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Book 1: In the Beginning

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Title: Legends of Heaven: Book 1: In the Beginning. Pt 1/9

Authors: Deathangelgw and Sarit

Disclaimer: Any original characters belong to us. The rest belong to their original creators. We’re just playing around ;)

Warnings: AU, Fusion/Crossover, yaoi, yuri, OOC, Sap, humor, dark, language, sex.

Rating: PG-13 to NC-17

Pairings: Seiryuu/OFC, Suzaku/Kaos, Byakuen/Kokuen/Kaos, Byakko/OFC, Genbu/OFC

Timeline: Before both TV series even started xD

Summary: In the beginning, before the creation of the Shin Jin Ten Chi Sho, the Four Beast Gods lived in the Ningenkai, or the human realm. Searching for their first Miko to complete them, they discover many things. But then the unexpected happens and a punishment is enacted. Will there ever be peace for them again?

A/N: So, many years ago, we thought to do a crossover with our two respective fave animes: Fushigi Yuugi and Yoroiden Samurai Troopers. And it took off, spouting off all kinds of great plotlines that we just adored! So now we are sharing it with you. This is a prequel before our main thing, so please enjoy and do review! We love reviews! XD



/telepathic thoughts/


Among the heavens, there were seven celestial homes. The first was the birthing place of all things, where the Creator resided. Ancient Chinese myth called the Creator by a name: Taiitsukun. Taiitsukun had no definite gender. One moment the creator would be an old hag; the next a handsome young man. Taiitsukun preferred the old hag, as it had a great shock factor. Nearly everyone she came into contact with fell over in horror at the sight of her. It was quite amusing.


The second home was that of Heaven, where all things good resided after death. Heaven itself was split into different sections, the top most being reserved for the Shichseishi of the Four Gods. It was vacant at the moment, as the Seishi had not been called upon.


Hell was the third home, where all those who had committed wrong in their lives were sent. It was a hellish place, filled with pain, anger, despair, and horror. Not even the Gods themselves ventured into this land. None knew of its ruler, or if it had one. All was chaos in this realm.


The remaining four realms were the Gods’ personal playground: their home. Each was as different as the Gods themselves were different.


The first, belonging to the eldest brother-God, was of water. A large palace made of coral and reef stood at the center of an island. The island was beautiful with flora and fauna filling it with vibrant colors. Crystal blue water surrounded the many coves. This was the home of the Turtle God, Genbu.


Ice and rock made up the second domain, belonging to the second brother-God. Rocky crevices and caves lined the mountain that was the center of this domain. But as ugly as the outside was, it hid the inner beauty of the Dragon God, Seiryuu’s, home. Deep within the mountain there were vast caverns of crystal. Each chamber was more beautiful than the next, bringing light and music to the entire palace.


The third was not a specific place on land, but in the sky. A great expanse of clouds made up the home of the third brother-God, the Phoenix God, Suzaku. Made up of red quartz and white stone, the palace was light and airy, despite the composition of its base materials. Birds flocked around the palace, their song filling the corridors and rooms with beautiful music.


The last abode within the celestial heavens belonged to the youngest brother-God, the Tiger God, Byakko. It wasn’t so much a building as it was a climate. Sand, wind, and earth made up most of the surrounding area. Despite the hot and desolate landscape, it bloomed with beautiful desert flowers. What could only be described as a sand castle filled the center where Byakko lived. Inside it was just as beautiful as the other abodes, filled with the things the youngest God loved.


These were the homes of the heavens. Beneath them were various dimensions of the world, the foremost being that of Earth. But even Earth had its separate dimensions. The gods chose to reside upon one version, letting the other fend for itself as it would. Nurturing the people of this world, the Four Gods began to roam the earth. And thus our tale begins…




Many years ago, long before the samurai ruled the continent of Japan, a young woman was born into a poor family. This young woman was light of skin and dark of hair. Her beauty was matched only by the goodness of her heart. Many who beheld her found her beautiful, her appearance as well as her soul.


But the young woman had a lecherous, evil father. He cared for nothing but gold. His daughter, who he should have prized above all else, came last in his thoughts and affections. Until one day he found the perfect use for her.


A man came to him one day, his hungry eyes taking in the sight of the daughter. He requested from the man his daughter, not in marriage, but as a slave. The man owned an establishment that many unscrupulous men frequented, and the daughter of his acquaintance would make a great deal of money with her beauty.


Caring only for money, the father agreed. The transaction was acted out swiftly, the daughter never knowing. The young woman, Zyra, was known throughout the village to be shy and reserved, never speaking to anyone. She was poor, but she carried herself as if she were a Lady at Court. Zyra was brought before her father and told that she was to go with this man and do his bidding.


Confused, but trusting her father, Zyra followed the strange man. She did not care for him at all, but followed her father’s orders. They passed a deserted alley and the man pushed her against the wall, intending to ‘sample’ the goods he’d just purchased. The poor young woman had no clue what to expect, and thus, was extremely frightened.


But a stranger heard her cries for help, coming to her rescue. A tall man of black hair and a samurai warrior’s armor appeared. His katana flew from its sheath, impaling the man. The stranger said nothing, his eyes on the young woman. She stared back, for some reason completely unafraid.


Moving from the corpse left after his rescue, the man stood before the young woman. They locked eyes, a sudden understanding seemingly coming between the two.


“My lord.”


“My Miko.”


The black-haired warrior touched her cheek, and the young woman, known once as Zyra, now as Genbu no Miko, fell into her god and her love’s arms. Genbu folded her in his arms, green power flowing around them.


Zyra’s eyes closed, soft, whispered words flowing from her lips. As the first of the Gods was summoned by his Miko, and thus bonded for all eternity, the Creator smiled.


And so it began…