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Hidden Secret

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Chapter 1

Mito places her hand on the door handle she needed to talk to Guren about possible leave from the team.

She was no longer able to fight along her friends, not for awhile she just learned she is three weeks pregnant and didn’t want to risk putting her baby in danger. She still hadn’t told the father the news yet.

She bit her lip as she tries to think threw what she’s going to say about her news.

“Mito are you here to see Guren too”

The red haired recognised that voice straight away, she turns to face the major general also her team mate and friend.

“yeah, I have to speak with him it’s really important, I have take time off for a while from fighting vampires”

Shinya looks at the Red haired serious but he was also worried, why did she need time off suddenly, was she unwell or….

He takes Mito’s hand and leads her to his own office and locks the door behind him so no one could distract there conversation.

Mito knew she had to tell him, about why she needed time off, about her pregnancy, she felt Shinya pulling her into an embrace, she rests her head on his chest listening to his heart beat.

“are you sick Mito? or is it something else, you can tell me anything, we have been dating for a nine months now”

He runs his fingers threw her long red hair, Shinya and Mito had been dating in secret, Shinya was worried about Mito getting hurt if Kureto was to learn about there relationship.

Mahiru was no longer with them which would mean the engagement was off, so he didn’t see why it should stop him from moving on, but he knew the hiragi’s would be against him and Mito being together.

“Shinya I’m pregnant…… I don’t really know what to do, I don’t want to get abortion”

Was he hearing this right, Mito is pregnant with there child, he kisses the top of Mito’s head. He didn’t know how he was going to respond, he was more worried about what if Kureto found out about this, would Mito and himself be punished he’d didn’t want to think about it but if they were to be punished for being in love he’d take all the blame.

“then you should keep it, we can try and hide our secret longer, if anyone asks you who the father is you will have to tell them its some guy they don’t know, but if Kureto learns about us I will take all the punishment, I won’t allow him to hurt you or our unborn child”

“what should I do or say to Guren about this, will you speak with him for me Shinya….”

“Leave it to me, I’m sure Guren will give you time off, he’s not that heartless to send a pregnant woman on the battle field”

He strokes her cheek before letting her free from his arms as he goes over to his desk taking out a temporary leave foam, he places a pen next to it.

“Just fill out this foam and put down the reasons for time off the battle field, then I will hand it in for you”

Mito looks threw the foam as she picks the pen up, she fills in where it states why she can’t fight, she writes down she’s three weeks pregnant and then signs the paper as she passes it over to Shinya.

“Kureto can’t complain if I take time off, He said we were to try and repopulate when we can, now that there isn’t many humans alive”

She clutches her fists, she knew Kureto and the others would learn the truth someday about Shinya being the father of her child, she places her hand over her belly, which would become a baby bump with in the next few months.

Shinya smiles at his lover as he picks the foam up and places it in a envelope and seals it ready to give to Guren, he walks over and kisses Mito on the cheek.

“I will be back in a moment, let’s talk more about this later”

Mito nods and Shinya smiles at her and he exits his office heading off to find Guren.

To be continued