand the indications too much because one of the things we're noticing is the kids who have an amputation are done. They're done with their cancer, they can get back to their activities, they can go skiing, they can jump out of a plane, they can jump on a trampoline, they can do anything they want. Kids with these expandable prostheses really can't do anything. They can't run. They can't play basketball, they can't go downhill skiing, they can't go waterskiing. Really their main activities are tennis and golf because you don't want to put wear and tear on the prosthesis, you don't want to put wear and tear on the prosthesis-bone junction because you know they're going to get another prosthesis later in their lives and you want this one to last as long as possible." Arizona's explanation and argument did make sense. It was tough to argue with that version of the story wasn't it?

"Look Callie, the longer I'm in practice, what I'm beginning to question if are we helping kids as much as we think we are by saving their limbs at young ages, when I almost feel like we may be robbing them a little bit of their youth because they can't do all the activities they want."

Callie looked at her wife. Monty did trust Arizona and deep down, so did Callie. To be honest, the brunette was just so afraid for Monty to lose his independence. She didn't want him to be disabled for the rest of his life. But, to be honest...neither did Arizona. Either way, his life was changing. Either way, Monty would no longer be the "old Monty." And that fact was tough for both parents. The only person that seemed calm about it, other than screaming at his brunette mother, was Monty. He wanted this. He could handle this. It really was a hard predicament to be involved in. Too many factors that could go wrong and no crystal ball to shed any insight into their son's future.

No, Callie wasn't medically intuitive like Arizona and Dr. Bolton. The orthopedic surgeon has suggested and preferred amputation in this case. Limb sparing surgery was his speciality and he had helped thousands of children over the past few years. But, this was a special case, it wasn't like all the others exactly. However, the older doctor left the final decision in the parents' hands. Two parents that unfortunately were on opposing sides...Until now...

Callie nodded her head while she looked at her wife. A wife that was now holding back tears by the words she had just said to her moments ago. This wasn't how it was supposed to be. This wasn't support. This, was tearing each other apart and it had gone on long enough. Callie thought, maybe Arizona knew better than her. She certainly seemed sure of herself and even had Monty agreeing with her. So, the brunette decided to end this argument.

The brunette finally said, "I trust mom too..."

It was a simple request of forgiveness on Callie's part by saying that. She did trust Arizona. She was just scared. And when you are scared, things don't always come out quite like you mean for them to. For the child's sake, its best to forgive and forget, if you can.

Arizona offered a lop sided smile at her wife. She knew Callie oh so well. She knew Callie didn't mean to hurt her, although she did. Having been around situations like these before with children and their parents, Arizona had saw a lot in her years of practice. This wasn't the first time that the blonde doctor had seen parents argue and fuss over treatment options. However, one parent always had to give in. There was only one decision that could be made. It's easy to get stuck in the anxiety, fear, sadness of having to deal with cancer. Often, parents get angry with one another when, especially if they have a difference of opinion.

This was Callie's first time dealing with a child this sick and for the life of her, she felt that she was failing miserably at handling it all. And now, she had gone and hurt her wife in the process and that was really the last thing she wanted to do.

"Thank you for trusting me," Arizona said to her wife. Callie nodded, looking down to the floor. Why was everything between them so damn hard lately?

Monty smiled. "Well, now that it's all settled and over with, would anyone like to get me some Zofran for my nausea? Chemo is a bitch." He was a man that would cut to the chase, get to the heart of the matter quickly, much like Callie. And right now, the matter was, he felt sick and needed some medicine asap.

Arizona nodded. "Don't say bitch and yes, I'll be happy to get it."

Gavin decided to apologize to his brother. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt your feelings," Gavin stated. He meant it. Having heard both mothers' sides, the older brother just thought it did make more sense as to what Callie was saying. He wouldn't want to lose his leg.

"It's alright. You're just being an ass." Monty smiled.

"Monty..." Callie said in a warning tone.

"Hey, I may not even make it, I should be able to call Gavin an ass all I want."

Arizona walked in and handed her son his water and his medicine. "No you can't. Because, you are going to make it. This surgery will solve the problem. You will have more chemo and then, if the one nodule left on your lung isn't gone, they will surgically take it out and, we will put this behind us and move forward. This will work Monty. You just gotta have faith. And, when it does, I better not hear any more curse words out of your mouth."

She had his number. The blonde was to be feared when she was stern. "Yes ma'am." Monty sighed. Cursing was a habit he would have to break. Oh, that might be harder than cancer, he thought.

Several hours later, Arizona headed to bed. Callie had gone on ahead of her tonight. It was unusual but, this whole situation lately was unusual. They were really like two ships that passed in the night at times. Never taking the time to see about their relationship, their feelings or happens in situations like these where parents focus on the sick child and not themselves. It's perfectly natural and understandable. But, it can also be a wedge that will slowly divide a very solid marriage, breaking a couple apart piece by piece.

Laying down in the bed, Arizona pulled the covers around her body, her back was turned to her wife's back. Monty would require some assistance in a few hours to get up and use the restroom. There was no doubt that with all the stress, the months of worry and heartache, tending to a sick child and three others that were so very active, both wives had seemed to drift in to a pattern of very little intimacy.

Arizona turned over to face her wife. She knew Callie was not asleep. "Hey, you really hurt my feelings earlier." Arizona whispered.

"I know and I'm sorry. I was not even thinking." Callie said, rolling over to meet her wife's gaze.

"I'm sorry too," the blonde replied. In a second, before she even thought about it, Arizona gave her wife a simple kiss on the lips. Callie wrapped her arms around Arizona and drew her in close.

"We are drifting apart. I can feel it and, I don't want that to happen." Callie stated.

Pressing her forehead to Callie's, Arizona agreed. "Me either. I don't like us to be this way Callie. But, I really need your support on this. We have to stick together because it won't be easy for him to rehabilitate after an amputation. He will have to learn to walk again. And we have to stand together and help our son."

"I will. I'll stick by your decision. I promise." Callie replied.

A kiss, just one, led to another, and then yet another. Pushing Arizona's silk down over her head, Callie took in her wife's slender frame. A body she was so familiar with and had been neglected for the past few months since this all started.

As Callie's shirt was thrown at the end of the bed, the brunette rolled on top of her wife and begin administering much needed attention to her wife's neck and clavicle as her hands wondered down the blonde's body.

"Let's not go this long without sex again," Callie whispered. Moving down to perky white breasts what desired to be touched, Callie moved her lips over her wife's erect nipples, and one by one, taking each into her warm mouth.

"Mmm, okay," Arizona moaned. Her head thrown back and her eyes closed, the blonde was relishing the feeling her wife was giving to her.

My Soul To Take...It wasn't just a child's prayer at a bedtime ritual, Arizona thought. Tonight, her soul, her heart, her was up for the taking. It was given freely to her wife as she moaned out her heart's desires. As for Callie's interpretation of the simple prayer, she too felt the exact same way.

"And then my soul saw you and it kind of went, "Oh there you are. I've been looking for you." —unknown

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UP Next: "Brave New World"

Yes...The fish fiasco was my take on the Cosby Show years ago.

Chapter Text

Brave New World

"In 6500 BC, some guy looked at his friend and said, let's drill a hole in your head... that will make you feel better. And thus surgery was born. It takes a certain brand of crazy to think of drilling into someone's skull, but surgeons have always been a confident bunch. We don't always know what we're doing, but we act like we do. We walk into a country, plant a flag and start ordering people around. It's invigorating and terrifying...We like to think we're fearless, eager to explore unknown lands and soak up new experiences, but the fact is, we're always terrified..."

It was all decided. Agreements were made. Promises kept. Two days had come and gone and, today was "the day." Surgery Day. There are many reasons to have surgery. Some operations can relieve or prevent pain. Others can reduce a symptom of a problem or improve some body function. Some surgeries are done just to find a problem.

Today's surgery had two objectives. One, get rid of the cancer and two, get rid of the pain. That was the goal. Monty was fearless today. Strong, determined, and brave described this little boy with the contagious smile. He had to be brave because he was about to enter a brand new world, something he had never known before. But fearless? That might be overstating it just a tad.

As Dr. Bolton stepped away from Monty's bed, he smiled. "I'll see you in the operating room, Mr. Torres."

It was an instant reaction. A quick, precise decision. A scream that filled not only Monty's room but the hallway outside. "Wait! Save it!" Monty yelled to Dr. Bolton.

Callie looked at her wife. Arizona stood stone cold...trying to comprehend what had just happened. Barbra and Eddie were there. Gavin was there. Even Monty's aunt Aria had come for this surgery today. Everyone sitting in Monty's hospital room, were shocked by his words.

The blonde mother shook her head. "Monty, we've talked about this..." Arizona said.

"NO! I don't want them to take it. I changed my mind. I want my leg. Please let me keep my leg." Tears flooded his brown eyes and he was most persistent in his pleas this morning at six-thirty. "It's America. I have a right. And, I want my leg and they can't take it from me if I say no."

What an interesting turn of events this morning. It was all settled. All finalized...yet, Monty had changed his mind. He was brave and had been through more than most children his age and, still had quite a ways to go yet. But, he wasn't quite as fearless as he thought. It's perfectly understandable. It's natural. That my life. We don't always know what we're doing. But, we act like we do. Deep down, maybe Monty Torres was more terrified of the outcome of amputation that anyone really thought, even him.

Callie remained quiet. Silence from the brunette was unusual for her character, considering she had always been dominant and outspoken over the years. However, she had promised to support Arizona. But, damn this was hard not to jump in as her son pleaded with his mother. How long could Callie remain silent? Not long at all.

Just when she felt she couldn't keep quiet any longer, Callie started to speak. "Arizona..."

Silencing the brunette with her hand, Arizona leaned across Monty's bed and took his hands into her own. Holding her son close, Arizona said, "Are you sure this is what you want to do? You understand that this will mean future surgeries right?"

Monty replied. "Yes. I know. I really want to keep it Mom."

Arizona held some reservations on allowing this to happen. What if the cancer came back? What if they didn't get clean margins? You know, if you think about it, "What" and "If" are two that are non-threatening as words can be. But, put them side-by-side and they have the power to haunt you the rest of your life. What if? What if?

Looking over at Dr. Bolton who stood curiously by the door, the blonde mother thought, to hell with "what if". She would trust her son's judgement this morning because, it was his life, he had to live with this decision, not her. So, Arizona said, "You heard him Dr. Bolton. Keep the leg."

It was unrehearsed. Unscripted...unexpected even. Yet, it was his heart, his truest was his damn leg for God sakes. And if he wanted to keep it, then that's exactly what his parents would agree to do. Children should have some say so and input into their lives too, you know.

An hour passed. And all the family had to do was wait. Waiting In hospitals is quite boring isn't it? Today, the Torres family had their own room, off to the side. It was quiet as the family chatted over this and that, nothing in particular at all. Barbara informed Arizona that she and Eddie wanted to take the girls for the weekend. A trip to explore the New York State countryside was on her agenda. Looking at Eddie, Arizona offered a half hearted smile and a head nod. She just didn't like him, there was no way around it. He wasn't Daniel Robbins and he would never be, despite her children calling him Pop.

"I'm going to go and get some coffee. You want some?" Callie asked her wife.

"Coffee would be great," Arizona said.

Minutes later the brunette walked through the downstairs lobby, and she heard one of the Catholic priests speaking to a couple over to the side. She watched as they talked and the kind priest nodded then offered a quiet prayer with the family. She hadn't spoken to a priest since her mother died. And then, she really didn't say a lot to Father O'Brien who had officiated the service. But, the more she stared at the scene before her, the more she thought about how liberating it would feel to...confess. And, without any further thought, she walked out the front door of Sloan Kettering. Callie Torres decided to do something that she hadn't done in years...She would go to confession.

While Arizona sat with the rest of their family, she looked at her watch and wondered where her wife was. Callie had been gone forty-five minutes, and she had yet to return. It wasn't the coffee she was worried about, her wife's disappearance was concerning to the blonde doctor. They hadn't talked much since the surgery started and, Arizona began to wonder if Callie was upset by Monty's change of heart. But, it was Callie's original feelings that their son had chosen. It was what she wanted so that could not be a reason for her continued absence. Where was Callie, Arizona wondered?

One block over from the hospital was a The Church of Saint Catherine. Callie had walked over and entered the front entrance without being noticed. Only a couple of people were in the tall building as she stepped inside. Callie entered the confessional, making the sign of the cross and then she started by saying something she knew by heart when she was much younger. "Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. My last Confession was...Oh I don't remember when really. Maybe when I was fifteen? I'm a lot older than that now. I mean you don't really need a day or year do you?" Bubbling through this with so much nervousness, the brunette waited for an answer.

"It's fine, my child. You may go on with your confession," Father O'Brien replied.

Callie took a deep breath. She could do this. She needed to do this. This...wasn't that hard. "I um..." the brunette said, clearing her throat to begin confessing. "I...betrayed my wife."

The priest listened and said, "Go on my child."

"I betrayed myself." Callie stated. Taking a long pause, she continued in a very shaky voice. "I killed men. And, ordered men to be killed."

Father O'Brien took a deep breath, looking straight ahead as he heard the voice on the other side of the confession box. He knew that voice. He knew exactly who this person was. He had been at St. Patricks Cathedral for years and just moved here only a few months prior. Although they hadn't spoke in quite some time, Callie had a unique and distinct voice that was descriptive and very familiar.

Carmela Torres was one of Father O'Brien's most faithful constituents over the years. But, her daughter had never been as faithful as she was to attend mass. This man was the priest that presided over Carmela's funeral. He was the priest that, had baptized all the Torres children and most of the grandchildren. He was the one that, married the woman that sat on the other side of the wall from him right now. Father O'Brien had known the Torres Family for years and he knew their sins oh so well. So when that strong, confident voice spoke, he knew exactly who that was. And, when she told her sins...he was not surprised at all.

"Go on my child." The Father encouraged.

"'s useless," Callie sighed. She had too many and they were just too great.

"Go on my child," Father O'Brien said in a determined voice. He knew she needed to confess. And, yes...he truly could handle hearing everything she had to say today.

"I killed...I ordered the death of my brother-in-law." Callie said. "He injured me in ways I just couldn't get over. He tried to kill me and my wife and...I took his life."

The priest waited for a moment as he heard the brunette crying. Then Callie said through her constant sobs, "I cannot be forgiven."

Was that true? Could she not be forgiven? No sin is so serious that the Church cannot forgive it. There is no one so wicked who cannot hope for forgiveness if his repentance is honest. It was what she was taught from a child. But, she didn't really believe it. Why now though? Why confess now? Because, she needed a miracle today and it's what her mother would have done. If Carmela Torres had been alive, she would have been here at mass and participated in confession.

Hearing Callie's cries, Father O'Brien gave an honest assessment. "Your sins are terrible." He stated. "And, it is just that you suffer." Such a powerful summation for an evil person's life. She may have been lovable at times, she may have been likable to those she met, she may be considered reformed in the eyes of many but, Callie Torres was a murderer. Plain and simple.

Callie cried. She still couldn't come to terms with some of what she had done in her lifetime. She may have even regretted it but, it the brunette felt it was too late now.

The priest continued. "Your life could be redeemed, and I know that you don't believe that, but it will be."

As the brunette cried, she softly said, "For these and all the sins that I have committed during my life, I am deeply sorry."

Father O'Brien spoke and while he did, Callie closed her eyes. She was sorry. Listening to the words of absolution, the sacramental forgiveness of the Church through the ordained priest, Callie made the sign of the cross.

"Give thanks to the Lord for He is good,"Father O'Brien said.

And, Callie answered, "For His mercy endures forever."

She needed mercy today. She needed grace today. She needed a Never again would Callie Torres darken the doors of a Catholic church to give confession. It wasn't who she was. But today, just today...she bent the rules. She went against her nature and offered a part of her heart that was shut off for so many years.

Twenty minutes later, Callie walked in the waiting room to a very concerned wife. Looking at her watch, Arizona asked, "Callie, where have you been?"

She didn't really want to share with anyone what she had just done. It was, personal. Private. And, she knew that Arizona would have some concerns. Confession in her former line of work was never a good idea. Dismissing her wife's questions, she said, "Long line at the coffee counter." Well, there was sin number one Callie Torres had just committed after confession, the sin of lying. But, we're not going to keep count are we? No, not at all. Let's be real, we don't want our sins to be found out anymore than her.

Arizona didn't buy her wife's story for a minute as Callie made some elaborate tale up about a woman that couldn't count the correct change and held up the coffee line for what seemed like forever. The blonde was smarter than that. Arizona knew Callie would tell her when she got ready to confess. Oh the irony of Arizona's thoughts, if you think about it.

Dr. Bolton walked in a few minutes later with a smile on his face. Pulling his scrub cap off, he said, "I got clean margins. All negative. The titanium rod is in place and Monty now has a new knee. I didn't think it could be done but, I'm glad we went ahead with this procedure. It was a success."

Arizona grabbed her wife and hugged her. So thankful, Callie cried as she held Arizona in a tight embrace. Miracles do happen. They exist. Someone was looking out for Monty Torres today. Callie looked up...she just knew that her parents were watching over her son this morning and, she smiled.

"He's in recovery but, you can see him maybe thirty minutes from now. Someone will come and take you back soon." Dr. Bolton said. Arizona thanked her colleague and Callie gave the older man a hug. Grateful didn't begin to describe these mothers' today.

Two hours later, Monty was lying in room number 502 of Sloan Kettering Cancer Center with his whole family surrounding him. "Did they get it?" Monty asked Arizona. He was now much more alert and awake.

Rubbing her son's bald head, the blonde mother answered, "Yes. The cancer is gone and you still have your leg."

Monty smiled. That was the best news he'd ever received. Well, that and the hover board he got for Christmas the other year, he thought. The younger boy looked over at Callie. "Did you guys stay in my room while I was in surgery?"

Callie replied, "No. We went to the waiting room on the second floor. It had no television and very straight chairs."

"I bet that was boring," Monty said, raising the covers to look at his leg. It was still there. And, he couldn't help but smile.

Gavin chimed in, "Mama wouldn't know. She was gone most of the time."

Arizona looked over at Callie. Where had the brunette gone earlier? Curiosity was brewing at the surface and she couldn't help but ask. "Where did you go? And, don't tell me it was to get coffee."

Callie smiled at her wife, she wouldn't lie any longer. She didn't know if Arizona would understand but, she would just tell her the truth. It wasn't something to be ashamed of, although she wouldn't do it again. "Confession." Callie answered.

Monty was awake then. Seriously? His mom went to church? That the hell was happening to this family? Arizona's eyes bugged out and she was yet again in a state of shock.

"You what?" She asked Callie for clarification. Some things didn't need to be breathed, the blonde thought. Was confession such a good idea?

"Confession. You know...tell the priest your sins and..."

Gavin interrupted. " don't have to confess to anyone. It's not anyone's business what..."

Arizona stilled Gavin's hands that were flying up in the air. He was baffled by this confession thing. Callie Torres had no need for confession. If she did anything wrong at all, he didn't see it and certainly would never believe it. And, so what if she did. She was Callie Torres...she could do whatever the hell she pleased. That was Gavin's opinion. Was he a full blooded Torres, or what?

"I wanted to Gavin. It's all fine." Callie nodded.

Monty smiled. His mother in confession this morning...that was funny. "Nonna used to drag me to church," Monty said, reminiscing the beloved grandmother they all missed so much.

"I remember," Callie laughed. "You'd be kicking and screaming, even bribing Rocco to keep you from going to mass." They all laughed. Memories, they still had their memories of Carmela Torres didn't they?

Looking at this family from the outside today, it appeared several members of the Torres family were fearless today. Monty had decided to be brave and keep his leg. Callie took confession for the first time in years, and pushed through her nervousness. And, Arizona was afraid to trust her son's judgement on this limb sparing surgery but, she did. And she was glad she did because, it had worked.

Monty reached for Callie's hand to get her attention. He had an announcement to make that would surprise them both, especially his older brother. It was something the younger Torres had thought about for the past few days, and he couldn't hold it in any long.

"I decided that, after going through all of this...I want to help kids like me. I want to be a doctor like mom."

Callie furrowed her brow. Monty couldn't stand the thought of needles. Feeling of his head, she check to see if he was feverish. No, he was not. "That's a lot of studying and years of college..." Callie said. She just didn't see this happening for Monty. Oh, but little did she know.

"I'll be a doctor. I can do it. And, I'll even be the valedictorian of my class." The younger Torres stated proudly.

Strong words from Monty Torres this day. Prophetic words that he spoke and, he would be sure they came to pass. This had been a new experience for the younger boy with the contagious smile. And, it had left an impression on him in more ways that his parents would ever imagine.

Arizona turned to Gavin and then back to her youngest son. She couldn't believe it. Was he still high from the drugs they had given him? The blonde mother said, "You hate needles. And blood and puke. You don't like my office or hospitals..."

Monty smiled. "Yea but, I want to help others that are scared. And, I can do that because...I've already been through cancer and...even though I still have this in my lung...I know I'm gonna win."

Callie smiled, a lone tear sliding down her cheek. He was in the clear, expect for the one nodule on his lung. And, if you are too would disappear in a few short months as the next round of chemo would wipe the remaining traces of cancer from his frail body. He was right...he was a survivor. He would win...his graduation day from chemo treatments was coming several months from now. He still had a ways to go and there would certainly be some dark days ahead but, Monty Torres would be victorious in his battle against osteosarcoma. Because, he was brave.

A brave new world? Unknown lands and new experiences to be had? Maybe. It's really the same world though. The same people are still in it. The same diseases are still present. Yes...our world with it's sicknesses can be terrifying and scary at times but, you have to be brave. "Bravery is an island in an ocean of fear. To be brave, is not to be fearless. Instead it is to be fearful yet remain unmoved by that fear."

His fear of hospitals and needles, of blood and bodily fluids, they were real. They were valid. It hadn't completely diminished. But, Monty would overcome those phobias. He would make a difference and change lives. He would help those that couldn't help themselves. And he would do it not by being fearless...but by being Brave.

"I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear."
— Nelson Mandela

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"Bravery is an island in an ocean of fear. To be brave, is not to be fearless. Instead it is to be fearful yet remain unmoved by that fear."-Teal Swan

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"The Me I See"

"A person who truly loves you is someone who sees the pain in your eyes while everyone else believes in the smile on your face."

A week later...

Monty winced as the cpm machine worked his knee causing it to slowly achieve a better range of motion. Painful is what it was but, it was necessary. He could get up now, but used crutches and required supervision at all time while moving around. However, he still had his leg and his independence.

Callie and Arizona had been taking turns staying with their son at the hospital since his surgery. He was recovering slowly and both mothers devoted much of their attention to the young boy. Today, it was Arizona that sat with her son. And as she did, she showered him with much attention. Which was just the way he liked it to be. Growing up a Torres, it wasn't a bad life at all.

Callie stayed at home today, catching up on some business emails and phone calls that she had neglected over the past week. Nanny Martinelli was cleaning the two story house while Callie worked in her office. As the older woman entered the brunette's study, she broke Callie's concentration for the rest of the day.

"I can see a difference in Arizona." The nanny stated as she dusted the credenza.

"I'm sorry. What?" Callie asked. Looking back, she waited for the nanny to explain.

"I don't know what it is but, something's not right with Arizona. She seems different to me. Distant maybe. More quiet...there's something about her..." Mrs Martinelli had grown to love both Callie and Arizona as well as their four children dearly. And, when you see the same people day after day, you notice when something is off. It's the little things you see. The nanny could not help it, she saw it...something was not right in this home. And, it was the blonde wife. That's what she thought.

Callie said, "Arizona is just tired. We all are. She'll get back to herself when Monty is home in a couple of days."

Mrs. Martinelli did not agree with that assessment but, she didn't overstep her boundaries. This wasn't her business, it was between the wives.

Callie kept working but, she could not shake what Mrs. Martinelli said as the day passed. And then, finally she had endured enough of her thoughts. Pushing her desk chair back, Callie folded her laptop and walked out of her office. She and Arizona had not had much alone time since Monty's surgery. Not much intimacy had been shared. In fact, they hadn't had sex since the night they were all arguing a week ago.

Maybe Arizona was still upset with Callie after what she had said about Monty not really being her son. That was a horrible thing that was said to her. No doubt it broke her heart. But, they had moved past that, hadn't they?

The blonde doctor was very close to Monty and she was always adamant to stay close by his side through all of this. Sure, she and Callie took turns so neither would be worn out but, it seemed maybe Arizona was carrying more of that burden that Callie. The more Callie thought about it the more concerned she became.

"Mrs. Martinelli?" Callie said, walking into the kitchen where the older woman was scrubbing a pan in the large sink.


"Would you do me a favor tonight and stay with Monty at the hospital. He only has two more nights to stay there if all goes well but, I really think maybe I need to take Arizona out for a date night tonight."

The older woman smiled. "Absolutely Callie. I would be happy to."

The little Torres girls were on a trip with Barbara and Eddie. And, they were loving every minute of it too. Gabby had called to tell Callie that she had seen some pretty flowers and picked her some to bring home. They would most likely be dead, but don't worry, Callie would make over those flowers as if they smelled anew.

Hope was not as happy to be away from her mommies, especially Arizona. However, Barbara said she wasn't crying and seemed to be doing okay. They would be back home in a couple of days and to be honest, Hope Torres could not wait.

Several hours later, Callie walked down the hall, headed to Monty's room. The drive over to Sloan Kettering had given her even more time for reflection. She knew that Kylee Stewart and her mother were scheduled to arrive today to see Monty and she intended to be there for that visit this evening, make no mistake about that. Callie didn't like those Stewarts whatsoever.

Walking down the hall, the brunette spoke to several nurses in passing. "He's getting stronger every day," Nurse Amanda said to Monty's mother.

"Good news. That's all we are getting is good news and I'm grateful," Callie said with a bright smile. Things were certainly looking up for Monty Torres. But, were they looking up for Callie?

Rounding the corner, Callie paused her steps. Her wife was in view but, she wasn't alone this evening. Arizona stood outside Monty's hospital room talking to a woman wearing a long white coat. A doctor is what the blonde woman appeared to be. But, they weren't really talking, it was more like...laughing. Smiling...And the eye contact that, certainly prompted Callie's attention. You know, eye contact is a dangerous, dangerous thing. But lovely. Oh, so lovely, isn't it? Provided it's with the right person that is. Namely...your wife. Oh Arizona...smh.

Her heart beat a little faster as she watched the two embrace in a hug and then the blonde doctor walked away from Arizona, but kept looking back and smiling as she walked toward the elevator. Arizona held the look that concerned Callie almost as much as the hug itself.

No one was allowed to touch her wife. She was hers and hers only. Callie stared as the whole scene unfolded before her. What was happening exactly? Furrowed brows and dark brown eyes were stormy as she looked at the blonde that had shared her bed every night for years now.

Turning back toward the hallway across from Monty's room, blue eyes locked onto brown. Arizona sighed and closed her eyes. It was written all over Callie's face. She saw that hug apparently. That embrace was short but, obviously packed quite a punch for the furious Italian that was now walking in her direction. The hurt...the anger...the embarrassment...the betrayal...she could see it all in Callie's eyes. You can see the pain in someone's eyes when you truly love them. Even while everyone else believes the smile on their face, you know what really lies underneath.

Callie tried to gather her thoughts as she crossed the hall and stormed over to her wife. What was there to say? Who was Oh, don't worry...Callie Torres was about to find that out for herself.

Yanking Arizona into the next room, Callie showed no mercy whatsoever as she pushed her wife against the wall. "Who the fuck was that?" She asked, with fire in her voice and pain in her eyes that she just couldn't hide. Callie knew the woman looked familiar, but she couldn't quite place her.

"Lauren Boswell." Arizona replied.

She knew that look in Callie's eyes. Knowing the brunette as she did, Arizona knew that Callie was going to become insanely difficult to reason with, especially after what she had just saw.

Registering the name immediately...Callie was livid. Dr. Boswell had been Daniel's doctor years ago, remember? Al Neri had accompanied the blonde wife to visit her ailing father in the hospital and he had told Callie about this, Lauren Boswell. He even showed her a picture and yes, it was her. He made up quite an elaborate tale about the two blonde doctor's that wasn't true at all. Remember that jealous fight way back when? It wasn't pretty.

"That wasn't what it looked like," Arizona explained, breaking the silence that filled the empty room next to Monty's.

"Oh, what was it then?" Callie asked as she leaned against the wall, pressing closer to her wife's body. "Because what I saw was not only a hug, but a look. You care to explain that look too?"

Arizona took a deep breath. So far, her wife was unusually calm and that, was a very dangerous thing. More dangerous than eye contact with Lauren Boswell of you knew the truth. Callie was known to snap, but it was always much worse when she remained calm. Strange but, a very true fact.

"She was just dropping by to say hello and..."

"How did she know you were here? Does she work here?" Callie asked, not allowing her wife any time to explain further.

"She does. I've..."

A nurse walked into the room, interrupting the conversation between the two wives. "Excuse me. Dr. Robbins, Monty called the nurses station looking for you."

Arizona moved away from her wife to follow the nurse and Callie grabbed the blonde's arm. "You are not going anywhere." She said, forcing her wife to take a step back.

"Callie you are hurting me," Arizona said, trying to get out of the death grip hold that the brunette had on her arm.

"You're fine. Just wait here and I will go check on Monty. And I mean it, you better not move." Callie's voice was calm but stern. She meant what she said and, if you were would listen.

A couple of minutes passed and Arizona sat in the chair waiting for her very angry wife to return. "This is stupid waiting on her like this," Arizona mumbled as she stood and walked to the door. Opening it back, the blonde was met with a very annoyed Italian.

"Didn't I tell you to stay put?" Callie said through gritted teeth.

"I'm not a child and you won't speak to me that way." Arizona retorted.

Callie closed the door and invaded her wife's personal space. Intimidation was something Callie Torres was very good at. "Answer my question now. How did she know you were here?"

Secrets. They are best kept hidden sometimes. Sheltered and safe. Nurturing them so that they remain only yours and no one else's. Secrets are something that is kept or meant to be kept unknown or unseen by others. Arizona had kept this little secret so secret that even Callie hadn't noticed.

Now, being honest with your spouse does not necessarily mean you must share every single thought, dream, fear, or fantasy with this person. You have the right to privacy in any relationship, including in marriage or your family. You even have the right to spend some time alone and with only yourself if you chose to. However, there are boundaries that you cannot cross. Places that, you cannot go. Things you, cannot do. And people that you, cannot associate with. Why? Because it's just not healthy. But, had any boundaries been crossed?

"She knew I was here because...I told her." Arizona confessed.

Callie furrowed her brow once again. "How did you...when did you..."

Trying to make sense of this the brunette was stumped. But, Arizona's enlightenment soon made her realize what had been kept from her for a very long time.

"We talk Callie. Since my father died, Lauren and I have been in touch with one another. And, we've become close..."

Secret number one was now out in the open. Ripping the band aid right off and allowing the sore to be exposed is always best. And, that should make it all better. Right? Well, not exactly. You're wondering about secret number two? Yea, Callie Torres could only hand one secret at a time friends. But don't worry, it would come to surface eventually.

"You've been conversing with this woman for right at three years and you haven't told me?" Callie's voice carried into the hallway and yes...the brunette was infuriated.

"Yes." Arizona answered. "But..."

"Have you..." she couldn't ask that question here. If Arizona said she'd had been or still was having an affair and admitted it here, right in this room, Callie knew exactly what she would do to her wife without a split second decision. And, let's face facts...Callie Torres hadn't gotten to her ranking in the mafia by being stupid. She wasn't stupid at all. Those types of situations never would be handled in public. Calming herself down, the brunette asked a question that she hoped had an answer of "no."

"Have you seen her in person before today?"

Arizona answered honestly. "Yes. At a conference in Denver several months ago..."

Callie was on fire and not in a good way. Her mind raced as she stared at her wife. "Is that why you didn't want me to go with you to that conference? Why didn't you tell me you saw her?"

"I knew you would not understand Callie and..."

Callie threw her hands up. "Understand? Understand? You've kept this hidden from me for three years and you are seeing this woman at a conference and God only knows what you were doing there! We don't have secrets in this marriage Arizona!" Oh, but they did...Callie Torres was just to blind to see.

"Let me explain Callie..."

Looking up and down her wife's body, a look of disgust and shame was displayed on the brunette's face. "You're sleeping with her. She's had her hands on you and..."

Grabbing Callie's hand, Arizona said, "Listen to me..."

"No! You are not worth listening to. Who are you Arizona?"

The blonde answered, "I'm still Me..."

Callie shook her head, "I don't think I even know you at all..."

Storming from the empty room, Callie walked into Monty's room and closed the door leaving Arizona alone. Of all the places and times for this secret to be exposed, the blonde thought.

There are many couples who have been married for a long time who have personal secrets that they haven't shared with their spouses. And if you fall into that category then you are not alone probably. It happens. However, you must remember that honesty and trust are vital to the success of a marriage. It's a thin line between what secrets are acceptable and which ones will haunt an individual and hurt a marriage.

Walking to Monty's room door, Arizona saw Kylee and her mother's walking toward her son's room. Oh, this was not a good time at all but, they would get through it. They always did.

"Monty, someone is here to see you," Arizona peeped in and smiled at her son.

"Is it her?" He asked.

The blonde mother opened the door as Kylee ran inside to give Monty a big hug. "It's her." Arizona laughed.

"I think they've missed each other," Kylees mother said as they watched the two kids chatting away like they were the only ones in the room.

"I'm glad you're here." Monty said. He didn't look like himself at all really. His complexion was paler and his face swollen from the chemo and steroids he was ingesting. All part of the treatment but, it made him a little self conscious. "I look different," he said to Kylee.

She smiled, agreeing with her...boyfriend. "You still look good to me," she whispered.

Monty smiled and looked over at Callie, giving his mama a wink. He still had it, that Torres charm hadn't gone anywhere.

Callie smiled but was so very upset. She tried to keep her feelings hidden from everyone in the room and that was damn hard too. But, she did it. The smile they all saw on the outside was just a cover for the anger, the resentment, the hurt...she had just encountered minutes earlier.

They kids talked while the mothers all visited. It was a good visit. However, Arizona didn't look at Callie and Callie didn't look at her either. They kept a mutual distance between them. How had this happened? Why were they so far apart? Callie could not for the life of her figure out. But, she would damn well put a stop to this nonsense just as soon as she got her wife home. This...would all end.

Nanny Martinelli came in maybe about an hour or so after the Stewart's arrived. As soon as she walked in, the older woman felt the icy chill between the wives that she had grown to appreciate and love since being hired in to assist with their children. She looked at Callie and saw a woman with a smile that, had so much pain underneath. And, Mrs. Martinelli didn't understand how to women that only a few months ago were so close, now seemed so very far apart. What had happened?

Another hour passed and Monty had grown tired. This was the most he had talked. Non-stop described the younger Torres' conversation this afternoon. He was literally enthralled that the girl who held his heart and her moms had come to visit him today and they had some more great news.

"We will be back tomorrow and the next day too because, were staying all weekend!" Kylee exclaimed.

"Best weekend of my life!" Monty said. His smile could not have been any bigger or wider than it was right now.

As we all know, everything must come to an end in life. Fun and fellowship has to end eventually. Happiness has to end, eventually. Secrets end...eventually. And yes, according to Kylees mothers, this hospital visit had to end as well.

"I'll be back tomorrow." The young girl said, giving Monty a big smile.

"I'll be here," Monty laughed. He had grown quite attached to room 502.

Goodbyes were said and the kids were both sad to be separated. Callie did not like this little girl or her mother's and when Monty was better and he was well, this...would all end. She was hard. Tough. And, not happy with her son's choices. That little girl wasn't good enough and she never would be. But first, the brunette had another matter to attend to...her wife that has apparently strayed from the family nest. Oh Arizona...smh.

Callie let a few minutes pass purposely so that the Stewarts were long gone. And when she felt the time was right, the brunette opened a dialogue with her wife. Oh but, Callie wasn't crazy at all. She had to be nice in order to get Arizona to leave the hospital this evening. So, she played the part, the good wife bit oh so well.

"I thought that tonight would be a good night for a date. Nanny can stay with Monty tonight while we go out and eat. I made us a reservation at Carmine's." Her voice so purposefully soft and kind, Callie smiled at her wife as she hid her gritted teeth. This little issue with her wife wasn't over, not by a long shot. Don't kid yourself at all folks. It was just about to get started.

Arizona studied Callie for a minute and, the brunette seemed to be okay. You know, strange things happen when Callie Torres seems calm and, okay. Better run for the hills or at least, don't go out alone with her or a member of the Family, if you know what I mean. Sure, you know exactly what I mean, don't you?

Arizona knew better. She knew this woman sitting in front of her was much to put together and calm but, she was hungry. Her sugar was slowly dropping, even when she was trying to explain things to Callie earlier she could tell that, she felt funny. Arizona was tired of these four walls today, she could use a bit of fresh air. She could use a break. And they could talk this out, right? Oh Arizona...smh.

"Okay. Just give me a minute," the blonde wife said as she rose from her seat.

Callie dropped the smile as soon as her wife stood and walked to the bathroom. Arizona left the door cracked, allowing herself to be in the brunette's view. The blonde, she had an agonizing evening ahead of her as her wife started at the slender form that stood in the bathroom looking in the mirror. Narrowing her eyes, Callie thought...well, let's not get in too deep into Callie's thoughts right now. No need to analyze that beautiful mind just yet.

Arizona freshened up her makeup and brushed her hair. Her blouse and dress slacks looked perfectly acceptable to wear and the heels she had on made her ensemble look even dressier for a night out. But, she'd never make it to Carmine's tonight. Oh Arizona...smh.

Glancing at herself in the mirror, Arizona looked closer. And she thought...

"The Me I See, I don't like the Me I see. Not at all. Who is this me? It is a different Me than I've seen before. It is a Me that has endured my wife's ways, my wife's hurtful words over the years, a Me that keeps secrets and has somehow drifted away from Callie over the past few months without even realizing it until right now. This Me...The Me I is a different Me and, I really don't like this Me at all." ain't the only one that doesn't like that "Me" Arizona...smh.

-To be continued...

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Chapter Text

Every Secret Thing

"Everybody has a secret world inside of them. I mean everybody. All of the people in the whole world, I mean everybody — no matter how dull and boring they are on the outside. Inside them they've all got unimaginable, magnificent, wonderful, stupid, amazing worlds... Not just one world. Hundreds of them. Thousands, maybe." -Neil Gaiman

Walking out of the hospital, the couple said very little to one another. Callie had plenty to say but, she would wait until they got alone before she unleashed her wrath on the very disobedient wife. Disobedient? Well, it wasn't exactly being obedient to your marriage vows when you are keeping secrets for three years now was it? They...did not have secrets anymore. Sure, Callie had them over the years but, she had come clean. She had confessed. And, she expected Arizona to abide by the same rules as her.

Callie did feel like this was a very big betrayal in their marriage. And, it was. The sin of omission is still a sin...isn't it? And then, factor in that Callie really thought Arizona and Lauren Boswell were sleeping together. Oh brother...that just was not working in Arizona Robbins-Torres' favor at all tonight.

Breaking the silence in the limousine, Arizona asked, "What time was the reservations at Carmine's for?"

Bless her...there were no reservations anymore. Dinner reservations had been canceled by the brunette as she sat in Monty's hospital room and texted the owner of the restaurant. But, Arizona didn't know that now, did she?

Silence. Callie was good at silence. She offered it well. Played it superbly. They say, "Silence is a girl's loudest cry. You know she's really hurt when she starts ignoring you." Arizona was definitely being ignored right now and she didn't like it at all.

"I asked you a question Callie." Arizona stated in an annoyed tone of voice. Apparently the brunette was still upset and, Arizona knew she should be upset with her because, she had kept a secret from her for three years. But, it wasn't the secret that Callie thought it was. And, every time she tried to explain, she couldn't spit it out or had been interrupted by her wife or a nurse had walked in the room. However, Arizona really didn't want to explain this secret. But why? What was so bad that she felt she had to lie to her wife?

Callie looked out the left window of the limo and she didn't answer. She didn't want to hear Arizona's voice right now. Not her words, not even her breaths were welcomed in this limousine tonight. She was hurt and she had a right to be in all honesty.

"Fine. You don't want to talk to me then, fine." Arizona said. Looking out the window, Arizona noticed they were turning in a different direction than where Carmine's Restaurant was located.

"Uh Rocco? Why are we turning this way? You should have turned left." Arizona told the driver. Rocco looked in his rear view mirror at Callie and they made eye contact. She had already texted her bodyguard and told him that Carmine's was off the destination list tonight. Tonight, they were going straight home.

Arizona watched as the two made eye contact and she immediately knew. She knew something was up and it didn't sit well with her at all. They were heading toward Long Island. And, that was not necessarily a bad thing but, it could not be a good idea either.

"I want to get out. Stop and put me out right now Rocco." Arizona said.

Rocco said nothing and continued driving, looking every so often in the rear view mirror at his boss. Callie didn't answer her wife either and kept looking out the window. But you know Arizona, she just would not give up.

"Callie Torres! Tell Rocco to stop!" She screamed. However, it profited her nothing.

Nothing, just silence. Callie's body swayed as the car moved and, she seemed undeterred from her cold dead stare she wore as she looked out the limousine window this evening.

Arizona reached for the door handle and her wife saw what the blonde was attempting to do. Callie reached over and pulled Arizona back into her seat. "Just sit down and shut up Arizona!" Callie yelled.

Breathing heavily, the blonde swallowed hard. She was furious, and in her mind, rightfully so. However, in Callie's defense, she was just so mad that right now, she couldn't talk to Arizona without possibly causing her some bodily harm. Keeping her temper in check was a must and she was determined that she would not lose her cool and do something that she would regret. Unless of course Arizona confessed to having an affair. Then, that was pretty much a given as to how Callie would react.

"You're holding me against my will," Arizona said. She wasn't sure what Callie was up to but, she certainly didn't have a good feeling about this.

Callie finally broke her silence and looked at her wife. "I'm not holding you against your will. We're married and you're just riding home with your wife. Ask any cop in New York and they'll agree with me."

"You are!" The blonde wife yelled.

Callie had just about enough of this. Leaning over to her wife, she said in a very stern tone, "I'm not. We are going home and you are going to tell me every secret thing you've been doing for the past three years. Every secret thing. And, if you lie to me, if I find out what you tell me is a lie...then there are going to be some consequences that I promise you Arizona Robbins-Torres, you won't like at all."

This is what it was like facing an angry Callie Torres when you had betrayed her trust, Arizona thought. She was so serious yet, she wasn't raising her voice at all. And that quality was what made her who she was all those years ago. She was to be feared in the mafia and, right now she was to be feared in the limo as well. It was a screaming silence that the brunette wife had given Arizona earlier. Now, a calm but, icy brunette stared at her with a coldness that could only be described as frosty bitterness, sending a shiver down the blonde's spine.

Arizona sighed. Callie wouldn't believe she hadn't had an affair in a million years if she didn't just come clean and tell the truth. And to be honest, she didn't want to tell her secret. Not to anybody in this family. But not for the reasons you might think. She was ashamed to tell it really. It wasn't her's to tell in a way. She did not want her family hurt. She didn't want to hurt her mother. She didn't want this to come to light and cast a shadow on her family's name.

As they sat in silence the rest of the way home, Arizona thought about her wife's words. Was this really worth holding onto? This secret, was it really worth her wife's wrath? No, it was not.

Pulling up to the heavy iron gates of the Long Island mansion, Callie told Rocco to just stop in front of the house. And when he did, the brunette turned to her wife and said, "Get out."

Taking the door handle in her right hand, Arizona pulled the lever and slowly exited the black limo. It was dark outside and as she looked around the black suits, the guards, they roamed the lawns with machine guns. Sure, Callie was out of the mafia...but, she was still a member. She was still one of them by name. And, being back on New York, security was increased around the family and the home. Callie had sneaked out of the hospital the day of Monty's surgery and luckily nothing had happened to her. She was really more afraid for her wife and her children, than herself. That was just who Callie Torres was.

Taking her wife by the arm, Callie led the blonde to the front door. Arizona walked along, there wasn't any other way this was going to go and, in her mind...she'd already decided what to do once they were alone in their home.

"Walk inside." Callie said in a stern tone as she opened the door. And, once the door was closed, Arizona turned around in the foyer to face her wife.

"I know you want some answers and I am prepared to give them to you Callie. It's not what you think." Arizona said, with tears in her eyes.

Walking closer to her wife, Callie stopped as she was mere inches from her wife's face. "Just tell me if you slept with her?" Callie asked.

"No." The blonde wife answered.

"You're lying!" Callie screamed, her eyes darkened as she tried to hold back what was definitely rising up in her. Anger. Frustration over a marriage that was obviously filled with lies and deceit and fear that...something that was only meant for her to partake of intimately, had been given up freely by the woman that now stood in her foyer.

"I am not lying to you. I have never slept with her Callie. That would be horrendous. In the most vile way." Arizona said. And then, she confessed. The dirty little secret she'd kept hidden for three years. "She's not my lover, she' sister."

Callie looked at her wife with disbelief. "Explain yourself right now!" Callie shouted. What was Arizona talking about?

Arizona nodded. She had already let the cat out of the bag, hadn't she? She had to finish this out and explain. "My father had an affair years ago. It happened when he was oversees. Apparently he knew about Lauren and he never said anything, never did anything to help her mother or provide for her. Even when she was his doctor, he never said anything to mom or I or even to Lauren. And, before he died, he wrote a letter to Lauren and admitted he was her father and that he was sorry for never being there for her. I have the a copy of the original letter, she sent it to me along with the envelope. It's his handwriting, his signature and it was postmarked from Lake Tahoe."

"Where is it? I want to see it right now." Callie said. She wasn't going to hang her hat on Arizona's story for a minute. Produce the evidence and then maybe they could talk. You couldn't blame her really.

"It's archived in my email..." the blonde replied. "You want me to..."

"YES! I said NOW!" Callie raised her voice. Why on earth did Arizona have to be told the same thing twice? Sometimes she was just as hard headed as Monty. "Go in my office and pull all of your email accounts up. I want to view them all myself."

Arizona nodded. She wasn't going to argue, she wasn't exactly in a position too was she? Not really. And, if she had nothing to hide, why not let her wife look?

As she found the folder under her main email account that she used professionally, the blonde stepped aside to allow her wife access to all of her messages from both that account as well as her personal email. And, sure enough, there it was...a letter explaining everything to Lauren and asking for her forgiveness for abandoning her all those years ago. He ask her not to go his family about this. But, if she decided to, don't go to Barbara, but to Arizona if she needed proof. And, that's exactly what Lauren had done. Lauren spoke to her mother but, she refused to comment or even talk about Daniel Robbins. So, Arizona was her only option.

"You offered blood samples and DNA?" Callie asked. "And, from your mother as well?" She couldn't believe this. This was kept from her knowledge...

"Yes. I got a sample of hair from mom's hairbrush without her knowledge and when she went in for some routine blood work, I had her come to my office to have it pulled there and I just took an extra vile then. That way, it separated the mothers from this and made a sibling test more conclusive." Apparently, Dr. Robbins had done her homework and new exactly what to do if she wanted a concrete, definitive answer on this whole half-sibling thing.

"Arizona I don't believe this." Callie said, scanning the document.

Backing up a little, the blonde crossed her arms. "Callie I am telling you the truth. It's all in the emails." She said.

And, Arizona was telling her wife the truth. That was the dirty little secret that the "Perfect" Colonel Robbins had carried around all these years and finally confessed on his death bed. He couldn't face his wife or his daughter with it. Rather, writing a complete stranger and explaining everything to her and then in return, telling her to go and contact Arizona if she must. What a coward he was. And, that is precisely why Arizona didn't want to tell Callie anything. She knew her wife already hated her father and really, she didn't want any more ammunition shot toward the deceased man's way. Sure, it wouldn't hurt Daniel now. But, it would hurt fArizona. And, she was already hurt enough by this confession.

Having the perfect images, the perfect memories of a perfect and loving father all these years, this news had come as a shock to the Arizona. She didn't believe it and, she didn't really want to. She wanted nothing to do with this. But, Lauren was most insistent. She wanted to be sure Daniel Robbins was her father. She needed to have some proof. So, Arizona agreed and to have a DNA sibling test.

"No. I'm not talking about this email. I see this is his signature. I just can't believe you." Turning around, Callie had that look in her eyes. She was furious. "How could you not tell me something like this. Three years! Three fucking years Arizona! How am I supposed to feel about this? What kind of a wife would do this! Who are you?"

Arizona took what Callie said and she knew she'd screwed up But, she tried her best to explain her heart. "I didn't want it to get out. What if my mother found out? Everything she ever thought about her marriage, her husband, was a lie. She would think it was a lie."

"It was a lie! He was a coward! That man walked into my house and said the most rudest and evil things to me and about me and he said them to you and, you're still covering for him! Still! After all of this you still stick by that asshole! You are an idiot Arizona!"

That didn't set well at all. "Don't call me an idiot! I am just trying to protect my family and my family's name. Protect my mother. And you know what...I wish someone had done me the favor and I could have been protected from this too..."

Bursting into tears, the blonde unloaded her feelings as she sobbed. "I loved him and all my memories are tainted now. He was the one person that I knew I could count on and he was always there for me. I trusted him. My mother trusted him. Don't you think I have some resentment in all of this?"

Callie stood up as she looked at the broken woman in front of her. Her wife had fallen completely apart.

"And, I go around and try and defend him and tell my children what a great man their grandfather was and that's not even true. I know it's not. But, I don't really want to hear you say it. I don't want anyone to say it. Because no matter what he's done...he's still my father. He's just...her father too."

Embracing her wife, Callie felt the blonde latch onto her with a fierce grip. Why had she not trusted Callie with this? Why was this secret kept a secret for so long? Was there some fundamental crack in their marriage that was eroding away the past three years that she had apparently missed?

Pulling away from the embrace, Arizona wiped her eyes. "It was just my secret. And, as long as I kept it my didn't seem real exactly. Lauren and I only converse through email about patients and just chatting when one or the other sends a message. I told her Monty was here and she stopped by to say hello. She just started at this hospital a few days ago and, she's actually only here two days a week because she is primarily based at New York Presbyterian. She has her family and she's happy. She doesn't really want to step in and have a sister relationship and neither do I. But, we are friends. And, I still want to keep it that way. And, I think you should understand that."

Callie nodded. She could sympathize and understand somewhat she guessed. Although, the brunette was unsure of Lauren Boswell's intentions. However, that was Daniel's handwriting. There was no doubt there. But, she'd take that copy and compare it to some of his other writing, maybe even have an expert look at it when they got back to Nevada where she could go through his things privately. But, for now, Callie just had one remaining question for her wife.

"Why didn't you trust me?"

Trust in a marriage is a very fragile thing. Trust is as central to a happy marriage as faith is to a testimony. If trust is strong and secure, the marriage can grow and flourish despite difficulties and crises. But if trust is weak or erratic, then the marriage will crumble under the pressures of daily life. Trust in one's spouse involves more than just an assurance that he or she is morally faithful. We must also have confidence in each other's integrity, intelligence, abilities, and potential. In fact, a lack of trust in the small, mundane aspects of life can eventually damage a marriage just as much as a lack of trust in fidelity. The daily nagging, second-guessing, and withholding of support can erode love until no foundation of trust is left.

"I won't be mad at you. Just tell me why. Tell me the truth." Callie said once again, looking into the blonde's blue eyes.

"Because I know you hated him and I don't want to hear you say anything bad about him, even though he deserves it. I realize what kind of a man my father was but, I just wasn't ready for anyone else to know. Maybe I never will be. That's why. It may not make sense to you but, that is my heart. I never agreed with Carlos Torres one hundred percent but, I never called him a coward. In fact, I loved him like he was my own father too. And, this just taints my dad's memory even more. Not only for me, but also for you."

The sins of the parents. They do come back to resurface sometimes. All those times that Daniel had been so hard on Callie and portrayed himself as an honorable man, he was lying to his own family and living with the deceitful knowledge that he had another daughter out there. And, he didn't even care to acknowledge it until he was ready to pass from this life to the next. Clearing his conscience before he departed from this earth. The sins of the father...they had come back to rest upon Arizona's shoulders and she just couldn't let those secret sins be known to anyone...not even her wife.

Callie wrapped her arms around her wife's waist again. Arizona looked at the pain in her wife's eyes and she tried to ease it as best she could. "I trust you Callie. I do. I just needed this to remain with me."

Maybe this whole things wasn't exactly what Callie thought it was. She certainly had far more horrendous images and thoughts passing through her mind. And, anyone could understand that to some degree. No, she didn't like this Lauren Boswell. She didn't like Daniel Robbins. She especially didn't like the fact that her wife had held onto this for three years and never once gave her any inkling that this was happening. However, she loved her wife. Yes, Callie seemed to be the one in this marriage that could explode into a jealous rage at times but, she was also one to forgive. They had children. They had a family. They had a very sick child that needed them now more than ever. And, they still had a love. Although, it certainly seemed to be dying out as the days passed by through all of this with Monty.

"We are growing apart. I've already told you and, I don't like it Arizona."

She nodded. "I know. I'm sorry. I think it's me. And, I don't even know what's happening. I feel so lost in all of this Callie. I'm so overwhelmed and..."

"Shh...come here baby." Pulling her wife in a tight embrace, Callie held Arizona as she cried and, even the soulful brown eyes shed some tears too. She could sympathize with Arizona's feelings. Their lives were so out of kilter, so turned upside down, they really were out of sorts, and really...neither of them knew why.

"I've lost my way," Arizona cried into her wife's shoulder. "I don't know who I am anymore."

As tough as parenting can be, it becomes even more difficult when children are diagnosed with a chronic illness. Parents go through a wide range of emotions including denial, anger, frustration, guilt, resentment, depression, and fear. And, all of these feeling are completely natural. After the initial shock and disbelief, parents may feel alone and helpless. It is an unbelievably stressful time – like nothing they have ever experienced before in their lives. And, if parents aren't careful, they can lose their way. They can lose themselves. They can even lose that connection with their spouse. It's sad, but it happens more often that you realize.

Callie exhaled a deep breath as her wife cried. "I know...I understand Arizona. Don't worry. I'll help you find yourself again," Callie whispered. "And, maybe along the way, we can find me too."

Secrets? We all have secrets. Some we share and some, we don't. This secret, it wasn't as bad as Callie thought it would be. That didn't make it any easier though knowing that Arizona hadn't told her for quite some time. But, as long as their were no more secrets...they would survive in this marriage. They would persevere. They would succeed. Why? Because, "You don't need to be on each other's wavelength to succeed in marriage. You just need to be able to ride each other's waves."


I am taking a few days off and will access my writing skills as I have been told I need to do. However, I want to say thank you for reading my stories. Have a great weekend!

Quote: "You don't need to be on each other's wavelength to succeed in marriage. You just need to be able to ride each other's waves."-Toni Sciarra Poynter

Chapter Text

Doesn't Anyone Blush Anymore?

"I don't think lesbians are the only ones who suffer from "bed death."

"Just read this book with me please?" Callie asked her wife.

Grilled cheese sandwiches is what they had for dinner tonight. Monty was discharged from the hospital yesterday and was getting along well enough. Chemotherapy would soon started again but, he was ready and determined. He would beat this thing, make no mistake about that.

Gabby and Hope had arrived back this afternoon from spending time with their grandparents. And Gavin was away, for several days in fact, if you can believe that. He was in Washington D.C. on a trip to visit the nations capital with his private tutor. Of course he had security along with him but, it was interesting to see that his mothers were loosening the reins on their oldest son little by little.

Midnight had rolled around and, Arizona and Callie were sitting in the living room, they were going to read together. Could it get any more romantic than that?

"Okay, let's read your book." Arizona said, sitting on the sofa and tucking the throw under her legs. Taking the offered iPad in her hands that contained a book that her wife had downloaded, she looked over as the brunette snuggled closer. The title of the book that Callie insisted they look at together you ask? "How To Cure Lesbian Bed Death."

"Seriously?" Arizona asked, looking over to her wife.

"Yes! Seriously!"

"Callie..." Arizona sighed. "We don't have lesbian bed death. I don't even think that exists, it's a myth."

"It's a real issue Arizona. There are lots of books and articles written about this. It can be a problem and, I don't want it to be our problem," Callie argued her point.

"All couples just go through phases honey." The blonde replied. "I'm just tired. You're tired. We've been through so much these past few months and still have a ways to go with Monty. And, I had to hire a tutor for Gavin so that he could start school. And, the cleaning and disinfecting just to be sure Monty doesn't get sick...the times he has wet the bed because he couldn't hold it and couldn't get up...the diapers that Hope has...We're not in Lesbian Bed Death. We're a very overstretched, overstressed, fucked up family at this moment."

That may well have been the case. Arizona certainly made an argument for it. Callie shrugged her shoulders, she couldn't really disagree with all of what her wife said but, she wasn't taking any chances. "Either way...we are reading this book. I bought it on Amazon and we are reading it. It's only a few pages that I marked, we don't have to read all of it..."

Tanned hands scrolled over the screen to bring up the suggestions for curing such a dreaded disease. Well, it wasn't really a disease but, Callie felt that it was. In her mind, having had sex once in almost four months now was definitely dreadful. Sure, there were days that Callie Torres wasn't into it, per se...and, they had focused so much attention on their son. However, they had drifted somewhat from where they once were and, they really needed to rekindle the intimacy that was so of order in their marriage.

It was Arizona that started reading. "I don't think lesbians are the only ones who suffer from bed sure do have a reputation for losing the libido after a few years together. But like most things, sustaining a healthy sexual relationship takes work. It takes time. Commitment. Concentration. And, it takes two women that are on the same page."

Arizona looked over at Callie. Passing the device over, the blonde smiled. "Your turn to read honey."

Callie took the iPad and adjusted her glasses. "If you want to keep romance alive, you make romantic dates with your wife. If you want to keep sex alive, you need to make sex dates with her. Talk it over and put it in your calendar. It's no secret that passion dissipates over time. If you haven't had sex in a while, waiting for it to "just happen" isn't going to happen. Set aside a certain evening or afternoon. Turn off your phones and turn on each other. Whether you spend several hours in bed or make time for a quickie, doesn't matter. What matters is that you both show up and get it on."

Arizona bit her bottom lip to keep from laughing. Callie saw that and asked, "What's so funny?"

"Nothing..." Arizona answered.

"No secrets...remember?"

Arizona nodded. Callie was more secrets. "I was just thinking..."

"Yes?" Callie asked, waiting for her wife to explain the laughter. She could tell Arizona was hesitant on this but, it was a problem that they both needed to addtess. They were drifting apart and Callie wasn't about to let that happen.

"Like...mark it on a calendar? Set aside a certain time and day to have sex?" Arizona said. She'd never heard of such a crazy idea in her life. But, was it so crazy? Was it really that out of proportion? Have you ever made a sex date before? Wait...that was a rhetorical question...Don't answer that.

"I think its a good idea." Callie nodded. "Your turn..."

Taking the iPad back, Arizona read the next suggestion and she couldn't help but smile. "Fantasy Into the Bedroom. Fantasy is good and healthy. Fantasizing does not mean you're not into your partner. If you and your lover have never role played before, talk about what your secret desires are. Expand on those desires. Tell your partner your innermost fantasy and then, act on it."

After Arizona finished reading about fantasy, she looked over at her wife. "Your turn." She said.

"Wait...we are discussing this as we go. First, we make sex dates, that's understood. Next, we both have to tell a fantasy that we want to do or have done to us in the bedroom. I can go first if you want me too." Callie said.

Arizona looked over to the side. She relived instantly a fantasy that she had always wanted for Callie and herself. It was something they hadn't done before... "I'll go first," Arizona said.

"That's the spirit!" Callie smiled, proud of her wife for finally jumping in and getting on board with this "sex therapy" thing she was suggesting.

"Okay..." Arizona said, taking a deep breath. "I always wanted you to be a stripper...pole dancer. Like, put on a show and then, you could give me a lap dance and let me take you, just the way I want to. No questions asked."

Callie's smiled broadened. "I can do that..." she said. Oh, but there was more.

"And, I want us to have sex in a public place. Like...maybe a store or a mall. Ooh, maybe in a restaurant or a bathroom and people can hear us." Arizona said, finishing out yet another fantasy.! Now, how do you think that sat with Callie?

The brunette looked at her wife. The wife that...many would think was vanilla but, oh...that was anything but the truth. Vanilla really didn't describe Arizona Robbins-Torres at all. The blonde was a wild child, a free spirit, much more adventurous than her wife in some areas.

"You want both of us to have in sex in a public place?" Callie asked for clarification.

Arizona nodded. She was being more secrets. Oh but this fantasy was something Callie would have to think about. A blush came across Callie's face. Many times there is an element of surprise involved when people blush. You aren't expecting something to happen and when it does happened, you blush. The blushing then embarrasses you a little. No one really could blame Callie for blushing. Doesn't anyone blush anymore? Sure, they do.

"I think... we should take that into consideration," Callie said, patting her wife's leg. "We can give it some thought. I definitely will take that under advisement." Callie added.

For the very sexual brunette, this was a new area of sexual exploration. Uncharted waters if you will. She had never done such a thing other than an on-call room romp when she and Arizona were pregnant. And, they'd had sex in her wife's office but, that felt differently than just doing it in public. A restaurant? A bathroom? Was her wife serious? That was not exactly what she expected to hear from the blonde. But, she did want Arizona to share her fantasy, didn't she?

Callie started to express what she wanted. "As for my fantasy, well it wasn't that but, I think you'll like it." Callie smiled. "I've always wanted to set a camera in our bedroom and video us having sex." Maybe Callie's wasn't as "out there" as Arizona's suggestion, was still her fantasy. And, it was one that made her wife smile.

"Okay we can do that. So, what's next...this is fun!" Arizona giggled. And, that made the brunette smile even bigger. Looking down at the next item Arizona looked up at her wife. Callie wouldn't go for this in a million years. She was too vanilla about some things. Her catholic raising had instilled some very strict morals in the brunette over the years.

"Watch a porn video," Arizona read from the screen. "There's nothing like watching other people get it on to get you in the mood. There is all kinds of great lesbian porn out there now, so check some out. You will probably get turned on and you might learn a few new bedroom tricks.""

Callie sighed. "I won't say I'm against it totally, but...we will not make a habit of that at all. Just, something to get us started if we have trouble." The brunette said. And, she thought to herself...she didn't intend to have any trouble.

"I agree," Arizona nodded. She really wasn't ever a huge fan of porn but, she'd also never watched it with her wife. That could be interesting, the blonde doctor thought.

Callie finished reading the last part of this book of suggestions. "More than anything, keeping sex alive in a relationship is dependent on both partners making a commitment to do so. Be willing to take a risk and tell your partner what your needs are. Be open to hearing her desires."

Blowing out a long slow breath, Callie lay the iPad down beside her and rubbed her legs. "So..." She sighed, looking over to her wife.

"So..." Arizona replied.

Nervousness set in for both women and for the life of them, they didn't understand why. "It's like the first time we had sex. My palms were sweaty and my heart was racing."

Callie looked over and with her left had, pushed some strands of blonde hair from there wife's face. "There's no need for either of us to be nervous. We've been married for over thirteen years and have four children. We're pros and this Arizona...we just...lost our way a little bit."

Arizona nodded. She really felt she had lost her way. She had begun to question who she was as this whole sickness and stressful times in their family had seemed to captivate them and take over their lives. Callie was just obsessive over Monty, as she was. And while that is understandable, it's not exactly healthy.

"Desire is a decision," Callie said. "It's not just a feeling that washes over us. We have to decide to make time for it. There's no reason why anybody who wants more passion in their life can't make it happen."

"We'll try harder Callie. I definitely agree we need to make time for us." The blonde wife agreed.

Four days later...

"Call us if you need anything," Callie said to Ms. Martinelli.

"We both have our phones and will rush back immediately if..."

The older woman smiled. "The children will be just fine. Now go..." Shooing the two women out of the side door, Ms. Martinelli locked the kitchen door. Maybe that would give Callie and Arizona some understanding that this was it and they needed to leave, she thought.

Oh but, it didn't. Arizona knocked on the door and Callie was fumbling with her keys. Sighing, the older woman opened the door and cracked it just enough to have a conversation. Sure this was their home and not her's but, if the nanny let them back in...they'd never leave. And, Ms. Martinelli could see that this one night getaway that the brunette suggested is exactly what both wives needed.

Its hard to keep a marriage together in a the best of times. Factor in four children and one being very sick and it could be a recipe for a failing marriage. But, they weren't going to allow their marriage to sink. Callie had reserved a suite overnight in New York. They needed this night alone without interruptions from their children. And, the sooner they left, the sooner they could get busy...catch the drift?

"Yes?" Ms. Martinelli asked, peeping through the cracked door.

"I forgot my insulin," Arizona frowned.

Having to let Arizona back in, the older woman stood in the kitchen with Callie as they waited on the blonde wife.

Monty was sitting at the bar with his leg propped up on a stool. Eating his cereal, he loudly crunched as he scrolled through his Snapchat. Having a conversation between Hunter and Gavin, the younger boy was laughing as he snapped his brother and his friend.

"Gavin's homesick," Monty laughed. "I just told him I heard you decided for him to stay several more days to be sure he saw all of Washington." His laughter was amusing to Callie and Nanny Martinelli.

"Why torment him," Callie asked. "He's going to call me and ask..."

She did not get the words out of her mouth before Gavin's name flashed across the screen.

"Hello?" Callie answered her cell.

Hearing her son's voice caused the brunette to shake her head. Looking over at Monty, Callie pointed her finger at the younger Torres causing a hearty laugh to exude from this mouth.

"He's so gullible," Monty chuckled.

"No son, you're not staying extra days. You are coming home tomorrow night. The jet will be at the airport to bring you and Mrs. Winters back to New York."

Nodding her head, she eyed Monty and said, "I know what Monty said and he was just teasing you." Callie explained to Gavin. The news of his extended stay in Washington was upsetting and he really was homesick. And, now he was mad with Monty for being so cruel. Because it wasn't funny, or so Gavin thought.

Arizona walked back into the kitchen with Hope and Gabby trailing close behind. Kisses were given to the three Torres children that were being left overnight with Nanny.

"Mama and I love you all and we want you to be good for Nanny," Arizona said.

"Mommy..." Hope started crying as Arizona walked to the door.

Callie ended her conversation with Gavin and took her wife by the hand. "But Callie, she's crying..."

And then Gabby started to whine over Callie leaving. "Mama..."

Giving a pleading look to the Nanny, Callie kissed Gabby and then Hope. She did her best to separate little Hope from her mommy. It was a most pitiful sight. Ms. Martinelli took both girls by the hand, holding them back as their moms walked toward the door.

"Listen girls, mommy and I will be back tomorrow and we will have a really big surprise for you. Okay?" Callie said, hoping the crying would stop. But, it didn't.

"Maybe we should stay..."

Hearing her wife say the word stay, Callie took matters into her own hands. "No. We are going." The brunette interrupted. With that, she opened the door and nudged her wife out, leaving behind two very upset little girls.

When they entered the limousine, Callie exhaled. "That was exhausting," she said.

"I feel guilty," Arizona sighed, her bottom lip almost trembling as she thought about Hope and Gabby being left behind like that.

Callie placed her hand on her wife's leg. "They have probably already stopped crying honey. They will be fine. They are safe and they will be fine. You and I are going to enjoy tonight without worrying. Okay?"

Arizona nodded. "Okay. But, don't you feel guilty?"

Nodding her head in agreement, Callie said, "Yes. I do. And it's natural Arizona. But, if we don't take sit down and have a meal together and have some alone time...and remember why we are married, we're going to kill each other. We need this."

Knowing her wife was right, Arizona slid closer to Callie in. "I love alone time," the blonde whispered in her wife's ear.

Callie smiled, taking her wife's slender face in her hands, "Me too."

Three hours later...a very tipsy Arizona could not quiet get the card to scan. Unlocking a door had never been so hard in her life. Of course it didn't help that her wife was unzipping the back of her dress as they stood outside. Callie had a little bit to much to drink as well, but was no where near as tipsy as her wife.

"Shit! It won't open. And I really want to fuck you Calliope. Like really, really want to fuck you. I want you to sit on my face while I eat..."

Snatching the card from her wife's hand, that little tidbit of information was all it took for the brunette to get the door open in a fast hurry.

Once it was unlocked, the blonde took several steps forward and turned, backing Callie against the dining room table in their large suite. She took hold of Callie's arms, leaned in and started kissing the brunette's neck, causing Callie to gasp.

"Oh Arizona..."

"I'm going to take you right here. Are you ready?" Arizona husked.

"Yes," was the only word that could escape Callie's lips. She needed to be taken, ravished by her wife.

It's easy to get swept away by the rapids of your life instead of your passion. It's easy to let the everyday issues rob you and your spouse of intimacy. It's easy to feel to tired to make love. It's easy to lose the passion. Ever been there before?

Passion is simply a prevailing presence of powerful positive emotions. Going way beyond a steamy sex life, a passionate marriage is one in which there is an underlying sense of excitement and fervor; one that is full of intensity, joyfulness and unbridled enthusiasm in both sexual and non-sexual dimensions of your relationship. It certainly seemed that the passion hadn't died as Arizona heard her wife's moans.

Arizona reached for the side zipper of her wife's fitted skirt. She unzipped it in a swift movement causing the black pencil skirt to fall to the floor, leaving Callie standing in only black lace panties. Callie stepped out of the black garment, and looked into the lust filled blue eyes that were trained so hard on her's. Biting her lip in anticipation, her breaths were erratic as she waited in her wife's next move.

The blonde trailed her hands along the hem of her wife's black panties. Turning Callie around so the brunette had her back to her, Arizona quickly lowered her hand into her wife's panties and started rubbing the brunette's clit.

"Oh yeah baby," the brunette moaned.

It was rough and Arizona's touch was a careful mixture of intense pleasure and pain, the combination of which excited Callie beyond words. Her wife was taking her, against the large wooden dining room table, and it was hot and sexy. It was electrifying. Sex hadn't been like this in a very long time.

Callie was on fire, the intense heat spreading about her body as Arizona took her in a very primal way. It was ten o'clock at night and, Callie's heart was beating out of her chest.

Arizona pushed her hand against Callie's clit. The pressure and the rhythms she used were doing quite a number on her wife. Pressing her body up against Callie's rear, she pushed the brunette into the table at a faster and faster pace.

"You like me fucking you like this Calliope?"

The brunette offered only a loud whimper. "Ah...oooohhhh..."

Arizona leaned over her wife's back and whispered, "Yea, you like it. Your enjoying it, being taken by me. You want to cum Calliope?"

"Yes..." she moaned, as Arizona filled her with yet another finger.

"Shit," Callie groaned. Feeling filled completely was a feeling she'd never grow tired of. Never.

Arizona increased her thrusts and pressed her front harder against her wife's butt. "Cum Calliope, come undone...for me."

Desperate to grab onto anything, Callie's fingertips gripped the table, it was all she had to touch...and as she came under her wife's ministrations she moaned...shaking and convulsing as the blonde wife slowed her movement.

"Taking you like this is my new favorite thing," Arizona giggled.

Callie softly panted as she lay her head on the table. That had been rough, unexpected...and the biggest turn on she'd had in quite sometime. Maybe Arizona had taken her suggestion to spice up their love life. It certainly seemed that way, Callie thought. Little did she know, just how much of an impact her words had on the blonde wife. Not only had Arizona listened, she'd also done a little reading of her own over the past few days.

"We're going to be trying some new positions tonight Calliope." Arizona husked in her wife's ear as she slowly pulled her fingers from her wife. "You pop the bottle of champagne and bring two glasses to bed. And hurry. I don't expect to be kept waiting."

There's just something about making love to the person you love… It's like you both become one, nothing compares to that. People have taken the beauty of making love and turned it into having sex. Lovemaking isn't about receiving, it's about giving, because you can't give anything more than your body… There's no price tag on that.

"I can give myself an orgasm but I can't give myself the feeling I get when I touch her, it's a feeling that melts me every time…it's a feeling I long for, a feeling of oneness."

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Chapter Text

Odd Man Out

"When babies are born, they usually come out crying like there's no tomorrow. It's loud, it's jarring, and it's completely unfair. That adorable tiny baby was forced out of its mother's womb, and forced to breathe outside air into its brand new little lungs. It's human nature. No one wants to be left out in the cold, rejected and alone. Affection, acceptance, and unconditional love. We all want it. We all look for it. But when we find it, it's flat-out terrifying. Because just as quickly as we may have found it, it can disappear. And we're back out there in the cold, alone."

Several weeks later, Monty's chemotherapy had resumed for the remaining cancer nodule in his lung and to clear any remaining cells from his body. It was not going as well as they had expected. His platelets had dropped and Monty was once again a patient in the hospital. Mouth sores were present and he was quite miserable.

He had a different room this time. And some very different faces were there as well. Arizona's mother was staying for the weekend and today, she was visiting Monty at the hospital. Also, Addison and Hunter were coming to visit but, with Monty being so sick, they cancelled. He really didn't need to be overwhelmed with too many visitors, although he certainly did want them. And, there was also a different face in Monty's room this afternoon. The face of the estranged half-sibling, Lauren.

"You are just too kind, Dr. Boswell," Barbara said, taking the turkey sandwich she'd picked up from the cafeteria on the way to visit for a minute.

"It's no problem Mrs. Robbins," Lauren said, taking a seat beside the older woman.

Chatting for a while, Arizona was engaged in quite a lengthy with Dr. Boswell about how things were going at NY Presbyterian. She missed her old colleagues but, her world was so different now from way back then. As you grow older and move onto better opportunities, your old life fades away and becomes a distant memory. That certainly was the case for Arizona as she listened to Lauren talk about her former place of work.

Callie had several things she had to attend to this afternoon and she was an hour late arriving with Gavin. He had been tutoring this afternoon and the extra weekend session today seemed to last longer that either of them anticipated.

"Hi," Gavin spoke to as he walked in ahead of his mother. Callie glanced around the room as she entered seconds later after her son and the person sitting in the corner of the room caught her attention.

Barbara made the introductions before Arizona had the chance. And as she did, the brunette focused hard on the half sister that her wife had informed her of weeks ago. She didn't want Arizona hurt by this anymore, nor did she want Barbara to find out and be hurt as well. The sooner Lauren left, the better Callie thought.

Callie gave her son a kiss and walked over to sit next to Arizona. Callie leaned in and gave her wife a kiss on the lips. "I missed you last night," she whispered.

Arizona placed her hand on her wife's leg. Smiling the biggest smile she had in hours, the blonde wife replied, "I missed you too baby."

Lauren sat a few minutes under the intense stares of Arizona's wife. And, before she had a chance to say excuse herself, Arizona did it for her. It really was time for her and Barbara to leave anyway.

"Well, mom I think you probably need to take Gavin and go home and check on the girls. Ms. Martinelli would most appreciate a little break I'm sure," the blonde daughter smiled. "And Lauren, it was nice of you to stop by."

Gavin piped up, "Hey! I just got here. I want to stay with Monty tonight."

Callie noded. "Now...You're going home. Mom and I are spending the night."

"But, I just got..."

He stopped as the blonde gave him a look. The look that Gavin got when he was overstepping his bounds. He was a good and obedient son but, when he thought he was right...well, he thought he was right.

"Monty doesn't feel like company tonight." Arizona explained. "He needs to rest and you will hype him up. Sorry but you were only coming to say...Hi, and Bye."

"Hi and Bye Monty," Gavin frowned at his brother.

The younger boy just offered a gentle wave. He didn't feel like talking, eating, laughing. He was just miserable.

"I will walk you all out," Callie smiled. Giving her wife a pat of the leg, the brunette stood up and followed the two women and her son out into the hall.

"It was good to see you again dear." Barbara said, hugging Lauren once they were outside Monty's room.

"You too," Lauren replied, embracing the older woman.

"Barbara, why don't you and Gavin walk down with Rocco," Callie said, motioning for the bodyguard to come over. "I'll be down in a couple of minutes," she said.

And as she watched them leave, Callie turned her attention to the half sister that she just wasn't so sure about. "Lauren, I know about you being my wife's half sister. I'm not quite sure what your intentions are but, I would appreciate it if you stayed away from my family. Namely my wife and mother in law."

Lauren replied, "I was only being nice and visiting. I would never..."

Callie interrupted. "Exactly. I don't want you to ever, ever come near them again. You understand that. You look like a smart woman and I'm sure you understand me very well. It would be a shame if you didn't heed my advice."

Unsure of what Arizona's wife was capable of or was trying to insinuate, she decided against saying anything further to Callie Torres. The brunette didn't look like the kind of woman that took kindly to anyone arguing with her. She was just being friendly but apparently it wasn't welcomed by the brunette.

Sensing that Lauren was not sure of her words, Callie made it a little clearer. "You're a odd man out. Love, family, won't find those things here. Not in my family. This is my family. And, you can ask around, I don't take kindly when a new face mingles with my family."

The blonde never replied, but rather walked away from Callie with a very solemn face. It was true, it wasn't her family. She may have been a half sibling to Arizona Robbins Torres but, that was all. She maybe be blood related, but that didn't matter to Callie. And, there really wasn't a whole lot that Lauren could say to the brunette about that. She was the odd man out and, she always would be.

Stepping inside the elevator, Callie caught up to Barbara and Gavin minutes later and said her goodbyes. Stopping by the cafeteria, the brunette picked up several items for her and Arizona to munch on that wouldn't be too much of a problem for Monty to smell or be around. And, when Callie finally walked into her son's room twenty minutes later, the scene broke her heart.

"Mommy is so sorry your sick baby. If I could take this from you and suffer myself, I would in a heartbeat Monty." Arizona said, holding her son in her arms as they both silently lay there and wept. It was one of the few times he cried, a rare moment for the little boy with the contagious smile and infectious laugh. And, it made Callie question, "Why do children have to suffer?"

Childhood cancer— two words you never think will be a part of your family. Childhood cancer will introduce you to a world full of resilient, inspirational children—children that even on their worst days, days some of us cannot even imagine, still manage to find joy in the simple things.

Monty was quiet as he lay in his mothers arms. Callie just stood back and watched, not say anything for a minute as this delicate mother-son moment transpired.

"I wish I could make you feel better," Arizona said, kissing her son's bald head.

Monty nodded and replied, "A bigger television in my room would help."

Arizona smiled. She knew what he was doing and, that was perfectly alright this one time.

"If you're sure that would make you feel better?" She said.

He nodded his head. It would. It really really would. Well, it would eventually. Having a bigger television than Gavin would be nice. A big forty inch sitting in his bedroom, that would allow him to play video games with better vision and, not strain his eyes so much. Sure, it was about his health. Sort of...

Callie walked on in and pretended not to hear what was being said. Arizona looked a little uncomfortable lying there and the brunette offered to swap out with her while the blonde ate a snack.

As Callie embraced her son, she kissed him and looked down to see his smile. Sick as could be yet, mischievous as hell. That was Monty.

"You're milking it..." she whispered to her son as he lay in her arms.

To say "You're milking it..." means to take full advantage of a situation for a one's own personal gain. And while that's frowned upon, we can cut Monty a little slack for being so sick. Sure, let's give him the tv and a new stereo too...he'd certainly earned it.

Monty smiled, "She don't know that."

Callie smiled back, "She does. She's smarter than both of us. She's just letting you get your way. And, maybe that's not such a bad thing right now but, don't get too accustomed to it."

Monty and Callie watched television while Arizona checked her emails and texted Alex to see how everything went for the week. As usual, Alex Karev had everything under control. Callie looked over when she heard her wife sigh quietly.

"Everything okay?" Callie asked the blonde.

Arizona looked up. She was just overwhelmed, as was Callie. She was tired, as was Callie. The blonde's back hurt from sleeping in the uncomfortable chair that had been in her son's hospital room. And, as she looked at her wife lying in bed holding their son, Arizona knew Callie's back hurt too.

"It all fine," she replied, offering a smile to her wife.

No, it wasn't all fine. Nothing about what anyone in their family was enduring was fine. It was down right hard. As mothers, it was hard to see their son so sick. As wives, it was easy to feel sorry for yourself and be a little selfish at times. As a lover, it was difficult to make love while, so many thoughts and problems raced through your mind. And, as a doctor, it was hard for Arizona to just sit by, feeling helpless in a situation that she could not control. So no, everything was not fine per se. However, they would push through it like everyone else in these situations did. Why? Because what choice did they have? That was life. It was their life. It was much Monty's life and, to be honest...he was just glad he still had a life to be thankful for. Some kids aren't that lucky.

And, speaking of lucky..."Oh, Gavin and I picked up another goldfish today," Callie announced.

"Ooh, I bet Gabby and Hope liked that." Arizona laughed.

Callie said yes and how excited Gabby and Hope were over the newest member of the family.

Monty smiled. In a low voice, he said..."I bet I know what they named it."

Callie answered, "You'd never guess it in a million years."

He laughed. He already knew because Nanny Martinelli took a picture and sent it to his phone while Callie was on her way over you the hospital.

"Ten bucks says I can guess it."

The brunette knew better because when Monty betted, he never lost. "Five dollars," she replied.

"Done. They named it Bubbles," Monty said, holding out his hand for the cash prize.

"Nanny told you," Callie said, giving her son a cautious look.

"You still owe me," he replied.

Reaching in her pocket, the brunette pulled out a wad of cash. "Yea..." Monty said, his eyes opening up bigger than they had in days.

Callie pulled out a twenty and gave it to the boy. Sure, she betted five but, he deserved a twenty. As he snuggled in closer to his mama, Callie looked down and watched his brown eyes close. He was her second child. A child that had brought so much joy and laughter into their lives. She loved him dearly. And than would never change.

Monty was so full of life and had always been a handful for his mothers but, they'd move heaven and earth to make him happy. To give him a good life. Callie looked at him as he drifted off to sleep and she thought, "All the money, the homes, the companies...everything she and Arizona had acquired...she'd give it up. She'd give it all up in a heartbeat and start over if, this burden of sickness would pass.

A month had come and gone since Monty's hospital stay and, once again his chemotherapy began again. It was a viscous cycle and, Callie wondered just how much the younger boy could take? Monty and his parents traveled daily back and from Long Island to New York for his treatments. He was sick but, better than he was a month ago. Tonight was Thursday night. Tonight was a special night. It was Callie's birthday.

"Happy Birthday!" They all yelled. Gabby reached over and planted a large kiss on her mama and of course Hope Torre would never be outdone. She too wanted to give Callie a kiss.

"Kiss kiss..." Hope said with her big beautiful smile that looked so much like Callie's and Monty's.

"Here's your present!" Gabby giggled handing Callie the small box.

"Awe, the is so sweet. I didn't expect a present." The brunette replied. Pulling the ribbon on the blue box, Callie's eyes went wide when she saw what her gift was.

"All the kids got together and picked that particular necklace out from Tiffanys online. I called and they had it in stock," Arizona explained. She had sent one of the bodyguards to pick it up. What was the gift you ask?

"A heart shaped pendant and a necklace that says Tiffany's. It's what I always wanted." Callie beamed.

The necklace and pendant was sterling silver. It was probably the most inexpensive piece of jewelry she owned but, she loved it anyways. Because four special little hearts had picked it out themselves.

"I have another gift for you later," Arizona whispered in Callie's ear.

The brunette smiled and bit her bottom lip. The kids were looking at them and for the second time... Callie blushed just a tad. She knew exactly what Arizona was giving her tonight and, she could hardly wait.

Monty ate a little cake but wasn't hungry tonight. "Can't you eat something?" Arizona asked him. "You've hand one green bean and a bite of cake."

"I can't," Monty said, holding his stomach. Laying his head on the table, he felt the nausea coming on stronger and stronger.

Nanny Martinelli rubbed his back. He was her baby too. "I think it will be a long night for us Monty," she said. "But we'll get through it."

Monty frowned. "I really want mom to sit up with me tonight."

Callie looked at her wife and offered a look of "Don't you dare." It wasn't that she wouldn't allow Arizona to do it, Callie just didn't want her to. They both had been up with Monty for the past seven nights straight and tonight, they needed to sleep and, they needed a little alone time.

"Nanny can call me if you need me sweetie. I'm just across the hall." Arizona said to her son.

Monty knew his mothers were tired. He understood. Just like all kids when they are sick, he just wanted a parent with him. And that's perfectly understandable. Couldn't blame him at all for having those feelings. They were valid. The made sense. However, his mothers needed a break and it was just for one night. They would still all be in the same house but, his mothers would just be in their room tonight...and hopefully they could rest, undisturbed.

Monty looked up at Arizona and Callie and he offered his heart. His truest confession. "I want to go home. Can't you please take me home and let me do my chemotherapy there? I'm gonna be stuck here in this stupid house for Thanksgiving. And, I want to go home, even if it's just for Thanksgiving."

Callie looked over at her wife. She'd be lying if she said she didn't feel the same way. She did feel the same way. She wanted to go home to Nevada as bad as Monty did.

Gavin agreed, "Yea mom, he could just take them there and you're his doctor so..."

Arizona shook her head, indicating a "no" response. To be honest, she could do that. And he could come back for scans and appointments. But, it would require her to be the sole healthcare provider, the doctor in charge that would make all the necessary decisions. Sure, she'd be in constant touch with New York and the oncology team but, as she ready for that sole responsibility? She wasn't sure she was.

Washing the dishes, Arizona swayed to the music Gavin had on as she finished cleaning up. Tonight, Monty was Namnys responsibility and the other three children were her's and Callie's. It was bath time and the brunette had her hands full upstairs as Arizona and Gavin cleaned and straightened downstairs. Some days, they never felt they could catch up on housework.

As Arizona cleaned and Callie fought hard to put two very energetic girls to sleep, both wives thought, "Would the evening ever end?" But, it finally did end. Checking in on Monty one last time, Arizona walked to her bedroom and closed the door, giving it a quick lock.

And one hour later, after they had both enjoyed a tub bath together, Arizona and Callie were in the middle of some very passionate love making.

"I love you," Arizona whispered, as her wife sucked and massaged her breasts with careful attention.

"I love you more," Callie moaned, taking a erect nipple into her mouth, gently raking her teeth across it.

The sounds of a pornographic film could barely be heard, but...the brunette's hearing was keenly aware of the women in the background moaning as they had sex. And, it was starting to annoy her just a tad. Reaching for the remote, she powered the television off. They had used the movie to get them started tonight but, it really wasn't that necessary. They seemed to be doing just fine on their own.

"Mmm, that feels good," Arizona moaned, her eyes closed as her wife was starting to slid down her body slowly. Kisses, nibbles of pale flesh...Callie wasn't going to miss an inch of her wife's delicate skin.

Arizona wasn't sure what triggered the feelings, the emotions, the thoughts that flooded her mind but, they were there. And, years started to fall from blue eyes. Callie felt her wife's body tensing and she looked up to see Arizona crying.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Callie asked. Concerned, she moved back up and hovered over her wife, watching Arizona cry.

The blonde shook her head. She didn't know. She was filled with so many different emotions. "I'm sorry." She said to Callie.

"Don't say your sorry. Just tell me what is wrong."

Arizona dried her eyes and looked up to meet her wife's concerned gaze. Callie was still lying on top of her and she patiently waited for her to speak.

"I'm just having a hard time with all this you know." Arizona cried.

"I know baby. I know..." Callie said, brushing her wife's blonde hair from her face.

"And Monty wants to go home and I know you do to and the kids do but, I'm not sure I'm ready for that responsibility Callie. And when the time comes, and we can go home, I don't think I'll be ready then either."

Callie sighed. She really wanted to go home, just like the rest of the family did. She had faith and confidence in her wife's abilities to care for their son. "I think you're stronger than you think you are. I think you will take excellent care of Monty as a mother and a doctor" Callie smiled.

"I don't know," the blonde frowned. "He is my smile, my love, my heartbeat. He is also my tears, my heart ache, my frowns. He is my life. What if I miss something or don't do something right? I couldn't live with myself." Arizona said, bursting into more tears.

"And I know I ruined your birthday because you wanted to make love and now all I can do is cry." Arizona continued.

A silent exhale came from the brunette's lips. She was intending to make love to her wife. They both needed a release. Sneaking around like two teenagers, they had been quite inventive at having sex the past few weeks. They are called "quickies." That was the appropriate term for what both women had shared on their selected calendar dates. But, the achieved orgasms were reached so, it still counted. But, it wasn't making love.

So while Callie had to agree she did want to make love tonight, Arizona hadn't ruined it. Callie just couldn't help but feel sorry for her wife, herself and for Monty. This sickness had taken its toll on everyone. And although they were living in their old house, it wasn't home. And sometimes things are better dealt with in familiar surroundings. Some things are just better handled at home. They do say there's no place quite like home.

"You have not ruined anything Arizona. Now, I want you to stop crying and think for a minute. You're smart. You are capable. You won't let anything happen to our son. I think we would all fare better if we were home. But, I know in my heart he needs to stay here until he is finished with his treatments. That's not too far off. Let's do this, let's make an agreement that if he is able and the doctors give the okay, we'll all go home to Nevada for Thanksgiving."

Arizona dried her eyes. She knew everyone was miserable, hell, she was miserable herself. And, while it made her somewhat uneasy, maybe going home for Thanksgiving wasn't such a bad idea. "Okay. I can agree to that." The blonde said.

Looking up at her wife, Arizona asked, "What did I do to deserve you?"

Callie leaned down, she didn't answer that question. Kissing her wife on the forehead, she said, "You're an amazing mother. Do you know that?"

Arizona just smiled. She really didn't feel like an amazing anything right now. But she returned the compliment. "You're an amazing mother too," she replied.

A broad smile came across tanned features and the brunette then raised and eyebrow, her smile fading somewhat. Her look was still one of lust.

"Why don't we both be amazing together. Tonight. I've got moves you still have not seen." Callie whispered.

Taking a deep breath, the smell of everything Calliope Torres, the tanned naked flesh that lay against her own, the heartbeat she could feel against her chest and, the tanned hand that was softly caressing her hip and outer thigh...she could be amazing tonight with her wife. Ready to take each other to new heights and escape the reality that was all around them. She could give herself completely to Callie and in return take what was hers, and accept the fact that...Life might now always go the way you want it too but, you make the best out of what you have.

And what did Arizona have? A wife she loved with all her heart. Four children that she would lay her own life down for, children that made her smile even when the sky looked quite gloomy. A career that was still flourishing, even in her absence. And, a home that, to be honest...she couldn't wait to get back to either.

"Show me your moves Mrs. Torres," Arizona smirked, rubbing her hands along the smooth skin of her wife's back.

"As you wish." The brunette winked.

Disappearing under the covers, the brunette began what was a very long night of pleasure for not only Arizona but, herself. It was her birthday. And although there was another candle on her cake this year, it didn't phase Callie in the least. That was life...People age. People change...and mostly for the better.

Squeezing her breasts together, her thumbs finding her hard nipples, Arizona let wave after wave engulf her body. Arching her back from the bed to push her heated core further onto the probing tonguing momentarily, Arizona then collapsed back as her limbs quivered.

The brunette smiled as her wife came within seconds as she worked her talented mouth, bringing the blonde to a climactic explosion that she'd never quite seen Arizona have before. She smiled, slipping in two fingers and moving up her wife's body, and ghosting her lips across Arizona's.

"How's that for some moves?" Callie husked in her wife's ear.

Staring intensely as a panting blonde thrust against against her hand, Callie didn't notice Arizona slip her own hand down but, she felt it when it entered her.

"Mmm, that feels..."

Arizona curled her fingers as she took a nip on her wife's neck. "I got moves to Calliope."

"Oh God...oooooohhhh..." Callie moaned as their thrusts synced and their breaths intensified.

She'd never been more turned on in her life as Arizona pushed her fingers in deeper. Harder. Filling her completely.

"Happy Birthday Calliope..." Arizona whispered. She knew she was doing one hell of a job with her hand as he wife sounded louder than she had in years...

"Uhhhhhh…..uhhhh….uhhhhhh", Callie gasped, "that's it…..fuck me….fuck me harder baby…..oh yeah….oh yeahhhhh…."

Arizona would write in her diary the next morning that, "The last few strokes filled me with searing heat, electric pulses surging through my body and my soul, as our orgasms burst forth together, a million nerve endings suddenly flashing like twin rockets exploding fireworks, the multitude of sparks joining with a billion stars in the heavens above."

What a damn good birthday Callie thought as she came against her wife's hand. If all birthdays were like this birthday, she couldn't wait until next year.

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"The last few strokes filled me with searing heat, electric pulses surging through my body and my soul, as our orgasms burst forth together, a million nerve endings suddenly flashing like twin rockets exploding fireworks, the multitude of sparks joining with a billion stars in the heavens above."

— Simone Freier

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Mark It Down!

"Relationships can't be measured with a clock or a calendar, Never. It's about getting each other. You get me, and I get you. That's the only thing I give a shit about." — C.M. Stunich

Calendars keep us organized. Writing down appointments, meeting, activities...they allow us to keep our busy lives together. Just how busy were Callie and Arizona? Very busy. But, they had time to pencil in a little sexual rendezvous here and there on their calendars. Today was Monday and...tomorrow, they had a "date."

"Mark it down." Arizona said to her wife, as she stood with her hands on her hips.

Callie was so enthralled in her business and emailing staff in California that she wasn't paying Arizona any attention.

"Its in my phone honey," Callie replied, searching through her endless list of emails.

The blonde wife walked over and grabbed a red sharpie marker. In the square box on Callie's desk calendar, Arizona wrote..."Waldorf Astoria at 3pm."

"There. Tuesday at three o'clock. That's so you don't forget Calliope. You and I are going to have an afternoon of nothing but sex." Arizona smiled, giving her wife a love pinch on her side.

"Ouch!" Callie yelped. "What was that for?" She asked. Rubbing the sore place on her side, the brunette moaned just loud enough to be heard by her mischievous wife.

"It's gonna get rougher than that Calliope Torres. And, you're going to be moaning a whole lot louder," Arizona winked.

"You're so mean."

I love you..." the blonde laughed as she left her wife's office to check on their dinner.

Callie shook her head and looked back at the computer screen. "I love you more..." she replied.

The following morning, Callie and Monty traveled to Sloan Kettering for daily treatments. Arizona and Nanny Martinelli, along with Gavin and the girls were arriving in New York a little later in the morning hours. They were swapping out, Nanny would take the children, along with Rocco...back to Long Island. And the mothers...well, they were spending the day in New York, just the two of them.

"Be good for Nanny...Arizona said, waving at the two little girls that were oh so busy eating their frozen yogurts in the back of the limousine.

"We will see you all later tonight..." Callie waved at the kids. Monty had taken some extra nausea medicine today and luckily, he wasn't feeling too sick. And, that was a good thing.

"Hey...can y'all bring me some cotton candy?" Monty asked his moms.

"Yes, we'll bring you and Gavin some home." Callie replied. As the limousine pulled off, taking the children and Ms. Martinelli back to Long Island, Callie and Arizona looked at one another and they smiled.

"No kids..." Callie chuckled.

"No kids..." Arizona replied.

They felt a little bit like two teenagers that were out without supervision. Oh, today certainly was going to be a great day, Callie thought. Minutes later, their car pulled up in front of a popular store in New York City.

"Brunello Cucinelli"...I miss this store, don't you Arizona?" Callie asked as they stepped from their car.

This store was an Italian fashion house that offered Italian-made luxury goods. Their line of clothing was always a good fit for the brunette. Arizona and Callie had shopped there a lot when they lived in New York. And, today...the two wives took the rare opportunity to do a little shopping here, as well as several others stores. They really needed nothing, if you knew the was just the rare chance to get out and spend some quality time together.

An hour later...they had visited a couple of shops and it seemed that both wives were settled on one location, well mainly Arizona...but, Callie went along for her wife's enjoyment. The blonde wife certainly did have a hang up on a very popular department store. Bet you can't guess which one...

"I love Macy's! I haven't been here in forever..." Arizona squealed, taking her wife by the hand and practically dragging the brunette inside.

Callie shook her head and laughed at her wife. Arizona was a woman that had everything she ever wanted since she married Callie Torres. Yet, all she really wanted was to be normal. Free. Fun. Carefree...Adventurous. And apparently, she missed Macy's.

"I feel like a kid in a candy store in here Calliope...Look at all of these shoes."

Callie chuckled as she followed her wife around. The shoe department at Macy's in New York was expansive. All kinds...all colors...all pretty. "Ooohh..." Callie said. "I love these."

Several inches high, the open toed pumps would accentuate the perfect shaped calves of Mrs. Calliope least her wife thought so. "You should try those on honey. I'm going to see if they have these in my size," Arizona said, leaving her wife to find some help with her shoe size.

Callie laughed to herself. This was a side of the blonde that she hadn't seen in years. And, it was quite refreshing...for both of them.

After the shoe department had been terrorized by the blonde wife that had decided to try on every pair of heels that had...just for the heck of it, both wives had moved on down the street a little further to a restaurant called the Porter House.

"I'm really enjoying this today. Are you?" Arizona asked. Sitting in the booth beside her, was the brunette that was staring at the menu and having much difficulty trying to decipher the words.

"You left your reading glasses?" Arizona asked her wife.

"Yes...and I just really need this menu to be a little bit bigger. How tiny is this print? Can you read the damn menu Arizona?" Callie asked, huffing as she starred at the words that, were just were too small to read.

"Here..." the blonde smiled. Taking her wife's menu, she read to her several choices that she thought Callie might like. And, after a few minutes...a very great choice of grilled salmon and vegetables was decided upon.

"To answer your question...Yes...I'm enjoying today. I love spending time with you." Callie smiled.

Lacing her fingers with Arizona's, the brunette thought back to a few days ago when she had to leave her wife and children and fly to California. She was gone only three days but, those were the longest three days of her life. And, she really needed this alone time today with her wife.

"You know what I have planned for us to do tonight?" Callie asked.


"I know we have to get home tonight and we will but, I thought maybe we would take a little evening cruise around Manhattan." Callie said.

Arizona smiled. "That sounds very romantic Calliope. But, I sort of wanted to go to a club tonight. You know...Dance, drink. It's something we've not really done a lot of before."

Callie had went to great lengths to get this boat tonight. But, her ultimate goal was to please her wife. So, she agreed. "Your idea sounds even better." Callie smiled.

Arizona ghosted her hand up the brunette's leg underneath the table. Callie's breath hitched. She knew exactly what fantasy her wife was wanting to experience. And, taking her at the table inside this fancy New York restaurant at lunch today was not happening.

Callie placed her hand on top of Arizona's. "Not here," she whispered. "Wait until we get to the hotel."

The blonde shook her head. "It's part of us getting back into the groove Calliope," Arizona smirked. "I thought you wanted to get back in the groove?"

Callie smiled. "Oh I do. And we are. Just not here."

Sensing that this little under the table tryst wasn't going to go her way, Arizona stilled her hand at the top of her wife's thigh and softly rubbed circles while they talked.

"I think the shoes you bought will look perfect with the short black dress that you're wearing to the hospital gala next month." Arizona said.

"I think so too. It feels like just yesterday we attended that gala. Time passes by so fast doesn't it?"

Arizona laughed. "Yes honey, it does."

Two hours later...

"Get on your knees..." the brunette said. Her wife lay on the white covers of the large bed inside their hotel room suite, looking absolutely gorgeous.

Arizona did as she was told. Meeting the blonde in the middle of the bed, Callie pulled Arizona close and embraced her wife. Long blonde hair that lay in soft curls, a gorgeous body that was pressed very close to her's, her wife's white lace thong panties ...this was the best planned "date" they'd ever had.

"You look so beautiful and so sexy in that." Callie stated, her eyes roaming down to her wife's breasts that were covered by a low cut white bra.

"Have you seen yourself?" Arizona smirked. "That black lace body suit. The exposed breasts that are just screaming for me to take them in my mouth..."

"What's stopping you?" Callie said, raising an eyebrow.

Arizona did not have to be encouraged in the least. Leaning down, the blonde took her wife's full breasts into her hands and gently began to take them one by one in her warm mouth. Her tongue gliding across perfect shaped nipples, and her hands cupping the tanned globes that she loved to admire. It was easy, always easy making love to Callie. She was so perfect...her body and her devotion.

"Mmmm...that feels so good," Callie moaned.

Moving up her wife's body, the blonde kissed Callie's neck, causing the brunette to throw her head back and relish in the feeling.

"I want you to lay back Calliope. Let me take care of you for once."

The brunette always wanted Arizona to be first, well most of the time. She always took care of her wife's needs before her own. And, that was something she had done since the beginning of their marriage and it wasn't going to change.

"No, you first." Her words were not to be argued with. She couldn't go first, her wife would be first. Always.

"I'm not taking no for an answer." Arizona husked in her wife's ear and pushed the brunette back on the bed.

"You will do as I say Calliope Torres. At least, for the next hour."

Inhailing a deep breath, Callie's chest rose and fell hard. Being dominated by her wife happened on occasion but, she really preferred to be the one in charge. Although, a dominant Arizona was sexy as hell.

Straddling her wife's waist, Arizona asked, "You gonna give it up and let me have my way with you this afternoon. Just like I want too?"

Callie nodded. Never say a word, her hands rose to grip her wife's slender hips.

"Good. I'll be right back. Don't you move an inch."

Callie lay there in the middle of this large king sized bed atop of the Waldorf Astoria and she wondered what Arizona was doing. But, she never budged from her spot. If Arizona wanted to have her, she could take her in any position she pleased. But, was Callie so sure about that? Arizona had been reading since the night Callie insisted they had lesbian bed death. She studied up and, she had just the cure for her wife's concern.

"Dear god Arizona!" Callie gasped as she watched her wife bring back a very large toy to their bed. Climbing up, the blonde smiled as she held the large rubber phallus in her determined hands.

"You agreed. Any way..."

Callie nodded. She had agreed. But, to that? So that she what Arizona had in the large purse she did carried around all afternoon, Callie thought.

"Be gentle," she mumbled, swallowing hard as she looked at its size. She loved strap ons but, this was a whole different thing due to the size. It didn't look like it would feel comfortable at all.

"I can't promise you that sweetheart but, you'll be satisfied." Arizona offered a wink and begin to strap the phallus on her body. One side of the rubber toy was entered into the blonde that moaned as she took it in and the other end was for her wife to enjoy.

"I'm going to need some foreplay for that," Callie smirked.

"Good cause, I'm really good at foreplay." Arizona smiled, licking her lips. Callie swallowed harder than she did before. She had no doubt she'd be screaming in a few minutes and that thought, made her heart beat faster with excitement.

Four hours later, the atmosphere at the Electric Room Club was unlike any Callie Torres had been in before. Well, she had...back in her college days. But, never with her wife...never like this. They were mature women. Married. Settled. Had four kids for God's sake. And, the brunette felt a little out of her element. Looking around, she noticed Arizona was certainly comfortable in this realm of excitement.

Once they got a table inside the most popular club in New York, Callie got their drinks and walked back to where Arizona sat. Two guys had been watching them since they first arrived and decided to join the ladies. "May we sit with you?" One man asked.

Callie waved them off saying, "Sorry guys, it's girls night tonight. I'm here with my wife."

Arizona laughed, taking a sip of her margarita. Like those two even stood a chance. She had the best date there ever was and, it wasn't a man. Callie gave her wife an impish look and that was all it took. Tugging on the brunette's arm, Arizona lead her wife to the dance floor. It was crowded and hot, and the lights were low. The techno beat was low and thumping.

Callie looked around and swayed ever so slightly while her wife was...getting it on. "Come on, just ignore everyone but me..." Arizona said, encouraging her wife to let loose. "You don't know anybody here," the blonde said.

Callie nodded, she certainly did not know anyone here. Deciding to let go of her inhibitions, the brunette started to dance along with her wife. Gyrating their hips and jokingly spanking at each other, they laughed as they danced the night away. It didn't take long before Callie had completely blocked everyone out of her mind...except for the one she loved the most in the world, her blonde wife.

Forced to dance closer and closer by the crowd of bodies that filled the dance floor, they were doing the gyrating grinding dance and having lots of fun in the confined space they had. Callie whispered in her wife's ear, "Dancing with you like this is making my crazy. Horny crazy Arizona."

The blonde laughed, turning around and pressing her rear against her wife's front. She was purposely trying to act like it wasn't bothering her at all. But, in reality, it made Arizona hornier than she'd ever been in my life.

Callie was having so much trouble concentrating as they danced so close, she wanted her wife so badly! Taking a deep breath, she could smell the blonde's perfume and feel her soft skin on her's. She could even smell the strawberry margarita Arizona had before coming onto the dance floor on her breath. Not being able to stop staring at her wife's full lips in their daring shade of red lipstick, Callie leaned in close...very close.

"You're temping me..." she growled in Arizona's ear.

"Me? I'm just dancing..." The blonde declared her innocence as she rubbed against her wife with her breasts.

Callie could feel the tips of Arizona's breasts brushing against her's to the beat of the music. The blonde slowly slipped her leg between Callie's so that they were both straddling each other's thighs. Callie could feel her own short skirt slowly riding up with each movement to the techno music. She could feel her center start to tingle and get hotter with each beat, as they looked into each other's eyes and slowly moved.

"God! How can you do this to me here?" Callie asked her wife.

She knew Arizona was purposely driving her insane. Feeling her breath mingling with her own, Callie could almost taste her lips... and...then, she did. Pulling her wife against her, Callie kissed the blonde with an intensity that drew some attention.

"Calliope..." Arizona said, pulling back and rubbing against her wife again. She knew Callie Torres had buttons to push and yes...she was going to do just that...push them until the brunette practically exploded. And, Arizona loved every minute of what she was doing to her wife.

Callie could feel her heart race and jump into her throat while she got wetter and wetter. The throbbing...the aching...wanting to be touched and to touch her wife. There was only so much she could take you know.

Arizona leaned in and slowly licked the brunette's bottom lip, catching it between her lips. Then, they started to kiss. Callie's lips were so soft, and Arizona could feel her wife's breasts pressing into her own while they continued to grind to the beat of the music. Callie placed her hand on the small of the blonde wife's back and pulled Arizona close. And, all of a sudden on her bare leg, she could feel her wife's wet core! She wasn't wearing any underwear under that skirt!

She ground her dripping wet slit against Callie's leg to the beat of the music and Arizona put her hand on her wife's leg right under Callie's mound. With the next beat she pushed the brunette's thong aside and slipped two fingers inside of her wife.

"You're so wet Calliope..."

Closing her eyes, Callie's breaths increased. No one could tell Arizona was finger fucking her on the dance floor. The beat went faster and faster, so harder and faster Arizona ground her fingers that keep stretching and stroking Callie's hot wet center... Her wife's heart started to beat faster as her orgasm built and finally the brunette came all over the blonde's small hand with a little gasp.

"Fuck," Callie moaned in her wife's ear.

"That's it, just ride it out with the music baby." Arizona whispered as she continued to ride Callie's leg to her own orgasm and she could feel her own juices running down her leg.

As the song ended, Arizona took a long lick from her fingers with her little pink tongue. Callie looked at her wife and she was completely lust driven at this moment. She had just been taken in front of everyone on the dance floor and she didn't think that anyone had even noticed. If they had, they weren't seeming to mind and...neither did she at this point. Lust can make you do so very risky things sometimes.

"You taste good," Arizona smiled, as the next song began.

The impish look was back. Callie grabbed her wife's hand and lead Arizona to the crowded ladies room of the hottest night club in town. The blonde was about to get her fantasy for real, for the second time tonight. Callie's head was still spinning from that mind shattering orgasm on the dance floor. There wasn't too long of a line for a stall, and finally they made it to the front of the line as the handicapped stall opened up.

"Go ahead," Callie said to her wife. Arizona walked in and when she turned around, the brunette had locked the door.

Callie grabbed her wife by the back of the hair and started to kiss Arizona frantically, her tongue shooting past the blonde's lips and her breath coming short.

"I have to taste you!" Callie said. It wasn't a request...exactly. Arizona smiled. This was happening was so damn hot.

"People can hear us Calliope. I thought you..."

"Good, I want them to hear the cute little squeaks you make when I make you cum all over my face." The brunette said with all her inhibitions now lowered. She didn't care who heard them. This...was going to happen. And, she was going to make her wife scream her name.

Callie slowly pushed up the blonde's skirt as she got down on her knees. She looked at Arizona's bare mound for a moment, spreading it apart with her fingers, seeing the blonde's clit pushing through her swollen wet lips dripping with honey. Callie slowly inhaled Arizona's fragrance and reached forward and oh so gently touched the tip of the blonde wife's clit.

"I can't believe this is happening!" Arizona moaned, throwing her head back against the wall.

"Believe it." Callie stated, going back to pursue what was waiting for her between her wife's very wet thighs.

Arizona was so hot by that point, she had a small orgasm from her wife's touch immediately. Watching Callie play with my wet core was seriously turning the blonde on.

"YES! PLEASE!" Arizona begged, as Callie slowly pushed her pink warm tongue between the blonde's wet lips. Separating her wife's lips with her nose and tongue Callie started to take long slow licks from the bottom to the top of Arizona's slit. Looking down, Arizona could see her own juices on her wife lips between licks.

Callie slowly licked faster with more pressure letting Arizona's excitement build as the blonde watched Callie's tongue invade her. What a sweet intruder, watching her wife's pink tongue on her own wet pink clit, this scene right now was the hottest things Arizona had ever seen in her life! The brunette slowly raised two fingers to separate Arizona's lips and began to lick all the juice off her wet mound, while the blonde started to shudder and beg.

"Yeah baby!" Arizona whispered urgently. "Eat me... lick it harder! Do you like the way that tastes to you baby?"

Callie groaned in agreement as she sucked and licked her wife's clit, with the occasional tease of a finger in the blonde's aching hole. Eventually Callie couldn't stand it any more and...she slipped in two fingers.

"Oh fuck...yeah!" Arizona yelled out from the first stall of the ladies room in Electric Room Club. Maybe things like this had happened before in this bathroom, Callie wasn't so sure but, she certainly did think that maybe this sex in public fantasy of her wife's was fun.

Gasping and panting, right on the edge of her orgasm, Arizona pulled her wife's dark hair as she screamed out. "Oh God...Calliope I'm coming..."

A woman in the stall next to them begin to moan quietly. Callie listened...they were certainly drawing some attention apparently. The blonde screamed in ecstasy as she came against her wife's fingers and face.

Callie smirked as she stood. Moving strands of blonde hair behind Arizona's ear, Callie whispered, "That will teach you to tease me Mrs. Torres. You're wife does not approve of your actions tonight. And, not wearing any panties...When we get in the are in so much fucking trouble with her. It's going to be a long ride back to Long Island for you..."

Coming down from her high, Arizona said..."That was awesome... I think..."

Callie turned her wife around and pressed her against the wall. "I'm not done yet sweetheart. Can you hear everyone getting hot listening to me fuck you?"

And as Arizona listened, she could hear multiple women moaning in the bathroom, and as Callie looked under the stall doors, she saw that some had single occupants, and others, like themselves, decided to pair off. You could smell the scent of sex in the entire bathroom and the sound of some of those women doing things that...well, Callie didn't care what they were doing but, it made her want to take her wife again.

"Let me turn around." Arizona whined. She wanted to take Callie too.

"No." Callie whispered, licking the blonde's ear and pulling her wife's shirt up so her ass was now exposed. She intended to turn her wife around...but she wanted Arizona to beg her first.

"Please...we could come together..." the blonde moaned as Callie ghosted her fingers against her wife's rear.

"Turn around..." Callie ordered.

Arizona smiled. "You gave in too easy..." She said. Pushing the brunette's panties to the side, Arizona smiled when she slowly ran her fingers up and down her wife wet slit, Callie's juices covered her fingers. The brunette closed her eyes.

"I see why you gave in. You want me to take you, don't you Calliope? Just say it."

"Yes," The brunette moaned.

Callie slid two fingers in her wife, while she lifted one of her tanned legs and hooked her black heel in the bars that lined the handicapped stall. Arizona flexed her legs and slowly started to ride her wife's fingers as her wife did the same.

"This is so fucking hot," Arizona groaned.

Callie was lost in her own little world. She was sexual. Explicit at times in her language...and although this scene was foreign to her...oh god did she ever want to do this again. This...was amazing. More fun that she thought it would be.

"Shit, I won't last much longer," Callie moaned as Arizona pumped in and out of her wet center. She could feel her juices getting hotter and more slippery and she knew a mind shattering orgasm coming on, when suddenly the blonde filled her with yet another finger.

"Harder," Callie said, as she thrusted into her wife with her own talented fingers.

Everything shattered...everything went black... as Callie screamed and came against her wife's hand. Feeling her muscles contracting around Arizona's fingers...and her juices squirting wildly, she knew this was the best sex she'd ever had. Hands down...this was it.

"Fuck!" Arizona groaned as she came and convulsed against her wife's body. Panting, the both leaned against one another and tried to gather themselves.

"I think that was the best sex ever..." Callie whispered with a hint of a giggle in her voice.

"Me too..." The blonde smiled.

Finally able to stand on their own, Arizona laughed. "Those handicapped rails are pretty handy."

Callie shook her head. Her wife and her jokes...

As they made their way out of the bathroom they could see two women on the counters with their legs spread and one woman alternating finger fucking one and eating the other. Apparently they made quite an impression at that night club that night.

Arizona looked at Callie with a mischievous grin, and said, "So, about that long trip to Long Island?"

Callie laughed as she placed a call to their driver. "Let's get out of here and if you are really good...I mean really good in the back seat of that limo...maybe I'll forgive you for seducing me on the dance floor."

Laughing, the blonde wife lowered her hand down to her wife's voluptuous ass. "Let's take the long was home..." Arizona smirked.

Looking over to the blonde that had just brought out a side of her she never knew she had, Callie smiled. "Oh, don't worry...I intend too."

They were together...two women that loved each other and even though at times, they fought and fought hard...even cutting one another with words that really pierced the heart of the one they loved the most...they were still together. Why?

Because they were compatible. They tried to consider the others feelings...although at times like we all do...they failed. Both wives tried to keep a sense of humor, you had to with four children and one as sick as Monty. And, last but not least...Callie and Arizona tried to keep daily intimacy alive. It was hard some days, but they were definitely trying to improve a neglected but, very important part of their marriage.

Compatible? I think so... Why? Because..."What counts in making a happy marriage is not so much how compatible you are but how you deal with incompatibility." ― Leo Tolstoy


Chapter Text

Six Thankful Turkeys

"I'm so glad I live in a world where there's turkey." - Monty Torres

"Ready to go home Monty!" Callie yelled upstairs to her youngest son.

It was Thanksgiving this week. Monty had a break in his chemo treatment and the doctors had told his mothers that they were fine with Monty traveling home to Nevada for Thanksgiving. However, they had to limit his visitors. No one could come over unless they were not sick. And, everyone had to wear a face mask. So, this year...Thanksgiving would be a quiet event at the Torres Home on Lake Tahoe. But, that was fine with Monty. All he wanted was to go home.

"So..." Gavin whispered looking around. "I was thinking, maybe we could get Kylee to come over this week. She said you stopped talking to her and I think she's upset. I will talk to mama...I can work her too." Gavin stated.

"I don't think I want to see Kylee or talk to her." Monty said in a weakened voice. "Besides, I heard mama tell mom that she didn't want her around. And, I can't have any visitors."

"I'll handle mama and the visitors thing, don't worry about that. But, why are you saying you don't want to see her?" Gavin asked, looking down to meet the downtrodden gaze of his brother.

Monty wasn't quite Monty right now. Cancer can do that to you eventually. It can take your humor, your peace of mind, and if you're not careful...before you know it, it will rob your very soul.

"Cause I don't want her to see me like this. I look terrible," he explained to his brother. "I can't handle that right now."

"Handle what?" Gavin asked. Pulling up a chair beside his brother, Gavin sat down and crossed his legs, slumping down a little in his seat. He was exactly like Callie Torres, in every way.

"She won't like me anymore Gavin. I just don't want to see her for a while." Monty said, a frown visible in his face. He did want to see the little girl but, rejection is a tough thing to experience.

"She will," Gavin replied. "She liked you before chemo and believe me, you weren't much better looking then."

Knowing how to use humor and bring a smile to someone's face is as important as any ability or skill you'll ever have in your life. Gavin had learned that from his brother and this morning, he used some of that Monty Torres charm that was foreign to him but, he was learning. Monty laughed.

"Whatever," Monty smirked.

Callie walked in Monty's bedroom and was surprised to see the two brothers sitting over by the large window, over looking the lawn. They were quiet but, they seemed happy. Seeing Gavin's arm around his brother's chair, Callie knew that Gavin must be offering some sort of help or comfort for his ailing brother. She wasn't worried because, if it were something serious that required her help, Gavin would tell her.

"Are you ready to blow this pop stand and go home?" Callie asked Monty.

Monty turned and smiled. "Nevada. Right?"

Callie gave him a wink. "That is where my jet is flying to in the next hour. You want a lift?"

Monty nodded. "Yes I do," he said. He was ready to leave this place, if only for a week.

The flight home was long and the girls grew bored very quickly. Hope wasn't impressed by the Torres jet. She didn't like the plane when they flew to New York months ago and she hadn't grown any more attached to the steel bird on the way home either.

Clutching to her mommy, Hope clung onto Arizona with fierceness. Flying was not her thing obviously. Arizona sat and held Hope in her arms and they watched Peppa the Pig with Gabby. Monty was sleeping on the sofa while Gavin and Callie sat in Callie's office and the two were having had an interesting conversation.

"You're too hard on Monty," Gavin breathed out, causing the brunette to peer across her newspaper.

"Excuse me?" Callie asked.

"Monty. I said you're too hard on Monty."

Lowering the paper, the brunette took off her glasses. The look on her face was a mixture of anger and amusement. Anger because... No one talked to her that way. And, amusement was just under the surface because, her son had balls of steel. He may be the quiet type but, Gavin was not afraid.

"Why do you say that Gavin?" She asked, leaning back in her chair, crossing her legs. It was a trait she got from Carlos and one that Gavin had gotten from her.

He was not scared. He and Callie were close. She was his role model, his mentor. To her, the brunette mother...Gavino Torres was the chosen son. He had been from the start. Since the day he was born. And, everyone in the Family knew it.

"Cause he's sick and, you won't let Kylee come and see him. He said you told mom that you didn't want her around anymore and now he doesn't talk to her and he doesn't even want to see her because he thinks he looks bad since he lost so much weight. He thinks she won't like him anymore. And, I just think that's wrong of you not to let her visit."

Gavins words struck a cord with the brunette. "He can't have visitors son." Callie stated.

"He can wear a mask and so can she. Kylee could even stay outside and they could just talk outside, she doesn't have to come inside the house mama." Gavin replied. He had this whole thing planned out. And, it could his mind.

"It's the doctor's rules, not mine," Callie said in a sarcastic tone.

"You know you wouldn't have let her come anyway." Gavin shot back. He certainly was brave today speaking to Callie Torres in this manner wasn't he? Better watch out there Gavin.

"So, I'm a bad mother? You don't like my rules?" She asked her oldest son that was certainly unhappy with her parenting choices.

"You're not a bad mother but, no, I don't like your rules. She's just a girl. She the first girl he likes and it won't last. I've had crushes on several girls but, they ended. Monty will get over her. But, it just makes everything worse when you act totally against it."

Callie sat and thought in that for a moment. She asked, "You think he likes her more because I say no?"

"I don't know. Maybe." Gavin replied. "It's just not a big deal. Sure, she's not our class but, she's better than some. Like that blonde headed girl in his class, Kate, she's one I wouldn't ever like if you paid me to like her. Be glad it's not her."

Callie smiled. Maybe Gavin was on to something here. Maybe she was too hard, to stern when it came to Monty liking this girl. But, then again...maybe it wasn't just this girl. Maybe Callie had a problem with Monty liking any girl. One thing was for sure, Monty Torres was definitely going to be a rounder, a ladies man. And, that was something that deep down, bothered Callie much more than she acted like.

"Maybe you're right," Callie said. Now that was a line she seldom used but, then again, she was talking with the chosen one, remember? Could he ever really make her mad? No, not really. Gavin could handle Callie Torres, he had a certain way with the brunette and a straightforwardness that she respected.

"When we get home, call her and, she can come over," Callie said.

"Sure. Absolutely," Gavin answered. It was a serious tone but deep down, he was doing cartwheels. He got exactly what he wanted, what Monty wanted and, it wasn't hard at all.

"But, they both have to wear masks and its only for a few minutes. And Gavin, let's don't make a habit of girls coming over. You're both young and girls really should be the last thing on either of your minds." Callie said. "Do you understand?"

"I got it," Gavin nodded. "Good talk mama." He smiled and walked to the door.

"Yea...yea..." she smirked and picked up the newspaper to start back reading. This would be one of the few quiet moments she would have before they landed and she meant to take full advantage of it.

Arizona was asleep in the oversized reclining seat of the large Torres jet, Gabby snuggled on one side of the blonde and Hope on the other, sleeping away, safe and sound.

Gavin walked to where Monty lay on the the sofa. "Hey, I got mama to say yes to your girl coming over when we get home." Gavin whispered causing Monty to open his eyes. He wasn't asleep, just catnapping.

"I told you..."

"Shut up. Let her come over. Get over how you look. I told you, you were already ugly before this happened," Gavin smiled.

"Asshole," Monty smirked.

"Takes one to know one," Gavin replied.

"You have been warned have to stop saying curse words." Arizona had her eyes closed but, she heard every word. Every curse word too. And she meant it, he had better stop.

"Damn, she's got bat ears," Monty whispered to his brother. Gavin chuckled, trying to keep quiet.

Arizona opened one eye, "I heard that too." She said. "I mean it, you better watch that language Monty Torres." Poor Monty, couldn't he ever catch a break?

As they landed at the airport, the family disbursed from the private jet. Callie held Hope on her right hip, Gavin held Gabby's hand, Arizona had several bags that she handed to Luca the bodyguard and, Monty was in Rocco's arms as he was the last to descend from the plane.

"You know I can walk Rocco." Monty said. "I have crutches and a wheelchair. I've even tried to use a walker some."

"Yea but, your mother said to carry you. She was afraid you would fall down the steps." Rocco replied as he carried Monty.

"Let me told you that." Monty smirked. He figured as much. That blonde doctor was going to be a pain to deal with he thought.

"Nope. Callie. And, I never say no to Callie." Rocco winked at the younger son of his boss's. If you knew the truth, Monty was his favorite.

As they reached the bottom step, Rocco put Monty down due to the younger boy's complaining. An so when Monty's feet hit the ground, the whole family clapped.

"You're finally home!" Callie shouted.

It was a slit second decision Monty made, and he dropped to the ground before anyone knew what was happening.

"Oh dear God!" Arizona screeched, rushing over to see about her youngest son. "What's wrong?" She asked.

Callie bent down and her brow was furrowed. "Monty?"

Monty looked up and smiled. "I'm just showing my love for Nevada. I just wanted to kiss the ground. They do it in the movies."

Arizona exhaled and then rolled her eyes. Monty Torres was going to be the death of her. "I thought you were sick? I thought something was wrong?"

Callie added, "Me too."

Gavin laughed at his very concerned parents. "He's been planning that for days." The older brother confessed.

Shaking her head, Arizona looked at Monty and snapped her fingers. "Come on then drama queen, let's get you home."

Gabby looked down at her brother. "Drama queen," she said, snapping her fingers like Arizona had just done and motioning for Gavin to follow the blonde that knew everything at this moment. She really was a spitting image of her blonde mother, there was no doubting that at all.

Callie stood back up with little Hope still on her hip. "Monty," Hope smiled at her brother that walked beside her and her mama. Patting his slick head, the little brunette with the beautiful green eyes giggled. Her older brother was so funny.

Thanksgiving day came quicker than and of them imagined. They had a few visitors over to see Monty since they had arrived back to Nevada. Arizona was still the germ fanatic as always. Monty had to wear a mask when visitors came and if they were even remotely sick within the past week or so, she didn't allow them access to her son. The blonde doctor wasn't taking any chances. And, no one could blame her at all.

Yes, Kylee Stewart had come to visit this week, just yesterday in fact. No, she didn't care that Monty didn't look quite like the old Monty. Just as Gavin had known from the beginning, she liked Monty before he was sick and his looks didn't matter to her at all.

Traditional thanksgiving meals are a must in many homes across America. The predominant choice of meat served at thanksgiving is...the turkey. But, why the turkey? Gavin had always wondered this. Yes, he still felt sorry for the damn turkeys every year at Thanksgiving.

"Among the big birds, turkey was considered ideal for a fall feast. Turkeys born in the spring would spend about seven months eating insects and worms on the farm, growing to about ten pounds by Thanksgiving. They were the obvious choice." Callie explained. "Gavin we go over this every year." She added.

"I just don't like to kill turkeys." Gavin explained.

Monty sat at the bar and listened to his mama and Gavin have the same conversation every year. And, although Gavin would argue and protest the bird of choice at every thanksgiving meal, he still ate the damned bird. So in Monty's mind, why all the fuss Gavino?

"Well, I'm so glad I live in a world where there's turkey?" Monty smiled, grabbing a piece of the tasty bird from the large white platter and popping it into his mouth.

"Watch it." Callie said, narrowing her eyes at the younger Torres that was slipping food from the platter. She did not really care. If Monty would just eat, he could sneak food from the bar all he wanted. But, she want going to tell him that.

"He's been doing that for a while you know?" Gavin said, shaking his head. Monty was always a big eater at thanksgiving. He loved turkey.

Callie shrugged her shoulders. She didn't seem to notice or even care too much apparently. And Gavin rolled his eyes.

Hope walked up and held out her hand. She wanted some too. The little green eyed brunette had been standing beside Callie as she finished cooking in the kitchen.

"Me?" Hope asked. "Pwease."

Monty smiled and let his little sister climb in his lap. Callie purposely turned so that she didn't see what Monty was about to do.

"Mmmm..." Hope said licking her lips. That turkey was good.

"Mama! He just gave Hope some too. Monty keeps pulling turkey off the turkey and..."

Callie looked over at Gavin. He was smart and had it all together she thought, except at Thanksgiving. Whispering, the brunette said, "I have two turkeys this year Gavin. If your brother will eat, he can have all the damned turkey he wants. Now, go away and let me finish this before your mother comes back."

There may have been two turkeys that donned the Torres table this year at thanksgiving. But, in reality there were six thankful turkeys that would be sitting around the dinner table with in the next hour. This year it would only be Arizona, Callie and, their four children celebrating thanksgiving. And, yes...these six turkeys were mighty thankful for the blessings they had received this year and, for the blessings that they knew would continue to come.

Thirty minutes later, they all gathered around the table and were partaking of a very delicious meal.

"I'm thankful for cancer. Not the surgery or the leg pain. Not the nedledles and blood they took that I'll never get back. Not the puke, or the mouth sores, oh and the ability to not be able to taste my food. I'm not thankful for that at all. And, not the nausea, or the diarrhea..."

"Ew..." Gabby said.

Gavin felt his turkey coming back up when he heard that word. "Monty stop. I'm eating man."

"What I'm saying is that I'm thankful for what happened to me. And, I want to do something to help other kids like me. But, I don't know what..."

Arizona smiled. She knew just the thing. "Why not start a foundation? The Monty Torres Foundation for children with Cancer. Offer kids and their families support and maybe have a big fundraiser once a year and you could share your story, raise money for projects that the foundation would host. The foundation could partner with the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. You could start a Camp oncology camp for children with cancer and the money you raise could benefit that Camp. There all sorts of ideas."

Callie looked over at her wife with amazement. Arizona had apparently given some thought to this already. "This is why I married you. You have the biggest heart for children," Callie said to her wife.

Arizona smiled. "This is all Monty. He's the one that wanted to do something and he asked me last night what he could do and these are the ideas that came to my mind. But, it's all him. Not me."

"I can have some parties, read to them, maybe even host several days at a library. Anything to let them know they are not alone..." Monty suggested.

Callie beamed with excitement and said, "I love this idea! I'll get Tom started on setting up a foundation immediately. Is this the best family or what?" Callie smiled.

Monty nodded. He agreed it sounded like a good idea. He certainly would have a lot of experience to to share with other children once this was over. Experience. It's what you learn in life. Every experience brings with it a mistake or triumph, and often a realization about who we are as individuals. Experience helps us clarify how we think, who we want to surround ourselves with, and ultimately an understanding of what makes us happy in life. Experience has emotional longevity. It can be improved in our minds as we continue to grow and progress in life. It stays with us and they are lessons we can use everyday for as long as we live.

It's been said that..."Nothing ever becomes real 'til it is experienced." Maybe that's true. It certainly felt true to Monty. If you had told him this time last year that he would be going through what was the most trying time of his life, he would have laughed in your face. But, once it was experienced, it did become real. And reality, its a hard pill to swallow sometimes.

Monty would be through with his chemo in a few months and, he would once again have the freedom he desired from this dreaded disease and its countless cycles of treatments. However, today...he was thankful. Thankful to be home. Thankful to be alive. Thankful for two parents and siblings that loved him unconditionally and stood by him through the darkest days of his life. Callie was right...This was the BEST family anyone could ever ask for. And for that...Monty was thankful.

"Some things cannot be taught; they must be experienced. You never learn the most valuable lessons in life until you go through your own journey." - Roy T. Bennett

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Quote Credit: "Nothing ever becomes real 'til it is experienced."- John Keats

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The Graduation Present

"...We want the American dream: to graduate from high school, go college, get a degree, and then what? Find the love of your life and get married. Then what? Get a job. Then what? Buy a car, buy a house, buy life insurance. Then what? Grow old and retire. Then what? ls that it? ls that all there is?..." -Noel Brewer Yeatts


Several Months Later...

"Congratulations!" Everyone yelled.

Nurses, family, even Hunter and Addison were in attendance today. What was today? Graduation Day. It was better than any high school or college graduation he'd ever experience because today, Monty Torres was officially done with his chemotherapy treatments.

"Thanks," Monty said with a weak smile on his face.

Monty finished the last round of chemo slower than he would have liked but, he was done. The remaining nodule in his lung was not seen on the last scan that was taken just yesterday. He was officially cancer free, or NED (no evidence of disease) as his mom called it.

Arizona was a hopeful mother but, she was still a doctor. And the thoughts and fears of cancer returning would haunt her continuously. It was a justifiable concern she had although her wife had told her she didn't want her to dwell on those thoughts too much.

Callie wasn't looking for any more bad news to happen in their family. She'd had endured enough as they all had and, the brunette would have no more worrying or anxiety about what could happen in the future. It was time to move forward, leaving this troublesome time behind them. But, deep down, did she really feel that way?

"Man we are going to hang out all week. No nurses, no hospitals, you only have one doctor to see but, that's mom and, we can work her like we need to," Gavin laughed.

Hearing a throat clear, Gavin turned around to meet the blue eyes that, if you knew the truth...they all were more afraid of than they'd ever admit.

"Mom!" Gavin smiled.

The older boy was sitting in a chair beside his brother at this little party they pediatric oncology group had thrown for Monty. Hunter sat on the other side and the three were in a deep discussion.

Monty was quite frail and thinner now, if that were even possible. And, it broke Gavin's heart when he looked at his brother. However, the ever determined Gavin had decided to make it his mission to see about and help his brother get back to where he was before all of this happened.

"You better watch it, Gavino Torres. Cause I'm watching you." Arizona said, motioning with her two fingers, from her eyes to his. She loved her oldest, Gavin was her first, and they'd always been so close. But, he was probably more like Callie as he aged than any of the other children.

Gavin smiled and stood to give his mom a kiss on the cheek and patted her back, encouraging her essence, move along. This conversation wasn't for her to be partaking of and Gavin had no intentions of Arizona hearing any of it either. It was between brothers, well, and Hunter Montgomery of course. But, it was okay...he wouldn't tell.

"I learned a secret if you want to bet mama on what it is..." Gavin smiled to his younger brother. Monty loved to bet. It would be a habit of his that he would continue throughout his life.

"What?" Monty asked. His curiosity was up now at the mention of a bet.

Gavin chuckled. "Mama has you a graduation present. She thinks it will cheer you up. I thought you could bet her some money on what it is. You would never guess it in a million years. Like...I can't believe Mom even agreed to it but, she did."

Sparking Monty's interest was easy. He was just really weak and didn't have a lot to say today. "Okay. You gonna bring it up in front of her so I can ask?" Monty asked Gavin.

"Yea...I'll handle it. Bet her a hundred dollars. She'll take that bet easy..." Gavin laughed. "So, here's what the present is..." Huddled together the three boys were discussing this secret that Callie Torres had kept hidden but, was soon to reveal.

As the boys gathered around in a circle, Callie watched. She knew something was up, and she trusted Gavin to tell her. Poor Callie...smh.

Gavin leaned back in his chair, his right leg crossed over his left. The typical slender legs of a tall boy that was growing up and become a young man, wiser than most his age smiled at his brother and Hunter.

Hunter giggled. "That's a good bet man. I wish I could get in on a bet like that."

Monty smiled, his teeth actually showing for the first time in months. He was happy to make this bet and, happy about the graduation present his mother was giving to him. He always wanted one but, Arizona wasn't keen on that sort of thing.

"I'll give you a twenty," Monty replied to his best buddy. After all, what are friends for you know?

"Thanks man!" Hunter said a little to loudly.

Deciding to see exactly what the three boys were up to, Callie and Addison walked over to where the trio sat...all smiles...all happy.

"What's going on over here?" Callie asked, looking at the guys with a cautious look.

"You three look guilty to me," Addison commented.

"Nothing. Gavin passed gas." Monty smiled, causing Hunter to burst into laughter.

Gavin looked over to Monty and offered at smirk. He had done no such thing but, he played along. The brunette mother was smart. She was a tough cookie. Not much got by her at, Gavin played along just to be on the safe side, not giving their plan away.

"It was the chips and salsa," Gavin said, rubbing his stomach.

Slowly nodding her head, Callie questioned her oldest son. "Did you have chips and salsa? I didn't see you..."

Gavin interrupted. "Yea...I ate a few, you were talking to one of the nurses I think mama. You didn't notice." Confident, poised, Gavin threw his arms back, one behind his brother, the other against the empty seat next to him. He never lied but, this was a special occasion wasn't it?

"I probably was talking and just didn't notice," Callie replied. She trusted Gavin. As she should have on most occasions. He was a truthful child. But, every once in a while, he could bend the rules. And, if it made a smile come across Monty's tired face, he'd bend those rules all day long. That, you could count on.

An hour passed and the final goodbyes were said. This was it. No more chemotherapy. No more treatments. Surgeries were in his future due to the rod in his leg but, the worst of it had passed. And, as fond as Monty was of the nurses and the staff here in the oncology department at Sloan Kettering...he was ready to leave. That's what email, and Facebook, and Instagram was for, he thought. And, he had everyone's contact information so he could follow them and, they could follow their favorite patient as well. Our world certainly has come a long way in the past few years, hasn't it?

As the limo pulled up, and Monty transferred from his wheelchair to inside the limousine, he asked his mama..."Are we heading to the airport now? Or later?"

Callie smiled. "The plane is waiting and, I'm going home now. You ready to go home or you want to stay in New York a few more days?"

The contagious smile was visible when he thought about home. "Home. Let's go home." Monty said.

Seven hours later, they landed once again in Nevada. And, same as thanksgiving...Monty was carried off the plane, by Luca this time. Rocca was back home with the surprise that Callie couldn't wait to give to her son.

Graduation gifts come in many different ways. For high school or college, money is a popular gift due to its demand by the student and it's just an easy gift for the giver. But, this wasn't a school graduation. This was a milestone for Monty Torres, but it had nothing to do with education. Graduating from chemotherapy was a big deal however, it was huge. A milestone that the younger Torres would never forget and, neither would his mothers.

On the ride home, Callie just could not hold it any longer. But, it was Gavin that beat her to saying anything. "So, where was Rocco at?" Gavin asked.

"He is at home with Monty's Graduation Present." Callie smiled at her youngest son.

"Ooh...I like presents," Gabby smiled. "Do I get a present too?"

Arizona explained, "This is because Monty was so sick and he graduated from chemotherapy treatments. So he gets a special present for that."

Gabby wasn't too happy about that and she looked over at Monty with an annoyed look. What was so special about him right now?

"What is it?" Monty asked, inquiring about the present.

Callie was so elated that she could hardly contain it. And, everyone in the car, including Monty got tickled at her enthusiasm.

"I can't tell you because it's a surprise. But, I have Grandma and Eddie at home to film it and, I had it flown in from California yesterday. You are going to love it." Callie said, her voice so childlike and thrilled with excitement.

Monty deserved this, he had always wanted one but, they never did ever get around to buying one. This...was the right time, the brunette thought.

"You want to make a bet I can guess it? I will probably take me like ten guesses or so." Monty said.

Callie looked over at Gavin and he had a straight face. He hadn't told, she thought. She looked over to Arizona...but, she knew the blonde doctor hadn't told. So, she thought, why not. Monty would never guess this in a million years.

"Okay, you'll never get it." Callie laughed.

The brunette was fidgety, anxious to get home...excited...and, Monty could see that she was. And, maybe the old Monty Torres would have burst her bubble and guessed the graduation present, but...not this Monty. He could not go through with it.

"I think I'll wait and be surprised." He said. Sure, he knew the present in its entirety and would have to pretend to be surprised but, he would do that for Callie.

Gavin looked over inconspicuously, not giving anything away. He thought...What on earth? Did his kid brother have a fever or something? This was totally out of character. Gavin practically set him up to win this bet. "What the heck," Gavin thought as he looked over at Monty. Monty didn't look at Gavin, he did not want to ruin anything for the brunette that was bubbling, just bursting with energy and excitement over this surprise.

When the escalade pulled in the driveway, the iron gates opened up and yes...Monty Torres was finally home. He smiled when he looked out the window as they slowly ascended the paved driveway. The flowers were blooming. The sun was shining brightly over the waters of Lake Tahoe. It was home for young Monty. He would always be a Lake Tahoe native for the rest of his life.

"I can walk Luca," Monty said. "Just get my walker please."

Independent. Determined. That was him. Monty had endured several months of grueling therapy over the leg that he begged to be saved. He used his walker for stability and, for his mothers that hovered over him like two hawks. They were overprotective but, no one could fault either of them for that really.

"You got it?" Callie asked as they slowly walked to the door.

"I'm good mama. Go ahead and get that surprise ready." Monty replied. He knew she wanted to. She really couldn't wait to see his face.

Sitting on the sofa several minutes later, Monty pulled the recliner button on the side to elevate his legs. Arizona sat in the chair beside the sofa and Gavin sat on the other end of the sofa from his brother.

Eddie had the camera and Barbara, as always held the video recorder. No one in the family knew how to work the thing but her, she'd had quite a bit of practice at it over the years. They all chatted away while the little girls of the house entertained themselves in the corner of the the room.

Gabby and Hope were in their own little world. Tea parties are fun when they are shared with sisters. Two sisters that looked totally opposite in their looks as well as their ways. Gabby was more bossy. Demanding. Let's face it...the littlest blonde was a tad spoiled. And, her brunette mother was to thank for that. As for Hope...well, she was easy going. Sweet. Always smiling. And, she seemed to be developing a sense of humor that was all her own.

"Alright...are you ready?" Callie called out.

"Yes." Monty answered.

"Are you sure you're ready?" She asked again. Standing in the kitchen, the brunette peeped around the corner to see what was happening.

"Yes!" Monty said a little louder.

"You have to close your eyes." Callie called out as she looked once again around to her wife who was sitting in the chair with an amused expression on her face.

"You are enjoying this way too much honey." Arizona chuckled.

"His eyes are closed!" Gabby screamed. Everybody sitting in the living room jumped at the little blonde with a set of lungs that they didn't even know she had. Gabby Torres would always be known for her unique voice that could be so soft and sweet but, in the next second, the next breath, be something that literary could wake the dead.

Walking into the living room, Callie watched as Arizona placed her finger over her mouth to show the little girls that silence was called for this moment. It was a surprise...

Callie padded slowly towards Monty's seat and when she stopped in front of him, she sat the "present" in his lap. And when he felt it, he smiled. Yes, he knew knew what it was but, he was a master at putting in a good show.

"A puppy!" He shouted.

"You always wanted one." Callie replied.

"Ooh...puppy..." Hope said, as she walked over to pet the newest member of the family. "Kissy..." she said. That little Hope was one more of a sweetheart.

It was Callie's idea...the puppy thing. Arizona had been against it because she wasn't really fond of the idea of another member of the house to potty train. And, as a doctor, she knew it wasn't best to introduce new pets to patients that had been as sick as Monty. But, Callie had plead the case for a new puppy and even brought Gavin in on the situation too. And, eventually the blonde doctor gave in.

"And, it's a boy!" Monty laughed as he held up the tiny Yorkshire Terrier that had champion bloodlines. He came from a long line of winners, and he was just perfect. Absolutely perfect.

"Is that okay?" Arizona asked. By the sounds of his voice, Monty certainly seems to be fond of the idea on another male presence around the house.

"Yes. Me and Gavin and Ed...we're outnumbered with all you women." He answered. Everyone laughed. Gavin leaned over to his brother, "We're still outnumbered you know."

Monty smiled. He knew. But, that was alright with him. These five ladies were his pick, his girl's and, that would never change.

"So we have a fru fru dog." Eddie laughed.

Gavin nodded. It did appear that way. Arizona nodded. She agreed for once with Eddie. Oh, but Callie...the one you'd least expect out of the whole family to like such a dainty little dog took offense to the term fru fru.

"He's not a fru fru dog. The Yorkshire terrier is one of the most popular dogs there is. They are cute and also unique and charming in their personalities. It's a toy breed but, they are smart, spunky and pure terrier."

Arizona raised her eyebrows. Callie had just delivered a speech as well as the American Kennel Club President she thought. Who knew such a badass like Callie Torres would fall for a puppy that was actually deliriously adorable? Not me, that's for sure.

"I love him already," Gabby giggled, petting the puppy.

"Uh huh, Abby," Hope smiled as she's mumbled to her sister. She agreed. She liken the puppy too.

"It's Gabby," Gabby said, correcting the little brunette that couldn't get her name right, hardly ever.

Hope smiled...whatever. Oh well, better luck next time there..."Abby."

Monty held his puppy close. He loved this little precious puppy more than himself at this moment.

"You got a name for him Monty?" Grandma Robbins asked.

"Ace," Gavin suggested.

"Benji," Callie said.

Arizona spoke up, "Fru Fru," she laughed, eliciting a harsh look from her wife. She thought it was funny but, apparently it wasn't.

"I think you love him more than me!" Arizona said to her wife.

Callie leaned across her chair and whispered in her wife's ear, "Tonight in bed...I'll prove you wrong," the brunette hushed in the blonde's ear, blowing a small warm and causing Arizona to stir in her seat.

"Don't make promises you can't keep," Arizona whispered back.

Callie looked her wife in the eyes and she smiled. "I promise you'll know exactly who loves you tonight. You'll be screaming her name...I have no doubt honey."

Arizona looked over and the kids were all looking in their direction. They didn't know what was said but, their mommy was blushing. Hey, maybe people still blush after all.

Monty smiled. "His name is...Milo." Holding the tiny puppy up close to his chest, the younger Torres boy could feel the instant bond between his dog and himself. It cuddled in close to Monty, enjoying the attention and the obvious love it felt. Dogs can tell when you love them. Believe me, they know.

"Welcome to the Torres Family Milo!" Callie announced.

A cute name for a cute puppy. Little Milo would live a long life in the Torres Family. He would be loved. He would be the center of attention. And, Milo would be some very good company to the recovering Monty.

They say..."All parents set out with expectations, hopes and dreams for their child. When a child is diagnosed with a health problem, these aspirations are altered. While one parent is hoping to see their child graduate from university, another is praying that they can live pain free." As to whether that is true, just might be. Especially in this home.

Both mothers watched as the kids sat around, talking and laughing. Watching Milo sleep in Monty's arms caused Callie to look at her son and think...All the hopes and dreams she had for Monty were almost lost months ago yet, they were in full view once again. He was slowly turning a corner and he'd be on the road to a full recovery soon. There wasn't anything Monty couldn't do...One day, she hoped he would be graduating for real. The American Dream, that's what she wanted for Monty Torres. Isn't that what we all want? And for that, Callie offered up a smile.

Arizona too had a smile but for an entirely different reason. Her smile was more of a worried, slightly agonizing smile. An apprehensive smile. A smile that...still wasn't quite sure what Monty's future would be. There was always a chance for reoccurrence. They all knew that. But, it never seemed to leave the blonde doctor's mind. Maybe all moms would feel that way too. While Arizona sat and looked at the pale little boy that was a much smaller version of himself, she thought...God, whatever happens...let him live pain free.

However..."Pain is a part of life. Sometimes it's a big part, and sometimes it isn't, but either way, it's a part of the big puzzle, the deep music, the great game. Pain does two things: It teaches you, tells you that you're alive. Then it passes away and leaves you changed. It leaves you wiser, sometimes. Sometimes it leaves you stronger. Either way, pain leaves its mark, and everything important that will ever happen to you in life is going to involve it in one degree or another."

Two different women. Two different mothers with conflicting emotions and both were justified in how they felt. Two brains that had different thoughts about their youngest son's outlook, and both were valid in their feelings. But, one thing was certain, it was really the "unknown" they both feared the most, whether they voiced it or not. But why? Why be afraid of the "unknown?" The answer is simple, you shouldn't. It's not the unknown you need to be afraid of, but the familiar. It gets you...every time.

"Look, everyone talks about the unknown like it's some big scary thing, but it's the familiar that's always bothered me. It's heavy, builds up around you like rocks, until it's walls and a ceiling and a cell."
— V.E. Schwab

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Quote Credits:

"All parents set out with expectations, hopes and dreams for their child. When a child is diagnosed with a health problem, these aspirations are altered. While one parent is hoping to see their child graduate from university, another is praying that they can live pain free" — Sharon Dempsey

Pain Quote: Jim Butcher

Chapter Text

These Ties That Bind

"Families aren't easy to join. They're like an exclusive country club where membership makes impossible demands and the dues for an outsider are exorbitant."
— Erma Bombeck

Family. The ties that bind. It's an unbreakable, indescribable bond. It's intimate being tied together, being a family. The ties that bind us are sometimes impossible to explain. They connect us. They offer support, encouragement and, strength. Because these ties are simply meant to be.

Movie nights. They are fun for the family. It's creating memories...Cementing the bonds between parents and children. Why not have a movie night with kids? There have been many people doing it since the television was introduced. Families used to gather up and watch whatever on tv way back when...remember those days?

"This is a great movie choice huh Gavin? Have we watched this before?"

Monty...always full of jokes and sarcasm but, it was the truth. They had seen this before...many, many times. But, come on...The Lion King is a classic.

"Shh..." Gabby ordered her brother. He was talking rather loudly.

"What if I just whisper?" Monty asked softly to the his little sister that sat on the floor.

"No Monty!" Gabby yelled. She'd had enough of the talking, it was time to watch the movie.

"No," Hope repeated behind Gabby, pointing her finger at her older brother.

"Girls..." the younger Torres rolled his eyes. "That's why we have to stick together Milo." Monty whispered as he petted his new best friend.

It had been a week since they had all been home and little Milo had settled in nicely. Families aren't easy to join you know. They're like an exclusive country club...with impossible demands and exorbitant dues. However, that wasn't the case for Milo Torres. The furry little addition seemed to fit in nicely. In fact, the little Yorkie had Monty and Callie wrapped around his paw.

Gavin kept silent while munching on his popcorn. Arizona sat down on the sofa next to Callie and placed a big bowl of popcorn between them. The brunette was on her iPad, emailing her brother in law in California about a meeting that she needed to take place next week.

Arizona whispered to her wife, "You made up the rules remember? No iPads or cell calls, no texting...just family bonding time..."

The brunette held up one finger. "Just one more minute and I will be..."

Taking the iPad away from Callie, Arizona caused quite a stir. "Wait. I'm not finished Arizona!" Callie said in an annoyed tone.

Smiling, the blonde replied, "You are now. Now is family time, you made the rules and you have to go by them, same as everybody else."

Callie's eyes narrowed. "Fine." She replied sarcastically.

"Fine." Arizona copied her wife's tone, dismissing the brunette's obvious annoyance. Turning to the left, Arizona began to watch the movie.

Leaning over, Callie whispered, "Please..."

Although she knew this whining would likely continue, Arizona still decided to stick to her guns. "Rules." The blonde smiled. "Everyone goes by the rules. Sorry."

Sighing, Callie nodded her head. She had just one sentence to type and press send but, her wife was correct. She had made the rules and, she had to abide by them too. And, it could wait.

Laying her head in her wife's lap minutes later, Callie watched as Hope and Gabby sat still through the entire movie. Amazing is what it was because both little girls were "wiggle worms," as Arizona called them. The two wives watched the movie that the girls had chosen for their family night. Arizona ran her fingers through her wife's long black hair and that seemed to ease some of the stress the brunette was dealing with. Callie's mind never stopped, even when she watch a movie. Maybe that's the price you pay for having so much on your plate're never at peace. However, Callie Torres was a very busy woman, her interests and businesses were thriving so, no one could fault her. It's just part of the lifestyle.

As the movie continued, Callie saw that Hope was sound asleep, her head slowly falling over on Gabby's shoulder.

Whispering quietly, Callie said, "I'm going to put Hope to bed. There's only a few more minutes left."

"Okay," Arizona replied.

Picking Hope up, Callie grunted. Her baby was getting a little bigger. A little heavier. They don't stay babies forever do they? Walking upstairs, the brunette smiled as the smaller version of herself snuggled into her neck. Hope was everyone's baby it seemed as she aged. She had always been so close to Arizona and that hadn't changed but, little Hope had begun to follow her older brothers around as much as possible, especially Gavin.

"Mama loves you so much sweet angel." Callie wispered, kissing her daughter's head as she lay Hope on her pillow. Pulling the stuffed bear up close to her chest, Hope sighed. She was sound asleep in her familiar settings. Familiarity is a good feeling isn't it?

After a few minutes the movie was over and Arizona told her son's to stay put, while she put Gabby to bed. "Come on little miss, time to go upstairs." Gabby didn't argue, she was almost asleep anyway.

"We're in trouble over something," Monty told his brother.

Gavin shrugged. He wasn't too worried. They'd only been home a few days and, nothing major had happened, other than Gavin attending school again and Monty was still on hospital home bound. A teacher just started coming to help the recovering boy with his work. He had almost missed a year of school due to this cancer. But, he would catch up.

"It's probably something to do with you and the girlfriend talking until midnight every night. Mom is probably going to get onto you...You know mama's gonna be pissed when she finds out." Gavin said, kicking his recliner back.

"She knows we talk. She's actually been chill about it since you talked to her." Monty replied.

Gavin said, "Yea but half the night? You better watch that. You could get your phone privileges taken away."

Monty nodded. Maybe Gavin was right. He should be a little more careful and, he would try to not talk so late to Kylee. But, he just couldn't help himself.

Arizona and Callie came back downstairs. They had agreed to have a talk with their sons when things settled down a bit. "Okay so...I guess you're wondering what we want to talk to you both about," Callie said.

"Gavin did it, whatever it was." Monty smiled.

"Thanks man," Gavin retorted.

"You're the golden boy. Nothing happens to you," the younger Torres replied. And, he did have a point there. Gavin hardly ever got into trouble.

Arizona began to explain why she and Callie had called a quick meeting. "No one is in trouble. Mama and I want to talk to you about coming to us when you are hurt or have a problem. Like with Monty's sickness. Sweetie, you hurt for weeks and you didn't say anything."

Monty immediately replied, "Mama said work through it. What was I supposed to say?"

Callie nodded. "I did. And, I was wrong Monty. If I had known it was bone cancer of course I wouldn't have suggested you work through it..."

"You had no way of knowing sweetheart," Arizona cut in. "No one did...none of us knew Monty had cancer." Taking a deep breath, Arizona continued, "Monty, Mama just wants to push you, all of you, to be your best and that's commendable I think. If you had told us how bad the pain was, then we would have taken a different approach. And, from now on, we don't care if you hurt a little or a lot, we want to know."

Callie nodded in agreement. "We want to know whatever is going on with either of you. There is a different approach that will be taken around here from now on. I want you all to be able to feel like you can talk to me and tell me...and tell your mother...anything. Whatever it is, just come and tell is. And, we'll listen...Without any judgement or reproach from us. We've talked to Hope and Gabby too." Callie said. "I'm not sure they understood but, we tried to explain it on their level."

Nodding, both boys seemed to understand what their mothers were trying to say. "So, if I come up with an idea...any'll listen and take it into consideration?" Monty asked.

"Absolutely." Callie nodded.

This was his chance...and of course Monty took it. "I want to go back to tomorrow." He said.

"No." Arizona answered. Callie looked over at her wife with big eyes.

"What?" The blonde replied, looking over at her wife.

"Don't you think we should entertain the idea..."

Arizona replied. "No, I don't." Looking over at Monty, the blonde mother said, " will be out in two months. Just finish with the hospital homebound program, get your strength up and go back next year. Your immune system is still very low right now."

Monty knew that would be the answer so, he tried a different route to get what he really wanted. "Well, since I can't do that...Can I at least host a party at my house? Like an end of the year party."

Arizona glanced over at her wife. Callie was nodding her head ever so slightly. "Sure. I don't guess that will be a problem," Arizona answered.

"Okay!" Monty smiled. "So, here's what me and Gavin were thinking..."

Both brothers explained their ideas to their mothers and, as their luck would have it, Arizona and Callie agreed to their requests. It would be an end of the year party like they'd never had before for both Monty and Gavin's classes. Lake Tahoe School would certainly be surprised by the display that the Torres' would be putting on in exactly two months from now. And, as good as this was all going, the blonde mother was about to burst her son's bubble. Poor Monty...he never caught a break in his life.

"You know that you will have to work all summer to finish catching up with your class don't you?" Arizona asked Monty.

Callie agreed, "If you work hard this summer, you'll be able to catch up and finish like everyone else. I've spoken with Mrs. Vaughn, you won't be left behind. You just need to finish your assignments over the summer and we'll be good again."

Gavin threw a nerf ball over at his brother. "Summer school man," he laughed.

"Laugh it up Gavin. I'll get you back." Monty narrowed his eyes. He wasn't surprised, he knew he had a lot of work still to complete. But, make no mistake, Monty Torres would finish and still be in the same class with his friends. Never would the younger Torres be left behind.

"I think this whole sickness has brought us all closer." Callie commented with a smile. She was right about certainly felt that way.

"I agree," Arizona said.

Monty smiled down at little Milo that was asleep in his lap. "Definitely." He said.

Gavin said nothing but nodded as he kicked back in the recliner looking at a family photo of the six of them sitting on the beach. He loved his family. He loved his mothers dearly. Monty was and, always would be special to Gavin. They were brothers. However, those two sisters...Hope and Gabby...he loved them and, they were the ones Gavin felt the most protective of.

There wasn't another way to place his feelings exactly other than to say protective. Older brothers are often protective over little sisters because its their "job." They know what guys think and they want to protect them from anything that poses a threat physically or mentally/emotionally to them, especially as they get older. This was just the usual concern that Gavin was experiencing, wasn't it?

"Gavin, is everything okay?" Arizona asked. The oldest boy seemed to be fixated on the family photo. Gavin was zoned out as they all talked, paying no one in the room any attention.

Looking over at his mothers, Gavin spoke without hesitation. "I love Gabby and Hope, and I know that sometimes they need protecting. We don't have a father figure in our lives, so I think that sometimes I just take on that role without realizing it."

No one said anything. It was what was on his mind at the moment. Arizona nodded. She had noticed Gavin's awareness of his sisters whereabouts more. She was instantly reminded of just yesterday when they were in the grocery store and Hope went down a different aisle from him and Arizona. Gavin became quite concerned and ran, searching for the tiny brunette.

Callie smiled. "Well," she replied, "You probably are a little overprotective because you are the oldest and you are correct, there is no father figure. I think that's understandable son. I just wonder...Are you guys bothered by not having a father figure?" Callie asked.

Monty spoke up. "No. I got Rocco so, I'm good. He usually fills us in on the "guy stuff" we should know about."

Arizona laughed and Gavin chimed in. "Me too. I don't miss having a father. I've got two wonderful mothers. I'm good too." He said.

Callie nodded. She had always wondered and to some extent been concerned about the boy's not having a father figure but, apparently they didn't care. And, the boys were right...they did have Rocco if they needed a male figure.

Gavin was quiet again as he looked back at the family photo. They were a family. A family that would always stick together no matter what came. They were really the closest family possible. The ties that bind...Can you feel them in your family too? They are tight sometimes aren't they? Gavin thought he could feel them...sometimes so tight he could scarcely breathe. Why did he feel that way? That's simple...

He was born to a family already tied with thick ropes of secrecy. So in his mind...Gavin accepted the burden of the ropes that were thrust upon him. They kept him safe and out of harm's way, he supposed. We talk about family ties and we all have them no matter what our family structure is. They begin with our childhood authority figures which are our parents. We all recognize the necessity of having adults teach us as children. As children grow older and go through puberty they begin to break away from these authority figures and develop their own individuality. And that was where Gavin now found himself...finding his own individuality. But, it wasn't too hard to find now was it?

We've all had a parental model that we wanted to be like when we were kids. For Gavin, it was Callie. He loved his mother and wanted to be like her in every way. So much so that Gavin even gravitated to developing into a person that mirrored his mother. And, while thats sweet, it did take away some of his carefree childhood unfortunately.

While it's important to be a carefree child in life, it's also important to still have a sense of awareness. A sense of wariness about the familiarity that surrounds you. A sense that, even though you should feel safe...maybe you're not as safe as you appear. Maybe someone in your family is not as safe as they appear. Maybe...familiarity is cause for concern.

Familiarity and complacently are subtle traps sometimes. They can keep you still...asleep...not on your guard. And, that's a recipe for disaster. Complacency kills...that's for sure. They say that, "Success breeds complacency. Complacency breeds failure. Only the paranoid survive." Maybe that is true...Or maybe Gavin just worried too much. Maybe he was just too paranoid. Perhaps the oldest boy was just being overprotective in his surge of feelings. Then again, maybe Gavin Torres was right on target with his feelings but...he wouldn't reveal them to anyone, not even his mothers.

Gavin took a deep breath. And, he felt it but...couldn't explain it. It was an uneasy feeling he had and yes, those feelings are often hard to be free from and even harder to explain. Gavin breathed once again and he thought... "Can you feel the ties that bind us? Can you feel them tightening? Because I can, they're so tight that I can scarcely breathe."

"The tragedy of life is often not in our failure, but rather in our complacency; not in our doing too much, but rather in our doing too little; not in our living above our ability, but rather in our living below our capacities."- Benjamin E. Mays

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Quote Credit:

"Can you feel the ties that bind us? Can you feel them tightening? Because I can, they're so tight that I can scarcely breathe." — Nenia Campbell

"Success breeds complacency. Complacency breeds failure. Only the paranoid survive."– Andy Grove

Chapter Text

Straight Talk

"It is better to remain silent at the risk of being thought a fool, than to talk and remove all doubt of it." — Maurice Switzer

Walking in from school a week later, Gavin sighed as he placed his book bag on the counter. His parents had held a conversation with him and Monty about feeling the liberty to come to them with their concerns, questions and, basically anything they needed. But, could Gavin talk to Callie about this. This...wasn't her strong suit, you know.

"You've been quiet since I picked you up from school. Is there a problem? Something you want to talk about!" Callie asked. Standing against the sink, she crossed her arms and waited for Gavin to explain why he was a little down this afternoon.

"Yes...let us help you Gavin..." Monty nodded at his brother. He was being sarcastic and Gavin knew it. Monty sat on the stool in front of the bar while Gabby and Hope ran to the playroom.

Gavin looked at his brother. Monty sat there with a smile on his face. Sure, if Monty had the answer for this and could explain then, that was fine with him. But, he knew his brother was of little use in this area of expertise.

Gavin begin..."Well, I know we've talked a little about... you know, but..."

Callie interrupted. "No, I am afraid I don't know. What have we talked a little about?" Furrowing her brows, she was confused.

"Sex..." Gavin whispered.

"Uh...I gotta go," Monty said, standing quickly. Poor Monty, he couldn't handle this talk in front of his mother, how embarrassing.

"Wait..." Callie called out to her youngest son. No, this wasn't her strong suit but, she would try. There was a new way of parenting that was going to happen and, she could do this, Callie said to herself. It was just straight talk and the brunette could do straight talk...couldn't she?

Monty turned around. He hoped to God that Callie wasn't going to explain this. This...was something that he didn't want to hear. Not now, not ever. "I can't...I'm embarrassed mama!" Monty argued and trotted away to the living room immediately.

"Monty!" She called out but, it was no use. He was dismissing himself from this conversation.

Gavin stopped his mom. "He's embarrassed. You know...he can't stand to see even half naked people. Monty even wears a shirt to the pool." Gavin explained.

Callie rolled her eyes. How did their son, the younger boy, how did he get so conservative? Oh yea...he got it from her. Don't believe that...just wait until the questions arise from Gavin and you'll find out.

"He doesn't even like for you or mom to wear bikinis," Gavin added.

Shaking her head, Callie said..."Well, is there something you need or would like to ask me about sex?" She was confident in her abilities as a parent. She could handle this...whatever question came her way.

Gavin nodded and begin to explain. "Several boys were talking about anal sex and..."

Callie held up her hand. "We'll wait for you mother," she said, looking out the kitchen window, turning away from her son. Yea...she couldn't handle this situation at all. This...wasn't happening without Arizona.

Gavin sighed and nodded. He and Callie could talk about anything...except sex. That subject would always something that the blonde mother handled better than Callie with their sons.

Going into her office, the brunette immediately dialed her wife cell phone. Wasting no time once the blonde doctor answered the call, Callie began to explain. "Arizona...we have a problem at home that I need you to come and help me with. I can't do this by myself at all. I thought I could but then he said anal...and I just froze and stopped him before..."

Confused by the babbling brunette, Arizona interrupted Callie. "Honey, what are you talking about? Who said something about anal?"

"Gavin," Callie breathed out in exasperation. "Gavin wants to know about anal sex. I mean, he's almost thirteen and we've talked with him about sex somewhat but...oh god...I'm going to be sick..."

Arizona laughed at her wife's antics. "When I get home, we'll sit the boys down and talk to problems Calliope. Just don't stress so much. Sex is a natural part of life. You seem to enjoy it..."

Callie laughed. "Okay miss think that's funny. This is a big deal Arizona!"

"When I get home...we'll talk to them together and answer any questions. Alright?" Arizona asked.

"Alright." Callie agreed.

Four hours later was proving to be the toughest time in the brunette's life. She just might not make it thorough this she thought. And, as always, her wife begin...

"Okay...what mama and I want you to understand first is that sexual relationships involve care, concern and responsibility." Arizona explained. "Now, we've already had this talk on some level, and what I want to do tonight is explain things a little more and then if you have any questions, feel free to ask them."

Everyone nodded, including Callie. Her hand was on Arizona's leg and she was breathing kind of hard. For the very sexual brunette, this was not something that she was comfortable with any more than Monty was right now. Poor Monty...he had a pillow over him and he was clutching on for dear life. This conversation was...painful. Very painful and, quite embarrassing.

"We know the penis goes in the vagina and sperm is released and you make a baby. We get that mom..." Monty said. "And, that's all I really want to know..."

Arizona nodded. "I think you need to know a little more than that. So...let's talk about dating. When you are on a date with a girl, it's not like the movies exactly. You know...where two people meet and later end up in bed together. In real life, there is time to get to know each other - time to hold hands, go bowling, see a movie, or just talk. That is an important part of a caring relationship. Not just sex..." Arizona explained.

And then, the blonde hit the hard subjects...head on..."Boys begin to have wet dreams when they reach puberty, usually between the ages of nine and fifteen. The first ejaculation, where semen comes from the penis, may occur during a wet dream, and when you wake up, you may not realise what happened. And, to be very can be quite messy..."

Monty pointed at Gavin..."Hey! That's what that was the other night when you had to change your sheets...That's what that was Gavin!"

Gavin lowered his head. Poor Gavin...Monty was such a blabbermouth sometimes. Callie's face turned a shade of red and...Thankfully, Arizona stepped in once again. "Monty... wet dreams are a normal part of growing up and Gavin, you have nothing to be ashamed of. Monty will have them too soon and...neither of you can control them. Look at it this way...ejaculation is just a physical sign that you are growing into manhood. "

"I'm going to be sick," Callie mumbled under her breath. Thinking about her sons having...oh dear God that just wasn't funny at all.

Talking about sex and sexuality isn't easy for many parents. It's a buried landmine where morality and hormones can collide without warning and where the repercussions of a single act can be lifelong. However, by discussing the emotional aspect of a sexual relationship with your child, they will be better informed to make decisions later on and to resist peer pressure.

"So...I'm going to do that too?" Monty asked.

"Yes...I am afraid so." Arizona nodded.

"Gross." Monty said, turning his lip up and wrinkling his nose. "I'll sleep with a towel under me. I am not ruining by bed like Gavin."

"Shut up Monty!" Gavin yelled.

"You're the weirdo man..."

"Enough..." Callie said in a harsh tone.

"No one is a "weirdo" Monty." Arizona said. "It's a part of life for a boy. And...a man."

Arizona continued..."We want to reassure you both that all the physical stuff that's happening to you— the acne, wet dreams, the growth spurts, the body hair—it is perfectly normal. Every one of your friends will go through it too, but maybe not at the same pace."

The blonde went on to explain menstruation and how that girls can get pregnant and then...her wife joined in. It was about time wasn't it?

Callie explained. "So...there are responsibilities and consequences of sexual activity, let's look at those for a minute. I want both of you to know that unwanted pregnancy can come from having sex without using protection."

Arizona added. "And, by protection mama means wearing a condom during sex."

"Yes. A girl can get pregnant the first time they have sex and...anytime they have sex. You can even get STDs from sex without protection..." Callie explained.

"Sexually Transmitted Diseases..." Arizona explained her wife's terminology.

Callie said, "Sex should always happen with protection. However, we want you both to wait until you're mature enough to have sex. I want you to understand that sex is beautiful with the person you love. Mom and I want you to feel free to ask us about anything, to share anything, and to always know we are here for both of matter what mistakes you might make."

Callie smiled at her wife. That wasn't so bad. And, she managed to do it without hyperventilating or blushing. Kudos for Callie!

Gavin shot a question to the brunette. "Is it really possible to have a special relationship without sex? Several boys a grade older than me said they'd had sex and...they said that's just what you do. Sex is part of a relationship..."

"Yes...You can have a relationship without sex." Callie explained.

"Did you and mom have sex when you first met?" Gavin asked.

Oh how was Callie Torres going to explain that one. She didn't expect that question now did she? Yes...yes they did have sex. One the first date...remember? Right after finishing dinner at Carmine's Restaurant in New York. Sticky situations are so hard to skirt around sometimes. But, Callie was a master at skirting the issues...remember.

Callie didn't answer and she placed her hand on her wife's leg to silence the blonde. "We kissed, held hands, we were a little more affectionate, sex wasn't needed," Callie explained. "We wanted to learn about each other and become close. You know...Friends. And, that is the best foundation for any marriage." She added.

A look of shock and disbelief crossed the blonde's face. Had Callie just lied to their kids? About their relationship? Granted...they probably should have waited to have sex but, really? Really? What happened to honesty? What happened to honesty with your children and your family. This was a lie...all lies...but, if you think about it, you can't spell families without "lies." Try it, you just can't, there's just no possible way.

"Just go with this...please..." Callie said in a whisper to her wife through her gritted teeth. She could see the blonde look at her and she knew that Arizona would disagree with her decision on this. But, wasn't happening. No way.

" waited?" Gavin asked for clarification. "Until you were married?"

Arizona opened her mouth but, her wife beat her to it. "Yes. And, we both think you should do the same. Sure, you may find someone you really like and eventually love and you'll want to act on that and have sex but, it's just best to wait until marriage." Callie said.

Arizona furrowed her brow at her wife. However, they were a unified front and she would not hold this discussion with Callie in front of the she added, "Sex is a wonderful and fun part of marriage. We're not prudes. It's just a special part of marriage that mama and I share..."

"So, have you ever had anal sex?" Gavin asked.

"No." Callie immediately replied. Gavin looked at his mom. Callie was much to quick on that question and she was blushing again.

"Anal sex is any type of sex that involves penetrating someone's anus. It carries some of the same physical and emotional risks as any other kind of sex. No sex is 100% safe. There's always a risk of STD's. There are all kinds of ways to have sex..."

"Can a girl get pregnant from anal sex?" Gavin asked.

"No." Arizona replied.

"Can we move on from this...please..." Monty said.

"My thoughts exactly..." Callie agreed with her youngest son.

Arizona shook her head. "Bottom line Gavin...don't do anything you thing you'll regret later, and don't let anyone try to convince you to do something you're not sure you want to do. And, don't pressure the person you are dating to have sex and respect their feelings and decisions. If someone says no, they mean no and, sex cannot happen beyond that point. And listen honey...your friends and peers may say they are having sex and, some of them might be but, many of them are not, they're just telling you that. However, don't be pressured into having sex too soon. It's best to wait until you are more mature. And, I know that it is normal to have sexual feelings or urges at your age Gavin. You will be thirteen very soon. Whether it's penis/vaginal sex...oral sex...or anal sex...just make sure you are protected and don't rush it."

Gavin nodded and Callie stood. "You're writing your own personal history, both of you...and you both want to make sure you're going to read it and feel proud of it. So, wait..." Then Callie said, "Okay...we'll... I'm glad that is over. If you have anymore questions... you can..."

Monty laughed..."Ask Rocco..."

Gavin smiled. Arizona disagreed. "No. I don't want you to ask Rocco, ask us. That's what we're here for." She said, shooting a harsh look at her wife. Callie was so rushing this and Arizona could tell that Gavin was just not ready for this conversation to be finished. He had questions, valid questions...and the had a right to ask.

Callie agreed. "Yes. Ask us but, maybe we all need a little break from all the sex talk for tonight..."

Gavin raised his hand. Callie lowered her head. Oh dear God...not another question. But, it was true, he had just one more.

"Yes Gavin?" Arizona asked.

"How often do you and mama have sex?" He asked the blonde.

Looking up at her wife, Arizona could see that Callie was fidgety. She was nervous and...not wanting her wife to answer that question at all. Don't worry, she wasn't going to.

"Well, I think that there are some things that mama and I can't answer and, I'm afraid that's one of them. Our sex life is personal and no one but us get's to discuss it."

Gavin nodded. He was just curious. Like...all children are curious. It's a part of life.

"But, that's a good question and I appreciate you asking..." Arizona further said. "There are no wrong questions so, anything you don't understand, just ask."

"I have no questions..." Monty replied. "Can I be dismissed. I think I will go to my room and just...disappear for a while now..."

Callie smiled. She felt the exact same way as Monty. Why was sex so hard for the brunette to discuss with her sons? Maybe it would be easier to discuss with the girls when they got older she thought.

"Sure. Go ahead..." Arizona said to Monty and excused him from the rest of the discussion.

Monty dropped the pillow he was clutching and left the room. Gavin waited. He still had more questions. "You need to know about something else son?" Arizona asked, turning her head to the side.

"Yea but, mama can't handle it." He sighed.

Callie agreed. She really couldn't handle it. Not at all. "You two go ahead and I'll be upstairs." The brunette suggested and then she too left. It wasn't bad parenting, there are just some things that some parents can't handle exactly. And, that's perfectly okay.

An hour later, Arizona slipped her body under the heavy duvet covers of their upstairs bedroom. Callie was reading, propped up on several pillows. Taking off her reading glasses, the brunette turned to her wife and said, "I suck at parenting when it comes to sex. I think maybe my mother and my strict background has something to do with it."

Arizona laughed. "Well, you don't suck, you just...aren't that comfortable discussing sex with your sons. That's understandable. But, I have one question for you..."

Callie knew immediately what that question was. "How was I supposed to tell them we had sex on the first date? I don't want them to do that. And, if I had said we had sex on the first date and not waited, then they both would think it was okay if they did that too."

"But, you lied..."

"Oh Arizona...we've been lying to our sons for years...The tooth fairy, the easter bunny, Santa...You'll be fine, this shot won't hurt at all...Come on...We've been lying to our children for years. That's parenting..."

Arizona had to agree to an extent. They had lied hadn't they? Then, the blonde asked a very good question, "How are we supposed to expect them to come to us and be honest when, we're not honest with them?"

Callie knew the answer to that immediately. "They think we were honest. And, that's exactly what were are going with. You and I aren't telling them any different."

It was no use in trying to talk to her wife about this. This...was Calliope Torres. Maybe it was her raising, her strict catholic background. Maybe it was Carmela's mothering ways. Whatever it Arizona's mind, it was a difference in their parenting skills. But, she would just let this pass by because, going back now and trying to correct it would make them both look very untrustworthy. And, that's the sort of thing that you don't want to be seen as being to a child.

Callie sighed. "They are growing up. Our babies are growing up and...they're becoming young men. And, I'm not ready for that."

"I know...It is depressing isn't it?" The blonde asked.

" is..." Callie sighed, rubbing her wife's leg. Some time passed and they both sat in silence. It was depressing. Why do children have to grow up? Why can't they stay little forever?

Then, she had an idea. It always cheered them both up when they were depressed... Callie said, "Hey, why don't you put you iPad down and...maybe we could work on our marital relations..."

Arizona chuckled. "Marital relations?" The blonde asked with a questioning look. "That's cold and distant...sterile and, not at all sexy. And, I've ever heard you be that way before Calliope..."

The brunette smiled. Pulling her wife closer, she guided the blonde's leg to drape across her hip. "Okay...that wasn't very about...put that iPad down because I really want to taste you...lick you...fuck you and, if you are really good, I just might give you more than one orgasm tonight. How's that for "marital relations?"

Who could say no to that? Not Arizona Robbins-Torres for sure. She could never say no to her wife, especially when sex was involved.

"I'm on top tonight," the blonde smiled and placed her iPad on her nightstand. Callie smiled. She preferred the top position but, tonight...she'd give in. Why?

"I'll let you be the top because I love you," the brunette said.

Lickng her lips in a very seductive manner, the blonde giggled. "Bossy..." Arizona said, biting her wife on the shoulder.

"Ouch!" Callie yelped. "What was that for?"

Giving a wide smile, the mischievous blonde whispered..."Calliope...Species tend to bite sometimes during sex. At least I didn't break the skin. I had to bite you to assert my dominance over you and, because I wanted to mark you to show others that you belonged to me."

Shaking her head and chuckling, the brunette asked, "Now who is the bossy one?" That question caused Arizona to laugh. She knew she was bossy but, her wife liked it. Especially in bed.

They were familiar...the good kind of familiar. Both were alike in so many ways, yet Arizona and Callie were so very different. However, that's what made them compatible. And, one thing they would fight against in their marriage was...routine.'s a killer...a quiet...killer...every time.

"Marriage must fight constantly against a monster which devours everything: routine." ― Honoré de Balzac

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Chapter Text

Freedom's Child

The caged bird sings with a fearful trill, of things unknown but longed for still, and his tune is heard on the distant hill, for the caged bird sings of freedom.- Maya Angelou

Arizona took Callie between her soft lips. The brunette looked down at the blonde situated between her thighs. Her wife was unlike any other woman she'd ever been with. They simply didn't compare to Arizona Robbins-Torres.

She had the brunette's clit in her mouth, sucking it in and out, in and out. It was unlike any feeling in the world Callie thought as she threw her head back in a blissful state with minimal awareness to her surroundings. Before Callie came, Arizona teasingly stopped. Just at the right time. She knew her wife didn't want to come yet, and the blonde knew exactly when to mount Callie. The scissoring, the grinding. The ultimate sex. The best embodiment of their love. The ecstasy, the passion...oh god the feelings that would take place in a few seconds. They were intimately shared and never taken for granted. Never.

Arizona positioned herself over Callie, maneuvering so their clits touched. Just as their souls touched. An intimate act of love. An intimate devotion between to wives that had seen it all, done it all and yet...loved through it all. Lowering herself down, Arizona's legs spread apart. Callie's too, but in a way that allowed the blonde's legs to interlock so their clits could sparkle together. And the soft pale breasts came to rest closer to Callie's. Beauty incarnate, this sex goddess...that's what Arizona thought as she looked at her wife with much love in her eyes. She loved Callie more than she could ever express. But, she tried to convey her affections for the brunette as best she could.

"I love you," Arizona husked in her wife's hear.

"I love you more." Callie smiled. That was always her line and it would be until the day she died. She loved Arizona with an unending love.

Another kiss. Then a longer kiss, the second more passionate than the first. With great difficulty Callie opened her dark chocolate eyes to gaze in awe at her wife's breasts, in awe of her wife's beautiful face but, she quickly closed them to better feel her entire ravishing body pressing against Arizona's. Would she ever tire of this? Never...not really. Feeling of the blonde's soft back and her soft yet firm rear pressing her wet center into her own, Callie moaned as she felt her wife in the most intimate way...

Fucking her. Making love to her...Callie closed her eyes and...she couldn't believe how lucky she was - to have sex with this woman that was and would always be her person. The one...the only one. Arizona smiled as she looked down at her wife. She was trying to do everything she could do to bring Callie pleasure. And she was succeeding. Was she ever succeeding!

"Oh God," the brunette moaned. "I love this position the best..."

Lying on her back being fucked so well, Callie lost all the thoughts that had weighed so heavily on her mind. Her didn't matter anymore. Not now anyway. This was heavenly, The brunette could feel her clit dance with her wife's, making love to her's, as their juices merged. Like two chemicals combining to make a magic potion, and the magic potion was the chemistry that made both women love one another.

"Harder..." Callie groaned. Arizona obliged. How could she not. She would not deny this gorgeous creature lying beneath her anything...not ever. Callie deserved the world. She did. And, Arizona wanted to give it to her.

Kisses became harder and harder, their breasts, their nipples, pressed together ever tighter. Callie pushed Arizona's rear - her wonderfully smooth, round, soft rear - towards her aching center.

"I love making love to you..." Arizona whispered.

She continued to fuck Callie, fucking her with ... her own needy center. With her clit. Back and forth, round and round, grinding, grinding their bodies together. Again, again, a combination of gentleness and urgency, softness and strength! Arizona knew exactly what her wife liked. She knew full well how Callie Torres preferred to make love. To explore.

"Ohhhhhh my God!" Callie cried out. To be fucked by this woman - oh God.

"Unbelievable!" Arizona smirked. The feeling was unlike any was unbelievable. Making love to her beautiful wife, Arizona couldn't believe how lucky she was.

Arizona cried out to her wife, "I love you so much."

Just as Callie said she loved her, Arizona came. "Oh...ohhhhhh Calliope..."

God, did she ever come. It was strong...the ache, the desire to be was so strong. The bond between them seemed to intensify each year that passed. No wonder the blonde came so soon. No one could resist Callie one. Not even her. The brunette had so much to take in - her beautiful face, soft lips, breasts against breasts, and her soft kisses, her sexy rear...

"Fuck..." Arizona said coming once again, longer than ever this time. A come for the ages. Heaven on earth - tribbing.

Callie kissed her wife while Arizona caught her breath. But not long enough for the blonde to calm down, because the most incredible sexual being ever resumed her mission. Arizona wanted Callie to come again too.

"You want to come again?" Arizona asked.

Callie nodded. Kissing her angel, the blonde once again touched her breasts and it sent electric shocks through Callie's body. She wasn't sure why because Arizona had touched them countless times before. Then the blonde kissed them - God did she ever love her wife's full breasts. Seeing Arizona sucking them turned Callie on so much. And pace again...Arizona resumed the ultimate fuck. One woman fucking another, in the missionary position, with their legs scissoring each others in a way that let their centers merge. One pussy fucking another as many times as they both could stand. There would never be anything like it.

"Ohhhh, my Goddddddddd." Arizona moaned as she felt her wife beneath her, grinding against her clit again. Would this ever be enough? No...never.

Callie Torres' mind was blown this morning, but it was her turn to trib her wife. Did Callie prefer the top or the bottom? It depended on her mood but, mainly she preferred to be the top. They tenderly changed positions so that Callie was on top, looking down at Arizona. The brunette was in charge of pleasing that pretty face now. Callie was happy her wife could feel her love. Her devotion this most every morning.

"I love your boobs..." Callie said, kissing one and then the other...sucking them each. Taking the time to worship her wife's two beautiful globes that were so perfect. So glorious.

"I'm so happy you have boobs like this for me to make love to."

Arizona smiled hearing her wife's voice, her words. Callie was the most gentle and most romantic lover she'd ever had. And, believe it or not...she had a lot of lovers in her past. She just kept that part of her life quiet. To it should be.

Callie loved being on top. With her large, beautiful, soft breasts hanging over Arizona. Such a feeling - she was about to make this beautiful blonde creature come! Again! What an awesome feeling, to be able to give her wife so much pleasure!

As Callie fucked her wife, on top, she opened her eyes for a second to look down at her pretty passion, and she came. But this only added to Arizona's pleasure. Because the blonde could hear her wife come, and watch and feel Callie writhe on top of her.

"You are so sexy baby..." Arizona moaned, rubbing her hands around her wife's full hips.

Callie looked down, rubbing her nipples against her wife, her very wet mound against Arizona's, and she loved this kind of sex, this kind of passionate love making as much as Arizona did.

"Shit!" Callie yelled out.

She could barely stay on top of the blonde she moved so much and, it was all the brunette could do to stop herself from coming again. She wanted to wait until her wife came. Callie was turning Arizona on so much, she almost threw the brunette off - what an ego boost.

The dark long hair that flew back and forth, like a hurricane of ecstasy was visible. "Oh Yes...Fuck..." Callie moaned but, held onto her wife.

The blonde grabbed her wife's perfect, rounded rear and pressed in deep into her wife's. "Ohhh, goodddddd Calliope..." Arizona cried out in bliss. They both exploded with mindboggling orgasms, screaming with the passion that only girls get from lovemaking. Passion that only tribbing can bring.

A knock at the door haulted all movement inside Callie and Arizona's bedroom. "Mom...mama...I need to talk to you both." Monty called out from the hallway. It was five thirty in the morning. What on earth could he be wanting to discuss at that unsightly hour?

Answering in her usual chipper voice, the blonde mother replied, "We'll be out on a minute sweetheart."

Looking up at Callie, Arizona said, "I'm sorry...I guess it's over..."

The brunette shook her head and pulled her wife closer to her. "It's not's to be continued..." Callie whispered in her wife's ear.

Arizona smiled. Sometimes sex was long and slow...sensual. Much like it was this morning. And, then...when children are involved...couples get it, any way they can. Rolling to the side, Callie tried to catch her breath. Sex with Arizona was never a disappointment.

Slipping out of bed, the blonde tied her robe around her waist. Arizona looked to see if her wife was dressed. "You ready so I can open the door?" She asked Callie.

Nodding, Callie tied the knot to the long monogrammed black robe that she often wore around the house in the mornings. Walking down the hall, they both entered Monty's room with a some concern.

"What's wrong?" Arizona asked as she sat on the edge of Monty's bed.

"I need to talk to you and mama," Monty said in a serious tone. He was often up early but, never this early. And, never this serious.

Monty and Milo were huddled together on their bed. Heavy covers were keeping them both warm. It had been weeks since Monty had been home but, he hadn't yet left the house except to go to his mothers' office for blood work or to get out for a ride around the lake.

"I feel like a caged bird." Monty explained to his mothers as they sat on each side of his bed. "And, I still don't have all my strength back. And, you treat me different that Gavin. He can do whatever he wants and I'm stuck in this house...all day." He said.

"I know baby..." Arizona said, patting her son on the knee. "We don't mean to make a difference in you and Gavin. But Monty, you're still sick sweetheart. You can't get right back to all the activities you did before chemotherapy, it's just not possible. Many people feel fatigued after chemotherapy, and it can take months to regain energy sweetie."

"I imagine you do feel a little like a caged bird Monty." Callie stated.

Everyone with cancer, even children have concerns following treatment. Worries about the cancer returning or new health problems developing ofter happen. Feelings of resentment for having had cancer or having to go through treatment when others seem to be able to enjoy their life is also another feeling that many probably share. And, as for Monty...His concern about being treated differently that Gavin weighed heavily on the younger boy. It just wasn't fair. He was tired of this life. Could you blame him really?

"You're immune system is still weak son. You just need to give it a little more time..." Callie explained.

"I'm miserable staying at home. I want to see my friends. I need to see..."

"Kylee?" Callie asked.

Nodding, Monty said, "Well, yea..."

The brunette smiled and surprisingly said..."Okay. If she hasn't been sick then she can come over but, don't get too close." Arizona opened her eyes wide. What had her wife just agreed to? This new parenting style Callie Torres was trying out was certainly different from what they were all accustomed to.

"In four weeks we'll be hosting the end of the year party. You'll be a little stronger and feel better by then I hope." Arizona said.

"That's four weeks though..." He whined.

" me here please..." Arizona looked at her wife.

It was safe to say that the brunette did not agree with their son being kept inside so much. Arizona was a stickler for their son to be somewhat isolated for a while longer. Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea but...Monty was starting to feel caged up...locked away from society. That kind of life is for criminals, hermits...not Monty Torres.

"Well," Callie started. "Mom and I don't want you to catch anything. Just invite Kylee and Hunter over...if they haven't been sick and...we will get you outside a little more. Maybe ride the boat in the evenings or you could go swimming..."

Monty nodded his head. He really did like the idea of being let out of the house more often than to ride around in his parent's car. Sure, that was okay but...he felt the walls closing up around him. He just needed a little more freedom.

"Do you feel better about this? You can go outside...I just want you to still be so very careful Monty. It really is for your own protection baby." Arizona smiled at her youngest son.

" and Milo are good with that. We may just swim or ride on the boat some." He wasn't too thrilled still but, at least they were allowing him to roam outside some. That was certainly more than Arizona had let him do since he'd been home.

Arizona smiled. "Great! Now, if you'll excuse me...I have to go to work my two loves." Kissing Callie and Monty both, the blonde made her way back to her bedroom to get ready.

Several hours later, Monty sat by the window in the living room, overlooking the vast lake and sky. He may have been home but, he was not home free. He may have been released from the hospital but, he was not released to spend time with his friends like he wanted too. He was in essence, a caged bird...that longed for freedom.

Looking outside, he saw his brother riding the pedal boat across the lake that used to be his. It was his, he felt it to be. His sisters playing outside, his mother working in her flower beds, he saw this, and all the things he took for granted as a healthy child. Oh but now it seemed like a dream. He had been given the okay to walk around outside and do stuff but, he really was too tired to do much of it, if you knew the truth. Would he ever feel like himself again?

"Monty!" Callie called through the glass sliding doors.

"Ma'am?" He replied.

Callie stuck her head in a looked at her son. "You want to come outside? You can sit on the grass with us. I've got a blanket and you can bring Milo out."

The little bird smiled. His prayers had been answered. "Stay in or go outside Milo?" Monty asked the Yorkshire Terrier puppy. Milo didn't care, he was happy as long as Monty's lap was accessible.

"Yea...we'll come outside mama," Monty said as he picked up Milo and carried him outside.

Sitting outside on the grass with his mama and his two sisters, Monty and Milo both took in the late afternoon sun. At the end of the day, especially in the should smell like dirt. That's how you know you even played hard and enjoyed yourself. At least...that was Monty Torres' idea. He wanted to ride a horse again...but, would that ever happen? He wanted to run again...but would that ever happen?

"I want to smell like dirt again..." Monty said out loud to his sisters and his mother.

"Eww." Gabby said, making a scrunched up face.

"Yucky..." Hope agreed with Gabby. The little brunette held her nose. Who wants to smell like dirt? That's just gross.

Callie smiled at Monty. The girls played with Milo while Callie and Monty chatted. "Does it feel good to get outside?" The brunette asked. She knew it did. She knew Monty felt caged up.

Giving a big smile, the younger boy replied..."Yes. And, it feels good. A person can just give up and die if they stay inside all the time." Monty heard his stomach growl. He was getting hungry. Well, at least that was a good sign...Monty being hungry...He was definitely reverting back to his former self in some ways wasn't he?

"Hey, what are we having for dinner?" He asked his mama. "I'm so hungry...I could eat..."

Gabby interrupted..."Dirt...Monty could eat dirt..." She giggled. It wasn't funny but, she and Hope found it hilarious...silly girls.

As Callie was about to say something, Barbara and Eddie walked in the back yard where they all sat on the blanket. "Hey guys...Are we having a meeting out here?" Eddie laughed. The four were in a circle and they all looked a little serious for some reason he thought.

"Where's Gavin?" Barbara asked, looking around for her oldest grandson.

"Riding the pedal boat." Monty replied, pointing to the lake.

Callie looked at Eddie. "We're not having a meeting but, playing with Milo and trying to decide what to eat for dinner. You two want to stay and eat with us tonight?" Callie asked Eddie and Barbara.

"Sure! I love to eat dinner with my favorite grandchildren..." Eddie commented. Giving the two little girls a wink was all it took. Both girls took to their Pop immediately as he sat down beside Monty.

Monty laughed. "We're your only grandchildren Ed. Like...are you getting Alzheimers or something?"

"Some days I feel that way my boy." Eddie laughed.

Gabby jumped on Eddie's back, causing Barbara to snap her fingers at the tiny blonde that was literally rougher than any boy if she wanted to be.

"Don't attack him're so rough," Barbara said, shaking her head at her oldest granddaughter. Gabby could fight just like one of the boys if she took a notion to. And, as much as she loved her was Hope that loved Eddie the most.

"I love you," Hope smiled and gave a kiss to the only grandfather that she and Gabby really ever knew.

"My girl..." Eddie smiled and gave Hope a hug.

Gavin soon returned to the shore and he saw his grandparents sitting on the blanket with his mom and his siblings. Arizona still hadn't came home yet, but she'd soon be arriving. It was getting later in the evening and in a matter of hours...they'd all be sitting around the table...partaking of a family meal. The Ties That Bind...they were all interwoven. Connected and secure.

Once again...the feelings of something that Gavin just could not explain and to be honest, felt his parents would not understand at all...washed over the oldest boy as he walked toward the smiling family members that were oh so familiar. It was a scene that he had saw many times before. Gavin knew them all...and yet...did he really?

"What about grilling out tonight?" Callie asked everyone sitting around the blanket.

"Sounds good..." was the general consensus from the adults and the two oldest boys. Gavin watched closely as Hope sat down in front of Milo.

"I love you Milo..." Hope said in a soft voice as she lowered her head down and let the tiny Yorkie give her a lick in the face.

"Me too..." Gabby giggled. "He's a good boy..."

They say..."Evil is unspectacular and always human, And shares our bed and eats at our own table ..." Whether that's true...I'm not sure. However, there is a lot of evil present in our world, that much is certain. And, when we least expect it...bad things can happen.

You know...the belief in a supernatural source of evil is not always necessary. Men alone are capable of every wickedness. And, once again...Gavin felt that pang of something that...he just couldn't seem to shake. Maybe what he was experiencing was a premonition...a sixth sense, if you will. However, one thing was for certain in Gavin's almost thirteen year old mind...Don't Trust Anyone, even those you think you know. Because, you don't know them really. You don't know them at all.

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"Evil is unspectacular and always human, And shares our bed and eats at our own table ..." ― W.H. Auden, Collected Poems

"...At the end of the day, you should smell like dirt." - Margaret Atwood

Chapter Text

Trigger Warning...There is NO sexual abuse of a child in this chapter but, it comes close. Only underwear are removed and the child says "NO." Nothing else is written that is descriptive or derogatory in any way. Take the time to read it...I think it's important and it sets the scene for future chapters.

Fear The Familiar

"Childhood should be carefree, playing in the sun; not living a nightmare in the darkness of the soul." ― Dave Pelzer

"Wake up mommy..." Gabby giggled.

"Mama! Wake Up!" Hope shouted, causing Callie to nearly jump out of the bed.

"I'm up! What's wrong?" Callie asked, looking at her two daughters as they sat on top of her's and Arizona's bed early in the morning.

"It's Party Time..." Gabby laughed. She and Hope begin jumping up an down on their mother's bed. And, that was something that Arizona rarely tolerated.

Sitting up, the blonde mother pulled both of her daughter's down to a sitting position. "You could get hurt jumping on this bed. It's very high. And, neither of you want a trip to the emergency room to get a cast do you?"

"No..." they both said sheepishly.

"But, it's party time!" Gabby yelled.

"Yay! I party too!" Hope squealed. Today was going to be a great day they thought. Today was Monty and Gavin's class party. What fun! And, although it would be a blast for many there would also be a day that none of them would ever forget.

Callie pulled Hope to her and Gabby followed quickly. Both little girls giggled and smiled...laughing and playing in their mother's bed this morning.

"I love you both..." Arizona smiled at her daughters as she held Gabby in her arms.

Callie said, "I love you both too. Very much!" Holding onto Hope, the brunette kissed her two year old daughter's head. They were growing up so fast. Much faster than she and Arizona would have like but, that's life.

Several hours later, the party was in full swing. "This is a great little party. I'm glad I could help you all out," Eddie smiled.

Barbara was outside watching the older kids swim. This end of the year party was quite the bomb, as the older kids would call it. And, it was nice...really nice. Gavin and Monty's idea of hosting this party at their ranch home in Gardnerville proved to be a winning scenario. They had everything a kid could want here. Horses...several ATVs to ride...volleyball...a large rectangular shaped swimming pool that Callie had installed just last summer before Monty became sick. The Robbins-Torres Ranch had it all and it was a success today.

"You want a coke Scott?" Callie asked Gavin and Monty's trainer. Scott Hatten...he had trained and guided her children through horse competitions for quite a while now. He was like a member of the family, often having dinner with the family after riding practice and even staying over night on occasion in the guest house. He was such a familiar face and the Torres kids liked the trainer very much.

Scott smiled, "Sure. I appreciate that Callie."

Monty walked in from outside. Dripping water all over Arizona's and Callie's beautiful wooden floors, the younger Torres left a slippery path of near destruction.

"Monty!" Arizona screamed as she every so gracefully slid down, performing a perfect plit in the middle of the living room floor.

Callie laughed, she just couldn't help it. Yes, Arizona was limber but, that was a totally different position that she'd seen her wife in, at least in quite some years now. "You think you could do that tonight in bed?" Callie chuckled as she helped her wife up to a standing position. No one heard her say that but, she knew it would likely cause the blonde to become angry.

"Funny Calliope. And, yes...I can, if you play your cards right..." Arizona grinned at smacked her wife hard on the rear. Callie narrowed her eyes on the blonde that now stood in the kitchen with a smirk on her face. Arizona was such a tease still drove Callie crazy.

"Well, I'm going to go outside and check on Barbara. Want to come with me Gabby?" Eddie asked.

"Yes!" The tiny blonde smiled. She wanted to go back in the swimming pool but, someone had to be out there to watch her other than Grandma Robbins. There were just too many children in the pool today and, another set of eyes were needed if the four year old was going to swim.

Scott placed his canned coke down on the counter. "I better be going too. I've got to bring a couple of horses up here. Hope, you want to go with Uncle Scott and bring a horse back? We won't be gone long..."

Gavin walked though the kitchen at just the right time and, hearing those words caused him to turn and look at the man that...he had always had the upmost respect for. But, there was something different about that voice of Scott Hatten's today. He couldn't explain it but, it was a feeling and it was the feeling that he'd been getting for weeks now. Watching closely, Gavin stood by the refrigerator, even pushing his blonde mother to the side just a tad to gather a better view of Scott carrying Hope in his arms as they exited the side door of the kitchen.

"Excuse you Gavin..." Arizona looked at her son. He was acting very strangely today and when she thought about it for a minute...he had been acting this way for the past few weeks.

"What is wrong with you son?" The blonde mother asked.

Gavin shook his head an patted his mom on the shoulder as he watched Scott walk toward the stables with Hope in his arms. Gavin stared out the window...Hope was smiling...Scott was smiling...the two year old brunette was happy. But, Gavin knew something was just not right. And, when you know.

"I'll be back in a minute," Gavin said and ran out out of the house. Callie gave Arizona a wondering look. What was happening with Gavin? He was the strangest they'd ever seen him be over the past few weeks.

"Teenage years..." Arizona shook her head. She had actually dreaded those years for her children and for herself. Haven't we all?

It was a familiar path to the large horse stables. A path that Gavin took regularly. As he got closer to the barn, there was silence. He took his sandals off and quietly crept inside. And then...he heard some muffled noises coming from the side room where the office was. A deep voice and a soft one was what he heard and he knew that little tiny was Hope. He knew that voice anywhere.

Gavin felt a little uneasy, those ties that bound him to his family sure were tight right now. "I don't like this..." He said to himself as he quietly made his way down the long hall to the office that say just to the left hand side of the stables. Turning around quickly, Gavin thought he heard something behind him but, it was nothing. Only an empty hall welcoming escape from what he was about to witness.

The closer he got to the office where the noises were coming from, the more understandable they were. The better that Gavin could hear. And what he heard...tore his heart into pieces.

"No..." Hope whined. "I don't like that..."

"It's okay Hope. It's uncle Scott. I won't hurt you..."

"No..." The two year old said as her big green eyes were filled with fear. Her underwear had been removed and Gavin now stood in the door as he watched what was about to be the most vilest, the most wretched and despicable act that could ever be done to a child. Where is the soul of man at a time like this? It's is most certainly lost...and never to be regained.

Hope looked up and she saw her brother standing there in the doorway. Oh but, Gavin...he didn't look like Gavin exactly. There was something different about the oldest Torres brother at that very moment. It was his eyes...the cold steely look, the face that was set on the object before him. Gavin's breathing increased and...holding the long metal shovel in his hands, Gavino Torres lost all self-control.

"Gabin..." Hope whispered softly to herself. She never could pronounce his name correctly but, she knew the face. She knew the brother that, although he seemed different, he would forever be her savior.

"Scott..." Gavin said calmly, gaining the trainer's attention.

Scott knew he was caught the second he heard the boy's voice. No, he had not yet raped two year old Hope Torres. But, he was about to...that is, before his name was called.

"Gavin..." Scott said, as he turned around to face the boy slowly. There is no terror in the bang...only in the anticipation of it, remember that. And then...there was silence. Never again would Scott Hatten speak. Never again would he harm an innocent child. That life...That perversion... it stopped right then. Thanks to Gavin Torres.


Seven times...and it just wasn't enough for Gavin's liking. You know, if you think about it...we're all capable of terrible things. Even murder under the right circumstances. However, murder is an evil act, no matter what the circumstances are. It takes a certain kind of person, a certain mentality and a certain situation to exude murderous ways. But, given the right circumstances, everyone is capable.

Gavin looked down at Scott Hattten's body. It's safe to say that no one should ever mistake Gavin's silence for weakness. He was anything but weak. Maybe murder, like talent does run in families. One thing is certain...that you will become whatever you'd tried to escape from. If that something is a trait that you'd rather avoid, it's still unlikely that you would be able to escape the same faults. Sure, sometimes you do but, often...they're still there. Just...hidden.

Perhaps this was Gavin or Maybe...deep down, Gavin knew who he was but wanted to reject that part of himself that was so much like the Torres'. But, he didn't. Not today. It seemed that he was not able to escape some of his traits and yes...he was in essence, just like Carlos and Callie.

Let's face it, sometimes we can't reject our personality traits or subconscious wishes at our whim. Sooner or later, they resurface again when the moment presents itself. That was the case today. There was however, one thing that Gavin would learn from this unforgettable event...that death is the ultimate and inevitable reality. And, he would take from this more self-control, more patience that he never knew he could have and...a formidable willpower that would follow him until his dying breath.

Gavin was brilliant, caring and a courageous young man that...was just embarking on his own journey through life. Oh but, this would change his destiny today. This scene before him would be something that Gavino Torres would never forget.

"Hope... You are okay..." Gavin said calmly as he looked from the bloodied body on the office floor and back to his sister that sat atop of the large grey steel desk.

Little Hope sat there, her knees into her chest...her underwear tossed to the she slowly rocked back and forth. What she had just saw...she didn't understand exactly was nevertheless traumatic for the two year old brunette girl that had the sweetest disposition. And, although she'd witnessed Scott's demise, that attitude and disposition that was her trait would never change.

Gavin walked closer and Hope never took her eyes off of her brother. She'd seen Scott Hatten beaten to death. She'd seen the blood, heard the moans...she had witnessed her oldest brother lose all control in a moment that...was too much to consume. Too much to fathom. Too much for a two year old to understand fully.

Sensing that his sister might possibly cry, Gavin said, "Hope...I won't hurt you. It's's Gavin...And, I will always protect you Hope...Do you believe me?"

Hope nodded slowly as she watched her brother come closer to her. Gavin had already threw down his shovel and his hands were clear of anything that was scary. He was just as he said...Gavin. He was Gavin and, Gavin was safe. She did believe him. Hope could see the love and devotion in his eyes. It was her Gavin. Her brother...Her savior.

"Come on...stand up and lets get your underwear back on okay." Gavin said calmly. His voice never wavered the entire time and he had an eerily quiet and peaceful demeanor about him. Let's face it...what he had just didn't bother him at all.

As he finished dressing his sister, Gavin said, "We need to let mommy look at you. She's a doctor...I don't think anything happened but, mommy and mama will know for sure. So, let's go home Hope...okay?"

Agreeing, Hope nodded. Wrapping her arms around her big brother's neck, she clung to Gavin fiercely as they stepped over Scott's bloody body and headed back into the long hallway of the large building that would now forever be a memory of a near unspeakable act.

"I don't like Scott..." Hope said softly as she looked down at the man that almost stole her innocence. But, hadn't it been taken just a little bit already? She'd witnessed a murder, a horrific murder at the age of two and it was her brother that had committed the crime. Sure, it was all for her but, it was still murder. And, kind of scary. Little Hope had come oh so close to being raped...So was safe to say that her innocence was taken to some degree that afternoon on June 15th.

"I don't like him either Hope," Gavin said as he stared straight ahead to the main house. "But, he will never bother you again. Don't worry about that."

The scene played out in Gavin's head as he carried his little sister to his mothers. Staring straight ahead, Gavin saw each blow he'd inflicted on the trainer, in his mind's eye. Gavin heard each hit as it landed, in his mind's eye. He saw the blood and cracked bones, felt the impact of little Hope's soft tears and he felt her worst nightmares that would certainly come from this event today. He saw it all in his mind's eye. The fight, in his mind, was perfect. He delivered hit after hit with precision. It was masterful, almost as if he'd practiced it. And, to be honest...Gavin felt that what he had just done was justifiable. But, it was murder. Wasn't it?

Gavin held his sister in his arms as he got closer to the house and he thought to himself..."There are people in the world that beg to be killed and, Scott Hatten was such a man."

Was it justifiable? Was it understandable? That's a matter of opinion but, Gavin felt it was and never...ever would he see it otherwise...not even until he drew his last breath on this earth. He would never be convinced otherwise. Should he have just let justice run its course? Justice...that's a funny concept. Nothing about this whole scene was just, Gavin thought. And, there was no reason in playing by the rules any longer.

"Fuck the rules." Gavin mumbled to himself as he got closer to the house. The rules...they didn't matter to him and, after today...they never would. be continued...

"Murder, like talent, seems occasionally to run in families." -GEORGE HENRY LEWES, The Physiology of Common Life

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This chapter was not an easy one to write but, as always...I try and prove a point in my writing. That point is this... Children are sexually abused by people they know as well as those they don't every day. Familiarity is scary...especially in this situation. Sexual crimes against children, teens...anyone for that matter is wrong! It's a crime and I for one feel that what Gavin did was justifiable. However, I do intend to point out that, Hope was NOT raped. She was not touched and Gavin came just in time. But, what about all the children in the world that don't have a "Gavin"..."A Savior" to rescue them...What about them?

My heart bleeds for those children, those teens, boys and girls...and I hope that one day, all can be right in the world. No more more more abuse of any kind. But, until then...if and when that time comes...I just have to hope for brighter days and whisper a little prayer for the children that face a much harsher reality than Hope Torres.

Thanks for reading this chapter and, I just want to add that...if there is ever something that doesn't seem right, look right, feel's probably not right. Get someone's attention, get some help, because you just might be the "Savior" that someone needs.

I hope everyone has a Happy Fourth of July weekend. Be safe! See you all soon!



Quote credit: There is no terror in the bang, only in the anticipation of it.- Alfred Hitchcock

Chapter Text

A Simple Act

"Down these mean streets a man must go who is not himself mean, who is neither tarnished nor afraid...He must be the best man in his world, and a good enough man for any world." — Raymond Chandler

Mistakes don't matter. It's what you do when you mess up that does. That's what matters. Had Gavin made a grave mistake? Was seven times too many?

Gavin walked up to the house, having passed the bodyguards and several kids that surrounded the large ranch home. The kids were running around with water guns, playing and enjoying the afternoon sun. Everyone carefree and happy. What a day for a simple act of murder.

Gavin held Hope in his arms, one hand under her knees and the other behind her back. He had carried the little brunette all the way from the stables to the main house and he had carried her in this exact position. Not disturbing anything personal, he was being very careful, as careful as he could until his mom took a look and examine his little sister.

Looking around, Gavin saw that his mothers were in the kitchen making lemonade and filling cups. They were so busy that they hadn't notice the older boy standing there.

"Mom." "Mama." Gavin said calmly but, very matter of fact.

Both Callie and Arizona looked up. Furrowed brows looked at their two children as one had tears in her eyes. Simple tears were threatening to spill from the intense green eyes that were Hope Torres' signature trademark.

"What happened?" Callie asked.

Arizona dropped her long wooden spoon inside the pitcher and walked over to where Gavin and Hope stood. Hope reached out for her mommy but, Gavin stopped his sister's movements.

"Wait. I need to tell you something. I found Scott in the stable office with Hope and he had taken her underwear off and he was about know...I don't think she's hurt need to examine her."

Arizona almost passed out from hearing what her son had just breathed out. What? Had he just said that Hope was almost...She couldn't fathom it.

Taking the two year old into her arms, little Hope started to cry. She was still traumatized but.. she knew she was safe and it felt good for her mommy to hold her.

"It's okay are safe. I won't let anything happen to you Hope." Arizona said in a soothing voice.

Callie walked behind her wife and wrapped her arms around Arizona and Hope, embracing both her wife and her child. "Mama..." Hope sniffled as she held out her arms to Callie. In a split second, she was enveloped in the brunette's arms and...Callie closed her eyes.

"Mama has you baby girl." Callie said, wiping tears from her own eyes. And, she felt a pang of rage sweep over her instantly.

Arizona asked where Scott was and Gavin explained...well, he sort of explained. "He's in the stable. I knocked him out." Gavin said, confidently. He knew he'd done more than knocked the man out. But, Scott Hatten was not anymore of the older boy's concern.

Callie looked at her son, turning her head to the side. Gavin was calm...too calm, she could see it in his eyes. "Get Rocco and Luca and you three go back out there now." Callie told her son. "I will be there in a minute."

Passing Hope to Arizona...Callie said, "You examine her and see if..." Callie couldn't finish that sentence. How could any parent finish that sentence? That sentence was dreadful to even think about, let alone voice openly.

"And, you check on that situation..." Arizona said, taking over where Callie had left off. "If something did happen, I'll get mama to come and tell you." Arizona finished. Walking with Hope in her arms, she took to the staircase. But, Callie followed.

"I'm going with you. I want to know what happened in case I need to handle things myself..." The brunette said. Arizona nodded. She knew exactly what that meant. If Callie handled always got ugly. Very ugly.

Moments later, both mothers lay little two year old Hope on their bed. "No..." Hope whined. She didn't want to be examined.

"Hope...mommy won't hurt you baby. I just need to see if you are okay. Can I just look? Please..."

Hope shook her head, "No..." She said.

Callie sat beside her daughter and held her close. "Mommy needs to look baby. I need you to cooperate. It won't take long at all..."

Her bottom lip poked out but, little Hope nodded. And, just as Gavin had thought, Hope had not been harmed...thankfully.

"I don't see any signs of any trauma or scratches...nothing..." Arizona said.

Hope lay still, her big green eyes looking at her blonde mother and then to the brunette. Breathing heavily, the two year old was quiet but, she never took her eyes from her parents as she scanned their faces.

"So, she wasn't..." Callie said.

Arizona shook her head as she finished examining..."No...she wasn't..."

"Thank God...I'm still going to K.I.L.L. him..." Callie said in a harsh tone.

"Let's just let the authorities handle this..." the blonde wife suggested as she picked their daughter up.

Arizona took the tiny brunette to her bedroom to change the little girl's clothing. Hope's outfit was a little dirty from being in the stables and maybe in the blonde mother's mind...she was ridding the little girl of the memories of what had happened. But, memories aren't that easy to get rid of. Not at all.

Callie followed her wife into Hope's room moments later. The little girl sat in the middle of her bed...her underwear had been changed and she was waiting for Arizona to bring her a fresh outfit from her closet. Watching the two year old, Callie observed her daughters newest mannerisms. Hope was holding the bear that used to be Monty's but now was hers and she was sucking her thumb. Something that Hope never did as a child.

"She's sucking her thumb Arizona..." Callie said to her wife with a hint of concern in her voice.

As the blonde walked out of the closet with a new sundress in her hands, she noticed the same thing. "Hope...does that thumb taste good?" Arizona asked.

Hope nodded and her blonde mother smiled. Looking over at her wife, Arizona said, "She's just been through a traumatic experience. It's okay..."

Callie nodded. She wasn't so sure. They're never experienced anything like this personally although, Arizona had seen quite a few cases of sexual abuse in children over the years.

"There you are little miss. A pretty dress for a pretty girl," Arizona smiled. Hope held out her arms to Callie and the brunette picked their daughter up and carried her downstairs.

"I'm going to the stables..." Callie said as she landed on the bottom step.

"No!" Hope screamed and started crying. She clawed her way, trying to get out of Callie's arms.

Callie looked at her wife and asked, "What's she..."

Arizona held out her hands and little Hope practically leaped to the blonde mother. Clinging on, the little girl sucked her thumb and lay her head on Arizona's shoulder, turning away from Callie.

"She thinks you're going to take her back there," Arizona explained. "Hope, did you think mama was taking you back to the stables?"

Hope nodded, but continued to cling onto the blonde.

Callie walked around to where her daughter could see her but, she kept a comfortable distance. "Mama was not taking you out there baby. I'm going to go handle something but, you are staying with mommy in the house. I promise you never have to go anywhere you don't want to. Okay?"

Nodding her head, Hope still lay on Arizona's shoulder. Eddie walked in just as Callie was about to leave.

"What wrong?" He asked Arizona and Hope. Hope said nothing, only holding out her hand to touch Eddies face. She rubbed his cheek...He was safe and, she knew that.

Callie explained, "Eddie, come walk outside with me for a minute and I'll fill you in."

Holding Hope, the blonde mother walked into the kitchen and looked out the window toward the stables. Callie certainly must have told Eddie because he was in a fast trot, same as Callie only, the older man was leading by a few feet. It was safe to say that, Eddie was more than a little pissed about this too.

Arizona placed the lemonade in the refrigerator and walked to the living room to rock her daughter. They were alone. The house was quiet and, the blonde mother sang to the littlest Torres.

Reaching for her cellphone, she texted her mother who was outside supervising the children. "Come inside...ASAP. Something happened." And, within seconds of receiving that text, the older blonde grandmother rushed inside, leaving the back door to the house open.

"What's wrong?" Barbara asked, rushing to her granddaughters side. She could see that something was wrong with little Hope. "What happened?" Barbara asked, rubbing Hope's back.

"She's fine mom. She's just upset." Arizona replied. Hope had went to sleep and that gave Arizona an opportunity to explain things further. Needless to say, the grandmother was furious.

"What kind of a person would do this? I know people like that are out there but, not to one of my grandchildren..." Barbara was devastated.

"Wait! Where's Gabby?" Arizona asked her mother.

"She and Monty are outside sitting by the pool until I get back..." Looking at her watch, the older woman said, "I need to get back out there...Have you seen Eddie?"

"He went with Callie to the stables," Arizona replied.

Barbara nodded and walked to the door. "Well, call if you need me," Barbara said, as she walked outside to help supervise.

Arizona nodded. She had things under control, she just hoped her wife did. "What was happening in that barn right now?" Arizona wondered. And that was a very good question...What was happening?

Callie looked down at the body. "What the hell? You said you knocked him out Gavino!" To say Callie was surprised...yea...maybe she was a little but, not really. She had seen the look on her son's face. The tongue can conceal the truth, but the eyes never. They tell every time.

Gavin never flinched as he looked at the brunette that stared back at him. "I hit him. He deserved it." Gavin explained.

"How many times..."

"Seven," Gavin interrupted. "I hit him in the face seven times Mama."

Self-control is important. But, sometimes it's impossible. "You beat him...wait, scratch that, you mutilated times?"

Callie was not surprised by the bloody gore she saw but, her son had something about him that she really never dreamed he'd have. And, that terrified her.

"Yes..." Gavin replied.

He wasn't remorseful...He wasn't apologetic in any way. Callie saw this and she knew her son had crossed over. But, hadn't Gavin crossed over already? Even when Arizona was attacked two years prior, he was certainly quite angry and thirsty for blood after that. Callie thought back and she remembered her son's words. She remembered his anger over Arizona's near rape and, she knew Gavin had always been this person she was looking at right now.

"What are we going to do with the body?" Rocco asked.

Eddie looked at Callie. "Are you going to call the police or..."

Callie shrugged her shoulders at Eddie. That was a tough call. "This would be considered murder. A simple act of murder. One time being hit with a shovel might be overlooked but, seven? And, you used the tip of the shovel too." Callie said, looking at her son. "I'm not so sure this would go over well with the police." Callie said, rubbing her forehead.

This was a mess of a situation, she thought. It could easily spiral out of her control. She may have been out of the mafia but, the mafia and its ways were not out of the brunette at all. Sighing out loud, the brunette begin to explain her thoughts.

"I'm not sure how many people saw him today. But, I have an idea...What about this..."

Callie explained what her plan was as she and Rocco, along with Eddie, Luca and Gavin talked it out together. They all huddled around and listened to the brunette. It really was the only way.

Callie sighed as she looked down towards Scott's lifeless body. If only Gavin would have stopped himself. If only he'd exhibited a little more self-control and not disfigured the man. If only...He'll, there's too many if onlys Callie thought to herself. Why dwell on those? It profiteth them nothing.

Callie pulled her son to the hallway, away from everyone. "Why?" She asked.

He knew what she meant. Why not just knock him out and get help? Why not just grab Hope and run to the house?

"I lost it. He deserved it. And, I'm not sorry for it." Gavin answered confidently.

Who was this new Gavin? Or, was this the same Gavin, just now visible in a different light? The truth rose from the depths of his soul, those were his feelings and, Callie knew they were valid.

"I would have done the same thing and, that's what scares me Gavin. You are turning into me..." She said.

Gavin looked at his mother with a straight face. "What's so bad about you?" He asked. "Why do you tell me that? Always you say you don't want me to be like you..."

Callie sad nothing. Truthfully, she had seldom felt remorse for her lifestyle over the years. Only once did she repent to the priest and, it was because she needed a miracle for Monty. Make no mistake, she was who she was. But, Gavin didn't need to follow in her footsteps. In fact, she had decided after Arizona's attack two years ago that she didn't want him to be like her at all. And, she had told him so.

"Your mother is going to be very upset and, she won't take this well at all," Callie said to her son. She dreaded telling the blonde...Oh God did she dread it.

Once again, the calm and collective Gavin answered..."She'll just have to deal with it I guess mama. If I had to do it all over again, I would have done the same exact thing. I don't care about the law. I don't care about the rules...fuck the rules. They're made to be broken."

Callie looked at her son. Always the obedient boy. Always studious and smart. And he was the same son, the same as he'd always been. Only, one little thing about Gavin Torres had changed and, that was his conscience. If you crossed him or a member of his family...he had no boundaries. He had no remorse. He had no care. And, while that's understandable, maybe that wasn't necessarily a good thing.

"I'm not afraid..." Gavin said to his mother. Did he mean he wasn't afraid of the law? Or, Arizona? Callie wasn't sure but, she guessed it was neither.

"I know," she replied. And that was what scared Callie the fear on Gavin's part.

"Let's head back to the house," Callie said, wrapping her arm around her son's shoulder. Gavin placed his right arm around his mother.

Two Torres' much alike that, it was quite scary to conceive. Gavin was hers...Callie's son, the chosen one, the golden boy...and, this little incident today hadn't changed that. On the contrary, it further cemented their bond. A bond that was stronger than anticipated and, ties to the Family that...would never be broken. He was his mother's son. And, he always would be.

"You know...dying is overrated." Eddie said as he, Callie and Gavin walked back to the main house.

Gavin looked over to the older man that he had befriended from the start and yet, the older boy had always kept a close eye on as well. However, Eddie had proved to be the real deal back there in the stables. He had never been out of the way with the girls at all. And, Eddie even agreed with the plan they all decided on. Maybe he was going to be a loyal member of the family after all.

" is Eddie." Gavin replied.

Callie remained silent but, she agreed. Why is drying overrated the brunette thought? Because, "...Human sentimentality has twisted it into the ultimate act of love. Biggest load of bullshit in the world. Dying for someone isn't the hard thing. The man that dies escapes. Plain and simple. Game over. End of pain...Try living for someone. Through it all-good, bad, thick, thin, joy, suffering. That's the hard thing."

As they approached the house, Callie thought..."Living...That's definitely the hard thing." And, she wondered, how was Arizona going to handle this? It was a good question.

She hoped Arizona understood. In fact...That's all she could do was hope. And then Callie remembered...Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies. Surely her wife would agree to her decision and what they were going to do. Surely?

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Quote Credits:

"Remember, Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies." ― Stephen King

"Dying is overrated. Human sentimentality has twisted it into the ultimate act of love. Biggest load of bullshit in the world. Dying for someone isn't the hard thing. The man that dies escapes. Plain and simple. Game over. End of pain...Try living for someone. Through it all-good, bad, thick, thin, joy, suffering. That's the hard thing." — Karen Marie Moning

"The mistakes don't matter. It's what you do when you mess up that does." — Kim Harrison

"The tongue can conceal the truth, but the eyes never! You're asked an unexpected question, you don't even flinch, it takes just a second to get yourself under control, you know just what you have to say to hide the truth, and you speak very convincingly, and nothing in your face twitches to give you away. But the truth, alas, has been disturbed by the question, and it rises up from the depths of your soul to flicker in your eyes and all is lost." — Mikhail Bulgakov

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Can't Fight Biology

"Biology says that we are who we are from birth. That our DNA is set in stone. Unchangeable. Our DNA doesn't account for all of us though, we're human. Life changes us. We develop new traits. Become less territorial. We start competing. We learn from our mistakes. We face our greatest fears. For better or worse, we find ways to become more than our biology..."

"Let me handle your mother when we go inside," Callie said to Gavin as he and Eddie stood outside the door to the house. Gavin offered a half way nod.

"I mean it, don't say a word." Callie said, reiterating once again for the older boy to keep quiet.

"Okay." Gavin replied.

Eddie offered his two cents...poor Eddie. "She'll understand. She's finally being nice to me and she seems to be in a good mood lately..."

Callie chuckled and Gavin smiled. Oh Eddie...he didn't know Arizona Robbins-Torres at all. Not at all. Callie opened the door and she walked inside, stepping softly into the living room where Arizona was rocking little Hope.

"Shh..." Arizona whispered. "She's asleep."

Nodding, the brunette offered a tight smile. "Put her in the guest bedroom downstairs...I need to talk with you without her being right here."

Odd looks were shot in the brunette's direction. Arizona wasn't sure what her wife was going to say but, it didn't sound so good so far, judging by the brunette's tone of voice and her mannerisms.

"Okay...I'll be back in a minute." Arizona replied, standing to go and place Hope on the bed in the guest room.

"Well be in the study..." Callie said. Walking inside the large office, the brunette sat on the edge of the walnut colored desk while Gavin, along with Eddie stood around...just waiting. How was this going to go exactly?

Closing the door as she walked inside, Arizona looked around and noticed the solemn faces. "What's happening? There's something going on..." She said. Her look was one of concern and dread. She'd seen her wife's face like this before. It was never a good thing.

Callie nodded and swallowed hard. "Scott is dead..." the brunette explained.

The blonde stood stock-still. What had her wife just said? Arizona then turned and looked over to Gavin.

"What did you do?" The blonde mother asked her oldest son.

Yes, he was almost thirteen. That may seem young to some but, Gavin had taken karate for six years. He was an avid kick boxer. And, a very good equestrian. However, what landed him in this hot seat right now was...a metal shovel and, a fit of rage.

Gavin didn't answer his mom because Callie told him not to speak. So, Arizona asked him again..."I said what did you do Gavin? You said you knocked him out. And, now he's dead?"

Callie spoke up, "He did knock him out. And, then Gavin hit him six more times with the the face."

The blonde looked from her wife and back to her son. Arizona felt her breath catch in her throat, like she'd been punched in the stomach. Could she believe her own ears? Was this actually happening? Her son did this? This wasn't her son? Her son...he didn't do things like that.

"What!" Arizona yelled. "Gavin...why didn't you come and get us? Why did you kill him?"

Gavin opened his mouth to speak but, his mama shook her head. Just let Arizona vent...let her explode for a minute or two and then, they could all talk about this. That's what Callie thought, those were the brunette's intentions.

"Answer me Gavin! Right now!"

Gavin looked over at Callie and she shook her head again. But, he wouldn't sit quiet any longer and listen to the enraged blonde that seemed to be annoyed with his choices. He would explain himself.

"I lost control." Gavin replied honestly.

"You lost control? I would have to say you did lose control...How could"

"Aren't you glad he's dead? He almost raped Hope mom!" Gavin yelled at the blonde that was looking at him with a look he'd never seen before.

Callie stood up, to stand between the mother and son that were obviously at odds on how this whole situation should have been handled. "Let's both calm down for a minute..." Callie said to her wife and then to her son. "We can discuss this calmly..." She continued.

Arizona stepped to the side of her wife and toward Gavin. "Yes. Yes...I am glad he is dead. Deep down, I'm happy that he won't ever hurt anyone else. That probably wasn't his first time but, I didn't want you to kill him. Not are a child Gavin. And, you'll regret doing this one day. I don't want you to look back and have to live with the decision you made."

The blonde mother did have a point didn't she? Would his past come back to haunt him? Would he see Scott Hatten in his dreams?

"I'm fine with my decision mom." Gavin replied instantly. "He deserved what he got. I'd do it again too."

His breathing was labored and it was safe to say that the adrenaline rush Gavin was experiencing was not over. Would this bother him in the future? Would he regret his decision? Only time will tell that...

"Do you hear yourself? Listen to your words...Who are you Gavin?" Arizona asked her son in an exasperated tone. To hear those words caused the blonde mother to become quite upset. No mother wants to hear those words...not really. Not ever.

Callie stepped between them once again and this time, it was Gavin that edged his way around the brunette.

"I'm me. The same me that you had almost thirteen years ago." He answered. "But, I don't take kindly to people threatening and raping my family members. I didn't like it when it almost happened to you, and I don't like it now that it almost happened to Hope. So what...I can't protect the things I love mom?" He asked.

Callie took her son by the arm. "Why don't you and Eddie step outside for a minute..." Callie said to Gavin. This conversation was going nowhere and Callie had other things to attend dead body that needed to be seen about quickly.

"No!" Arizona said to her wife, stopping the brunette's movements. "This is not over and you will not just sweep this under the rug Calliope. He has to be dealt with about this..."

Callie turned to her wife and Gavin stayed in his spot without moving. "Arizona...I'm not sweeping anything under the rug. However, there's a more pressing issue, I've got a dead body in the stables. It's hot. Body's don't hold up well in the heat. We've got to cover this up, make it look like an accident. So..."

Shaking her head, the blonde said, "We're not covering this up! We are not those people anymore! Calliope we have to call the police. They will take into consideration the circumstances and..."

Callie took her wife by the shoulders. "Arizona...listen to me. I have seen similar situations like this before and, honey the law will not be on our side. Seven times...that's too many. Maybe once but, not seven. It will be seen as murder. Now, we are covering this up and making it look like an accident. The horses got out, they trampled Scott and, we found him...but it was too late unfortunately..."

Arizona stood in silence but, she was thinking... Why did they always have to cover things up? Why was there always a cloud of guilt and shame hovering over this family? Why did...when they were finally legitimate, this little incident have to happen? And, why did Gavin have to be involved?

Sighing out loud, the blonde looked over to Gavin. He stood behind Callie but, was a little to the brunette's right side and he was in his blonde mother's view.

"I don't want you to be this person Gavin. You're my first and..." Arizona started to cry, but continued softly, "I had so many high hopes for you, you know..."

Callie's brown eyes instantly filled with tears as she listened to her wife's words and saw Arizona's fresh tears fall. Callie understood her wife's sentiments, her feelings. She had high hopes for Gavin too. Callie wanted Gavin to take over the Torres Group when he was older. It was legitimate, it was all straight and respectable now.

Callie had promised Arizona Gavin wouldn't follow in her footsteps with the mafia. But, maybe the life she had lead, the example she had set, and the people that Callie allowed her oldest son to be around had infiltrated much deeper into Gavin's psyche than even she realized. The company you keep has an effect on you, you know. It sufficed to say that Gavin was quite influenced by the brunette's bodyguards. After all, they were her hit men, were they not?

"I'm still me." Gavin said to his mom. He hated to see her cry. "I did what I did in the moment... without any thought. I'm sorry but, I just don't regret him dying." Gavin said to the blonde love of his life.

He loved Arizona, he always had. Many times he had sided with her over Callie and, never said anything to either of them. But, there comes a time when, biology and DNA doesn't account for all of us. Life changes us. We develop new traits, new perspectives. There is no compass, no map leading us in the direction we should chose. We often make our own destiny, our own fate. Even if that destiny and fate differs with our family's liking.

Callie changed the subject from mother and son, and back to the real situation that had to be dealt with immediately. "Are we in agreement? Do you understand? Scott was found dead by Rocco." Callie said to her wife.

"I guess. If there's not another way around it..." Arizona replied, wiping her eyes.

"No, there's not. I have connections...I can get this handled. But, everyone has to tell the same story. Hope was seen by some people I'm sure as she and Scott walked to the stables and so was Gavin. So, the story is...Gavin walked out there, following them to get the horses. Hope wanted to come back, Gavin brought his sister back and then...apparently several horses got away and loose in the stable and he was trampled, causing extensive injuries."

Arizona nodded as her wife spoke. She didn't like this but, what other choice was there?

"I don't want you to answer the phone if Scott's wife calls. I don't want you to speak to the police. No one talks but me and Rocco. I will handle this. You just tend to the party and, I will take care of everything." Callie said. "Do you understand Arizona?"

"Yes. I understand Calliope." The blonde wife replied. She understood all too well.

Callie nodded, "Good. Honey, this is the only way and the best way to resolve this. I will take care of everything. I promise." Motioning for Eddie to follow her, Callie walked out and left Arizona and Gavin alone in the office. Was that such a good idea? Both mother and son looked at one another and both had disappointing looks on their faces.

Parents often have a clear vision of their children's potential. They want to see their kids thrive and prosper into upstanding citizens, with high morals. When this differs from the kids' actual performance, many parents, like Arizona for example, may fear for their children's futures. It's certainly understandable. Parents often become even more unnerved when kids don't share these visions or worries. Did Gavin share the same values as her anymore? The blonde mother definitely wondered about that.

"You're disappointed in me," Gavin said, breaking the icy silence that hung in the room.

"Look, Scott deserved what he got but, you didn't need to be the one to finish it." Arizona replied. She never said she was or wasn't disappointed in Gavin. But, he knew.

The older boy asked, "If you were me, would you have done it? Would you have killed him?"

Thinking about what she would have didn't take long for Arizona to respond. "Probably. I probably would have. But, there's a difference son. You have your whole life ahead of you..."

"I still do mom. Geez...I'm not going to jail. Mama is covering it all up. That's what you do...That's what she does best..."

Arizona shook her head. "That's exactly what I was afraid you'd say and think. Gavin, your mama won't always be around to "cover" things up. Sometimes, you'll have no choice but to face what you've done. That's what I'm concerned about. I am afraid you have some magical thought, some idea in your head that your mother can swoop in and clean up incidents like this. I know you talk to Rocco and I know that you have talked with your mother. I know Callie has told you about the mafia and her connections. I don't want you to grow up and have that life honey. It's not the life you think it is."

Gavin never flinched. He never responded, only listening to his mom's words.

"Your mother has had to live a life of cover-ups, murder, lies...her whole life. I know you know that...But, I don't think you see the danger in it. It may seem mysterious and fun but, it's not. I've lived it with her and, I can't tell you how many times I look over my shoulder to see who's behind me or fear that someone is coming to get us. I promise you Gavin, it's not a fun life to live at all."

They say that children come to see themselves through their parent's eyes. Maybe that's true. Gavin could see himself though Arizona's eyes right now and, he felt very small. Very much of a disappointment to the blonde mother. Children do internalize their parent's reactions to them and that in turn is how they react to their own mistakes, successes and even disappointments.

"I wanted you to be a doctor. I wanted you to be like me, not like her." Arizona confessed.

Gavin looked at his blonde mother. He had always thought he would be a doctor. He really had...but, it just wasn't who he was in reality. "Those are your dreams, not mine mom." He replied softly.

"I know." Arizona nodded, looking toward the window and out to the stables. The horses had just been turned loose, bursting from the stables and they were running wild toward the main house. Apparently, the plan was in full swing now and there was no turning back. A stampede of brown came rushing up the path, toward the large home and, Arizona sighed.

Turning back toward Gavin, a thought crossed Arizona's mind. "Life is not always perfect. Sometimes, the neat mother is given the messy daughter. The athletic father is given the son who can't hit a ball. And, I've been given...Callie Jr." Don't criticize her, it was Arizona's deepest feelings and they were valid. Weren't they?

Placing her hands on her son's shoulders, Arizona said, "Just promise me that, you will control yourself better in the future and, you'll think before you make anymore rash decisions."

Gavin nodded. He would try. Could his mom ask for more than that? Her motto had always been, try your best. And, he would...he would try his best.

The truth is... we are all disappointed as parents. We struggle with our children and find ourselves in a battlefield of sorts. We never realize that we are fighting ourselves; our lost dreams, our lost hopes and ambitions that we've held onto for so long. The doctor that Arizona intended for her son to be, was certainly on hold. In fact, it probably would never come to pass. And yes...she was a bit disappointed by what she truly felt her son was becoming.

Hearing the sirens...the ATVs racing through the lawn, the kids yelling...Arizona blew out a long breath and said, "We better get going."

Gavin walked to the door and he stopped, turning to face his mother. "Are you disappointed in me?" He asked.

Arizona shook her head. "No. I'm proud of you taking care of Hope. If you hadn't been there this would be an entirely different story. I just want a wonderful life for you Gavin and, I know that your mom's profession is not it."

"She's out of the mafia. It's not even her profession anymore." He replied.

Offering a smile and a slight chuckle, the blonde said, "Honey, biology may can turn on us, and, life changes us...but, don't fool yourself. Your mother...she's who she is. And, she'll always be that person. She's just dormant. Give her a situation like today, and her DNA shines right through."

Gavin placed his arms around his mother and the two embraced. She loved Gavin with her whole heart. He was her first. He didn't come with a book of instructions but, she'd done the best she could.

As for Gavin, he knew Arizona's truest and deepest feelings about her life, her marriage, and now him. He may have been Callie's son...but, there would always be a part of Gavino Robbins Torres that would forever belong to Arizona. He was Callie's, the brunette was his role model but, Arizona was his heart. She was the bones of his spine, keeping him straight and true. She was the blood, the beating of his heart. And, Gavin couldn't imagine life without her.

Following Gavin out of the study, Arizona stopped in the hallway. She was alone and the blonde emptied her mind of all thought of herself, of all anger, and of all questions. Then with a profound and deeply willed desire to believe, to be heard, as she had done every day since the murder of Nic Rizzi, she said the necessary prayers for the soul of Calliope Torres. And today, she prayed for her son as well.

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Chapter Text

Blood Horse

"Horses change lives. They give our young people confidence and self esteem. They provide peace and tranquility to troubled souls, they give us Hope! -Toni Robinson

Standing just inside the stable doors, seeing the flashing lights coming down the long path to the stables and, hearing the sirens screeching...Callie thought back on a previous conversation with Gavin...a little over two years ago...


"Look, I thought I had it all planned out. I though you taking over when you got older was a wise decision. And in some ways, I want you to be involved in my business affairs. You are smart, and witty. You catch on real quick Gavin. But not the mafia part of it. You will not be a part of this life Gavin. You've got a picture painted of my life that doesn't really exist. It's not glamorous like you think. If there's one thing that your mother's attack has taught me it's that I've got to get out. But that's hard...this life, my stays with you, even when you try to leave and do what is right. Son, I am selling everything that has any ties to the mafia lifestyle. I am on my way out kid. But, I will never be free, not truly free. And unfortunately neither will your mother. But my children won't be a part of this. You'll have an honorable profession Gavin. You won't be like me. I'm the reason Mom is in there right now in the shape she's in. My job, my lifestyle, I'm the reason she was hurt. And I will always carry around that shame. You don't want this life. I promise you. It will destroy everything around you son."

...End of Flashback...

The brunette wasn't involved in that life anymore. Would that always be the case though? Only time would tell, that's for certain. Looking around at her surroundings, Callie thought that, she was reverting back to her old ways today. And, she was. Cover-ups, a murderer in the family, lying...that was her life, her former life and, once again became her method of choice. But, did she have any other choice this time?

"Everything is ready. He's been trampled and blood is on the horses' hoofs, they are turned out like you said...this will work. But, catching those horses will be a tough job for Luca and the guys. I feel good about this one, this idea of yours will work..." Rocco said confidently as he stood beside Callie.

"It better work otherwise, I'm about to go to jail for murder." She replied in a serious tone. There was no way that Callie would let Gavin take the blame for this. If it was anyone that would be taking the blame, it would be her. Don't parents protect their children at all costs?

"You called John Hayes right?" He asked.

"Yes, he is coming too." Callie answered.

John Hayes was Callie's friend from the police department and, he'd been a loyal friend. His successful election campaign had been mostly possible by donations from the Torres Group. You just can't get the mafia and their ways out of some people...not ever really. They may be legitimate but, they still operate much the same way as before. Bribes, donations to campaigns, scratch my back and I'll scratch was what she did. It was how Callie survived.

"Is Gavin coming down here?" Rocco asked.

"No," was the brunette's answer as the police cars closed in. An ambulance was called as well and at the back of the line...was the black F-150, it was John Hayes's truck.

"He's in here..." Rocco said, leading the team inside to the dead man's body.

John walked up to Callie and the two shook hands. His election campaign just might come in handy for Callie Torres today because, his newest job, was Coroner.

"What happened?" John asked the brunette.

"It is just a mess. The horses were being brought out for the children to ride and I don't know if they got spooked or what but, when Scott didn't bring them back after a little while, Rocco came down here and when he did, they tore out of the sable doors, they are running loose everywhere. Rocco found Scott lying in the floor, he'd been trampled to death. God it's a mess in there... I can't hardly look at it. We are all just devastated."

Well, they say that if you're going to tell a story, be convincing. If you are going to lie, don't flub up, tell a good lie.

"Let's see what we've got," John sighed and Callie led him in to where the body was.

Looking up, the paramedics said to the coroner, "Looks like they bashed his face in good too. He's dead, there's no pulse."

Close examination revealed much the same as what the brunette had said. It appeared that maybe Scott Hatten had been trampled to death. "He was a good man." John said, as he stood back up beside Callie.

The brunette covered her mouth with her right hand, nodding her head and appearing to be in some sort of agreement with John's words. Scott Hatten wasn't a good man or...maybe he was at one point in his life before this. Maybe he lost his way somehow along the journey of life. Or, maybe he was always this person, this sick perverted person. Did it really matter? Not anymore. Now, he was just a dead man and, dead men don't kill. They don't hurt people anymore. They don't count they?

The pictures were taken and Callie and Rocco gave their stories to the investigators. Scott's wife was called and informed of her husbands unfortunate accident and, all seemed to be going along well enough. And then, John Hayes had a question for Callie.

"Callie! There is a sandal that was dropped in here." John said. "Was this here before or..."

The brunette looked at Rocco with a solemn face, never did she change her expression. Neither did Rocco. Guess they overlooked that in their running around didn't they?

The brunette replied, "Yea...that's my two year olds probably. She was in the stable earlier, and wanted to come back and Gavin, my son, brought her back so, it probably dropped on the way."

"Was Gavin the last person to see Scott?" John asked as he walked to the edge of the hallway where Callie and Rocco stood.

"You know...he probably was." She said, nodding her head. As if she had never thought of that...

As they continued to talk, John asked if he could speak with Gavin. "If you think that will upset him, then I won't but, I would like to ask him if he saw anything or heard anything unusual before he left." John said.

Callie nodded. She knew it was inevitable. "Of course. I will go and get him. Or, better yet, why don't we ride up to the house together." Callie suggested.

"Sure." John replied. Hoping in the Polaris Ranger, Callie and John, along with an investigator rode to the main house.

Seeing Gavin step outside the front door, Callie and John watched as he climbed on the back of one of the brown horses with Luca. Horse wrangling it not an easy thing and they needed Gavin to help.

Following Luca and Gavin, Callie and John rode along behind the two. Gavin was dropped off in one of the fields and he roped in Monty's horse...Calico. Calico certainly seemed spooked and skittish this afternoon. Gavin petted her, trying to calm her down a bit.

"Gavin!" Callie called out as he mounted Calico. Gavin saw the tall man and the other shorter guy that stood beside his mother. He didn't know either of them but, he figured it had something to do with Scott Hatten.

Gavin rode in the direction to where his mom and the strangers were and on the way, he jumped a deep ditch, just making it to the other side. "I've got ninety-nine problems but, a ditch ain't one of them Calico." Gavin mumbled to the horse, as he held the reins tight.

"Hey..." Gavin said, stopping the tall brown horse in front of his mom, the shorter guy and John Hayes.

"Gavin, this is John Hayes, he is the coroner. This is Shawn Johnson, an investigator for the police department and, they would like to ask you a few questions about the last time you saw Scott." Callie said. Her brown eyes were trained on her son. The dark eyes gave the appearance, the look that said, its okay but, be cautious.

"Sure. It's nice to meet you both," Gavin said, dismounting from his horse but keeping the reins in his hands.

"It's nice to meet you too." John replied. "Your mother said you left the barn, and brought your sister back to the house... did I understand that correctly?"

"Yes sir." Gavin replied.

Nodding his head, John asked, "Did you see anything odd or hear anything before you left?"

"No sir, I did not." Gavin answered confidently. He looked the man in the eyes, just as his mother had told him to do. Callie had said that he might be questioned and the key to that was to stay calm and maintain eye contact.

Satisfied with the boy's response, John examined Calico. The traces of blood visible, the uneasiness in the horse's mannerism...he seemed satisfied that this was probably just as Callie had said, an accident. A very unfortunate accident. But, there was certainly an investigation that would follow as always when things like this happened.

"I guess you were close to Scott," John said, looking over to Gavin.

"Yes sir. We were friends. I can't believe he's gone." Gavin said sniffing...just as his mother had told him to do.

Callie intervened. Gavin was good but, he wasn't near as seasoned as the brunette. "He was like a member of the family. He was just in our home, only a little while prior to this and it has just devastated us all. I haven't told Monty yet. I know he will be so upset." She said, wiping a tear that somehow had fallen. The only true thing she had said all day was this...Monty would be very upset when he found out. Because, he had no idea what was happening. But, he was about to find out for himself.

Back at the house, Monty and Gabby came inside, water dripping as usual. Would he or Gabby ever learn to use a towel? "What's with all the police cars? And, why are the horses running around? Where's Mama and Gavin?" Monty asked.

Gabby looked at Hope. The little brunette was up from her nap, sitting on the blonde mother's hip as Arizona fixed her sippy cup with juice. "Hope, you want to swim with me?" Gabby smiled at her sister.

"No." Hope said, laying her head back on Arizona's shoulder.

"What's wrong with Hope mom?" Monty asked.

Arizona breathed out a long breath. Monty was full of questions and to be honest, she didn't feel like answering them all. "Monty, Hope is fine. She's just fine." Arizona said, handing Hope her cup. The little brunette drank, she was so thirsty after her nap.

Handing a bottle of water to Gabby, Arizona said, "Take this to Grandma please." Gabby took it and ran back outside, sliding on the way out the door due to the excess water that still stood in the living room floor.

Placing her daughter on the floor, Arizona encouraged little Hope to walk to the living room, and she did. She sat in the recliner where her mother had just been sitting a few minutes before. Wrapping a blanket around her, the two year old played with her hair as she drank her apple juice.

Arizona whispered to her son, "Monty, there was an accident in the stables. I don't want you to say anything around Gabby or Hope. But, Scott is dead."

Monty was shocked. His breathing increased, his heart beat faster. "What?" He asked.

"He's dead..." Arizona answered her son.

"What happened? What accident?" Monty asked. He loved Scott as they all had, up until now that is.

She hated to lie to him but, she and Callie didn't discuss telling Monty the truth or anything really. That conversation never came up earlier that she remembered. So, it was the safest way...just to lie. Families...can't spell that word without lies...just as Callie Torres always said. And, it seemed to be the case today.

"Apparently, it seems that the horses got spooked or something and he was trampled to death. Rocco found him and the horses tore out of the stables..."

Monty was gullible at times. His heart was pure, much like Arizona's. But, he didn't buy that story for a minute. "Our horses spooked? They didn't get spooked. That's crazy. Our horses are so tame and what do you mean he was he trampled to death? That wouldn't happen mom. I'm going down there..."

Grabbing the younger boy by the arm to stop him from making a scene and getting into something that was way over his head, Arizona said, "You stay here around this house. Do you hear me?"

Monty looked at his mom. Her mood, her demeanor certainly changed. "What's wrong with you?" He asked.

"Do you hear me? Do as I say Monty Torres."

"Okay...let go of my arm please..." He said. Looking down at the yorkie, Monty shook his head."Women...they sure are grumpy Milo."

"I am not grump Monty. I am tired. A lot is happening and, you have no business down there. Your mother doesn't want anyone down there. So, stay away from the stables." Arizona said.

"Can I go back outside?" He asked.

"If you can stay around the pool then yes. Anywhere else, and you are in big trouble mister."

"Okay...I got it mom. The house or the pool." Monty said to his mother.

Stopping a minute, the younger boy said, "I just can't believe he is dead. Like, he's never coming back..." Monty stood beside the bar and tears filled his eyes. Arizona begin to cry to but, for an entirely different reason than her son. But, she did feel for Monty, even if he was grieving for a man that was most definitely a criminal.

"I know baby. It's hard to believe but, its true. He's gone..." Arizona said, placing her arm around Monty's neck and placing her head beside Monty's. Hope pulled on Arizona's shirt and soon enough the small brunette sat on her mother's hip once again, having heard a little of their conversation from the living room.

"Gabin..." She said to Monty, looking at her brother with an intense face.

Holding her breath, Arizona pulled her daughter in close and lay Hope's head on her shoulder. Hope had seen the entire thing play out before her eyes. She would probably forget eventually but, she knew. She still remembered. However, she only two years old. That's very young, very young. And, Hope was at a good age for something like this to happen...if you could call it that. It was easy to keep her quiet, easy to excuse her words right now. Had this been Gabby, it would not have been so easy.

Monty looked at his sister. "What did she say?" He asked his mom.

"She's tired. She's um...just talking baby talk probably..." Arizona explained, turning away from Monty.

Monty nodded. But, he wasn't quite convinced of his mother's words. Arizona was not that good of a liar. Not at all. Whatever was going on was written all over her face.

Several hours passed after that conversation and, the children from the school all were leaving for the day. The party that was almost ruined, wasn't really least for the people that didn't know what was happening down at the Torres Stables.

"You both have thrown a very nice party today dears..." Mrs. Vaughn smiled.

"We appreciate you taking the time to come and, to chaperone..." Callie said, giving the principal a warm hug.

"I am sorry about that unfortunate accident. I didn't know the man but, I am sure you guys are just devastated."

"Yes, we are...just devastated." Callie replied, looking over to her wife.

"Devastated..." Arizona nodded. How many times were they going to use that word today?

Seeing the last of the kids off for the day, Callie and Arizona stood in their kitchen a while later, along with Eddie and Barbara, and the four Torres children. What a day it hadn't been.

"Well, all's well that ends well..." Eddie smiled.

Gavin shook his head. Eddie didn't seem phased at all by what they had done. Not at all. Who was this Eddie guy? His calmness was quite alarming.

"You guys want to walk to the stables?" Callie asked her sons.

Hope shook her head intensely, with big green eyes, causing Callie to look over to her daughter that was sitting in her Pop's lap at the bar.

"Here want another grape?" Eddie asked, taking the little brunette's mind off of what her mom had just said.

"Yes..." Hope said, popping yet another green grape in her mouth. "Yum Yum Yum" Hope smiled at Barbara and Arizona.

Callie motioned for the two boys to walk outside with her to check on the horses. "Mama, what happened out here really?" Monty asked. "Our horses wouldn't trample Scott."

The brunette never missed at beat. "Sometimes, they can get spooked. I'm not sure what happened exactly...I didn't see it Monty but, that's the only explanation I have for you."

"I will miss Scott." Monty sighed.

"I know you will. He was a very close part of this family but, there comes a time when, you have to say goodbye, even if you're not ready to. Today was his day..." Callie said to Monty, looking over to Gavin to gauge her oldest son's reaction. The older boy looked a little saddened by his brother's words.

She and Gavin had answered all the questions that the investigator and John Hayes had asked. Callie held up well and, surprisingly, so did Gavin. But, would that always be the case for the older Torres son? Would this bother him more than he realized?

As Monty entered the stable where his horse was, he placed his head against Calico. "What's wrong girl? What happened in here today?"

Gavin looked over at his brother. Monty turned to the left and he looked at Gavin. Two brothers...both the exact opposite, different as night and day. Neither said a word to one another but, Monty saw that look Gavin had. There was something he knew that Monty didn't.

Sometime later, the brunette was finished checking everything and was getting ready to leave. "Boys, let's go inside the house." Callie called out as she shut the last gate.

"You need some help walking to the house?" Gavin asked his brother. Monty shook his head and walk out into the hallway.

Turning around, the younger brother asked, "What really happened in here Gavin?"

Seeing the brunette walk up behind Monty, Gavin saw her shake her head. She didn't want Monty to know. He wasn't the type to keep quiet. He wasn't the kind to understand.

"Just what mama said happened I guess." Gavin replied.

Placing her arm around Monty's neck, Callie looked down at her youngest son. She needed him to get his mind off of this and let this go. He was just a little too nosy for her liking. And, there was only one way for that Monty to be cured from his concerns. A diversion was called for and, as we will know...the brunette was the queen of diversion.

"You want to ride Calico tomorrow? I can have some of the guys go out with you...let you get back in the saddle...ease your way back into riding again." Callie smiled.

"Really?" Monty asked his mama. "Mom won't fuss?"

Callie smiled. "I will handle your mother. She'll be just go inside and get your things ready for tomorrow morning. It's going to be a big day for you Monty Torres."

Monty turned around to Calico. The horse had her head hung across the door, very close to Monty. "Hear that? I will see you in the morning girl." Monty beamed.

Not everyone can hear the silent language between a horse and a rider. But, it's there. A special bond, a bond between a boy and his horse. A bond that...would never be broken, no matter what the circumstances. Calico was one of several horses that had her hoof bathed in blood today. She was now a blood horse.

The stables were quiet tonight. Gavin stood and watched his brother interact with Calico and Gavin remembered Scott Hatten saying that horses could sense death, as well as evil. And, while the older Torres wasn't convinced of his former trainers words, he remembered a story that was told to him last year in Reno at the equestrian meet. A boy told Gavin that a couple of years ago a horse on his yard got severe colic and had to be put down. While they were waiting for the vet to arrive the horse was put in the barn in a very deep bed. All the other horses in the surronding stables were very still and very quiet that night. They certainly knew what was happening, the boy said.

Gavin looked around, their horses knew what had happened today too and, on some level he thought they still felt the uneasiness that settled over the stable tonight. No doubt, Calico knew what happened, as did the other horses. They say horses have a sixth sense...However, unlike humans, horses can't talk. They remain silent. Their thoughts are their own. And for that, Gavin, as well as Callie was thankful.

"Not everyone can hear the silent language between a horse and a rider. Not everyone can trust their life with a 1200lb. animal. And not everyone has the guts, blood, sweat, tears and dedication needed to be part of this world. But equestrians are no ordinary people and horses are no ordinary animals. The only ones who truly understand this world are the ones who are part of it."

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The Guest Book

"The words didn't come easy; hard to know what to say at a funeral when the murderers were standing beside you pretending to mourn." — The Behrg

Later that night, Arizona's mind just wonderied incessantly and, with good reason too. Scott's wife Karen had come before the body was officially removed that evening and, she'd had some strong words for the brunette. Her threats concerned Arizona much more than they did Callie.

"Do you think we should have told Monty the truth?" Arizona asked. "And, Karen...did you see the looks she gave you and what she said? I'm worried about what Karen will do..."

Callie was lying next to her wife, her hand roaming down the blonde's body. "Will you concentrate please?" She whispered to Arizona as she splayed soft kisses down the blonde's neck.

Little Hope had a tough time sleeping so, Callie had brought her in to sleep in their room for the night. It would take her a few nights but, the little brunette would get better. And, being that Arizona had a lot in her mind, coupled with the fact that they were not alone, the blonde just couldn't seem to get into a sexy mode. At least not yet...

"I'm not in the mood tonight Calliope. Besides, Hope is asleep on the sofa. She's right near us, she can hear everything."

"Then keep it down," Callie said, rolling on top of her wife. Looking over, Callie checked on Hope. "She's sound asleep...just go with it..." The brunette whispered. Pushing her wife's silk gown up, Callie's talented hands were stilled.

"Baby, I'm just not in the mood." Arizona whispered.

Callie sighed. "Well, do you think you could get in the mood if we talk this out tonight because I gave all of this built up tension Arizona. I need a release. Really bad."

"Probably...I don't know...I guess," the blonde replied. Her mind was in overdrive yet, Callie seemed unphased.

Callie placed her hands on either side of her wife's head. "Okay, so...Monty knows nothing and that's exactly how it should be. You said it yourself a few minutes ago that you wanted to preserve his innocence and I agree."

"Yea but...I hate to lie. I feel like my whole life is a lie." Arizona started to cry.

Turning her head, the brunette gave her wife a strange look. "You and I are not a lie. Our children are not a lie. I think I could take offense to that Arizona..."

Arizona shook her head and placed both of her hands on either side of the brunette's face. Callie was still lying on top of her and, she could sense the brunette's irritability.

"No honey, I mean that...we always have to lie in these situations. We've had lies and secrets our whole marriage from people and now, we are having yet another in our family. Why can't we just have honesty? I don't want to put up this whole facade."

"Because, Monty will tell. There will be no honesty this time. You know him. He will tell." Callie said. "Is that what you want?"

"No...I didn't want any of this," the blonde shook her head.

"Me either, but we have to deal with it. And, we are. Trust me. I know that I am right."

Arizona nodded, taking in a deep breath. "I know you're right. But, about Karen saying she's going to sue you..."

Callie looked at her wife. "Karen knows nothing. She may sue us because Scott was killed on our ranch. That would be the most she could do and, we have insurance to cover these things."

"She'll sue me. This is all in my name." The blonde said in a worried tone.

Once again Callie was not bothered. "Makes no difference, the ranch is insured. He was on the job, it will cover it. Don't worry about her. She has sued people in the past, it's what she does Arizona."

Arizona nodded. But, it all still weighed heavy on her mind. "Why did he have to kill him?" The blonde said, her voice breaking. She was on the verge of tears again tonight. Who wouldn't be?

"He did just what you and I would have done. I wish he hadn't done it either but, he has, we're already in this situation. And, when you're in a bad spot...Look for a way out, don't worry about how you got there. Haven't I told you that a hundred times?"

Agreeing, the blonde wife said, "Yes. You've said that. But, this changes everything for Gavin now."

"How? I killed someone at an early age, and look at me." Callie shrugged her shoulders. Arizona bit her lip and tried not to laugh. Exactly...her wife just proved her point there didn't she?

Not even addressing that, Arizona said, "Well, I think we need to talk to Gavin about this."

"And see, I don't think we should Arizona. What would that accomplish? He knows how we feel, it's over and we can't beat him over the head with this. I think we should just move on from this."

She shook her head, sighing heavily. "I disagree." Arizona said. "We are going to talk to Gavin about this."

She knew her wife well. Callie knew Arizona would never let this just go without much discussion. "Let me handle Gavin." Callie said. "I will take care of him."

Breathing out a sentence, the blonde didn't even think about what she was saying before she began speaking, "I don't want him turning..."

Callie interrupted with a smile. "Into me? Is that what you were going to say?" It hurt, just a little but, she understood her wife's feelings.

"Yes," Arizona answered sheepishly. She didn't mean to say it aloud. It slipped, her deepest thoughts just slipped.

"He would need mafia connections. He won't ever have them. And, when he grows up...I can keep him from going in that direction. I told you two years ago that I will keep him out of that life. Besides, I don't have any more mafia ties, other than just knowing people Arizona. I'm out. How many times do I have to tell you that? I'm a has been..."

"That is a nice thought Calliope." Arizona replied. She just didn't believe that the brunette was completely legitimate. Not after today. She reverted back to easily, Arizona thought. But, maybe Callie really was. She had said she was legit. The brunette had sold everything that was tainted. Was there any reason to doubt her?

The brunette smiled. She could sense a little disbelief on her wife's part. Sometimes, you can't say anything more, you just have to prove yourself. And, that's exactly what Callie intended to do.

"You know..." Callie said. "That was a nice little chat we just had. How about a nice little lay to close this out? I'm all done talking."

Callie started kissing her wife's neck once again, her tanned hand cupped a soft but firm breast. "We could wrap this little conversation all the I's and, cross all the T's..." Kissing her wife's neck, sucking her pulse point, Callie let out a low growl. She could consume Arizona right here. It would not take much effort at all.

"This is not how you conduct your business...having sex it Mrs. Torres?" Arizona smirked.

Callie stopped and held both sides of her wife's head still with her hands. Looking into Arizona's blue eyes, she smiled. "I only conduct business like this with you. You are the only person I want."

A long pause...a still silence hung between the two wives as their breaths increased. Their connection was real, their love, intensified through the years. Theirs was a love to die for...

Arizona took a deep breath and smiled. "I think I can keep it down but, I just can't have sex with Hope in the room."

"Bathroom?" Callie suggested with a mischievous smile.

Arizona chuckled and nodded her head. "Bathroom."

On the day of Scott Hattens funeral, Callie and Arizona, along with Gavin and Monty all walked up to the chapel door. "Hey, there's a guest book. I'm gonna sign it," Monty said, taking off in a fast trot to beat out the eighty year old man that honestly could almost walk faster than Monty. Leaving his parents behind to speak with several people that lived around them in the Lake Tahoe community, the younger Torres was a man on a mission. He had to get to that book first.

"Excuse me sir," Monty smiled. He slid in...just in time to, beating the elderly man to the ever so popular book.

The traditional funeral guest books are a thing of the past in some funeral homes. Everything is online now isn't it? Sign in, leave a brief message of condolence and you're done. Funeral homes are faced with having to adapt their traditional way of doing things, keep up with a more modernized world, forgoing traditional registers. However, the traditional register book serves a purpose. It gives the family much help when it comes to collecting the names and addresses of all the friends and family who attended the funeral service. And, McLean and Sons Funeral Home had continued a long tradition of having the guest book on display.

"Are you going to be a while there sonny?" The elderly man asked Monty.

Annoyed that his concentration was broke, the younger Torres turned around. "Look, I can't write this with you standing over my shoulder mister. Just come back in five minutes please."

Turning around the older man saw a tall brunette. Long hair that was lying in soft curls, a very gorgeous figure she had and, he smiled. He knew that lady.

"Callie..." the older man called out.

"Gerald?" Callie asked as she turned, hearing her name called. She new that voice. Looking at the older man with the walking cane, she was surprised though, she hadn't seen the older man in quite a few years now. "Gerald...How the hell are you?" Callie smiled, giving the older man a heartfelt hug.

"I'm good. Real good. I haven't seen you in...oh god...forever I guess. You look the same. You still painting?" He said.

Ariozna turned her head and looked at her wife. He was an old mafia connection apparently, judging by the word "painting..." She awaited her wife's answer with an expecting look. Gavin looked at his mom as well. He appeared confused and, Callie saw this from the corner of her eye.

"No." She replied. "I hung up my paint brush a while back."

Rolling her eyes, as they talked in code...Arizona stood beside her wife and watched as Gavin listened, trying to figure out what they were saying.

Looking to the side, the older gentleman noticed a very pretty blonde. "Is this your wife?" Gerald asked.

"Yes. I'm sorry...I didn't introduce either of you. Gerald this is my wife Arizona, and this is my son, Gavin." The brunette said. "And, my other son is over at the guest book."

"Guys, this is Gerald Blanco, a former employee of my father's." Callie said to her wife and son.

Gerald shook Arizona's hand as we'll as Gavins and then he turned around, looking at Monty. "I should have known he was Carlos grandson. He looks a lot like your father." The older man smiled at Callie.

"He could favor him I guess." She replied with a smile. Many times had she wished her father had lived to see her children grow up.

Monty walked over to where his parents were standing, talking to the old man with the cane. "He man...I'm finally done." Monty said, handing Gerald the long black pen. "Better get over there, I left you some space at the bottom of the page."

Arizona looked confused and bewildered. "Monty...have you been signing the guest book all this time?"

"Yes...why?" He asked his mom.

"You did just sign your name...right?" The blonde asked for confirmation.

"Mom...of course I signed my name."

Arizona breathed out a large sign of relief. For a minute there she thought...

"I wasn't going to write Scott a full page of words without signing my name to it. That took like forever! Like what kind of moron do you think I am?" Monty asked, shaking his head. Sometimes adults could be so weird.

Gavin started smiling, offering a low chuckle. Arizona bit her bottom lip, she just couldn't reply to those words. Oh but know she had a come back line for her son.

"You're the kind of moron that we love so dear son. There is not another one like you." The brunette laughed.

"Thanks..." Monty replied and then he realized..."Hey!" He said.

Gavin laughed. " are just supposed to write your name, not write a letter to the man."

"Well, I didn't know." The younger brother said. "I bet, I will be the only one that did that..."

Arizona smiled. "I'm sure you will be." She said to her youngest son. "Callie, we are going in to get a coming?"

Nodding, the brunette said her goodbyes to Gerald...the former hit man that was a long time employee of Carlos Torres. He was used heavily in Nevada but, retired just before Monty was born. He was always kept a quiet secret, even from Arizona.

Arizona looked as Callie once again held the man's wife hand and smiled. She couldn't place him, she'd most certainly never see him again. But, her wife looked as if she absolutely adored him. He was to Callie...a fond memory.

Sitting toward the back of the long chapel, the Torres Family waited for the service to begin. As it did...the words didn't come easy for the minister presiding over Scott Hatten's funeral. The reading of the scriptures...the prayers for the deceased, the heartbroken family, and the remaining loved ones that were so dear to Scotts heart...all that was the easy part.

Sitting, listening, thinking of a million things you could be doing but, you were there because it best suited your cover-up...that was the hard part. Those were at least three people's thoughts as they sat on the second row from the back.

"I hope this ends soon. I'm bored out of my mind." Callie whispered to her wife. Holding up a tissue, she appeared moved by what the minister had just said.

Arizona looked over at Callie. God, the brunette was such the actress she thought. A hundred things the blonde could be doing but, she was stuck here..."I think he's coming in for a landing soon..." Arizona whispered to Callie.

"He circled the damn airport more times than I can count..." Callie retorted in a low voice.

Ariozona smiled. That was certainly true. This service was much longer than either of them imagined. Gavin looked to his right. Monty sat listening...soaking up every word the minister was saying. It all made sense to him apparently.

An hour later, they stepped into their car, as everyone else had done. The graveside service was next. Gavin looked around the car and it was his kid brother that was having the hardest time today. So, Gavin decided to "pull a Monty" and cheer everyone up.

"Hey, Luca told a joke. A funeral joke. You all want to hear it?" Gavin asked.

"Man, this ain't not time for jokes." Monty said to his brother. He was surprised bu Gavin's lack of grief over Scotts death. In fact, he thought that he seemed to be the only one that was sadden by this tragic incident.

Gavin nodded. Monty was right. "I'm just trying to cheer you up. never mind," Gavin said.

Monty felt bad for snapping his brother up. Gavin didn't deserve that. "No, go ahead. I could use a good joke I guess," Monty smiled.

Gavin turned toward his brother in the seat. "Okay, I can't tell it as funny as Luca but, I'll, four guys were out on the golf course. As one of them was teeing off at the 10th hole, which was next to the highway, they saw a funeral precession go by. Instead of teeing off, the guy removed his cap and placed it on his chest until the funeral had passed. Seeing the man do that...other three guys said, "You know, the was the most touching thing I've ever seen." And the guy that took his cap off answers, "Well, I was married to her for 15 years. It was the least I could do!"

Monty slapped his knee. "That was funny...the least he could do..." Monty, like Carlos loved a good joke. Too bad Callie and Arizona didn't find it funny.

"Stay away from Luca. He's sexist." Arizona said to her boys in the back seat.

"He's an ass sometimes, and that joke really wasn't all that funny." Callie said, looking back in the rear view mirror at her sons.

"Sorry..." Gavin replied. He thought it was funny. But, then again, maybe it was the lack of sleep he was getting here lately causing him to misjudge the joke. Ever since he'd murdered Scott Hatten, Gavin couldn't seem to sleep through the night with the dreams. How much longer he could hold out before confessing to his parents about his nightmares? He wasn't so sure.

"Please...that joke was hilarious." Monty laughed. "I gotta tell that one to Uncle Rafa. He will like that one."

"Yea...till Aria hears it." Callie chuckled.

"So, why is Scott's wife mad at you mama?" Monty asked.

Callie looked back at her son. "Where did you hear that?" She asked.

"Standing by the guest book, I heard two ladies talking. One said that she was mad at you and that she was going to sue you for him getting hurt on our ranch? Like can she do that?"

Before Callie could answer Monty's questions, Gavin spoke up. "Well, she's a bitch! And, I thought she was nice. Guess not."

Arizona turned around. "Gavin! Don't say that word!"

Callie agreed. "We really don't like your language choices."

Monty laughed. "Hey! If she's planning on suing us and taking our money, that's a very good name for her I think. Like, are we going to be broke now?" Monty asked Callie.

"No son. We won't be broke. But, I want to know what else you heard over by the guest book?" Callie asked her younger son. The brunette never knew that so much information was passed along by the guest book, did you?

"Well, you don't really want to know. I barely kept my temper from exploding with those two women. Talk about nosy and being all in someone's business." Monty said in an annoyed tone.

"What did you hear?" Arizona asked the boy.

Monty sighed. "I heard the blonde lady say that Mom is a brilliant doctor and she was really nice. They talked about you two being married and gay and then, the darker headed lady said, "You know... that Callie Torres is in the mafia. She's been rumored to have you knocked off if she didn't like you. She probably had Scott killed...that kind of crap."

Callie looked over to her wife and she saw that Arizona had her eyes closed. Taking a few deep breaths, the blonde tried to gather herself. This was so not funny anymore.

Monty laughed. "That's just the craziest thing ever ain't it? Like that would ever happen? Like you would kill someone, especially Scott. Some people should just shut their mouths and stop talking. Right?"

Gavin looked up to his mother's face in the rear view mirror. Callie didn't answer so, Gavin did. "Right." He said. "Absolutely Monty."

Callie followed along in the funeral procession. Keeping up appearances was what it was all about. They had to attend every event their was concerning the man's death because if they didn't, they'd could look a little guilty.

The truth is, it's hard to grieve, to know what to say...that's what some must have felt at Scott's funeral. That would be know what to say at a funeral when the murderers were standing beside you, pretending to mourn.

Callie thought back to her father's words a long time ago. A funeral in New York, she and Carlos had attended years prior still crossed her mind. Carlos was being considered as a person of interest in the case, as he should have been. And, Callie never would forget his words as they followed in the long line of cars to the graveside.

"Tell me this... If he was the guy with all the power, then how come he's riding in the lead car, stuffed inside a coffin?" Carlos asked his daughter. That memory would remain etched in her mind forever.

Callie stared straight ahead. That thought rang true once again. Scott, his wife...neither of them had the power she had. He was the one in the lead car, not her. He was the one stuffed inside a dark coffin, not her. And, he and Karen would be the losers in every way...not her.

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Quote Credit:

"Tell me this... If he was the guy with all the power, then how come he's riding in the lead car, stuffed inside a coffin?"— Lorenzo Carcaterra (Gangster)

Chapter Text

Rodeo Dreams

"Don't fuck with me, fellas. This ain't my first time at the rodeo." — Joan Crawford

"How long is this funeral procession going to be? We've been following this line for thirty minutes." Arizona stated.

"I know...I am bored." Gavin replied.

"Me too." Callie responded.

"Hey, I've got a joke I just remembered, since we are bored and were just telling jokes. Listen to this one Rocco told me...Little Johnny was going to his fathers house one day and he was packing everthing in his room and putting it in his little red wagon. He was walking to the house with his wagon behind him, and he comes up to this hill. He started up the hill but was constantly cursing... "This God damn thing is so heavy." So, a priest heard him and came out to see what was happening. The priest says..."You shouldn't be swearing my son. God hears you...He is everywhere...He's in the church...He's on the sidewalk...He's everywhere." Then Little Johnny says, " he in my Wagon?" The priest replies, "Yes, God is in your Wagon." And then, Johnny says, "Well tell him to get the hell out and start pulling."

Monty cackled, "Now that was damn funny right there."

Arizona turned around, her eyes narrowed in on the youngest boy in the back seat. And then she looked over to Gavin. Poor Gavin. He tried to hold it in but, that was damn funny, just like his brother said it was.

"Haven't I told you to stop swearing. And, isn't that joke offensive to God?" Arizona asked. The blonde was certainly not in the mood for jokes today was she?

Monty shrugged, "Maybe but damn...I mean dang...that was off the chain funny. Rocco has the best ones..."

"It was pretty funny," Callie whispered to her wife as they followed the funeral procession. Gavin laughed but, didn't say anything.

"Yea? Well, would your mother have thought that was funny?" Arizona asked her wife.

"Probaby not." The brunette replied, staring ahead at the road. Callie smiled internally though... that was still funny, or so she thought.

"Monty, I've been thinking about what you wrote in that guest book. What did you write exactly?" Arizona asked.

Callie looked over to her wife. "I checked it out, just in case I need to tear the page out. It was all good." She assured Arizona.

Nodding, Arizona felt relieved. She meant to check it, but totally forgot as the onslaught of mourners left the church in droves.

"I um...just told him that I'd miss him, and that he was always there for me and now that I can ride again...he won't be there but, he will be in my heart." Monty explained.

"That's very sweet," Arizona said as she looked out her side window. Monty knew nothing but he lie that was told and, that was just as it should have been. However, the blonde couldn't help but feel a tad bit guilty. Just a tad...

Pulling up at the gravesite, the family followed the rest of the mourners toward the large tent that was erected for the family. They stood to the back, away from everyone at Callie's request. There was no reason to mingle to heavily, the brunette thought. And, Gavin nor Arizona preferred to get any closer than Callie did to the family.

"I can't see anything back here mama..." Monty whined.

"Fine...just move up a little bit closer. Hey, just go stand by Gerald. He's really closer and you can hear everything..." Callie said. "Just don't say anything to anyone."

Arizona whispered to Callie. "Do you think that's a good idea Calliope? I don't know about that Gerald guy...what if..."

Monty left his parents and walked up beside the older man and ,the guy smiled at the younger boy. "He's fine," Callie said. "I've known Gerald most of my life Arizona."

"Why is he here? Does he know the family?" Arizona asked in a soft whisper.

Callie raised her brows and shrugged her shoulders. She's texted Rocco just before they left the church. She mentioned specifically about seeing Gerald and, Rocco told her that he would check into Gerald's appearance. Maybe they were just friends...maybe neighbors...or just mere acquaintances? She really didn't know but, mostly likely, it was nothing.

They said the final goodbyes at the graveside, quietly of course, to a man that they had all admired but, now that memory was tainted. It was broken, shattered into a thousand pieces. Scott Hatten would forever be remembered in the Torres household but, for an entirely different reason than anyone would ever imagine. Walking back to the car, Callie waved at several people that she and Arizona knew.

"Wave back honey..." Callie mumbled to the blonde wife.

Arizona lifted her head and smiled, offering a nice, smooth wave to the Fitzgeralds and the Smiths. Keeping up appearances was everything...everything and Arizona nor her family could never forget that.

A week passed, and Gavin still had the same problem as he did on the same night of Scott's murder. He could not sleep. And today was the rodeo competition in Reno. Callie had not found him a trainer but, she and Rocco worked with Gavin, he was pretty good at disciplining himself. Mainly their job was to hold the stop watch and video him so that he could see his mistakes. Critiquing himself is what Gavin Torres did best. He was a perfectionist.

"You are ready for this." Callie said, instilling a little confidence in the very nervous Gavin Torres this morning as he waited for his turn in the competition.

"I think I am." Gavin replied. To be honest, without Scott, he wasn't so sure. No, he didn't care for Scott, there was no love loss there after what had happened but, it was the confidence boost of having someone that had been by his side for a very long time.

"I think...will get you into trouble Gavino. You had better know you are ready. Now, are you ready or not?" That was Calliope Torres, tough, determined, a fighter to the very end. Push your problems aside and deal with what's at hand, that was Callie. And, that is just how you have to be some times in life. But, it's no fun really.

"Yes...I am ready." Gavin replied. He'd just as well be, he was next in the lineup.

"You have a lot of people watching you today. Do your best...I will be proud of you always." Callie smiled.

Gavin nodded. He did have quite a lot of people there to day to watch him and he could not fail. And, this was the national horse show jumping tournament today. Talk about a lot of pressure on the almost thirteen year old.

Gavin was on the SNHSA Youth Committee. It's purpose is to promote good horsemanship, further education and to be actively involved in SNHSA Hunter-Jumper shows. The committee offered junior members a constructive opportunity to participate in SNHSA's mission and to make a difference in the local horse community. It's open to SNHSA members under the age of eighteen. It may not seem like a big deal but, to Gavin it was. They met once a month for at least one hour and, he was already making some new friends and, learning his way around the horse community. Callie saw this as important for one reason...this would be a great activity to put on her son's school resume.

The words escaped his mouth only two minutes before it was his time to jump. "I can't sleep at night mama."

"What?" Callie asked her son. Not really listening, and confused by his words, the brunette looked to her watch and back up to Gavin.

"I can't sleep. Scott is all I see. I can't..."

Callie placed her hand on her son's knee. He was sitting atop his white horse and, he was much taller than her at the moment. "Listen to me...put that out of your mind..."

"I can't." Gavin interrupted. "He's in my dreams. I see him and I've even dreamed about this competition. What if I can't win without him? What if I'm not good enough?" Rodeo dreams...but of a very different and twisted kind is what Gavin Torres was experiencing. Nightmares really...that's what they were. A walking dead man...rising from his bloody demise in the stable office and roaming the stables at night. Gavin saw it all. He was haunted by the images...even waking him up in the middle of the night. Gavin was always covered in a cold drenched sweat after those dreams. And, he had finally broken down and told Callie because, he couldn't take it anymore.

"Just do it for today, put it aside for just today. Right now...this is all you need to focus on and then, you and I will talk about this tonight. It will get better Gavino, I promise it will." Callie said, patting her son's knee. "Just put those thoughts aside for this event today and then, we will discuss it."

"Okay...I can do that." Gavin replied as he nodded his head. He would certainly try and do just what his mama said. She always knew what to do. Didn't she?

Callie exhaled a deep breath. She knew this was a mistake to let him compete today. But, he was here, they were going to go through with it but, Callie just knew that this would be a failure on Gavin's part. She remembered her own experiences at a young age and, they were not so great at dealing with murder. But, living with murder gets easier with time, Callie thought. To her it did. That was Callie's take on this situation.

As Gavin strode out onto the field, Callie watched. He just had to beat out everybody else. The question was, could he do it?

Arizona and Monty, along with Barbara and Eddie all sat outside and watched from the bleachers. "He looks nervous." Arizona commented to Monty.

"He is nervous. He does not have Scott. He has no trainer but mama...wouldn't you be nervous if all you had was mama telling you what to do? She's never rode a horse a day in her life." Monty replied honestly.

"She has..." Arizona said, elbowing her son.

" bad. Once...once Mama has ridden a horse. Like she's a professional trainer after that." Monty rolled his eyes. "Gavin should not be competing today. This is a bad idea." He said.

"This will show him what he's made of," Eddie said, injecting himself in the conversation.

Monty turned and looked at his Pop. "Ed, seriously man...I know what I'm saying here. He's never gonna make it. Gavin is tough but, he has not been sleeping at night for the past week. He's tired. He's moody. He's gonna fuck up."

"Monty!" Arizona and Barbara yelled.

"Screw up...he's gonna screw up Ed...sorry..." Monty replied, with his head down. He just couldn't stop cursing for all the money in the world. Maybe all the chocolate in the world but, not for all the money. It just wasn't possible.

The little girls were left with Nanny Martinelli. The older nanny was baking cookies and brownies and the two Torres Terrors were having a blast back at home. This today was just too hot and too long for Hope and Gabby both to come out and really enjoy the race.

"Gavin said he's quitting after this anyway..." Monty announced, much to his mother's dismay.

"What?" Arizona asked. She hadn't heard about this.

"He hasn't told you guys but, he is stopping competitions unless he does more cowboy stuff like, bull riding." Monty replied.

"Like hell he is going to ride a bull. That won't happen. And, just ask your mother if you don't believe me. She would never agree to that anymore than me." Arizona said. She had no objection to horseback riding but, bull riding? Her sons could watch it but, never participate in it. That was a whole different ballgame there.

"Why does he want to quit?" Barbara asked.

"He gets teased." Monty said. "Like really bad. Gavin is not girly or sissy. He's not gay, and if he was, I would be the first to take up for him but, he's not. He's just a guy that likes to compete. To win. But, he gets a lot of crap from his friends cause they call jumping a girl sport." Monty answered his grandmother.

"Well, that's no reason to stop doing something you love to do." Arizona said.

"Nope but, he's doing it. He is going to tell you all today. After this competition." Monty said. That was a private conversation that the younger brother had with Gavin. And, as always, Monty sucked at keeping secrets. Yet, a large reason they would never tell the truth about what happened to Scott Hatten.

Through elementary school at riding camps and competitions, there were lots of boys like Gavin that were also riding horses. As he became older and also participated in more traditional male sports, the amount of boys his age participating in equestrian dropped drastically. And, Monty was correct, he was commonly teased for being "gay or a girly man" by his classmates and even teammates on sports teams. Playing baseball was the worst at times but, he never said anything to his parents. He considered the source that it came from however, there really is only so much that a person can take you know.

After three phases of competition, the Gavin and his horse Ace, beat out fifteen other qualified riders to win the title. He had won his first Junior National Championship Tournament and, no one was prouder of Gavin than himself.

"Did you see that?" Gavin said to Callie as he rode his horse over to this mother. "Yes!" He threw up his hands in victory.

"I did and I am so proud. Very proud of you son. Now go back out there. Hold yourself up straight and get that ribbon and trophy." Callie said with a broad smile. One of the best and brightest days of her life...that was how she would always see today. Gavin would be in the papers, several magazines and on the internet as well on this incredible win. It was a big deal in his area. Even if it was just a "girl sport" as some kids wanted to call it.

After the formalities were done and photos were taken, Gavin rode Ace back to the stables. His family was awaiting his return with very big smiles.

"Get down here so I can kiss you." Arizona said.

"Oohhh...I want a kiss to Gavey..." Monty giggled.

"I'll kiss you." Gavin said to Monty. "Come here brother." Stepping down from his horse, Gavin walked over closer to Monty, puckering his lips. He could call Monty Torres' bluff on this.

"Dude! Not in a million fucking...sorry...freaking years man. Keep those lips to yourself." Monty said, his nose scrunched up and his fists up... ready to fight this out. That was just too much affection for the young Monty Torres.

"Well, I want a kiss and a hug." Arizona said. "Forget Monty..."

"Any time..." Gavin smiled. Wrapping his arms around his blonde mother, he closed his eyes and smiled. She was always a comfort. And, for just a second, he could let his troubles go free. He could let his mind rest. He could forget his unfortunate deed. Sounds a lot like Callie Torres, doesn't it?

Thirty minutes later...Gavin placed Ace in the horse trailer, as Rocco and Luca were gathering some things together.

A couple of boys his age passed by. "Nice going there Torres." The smirked.

"Don't fuck with me fellas. This ain't my first time at the rodeo." Gavin said in a harsh tone. The walked on, not saying another word. There was something about that Gavin Torres that most kids his age noticed. He wasn't going to be pushed around. They assumed that they never got to him but, in reality...they did. Much more than anyone ever imagined.

Callie and Arizona, along with Monty were talking to a couple that they had known for a long time. The topic of conversation...Scott Hatten. He was on everyone's mind today at this competition. Especially so, seeing Gavin Torres compete in anything by himself. They felt sorry for Gavin. How ironic was that?

"Good job out there Torres." One girl called out as she walked over to Gavin. "I liked your form."

Gavin smiled. "Thanks Emily." He said. He was known as Torres to everyone in the equestrian world. No one had that last name around here in Nevada but him and, it was certainly one that was recognized for more than one reason.

"Guess you miss Scott. But, you did good to only have your mother helping you today. Are you going to get another trainer?" Audrey asked. She was Emily's friend and, they had often hung around Gavin Torres. To these girls, he was a good looking young man. And, quite the catch, it you get the hint.

"I don't know. I am probably going to stop riding..." Gavin explained but...he stopped mid sentence. A girl...a tall, blonde headed girl, with the most gorgeous pale complexion and a set of crystal blue eyes walked his way. She caught his eye. She was smiling and walking towards him and his two female friends.

"Hey...I wanted to come over and introduce myself. I'm Bridgett McKinnon." Holding out her hand, the fourteen year old blonde beauty smiled at Gavin.

"Gavin Torres." Taking the offered hand, Gavin never left those blue eyes. Those could get lost in those eyes. He could swear everything around him slowed down at that moment in time. She was...perfect.

"You did a good job today and, I wanted to come and say congratulations to the winner. You were awesome out there. I could definitely take some pointers from you." Bridgett said.

Gavin smiled. "Thanks..." he said in an embarrassed tone.

"And, I wanted to meet you guys too. I'm Bridgett...and you are?" Looking to Emily and Audrey, she awaited their replies. It was safe to say that Bridgett McKinnon was a well bred young lady. She handled herself well. Certainly several years of cotillion had helped her meet and greet people with practiced ease. She was genuine, sincere and yes...oh so pretty to look at.

"I'm Emily and this is Audrey." Emily stated. "You must be the new girl this year. I've heard about you."

Bridgett looked back at Gavin. "I am new to the area. My family just moved here from Connecticut. My father relocated due to his job." She explained.


Hearing her name called, the tall blonde smiled, showing her dimples. "Well, I guess I better go. It was nice to meet you ladies...And it was nice to meet you too Gavin."

The girls smiled. Gavin just stared as she walked away. We won't discuss what he stared at but, his brunette mother looked from her son's face to the object of his affection. Callie walked up to her son, and he never noticed her presence. That's just how focused he was. Poor Gavin.

"Gavino...stop. You are being too obvious..." Callie whispered.

His friends smiled. "She's new..." Emily said. "Her name is Bridgett." She told Mrs. Torres.

"Is that so...well, isn't that nice." Callie smiled at the two girls that were Gavin's friends.

Emily and Audrey said their goodbyes to Gavin and to Monty as he was now standing beside his brother. "Dude...seriously...stop staring. But, she's a ten man. Like a TEN!"

Callie pulled Monty's ear. "HEY!" He yelped. "He's staring at her ass and I get my ear pulled for saying that?"

Arizona heard the commotion and walked over. "Calliope. Let him go."

Callie made a low growl at her younger son. There was a reason she was harder on him. He was and would always be a rounder...trouble as the day was long. That was Monty Torres. But, don't we all love him so. The would just wouldn't be right without Monty...would it?

"What is this about you quitting with competitions because this is a "gay or girls sport?" Arizona asked Gavin with her hands placed on her hips. She expected an

"What!" Callie said in a raised tone.

"Sorry pulled it right out of me. I had no choice but to tell her man. She's brutal..." Monty confessed to Gavin.

Gavin looked around Arizona's head, seeing Bridgett climbing into what he presumed was her father's Ford F250 truck. "Stop!" Callie said, nudging her son. Arizona turned around to look at what Gavin was looking at.

"Hey...she looks like you mom!" Monty laughed.

Bridgett waved at Gavin and of course he waved back without any thought or concern for those around him.

The blonde mother never replied to Monty's comment but, she didn't miss the fact that, Bridgett McKinnon looked very similar to her in many ways. "Gavino! Are you listening to me? Forget the girl. I want to know why are you wanting to quit?" Arizona asked again.

Gavin looked at his mother, gathering himself...finally. He was sleep deprived. Tired. Moody. Depressed just a little. And, oh so lovestruck at this moment. Callie shook her head, she could see it in his eyes. This...was going to be trouble, she thought to herself.

"I'm not. I'm not quitting now. I'm... staying on." Gavin answered as he watched Bridgett's truck pull from the driveway.

Callie looked at her son. "Does this have anything to do with Bridgett?" She asked. She knew it did.

Gavin looked to his left at Callie. He didn't have to respond. She already knew his answer didn't she?

Bedtime had come and Gavin and Callie were alone in Gavin's room. "I want you to take this melatonin. It will help you sleep." Callie said, handing her son the small pill and a bottle of water.

"A sleeping pill?"

"It's natural. And, its just for tonight. Now take it and let me say a few things before you interrupt." Callie stated.

Gavin did. He took the small pill, swallowing it fast and, throwing his head back. Then he snuggled into his warm soft covers.

Arizona was tending to Gabby and Hope. Both little girls had decided that it was so much better to sleep together. Poor Hope, she still was a fretful sleeper at night. And, that was something that would eventually get better with time. But, until then, it was quite a difficult situation for everyone involved. However, Gabby was thrilled to have a bed buddy so, she snuggled next to her little sister while Arizona sat beside their bed.

"I love you Hopie..." Gabby smiled, closing her eyes.

"I love you Gabby..." Hope replied, holding her teddy bear close to her heart.

"And, mommy loves both of you very much." Arizona smiled. She would wait until they fell asleep. Their day had been jam packed with Nanny Martinelli so, it wouldn't take them long to find that peaceful bliss.

Callie pulled the covers up to Gavin's neck. "Listen to me Gavin. I have been where you are. I know how you feel. I killed someone when I was not much older than you. It was an initiation thing I had to do to get into the mafia. It was part of my oath. And, I can still see the guy;s face. It's always been with me. The terror. The pleading...the screams...I still see it. But, it was part of what I was destined to do. To be. And, thats just how my life played out. You did this for a different reason. It was justified. You need to try and let it go. What you did was so different from me, from my choices. That's why I never want you to be like me. I'm forty-two years old and, I will never forget my past as long as I live. You always remember the first person you kill. Always."

"How do you get over it?" He asked.

"You don't really...Never. You never do but, you live with it and, it gets easier. Look Gavin...Scott deserved what he got. I don't fault you. However, it would have just been so much better for you and for everyone if you had just knocked him out. But, you lost control and, that's a life lesson for you. Son, you can't lose control, not ever. All these years...I've had to work on that and, I feel that I mastered it pretty well. Unless, it came to your mother and then...many times I lost control, I still do. Marriage and love will do that to you I guess."

Gavin smiled. He wanted a marriage like his parents some day. A marriage of love, respect, and happiness. A marriage of honesty and trust. But really, is there such a thing? Does it really exist in it's purest form?

"So, you grow up, become a doctor, a lawyer, and are great with numbers. You can be whatever you want in life but, your mother is so afraid you will be like me. And, the me that you see...she's not all that. I'm flawed, human and I have made way to many mistakes. And, my business, former business and life... is one of those mistakes. But, you learn and when you can, you move on. Climb higher. That's what I've done and I want the same for you and so does mom. Do you understand?"

"Yes. Don't grow up to be a mafioso." Gavin smirked. He knew this conversation was two fold. He knew Callie Torres very well.

"Exactly. When you walk across the stage at your college graduation, we want you to have your whole life ahead of you son. And, you will. I've set aside money, you can go to any school you choose."

"I want to go to Harvard. Like you." Gavin replied.

"That's a good choice. I could get on board with that." Callie beamed. "So, just try and sleep and put this whole Scott thing behind you. You can't change your past but, you don't have to keep living in it. He belongs in your past and, that's exactly where you leave him."

"Okay." Gavin said, giving a big yawn. The room was dark and, he was starting to be drawn into his sleep. He closed his eyes...feeling his body being relaxed, when he heard his mother take a deep breath and ask...

"So...this Bridgett...what's her last name?" Callie asked.

"McKinnon." He answered sleepily.

"She looks a lot like your mom." Callie smiled.

"Yea...she's pretty I guess." Gavin said modestly. He closed his eyes again and this was the angelic face of the blonde girl that he saw, not his horrific dream.

Callie smiled. She knew better than his response...pretty he guessed. She saw the looks. She saw the smiles. Callie knew isn't something you find. Love is something that finds you. It happened that way with her and Arizona. Love found them, that day in the ER all those years ago. And, she was couldn't help but feel a little sad that her baby was growing up and, would be finding out for the first time in his life what a "First Love" was all about. Whether it was Bridgett McKinnon or some other girl, Callie sighed and actually dreaded this day that she knew was inevitable.

"Bridgett McKinnon..." Callie sighed, saying the girls name softly. Sweet Bridgett...she would be Gavin Torres' first love but, would it last? Do they ever? The answer to that question just might surprise you...

"Love isn't something you find. Love is something that finds you." -Loretta Young

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Chapter Text

Vacation Romance

"Every person needs to take one day away. A day in which one consciously separates the past from the future... Each person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for. Each of us needs to withdraw from the cares which will not withdraw from us." ― Maya Angelou

Weeks later...

"I want everyone packed and have your bags downstairs before you go to sleep." Arizona ordered her entire family. Bossy didn't describe the blonde wife and mother tonight. She had been telling her whole family to get ready to go on vacation and, they seemed to be dragging their feet. But, Arizona had enough of that slackness.

"You too Calliope." The blond snapped her finger at her wife as she walked to the staircase. "You will not pack for this vacation at the last minute. Get cracking..."

"Busted..." Monty laughed as his mama. "She told you..."

Callie cut her eyes at her son. And, he straightened up. "Where's Gavin?" Callie asked Monty.

"Where he always is since he added blondie on snapchat. He's outside talking to...Bridgett...oh my sweet Bridgett. I love you so much..." Monty said, making kissing faces and copying his bother's mannerisms. Monty was certainly over exaggerating but, he wasn't too far off. Poor Gavin had it pretty bad for the blonde girl. Adding her on social media and then exchanging phone numbers had really helped them get to know one another. And, she would be attending his school this year. How perfect was that?

Gabby giggled. "Gavin and Bridgett...sitting in a tree..."

Callie looked over at Gabby. Nursery rhymes...oh the brunette couldn't stand much of that. "Get upstairs missy and pack your bags." Callie said to Gabby.

"I'm to little..." Gabby whined. " pack our bags. And, put my pink bikini in too." Gabby said, walking to the living room to do, other important stuff. Bossy...yes, that was miss Gabby Torres.

Hope looked at Gabby with a furrowed brow and then back up to Callie. She would do what she was told...always the obedient child...but she had no idea what to do. Pack what, she thought?

"Me go too?" Hope asked he mama. She was confused, bless her.

"Come here baby..." Callie smiled, holding out her arms to pick little Hope up. "Mama will pack your bag. You just go play with Gabby and look pretty. Like the princess you are. Okay?"

Hope smiled and gave her mama a big kiss and a tight hug. "Okay...I go play..." She said, giggling as Callie placed her back on the floor. "Gabby...come" Hope called out. Maybe she had a little bossy side to her as well.

Monty laughed. "You want to pack my bag too?" He asked the brunette.

Callie was just in the right mood to mess with her son. Reigning down fire...she could do very well and, she didn't even have to handle this with Monty herself. "Arizona...Monty won't pack his bag. He is refusing to cooperate and he might just make us leave late in the morning..."

"Mama!" Monty yelled. Callie had just sold him down the river and, he knew it. That little feisty blonde was in quite a mood tonight, he really didn't want any of that.

Arizona came downstairs in a fast trot. "Monty Charles Torres! Our plane leaves at seven in the morning. We've done nothing but rodeos and horses...everything you boys wanted to do this summer. All I asked for this year was a vacation. A vacation away from my responsibilities. I want a break. I need a break. You are not helping my break! Now, get your behind upstairs and pack a damn bag before I get really mean." Showing her teeth, she knew her son would not miss her annoyance.

Not bothering to argue or explain that the brunette had just set him up, Monty narrowed his eyes at Callie and she smiled, sticking her tongue out. Sure, it was childish and she felt really ashamed...okay, she didn't feel that at all. Monty was driving Callie crazy and let's face it, she enjoyed watching her son squirm while the blonde unleashed her frustrations out of the younger mouthy Torres boy.

"I saw that..." Arizona said to her wife. "Sticking your tongue out is just childish and uncalled for. No wonder he acts like he does Calliope."

"How did you..."

"I see everything." Arizona turned around. "Now, if you want hot sex, steamy hot sex and lots of and all...then you better get your bags packed sister. Because, I am leaving on a plane in exactly nine hours and I'm having a vacation romance with someone this week. So, if you're are going to be the someone..."

"I better be the someone." Callie shot back.

Arizona smiled, "Then get a move on Calliope. Chop. Chop." Turning around, the blonde was stilled by her wife's words.

"Wait...How hot is this sex going to be exactly?" Callie tested her wife.

Arizona turned and walked closer to Callie and leaned in, her breast touching the brunette's endowed chest. "Trust me. You won't have to ask when I cum or when you cum. They'll be no doubt when either of us do. Now, get you rear end upstairs before I have to prove it to you that I mean business."

"Prove it." Callie smirked. Challenging Arizona was something that she loved to do. Absolutely loved it.

Arizona pushed Callie toward the pantry door and closed it quickly behind them. "This is new..." Callie said, her tone lust filled.

"This is going to be quick." The blonde smiled at her wife. Unbuttoning Callie's pants, Arizona slipped her hand inside. "You wanted this all along didn't you Calliope? You are so wet..."

"You gonna stand there and talk or fuck me?" The brunette said, taking her tongue and placing a soft but determined lick just under her wife's chin.

Arizona slipped in two fingers deep, "How's that for fucking..." She smirked. Apparently, not all girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice. Some have no fear...

"Shit..." Callie moaned, bitting on her wife's shoulder.

Arizona drove in harder. If Callie wanted to be taken, she could damn well be taken. Curling her fingers, the blonde kissed her wife as Callie thrusted against the blonde's hand.


"You like me taking you like this baby?"

Callie moaned."Yes...God yes..."

"Come for me Calliope. Come all over my hand, make me want to keep fucking you. Maybe I should just drag you upstairs and fuck you with the strap on. Give it to you good. Hard. All night. Is that something you want?"

Callie didn't respond, she was too lost in the feeling. Arizona bent down and raised her wife's shirt, lifting the white bra up and latching onto a perfect snapped nipple. Taking it between her teeth, the blonde sucked and then, she begin to nibble, biting it ever so hard. A little pain is good, they say. Keeps the spice in the romance, or so Arizona thought.

"Oh God...I'm coming Arizona..." Callie groaned as she thrusted, her juices flowing freely, she came against her wife's hand. Arizona stood back up and her wife lay her head over the blonde's shoulder.

Arizona smiled as her wife tried to catch her breathing. She still had so much feistiness pent up... "Now, when you pack your bags sure that the video camera and stand is in there. That little video you wanted us to make while having's happening on this trip."

Callie nodded. Her fantasy was coming true...finally.

"And, be sure you bring your stripper clothes to. I want a show and I expect to get one on this vacation...Understood?"

Callie nodded once again. She was speechless and, her wife still hand her hand inside of her wet aching center.

"Good. I'm glad you understand I really do mean business." Arizona withdrew her hand and the brunette grabbed her wife and pushed her against the pantry wall.

"Get up on the freezer. Now." Callie ordered.

Surprised but the aggressiveness, the blonde raised her brows. "You want to have me for dessert?" She asked her wife.

"Yes. And, I am having you now." Callie said, reaching to unbutton her wife's pants. Oh but, the kids had other plans...

"Mama!" Hope called out. "Mama! Mama! I scared!"

Arizona moved to open the pantry door to see what was happening. Hope stood there with the biggest tears in her eyes, she looked horrified. "What's wrong?" Arizona asked.

"Where mama?" Hope asked.

"She's right there...see?" Arizona pointed into the pantry. Callie finished tidying herself up and offered her wife and daughter a wary smile. This was awkward. She was absolutely ruined and needed to change clothes but, she had to get out of that small room somehow. And naked was not an option.

"I'm right here baby?" Callie smiled at her two year old daughter.

"I scared..." Hope said.

"Why are you scared?" Callie asked.

"Gabin...he outside..." Hope said, poking out her bottom lip and pointing to the back deck.

Callie looked at Arizona who was washing her hands. The blonde shrugged her shoulders. She wasn't sure what Hope was referring to. Callie walked closer to the large glass door and she saw what Hope was talking about. Gavin was standing outside in the dark...talking on the telephone to Bridgett and, he was taking a broom and beating it against the ground.

"He's just playing with a broom. That's all Hope." Callie explained. "Gavin's a good guy and we love him." She knew that Hope was likely reliving some kind of memory of whatever actions she'd seen Gavin doing in that barn that day.

"No...I don't like that..." Hope said, pointing to Gavin's broom.

"I will tell him to stop." Arizona said, walking by and patting little Hope on the back. Callie sighed as she scooped Hope up in her arms and carried the little brunette upstairs with her. How long would these triggers last? Surely Hope would forget what she saw eventually.

As bedtime rolled around, Gavin and Monty were settled in for the night. Gavin was sleeping better. Not the best but, much better. Certainly Bridgett was a large part of that. She appeared in his life just when he needed someone the most. Bridgett was a great distraction from Scott Hatten's murder.

Hope and Gabby were asleep in Gabby's bed. Callie had just put the little girls down and she slowly walked down the hallway to her bedroom. The door was shut but, she heard music coming from the other side of the door. Curiously, she opened it and looked around and she saw... nothing. Walking just inside the threshold of the door, Callie was quickly yanked inside and pushed up against the door.

"What the hell?" The brunette said, holding her chest. She wasn't prepared for that surprise.

"Round two Calliope Torres?" Arizona smiled at her wife. "You think you're game?"

"I don't know what has happened to you but, you sure are in a rare mood tonight. I'm kind of hoping you stay like this to be honest..." Callie laughed.

"Laugher is not what I had in mind. I want you naked. Wet. Screaming my name and...I want it all right now."

She'd never done it before and, she never would again but tonight...Arizona couldn't explain it...she just went with her feelings. Starting at the top, the blonde literally ripped Callie's blouse from her body, all the way long tearing rip.

Callie's eyes went wide. She'd ripped Arizona's clothes off before but, for this top happen to her... this was new.

"Exactly the response I was hoping for," Arizona smirked, seeing her wife's shocked gaze.

"Now, take your pants off before I rip them too." The blonde ordered.

Callie nodded. She did as she was told and she swallowed hard. "Are you wearing..."

Arizona pulled her in and Callie felt two things: her wife's wet lips on hers, and the bulge against her thigh. Both pleased the brunette and she began to kiss back. The total lack of light only heightened their sense of touch as they took turns choosing new places on the other's body to grip.

"Yes I am wearing a strap on. Now, I want you on the bed Calliope. I'm going to fuck you with this for a very long time tonight and, I want you screaming...writhing underneath me...begging me to stop."

Callie smiled. "Never will I ever beg you to stop. You're an addiction. Everyone has one and mine just happens to be you."

Arizona nodded. "Good to know. Now, take off your panties and bra and walk over to the bed." An order was given and, the blonde was good at giving those...almost as well as her wife.

Callie nodded, removing her panties first and then her bra. The blonde stood in a long silk black robe that belonged to the brunette. "That's my robe. It has my name on it," Callie said, untying it and watching as it hit the floor in a puddle. Her wife stood before her naked, just the strap on was all she was wearing.

"I've got something else that has your name on it. It's been waiting on you for days." Arizona husked in her wife's ear, as she pressed the toy into her wife's inner thighs.

Callie palmed Arizona's ass, as the blonde squeezed her breasts. The brunette felt the small of her wife's back, and Arizona ran her hand up her wife's neck to the back of her head. Callie felt Arizona's arms, while the blonde slid her hand in between the brunette's thighs. As she rubbed back and forth and felt the warmth, Arizona smiled.

Callie could not take teasing anymore. "I want it." She greedily admitted.

Arizona chuckled. "Oh, you are going to get it. Don't worry honey. Now, get on that bed. I want to show you a very good time."

Her body fluttering, Callie obeyed and walked over to the bed. A moment passed, anticipation building, and then she felt Arizona's hands. Soft at first, as they briefly explored her hips before coming firmly down her ass and grabbing forcefully.

The blonde ran her hands up the outsides of Callie's legs and planted them on her naked cheeks. Arizona squeezed and rubbed, moaning with a satisfying passion at how full and luscious it felt.

Eager to join her wife, the blonde stepped into Callie's body, so close, pressing the rubber toy against the brunette's pelvis and pulling Callie harder into it. The lust was building faster now and she moved her hips away, pushed the toy down in between Callie's thighs so it slid against her wet center, but not penetrating her yet.

"Please..." Callie moaned.

Arizona smiled. She thrust back and forth as Callie moaned from the combination of stimulation and the desire for Arizona to be inside her. Knowing this, Arizona pulled back, grabbed her wife by the waist and spun her around.

"You do as you are told. Do you understand?"

Callie's breath hitched. "Yes," she said. Her body shook as she awaited her wife's aggressive but, thorough fucking.

Palms planted against the mattress, Callie turned her head to find Arizona's lips once again, only they didn't stay on her mouth. The blonde began to kiss her neck, letting her soft tongue venture out and leave a wet streak. She felt Arizona's teeth on her shoulder and Callie breathed in heavily, showing her pleasure.

"Stick your ass out," Arizona whispered, and Callie shoved her hips as far away from the bed as she could.

Arizona pulled away, and Callie felt a slap on her right ass cheek that sent both pain and goosebumps up her core. The blonde wife grabbed and massaged before doing it again, this time to the other side. Callie Torres had never been more ready, but her wife wasn't done playing yet. She felt both of the blonde's hands on her hips and Arizona crept them down around her ankles, which meant the blonde face was level with her heated core.

"Spread your legs Calliope," Arizona ordered.

Callie quickly obliged and immediately felt her wife's breath on her, hot but welcome. And she didn't waste any more time. Eager to taste Callie from this angle, Arizona planted both lips on her wife's clit and kissed it even more passionately than she had kissed her mouth.

Callie let out all of her breath and sucked it back in, almost shrieking from the intensity. Arizona continued to kiss, moving up and down her wet lips, making sure to leave no place unexplored. And then the blonde let her tongue come out.

The brunette felt it spread all the way across her wet slickened lips, impossibly wide, and she moaned as the blonde licked her from front to back.

"Fuck you taste good," Arizona told her eagerly.

Arizona dove back in, this time with a pointed tongue focusing on the clit. She flicked it back and forth, sucking in and out, changing the pressure from soft to hard as she felt her own legs begin to quiver. Taking Callie like this was amazing.

"Oh God..." Callie moaned. "Mmmm...ah shit..." she panted.

Knowing Callie was close, Arizona grabbed her wife's hips and spread the brunette further onto her face. Feeling Callie start to take over and gyrate on her tongue, Arizona let herself be used as the brunette took herself to orgasm, holding her breath as the feelings overcame her.

Arizona greedily took everything Callie gave her, the feeling of being face fucked was too great not to take advantage of. As Callie finished...her heavy breaths were os so heavy and, finally she began to come back to reality. Arizona pulled away and spanked her wife again.

"More..." Callie said, and the blonde wife slapped her ass even harder. She squealed with pleasure and Arizona hit her a third time.

"You like it rough baby?"

"Yea..." Callie groaned as she took the spanking from the blonde.

There was no more waiting for Arizona, she wanted to feel her wife's heated core wrapped around the toy that also fit inside of her. Since Callie was wet and ready, there was no reason to tease around or enter her slowly. Feeling to make sure she was in the right area, Arizona shoved the long rubber toy all the way in. Callie's ass squeezed against her waist. Arizona held there for a moment, as she allowed the brunette to feel every inch of her inside.

"Oh my god," Callie let out, before taking a deep breath and throwing her head forward.

"Fuck you are tight." Arizona groaned.

Gripping Callie's waist harder, Arizona pulled out and plunged in again, this time not stopping to appreciate the moment. The friction she felt from her wife was too good not to continue thrusting into.

Loving every inch of what she was receiving, Callie took her hands off the mattress and reached around to spread her cheeks. She wanted Arizona deeper, as deep as possible.

Aware of Callie doing this made Arizona fill her wife up even more, and she grabbed the brunette's arms just above the elbow to be able to pull her into the deep thrusts with more force. Being handled that way along with the forceful fucking had Callie ready to come again.

"Fuck, I'm close," Callie let her wife know.

Arizona leaned over the brunette's tanned back to kiss her on the mouth, as if to let her know she was about to give Callie exactly what she wanted. Slowing only briefly, Arizona kissed her wife before getting right back to the pounding that got Callie to where she was now. And, where she was now...was so heavenly.

Using one hand to grip the back of Callie's neck, Arizona took the other to hold her wife's waist and slam her down on the thick shaft.

"Fuck! Arizona...fuck me harder..."

The blonde was spurred on by her wife's words and Callie's determined voice.

"I'm coming..." Callie called out. "Arizonaaaa..."

Callie pushed hard on the mattress as she began to come and stiffened her back to keep the perfect angle she was getting fucked at. Arizona became absorbed with her orgasm, hearing it in her breath, feeling her muscles tense and the sensation of her wife's wet center pulsating on the head of the toy. She gave in to the desire.

"I'm going to come too," Arizona moaned, and put both hands on her wife's hips, pressing in harder.

Now Callie wished she could gaze on her wife's face, to watch her come. Turning around, the brunette looked at Arizona as she made two more thrusts and then fell on top of her back.

Sinking them down onto the bed, Callie sighed. A peaceful, contented sigh.

"That was hot." Arizona mumbled.

" was..." Callie said, a blissful state of euphoria now enveloping them both.

"We will continue this in the Virgin Islands. Tomorrow. Only, they won't be much virgin to it..." Arizona giggled.

Still laying on top of her wife, the toy still buried inside, the blonde made a deep hard thrust to get her wife's attention.

"You are so mean. I thought you were made of sugar and spice." Callie chuckled.

Pressing into her wife once again, Arizona sank her teeth into her wife's shoulder. "Some girls are made of adventure, fine beer, brains and no fear...that's what I've always heard."

Callie could not help but laugh at her wife's rhyming antics. "Your are naughty..." the brunette smiled, looking over her shoulder to a blonde that, wasn't anywhere near finished with her tonight.

"And you my dear are about to be fucked again. Now, turn over I'm feeling a little missionary position is called for. I'd love to help you and minister to you as only I can."

Callie laughed, rolling over onto her back. "That's so wrong and you know it," she said to Arizona. "What would Father Thomas say to bringing in the church to this?"

Arizona smiled, entering her wife's slickened core slowly. Callie moaned, welcoming Arizona and all she had to offer her, wrapping her legs around the blonde's waist, she met the slow deep thrusts with out any reservation.

"I don't know what he'd say and, right now...I don't care." Arizona whispered, as she slid her arms under her wife's shoulders, their beasts touching and, their bodies so close they were now one.

"How did you get so mischievous?" Callie asked, rubbing her hands down the blonde's back and digging her nails into the soft skin. The raw sexual intimacy they were experiencing was like in the beginning of their marriage. It hadn't died...even after having four children.

Answering Callie's question, Arizona was honest. "I used to be Snow White but, I drifted." She said, sinking in even deeper, illiciting a loud moan from her wife's perfect mouth.

"Oooohhhh yessss..."

The knowledge that she was giving her wife satisfaction, the moans, groans...the hissing coming from Callie's lips...Arizona felt a rush of fulfillment, a feeling of intense pleasure as she gave her wife a piece of her soul.

Nibbling on her wife's ear, Arizona whispered, "Good girls go to heaven Calliope...bad girls, they go everywhere..."

"I'm so bad..." Callie moaned, thrusting harder against her wife.

"Yes. Yes you are...a very bad girl Calliope Torres."

Slipping a finger around to her wife's rear, Callie entered Arizona's tight hole, causing her wife to come undone.

"Fuck Calliope..."

Callie kept the pace with her finger, giving Arizona some extra stimulation in an area that she seldom explored.

"I never was Snow White," Callie whispered in her wife's ear. "And, I never wanted to be either."

They continued to make love, long...deep strokes...and they were both on the verge of some very intense orgasms.

"I think...I'm come..." Arizona groaned as she thrusted into her wife.

"Yea...I think... I am...too," Callie moaned.

"Ooohhhh Goooddddd."

"Uh...uh...uh...mmmmm...oooohhhh God."

The smell of sex was in the room, the insurmountable orgasms erupted as they both were taken to new realms of pleasure. Arizona's body stiffened, as Callie pulled her wife in close and thrusted against the blonde, never once stopping...Callie rode her orgasm through and onto the next one with practiced ease.

Several rounds more and the brunette seemed to be able to continue with little effort. But, her wife was getting a little exhausted. "I think we need to take a break," Arizona panted as she'd just had yet another fine orgasm wash over her.

"Yea...I don't want you to give out before you get to the Virgin Islands. It's going to take a lot of strength to tackle this virginity." Callie laughed.

"Honey, that was lost long before me..."

Callie laughed harder. She wasn't offended, she knew it was the truth. "Well, we'll pretend it was you that took it. I don't remember any different."

Looking over to the chocolate orbs that were one of the most gorgeous things about Callie and, Arizona smiled, a dimpled smile. "I wouldn't want it any other way. You and me...that's all I remember too."

The following evening, they were settled into their villa that they had rented for the week. After dinner, they swam and the kids played. But, it was getting late and bedtime was fast approaching. Callie walked into the large open living room to make an unpopular announcement. "'s bedtime kiddos." The brunette said.

"Mama!" Gabby whined. "I'm not ready!"

"No! Me not sleepy!" Hope agreeded with her sister. They were playing a game with Nanny Martinelli.

"You two go on ahead and turn in, I will get these two settled in a little while," Ms. Martinelli said to Callie.

"Gavin, are you on the phone still?" Callie asked her son. He was sitting by the window in the room next to the living room.

"Yes. I'm wrapping it up with Bridgett." He said. Callie sighed, she would have one hell of a telephone bill if Gavin kept this up all week. It looked like she and Arizona were going to have to restrict the use of their son's cell phone.

Callie looked over to Nanny Martinelli. "Where's Monty?" She asked.

"I'm not sure dear." The nanny shrugged her shoulders. Come to think of it, they hadn't seen much of the young he boy since dinner.

"He's probably out by the pool and wondered off," Callie said, walking outside the patio to go and find her son. He was a handful at times wasn't he?

"Mama! I'm on the phone!" Monty said, holding his cellphone down and attempting to push the brunette back inside. Monty was standing on the patio, talking on his phone...same as Gavin. Is that all those boys knew how to do?

"Don't push me. Who are you taking too? Is that Kylee?" The brunette asked. She had tried her hardest to take a liking to the girl but, it just wasn't going to happen. However, she had stepped aside and let that whole scene play out. And, play out it did. Gavin was right, Monty wouldn't always like Kylee Stewart.

"No! I'm over that." Monty whispered, holding the phone so that whoever it was on the other end couldn't hear his conversation with his mother.

"Well, who is it is then?"

Monty sighed. Parents are the nosy aren't that? "If you must know..."

"I must..." Callie retorted.

"I'm taking to Hunter. He's setting me up with this girl that we met a Camp last week."

"Oh...well, what's her name?"

"You sure are nosy."

"Yea and you sure are almost eleven and, too young for girls. What's her name or I will snatch that phone so fast out of your hand..."

"Okay...okay...her name is Morgan. She's twelve. And, don't worry...I'm not like Gavin all in love and crap mama. I'm going to date then all when I get old enough."

"I'm going to have my hands full..." Callie mumbled.

" are..." Monty laughed. "Now, can I have some privacy here?"

Arizona stepped out onto the concrete patio. "Hey!"

"P.R.I.V.A.C.Y. That's what I want on this vacation. Who doesn't understand that?"

Arizona was surprised by Monty's outburst. "What's flew up his ass?" Arizona asked her wife.

"Nothing. He's just like Gavin...growing up and way to fast. I don't like it at all." Callie whispered as she hooked her arm in Arizona's and they two walked around outside.

"We need to take their phones away. All their devices need to be locked up this weekend. That's exactly what you and I are going to do. This is a family vacation and I won't have this."

The blonde furrowed her brow. "Callie...They will be miserable if we do that..."

"They are more interested in girls than their family! I am beyond putting up with that! It stops tonight!" Callie said in a strong determined voice.

Arizona nodded. She knew Callie was dead set in this so, there was no talking her out of it. But, couldn't it wait until morning?

"Hey, why don't you just calm down a minute and rest your mind. Can't this wait until morning? And before you say no, hear me out. I have the video camera all set up. Your outfit is on the bed. And, I have the candles all lit in our bedroom. Are you sure you want to start WW3 tonight?"

Callie looked at her wife. Sugar and spice...yea right. Arizona Robbins-Torres was naughty as hell.

"I guess it can wait one more night...Alright. But, only because I really want to videotape us having sex and finish fulfilling our fantasies...that's why I'm waiting until tomorrow. But, you will support me on this, right? No phone, no calls, just family'll support me and help me keep them in line."

Arizona replied, "Absolutely. I'll do anything for my little hooker..."

"Stripper. Not a hooker, I'm a stripper tonight. There is a difference," Callie explained.

"Oh okay...we'll see." Arizona smirked. Callie shook her head and the blonde wife slapped her rear as they walked back toward their villa.

"Ouch!" Callie yelped.

"You better get used to that feeling." Arizona laughed. "I might be a little aggressive when I you dressed as a hook..."

"Striper Arizona! I am a Stripper!"

Monty looked at his mama with much dismay. Did she just say what he thought she said? Surely not... Callie had yelled those words out with no thought as to who was around her.

"Oh my God..." Callie said, covering her face as she realized Monty had heard...Quickly she walked inside the villa.

Arizona smiled at her son. It was just sex they were about to have. Hot, amazing, dirty sex. Just sex... what was so wrong with that? Callie may have been embarrassed and Arizona was too but, sex is the most natural thing a person can participate in. It's good for the body. It's doctor recommended. So, she handled the situation like a boss.

"Get off the phone soon and go to sleep." Arizona told Monty as she walked through the door, closing it behind her quickly

Looking up, she say Callie walking up the staircase toward the bedroom. She wanted to do things... Very naughty things to her wife. Things that, a video camera just really didn't need to see. She had to have her wife. And, she needed her now.

Giving Gabby her insulin shot and taking her own downstairs just minutes afterwards, the blonde kissed her daughters and ascended up the staircase. Arizona stode to the bedroom door and slipped inside quietly and locked the door. This was it. Tonight, they would both get their innermost desires fulfilled. And, it would all be recorded.

Arizona sat in the middle of the king size bed and awaited the show. She felt like a kid in a candy store to be honest. Who wouldn't? Was she waited, Callie was in the bathroom getting dressed. They say preparation is important. No one goes out before a game without preparation first. Anticipating the sexy brunette, Arizona kicked back and let her mind wander what her wife was going to look like dressed in that little number. It was quite the outfit.

Arizona heard the bathroom door crack open. And, she remembered an old saying t... "Work like you don't need the money. Love like you've never been hurt. Dance like nobody's watching."

Hmmm...Like nobody's watching? Oh but, someone would be watching this later. They would view this little sexual encounter together, replaying a night that neither of them would ever forget.

This was the start of their vacation romance. All week, every night, non stop action. The blonde turned her head, looking as Callie peeped out from behind the door. Arizona smiled. She knew that her imagination was strong. She could just envision her wife in that outfit.

"I'm waiting..." Arizona called out to her wife as Callie peeped from the wooden door. They say the worst part of life is waiting. But the best part is having someone worth waiting for.

to be continued...

Quote Credit: "Work Like you don't need the money. Love like you've never been hurt. Dance like nobody's watching."- Satchel Paige

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Chapter Text

A/N: Forewarning...It's all sex...the whole chapter. And, it get's a little rough toward the end...There's a 50 Shades Callie thing happening. I apologize in advance for the smut and lack on any constructive content in this chapter. But, isn't sex constructive? all know it

With that warning...I give you...

Dirty Pretty Thing

"Possess. Have. Hold. Enjoy. Control. Dominate. Pick your verb...I intend to explore so very many of them." — J. Kenner (Release Me (Stark Trilogy, #1))

"I said I'm waiting Calliope..." Arizona said. "I don't like to be kept waiting..."

Jumping off the bed quickly, Arizona yelled, "Shit, I forgot to press record."

Callie heard her wife's words and she laughed. "Are you sure you are ready?" The brunette asked.

Arizona ran to the bed and jumped back to the middle. Sitting...waiting...hoping for any glimpse she might get real soon. "Yes. Yes...I'm ready." The blonde giggled.

Callie bit her bottom lip. She'd never stripped and put on a show like this before. Never. Arizona seemed so comfortable in this realm...even more than her. And, to be honest, that was starting to make Callie wonder. How many past lovers and experiences had her wife had? Nevertheless, if her wife wanted a show, then she'd certainly get one. But, she was going to be in charge tonight, not Arizona.

The brunette strolled out of the bathroom, ever so sexy...posing by the wall next to the door. One arm draped over her head, and the other, sliding down her body. Callie looked over and the camera was pointed at her.

"Rule number one," Callie said. "I am a stripper, not a hooker! I will not have sex with you tonight if you call me that again. Rule number two, you can't touch me until I say so can't touch yourself, only I can touch you. Rule number three, I am in charge tonight. Not you. Are there any questions?"

Looking at the brunette, Arizona shook her head. This was not how the night was supposed to go. She was the one in charge. Wasn't she?

"Come on..." Arizona whined. "I'm in charge...we already established that..."

"My way...or, we don't play." Callie said, licking her finger and sliding it down her body slowly. Stopping her hand between her thighs, she slowly made her way in side her panties, gathering moisture on her fingertips. She knew this would drive Arizona absolutely crazy with lust.

"Okay..." Arizona said, looking at her wife's hand and inner thighs. She could only imagine how we Callie was. "'re in charge." Of course there was no way she was going to pass up a night like this. Arguing over who was in charge was beside the damn point right now. Before her was a vision of sex. Sex on a stick and it was so captivating...and so needing to be fucked, Arizona thought.

Callie brought her finger back to her mouth and licked it slowly. "Mmmm..." She said, watching her wife lick her own lips in anticipation as she tasted herself.

The second song came on and Callie swayed her hips to the music and rubbed her body all over. "You like what you see? the brunette teased.

Arizona's mouth was dry as she nodded and stared. Callie motioned for her wife to come and sit at the end of the bed. Arizona scrambled, almost falling over to get that special front row seat. The view from the front is magnificent, they say.

Callie stood about five feet in front of her wife, wearing nothing but five inch high heeled black shoes, her legs were encased in black straps that ran all the way up the full length of her legs. The black g-string bottoms she wore were lace and barely covered her mound and, the Callie's breasts were partially covered by a lace black quarter cup bra. It didn't' so much support her breasts, more like it caressed and cupped her bosom. Her nipples rested on the tiny edging surrounding the quarter cups.

Arizona could see the erectness of her wife's nipples as they nested on the edge of the bra. Callie looked like an erotic dancer. So beautiful. So...her's. This was her wife...and there was nothing at all wrong with indulging in acts like this with her wife.

Arizona heard the sound of Rihanna being played as Callie immediately began swaying her hips to the rhythm of the music. "Pour it up..." Callie moved to that song with perfection. The blonde watched in admiration of her wife's beauty, and being aroused at the same time.

Callie was a good dancer. She loved to dance. The brunette knew how to move her body in sync with the music, and also knew how to show the right parts of her body to her wife at the right times. Turning her back to Arizona at times, she smiled, showing her wife a perfect angle of her voluptuous ass. All the while, giving Arizona as much eye contact as possible. Rubbing certain parts of her body, Callie was getting Arizona very aroused and turned on by the second.

Arizona looked down to her wife's left hand. The wedding ring that she'd given Callie all those years ago was visible, glistening at flickers of light hit it. A commitment, a firm commitment of their marriage. A marriage that, Arizona was so glad she had stayed in.

Blue eyes darted to her wife's sex. It was covered barely by a tight almost see through black lace thong. The thong was pulled so tight and so much skin was exposed. Her mound was on display yet still hidden.

Letting out a wolf whistle of appreciation, Arizona smiled. Callie was facing her now, her dark brown eyes staring into blue orbs. Moving her hips to the rhythm of the song, Callie took off her bra slowly, tossing it aside. She looked down to her full breasts, her nipples stood at full attention, so erect and so ready.

"You like what you see?" Callie asked.

"More than you'll ever know." Arizona mumbled, staring at her wife's breasts.

Callie shook her ass all in front of her wife, moving to the beat of the music and then she turned around and, placed her arms on Arizona's shoulders so her beautiful breasts were just inches from her wife's face.

"How's the view?" Callie asked, she knew she was driving Arizona crazy.

"It's good..." Arizona swallowed hard. Her breathing was erratic and she really wanted to touch her wife's boobs. They were good boobs... "They're good boobs..." Arizona mumbled as she stared at two magnificent globes before her.

Pulling Arizona to the very edge of the bed, Callie straddled her wife's leg and she "rode" Arizona, as her breasts bounced. Rocking back and forth, Callie made the appropriate did feel oh so good to her aching center.

"Oh yea..." the brunette moaned. "It feels so good..." Callie said, closing her eyes, riding her wife as if she'd gone into a trance.

Arizona's mouth was hanging open as she watched her wife ride her leg. She was still obeying rule number two but, really...are rules that important? This was torture...not stripping. This was no lap dance, this was Callie getting off in front of her and she was forbidden to participate. And, this was the sexiest thing Arizona had ever witnessed. Ever.

"You want to touch me don't you?" Callie asked.

"Yes," was Arizona's answer. She was desperate to touch Callie.

Callie stood up and then came closer, placing her leg on the bed beside Arizona. Arizona looked down at her wife's glistening wet center. Callie's panties were soaked, and Arizona just almost could't help but touch her. She really needed some kind of contact but, Callie did say something about rule number two, didn't she? The hell with rules, Arizona finally decided. She reached for the strap on the edge of her wife's panties and received a slap to the hand.

"No touching." Callie said. Her tone was serious.

Arizona looked up at her wife with pleading blue eyes. Callie smirked and moved her foot off the bed, and it landed on the floor in between Arizona's legs. As the song changed to Beyonce's "Partician" the brunette bent over, and kissed her wife passionately. Her tongue sneaking into the blonde's mouth. A welcome sight and feeling. Arizona returned it with full passion, and sucked on Callie's tongue. They stayed like that for a good thirty seconds before Callie broke away, and sucked on her wife's ear lobe.

"I want you..." Callie husked her Arizona's right ear.

Then, the brunette moved down lower. She was now between the blonde's legs, running her hands up Arizona's toned thighs.

"You are wearing too many clothes Arizona..."

Standing back up, Callie kissed the blonde wife's neck and, two tanned hands unbuttoned Arizona's shirt. One by one, and as she revealed the blonde's bra, Callie pulled one perfect shaped globe from the fabric that held it and, her mouth went down, taking a perfect pink nipple in her mouth, and Callie swirled her tongue around it. Then, she moved to the other and did the same.

The feeling was amazing, as pleasure shot throughout Arizona's body. When Callie took her wife's nipple out of her mouth, she slid the blonde's arms out of her shirt, and tossed it aside. As Callie's mouth traveled further down, her fingers undid the clasp of her wife's pants, and unzipped it, revealing Arizona's sexy red lace underwear.

Callie kept eye contact with Arizona the entire time, and the blonde lifted her hips as Callie pulled her pants and underwear off at the same time. Callie finally averted her eyes from the intense blue ones, to her wife's very soaked center. Looking at it-admiring it, Callie spread her wife's legs as she caressed the blonde's thighs.

Arizona leaned back, anticipating what was about to happen. Callie dipped the tip of her tongue in the arousal that was dripping from Arizona, and she licked it up slowly. "Mmm." Callie moaned at the taste.

"Oh God..." Arizona moaned, throwing her head back. Her legs were spread apart and her wife was licking her intensely. "This wasn' this was...supposed to go...Calliope..."

Callie smiled, tasting her wife was never enough. "I had other plans but, so did I. Who's the boss here or you?"

When the blonde didn't answer, only moaning at the feeling of a finger sliding against her clit, Callie gave her wife a pinch on her leg.


"I said, who's the boss or you?" Callie asked again.

" are the boss..." Arizona mumbled, her head thrown back as Callie slipped in a finger into her aching center. "Please Calliope..." Arizona moaned. "I need you completely naked too." Her sexual urges were pulsating through her body. Arizona was literally on fire.

Callie stood up. Then turned around, grabbed the g-string and slowly pulled it down while bending over. Showing Arizona her lovely ass. Taking off the lace panties and leg straps, Callie turned around and motioned for the blonde to crawl further back on the bed. Callie watched as Arizona was now in the center, lying on her back, completely naked.

Walking over to position the camera to be sure it got a full view, capturing everything, Callie stepped aside and slid out of her heels.

The brunette walked over to the bed, climbing on slowly and smiling at her exceptionally aroused wife. Arizona pulled Callie down, to lie on top of her.

"You like being the boss...don't you?"

Callie nodded. "Yes," she said. It's all she had known to be. Sure, she gave into Arizona more than anyone else but, she still had to be in control. Kissing her wife's neck, Callie rubbed the blonde's right hip and thigh.

"You knew you've were torturing me back there didn't you?"

"Yes," Callie replied again.

"You are a dirty pretty thing Calliope. You are hot...dirty hot," Arizona whispered to her wife. "And, I'm sorry but, I cannot let you be in charge." Swiftly, Arizona flipped them over and she was now on top.

Victoriously smiling, Arizona cupped her wife's left breast and began kissing the brunette's neck. She wanted what she wanted. What was wrong with that?

Callie protested. "No. I named the rules and you agreed to them. I'm going to fuck you first." Callie replied, grabbing her wife's arms and flipping the blonde on her back.

"Now, lie back...I'm going to give you exactly what you gave me last night and more. You deserve it." Callie smirked. "And, no'll take it like a real woman Arizona. I'm going to posses you. Have you. Control you. You are mine baby. All mine and, I'm going to explore you as I wish."

Her chest was pounding, her heart fluttered and her blue eyes were darkened with lust. To be dominated in this manner by Callie Torres was something that no one but her was able to experience and God, was it ever an experience.

Callie sat up and reached for the strap on that sat on the night stand. Arizona had intended to use it again like she has last night but, she'd never get that chance tonight. It had a different owner tonight.

Observing her wife as she prepared to take her in the most intimate way, Arizona's rapid breaths increased even more. Once everything was adjusted, it only too mere seconds...Callie leaned over and kissed her wife on the lips. It was deep, demanding, sexy...and the brunette was in full control.

With her lips still wet from their kiss, Callie slowly made her way down Arizona's body. Spreading her wife's thighs apart, Callie disbursed soft, wet kisses...subtle nips of pale flesh were felt as the brunette came closer to her wife's needy center.

"You are an addiction," Callie mumbled as she glided her warm tongue across Arizona's slickened sex.

"You're my obsession." Arizona confessed as she looked down at her wife that now lay between her legs, giving her some much needed attention.

"Oh Calliope...that feels so good..."

That wasn't the response that Callie was looking for. Not good. She could do better than good. Taking her tongue, the brunette slowly made her way up the blondes long wet streak left behind...evidence of where she'd been was visible as the trail of wetness made it's way to Arizona's neck.

Callie lifted her wife's legs slightly, to accommodate the intrusive rubber toy that was about to gloriously fill the blonde to capacity. "Be gentle..." Arizona said in a pleading tone.

"No way...not after last night. Were you gentle?" Callie asked as the tip of the toy sat at her wife's slick entrance.

"I thought I was..." Arizona smiled. She knew she was lying. And, so did her wife.

Callie pushed all the way in...filling her wife completely. "Oh Fuck..." Arizona groaned, taking the toy inside and grabbing her wife's arms.

"My way...just remember that honey. I always get what I want. And, I want you..." Callie whispered, pulling out and pushing back inside, causing the blonde to moan louder.

Callie was always a great lover, even better a lover than a dancer...if that was possible. She'd always been aggressive in sex with her wife but, never quite to the extent that Arizona would be. However, tonight, that was going to change. It was time to give back to the blonde what she'd so graciously given to her, Callie thought.

Only a couple of thrusts into it and, Arizona was moaning uncontrollably. In ten...she was biting her lip, and fighting back the rising tide. Callie seemed to be taking the cue from the driving rhythm of the music. She drove into Arizona with full force. Pushing her wife's legs up higher, the brunette pulled one pale leg to her extremely high, hold it with her hand.

"You like that baby? How does that feel?" The brunette asked.

"Calliope...ooohhhh...I'm coming...oh yessssss..."

Callie knew she was giving her wife what she needed. Arizona's body stiffened as she had her first orgasm. Pure bliss raced through her system like a runaway freight train and slammed into her mind in an explosion of sparks. A rushing wave like the ocean was in her ears as the pleasure of Callie's rhythms carried her away. Her cry of pleasure was eclipsed by the shriek of a guitar and the pounding blast of the drums as the music in their room muffled her screams.

"Kiss me..." Callie ordered. Lowering herself down, she took Arizona's tongue into her mouth. There was no better feeling in the world than this. Arizona kissed her back, a deep tongue swirling, soulful kiss.

Callie continued thrusting rapidly into her wife, as she held Arizona's arms down. "Take it..." Callie said, thrusting into her wife hard. "Take every inch of me and enjoy it baby..."

With passion and fury, the brunette thrusted into Arizona, touching the deepest spots inside her. Immobilized on the bed, all Arizona could do was get fucked. Not that she minded. She was a very willing participant.

"Ah shit...Calliioopppeeee..." Arizona screamed into the pillow, turning her head to the side. It was a poor attempt at keeping the blissful sounds down.

"Feels good doesn't it?" Callie whispered, leaning down and sucking her wife's pulse point on her neck.

"Indescribable..." Arizona breathed out.

"You are the sexiest thing ever," Callie said, pulling out of her wife. "Now...Ride me." The brunette ordered, nudging Arizona up.

Callie lay back and guided her wife as the blonde straddled the brunette's hips. Arizona kissed Callie passionately, and rocked her body down again slightly, dabbing the head of the rubber phallus against her wet lips. Then she pushed off with her hands planted on either side of the brunette's shoulders and smoothly pushed her body down over Callie's. She could feel the toy push her lips apart and penetrate her. Arizona groaned into the kiss as she sheathed her wife with her vagina, pushing Callie the full length up inside her. Blue eyes rolled back in Arizona's head...the sheer ecstasy.

"Fuck baby," Callie moaned, watching her wife. Pure perfection, like that's exactly where she belonged. She belonged inside of Arizona. Possessing her wife in a way that no one else could.

The blonde wife felt so sexy, straddling Callie, riding her sexy form. Arizona stayed still for a moment, savoring the sensation of the toy deep inside her once again. Then the blonde gave into the animal instinct buried deep inside, and began to rock over her wife, bucking her hips wildly. Fucking Callie. Loving the feeling inside her as she slid her heated core up and down slowly, doing all the work. Arizona's nipples started hardening from the friction as her breasts were pressed against her wife's.

After a minute, Arizona sat up and continued to ride her wife. Callie grabbed the blonde's hips, guiding Arizona as she continued to work her.

"I love your hands all over my body." Arizona panted, looking into her wife's dark brown eyes. Lustful eyes...that's what they were right now.

Callie looked to her left, seeing the reflection of the two of them in the glass window, the dark bedroom reflecting the dim light inside back at them. The brunette watched her wife gyrate her body on her, her bare breasts bouncing, as if watching a couple have sex as a third person voyeur. It was fucking erotic.

Arizona's hands came up, running over her own body. She caressed and squeezed her breasts, putting on a show for Callie, who joined her with her own hands. All four of their palms mixed together on her breasts, squeezing and kneading.

Arizona's ass bounced slightly every time she fully sat down on Callie. She continued to lean back, arching her back, supporting herself by reaching back and propping herself up on the brunette's knees. Grinding on her wife, Arizona felt the internal sensation rising once again.

Leaning forward a bit, she swished her head to the side, causing her hair to drop over one shoulder. She looked down at the brunette with a look of love. She loved this woman. And, it was time to take this to the next level. She leaned down and spoke quietly into Callie's ear as she continued to fuck her.

"I'll take that punishment now, ma'am," Arizona sat back up with her hands on the brunette's chest and looked into her wife's brown eyes, pleading and submissive, "Please."

Callie smiled. Her fondling touches on Arizona's firm breasts grew more intense. Rougher. She squeezed hard. Pinched her nipples. "Oh God..." Arizona whimpered as the brunette tweaked her nipples, moderately pulling and twisting. She bit her lip, half from the pain, half from the pleasure that shot through her body.

Sliding tanned hands down to her wife's hips again, this time raking her fingernails down her wife's sides, Callie smirked as Arizona hissed from the pain. "You like pain...don't you baby?" Callie said.

"Yes..." the blonde moaned.

Callie increased their sexual pace, grinding Arizona down on her, grabbing her hips tightly in her firm hands. "You are a dirty girl Arizona Torres. I'm going to teach you a lesson." Callie said. Arizona looked down, watching as Callie's expression began to change, that look of intensity and ferocity was on full display.


She gave the blonde a firm stinging spank on her ass. Arizona whimpered again. The brunette massaged her wife's cheek she had just spanked, ameliorating the light pain and stimulating capillary blood flow, then roughly grabbed a handful of her soft flesh in her hand.


Another one, a little harder. "Oh, fuck..." Arizona yelped, feeling an orgasm approach. She tried to hold off but, it just wasn't happening. She was going to come...all over her wife.


The sting of Callie's palm on her ass shot through her body. She was losing it, but couldn't stop. She couldn't stop her animalistic desire, her hips instinctually grinding on the rubber phallus, needing that sex. And Callie kept pushing her. Harder. Faster. More.

"You like me fucking you like this?" Callie asked, reaching up and grabbing a handful of her wife's blonde hair, pulling Arizona's head to the side.

"Fuck..." Arizona groaned.

She was no longer in control. Not able to stop, now a captive of both Callie and her own sexual needs. Arizona's arms began to quiver. Her hands involuntarily balled up, fingernails dug into her wife's sides, moving up to grab her wife's breasts and squeeze them hard. The blonde's body tightened, muscles clenched. Her legs squeezed together, clutching the toy between her thighs. Arizona may have been on top but, she was no longer in charge. The first wave of her orgasm hit her.

"UNNNHHHH!" Arizona uttered, not even able to control what came out of her mouth. "Oh God!" Her body convulsed in a spasm. Then the second wave hit. Callie pulled harder on her hair, pulling the blonde's head to the side, and she swatted her wife's ass again. Arizona lost all strength and collapsed on Callie's torso, a smaller third orgasmic wave hitting her, making her spasm again.

Arizona laid on her wife's chest, her head tossed to the side, gasping for breath and, her pale breasts smashed against the brunette's. Arizona was unable to move.

She was supposed to be in charge tonight. She was supposed to do these things to the brunette. Why did Callie drive her to that? Why did that punishment turn her on like that? This wasn't turning out the way she expected exactly. But, Arizona wasn't complaining. She'd just been fucked out of her mind.

Oh but Callie didn't give her any respite. Apparently she wasn't finished. The brunette roughly grabbed her wife's hips and pulled the blonde back up, the tip was still inside her wet core. Callie grabbed a handful of each of her wife's ass cheeks, shifted her legs to get leverage, and then began to drive deep inside her, thrusting her hips. Callie kept Arizona's body motionless and began rapidly thrusting her from underneath.

"Shit..." Arizona mumbled. She couldn't move. Could she take much more of this? She was already raw, sensitive.

"You are going to remember this night for a very long time darling." Callie husked in her wife's ear.

Callie grabbed Arizona's forearms and pushed them behind her, crossing her wrists behind the small of her back. She held her wife with the tightest of grips, squeezing her tiny wrists and arms in her hands, all the while fucking her from underneath.

With no way to hold herself up, Arizona laid heavy on Callie's chest. The wet, slapping sounds with each of Callie thrusting impacts, could clearly be heard.

"Dirty pretty thing..." Callie said to Arizona. It's what Arizona had said to her earlier wasn't it?

Each impact sent ripples through Arizona's whole body. The blonde cried out again, mouth over a tanned shoulder, her cry wavering and accentuated with each impact.


"Take it Arizona...take it like a boss..." the brunette said in a determined voice. She'd never been this rough with Arizona...never. Maybe it was the camera that was recording everything...or, maybe it was the fact that she had secretly always wanted to rough her wife up in bed.

Arizona felt completely helpless, totally at Callie's mercy. Whatever she wanted to do with her, she could. And... God forgive her... THAT totally turned her on.

"Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit..." Arizona cried. It was just all too much, overwhelming her senses.

And then, Callie completely changed the pace, letting go of Arizona's arms and grabbing her hips. Callie pulled the blonde's body onto her's over, and over, and over, staking her claim, showing her wife that...she was in charge tonight.

After a minute, Arizona regained some strength, and struggled up to her elbows and glancing into her wife's face with a look of exhaustion as Callie continued. The brunette sneered.

"You like that, you dirty girl?"

Arizona was only half tracking her, but nodded, trying to find the words. Fuck it. She decided to go all out, wanting everything from Callie and to encourage her wife to take her rightful place. Callie could dominate her all she wanted to. Arizona took one of Callie's hands and brought it up to her neck, placing tanned fingers around her throat. Callie was someone else now...she leered with dominance and pleasure, and went with it, allowing the aggression to come out. The brunette began to squeeze her wife's throat, as she continued to pull her wife's wet center down over the thick rubber phallus. Driving hard into Arizona...she looked at her wife's neck. Then Callie also brought her other hand to the blonde's neck and started to squeeze. Arizona gasped.

Holding her neck tight, Callie controlled Arizona's whole body like a puppet, pulling the blonde wife down onto her in large, undulating waves. Callie finally established a slow, but grandiose pace, thrusting up deep inside her wife's aching core as she rowed the blonde onto her, over and over. Once again, Arizona was a rag doll, limp and compliant, completely at her wife's mercy, her entire body for Callie.

It was sheer heaven, Arizona thought. Never had she been dominated like this. Never. Then, Arizona struggled to breathe, her neck enveloped by two tanned strong hands, just as her pussy fully enveloped the phallus.

The world started to go grey. She flopped and flailed under Callie's complete control. She began to lose her peripheral vision. Arizona's head lolled above her wife's tightened grip, the choking eliciting a light constricted cough.

Arizona began to shake. Only semi-aware, another orgasm rumbled through her body like an earthquake. Steadily increasing in intensity, it consumed the remainder of her thoughts, her feelings. The last thing Arizona was aware of, was Callie inside of her, moaning as she finally came.

Darkness began to envelop her, warm and deafeningly silent. The world stopped. Then suddenly Arizona was free, gasping for air, her neck now unrestrained, throat tingling. She became aware that she was lying collapsed on Callie chest, breasts pressed together...her head turned to the side. Callie chest heaved with hers, both of them grasping for oxygen in the torrid aftermath. Arizona couldn't move a single muscle. She had never been fucked like that, particularly when she was on top and in a position of supposed control. Callie was right...she was in charge. She was the boss.

The brunette moved first, their bodies hot and slick together, reaching up to stroke her wife's blonde hair. "You alright baby? Did I hurt you?" Callie asked, furrowing her brow. She'd lost all control herself and maybe she was too rough, pushing her wife too far.

Arizona could feel the rubber toy still inside her. She laid still, trying to navigate her way back to planet Earth. "I'm good calliope...that was just...intense." Arizona mumbled.

Not convinced, the brunette pushed her wife up, looking into the blue eyes that always made her smile. Arizona smiled, looking down on her wife. "I'm fine... I promise..." She reassured Callie.

The brunette gently lay her wife over and removed the strap and toy, covering her and Arizona with the comforter that adorned their bed. The camera was still rolling, but Callie didn't care about that right now.

"Thank you for that tonight..." Callie whispered, ghosting her lips over her wife's.

"I should be thanking you. I didn't know you had it in you sweetie..." Arizona said, lying back...her breathing now more normal.

"That was hot. Dirty hot." Callie said, giving her wife a kiss on the lips.

"Yea...maybe we are both just...dirty pretty things huh?" Arizona smiled, pulling her wife close to her, kissing the brunette that had literally taken her to another realm of pleasure she didn't know existed.

Looking back at the camera, then to her wife, Callie said, "I'll shut the camera off and bring you some water. Okay?"

Arizona nodded. Watching her wife shut the recorder off, she lay in bed and thought...if the rest of her years with Callie were like this tonight...she was damn lucky. And, for that..she smiled. Tomorrow they were exploring the island with the kids. But tonight, they had the rest of the night to explore each other. This was their love. Their devotion. Their life. And, it was marvelous.

"The point of marriage is not to create a quick commonality by tearing down all boundaries; on the contrary, a good marriage is one in which each partner appoints the other to be the guardian of his solitude, and thus they show each other the greatest possible trust. A merging of two people is an impossibility, and where it seems to exist, it is a hemming-in, a mutual consent that robs one party or both parties of their fullest freedom and development. But once the realization is accepted that even between the closest people infinite distances exist, a marvelous living side-by-side can grow up for them, if they succeed in loving the expanse between them, which gives them the possibility of always seeing each other as a whole and before an immense sky." — Rainer Maria Rilke (Letters to a Young Poet)

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Chapter Text

Someone's A Liar...

"If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything." — Mark Twain

"Can I please have my phone back? I feel like I've been robbed." Monty stated to his mothers. He felt naked without his phone. Hey, don't fault him...haven't we all felt lost without our phones and iPads?

"No, it's a family vacation...spend time with your family." Callie said, handing the boy his own bowl of popcorn.

"Mom!" Monty whined, looking at Arizona.

This was day two of the no cellphone or electronics rule that Callie had installed. And, it was failing miserably. Arizona looked at her wife and the brunette shot her a warning glare. She had better not go against what Callie had mandated. They were a united front. Arizona agreed she would support her wife and that's exactly what Callie was going to make sure her wife did. There was going to be no taking the sides with the kids. Not this time.

"I'm sorry...I support your mother on this." Arizona said.

"You do not, she's making you say that." Monty shot back. Callie smacked her son on the side of the head with a magazine.

"Hush!" The brunette warned Monty. "Don't you ever say that again. She's my wife and, she's supporting my decision. It's called respect and, you're going to show some or else. Do you understand?"

"Yes ma'am..." Monty said, rubbing his head.

Arizona looked at Callie. The brunette turned her head to the side and nudged her wife with her leg..."Scoot over..." Callie said. She wanted to share the large recliner with her wife. Arizona did and once Callie got situated, she threw the cover over their legs, pulling it up to their chests.

"I popped us some popcorn too." Callie smiled at her wife, giving Arizona a peck on her lips.

"You should not hit him. He's still recovering Calliope." Arizona whispered.

"He's fine. Mouthy...but fine Arizona. Let me handle this and you just enjoy your vacation." Giving her yet another soft kiss on the lips, the brunette winked at her wife and said, "Is everyone ready to start this movie?"

"Yes!" Hope squealed. "I love this..."

"Me too!" Gabby said joyfully. "And, I love popcorn!"

"Me too!" Hope yelled out. The two sisters giggled, laying back on their sleeping bags and pillows in front of the large flat screen television in the large living room of the villa.

Gavin stared at the television. He was smarter than Monty, he knew better than to challenge the brunette. Arizona maybe but, never Callie. That was an epic fail...every time.

"You are mean." Monty said, looking at his mama.

"You are grounded." Callie shot back with an angry look. "Keep it up mister and, you and I can step outside."

Signing heavily, Monty rolled his eyes and looked back at the television.

Arizona spoke up. "Let's just all be happy..."

Callie smiled. "I am happy," she said, giving her wife yet another quick kiss.

"The boys are not." Arizona mumbled.

"What?" Callie asked, turning her head toward her wife.

"I said they are not happy." The blonde replied in a low tone. Her annoyance was obvious.

Callie placed her popcorn down on the floor beside her chair and, she pulled her wife up, dragging the blonde into the kitchen.

"You are not supporting me." Callie stated as she stood beside the refrigerator.

"Well, its hard to when its a stupid rule Calliope. Give them some freedom. Just allow them only limited time on their phones and iPads. But, don't take it away. All we've heard for two days is that they are miserable. And, I'm sick of it. It's ruining my vacation."

"It's not ruining mine." Callie said, folding her arms across her chest. "You've just got to learn to ignore minor issues Arizona..."

Arizona shook her head. Sometimes, she just could not get Callie to understand or give in. And, this was just such a time. "Fine. I'm done with this. I'm going back to the movie." The blonde said, taking a couple of steps toward the living room.

"Oh no you are not. We are not done. You are mad with me...and, it's not my fault." Callie stated, blocking her wife so she couldn't leave.

"Move." Arizona said.

"No." Callie replied.

"Why are you trying to pick a fight with me?"

"I'm not. You are disrespecting me and what I'm trying to do here with our sons." Callie retorted.

The blonde said, "I don't want to do this with you..."

"I don't want us to fight either Arizona." Callie smiled. "I like it when we love..." she grinned.

Arizona was accustomed to Callie giving in lately but, not this time. It's wasn't happening and Arizona did not like it at all. However, there was other ways around the brunette. What Callie didn't know...certainly didn't hurt her...did it?

"Okay...maybe you are right. I'm sorry. Let's let this go and, I will support you." Arizona said.

Pulling her wife into a tight embrace, the brunette smiled. "Thank you." Callie said sincerely.

"Absolutely." Arizona nodded. Callie may have been smart but, she underestimated the blonde at times. They walked back to the living room and snuggled in the recliner, limbs entangled as they watched the movie and ate their popcorn together.

"All nights should be just like this." Callie whispered to her wife.

" is nice isn't it?" Arizona replied. It was nice, she was enjoying it. Too bad the boys were not but, that would change come morning.

The following morning, Callie and Mrs. Martinelli were cooking breakfast downstairs. Arizona crept into Gavin's room and woke her son up. "Come to your brother's room now. And, don't say a word." The blonde whispered.

Doing as he was told, Gavin rubbed his eyes and followed his mom to Monty's room. Monty was already awake and, both boys sat on the bed.

"Alright two are making me crazy miserable. I only have five days left and, at the rate we are all going...Monty is going to get in major trouble with mama and Gavin, your quiet sulking is infuriating me. So, here's the plan...and if you two sell me out...I will disown you both. I mean it. You are cut out of my will. You got that?"

"Yes..." the boys replied. Intrigued by what the blonde was going to say, Monty leaned in closer. Arizona was always the more lenient one out of the two parents. They could not run over her but, she would usually try and keep and open mind. She was their age once and, she had a wild streak a mile long.

Arizona explained while the boys listened. "Mom and I will leave every day for at least a couple of hours, maybe even longer if I can keep her out...all without you kids. I will arrange for Nanny to stay here. You come up to your rooms...get my laptop and iPad, not your cell phones or your iPads and, you can get on while we are gone. I will call the house and let you know we are coming back. Delete your messages and put my devices back where you got them from. I will keep them in my bedroom nightstand. She never checks my iPad or laptop, she has her own but, I don't want take any chances. Again...don't make any calls. She will see that. But, anything done on my devices...she won't question. She'll think it's me. Understood?"

"I can deal with that." Monty smiled.

Gavin nodded. "Okay...lets just none of us get caught. Talk about mad...mama would flip out..."

"Psycho..." Monty chuckled.

"She's not crazy...she's just..."

"Controlling?" Monty said, finishing his moms sentence.

"She really does think she's doing what's right. And, maybe she is. You two are on those things way to much. Girls aren't everything you know." Arizona reminded her sons.

Gavin smiled. "You felt that way when you were our age? Girls were not everything?"

"I'm not answering that." Arizona said, standing up. A smirk was on her face. Of course she thought girls were everything. Everything. She was once a teenager too.

"Wait...we need a code word." Gavin said. "In case we need to warn each other."

"Oooohhhh, I've got one...I have to whisper." Monty said, smiling big.

"That's not a code word," Arizona said.

"It's a joke I heard Luca tell on the way here. A little boy is at a birthday party with his mother and ten minutes into the party the boy has to pee. He calls for his mother. He sees her across the room he yelled, "Mommy, I have to pee!"

The mother is embarrassed, takes the boy to the bathroom. She tells him, "You can't be yelling across rooms that you need to pee. It's very rude. How about we have our own codeword? Instead of screaming 'I have to pee' you say 'I have to whisper' and then nobody will know!"

The boy agrees, finishes his business, and returns to the party. The next night, the boy is staying over at his grandfather's place. He wakes up in the middle of the night and he has to pee. He goes into his grandpa's room and wakes him up.

Gently the boy says,"Grandpa, I have to whisper."

The confused grandfather answers, "Not right now, you can whisper in the morning".

The boy starts bouncing around, "But grandpa, I really need to whisper".

Gis grandfather don't want yo get up so he says, "I said not right now, I'll whisper all you want in the morning".

The boy started to dance, "But grandpa I reeeaally need to whisper".

"Well alright then," the grandfather said, "whisper very quietly, into your grandpa's ear".

"That's funny right?" Monty asked. He loved jokes, and he found this one oh so funny.

"No, that's gross." Arizona said, her face scrunched up.

"Man that's nasty. Peeing in his ear?" Gavin said.

"It's a joke." Monty argued.

"And not a very good one. But, I do like the code word because she'd never catch onto that." Arizona said.

"Okay so the code word is, I have to whisper. Everybody got that?"

"Yes," the boys said.

"Hey...what's going on in here?" Callie asked, entering Monty's bedroom unannounced.

They were startled, caught completely off guard. The boys had a deer in the headlights look. Arizona swallowed hard. But, it was Gavin that stepped up to the plate. "Monty...he...well you know...had a wet dream..."

Monty blinked twice and covered his face. And, so did Callie. " handle this Arizona...I...gotta...go..." Callie mumbled, leaving the room in a flash.

Gavin laughed an evil laugh. " scares mama every time..." he said.

Arizona couldn't help but to laugh. Monty shook his head. "Why couldn't you have the dream? Why me? Dude...that's just gross man..."

Gavin giggled. "It made sense, we are in your bedroom...she doesn't know any different. It looked like we came to talk to you and offer our support." Gavin explained.

"'s just...wrong." Monty said, throwing himself back against his pillow.

Later that afternoon, Arizona had managed to do just what she told her sons she would do. She and Callie were spending several drinks at a nearby was time well spent. Callie was so glad Arizona suggested this. Her wife was just the greatest...wasn't she?

Holding hands, the two wives walked around, their bodyguards following behind them, allowing the Torres' some space. "I wish we could stay another week." Callie said.

"Me too." Arizona replied. "But, school starts in a week."

"I know..." Callie replied. That's crazy isn't start this early..."

"Yea...Hey, so this has been so much fun to day...just me and you. Let's do it again tomorrow. Maybe go to the beach, sit kids...just us." Arizona suggested.

Leaning over, Callie kissed the blonde that she loved more than life itself. "I like that idea. You could wear that blue bikini." Callie whispered.

"And, you could wear the red one I packed for you." Arizona said with a sly smile.

Sure, the blonde was trying to get her wife out of the house, away from the kids for a while every day but, to be honest, Arizona loved every minute that she and Callie were spending alone on this vacation. It was much needed. Even if it was planned for an entirely wrong reason and based on a little white lie.

"I'm going to teach Gabby to swim on this vacation." Callie announced as they walked closer to their car.

"I have all confidence in you honey." Arizona said honestly. Callie was always good at teaching their children to swim but, she was often a little too harsh in her ways.

"In fact, I think I will start this evening. Before dinner." Callie said.

"Sounds like a plan. I will call the house and tell them we are on our way home and Ms. Martinelli can go ahead and get Gabby ready." Arizona suggested. And, it all worked like a charm.

Walking inside the house, Gavin and Monty sat...looking all depressed when Callie looked at them. The brunette rolled her eyes and walked upstairs to change into her bathing suit.

"I'm ready mama!" Gabby squealed as Callie walked toward her on the upstairs balcony.

"Give me one minute sweet pea...I will be ready." Callie said. Calling down to Arizona...Callie said, "Honey, you need to get your swimsuit on, Hope wants to go too!"

Little Hope was standing beside her sister, dressed in her polka dot bikini. However, Hope would need Arizona our one of the boys to go in with he as she couldn't swim and, Callie needed to concentrate on Gabby. Arizona looked over to her sons. They were all smiles now that Callie was gone. Monty gave his mom the thumbs up, nodding his head. The first day of their plan was a success. But, could they keep it up? That was the real question.

"You two owe me big time. One of you go change and get in with your sister." The blonde smiled and walked into the kitchen to grab herself a drink.

"I'll go..." Gavin said.

"Yea...I was going to suggest that too." Monty laughed at his brother. Gavin rolled his eyes and walked upstairs to change. Following his mom inside the kitchen, Monty filled the blonde in on the what he and Hunter discussed on the laptop today.

The rest of the week passed much the same way. Callie and Arizona spent time with their children and, the blonde and her wife had their alone time. And during that alone time, the boys had their freedom. Sounded perfect. Right...well, almost. All plans are flawed you know.

It was late Saturday evening, the sun had not yet set. Tomorrow their plane would be leaving to head back to Nevada. The boys and Arizona were working on packing up their things before tomorrow. They were all busy except Callie. The brunette was downstairs in the living room, frustrated and angry because she couldn't get her iPad to charge.

"Arizona it won't work...what's wrong with my iPad? I'm going to throw this stupid thing through the window!"

Callie's frustration with the electronic device was bringing on a major headache. Gavin heard his mama's complaining and he walked into the living room. "I'll look at it mama. If you want to go help mom pack." He said.

"You're the best son a mother could have," Callie smiled at Gavin. Handing him the iPad that seemed to have a mind of its own, Callie headed upstairs where Arizona was working hard at finishing up packing.

"You know what, I'll just get on Arizona's iPad," Callie said as she reached the third step. Gavin's eyes shot up to the staircase. Shit! He forgot to delete his messages to Bridgett on his mom's iPad.

"MOM!" Gavin screamed. "MOM! MOM! Get down here now!" Gavin yelled loudly from the top of his lungs.

Arizona ran to the top step. "What's wrong?" She asked. Her heart was beating right out of her chest, she felt such an adrenaline rush.

"Gavin? What's the matter?" Callie asked looking at the boy she'd just left seconds before. He seemed fine.

"Um...I...I have to whisper." Gavin said looking at Arizona with big eyes.

Arizona was confused. She looked at Gavin but, just wasn't sure what to do. It certainly had something to do with Callie and the iPad but what?

"I have to whisper..." Gavin repeated to his mom.

Callie turned her head sideways, looking strangely at her first born son. "No, you don't have to whisper. The girls are not asleep, you can talk in a normal voice Gavin."

Spinning around, Callie took to the stairs, climbing faster. " iPad won't charge for some reason. I'm going to use yours honey." Callie announced as she walked past her wife, slapping the blonde on the rear and giving her a sexy wink.

The blonde mother turned her attention back to Gavin, furrowing her brow. "What?" She asked.

"I forgot to delete my conversation with Bridgett." He whispered up to Arizona.

"Damn it," Arizona said. She had to do something. If Callie found out that she'd went behind her back all week, there would most definitely be some trouble from that.

Running into the bedroom, Arizona saw her wife sitting in the edge of the bed, next to her nightstand with the iPad resting in her tanned hands.

Arizona had to think fast. Closing the door, the blonde turned the lock and said. "I want you."

Callie looked up from the screen to her wife, taking her glasses off. "I'm sorry. What did you say?" Callie asked.

Arizona repeated, "I said... I want you. Right now. Right here."

Callie looked down at the iPad. She had to email something to Tom and Rafa. "Can I finish this first?" She asked.

"No. I can't wait. I need you right now Calliope." Arizona walked over and took the iPad from her wife's hand and tossed it on the nightstand.

Callie tried to grab the device from the nightstand. "But I really need..."

"Silence Calliope. No talking." The blonde said, unbuttoning her wife's shirt and bra...tossing the garments aside.

Pushing the brunette back into the bed, Arizona unzipped her wife's jeans. Sliding the brunette's panties off, she then took her own clothes off too.


"I said silence Calliope..."

Lying down on top of the brunette, Arizona hands sought out the curves of Callie's body. "I'm desperate to feel you." She said.

Callie could instantly feel her wetness increase by the second. Their lips intertwined, their tongues clashing for dominance, Callie quickly flipped her wife over.

"I want to fuck you badly," the brunette husked in her wife's ear.

"Believe me, not as bad as I want to fuck you," Arizona replied, taking control and rolling Callie back over.

"This is going to go my way," Arizona whispered.

Shocked by her wife's brazen show of determination, Callie looked at the beautiful specimen before her. There was no denying Arizona's beauty. Her blonde hair, it shined as she made her way down Callie's body.

"Wait..." Callie moaned. A second swipe of Arizona's warm tongue caused the brunette's head to be thrown back. God did that ever feel good.

"No talking Calliope." Arizona said, as she began to wrap her mouth and take in Callie's clit.

"Ooooohhhhh God..." Callie moaned bucking her hips.

Back and forth Arizona ran her tongue through her wife's now aching center. Callie's moans and motions of her hand entangled in Arizona's blonde hair let the blonde know she was doing a good job. Arizona flicked her tongue over her clit causing a quick squeal from her wife.

Tanned hips began to grind into Arizona's face as Callie pushed the blonde's head as close to her sex as possible. Pushing her tongue inside her wife's slickened core, Arizona moaned as she tongue fucked her wife. She twisted her tongue trying to find any spots that would bring Callie pleasure.

Now, sex is a beautiful distraction. Callie was the queen of distraction. She had distracted Arizona with sex more times than she could count. And now, the same thing was happening to Callie. The question was, just how distracted was the brunette? Did she know what her wife was doing? And, did she see anything that she wasn't supposed to see on that iPad?

Time seemed to fly by. Callie's moans began to get louder and louder. Arizona knew what was about to happen. The brunette placed her other hand firmly on her wife's head. Arizona continued to lick and suck on Callie's sex as her wife's hips aggressively ground into her face.

Her orgasm hit and she screamed out. "Oh yes! Arizona!" Wave and wave of intense pleasure rushed over Callie like the driven tide.

She smiled as Callie released her grip on the her blonde hair. As she pulled her face from between Callie's legs, Arizona licked her lips to give her wife a show and to taste the juices that had just covered them. Callie stared down at the blonde as she tried to control her breathing.

"Get up here," Callie said, still panting, still breathing heavily.

Slowly making her way up, the blonde gave soft kisses to her wife's stomach. Callie took her wife by the arms and pulled Arizona the rest of the way up, face to face they met once again.

"You are trying to distract me. Aren't you?" Callie asked, her lips ghosting over her wife's. Arizona could feel her wife's warm breath in her face as Callie could smell the essence of her arousal on the blonde's lips.

Arizona tried to look surprised. "What? No..."

"I think you are..." Callie whispered in a manner that made her wife a little nervous.

Brown eyes roamed over the pale face with the most gorgeous features. Callie wrapped her arms around Arizona, holding her wife close to her. As the blonde wife lay on top of her wife, she waited, Callie looked as if she were trying to figure out something. You could see it in her eyes.

"Is there anything you want to tell me?" Callie asked her wife.

"Just that I love you," Arizona answered sweetly. Seconds passed as Callie stared intently into her wife's blue eyes. Eyes that she knew were oh so guilty.

"Well...maybe I'm wrong..." Callie husked, capturing her wife's lips in her's. Releasing the kiss with a pop, the brunette whispered... "Maybe."

Flipping Arizona onto her back, Callie took a pink nipple into her mouth and sucked it hard, watching her wife's face the entire time.

"Oh Calliope..." Arizona moaned. Her wife was ever the gentle and the aggressive lover.

Callie's left hand encased the blonde's left breast and she gently massaged it with her hand as she licked her wife's nipple. Then, Callie swapped sides, offering the left breast the same undivided attention as the other.

Coming back up to her wife's face, Callie captured her wife's lips yet again. Deeply kissing the sexy blonde wife, Callie slid one hand between Arizona's legs, spreading her wife's thighs apart.

Feeling two fingers enter her, the blonde thrusted against the brunette's hand. Callie made her way down her wife's neck, as she lay on top of the blonde, fucking her with her hand.

"Oh baby...that feels good..." Arizona groaned, riding her wife's fingers. Callie looked at her wife. She had her head thrown to the side, her eyes closed. Adding in a third finger, Arizona moaned. "Yes...oh yes baby..."

Callie got very closer to her wife's right ear. She knew her wife was lying. The brunette whispered, "I am madly in love with you Arizona. You have power over me that no one else has ever had. Or will ever have have. You could break me if you were of a mind to." She thrusted into her wife deeper. Giving Arizona yet another realm of pleasure.

"Oh God Calliope," Arizona groaned. "Oh shit, oh shit..." she mumbled, feeling her wife take her to what she could feel was going to be an electrifying orgasm. Grinding against her wife's hand, Arizona felt Callie's fingers curl, hitting just the right spot.

"UNNNHHHH! UNNNHHH! Fuck..." Arizona muttered. Thrashing about, the blonde came against her wife's hand.

Callie lay her face against Arizona's. Cheek to cheek. And she continued to whisper, "And, if you're hiding something from me Arizona...and being dishonest," Callie said, "Then just know that I still love you. I always will. But, that doesn't mean that I like it..."

Blue eyes opened, they had been so tightly closed. Her body still get the after shocks of an orgasm that she'd not expected but so thoroughly enjoyed. And, she felt guilty because, she'd seduced her wife to hid a secret. It was really a small secret but, she knew Callie would not be happy about it.

Gathering herself, Arizona tried to find her words. She heard what Callie had said but, she tried to change the subject. "Callie...That was..."

Callie smiled at her flushed looking wife, "Dishonest? Deceiving? Decisive?" She asked Arizona with a serious face and intense dark eyes. The brunette stared at her wife as she hovered over her.

"Um...I wasn't...I um..." Arizona continued to flounder, failing at finding her words. She looked in Callie's eyes and, she saw it. She knew...Callie knew.

"Having some trouble spitting it out dear? Or, should I call you, hot stuff like Bridgett did in her text message on your iPad. You better explain fast because, there's only two explanations here..."

Arizona agreed. There was only two explanations. Well, maybe three. First, she could look like a pedophile, and that just wasn't happening. Second, she could blame it on her son's and claim innocent. Or third, just tell the truth.

"I don't remember." Arizona mumbled. A forth choice is what she made and, not a good one at all.

"Well, if you tell the truth, you don't have to remember," Callie said in a stern tone, looking down at the guilt ridden blue eyes.

"This doesn't suit you Arizona, someone's a liarrrrr..." Callie added, her tone harsher by the second.

"Okay...okay...I confess..." Arizona breathed out. "I let them get on my iPad and laptop Callie. They were miserable and..."

Jumping up from the bed, the brunette grabbed her shirt. "I cannot believe you went behind my back and let them use your iPad! And, you tried to distract me with sex! What kind of a wife does that? Seriously?" To say that Callie was mad, that was an understatement.

"You do that Calliope. You've distracted me with sex." Arizona said honestly. It was true...that had happened before.

"That's so beside the point right now Arizona Torres. You let our children go behind my back!"

"I know... I know Callie. I'm sorry I wanted a peaceful vacation and everyone happy."

"And I'm supposed to be happy about this? You lied to me Arizona!"

"I did and I'm sorry. I tried talking to you, even throughout the week but, you wouldn't cave. I kept you out so that they could get on while we were gone and, I was wrong to do that. I know I was but, they were miserable and they were making me miserable..." Arizona explained.

Callie fastened her bra and pulled up her jeans. "I'm so mad at you! I cannot believe I'm hearing this from you! You have no idea how mad I am!" She said in a raised tone.

Arizona stepped into the bathroom and put on her robe. Her clothes were over by where Callie now stood and, that was just a little too close to the angry Italian, she thought.

Callie followed the blonde to the bathroom. She was going to give her wife a piece of her mind about this. "You are disrespecting me and undermining my authority to our children. Now they think that lying and hiding things from us is okay. Because mom agrees and does it, they they can too. Is that what you want? Is that the example you are wanting to set?" Callie asked.

Walking out of the bathroom, Arizona picked up herself clothes piece by piece. "No that's not the example I'm trying to set. I just needed a vacation from everything Callie. And, I wanted them to be happy too. I didn't share your feelings on this. I expressed that to you several times..."

"Yea you did." Callie agreed. "However, we agreed Arizona. We agreed to this. And you...I cannot believe you allowed them to go behind my back Arizona. You are the parent here..."

"I was wrong." The blonde said, slipping on her pants.

"Yes you are wrong." Callie agreed, pointing her finger at her wife. "Very wrong." She said harshly.

As her shirt fell over her shoulders, Arizona chastised her wife. "Well, you are too hard!" That struck a cord without the angry Italian.

"I'm too hard? I'm trying to raise productive children here..." Callie said. "I'm not out to be our children's friend, I'm their mother. Parenting is not about your kids praising you's not always about being popular in your children's eyes..."

Arizona shot back. "The boys can't have anyone because you either don't approve or you want to control their every move. And, you are worried about them getting older. It's part of life Callie! It's the fun part top! Let them live a little! Color outside the lines for once Callie!"

Everyone has different philosophies on how to parent. Some discrepancies have caused tension and distance between spouses. It seems normal. It happens. Callie was more of a black and white kind of person and Arizona lived in the gray least she did lately.

Shaking her head, the brunette disagreed. "I see we don't share the same parenting skills whatsoever. Next you'll have them smoking pot and allowing them to bring girls into our home, giving them permission to sleep with them."

"What?" Arizona asked shocked by her wife's words. She threw the robe onto the bed and listened to Callie.

"You're too lax as a parent. They will be hoodlums if I allow you to parent our children by yourself." The brunette huffed. That infuriated the blonde completely.

"Kiss my ass Callie!" Arizona said loudly,as she walked to the bedroom door. Leaving the brunette alone, Arizona trotted downstairs in a hurry and left out the back door to the villa without saying a word to Gavin as she passed. However, it wasn't long before Callie followed her wife's path.

Gavin looked over at Monty. He saw the brunette coming. "She's coming and, you better just keep quiet and let me do the talking." He said. Monty nodded.

"You two...heckle and jeckle...I have a few words for you." Callie said. Walking into the living room, she turned the television off. The girls and Ms. Martinelli were walking on the beach this evening collecting shells. They were sparred the tongue lashing the brunette was about to hand out.

"You two have been lying to me...all week. And, your mother has allowed it." Callie said angrily.

Gavin spoke up. "She's not a bad parent. She's just different from you. Her style is live and learn. You just keep your foot on us at all times. Neither way is wrong... just different."

Callie looked at Gavin. He apparently head some of their conversation upstairs. He would always be the voice of reason in this house but, not today. "That's none of your concern," the brunette said to Gavin. "You two went behind my back all week. You've lied all week. I can't believe that, someone's a liar..."

"Technically, there's three liars in this family." Monty chimed in. Eye rolls for Monty. Always injecting his two cents and only ever causes problems. But, he is humorous at times.

"What?" Callie asked.

"You said someone's a liar but, there's three of us so, it's several liars...not just one. You were implying one..."

"Shut up!" Gavin said to his brother.

"Well if I'm about to hear a long spill, God you know how she goes on and on...then she needs to have her words straight." Monty argued.

"Both of you shut up! Just hush!" Callie said in a loud voice. The brunette continued, "Being corrected by Monty, I will rephrase that. There are three liars in this family. Now, I'm going to go outside to get your mother. Then the four of us are having a little talk. Do not move..."

Minutes later, Callie walked in behind her wife. Arizona sat down, she dreaded this speech. She was still reeling from Callie telling her what a terrible parent she was and, she really did feel terrible about this. She had honestly tried to keep everyone happy on this vacation including herself.

Lectures by the brunette were brutally painful. For anyone that received them or if you even had to witness them. Just painful. "Do we really have to hear this?" Monty asked.

"Yes!" Callie yelled. "Now, all eyes on me and you all listen up." She said, gathering attention. "I'm so disappointed in all three of you. I cannot believe you lied to me. I cannot believe you went behind my back and did this...all week. We are a family. If there's a problem then, address it with the family... don't sneak around. I don't feel that I can trust any of you now."

Nothing was said, just silence as the brunette spoke. "And, another thing...don't you ever think I won't find out everything that goes on in my house. I know everything. I will find out... there are no secrets from me."

Monty smiled. "What's so funny?" Callie asked.

"You said earlier that we should come and bring our problems to the are we supposed to do that? We have talked to you and you won't give in."

"I'm not supposed to give in..." Callie said, looking at her wife. "Parents don't give in."

"You're too hard." Gavin spoke up. "Mom suggested the idea of an hour a day take everything away for a week..."

"I'm most disappointed in you," Callie confessed as she looked at Gavin.

"Same here," Gavin replied. "And I say that being as respectful as I can."

Arizona's eyes went wide. Was he crazy? Saying that to Callie?

"Well, looks like our feelings are mutual then Gavin. I'm not happy with you and you're not with me. However, I said no devices and I meant it. It doesn't matter why I said it, the point is...I said it. And all three of you did it anyway and hid it from me. What kind of family does that make us?"

"A family that lies," Monty spoke up.

"Exactly...And is that right?" Callie asked, scanning the three faces.

"Well, you said you can't spell families without lies..." Monty said. "I've heard you tell mom that before."

"Monty..." Arizona said, shaking her head. She wanted this over with and he wasn't helping.

"You see what you've created?" Callie turned and asked her wife.

"That's not my fault. He was just expressing himself Callie. You do say that a lot." Arizona said. "The families without lies thing..."

" told me that before too." Gavin added.

"Fine! Go... forget what I hell with parenting and guiding this family. Let's just all live life however we please..."

"Thank you!" Monty beamed, throwing his hands up. That was the best news he'd heard all day long right there.

"She's being sarcastic," Arizona said to her son.

"Of course I'm being sarcastic!" Callie yelled. "There's no way on earth I'd let you four children, oh I'm sorry, five children..." she said looking at Arizona, "govern yourselves. I can't let you five parent yourselves. I can't trust you to by yourselves. Talk about a disaster waiting to happen!"

"I'm hungry...and I'm sorry. I won't ever do this again. It was wrong. Damn me! And, damn Gavin too." Monty smiled at his brother. "Now, can I go grab some chips and a Coke mama? I'm starving."

Callie shook her head at Monty. "This meeting is not over. You're sorry you got caught, not because you did wrong. Mom has made you think you can go to her and you all can just ease around me. Well, that stops right now. I am the authority in this home. All decisions come through me. I don't care what it goes through me from now on. Want to go to a friends house...ask me. If it doesn't go through me...then there's going to be hell to pay. Understood?"

Undermining each other's authority, will cause problems in parenting and eventually the relationship of the couple. But, most parents can agree on one thing: that they want what is best for their children. But, what is best for the children? What is "best" is entirely up to an individual's interpretation. Callie and Arizona definitely had a stark contrast in their interpretations. But, what they really needed was just to compromise. All parents do it although, it's not always easy.

The family meeting ended a while later with everyone leaving mad and annoyed. The boys were grounded. Arizona was in hot water with her wife. And as for Callie...well, she was just shocked that this had happened. Callie had remained outside for at least a couple of hours after the meeting. She was so mad with her wife. Sure, she'd distracted Arizona with sex and, that part maybe she didn't appreciate but, she really couldn't point too many fingers there. However, it was the dishonesty factor here. Lying to her all week?

Walking back in side, the bottom floor of the villa was dark. Only a couple of lamp lights were left on. Callie made her way upstairs to their bedroom. She'd purposely given her and Arizona time to be alone after all of this. Time to cool off and just think a little. And, Arizona had been thinking while she was alone upstairs. She knew it was wrong. And now, Callie had given strict orders, even to Ms. Martinelli...nothing...absolutely nothing was to be done without the brunette's approval.

"I know you are mad." Callie said, walking into their bedroom, breaking the blonde's train of thought. She watched as Arizona moved around the bedroom, packing their things, all the while saying nothing in return to Callie's comments.

"I don't really like the silence Arizona. I don't appreciate being ignored."

Arizona never replied...ignoring her wife completely.


"What do you want me to say Callie?" The blonde threw up her hands. "I went behind you back. All week. I'm guilty. I said I'm sorry and, I truly meant it. I am sorry. But, I did it because you wouldn't listen to me. I'm not an equal parent..."

"You are..." Callie replied.

"No I'm not. You don't consider me an equal parent. You say you do but, you don't. You told me I wasn't Monty's mother months back, like who does that? And, you just stripped away any decision making power that I have. Telling our kids and the nanny that everything goes through you now? That's not equal parenting. Let's face it, that's my life. That's my marriage. It's always been this way, some things never change no matter how many years we're together. And yes...I was wrong but, you were wrong too."

Callie sat down on the edge of the bed, listening to her wife's words. Her wife's innermost feelings.

"I wonder if you have thought beyond their childhood? There will come a time when our children's fears of you and your rules will turn to anger and later, possibly, hate. There will come a time when you are the weak one; will you be happy, then, with how you have taught them? I betrayed your trust and set a bad example. For that I am sorry. But, you are so very difficult to live with...for me and the kids. And you don't even see it. And, I know...I'm no saint either. I am flawed. I think that they can be allowed some room to breath...some space to spread their wings...but you don't see it that way. You've said there was a different parenting style coming and now, here we go again."

"This is different Arizona..."

"Look, you have a heart of gold, and I love that about you but, you're too demanding. Too strict. And one of these days when our kids are grown...and gone, I'm scared they won't come back."

Callie looked at her wife and saw the tears in the blonde's eyes. Words escaped her but, they didn't escape her wife.

Callie was hurt by her wife's decision to go behind her back. But, deep down, she knew that Arizona had a point here. She was hard on their children. She had stripped her wife's power from her, barring the blonde from making any decisions. And she too wondered, as many parents do when their children leave home, will they want to come back home one day?

"I don't know if they will want to come back home but, I hope they do." The brunette said. Callie stood up, walking around the bed to stand in front of her wife. "I should not have said that to you about Monty. You are Monty's mother. I recognize that and I'm sorry that I made you feel any less of a parent. Arizona...every marriage has its share of problems Arizona. Ours always comes down to control. We both want complete control and that's not going to happen."

"I think it already has happened. You just set that precedent tonight. Like have the control. Not me." Arizona sighed.

"You are right. I did set that precedent. I made that decision by myself. And, I will lift it if, you promise to lie no more."

Arizona shook her head. "I'm not going to." She said. "I never wanted to in the first place. Just sometimes, you don't listen to me. You don't try and hear me and what I'm saying..."

"Do you love me?" Callie interrupted. "You kept me out all week while they were on the computers...was that for them or, for us?" She asked.

"Yes I love you. Of course I love you. I just don't always agree with you. And our little was for them and us. But, to be honest...I enjoyed being with you so much that, I forgot all about the reasons why I did it in the first place."

Callie nodded. Pulling her wife close and, she held her hands on either side of the blonde's head. Their lips locked and Callie swiped her wife's lips, with her tongue, asking for permission to enter. Their kiss was slow, needy...and it felt a little burdensome.

"I don't want to argue with you Calliope..." Arizona whispered as her head pressed against Callie's. "You have every right to be mad but, I don't want to argue anymore. I'm done."

The brunette nodded. She was done talking about this too. "I'll draw us a hot bath," she said, rubbing her wife's arms, leaving Arizona standing in their bedroom alone. Walking in the large master bath, Callie turned on the hot water, emptying the contained that would create the most luxurious and amazing bubbles. She sat on the edge of the tub and, she thought..."I have to let this go. Right?" But, in her heart...she wasn't so sure she could, just yet. To lie about something so just brought a little doubt to the brunette's mind.

Standing in the doorway of the bathroom, Callie just had to ask..."Hey...this is it right Arizona? There's nothing else you're not telling me? First it was Lauren and your this..." Callie stated. "This is it right? If there's anything else, now is the time to say it Arizona..."

Arizona sat on the edge of the bed next to the large black suitcase that she was no where near finished packing. "That's all Calliope. There's nothing else." She replied in a defeated tone.

"Come on...let's get inside the tub while the water is hot. We can finish packing when we get out." Callie said, pushing the bathroom door back open, waiting on her wife to join her.

Arizona nodded. She had to let it all go too...right? This was her fault. She'd caused this...all of it. Maybe Callie was right...maybe she didn't need to be making decisions. Maybe she did make bad decisions. Maybe she wasn't as good of a parent as she should have been this week. Maybe...thousands of maybe crossed the blonde's mind as she took off her clothes to bathe.

Slipping into the large tub moments later, Arizona lay back against her wife's chest. The soft music from the brunette's iPhone played, it was always Arizona's favorite composer. The soothing sounds mad the blonde closer her eyes as she felt her wife's hands caress her body. Callie took the large sponge and watched as she squeezed, causing water to drop down onto the blonde's breasts. They'd had worse fights and arguments than this and, they had survived. Callie really felt that for once, she had handled herself much calmer than she normally would have. But, in her heart...Callie still fought... to hold on to her feelings of anger and disappointment and, to let go.

"One of the hardest things in life is letting go. Whether it's guilt, anger, love, loss or betrayal. Change is never easy. We fight to hold on and we fight to let go."

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Chapter Text

As I Lay Dying

"So to be sick unto death is not to be able to die - yet not as though there were hope of life; no, the hopelessness in this case is that even the last hope, death, is not available. When death is the greatest danger, one hopes for life; but when one becomes acquainted with an even more dreadful danger, one hopes for death..."

— Søren Kierkegaard

Several hours later...

The bedroom was silent. Callie lay awake with her eyes open. Arizona's right arm was wrapped around her and, she could feel the blonde's deep breathing...a true sign that Arizona had drifted off into a deep sleep. Her breaths were steady, soft...constant. Callie couldn't sleep, the indigestion from their meal earlier just had her feeling sick. Slipping out from her wife's embrace, she put on her robe and quietly walked downstairs. It was quiet, dark and, she was frantically trying to find something to cure this miserable feeling that seemed to overtake her more and more by the second.

Then, without warning, Callie regurgitated in the middle of the kitchen floor. Not once but twice. It was projectile. Violent and just terrible.

"Oh God, I'm dying..." Callie moaned, clutching her stomach. And then, she vomited again.

The feeling, the was just terrible. She was never sick. Never. Callie slid down on the cold tile floor, a cold sweat had broken out all over her and she started to shake uncontrollably. And, she was all alone. To sick to call for help, too nauesous to move, so she just lay there...until someone found her.

At five thirty in the morning, Arizona's alarm on her phone blared through the silent bedroom. Moving her arm to the space in front of her, she just knew she'd feel her wife lying there. But, instead...she found an empty spot where the brunette should have been.

"Callie..." Arizona called out, thinking that the brunette must be in the bathroom. She was met with eerie silence.

Needing to use the restroom herself, the blonde walked to the door and opened it slowly, "Callie?" She called out. Only, Callie wasn't there. She closed the bathroom door behind her and, finished her morning rituals. Slipping on her robe, Arizona left her bedroom minutes later, walking down the hallway to the staircase. Monty, always up early, walked out of his bedroom, meeting his mom in the hall.

"Sup?" Monty said with a smirk.

Arizona rolled her eyes. "It's what's up? Not "sup?" like you have some manners please." She admonished her son.

After the argument and the "talk" she and Callie had last night, Arizona just wasn't in the mood for Monty's silliness and nonsense. Maybe she was too lax as a parent? Maybe she needed to be more of a disciplinarian like her wife? Maybe her kids were acting like they were acting because of her? Thousands of maybes crossed the blonde's mind. Some right and some very wrong.

"Sorry...why are you so ill?" Monty asked as he and his blonde mother walked downstairs.

"I'm not ill, I just want you to act like somebody. Stop being so mouthy, be serious for a change. Is that too much to ask?"

"What are you...Mama's twin now?"

"See, that right there is what I'm talking about." Arizona said, stopping mid-way of the staircase to correct her son. "Stop with the attitude. It's not appreciated and it won't be tolerated." She said.

"I'm sorry. I'm just being me mom..." Monty said, the frown on his face apparent. He didn't want to disappoint his mother. But he was who he was. And that was not easy to change. "I didn't mean any disrespect." Monty added.

"Sweetie...I love you. I want you to be you...just a little less of you sometimes would be nice..." Arizona smiled.

"You and mama still mad?" He asked.

They started walking downstairs once again. "No. She's right...I'm just too lax in my parenting."

"Hey...lax is good..." Monty smiled.

"I'm sure you think so." Arizona said, shaking her head. "Hey, flip the light switch in the kitchen. Will ya?" Arizona said, rounding the island bar. And then, she saw her wife.

"Oh My God!" Arizona yelled. Rushing over, she hovered over the brunette that lay motionless on the floor.

Monty ran in the kitchen behind her. And, as you know...the vomit on the floor didn't go over well with the boy that couldn't even stand to see Callie's water break. Remember that? Monty...bless him, he vomited when he saw Callie and the sickening sight in the middle of the kitchen floor.

"Great!" Arizona whined looking at Monty. Now she had two messes to clean up.

"Arizona..." Callie moaned. "I'm so sick, I'm dying."

"What happened? Why didn't you wake me up?" The blonde asked her wife, kneeling down beside Callie, feeling of her wife's head.

Callie lay on the floor, her head resting on a kitchen hand towel that she'd pulled from the oven door. "I was too sick. I'm still so nauseous. I'm dying..." She said, just above a whisper.

"Okay...just lay here and I'll get Gavin." Arizona said.

"What about me?" Monty said, sitting on the floor, a pale shade on his face. "I need help too." He whined. He was grossed out to be honest and that's all.

"'re not sick. You just got sick looking at the vomit. You'll be fine. Just get up please..." Arizona said as she rushed by to call Gavin to come downstairs.

"Gavin...I need you to wake up and get down here now!" Arizona yelled. The older boy sat up, hearing his name called. He was a light sleeper. Very light. Walking to the staircase in his t-shirt and boxers, Gavin looked down at his mom.

"Mom is sick, she's on the floor, get down here and help me get her upstairs." She said, leaving to rush back to Callie's side.

"What's wrong?" Gavin asked. But, it wasn't answered. His mom had already left him.

The older boy bounded down the stairs, running fast, very fast. And when he rounded the kitchen floor, he glanced his brother sitting against the refrigerator, looking rather peaked.

"What's..." That's all Gavin got out before he slipped down. Poor Gavin, he didn't watch his step. He had a stomach of iron but, was just too much.

"SHIT! MOTHER FUCKER!" Gavin yelled as he now sat in the vomit that covered half of the kitchen floor.

Monty fell over on the floor, laughing hysterically at his older brother that was sitting in a pool of...well, puke.

"Damn it! This shit ain't funny Monty! When I get up, I'll beat your mother fucking ass for laughing at me!" Gavin fussed, attempting to stand and still sliding in his socks, vomit covering him even more. His attempts were futile.

"If you can get up," Monty laughed as his brother kept sliding down. "This the funniest thing I've ever seen. It's worth an ass beating man..." Monty laughed, holding his stomach, rolling on the floor.

Arizona couldn't help but to laugh, quietly of course. That was just terrible, what happened to the oldest boy. But, Monty did have a point, poor Gavin still couldn't get up for sliding in the mess. And, it was quite humorous.

"What are they doing?" Callie moaned to her wife. She was so sick, she could not turn her head to see what was happening. Her body ached so profoundly.

"Gavin's going to need a minute and then he will help me get you upstairs. Just hold on." Arizona said to Callie. "Can I hold your head will we wait? Would that help any?" Arizona asked her wife.

Callie said, "Yes."

The blonde slipped around, cradling Callie's head in her lap. "I'm sorry you're sick. You feel feverish too. I bet you have the virus." Arizona informed her wife.

"Whatever it is...just please treat me and make it stop." Callie whined.

"I've got some medicine in my bag upstairs. I will give you something for nausea when we get up there." The blonde replied, running her fingers through Callie's hair softly.

Five minutes later, Gavin walked back in with a fresh change of clothes. He wiped off but desperately needed a hot shower.

Monty had left and gone to sit in the living room. "Call me and I'll help y'all get her up but, I am not coming in there with that puke." The younger boy said.

"Come on mama...let's get you up. Put your arms around my neck and I'll pull you up." Gavin instructed Callie.

She did just that and, within seconds, she was standing again. "I'm dizzy." Callie mumbled.

"I know sweetheart." Arizona said, as she stood on one side and Gavin on the other, helping the brunette walk.

"I can't make it." Callie whined as they walked through the kitchen. "I'm going to puke again."

Gavin was a tall boy. He was every bit of 5'8 to be exact. That's pretty tall for almost thirteen years old. He was tall enough to look his brunette mother in the eyes and, much taller than his blonde mother.

"I'll carry you." Gavin said, picking Callie up and taking to the staircase.

"Thank God." Monty said, as he walked up to where they were. "I would have thrown my back out for sure carrying her."

Callie was so sick. Holding on as Gavin carried her, she looked at Monty. Too sick to make angry eyes but, she felt them none the less.

Arizona pinched her son, leaving him standing alone at the bottom of the stairs.

"Ouch! That's child abuse." Monty yelped.

"What about parental abuse?" Arizona replied, looking over her shoulder.

"That does not even exist. Wait...does it?" He asked. No one answered the younger Torres as he was left standing alone. "Fine. Just hurry up and clean the kitchen floor please. I'm starving and I can't go in there!" Monty yelled.

"Mom!" "Mom! Did you hear me?" Monty yelled, still receiving no response.

Gavin walked back downstairs a few minutes later. "Stop yelling. I'll clean it up. You know...for a guy that claims he's going to be a doctor, you have got to get better at dealing with puke man. Just go sit down and I'll call you when I get it cleaned." Gavin said.

"I'll help...I just can't look at it. I'll help you mop? Monty asked.

"That would be great!" Gavin replied.

While the boys cleaned up the kitchen floor, Arizona tended to her wife. "I don't think we'll be flying home today." Arizona said.

"We can. I need to get back and..."

"Calliope...we are not leaving today. You had this villa rented for a couple of extra days and, we are staying until you feel better to fly home. I don't want you sick and us in the airplane."

"I'll feel better once..."

"Will you just listen to me Calliope Torres! For a minute...just shut up and listen! I am running this show right now. You are sick and you are going to do as you are told or, I'll withhold this." Arizona said, holding up the syringe in front of her wife's had some much needed medicine inside. Phenergan is some good stuff when you're nauseated.

"Okay..." Callie conceded. "Sorry."

"You can't always be in control. So, suck it up sweetheart." Administering the shot was easier than Arizona thought it would be. Callie was always the worst patient. But, she never complained.

Callie had tears in her eyes. It hurt to move, every muscle in her body ached. It hurt to talk even. She'd lay on the cold tile kitchen floor for several hours and her back was spasming.

Arizona got Callie a cold wet cloth and took her temperature. "It's one hundred and two've got something viral going on." Arizona said. "Once the phenergan kicks in, and you think you can keep something down, I'll get you some tylenol. If I give it now, it will just come back up."

Callie smiled slightly, she understood.

"I'm going to check on Gavin, he's cleaning the kitchen and then I will be back upstairs in a few minutes."

The brunette grunted...that's about all she felt like doing, or saying right now.

Turning the light off in their bedroom, Arizona left her wife and met Ms. Martinelli in the hallway. Informing the nanny that they would not be leaving today, she asked her to try and keep the girls away from Callie. The less this spread through the family, the better.

Walking into the kitchen minutes later, Arizona was shocked to see Monty helping. "I need a camera." The blonde mother laughed.

"Hey! I clean. Not puke but, I do clean you know." Monty replied. He knew exactly what Arizona was hinting at.

"And mommy is so proud of big boy..." Arizona said, pinching her son's cheeks.

"Yea...Yea...ya'll are so mean to me. I can't help it if I have a weak stomach. God, how much did she eat? And, what was all of that?" He asked.

"Dude, my face had been in it the entire time I've been wiping it up off the floor...I really rather talk about something besides vomit." Gavin said, mopping the other half of the floor.

"Your ass was in it too." Monty laughed.

"That was not funny."

"Oh...that was very funny Gavino. Even I had to laugh on that one." Arizona chimed in.

Gavin smiled. If it had been the other way around, he would have laughed at Monty, no doubt about it.

"And, the curse words you used...I better not hear those again." Arizona said.

"I never talk like that Mom," Gavin said. "But,, I was sitting in puke. You would curse too."

"I know I would." Monty chimed in. "I would have thrown in some fuck you's and and some Son of a bitch...not to mama but, to the puke..."

"Monty!" Arizona yelled. "Shut up!"

"Sorry. But, that's what I would have said." He nodded, going back to mopping his side of the kitchen floor. He was just being honest wasn't he?

Arizona informed her sons that they would not be leaving today but, not to unpack. Maybe they could leave tomorrow. "This will probably be a twenty-four hour bug she has so, just plan on being Nevada bound some time late tomorrow."

"Is there any way I can get on an iPad?" Gavin asked. "Just five minutes..."

Arizona blew out a long breath. "No. Before I went to bed, I promised her privately that I would not lie anymore. And, I'm not. No iPad, no phones, no laptop. I'm going to respect her wishes. Just enjoy your last day on the beach." The blonde mother suggested.

"Figured." Gavin said, his tone deflated.

"You really like this Bridgett huh?" Arizona asked. She could tell Gavin really wanted to talk to the girl.

"She's like...the greatest girl ever mom. She's a lot like you, her personality and all."

Arizona smiled. She didn't know if being like her was such a good thing. "Well, when we get back home, you can talk to her. You will have a lot to tell her." Arizona smiled at Gavin as she made a pot of coffee.

Once again, little Torres chimed in. His voice was always going to be heard.

"That conversation will go something like this...Oh hi week was good. We got into trouble and...I sit in a floor filled with yucky, sticky, slimy..." Monty made a face. He was about to make himself sick describing it as he talked.

"I hope you do throw up cause, I'm going to rub your face in it." Gavin said.

Monty held back and took a couple of deep breaths. He knew Gavin was serious.

"Gavin..." Arizona warned.

Rolling his eyes at his brother, Gavin put his mop up and made his way back upstairs to check on his mama. Walking into the dark bedroom, he softly said, " okay?"

Callie lifted her index finger just a tad. Seeing that, Gavin walked over to her side of the bed. "Monty and I got the kitchen clean. Mom's making coffee and, I'm going to grab a shower. I just wanted to see if you're good or need anything?"

"Good." Callie said softly, barely audible.

"Okay..." Gavin replied, walking back toward the door. "I love you mama. I hope you know that." Gavin said, stopping at the bedroom door. They had all left their little meeting last night mad and no one had said anything else to one another...until now.

"Gavin..." Callie whispered.


"I love you too." The brunette softly spoke. Licking her parched lips, Callie whispered, "I'm too hard. You're right."

Gavin wasn't sure if it was her sickness or, if she was rethinking her decision. "It's Okay. Just get some sleep." He responded in a soothing voice. He may have disagreed with Callie here and there but, it would take a whole lot more than an iPad and cell phone being taken away to make him stop loving her. That really was small potatoes in his eyes, especially seeing her this sick.

Making a low moaning sound, Callie exhaled a deep breath. She was done talking...she felt she could just simply die.

An hour later, Arizona checked in on her wife again. She had a small glass on ginger ale and some tylenol for Callie's fever. "Honey...I need you to sit up and take some medicine for your fever." The blonde said in a low soothing voice.

Helping her wife to sit up, Arizona held her knee against the brunette's back and she held the glass, allowing Callie to take several small sips. "Drink just enough to get the medicine down and then later can have something else to drink." The blonde doctor informed her wife.

"I want you to give the boys their stuff back." Callie said, looking at her wife's face as she lay her head back down on the pillow gently.

"What?" Arizona asked. "I thought..."

"As I lay dying on the floor...I thought this is how it will be. I'll be alone and no one will won't take care of me when I'm old. They'll hate you said. You'll hate me. I even hate myself sometimes. I know I can't be hard on them forever. They're not bad kids..."

Smiling, the blonde sat beside her wife and lay her hand on the brunette's arm. "I'll always love you. And, our kids will take care of you when you are old Calliope. They love you or, they would not have cleaned the mess downstairs. It's family...and you can't lose your family. And, I think maybe you're right...I'm not hard enough on them. Maybe your way is better than mine."

"I don't know that it is. When Gavin carried me upstairs I kept thinking...I'd been such an ass and you all were being so sweet to me. I don't deserve it..."

Callie started to tear up. "Oh now...don't cry. If you cry, I'll cry." Arizona laughed. "And, my eyes will get all puffy and my nose will run...and I'll look quite a mess." Arizona teased.

Callie's lip curled just a little, smiling at her wife's words. "I think the phenergan is helping." She said.

"Good. When your fever comes down, you'll feel even better. So, here is you cell phone." Arizona said, handing Callie her phone. "Call me if you need anything and I'll come right back up here. I would stay with you but, I've got to cook breakfast. The girls will be up soon."

"Okay," Callie replied.

Arizona walked to the bedroom door. "Callie." She said, stopping in the doorway.


"I love you." The blonde whispered.

"I love you more." Callie replied with her eyes closed.

They had their ups and their downs, Arizona and Callie but, that's marriage right? And, in marriage, there are no manners to keep up, and beneath the wildest accusations no real criticism. Each is familiar with that ancient child in the other who may erupt again. We are not ridiculous to ourselves. We are ageless. That is the luxury of the wedding ring. At least that's what some have said.

Arizona left, walking slowly downstairs to prepare breakfast for her kids. And she did so with a little lighter mood than yesterday. But, she didn't return their electronic devices. She would give them back on the plane ride home. This was the last day they had left of their vacation and, she didn't want their last memories of the Virgin Islands to be a computer screen. She'd allowed that to happen far too long.

The morning passed by quickly, as the girls swam and played at the beach with the boys and Nanny Martinelli. Arizona went out for a little while, spending some time with her children as the sick brunette slept upstairs. She'd been in and out of their bedroom checking on the brunette often. And it was always the same...Callie was sleeping.

Just after lunch, Monty peeped in to check on his mama, " awake?" He asked Callie.

"No," she replied. "I am now. You can come in." She said. Lying on her side, the brunette watched her younger son sit on Arizona's side of the bed.

"Feeling better?"

"A little." Callie replied in a weak voice.

Monty nodded. "I know I don't tell you much but, you're a great mom. And ,I hope you feel better soon."

Callie smiled. "Thank you." Trying to focus her eyes, she waited for Monty to speak. She could tell he had something else to say. For Monty Torres to say the words spoken just seconds ago, Callie thought what was going to come next must be some big show of affection from her son. Poor Callie.

"I love you." Monty said. That made Callie smile. Wasn't he just the sweetest little thing?

"But, were not feeding you again until we get home." Monty chuckled. "That shit me and Gavin cleaned up was awful. What did you eat?" He asked.

Callie closed her eyes. Love, a show of affection, those were Gavin's traits. Not Monty's. He was his own person. And, if you knew the truth...she wouldn't want him any other way.

"I love you too now, go away." Callie smirked.

"Gladly. Your breath stinks too. Dang..." He said chuckling as he walked to the bedroom door. Turning around, he whispered, "But, I love ya anyways Ma."

Monty left and went outside to soak up some sunshine on the gorgeous beach. This was his last chance before school started. And, he and Gavin were determined to make the most of their day. And, it didn't hurt that there was a couple of cute girls out there to look at either. Boys will be boys...

Closing her brown eyes, the brunette smiled. Maybe her kids loved her after all, she thought. And the truth was, they did. They always had and, they always would.

Arizona sat beside the pool, the girls splashing on the shallow end on their little floats. This was the last of their summer vacation and, she was said that it was ending so soon. It had been mixed with many emotions. Happiness, anger, guilt, laugher, tears and, some of the greatest sex that the blonde had ever had in her life. All in all, she considered it a good week. A really good week.

It was just after four in the afternoon and, the girls were swimming, still splashing away in the pool just across from their rented villa. Arizona climbed slowly onto the king size bed as her wife lay sleeping. Lying her head on the pillow, she stared at the sleeping form before her. Callie looked weak and still quite sick as she slept.

"You're staring..." Callie whispered.

"I am..." Arizona replied.

"Kids are good?" Callie asked, opening her eyes.

"They are having a blast." The blonde answered.

"Thanks for taking such good care of me." Callie said, opening her eyes to look at her wife.

"No need to thank me. That's my job. You would do the same for me." Arizona replied with a warm smile.

They say...If you would have a good wife, marry one who had been a good daughter. Now, that would certainly ring true in this case...for both of them. They had both been exceptional daughters to their parents. Both Callie and Arizona had been faithful, looking after the persons that had raised them and, given them life. And, they both were good wives...each in their own way. Sure, they had qualities that many would call...bad. But, don't we all? Are we all so perfect ourselves that, we think we are above reproach?

"I overreacted last night." Callie said, her brow furrowed. She was seriously rethinking her ways. But, so was her wife.

"No...I'm taking responsibility on this one. I knew how strongly you felt about it and, I should have supported you. And, I should have just put my foot up your ass instead of going behind your back at not putting up a fuss about it. But, maybe you were right...they do spend way to much time on those things instead of with us."

Callie offered a tight smile, saying nothing.

"But, I hate to break it to you Calliope...I just can't not make decisions for our children. I've the same rights as you. And, I won't be a silent partner in this marriage. I've done that far too long. We may but heads but, those four are mine too and, I just can't let you take the entire lead on that Calliope. I can't give up my rights to guide our children."

Callie nodded. She had already planned to take back what she said, it was said in haste. "You shouldn't have to give up anything because of me. And, I take back what I said...I do trust you."

Arizona smiled. "Next time, we'll do better about the whole communication thing. Sometimes we suck at that I guess."

Callie smiled. "We've got years to perfect it. You know...I am really happy that you said yes to me."

"Me too," Arizona smiled.

"You are the best wife in the world. You're smart, funny and, you accept my flaws and all." The brunette expressed tenderly.

"Well, you accept my flaws and all too. And, you're all those things plus super sexy," Arizona winked. "And, I could kiss you right now."

"I wouldn't advise it. This virus is a bitch." She grumbled.

Arizona frowned. "How about a kiss on the cheek?"

The brunette nodded. "I'll take that any day of the week."

They would argue and fight like any other married couple, get mad and hurt one another every now and then. However, the two wives were bound together, tighter than ever. Sure, the ties that bound them were their children but, also their love.

"Love is rarely flawless...Humans delude themselves by thinking it has to be. It is the imperfection that makes love perfect."

Theirs was an imperfect love, pure and yes...even flawed. For, what love hasn't had it's share of problems? What love hasn't known it's own obstacles? Love is a choice. It's up to you to decide who to love and how much...not anyone else. Love honors the sovereignty of each soul. Love is its own law. And, love gets sweeter as it gets older.

"People die . . . so love them every day. Beauty fades . . . so look before it's gone. Love changes . . . but not the love you give. And if you love, you'll never be alone."
— L.J. Smith (Witchlight (Night World, #9))

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Quote Credit:

"Love is rarely flawless...Humans delude themselves by thinking it has to be. It is the imperfection that makes love perfect." Author: Richelle Mead

"In marriage there are no manners to keep up, and beneath the wildest accusations no real criticism. Each is familiar with that ancient child in the other who may erupt again. We are not ridiculous to ourselves. We are ageless. That is the luxury of the wedding ring."- Enid Bagnold

Chapter Text

The Swearing Jar

"Because of social strictures against even the mildest swearing, America developed a particularly rich crop of euphemistic expletives - darn, durn, goldurn, goshdad, goshdang, goshawful, blast, consarn, confound, by Jove, by jingo, great guns, by the great horn spoon (a nonce term first cited in the Biglow Papers), jo-fired, jumping Jehoshaphat, and others almost without number - but even this cautious epithets could land people in trouble as late as the 1940s."
― Bill Bryson, Made in America: An Informal History of the English Language in the United States

"Alright. Listen up. New house rules are in effect."

"Oh God..." Monty muttered as he listened to Arizona speak.

They had been back from the Virgin Islands for several days. The first day of school started tomorrow morning and the kids very all excited. Callie and Arizona had discussed the foul language their sons used and the two mothers had devised a plan to halt all the swearing that was happening in their home. Callie came up with...The Swearing Jar.

"As you can see, this is the Swearing Jar." Arizona announced, holding up a clear jar that had the words "Swearing Jar" typed on the front and, "If you say it, You pay it," written on the back side.

The swearing jar is a device to help discourage people from swearing. Does it really work? Well, it's supposed to. Every time someone says a swear word, others who witness it collect a "fine", by insisting that the offender put some money into the box. It's a simple concept. Arizona and Callie thought they'd give it a try. Couldn't hurt, right?

"When you say a curse word, depending on which one it have to put in money, and the amount to be placed in the jar depends on which word you say."

Monty squinted, the font size was small beside each word. "How much is the F-Bomb worth?" Monty asked.

Callie shook her head and sighed. "Three dollars," the brunette replied. She knew they should have set their prices higher.

"I'll be right back," Monty smiled. He ran upstairs fast, taking two steps at a time and, he was back no sooner than he'd left. In his hands, rolls of change.

"What are you doing?" Callie asked.

Monty dropped in two rolls of quarters. "Eighty quarters...twenty dollars. I can say whatever I want many days is that Gavin?" Monty asked, looking to his brother.

"It does not work that way..." Callie said, taking the rolls out of the jar and handing them back her son. "Sit down..." She said in a stern tone.

", if you say a curse word, you put in the amount beside the word. And, you can't pay in advance...sorry Monty." Arizona frowned.

"I think you are missing the point Monty. This is to break the bad habit of cursing. We are not trying to get rich, every time you curse. I mean...if mom or I say it, we have to put in money to. It's house rules." Callie explained.

"So...who gets the money that's deposited?" Gavin asked.

"The house man..." Monty said in a exasperated tone.

Arizona spoke up. "Well, the money won't go to anyone in this family. It will go to a charity. Mama and I will pick one."

"Whaaatttttt?" Monty asked.

"Exactly." Callie smiled. "And, I don't want to hear anything else about that." She said sternly.

"Okay...I can do this..." Monty mumbled, talking to himself.

"You won't last five minutes." Gavin chuckled.

"I know...but, bro...give me a little vote of confidence here."

"Okay...sorry. I'll try and help you." Gavin replied. He didn't curse nearly as bad as Monty but, the older boy was known to say a word or two when he was caught in a bind. But hey, haven't we all?

"So...that's all mom and I had to tell you two. Go and enjoy the rest of your day. Seventh grade will be here tomorrow Gavin and Monty...fifth grade won't ever be the same again at Lake Tahoe School." Callie laughed.

"It sure won't because...Monty Torres will be there and, in his new school clothes too. I'll be the best dressed guy in fifth grade." Monty bragged.

Arizona looked over at her wife and whispered, "You never should have bought him those plaid shorts and shirt."

"He's cute. He looks like a little golfer." Callie beamed.

"He looks too preppy." Arizona mumbled.

"He's fine. Just wait, he'll get compliments on that outfit."

Arizona sure hoped Monty would. She could not believe that Callie had purchased him that particular set of clothing. It was cute for a younger boy but, Monty? It just didn't suit him she didn't think but, she didn't have time to go with Callie when the brunette and boys went clothes shopping yesterday. So, Arizona just went with what her sons and wife picked out. Maybe it would work.

"I'm glad we don't have to wear uniforms like last year." Gavin said.

"Me too. That a pile of size fits all for a tie. It does not..."

Callie cleared her throat. "You said a swear word." She said, tapping Monty on the shoulder.

"Uh oh...gotta pay up." Arizona smiled.

Monty sighed. "I'm gonna need to have a tab or some credit...if we're really doing this."

"We are really doing that. And, you are really going to put in a quarter for saying the word you said." Callie informed her son, holding the jar in front of him.

"Okay..." Monty dropped one quarter into the jar. "Wait...what word did I say again?" He asked Callie.

The brunette mother smiled. "I'm too smart for that Monty. Like I'd repeat that word and have to pay myself." She laughed.

He laughed too. Monty knew his mama was smart. Too smart sometimes. But, don't worry, Callie and Arizona cursing by the time evening had come to Lake Tahoe. Just wait.

Their day progressed as normal. It was just a typical Friday afternoon. Arizona went into work, filling in for Alex who had to leave early. Seeing patients again and getting back in the routine was exciting for the blonde doctor that loved children. Although sick children were sometimes the worst patients. But, still she enjoyed her job. And...Today started out as a good day but, it turned into a bad one really quick for Arizona.

Somewhere around four o'clock, a nurse walked into Arizona's office. "Dr. Robbins...there's a sheriff's deputy here to see you." Sherry announced. "Shall I show him in or do you want to come out?" This was unusual and, the nurse wasn't quite sure what to do.

Arizona caught her breath, looking up at the nurse. She knew it had to have something to do with Scott, but what exactly? " him in." The blonde doctor replied.

A minute later, a tall officer, wearing the traditional sheriff's uniform walked in. "Dr. Arizona Robbins-Torres?" He asked.

"That's me. How can I help you...Officer..."

"Kimbrel." The man said.

"Officer Kimbrel." Arizona smiled and nodded.

"I'm here to serve you this ma'am." Officer Kimbrel said, handing Arizona an envelope.

The blonde doctor took the envelope and opened it. She was being sued by Karen Hatten for the death of her husband. Sighing loudly, Arizona looked back up to the tall man that still stood in front of her. He wasn't supposed to say anything more but, he did.

"Please tell your wife the Chief said hello. Callie has always been a good friend to the department." He added. It was a harmless and friendly statement but, a loaded one. Callie had bribed more than her fair share and she'd bribe anyone to stay on top. She had pull in the state of Nevada, much more than anyone knew. Even California as feeling the effects of the brunette as Amerus begin to branch out throughout the state. And, if you knew the truth, Callie Torres wasn't concerned one bit about Karen Hatten or her law suit. But, Arizona was.

"Thanks. I'll...tell her." Arizona replied.

The officer nodded and left, as quietly as he came...leaving a very downtrodden blonde doctor in her office alone. Arizona thought about calling Callie. But, she knew the brunette was busy this afternoon with the kids. Just how busy was Callie? Well, busier than she wanted to be, that's for sure.

Walking inside her Lake Tahoe estate later in the evening, 6:02 to be exact, Arizona's eyes bugged out as she looked at her living room. "What in the world?" She said aloud.

Callie didn't hear her wife come in but, she ran over to Arizona as soon as she saw her. "Dear God...I thought you'd never get home." Callie said, breathless. "We really should have stopped at one child. Really..."

Arizona smiled. She'd never seen Callie Torres so frazzled in her life. "What's going on and, why is the living room a complete disaster area?" Arizona asked, looking around the room in sheer amazement. How was this possible?

"Nanny had a family emergency, she had to leave and fly to California. Something about a dying sister...I have no idea. We need to call and find out, maybe send some flowers or money...or a fruit basket...I don't know. Oh and, Gavin is throwing up. I guess he caught what I had a few days ago. I gave him some phenergan by mouth earlier and that has helped. Monty has spent part of the day with Luca and since he's been back, he's been upstairs in his room. I have no idea what he's doing but, as long as he's quiet, I'm fine with it for now. And, Gabby and Hope have torn this whole house apart looking for Gabby's gold bracelet.

Arizona scanned her living room once again. Torn apart didn't quite describe it. Cushions thrown on the floor, books scattered everywhere, even figurines were scattered about. A hopeless disarray, that's what it was. Little Hope was sitting down, ripping pages out of magazine, like that was helpful in any way. However, she was quite and Callie overlooked that little annoying issue her daughter was creating. Gabby was pulling our everything from under the entertainment center, movies, books, games...everything she could find, she ripped it out, piece by piece.

"It's in here... in this room." Gabby whined. "I took it off in here mama! I know I did!"

Reduced to tears, the little blonde sat with her hands covering her eyes, her knees up to her chin...just crying on the floor. That bracelet was a gift from Callie. It was real gold. It was expensive. And, it was lost apparently.

"Baby...I don't think it's in this house. You probably dropped it or it feel off in the store earlier. I've sent grandma to look for it but, she couldn't find it. I think we are going to have to face it's lost."

Hearing Callie's words, the little blonde began to cry louder. Arizona sighed. All she wanted was to come home to a clean house. Quiet children. A nice home cooked meal and have everyone in bed by eight-thirty. That wasn't happening tonight, obviously.

"Gabby...we'll buy you a new one." Arizona suggested, thinking that would help her daughter's feelings.

"I want my old one. I want that one." Gabby cried.

"See...It's useless." Callie whined. "I can always calm her down and, nothing I do or say is working Arizona...My nerves are shot. I really need a drink and, I seldom drink." Callie said, exhausted and tired from dealing with this issue as well as Gavin being so sick...she'd had too much to deal with all evening long. But, parenting is that way sometimes.

Sighing loudly, Arizona just shrugged her shoulders. She had no idea what to say or to do to make this situation at home any better.

"What do we do?" Callie asked. "I need some help. Help me please..." She pulled on her wife shirt sleeve.

"I don't know what to do Calliope. Just...let's just straighten this all up. Make the girls a snack...and then we'll fix dinner together." She said.

"Do you think she'll stop crying?" Callie asked.

"Eventually. Let's just play up school and all the fun stuff she can do tomorrow with her new friends. She's like all children, they get over things eventually..." Arizona said with a lopsided smile.

"Hope...Stop ripping those pages." The blonde said, walking over to her daughter.

"It's an old magazine." Callie injected.

"She'll think she can do that to everyone she gets her hands on if we let her." Arizona replied, removing the magazine from Hope hands. And, of course, that started the water works.

"NO!" Hope cried. "I want it!"

Having enough, the blonde decided to call for back up. "Monty!" Arizona yelled. She knew he was here somewhere and, they needed some help. And, the younger Torres was about to start pulling his weight around the house.

"Ma'am?" Monty asked, walking downstairs after he was summoned. He sure was Johnny on the spot this evening.

"I need you to come and help us clean this mess up. Then, watch your sisters while we cook dinner. I'm in no mood today, it's been a rough day at work and, mama and I really need some help around here tonight."

"Okay..." Monty eagerly replied. He didn't mind helping, Callie just had not asked anything of him since he'd come back from spending part of the day with Luca and the guys at the guard shack. Arizona saw Monty's time spent with Luca today as concerning. Callie would have to but, she was too preoccupied with the other three that, and she had let little Torres slip through the cracks. Which, was never a good idea at all. Monty always needed a little supervision. Especially when he was around the bodyguards that had some questionable habits.

"You've been around this afternoon, and you haven't bothered at all to come down and help her?" The blonde mother asked.

"Um...She didn't ask...and, I was busy..." He replied.

"She's not supposed to ask. We are a family and, when chaos erupts, everyone pitches in. You know how this works by now Monty Charles."

"Okay...Okay...I was upstairs...I'm sorry."

Picking up things off the floor that, the blonde could not image where they came from nor, did she recognize having owned some of them at all, she and Monty continued to talk while Callie and the girls made a snack.

"What did you and Luca do today?"

"Just handing out at the guard shack. You know...Stuff." Monty replied, shrugging his shoulders.

"Mmmm Hmmm." Arizona replied.

"What were you doing upstairs? I'd love to know that too." Arizona asked.

"Um...nothing really," was the younger boy's answer.

"You are lying." The blonde mother said. "I can tell you're lying. Now what have you been up to?" Arizona asked, stopping her son by holding his arm firmly.

"'s nothing. No big deal...really" Monty replied sheepishly.

Pushing the boy back into the chair at the end of the living room, Arizona pulled the ottoman out, so she could sit across from Monty. "Spill it, cause I'm about to confiscate everything you have upstairs and check it out for myself. I know've got that look in your eyes Monty. Something is up."

He decided to confess. He could tell Arizona right? She'd let him by...right? "Okay but, you can't tell mama." He whispered.

"I make no such promise." Arizona replied. "Now...out with it." She said, waiting patiently.

He let out a long sigh and then he spilled the beans. "I was betting horse races online with Luca today." Monty said, with his head down. He knew this was going to anger his mothers. But, maybe Arizona would let him off the hook.

"WHAT!" The blonde screamed out loud, causing Monty to jump.

"Um...its called...UsRacing...its an online betting site. I'm...I'm good mom. I picked some winners and..."

Arizona was flabbergasted. "What the Fuck?" Arizona yelled loudly. "I don't believe this! CALLIE!" Arizona screamed. She was so mad she could just choke her son right there on the spot. But, she didn't. She wanted to but, she didn't.

Problem gambling, commonly referred to as a gambling addiction and clinically recognized as a gambling disorder, affects people of all ages. Even adolescents as young as ten to adults have problems with it and can get addicted. They see no danger, no harm. Maybe it's the adrenaline rush they get from winning or, maybe they lose and need to try and get their money back. Either way...its a problem. And, no, it's not just a matter of just being irresponsible. It's a serious condition. However, in Monty's defense, it was the atmosphere he was around, the company he was keeping that lured him in. He was around some guys that...betted on races, they had a habit that they younger boy really didn't need to pick up.

Taking her son by the shirt collar, Arizona came across the ottoman and literally was about to go nuts. "Are you crazy? What is wrong with you?" She yelled. "How much did you bet?" Arizona asked.

Monty was shocked, he'd never seen Arizona act like this before.

Seeing this scene unfold, Callie rushed in, pulling her wife back and standing between mother and son. Monty swallowed hard and, his breaths were heavy. He'd never seen the blonde so mad. So angry. So hostile. But, come on...could you blame her? This was more than simple betting on a card game that was happening here.

"What is wrong with you two?" Callie said, her tone shocked and concerned as she looked between her wife and son. This...never happened with Arizona and any of their children. Never.

"Tell her." Arizona huffed. "Tell her right now!" The blonde was breathing erratically and her face was beet red. She could literally strangle Monty right now for participating in this. Could you blame her? This was a very upsetting thing to be told, especially by your almost eleven year old son.

Monty confessed, "I picked out the horses that I thought would win and I betted online today at UsRacing...its an..."

Callie's eyes grew two sizes larger when she heard her son's words. "What the hell?" Callie screamed. "You got on there alone or with..."

"Luca! He was on there with Luca!" Arizona yelled, still very much upset by what she had heard.

Callie could feel her blood boiling. Rubbing her temples, she tried to control the volatile temper that she was so famous for. "Tell me you didn't bet much and you didn't lose." Callie said, trying to control her breathing.

"Luca won. And, we placed a bet in his name for me so, I won too." Monty smiled. "Luca won two thousand dollars and I won five hundred. But, I owe Luca five hundred so, I need to get out some money from my savings account. Please..." Monty seemed hesitantly hopeful that once he told them the amounts, his parents would just forgive this and let it go. Boy was her ever wrong.

"Oh. So that makes it all better! You won! So what! You are grounded for life!" Arizona yelled again.

Callie pulled her son up by the shirt collar. " are grounded for God only knows how long. This little habit of yours has been brewing for a while...the card games you have that you think I didn't know about. I think you have a problem." Callie said. Mother and son were, eyeball to eyeball. So close, Monty could feel the brunette's breath on his neck.

"But, I'm lucky..." Monty said. And, he was right, he was lucky. But as we all know, luck runs out eventually.

Callie told her son to have a seat, letting go of his shirt and pushing him back in the chair. "I'll be right back." Callie said.

Arizona watched her wife go upstairs and in a few minutes, she came back down again. In her possession was an arm load of stuff. All kinds of electronics. All Monty's electronics. His life was about to go prehistoric...but, it was needed.

"You won't be getting these back mister. Not anytime soon. So, don't ask." Callie huffed, placing his iPad, laptop,and iPhone...all on the living room coffee table.

"Now listen to me." Callie said, taking a seat on the ottoman next to her wife. "I had an uncle that loved to bet. He did that his whole life. And, my father had to pay his way out of some pretty tight spots many times. My uncle gambled, much more than a two thousand dollars or five hundred dollars and, many times, he lost. If it wasn't for your grandfather bailing him out, he would have been a dead man. Monty, there are some pretty rough things that happen to people that don't pay if you use a bookie or borrow the money. You are a child and I don't think you need to be exposed to this but, since you want to act like an adult, I'm going to talk to you like one." Callie said.

Looking her son in the face, she continued, "Gamblers in need of quick cash cannot always get it from casinos. Maybe a person's credit rating is bad. Or else he wants to bet at the racetrack or with a bookie on say horses or sports. Or perhaps he doesn't want his family to know that he is borrowing money to gamble with. That is when he might take a loan from a bookie or loan shark and come into contact with a man, well let's just call him..."Sally." Callie smiled.

"Sometimes, well many times... people like Sally aren't so nice. And, when you lose and you can't pay it back, Sally will threaten you. He can and will beat you up if he doesn't get his money. And, they can even threaten to kill you or a member of your family. They might even kill Milo."

Monty took a deep breath. Milo? The dog?

"I'm serious." Callie said. "Sally likes to meet with clients in quiet places where he can do quick handoffs. You'll meet him to pay back the loan—which accumulates interest at a rate of 20 percent per week—at the same location. When he bring money to a guy, he's God," Callie explained. "But when Sally needs to collect, he's the Devil."

Monty looked at his brunette mother and swallowed hard. This didn't sound so sweet after all.

"People like bookies, loan sharks, they don't care that you love your dog, or your parents, or your sisters, or you wife. They want their money and, if it means kidnapping someone in your family or killing a member of your family, or even you, that's exactly what they will do to get their money back or to get even. They'll take you house, your business...your car...everything because, you have to pay back what you borrow. It's called an eye for an eye. You borrow, you pay back or, you get issued a pay back."

Callie Torres could speak from experience on this subject couldn't she? She'd issued more pay backs than was necessary, if you knew the truth. Some worked out well and some, lets just say...not so well. But, that was in her past. Right?

"I don't want my family killed." Monty said, tears in his eyes. "I was just having fun. And Luca said..."

"I don't want you around Luca anymore. Your mother will deal with him about this." Arizona spoke up.

The brunette from Long Island continued her story of Sally Rinaldi. "You know Monty," Callie said, "I heard old Sally has a hat that has human teeth adorning the band above the brim. Gnarly and browning and definitely real, the teeth once belonged to people who failed to settle their debts quickly enough. Now, he didn't want to break the arms and legs of guys because then they couldn't work and couldn't earn the money to pay back what they owed," Callie said, shaking her head. "So, he had a friend, let's call him...Geraldo. He would take a wrench, sticking it into the back of someone's mouth, pulling out a tooth. I'm assuming it was painful." Callie stated calmly, her expression never changing.

Arizona rubbed her jaw, as did Monty. That just sounded awful, just awful. Of course it was painful Callie!

The brunette continued with a serious face. She knew this story backwards and forwards. Because, it was true. "Sally knew that the guys that he did that to didn't want to have it happen again. They didn't want to experience that kind of torture...again. And, it sent a message, pay him back... quickly...but at the same time, it allowed the guys to go to work the next day. It's all about getting their money back, one way or another."

Callie placed her hand on her son's knee. "Believe me, Luca and I will have a long talk. This won't be happening again. Monty...I'm not trying to scare you but, I want you to know that, this is a real problem." She said. Like hell she wasn't trying to scare him. Callie definitely was and, she was succeeding.

"And, I'm serious...these are real people." The brunette nodded. "They exist, much closer to home than you think. Now, betting online today was harmless to a point but, if you had lost and, you had to borrow money, go into debt, then Sally...he's your go to guy on that eventually. Lot's of people use Sally. I'm met him before. To be very honest...I'd encourage you to stay away from him. He's not a pleasant fella."

The younger Torres sat, listening and thinking to Callie's words. Callie's voice was so serious and so was quite alarming to hear her tell this story. Sally didn't sound so nice to Monty Torres either. Not pleasant, not someone he wanted to meet, ever. Then Monty said, "You have casinos...and you have played the tables though."

"I do have casinos Monty." Callie replied. "I have played the tables. I'm also older and, I own the damn casino. If I lose, I lose to me and me only. You let people have an advantage over you when you drop you guard down and lose to them. People should lose to you, not the other way around. And, as a Torres, we don't let others get the upper hand on us. I swear Monty Charles Torres...If I ever catch you betting or gambling again...I will kill you myself, you won't have to worry about Sally getting that opportunity."

His eyes bugged out. Callie was playing...but damn she looked serious. She was playing...right?

"I'm not playing either." Callie reaffirmed her words. "Now, finish cleaning up in here and we'll send your sisters in and you sit and watch them. Then, after dinner, get out of my sight until morning. Be up and on time for school in the morning. Is that understood? Oh, and, I better not even hear one peep out of you at the table tonight either." Callie said.

"Yes ma'am." Monty replied. "I'm sorry."

"You should be." Arizona chastised her son. "You should be very ashamed and very sorry." And, she meant to have a talk with Callie about this Sally guy. Seriously?

Callie placed her hand on Arizona's leg. The blonde was bent way out of shape on this and, Callie was afraid that she would likely experience some chest pains after this little incident. "I don't care that you are sorry." Callie replied. "I care that you change. If you don't, you've not got many more good days ahead of you. I will see to that personally." The brunette narrowed her eyes on her son's.

Monty nodded. He knew she meant business. Looking at Arizona, he didn't want to hold her gaze long either. Those piercing blue eyes were screaming, just screaming on the inside and he could see it. Standing, Monty moved to the other side of the room to finish cleaning the living room by himself and, in a few minutes, he had two busy little helpers to assist.

"You are in trouble..." Gabby said, pointing at her brother. She heard every word...little miss was nosy as the day was long.

"Trouble...uh huh." Hope agreed, her hands on her hips. Cause, if Gabby said it, it was the gospel you know.

Their night went on for what felt like hours and, by nine-thirty at hour later than what Arizona was aiming for, all the kids were sound asleep. Finally.

"I can't believe Monty did that." Arizona said, staring straight ahead at the kitchen window, she was on her fourth glass of wine. "We're raising delinquent children Calliope..." the blonde said, her words slurred just a tad. "I'll be visiting Monty in jail one day..."

"No you won't. But, I can't believe he did that either..." Callie replied, removing the long stemmed glass from her wife's hands. "And, we are not raising delinquent kids. They'll turn out just fine." Callie stated as she walked to the sink with the wine glass.

"About that Sally guy...he doesn't work for you still...does he?" Arizona asked, looking concerned. She knew that story was true, Callie told it from heart and knew it far to well.

Callie stopped and turned around. " He was just an illustration." Callie smiled sweetly.

"Are you telling me the truth?" Arizona asked, trying her best to look sternly into her wife's eyes. Callie was done with that life. Wasn't she?

"Arizona! Of course I am! Would I lie to you?" The brunette said, her hand across her heart. Then, she poured the wine down the drain, for two reasons. Arizona did need any more of it and, Callie needed this conversation to end.

"Hey! I needed that! I've had a bad day today." The blonde doctor sat up, arguing as she watch the liquid gold that could chase all blues away be poured down the drain by her very dedicated and concerned wife.

"Four glasses. That's three too many." The brunette smiled. "I have a son with a gambling addiction at age ten. You think I want an alcoholic wife to add to my list of problems?" Callie asked nicely.

Arizona often drank a little to much when she was stressed and, not on call. That really wasn't a good thing either. Too much of anything is never good.

"No." The blonde mumbled. "I'm being sued." She slumped down in the bar stool.

"What?" Callie asked, walking back over to where her wife sat.

"I got a summons today. I'm being sued by Karen Hatten." The blonde sighed.

Callie took a deep breath. Arizona was so stressed about his...And, Callie just knew that was coming. "I told you already...don't worry about..."

"I am worried!" Arizona said in a raised tone. "What if there's a trial? What If I...or you...or Gavin get questioned? He's just starting to be normal again, his dreaming is thought I didn't know, well I did. I'm the one that heard him sleepwalking, not you. I heard him most every night and I would get up to guide him back to bed. I am the one that doesn't do well under pressure like you. You...You're perfect! You're poised and can handle murder cause that was your life. But, it's not who I am! I can't handle this...I just can't handle it and, I...I need to get away. I went on vacation to be free and as soon as we come home, all of this falls in my lap..."

Callie enveloped her wife in a hug, wrapping her arms around the sobbing mess of a wife that, just couldn't seem to understand matter how much money Karen Hatten wanted...Callie would pay, just to make this all go away and avoid any type of trial. She'd pay well...make no doubt about that. And, she'd get to work on taking Arizona away, just the two of them...alone, for a few days. Maybe that would help raise the blonde's spirits. It certainly was worth a try.

"Shhh...its okay..." Callie said, holding her wife close.

"Is it?" Arizona asked, raising her head to look into the brunette's dark brown eyes. "Is it?" She asked. "Because I don't know that it is..."

"It will be. I'll handle it. Just do what I tell you and, I promise there will be nothing much to come from this. Can you do what I tell you to do?"

"I guess." Arizona said, wiping her eyes.

"Good. So, what I'm telling you is this...two things...are you listening?" Callie asked, raising her wife's chin for Arizona to look her in the eyes.

"Yes." The blonde said.

"First...stop worrying. I will pay her off If I have to and, she'll go away. I promise, people shut up when you write them a big fat check. This won't be my first time, that I can tell you. And second...put three dollars in the swearing jar because you said "fuck" earlier. I heard, pay up sister."

Callie smiled, knowing that would make Arizona laugh. And, it did. She couldn't stop laughing at what Callie had said.

"I did say that. But, you said "hell." So...we're even really..."

"Nope. House rules...I've put my fifty cents in already now, you have to place three dollars in there or..."

Arizona bit her lip. "I need change for a fifty." She said. "I don't have any ones."

Callie laughed. "Tell you just sleep with the person that made that sign on the jar and, we'll call it even."

"Which sign?" Arizona asked jokingly. "You wrote one sign and, Meg at the office typed the other one for me." Arizona smiled...she knew that would get her wife's attention .

"MY SIGN!" Callie said, her voice strong and determined. She knew Arizona was teasing but, Callie would act just a little jealous to play along.

"Okay...I think that can be arranged. But, are we the only ones that put money in there today?" Arizona asked, looking at the jar that sat on the counter beside them.

" embarrassing as that is to say that...we are. Maybe we're the ones with the cursing problem..." Callie laughed.

Arizona stood, and she swayed just a little to the right, causing Callie to catch her. "I'm a little tipsy feeling...can you help me upstairs?" The blonde asked, holding onto Callie's arms to steady herself.

Callie smiled and stood. Placing a soft kiss on her wife pink lips, the brunette replied, "I sure can."

If, and that's a big if there...But, If Monty and Gavin, along with Gabby and Hope ever wanted to succeed in life and to be supported and loved unconditionally...then they had the two best parents in the world that, any kid would be envious to have. Callie and Arizona both loved their children fiercely and, would go to the end of the earth to help their four little blessings flourish and turn out to be prosperous.

These next few years would be the start of a new experience for the Torres children, as well as their parents as they entered the teenage years but, as always...they would all survive and navigate through life's troublesome waters. Why? Because, they listened to their parents. All of them.

"Work hard, know your shit, show your shit, and then feel entitled. Listen to no one except the two smartest and kindest adults you know, and that doesn't always mean your parents. If you do that, you will be fine." — Mindy Kaling (Why Not Me?)

A/N: Let me say that, I have first hand experience with a young child using the credit card and, setting up an account. Even purchasing thousands of dollars on Amazon on a credit card. Same child...same story every time. It was my nephew. Monty is patterned after him and, they are both the same age. Thank God my nephew doesn't live with me...I would be so Callie Torres on him it wouldn't be funny. Seriously, my sister in law needs to watch him better.

But, some kids are just that intuitive and progressive at age ten and even younger. Kids nowadays are exposed to so much and, it's scary. They need supervision...constantly. FYI, There are articles on line, I researched them as well, if you need further proof of gambling addiction as young as age 10. It happens, more than you think.

See you soon!


Chapter Text

The Secret Keeper

"There is only one sin. and that is theft... when you tell a lie, you steal someones right to the truth." — Khaled Hosseini (The Kite Runner)

The following day...

Arizona was supposed to have lunch with Teddy but, she canceled. She was too nervous, too stressed to be around much of anyone except patients. And, seeing patients, being a doctor, that was something that she had to do. There was no escaping that reality. Poor Arizona...the lawsuit and Monty's gambling habit had just hit her full force. But, there was good news on the way.

"Mrs. Torres is on line one." The intercom rang out in Arizona's office. She was eating her turkey sandwich and talking to Alex. He was someone that she could talk to and, confide in. And, she was relaxed around the doctor that she grown to love as a brother. He was a little younger than Arizona but, was advancing rapidly in the pediatric medical world.

"Hey baby," Arizona said, picking up the phone to speak to her wife.

"'s work going?" Callie asked. Arizona could hear Hope chattering away in the background.

"It's good." Arizona replied, crunching her lettuce.

"You didn't go eat with Teddy?" Callie asked.

The blonde wife knew Callie would not appreciate the fact that she was...hiding out in her office. "No, I just wanted to stay here. Alex and I are having lunch in my office." Arizona said, munching on a potato chip.

"You should have had lunch with her." Callie said. "You need to get out of that office a little today. It will make you feel much better to get some fresh air."

"I know but, I'd rather just stay here today. Maybe another day I will." The blonde doctor replied.

"Well, I have good news and, good news. Which do you want to hear first?" Callie asked.

"Um...I don't care...just hit me with it." The blonde chuckled.

"Well, first...I found Gabby's bracelet. It was in my car." Callie proudly announced.

After all of that work, rearranging the living room, dealing with the little blonde's crocodile tears...and it turned out that Gabby's bracelet was in Callie's car all along.

"Yay! She'll be a happy girl when she gets home." Arizona laughed. "I'm glad, I was starting to think we were going to have to buy her another one and just tell her we found it." She laughed.

"Oh, I was tempted but, no need. It was in the floorboard of my car. So, for the other news..."

"You fired Luca?" Arizona laughed...very sinister like.

"No." Callie said. "But, let's just say that he won't be pulling our children, especially Monty into any more bets." Callie laughed. "No, the other news is this...Addison just called me and guess what she said?"

"No idea..." Arizona said, biting into her carrot stick. She was absolutely famished and, talking to Callie had suddenly brought back a little of her appetite that had been missing since last night.

"She and Mark are engaged!" Callie announced.

"Seriously? That's great!" Arizona smiled. And then, she thought about Monty and Hunter being separated. "Oh no...that means that Addison will be moving there or..."

"No! Mark is coming back here. At least that's what she said they settled on." Callie informed the blonde doctor.

"Oh...well, at least Hunter will be here with Monty then. I'd hate for them to get separated." Arizona said, breathing a sigh of relief. "Have you heard anything from Gabby's teacher?" She asked Callie.

Today was, the first day of school. A new school year...and a new student at Lake Tahoe School. Gabriella Torres started the four year old pre kindergarten class this year. And, she'd trotted right into her room, proudly and...without shedding one tear. It was her parents that had shed tears this morning as they both dropped their children off.

"Not a word. Have you?" Callie asked.

"Not a word." Arizona answered back.

"Hope's not too happy though. I thought I'd leave her with Nanny Martinelli while I did some errands but, that just wasn't happening." Callie said, looking in her rear view mirror as Hope was talking to herself in the back seat. She could often entertain herself without anyone around. Hope was a very good child, if there ever was one.

"Yea, I can hear her talking in the back seat." Arizona laughed. "Is she singing?" She asked Callie.

"God yes. I've heard the songs from Frozen way too much today." The brunette replied.

As Callie talked to Arizona on the car phone, she passed by the Cadillac dealership. And, she was struck with an idea. The blonde's escalade was needing tires and brakes soon...along with several other things that seemed to be going wrong with the SUV, and Callie made an instant decision. She decided to surprise her wife when they came to visit the blonde doctor this afternoon.

"Honey...I've got to go. The kids and I will stop by and see you right after school at your office...Okay? Love you...Okay...bye." With that, the brunette hung up immediately.

Arizona looked at her phone and hung it back up on the receiver. That was strange. Callie was never one to get off of a call that fast. Strange indeed, she thought. But, she shrugged her shoulders. Sometimes Callie Torres was just that...strange. She did things that the blonde wife just could not explain but, always new there was a reason behind them. Callie never did anything without a reason.

Stepping outside of her suv, Callie unstrapped Hope from her car seat and the two went inside the large building that was mostly glass. "Hope...I think it's time to get your mommy a new escalade." Callie said.

"Yup. Me too." Hope replied as she smiled, proudly being carried in her mama's arms. "That one..." the little brunette pointed. It was black, long, and very shiny.

"I like that one too," her mother replied, giving her daughter a kiss on the cheek.

Hours later, the four Torres children were sitting in the new family car that, their blonde mother had no idea they now owned. "I like this car better." Gabby said.

"Me too. Look!" Hope said, showing Gabby the cup holder that sat between them in the third seat.

"Hope, this is our seat from now on. We have our own cup holders. Yay!" Gabby laughed. And, the boys don't have one..."

"Yay!" Hope squealed. She and Gabby just loved to get something over on their brothers. Well, mainly that was Gabby but, Hope went along with her sister, every time.

"Girls..." Monty sighed.

Monty was miserable as restriction was just the devil. Not as much of a devil as that "Sally" that his mama told him about but, it was very bad. And, the younger boy really wanted to know what the horse races were doing. Oh but, Luca had his ass handed to him by Callie this morning and, he was through placing bets with Monty. Although Luca and several of the security guys knew the younger Torres had the Midas touch, and could pick a winner, they would steer clear of placing any more bets with him. That brunette mother was a bitch if you crossed her or her children. Make no mistake about that. And, no one could fault her for being very protective of her children. You only get one shot at raising them you know.

"I saw you talking to Bridgett today," Monty said to Gavin.

Sitting in the front seat, Gavin nodded. "I did." He said. But, he didn't sound too happy.

"What's that all about?" Callie asked as she drove them to get a snack and then to their mom's office to surprise her. "You don't sound too happy about that." She said.

Gavin sighed. "She's a year older than me and, she's a grade ahead of me...and...some other guy was talking to her today at break."

As always, Monty had advice for every subject and for every member of the family. "Dude...just bust him up. You know how, you showed me. Take him in the bathroom and..."

Callie looked in the rear view mirror at her son. He crouched down in his seat to avoid her gaze, and he didn't finish his sentence. That was intense. Those dark brown eyes were to be feared. Literally.

"Just talk to her." Callie said to Gavin as she drove to the store.

"I did and, she talked to me. We talk all the time but, I don't know. Maybe she likes him better than me."

"You don't know that?" Callie replied.

"I just don't know if she likes me. I think she does but, I don't know." He answered. Young love is tough. No confidence in yourself and, scared shitless that you'll get a "NO" response. It's painfully dreadful. And, its a necessary part of life that, everyone goes through. But, you look back on and laugh at when you get older. Nothing seems scary once you're forty, you know.

"So...ask her." Callie said, turning into the store to let her sons go in and grab a snack.

"Like ask her how she feels or ask her to be my girlfriend?" Gavin asked for clarification. He was dead serious. Needing advice is something all kids experience in life. And, his advice giver was often Callie. He looked at his mama as she parked the new escalade in a tight space right in front of the store.

"Ask her out man. That's what she's saying. Right mama?" Monty chimed in, popping his head in the front between his mother and his brother.

Callie looked at Monty. She loved him so but, he would just be the death of her is she allowed him to be. But, he was right on this. As bad as she hated to admit it.

"Ask her to be your girlfriend." Callie said. "But, that's only at school. You're not dating yet." She informed her son.

"Okay..." Gavin nodded. He trusted his brunette mother. She was his best friend. And, if Callie said it, it was the gospel. You could take what the brunette said to the bank all day long, as far as Gavin was concerned.

"Good call there mama..." Monty said, patting Callie on the shoulder. "Well, raise him to be a fine boy one day." Monty laughed.

The brunette looked at Monty and shook her head. "I'm still mad at you. You know that?" She whispered to him.

"I know..." Monty whispered back. "But, you love me." He smiled sweetly. "Don't you?" Those charming brown eyes that were oh so precious could just melt any cold heart.

"Yes...I do." His mother replied with a smile. "Now you two go inside and get everyone a drink and a candy bar, expect Gabby. She has her own snack. I packed it before we left the house." Callie said, handing her sons some cash.

Twenty minutes later, The Torres kids had invaded Lake Tahoe Pediatrics. As always, Gabby and Hope got the compliments and smiles from the staff. The two little girls, so different from each other were always a welcomed sight at their mom's office. And, today was no exception.

"I want that color popsicle." Gabby said to Alex.

"Which one do you want Hope?" Alex asked the small brunette with the green eyes.

"That one," Hope pointed. She loved red. It was her favorite color. And, it tasted good too.

Stepping into Arizona's office, Callie and the kids waited. "Is she ever coming?" Gabby asked.

"In a minute." Callie said, looking at a magazine that was placed on her wife's desk. Callie sat in Arizona's chair and Hope climbed in the brunette's lap.

"I like that one..." Hope said, pointing to the toy on the page.

"Hmmm...maybe Santa will bring that for Christmas this year." Callie smiled.

"Oooohhh...I want that too." Hope said, picking out yet another toy, this one more expensive.

"Yea...let's just put this up." Callie laughed. Christmas this year would be quite hefty on her purse if Hope kept looking through the toy magazine that Arizona had.

"I want to see it..." Gabby said, walking up to the brunette and Hope.

Luckily, the blonde doctor walked in at just the right time. "Oh look, there's mommy." Callie announced. Hope scrambled down to run to her mommy. She was Arizona's girl.

"We got you a surprise!" Gabby squealed.

"Don't tell her yet. Wait till she sees it." Gavin said to Gabby.

"Hush!" Gabby turned around, with her hands on her hips. He wasn't telling her what to do. Bossy older brother that thinks he knows everything. Cause we all know who knows everything, it's Gabby.

"Yea!" Hope yelled at Gavin, taking up for Gabby.

" gonna drive us in sane." Monty said, just under his breath.

"So how did school go today?" The blonde mother asked all three kids. But, it was Hope that answered first...bless her heart.

"They not let me go." She said, her bottom lip poked out. "I miss Gabby." She said.

"Awe, it's okay. You will get to go to school soon enough." Arizona said, picking up her daughter and holding her close.

"It was good mommy! I loved it. I have nap time, recess, canteen, that's where I get a snack and, I got to be the leader today." Gabby proudly announced. She loved school and, always would. The littlest blonde girl was ready to go back again tomorrow too.

"That's good! Yay Gabby!" Her mommy said, wrapping an arm around the pretty blonde child.

"What about you two." Arizona said to Gavin and Monty.

"It was okay..." Gavin sighed. There was only one thing on his mind and, it wasn't school, that's for sure.

"Well, I had a blast. We got on the computers and watched a boring science video about rockets...or energy...I don't know...I wasn't paying attention." He said, nonchalantly.

"You better be paying attention." Arizona informed him.

"I'll pass that quiz tomorrow. Please...I'm sitting beside Kylee and, she'll let me cheat...too easy." He said, brushing off any sign of concern. Hearing Callie clear her throat, Monty changed his tune.

"But, cheating is wrong and, that's why I won't be apart of that. No...not me. No way..." Monty smiled at Arizona and winked.

"You know I saw that. Right?" His brunette mother asked.

"Saw what? Gavin...did you see anything?" Monty asked looking around, confused. Bewildered.

Callie warned him. "Keep it up mister and, we can go visit my friend." She smiled.

"CALLIE!" Arizona said, shocked by her wife's threats.

"What?" The brunette asked. Threatening her son with someone like Sally seemed like a good idea to her. It seemed that was one of the few times she actually got the younger Torres' attention.

"I won't cheat. I promise." Monty said. With his head shaking from side to side...he felt that cheating wasn't necessary anymore. He wasn't going to visit that guy. Hell no.

"When can we show Mommy her surprise?" Gabby asked Callie, pulling on the brunette's arm to make her stand up from the office chair that felt oh, so comfortable.

"What did you guys do?" Arizona asked, looking around at each of her children.

"It's a present from mama." Gabby announced. "And, its black."

"Gabby!" Monty yelled.

"I didn't tell her it was a car." Gabby said, rolling her eyes and then, she covered her mouth. "Sorry..." she said to her brunette mother. "It slipped." Gabby whispered.

"You got me a new car?" Arizona asked her wife.

"Just step outside and see for yourself." Callie said.

Two minutes later, the blonde's eyes were opened wide. It was a pretty sweet ride. Parked beside her old escalade, it shined like new money.

"Whatcha think?" Callie said, placing her arm around Arizona's waist.

"I love it! It's beautiful. But, my old one is fine. Wasn't it?" She asked Callie.

"Your older escalade has problems with the sunroof and, the door locks...And, you know I change cars every two years or, it was about time to get shed of it. And, this is the newer body style." Callie replied.

"It certainly is a pretty thing. It's prettier than the older style. I love it!" The blonde smiled, placing a kiss on her wife's lips.

"You can thank me later. In private. A private show would be so very nice." Callie whispered.

"You wish." The blonde smirked.

"You will." Callie laughed, lowering her hand, grazing it across the blonde's rear.

"Mommy! It has two televisions in it and, it has a cup holder for me and Hope." Gabby laughed.

"That's the best thing I've ever seen." Arizona smiled as she watched her two daughters climbing around inside the new vehicle.

Gavin was on his phone texting Bridgett. And, guess who was coaching him on what to say. You know it...Monty. Dear Lord, he'd never catch that girl if he relied on his brother's skills, would he? Or, would he?

"Just tell her this..." Monty said as Gavin typed. "I just wanted to say Hi. I hope school went well for you today. And, I wanted to tell you looked pretty. When you get a free moment, give me a call."

"Yea...that sounds good." Gavin said. "But, then what? Ask her then?" He asked nervously.

"Don't listen to him." Callie said, walking over to inject herself into their conversation before Monty blew the whole thing up in Gavin's face.

"I already did. I sent it..." Gavin said. "But, what do I say when she calls?" He asked.

"Dude. Just tell her that, you want to go out with her." Monty replied.

"No, you do it in person. Tomorrow at school." Callie said. "You don't text it Monty." She shook her head. Monty shrugged his shoulders, that's what he would have done. It sounded good to him.

And, then, Gavin's phone rang. "She's calling..." Gavinsmiled. He and Bridgett talked all the time, on the phone and by text. But, asking her out was a big deal. And, how was that going to work? Would she expect to actually "go out" or just see each other at school and school events? Gavin wasn't so sure but, he was just going to do it. He couldn't let the other boy beat his time. That single decision would have a lifelong effect on the oldest Torres child.

Callie turned back to Arizona and the girls. They were inspecting the new car. "I have a surprise for you," Callie whispered to Arizona.

"Besides this?" The blonde asked. "The new car is enough Calliope." Arizona said, she really didn't need anything more to cheer her up.

"How about this?" Callie said, holding up a brochure. The name was written across the pamphlet in bold letters.

"Fiji?" Arizona gasped.

"You always wanted to go. Just you and I. The beach. A couples massage perhaps? Lots and lots of steamy hot sex. No kids. No work. No worries. All week. All night...All yours..." Callie grinned a devilish grin.

Nodding her head, Arizona felt tears start to fall. "Yes." She smiled. "I love to go to Fiji with you."

"I was hoping that would be your answer." The brunette beamed. Pulling the blonde into an embrace, Callie said, "We leave in five days. So, get your suntanning lotion Mrs. Torres. And, bring that blue bikini too." The brunette winked.

"You are the best wife in the world." Arizona replied, as she gazed into her wife's eyes. With her arms wrapped around Callie's neck, the blonde held her wife tight. Callie was her home, her life. She felt safe with Callie. And, she loved her so, so much. Without a doubt, the brunette felt the exact same way.

Later that evening, at almost seven o'clock, Gavin and Callie were outside in the garage. They were busy cleaning out the old escalade and getting ready to hand it in tomorrow to the dealership. The new escalade sat proudly in the garage, just waiting to be driven by the blonde that, really could have cared less if you knew the truth. New vehicles were nice but, it was Callie that was obsessed with car swapping, not Arizona. However, she was appreciative of her wife's affections and tokens of love.

Gavin handed his mom some papers and an envelope from the center console that he just found. "Here's something from a back in California?" He said, giving Callie the papers.

She looked closely and, opened the contents inside. "What the hell?" Callie said...going through the papers in her hands.

Immediately she walked inside the kitchen. She was about to find out what this was all about. There must be a logical answer to all of this. But, what was it?

Arizona was washing the dishes at the sink when Callie walked in. They were alone in the kitchen. The little girls were out having dinner with their grandparents and would be home soon. Monty was sitting in the living room watching television, in his mom's view so that he did not get into any more trouble. It was quiet in the house. Only the sound of the living room television was heard. But, was about to change?

"Explain this please..." Callie said, placing the bank account papers on the counter that she and Gavin had just found.

Arizona looked down and, she looked like she'd seen a ghost when she saw that envelope. She knew it's contents. She knew what was in there. She didn't have to open it although, it had already been opened as she could plainly see. And, the blonde thought, how did she leave that in there? Was she so stupid? And, she knew this wouldn't go over well with her wife.

Floundering as usual when was caught up with, Arizona said, "Um...I uh...I think..."

"Well, what is this?" Callie asked.

Arizona furrowed her brow as she looked at her wife but, she did not respond. How would she explain this?

"Can you explain this bank statement to me please? Your name is on a checking account at Wells Fargo in South Lake Tahoe, California?" Callie asked, looking for some response. But she was given nothing but a blank stare.

Once again, the brunette pressed for an answer. "Why do you have a checking account there? And, why is it addressed to Arizona Robbins at a Post Office in South Lake Tahoe California? Why not use this address? Why use your maiden name?"

So many questions and, Arizona had all the answers. But, make no mistake about it, Callie Torres already had this one figured out. However, she wanted to hear her wife say it. Own it. Confess it. That was always her style.

The blonde took a deep breath. Opening her mouth to speak, Arizona said, "Well, Calliope...I..."

"MOM! Your pager is going off!" Monty yelled from the living room.

Arizona dropped her wife's hardened stare and she walked to the left of the island bar to answer it. She was on call. And, let's face it, she wanted away from Callie as fast as possible.

"Oh no you don't. Get back here." Callie said, catching her wife as she tried to leave the kitchen.

"I have to answer. I'm on call." The blonde said, her heart beating faster now.

Callie stared with an intense gaze as she held Arizona still against the refrigerator door. The blue eyes...they tell, every time.

"Meg is on call too. They'll call her if you don't answer. I'm not stupid. It's Tuesday night. You both share calls on Tuesday night." Callie replied. "Now, explain yourself because...I'm thinking there's only one explanation here."

Arizona stared into her wife's harsh gaze and, she said nothing.

"What are you now? The secret keeper?" Callie asked. Leaning in to Arizona's personal space, the brunette whispered, "I want you to start giving some answers to my questions. Right now." Callie raised an eye brow in her wife's direction. The blonde wife had better start

In marriage, secrets are as dangerous as lies. They say that..."There is only one sin. and that is theft... when you tell a lie, you steal someones right to the truth." Now, maybe that's true, and, you probably is. You shouldn't steal someone's right to the truth. And, when you lie, you do just that.

Arizona swallowed hard. Her heart beat even faster and her pulse raced. She could feel Callie's warm breath on her neck and, she knew this was the moment of truth, if there ever had been one.

Pinching the bridge of her nose, Arizona seriously regretted what she had done. Now, it had caught up with her and, she was certainly about to pay for her sins. Opening her mouth to speak, Arizona softly said, "The account's..." be continued...

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Chapter Text

Reason and Argument

"When you plant lettuce, if it does not grow well, you don't blame the lettuce. You look for reasons it is not doing well. It may need fertilizer, or more water, or less sun. You never blame the lettuce..."

"...Yet if we have problems with our friends or family, we blame the other person. But if we know how to take care of them, they will grow well, like the lettuce. Blaming has no positive effect at all, nor does trying to persuade using reason and argument. That is my experience. No blame, no reasoning, no argument, just understanding. If you understand, and you show that you understand, you can love, and the situation will change." — Thich Nhat Hanh

"The account's... mine..." Arizona said in a low voice, dropping her gaze to look away from her wife's face. Those brown eyes could stare a hole clean through her. The intense stare was too much for Arizona. As for the brunette, she could feel herself getting more upset by the second.

"I figured that out. When was it opened?" Callie asked, lifting her wife's chin with her finger. She meant that Arizona was going to look her in the eyes right now as she told the truth.

"I opened it, when...I was pregnant with Gabby." She confessed.

Well, that had been a while back, Callie thought. Over four years to be precise. She could feel her rage rising. "Just before you left or..."

"When I was around four months pregnant." Arizona responded.

Arizona left out all of the fine details of that day in question. And, thankfully, Callie didn't ask anything more about her adventures that trip to the bank. The blonde had done this without her wife's knowledge. It was hard to sneak away, to have an hour alone to set the account up but, she had done it. How? She snuck out of her office, while Al Neri stood outside, guarding the blonde that he assumed was safe and secure inside. To say that Arizona Robbins Torres was sneaky at times, was an understatement. She'd alluded Al Neri several times without getting caught. As we all remember, the former deceased bodyguard wasn't all he was cracked up to be. That much was certain.

"Why did you do that?" Callie said, trying to keep herself calm as she listened. She remembered Arizona leaving her over four years ago but, she didn't think it had went that open a checking account? She thought it was a break, that's what the blonde had called it. And, the account was still active apparently. Callie's temper was so close to erupting.

"I did it because I needed to save my money. Just in case." The blonde replied, her voice cracking. Callie was mad but, she too was about to explode if her wife didn't ease up on her questions and the way she was pressing her against the refrigerator.

Callie leaned in really close. "In case?" Callie asked. Her breath was hot and breathing directly onto the blonde's neck.

Mincing no words, the blonde said, "In case we separated." It was so soft and so low but, distinct and very clear. And, Callie heard it. She knew...she already knew the moment she saw the paper. Now, it was confirmed.

"You planned to leave me the entire time. It wasn't a break. You were leaving me and then, when I had the car accident, you came back. You felt guilty and, you came back. Didn't you?"

"No." Arizona replied quickly. "I came back because I love you."

"I don't think I believe you. Do you realize who you are talking to?" Callie asked Arizona, never letting up on the light pressure that she held against her wife. "You do realize that I would never let that happen. I would never let you leave me."

Arizona looked her wife in the eyes. "Oh, I know exactly who I'm talking to Calliope. And, that's the whole reason why that account was started in the first place. Because you don't play fair. Now, please back up, let me finish the dishes and then, when the kids are asleep, we'll talk."

Pressing against her wife, creating some resistance, the blonde pushed back until finally, Callie stepped aside, watching her wife move back to the sink.

"Mama!" Gabby squealed, breaking Callie's concentration. The little girls and their grandparents were back.

"Mama!" Hope yelled, running to Callie and grabbing the brunette's leg, almost pushing her over.

"Hey babies," Callie smiled bending down to hug her daughters.

As the brunette looked up at Barbara, she noticed the grandmother was aware that something was wrong in the room right then. "Come on girls, let's go get you both changed for bed." Barbara said, taking them both by the hand and leading the upstairs.

Barbara gave Callie a lingering stare as she walked to the staircase. She loved Callie. She loved her daughter. However, sometimes...the two women could but heads and make her quite squeamish and, somewhat unnerved.

Ignoring what Eddie said to her as he walked behind her, making his way into the living room, Callie stared at her wife. The brunette's hands opened and closed and, she could feel the rage seething just underneath. If Arizona thought she was going to leave her, she was sorely mistaken. There would be no divorce. No, "just in case" fund would be allowed, not in this marriage. As much as Callie had tried to soften her image, make no mistake, she sure as hell hadn't softened that much.

"I've been good to you." Callie said to her wife as the blonde washed dishes. "And this is how you treat me?"

Gavin walked through the kitchen, his beats earphones were on and, the older boy was lost in his own little world.

"I never said you weren't Callie. You have been good to me. Like I said, we'll talk about this later," Arizona replied to her wife's comment. "I'm not having this conversation with everyone here."

Rinsing dishes, Arizona never turned around to look at Callie. To be honest, she couldn't. She felt guilty. Who keeps secrets from their spouse? Arizona didn't like it, she didn't want to but, Callie would not have agreed to an "just in case" fund if she had mentioned it. It was a secret that remained her own.

Stepping behind Arizona, Callie stood so close that Arizona could feel her wife's form pressing against her.

"You aren't allowed to leave." The brunette whispered. "If that's your intentions, then I think we need to discuss your options and be sure you understand everything...the consequences that will follow."

Shaking her head slightly from left to right, Arizona stared ahead to the window. Seeing her wife's reflection as well as he own through the glass, the blonde asked, "Are you threatening me Calliope?"

"No." Callie replied coldly. "Just stating the facts sweetheart." She just stood behind Arizona, extremely close and, the brunette's breaths were steady.

Not wanting a scene made, the blonde said, "Just go to your office and, when I get the kids to sleep tonight, I'll be in and, we can discuss this." Arizona looked down at the glass dish she was rinsing, and then glancing over to her wife's hands.

Callie's hands were on either side of the blonde, encasing her form. Callie's breath could be felt, heard. Callie was just being honest. There were consequences that would follow her wife, and they really didn't involve her necessarily. No, Callie wasn't in the mafia anymore but, her connections ran deep. Everyone in that business knew her. And, her wife. Leaving this marriage wasn't an option...for many reasons.

The brunette's calm assertiveness tonight wasn't missed by Arizona. "I know you are raging underneath all of that calm exterior. I understand your concern. I know you are upset. And, we'll discuss this but, you and I can't right now. Not while everyone is here and the kids are awake." Arizona softly spoke. She knew the key to handling her wife was to remain calm.

Deciding to leave and let Arizona finish the dishes, Callie said, "Fine. I'll be waiting." And then she left quietly, taking the bank statement with her.

Turning around, Arizona watched her wife as she strolled through the hallway and turn toward her office. This was going to be a long night and, Arizona wasn't quite sure how it would all turn out.

Almost two hours later, Arizona walked downstairs. It was a long and dreadful walk. The blonde knew she was caught up with and, the only thing she could do was tell the truth and, bring it all out in the open. Old wounds; they were about to resurface and, that could be a good thing, getting everything out in the open or, a bad one.

Walking in Callie's office, the tension in the air was thick. The blonde stood in front of her wife's desk, watching as her wife stared at the bank account papers in front of her. Breaking the silence that hovered between them, Arizona decided to begin.

"I opened it before I left you." She explained. "I was pregnant with Gabby, things were happening that I didn't know about. I was frustrated with all the rules and the lockdowns. I was upset. I remember you said some things to me that really hurt me..."

Callie interrupted. "So, you're not happy...I hurt your feelings and, you go out and open a secret checking account? That was over four years ago!" She was hurt and, she was angry. But she had yet another burning question.

"How could you not tell me about this? After all this time?" Callie asked. "We've had another child since then. We've been through a lot since then...and you still haven't told me?"

"I didn't think you would understand." The blonde replied.

"I don't!" Callie raised her voice. "Are you still putting money in that account?" The brunette asked.

Arizona shook her head. "No, I'm not. I haven't used it. The money's just sitting there," Arizona answered honestly.

Callie rubbed her temples. "So, what are your intentions here Arizona? Why is it still sitting in that account? Are you building a nest egg, then when you get enough money you are going to leave me?"

"No..." Arizona said, her voice serious and honest.

"Liar!" Called yelled as she stood up from behind her desk and walked around to meet her wife.

"Don't call me a liar Callie! You've lied our whole marriage!" Arizona shot back, pointing her finger in her wife's face.

"No honey, you're the liar. Not me." Callie said. "I came clean Arizona. There's nothing you don't know. Nothing!" Callie screamed.


"You are not leaving me! That is not an option!" Callie said in a loud tone, but calmer than just a few seconds before.

They certainly were not having much reasoning happening in their little talk tonight. It was an all out argument that was occurring and, it looked like the wives were only making matters worse by screaming.

Arizona tried to calm herself down. "I am not lying to you. I don't plan on leaving Callie. And, don't worry...I know if I did, there is only one way. It involves a coffin and a six foot dark hole, if I would even be afforded a burial." Arizona said, causing her wife's eyes to open wider.

"I can't believe you just said that." The brunette gasped. "I've never said anything like that to you."

"Well, you said, discuss my options. I assumed that was a coffin and a grave or, if I play nice, maybe I could get my choice of which spot I preferred at the bottom of Lake Tahoe." Arizona shot back. She knew she should not have said it, the second it left her lips.

Staring at the blonde, Callie breathed harder. Pushing her buttons was something that Arizona could do so well sometimes. "I cannot believe you just said that to me. I would never hurt you." Callie stated. "That was below the belt and you know it."

Arizona lowered her head. She knew it was. "I know...I'm sorry I shouldn't have said..."

"No! You shouldn't have said it! That was mean! And...and...cruel!" The brunette replied, waving her hands in the air.

"Is that what you think? That I am some... monster?" Callie asked. She had fresh tears in her brown eyes. How could Arizona think she'd ever harm her?

"No. You're not a monster... I'm sorry." The blonde shook her head. "I know the rules Callie. I heard you and Carlos talking years ago when you told me everything...when I was pregnant with Gavino. I heard the conversation in the kitchen that night. He blessed you out because you told me everything and, you said that, you would never let me leave. He said that wasn't an option. I know I'm bound by honor Callie. And, I have accepted that. I made my decision a long time ago and, I understand the consequences that would result from my leaving. But, just so you know, that's not why I've ever chosen to stay all this time. I have chosen to stay because I love you. I. Love. You." Arizona explained.

"You have an odd way of showing it." Callie shook her head. She stood mere inches from her wife and, she tried to calm herself. Callie could feel her temper almost exploding as she was still reeling from her wife's words.

"I love you regardless of what you think. I'm not unhappy," The blonde continued. "I'm not leaving but, I don't like the things you say sometimes. Your words cut Callie, they hurt. Like the time you were in New York and you got mad over the phone and said you would take my children from me...that's another reason why this account was kept open. You don't play fair."

It may have been interesting to know that Barbara suggested the damn bank account when Arizona got married but, the blonde waited a few years before she opened it. Barbara firmly believed that every woman should have a fund like this...just in case. This mindset could sound old fashioned but, it still brings about the question of whether it is wise to have a little secret stash. Is it? Is it wise? Arizona refrained from telling her wife that Barbara had suggested the account be opened. Was there any need in more hurt feelings?

Callie exhaled deeply, slowly, sadly. Sitting on the edge of her desk, she asked, "If you don't plan on leaving then, why the account? Why still have money in there?" She asked her wife. It was a good question.

"I didn't know how to tell you about it. So, I left it in there." Arizona responded. "Can we just sit on the sofa? My legs are so tired." Arizona smiled, trying to convince her wife to sit down. They had been standing all evening and, it looked like this conversation wasn't ending any time soon.

Maybe what they needed was more reasoning instead of arguing, the brunette thought. And, she knew that started with her. She was the temperamental one lots of times. So, she decided to try and keep a neutral tone as they continued to talk. This could be resolved...right? Well, sure it could, as long as Arizona wasn't leaving.

Callie agreed and, the two sat, facing one another. It was awkward. Quiet. Uneasy. As always, too much could get said and, hard feelings would occur. Had that already happened? And, would more words be spoken to worsen the already volatile situation?

Looking over to where her wife now sat, Callie said, "So you opened an account a several months before you left. I guess I should have expected this but, I just didn't think you'd ever do it."

The truth is...There are many reasons why someone may be inclined to hide away money. Maybe they are in a happy marriage but this stash gives them peace of mind that they would have a cushion if things were to go downhill. Maybe they sense that divorce is on the horizon and they just want to be prepared when the time comes and they are ready to leave.

If a person has a fund and their spouse happened to find out about it, they will undoubtedly be upset. Something like this happening in a happy marriage, could cause a spouse to see this as the person not being happy in the marriage. Which in turn could create trust issues. Would there be trust issues after this?

"I did this when I wasn't happy. When we weren't happy." Arizona said.

"We're happy now, or I thought we were." Callie said, staring off into space.

"We are happy," Arizona said.

"Yea right. I'm happy but, I have no idea what you are." The brunette replied sarcastically. "You never cease to amaze me and, I don't mean that as a compliment."

Sighing loudly, the blonde said, "Calliope, we are happy. I just didn't tell you about this because I didn't know how to. That is the honest to God truth. After all this time, I just didn't know how to. I knew you would be mad."

"Shouldn't I be?" The brunette asked her wife. "You say how terrible I am well, you're terrible too sometimes. Sure, I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. So are you. I make mistakes. So do you. I am out of control and at times hard to handle at times. Well, guess what? So. Are. You!"

Surprisingly, Arizona agreed. "I am all of those things. I agree. I'm not perfect, I never said I was. Truthfully, I don't deserve you. Maybe you don't deserve me either, who knows. But, we're together because we love each other. Even though we don't deserve one another."

"Still, you went behind my back." Callie stated. There was a little hurt in those soulful brown eyes.

"I did." Arizona said. "Now let me explain and I really need you to listen."

Callie listened. She focused on her wife's words. Blaming has no positive effect really. Sometimes understanding is what's needed, whether you agree with the situation or not.

The blonde tried to further explain her case. "We've always had arguments. We've always fussed. Like the time you said I wasn't Monty's real mother when he had surgery months ago. That hurt. And, then taking away my right to make decisions on vacation...because I went behind your back. You disregard me like I was nothing." The blonde sadly stated.

"You've done that a lot in our marriage Callie. Even back when I was pregnant with Gabby you controlled everything. I now understand your reasons for security and lockdown. I know why it occurred. But, back then I didn't. Back then, a lot of things didn't make sense to me because, I was never in your shoes. But, they do now. And, to be honest, I have went behind your back many times, you just never knew it. Not that you're pleased to hear that but, I have. I'll confess that. And, why have I done that? Because, I can't reason with you lots of times Callie. And, I know that doesn't justify some of the things that I've done behind your back. And, I'll admit, you can't always reason with me either. You're not the only one at fault in our marriage. I'll share the blame equally. There are two of us and, we make quite a mess of this union at times."

Looking to her wife, the brunette decided to just apologize once again for her shortcomings. "I was wrong. I should never have said those things to you. You are his mom. I gave birth to him but, he's yours. He will always be yours. You have as much right to these four children as I do."

Arizona continued. "And, I accepted you apology. And, I'm sorry I've went behind your back. I'm sorry I haven't always been truthful. But, you have to understand...I had to save some money back when all of that happened Callie. You were and still are financially stronger than me. You know that. And, if for whatever reason we divorced, I know you would fight me in court. You would make good on your threat. You'd take my children from me. All I was doing was trying to protect myself. Just in case."

"I wouldn't do that to you." The brunette shook her head.

"You would Callie. You said you would," Arizona said. "I know you. You don't play fair. You never lose. You wouldn't lose then either."

Callie remained quiet. She knew that Arizona was right. She may not have intentions of hurting her wife or cutting the blonde off but, more than likely...if push come to shove, she'd plow right over Arizona without any thought in regards to their children.

"I have no intentions of leaving Callie. It was really set up as an "in case fund." Back then, I needed to clear my head when I left. I needed a breather, some space. I didn't want to leave you permanently. I just needed to be away from it all, for a little while. When you got in the car accident, I did come back. But, it wasn't out of guilt. I came back because, deep down, I love you. I've always loved you. And, through all the ups and downs...I'm glad I stayed." Tears welled up in blue eyes as she confessed her innermost feelings to her wife. She was glad she came back to Callie. These past four years, although sometimes tumultuous, were some of the best in her life.

"Now, there's a healthy sum sitting in that account. I didn't plan on you ever finding out. I didn't plan to say a word about it because, I thought I would just put it toward Monty's foundation fund eventually. My intentions were to write the check to my mother and she'd write one to the organization. That way, you would never know. I never wanted to lie to you. I just know you Callie, you never would've understood and you know still don't. Because no one has ever threatened to take your children from you. No one. Not even me. No one has said you aren't our children's one. Not even me. It hurts when you say those thing to me. It freaking hurts Callie. And, the truth is, you don't understand because you've never been in my shoes."

Callie sat, saying nothing. Her wife was correct. She had never been told that her children would be taken from her. She didn't know how that felt. And, she never would.

"Being that you now know about everything, I'll just write the check myself and leave my mother out of it. I'm sorry you found out this way. I really am. My intention was never to hurt you. I was protecting me. There was never an easy way to tell you and, I just thought that I was saving us both some heartache and confrontation by keeping it secretive. I was wrong and, for that, I am sorry."

She looked down at her hands. Two tanned hands were folded in her lap. Callie sighed. She hadn't moved from this spot, this position the entire time her wife was speaking. She was numb. Shell shocked. Who does this in a marriage? Who sets up an account, in case something falls through? Who plans for things to go south in their marriage? Well, no one actually. But, certain circumstances, is it okay to have an account like this? Is it alright, justified, to be situations like these?

"I'm just...I don't know what to say." Callie said as she stared ahead. She had calmed down. Taking a deep breath the brunette said, "I ...I need to think. I need to just...process..." She breathed out, closing her eyes.

Arizona nodded. "I understand. You may not believe me but, I do love you."

Placing her hand on top of her wife's, the blonde turned her head and offered a sad smile. She could see the magnitude of her actions weighing Callie's eyes. "I love you...That will never change Callie. I understand that you need time to think. We've both got long days tomorrow and, we need to go to sleep. So, let's just leave this here. Take some time to think individually and then, when we're both ready, we can discuss this again."

Arizona stood, staring at her wife and, waiting for an answer. However, Callie never said a word. She didn't respond, no reply was given to the blonde wife who wasn't so sure that this wasn't going to be a dividing force between them. As Callie remained silent, Arizona had no choice but to dismiss herself, allowing her wife the time she needed to process everything.

She left the brunette sitting in her office alone. Locking up and turning off the downstairs lights, the blonde ignored the slight twinge in her chest. This, was all getting a little too much for the woman that didn't have the best heart. She knew that they needed time and space from one another right now...well, Callie did. Arizona really wanted to forget the entire situation, to be honest. She hoped in time...this would be a distant memory for both of them.

Callie closed her eyes. How had this happened? Where did they go wrong? She thought, it's easy to blame the other person. Yet, she knew that blaming had no positive effect. It would not help this situation they were in. She too felt a twinge in her heart. How had they ever gotten to this point? Was this her fault or Arizona's? She sat, pondering those questions as her wife moved around the first floor of their home. sometimes hurts. A temporary madnesss, erupting like a volcano at times and it' involuntary loss of control, even in the most secure marriages. When it subsides though, when the madness calms, there's a decision to make. It is a decision to love. Love through it all even when it hurts. Love beyond the flaws, the tears, the pain. Because love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away. Love still remains. It doesn't die. Let's face it, it takes more than a secret bank account to throw love right out the window. Doesn't it?

"I need a little guidance." Callie said aloud, looking toward the office chair that belonged to her father. Oh how many times she wished she had someone to talk to like her parents. How she missed her parents at times like these.

"I love her. And, that's my downfall." Callie said aloud into the empty room.

Love, it is both an art and a fortunate accident. "Have you ever been in love? Horrible isn't it? It makes you so vulnerable. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that someone can get inside you and mess you up." — Neil Gaiman
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"Love is a temporary madness, it erupts like volcanoes and then subsides. And when it subsides, you have to make a decision. You have to work out whether your roots have so entwined together that it is inconceivable that you should ever part. Because this is what love is. Love is not breathlessness, it is not excitement, it is not the promulgation of promises of eternal passion, it is not the desire to mate every second minute of the day, it is not lying awake at night imagining that he is kissing every cranny of your body. No, don't blush, I am telling you some truths. That is just being "in love", which any fool can do. Love itself is what is left over when being in love has burned away, and this is both an art and a fortunate accident."
— Louis de Bernières (Captain Corelli's Mandolin)

Chapter Text

Levels of Understanding

"People think a soul mate is your perfect fit, and that's what everyone wants. But a true soul mate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who brings you to your own attention so you can change your life. A true soul mate is probably the most important person you'll ever meet, because they tear down your walls and smack you awake..."

The truth is, you can't change someone else. You can only change yourself. That's true in every relationship, every marriage. There are times that trying to change your spouse will create tension in your relationship and actually discourage them from changing. Think about it. You or I don't like to be pressured, demanded upon, controlled, or manipulated to change. Do we? That's probably how Arizona and Callie both felt to some extent tonight. Both anxious and, both a little discouraged by each others words. And, that would only allow both wives to back away from one another even more. Which was not a good thing at all.

They needed to be willing to examine their own part in their marriage troubles and become better spouses. To restore anything that is not right in a marriage, it's absolutely crucial for both sides to accept responsibility for their own mistakes in the relationship rather than blaming their spouse and demanding the other spouse to change.

You's always easy to look at the other person and see how they've disappointed us, to see what they've done wrong in the marriage. However, there is one very crucial element in becoming better versions of ourselves as partners and spouses and that is, the element of "choice." Change starts with a decision and is accomplished through ongoing moments of decision, where we choose to think and act in a new and different way. What they needed was some new levels of understanding.

All of these thoughts crossed the brunette's mind as she stared at the wall in front of her. And then, she snapped out of her trance. "We're not going to bed like this tonight," Callie said. "I love her."

Their bedroom was an intimate space. And, if there was one thing Callie had learned over the years was this, don't go to bed angry. Stewing on an argument, it doesn't resolve your differences. Wind up your problems before you go to bed. At night, work out all those little irritations and learn to let it go. Let it go — it's not worth it. They had sat down and discussed this. And, they couldn't come to a positive answer or conclusion exactly. Who was right? Callie wasn't even sure. Did it matter anymore...hell no. They would just agree to disagree and let it go.

Looking up...the brunette quickly darted out the office door, bounding up the long staircase in a fast manner.

"Wait!" Callie said, catching her wife at the top of the staircase. She was out of breath and, she held up her finger, telling Arizona that she needed a minute to gather her composure.

The blonde wife's head turned slightly. "Are you okay?" Arizona asked.

"Yea...I just need a minute. Those stairs are...murder." Callie panted. "I'm fine...I'm fine..."

An expectant look given, and with sad smile on her face, the blonde listened as her wife poured out her heart at the top of the stair case.

"I love you so much. Arizona...I love you with all my heart. That's my downfall." Callie said, placing her hands on her hips. She looked as if she was about to control this situation and, that made Arizona feel a little concerned. She remembered Callie wasn't one to just forgive and forget. There would be a price paid for this secret, the blonde wife was almost certain of it. And, as she sometimes did, Arizona jumped the gun.

Shaking her head, the blonde wife said, "I'm not going to argue with you anymore tonight Calliope. I'm sorry you feel that loving me is your downfall but, I felt that I had to look after me back then. And, if you can't understand that..."

Callie reached out and grabbed her wife's arms tightly, pulling her closer. Her face was straight, there was no smile, only an intense stare. What was Callie thinking? Was she still just letting it go?

"Callie..." Arizona said, unsure about her wife's actions.

"My problem is my heart, it is my downfall..." Callie stated. "It leaves me vulnerable. I can't help it. You make me this way Arizona." The brunette added, her eyes darkened.

With her brows still raised, Arizona wasn't quite sure what her wife was trying to say or trying to do for that matter. "Callie...I think we need to drop this...I don't wish to continue this conversation..."

She opened her mouth, as if she had something to say but, the brunette didn't. Leaning in, Callie captured her wife's lips with a kiss. Devouring Arizona's lips, Callie let her tongue explore the inside of her wife's mouth.

Two pale hands intertwined in dark locks as Callie released the grip on her wife's arms. Arizona wasn't sure what was happening but, it wasn't what she thought would be happening. She was afraid this argument would continue.

Callie broke the kiss, trailing soft yet, firm nips down the blonde's neck.

"Callie...what are you doing to me?" The blonde asked, her eyes closed, her breathing labored.

"What do you think I'm doing?" Callie asked her wife. She wasted no time in attempting to consume her wife right there at the top of the staircase.

"I thought we were fighting?" Arizona mumbled as Callie nibbled on her ear, her hands engulfed around her bottom. Clutching, massaging, the brunette kneaded Arizona's firm rear with her hands as she mumbled back.

"Oh, we totally are." The brunette replied.

Characteristic and alluring, that was the brunette's traits that Arizona found irresistible. "You look beautiful." Callie whispered in her wife's ear. Pressing her lips to the blonde's throat, Callie caught another whiff of the fruity scent of her wife's shampoo.

"You smell good too." The brunette husked as one hand slipped under her wife's shirt, cupping a breast.

Losing all resolve, the moment was presenting itself a very great distraction. "Are we finished talking?" Arizona asked, removing her wife's hand. "Because if we are, I really want to go to bed..." She smiled, her eyes a deeper shade of blue.

Callie slipped her left hand right back under the blonde's shirt. "Yes. And, we're going to bed but, you're not going to be sleeping anytime soon. Now, let me look at you." She said, pulling her wife's shirt above her head.

"Calliope..." Arizona looked around uncomfortably. "What if the kids come out in the hall?" She asked. Callie didn't answer that. She really wasn't concerned at the moment with her children. They were asleep, as they should have been.

Callie's thumb rubbed her wife's nipple through her bra, in a circular motion. The result became obvious in seconds as her breath hitched. "You breasts are so beautiful. I ache to touch them." Callie said, her attention solely on the blonde's chest.

She just stared at the brunette, unable to speak. Drawn in by the brunette's sheer magnetism. Callie closed the distance, what little there was between them. Lowering her head, she ghosted her lips across Arizona's. The blonde's hands wrapped around her wife's neck. Her lips parted, inviting Callie's tongue in.

As Callie's hands threaded through her wife's blonde threads, the guttural sounds she made increased as she pulled Arizona into her. "I need you." Callie whispered softly.

Arizona pulled her closer, deepening the kiss. It lasted seconds as the passion between them grew to lust. "I couldn't live without you." Arizona said as she broke their kiss. "Every time I see you, I fall in love with you all over again."

Callie sensed her wife's hunger, her growing arousal. The devotion in her wife's eyes was clear as she pressed her head against Arizona's. They may have been upset, hurt with one another but, they never stopped loving each other. Never. A tanned palm rode up her wife's thigh, pulling the blonde's leg higher. Seconds passed and, the brunette lifted her wife and wrapped the blonde's legs around her waist. Slowly, Callie carried Arizona into their bedroom, closing the door with her foot.

With two tanned hands slid underneath Arizona's bottom and, Callie backed the blonde up against the bedroom door, continuing to press heated kisses along Arizona's neck. The blonde ran her fingers through Callie's long hair.

"I'm sorry..." Arizona muttered against the brunette's neck as she moved back to find Callie's lips again.

The brunette kissed her wife back and whispered her own apologies against her mouth. "I'm sorry too." Callie mumbled.

"Take me to bed," Arizona whispered.

"I thought you'd never ask," Callie smiled.

The brunette carried Arizona to the bed and gently lay her down as she crawled over the blonde's slender form, never breaking the kiss. Arizona's hands found the hem of Callie's shirt and pulled it over the brunette's head.

"You're wearing too many clothes Calliope."

"So are you Arizona."

Slipping off her clothes, the brunette gladly helped her wife out of her's. Tossed across the room, their clothes were strewn about, in total disarray. But, they didn't care. What was more important right now was, their connection. Their love. There was a whole new level of understanding about to happen tonight, much deeper than either Arizona or Callie could comprehend.

Callie leaned down and begin kiss her way up Arizona's toned stomach. Reaching her wife's cleavage, she cupped the blonde's breasts with two hands. "These are the best boobs...I say that a lot but...they are."

Arizona smirked, wrapping a leg around Callie's waist and forcefully pushing against her to flip the brunette on her back. Smiling, as if she'd achieved some major goal in life, Arizona straddled her wife's waist.

"I guess you want to be in charge tonight?" Callie asked.


"Sure. Why not," Callie offered a coy smile. That wasn't happening but, if it made her wife feel better...then sure. Let Arizona think what she wanted to.

Callie reached up to unhook her wife's bra. Arizona shrugged it off as Callie cupped her breasts and began to roll her nipples through her fingers. Callie's hands were firm yet, so soft.

"Oh yea..." Arizona said, moaning as her wife massaged her breasts. That only encouraged Callie go grab her a little more forcefully.

Arizona slipped her hand to her wife's core. Circling around outside, she could feel Callie's arousal as it gathered quickly. With the tip of her fingers, she rubbed the brunette's clit slowly, earning a low moan from Callie.


"You are wearing too much still Calliope." Arizona mumbled. Callie looked at her and, she grabbed both of the blonde's hands, flipping Arizona to her back to resume her position on top.

With one hand, Callie pinned her wife's lists above her head and with the other, she skillfully pulled down the silk panties her wife was wearing. "These have got to go." Callie state firmly. Tossing them aside, the brunette looked down at her wife. Completely naked...completely hers. Callie leaned down and kissed the blonde's belly causing her wife to giggle slightly.

"Be serious." The brunette grunted.

Moving between Arizona's breasts, Callie kissed feverishly, as the soft skin was exposed. Ready to be consumed by someone who knew just how to consume every inch of her wife's perfect form.

"Oh Calliope..." Arizona moaned as she felt her wife's warm lips across her sensitive skin and she could feel a smile against her belly.

Releasing her wife's wrists, Callie slowly spread her wife's legs apart, easing a single digit into her wife's aching core. "Wet...wet and so ready for me." Callie said, bringing her finger up to taste her wife.

And then, the telephone rang, breaking the blonde's concentration.

"Leave it." Callie said, kissing her wife's knee. Moving down to the blonde's inner thigh, she was closer and closer to what she wanted to taste the most. Closer to what her wife needed most of all. The phone continued to ring incessantly, only pausing for a minute before it rang out yet again.

"I need to... Oh God..." Arizona moaned, closing her eyes as Callie's tongue slid along her wet folds. Reaching for the phone with her left hand, the blonde strained to grasp it.

"I said leave it." Callie mumbled, taking yet another swipe of her wife's delicious juices.

"I...I have to...Hello?" Arizona finally answered. Callie smiled, and she didn't stop. She would teach her wife to answer the phone in the middle of sex.

"Arizona...its mom. I was worried earlier and I wanted to be sure you and Callie are alright? You both seemed tense and out of sorts." Barbara said.

"Oh God..." Arizona moaned, closing her eyes. "We're...we're fine..." She added.

"Oh good honey. That's good to hear..." Barbara rattled on while Arizona tried to concentrate on the conversation. But, it just wasn't working.

"Mom...I need...oh sweet Jesus..." Arizona moaned as Callie wrapped her lips around the blonde's engorged clit.

"Honey is everything alright?" Barbara asked.

"I'm fine..." The blonde daughter groaned as her wife sucked her clit with ferociousness. Callie meant that, there was no phone conversation happening during sex. Arizona just hadn't leaned that lesson yet but, she would get it tonight.

"I...I gotta...I gotta go." The blonde panted, ending the call. The cell phone was tossed onto the floor as the blonde moaned with gratitude at her wife's actions.

"I told you...not to answer." Callie smirked, then began to suck on her wife's aching clit yet again.

"Oh God..." Arizona moaned, throwing her head back as she arched her hips to her wife's face. "I love the way your tongue feels against me."

Callie looked up as she brought her wife closer to her impending orgasm. Seeing the raw sexual energy radiating from the blonde's face, she knew her wife was about to get a very foul mouth. She always did when sex was like this. Needy...wanting...hungry to devour one another.

"I want you to fuck me!" Arizona ordered. "Fuck me hard."

Callie slipped in two fingers as she flicked the engorged clit with her tongue.

"Fuck!" Arizona mumbled, her head thrown back in complete bliss.

Callie thrusted into her wife at a steady pace. But, it wasn't enough. "Get up here now." Arizona ordered her wife. "I want to make you mine."

Sliding up the blonde's body, Callie continued her ministrations as she kissed her wife's neck. "Bossy tonight...aren't we?" Callie husked in her wife's ear as she made love to her. And then, the brunette groaned, feeling Arizona enter her wife two fingers.

"Oh God..." Callie mumbled as she lay her head on her wife's shoulder.

"I'm going to fuck you so hard..." Arizona whispered.

"Make me take it." Callie groaned as her wife thrusted in and out of her rapidly. "Give it to me." Callie ordered. "Make me cum."

"I love making love to you." Arizona cried out as she felt her orgasm approaching.

"Me too." Callie groaned. She thought this would last longer but, there just was no way.

They were both so close to coming and both continued thrusting into one another as the relished in the rollercoaster of emotions.

"Callie!" Arizona yelled out as she came against her wife's ever talented hand.

Her head was pressed against her wife's and, Callie continued to rock down on Arizona's hand as she kept her own pace inside the orgasming blonde. Hearing Arizona cry out her name as her walls tightened around Callie's hand, the brunette felt her own orgasm wash over her.

"Oh God...Oh Goddddd..." Callie groaned as she thrusted two more times. Panting in exhaustion and basking in their shared orgasms, the brunette collapsed against Arizona's body, her hand sliding out of her wife. Arizona stilled the tanned hand with a look of seriousness.

"You're not stopping that soon." The blonde ordered. "And yes...I am feeling a little bossy tonight. Deal with it."

Callie looked up and smirked. "You want to go again?" She asked. Like she didn't already know that answer.

"Yes." Arizona replied, her hand sliding out of the brunette's heated core. Flipping Callie over, the blonde never smiled. This was...serious...what was happening now. Straddling Callie's waist, the blonde lined herself up to begin tribbing.

"Wait." Callie said, holding her wife's hands, preventing her from moving.

"What?...What's wrong?" Arizona asked. Her face was flushed, her chest splotched as the adrenaline coursed through her body.

"I want to remember this moment." Callie said, pulling Arizona down so that their lips met. Her eyes were moist with tears when they parted their devoted kiss.

"Why are you crying?" Arizona asked, rubbing Callie's left leg and slowly rocking back and forth on the brunette's wet mound.

"I just love you...That's all." Callie replied. It was true...she loved love's purest form. She was her soul mate and that's what everyone wants. A soul mate. One that makes you see everything, feel everything...and at times...shakes you up a bit. Letting you know that...change is needed.

"I love you." Arizona smiled. "And, I want to make you feel good."

"It does feel good." Callie replied, closing her yes as her wife's slickened center rubbed against her's. "God it feels so good." Callie moaned.

"I know baby. I know..." Arizona mumbled, closing her eyes. She was the feeling...just like Callie.

Callie grabbed her wife's waist, pushing harder against Arizona...matching her wife...thrust for thrust. But, Callie wanted more. It wasn't enough. It would never be enough.

Grabbing her wife's rear, the brunette grinder harder, causing the blonde to moan louder.

Naked, their skin glistening with beads of sweat...they strained against each other. A slow pace then...a faster one...alternating between rhythms, they panted as they pressed into one another.

"I never want this to end..." Callie groaned.

"Me either..." Arizona said, holding her wife leg up slightly. "You're amazing...beautiful..."

"You're that..." Callie panted as she felt her orgasm approaching once again. "And more... Oh God...Arizona!"

Sensing that Callie was losing it quickly, the blonde smiled and bit her bottom lip...fucking her wife harder. Callie was going to remember this for a while.

"Oh. My. God." Callie gasped. Grabbing the blonde's arms, she held on tight. The feelings were so intense.

"I told you...I'm in charge tonight...I'm making you mine."

"Oh God, Oh God, Ohhhhhhh God, I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum!" Callie screamed over and over.

Arizona pulled her tighter against her body as the brunette went over the top. The blonde could feel the pulsing in her wife's vagina with her own, causing Arizona to orgasm with her.

"I'm coming Calliope!" Arizona cried out, her hips jerking erratically.

For minutes, Callie seemed to spasm over and over, shaking and grinding against her wife. Arizona finally released Callie's leg and then the blonde collapsed back onto the bed. They were now apart and both just lay back, trying to catch their breaths.

"That was..."

"I know..." Arizona giggled. She got the giggles and couldn't stop from the strength of her orgasm. When Callie finally could move, she got up on one elbow and looked up at her wife.

"Look at the mess you made!" The brunette said laughing.

"Me? You made that mess!" Arizona giggled. She just couldn't stop.

"Well, we had fun so...what the hell..." Callie said, pulling her wife close to her chest. They stared at one another intensely for a little while. Maybe several minutes passed then, the brunette said, "I should not have lost my temper."

Furrowing her brow, Arizona said, "Callie...lets not talk about..."

"Just hear me out for a minute Arizona..."

The question for many people is...How does one restore trust in a fractured marriage? First, you must understand that a multitude of hurts and disappointments occurred that eventually led to a crisis in the relationship. Most people focus on just one particular major event that occurred. However, there were likely a number of problems occurring that contributed to the problems they had had and were still having now.

"I should not have lost control of my temper. You are right. I've treated you not as my equal. I was wrong, more than once. I'm sorry for what I've done in our marriage to cause you to feel that this account is a necessity. You feel the need for a safety net of some kind and, that should be me, I should be that safety... not a bank account. And, I'm the reason that it was set up. I know that. That doesn't mean that I like it, but...I understand it Arizona."

"I was wrong too. It's alright Calliope," Arizona replied back weakly not knowing how to respond to the sudden apology her wife was giving.

"No." Callie said. "It's not alright. I never meant to hurt you. Hurt people...hurt people. That's what I've done to you. You don't really trust me fully, otherwise, you wouldn't have kept that account open. That's what concerns me the most, you still have it open. You still don't trust me."


"No, let me finish." Callie said, placing her finger over her wife's lips. "There is something that I need to explain to you. Something that you need to understand about me. I am very territorial by nature..."

"I know." The blonde chuckled.

Callie smiled. "I am. I'll admit it. I'll own it. I tend to hold onto things...people...okay, I hold onto you most of all. And, I constrict really tight, not allowing much room for you to be yourself sometimes. I make your decisions for you because, I think I know best. I'm comfortable making all the decisions, calling the shots, being the boss. It's who I am, its what I've done my whole life. I'm afraid that, maybe I've constricted you too much, too hard, causing you to feel you need to go around me, without my knowledge. And, while that's my fault, that maybe I've been too hard, I cannot allow you to go behind my back. Even if it's my fault. It has to stop. There has to be honesty restored in this marriage."

Seeing Arizona's face contorted with concern, mixed with a little frustration, the brunette said, "I know that's not what you expected to hear. And, what I am trying to say is can't change someone, you can only change yourself. I know you don't want to be mandated, told what to do and, I really don't like doing that as much as you think. I just have issues with control but, I will work on that. I promise I will. My temper will stay in check, I promise it will. I am trying. I am choosing to be different in this marriage but, you have to as well. You have to change too. No more secrets, no more blaming me and I won't blame you. A clean slate is what I'm proposing here. And, it starts tonight."

Callie knew that, if there was understanding, true understanding in their marriage, their situation would change. And, for the better. However, both had to do their part and, make a decision to think and act differently, if true change was to occur.

"We both have to do our part or, we won't be any better off than we were an hour ago." Callie said.

Arizona had tears in her eyes as she was lying in her wife's arms, looking in Callie's dark brown eyes. "It's all about changing behaviors Calliope. And, we both have behaviors that, need to be worked on. I know I do. But, I can change. No more secrets and, no more blaming. I promise." Arizona responded, nodding her head.

"I just don't want you to look at me and feel hurt by me." Arizona added.

"I don't. Do you look at me and feel hurt by me?" Callie asked.

"No." The blonde replied.

"Good." Callie smiled a mega watt smile.

Silence hung in the air and, Arizona finally spoke. "You want me to close the account don't you?"

Callie nodded. She just didn't feel at ease with something like this, a dividing force hanging between them. It wasn't needed. Arizona didn't need it. They were not separating.

"Okay." The blonde doctor replied. "I'll close it and, place the money into Monty's foundation."

"You're not mad?" Callie asked.

"No. I told you already, that's what I was going to do with it eventually. I just hadn't made that move yet. But, I will. I'll do it tomorrow." Arizona replied.

Callie brushed blonde hair behind Arizona's ear, letting her hand rest on her wife's cheek. "We should have make up sex more often." The brunette whispered.

"I agree." Arizona replied, kissing her wife's lips.

Pulling Callie closer to her, the blonde wrapped her left leg around Callie's hip. She knew she definitely wasn't going to leave Callie, not ever. Because no matter what life presented her, leaving her wife, not having Callie by her side was worse than anything that could ever come her way. She could make it, she could survive any challenge, as long as she had her wife...her soul mate.

They say, "A soul mates purpose is to shake you up, tear apart your ego a little bit, show you your obstacles and addictions, break your heart open so new light can get in, make you so desperate and out of control that you have to transform your life, then introduce you to your spiritual master..."

— Elizabeth Gilbert (Eat, Pray, Love)

A/N: See, they are growing. Both of them. I never doubted these two for a minute. Okay, I did but, I don't now. LOL

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Chapter Text

Fijian Fling

"Love cures people - both the ones who give it and, the ones who receive it." - Karl A. Menninger.

"I love you both, so so much." Callie said, kissing her daughters before she and Arizona left for Fiji.

"Bye...mommy loves you." Arizona said, tears in her eyes as she watched her girls cry.

"Bye..." the girls waved back. Sad just didn't describe at all how the tiny blonde and little brunette felt about being away from their moms. It was heart breaking.

"I know you'll miss me while you're gone." Monty smiled at his mom.

"Without a doubt," Arizona smiled back, giving her son a hug and a kiss.

"Don't worry. I'll be checking up on you." Callie whispered as she embraced the younger boy that, would forever be on her mind.

"Hey...I'll be good. I promise." Monty replied. "We're cool..."

"He'll be good, I'll watch him." Gavin said, giving his mama a hug.

"Take care of everyone and, I'll call tonight." Callie said to Gavin, resting her hand on his shoulder.

"Sounds, good. Love you too mom." Gavin said, giving the blonde mother a tight hug. Arizona laughed, as Gavin picked her up off the ground slightly.

"I love you too Gavino. Be sweet." Arizona said, her feet hitting the ground gently. He son had begun weight lifting at school as well as at home and, it was telling. Gavin was a much taller, stronger boy than he was last year.

Monty chimed in. "Don't worry about Gavin. I'll watch him and the new girlfriend."

Yes, it was official, Gavin had asked Bridgett to be his girlfriend and, she had agreed. Young love, it was so very sweet.

"Whatever you do, don't listen to Monty's advice." Callie said. "That is if you want to continue having a girlfriend."

Monty argued. "Hey! I know how to keep a girl. Be sweet and wrap them around your finger." Monty said, laughing. "They'll do anything you want if, you are make them think you like them."

Arizona turned her head, "Who have you been talking to?" She asked, eyeing the younger boy precariously.

" one..." Monty replied, dropping his head to avoid his mother's gaze.

"Hmm...I think we'll make a quick stop by the guard shack." Callie said, walking into the kitchen. She knew he was much to involved with her bodyguards then either he or they would let on. And, make no mistake, Callie would shut that down quickly.

"Nanny Martinelli, call us if you need us." Callie said.

Arizona agreed. "Yes. Day or night...I don't care when it is." She said. "If there anything...any question or problem..."

Callie interrupted her wife. "She knows what you mean honey." Encouraging the blonde to walk to the door, Callie turned around and shook her head at the nanny. "Call me.." Callie mouthed to Ms. Martinelli. She didn't want Arizona bothered on this trip unless it was an absolute emergency.

"We'll be just fine." The nanny smiled. "Now you two better get going. Fiji awaits."

Ms. Martinelli knew Arizona and Callie had issues leaving the kids, especially their daughters. And, it was always best to nudge Callie and Arizona out of the house as fast as possible to avoid any meltdowns from the parents or the kids.

"Call when you can. Take care. Bye bye then," Nanny said, closing the door and turning the lock.

"Monty hit the music!" Nanny Martinelli yelled to the living room.

"Dance party!" Gabby squealed.

"Me dance too!" Hope yelled, jumping around as she took her sister's hand.

Hearing Ms. Martinelli scream "Hit the music" and then loud noises coming from inside the house, caused Callie to turn around. She and Arizona looked at one another and both tried the door. But, it was locked.

"Where's your key?" Callie turned and asked her wife.

"I left mine inside. I didn't think I'd need to get back in so soon." Arizona chuckled.

"Damn it!" Callie said. "Mine is inside too. Hey, let's go around back." The brunette suggested, taking her wife by the hand.

The music blared and, Callie was quite curious as to what was happening in her home, as was Arizona. As they snuck around back, they looked in the window and what they saw amazed them.

"Dear lord!" Arizona screeched as she spied on her children and the nanny.

"Those are my good pillows!" Callie said. "I'm going in there..."

Arizona stopped the brunette. "Oh no you're not. They're having fun. They're a little wild but, look at them. And, look at Ms. Martinelli. She's dancing around like a Las Vegas showgirl."

"Why is this amusing to you?" Callie asked. Those were her favorite pillows and, she meant that no one was going to destroy them.

"They're letting loose. No parents, just being kids." Arizona replied.

"But they're tearing up my pillows," Callie reminded her wife in a exasperated tone. "I need..."

Arizona laughed. "They are old pillow Calliope."

"So...they cost money Arizona." Callie fired back.

The blonde wife pulled her wife's arm, "Hey, are we going to stand outside, spy on our kids and argue or, are we going to Fiji?"

A smile crossed tanned features. Her wife was right, as usual. Fiji did await them and, they had a week to be to themselves. "You're right. Let's go." Callie smiled. "But, I'm hiding the pillows next time we leave."

Arizona shook her head and laughed at her wife. "Okay sweetie, next time, we'll hide the pillows."

Climbing in the back of the escalade, the blonde smiled one of the brightest smiles she'd ever had. Callie looked in the direction of her wife and caught a glimpse of Arizona's smile.

"What's with the smiling? Something funny?" Callie asked as she plundered through her purse.

"I was just thinking...Nanny always rushes us from the house when we leave like this. And, I bet she always does the music thing. I think the dancing and loud music is a way she distracts the girls from being sad when we leave."

"Probably," Callie agreed. "We were lucky to find her."

"Yes we were." The blonde replied.

Leaving your children is never easy. But, it's a necessary part of keeping your marriage vibrant and alive. It's important to spend time together as a couple. After all, you and your spouse are not just parents, you are still lovers.

An hour later, they were miles high in the vast skies. Callie was reading a book while her wife painted her fingernails a beautiful color.

"Ooohhhh, I love that color." Callie said, lowering the thick novel she was reading. Admiring the blonde's new fingernail coloring, she asked, "What's that color called?"

Arizona giggled and answered, "Fijian China Glaze."

A sly smile fell upon tanned features as the brunette chuckled. "That's the perfect name for it." Callie winked.

Several Hours Later...

They had just arrived at their private beach house in Fiji hours ago. The sun would be setting soon, so Arizona decide to absorb some of the remaining sunlight. Without neighbors, she had no qualms about laying on the lounge chair in the nude, especially since her intentions were to entice Callie.

Laying on her stomach, Arizona made sure that her legs were positioned slightly apart so that she was brandishing a vertical smile. She could feel the brunette's presence as Callie walked up beside her. Trying to pretend as though she didn't notice, Arizona felt her heart flutter as her juices began to flow.

They had not yet christened their retreat so the tension became a growing presence. Callie was very understanding and allowed Arizona adequate time to rest before she and the blonde performed the ritual that was a sign of their deepest commitment and love.

Looking over to her wife, Arizona was not surprised when her naked body beckoned Callie.

The brunette leaned in to allow her lips to gently brush the back of Arizona's neck. The blonde wife could feel her whole body prickle with goose bumps, but Arizona refused to stir.

"Why fight it? You know you want to or, you wouldn't be out here without any clothes on," Callie whispered. Intriguing is what she always found the blonde to be. Enticing is what Callie felt her wife was many times over.

Arizona's resistance amused Callie. They had both relaxed for some time and, Callie felt up for the challenge now. She knew Arizona was ready as well.

Drawing circles with her tongue on Arizona's neck, the brunette then gently blew cool air. "I bet you are so wet right now. You're just trying to fight the urgency between your thighs. Aren't you?"

Arizona smiled, her body involuntarily shuddered causing Callie to snicker softly, making a low rumbling sound in the blonde's ear adding to the onslaught of sensations. Sinking her teeth into the flesh at the base of her wife's neck, Callie smirked as Arizona could no longer stifle the moan that escaped her lips.

"You are so sexy." Callie husked as she pulled off her own shirt. There were just too many clothes on her body and, Callie rid herself of the offending garment.

Seconds passed and Arizona shivered as her wife used an index finger to trace lines up and down her back and buttocks. Callie allowed a finger to stray towards the center, quickly wetting the tip with the blondes flowing nectar.

The sensation startled Arizona and her hips thrust forward, pressing firmly against the soft material of the lounge chair. Gripping the corners of the cushion pulling it towards her in anticipation, Arizona bit her bottom lip.

Quickly Callie drew away. The blonde didn't dare turn in her wife's direction, but the silence has Arizona curious. Her curiosity turned to excitement quickly as she heard the sound of Callie's zipper being released.

The blonde could feel her vaginal walls begin to pulsate as wetness escaped the folds of her pink center. The first blow of the brunette's firm hand cracked down firmly on Arizona's warm skin creating a distinct smack that echoed in her ears.

"That's for tempting me and then ignoring me." Callie said.

The pain reminded Arizona that she was very alive and Callie's hand gently caressed the injured area ensuring her that it is all in good love. Callie was always and would always be a gentle but firm lover.

"The games have just begun and I am hungry for more." Callie whispered.

Arizona never thought that after years of marriage she could crave her wife as though she were a school girl, but here they were in Fiji. A week long retreat filled with sexy surprises.

"I'm ready to continue this upstairs, Mrs. Torres." Callie smiled, holding out her hand to help her wife up.

Taking the offered hand, Arizona stood, several inches shorter than her wife. Holding the blonde close, Callie inhaled a whiff of Arizona's shampoo.

"You have got to stop wearing that scent or I won't be able to control myself."

A mischievous smile donned pale features. "Maybe I don't want you to control yourself." Arizona finally spoke.

Callie responded truthfully. "You're so getting fucked in a minute."

The blonde giggled, causing Callie to smile. Pulling on her wife's hand, Arizona didn't waste any time leading Callie up to their bedroom. Once inside their room, the blonde slipped her thumbs in the sides of her wife's lace panties and pulled them off quickly.

"Wait. I don't want to rush this Arizona. I want to cherish this moment with you." Callie whispered against her wife's lips.

She was the sentimental one, the romantic one many times in their marriage. Callie preferred to make love to her wife, not just have sex.

Arizona smiled as Callie slowly caressed her bare skin, feeling every inch of her toned body.

"You're beautiful." She said, bringing Arizona close.

Arizona held her breath as a soft tanned finger traced the curve of her breast. The familiar touch of her wife sent chills through her body. This was a touch she would never tire of.

"Breath mio tesoro," Callie said. (Breath my treasure)

Automatically obeying, the blonde breathed in and breathed out. Slow and steady, her heart pounding, she could feel her body crave her wife's intimate touch.

Callie's fingers twisted around her nipple, soft at first, then hard. As the brunette's mouth landed on one breast, she played with the other. Callie was driving her wife over the edge.

Callie sucked the blonde's nipples until they were taut and angry red. Arizona moaned softly.

"I want you now." Callie whispered against the blondes lips.

"I'm all yours...All week." Arizona smiled, pulling her wife onto the large comfy bed.

Finally, they pressed their bodies against each other and suddenly everything got extremely heated. Callie and Arizona stared into each other's eyes and their lips met once again. Callie intended to take the lead as always.

Taking Arizona's wrists in her right hand, Callie stroked down her wife's left torso. Arizona arched her body into Callie's hand, seeking that sweet contact. Holding her still, Callie dipped her head to suckle at her lover's breast and gently rolled the nipple of the other breast between her thumb and forefinger.

"Sweet Jesus!" Arizona almost erupted off of the bed but, Callie held her in place. It seemed like hours that she held her writhing on the bed, sucking first on one breast and then the other, always tugging and tweaking the opposing nipple with her strong fingers. Had Arizona thought her heated core was wet before? It had been bone dry compared to the ocean between her legs now.

"Please, Calliope! Please!"

"Please, what?" Callie grinned evilly as she raised her dewy lips from Arizona's distended nipple.

"Please fuck me! God, I don't know how much more I can take!"

Callie smiled and released Arizona's hand. She began kissing her way down her lover's body until she reached the blonde's hips. She grasped her legs and pulled the quivering thighs apart - gently kissing the soft skin on the inside of her knees as she moved closer to the source of sweetness. Arizona's mound was so stunning. Callie gently spread her pouting lips apart, and gazed at her wife's wet, wet, center. Arizona had become so aroused that her clit was trembling in need. Ignoring that tempting skin, Callie gently ran her tongue around the edge of her opening.

"Fuck!" Arizona screamed, and her juices trickled even thicker.

Not waiting for her to recover, Callie dipped her tongue inside and began lathing the interior walls, sucking that sweet nectar into her mouth.

"God," Callie murmured, "You taste so good."

The brunette could feel Arizona's thighs quivering beside her head as she came again, and again. Only then did Callie slide her index finger into that slick tunnel.

"Yes! Oh, yes! Please!"

"Do you like the feel of my finger inside you?" Callie asked. She knew Arizona did.

"God, yes! More, please, more!" Arizona panted.

"You want me to put more fingers inside of you?" Callie asked. She was teasing her wife in a very loving way. She knew Arizona wanted to be filled.

"Mmmm...yes, please. I want to feel you fill me up!"

Callie pulled her finger out of her wife and the blonde moaned of disappointment. But, her disappointment didn't last for long. Callie immediately drove four fingers into her wife's tightness.

"Fuck! Yes!" Arizona howled.

"You really want to be filled up, don't you?"

Arizona was crying incoherently. "Please! I need it Calliope! Please!"

Callie stoked the fingers of her other hand in Arizona's slickness, and dipped her face down to her jutting clit. She began moving the four fingers back and forth, spreading them, pushing them deeper. She licked her wife's clit, flicking it, sucking on it. Within moments, Arizona was writhing in the grips of another orgasm. At that moment, Callie pulled her fingers out of Arizona's sex and before she could howl her disappointment, the brunette drove her entire hand into her lover. She stretched her wide and slid her right hand into her, up to her wrist.

"Shit! Fuck! Shit! Yes!" Arizona screamed out.

The feeling of power was incredible, and Callie was not about to let go of it a moment too soon. She gently rotated her hand so that her fingers could stroke Arizona's g-spot.

"Holy Mother of God!" Arizona shouted as she was so adamantly fucked by her wife.

"That's for tempting me earlier..." Callie husked. Her wife had teased her for a while by their pool and, this was the best payback she could think of. Not to back for a punishment...was it?

"Oh God..." The blonde panted.

Arizona's hips thrust up so hard. But the brunette wasn't nearly done with her wife yet!

"I'm going to make you scream..." Callie whispered.

She pushed Arizona back down to the mattress, and with one movement caressed her g-spot again, gently bit down on her clit, and slipped two fingers into her wife's ass.

"UUUUUUGGGGGGG! FUUUUCCCKKK! YEESSSSS!" Arizona screamed, writhing as she came within mere seconds of being filled.

Callie began lapping up the juice that squirted from Arizona's oh, so wonderfully filled sex. The juice squirted again and again and Callie drank every drop. Multiple orgasms rushed over the blonde's body, causing earthquakes of great proportions.

"I can't..." Arizona mumbled. She was spent and, it was all too much now.

As Arizona's body collapsed back to the bed, Callie gently pulled her fingers out of her wife's ass and her other hand out of Arizona's wet mound. The blonde lay on the bed, lost in complete bliss while her wife went into the bathroom to wash up. Callie's hand was covered in thick slickness and more was oozing out, dripping onto the bed. That was the most intense orgasm Arizona Robbins-Torres had ever had in her life.

Walking back into the bedroom, Callie lay down to cuddle against her wife. The blonde's blue eyes fluttered and Callie realized that she was on the edge of unconsciousness.

"Arizona..." Callie called out.

Getting little response, the brunette gently slapped her wife's cheeks until Arizona opened her eyes. The pupils were dilated but, the smile that spread across the blonde's face was something that Callie couldn't miss at all.

"Fucked you senseless huh?" The brunette chuckled. "And, on the first night too." Finding this irresistibly funny, Callie laughed as her wife could only nod. A smile donned the blonde's face as she continued to steady her breathing.

She leaned into Arizona's form. "Too bad there's only six more days and nights like this..." Callie whispered, kissing her wife's cheek. "But, I'm going to make the most of them."

"Yea..." The blonde mumbled. "Me too Calliope."

Giving a long, sensual kiss on her wife's lips, Callie was ready for more. She was ready to receive, not only to give. "Now, get up... it's my turn now." Callie ordered as a smile the size of the state of Texas crossed her face.

"Absolutely..." Arizona smiled and nodded with an evil glint filling her blue eyes.

This was the beginning of their Fijian Fling and it appeared it was off to a terrific start.

The following morning, they explored the island. Sleeveless shirts and shorts with sandals was the attire as the wives spent the day together. No real agenda was planned as they both enjoyed their first official day on the island.

"How about we change things up tonight for dinner?" Callie suggested to her wife as they are their ice cream.

"Sure. What did you have in mind?" Arizona asked.

"How about a little role play?" The brunette smiled.

"I'm down with that Calliope."

Callie scratched off the time and address of a club in town. Handing it to her wife, she explained that Rocco would drop the blonde off first then, Callie would come a few minutes later."

She smiled as she folded the post on her hands and stuffed it in her pocket. "You've got a date, Mrs. Torres." Arizona giggled.

Hours later, Arizona saw her as she entered the bar. The brunette was her friend. Lover. Partner in life. Her wife. Calliope Torres...Arizona's one and only true love. Oh but tonight, Arizona did not know her. Tonight, they were strangers.

Role playing in marriage can be a fun way to spice up marriage. The truth is that role-playing doesn't have to be about kinky sex, and it doesn't mean that you are bored with your lover. It's a way of changing the routine up, living outside the boundaries a little. That is, if your partner is comfortable with it. And, as we all know, these two wives were more than comfortable with one another.

The sexy brunette walked slowly clutching her purse as she took a few steps to sit at the bar. Turning her head, the blonde looked at the gorgeous specimen. Was there anything more beautiful than this woman? She didn't believe there was. The brunette was a few seats away from her but, she had managed to capture the blonde woman's heart.

Something came over her as she watched the taller woman's every move. Seeing the brunette whisper in the bartender's ear, he returned with a very dirty apple martini in mere seconds it seemed. As she raised the glass to her plump lips, the tanned features of a woman that was strikingly beautiful smiled, as if one of her best memories has crossed her mind. What was she thinking, the blonde woman wondered as she looked around the room.

"I can do this..." Arizona nodded. She picked up her drink and moved to the empty seat next to the brunette.

The brunette glanced in her direction, looking at her from head to toe. Their eyes met and the blonde woman smiled at the beautiful brunette sitting alone at the bar.

"Here by yourself," The blonde asked.

"Yes." The brunette answered.

"What is your name?"

"Shelly." The woman responded. Her smile was extraordinarily sexy, as was the rest of her.

"That's a lovely name. Are you here on vacation?" Intrigued by the brunette's answer, she awaited the response.

"I'm here visiting some friends for a few days." The brunette replied. She never volunteered any other information. Turning her head and look at the bartender, the blonde noticed that the woman's martini was almost finished.

"Can I buy you another martini Shelly?"

"Sure. If you fancy that."

"We need two martinis over here!"

As the brunette got her new drink, she smiled at the blonde woman and said, "Thanks. Oh...I didn't catch your name. What did you say it was?"

"I didn't. You can call me...Allison." The blonde replied. She hadn't even thought of a name until now and, this was the first one that popped in her mind.

"Well, it's a pleasure to meet you...Allison..." The sexy brunette smiled again. "Do you live here?"

"No. I'm in town on business for a few days."

"Ooohhhh...a business woman. I like that kind..." The brunette smirked as she took a long sip of her martini.

She sat in amazement as she watched "Shelly" polish off her drink. And, she couldn't hold her tongue anymore. Two pale hand touched the brunette's lap without any thought.

"Would you like to accompany me to the dance floor?" The blonde asked. Bold. Risky. She knew "Shelly" would say yes. Why on earth would she say no?

Without hesitation, the brunette accepted the woman's request. "I'd love to." She said, taking the offered hand as the beautiful blonde led her to the dance floor.

Their bodies met and the blonde placed her hands around the brunette's waist. The way the brunette moved seductively against the blonde woman, made her body react in ways it shouldn't. Her face was close to the brunette's and even though the lights were dimmed, she could see the smirk on the tanned features.

The brunette moved her hands and her fingers meet the other woman's with practiced ease. The blonde continued to gaze into the brown eyes as they talked. She tried to distract herself a little by looking around the room. Everyone stared at the two woman as their bodies moved as one, almost as if they were making love on the dance floor.

She moved so seductively, exciting the blonde to no extent. The fragrance given off from her neck was alluring and for the moment they both could picture the two of them in the bed with that aroma in the sheets. The DJ mixed in "Love in This Club" and almost immediately the brunette raised her leg and wrapped it around the blonde's waist resting it on her slender hip. Grabbing, her thigh and pulling her closer, the blonde watched as the brunette ground against her.

Even with all the yelling, the loud music and people screaming next to them, the blonde still heard the brunette whisper in her ear, "I want you so bad."

Pulling back to look at the blonde, she waited for a response. Taking her hand, the blonde walked around the waistband of her wife's pants with her fingers and ventured down inside the brunette's panties.

Out the corner of her eye the blonde could see people looking at them. Raising and eyebrow she looked back down at the beautiful Italian woman's body sliding past her fingers. The brunette's arms wrapped around her neck and her ass popped up and down on the blonde's fingers until she pushed them inside.

"What are you..."

"Shhh...just dance..." The blonde whispered. "You know you want it."

Playing with her smooth clit, she asked, "This is what you wanted wasn't it?"

The brunette nodded, her head falling back as the blonde watched her lips silently move to form the word, "Yes."

Complying happily, the brunette began to move, pushing the blonde's slender fingers closer to hitting her g-spot, higher, deeper each time she moved around. Looking at each other, the two women admired and adored on another. And for that moment, everything in the club was in slow motion.

"Oh God..." The brunette moaned loudly as a crowd dancing next to them turned their heads to see the two ladies that were definitely making out on the dance floor now.

Staying connected, their eyes never left each other for a second. "Fuck!" The brunette groaned. Her thigh began to jump and she didn't have to tell the blonde anything; she already knew what it signified.

Seconds later, the brunette leaned in towards the blonde woman, nibbled her ear, and whispered, "You're making me cum."

A smile fell on the slender alabaster face and she said nothing, just feeling the warm gush that poured on her fingers.

Kissing the blonde's cheek, the brunette moved to her lover's lips. "I love you baby," she said softly.

"We just met." The blonde chuckled, returning the love with a kiss as she removed her fingers slowly.

"Yea...they probably think I just met you but, we both know different." The brunette replied, trying to gather her composure.

This was nothing new, Arizona had a way of taking her wife in public and, on dance floors didn't she?

Nodding, the blonde suggested, "I'm thinking maybe we could go someplace a little more private." Taking the brunette's hand, she led her back to the bar. "I know a great place with an amazing view."

The brunette nodded and they exited the bar immediately after paying the bill. As the blonde waved the car that awaited her. "Is this your ride?" The brunette asked, acting impressed by the Mercedes that pulled up in front of them.


"It's nice."

"You could say that...I like to... travel in style." The blonde winked back.

They entered the car and sat far from each other, but their eyes were locked. Arriving within a few minutes, she showed the brunette inside the large house.

"Have a seat on the sofa and, I'll fix us both a glass of wine." The blonde suggested.

Full of mischief, the brunette replied, "Why don't you fix yourself two glasses Allison. I bet you're a lot of fun after a few drinks..."

"Oh, I think one is enough for tonight. I think maybe I need to be a little more sober tonight." She smiled back and threw yet another wink to the sexy brunette that was sprawled out on the sofa. She looked as if she was waiting to be...taken, right there on the sofa.

Entering the living room, she sat beside the brunette, gently touching her lap. "Touching you has sent shivers down my spine."

"Is that all you know how to touch?" The brunette said, biting her bottom lip.

They never talked, just gazed at each other for a few moments. "No, that's not all I know how to touch. Finish your wine and, I'll show you everything I know."

Taking a long hard sip, the brunette placed her glass on the table. "Done." She said. She was ready...oh so ready.

Closing the space between them, their lips met with fiery passion. Smaller pale hands moved to the back of the brunette's neck, pulling her closer.

"Arizona..." Callie whispered.

"We're role playing...remember?" Arizona answered.

Callie moved her hands on the blonde's back moving it up and down. Arizona moved her lips to Callie's neck and this drove the brunette crazy.

"Oh Arizona..." Callie moaned.

"You're supposed to stay in pretend mode honey," Arizona husked her her wife's ear. "The names's Allison..."

The brunette's soft moans were making Arizona more excited by the second.

Callie closed her eyes and she said the first thing that came to her mind. "I've never done this before. This first time."

Trying to stay in the mood and continue role playing with her wife, Arizona bit her bottom lip to keep from smiling. She'd just taken her wife on the dance floor and, hell, she'd taken Callie many, many times over the many to count. This was definitely not the brunette's first time. Nevertheless, Arizona would play along.

" want me to be gentle since, this is your first experience?" She asked.


The blonde nodded, pulling the brunette's face close to her own. "Sure. I can do that baby. I can make love to you very gently." She said in an understanding tone.

Many times, Arizona was the wild one in the bedroom. However, tonight...her wife wanted it gentle and oh so sweet. That, she could do just as well if she was asked too.

Tugging at the brunette's top, she helped her raise her arms as she slid it off the perfected tanned body. "God, you're amazingly perfect." The blonde said. "Any woman would be lucky to have you."

Callie smiled, "You should know." She said, capturing her wife's lips.

"We're supposed to be..."

"Fuck the role playing..." Callie mumbled as she pulled her wife in for a lengthy kiss.

Unclasping Callie's bra, Arizona tossed it aside to start nibbling at the brunette's perfect breast, first the left then the right. Using her teeth, the blonde realized this excited Callie.

Two tanned hands were behind Arizona's neck pulling her harder on her breasts. "Fuck yes Arizona..." Callie moaned.

Realizing the role playing was pretty much done with, Arizona decided to stop reminding her wife to stay in pretend mode. Why bother with that? Sex was the ultimate goal, wasn't it?

Arizona moved her lips down the tanned body, tasting every inch of the sexy brunette she had picked up at the bar.

"I'm glad I brought you home with me." The blonde smiled.

"Me too." The brunette replied. "I knew you were a woman I wanted to love the first time I met you in the hospital."

Arizona stopped and looked in the dark eyes of her lover. Scanning each other's faces for a few seconds, the blonde smiled and nodded. They never could just have sex, it was always so much more between them than just the physical act of love. Heart and soul...that's what they shared.

Tugging at her wife's pants, Arizona pulled them down her legs, tasting the tanned skin as the pants left her body. There was such a hunger in those blue eyes. Looking up at Callie, their eyes met again. Arizona stood up and took off her own blouse and skirt. Their lips met once more and the blonde couldn't get enough of her wife.

As tongues started their dance, they touched. Two bodies, full lips, tongues... all moved as one. Arizona pushed her wife back onto the sofa to lie on top of Callie and even with their underwear on; they could feel each other's sex. As they moved rhythmically together, very slow, enjoying each motion, wave after wave, they needed more.

Callie rolled her wife over on the sofa, she was on top. She was in charge. But, it wouldn't stay that way.

"I brought you back here. I'm in charge tonight." The blonde whispered, topping her wife swiftly.

Callie smiled. She could let go of a little control, couldn't she? "Sure...Go ahead..." Callie stated.

Taking a quick, hard nip of the brunette's shoulder, Callie hissed as her wife marked her. "Mine." Arizona said.

Kissing passionately again; the blonde's hands explored the brunette's body. Devouring her body with her lips as she moved to Callie's already wet center, Arizona didn't hesitate in taking off her wife's underwear. Arizona slowly parted the brunette's legs and begin gently licked her clit.

"Oh Arizona..." Callie moaned with pleasure.

She started teasing the brunette. Arizona's tongue licked a little faster and every now and then as Callie could feel the blonde's teeth rub gently on her clit. That sent her wild with excitement.

"Fuck!" Callie yelled.

Bucking her hips toward the blonde while holding the back of Arizona's neck in place hoping she would suck a little harder, Callie closed her eyes. Was sex ever boring with her wife? No, not ever.

Taking that as an invitation, Arizona trailed her tongue to the brunette's opening. Feeling Arizona moan, her lips vibrated against the brunette's wet slit and Callie felt as if she was about to climax, but she didn't want to. She wanted to cum at the same time with her wife.

A slender pale finger found her wife's opening and with one swift move, slid right in. Oh the pleasure...

"Oh God!" Callie groaned. Moving her hips back and forth, she was hoping that the blonde's finger would go in deeper.

"First times are fun...let me show you a little more of my skills..." Arizona smirked. Her finger started dipping deeper and deeper finding her wife's G spot.

Arizona slipped in a second finger gently and she watched as she wife came undone before her eyes. Callie bit on her lower lip and tried not to scream out. The feelings, the waves of passion that overcame her were uncontrollable.

"I want to taste you." Callie said. "I can't wait any longer." Pulling the blonde to kiss her, Callie tasted her own wetness.

Arizona sat on the sofa and Callie slowly spread her wife's legs apart. Kneeling before the blonde, she slid Arizona's underwear off. Starting with her wife's toes, licking and sucking each one, Callie slowly moved her way up to Arizona's calves and then over to her knees.


"Shhh...No talking..." Callie ordered her wife.

Trailing her tongue over slender thighs, the brunette spent a few moments kissing the inner thighs of her wife. Slowly, she parted Arizona's wet lips and stuck her tongue inside.

"Shit!" The blonde moaned. As Callie slowly licked her several times, the blonde cried out, "Oh God...Yes..."

Holding her wife's lips apart, the brunette adored Arizona's slit. The wetness was spread over her wife's clit as Arizona's juices poured out. Sucking on the blonde's clit until she start moving her hips, Callie smiled when she felt Arizona hold her head as she rocked back and forth.

"Suck my clit harder..." The blonde groaned. And, her wife complied.

Within a few seconds, Callie licked her way up over her wife's stomach, to her breasts and then finally her neck.

Arizona's hands fell behind Callie's neck caressing the brunette as she moved her tongue over the blonde's jaw and into her mouth. Callie straddled her wife and seconds later, a slender pale finger entered her.

Callie arched her body back, giving her wife easy access to enter her. Slipping a hand between her and Arizona, the brunette entered her wife with a gentle force.

Fucking each other slowly, they moaned as they rocked against one another. Never once did their eyes avert.

"You turned me on tonight..." Callie whispered. "Taking me on that dance floor was all kinds of crazy..."

"You made me...want to...fuck you in the...oh the bar." Arizona said, trying to get her sentence out as she felt her orgasm trying to take over. They needed to come together, so she tried to hold off as long as she could.

They continued fucking each other until Callie felt herself breathing faster and faster. She could feel her wife's heart beat and, it was racing as well.

"Oh Arizona...Arizona...oh Arizona...Fuck me Arizona..." Callie called out her wife's name, over and over again as she came against her wife's talented fingers.

At the same time, Arizona was screaming "Oh God...Oh God...Oh God..." over and over again as they made love.

Callie could feel the blonde's insides contract and she knew her wife was coming. Arizona held Callie against her as if never wanting to let her go.

"You're amazing..." Callie mumbled. Sliding her finger out of her wife, she put it toward Arizona's lips. The blonde tasted it and Callie moved her own head to suck on it as well.

"You're taste is irresistible." The brunette husked in her wife's ear. Moving her finger, they began kissing passionately.

"I love you." Arizona whispered against Callie's plump lips.

"I love you more." Callie replied, as she kissed her wife slowly.

As the exhaustion kicked in, they fell back onto the sofa. Callie lay on top of her wife and Arizona's hands were on the brunette's back holding Callie against her body. It was quiet as they reveled in their shared experience and soon enough, their eyes closed and the two fell asleep.

Hours passed and, in the morning, Callie woke up and looked at Arizona while she lay sleeping next to her on the large sofa. Only a light throw covered their bodies as they slept through the night.

Callie watched her wife and she sensed that Arizona was awake. Minutes passed and, as always, the blonde opened her beautiful blue eyes. Callie's lips curled and with a mischievous smile, she said, "Good morning baby, love of my life, what role should we play tonight?"

Arizona smiled and kissed the tanned hand that had her ring on it. And, she said, "You are my best friend as well as my lover, and I do not know which side of you I enjoy the most."

Callie started to cry. Their intimacy was at a whole different level this week and, she was having problems keeping her emotions in check at times. It was love in its purest form, and it had the power to cure both the ones who gave it and the ones who received it.

Arizona continued, "And, I treasure each side Calliope, just as I have treasured our life together."

"Cara mia, ti voglio bene." Callie replied. (My darling, I love you.)

"Ti do il mio cuore" Arizona replied back. (You have my heart.)
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Quote Credit:

"You are my best friend as well as my lover, and I do not know which side of you I enjoy the most. I treasure each side, just as I have treasured our life together." ― Nicholas Sparks, The Notebook

Chapter Text

"13 Candles"

"One your birthday today, allow us to assure you that no matter what mistakes you make in life, Or the troubles you pass through, Your Mom and I will always be looking over your shoulder Gavino, ready to catch you. Wish you a great Birthday darling and may you get the best of everything in life. -Love, Mama"

Several Weeks Later...

"Thirteen. You are officially a teenager." Callie beamed as she looked over at her oldest son. Gavin was now about to embark on some very interesting years. Callie, bless her, she was now the mother to a teenage son. Poor Callie and Arizona...God bless them both. They were definitely going to need it in the coming years as many parents could attest.

The teenage years bring many changes, not only physically, but also mentally and socially. During these years, adolescents increase their ability to think abstractly and eventually make plans and set long-term goals. Each child may progress at a different rate and may have a different view of the world. Gavin was always the level headed one, the boy that would go farther than even he dreamed of, yet...he was just still a child with his entire future ahead of him.

"I know...he's so grown up." Arizona said, pinching her son's cheeks as she stood from the table where they had just finished eating cake and ice cream.

Gavin, as always, endured the sentiments because, that was his mothers'. They were quite the sentimental fools at times but, he loved them so...crazy as they were.

Of course as always, Monty was there to tear the brunette's happy moment into shreds. "Doesn't that mean that you and mom are getting old?" He asked Callie with a smile.

Her smile turned upside down after hearing that. "Age is a state of mind. I'm not old and, you need to hush." Callie replied sternly. Turning to Arizona the brunette looked a little upset. "I'm old." Callie said, her eyes misty.

"You are not old." Arizona chuckled, kissing her wife's lips. "He's just playing with you Calliope. Now, my mom and Eddie want to watch the video we took of our Fiji trip. Could you be a doll and go upstairs and get it for me? It's in the video camera case."

Turning around the blonde left and went to the kitchen to begin popping the popcorn they would all consume tonight as they watched the video reel. Not only had sex been on the agenda for the Fiji trip, sightseeing had been as well. Tours, zip lining, snorkeling, she and Callie had done it all while they were there. And, most of it was caught on film.

"Monty, be a doll and fetch the camera case will ya." Callie said, throwing her son a smile as she rose from her chair. Her knee was bothering her from zip lining and, the brunette winced in pain.

"To old too climb the stairs...I told ya..." Monty laughed as Callie had trouble walking to the kitchen.

Whipping around, she glared at her son. "I'm gonna..."

Callie was interrupted by Gavin. "He's just messing with you mama. You're not that old." Gavin smiled.

"Thanks...I think..." Callie said, trying to register if that was a compliment or a feeble attempt at making her feel better.

"Age is a state of mind." Gavin continued. "I feel like I'm older than thirteen to be honest."

"You look like you're barely thirty, Mrs. Torres." Bridgett smiled. She was just the sweetest young lady, wasn't she?

"Thank you sweetheart." Callie smiled, patting the girl's cheek. Callie wasn't sure if the young girl was sucking up to her or being truthful but, either way, she liked Bridgett. She was good for Gavin, Callie thought. And, Arizona as well as the little girls were quite fond of the blonde girlfriend that Gavino Torres had acquired. And, if you knew the truth, those sentiments would last for years to come...Bridgett McKinnon would always be their favorite.

"Thanks for the card and the money." Gavin said to Callie, placing a kiss on her cheek.

"You're welcome. Save it up. You never know when you'll need it." Callie winked at her son and his girlfriend Bridgett as she walked in to the kitchen to help her wife.

Leaving the two young teens alone in the living room, Callie walked in on her wife dealing with a demanding set of little sisters. Gabby and Hope walked in the kitchen to inform the blonde mother of their desperate need at the moment.

"We're hungry." Hope said, her hands on her hips. She was never bossy but, maybe every once in a while she took a turn and learned from her older sister. This was just one of those times apparently.

Of course, Gabby needed no help in the bossiness department whatsoever. "I need food." Gabby agreed. "I'm gonna pass out if you don't feed me. Hope ate cake but, I can't eat cake mommy."

"I still hungry." Hope chimed in.

Arizona looked up at Callie and laughed. "Well, we certainly don't want hungry children around this house. Tell you what, you two sit at the bar and, I'll fix some fruit for you to munch on while we wait on the popcorn."

Fifteen minutes later, the family was all gathered around the living room, popcorn in hand as Callie dimmed the lights.

"I don't like the dark." Hope whined to her mothers.

"It's okay baby. You can see the television better if its dark." Arizona said.

"But I don't like it." The little brunette replied.

"You want to sit with me and mommy?" Callie asked her daughter.

"Yes!" Hope replied, grabbing her popcorn and jumping in her brunette mother's lap. Callie winced from the pain as Hope landed on her knee.

"You have got to get that seen about Calliope." Arizona whispered to her wife.

"I'm fine." Callie stated, looking ahead to the television. She dismissed her wife's suggestion on X-rays and an official examination. And, that drove the blonde insane but, what could she do? Callie was just being Callie. She wasn't going to the doctor...she was "just fine."

"I can't wait to see this video!" Barbara said. "I've always wanted to go to Fiji."

Eddie turned around to his wife. "I never knew that." He said amazed at that revelation. They shared everything but, he hadn't heard that one.

"Yea..." Barbara smiled. "It's always been a place I'd like to visit."

"Well, we should go!" Eddie nodded. He would take this woman he married anywhere. Of course he could, ole Eddie had more money than the rest of the family knew about. Well, everyone except for Callie. She knew everything there was to know about Eddie, never once sharing it with anyone else in the family, not even her wife. That was interesting to say the least.

"Maybe we can one day..." Barbara smiled, giving her husband a kiss on the cheek. This marriage had been so different from her first and, it had been a much more fulfilling one as well. The Colonel was sometimes demanding and, quite stubborn where as Eddie was just the opposite. He was loving, affectionate and, always wanting to do something special for his wife.

"Get a room!" Monty yelled as he looked at his grandparents kissing.

"Mind your business." Barbara said to her youngest grandson as she rolled her eyes.

"Okay...let's just get this party started." Arizona said, as she looked over at Gavin. "Hit the play button Gavino."

"I don't have the remote to the camera." He replied. "Hope had it."

"I don't have it." Hope said, shrugging her shoulders as she sat in Callie's lap. "Monty had it."

Monty looked at his sister and then to his parents. "I don't have the freaking remote! Why am I always the one that gets blamed for everything?"

"Because you are alway guilty of something." Callie said, eyeing her son. "Where's it at?" She asked. Callie just knew Monty was hiding it.

"Mom! I swear I don't have it!" Monty looked to Arizona. She was always his saving grace from the brunette.

Intervening, Arizona suggested, "Okay...Okay...let's just flip on the lights and everyone look for it."

"No..." Callie argued. "I just got comfortable sitting here beside you. the button on the video camera." Callie said looking to Monty.

"Why me?" He asked.

"Because..." Callie turned her head to the side. Why? Because she said so, was there any other explanation to his question?

Monty stood up, and shook his head. His mama and her reasons why something was to be done never made any sense to him whatsoever.

"Thank you sweetie," Callie smiled as Monty took a seat in the recliner next to her.

"Sure..."Monty replied, munching on some popcorn.

"You don't want to get up because you knee hurts. That means you need to go to the doctor Callie Torres." Arizona chastised her wife.

"I am fine." Callie smiled sweetly. "Let's just watch the movie darling."

Everyone awaited the moment when, the beautiful waters of Fiji would appear. However, that wasn't what they were treated with on this fateful night of Gavin's thirteenth birthday. As the home video begin to play, it certainly wasn't Fiji they were watching...

"You are a dirty girl Arizona Torres. I'm going to teach you a lesson." Callie said.


She gave the blonde a firm stinging spank on her ass. Arizona whimpered again.


Another one, a little harder. "Oh, fuck..." Arizona yelped, feeling an orgasm approach.


The sting of Callie's palm on her ass shot through her body... She couldn't stop her animalistic desire, her hips instinctually grinding on the rubber phallus, needing that sex. And Callie kept pushing her. Harder. Faster. More.

"You like me fucking you like this?" Callie asked, reaching up and grabbing a handful of her wife's blonde hair, pulling Arizona's head to the side.

"Fuck..." Arizona groaned.

"OH MY GOD CALLIE!" Arizona screamed as she jumped up from the sofa, spilling her popcorn on the expensive rug her wife had purchased just days ago.

Gavin's and Bridgette's eyes were glued onto the television set as, Arizona and Callie were on full display, having what was probably the best sex of their entire married lives. And, everyone was now a witness to that heated night weeks back. Remember that night?

"Arizona?" Barbara said in shock as Eddie covered his eyes and looked down. He couldn't stand to see this so he jumped up and walked into the kitchen, in a quick manner.

Callie sat there in complete shock, never once moving. To be honest, with her knee, she couldn't jump up as fast as her wife anyways but, in reality, the brunette was simply frozen from the shock of the scene happening before her. She looked at the screen until Monty snapped the brunette from her thoughts.

"Damn..." Monty said. "Adults are freaky." He watched but, it was so embarrassing. And, the room was quiet again...

"UNNNHHHH!" Arizona uttered, not even able to control what came out of her mouth. "Oh God!" Her body convulsed in a spasm...

Poor Arizona, she tried to turn the camera off but, as usual, she wasn't the best at working the damn thing. "CALLIE! DON'T JUST SIT THERE! HELP ME PLEASE!" Arizona screamed again at her wife. So frazzled, the blonde couldn't even think what to do. Pressing the fast forward button for a few seconds, didn't help much either. And, then, she hit play once again.

"You are going to remember this night for a very long time darling." Callie husked in her wife's ear.

Callie grabbed Arizona's forearms and pushed them behind her, crossing her wrists behind the small of her back... all the while fucking her from underneath.

With no way to hold herself up, Arizona laid heavy on Callie's chest. The wet, slapping sounds with each of Callie thrusting impacts, could clearly be heard.

"Dirty pretty thing..." Callie said to Arizona.


"Take it Arizona...take it like a boss..." the brunette said in a determined voice.

"Oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit..." Arizona cried.

Arizona pressed the rewind button and Callie hobbled over to turn on the lights. "How do you shut the damn thing off?" Arizona cried out in desperation.

Why she didn't just power off the television was beyond anyone's understanding. However when you're in a situation that is so baffling, sometimes even the best person, even the most experienced adults get discombobulated sometimes. That was the case with the baffled blonde pediatrician.

"I have no idea how to shut if off but, please do." Monty said, covering his eyes and lowering his head. This was just awful. Awful. Just...well, it was... awful, he thought.

"What are you and mama doing?" Gabby asked, while Hope munched on her popcorn incessantly as she stared at the television.

"They're hugging," Barbara answered Gabby, covering her granddaughter's eyes.

Arizona finally stood in front of the television to block the kids view as it continued to play. The children, especially the two teens turned their heads to watch their mother's acting out a very intense fantasy.

"Turn the damn thing off Arizona!" Callie yelled as she reached around her wife to press the power button at the bottom of the television.

"You should have just hit the power button! What is wrong with you?" Callie yelled to her wife as she stood in front of the blonde. She couldn't turn around, not after all of that being witnessed by her children and, Gavin's girlfriend.

"I...I panicked Calliope." The blonde panted, out of breath and almost in a state of hyperventilating. "Oh God...they saw us. They saw everything." Arizona said, laying her head on her wife's shoulder.

Callie was not very nice to Arizona seconds ago but, it wasn't what bothered the blonde at all. She knew Callie was frustrated and embarrassed as much as she was, if not worse.

To be honest, Callie was more embarrassed than Arizona...after all, she was the one fucking the blonde like there was no tomorrow, wasn't she? Standing with her back to the rest of the family, Callie tried to gather her composure. She couldn't even discuss sex with her sons let alone, handle them viewing the sex tape she and Arizona made a while back. And, then, her moment arrived. The one single moment that every mother would fear and probably rarely experienced.

"So, that's how it's done." Gavin said. "I get it now."

Bridgett shook her head and, she started to laugh. Monty smiled. "Dude, it's our moms having... S.E.X." Monty whispered, spelling out the last part. "You weren't supposed to be watching."

"You were watching." The older boy replied.

"Yea because, I thought freaking Fiji was about to start. But, apparently, they tapped over that..." Monty replied, rolling his eyes.

"Are you two going to handle this? Or am I going to have too?" Barbara asked her daughters. Too much time was elapsing and, the kids needed someone, preferably an adult to discuss what they had just seen.

Callie shook her head. She wasn't discussing this. Arizona looked at her mother and whispered, "Take the girls to the kitchen and I will handle it."

"Gabby and Hope, I think there's ice cream in the kitchen for you two." Barbara smiled. "Let's go see if Pop will make ice cream cones."

"Yay!" The girls squealed, dumping their popcorn on the floor and chasing after Barbara.

Callie looked at her wife. The blonde was standing directly in front of her. "Sorry I screamed at you." Callie said, as she had tears in her eyes. She was about to be a sobbing mess at that moment in time.

Arizona nodded and stepped to the right, facing her children. ", I'm sorry that you three witnessed that. I'm so sorry Bridgett."

The girl nodded. She really didn't know what to say. She's never seen sex like that in her life. To be honest, she'd never seen sex at all. However, her family was a progressive family and the topic of sex was discussed in their home. She had an open dialogue with her parents and, Bridgett often asked things that, she needed answers for. So, one could say she was as prepared as Gavin was. If that's any consolation at all.

Arizona begin to explain. "Sex is a natural part of marriage and adulthood. It's completely normal, its universal. What you saw was our personal, private time and, it wasn't meant to be seen by anyone else. I'm very sorry you witnessed that. I want you to understand that physical love and intimacy is special and, mama and I are here to answer any questions that you may have."

Handling it as well as she could, Arizona sniffled, trying to keep it together. This was the single most embarrassing moment in her life. There would NEVER be another moment quite like this one for the blonde or the brunette.

Callie was beet red as she faced the television screen with her back to her children. She tried to steady her breaths. She wasn't about to answer any questions. Hell, she'd just assumed to have ran out of the room but, she knew Arizona would call her to come back in and face everyone. So, Callie stood stock-still, waiting for this to end.

"I have no questions." Monty said. "Can I be excused?"

"Yes." Arizona nodded. She knew her son was as embarrassed as everyone else in the room.

"I don't either." Gavin said, looking down to the floor.

"Me either." Bridgett added as she glanced over to the kitchen.

"Okay...well, I think that it's safe to say that, family night is officially over. So, Bridgett...I'll just take you home in a few minutes." Arizona smiled sweetly at the blonde girl. She would discuss this with the girls mother and, hopefully that would go better than she figured it would. The McKinnon's were a nice family but, how would they take what their daughter had seen at the Torres' home?

"Yes Ma'am." Bridgett replied.

As Arizona turned around, she saw her wife walking upstairs. She knew Callie was upset and, would definitely want to be alone for a while. Deciding to leave Callie to wallow in her misery, the blonde walked into the kitchen to check on the little girls and the grandparents. And, as she suspected, everyone in there was just fine.

Sex is natural. It happens. And, it's nothing to be embarrassed over at all. However, no one wants their children to witness them in the act, or on camera. But, I'm sure that, Arizona and Callie weren't the only parents that this had ever happened to. They were still good parents, just careless ones. But, who among us have been perfect? Exactly...I rest my case.

An hour later, the blonde wife walked into the house as Barbara and Eddie met her at the door. "Everyone is in bed for the night. How did it go with the McKinnons?" Barbara asked Arizona as Eddie walked to the car. Poor Eddie, he couldn't look Arizona in the eyes at all after seeing that on television.

"Better than I thought. Her mother seemed to understand. I think she'll let her come back to visit." Arizona said, her face lowered as if she were ashamed. And, she was. Who wouldn't be a little?

"Hey," the older blonde grandmother smiled, holding her daughter's chin in her hands. "It's part of marriage. You were right when you told them that earlier. And, they'll be getting to that phase much sooner than either you or them can possibly imagine. The timing was bad but, you'll both live through this. Much worse things can happen in a marriage besides your children seeing you have sex."

Arizona laughed, "You are right about that." She said.

This little bump in the road wasn't the end of the world. Not by a long shot. Much harsher and crueler things could happen in life that this. Just keep that in mind.

"Give me a hug. We're leaving early, we've got a long day tomorrow. The Grand Canyon awaits me and ole Eddie." Barbara smiled.

"Be safe." Arizona said, hugging the one person that, could always make any problem she had just a little bit better. Mothers can do that, can't they?

"I will. And, don't video anything else. Okay?" The grandmother teased.

"Believe me...we won't." Arizona replied, as she showed Barbara out and locked the door.

Turning off everything downstairs, the blonde slowly walked up the steps that led to the second floor of their home. It was quiet in their home tonight, and she knew that was partially due to what had happened. Poor Gavin, he'd probably remember his thirteenth birthday for years to come, Arizona thought as she walked to her bedroom door.

Entering her bedroom, she closed and locked the door. Looking at the bed, Arizona noticed it was empty. But, she heard sounds coming from the bathroom so, she decided to see what her wife was doing. Opening the door, the blonde was surprised to see Callie sitting on the bench in their large tiled shower...crying.

Opening the foggy glass door, brown eyes looked up to meet blue orbs. "What's wrong Calliope?" Arizona asked.

Callie sobbed. "I'm so embarrassed. Our kids will never respect us. They'll... never see us in the same way again. And, it all happened... in front of... Bridgett...How will I ever face her again?"

To express the fact that Callie Torres was upset, was really not expressing it well at all. She was just devastated by what had happened. But, hey...that's life. It would pass, even if she didn't think it would. Everything gets better with time. Time...marches on.

"Oh Baby..." Arizona said, placing her hand on her wife's swollen knee.

As the blonde's blouse became wet from the water cascading down from the shower head, Arizona started taking off her clothes. Stepping into the steamy shower with her wife, she tried to comfort the one person that would always comfort her when she was upset about something. "They will be okay honey. I've explained everything to Bridgett's mother and she was understanding. Things like this happen sometimes but, it's no need to be so upset Calliope."

"They will be scarred of life." Callie sobbed.

"No they won't." The blonde chuckled. "But, we will be. We'll never forget this day as long as we live. Hey...let's just be sure to view the next thing we tape ahead of time before we show it to the rest of the family. I mean, if they kids hadn't been there...that was some very steamy sex we were having. It would have been quite the turn on" Arizona said, causing her wife to cry and smile at the same time. Her intentions were to cheer her wife up and, that's exactly what she was determined to do. A sad, gloomy Callie Torres just wasn't going to happen, if Arizona had anything to do with it.

"It was steamy..." Callie chuckled, wiping her eyes as the water sprayed down on her and the blonde in the shower.

"Why don't you and I finish getting bathed and, then maybe we could recreate that night again...minus the camera." Arizona raised her eye brows at her wife.

"Why not just recreate that night in the shower." Callie said, pulling her wife to sit on her lap. Straddling the brunette's legs, Arizona closed her eyes as her wife pulled her close to her sex.

And, the blonde wife thought, she would have liked an invisible cloak to get out of that mess they were in earlier, but there wasn't one. Like many of us, Arizona felt that life should come with a trapdoor. Just a little exit hatch you could disappear through when you'd utterly and completely mortified yourself...But life did not come with a trapdoor.

"Come on baby...ride me harder." Callie husked in her wife's ear as she pressed the blonde against her sex even more, needing to feel more of the slick mound that belonged to her blonde wife.

With her head thrown back and her state of awareness now gone far away from the embarrassment scene, Arizona smiled. She wanted to feel embarrassed by her desperation, same as Callie but, she was too busy feeling desperate. Desperate for her wife's touch, her wife's kisses, her wife's hands that so wonderfully enveloped her rear and pressed her to become one with the brunette.

"I love you..." Callie mumbled as she bit down on her wife's alabaster skin, marking the blonde as her own.

Sheer happiness was what Arizona felt as her wife begin to rub her clit. "Scopare, baby, è la cosa che ti piace di più al mondo." (You like to fuck, baby, better than anything in the world.) The blonde said, causing her wife to look at her with a shocked expression. Callie knew the blonde was studying up on her Italian but, she had no idea Arizona could speak that well.

"Yes, I do." Callie replied with a wide grin.

Her wife was simply amazing and, never ceased to surprise Callie, even after all these years. Just moments before Arizona climaxed, Callie looked into the blue eyes that would always be her compass, her guide and she thought, "When you find somebody you love, all the way through, and she loves you—even with your weaknesses, your flaws, everything starts to click into place. And if you can talk to her, and she listens, if she makes you laugh, and makes you think, makes you want, makes you see who you really are, and who you are is better, just better with her, you'd be crazy not to want to spend the rest of your life with her..."

Their shared orgasms were felt, expressed, given freely...over and over again as they made love that night in the shower. Love, it's what makes the world go around, they say. But, the truth is..."Love doesn't make the world go 'round; love is what makes the ride worthwhile."
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"Thinking, not for the first time, that life should come with a trapdoor. Just a little exit hatch you could disappear through when you´d utterly and completely mortified yourself... But life did not come with a trapdoor. " ― Michele Jaffe, Prom Nights from Hell

"When you find somebody you love, all the way through, and she loves you—even with your weaknesses, your flaws, everything starts to click into place. And if you can talk to her, and she listens, if she makes you laugh, and makes you think, makes you want, makes you see who you really are, and who you are is better, just better with her, you'd be crazy not to want to spend the rest of your life with her. (Carter Maguire)" ― Nora Roberts, Happy Ever After

"Love doesn't make the world go 'round; love is what makes the ride worthwhile." — Shannon L. Alder

Chapter Text

A/N: Since some of you asked, I went ahead and released this chapter early.

The beginning of this chapter is dedicated to my daughter. She just turned 16. And, these events are based on several true and frightening experiences we've been through as I taught her how to drive over the past year. However, I must say that, she has improved dramatically since it all started a year ago. But, as all parents feel with a teen driver, I'm still scared shitless!

With that, I give you...

Time Marches On

"Time marches on for each one of us, The beat of its drum carries on without fuss, but amidst it beats, come the events in our life, Some happy and sad, and some that cause strife..." Author Unknown...

Two years passed and Gavin Torres was fifteen years old. Where had the time gone, his parents wondered? Don't we all wonder that sometimes? Can you still remember being fifteen yourself? This was the time of his life when driving was exciting, expected, and a whole new world of pressures were unveiled.

Learner's license permits, they are issued to all teens that can pass the written test, at least that's what happens in most states. However, that doesn't mean that, the child can drive. There's a difference in answering questions on paper and, having the common sense to operate a vehicle. You know, many children aren't really meant to be behind the wheel of a car at fifteen, even if they pass the damn test. But, that's what happens in many states across the U.S. Scary as fuck, to tell you the truth.

"Turn left Gavin." Callie said, as they stopped at the stop sign just several miles from Arizona's office.

Today was yet another day of driving practice before Gavin took his road driving test at the DMV in a few months. Poor Callie, she was the only one that would ride with Gavin as, his blonde mother and siblings refused to step near the car when he was behind the wheel. Let's just say that, after almost wrapping the blonde's escalade around a tree, Arizona nor his siblings would be apart of Gavin's driving experience. Couldn't blame them at all.

"I said turn LEFT!" Callie yelled.

"I did!"

"No! You turned right!"

"Oh...I keep getting my left and rights mixed up." Gavin stated, pressing his hand to his forehead.

"Keep both hand on the wheel son!" Callie said loudly to get her son's attention.

Callie could feel her chest tightening. How was her son such a bad driver? Why was she the one to bear this burden alone? Why the hell was she even allowing him to drive in the first place as he was so bad at this? Those questions crossed the brunette's mind as she sat in the passenger seat on that cloudy day.

As they approached the red light near Wal-Mart, Gavin failed to notice the large upside down triangle sign that read "YIELD". It was there for a reason, as he was about to find out.

"FUCK!" Callie said, helping her son steer the car out of the way as best she could.

"What do I do?" Gavin asked.

"Hit the fucking gas pedal!" Callie yelled as she looked out the rear window at the car that, was approaching mighty fast.

Gavin took her advice and shot the juice to it, fast and furious like as he narrowly escaped being hit broadside by a large white van.

"You were supposed to yield!" Callie said, holding her chest. "Fuck, Fuck, Fuck." She mumbled to herself as she lay her head back against the seat.

"Is that what that sign meant?" Gavin asked. "I knew I'd seen it before."

Mumbling out loud, the brunette said, "Dear God...whatever I've done, please bless me with at least one child that can drive. That's all I ask Lord." Poor Callie, she certainly was struggling with this wasn't she? Her feelings of hopelessness and desperation were valid, very valid.

"Very funny," the oldest boy laughed. He just couldn't seem to grasp this driving concept at all.

"Son, you are swerving in the other lane." Taking the wheel, Callie steered him back to his lane. "What were you doing?" She asked.

"I like sightseeing." Gavin responded, happy as he could possibly be to sit behind the wheel and just, look around and drive.

Callie snapped, as she should have. "Not while you're driving! You can go sightseeing when you sit in the passenger seat but, never while driving."

"I know mama."

"I wonder sometimes." His mama replied under her breath. Callie had about all she could stand of driving for today. Her nerves were literally shot to pieces.

"Pull over at this restaurant. I'm driving." She said, as she held her chest. Dear Lord, she knew exactly why Arizona refused to ride with and teach Gavin. He had not been successful at the driver's ed class at school either and, Callie thought that a little one on one time spent with Gavin would benefit him more. Boy, was she ever wrong.

"My whole life just flashed before my eyes." The brunette said, as Gavin came to a stop in the parking lot. The abrupt stop caused Callie to hit her head on the side of the door.

"OUCH!" Callie yelped.

"Sorry mama." Gavin frowned. He just could not seem to acquire a smooth stop on any of his driving practices.

"It's my fault." The brunette said. "I should never have taken my belt off." And, it was her fault...Callie had unbuckled her seat belt a little too soon. Better stay buckled up when riding with Gavin Torres. Always.

"I need a cigarette." Callie said, rubbing her head.

"You don't smoke." Gavin said, confused by his mother's words.

"Exactly...but, if we keep driving together Gavin, I promise you, I'll smoke six packs a day." She said, stepping from the car and, rubbing her knee.

Her knee still gave her problems every now and then. It was an old injury from zip lining in Fiji a couple of years back. You remember that trip, don't you? The brunette had refused to go see a doctor and, by the time her wife managed to drag her there, Callie required surgery to fix the torn tendons in her knee. It was painful but, Callie had recuperated well. Only when it rained did her knee bother her. And, as the clouds gathered in the sky, the brunette knew the reason for her aching knee pain today. It would most certainly rain this evening.

Gavin and Callie switched places and he climbed in the passenger seat wearing a broad smile. "Where are we going?" He asked his mother.

"To your mother's office. I need a CT scan of my head after I hit the metal on the edge of the door." Callie said annoyed by her son's harsh braking habits.

"Come on...I'm not that bad..."

"Not that bad?" Callie asked as she pulled onto the road. "Gavin, if you get your license, it will be because I bribed someone at the department of motor vehicles. Seriously son, you suck as a driver."

"Yea...I know but, I'm going to hire a chauffeur like you do. I don't even need to know how to drive really."

"Are you even my child?" Callie asked. She and Gavin were probably closer than any of her children but, sometimes, as the teenage years waned on, Callie couldn't understand where he some of this thoughts came from.

Arriving at Arizona's office, Callie and Gavin stepped out and made their way to the side entrance. As she placed the key in the door, Alex Karev opened it swiftly, causing the brunette to take a hard hit to the temple once again.

"Shit!" Callie yelled.

"Oh God...I'm sorry, I didn't see you there Callie." Alex said.

"Now I need an MRI." The brunette replied, holding her head as she walked inside to find her wife. The blonde doctor was the only one that could kiss her boo boos away, if you knew the truth.

The two wives were still best friends and closer than they ever were. Nothing was kept secret from one another any more. And, that brought on a whole new dimension to their marriage and, one that they'd never really had before until the past couple of years. Everything was an open book with them and, they both found that so liberating.

"Callie? Gavin? What are you to doing here?" Arizona asked as she stepped in the hallway, exiting a patient's room.

"I hit the brakes too hard and mama hit her head on the door frame of the car. And then, when we walked in, Alex hit her in the head with the metal door."

"Damn!" Arizona chuckled. "That must have hurt like a..."

"Mother fucker! Yes, I know. Will you please see about me?" Callie whined. "I'm getting beat up today and, I don't deserve it at all. I just want to go back home."

"Poor baby..." Arizona said, placing her arm around her wife's waist. "Does Dr. Arizona need to make it feel better?" Her calm and soothing voice always made Callie smile.

"Yes..." Callie said with her bottom lip poked out, wearing a tiny smile that was barely visible. She loved this kind of attention, if you knew the truth. The brunette looked just like Hope did when the little brunette whined. It was quite adorable, her wife thought.

"I'm going to get something to drink from the fridge in the break room." Gavin said, whipping out the phone as he walked away. He did what he always did this time of day, and that was, texting Bridgett McKinnon.

Closing her office door, Arizona ran right into her wife as she turned around. "Honey?" The blonde commented. "Are you alright?"

"Arizona we are in big trouble. Gavin sucks at driving. He's goes to get his license in a few months and I'm not sure that he will even pass. And, if he does, I'm not sure I can afford the liability of him driving. He will kill someone and we'll be sued again or he may even kill himself I'm afraid."

The lawsuit that Callie and Arizona had been presented with two years prior was over. The insurance had settled and paid Karen Hatten one million dollars. As much as they were relieved it was all over, there was still always a little worry in the back on Arizona's mind about Karen. Anyone would have felt that way, considering the circumstances surrounding the death of Karen's husband.

"Sweetheart you're panicking." Arizona replied to her wife's comments. "He will be ready and do just fine I am sure when his driving test time comes."

"I'm mortified Arizona." Callie replied, grasping her wife's shoulders. "You don't know what I go through daily with him."

"Okay...just calm down Calliope. And, we'll talk about this later. Right now, I really want to examine that knot on your head."

Sitting, the brunette whined as Arizona pressed around. "It's sore!" Callie hissed in pain.

"I know baby. It's just bruised is all." Arizona said, pushing back the brunette's hair from her tanned face. Sitting together on the sofa, the brunette lay her head in her wife's lap. To be near Arizona, it was always a restful feeling.

School was in session and this year, Hope Torres had found her way to preschool. Unlike Gabby who was ready to go, never looking back, Hope clung to Arizona and Callie every morning with fierceness. Some mornings, the literally shoved Hope in the classroom with the teacher and slammed the door shut. It was the most pitiful sight you'd ever seen in your life. And, that always tugged at both the mother's heartstrings.

"How was Hope when you picked her up today?" Arizona asked.

"Crying. Begging not to go back tomorrow." Callie sighed. Every day, it was the same thing with the little brunette girl. She hated school, just hated it to no end.

"I wish you would have brought them by to see me." Arizona said, massaging her wife's temple.

"Well, I would have but, Gavin wanted to practice his driving and you know how the kids feel about riding with him." Callie chuckled.

"Monty is the most outspoken." Arizona laughed. Poor Monty, he cursed up a storm when he had to ride with Gavin and, the little girls didn't need to hear that. Although, the girls were growing up...Gabby was now six and Hope was four but, they were still babies in the mother's eyes.

"We'll, Gabby and Hope feel the same way. When Gavin ran over that squirrel, the girls just flat refused to go anywhere with him." Callie said, as she closed her eyes to rest a minute.

"It could have happened to anybody." Arizona laughed.

"True." The brunette replied. "But, he's hit a cat. A bird. And he almost hit a deer if he hadn't slammed on the brakes." Poor Gavin, he was always hitting some kind of animal and a couple of times, almost clipped a pedestrian or two. But, does it really count if, you almost hit them? Gavin didn't think so but, his siblings and his mothers did.

"And, you've been fussing about slamming on brakes. See, that one time it came in useful," the blonde teased with a sinister smile.

"You're cute when you make jokes." Callie said, opening her eyes and gazing into her wife's blue orbs.

"So are you," the blonde winked.

"I'm cuter with my clothes off," the brunette giggled, running her hand through the long blonde strands of hair that fell across her wife's shoulder.

"I agree with that one hundred percent," Arizona replied, slipping her hand into her wife's blouse and squeezing Callie's breast.

"Don't start what you can't finish Arizona."

"Who says I can't finish?" The blonde whispered, capturing the brunette in a long kiss as she massaged her wife's right breast, giving it the attention it deserved. "I could take you right here..." She smirked.

Hearing Gavin clear his throat, Arizona slipped her hand out of her wife's shirt and placed it on Callie's stomach.

Turning her head, the brunette said, "Look who's back. Mr. Toad's Wild Ride." Callie smiled at her son, she was relentless on teasing him. Well, someone had to do it didn't they? Sometimes the only way you can survive a situation is to make jokes and laugh.

"Laugh all you want but, just remember we are going to practice parallel parking next after we leave here." Gavin smiled, showing all his teeth. He knew Callie was going to whine about that.

Turning to her wife, Callie immediately started whining, "Please don't make me do this Arizona. I don't want to anymore. I love my life and, I don't want to die too soon."

Laughing at her wife's antics, Arizona said, "You'll survive Calliope. You always do. And, if not you...then who? I'm sure as hell not teaching him."

"Two of the best parental figures a kid could have sitting right here." Gavin smirked. "I feel so good about myself now." Of course, he was teasing his moms. Gavin was confident and, he knew he'd master this driving test eventually.

"Hush up and get in the car." Callie said as she stood up from the sofa.

As Callie and Gavin walked out of the blonde doctors office, Arizona called out, "Don't forget to be sure the hotel has the ballroom reserved for us tomorrow night."

Addison and Mark's long engagement was finally coming to an end. They were set to get married next weekend. Callie was the Matron of Honor and she was also in charge of the red heads bachelorette part tomorrow night at one of her hotels in Las Vegas.

"One step ahead of you honey. I've taken care of's reserved." Callie said, blowing her wife a kiss as she slid into the passengers seat of her Mercedes car. "If I don't make it home alive tonight, I love you." Callie waved to her wife.

Yelling to her son, Arizona said, "Gavin! Bring my wife back in one piece please. I'm too young to be a widow."

"Got it mom!" The older boy laughed as he closed his car door. His parents, always full of jokes and teasing. But, he loved them just the same.

Twenty-Four Hours Later...

Choas has erupted in the Torres' home. Gabby was crying because she had her finger smashed in the door and it looked a rather pitiful sight but, it wasn't broken thankfully. Hope was pouting because she was wanting one of her mothers to rock her to sleep this evening. It had been yet another long day at school and, as thankful as the little brunette was for the weekend to arrive, she dreaded Monday morning most of all. Poor Hope, would she ever get over her hatred of the classroom and kids?

Gavin and Bridgett were at the movies with the blonde girl's parents. They would be out late tonight. And, Monty was sitting on the recliner, quietly checking the horse races on his iPad. Yes, he still snuck around when he had the opportunity. Did you really expect any different from him?

"Callie! You're going to be late!" Arizona called upstairs to her wife as she doctored the little blonde's finger while, Hope held onto her mommy's leg whining.

As the brunette came down the stairs at a rapid speed, she corrected her wife. "No, we're going to be late. You are going too." Callie stated.

"I'm not going honey. Gabby is in pain. Hope is sulking, look at her. And, Monty doesn't think I know but, he's checking the horse races on his iPad."

Callie screamed, causing everyone in the house to jump. "MONTY!"

"Huh?" He answered, shoving his iPad under the sofa.

"You're busted! Bring the iPad and your phone in here right now!" Callie said.

Turning around, Callie begged her wife, "Come on and go with me to this thing. I don't want to go without you."

Arizona wrapped Gabby's finger with some gauze. "Honey I would but, I have no one to keep these three. Mom called and she's sick. She thinks it's a migraine and she can't lift her head off the pillow. Eddie just had surgery on his back, he can't watch the girls. And, nanny is on vacation with Rocco's wife. We have no babysitter. Do you have any more suggestions for who could come and stay with them?"

Callie nodded. "Rocco could stay and watch..."

Shaking her head, the blonde wife said, "You would really leave our children with a trained assassin?"

"He's reformed." Callie replied, shrugging her shoulders. Seeing her wife was not impressed, she said, "Okay... no...that's not a good idea," she sighed.

"Honey...Just go with Addison and Teddy and everyone else and have fun. I'll be here when you get back in the morning."

Callie then suggested, "Gavin could watch them..."


"Okay. I'll go alone. All by myself. Dejected. Miserable. Sad..."

"Calliope!" Arizona said again, her tone was pleading with her wife to stop this...there really wasn't any other option that Arizona could think of.

Agreeing to stop, Callie smiled. "I understand Arizona. I'm just teasing you. But, if your mom feels better, call me and I'll send the jet back to pick you up."

The blonde nodded. "Agreed," she said. "Now you better get going. You're hosting this event and, all those ladies will be waiting for you at the airport."

"I'm going, I'm going..." Callie smiled, kissing her daughters goodbye. "I love you so much," the brunette added, pulling her wife into a tight embrace.

"I love you more." Arizona smiled back.

"Hey! You stole my line." The brunette winked.

"It's too good not to. Now go... and, have a good time." The blonde said, picking Hope up to sit on the bar beside Gabby. Monty walked in and set his computer on the bar.

"Did you bet any money?" Callie asked him.

"No ma'am." He answered honestly.

"Good. You're grounded and we'll talk about this when I get back." Callie stated as she walked out the door.

Six hours later...

Addison, Callie, Teddy and maybe around ten other ladies were sitting in one of the ballrooms at one of Callie's hotels in Vegas. Callie had her staff block the room off to everyone except those invited to this bachelorette party. And, it was turning out to be a very interesting evening.

Sitting toward the back, Callie watched as the women enjoyed the show several feet in front of her. She wasn't interested in the male form as her friends were but, she endured the evening for Addison. It was all in good fun. Male strippers and lap dances were certainly popular with the ladies tonight.

"Calllie! Get up here!" Addison yelled as she placed some money in the guy's g-string.

The brunette smiled and never moved. She had her staff hire some male strippers to come in and entertain the ladies tonight. Rocco was in charge of the entertainment. Looking at her phone, it was getting late and, she knew that Arizona was most likely in bed by now. Sighing, she felt a little pange as she wasn't too thrilled about spending the night alone without her wife. Taking yet another sip of her drink, the brunette looked up.

She could hear whistling and shouting over the thumping beat of the music as a couple of new strippers took to the stage. Callie sighed in her hands with her elbows on the table as she thought of about a million other things she'd rather be doing. Sure, back in the day, Callie Torres had been to strip clubs many times and had her fair share of lap dances. However, times had changed. She was married. Had children. She was settled.

"Come on, Callie, loosen up. You brought us here to have some fun." Addison yelled back to her friend that just couldn't seem to get into a good mood tonight. But, Callie didn't reply back.

A while later, new dancers and strippers came out on the stage and the brunette looked up out of pure boredom, feeling the effects of the alcohol kick in after she'd had a few drinks. Callie rarely drank much other than a glass of wine with her meals and if she did, it was usually in moderation. Control was what she thrived on and, the brunette knew that reaching a certain limit with alcohol could cause her to lose control before she knew it.

There were three strippers pole dancing, captivating the eyes of the women in the room, but she found herself not intrigued. She wasn't interested.

Callie was about to look away when she saw a set of white platform heels walk across the stage. Her seductive, languid strides could entice anyone, even Callie. Curious brown eyes traveled up the woman's long, bare legs that guided them to a mini skirt, if you can even call it that. Her smooth looking, milky thighs were on full display. Smiling, she walked provocatively to the center stage.

As anyone could expect, Callie's attention was gathered as she saw the tall brunette stripper. Rocco leaned in close to his boss, "Don't be mad but, we hired one that would interest you too."

Callie didn't move, her eyes were glued onto the woman on the stage as she danced. She took in the full view, watching the stripper's every move intensely as the woman wrapped her slender fingers around the pole and straddled it between her legs. Grinding her center against it, she slowly lowered herself before coming back up.

Her long, black hair fell behind her as she arched her back and rolled her hips to the pounding beat of the music. The sight was one of the the most erotic thing Callie had ever seen, if you knew the truth.

"She's something isn't she?" Rocco commented as the sexy brunette danced on stage. The woman turned and bent down, keeping her knees locked as she grinned her ass against the pole, resting her hands on her legs before she arose. The woman walked around the pole and hoisted herself up, spinning down to the floor before pulling herself up again.

"You're fired." Callie mumbled to Rocco, as she watched the woman dancing.

"Come on Callie, Arizona's not here and, we all have mistresses on the side. You're telling me that you're happy living like a saint?" Rocco asked. In the business they were in now and had been in, it was common practice to have someone on the side. But, that certainly did not make it right.

"I'm no saint," the brunette replied as she stared at the stage. "And yes, I'm happy." Watching the woman walk toward her, Callie felt her heart beat faster. She was heading in the Callie's direction and she couldn't believe this was happening. But, it was...and it was happening quickly too.

"Are you here alone?" The tall brunette asked, bringing Callie from her thoughts. Rocco stepped back and away from the situation that was about to erupt.

"No, I'm with these ladies." Callie replied, glancing over to the figure standing beside her.

"I'd ask what your name is but, I know who you are." The woman smiled. "Could I interest you in a lap dance...Callie?"

She left no room for Callie to respond. Before the brunette could bat an eye, the woman was sitting in her lap, grinding herself against the brunette's leg. Callie's skirt was short and, she could feel the wetness from the woman's heated center. She wore no underwear whatsoever. Dear God, that wasn't good.

Now, Callie wasn't the only one receiving a lap dance that night, please remember that. However, she was married. And, there's just a line that, shouldn't be crossed when you are married. Unless your spouse is fine with that...which, as we all know, Arizona would not be.

"Stop." Callie said to the woman as she was being so delicately felt up by two hands that positively knew the way to create sexual tension. The stripper was all over the brunette as she moaned in excitement. As intoxicated as Callie was, she kept it together better than many would have in her position. But, it should be duly noted that her reaction time due to the alcohol was much slower than it would normally have been.

Massaging Callie's breasts, the stripper's hands immediately became stilled as Callie grabbed her wrists. "I said, stop." Callie repeated harshly. Not wanting to make a scene, Callie's voice was low but, serious.

The woman looked at the gorgeous owner of this magnificent Las Vegas hotel. She didn't know Callie personally but make no mistake, she knew who Callie Torres was, everyone did. And, her sole attention was focused one one thing, pushing Callie over the edge. Many times, Callie had been in predicaments, even almost as precarious as these but, she'd always been faithful. She'd always remained unscathed. Power, prestige, it lured women to Callie and this was probably just another feeble attempt by some cheap slut to sleep with her.

Rising up just a little, the brunette stripper smiled and turned Callie's wrists, freeing herself from the tight grip Callie held her in. And, within a fraction of a second, the stripper took two of Callie's fingers and placed them in her wet slit. Sinking back down, she began to ride the brunette's hand as she moaned in satisfaction.

"Fuck" the woman cried out.

Callie had a choice to make here. She could stay and finish this, pushing aside any thought to the marriage that she'd held so dear for nearly fifteen years and continue fucking the woman that, was well on her way to having an orgasm. Or, she could extract herself from the situation, as difficult as that would be with an aggressive prowess sitting in her lap, coming undone before her very eyes. Yet, it was certainly still possible and, a good idea too.

This woman was determined to take what wasn't hers and be taken by Callie Torres, one way or another. In all of this madness, you have to wonder, why? Why single out Callie? Was she told to? Was she seeking fame or money? Why Callie and not the other women present? Was there a motive behind this? And maybe an even more pressing question was, would Callie continue or would she stop what was happening? The real question was...Would she cheat on her wife? That's what we really want to know.

Addison turned around just seconds after the woman grabbed Callie's hand and she watched the scene unfolding as was Rocco. The writhing, the moans as the stripper's head was thrown back could be visibly seen by everyone in the room. And, the red headed doctor couldn't believe her eyes. Was Callie really doing this? Here? Looking over to Teddy, Addison noticed that the blonde hadn't yet seen what was happening toward the back of the darkened room. Thankfully, Teddy didn't know because, she would most assuredly tell Arizona wouldn't she? Of course she would, that's what friends are for.

They say that time marches on, for each one of us. The beat of its drum carries on without fuss, but amidst it beats, come the events in our life, Some happy and sad, and some that cause strife.

The truth is, strife come into every marriage at some point. Even the most secure, the strongest of marriages and partnerships are rocked by events that present themselves without warning. However, it's how we handle the events that shows our truest character. Being faithful, it takes work, make no mistake about that. In fact, lots of people have been tempted to stray at some point in their relationships. As a matter of fact, we've all had... moments of weakness.

"Being faithful and monogamous is not natural for human beings. It takes work. Deep down we all know that. We have all been tempted to stray at some point or another. Even when it was only a fleeting thought and we didn't act on it. Every time we acknowledge that someone of the opposite sex is "attractive" or "sexy" we are doing nothing other than pointing out that they would be a suitable mate. Not acting on that natural impulse to want to mate with a viable mating partner requires a conscious decision. It's a constant struggle between what your body wants, and what the civilized part of your brain says you should do, in order to avoid the negative consequences of cheating on your spouse and ruining your long-term relationship. That's why affairs, and extra-marital sex, are often referred to as "a moment of weakness." - Oliver Markus
A/N: I told you...painful to write as it was to read.

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What will Callie do next?

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Will Callie continue because she is too intoxicated?

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Chapter Text

Not Under My Roof

"If you have sex with someone you're not married to, you tell a lie with your body. Your body testifies that a spiritual, supernatural and legal joining has taken place, when in fact it hasn't."

Callie walked in the front door of her home the next morning and lay her keys on the table beside the door. It was quite in her house. The children were still asleep on Saturday morning and today, she was thankful for the quiet in her life. After last night, she needed a little quiet. Still reeling from a massive hangover, her head pounded.

Last night had been a complete disaster. What started out as harmless fun quickly became a sickening torrid sexual encounter. An accidental sexual encounter on her part, one might say. She was innocent in what happened.

And, that's a burning question. What did happen? What events transpired last night in the ballroom at the Venetian?


Callie looked down at her hand that was buried inside the stripper's sex.

And, in an instant, without hesitation, Callie's rational thoughts were that she was a taken woman. She was married. This was adultury in its purest form if it were to continue. And, she didn't want it to continue. This wasn't what she wanted at all. Sge had said no. She may have been drunk but, she wasn't that drunk.

"Get the fuck off of me!" Callie yelled, shoving the woman to the ground.

"That was uncalled for you stupid bitch!" Callie screamed. Kneeling down, Callie wrapped her hands around the woman's throat and proceeded to squeeze the life out of her slowly.

This side of Callie Torres was well known to those that knew her best. She was aggressive and brutal if she was crossed. Both hands squeezed incessantly as the woman gasped for air.

"Callie!" Addison screamed as she saw what was happening.

Teddy turned around to see the horrific scene unfolding and she followed Addison over and yelled for Callie to stop as well.

"Callie! Stop!" Teddy begged. She knew that the brunette was more dominant and aggressive that Arizona but, Teddy had never seen this side of Callie Torres before.

Rocco stepped in, however, he got a very big surprise. As he tried to pull the brunette off of the woman, Callie reached around to the bottom of his pants leg and pulled the gun that he kept strapped and hidden from view.

"I'll fucking kill you," the brunette said through gritted teeth. "You put my hand inside of you. You nasty bitch! I said no!"

It was safe to say that Callie may have been inhibited, perhaps a little drunk, but she still knew what she was doing. She knew right from wrong. And, she knew that if she pulled the damn trigger, she would end this bitch's life once and for all. Honestly, she wasn't phased by that thought whatsoever after being put in this precarious situation.

"You could cost me my marriage doing shit like that!" Callie screamed in the woman's face.

Everyone looked as Callie was clearly out of control. But, could she be blamed for losing it after what had happened to her?

As she lay on the ground, helpless and scared out of her mind, the stripper held onto Callie's hand that was tightly encasing her slender neck. All she needed was a little air, just a little.

It was safe to say that Callie has officially crossed over yet again. With one hand wrapped around the woman's throat, the other hand held a gun, cocked and aimed in the woman's mouth. Callie's finger slowly begin to pull and...


The music had stopped just a few seconds before and a pin drop could be heard. Callie knew that voice and she looked up to her right to see it's owner.

The blonde shook her head as she walked closer to her wife. "Don't do that please." Arizona calmly stated.

Callie's breathing increased rapidly. She was pushed over the edge alright, the stripper had certainly done a great job of that as she had intended to do all along.

"She put my hand there...I didn't do it." Callie said, trying to explain to her wife as best she could. She was shocked to see Arizona standing there. As was everyone else.

"I know." Arizona nodded, speaking in a calming voice.

Worried that Arizona didn't understand or know the whole story, the brunette kept trying to explain what happened as she held the woman down.

"It was her..." the brunette continued, trying to plead her case. "I didn' wasn't intentional..."

Arizona's eyes glanced down to the gun that was still in the woman's mouth. Slowly, the blonde bent down so she was eye level with Callie.

"I know it wasn't. I saw what was happening. I was standing by the door on the other side of the room." Arizona explained, her brow tensed as she looked her wife in the eyes.

"Now give me the gun Calliope. She's not worth it." Placing her hands over her wife's, gently and slowly, the blonde extracted the gun from Callie's hand.

Callie whispered, "It was her..all her..."

"I believe you," Arizona smiled a small but, wary smile to her wife. She'd never seen her wife quite like this before.

One of the brunette's hands was still on the woman's throat. Callie swallowed hard as Arizona placed her hands around her face.

"Let her go." Arizona whispered, holding Callie's cheeks in her palms.

Her left hand slipped off the stripper's small neck as the woman named Val scooted back and gasped for air.

"You're not mad at me?" Callie asked.

"No," Arizona shook her head. Looking into Callie's eyes, the blonde doctor could see that her wife's pupils were slightly enlarged. She could smell her wife's breath, it was a clear sign she'd been drinking.

Callie blinked as she stared at her wife and continued to breath heavily. She wasn't sure that Arizona was even there. This felt as if it were some kind of dream. But, it wasn't. It was happening and it was real.

"Let's get up and go to our room." Arizona told her wife. She wanted Callie away from this situation as soon as possible. Callie nodded as she stood slowly.

"Did y'all see that? She just tried to kill me!" The stripper said in a raspy voice as she get of her throat. "I'll own this fucking hotel of hers."

Callie stepped forward but, she never got the chance to hit the woman. Turning around, the blonde hit the stripper in the face with her fist. Hard and heavy handed, Arizona gave it to the woman that had caused this scene, just like she gave it to Connie several years back.

"Damn." Teddy said out loud as the woman fell to the ground.

Arizona knelt down to the woman's ear and whispered, "I'm sorry to be the one to tell you this but, I own this hotel. This one is in my name now. It was transferred to me a year ago. You sue me, and I swear I'll put you somewhere where they'll never find your body. Don't fuck with me or my wife. Do you understand?"

Nodding, the woman appeared to understand very well. Those Torres women were not to be taken lightly. Arizona was sick and tired of being sued. Sick and tired of idiots that came into their lives causing trouble. And, she was not going to be pushed around by this woman either. You couldn't blame her at all really.

Standing up, Arizona shook her hand. It hurt like a bitch. She was excellent at giving right hooks but, as always, her hand would swell in a few minutes to an unbelievable size.

Seeing movement on the other side of the room, Callie looked up to see the shadow of a woman who appeared to have short hair leaving the room. Callie couldn't tell who it was as she strained her eyes to see but, she didn't recall seeing her earlier and this whole scene tonight was to be kept off limits to visitors.

"Rocco get her out of here." Arizona said, stepping over the stripper's body that lay on the floor.

"And check all the cellphones to be sure no one videotaped this." Arizona added.

Removing the woman, Rocco carried her outside. Arizona then announced, "The party can continue but, my wife and I are going upstairs. Have fun ladies. We'll see you all in the morning."

Taking Callie by the arm, the blonde wife smiled at Teddy as she and her wife walked outside.

"Damn." Teddy repeated again. She's never seen such a scene as that in her life.

"She's tough," Addison replied shaking her head.

Walking into the hallway, Callie looked around and saw no one. But, she knew that lady hadn't always been there, or she didn't think she had. "Did you see a woman leaving out of here a little while ago?" Callie asked Luca.

"Don't be mad Callie, but I just got back from the bathroom. But I didn't see nobody when I walked out," the man answered.

"Who?" Arizona asked.

"I don't know, I just saw a woman leaving the ballroom. Unless I was hallucinating. I've had a lot to drink." Callie replied.

"I can tell." Arizona chuckled. She knew Callie's head would be hurting terribly in the morning.

Looking down at her hand, Callie smelled the reminisce of the woman's fluids. "Fucking bitch," Callie mumbled. "I need to go in the restroom to wash my hands."

"Okay, I'll be here when you get back." The blonde responded with a smile.

Tonight hadn't turned out to be anything like Callie thought it would. Washing her hands, she started to think and, then she started to cry.

"This is why I never drink. Damn it!" She cried out. "I swear after this I'll never drink again."

Callie may have seemed to be going a little overboard with the sobering thought of never consuming alcohol again. But, she felt out of control and, she hated that feeling as she stumbled to the door. That promise, never to consume alcohol again, was one she would keep the rest of her life. Never again would Callie Torres drink a drop of alcohol. Never.

As they made their way to Callie's suite minutes later, the brunette carried the ice bucket for her wife's swollen hand while the blonde opened the room door. Before they entered, Callie stilled her wife's movements.

"What did you say to her when you bent down?" Callie asked. She was curious and she wanted to know.

Arizona placed her hands around the brunette's neck and whispered, "I told her I owned this hotel and she would have to sue me, not you."

"Oh." Callie said. She expected something much worse to be honest. And, it was much worse but, Arizona didn't feel the need to continue that conversation any more.

"When did you get here?" Callie asked.

Turning her head, the blonde replied, "I walked in and she was already sitting on your lap. I probably wasn't there but a few seconds before you shoved her to the ground."

"I know it looked like I was..." Callie swallowed hard, she couldn't even finish that sentence. She realized what it looked like and what it was and she felt dirty by what had happened.

"I heard what you told her and, I saw what I needed to see. It's okay Calliope. Really. It's okay, we're okay." Arizona confirmed.

She could tell her wife was struggling with this and, it was a hard pill for Arizona to swallow as well. No one would want to walk into a room and see their spouse in a situation like that.

"I could have ripped her a knew one I was so mad. But, I didn't have to, you handled her pretty well," the blonde added with a contagious smile.

Smiling back, Callie said, "I didn't handle her near as well as you did. I think your hand is broke."

"If it is, it was worth it," Arizona laughed.

"Hey! Who has our kids?" Callie asked.

"Well, I was sitting home feeling sad and then, it struck me...I knew someone that owed me a favor. So, I called him up...He was home alone and, he came right over." Arizona beamed.


"Alex. He asked to borrow some money a while back and, I told him consider us even if he would babysit tonight."

"The kids were okay with him staying?" Callie asked. They had never spent the night with Alex Karev before and the brunette trusted him but, she wasn't sure how the girls would feel.

"Oh they were playing dress up when I left. He had a tiara own and he looked like the bell of the ball." Arizona laughed, causing her wife to erupt in laughter too.

"You really are something." Callie smiled, her eyes roaming over her wife's body.

"Here. Put this sign in the door and maybe you and I can have a little pretend time of our own." The blonde winked, turning around and walking over to the bed, as she began removing her clothes.

Callie smiled. She was so buzzed but, she knew that in a few minutes she would feel a whole new level of euphoria. That is if she didn't pass out first. "This is why I can't drink this much," she mumbled as she walked to the door to hang the "Do Not Disturb" sign outside.

Turning back around, the door closed and Callie stopped, looking at the blonde that was lying across the bed, stretched out, legs wide open and, waiting for her.

"You gonna just stand there and stare or, get over here and let me show you a good time?"

Hearing her wife's voice, her words, the brunette smiled as she closed the space between them. "I'm drunk." Callie mumbled as she fell on top of her wife.

"I'm horny. I'm a little jealous and I don't care how drunk you are," Arizona whispered, capturing her wife's lips in a kiss. "I want to possess you. And show you that, you are mine, Calliope Torres."

So many emotions, so many feels and, the brunette was afraid she wouldn't remember half of it in the morning. But one thing was certain in Callie's mind as her wife started undressing her...she wanted this to happen and, she didn't want to be disturbed for the rest of the night.

End of Flashback...

They had quite a night and both wives were tired from the events, the liquor, the sex they had until the early morning hours and, the flight back home this morning.

Arizona walked in the foyer a couple of minutes after her wife. Callie stood quietly looking at herself in the mirror. Placing the overnight bag down, the blonde looked at the her wife. Callie appeared to be in deep thought.

Callie felt eyes on her so she looked over to her wife and she didn't even smile, she wouldn't look Arizona in the eyes.

"Hey, what's wrong?" Arizona asked.

And then, the brunette admitted her truest feelings. "I should've stayed home. I should have just planned something completely different. If I had planned something different, your hand wouldn't be broken and, I would not be hung over. I feel like shit. And that stripper would not have had her face rearranged. You know... I'm too old for stripper's and lap dances and, bachelorette parties and all that."

Arizona smiled at her wife. "We'll, my hand will be fine, I will probably be in this cast for six weeks. That's not too bad. And, you are not too old."

As the blonde doctors hand continued to worsen throughout the night, Callie took Arizona by the ER before they left Las Vegas this morning. X-rays revealed a slight fracture, just as they suspected. And, a short arm cast was administered. But, it wasn't the end of the world in Arizona's eyes.

"You can't change the past Calliope. You have to move forward and push on through. Stop worrying about the decisions and choices you made, you didn't do anything wrong. I don't regret hitting that woman, she deserved it...trying to take what wasn't hers. She learned her lesson."

Callie smiled, hearing her wife's words.

"Now, I want you to go upstairs and lay down for a while and I'll find Alex and send him home." Arizona added, kissing her wife on the cheek. "Run along...scram." The blonde teased, smacking Callie on the rear as she went in search of Alex Karev.

Callie shook her head and, obeyed her wife's command. Her head was still pounding and she knew Arizona was right. She couldn't change anything about last night. And, the wild sex they had afterwards seemed to make it all a little more bearable. She was surprised she even remembered it but, she did. Every dirty second of it.

Hours later, the blonde's email chimed on her cell and she checked her messages as she lay in bed with her wife. It was from an unknown email address but, the contents of the message wasn't foreign to her at all.

"What?" Callie asked as she lay on the bed facing her wife. Arizona looked concerned and that caused Callie to be concerned as well.

The girls were taking a mandated nap on that Saturday afternoon while Gavin, Monty, and Bridgett played air hockey in the pool house. It seemed that Bridgett McKinnon was over a lot lately but, neither Callie or Arizona seemed to mind. She was just, another member of the family.

"It's a video..."

"What video?" The brunette asked.

"The one with that bitch giving you a lap dance. And, you with a gun to her face. I don't know who emailed it."

"Someone took a video?"

"Apparently." Arizona said.

"But Rocco checked the phones." Callie said.

"I know but, someone else must have took one and we missed them."

Callie sat there for a few seconds and it dawned on her. "I bet it was her, the woman with the short hair in the back of the room. She left just before we left. You didn't see her?"

Arizona furrowed her brow. "No honey I didn't see anybody. I was looking at you and her. It was dark, I could have missed her but, I never saw any woman that I remember. Are you sure you didn't make her up in your mind?"

"I don't think so? Someone is trying to set me up. I know that had to be why this happened." Callie commented as she looked around the bedroom. Her wheels were turning, she was trying to figure out who was behind this.

"The stripper was to demanding and just came onto me out of nowhere." Callie said. " But why?" Callie asked.

"I don't know honey." Arizona said.

And then another email came after the video. Arizona read it aloud. "It's not nice to hit people especially after sexually assaulting them. What would the police say about that?"

Blue eyes widened as she read the message.

"Give me that phone." Callie said, taking it from her wife's hands. Arizona let go, handing it over to her wife. Callie squinted, but without her reading glasses she couldn't make out the print.

"Here." Arizona smiled, handing the brunette her specs.

"What the actual fuck?" Callie said as she read what the message said. "I didn't assault her! Who sent this?"

"I don't know. We can trace it and see who sent it. You can get an IP address from this somehow I think." Arizona suggested.

"I'll get my guys on it." Callie said, standing up to take Arizona's phone to Rocco. She would have him and Rafa on this immediately.

Speaking of Rocco, he and Callie had a long talk on the plane ride back home this morning and the tall guy was still a little skiddish of his boss. The brunette chapped his ears good about hiring the stripper for her benefit and enjoyment. Here's how that little scene played out played out...


After several minutes of Callie Torres berating the head of her security team, the brunette finally paused and allowed the man to speak.

Hanging his head, Rocco said, "I'm sorry."

The brunette was mad and her head throbbed from last night. "I don't care that you're sorry. If I wanted to cheat on my wife, on my marriage, I would have and I don't need you to find me somebody. The deal is, I'm happy Rocco. It may be hard to believe but I am. I know in our line of work it's commonplace and even expected to have a mistress on the side. I know you have one. Luca has one. Hell, most of the guys I employ have one. But, I don't want one."

"I'm sorry."

"Stop saying you are sorry!" Callie yelled. "That woman could have cost me my marriage. You should not have hired her. Where the hell did you find her anyway? She was all over me. I've had lap dances before in college but, that was a whole new level that even if I were single, I wouldn't be comfortable with what she did."

"Luca found her for me. I called her when he gave me her number and she said she would come. I'd never seen her before." Rocco answered his boss. "She seemed normal it, looks can be deceiving."

"I'm sorry." He repeated again.

"Just stay out of my personal life. Leave my marriage and my wife to me. I can handle my own affairs. Your job is to protect and to make sure that nothing happens to my family."

"I know. It was supposed to be in good fun but, I realize I crossed a line."

"Good. Now that you see that, don't go anywhere near the damn line again." Callie snapped. "And, find out who that woman was that left just before me and Arizona. Luca had to have seen her but he says he didn't. Did you see her?"

"I was to busy trying to get you off of the stripper and then watching you when you took my gun. I didn't see anyone else. I didn't even see Arizona when she came in." Rocco answered honestly. Too much had happened too soon and it was a confusing mess.

Callie sighed. She had a bad feeling about this but, she didn't quite have all the pieces to this puzzle together. Maybe she was worrying for no reason at all, she thought.

End Of Flashback

An hour later, Gavin bounced in the kitchen with his girlfriend and Monty trailing behind him.

"Bridgett wants me to go to prom with her!" He squealed like a little boy.

"That's great dear," Arizona smiled.

"You can take my limo." Callie winked at her son as she sliced and apple for her wife to eat. Arizona only had one good hand now, remember?

"How did you break your hand Mrs. Torres?" Bridgett asked.

Callie had offered a feeble explanation earlier in the day but, it really didn't make sense to anyone.

" did that happen again?" Gavin asked his mom.

Kids, they sure are nosy sometimes aren't they? If they're not watching your sex tape you made with your wife, they're trying to inquire about a fight you got into with a stripper. Those were Arizona's thoughts.

"Mom fell. Last night at the Venetian." Callie answered for her wife.

Arizona nodded and smiled. And, as always, you knew it was coming...might as well go ahead and brace yourselves...Monty chimed in.

"I thought you said she slammed her hand in the car door. But that wouldn't be the case because she wouldn't have a cast. Gabby slammed her hand in the door and she didn't get a cast. How come mom..."


"Yes mama?"

Callie looked at her son. He was to damn smart for her sometimes. "Why don't you and Gavin take everyone for a boat ride." She suggested, trying to throw her son off a little.

"Gavin can. I'm busy." Monty responded.

"What do you have to do that's so important?" Callie asked.

"I'm going over to Hunters house to play video games tonight."

"You didn't ask me?" Callie said. And then, the doorbell rang. It was Hunter.

"So can I?" Monty asked, finally.

"I guess so." The brunette replied. Anything to keep the ever curious Monty from continuing to try and blow their cover story. Seriously, how smart were these kids?

Gavin and Bridgett took Callie's suggestion and they rode on the pontoon boat with Gabby and Hope that evening before sunset. Both girls loved Bridgett. And, as you could image, both fought over her attention as well.

"I want to sit with her!" Hope fussed at Gabby.

"Go sit with Gavin," Gabby said, refusing to move over and allow her sister to sit with Gavin's girlfriend.

"You always sit with her! I want too!" Hope huffed, crossing her arms. She was an easy going child but, she and Gabby could tie up as all sisters do at times.

"I think there's enough room in my lap for both of you." Bridgett said, easing the tension between the two girls that wanted to be with her and felt she was very much a part of their family. And, in fact...Bridgett was. She was a very special part of the Torres family.

Gavin looked at the three girls that were onboard the pontoon boat and he couldn't help but smile. How lucky could a guy get, he thought to himself.

As they docked, the teenagers sent the little girls inside and they both went in the opposite direction which was, the pool house. They wanted to be alone and this was finally their chance.

After an little while of not seeing Gavin and his girlfriend, the blonde mother walked outside. She saw a light on in the pool house so, she went to inspect. And, to Arizona's surprise, things were getting pretty heated on the sofa as she saw Gavin sit up, undoing his pants.

"Oh hell no!" Arizona said to herself as she watched through the glass door. The blonde walked in and, cleared her throat as the two teens scrambled to get dressed.

"Mom!" Gavin said, shocked by her presence as he pulled on his shirt and feebly attempted to button his pants. "It was...I was just...we we're..." Gavin for once was speechless.

"Not under my roof." Arizona said, folding her hands across her chest. "You are soon to be sixteen and, Bridgett just turned seventeen. You're still children. This won't be happening in my house."

"We haven't ever had sex..." Bridgett said, starting to cry. Covering herself with her shirt, the blonde girl stood facing Gavin's mom as she was completely embarrassed.

"That's good. Let's keep it that way." Arizona replied to the girls comment. "I want you both to understand something, if you have sex with someone you're not married to, you tell a lie with your body. Your body testifies that a spiritual, supernatural and legal joining has taken place, when in fact it hasn't."

"I know." Gavin replied to his mom.

"From what I just saw, I'm not so sure you do." The blonde replied. "Wait till your mother hears about this."

"Please don't tell mama." Gavin begged the blonde mother. " She'll be mad. She'll be disappointed. She'll make us break up."

"I'm sorry but, I can't lie to your mother," Arizona answered back as she opened the door to leave.

"You don't have to lie just don't tell her. I swear nothing happened mom. And I swear we won't have sex." Gavin replied.

"Get dressed. Both of you." Arizona glared at the two teens that one day would get married. It may have been young love but, it was as pure as what she and Callie shared. Arizona didn't know it but, she was standing in front of her future daughter in law and in five years, Bridgett would be the mother to her hers and Callie's first grandchild. It, tonight, she could have cared less if she had known that.

When Arizona walked out, Bridgett hurriedly put her shirt on. "Oh my God Gavin! She saw us...she...she will probably tell your Mama parents."

"She won't. I know my mom. She'll never tell. Just trust me." Wrapping his arms around Bridgett, Gavin said, "Hey, don't cry. I love you and, as long as you're with me, you'll be just fine."

A little while later that evening, Callie had her family gathered around the table and she decided to share with them some very exciting news. "Were going to spend Thanksgiving break in Hawaii." Callie said.

"Yes!" Monty yelled out.

"I love it!" Gabby laughed.

"I want to stay home." Hope whined.

Gavin and Bridgett remained silent as they had the entire meal. This was noticed by Callie immediately.

"What wrong with you two?" The brunette asked the two teenagers that were caught making out just an hour ago.

"Nothing," was their response.

"We want you to come too Bridgett. Talk to your parents and if they approve, we'd love to have you."

"I'll talk to my parents," Bridgett said, looking over to Arizona as the blonde narrowed in on both Bridgett and Gavin. Callie looked at her wife and, she nudged the blonde with her hand.

"What's up with that face?" Callie whispered.

"Nothing..." Arizona turned her frown, upside down.

"Are you telling me the truth?" Callie asked. She didn't feel like her wife was being honest.

"No." Arizona mumbled.

"Pantry." Callie said, stand from the table and taking her wife by the hand.

Once inside, the brunette gave her wife an expecting look. "Well?" Callie asked.

"I caught Gavin and Bridgett making out in the pool house. And, if I hadn't walked in, they would have most likely had sex. Gavin's pants were being unbuckled and they were both naked from the waist up and..."

Callie held her hand up for her wife to please stop talking. The blonde was relieved it was off her chest as she looked at her wife.

The truth was, it was only an hour ago that she'd caught them and, she really hadn't had time to tell Callie. And, it felt good to not hold this in any longer. The openness and understanding she now shared with her wife was amazingly fulfilling and cherished. There was no more arguments or fussing. No hidden secrets, they bared their souls to each other and for that, they were flourishing in ways that even they didn't see.

Callie was quiet as she processed what Arizona had just told her. Her head was starting to spin.


Silence, not a peep was heard for the brunette that usually had an answer to their problems.


Most parents want to know if their children are sexually active so that they can advise them appropriately on their health and safety and intervene if they are concerned about inappropriate behavior. The only way to know for sure if your child is having sex is to ask him or her. While it might feel awkward, asking your child directly will set the tone for open communication about sexuality between you and your teen.

Callie remembered that spill that her wife had given her a few months back and, she started to feel a little dizzy.

Arizona looked as Callie stared off into space. And, the blonde knew her wife was about to do what she feared the most...PASS OUT.

"Oh My God! CALLIE!" Arizona screamed as she caught her wife and lowered the brunette to the ground.

"Dear Lord, she'll never make it when Gavin really does have sex one day..." Arizona mumbled as she slapped her wife's cheeks to wake her up. To be honest, Callie wouldn't even be able to say the word, "honeymoon" to her son and daughter in law in a few years she would be so embarrassed.

"What happened?" Gavin said, rushing to the kitchen and opening the pantry door.

"She passed out." Arizona said.

Bridgett, along with Monty cane and to see what was happening.

"What happened?" Monty asked.

"She passed out." Arizona repeated.

"What? Why?" Monty asked.

Before Arizona even thought to censor her explanation, she blurted out, "Because I told her Gavin and Bridgett almost had sex."

"Y'all what?" Monty screeched.

"Mom!" Gavin screamed. Of all the people that needed to know it was certainly not Monty. He could never keep his mouth shut.

"Shit! I'm sorry! I wasn't thinking." Arizona said, as she raised Callie to sit up. The brunette came too and was somewhat confused.

"What happened?" Callie asked.

"You passed out sweetie," Arizona answered.

Bridgett was no dummy. She slowly backed out of the large pantry door and eased into the dining room without being noticed.

Callie looked up at her sons that were hovering over her and, then...she remembered. Pulling Gavin's shirt, the brunette brought her son directly in front of her as her eyes were filled with intensity.

"You keep it in your pants. Do you hear me?"

"Yes ma'am..."

"If I catch you or her having sex, or even coming close to what I think will lead to you both having sex..."

"I won't." Gavin said, swallowing hard as his brunette mother spoke to him.

"So that's why there was condoms in your pants pocket when I went to rob a twenty the other day." Monty nodded. "It all makes sense now!"

Callie looked from her youngest son and back to her oldest. And, Gavin was scared shitless.

"For you, its more than following a bunch of rules- no sex, no booze, no swear words, pray every night and twice on Sunday. You got that?" Callie asked, pulling Gavin's collar tight as she and him were now eyeball to eyeball.

"Twice on Sunday...I got it..." Gavin mumbled. He was pretty shook up and, even quite surprised that his mother didn't beat him half to death. But, Callie was trying to control herself and, doing a much better job that anyone thought she would after hearing this piece of news.

Looking at the three people she loved so dearly, the brunette felt that sometimes they would drive her to pure distraction. But, she loved them, even with their flaws.

They say that, People always fall in love with the most perfect aspects of each other's personalities. Who wouldn't? Anybody can love the most wonderful parts of another person. Whether that be a spouse or a child, you love them no matter what...most of the time. But, that's not the clever trick. The really clever trick is this: Can you accept their flaws? Can you love them when they aren't so loveable?

Callie wandered this many times throughout her marriage and as she raised her children and, she came to a heartfelt conclusion..."Yes you can. You can love most anybody. If, you choose to."
............................................................ Quotes

"I get that. For you, it's more than following a bunch of rules—no sex, no booze, no swear words, pray every night and twice on Sunday."

— Laura Anderson Kurk (Perfect Glass)

People always fall in love with the most perfect aspects of each other's personalities. Who wouldn't? Anybody can love the most wonderful parts of another person. But that's not the clever trick. The really clever trick is this: Can you accept the flaws?

― Elizabeth Gilbert

Chapter Text

The Cost of Hope

"Strange as it may seem, I still hope for the best, even though the best, like an interesting piece of mail, so rarely arrives, and even when it does it can be lost so easily."— Lemony Snicket (The Beatrice Letters)
Several Days Later...

"What do you mean you can't find the person that sent the emails?"

"They have been sent from different computers from different towns. It could be anybody."

Callie listened to her brother in law's words on the other end of the telephone. Rafa had researched for the past few days and, it was proving futile. However, by the end of the day, Callie would have the answers she needed. She just didn't know it yet.

"The tape at the hotel... you didn't see..."

Callie interrupted, "I saw her but, didn't recognize the woman. None of my staff did either. I know Luca is lying, he had to let her in but, he adamantly denies everything. We have no idea who she is. Rocco is asking around but so far, he's come up empty.

"And the emails keep coming to Arizona?" Rafa asked.

"Yes, she got another one this morning and, she's starting to freak out. Whoever it is is saying that they are going to send the video and the woman that I "assaulted" to the police, if I don't give them what they want. But, they never say what they want."

"I think that's why whoever is behind this is sending them to Arizona. Sure, you get bent out of shape but, Arizona goes to pieces. Whoever is sending these emails and insists on taunting you must know that the best way to get to you is through your wife." Rafa replied.

"I think so too." Callie agreed.

"I don't know who it is but, we'll keep searching. All I can suggest is that Rocco needs to go to each of these locations and check out the cameras there." Rafa suggested.

Callie was about to answer when she heard her wife's voice..."Callie! Have you seen my wedding rings?"

"I gotta go. Wife duties." Callie laughed.

"Okay." Rafa chuckled. "I'll be in touch."

"Callie!" Arizona yelled once again.

Frantically searching, the blonde couldn't seem to locate the large diamond ring and wedding band that her wife had given her almost seventeen years ago. Imagine that feeling as those rings costed a great deal of money.

Hope ran from her mothers' room fast, almost causing the brunette to trip. Callie looked at the four year old and said, "Slow down please." However, Hope paid Callie no attention at all. She was a four year old on a mission.

"What do you need sweetheart?" Callie asked, walking into the bathroom where her wife stood searching for the missing jewelry.

"Please tell me that you have my wedding rings?"

"I'm sorry. I don't." The brunette shook her head.

"Oh dear God, they must have fallen down the drain." Arizona took a breath and held it. That was a horrible scenario.

"Yea...that's not good." Callie said. "I'll get the guys to take it apart and see just, don't use the sinks in here and, don't panic."

"I'm already panicking. What if we don't get them back? My engagement ring and wedding band costed a fortune. They're one of a kind...and, I love them." The blonde was anguished over this and, she was so upset that her gorgeous wedding rings were in fact...missing.

"We'll find them...just don't panic." Callie reassured her wife. "I'll handle it."

Nodding, the blonde took a deep breath and walked into their bedroom to stand in front of the dresser. Putting her watch on, Arizona smiled through her tears at Callie wrapped her arms around her wife's waist and started kissing her neck.

"You're mighty frisky this morning..."

"I have a gorgeous wife and, she's starting a new job today. I can't help myself..." Callie smiled against her wife's delicate skin.

Arizona was chosen as the chief board of director for Barton Health a week ago. It was an honor and a privilege to be chosen for that position. She still maintained her practice, this new position was just an added bonus as well as a heavier workload. She was happy about her new appointment, the blonde doctor beamed as she looked at the picture on her dresser that, she and Callie had taken two years ago in Fiji.

Seeing her wife staring at the photo, Callie said, "That was a great vacation."

"Yes it was." Arizona agreed.

"You know...there happens to be a week in December that you are off and, the house is vacant again..." Callie mumbled against her wife's soft skin. Slowly kissing her way down, the brunette took a whiff of the blonde's perfume.

"You've got to wear this scent more often."

"If I wear it often, you'd never let me leave this room." Arizona laughed. "What do you mean the house is vacant?" She asked, turning around to face her wife.

"Just what I said, it's vacant the first week in December. I checked your calendar and, you looked like you were free...or your secretary said you were."

Arizona furrowed her brows. "Go back to Fiji...just the two of us?" Arizona asked for confirmation. "Is that what you're suggesting?"

"Well, we need to celebrate that promotion somehow and, I thought that..."

"YES!" Arizona said, pulling her wife into a tight embrace.

"I didn't know you liked Fiji so much." Callie chucked as she held her wife close.

Pulling away, the blonde smiled. "It's not Fiji...hell it could be Colorado, or...Oregon and I'd still jump at the chance to spend a week alone with you," Arizona said, kissing her wife's lips.

"Mmmm..." Callie moaned. "What time is that meeting again?"

"Thirty minutes..."

"I can have you there with five minutes to spare if I work fast." The brunette replied.

"It's my first board meeting honey...I can't be late.."

"You won't be." Callie whispered, unzipping the blonde's black dress pants.

"Close the door Callie."

As requested, the door to their bedroom was immediately closed and locked. "We just had sex two hours ago..." the blonde mumbled as her wife pinned her against the dresser.

"I was so good too. So good I just want to do it all over again."

Time hadn't slowed the two wives down in the sex department at all. In fact, they seemed to not be able to get enough of one another the older they got. Not, that they were old. Forty two is not old...not old at all.


Callie continued to kiss her wife's neck as she unbuttoned Arizona's blouse.

"Work fast Calliope..." Arizona mumbled against her wife's neck as Callie fumbled with the buttons in her shirt.


"Damn it!" Callie groaned, laying her head in her wife's shoulder in defeat. Don't kids always have the perfect timing?

"You better go see." The blonde sighed. It was Gabby and, it was a school morning which meant one thing...the little blonde was probably having a clothing meltdown, a crisis situation of the worst kind. Gabby was the pickiest dresser there ever would be.

Callie grumbled, "Come on...these children have bat ears. Every time we start to have sex, one of them scream for either me or you..."

Arizona chucked, buttoning her pants back. "And, you want us to have another child Calliope. Seriously? What were you thinking?"

The brunette smiled, "I'm thinking that's not the best idea..."

"MAMA!" Gabby screamed for a third time.

"I'M COMING GABRIELLA!" Callie called out. "Raincheck?" Callie asked her wife. "On the sex...not the baby...I mean...unless you want another baby..."

Arizona planted a long wet kiss on her wife's plump lips. "I'll take a raincheck on both. But, I'm not carrying..."

"But I love it when you're pregnant..." Callie whined, placing her hands on her hips.

"I know because when I'm pregnant I'm so horny...Sorry but, next one's on you sweet cheeks." Arizona winked, blowing her wife a kiss. "Don't forget, we are supposed to have lunch with Mark and Addison today and, go over the final details of the wedding." Arizona reminded her wife.

"Yea...I know..." Callie said, her heart broken and her tone deflated.

"Calliope...don't guilt me into carrying the next baby. Besides, we aren't even sure we're doing just keep mentioning it and, I'm saying that, I am on board...if you want to try."


Callie rolled her eyes and walked toward Gabby's room. "I think maybe we'll table that topic for a while." The brunette said.

Callie wanted more children. She loved having a large family, which they already did have but, she really wanted just one more. However, Hope's birth was painful and, she wasn't' sure she was ready to go through that again. And, she really wanted Arizona to be the one to carry.

"I'll see you in a few hours..." Arizona replied, walking downstairs. "And please find my rings if you get a chance. I feel naked without them."

"Okay!" Callie called back as she continued down the hall. "Like you being naked is a bad thing..." Callie mumbled to herself.

"Gabby, what's the emergency?" Callie asked, stepping into the little blonde's room.

"I'm missing a button." Gabby said, sitting on the end of her bed with her hands on her cheeks. This, was the end of the world as Gabby knew it. The fashion diva was certainly it going to school with a tattered wardrobe.

"Wear another shirt." Callie suggested.

"But, I have to wear this one. Because if you're in my club, and my group at school, today you have to wear purple. I already told the kids in my class. I have to wear purple too.

"Seriously?" Callie scoffed.

"Yes..." Gabby whined.

"I got my purple shirt on." Hope smiled as she walked into her sister's room.

"You're too little, babies aren't in my club. I'm in First Grade...I don't play with babies."

"Gabby!" Callie admonished her daughter.

Hope started to tear up. She and Gabby loved each other dearly but, at times they would fight like cats and dogs. Mostly because of Gabby's attitude, if you knew the truth. And, who had made her that way..exactly, her brunette mother. Callie had spoiled Gabriella Torres rotten.

"Say you are sorry and, if she wants to be in your "CLUB" then she can." Callie corrected her oldest daughter's attitude immediately. Little Hope was just a sweetheart and although Gabby was loved immensely and mighty spoiled by her, Callie wasn't about to allow her to act mean to her sister or boss everyone in their family.

"I'm sorry. You can be in my club Hope. Come here..." Gabby said, holding out her arms to her sister.

Hope stepped in to hug Gabby and she wiped a lone tear, which got her mama's attention immediately.

"You two are going to get along. I had better not hear or see you be mean to Hope. Do you hear me Gabriella?"

"Yes mama." The little blonde nodded, patting Hope on the shoulder.

"Now, find a different shirt to wear, cause I have no time to sew on a button before school starts." Callie informed her daughter. "And, I expect you both downstairs in five minutes, ready to leave."

"Yes mama." They both replied.

As Callie walked in the hallway, she heard Hope say, "Look what I got. Mommy's rings."

"Oooohhhh, I want to try them on." Gabby said, taking the rings from her sister's hands and placing them on her finger.

Callie walked back in and she said, " you have mommy's rings?"

"Uh huh..." Hope said, looking at Callie. "I just want to wear them..."

"Why?" Callie asked. "You know that, mommy nor I allow you or Gabby to wear our wedding rings. Those are only for us to wear."

"Because..." Hope replied, with tears in her eyes.

"Why?" Callie asked again, sitting on the bed and pulling her daughter to her lap.

"I feel like mommy's with me if I wear them. I miss her at school and, I want to take them..."

Callie's heart broke. Poor Hope, she was having the worst time adjusting to school. She was a homebody if there ever was one.

"Well, you can't wear them to school or anywhere. They belong to mommy. But, I'lll tell you what, you can wear this..." Taking off the matching heart shaped necklace that she and Arizona wore, the one that Monty purchased for them several Christmases ago, Callie clasped it around her daughter's neck.

"Now, you can borrow my heart necklace just for today. Mommy has one just like it, she has the other half of this heart."

Hope smiled. She liked this idea even better. Callie continued, "I'll go and buy you and Gabby a heart necklace like ours after I take you to school and, then, we'll all have the same necklace. And, when either of you are sad, or lonely, you can hold the heart in your hand and, you'll know that, mommy and I are right there with you."

There's something about mother-daughter bonds isn't there? The relationship between a daughter and a mother is powerful. It affects everything. It's been said that it's is the most powerful bond in the works and, it sets the stage for all other relationships. That's probably as true as it gets right there.

"Okay..." Hope smiled, as she looked down at the necklace and pendant that she had on this morning. Handing her mother the wedding rings back, she gave Callie a kiss.

"I love you mama."

Callie's heart swelled with pride as she replied, "I love you too baby girl."

As the evening came, Gavin and Callie, like always, continued practicing driving. He was getting a little better but, far from perfection.

"Turn left at the stop sign." Callie stated. Gavin did just as he was asked. He seemed to be more focused in his driving than usual and his mother noted that.

"Keep driving like this and, you just might get those license." The brunette proclaimed. Deep down, Callie felt that Gavin could pass and drive if he really focused.

Callie looked in the passenger side mirror and, she noticed the same black car following them. It had been following them for the past few minutes and always kept the same distance.

"Take a right at the traffic light." Callie instructed Gavin.

"Where are we going? We never go this way?" Gavin was confused.

"Just do as I say." The brunette replied as she looked in the mirror. And, like clockwork, the black car turned and proceeded to continue following them.

"Do not panick but, that black car behind us has been following us for a while. Take a left at the next light and step on the gas. I'm going to need you to drive fast and lose them."

"Yes ma'am." Gavin answered as he gripped the smooth leather steering wheel of his mama's black Mercedes car.

A minute later, the older boy turned into Elm Street and, he accelerated at a higher rate of speed.

"What if I get a ticket?" He asked.

"You won't. I have several in the department on my payroll." Callie replied as she called Rocco to meet them just outside of town.

"Holy Shit!" Gavin screamed as the car closed in on them. They were officially in a car chase and he was astounded by his mothers lack of concern. But, she was concerned as he would see in just a second.

"Mama! What the..." Gavin yelled as his mother took out a handgun from the glove compartment.

"Just keep driving, and go faster. Try and get us out of town." Callie ordered her son.

"Okay. Hang on," he announced as he rounded the curve at a high rate of speed.

A shot rang out, a warning shot no doubt but, Callie told Gavin not to stop.

"Shit! I can cross this off my bucket list." Gavin mumbled. Having always seen car chases in film and thought them to be a fascinating experiencing, Gavin wasn't so sure about that idea anymore. Not after hearing that shot. A real life chase was something he'd never thought he would be involved in.

Dangerously going over the speed limit, the black Mercedes passed cars and Gavin continued to maneuver through the traffic like a pro. His straight face was serious and this was no laughing matter.

"Take a right!" Callie yelled. "Lead them out of town!"

Gavin did just that. Looking in the rear view mirror, he could see the car trailing close behind. Minutes later...another shot reverberated, this one shattering the back glass.

"Oh dear God...I'm so sorry! I'm sorry for kissing Bridgett and giving her a hickey yesterday. And...I shouldn't have had my hands in her pants and, I never will touch her again until we are married...I swear God...I swear I won't if I live through this."

Callie turned back and looked over to Gavin. "You what?" She yelled.

"Like this is the time to be pissed mama! They're shooting at us!" Gavin screamed. Scared, wigged out, losing his shit...that was Gavin Torres on that fateful evening.

Callie leaned out the window and fired a couple of shots back. Gavin's erratic swerving caused her to miss the black sedan.

"Whoever it is doesn't give up!" Gavin said, glancing over at Callie. "We can't lose them!" he said to his mother.

They continued traveling in the deserted road and then, the brunette decided to try a different approach. A risky approach.

"Hit the brakes." Callie instructed.

As everyone knew well, the brake was one thing that Gavin Torres could use and perform excellent at when driving. Slamming on the brakes, the car behind them swerved. Losing control, it slid into the ditch and hit an embankment.

"Who's your daddy?" Gavin laughed nervously. And in the next breath he looked down at his pants. "I think I peed on myself just a second ago," He mumbled.

Shaking her head at her son, Callie said, "Stay here. Do not move."

She stepped from her car and walked over to the edge of the pavement, looking at the car that lay in the ditch. There were likely no survivors but, she didn't take any chances. Gavin looked in the mirror and the long black suburban that Rocco usually drove pulled up behind him.

He watched as his mother stood and waited, while Rocco walked down to the car and then, Callie was motioned to come over once everything was clear. Gavin's eyes were trained as the brunette bent down to the car window. It was only seconds but, it felt like eternity to Gavin. This was something he'd never forget a day in his life. This was his mother's former life, one he found fascinating and also scary as hell.

Seeing Rocco slip on his black gloves, he noticed a small device, a cell phone placed in Callie's hand. Rocco dug in the car and then in a second, he and the brunette made their way up to the road. The two talked for a couple of minutes as Callie flipped through the person's cell phone and Rocco thumbed through the man's wallet. And then the brunette eased back to her car.

"Drive us home." Callie said, placing the heavy black gun back in the glove compartment.

"Is he dead?" Gavin asked his mother.

"Yes. He's dead." Callie replied nonchalantly.

"Who was it?" The boy asked.

"Don't worry about it. Just get us home." Callie answered as she looked down at the man's cell phone. Glancing over to her son, the brunette mother smiled. "You drove amazingly well."

"Thanks," was his reply.

She was pleased with the progress Gavin had made this week. Maybe the evening driving lessons daily were paying off. Or, maybe Gavin could perform well under pressure. Either way, Callie was proud.

The drive home was quiet as Callie read through the emails and text messages on the deceased man's cell phone. Gavin was quiet too. He still felt the nervousness in his arms and hands but, he said nothing. Keeping it to himself as he usually did when there was an issue that he knew his mother wouldn't want to discuss, he remained silent about what they had just experienced. As the heavy gates opened up to their home, Gavin guided the car through as the black suburban following behind.

Once the car was parked, Gavin turned his head and said, "I'll be inside in a minute."

"You okay?" Callie asked.

"Sure." He answered. His knuckles were still white from gripping the steering wheel so hard.

"Shake it off Gavin. It's over, we were not hurt. I'll get the window replaced. Everything is...just as it should be." Callie smiled and patted her son's cheek. She felt the need to reassure him that he was safe although, that certainly was not the case, was it?

Exiting the car she tapped the hood to get his attention and as always Gavin smiled at Callie.

"Don't tell your mother." Callie mouthed to her son. Callie wondered how she was going to keep this from Arizona with the shattered window. That was a good question. Wasn't it?

Gavin nodded. He knew Arizona would be upset and, while he wasn't sure keeping what had happened a secret, he wasn't sure telling her was a good idea either. He just couldn't think straight because of the jittery feeling that wouldn't pass...he couldn't shake it off no matter how hard he tried.

The fear that lingers after a car chase is something you can't just shake off. Anyone would be frightened to drive or become anxious whenever they see a car like the one that chased them. Gavin was still trying to process everything and he wasn't sure why his mother wouldn't tell him anything more about the person in the other car.

Minutes later, Gavin left the the Mercedes and, he heard his mom talking to Rocco as he stepped closer to the front door. Callie and the tall man stood outside, as they discussed what Rocco had discovered on the ride home.

"The guy was one of Lansky's guys. I called around and he works for Lansky." Rocco said.

And then, the deceased man's phone rang as it sat in Callie's palm, causing Callie and Rocco to smile.

"I knew whoever it was would call." Callie smirked.

"Let me answer it." Rocco said. Placing a hand over the receiver, Rocco spoke in a muffled voice as he placed it on speakerphone so Callie could hear.

"Yea..." Rocco answered.

"Did you make contact?" The stranger's voice came through the line.

"Yea..." Rocco replied.

"Did you capture her?"

"I got her."

"Good. I want you to bring her to the warehouse on 75th and Bay Street in a couple of hours...I want her kept alive..."

Callie narrowed her eyes on the phone. Whoever it was, was after her apparently. And, that didn't set well at all.

"I want no screw ups. I've got the video footage and the stripper from the hotel to use as a bargaining chip. She'll do what I want. And while your at it, take care of Luca soon. He's used up now. We don't need him anymore. Just...Keep it clean."

"Got it." Rocco mumbled through the muffled line.

"See you in a few."


Ending the call, Rocco said, "You don't need to go. I will handle it."

"Get Luca." Callie ordered. "Put him in the little house beside my mother's old house. I'll be there in a few minutes. I want some answers."

"Got it," Rocco answered his boss.

"And, of course I'm going." Callie informed her bodyguard. "They obviously want to see me, I'll play along."

Rocco nodded. He knew there was no stopping Callie once her mind was made up. But, just how dangerous was this and who were they playing with exactly.

Gavin had stood to the corner of the house, listening to the entire conversation. He thought his mother was out of the mafia, out of that life. And the more he heard, the more he was convinced that, maybe Callie wasn't quite as truthful as she had let on to be. Or, was she?

"I had so much hope that everything in our lives was going to turn out great after I left..."

"Its an illusion. You're kidding yourself Callie." Rocco replied. "It's who you are, your job, your old life never goes away. Not completely. These ties are for life."

"Whoever is behind the emails and this situation...I want them dead." The brunette said.

"We'll take care of it. Don't worry," the bodyguard answered as he walked away from the main house.

Staring out to the front lawn, the brunette sighed, "I had so much hope that my life would turn out differently. But, hope has a cost..."

Gavin waited until his mother walked inside. When he heard the door shut, he walked around the corner of the house and sat on the front porch. He thought, hope did have a cost. But, it was also weak, unorganized and, absurd wasn't it?

The door opened just seconds later. "You coming in?"

Hearing his mama's voice, Gavin looked behind him to see Callie and, Little Hope standing there...both waiting on him.

"Uh...yes...Yes I am." Gavin stood and picked Hope up in his arms.

"I love you Gavin." Hope smiled, placing a kiss on her brothers cheek.

"I love you more." Gavin winked.

Hope demands for others what we demand for ourselves. At least that's what Gavin thought. He followed his brunette mother inside and he was seconds away from seeing Arizona. As that time neared, Gavin could feel his heart beating faster but, he would speak with a clear rational voice.

"How was the driving lesson today sweetheart?" Arizona asked as she and Nanny Martinelli cooked dinner in the kitchen.

Looking over to Callie, Gavin saw the face that said, say nothing. But, he decided that, he demanded from Callie what he demanded for himself. And that was, honesty. He just hoped she wouldn't be mad.

Gavin spilled everything he knew in one long breath... "We got in a high speed car chase and were shot at. The man in the other car died and, mama told Rocco to kill Luca and she's going to a warehouse tonight because they were supposed to kidnap her, but the guy failed."

Taking a deep breath, Gavin could feel his heart pounding in his chest. He had just busted Callie out in front of the feisty blonde that would certainly have questions. Oh brother...

Blue eyes widened two sizes bigger as Arizona stared at her wife in shock.

"What?" Arizona asked startled by her sons confession. "Callie?"

The brunette looked from Arizona to her son. Callie had no idea Gavin heard the conversation between her and Rocco but, she wasn't that surprised. Not really. She knew he was still outside and, there was a remote chance he had heard. However, how he handled this, the way he told Arizona was far from ideal...but, maybe it wasn't the worst idea ever.

He may have been hers, Callie's protege but, there would always be a part of Gavin Torres that was morally obligated to do what was right. Even if he had to go against the grain.

"Callie? I'm talking to you. Answer me, what's this about?" Arizona said again.

Callie smiled at Gavin, an uncomfortable smile. Hope is not comfortable. It requires personal risk. It's not about the right attitude or peace of mind. Hope is action.

"I will be in my office." Callie said as she stood up from the bar stool, leaving her son, wife, and Nanny Martinelli speechless as she walked away without saying anything.

Passing by Gavin, Callie patted his shoulder. "I'm not surprised you told her..." Callie whispered. "You spared me the anguish of doing it myself...thank you."

Gavin smiled back. He knew the geography of his destiny, to one day take Callie's place. And, he trusted in the side of himself that, would take him where he needed to go. And, more importantly, would teach him the kindness of rhythm in the journey.

Watching his blonde mother trailing behind the brunette, Gavin thought, Callie may go to that warehouse tonight but, it wouldn't be without him. No way in hell...He hoped for the best tonight but, in all so rarely arrives...

To be continued...

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Quote Credits:

"Your soul knows the geography of your destiny. Your soul alone has the map of your future, therefore you can trust this indirect, oblique side of yourself. If you do, it will take you where you need to go, but more important it will teach you a kindness of rhythm in your journey."
— John O'Donohue (Anam Cara: A Book of Celtic Wisdom)

"Hope has a cost. Hope is not comfortable or easy. Hope requires personal risk. It is not about the right attitude. Hope is not about peace of mind. Hope is action. Hope is doing something. The more futile, the more useless, the more irrelevant and incomprehensible an act of rebellion is, the vaster and more potent hope becomes.
Hope never makes sense. Hope is weak, unorganized and absurd. Hope, which is always nonviolent, exposes in its powerlessness, the lies, fraud and coercion employed by the state. Hope knows that an injustice visited on our neighbor is an injustice visited on all of us. Hope posits that people are drawn to the good by the good. This is the secret of hope's power. Hope demands for others what we demand for ourselves. Hope does not separate us from them. Hope sees in our enemy our own face."

-Chris Hedges

Chapter Text

Over My Dead Body!

"A passionate person says "over my dead body, I will never give up" and you ask...why, he answers "because I have found something not only to live on, but something to die for"!" — Israelmore Ayivor
......................................................................Callie looked her wife straight in the eyes. "If that's the way you want it." The brunette replied back. She knew her response was harsh but, this conversation was going no where.

"I can't believe you said that! Are you crazy?" Arizona yelled.

"No, I'm not. You said, 'Over my dead body you're going to that warehouse.' And, I said...if that's the way you want it." Callie finished with a strong determination.

Arizona was not talking her out of this. They had been hashing this over...round after round, discussing what had happened in the car chase...and Callie's insistence on going to the warehouse. It was tiring to say the least and, after several minutes, neither wife would give in.

"That's just...mean. And...insensitive. And...cruel." Annoyed with Callie and, a little hurt at her wife's words, Arizona's eyes were blazing with anger.

The brunette sighed, "I know...I'm sorry. I'm just being a jerk to you because you won't leave me alone and stop giving me shit for doing this." Callie replied.

"Of course I'm going to give you shit about this Calliope! You don't care about me if you do this! You don't care about your children either if you go! You don't even show much concern for yourself...You could die! You could have died in that car chase, you and Gavin!"


"No, don't Arizona me. You know what, just go. Go on...go right me no mind. See if I care what happens!"

Arizona opened the office door back. She was furious with her wife. Callie had admitted that she didn't intend on telling Arizona everything because she would be upset and, that further complicated the whole process.

"Wait. I'm sorry...I know you care." Callie whispered, pulling her wife back and stopping her from walking into the hallway.

Arizona cried as she turned around. "I care too much. I care so much that, I just can't take it anymore. I want you out of this life. We're supposed to be free..."

Continuing to cry, Arizona couldn't stop herself. She thought about all the bad things that could have happened and would likely happen and, she fed it and fed it until she was crying so hard she had to gasp for breath between sobs.

"Calm down. Look at me." Callie stated calmly.

Blue eyes trained on brown. Callie held her hands around the Arizona's face. "I love you. I care how you feel about this. But, I'm going. I have to go. You're going to be fine. I'm going to be fine. There's no need to panic. I've never let you down have I?"


"Okay then...just trust me, please." Callie softly spoke. "And, to prove my abilities to you, just take a look at these."

Blue eyes glances down to Callie's hand as she pulled a very prized possession from her pants pocket. In the tanned palm was Arizona's wedding rings. "See, I never screw up. I always do as I say and, I will be fine. I found your wedding rings didn't I?"

Half laughing, half crying, the blonde wife took them from her wife's hand. "You did." Arizona sniffled.

Helping her wife, Callie placed both rings on the blonde's finger and kissed Arizona's hand with a tenderness that, no one would ever match. There was no love deeper than this. No grace, more sufficient than this. No couple, any stronger than this.

"So, don't worry so much. You know I have to know who is behind this. I have to figure this out Arizona. And, I can't do it sitting behind my desk. I have to finish what someone has started."

The blonde sighed. "Then I'll go too."

"Are you crazy? I'm not taking you with me! That's insane!" Callie argued.

"No! What's insane is you going in the first place. Why can't Rocco go?"

"He is. Most of the guys are going. Now, I have to attend a quick meeting with Luca and then several of us are going to the warehouse to see what is going on. You stay here and please, don't cause me any heartache..."

"What about my heartache?" Arizona asked. That statement was loaded. What about Arizona's heartache? What about the possibility that, things could not turn out as Callie had assured her they would? A heartache to end all heartaches...that would certainly be the case if, something happened to her Calliope.

"I'm resolving this and your heart will hurt no more." Callie smiled. Pulling her wife closer, the brunette passionately kissed Arizona. A long, drawn out kiss, the kind that made the blonde's heart flutter. The kind that gives a feeling of security and safety and, the kind that says, goodbye for now...until we meet again. Yea, it was one of those kinds of kisses. One doesn't forget those kinds of kisses.

Leaving her wife standing in the office, Callie walked to the front door. "Please let me go," Gavin stopped his mother. "I want to go with you."

"No. This isn't for kids." Callie said, cupping her son's cheeks in her hands. "Mama loves you, you know that, right?"

"Yea...I know. I love you too." Gavin said.

"I'll be back soon. Keep an eye on your mom, she's a basket case tonight." Winking at her oldest son, Callie closed the door and trotted over to the smaller house that Luca was waiting in with the rest of the guys.

A couple of minutes later, Callie walked in the small room where Luca was sitting. Strapped to a chair, he looked a little scared of the outcome that most definitely was not him anyway.

Several of the guys were standing around, waiting on the orders of their boss.

"Callie...I didn't do nothing..." Luca started saying, trying to convince the brunette of his innocence.

"Don't lie to me. I know you helped set me up. Now this can go easy or, I can have them drag this out and, you'll beg me to end your misery. Which will it be?"

Luca said nothing as his hands started to tremble.

"All I want to know is who is setting me up and why?" Callie told the man that now appeared scared for his life.

"Dominic Lansky. He's the one that contacted me." Luca confessed.

"What does he want with me?" Callie asked.

Luca sighed, he figured he might as well just tell the truth here, take a chance on the brunette that he'd worked for, for a very long time. "He needs you to help him get drugs through. You have the connections and he needs those in Cuba and Mexico. He knew you wouldn't unless he blackmailed you."

"A corrupt person has a price. An honest person has integrity." Callie said, her voice strong but, calm. "Which do you think I am?" She asked.

Luca didn't answer so Callie asked him again. "Which do you think I am?"

"You are honest." Luca replied.

"So, if I've changed, why would I help him? To get back into that life again? I'm clean Luca. For the first time in my life. And that feeling of laying my head in my pillow every night and sleeping peacefully, I wouldn't trade it for any amount of money. Not even for my life. I'm out and, I meant what I said, I'm not going back."

Callie Torres wasn't going to be pushed, bullied, or even blackmailed into doing anything. Not a damned thing. They had chosen the wrong person to set up, no doubt about that.

"Kill him." The brunette ordered as she stood up. "Use the silencer, I don't want shots heard."

"No! Please! I didn't think you would do this! Not if I told you the truth!"

His cries, his please, the begging, it all fell on deaf ears. Or did it? Looking down at the man that she'd trusted, Callie smiled. She decided to be a little lenient, give him a little less worry.

"My father used to have a poem he would recite. It said...Razors pain you, Rivers are damp, Acids stain you, And drugs cause cramp. Guns aren't lawful, Nooses give, Gas smells awful. You might as well live."

Carlos would recite that when, he offered someone a reprieve, a stay of execution. And, make no mistake, Luca knew what it meant.

Looking down, Callie said, "Tell you what Luca... Just because I always has a soft spot for you and, Monty has always adored you, I'll make an exception. I'll give you a reprieve."

"Yes...thank you. Thank you Callie..." He said with his face looking downward. He was relieved the brunette had given him a chance. But, was it a chance to live?

Before he even realized what was about to happen, Luca's life ended, seconds after the words left his mouth. The person that pulled the trigger was the same one that had given him a reprieve merely seconds before.

"I gave you three seconds of a more. That's for me getting shot at and for my son being in the fucking car when it happened you asshole." Callie said as she pulled the trigger once again.

"Feel better?" Rocco laughed as he looked down at Luca's lifeless body. Callie was still...Callie. Make no mistake about that. She handed Rocco back the gun with the silencer.

"I'll feel better when we get to the warehouse." The brunette replied, as she turned to leave the room.

Walking outside, the brunette and Rocco headed for the suburban. A couple of cars followed behind. On the way, she and the bodyguard discussed what they thought was the best way to handle this situation. And, a few minutes into the trip, Rocco got a little concerned.

"Hey, did you hear that rustling sound?" He asked, looking toward the rear of the suburban.

"No. You're paranoid." Callie laughed.

"Probably." Rocco agreed. And, he was...wasn't he? Wasn't that all this was...paranoia. There was nothing in the back of the suburban that would cause hurt or harm to anyone. There was nothing back there that wasn't on his side, on Callie's side. There was no one...but, Gavin.

"It's hot back here..." Gavin whispered to himself as the blanket covered his head. He had slid in the back undetected while Callie dealt with Luca.

"Mama may be mad but, this is something I'll never give up, she's my mother and, I am sticking by her side."

His words, his determination were valid and, heartfelt. Gavin's love for Callie reached well into the depths of his soul but, this was no place for a boy. No life for a teenager and, when his blonde mother found that he was missing and where he was, there would be hell to pay.

"Circle around first and see who's there before you stop." Callie instructed Rocco. They drove around and accessed the warehouse.

"Looks like three cars." Rocco said as they stopped a ways down the side street.

"Here is good. We'll all walk from here and spread out. You and I will go through the back alley with a couple of guys." Callie informed the bodyguard.

A quick meeting outside left Callie and her staff with a clear vision of what was to take place. Storm in all at once from the front and back and, then take over from there.

"No witnesses. No one from the other side walks out of here alive tonight." The brunette said to the nine men that, were there for one sole purpose tonight. And that purpose was to finish what Lansky had started days ago.

Gavin heard them talking but, he wasn't sure what was said. However, he watched from the side rear window as his mother and Rocco, along with a couple of guys walked down the dark alley behind the large beige warehouse that had been abandoned for years.

Deciding to follow, Gavin eased to the back door and slid from the seat, quietly and quickly. He ran fast, his mission was clear. He was going to enter the way his mother had entered the warehouse just moments ago.

A rusted metal door with a broken lock was all he found when he finally arrived in the alleyway.

"Damn." Gavin mumbled as she fiddled with the door handle. It was heavy but, he finally managed to open it and slip inside.

Creepy darkness prevailed as the oldest Torres child slowly crept through the edge warehouse, hugging the side wall. It was dimly lit inside and then, as he heard people talking but, didn't quite understand everything.

Minutes passed as the voices grew louder with frustration.

"I won't help you. I won't be sucked back in. I'm not in that lifestyle anymore." Gavin heard his mother say. "Take it to the cops, see how far that gets you. I own Nevada. I'm never going down for something I didn't do. I don't scare that easily."

"You're just like your father." Lansky said to Callie. "He was too proud and couldn't be bought. He had all the police in his pockets and refused to share. You're the same as Carlos. I thought maybe you softened but, you're still the hard ass bitch you always were."

"Why send this to my wife? You and I know one another, why involve her in all of the emails?"

"It was a suggestion given to me by a person that asked to remain nameless. I'm always open to suggestions." The man laughed.

"Let's just say that, you aren't exactly a beloved sister." Lansky smirked. "Your own family hates you."

Callie immediately knew, she just knew Connie was involved in this. She and Aria were too close, it would not be Aria or Rafa behind this. But, was it Connie that had made the suggestion or, was it her new wife?

Yes, Connie had divorced and remarried...Jack De Blasio was a thing of the past. This time Connie had married a woman from Chicago, known for her own mafia ties. As she thought, and thought hard... it all started to get complicated in the brunette's mind. Was this deeper than it seemed?

Another guy laughed bringing Callie from her thoughts. "She's just like her old man, everyone wanted him dead but, no one had the guts to do it. I wonder if she's as lucky as Carlos...he seemed to have nine lives until his heart gave out. The old bastard."

"Fuck you asshole..." Rocco said, spitting at the man to his left. That was his old boss, his mentor, same as Callie's and, Rocco wasn't taking that statement lying down.

Not taking too kindly to that, the man drew his gun and cocked it. Gavin held his breath as gunshots became the newest sound that echoed off the bare walls. No more words, just the blazing of guns...Deafening sounds took over as the shots fired in various directions were happening faster than anyone ever imagined. It lasted for a while and then, Gavin heard what he never thought he'd hear.

"Callie's hit!" Rocco yelled as he drug Callie to the side wall behind a large scaffold.

Gavin lost all control, forgetting any good judgement he'd ever acquired. He ran through the edge of the blaze of gunfire to where he heard Rocco's voice. There was no stopping Gavin Torres.

"Mama!" Gavin cried out as he fell down beside his mother's body. Holding Callie in his arms, he sobbed. The gunfire ceased momentarily and, there were casualties on both sides as Rocco accessed the damages.

Her eyes fluttered open and Callie looked at the boy that, only fifteen years ago, she'd held in her arms, safely and securely as she rocked him to sleep many nights. She smiled, because...she loved a little boy very, very much- even more than she loved herself.

"You should not be here." Callie mumbled. "Are you hurt?"

"No." Gavin replied.

"I don't see how." His mother groaned in misery.

"Maybe someone upstairs was watching out for me." Gavin smiled.

The boy watched as his mother suffered in agonizing pain and he was overcome with emotion. And, Gavin thought, the things they don't teach you at school. They don't teach you how to love somebody. They don't teach you how to be famous. They don't teach you how to be rich or how to be poor. They don't teach you how to walk away from someone you don't love any longer. They don't teach you how to know what's going on in someone else's mind. They don't teach you what to say to someone who's dying. They don't teach you anything worth knowing.

His bottom lip quivered as he watched his mother struggling and Gavin said the first words that came to his mind...

"If I could make this go away, I would. If I could stand in your place, I wouldn't hesitate. But I'm left with one choice, and that's to stand by your side through the end. I won't waver...I can promise you that."

It was part of being a son. Part of being Callie's friend. And, part of being a member of the Torres Family. You don't leave a member of the Family in need. Never. That's not part of the code.

Callie winced and took a shallow breath before Rocco bent down to pick her up. "We gotta get out of here Gavin. The cops may show up soon and, none of us can be here." Rocco said, sliding his arms underneath Callie's back.

The older boy nodded. He was only fifteen but, he knew the ropes better than most would have thought. He knew that, after something like this, you don't wait for the cops to arrive. You avoid that, at all cost. Avoiding the authorities is part of the Omertà code. There are five codes of Omertà and, Gavin knew then well.

First, a code of Silence is honored. Never "rat out " any mafia members. Never divulge any mafia secrets. Even if you are threatened by torture or death.

Second, a complete obedience to the boss is in order. You obey the boss's orders, no matter what.

Third, is assistance. You are to provide any necessary assistance to any other respected or befriended mafia faction.

Forth is Vengeance. Any attacks on family members must go avenged. "An attack on an attack on all".

And the fifth code is to avoid contact with the authorities.

"I'll help carry her." Gavin said to the tall bodyguard.

Giving his mother a kiss before they lifted her from the ground, Gavin whispered, "Ti amo mama. Ho sempre." And that translated to be..."I love you mama, I always will."

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Quote Credits:

Razors pain you,
Rivers are damp,
Acids stain you,
And drugs cause cramp.
Guns aren't lawful,
Nooses give,
Gas smells awful.
You might as well live."
— Dorothy Parker (Enough Rope)

"If I could make this go away, I would. If I could stand in your place, I wouldn't hesitate. But I'm left with one choice, and that's to stand by your side through the end. I won't waver, Angel, I can promise you that."
— Becca Fitzpatrick (Finale

Chapter Text

Die Another Day

"I think I'll find another way, There's so much more to know, I guess I'll die another day, It's not my time to go. For every sin, I'll have to pay, I've come to work, I've come to play. I think I'll find another way, It's not my time to go..."

-Die Another Day Lyrics...Madonna

"'s Rocco. I need you to listen to me and not panic." They were in the suburban and Gavin was riding in the back with Callie, holding her head in his lap.

"Okay..." Arizona answered nervously.

"I'm heading to your office with Callie. Meet us there. I can't say anything more but, she's been shot."

Her knees felt weak as she gripped the sofa table. "Oh dear God." She mumbled. Arizona had a bad feeling about this. She'd tried to talk her wife out of going. And now, her worst fears were being confirmed.

"I'll be right there." Arizona said, hanging the phone back on the receiver.

While she raced to get ready, the situation on the other side of town grew quite painful for Callie.

"My arm is on fire." The brunette groaned.

"Nobody dies a virgin... Life fucks us all." Gavin mumbled. And, he was right, wasn't he? Doesn't life really fuck us all in the end?

"Mama, I know you hurt but, I need you to be still. Please..."

"Callie just hang on Callie. We'll be there soon." Rocco called back to his lifelong friend. But again, the brunette moaned in agony.

"You can get through this mama. I'm here and I'll do anything for you." Gavin whispered to his brunette mother. "Please just be still, for me..." He was trying to apply pressure to the wound and it was quite a difficult feat as the brunette stirred in her seat.

As the black suburban raced to Arizona's office, Arizona was several miles away, running to Gavin's room. "Gavin wake up! Mama is..."

Flipping the covers back, Arizona saw pillows in place of where her son's body should have been. Gavin told his mom that he was turning in early. He said he had a headache. He told her he would be upstairs. But, as Arizona found out, Gavin had lied.

"Ms. Martinelli!" Arizona screamed for the nanny to wake up and help her search for Gavin. In the process, she also woke up Monty.

"What's going on?" Monty rubbed his eyes.

"Is Gavin in the bed with you?"

"" Monty replied.

"I can't find him and I have to go to my office. Something happened your mother."

"What happened?" The sleepy boy asked.

"She was shot Monty." Arizona said it without even thinking of who she was saying it to.

Ms. Martinelli came upstairs after being summoned. She was staying overnight because Arizona had an important meeting early the next morning and Callie was scheduled to fly out to California around the same time that school started. Nanny was needed to get the kids ready for school but tonight, her presence was more beneficial that even Arizona could imagine.

"What's wrong?" The older woman asked.

"There's been an accident. Callie was shot. I don't know all the details but, I need to get to her and, I don't know where Gavin is. Have you seen him?" Arizona asked, rushing into her room to slip on her shoes.

"Oh dear Lord..." Nanny said. "No, I thought he was in his room. You don't think he went with Callie..."

The blood drained from Arizona's face. That wasn't a possibility was it? Rocco didn't say anything about the boy. But, it did make sense, where else could he be? She dialed Rocco back and he immediately answered.

"Is Gavin with you?" Arizona asked.

"Yes." Rocco replied.

"Is he hurt?"

"He's fine Arizona." Rocco assured the blonde mother.

"Oh thank God..." Arizona said, sitting on the side of the bed. "He's fine Nanny!" Arizona exclaimed, ending the call.

But then, an inner rage took over where peace had just resided. "I'm going to kill that kid." The blonde mother gritted her teeth. Sometimes, Gavin was much to curious and, in Callie's business more than he should have been. Just nosy by nature, and not scared of anything, he never saw much danger in what Callie's former job encompassed.

"Nanny I'm leaving... have you got everything..." Arizona called out to the hallway as she put her hair in a pony tail.

"Yes...go, go...I have the children."

"I'm going too." Monty said, running into his room to slip on his sneakers.

"No. This is one time you're staying here." Arizona replied as she ran down the stairs. She wasn't waiting on her son and, this was not the time for Monty and any of his joking ways, the blonde thought.

"But!" Monty called out.

"No!" His mother yelled out again.

He wasn't giving up that easily. Trailing down the staircase the younger boy stuttered, "But...but...I wanna...but..."

The door slammed shut, there was no use in finishing his words. Arizona wasn't going to let Monty in on this. Could anyone blame her? His mouth was too loose. He would have surely told on Callie. And, that's the last thing the brunette needed.

As the blonde doctor wheeled her Escalade in the parking lot of her office a few minutes later, she shut the suv door and ran to Rocco's suburban that was parked at the back entrance.

Opening the door, Rocco stood back for a second as her knew Arizona was going to make quite a fuss when she say Callie lying down in the seat.

"Calliope! Oh my God!"

"I'm holding pressure to the wound mom." Gavin informed his mother.

Arizona looked at her son's bloody shirt. The was actually a considerable amount. It was less that what Arizona had imagine but, was alarming.

"Are you hurt?" Arizona asked her son.

"No." Gavin answered. "Just mama."

"I think we need to go to the ER." Arizona explained as she looked at Callie's arm. It was hard to access anything out in the dark but, she wasn't confident in her abilities to treat a gunshot wound in her office. "There's too many variables in this Calliope..." And, Arizona was correct...the emergency room was the safest place to be in situations like these.

"I can't go to the hospital, they'll call the police. We have to do it here in your office." The brunette grunted. "I don't think it's that bad, it just hurts like hell though."

As a rule, all gunshot wounds are considered medical emergencies that require immediate treatment. However, hospitals are generally required to report all gunshot wounds to police. Now, Arizona was the director of the hospital board but, would that be enough to keep this quiet? In all actuality, probably not. Someone would tell, it happens every time.

"Let's just go inside. At least see what you can do." Rocco said to his boss's wife.

Arizona reluctantly stepped back so the guys could get Callie out of the rear seat. Unlocking the door, the blonde told them to help Callie to the X-ray room.

"OW, OW..." Callie cried out as Rocco sat her in the chair, bumping her arm in the process.

"Sorry Callie..." He apologized.

Arizona wasted no time unbuttoning her wife's shirt. "I'll wait outside." Rocco said as Arizona continued, oblivious as to anyone in the room. Her sole focus was to get a look at that arm.

"Thats a good idea." Callie groaned as her wife accessed her injury.

"It's through and through." Arizona said, looking at the entry and exit wound on Callie's arm.

"Rocco, I'm going to need you to help me position her to get some X-rays." The blonde doctor added. "I need you to stay here. Callie will just have to place her modesty to the side."

Smiling shyly at the brunette, Rocco said, "Sorry. I promise I'm not looking." This wasn't pleasant for anyone, not even the tall man that had never seen his boss in this manner before.

Knowing how Callie was abut nudity, Arizona grabbed a paper gown. "Here...slip this on Callie." The thin paper covering allowed for a little more modesty at least. Callie was just like Monty...modest as the day was long. However, there really wasn't too many ways to be modest in situations like these.

Callie was in too much pain to ask questions or even argue. She just wanted to get this over fast, so she agreed.

"Stand outside in the hall." Arizona told Gavin. "You don't need to be exposed to radiation."

Gavin stood on the other side of the door as his mother had X-rays. And, thankfully he did not argue with Arizona about anything. He knew that, when this was all over, he and Callie would likely receive a tongue lashing that would be as severe as they had ever heard. No doubt, Arizona was pissed and, rightfully so. She knew this was a bad idea from the beginning.

They say surviving a gunshot wound is often described as luck. However, that's not always the case. There are variables...what kind of bullet was used plays a major factor in the outcome. Where the wound is located also contributes to the likelihood of survival many times. The gunshot wound that Callie had sustained was located in the upper arm and surprisingly, it wasn't severe as what one might would have thought.

Studying the X-rays of the brunette's arm, her shoulder and chest, the blonde stood to the side in an adjacent room. "No bullet. Nothing is broken. It's just a flesh wound." Arizona announced.

She had taken a lot of pictures and thoroughly looked to be sure far there were no other bullet holes or abrasions on the brunette's body. By the time Arizona pronounced her in fairly good condition, poor Callie felt she had been through the ringer already.

"That's good." Callie groaned. "It hurts like a bitch though." She added.

"I know it does," was the blonde doctor's response. "Let's take her to room three and I'll clean the wound and sew her up."

Arizona looked at her wife and leaned down close, within inches of Callie's lips. "I'll give you something for pain and, I'll deaden everything before I suture you up." Giving her wife a kiss on the lips, Arizona watched as tears threatened to spill from Callie's eyes. But, the brunette was trying so hard to be brave about all of this. This was the first time ever that, Callie had been shot. And, she was lucky, extremely lucky to be alive. It could have been much worse.

"You'll die another day. Not today." Arizona winked at her wife as she stood.

"I hope that's years from now." Callie offered a half hearted smile back.

"It will be...years and years from now Calliope."

"Can I come back in?" Gavin asked, peeping his head in the room.

"Yes. Help Rocco get your mother to room three while I get everything set up." Arizona answered.

A few minutes later, an IV with antibiotics was started, much to the brunette's protest. However, her wife had won out. Arizona explained about infection and just how fast one could begin so, Callie relented. And, pain medicine was administered also.

"I don't want a shot." Callie said, refusing to receive any anesthetic. "That stuff burns when it goes in."

"Are you sure? It's only lidocaine, it will hurt a lot less if I use it." The blonde nodded. She knew her wife was trying to put on a brave front but, it was all talk.

"Yes." Callie replied back. "I'm sure."

"Okay." The blonde frowned. The wound was about to be irrigated and Arizona knew Callie would change her mind once this process got started. "Now brace yourself, this may hurt."

"I'm a grown woman who just got shot. I'm sure I can handle a little-OW!" Callie yanked her arm way from Arizona. "What the hell!" She hissed.

"I told you it may hurt." Arizona explained. Taking her wife's arm back, the blonde knew that, Callie wasn't as tough as she thought she was. "Why don't I just go ahead an numb this arm with lidocaine and then, we'll irrigate and clean everything out."

"Yea..." Callie teared up. And, this time, those tears ran down the tanned features rapidly.

Administering the lidocaine shot, Arizona numbed her wife's arm very well. It took a few minutes and the medicine that started out as sharp burning sting eventually didn't hurt at all as the blonde finished.

"Okay...let's try this again." Arizona smiled at her wife.

Carefully, Arizona irrigated the wound and looked for any fragments that may have been left. "You know, you've got guts." She told her wife as she worked tediously in the wound.

"I was always taught to stand up for myself." The brunette answered.

"I believe it." Arizona shook her head, continuing to work.

"You think I deserve this, don't you?" Callie waited for an answer from the truest blue eyes she'd ever known in her life. She knew Arizona didn't approve of her going and, there was a little animosity there.

Stopping, the blonde looked up. "I don't think you deserved any of this Calliope. And, I'm proud that you will always stand up for yourself and for your family. You know... you're lucky. This could have been in the chest, or shoulder. This could have turned out so different. That's what bothers me."

"I know." Callie mumbled.

"But, I am mad at you." The blonde added.

"I know." The brunette answered again. The pain medication she had received was starting to take effect.

"You could have been killed. Gavin could have been killed." Arizona was a little choked up as she started stitching her wife's flesh wound carefully.

"Believe me. I know," was the brunette's reply. That had played on her mind most of all. Callie wasn't concerned about herself as much as she was for Gavin. She couldn't believe he was there but, he was. And, although that concerned her, that he had sneaked in and, placed himself in harm's way, deep down that made Callie feel a sense of pride. She and Gavin were truly bonded. And, that was something that Callie had wanted for years but was so afraid it might not ever happen because he was so close with Arizona for so long.

"I was careful mom." Gavin injected himself in the conversation. "I knew what I was doing."

Turning around to glance at her son's direction, the blonde mother said, "I'll deal with you when I'm finished." The glare, the stern eyes were in full force as Arizona spoke in a snappy tone. She was mad with Gavin too.

He swallowed hard. No one really ever wanted to get the blonde mother on their bad side. She wasn't too often pushed over the edge but, when she was, it wasn't pretty.

Finishing up after a few minutes, the blonde stepped back and admired her work. "Looks pretty good." She accessed. "But, you're going home with the IV catheter in your hand. And, tomorrow morning I'll give you another round of antibiotics. Now...has the pain medicine helped any or do I need to give you a little more?"

"Yea..." Callie mumbled, opening and closing her eyes to try and focus harder. "I don't know what you gave me but, it's some pretty good stuff. No wonder people like pain medicine so much. This stuff is crack right here..."

Arizona, Rocco and Gavin all laughed as they watch a woozy Callie Torres smile goofily at them. Three sheets to the wind, described the brunette very well at that moment in time.

"Well, let's get her back in the car. Gavin, you ride home with me and Rocco will take mama back with him." Arizona informed her son. Gavin new exactly what that meant, he was in deep trouble.

As soon as the car door shut to the escalade, Arizona lit into her son with a fury. "Are you crazy Gavin! What is wrong with you? You could have gotten shot too! And, you lied to me!"

"Mom, I know and I'm sorry. I couldn't let her go by herself. And, nothing happened to me. I'm fine." Gavin said.

"You could have been killed!" Arizona added. "You are grounded. Do you understand?"

"Yes ma'am." Gavin replied. He was always the obedient child but, as all teenagers are at times, they try their parents and their limitations.

"I'm just so mad at both of you. And, I would have ripped a new one in your mother but, she's in too much pain and now, too doped up. But, when she's better, she and I are going to have a long discussion about her going to that warehouse tonight."

The more Arizona thought, the madder she got. There was no excuse for Gavin's involvement, she thought. There was no rational reason that Callie had went either. She should have sent the guys to take care of this. There are just some things that, Callie needed to stay away least the blonde doctor thought there was.

The brunette was often careful and took many precautions but, this was one time, things hadn't worked out like she thought they would. Life is that way however. As Gavin so plainly pointed out earlier, it fucks us over sometimes... and there's really not much anyone can do about it when it does.

Once they arrived at home, Callie walked to the door with assistance. She was very unsteady and somewhat inhibited. "This pain medicine is kicking my ass." She mumbled. Callie hardly ever took anything but, when she did, the effect was always the same.

Monty and Nanny met them at the door. "I heard ya'll pull up. Mama...are you alright? How were you shot? said she had to go to a meeting?" Monty had more questions that anyone had answers for and his mom didn't care to answer any of them.

"We'll discuss it in the morning." Arizona answered back as she followed Rocco and Gavin inside.

"I'll tote her upstairs," Rocco said, picking up the brunette that was now almost passed out.

"Wait. Dude...what happened?" Monty stopped his brother.

Gavin said, "She did have a meeting. It was a meeting about some real estate deal...I don't know exactly. And...Rocco accidentally shot mama when he pulled his gun from the side door pocket. He didn't mean to but, he did."

Gavin had mastered the art of telling a tall tell quite convincingly. No, it wasn't a good thing to lie but, everyone knew that, if Monty found out, he'd tell everybody.

Rocco walked back downstairs a couple of minutes later and Monty shoved him, eliciting a chuckle from the tall bodyguard. "What did you do that for?" He asked.

"You stupid shot my mama!" Monty yelled.

Rocco looked at Gavin and the older boy nodded. "I told him that you didn't mean to shoot mama when you pulled the gun from the door. Did you Rocco?"

Shaking his head, the tall guy played along. "No. I'm sorry. I just hope she doesn't fire me after this."

"She're so stupid!" Monty yelled again.

"What is all the yelling about?" Arizona asked, coming down the stairs with Ms. Martinelli. They had gotten Callie situated and, yes...she would be out for the rest of the night.

Gavin explained how Callie had gotten shot and that, he hoped the brunette would give Rocco another chance. And, how they weren't telling anyone because, Rocco didn't have his gun permit with him and, no one wanted him to get into trouble because he was family and, on and on the older boy explained in great detail the untrue events while his blonde mother and the other two adults in the room stood and listened to the extravagant web of lies that Gavin was creating by the second.

" understand Monty. Right?" Gavin said. "We are sticking by Rocco. Mama won't be mad when she wakes up and she won't fire him because he's family. And, were not telling anyone about this."

"Yea..." Monty looked at the tall bodyguard. "You're still stupid though." He rolled his eyes and walking upstairs to check in on his mama. Walking away, the younger boy mumbled, "What a dummy."

Gavin laughed as his brother left the room. "Who's the dummy really?" He chuckled. He thought Monty was, to be honest. He would believe anything his family told him because, they were his family and, they were all loyal to one another.

"He's gullible...he's not dumb." Arizona shot Gavin a death glare. "And, you are the biggest liar I know. I could have smoothed this over with him without all of that being said."

"I had to come up with something and, that just came to my mind. It's nothing..." Gavin laughed.

"It is and, you're grounded...remember? Now, get upstairs and, I want your iPhone turned in on my bedside table in two minutes. You won't be getting it back for two weeks. And, bring your iPad while you're at it."

Gavin wasn't smiling after that. That was always the worst, losing a way of communicating with Bridgett. Arizona knew where to apply pressure and what would do the most good and, separating him from the girlfriend for a few days usually did the trick in most instances.

The following morning, Callie woke up to her wife hanging yet another antibiotic bag up to her IV. "I'm hooking this onto the lamp, keep still, it should go in pretty quickly." Arizona said. Taking no chances with infection, she also planned for Callie to take an antibiotic orally as well. "Remember, infection is the enemy." The blonde wife winked.

Callie asked, "Can I see Gavin for a minute? Alone."

It was a school morning and the kids were getting ready to leave. Arizona had cancelled her board meeting, sending out emails earlier in the morning. She decided to stay home with her wife today.

"Sure. I'll get him." The blonde smiled. She wasn't sure what Callie wanted to talk to Gavin about but, she figured it had to do with last night.

Callie waited for her son to come in her bedroom. And she thought about the boy that would soon be turning sixteen. Soon be driving. graduating and heading off to college. Gavin had grown up so fast. He had his entire future ahead of him.

It was true...Gavino Robbins Torres had done his fair share around the house and for their family over the years. He saved Hope, remember that? He was always a moral compass, much like his blonde mother, although at times he strayed off the narrow path, as many do. He was mature and wiser than a lot of boys his age and, he had stuck by his mother through thick and thin last night. He would forever be the chosen one in Callie's eyes.

He would be the one to fulfill her legacy, to take over the businesses, to be the next head of the Family in due time. He was calm, he was smart, levelheaded and grounded...he was a mixture of both his parents in many ways.

Callie would take him under her wings, give Gavin guidance and instruction, just as Carlos had done her. And, in due time...she would hand him the reins of the vast empire she and Arizona had built. But, it was an empire that was now completely legitimate. And, that accomplishment was something Callie was proud of almost as much as she was of Gavin.

Callie had turned everything around in her life. The brunette had made it, finally...she was on top and, even with this latest little fiasco, she didn't slip or falter as far as reverting back to her former ways of doing business. Callie was done with being crooked.

Sure, she did kill Luca but, that was was very personal. Because of him, she and Gavin were put in harms way, so in her eyes, he deserved just what he got. That was justifiable to Callie, an eye for an eye. She had changed in many ways but, some things never changed.

"You wanted to see me?" Gavin walked in his mama's bedroom.

"Yes...I just wanted to say that, I know your mother grounded you and, you should not have lied to her. That was dangerous last night and, you need to stay away from situations like that. I couldn't live with myself if something happened to you. Especially if it happened because of me."

"Okay." Gavin responded. "I understand."

"I'm waiting for you to grow up. And then I want you to take over everything after college. You have what it takes and, I need to slow down. I want to slow down. When that happened last night, I thought of all the things that your mom and I have never done together. I want to travel and go places with your mother. I don't want to wait until I'm older to be able to do that. I'm saying, everything is yours...that is, if you still are interested when that time comes."

"But I thought mom didn't want me to..."

"She'll be fine with it as long as there is nothing illegal and shady going on. And, there's not."

"You know how I feel. It's what I've always wanted." Gavin replied.

"Good. We can talk later. I want you to enjoy your life and be carefree as long as you can. But, I just wanted you to know that, I trust you and want you to take over. I trust you more than anyone else in this family..."

"More than mom?" He smiled. He knew better but, he couldn't resist.

"That's a tough one to beat. She's the best." Callie winked.

"Yea, she is," he answered.

"But, as far as trust...You're both about the same." Callie smiled. "I know you both would do anything for me and you're both two of the most loyal people I know."

Gavin nodded. He was loyal. He came from a family that was just that...loyal. That was all he had ever know to be. Growing up a're expected to be loyal, was their any other way?

"Just promise me that, you'll always be loyal to this family. Never turn your back on your family." Callie said.

Gavin nodded and, he thought, "The only people I owe my loyalty to are the people that never made me question theirs." Gavin never questioned his family's loyalty. Never, not once. He knew that, he'd always be there for him and, they always had his back. That's how their family operated. There was no other way.

And, he would remain loyal to his parents, to his siblings his mothers' wishes...because, blood might make you related but, loyalty makes you...Family.

A/N: Don't worry, I wouldn't hurt Callie. She's the backbone of this story and, she's probably the most loved character on Grey's. I just hope that maybe she comes back soon, I miss her.

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"Quote Credits:

"Nobody dies a virgin... Life fucks us all."
― Kurt Cobain

Chapter Text

Between The Wives

"...If you go into marriage expecting your spouse to satisfy your every need and complement you perfectly, you will be sorely disappointed. If you expect your spouse to satisfy the deepest longings of your soul, you are in for a massive let down. The marriage is a covenant between two, imperfect, very flawed, sinful people. You're not perfect and your spouse isn't perfect, so don't expect your marriage to be perfect." -Stephen Altrogge

The next day...

Walking into the living room, Arizona sat in the chair across from her Callie. "I need talk to you for a few minutes." She was solemn as her face, the lines...they told the story of what Arizona was about to say.

Callie placed her book down and, she focused her attention on her wife. She knew that this conversation was coming. It was expected. And it was going to be an honest conversation. But, she dreaded it most of all.

"Sure." Callie smiled, folding her hands in her lap. She was recovering and her arm was quite sore however, she was surviving just fine. Arizona and the kids were very attentive to the convalescing brunette, especially Monty.

"What's on your mind?" Callie was calm, reserved and, ready to get this over with. She hoped this little spill Arizona was certain to dish out passed quickly.

"I'm mad at you." Arizona begin.

"I figured you were." The brunette nodded.

"I wanted to say some things, some not nice things but, I decided to wait until you felt better." Hands folded in her lap, Arizona paced herself and tried not to personally beseige the complacent brunette.

"I'm still sick you know," Callie brushed her arm lightly, reminding her wife. She wished that she could get out of this and, the brunette tried to get sympathy any way she could. Could you blame her for that?

"You're getting better." Arizona narrowed her eyes. "I wouldn't start this conversation if I didn't think you were up for it. Now, first off... I want to say that I told you going to that warehouse was a bad idea. And, as usual, you never listen to me. Would it hurt you to listen to me for a change?"

"I do listen." Callie nodded her head. "I've done better about listening. But, I had to go."

"No, you did not." Arizona argued back. "I'm tired of hearing that. You had a choice and you chose wrong. And this is the result of that decision."

"I'm not going to argue Arizona. We have a difference of opinion. However, the fact remains that I was set up and, I had to find out who was behind everything."

"You could have sent the guys. What if you had been killed?"

"I wasn't."

"Stop dismissing what I'm saying. You are so hard headed Calliope Torres! You were shot! What if the bullet hit your head? Or your heart? What if, I'd never saw you again, if I'd lost you? What would our children have done if, you had died?"

"They didn't lose me. You didn't lose me. But, don't think that didn't cross my mind when I was lying there. However, I had to handle this own my own." Callie knew things could have turned out so differently than they had but, she truly felt it was something that she had to do.

Silence hung between them as they both sat quietly looking at one another. The facts were, both wives had a vast difference in their opinions and their reasoning. Neither was wrong per se but, it was often easy to side with one or the other, depending on which viewpoint you felt more compelled by.

Callie wasn't particularly afraid of anything or anyone that crossed her path. She was the boss and, she was accustomed to having things her way. However, the shooting incident had played on her mind. It really had. Callie wanted to slow down and spend more time with her wife. The only thing was, she intended to place Gavin in her position in the coming years in order for that to happen. And, how was Arizona going to take that piece of news?

"You found out who was part of this, I heard. Rocco told me."

Callie nodded. "I'm going to have Connie taken care of. She's crossed me for the last time."

"No. You are not." Arizona replied. She was sincerely opposed to that type of threat taking place.

"Yes I am." Callie sat up in her chair. "And, her wife too. Natalia is trouble, she's been trouble ever since I've know her. I have no doubt that she's the driving force behind this."

"Calliope, she may have been. Connie is the black sheep of the family, I'll agree but, you have to let it go. She's still family. And, I feel that there's a respect factor there...there's a line you shouldn't cross because she is blood."

Once again, the difference of opinion sprang forth. The brunette disagreed. "She's a traitor. She's not loyal. You never turn your back on your family." Callie said. It was a part of being a Torres. It was a part of being in the mafia for so long and, the brunette was not one to accept any traitor...ever. Not even one in her immediate family.

"Honey...let it go." Arizona leaned over and placed her hands on Callie's knees. "This will end badly if you pursue them."

And, as usual, they disagreed. "No." Callie responded sternly.

Sitting upright in the tall wing back chair, Arizona straighten her face. "I won't tolerate any more murders. Luca...he could have just been fired." Arizona was told that Luca was no long a part of the family, having been murdered. Gavin had announced it and, Rocco confirmed that he was in fact, deceased. However, she was spared the details that it was her wife that pulled the trigger. Would that have made a difference to the blonde? No one knew for sure that it would.

"Luca's was justified." The brunette argued back. "He had it coming, the day he sided with them over me, was the day he signed his death warrant." Sure, Callie's remarks seemed calloused, cold...even hard hearted. However, this was her way of life. It was her raising, her job and, to be honest, her beliefs.

Arizona shook her head. "Maybe. But, not your sister. Rocco said the other side was wiped out and, you only had a couple of guys killed. Let's just end it there. Please..."

Callie said nothing as she looked at her wife. She wasn't wanting to end it there. But, she would no long hold this conversation with Arizona. It would only separate and divide them and, Callie didn't intend for that to happen.

"I mean it Calliope. Leave Connie and her wife be."

Callie nodded, never saying a word back. She understood her wife's feelings. Would she really honor those feelings and convictions? Well...maybe...

"Are we in agreement?"

"Sure." The brunette finally answered after a minute of thinking things over. "Sure." She said again.

"Thank you." Arizona smiled and, Callie smiled back. The blonde knew her wife well and, she knew she Callie was telling her what she wanted to hear. "And, you're telling me the truth?"

"Sure." The brunette replied again.

"Good. I'm glad that you are very "sure" of yourself and your decision to leave them alone. I know that, I won't hear anything else like about an unexplainable murder or a car accident happening of some kind. Right?"

"No." Callie answered. Arizona smiled and, Callie smiled back.

Sighing loudly, Arizona continued on. "Now...about Gavin going to the warehouse..."

"Arizona, that wasn't my fault. He slipped in the back of the suburban and..."

Once again, there were differences of opinion in that conversation as well.

"He could have been killed!" The blonde raised her voice.

"Like I don't know that! Do you think that was my intention Arizona? I told him that he could not go. I had no idea he snuck out and tagged along. I've supported you grounding him and, I agree it was dangerous. But, I don't feel that I am to be blamed for him going."

"He wouldn't have been there if it wasn't for you being there." Arizona explained.

"So its all my fault?" Callie asked, turning her head to the side. "You're blaming me for everything...just so you know...I'm not perfect Arizona."

Arizona paused for a moment and then sighed. "No. It's not all your fault Callie. There are other factors in here as well. And, you and I are two very different people with two very different ways of handling situations when they arise. You and I are far from perfect. We're two, very flawed, and sinful people at times. And, I can't expect our marriage to be perfect because we're not perfect. And this, is one of those times."

Studying her wife's face, Callie saw the annoyance and the grief that this had caused Arizona. She understood that because she too felt annoyed and grieved by the entire situation that had incurred. The question became, what was there to do about it?

"This is something that happens between spouses...between wives Arizona. The arguing and disagreements cannot always be solved every time or in every circumstance but, you still love through them, you still care for one spite of them."

Arizona agreed. "I do love you and I do care about spite of the fact that you drive me completely insane with worry and you seem to be fearless and forget that you are human and can get injured."

"And, I love you and care about spite of the fact that you blame me and are mad at me for trying to fix a problem that, really did need to be fixed." Callie smiled when she finished and Arizona squinted her eyes.

The blonde blew out a long breath. This was useless, she thought. She loved her wife but, they just didn't see eye to eye on this at all.

"So, let's call a truce and put this behind us?" Callie asked sweetly. "I'm still sick you know."

Laughing, Arizona shook her head. "Only in Monty's eyes are you still gravely ill. In fact, since you seem to want so much attention, I think I'll let him rewrap your arm in bandages tonight after your shower. He's been begging to do more than be my right hand man."

Callie didn't agree. "No." She said.

"Yes." Arizona smiled.

The brunette replied, "Wait an minute. We called a truce. I want you as my doctor."

"Monty's going to be a doctor Calliope. Besides, I'm just specialized in pediatrics..."

"Arizona..." Callie whined.

"You'll survive Callie. You always do." Arizona winked as she stood. She patted her wife on the leg as she passed by Callie's chair and the brunette grabbed her arm. Callie wanted to tell Arizona about her conversation with Gavin yesterday. But, she knew her wife would likely explode in rage if she did. This little talk that her wife had just proposed went better than she thought it would, no doubt Arizona was trying hard to stay calm and not shout and scream. But, if Callie told her wife of her plans, what would happen then? Chickening out fast, the brunette released Arizona's hand.

"What?" Arizona knew that look. Callie wanted to say something but, was backing out from saying it. That of course intrigued the blonde immensely.

"Hmm?" Callie looked up.

"I know that look. Go ahead and spill it." Arizona said, sitting on the edge of the ottoman where her wife's feet rested.

She decided to say it fast. Quick and painless...that was the method Callie chose. "I had a talk with Gavin. I told him that as soon as he's out of college, I want him to take my place. I'll talk to Rafa and, I was thinking...maybe he could go this summer for a month and work along side of him at Amerus. Then he could tag along with me in some meetings. Everything's legitimate now and..."

"Stop." Arizona said, placing her hand on Callie's arm. "Just stop."

Callie halted her words and she waited for Arizona to process. But, she knew not to wait too long. "Arizona, he can finish college and start right away. Then you and I can take more time for ourselves. For our own lives. I want to travel with you. I want us to go places that we haven't been able to because I'm busy. We can both slow down and, enjoy being together. When I was shot, one of the first things I thought of was, Arizona and I didn't go back to Fiji. We didn't go to Hawaii yet. We didn't cruise around Alaska or parasail over the waters of Antigua. I want to do all of these things with you. And, the only way I feel that I can is if he's in my place. I trust Gavin, more than anyone else. I trust him more than I trust Rafa or even Tom. He's loyal, he knows what family means. Honey, I wouldn't place him in that if it was dangerous. Everything I own is legitimate."

"No." Arizona shook her head. "No."

Callie sat up and placed her hands over her wife's hands. "He wants this. I want this. And, if you will think back, when you were pregnant, we discussed this...years ago. We spent one night in particular talking about this. That night and you asked me why I wanted our baby to be a boy? Do you remember that? And I said I wanted a boy so I could slow down and he could take my place one day."

"I remember that night." Arizona replied. "And I said that I didn't think I wanted our son in your line of work."

Yet again...a difference of opinion. Both sides felt they were right. Both felt that, they knew what was best and, both wives intended to lead their family in the direction that they felt was right. However, their has to be one path...not several. There has to be one way...not multiple ways. Their family all had to go in the same direction. And, that was hard...very hard with two extremely strong-willed women.

Callie retorted. "And I said that it would be ironed out and legitimate. And it is. I've worked hard Arizona...I've busted my ass to turn this all around. And, I did it all for you...for us. The time will soon come to hand over the reins. I've worked it all out and it's all legitimate...everything. Gavin will soon be choosing a career and a university and, he will be ready. Aren't you ready for us to finally breathe a little?"

Arizona didn't quite share Callie's feelings in all of this. But that was no surprise was it? She was afraid someone would come after Gavin. It was a very real possibility wasn't it? However, right now, the blonde wife felt a little shoved to the side by Callie's plans. "Well, it sounds like you've got everything in place and your mind is made up. I'm just his mother and, I see that I have no say so in this..."

Cupping her wife's face with her hands, the brunette winced. Her arm was out of the sling to maneuver better and it was quite painful. "You do have a say so. I can't allow this to happen without your consent. I want an agreement made...between us, as wives and as business partners. You have to sign off on this too. And, I thought that, given the fact that I've turned everything around and straightened every little crooked avenue, that you would finally agree to this. I'm not trying to discount you or your feelings... I really hoped you would be on board and agree. Not for me or for him but, for us."

MAMA! I'm here and, I'm ready to change your bandages." Monty yelled as he and his sisters entered the house. Nanny Martinelli had picked the kids up from school today and, unbeknownst to Callie, Arizona had already promised Monty that he could "doctor" on Callie, with the blonde doctor's advisement of course.

"Please don't let him do this. I thought you were just teasing." Callie frowned at her wife.

Arizona looked down at the tanned hands that covered hers. "I wasn't teasing." She answered, with tears in her eyes. "And, I'm sorry but, I don't think I can agree to Gavin taking your place. Not right now." Pale hands slid out of the brunette's grip as Arizona placed them on her own knees to stand up.

While the little girls girls were snacking in the kitchen with nanny, Gavin was outside...blowing leaves with the leaf blower. He knew Arizona and Callie loved immaculate lawns and, the trees were already shedding their leaves as the season changed quickly. As always, the oldest boy tried to do his part around the house.

"So, where's the bandages at?" Monty asked, wearing a face mask and putting on some rubber gloves. He was ready for this moment, much to Callie's horror.

"You look like you're about to go into surgery." Callie commented, looking at the face mask.

"Oooohhhh, can I?" He looked to Arizona.

"NO!" Callie yelped.

"There's no surgery happening. The bandages are upstairs in our bathroom Monty. When mama gets her bath, you can rewrap her arm. But, that is going to be a few hours from now and then, we'll be ready for your expertise. You can get your homework done while you're waiting..." Arizona suggested.

"I'm finished. This grade is too easy...I should just skip it. Tell you what...I'll just hang out in the pool house till y'all need me. Don't start this without me. I've got to get in the practice if I want to be a doctor." Monty smiled.

"You'll be the first person I call." His blonde mother replied with a smile.

"Alright...come on Milo. You want a treat?" Leading the Yorkie outside, Monty left his mothers to finish their conversation.

Callie pulled her wife down to face her. "You're punishing me." She said to Arizona.

"No, I'm not. He asked to do this. I'm just...helping him further his career choice, its giving him practice Calliope."

The brunette took her chance, her one opportunity to link this back to Gavin. "So what makes you so different than me? What makes helping Monty any different than my helping Gavin? They both know what they want to do and we're both affording them that opportunity."

That was one way to look at it...wasn't it?

"What the difference Calliope? The difference is that I'm not asking Monty to take the chance of getting shot. I'm not having him take my place and there's no one trying to come after me? Being a doctor is a safer choice. How can you not see that?"

"Agree with me on this..." The brunette pleaded.

Arizona stood. "I love you but...I'm don't know that I can. Now, I'm going to start dinner and, then I'll help you get your hair washed and dried. And, please...don't give Monty a hard time. He's excited and, this could make or break him and his enthusiasm."

Callie looked away to the window and nodded. She saw Gavin blowing the leaves and she watched her oldest son for a while before turning her attention away.

This weekend was Addison's and Mark's wedding. Callie was to be the Matron of Honor and, how ironic was that after everything that had happened to the tall doctor years ago? Nevertheless, it was to be a busy weekend. A happy and exciting weekend and yet, Callie sat in her chair feeling quite saddened by her wife's inability to give in.

The rest of the evening passed by slowly and the blonde had her head buried in a book. The house was relatively quiet, compared to normal. The girls played tea party with Callie as she sat in her chair. She and Arizona hardly said anything to one another after dinner and, the silence was almost deafening. Yet, the blonde continued to read her book and the more she read, the more her mind wandered back to her's and Callie's conversations about Gavin and the direction their family was to go.

A while later, Monty was called upstairs to his mothers' bedroom to dress the wound that Callie had sustained and Arizona had been treating. The flesh wound was healing slowly and was a constant reminder to both wives of just how close they could have come to saying goodbye. And, that played on Callie's mind as well as Arizona's.

"Am I hurting you?" Monty asked Callie.

She smiled at her younger son. "No. You're doing just fine." The brunette was proud of Monty and the way he was actually being so serious and attending to her that moment. He was focused, and tried to adjust the gauze and bandages so that everything could be wrapped properly.

"Is this the right way?" He asked Arizona.

Looking over Monty's shoulder, the blonde nodded. "Looks good to me. Just ask her if it feels too tight, too loose or about right." Arizona answered. She was there to assist and nothing more.

Monty asked his mama and Callie said, "It feels about right."

Beaming, the young boy looked at what he had just done. This was probably some of the most dedicated time and seriousness that he had given since his sickness a few years back.

"I did it." Monty smiled at Arizona.

"You sure did. You're going to be the best doctor I know." She kissed him on the head and put away the remaining contents of the antiseptic and bandages.

When she walked back in the bedroom, Arizona couldn't help but smile as Callie and Monty hugged.

"You can do and be anything you want. I'm proud of you and, I'll always support you. Whatever you choose as your profession." Callie said to her son.

"Even if I decide to be a professional card player at your casino?" He smirked.

"Even then, I'll still love you but, I'll tear your ass up." Callie pinched Monty's cheeks.

"I'm kidding." He laughed.

Callie laughed too. "I'm not." She winked.

"Well, I think mama needs to rest Monty. She's played hard this evening with Gabby and Hope." Arizona said as she sat in the edge of their bed.

"Yea...princess tea parties while sitting in her chair is a rough life." He chuckled. Leaving his parents alone, a silence hung over the room. Arizona flipped the switch to turn the canned lights off. The lamps beside their bed was the only light in the room and, it was dark and quiet in the cozy bedroom that they had shared for quite a few years. Arizona walked to the dresser, slipped off her clothes, and slid a long white silk gown over her toned body. Callie sat quietly, watching her wife's every move. Their earlier conversation wasn't over, the brunette was sure of that. It pained Callie that they continued to be divided over something that really was not a big deal, at least to her anyway. It was life...lots of children take over their family's business and, that was just the case here.

"I'm going to be sure the girls are tucked in and I'll be back." Arizona smiled.

"Okay." Callie commented.

Arizona noticed the melancholy that seemed to overtake the brunette and she sighed as she left their room. Why did this have to be so hard? Why couldn't she just let it go and, trust her wife's judgement? She pondered those thing as she walked to Gabby's bedroom.

A few minutes later, some very sweet little girls came in to say goodnight to their mama.

"Night mama. Love you." Gabby gave Callie a big hug and held her tightly. She was always so enamored with the brunette, even from an early age.

"I love you sweet angel. I'll see you in the morning." Callie said.

"Will you take us to school? Please? Nanny drives so slow mama." Gabby whined.

"Maybe mom and I both can take you. I'll talk to her and see can't we work that out. I'm not really supposed to drive because of the medication I'm taking." The brunette replied.

"I love you and I'm glad you feel better." Hope said, laying over on Callie's shoulder.

"I love you too pumpkin." Callie rubbed the little brunette's back.

"When you feel better, can we have a dance party? In your room?" Hope asked.

"And dance in our underwear!" Gabby laughed.

"We could sleep in here too." Hope beamed.

"Sleeping bags! Yes!" Gabby threw her hands up. "Can we mama?"

"Please..." Hope begged.

"Absolutely. Anything your hearts' desire." Callie smiled at her daughters. Never would the brunette deny her daughters anything they asked for. She was like her father in that respect.

Arizona walked in and climbed under the covers, stealing kisses from Hope. "Watch it, that's my sugar." Callie teased her wife and daughter.

"You can kiss me too." Gabby giggled as she climbed in between her mom and Hope.

"We have the sweetest most beautiful girls. Don't we mama?" Arizona smiled.

"We sure do." Callie replied, hugging Hope tight. Twenty minutes passed and the girls were still not ready to leave their mothers' bed.

Monty walked in, seeing the door still open. "Man, you girls gotta go to bed. It takes y'all forever to get up in the mornings."

"Hush Monty." Gabby said, snuggling closer to Arizona. Hope lay still, she was almost asleep, snuggled into Callie's side. The little brunette had her hand in Gabby's long blonde hair as she lightly fumbled with the silky stands. She loved the feel of hair, it was Hope's security.

"Well, scoot over. I'm getting in too." Monty nudged his brunette mother.

"It's girl's night." Gabby giggled. "You can't get in."

"No it's not. Tell her mama. I can get in if..."

"Get in Monty." Callie laughed, holding the covers up so her youngest son could climb in. Monty slid under the covers and then picked up Milo.

"Dats mama's little man..." Callie gushed over the furry member of the family. And, like always, Milo gave the brunette some very wet kisses.

"Yuck!" Gabby wrinkled her nose. "His breath stinks you know."

"It does not." Monty argued back.

"Shhh..." Let's just all be quiet for a few minutes...please..." Arizona said softly.

Quiet set in and Callie said, "Well, this hasn't happened in a while." The brunette looked at Arizona and smiled. It felt like old times, all of them together in one room.

"We're just missing Gavin." Arizona replied.

"Nope. Here and accounted for." The fifteen year old stated as he lay across the foot of his parent's bed.

"Dude this bed will break. Get off." Monty fussed. He knew it wouldn't but, he didn't want Gavin coming in and stealing any attention. Monty was laying beside Callie and his head was resting next to hers.

Gavin ignored his brother. He smiled at his mom and she smiled back. He wasn't aware of the conflict going on between his mothers. He thought and believed just what Callie had told him that, everything would be fine with his mom.

Arizona looked at the boy that would soon be driving. The boy that, was already shaving. The son that...was growing up faster than she wanted him to. Where had the time gone?

"I love you all very much. And I appreciate everything that you've all done to help me feel better these past couple of days." Callie said aloud to her family. They had all pulled together and, pitched in, taking care of the brunette and the house...and anything else that arose. Callie was truly grateful for an awesome wife and, some extraordinary children.

"We love you too," was her sons' replies.

"And, me too." Gabby giggled.

"Me too." Arizona glanced over to her wife. Callie gazed into her wife's eyes and then to Arizona's lips. She may have been disappointed but, God did she love that woman.

Monty laughed out loud. "Hope didn't say anything. She doesn't give a shit!"

Callie kicked Monty under the covers and he cried out.

"That hurt like a mother..."

"Say it and I'll kick something else." Callie warned him.

"Yea...don't say ugly words Monty Charles Torres. Cause mama will whip your butt." Gabby sat up and pointed her finger at her older brother.

"Bossy britches." Monty mumbled to his sister.

"Awe...she's asleep." Arizona stretched over to look at little Hope. Sound asleep, she lay on Callie's good arm and let off soft snores. Hope was always her happiest when she was with her parents. She felt like most children, safe and secure in the loving arms of her mother.

A little while later, the last Torres child was down for the night and, Arizona lay her head down on her pillow. She and Callie were finally alone once again. And, she wanted to say something to her wife but, she didn't know how to begin.

Callie lay on her pillow, facing Arizona and, she softly stared at the blonde that took a few minutes getting situated.

"Are you still mad at me?" Callie asked.

Arizona turned at studied her wife's face before answering. Then, in a few seconds she answered, "No."

This was her Calliope. How was Arizona going to remain upset with the love of her life? Was this disagreement over Gavin, this difference of opinion really that important? It had always been in the past. It had almost been a dividing force at one point in their marriage.

"What are you thinking?" Callie asked, gazing into her wife's blue eyes.

Laying across from Callie on her pillow, the blonde stared intensely, fixated on her wife's chocolate orbs. "Us." Arizona whispered softly.

"What about us?" Callie wanted to open a dialogue up with her wife. They had been quiet for most of the evening. She hated the silence, the uneasiness that loomed over their heads.

"He can go this summer. But, only for two weeks." Arizona said.

Callie furrowed her brow. "Are you saying?"

"I'm saying that, he wants this. I know he does. And, I'm agreeing to trust your judgement Calliope. We won't come to terms on everything in life, especially where it concerns our children. And, while I can't say that I agree with your viewpoint, I understand, I really do understand why you feel the way you do. I wish to have peace in the midst of disparity. So, I'll step back and let you take the lead on this. Just don't make me regret my decision."

The best way to describe Callie and Arizona would be to say that they were in love. Crazy about one another. They'd lived a lifetime of trying to build a good marriage. And, that's no easy feat. It takes work, hard work to achieve those kinds of results. Sure, there were times they disagreed but, they always came together in the end because, their love was that strong.

It's called mature love. The most durable kind of love, a fondness and affection that's virtually guaranteed to triumph over all sorts of adversity. And, this kind of love can evolve if you and your partner can move beyond the power struggle. No competition is involved in mature love. It's a no strings attached, a give and take safe haven, where you can count on each other for compassion and support. And yes, even guidance and understanding.

"You won't regret it. I promise. Just tell me one thing..."

"Hmmm?" Arizona grunted.

"What changed your mind?" Callie asked.

The blonde smiled. "I've been reading a book about ballroom dancing and how it's relative to marriage. And, one person said that, she had to let go of control and trust her spouse past the point of her comfort level, in their marriage as well as their dancing. And, because she did that, it gave him the opportunity to grow from his own mistakes. Now, I'm not planning on you making a mistake and I'm not saying sacrifice my child here but, maybe I can step back and let you take the reins. Maybe I can allow Gavin to grow and learn from his own mistakes. I love you Calliope. And, the best proof of love is trust. I do trust you."

Meeting in the middle of the large bed, both shared a long, drawn out kiss. Pressing their soft, lingering lips on one another's, both wives hands touched each other's hair and cheeks as they share the intimacy they so desperately craved. Blue eyes exuded love, patience and respect as brown eyes shown of protection, security, and safety.

Their lips parted as foreheads pressed together softly. "We're going to have the time of our lives in a few years." Callie smiled. "You're going to love it. I can see it all so clearly, in my mind's eye."

Arizona smiled, her dimples becoming predominant and she said, "I can't wait to experience it all...with you by my side."

"...You never know what kind of day is coming. And, whenever we think we know the future, even for a second, it changes. Sometimes the future changes quickly and completely and we're left only with the choice of what to do next. We can choice to be afraid of it. To stand there trembling, not moving. Assuming the worst that can happen or we step forward into the unknown and assume it will be brilliant. And, it would be brilliant...oh so brilliant..."


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I had considered a Part 5, I even had a name for In part 5, The boys would be in college with Gavin just married and, the girls would continue to grow up in the Torres household. The story would focus on the wives traveling some, more carefree and relaxed...all the while still raising their girls and of course, Monty would still be can't get rid of that kid. And, in Part 5, Callie and Arizona have their first grandchild...Gavin would be age 20-21 when it is born and, that would be a drama episode all it's own with Callie. I could only image her response to Gavin having a child that young. She'd lose her shit for sure!

I just haven't decided whether to continue on with a part 5 or stop with part 4. But, I'm sure that maybe the decision will come to me by the time Part 4 nears an end at chapter 50.

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Chapter Text

Come On, I Wanna Lei Ya

"Aloha...I believe in Aloha and Kindness, 'Ohana first, meaningful Friendships, counting my Blessings, and Giving to others. I choose to see the good in life even during times of struggle. I am grateful for the life I have and for all the wonderful people that make this journey worthwhile."

Hawaii in November was a comfortable warm. Eighty-four degrees was the temperature and, the family had just finished hiking for the afternoon. Tired, hot, and extremely ready for a large vessel of water to take a dip in, the Torres' all headed back to the rented house on the beach.

Arizona was enjoying everyone being together. She was even feeling excited about the comfortable temperature outside. However, her youngest son didn't share that same sentiment.

"It's Fucking Hot!" Monty yelled. As they all climbed into their cars that would be taking them back to their house. "Jesus Christ I'm gonna melt if we don't get to the pool soon..."

"Don't curse," his blonde mother scolded him.

Monty could not help himself at that moment. "If there was another word to describe my underwear sticking to my ass, believe me...I would use it."

"He's pretty accurate with that description Arizona." Callie agreed.

"Spot on." Aria said, fanning herself with her hat.

"You guys! You're not helping here!" Arizona glared at the two Torres sisters.

"Sweetie, it's okay. We're just all tired and hot. And, a dip in the pool is going to feel so good and relaxing. You're right though...I'll talk to Monty about swearing."

"Thank you." Arizona replied.

The drive back was an interesting one. The little girls and Gavin, along with cousin Carmine all rode back with Rafa. Everyone else was in Callie's car. They all laughed and talked as the driver took them in the scenic route home.

The home Callie had rented for the week was large and had its own pool. It was on in a cliff overlooking the ocean. The views of this place were magnificent.

"I only wish Hunter was here to see this. He'd love Hawaii." Monty told his mother.

"Yes. He would." Callie smiled.

Addison and Mark had gotten married. They both now resided in Nevada. Hunter was visiting his father in this thanksgiving break. And, the friend that Monty Torres would consider his other brother was never far from his thoughts.

As the car stilled, Callie leaned over and whispered. "I forgot to say you're welcome. You know, you could thank me by wearing that red bikini..." The brunette's eyebrows did their little dance. She loved seeing her wife in a bikini.

"I'm sure I could Calliope." The blonde laughed.

"So, that's a yes?"

Nodding, Arizona answered, "That's a yes."

"Monty, I need to have a word with you." Callie smiled. She agreed wholeheartedly on his assessment of today's weather but, she'd scold him anyway.

Callie's and Aria's families were spending the week together. What a way to celebrate Thanksgiving. The kids were supposed to chaperoned by Aria's daughter, Carmine later in the evening while the adults went out. Little Carmine had graduated high school not too long ago and had grown into a beautiful young woman. My how time had flown by.

Callie was feeling better as a little time had passed since the shooting accident at the warehouse that fateful night. That incident had made the brunette keenly aware of the fact that, life is short and, all of the time she spent making deals and money took away from the time she spent with her wife. And that was something Callie intended to change.

A while later, Callie waited by the edge of the pool after they returned from their afternoon excursion. Sitting toward the deep end with her feet dangling in the water, the brunette watched as Gabby and Hope swam and played. Gavin and his girlfriend were sitting in the lounge chairs talking. Aria and Carmine were relaxing under the trees.

Monty and Aria's son were throwing a ball to one another while Rafa sat at a nearby table, on his phone, as always. "It's a vacation Rafa." Callie chuckled.

"You're one to talk. I've always seen you working, even on vacation." He replied.

"I'm a changed woman." Callie smiled as she left the side of the pool, seeing her wife coming towards her.

Arizona wore her red bikini as promised and had her beach towel in hand. Dark sunglasses donned the blonde's face and she was focused on Gabby and Hope as they swam.

"Watch Our Mom!" Gavin yelled.

Arizona turned to see Callie running toward her. The brunette picked her wife up, bridal style and then she jumped into the pool...with Arizona in her arms.

"CALLIE!" Arizona screamed because the water was cool but, this was kind of fun.

"What?" Callie wore a shocked look, as she smoothed her wet hair back.

Gavin ran over and soon performed a cannon ball near his mothers to finish splashing the blonde and brunette. And then, Monty and his cousin followed behind Gavin.

"You guys!" The blonde shouted.

"You know you love it." Callie wrapped her arms around Arizona's neck, ready to capture her wife's lips. "Now, kiss me before I change my mind." Callie smiled.

"You'd never change your mind." Arizona laughed.

"You're right. But, I might decide not to dunk you if you kiss me right now."

Dismissing the brunette, Arizona laughed. "You wouldn't..."

Oh, but she did...

"CALLIE!" Arizona yelled as she came back up for air.

"I warned you." Callie laughed as her wife spit and sputtered.

Hawaii brought out the playful side of Callie Torres. She was carefree this week, much more than she had been in years. This was the beginning of a new side of Callie that, her family really hadn't seen before. And, they found it somewhat amusing and fun.

"Now, I'm not kissing you." Arizona began to swim away. But, soon she was stopped.

"Not so fast. Give me that kiss or..."

Quickly, the blonde planted a quick kiss on her wife's lips and turned once again. "No one kisses like that." Callie argued.

"I do." Arizona smiled as she swam toward the diving board.

"No. You don't. Now get back here." Chasing her wife in the pool, Callie had everyone's attention.


"Ouch Arizona!" Callie yelped.

"You know that didn't hurt and... you liked it." The blonde laughed and then, she proceeded to once again clobber her wife with the pink pool noodle she grabbed next to the diving board.

"Give me that." Callie snatched it from her wife's hands. But, it was useless, Arizona just reached for another one. They seemed to have a collection of pool noddles for some reason on this trip and no one was using them.

Gavin and Bridgett laughed as the two wives fought in the pool with Gabby and Hope's pool noodles.


"Callie!" Arizona yelled.

"That's for running away without kissing me." Callie laughed.


"And that's for hitting me." Callie laughed.


"And that one was for not kissing me." Callie smiled.

"Fine. You want a kiss Calliope Torres. I'll give you a kiss." Tossing the pool noodle aside, Arizona tackled the brunette, wrapping her arms around her wife's neck and her legs around Callie's waist. Whispering in Callie's ear, Arizona said, "Ti amo. Siete il mio amore. Ora e sempre." (I love you. You are my love. Now and always.)

"I love you more. And, you're really sexy when you speak Italian." Callie whispered back.

Kissing, limbs entangled around one another, both wives forgot where they were for a minute. That was until they hear a familiar voice.

"Get a room! Dear God, I've already watched the video. I don't want a live show!"

"Mind your business Monty." Callie splashed her son fast, turning her attention back to her blonde wife.

"Come on..."

Pulling Arizona to the farthest edge of the pool, Callie held her wife close. Tanned hands engulfed the blonde's rear as Arizona squealed.


"Come on, I wanna lei ya." The brunette smirked.

Arizona giggled. "I know where Monty gets his jokes from."

"I never said I was joking." Callie husked in her wife's ear.

Arizona's eyes opened wide. "Now? Here?"

"You got something better to do with your time?" Callie asked.

"Nope." Arizona smiled. She had nothing better to do and, nothing better planned. Did it get any better that sex with Callie Torres? She didn't think so.

"But, the kids are in the pool and if they look closely, they'll see us." Arizona wasn't about to let that happen and, she knew Callie really would not want that either.

"I know...and, that is why we're going on a private vacation. Without the kids." Callie replied.

"I'm ready." Arizona planted yet another kiss on her wife's lips.

"Seriously! Get. A. Room!" Monty yelled as he soaked his parents with a water gun from the edge of the pool.

"I'm going to kill that kid." Callie deadpanned.

"No, you're not. He's an angel..." Arizona hadn't finished her sentence before Monty once again soaked his parents. This time, it was more Arizona that was on the receiving end.

"MONTY!" The blonde yelled.

Jumping out of the pool, Callie ran toward her son.

"Oh shit!" Monty screamed. Callie chased him around and soon tackled the boy.

"Gotcha!" She said, out of breath.

"Here!" Rafa laughed, handing Callie the water gun.

"Get him mama!" Hope squealed.

"Yea...spray him good!" Gabby yelled.

"No!" Monty screeched. But, it was a little to late. Everyone laughed as the younger Torres boy got back what was due him. Monty had been squirting everyone for the past two days with water guns so, it was only fair...right?

"You deserved it." Callie laughed as Monty wiggled his way lose.

"Whatever." Monty smirked and ran to get the other water gun.

"Don't start what you can't finish!" Aria yelled to her nephew.

"I'll help you Monty!" Carmine called out, grabbing a water pail and filling it up at the pool edge. She loved her aunt Callie but, sometimes, you have to take the kids' side you know.

The evening was fun...filled with laughter and smiles. It didn't feel like Thanksgiving in reality but, it was. It was a Hawaiian Thanksgiving and, one they'd never forget.

The following morning was the day before Thanksgiving. Arizona slowly opened her eyes to the sun rays coming through the window. And of course, the smell of fresh pastries filled her senses.

She sat up on the bed and saw Callie reading a newspaper as the brunette was sitting next to the balcony window.

As Callie noticed that Arizona was sitting up, she glanced up from her newspaper and looked at Arizona.

"Good morning sweetheart."

Arizona spoke sleeply, yawning wide. "Good morning. What time is it?" Looking over to the clock, she saw that she had indeed slept in mighty late.

"Why didn't you wake me you Calliope? I've never slept this late a day in my life!"

Callie smiled. "You needed to rest. I saw how you were out of breath when we hiked yesterday. You're going to relax today. Nothing strenuous."

"I'm fine." The blonde replied.

Shaking her head, Callie replied, "You're a terrible liar dear. Now, get up, I'm dying to try out these pastries I sent out for. They looked so good on the menu so, I ordered several kinds."

"You could have eaten and not waited on me." Arizona said, climbing out of bed.

"Nope. I was waiting for you. This food wouldn't taste good without you to share it with." The brunette winked.

Sitting across from Callie, Arizona smiled as her wife pulled the table full of pastries between their two chairs.

"This smells awesome." Arizona breathed in deep, taking in the scent of a delicious breakfast.

"I know. I thought you'd never wake up." Callie laughed.

Taking a bite of her cream cheese danish, Arizona mumbled. "Thisisgood."

"Yes it is," her wife agreed. "But don't eat too much of this, I've got your regular breakfast over here."

Callie opened the silver cover and Arizona laughed. "I'm on vacation. And, I'm eating whatever I..."

"You're eating whatever is healthy. This, is your breakfast. And that..." pulling the pastry from her wife's hands, "can be eaten in moderation."

"I'm not a child." The blonde's face straightened. She knew that she'd been cheating the past several days but, wasn't that what you did on vacation? Isn't that what everyone did during the holiday season?

"I'm not saying you are a child Arizona. But, I want you to live a long life and, you know that will only be possible with a healthy diet."

"I do eat..."

"Watch out now." Callie interrupted. "You've cheated this a lot this week and, I've watched you pop more and more insulin daily. Now finish that sentence...You do eat...healthy? I don't think so."

"It's vacation...and Thanksgiving." Arizona frowned.

"I want you around for quite a few more Thanksgivings and vacations. Moderation is the word this morning. Consider this, your last cheat meal." Callie nodded.

Sighing, the blonde knew her wife was right. Why did food have too look and taste so damn good? Why? "Fine. Can I at least have my cream cheese danish back?" Arizona asked sweetly.

"Yes." Callie handed over the pastry and her wife took another bite. "This is delicious." Arizona closed her eyes. She usually ate healthy but, like everyone, she had her moments of weakness.

"It's good. Now, I was about you and I take a little ride? By will follow us." Callie announced.

"Where to?" Her wife asked.

"Some place I think you'll like. I've got everything packed. A snack and a blanket..."

"Where are we going?" Arizona furrowed her brow.

"You'll see. Finish breakfast and change into something cool and comfortable." Callie said, sipping her orange juice.

Watching the brunette closely, Arizona knew Callie had prearranged something but, she couldn't imagine what. But, she could rest assured, it wasn't anything like what she thought it would be. They'd never done this before...

Thirty minutes later, Callie and Arizona walked out of the large rented home, hand in hand. "Calliope...tell me this isn't our ride..."

Callie laughed. "Oh...but it is. Come on, I wanna show you something."

"I thought you wanna lei me?" Arizona smirked.

"Same as last night, it's on the agenda." Callie winked back.

"We are not having sex on this motorcycle." Arizona said. "I have my standards Callie Torres."

The brunette laughed at her wife's antics. "Shut up and climb on."

"Do you even know how to drive this thing?" Arizona asked, looking the black motorcycle up and down.

"Yes. Now, climb on before I find another blonde..."

"Finish that sentence and, you will be." Arizona chided. She was not fragile like a flower. She was fragile like a bomb.

"I'm teasing...come on baby. Trust me. Please...I have this all planned out and this is gonna be fun." Callie whined. "I'm sorry...I was teasing..."

"Why do I let you talk me into things Calliope?" Arizona shook her head as she climbed behind her wife and sit atop the large black Harley.

"Because you love me. Now, put your helmet on." Callie instructed.

"Dear God...this is not how I saw my life ending." Arizona muttered under her breath.

"What's that?" Callie asked, looking back.

"Nothing..." the blonde wife smiled, saying a silent prayer that, she would be back to see her children once again. Making the sign of the cross, Arizona took a deep breath and held onto her brunette for dear life.

The breeze felt nice as they rode along the highway. Arizona looked out at the water and smiled. The coastline looked magnificent. Like something out of a storybook. This experience she was on... riding on a motorcycle, carefree and relaxed, this was something that, Arizona never thought she and Callie would do. Yet, here they were...enjoying life, just the two of them.

"Why are we turning here?" Arizona called out.

"You'll see!" Callie answered.

Slowly, they took a trail in the woods that led to a stopping point. The rest of the way was on foot, but it wasn't too far.

"We'll walk the rest of the way." Callie said, dismounting the bike and helping her wife off.

Callie grabbed the large duffle bag from the suv that security carried for her. "Just wait here. I'll call if I need anything." Callie instructed the guys. Taking her wife by the arm, she said, "Come're going to be very surprised."

It was only a few feet through the trees and then, Arizona saw it. Callie was correct...she did love it. Arizona's mouth fell open as she gasped at how beautiful this place was.

"Oh Calliope, it's... it's beautiful."

"Isn't it? You don't see waterfalls like this back home huh?"

"You sure don't," Arizona smiled. Amazed, the blonde continued walking further, hand in hand with her wife.

"Let's stop here." Callie said. "I've got a blanket."

Reaching into the bag, Callie pulled a blanket out and spread it on the ground. "Have a seat. I have yet another surprise for you." The brunette grinned.

"I'm surprised already. Any more and, it will cause my heart to burst." Arizona laughed.

"This one, you'll love." Callie knew Arizona was about to be blown away.

Callie pulled a piece of paper from her pocket. Clearing her throat, the brunette began. "An old myth states that couples were separated, because the Gods were frightened of how strong we were together. They were then left to search their lives for the halves they lost - you are my other half. Richard Bach said, 'A soulmate is someone who has locks that fit our keys, and keys to fit our locks. When we feel safe enough to open the locks, our truest selves step out and we can be completely and honestly who we are; we can be loved for who we are and not for who we're pretending to be. Each unveils the best part of the other. No matter what else goes wrong around us, with that one person we're safe in our own paradise.' You are my soulmate Arizona Robbins-Torres, you are the person who loves me for me, you reveal the best part of me. I love you, now and always."

Tears streamed down the blonde's cheeks as her wife poured out her heart, revealing her truest feelings.

They say that "...People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." This was something that Arizona would never forget, until her dying breath. The way she felt, hearing her wife's undying love being voiced, it felt like time stilled.

"I swear I couldn't love you more than I do right now, and yet I know I will tomorrow." Arizona wiped her eyes.

The brunette smiled. "I knew the second I met you that there was something about you I needed. Turns out it wasn't something about you at all. It was just you."

As their lips met, Arizona moaned, pushing her wife to lie against the blanket. She could tell that Callie had something to say breakfast. She knew her wife well. Callie was a hopeless romantic but, the blonde knew Callie had brought her or here for a reason. Something was on her wife's mind and, this was not it.

Arizona whispered in a sexy voice, "Non tutte le ciambelle riescono col buco."

Callie furrowed her brow.

"What? You didn't understand my Italian?" Arizona asked. She looked so innocent and sweet, Callie couldn't let her down.

The brunette nodded. "Sure. I um...I understood. I love you."

"I love you too." Arizona whispered.

Callie didn't have the heart to tell her wife that she mixed up the words. Whatever Arizona mean to say, Callie was certain it wasn't, "Not all doughnuts come out with a hole." However, being the blonde didn't know she had mixed her words up and, this was no time for a language lesson so, Callie let it go, without saying a word to Arizona.

"I could teach you some Italian..." the blonde giggled.

Callie but her lip to keep from laughing. "Oh...I'm sure you could." She replied. Maybe she should just confess this to Arizona? This was as good of a time as any and she needed this off her chest. And, Callie knew that, her wife was much more rusty in the Italian language that she thought she was.

"I'm really getting good at speaking Italian you know."

"I agree." Callie responded, rolling her wife onto her back. "Sei la cosa più preziosa/importante che ho." The brunette told her wife. ("You're the most important thing that I have.")

"L'ho uccisa. Mia sorella. Sta morendo una morte indicibile mentre parliamo. Ho mentito a te e per questo mi dispiace." Callie added hurriedly.

Arizona wrapped her arms around the brunette's neck and stared intently.

Looking deep into the blue eyes of her wife, Callie smiled. She knew her wife didn't speak Italian that well, and what she just said to Arizona would go undetected. It was an admission and even though she knew Arizona wouldn't understand it, due to language barriers, it felt good to get it off her chest.

"Why are you crying?" Arizona asked her wife.

"Because I love you so much." The brunette answered as fresh tears fell from sad brown eyes.

What did Callie really say to Arizona? It was her innermost secret yet, she knew she had to do it. There was no other choice.

Arizona knew Callie wasn't telling her the truth. "Too many years...And too many lies." Arizona said softly. "How could you kill your own sister?"

"You understood what I said?" Callie asked shocked by her wife's knowledge.

"Yes. You said you're sorry you lied to me."

"But, wait! But just...Arizona! You mixed up your words earlier and..."

"What? mean...Not all doughnuts come out with a hole?" The blonde laughed.

"You knew you... You mixed your words up on purpose? That is..."

"Inteligente? Saggio oltre i miei anni? Ingannevole?"

"Smartass." Callie smirked.

"I am disappointed in you Calliope. Not your sister." Arizona shook her head.

"I know."

"You could have forgiven her." Arizona added.

"I know."

Arizona's belief that Callie could have avoided killing Connie was logical. In the blonde's mind, it would have behooved Callie to have let Connie live.

"I don't believe for one second that Connie would have been able to hurt you again." Arizona said, remorseful as she spoke in a somber tone.

Connie was stupid to have betrayed Callie. It was her weakness. But Callie did not help her family by killing the estranged sister she hated. In reality, Callie was destroying her family by ordering Connie's death.

The truth was, Callie was of the mindset of getting rid of EVERYONE who stood in her way at all, opposed her even a bit, or betrayed her a smidge. Nobody got a pass. It was the only way she knew how to live that life.

"We'll never know now. Will we?" Callie answered.

"No. I guess not." The blonde wife replied. "I think I'm ready to go back now."

"Not yet. Stay, for a little longer. Please?"

Not at all happy with Callie's decision and now knowing the brunette deliberately went behind her back and done something she asked her not to, Arizona was pissed.

"I've seen enough." She said, sitting up and looking at the waterfall as it cascaded down the rocks. It was beautiful there was no denying that. But, she was ready to leave.

"Just a few more minutes..." Callie begged.

"Ten. Ten minutes and we are leaving." Arizona snapped.

Silence hung between them and finally after a couple of minutes the brunette spoke.

"I should not have told you." Callie shook her head. "I just didn't want secrets."

Arizona looked at her wife and replied, "Well, that was one time, I'd rather you had kept it to yourself."

The drive back was peaceful. The wind blew and the clouds set in. It would rain today. Looking up to the rain that begin fell from the sky, Arizona could not help but wonder if those were tears shed from Carmela and Carlos. Yes, it was far fetched, a strange and unthinkable concept but, stranger things had happened she reasoned.

Parking the bike, Callie pulled her helmet off and was met with a message from Rocco. "Callie. Rocco called. He needs to talk to you. It's urgent."

"Thanks Dave." Callie said, helping Arizona off the bike. As they walked inside, they were met with Rafa standing at the door and looking concerned.

"We've got a problem." Rafa whispered to his sister in law.

Callie looked over to her wife and the blonde stood frozen, refusing to move. "Go ahead. I already told her I did it." Callie explained to Rafa. His eyes opened wider as he looked to Arizona.

"Um well, Rocco wants you to call him. Unfortunately, he

missed the target."

"What? He missed!" Calliope was more than why she sent Rocco. He never missed.

Arizona looked at her wife. Callie came unglued at the seams as she learned the news. "What do you mean he missed? You don't miss a target! Does she know that..."

Rafa nodded. "He shot twice but, he missed. Both times. She knows, she saw his face. She knows it was Rocco so, she knows it was you."

Arizona sighed loudly. "Well, I think it's safe to say that, you'd best finish the job as soon as possible Callie." Arizona shot her wife a glaring look as she left Rafa and Callie alone.

"She didn't take it well I presume." Rafa commented as his sister in law left the room.

"No. But Arizona's right about one thing. I want my sister dead and soon. Send word it better be taken care of before I get back or else." Callie said.

She believed in the code. The code was, you turn…you die and Callie Torres believed that was the only way.

"Sure thing." Rafa replied.

Arizona listened from the kitchen and looked up to see her wife coming towards her. Callie wanted this to not be an obstacle between she and Arizona. However, the blonde wife saw it as an act of revenge in its harshest form. Arizona thought, maybe Carlos was much more human than Callie in some ways. He would have found a way to punish Connie without harming her, wouldn't he? Also, as hard and unnatural as it might be to kill a sister, it would be even harder to kill a daughter. Carlos could never have killed Connie, would he?

Oh how the blonde wife wished Callie had shared her decision on this earlier. Before it had gotten this far. But, it was too late now for regrets. Because they all knew that, it would only be a matter of time before Connie or her wife Natalia struck back.


"Callie...she's family. You shouldn't have done it, not to family. But, now that you have, I suggest you finish it. I don't want this shadow lurking around my family. I don't want this hidden in the shadows."

Callie nodded. She would finish this if, she had to do it herself. This was her blood, her sister. Her problem. And, although they shared a profound history, Callie felt nothing for her blood relative.

Maybe it's true what they say...

"No one fights dirtier or more brutally than blood; only family knows it's own weaknesses, the exact placement of the heart. The tragedy is that one can still live with the force of hatred, feel infuriated that once you are born to another, that kinship lasts through life and death, immutable, unchanging, no matter how great the misdeed or betrayal. Blood cannot be denied, and perhaps that's why we fight tooth and claw, because we cannot—being only human—put asunder what God has joined together." ― Whitney Otto

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"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."-Maya Angelou

"I swear I couldn't love you more than I do right now, and yet I know I will tomorrow."— Leo Christopher

"I knew the second I met you that there was something about you I needed. Turns out it wasn't something about you at all. It was just you." ––Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire

Chapter Text

The Monty Torres Foundation

"You have cancer. Cancer does not have you."
Several months later...

It was spring. And with that season came some beautiful weather in Nevada. It was the perfect weather for today. Today was special because it was the opening day of Kamp Kemo, hosted be the Monty Torres Foundation.

"You're all brave. Remember, you have cancer. Cancer does not have you. You know, I remember being scared, not knowing what my cancer diagnosis was going to do to me. But, I tried to be strong and brave. Believe it or not...You're stronger than you think you are."

Monty was giving a speech as he did last year on opening day of camp. Held in Nevada for the second year, he was pumped up and on a roll. Give that kid a microphone and he would talk endlessly. Callie couldn't help but smile as her younger son's words struck a cord with her.

"I want to thank my mothers. I was blessed with two of the best moms a kid could ever have. My mama, she never gave up on me. She fought along side me and never lost hope. She's the best."

Looking to Arizona, Monty said, "And my mom, she's been my source of strength and I couldn't have made it without her words of encouragement and her smile. That smile, it could light up the world."

It was safe to say that, Monty Torres loved the two most important women in his life. He always would, nothing could ever change his perception of Callie and Arizona.

"So, let the fun begin!" Monty shouted and the kids screamed with excitement. Especially Hope and Gabby.

The children's camp continued throughout the day. Callie and Arizona worked tirelessly to accommodate and assist staff with any and every need. The Monty Torres Foundation was in full swing with fundraisers and activities this year, same as last. However, this year would be different. This year, they would receive money from a new donor. one they didn't expect.

As the day came to a close, Callie drove home with Monty in the passenger seat beside her. Arizona and the girls, along with Gavin and Bridgett were at least thirty minutes ahead of Callie and Monty that evening.

"It's been a long day but, I enjoyed it. You seemed to be having fun." Callie said to her so as she pulled in the paved driveway of their home.

"I did have fun. I love that camp. It's my passion." Monty beamed.

"Damn it!" Callie mumbled.

"What?" The younger boy asked.

"I forgot the mail."

Monty shook his head. His mama always seemed to pull in and forget to grab the mail most every day.

"I'll get it." He smiled.

"You are a lifesaver." Callie winked.

Monty quickly hopped out of his mama's car and checked the mailbox. The stack of letters and magazines was enormous. Carrying everything with two hands, the younger boy sat down in the front seat of Callie's sports car and laughed.

"Check the mail much?" Monty snickered.

"Doesn't look like it huh?" Callie chuckled.

Continuing down the driveway, Monty thumbed through the stack of mail. He always hoped he had something in there but, very seldom did. However, his luck would change today.

"Hey! I got a letter addressed to me!" Monty squealed. Excited didn't describe the younger son at that moment.

"Oh! Who's it from?" His mother asked as she parked.

"No name. Hmm...I bet it's one of those sweepstakes things mom always gets. Can I play if it is?"

"No." Callie laughed. "Open it and see what it is." The brunette was as curious as Monty was. It was odd, seeing he never got a letter or any mail for that matter.

Opening the envelope, Monty stared at the paper and, its contents for a minute.

"Well?" Callie asked.

"It's from Aunt Connie and someone named...Aunt Natalia? Who's Natalia? I thought Aunt Connie was married to..."

"Give me that." Callie took the letter from her son.

"You can have that. I'll keep what's in the envelope thank you ma'am." Monty laughed.

Callie snatched the envelope from her son's hands as well.


Callie stared at the hand written note from her sister. The sister she had tried to murder, more than once. It seemed that Connie as well as Natalia were elusive. They were hard to find and when they were spotted, it just wasn't in the cards to kill them. Slippery is what Rocco called them. Even when Callie tried herself, something always seemed to get in the way. Rocco nor Callie had never had someone they couldn't kill, until now.

"That's my check." Monty informed his mother.

"I'm ripping it up." Callie said harshly.

"It's made out to me! The letter said it was for my Foundation. That's not fair!"

"We are not receiving anything from these two." Callie added.

"It's fifty thousand dollars!" Monty shouted.

"I don't need their fifty thousand dollars. I don't need anyone's money. And, you don't either. They're not to be trusted. Or friended. Do you understand?"

She gave Monty the look that said, "Don't argue with me." So, he didn't.

"Whatever. I don't understand adults. You people are weird." Opening the car door, Monty slammed it shut and left his mother outside.

Callie walked inside a couple of minutes later with the enormous amount of mail in her hands.

"Forgot to check the box for a few days?" Arizona teased.

"Yea," was Callie answer. She was in a bad mood from receiving this from her sister. It was enough she hadn't been successful in murdering Connie but, this was like rubbing it in her face.

"What's wrong with you?" Arizona asked. That one word response was so unlike the brunette.

"Nothing." Callie said, taking the letter and check in her hand and walking to the trash can.

"What's that?" Arizona asked.

"Nothing." Callie said again.


"Just leave me alone Arizona." Callie snapped. Ripping the paper into shreds, the brunette left the kitchen and walked to her office, slamming the door shut.

Why did Connie write that to Monty? Why did she send so much money for his Foundation? She never seemed to care before. She never batted an eye or offered a word of concern to Callie when Monty was sick. Why now? Why the change? Why after Callie had tried to have her killed? Several failed attempts and now, the estranged sister was making peace?

Arizona walked in the office and closed the door a few minutes after Callie left her standing in the kitchen. In the blonde's hand was the torn paper and check, taped back together.

"What is the matter with you? You don't get to snap me up like that and then walk away. And, I'm guessing this wasn't going to be shared with me either. What the he'll is wrong with you?" Arizona asked.

"I'm sorry."

"I don't care that you're sorry. I want to know first off, why is Connie sending this? You have tried and failed to murder her and this is..."

"Outrageous. Crazy. Fucking insane." Callie finished her wife's sentence with words she felt appropriately fitting.

"I was going to say, interesting but, I'm sure those would do too." Arizona offered a tight smile.

"I shouldn't have snapped at you."

"No, you shouldn't." Arizona replied.

Silence hung in the air as Callie stared at the taped piece of paper in her wife's hand.

"Doesn't she know that, you're the one behind this? That you're sending guys to..."

"They both know I've tried to kill them. They're not that stupid." Callie interrupted.

"And you have no idea why she's sending this?" Arizona asked.

"None." Callie replied.

"Then, I think the sensible thing to do your sister." Always the voice of reason, Arizona offered her two cents.

"Absolutely not." Callie defiantly stated. "I refuse to be a pawn in their little game."

"Okay. I guess the suspense will kill us all." Arizona shook her head and left her wife's office. She had placed the taped letter and check on Callie's desk. Sometimes it worked best when she just left Callie alone to think. And, that's what Arizona did that now got. The brunette breathed out a long sigh and took the papers in her hands.

What did Connie mean by, 'Monty, I wanted to leave you with a lasting memory of me that your mother couldn't erase.' It must have meant she knew Callie was trying to kill her. Or was it something more?

Staring at the letter for a while, the brunette thought back to a time when everything in their lives was somewhat perfect. As sisters she and Connie had never gotten along. But, there was a time, a brief period that, Connie and Callie were friends. It was when Connie was around Monty's age. In fact, sometimes when Callie watched Monty, she saw a little of the estranged sister in his mannerisms.

Suspense will kill you. It gets under you and causes a stirring of emotions and even fears. It makes you want to know more but, it can frighten you to the very core if you stick around long enough to find out.

Picking up the phone, Callie dialed her sisters cell number. It was the last number she had for Connie and, she wasn't even sure that it was current.

A weakened voice answered on the third ring and Callie hung up. She didn't recognize the person. "I should have known that wasn't her number," Callie said aloud to herself.

It wasn't even a second after she said that, that the telephone rang back. Callie looked at the phone number and, it was the number she had just dialed.

Answering, the brunette said, "I'm sorry. I dialed this number by mistake."

"It wasn't a mistake." The woman replied.

"Who is this?" Callie asked.

"It's me. It's Connie."

Callie was silenced by the woman's admission. Finally finding her voice, she said, "You don't sound like yourself." Callie was hesitant to agree that this was indeed her sister.

"Did Monty get my letter and check?" The woman asked.

She knew it was Connie from that question. "Yes. Why did you send that?" Callie asked.

"It wasn't for you. It was for him. It was for his foundation. That's a wonderful thing that Monty is doing and I wanted to contribute. It's even made the news here in Chicago."

The cough, it sounded terrible and the raspy voice was clearly a sigh that something was wrong. Connie wasn't well maybe?

"Are you sick?" Callie asked.

"You can stop with the concern. This will get me before one of your guys do."

Taken back, Callie sat in silence as she listened to her sister's voice. "I'm sorry for what I did to Arizona and you."

"Yea right." Callie scoffed. She didn't believe Connie for a second.

"I'm trying to extend an olive branch here." Connie said, coughing hard as she finished.

"Yea and knock me out with it." Callie replied.

"I don't know what you are talking about." Connie deadpanned.

"What do you want?" Callie asked her sister. "We're enemies obviously..."

"I want it resolved. I want to make peace." Connie said in a weak voice.

"Why? You started this war. Why stop it now? Why now finish it?"

"Because she is dying Callie."

Callie stiffened as she heard a voice on the other end of the line. "Natalia." Callie said. "I didn't know you were listening on the phone."

"You're talking to my wife. Of course I am listening." Natalia replied.

"What do you mean you're dying?"

"I have esophageal cancer," Connie answered. "I'm in the last stages they say. I don't want to do this anymore with you. I'm out. I'm done. And, I wanted..." Connie couldn't finish her sentence for coughing.

"She wants out. Let her be. Let her die in peace Callie. The money was set aside for Monty's foundation and your sister decided it was time. She wants Monty to know that she's proud of him and the work he is doing. Tell him that for her will you?"

Callie listened to Natalia's voice and it was serious. They were both serious. But, the brunette could hardly believe it. Could you believe it? It was odd, wasn't it? It had been a while since Callie had heard from Connie. Rocco said Connie looked thinner but, that's all Callie had heard. She saw Connie but, it was briefly and then, Callie was interested in murder not, her sister's well-being. However, Callie couldn't forget that Connie was behind setting her up.

"You're afraid I'll finish this." Callie stated.

"It's already finished. You would just put me out of my misery if you or Rocco had good aim. Which, neither of you do. Change his glasses...or yours...maybe that's the problem."

Callie was stunned. This wasn't at all how she saw this playing out. "You're too young." Callie said to Connie.

"Cancer knows no age limits. Look at Monty." Connie responded. "I hope he does well and continues to contribute to kids fighting this disease. He was always my favorite of your children. I never liked Gavin much. He was too much like you."

There was still no love lost between the siblings. Connie wanted peace made but, she knew with Callie it was a long shot. What she had started, now seemed that Connie wasn't prepared to finish. And, apparently she didn't even care to.

"Be nice Calliope. Keep raising those kids and love your wife. And maybe one day, I'll see you again."

The call ended, just as strangely as it began. This time however, Callie didn't know what to think or to feel. She felt numb all over. Callie knew Arizona would be relieved that she would not have to murder her sister. The blonde wife had been somewhat frustrated and annoyed that it had to happen. Yet, Arizona was afraid after the first failed attempt, and subsequent attempts, it was a necessity for their survival.

Callie looked down at the check and the letter in her hands. A sad smile donned her tanned face. This wasn't what she expected but, she decided to let it go. Placing the taped check in her desk drawer, Callie left her office in search of her wife.

The house was quiet. Monty was at his grandparents house, choosing to spend the night. Bridgett and Gavin had driven out to the ranch to ride horses. It was only an hour or better until darkness set in but, they chose to spend as much time together as possible before Gavin left for California in the summer.

Callie found Arizona upstairs. Standing in the her underwear and bra, the blonde was startled by her wife voice.

"Connie's dying." Callie announced.

Arizona was confused. "Did you say..."

"She's got cancer. It's in the last stages." Callie mumbled.

Arizona stood in shock as the news she was just given set in. Breaking the silence, Gabby and Hope came rushing in the bathroom.

"It's girls night. Can we have a dance party?" Gabby asked.

"Please? You said we could mama." Hope added.

Callie and Arizona looked at one another. "I'm in my panties and bra." Arizona whispered to her wife. "Could you hand me that robe behind the door?"

"" Callie shook her head.

"Calliope!" Arizona said loudly.

"I promised them a dance party. In our underwear." Callie shrugged her shoulders. "There's no boys at home is as good of a time as any."

"Yes!" Gabby screamed, pulling off her night gown.

"I'm getting naked! Oh yea..." Hope yelled, pulling her night shirt over her head.

"We have matching panties!" Gabby laughed.

"I know, I know!" Hope giggled.

"Might as well join the rest of you." Callie chuckled, stepping out of her jeans and black shirt.

"Arizona! Look! We have matching panties too!" Callie laughed, coping their daughters.

Arizona rolled her eyes. This wasn't at all the time to be partying. Was it?

"Hit the music mama!" Gabby squealed.

Hope ran to her mothers' bed and jumped on top. "I love it!" She cheered.

"Stand by me?" Callie looked at her blonde wife that still stood inside the bedroom door.

"I'm still in shock." Arizona told her wife. "Please tell me now that you are letting this all go with Connie."

The music was loud and the bedroom door was shut. The girls danced and made quite a ruckus as Callie answered her wife's burning question.

"It's over. I'm done. We can't dwell on it. Some things in life are out of your control and, this is one of them. Death wins this one and it wasn't me behind it. Now, come stand by me." Taking Arizona by the hand, Callie pulled the blonde close and wrapped her arms around the Arizona's neck. It was light hearted fun they were having although, in the midst of it all, death hovered over their family once again.

Arizona still tried to process the magnitude of her wife's announcement. Whether Arizona liked Connie or not, she was still family and, she was dying.

They say..."Life will break you. Nobody can protect you from that, and living alone won't either, for solitude will also break you with its yearning. You have to love. You have to feel. It is the reason you are here on earth. You are here to risk your heart. You are here to be swallowed up. And when it happens that you are broken, or betrayed, or left, or hurt, or death brushes near, let yourself sit by an apple tree and listen to the apples falling all around you in heaps, wasting their sweetness. Tell yourself you tasted as many as you could."

They certainly were not wasting any of life's adventures tonight. The apples, they would tackle them one by one.

Letting loose and having fun, the four Torres ladies laughed as they danced around the large master bedroom. The wives danced on the carpet as the two little girls giggled with glee.

"We used to have these kinds of parties in college all the time." Arizona laughed as they danced. That wasn't exactly what the brunette wanted to hear. Callie's face went slack.

"But you didn't participate right?" Callie looked into her wife's eyes. She couldn't imagine anyone seeing her wife half naked. Although, she knew she wasn't Arizona's first.

Arizona frowned. "I hate to break it to you but, I was the Gabby of my whole sorority."

Callie looked as Gabby wrapped her leg around the wooden pole of their bed and hung her head back.

"I am woman, hear me roar!" Gabby screamed.

"Dear God..." The brunette breathed out. "I've got my work cut out for me."

Arizona laughed. She knew her wife had no idea just how wild she was in her college years and, Arizona would never tell Callie everything more. The brunette couldn't handle it, if you knew the truth.

Looking at the girls and at Callie, who was dancing around in her pink underwear, Arizona smiled. Their life together, hers and Callie's was meaningful...not just because of the average of all its moments, but it was the significant moments. The good ones as we'll as the bad. The timeless moments that made their lives enriched and meaningful...those were what she treasured most because, it was a story. It was their story and one that Arizona would remember for years to come.
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Quote Credit:

"Life will break you. Nobody can protect you from that, and living alone won't either, for solitude will also break you with its yearning. You have to love. You have to feel. It is the reason you are here on earth. You are here to risk your heart. You are here to be swallowed up. And when it happens that you are broken, or betrayed, or left, or hurt, or death brushes near, let yourself sit by an apple tree and listen to the apples falling all around you in heaps, wasting their sweetness. Tell yourself you tasted as many as you could."
— Louise Erdrich (The Painted Drum)

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Picture Frames

"An empty frame, in which the picture is always changing, makes a statement about how time is always passing. It doesn't really stop, even in a single image. It just feels that way." — Sarah Dessen

Time Jump

The past year and a half had passed by much faster than Arizona or Callie could comprehend. Connie passed away shortly after her conversation with Callie. She and Aria were informed of their sister's death but, the family was not invited to the funeral. In fact, it was graveside services only they were told.

Callie wasn't particularly saddened by not attending but, she was surprised that her sister was cremated. It was something that Callie knew Connie would never have wanted. However, those decisions were no longer hers but, the wife's. And, since the funeral, Natalia hadn't been seen or heard from by anyone.

The seasons changed frequently as did the Torres children. The kids had just started school a couple of weeks ago and, so far all was going along splendidly on that front.

Gavin had spent yet another summer in California with his uncle Rafa. The oldest son was a Junior this year. And, he still had the same girlfriend, Bridgett.

Monty was now in the ninth grade. He had attended a basketball camp with Hunter Montgomery for two weeks this summer and enjoyed every minute of his time away from his parents. He called his mothers twice a week. For him, that was enough.

Gabby, the oldest daughter was in the third grade and seemed to have homework most every night since school started. Her blonde mother often referred to Gabby as the social butterfly of the family and, that was mostly correct. Gabby's number one goal in school was, having friends. She was petit, blonde, very cute and extremely popular. Of course she loved school.

Then, there was Hope, the baby of the Torres siblings. Hope was in first grade and hated every second of school. She couldn't explain it but, she just hated it. Hope would one day chose a profession that her parents would question. What would that be you ask? Hope, the little green eyed brunette would be a Kindergarten teacher.

As was common knowledge, Gavin had passed his driving test. His score...and eighty three. As seventy five was passing, he made it... and, his mothers were proud. If only his siblings shared the sentiment.

"Tomorrow is family pictures." Callie announced to the Torres four who sat around the breakfast table waiting to eat.

"God help us," Monty rolled his eyes.

Callie swatted the younger boy on the head. "Hush. Your mom is excited. And, you are all going to smile and play along. I don't want anyone upsetting her on this photo shoot. If I so much as catch one of you saying or doing something that your mother would get upset about, I'll ground you until the day you leave this house. And when we get back home tonight, I want everyone in bed immediately. There's no staying up late tonight. Is that understood by everyone sitting around this table?"

Callie Torres ran a tight ship. It, you couldn't blame her for that. With four children, she had to.

"Yes..." they all answered in unison.

"She picked out matching clothes again...didn't she?" Gavin asked. He swore, every year that passed, Arizona intended to embarrass him in family photos.

"It's called color coordinating and yes, you will all have on similar colors." Callie answered as she sat the plate of pancakes on the table.

"Moms not coming down for breakfast?" Gavin asked.

"She's already left Gavin." Gabby informed her brother.

"She's not working today. Your mother is still upstairs. She still isn't feeling well and has a doctors appointment." Callie said, nudging Gavin to move over so she could sit.

"She never misses breakfast." Hope was concerned.

Arizona hadn't felt well the past several days. She was rushed to the emergency room from her office late Monday night and was released the following evening. Everyone was concerned but, thankfully it wasn't too severe.

"It was only a light heart attack they said. I thought she would bounce back quicker than this." Gavin looked to his mother for an answer. And he wasn't the only one waiting for a response from the brunette. All eyes were trained on Callie.

"She's been working a lot of hours and has been under a great deal of stress the past few weeks with problems at the hospital so, it's really not surprising that she had one. But, she'll bounce back, let's just give her a little time. It's only been three days since her heart attack. That's not a long time at all."

"But, it was a small one." Hope said.

"Makes no difference. A heart attack is still a heart attack." Monty informed his little sister. "But, moms tough. She'll get it together." Monty had all the faith in the world. Aren't kids precious that way sometimes?

"What's today's visit for?" Gabby asked.

"It's just a follow up appointment with Teddy." Callie answered. "Listen to her heart. Check her blood pressure and maybe run a test or two."

"Is she gonna die?" Hope's bottom lip quivered as she spoke.

Callie looked at her baby, the youngest child. Hope loved Arizona immensely, as they all did. "No. She's not going to die. But, she is sick. So, same rules apply today as they have the past couple of days. No one disturbs her while she's resting. Don't jump on her. Don't be rough or yell around mom. Let's just maintain this level of calm and quietness that you've all done so well with the past couple of days." Callie said.

Callie had laid the law down since Arizona came home Tuesday evening. Their home was now a quiet place, a retreat if you wil. Free from any noise or loud sounds. Callie even played classical music throughout the day as she felt that would give her wife some calmness.

"I hope she gets better soon. I want another dance party in our underwear." Gabby smiled.

"That was fun huh?" Callie chuckled.

"What do you women do when we're not here?" Monty asked.

"Walk around naked!" Gabby laughed.

Monty didn't smile. "That's just ridiculous. You don't see us going around in our boxers."

"Thank God." Gabby smirked. "Hey Mama, Can I eat upstairs with mom?" Gabby asked Callie. She was older than Hope and understood what was happening a little more than her sister. She wanted to be near Arizona as much as possible.

Callie nodded, agreeing to allow their oldest daughter upstairs this morning.

"Me too?" Hope asked.

"Yes but, don't jump on the bed. Eat your food by the table next time the window. Oh and, don't leave your food upstairs." Callie replied.

"You guys hurry up. You're riding to school with me today." Gavin called out to his sisters.

"Uh, no...I'm not." Gabby replied, refusing that method of transportation.

"Can we take the bus?" Hope asked.

"Really? The bus?" Callie was shocked by that comment.

"He's terrible mama." Gabby said, placing her food back on the table.

The Torres kids still refused to ride with Gavin. They didn't care if the state issued him a license. Hell, anyone can get one of those, Monty had said many times.

"No thank you." Gabby smiled to her brother. "I'll ride to school with mama."

"Me too. I hate first grade but, I do want to get there on time. Your too slow Gavin." Hope shook her head. "The bus gets there before you do."

"He drives like an old granny. We almost got busted by a semi yesterday after practice and bro here was like...whistling and slowly easing out of the way. He's got a freaking death wish or something. No thanks dude. I'm good. Mama can take me too." Monty added.

"You're a freshman Monty. And you're still riding with you sisters..." Gavin smirked.

"It beats scraping my ass of the pavement man! You should never have gotten your license. Scored an eighty three my ass. How much did you pay that woman that issued that license anyways?"

"I didn't. Mama did." Gavin smiled, glancing over to Callie.

The brunette shrugged her shoulders. So what is she bribed someone? It was business, she thought.

"I'll make a hundred when I take my driving test. Just wait." Monty laughed.

"Do we really have to ride with Gavin?" Gabby asked her mama.

Callie nodded. "Yes. Unless you want Rocco to..."

"We'll take Rocco. That'll give us a few extra minutes with mom. Come on Hope." Gabby motioned for her sister to follow.

The morning passed by slowly. Callie left the kitchen cleaning and laundry to Nanny Martinelli while she got ready for her wife's doctor's appointment. As quickly as Callie could, she washed and dried her hair. Throwing on a long black sleeve shirt and pants with, a vest, the brunette added the final touches to her boots.

"I knew these would match this outfit perfectly." She smiled, zipping the sides of her leather boots up slowly.

An hour later, Arizona and Callie sat inside Teddy's office. Teddy had cleared her schedule for a little while to visit with Arizona and run a couple of tests. The cardiac surgeon walked in and, Callie immediately began explaining how the past couple of days had been.

"Arizona's blood sugar levels have remained within normal ranges. I've hired a dietitian to plan the meals according to what she needs. And, her blood pressure has been normal every time we take it at home." Callie informed Teddy.

"That sounds great. Arizona how do you feel?"

"Just tired." She answered.

"Any chest pains or shortness of breath?"

"No." Arizona shook her head.

"Any weakness or any pressure in your chest?"

Once again the blonde answered, "No."

Callie injected, "I've pretty much restricted her to the bed. She has been resting. I've had soothing music on and we've slowly walked around the outside of our house a couple of times but, I didn't feel she needed to over do it."

"Resting is good. So is slowly walking and moving around. I'm sure you're going stir crazy staying inside." Teddy smiled at the patient.

"You don't know the half of it." Arizona mumbled.

Callie took her wife's hand and squeezed it gently, giving Arizona a smile. She knew the blonde was somewhat tired of her and the restrictions that Callie had set into place. They were not only for Arizona but every member of the house. However, Callie had one goal in mind. And that was to get Arizona back the way she was.

"Well, there was no blockage that we could see when we did the angiogram. Everything looked good."

"I think it's stress." Callie spoke up.

"I'm fine." The blonde said to her wife.

"No, you're not. Not really." Callie replied.

"It is a common misconception that a mild heart attack is not serious. Even if the area of the heart affected is small, a heart attack can result in permanent heart damage and life-threatening problems that affect you for the rest of your life, including heart failure, arrhythmias, and it can cause a higher risk of a second heart attack. But I know you already know that."

Arizona nodded. "I know Teddy."

"I am going to have to agree with Callie on this. I think it's stress related. You're being advised to slow down."


"You're not fine." Teddy shook her head. "If you were fine, you wouldn't still be pale. You wouldn't still be tired. As your doctor, I'm telling you to slow down. Or, pick out your casket. Because if you don't take my advise, it's coming."

"Oh don't worry. She's taking your advice." Callie spoke up once again. She intended for Arizona to anyway.

Arizona felt tears begin to well up but she staved them off. She didn't cry. This wasn't the end of the world, it wasn't defeat to slow down a little more. "Okay." She replied to Teddy's recommendation.

"You can still be head of the board here just, delegate more." Teddy explained. "You have an assistant, utilize her more. It's all about recognizing limitations and not surpassing them."

Listening to Teddy, Arizona knew her friend was right. But, slowly down was so hard. But, if the grave was calling her name, she felt she could do it.

"Okay," the blonde agreed.

"Now, let's get you to a room and listen to your chest and examine you. We'll take another EKG while you are here."

Callie helped her wife change and Arizona sat atop of the exam table. The blonde was quiet as she had been since this happened and the silence was deafening. "Please talk to me." Callie said.

"I'm just...a little depressed Calliope. That's all. It's not you. It's me. It's all me. I don't want you to have to take care of me. I don't want to be sick. I feel like I've let everyone down. I'm a burden and a failure and..."

Callie stood in front of her wife, holding onto Arizona's shoulders. "You haven't let anyone down. You're not a failure. Youre not a burden. You're a brilliant doctor that just needs to learn to pace herself better. If anybody is the failure it's me. I knew this would happen when you took this position on the board. I was worried and, I just didn't stop you."

"I'm sorry."

"For what?" Callie asked.

Arizona shrugged her shoulders.

"You've got nothing to be sorry for Arizona," Callie frowned. "I know you want to feel better and you will. Just give it some time. You will start feeling better and, when you do, we're going to begin easing you into a more scheduled, slower routine. You're not alone in this, I'm here to help you."

"I know. And, I love you for it." Arizona smiled.

"You can't even begin to imagine how much I love you." Callie smiled back, giving her wife a peck on the lips.

After school, Gavin drove his siblings home. Picture day was this afternoon and they all had to freshen up and change. Arizona's repeated EKG and examination turned out to be fine. With proper rest and a slower pace, she would be herself again. As Callie said, it just takes time.

"This shirt doesn't fit!" Monty called out into the hallway. Hearing the younger boys whining, Callie left her bedroom.

"What's wrong with it?" She asked, stepping into Monty's room.

"It's too small." Monty showed his mother. And it was, way to small. "Gabby could wear this thing!"

"I thought you tried this shirt on already?" His mama asked.

"I did. A couple of weeks ago. It fit then..."

"Growth spurt." Callie sighed. "It happens." Callie fumbled through Monty's closet and found an older shirt that wild coordinate just as well.

"Here. Wear this. It will be fine." Callie handed him the shirt and went back to help her wife finish getting ready.

" ma'am. Stop right there." The brunette said to Arizona.

The blonde wife smiled. "Bending over is on the bad list too I guess?" She asked Callie. It seemed that, Callie had a lot of things on the list that she wouldn't allow her wife to do until she was better.

"I was coming back. I can help you lace those boots up." Bending down the brunette placed a kiss in he wife's knee. "These are my favorite pair you have. You just don't wear them enough."

Arizona ran her fingers lightly through her wife's black hair. "You're my favorite thing." Arizona smiled.

Callie felt she could melt under Arizona's touch. "Maybe when we get back, I could draw us a hot bath."

"With candles?" Arizona's sweet voice made her wife smile.

"Of course." Callie answered.

"And, music?" She asked.

Nodding, the brunette replied. "Absolutely."

"Hmm...maybe I could get used to this." Arizona chuckled.

Callie said, "That's fine with me."

An hour later, the Torres Family sat beneath a large tree in front of their ranch home in Gardnersville.

"Just hold still...Monty if you'll turn your head slightly to the right..." the photographer said.

"Is this good Mrs. LaBorde?" Monty asked. He had a smile plastered on his face and he was scared to even talk but, he had to know.

"Perfect! Now, no one move." She called out.

Different poses, a flare of country mixed with the sophisticated looks of two wives that, we anything but ranchers...made for some extraordinary family photos. The low mountains behind the main house was picturesque but, it really was the family that made the photos what they were. They were ideal...from the perfect hair to the bright smiles...Callie and Arizona, along with Gavin, Monty, Gabby and Hope all were jems that would soon be sitting inside of a picture frame.

Picture frames...They say's difficult to see the picture when you are inside the frame. To step out and look shows a different view. They couldn't see what they looked like but, you and I could. And, what could only be described as perfection looking from the outside was certainly anything but. They were human, they were all flawed but, the one thing that could be seen through the lense of the camera And, that's what makes a family.

On the ride home several hours later, Callie rested her hand on Arizona's thigh. Nanny Martinelli had prepared a hearty meal for everyone including the photographer and her staff at the ranch. They were all full and ready to call it a day.

Turning to look at her wife, Arizona whispered softly so the kids wouldn't hear..."I can't remember a time when family pictures went so well. No one was arguing, no meltdowns. Nothing."

Callie glanced her wife for a second before turning her attention back to the road. "I know. Wasn't that a surprise?" She said.

"Yes. It was. It was a nice surprise." Arizona looked out the window as Callie drove them back toward their Lake Tahoe home. She appreciated her children cooperating for once without any bickering occurring.

Callie smiled to herself. A sly smile is what she wore. Only she and four other individuals knew the reason behind that smile. Callie had placed a little fear into the Torres Four earlier, no one was to act up during photos today. And, as always, once mama spoke, no one dared chose an alternate path.

Monty shook his head, they had all heard Arizona's comments and they knew, whether the blonde mother did or not. Callie glanced Monty's disapproving look in the mirror. She smiled a bright smile to her son and, same as Callie, Monty gave her one in return.

When everyone disbursed from the black Escalade, Arizona and Callie walked hand in hand as they entered their home.

"Goodnight mom. Mama." Gabby and Hope kissed their mothers and headed upstairs.

"See ya in the morning." Monty said, winking to the two ladies that he loved most.

"Yea...I'm beat. I think I'll just go to sleep also. No need to hang around and bother you two. I know you probably..."

Callie interrupted Gavin by making a clicking noise and motioning for him to leave.

"Sorry. See ya." Gavin smiled and headed to the pool house. "I'm gonna sleep in the pool house...if that's alright?"

"Sure." Callie answered, turning her attention back to her wife. "I'll go start that bath." She said. Brushing her hand across Arizona's back slowly, Callie smiled and took to the stairs.

"Hold it." Arizona called out to the brunette.

Callie turned around and raised her brows. "Hmm?"

"You told them behave today and make themselves scarce tonight...didn't you?"

Holding her hand to her chest, Callie asked..."Me?"

Arizona chuckled. She knew her wife well and, she knew Callie was trying hard to make everything go as easy as possible for her. Even the smallest things, the brunette hadn't overlooked.

"I'll be upstairs in a minute." Arizona smiled. "I'm just going to take my medicine."

"Don't be long." Callie winked, climbing steps two at a time.

A few minutes later, there was a muffled tap against the pool house window and Gavin heard a familiar voice whisper faintly, "Gavin, it's me."

He peeked out the door. Bridgett was standing there dressed in white clothes, sandals, with a triumphant grin on her face. She had eluded security once again. This was an occasional occurrence and so far, Callie or Arizona hadn't found out.

Gavin pulled her inside and hissed out thickly, "What are you doing here? It's dangerous out at night!"

Bridgett shrugged her shoulders and grinned. "I had to say that, I'm sorry and, I missed you."

His mouth quirked up in a half smile. "I'm sorry and I missed you too."
Gavin leaned a shoulder nonchalantly against the doorframe.

"Does that mean you'll let me stay here? I'll sleep on the floor and leave before daylight. No one will see me. I promise."

Gavin let out a deep breath. "Okay, but promise you'll leave early. I don't want my mama catching you sleeping in the pool house with me. And, you never know when she'll show up out here."

"I promise." Bridgett said.

He sat down on the sofa and took the blonde girlfriends hand, pulling her down to sit beside him.

He looked down at their entwined hands. They had a heated argument immediately after school and, Gavin lost his temper. As much as Bridgett felt angry with Gavin, she decided to take into consideration that he was acting out of issues at home.

"I'm here for you. You're not alone." Bridgett smiled.

"I'm sorry. I was out of line earlier and I was wrong. Everything's just out of sorts around here." He answered. "I'm out of sorts."

"I know."

"At least my mom is getting ether but it just takes time. And I keep thinking, this is your last year. I don't think I can deal with you leaving and going off to college next year." He sighed. "I'll be all alone."

"I'll be back every chance I get. And, I will come back for your homecoming and prom your senior year. We'll still be together, just...apart."

"That sucks." Gavin replied.

"Well Gavin Torres...welcome to most people's life." Bridgett smiled. "It will suck but, we'll get through it."

Gavin was a child of privilege but, don't hold that against him. It was his parents that had given him that life. Yes, Gavin was used to getting exactly what he wanted. But, that would all change once he was out in the real world. It's an eye opening experience as he would find out.

Bridgett looked at a picture frame that Gavin had placed on the table. It was just the two of them sitting by the dock. Callie had snapped the photo and, it was cute. They looked like the perfect couple...just as Callie and Arizona did.

Gavin caught her studying the photo and he said, "I'm a picture without a frame. A poem without a rhyme. A car with three wheels. A sun without fire. I am a gun without bullets. I am the truth without someone to hear it. I am a feeling without someone to feel it. This is who I am. A mess without you. Something beautiful with you."

Shaking her head, Bridgett said, "You memorized that in Lit class for extra credit."

"Did it work?" He asked, hoping it did.

Chuckles were heard as the blonde girl whispered, "Every time."

Meanwhile, upstairs in the main house, Arizona lay against her wife in a whirlpool tub full of bubbles. "This is so relaxing..." she moaned. "Thank you for being so good to me."

Her chin rested against Arizona's head and, Callie felt so many emotions she could barely contain. Looking through the bathroom door, into their bedroom, Callie saw a large framed photo of their family hanging on the wall from last year.

Soon it would be just an empty frame, waiting for the latest photo to be placed inside. The picture is always changing, it makes a statement about how time is always passing. It doesn't really stop, even in a single image. It just feels that way.

Time was passing them by, faster than Callie really felt it should. As soon as Arizona felt up to it, and their schedule allowed, she would book a trip for just the two of them. Callie wasn't sure where they would visit yet but, she would be sure it was a week away, one that she or Arizona would never forget.

"I will always be here for you. You're my person." Carressing her wife's arms, Callie closed her eyes. She held Arizona in a protective embrace and she thought, you define what's important to you by what you dedicate your time to. She was dedicated to her wife, that would never change. Arizona was the only woman she ever truly loved. And, no amount of time Callie spent with her would ever be enough.

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Quote Credit:

I'm a picture without a frame. A poem without a rhyme. A car with three wheels. A sun without fire. I am a gun without bullets. I am the truth without someone to hear it. I am a feeling without someone to feel it. This is who I am. A mess without you. Something beautiful with you."

— pleasefindthis (I Wrote This For You)

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You Can't Leave!

Ecclesiastes 4:9-10 tells us, "Two are better than one because they have a good return for their labor. For if either of them falls, the one will lift up his companion."

Several Months Later...

Some people ask their spouse to keep them accountable in a certain area. For example, Arizona had a habit of over-committing herself and having way too many things on her to-do list. Callie was great about bringing her wife back to earth and helping Arizona establish a more balanced schedule. Thank God for Callie.

Being accountable to a spouse requires one-on-one time—whether it's over coffee in the morning or evaluating list of obligations together in the evening.

"Accountability gives each marriage partner freedom and access to the other," Dennis Rainey once wrote. It means asking for advice and giving a spouse the freedom to share honest observations.

Callie had scaled back to a certain extent since Arizona's heart attack a few months back and both wives needed to be accountable to the other because both were fallible and quite capable of using faulty judgment at times.

Therefore, both had held each other to this date. The plans were in place and they would be taking the first trip since Arizona's heart attack. Today, they were flying to Paris, France. And as excited as Callie and Arizona both were, their children didn't exactly feel the same as their parents.

"I have a recital!" Gabby was annoyed by her mothers sudden need to disappear for a week. "Who's going to help me get my makeup on?"

"And I need help with getting my hair braided." Hope said. "I have ballet remember?"

"Why are you guys leaving us for a week?" Gavin asked. He couldn't believe they were bailing on him now. This was an important week for him at school.

Arizona smiled at their kids. "We've both put you all first many, many times. However, this is one time that we're doing something for ourselves and, we don't feel guilty one bit. There's never a good time to go and, we chose now. You'll all survive, you always do."

"And, you have your grandparents and Nanny Martinelli. You're all in excellent hands. Besides, one day you're going to grow up and leave us and not look back. It's the same principle really." Callie winked at her children.

"I'm not leaving you." Hope said.

"Me either," Gabby announced.

"I thought I'd just move in next door in Nonna's old house after college." Gavin told everyone.

It appeared that, the Torres Four had trouble leaving the nest but, as we all know, that wouldn't be the case. They only thought they would stay.

All four stood motionless, shocked to their very core...except for Monty.

"Gavin's got Prom this week! Are y'all crazy? He's lost without some guidance! And, who's gonna help him with his bow tie? The girls will look like shit going to their dancing shit. And, let's not even talk about the fact that Gavin doesn't even know how to put on a condom correctly. I had to explain it!"

Callies eyes lit up with fire. "What?" The brunette yelled.

"Uh...Just erase the last part. I uh...I didn't say that." Monty looked down.

"Asshole." Gavin mumbled to his brother. "Mama, he's teasing." He reassured his mother.

"What's a condom?" Hope asked Gabby.

"No idea." Gabby shrugged her shoulders.

"Monty! Gavin! In my office now! Your mother wants a word with you." Callie gritted her teeth. She was seething with fury.

"Me?" Arizona looked at her wife.

"I can't do it. You're good at this. You're a natural. Just your magic." Callie pushed her wife and son's towards her office.

"Oh no you don't. Get back here." Arizona pulled Callie's shirt and refused to handle this situation alone.

Callie whined, "But I'm..."

"No buts Calliope. We're in this boat together. Ride together, die together." Arizona said, pushing her wife to sit in her chair behind her desk.

"He was teasing mama." Gavin spoke up. Well, he kind of was..and, kind of wasn't.

Callie was so livid she could hardly speak. "We've talked about this." She looked at Gavin.

"I know. We're not having sex." Gavin firmly stated.

"You're lying." Callie shot her son a death glare.

"Gavin, if you are having sex, protection is key to preventing an unwanted pregnancy." Arizona said.

"Mom! I know that! And, were not!"

"Then why did Monty say that?" Callie asked.

"To hype you up! Tell her Monty!"

"Mama, they're not having sex that I've seen." Monty chimed in. What a help he was.

"Asshole." Gavin mumbled.

Monty looked at his brother and whispered, "Dude, the pool house last week..."

"What's being whispered? Speak up!" Callie leaned across her desk.

"Alright. It was just once. I couldn't figure the condom thing out but, she's on the pill. But, we stopped. We stopped. We didn't go through with it." Gavin confessed.

"I do not believe this! You are grounded! For life!" Callie screamed as she rose from her seat.

Arizona placed her hand on her wife's back. "Calliope..."

Callie whipped around and said, "Arizona...he almost screwed that little..."

"Calliope!" Arizona warned her wife to stop before she said something she'd regret. "It takes two to tango." She whispered. "This isn't anymore Bridgett's fault than Gavin's." And, Arizona was right. Both teenagers had hormones didn't they?

"Look, I know it's difficult to control the surge of hormones. But, this is a good time to explain to both of you boys that, we expect you to be gentlemen. Diseases can be passed through sexual contact and, condoms are a must. In every occasion they are a must. But, because I'm saying that, I'm not giving you a free pass to sleep with anyone."

Gavin and Monty both nodded at Arizona. She handled these talks so much better that Callie.

"No sex before marriage! How many times do I have to say it!" Callie glared at her two sons.

Once again, they nodded. Never did they say anything to cause Callie to get any madder than she already was.

"You are not to be by yourselves on prom night. Straight to pictures, then to eat. Then to the dance and take Bridgett home. You got that?" Callie asked.

"Yes ma'am." He answered.

"No after party." Callie added.

"Yes ma'am." He nodded.

Callie reminded him, "And, I've already told you, but maybe it needs to be said again. Keep it in your pants. If there's a baby that comes out of this union, I'm going to beat you to death Gavino Torres."

"I understand." Gavin told his mother. He had no doubt the brunette would make good on her promise.

"Now, get out of here and I better come back home and hear that you two were both on the straight and narrow path."

"Yes mama." Gavin and Monty both answered.

Most parents try really hard to give their kids the best possible life. They give them the best food and clothes they can afford. They try to train kids to be honest and polite. But what they don't realize is no matter how much they try, their kids will get out there. Out to this complicated little world.

If they are lucky they will survive, through backstabbers, broken hearts, failures and all the kinds of invisible insane pressures out there. But most kids get lost in them. They will get caught up in all kinds of bubbles. Trouble bubbles. Bubbles that continuously tell them that they are not good enough. Bubbles that get them carried away with what they think is love, give them broken hearts. Bubbles that will blur the rest of the world to them, make them feel like that is it, that they've reached the end.

Sometimes, even the really smart kids, make stupid decisions. They lose control. Parents need to realize that the world is getting complicated every second of every day. With new problems, new diseases, new habits. They have to realize there is a vast probability of their kids being victims of this age, this complicated era. But, Callie Torres wasn't having any of that. Not her children.

"Here." Monty turned around and placed a pack of Marlboro cigarettes on Callie's desk.

"What the fuck?" Arizona yelled.

"You're smoking? You're in ninth grade!" Callie raised her voice.

Gavin looked at his bother. Ride together, die together...that's who they were. He knew Monty was taking some of the heat off of him. But, it probably wasn't the wisest decision the younger Torres could have made.

"If it makes you feel better, I only smoked one. With Hunter. He swiped this pack from Mark's truck. And, I coughed and hacked and almost suffocated when I took the first puff. They're for show, that's all. It's looks cool to carry them around. But, I thought I'd go ahead and tell you before you found out." Monty said.

"You just sighed you're death sentence." Callie snapped. "While were away, I want you to write one thousand times, "I will not smoke because it causes cancer and, as a former cancer patient I realize that I'm placing my life in danger by doing so."

Arizona's eyes open wide. Her wife had crossed over. "Uh honey, isn't that..."

"I'm sorry. You're right Arizona. Write it two thousand times. That'll keep you busy while we're gone."

Monty didn't argue, he knew better. He nodded in agreement. This was going to be a long week he thought to himself.

"Be yourself son." Arizona said. "Don't try things like smoking to look cool to your friends. Just be yourself."

"Yes, be you. Everyone else is already taken." Callie snapped the younger Torres again.

"Okay." Monty sighed.

"I swear...I thought we'd go on this trip and leave you all here and it would be fine. I'm starting to rethink this whole thing." Callie threw her hands up. "We'll come back and Monty will be a dealing cocaine and Gavin will have Bridgett knocked up. Maybe even twins!"

Arizona tried not to laugh. It wasn't funny but, Callie's interpretation of events were rather amusing.

Monty looked at his mother and said, "We'll be alright."

Callie questioned that statement of faith. "Will ya? Cause what you've been doing while I'm around is not that good. When your mother and I leave in a few minutes, I'm really afraid all hell will break loose."

"It won't." Gavin piped up.

The brunette blew out a long breath. "I have so many hopes and dreams for you two and your sisters. And none if them involved underage drinking, smoking, or a teen pregnancy."

"I've never taken a drink." Monty held his head high.

"No, you have a betting habit. You like to gamble." Callie shot back.

"Love...I love to gamble." He corrected her.

"Really not helping," Arizona shook her head.

"Mama, just go. We promise we won't do anything stupid while you are gone." Gavin said.

"I swear I won't." Monty agreed.

"You have surgery a couple of days after we get back. Surgery Monty. It's not something to take lightly. Smoking won't help that, it will only complicate things." Arizona reminded him.

Monty's surgery was still an ongoing part of his rehabilitation. Limb salvaging patients require additional surgeries to correct length discrepancies. This would be Monty's second surgery. And, his mom was right, smoking wouldn't help at all.

"I'm not. It was just one time and I swear I'm never doing it again." Monty informed his mom.

"Just leave me alone with your mom for a few minutes." Callie looked out of her office window. With folded arms around her chest, the brunette was so annoyed at that moment.

Arizona wrapped her arms around her wife's waist after the boys left. "Calliope..."

"Our world is so complicated and it's getting worse every second. The crap these kids get thrown at them."

"I know."

"And, we've fought so hard to keep our sons on a straight path." Callie whined.

"Callie, look at me." Arizona pulled her wife around to face her. "Honey, they aren't any different from anyone else's kids. But, they're good kids, all of them. Gavin and Monty confessed what they were doing. They came clean. Kids go through these stages and they'll turn out just fine."

"I don't know..." The brunette muttered, unsure of how their children would eventually turn out.

"They will. Let's not let this prevent us from going. Gavin will do what he's supposed to do on prom night. Have Rocco follow him to be sure. Monty will be busy writing and then we can schedule his carpal tunnel surgery..."

"Too much?" Callie asked.

"Two thousand times? Yes, just a tad overboard." Her wife smiled.

"Alright. He can write it fifteen hundred times..."

"Calliope..." Arizona warned.

"What? That's five hundred less that before. I'm giving in..."

Snuggling close, Arizona said, "I'm ready to leave...blow this pop stand. I'm ready to go sightseeing and eat at Epicure. The Eiffle Tower is calling our names. Are we going to stand here all day or..."

"Get your cute little ass in the car." Callie interrupted. "I'll be out in a minute."

"That's my girl." Arizona placed a quick kiss on her wife's lips and went to say goodbye to their children.

Callie picked up the phone and called Rocco. "Gavin's driving himself and Bridgett on prom night. Follow them. Stay in the shadows but, I want a full detail of everything he does on Saturday night. And if he does something stupid, yank him out of there immediately and bring him home."

"Got it." Rocco replied.

"And, Monty smoked. He turned in his cigarettes. Be sure you show him what happens to people that smoke."

"The Carlos Torres method of breaking a kid from smoking?"

"Yes. I think Shady Acres Nursing Home can help you with that." Callie replied.

"I can handle that. Anything else?"

"Watch after my two girls."

"They won't leave my sight." He answered back. "Go. Have fun. We'll be here when you get back.

Callie ended the call and left her office. Goodbyes were said and the brunette mother had some very stern looks for the two Torres boys.

Once she and Arizona were finally on the way to the airport, Callie felt a little lighter although, her kids continued to weigh heavy on her heart.

"Paris has the original Mona Lisa. That's somewhere I want to go." Arizona said, scrolling through her phone.

"It's at the Louvre..." Callie nodded.

Arizona turned and smiled. "Yes."

"I think that tour has been arranged." Callie winked.

The month was April and the day was the 18th. Springtime in Paris. April in Paris. May would have been a more pleasant month to visit Paris but, Monty's upcoming surgery prevented that from happening. Arizona's heart attack although light, had left Callie with a desire to begin traveling abroad much sooner than she intended.

This was the time Callie thought. How many more chances she and Arizona would have, she didn't know for sure. And, there would be no regrets at the end of this journey. Two are better than one. For if either of them falls, the one will lift up his companion. Now was as good of a time as any to visit Paris and, Callie had a full week planned for her and Arizona in what could only be described as...the city of love.

"When spring comes to Paris the humblest mortal alive must feel that he dwells in paradise." -Henry Miller

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April In Paris

"When spring comes to Paris the humblest mortal alive must feel that he dwells in paradise." -Henry Miller
"Welcome aboard the Torres Group's private jet. We are delighted that you have chosen to fly with us today and hope to make this experience as enjoyable as possible. In order to do this, we have a few safety measures to cover. Please direct your attention to these please."

Arizona laughed as her wife sensually felt of her own breasts, giving them a tight squeeze while she made flight announcements.

"If at any time you need something to hold on to, feel free to grab one. Or both. Whatever your feel comfortable with." Callie added very seductively.

"This is some kind of airline I'm flying with today." Arizona laughed.

"Shhh...I'm not finished." Callie said. "And, if you'll direct you attention to these..." pointing to her own lips. "If you need any oxygen or have any problems with breathing, feel free to borrow these as they are lifesavers."

"They're full of hot air..." Arizona giggled.

"Arizona..." Callie whined. Her hands instinctively went to her hips.

The blonde wife smirked. "Oh. I'm sorry. Please continue ma'am."

Callie stood several feet away, continuing to pretend she was the flight attendant on this mornings flight. "Are there any questions?" The brunette asked. "Anything, I can get you before take off? A drink? A snack? A kiss? I heard that "French Kisses" were the best..."

Raising her hand, Arizona waited to be called on.

"Yes?" Callie answered with a smile. She loved that Arizona was playing along. "This is so fun," Callie mumbled under her breath.

"I have just one question ma'am. Where's the bathroom?"

"Arizona.." she whined again.

She couldn't resist, Arizona had to tease her wife a little. "Just kidding. I could use a glass of wine and, a kiss."

"How about a bottle of water and a kiss?" Callie suggested.

Arizona rolled her eyes. She really wanted a glass of wine but, as usual, she would have to wait until Callie wasn't looking for that. The brunette had her cut out all alcohol. We'll see how long that would last.

"Sure." Arizona replied. "I'll take a water and a kiss."

The flight was long and tiresome. Callie tried to keep the conversation going. But, she didn't have worry. Arizona was as excited as she was to be flying to Paris. And, she talked non-stop.

"I'm so glad we did this." Callie took her wife's hand as the flight came to a close.

"Me too." Arizona giggled.

The car taking Arizona and Callie to the hotel was driven by one of the bodyguards. As they pulled up, Callie stepped out first and offered a hand to her wife.

"Madams, welcome to the George V." The door man greeted the ladies in a heavy French accent.

"I love how they talk." Arizona whispered to Callie.

"I know." The brunette whispered back.

Arizona's lips curled into a smile as they entered the hotel lobby. "This is exactly where I wanted to stay. How did you know?" Arizona whispered.

"Lucky guess." Callie winked.

A few minutes later, they entered the elevator and, the bell man said, "We'll be going to the Penthouse Suite."

Smiling, Arizona could hardly contain her enthusiasm. Sure, they always stayed in fancy hotels and extravagant suites when they traveled but this was a treat...a rare treat.

The Four Seasons George V Hotel was unprecedented. "Breathtaking..." Arizona mumbled to herself as she stepped inside their new home for the next seven days.

Callie tipped the help and followed her wife onto the terrace. "Gorgeous views," she said. The penthouse suite was elegant, welcoming and completely memorable in every way. The luxurious furnishings and breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower from its own private terrace was unlike anything Callie or Arizona had ever seen.

"I could stay here forever." Arizona said, looking out at the Eiffle Tower. The lights were mesmerizing.

"I don't think our children would approve. I've had four text messages from Monty and three phone calls from Gabby since we left." Callie chuckled.

Shaking her head, Arizona stared out at the city of lights. "Just breathtaking," is all the blonde could say. And, she was was.

"I thought we would order we would order room service. It's not too late."

Turning around, Arizona nodded. "Sounds great. I'm starving."

Ordering something on the lighter side, the wives both sat on the terrace and ate while enjoying the scenery. "So what's on the agenda tomorrow?" Arizona asked. She knew her wife had every minute planned.

"For starters, room service in the morning. Then at nine a.m., we are going to the Eiffel Tower."

"My favorite..." Arizona injected.

"At 11:35 am, there's a river cruise we are going on and after that, we'll be headed to Champ de Mars for a forty-five minute tour."

"Ooohhhhh, I want to go..."

"Notre Dame?" Callie smiled, raising her brow.

"Yes. And, the Alexander Bridge..."

"That's planned for this trip..." Callie smiled. She hadn't missed anything. Arranging for tours early on, there wouldn't be anything kissed and Arizona was going to view Paris in some of the most extraordinary ways imaginable.

Arizona beamed. She was here and, it was amazing. "I really want to get souvenirs out of the way." She told Callie.

"Me too. Best part is the trip is deciding what child gets what souvenir. As if they won't fuss and argue and then swap them around anyway."

"True. Those Torres kids..." Arizona laughed. "they get it from their..."

"Mom's side." Callie finished her wife's sentence with a broad smile.

"Well...probably just a little." Arizona laughed. "But, I'm all out of kid talk for the night."

"There's no children around..." Callie darted her eyes to the bedroom door.

"Let's get this food inside and take a hot bath." Arizona suggested.

Callie couldn't think of a better idea than that. "I like the way you think, Mrs. Torres."

Thirty minutes later, Arizona whispered, "Can I ask you something?"

Callie looked up into blue eyes. Eyes that she could stare at for eternity. "Anything."

"When we first met, did you ever think this would be our life?" Arizona asked.

"What do you mean?" Callie replied, ghosting her hands over her wife hips. They were in the middle of making love and this question came from out of no where it seemed.

Squirming a little to get more comfortable, Arizona sat on top of her wife and continued. "This, the way we are now. We've come through some pretty intense times. Times that, I didn't..." Arizona started to cry. "I didn't know if we would get through, you know? Did you ever think the first time we met that, you and I would have this life? Or that we would have four amazing children? I mean, could you even imagine how much you would change this many years later? How much your career would change? How much I would change?"

She was rather emotional sometimes during sex since her last heart attack and, although Callie wished that her wife didn't have the health problems that she had, she loved the emotional and raw side of Arizona. The way the blonde would open up and pour out her innermost feelings and thoughts. Arizona hadn't always done tha