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Fall Asleep (Fall For You)

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To say that Taehyung is only excited to finally attend Bangtan Academy of Arts is a major understatement. He can barely keep himself together and has to physically restrain himself from parading around the room, showcasing his overwhelming feelings in the form of somersaults and cartwheels. But he does manage to squeeze in one mini symbolic leap of glory at the school’s entrance because he could really only hold himself back that much.

He has waited his whole life for this.

He has been living his twenty years, four months, and twelve days on this Earth for this exact moment; to stand in the corridor while students carrying large instruments, that are basically larger than the person itself, scream at you to ‘move the fuck out away’ as they frantically run to their next class or to see random dancers, covered in sweat, blocking the middle of the hallway as they break dance all over the dirty floors, is something he has dreamed about for as long as he can remember.

Clutching his saxophone case with his arms as a form of protection, he maneuvers around the bustling crowd. Perhaps joining the school during the busiest time of the year wasn’t the greatest idea, but it was the only option. He was on the enrollment’s waiting list and had been for the past two years, ever since he was fresh out of high school. Even If that meant he had to work at a cheap café instead of going to a good college like his parents wanted him to, to focus solely on music, it was all worth it in the end.

Because he is finally here.

And frankly, he’s just relieved he doesn’t have to wait until he is thirty to attend his dream school.

Once he reaches the hallway where he was told the dormitories are located, he shifts the case uncomfortably to one arm and then uses his free hand to pull a crumpled piece of paper out of his pocket that has his dorm room number on it.

A messy 2 0 4 is written on it.

Easy enough.

He shoves the paper back into his pocket and shifts, so he is holding the case more comfortably, before starting down the hall.

He takes his sweet time as he has no reason to be in a rush, observing every crevice and corner of his surrounding, soaking in all the details. He has waited forever for this so he might as well appreciate everything for what it's worth. A few of the doors are wide open, so he glances in them. The rooms are small, but large enough to contain two twin sized beds and a few other necessary appliances.

Taehyung convinces himself that he isn't being creepy and that he's just being curious and observant.

He slows his pace when he hears some faint jazzy music coming out from one of the dorms, and he can never resist a good jazz piece, so he comes to a complete stop in front of the room’s entrance. Inside is a handsome boy with faded pink hair wearing nothing but a pair of loose shorts, dancing along to the radio. Taehyung is a bit disappointed that the music is nothing but a recording, but his disappointment is quickly replaced with awe because the boy’s dance might just be the most resplendent thing he has ever seen, his movements swift and fluid, complicated, yet the boy makes it appear effortless. he recognizes it as a contemporary dance. After a while, he is reminded of the exact reason it was so hard to get into the school in the first place: The students in this school are made of pure gold and talent.

“Can we help you?” a voice calls out, snapping him out of his trance and he turns his head towards the owner of the voice to see another handsome male with mint green hair sitting cross-legged on a bed surrounded by scattered papers, covered top to bottom with messy writing. At that moment, he decides that everyone in the school has amazing ass hair, and suddenly feel self-conscious about his dull brown hair. But that thought is quickly pushed away when he realizes how weird he must seem: just standing in front of their door quietly watching their every move.

Taehyung has to remind himself he's not being creepy.

The pink haired boy stops dancing and pauses the music before scurrying to grab a gray hoodie off the floor and throws it on so he is no longer shirtless. His eyes widen with surprise, and he crosses his arms, “How long have you been standing there?”

Okay, maybe it is just a bit creepy.

“U-Uh I was looking for my room, and I got lost,” he says the first thing that pops into his mind, in an attempt to make himself appear as unstalkerish as possible because having the police called on you on the first day of school isn’t the greatest experience. He would know.

And of course it is a lie, he isn’t stupid. He knows exactly where room 204 is, considering he isn’t five anymore and knows how to read and count.

The pink haired boy seems convinced enough. A friendly smile instantly blossoms across his face that causes the edges of his eyes crinkle brightly, and Taehyung thinks he's staring at the sun for a second.

“Oh, are you new here?” the boy asks, uncrossing his arms.

Taehyung nods quickly, and the boy reaches his hand out. “I’m Jimin.”

Taehyung is a bit taken aback. He wasn't expecting any socializing this soon into joining the school, but he quickly composes himself and sets his case down and firmly shakes the boy named Jimin’s hand. Jimin then points to the boy on the bed. “That’s Yoongi hyung. You can call him Suga if you want.”

“Taehyung, Kim Taehyung.” he grins, relieved that the boy named Jimin wasn't a dick as that is a recurring fear of Taehyung's everytime he meets someone new.

Jimin pulls his hand away and sets it casually on his hips. “So did you need any help?”

Taehyung perks up and makes a small ah noise before taking out the piece of paper again and uses the palm of his hand to unwrinkle it on the top of his thigh before holding it out as evidence. “This is my room number.”

Jimin grabs the paper and pushes his damp hair out of his eyes to get a better look, “Room 204.” He reads out loud. He doesn’t think for very long before explaining. “Well now, that’s not that far, you just have to go to the end of the hall and then turn—“ He then pauses and Taehyung waits for him to continue, when he doesn’t, he begins to fear that the boy realized that only an idiot wouldn’t be able to find the room and now thinks that is he not only a massive creep but also a massive idiot.

“What is it?”

“Wait…” Jimin mutters, he tilts his paper sideways to see if he had read it wrong. “Room 204?”

“Yeah,” Taehyung replies, puzzled. “Is there something wrong?”

Jimin's eyebrows disappear behind his fringe and he gives Taehyung a long wary glance before he turns to the boy on the bed who is supposedly Yoongi. “Isn’t that Jeon Jungkook’s room?” 

“Um,” Taehyung says.

“Yeah, it is.”

“But, that’s impossible” Jimin tilts his head, looking back down at the paper.

Taehyung’s eyes flicker in between them in confusion. “What? Why?”

Jimin holds up a finger and Taehyung immediately shuts up.

"He can’t be Jungkook’s roommate though?” Jimin finally speaks up to Yoongi, ignoring Taehyung’s question.

“Didn’t you get that email?” Yoongi asks.

Jimin nods. “Yeah, but I thought Jungkook would have requested to be exempted.”

“I don’t think that’s even an option.”

“That’s stupid!”

Taehyung shrinks back. He doesn't have a single clue of what they could possibly be talking about and how to respond to it. He has faced many strange encounters after moving to the scene but none quite like this.

“Um, excuse me.” He reaches out to take the paper, “If I can just have that ba—“

Jimin snaps his head, his eyes sharp and determined. “New kid.”

Taehyung scrambles back, startled. “Yes?”

Jimin notices Taehyung's on edge composure, so he sends a reassuring smile that looks more like a grimace than anything else. “I have to warn you about your roommate.”

“Uh okay?”

“He might be,” Jimin pauses as if he's trying to find the right words. “Difficult.”

Taehyung instantly pales.

He didn't what he was expecting but that's definitely not the most pleasant thing to hear right before moving in.

Difficult? That could mean anything.

He regrets watching that one horror movie with the obsessive roommate and immediately begins to think of the worst possible scenarios.

What if his roommate is a pervert?

Or worse. A psychotic murderer who secretly joins the school and uses his roommates as easy victims. What if he puts bleach in his water because people do that apparently. He saw it on the news.

“Jimin, stop scaring him,” Yoongi snaps, interrupting his string of thoughts. Taehyung meets his unamused gazed. “Jungkook really isn’t that bad.”

After he notices that Taehyung's tense stature is not relaxing he speaks again, "Believe me, I've known him since we were kids, I would know,” Yoongi explains. “There’s nothing dangerous about him if that’s what you’re worried about.”

“What does he mean by difficult then?” Taehyung asks, skeptical.

“Jimin just used a wrong choice of wording, that’s all,” Yoongi replies sending Jimin a sharp glare, who smiles sheepishly back. “He’s a great guy, just probably isn’t the best person to room with,” he elaborates.

“I really don’t know what that means,” Taehyung admits, honestly. He feels like he's missing some sort of essential information that's blasting around him and he's just looking right past it. And maybe he’s a lot dumber than he thought because he really does have no idea what’s going on.

“Maybe you should meet him first, and then he can tell you whatever he needs to,” Yoongi suggests, and Jimin makes a grunt in protest.

Taehyung nods, but his blood runs cold. “That is not at all terrifying.”

Yoongi chuckles and slightly shakes his head, “As I said, he isn’t dangerous. Stupid but not dangerous.”

“Yoongi’s right,” Jimin says, noticing Taehyung pale complexion and nervous eyes. “Jungkook wouldn’t even hurt a fly!” He pauses, “Actually wait no, that’s not true.”

Taehyung’s eyes widen, and Yoongi sends Jimin a look telling him to shut the fuck up.

But he does not shut the fuck up. “Hyung, remember that one time at practice when there was a fly on the mirror, so Kookie punched it and ended up smashing the mirror into a million pieces?!” he throws his head back in laughter. “There was glass everywhere!”

Except Taehyung doesn’t laugh. He gulps as he tries to push out the image of a large macho man with a huge scar across his face who goes around punching mirrors.

Yoongi doesn’t laugh either, “Jimin, stop.”


Yoongi props his elbow on his knee and rests his chin on his palm as he stares intently at a panicked Taehyung. “There’s nothing to worry about new kid.”

“I-I’m not worried,” Taehyung lies. Honestly, what’s the worst that could happen? If he gets murdered, at least he will be murdered happily in his dream school, which is where he already decided is where he wants to be buried.

Yoongi chuckles again, “Ignore everything we said, decide yourself what to think about him.”

Taehyung bites down on his bottom lip not saying anything.

Yoongi gives him an indescribable look. “Things may just work out perfectly for you.”


Taehyung stands in front of the door, debating what the hell he should do. The obvious answer is to knock and introduce himself as any normal person would, but instead, he stands in front of the closed door clutching his saxophone case for his dear life, unmoving and unresponsive.

How can a door be so intimidating?

He bites on his lower lip—a bad habit of his when he’s nervous and stares wide-eyed at the golden numbers 204 carved into the door.

Taehyung sets his case down and lifts his fist ready to knock and sucks in his breath in preparation. He really shouldn’t be this nervous to meet his roommate, and he comes to the conclusion that it’s all Jimin and Yoongi’s fault. And maybe kind of his fault; he probably would have been fine if he wasn't creeping on them in the first place. He snaps his fist back and pulls his hair. 

He turns and paces back and forth for a few good minutes just practicing his introduction and ignoring the stares from people leaving their rooms who watch him mutter a bunch of incoherent words to himself. He even throws in a few English phrases before forcing himself to stop in front of the door again because this is just ridiculous. 

He convinces himself that everything will be okay and that's he's just over reacting before lifting his fist up again, ready to knock, when the door swings open at full force.

He doesn’t get a good look at the person because the sudden action startles him so much that he screams and jumps back on reflex, tripping over his saxophone case and crashing butt first onto the ground, his head knocking into the wall in the process.

“Sweet mother of baby Jesus. What the fuck!” He screams. His hands fly up to his head, and he rubs it, trying to soothe the sharp pain flaring at the back of his skull.

For a second he completely forgets about the person who opened the door and just crawls into a fetus position, whimpering and cursing, until he sees someone kneeling in front of him.

“Woah dude, you okay?” The person asks, his voice is soothing and clear.

Taehyung forces his head up to meet the stranger’s gaze and to assure him that he is absolutely fine, but instead, he violently jerks his head back, hitting the wall once again because holy fuck the man in front of him may just be the most gorgeous thing he has ever seen. 

He has large yet smoldering eyes and the most kissable plump lips, his features are well-defined, and Taehyung is sure he can cut himself slapping that jaw line. But Taehyung doesn't admire the man's beauty for much longer before letting out another sharp cry and crumbling again, laying his forehead on the floor. And if he weren't in so much pain he would have scolded himself for being so unsanitary since he's practically face planted into the ground.

“Shit, you alright?” The person asks, a hint amusement prevalent in his voice, slapping him roughly on the back as if he's trying to comfort him, but it really does more harm than good. “Do you need to go the nurse?

Taehyung lifts his head once again, slowly this time, so he doesn’t get whiplash from the stranger’s beauty and injure himself again.

The man withdraws his hand, and Taehyung is able to get a better look at him.

He’s wearing a red beanie over his dark brown, almost black, hair that splays messily over his forehead. He’s muscular, but not too buff, enough to know that he actually exercises for fun. He wears a black hoodie, running shorts, and a pair of Timberland boots. And how he manages to look so good in something so casual? Taehyung has no idea.

At closer inspection, although the boy is really good looking, he also looks really worn out; like he hasn't had a wink of sleep in weeks. There are dark circles under his doe eyes, and his face lacks color, almost a gray complexion.

Taehyung snaps out of his train of thought when the stranger stands up and offers a hand. He stares at the hand for a few seconds before looking back up confused.

“You need help getting up?” he says, the corner of his lips perking up and his eyes taunting with judgment. Taehyung feels like a complete idiot. But to be fair, he did just slam his head not once but twice into the wall.

He accepts the stranger’s hand graciously and is easily pulled up.

“Thank you so much,” he says as the stranger retracts his hand and shoves it into his hoodie’s front pocket. “I’m really clumsy and easily startled… Not the greatest combination.” Taehyung laughs nervously.

Right,” he looks so amused, and Taehyung just wants to hide.

The stranger offers his free hand once again, “I’m Jungkook by the way.” And once again Taehyung is frozen and just staring at his hand, because holy shit, of course, he’s Jung freaking kook. He literally walked out of the exact room where Jimin and Yoongi said he lived. And now he feels double an idiot.

“Yeah, I know your name,” he answers, without thinking.

Triple an idiot.

Jungkook raises an eyebrow and lowers his hand.

Taehyung mentally facepalms himself because he has got to stop creeping people out the first time he meets them. “I met two people named Jimin and Yoongi, I'm assuming you know them, and they told me your name while I was asking for room help,” he quickly explains. “I promise I’m not stalking you.”

Jungkook leans his back on the door’s frame leisurely and crosses his arms, and Taehyung tries really hard to not stare at his biceps, “Didn’t think you were.”

Taehyung lets out a breath he doesn’t know he’s holding.

“So you’re new?” Jungkook asks. Taehyung nods and smiles brightly, he turns and pats his fallen over saxophone case. “My baby and I just got accepted here!”

Jungkook looks surprised, “In the middle of the year?”

“Yup,” he lowers his head sheepishly. “I was on the waiting the list.”

Jungkook is quiet for a few seconds and Taehyung fears that he's going to insult him, it's the number one thing he was worried about when joining the school, that people weren't going to take him seriously just because he was on the waiting list.

But Jungkook just shrugs and moves from the doorway, “Well congratulations, what matters is that you’re here now. If you weren’t talented, you wouldn’t be here.”

Taehyung lifts his head in surprise, a sense of relief washing through him. “Really?”

Jungkook nods and Taehyung flashes his boxy smile. Jungkook looks taken aback for a second, but he quickly masks it with a neutral expression. “Well I really got to get to class, so I’ll see you later, uh...”

“Taehyung,” he answers, still smiling. Jungkook isn’t that bad after all. No pervert. No murderer. No bleach. No alien. He’s actually pretty nice; he didn’t make fun of him for falling right in front of him, twice, or for being on the waiting list and even helped him up. He isn’t the big macho man with a scar across his face like Taehyung thought he would be, though he is muscular and has a small scar on his cheek that Taehyung is tempted to poke but doesn’t. Taehyung would be sure to stop by Jimin and Yoongi’s room to yell at them for scaring the shit out of him.

Jungkook nods and starts walking down the hall when Taehyung remembers why he is here in the first place.

"Wait!” He calls out.

Jungkook turns back around, an eyebrow raised. “Did you need help finding your room?”

Taehyung shakes his head and laughs, “No, sorry for not saying this earlier; I was too busy, you know, falling into walls,”

He thinks he sees Jungkook smile again. “I don’t need help finding my room because I’m actually your roommate!” he finishes brightly.

That wipes anything resembling a smile right off Jungkook’s face, but Taehyung doesn't notice as he rocks excitedly on his feet. Jungkook’s quiet for a good few seconds before speaking again. “What did you say?”

Taehyung oblivious, only smiles brighter, “I’m your roommate!” he repeats, and he rubs the back of his neck bashfully. “I can’t believe I embarrassed myself the first time I met my roommate. I promise I’m not always like this,” which is a huge lie.

“No,” Jungkook furrows his eyebrows, looking more tired than before “That’s impossible.”

"No, it's not. I swear I can be really poised if I wanted to. I just—"

“You being my roommate,” Jungkook interrupts, “That’s impossible, the room doesn’t even have two beds.”

Taehyung’s smile falters because that’s not the reaction he was expecting. “What?”

"You're not my roommate," Jungkook says, his voice a bit harsh and Taehyung frowns, taken aback by how hostile the latter is acting and how quick his demeanor changed.

“But it’s true,” He says softly, and he regrets letting Jimin keep the paper with his room number on it. “They told me it was this room. Room 204,” he points to the numbers on the door as a poor use of evidence.

“You’re mistaken, you heard wrong” Jungkook turns, ready to walk away again.

Taehyung reaches out and grabs Jungkook’s wrist out of reflex. “Wait,” he cries out. He furrows his eyebrows deeper in utter confusion, because why is it so hard to believe that he’s this boy’s roommate? Jimin and Yoongi said the same exact thing.

“It’s true, I swear on my saxophone’s life!” Jungkook looks down at the other holding his wrist, and Taehyung quickly drops it and clears his throat awkwardly. “That’s how I know your name,” he elaborates further. “I told Jimin and Suga that my room was room 204 and they said my roommate’s name was Jeon Jungkook, I even had a piece of paper as a proof, but I let Jimin have it, I don’t really know why I did but—“ and he’s rambling.

“Are you sure it was actually this room,” Jungkook interrupts. “It could have been another number, and you just read it wrong.”

“Of course it was! I’m not stupid. I know how to read!”

Jungkook gives him a pointed look, “I just saw you slam your head into the wall twice.”

Taehyung mouth drops open. The boy flat out called him stupid, and in a way where he couldn't even argue because it's true, he did slam his head into the wall twice. He feels an unpleasant twist in his stomach when he suddenly remembers something. He turns and drops to his knees, and Jungkook steps back startled. “What the hell are you doing?”

Taehyung ignores him and pulls the saxophone case closer to his knees and rummages through one of the outer pockets before pulling out a golden key. “Ah HA!”

He hops back on his feet, feeling a lot lighter and holds it out for Jungkook to see. Jungkook frowns and reaches out to grab it, but Taehying quickly snaps his hand back, ignoring Jungkook’s disapproving look, and walks to the door. He inserts the key into the keyhole and feels a click. He grins knowingly and twists the doorknob, pushing the door open dramatically.

“Ta daaaaa,” he sings and turns to Jungkook, “See I told you I could read! This is my room!”

Jungkook doesn’t say anything and just stares with his mouth slightly open. Taehyung feels a pleasant feeling in his chest as he buffs it up confidently. He doesn't even know this boy, but he already feels an overwhelming sense of pride for proving him wrong. He shrugs leisurely and shoves the key into his pocket, “Well I’m going in, see you after class, roommate.”

Before he can step inside, he feels Jungkook grab his wrist and before he knows it he’s being dragged down the hallway.

“What the—Hey, what are you doing?!” Taehyung tries to rip his wrist from Jungkook’s iron grip, but Jungkook doesn’t budge,

“To the administrator's office, there must have been a mistake,” he growls and now Taehyung is even more confused because why is the concept of being his roommate such a hard thing to comprehend and seems controversial almost.

“Jungkook let go!” Taehyung hisses. When Jungkook doesn’t respond Taehyung throws a few hard punches at the arm that is holding his wrist, which does absolutely nothing. He doesn't even know the dude, and a spark of fear ruptures in his chest because this stranger can literally take him anywhere. Like a slaughterhouse or the bottom of the ocean. “Please, stop for just a second!”

Jungkook continues to ignore him. Instead, he increases his pace until they are practically running down the hall. A few people stop and watch.

“If you don’t stop I’m going to scream,” Taehyung threatens

Jungkook’s grip tightens as if he is saying ‘I dare you to.'

“One.” Taehyung starts, when Jungkook still doesn’t stop walking he continues “Two… THREE”

He opens his mouth to let out the loudest scream he can muster when Jungkook whips around and covers Taehyung’s mouth with his free hand. “What is it Taeyang?”

Taehyung eyes widen.

oh hell no.

He roughly shoves Jungkook's hand away from his mouth and sends him a deadly glare. “Okay first off, my name is NOT Taeyang, this is not Big Bang,” he hisses. “It’s Taehyung, Kim Tae Hyung.” He enunciates each syllable.

Jungkook continues to wear a blank expression and Taehyung wants to scream. “Secondly,” he huffs and points to his saxophone case still lying on the ground, “My baby.”

Jungkook looks past Taehyung to where he’s pointing and glowers. He ruffles his fringe in frustration before walking back, dragging the reluctant boy behind him like a rag doll. Once they’re back, Taehyung reaches for his case, but Jungkook beats him to it and uses his hand that isn’t holding the latter’s wrist to lift the case and holds it comfortably in one arm—Taehyung gapes, he can barely hold the case with two arms let alone one. Then he drags Taehyung down the hall again, and Taehyung lets him this time. He remains quiet, soaking in everything that just happened in a span of only a few minutes. Things had escalated so quickly; one second he's lying on the floor in pain and the next he is being dragged away by this so called stranger of a roommate. And he thinks that maybe he won’t go yell at Jimin and Yoongi for scaring the shit out of him because his shit is pretty scared.

Once they reach the administrator's office, Jungkook lets go of his wrist and Taehyung rubs the red marks, a wave of relief washing over him since they actually went to the administrator's and not to be murdered.

He pouts at his sore wrist. “Look what you did."

Jungkook ignores him and sets the case on the floor and knocks on the door. He blows his hair out of his eyes and taps his shoe impatiently. Taehyung peers over Jungkook’s shoulder to look at the closed door. “Maybe she’s not here, we can come back la—“ the door swings open revealing the administrator, the women who gave him the room number. “Okay, nevermind.”

“How can I help you, boys?” She steps back, allowing them to walk in. They both bow out of respect. Jungkook speaks up first, “I think there was a rooming mistake.”

She sits at her desk and turns to her computer, “Name?” Jungkook nudges Taehyung, and he perks up.

“Oh uh Taehyung, Kim Tae Hyung.”

He hears Jungkook sigh

While she types into the computer, Taehyung suddenly remembers something. “Aren’t you supposed to go to class,” he asks, turning to Jungkook.

Jungkook keeps his gaze to the front, “Don’t worry about it.”

Taehyung wrinkles his nose and turns his attention back to the administrator.

“Kim Taehyung, here it is,” she leans closer to the computer screen. “You’re assigned to room 204.”

Jungkook exhales in frustration.

“Told you,” Taehyung whispers softly so only Jungkook can hear.

He’s about ready to bow and thank her so they can get back to their room and he can lie down because he’s honestly so exhausted now all that adrenaline is gone. But Jungkook speaks up instead. “There must be a mistake. I applied for a single dorm. Not shared.”

Taehyung has to hold back a groan of annoyance.

The administrator turns from her computer to look at the two boys, she folds her hands over the desk and sighs, “Housing has been sparse lately, so there has been a new accommodation. In order to fit more people, there are no longer single dorms. If you want a single room, you will have to move into one of the apartments near here. We sent out an email explaining all of this before the semester even started, did you not read it?”

Jungkook scowls, “Who the fuck reads their emails these days,” he mutters, and Taehyung isn’t sure if he is supposed to hear. He scoffs, because what kind of college student doesn’t use their email?

She turns and looks through a pile of paper before grabbing a stack and turning back around. She hands Jungkook the papers, “Here’s a list of available apartments near here, if you want a single room there are a few cheap ones here.”

Jungkook sighs and takes his beanie off before running his fingers through his hair, “I can’t, housing at the dorm has already been paid for with my scholarship,” he sounds desperate. “I can’t afford an apartment.”

Taehyung snaps his head towards him, a sharp pain flushing in his jaw from how wide his mouth dropped open. A scholarship?! He must be Beyoncé’s love child if he managed to get a scholarship at a school like this. And perhaps if the boy weren't walking around with a stick up his ass all the time Taehyung would be tempted to drop to his knees and worship the very ground he stands on.

“Would you like to apply for a student loan?”

Jungkook shakes his head.

“I don’t know what to tell you then,” she says apologetically. “There also a few part-time jobs you could work for until you have enough to afford an apartment.”

Jungkook just shakes his head again and returns the papers. Taehyung has to agree with him on this one because the boy looks ready to pass out at any moment; balancing a job with school will make things so much worse.

She smiles apologetically, and Jungkook glowers. He turns around and just walks out without another word and Taehyung is appalled by how rude he's acting to his elder. Taehyung quickly bows and mutters a quiet apology before following Jungkook out of the room.

Jungkook picks up the case before storming back to the dorms and Taehyung stalks behind him in silence, not sure what to say. One thing the boy cannot handle is awkward silence so after a while he attempts to make small talk by asking questions like “So the weather’s nice today isn’t it?” or “Did you know that male seahorses are the ones who give birth?" But Jungkook ignores it all, so he shuts up for the rest of the walk.

Once they reach the dorm halls, they catch Jimin and Yoongi walking out of their room.

“Jungkook and the new kid, hey!” Jimin says, a huge smile on his face. Taehyung gives a small wave. Yoongi is right behind, observing the two boys uneasily. “How are the two newlywed roommates doing?”

Jungkook ignores him and continues to walk past him, not even sparing him a glance.

Jimin scoffs. “That brat always ignores me!” he turns to Taehyung. “Man, I’m sorry you have to room with him. That sucks, I wish you could just room with us.”

Jungkook stops in his tracks, the sudden brake almost causing Taehyung to collide into him. He whips around, and Taehyung scrambles back.

“What did you just say?” His expression remains stoic, but his eyes glimmer with something dangerous.

Yoongi steps forward, frowning and forms a protective barricade between Jungkook and Jimin. “Jungkook no, he was just joking.”

Jungkook steps closer to Jimin whose eyes are now wide and Taehyung’s confused again. “You just said you wished he was your roommate.”

“What? N-No I didn’t,” Jimin stutters.

“Did you not say ‘I wish you could just room with us’?” Jungkook imitates Jimin’s high-pitched voice, and if Taehyung weren't so confused, he would have laughed and told him how impressive that was.

Jungkook takes another step forwards, and Jimin steps back. The image is similar to a lion stalking on its prey. “I-I did, but I was jo—“

“Yes or no."

Yoongi groans in defeat and rubs his face with his hand.

Jimin swallows, “Uh yes?”

And then it clicks “Wait one god damn second, dude what the hell!” Taehyung cries.

Jungkook contemplates for only a second before shoving Taehyung’s case into Jimin’s arms. “Consider your wish granted. He’s your roommate now.”

Taehyung’s mouth falls open. “The fu—“

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!” snaps Yoongi.

“No need to thank me,” and with that he walks away, his tired eyes flickering to a shocked Taehyung for a quick second before looking away.

Taehyung is completely frozen, confusion, offense and disgust boiling in his blood. He cannot believe that it hasn’t even been a full day and his dick roommate has already given him away. He thinks back at everything he’s done so far to try to remember what he could have done to piss the other boy off so much that he couldn’t even stand living with him, but not a single thing comes to mind.

“I was just joking, you bitch!” Jimin yells, but Jungkook is already hidden in his room.

The three boys remain in the hallway unmoving and silent. Did that really just happen? Did he really just get kicked out of his room before he could even step foot in it?

He looks over at Jimin and Yoongi who are wearing the same shocked expression.

He thinks Jimin may be right, difficult is the perfect word to describe Jeon Jungkook.

Yoongi breaks the silence first. “Alright, to be completely honest that went a lot better than I expected.”