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Nesting Doll

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Viktor smiled as he sipped his vodka from a crystal goblet. He sat at the large mahogany desk in the corner of their bed chamber, a few flickering candles providing just enough light for him to see Yuri’s slumbering form nested deep into the richly lined fur blankets of their gilded canopy bed.. It had become difficult for Viktor to remember what nights had been like without Yuri by his side. Viktor’s aquamarine eyes were delighted while he watched his petite lover sleep, choosing to ignore the document he needed to review before the morning came. Viktor was unable to contain the jovial feeling that bloomed in his chest as Yuri softly sighed, burying his face further into one of the Tsarevich’s pillows.

His Yuri.

His Doll.

Yuri was a beautiful treasure that Viktor had been lucky enough to keep all for himself. They had been together for over two years now, and Viktor still believed he was more fortunate than any other man. It had been fate for them to meet. There had been something so compelling when Viktor had first seen Yuri; a strange alignment of the stars or act of god that he had never been able to properly identify that demanded that he be with Yuri for the rest of their lives. The blond had ensnared him from the very beginning. Though Viktor liked to believe that he had been in control, it had been Yuri all along. Yuri was the true master in their relationship, but on that day they had hardly shared even a single moment together. Viktor was foolish enough to think that he had be upper hand.

It had been a blustery winter morning when Viktor caught his first glimpse of Yuri. He had traveled to the countryside in place of his father, a common duty shared between him and his brothers. Viktor wasn't ever given a choice, he went where his father told him. It was his duty as a member of the royal family, and his family meant everything to him. He would travel to the far ends of the Siberian tundra for his father. He would gladly walk miles on end if it brought any sort of joy to his mother's heart. So, here he stood today, wrapped tightly in his heavy coat as a sharp wind whipped across the empty fields that surrounded the towering walls of the building that loomed large behind him, waiting to cut the ceremonial ribbon for a new steel mill like the proper son of the empire that he was.

There were more people waiting outside of the factory than Viktor had expected when the Tsarevich first arrived in his luxury car. He emerged with a reserved smile as he waved to the men and women that were huddled together in front of a raised wooden platform. Viktor made his way to the top, shaking hands with a burly bearded man before turning to give the large group of workers another quick wave. He clasped his gloved hands together in front of him, the buttery soft black leather barely kept out the cold. His blood red coat hung to his ankles, the crisp silver embroidery glittering the in slivers of sunlight that peeked through the clouds. A feeling of guilt made him uneasy as he turned to face the crowd, watching the shivering faces gaze up at him

Maybe it was the look of utter panic in those unforgettable emerald eyes that had bewitched Viktor from the moment he first saw him. The blond had always been rife with fear, so nervous and unsure even after the countless rendezvous they had shared as lovers. It had taken a great a amount of time, but eventually their years together had quelled some of that skittishness, a small piece often still lingered, but it was all part of Yuri’s charm.

When he thought back to their first meeting, Viktor decided that maybe it had been the supple curve of Yuri's dewy lips that had caught his attention. When he smiled at the older man next to him, there was an unspoken innocence that clung to every fiber of Yuri's being. Most of the men and women there had years of hard labor, slaving in factories and fields, Yuri was untarnished. He appeared delicate, shielded away from any sort of factory work. Yuri stuck out among the weathered faces of the workers around him. Viktor longed to see more of the milky skin that was hidden beneath a worn out smock. He could feel his mouth watering as the blond tucked a golden lock of hair behind one ear. Such beautiful little ears…

The whole crowd had been wearing matching exasperated expressions as the factory's new foreman droned on, stating for the third time how much of an honor it was to have the Tsarevich in attendance for such a momentous occasion.

The factory wasn’t even fully operating yet and already the air felt weighty in the lungs of its prisoners. Blackened fingers, faces smeared with grease and daylight had only just broken across the sky. A life of endless toil as men flit between machinery while women pricked their fingers with needles. Beneath Yuri’s nails there was only dirt, saved mostly from a life of steel and industry, rather he plucked weeds and mixed mulch at home in the safety of their garden. At times the palace could be seen from his berry patch, when the wind whisked the trees. But the factory, with its ugly smoke and drab stone, was far more prominent in the eyes of Russia’s peasants.

A new factory meant new money. Not necessarily for the Plisetsky’s but rather for the nobler men who decided what was best for their country. This is what brought them here, to the stone building with overly loud cranking that never seemed to end, the whirl of a machine felt annoyingly foreign to the ears of a farm boy. His brother, Sergei, appeared unaffected by the echoes and shouts as he stood tall and proud between Yuri and their father, Nikolai. What pride they exhibited felt strange in contrast to the beautifully clad, elegant tsarevich upon the stage. A man who needed no false bravado as he look so coolly across the crowd to observe his empire’s newest employees.

The foreman spoke words of encouragement, even smiling with his yellowed teeth and kind eyes while the Tsarevich so dutifully stood beside him. Yuri wondered for a moment if he hated it here.. hated the noise, hated the stench of peasants, hated the look of exhaustion everyone’s eyes. What must it be like to descend from his palace to muddy his leather shoes? Yuri knew so little about their world. His brother had always insisted that nobles were wolves just waiting to snap the necks of their prey between powerful jaws. Nikolai would quell that talk, warning Sergei to remain loyal, to have faith, to pray for strength but at times it all felt so helpless. Sergei would scowl at the admonishing, and even on his youthful face there were lines.

Men in their dark clothes pushed past him, uncaring of the boy in an embroidered apron, with his white shirt now stained with dirt and sweat. They didn’t care when they stepped on Yuri’s worn boots but would merely sneer at the mop of blond hair and pale skin. Out of place and so very obvious. Sergei and Nikolai wore their work, their black clothes remained stained with muck while Yuri washed out his mother’s clothes in the lake. “We can’t afford new clothes Yura.” They’d said when he outgrew his last pair of trousers. “Wear mama’s.” Sergei had shoved their mother’s old clothes at him, looking both irritated and perhaps reluctant. She had died just a few years ago, just as Yuri was preparing to begin life as a child of industry.. then she was gone. Perhaps it was the sorrow that killed her, to see her own sons scrape the bottom of their bowls at dinner to seek out every last morsel. But she was gone now and could not even teach Yuri how to sew his skirts in to trousers.

But he caught Viktor’s attention, caught the handsome noble’s gaze. A so very piercing gaze and with a face that looked carved from marble. Did he even sweat? But why did this Tsarevich look to him, perhaps it was his colorful clothes or the way he stood so shortly among the hoard of men. Regardless of the reason, a thumping began aching dully in his chest when Viktor looked upon him. That look would never leave him feeling anything other than breathless- centuries could fly past them and never would Viktor’s gaze sate him. Left weak in the knees and his heart sent fluttering, it was like a spell.

But the crowd was moving and suddenly Yuri felt the ache of obsession swell in his chest, so badly he wished to catch Viktor’s attention once more and speak to him. But Sergei was grabbing him by the arm, tugging at the thin limb until an attendant, a palace guard was halting their father. “I want a word with your son.” The entire family had a look of pure bewilderment but Sergei slowly released his brother’s arm, almost like a surrender. While Yuri looked full of curiosity, Sergei was the epitome of skepticism. What did a guard want with Yuri? The boy had broken no laws or committed any crime? But Nikolai once again hushed his eldest son as Yuri was being escorted towards a dimly lit hallway. All he could focus on was the bright glint of the guard’s belt.

“What is your name?” Came the stern question, a question that momentarily left him speechless and full of fear. “Yuri Plisetsky.” His swallow stuck hard in his throat. No one in his family had ever been very relaxed around authority.

“Where do you reside, Plisetsky?” The guard’s gaze is so stoic it actually feels like a source of comfort. There was hardly a flicker of emotion behind those eyes- anger, cruelty- nothing.

“In the farmlands, just beyond the blue roofed church. The first house.” His answer is quite earthy in quality. Only giving landmarks, as though he knew nothing of the cardinal directions or even units of distance. His world wasn’t measured in numbers- no it was measured in days survived and the smiles upon his family’s face.

“You will be receiving a letter summoning you to the palace. Please do not be accompanied by your family, the Tsarevich requests only to hold a private meeting with you.” The words are so even and frightening, Yuri hardly hears them as he stares into his steely gaze. “Enjoy the rest of your day, Plisetsky.” With that, he was gone, only the soft clack of boots in his wake. But numbness is crawling up Yuri’s spine, is it fear, or delight? The emotions feel at times so similar.

Viktor smiled to himself as he rode back to the palace, watching the factory fade into the hazy smoke filled air as he passed through another heavily industrialized stretch of land. His mind buzzing with the image of the beautiful young blond that he had so quickly became infatuated with. The small Russian had been a glittering jewel in a sea of drab faces. Viktor had wanted to talk to the boy himself, but his keepers advised against showing such a familiarity with someone so common. He had learned the boy’s name was Yuri, and he was anything but common.

Yuri would be his.

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Viktor’s fingers drummed on the tabletop as he waited, glancing toward the large wooden grandfather clock that softly ticked in the corner of the room. Yuri wasn’t due to arrive for at least twenty more minutes. He had never been a patient man. The Tsarevich had done everything he could to pass the time, finally deciding to obsess with the arrangement of the room in which he would be meeting Yuri. The white lace tablecloth was perfectly centered, a large silver dessert tower set to one side of a brightly colored floral tea set.

“Do you think he’s going to like it?” Viktor asked softly, looking to where his brother stood. The older man picked at a large arrangement of roses that had been set atop a low, antique semainier, plucking one of the deep red petals before turning to look at the younger man with a disinterested glare.

To the untrained eye, they could have been twins. Vladimir was only a few years older than Viktor, both men sharing the same silver hair and startling bright blue eyes. He was an overly proud man, delighting in his status as the oldest male child. The odds favored that Vladimir would be Tsar one day, and the older man enjoyed lording that fact over all of his siblings.

“Why are you even bothering with this, Vitya?” Vladimir asked sharply, unamused with his brother’s antics. He had been shocked when Viktor announced to the family that he was bringing some farm peasant to meet with him at the palace. However, as the days passed the older Tsarevich had become more and more irritated with how his younger brother fussed with every last detail of the meeting. “You could have just met him in one of the military conference rooms instead of robbing mother of her favorite reading room.”

“This room has the best view of the garden. I...I thought he might like it.”

“Vitya, he probably won’t even notice. People like him...poor and uneducated people like him don’t seek out rooms for a pleasant view. He’s a factory worker, you said?”

“No, I don’t think so. Maybe his family? But it wouldn’t matter to me what he did. I didn’t get a moment to speak with him, but the guard that did said he was very well spoken and respectful” Viktor mumbled, tapping one finger against his chin as he thought back to seeing Yuri’s shining face in the crowd of people. “He’s beautiful, Vladimir. He’s so beautiful -”

“You’re like a puppy. You’ve found a new thing to play with and now you’re going to fret over it like you do with anything that happens to catch your interest,” Vladimir grumbled, crossing his arms defensively over his chest as he spoke, shining blue eyes narrowed in annoyance. “So why bother with this pretty little peasant boy? What does he even do?”

“I’m not sure, but I’m interested enough to find out.” Viktor smiled, rising from his chair to tug at the hem of his double breasted jacket. He ran a steady hand through the bangs of his silver hair. His manicured nails picked at one of the dark grey threads that had somehow managed to fray from his sleeve. Viktor plucked the strand with a sigh, turning to face his brother with a large grin across his chiseled features. “How do I look?”

“Like a fool.”

Every step towards the palace added an extra beat to his pulse, within his chest Yuri’s heart fluttered faster and faster as he paced the cobblestone streets he knew so well. But arriving inside, to be greeted by guards in their crisp wool uniforms and glinting metal weapons.. Yuri felt as though he may faint.

Large windows with bright white panes illuminated his path through the seemingly endless hall. Paintings framed in gold lined the paneled walls to accentuate the almost obscene mimic of Western Baroque beauty. But there remained an elegance in its own Russian way, always just a touch too intense or curved. Something about it all reminded Yuri of fairy tales woven from these palaces, but rather than a princess primping in front of her mirror, there would be a prince awaiting him.

The guard suddenly halted and reality came crashing down, Yuri was not here to idle and admire the elegance of old oil paintings. No, he was here to have have a meeting with the Tsarevich and hopefully escape with his life.

“This way, the Tsarevich will be waiting for you.” The guard parted the wide door carved with pale pink flowers and a deep gold trim. Even the doorknobs were like giant pearls, but too round and smooth, and accented with gold. Booted feet scuffed inside ungracefully, probably leaving behind a light trail of icy sludge on the parquet floor.

Yuri could hear soft voices inside, a quiet murmuring. They sounded fairly similar.. Perhaps brothers? Another wave of panic swept over him- was this even a safe place for him, a farm boy? What purpose could possibly be had by calling a meeting with him? His brother had always been fairly.. outspoken about his anger towards the nobility but Yuri felt it must be something else, some reason answered only in the singular glance he and the Tsarevich had shared in that factory.

“Yuri Plisetsky, to see you, your Highness.” With that, Yuri was left in an oppressively tense room- or perhaps it was all his imagination- while the servant quickly clicked the door shut.

With knitted brows Yuri stepped forward, standing before the two silver haired princes, appearing ever so intimidating in their glittering gold medals that seemed to drip off of their coats to create a muddled rainbow of ribbons and heavy badges. In contrast, a pale frock and simple, embroidered apron adorned the lithesome farm boy. He looked more like a kitchen maid than anyone who should be holding council with the Imperial family.

“Have I done something wrong-? ..Your Highness?” He quickly tacked on the title, realizing the abrupt nature of his demanding words. Vladimir seemed amused by this outburst, even chuckled at its absurdity. What an interesting little creature that graced them, he supposed it wasn’t surprising Viktor had requested a formal meeting but.. surely his brother could just purchase a whore if he was so inclined to? What use was it to send a letter to this boy with dusty cheeks and dirt beneath his nails?

There seemed to be a kind of heat in the room, as though an argument had stolen all of the air and left only irritation behind. Yuri just scowled, which made him feel stronger, as though he might appear more serious. But the boy looked more like a kitten prepared to hiss and slap its claws into an unsuspecting prey. But these were no prey. No, these men were the hunters.

Viktor smiled, casting a sharp glance toward his brother for merely a second as he crossed the room and extended his hand to Yuri. The blond was trembling where he stood, wearing a clever mask of boldness across his porcelain face. “Yuri Plisetsky, it is a pleasure to meet you formally. I trust, that your journey here was uneventful?”

Yuri braced himself, practically locking his knees as he stood and beheld the untouchable prince. “Yes, I don’t live very far from here.” Perhaps there was a twinge of irritation painting his words, as though he wasn’t sure what the purpose of the question was.. But Yuri had to remind himself the prince was simply being polite. A concept that felt foreign to the boy whose life was filled with only words of truth. “Tell me why I was brought here-?” The desperation was creeping back into his tone, clearly on the forefront of his mind.

Viktor’s hand remained steadfast, extended toward the blond with an unswaying rigidness as he waited for Yuri to place his delicate hand in his. A primal urge drove the Tsarevich down a dominant path, demanding that the young boy allow him to touch him, to feel the milky skin of the blond’s hands. “I was intrigued by you at the celebration. You didn’t seem to belong with the huddled mass of workers that made up most of the crowd that day and I simply wanted to know more about you.” Viktor’s features softened as he took a step closer to the blond, entering the boy’s personal space as he quietly continued. “But I’d be lying if I didn’t say how enraptured I have become with just the thought of you since then. You truly are a vision of loveliness.”

Finally, with the coyness of a fawn, Yuri locked his fingers with Viktor’s. The Tsarevich’s hand felt soft, softer than rose petals and smooth like butter. He wanted to continue touching, to creep up and feel the slight bounce of blood in his wrist but Yuri just gave a single shake before he attempted to free his hand. But just as the boy parted his lips to answer- to clarify that it was his father’s line of work- Viktor spoke his true reason for summoning him here. “..What?” Yuri felt stunned, the corners of his vision blurred for a moment as the words fell heavily into his thought. “Thanks- I mean, thank you.” Yuri’s cheeks were burning, nearly aching with uncertainty. A compliment like that had never been paid to him, compliments like that were reserved for ladies of leisure or gilded youths. “Is that really why? You.. just wanted to speak to me?” To be angry or relieved? But there seemed to be a third emotion bubbling inside him: delight.

Viktor held on to Yuri’s hand, his fingertips tracing the barely noticeable callouses that were hidden at the end of each of the blond’s fingers. He reluctantly let go, his once wild smile softening to more of a grin as he gestured toward the table behind him. “I know it is a fairly shallow reason. However, I see no need to lie to someone I’ve only just met. You will learn that I am a very honest person, but please do join me for tea and some desserts I had made for the occasion. My brother was just seeing his way out. Weren’t you, brother dear?”

Viktor’s tone was low, almost a warning to the older man. Urging Vladimir to leave without a fuss. Don’t upset my guest, it seemed to say. Vladimir exited without a single word to the blond, huffing as he brushed past Yuri and out the door without a glance back. Viktor sighed as the door closed with a loud slam, rattling the teacups on the table as his brother stormed from the room. However, he kept his composure, taking one step back toward the table in an attempt to draw Yuri deeper into the chamber. “Join me? We could use this time to actually learn about one another, and it might end up being very enjoyable for both of us.”

Yuri hardly even had time to notice the older Nikiforov stalking from the room, the man with eyes that seemed harder and crueler than his brother’s. Instead, he was lost in the smooth purr of promises and truths. It may have been a shallow reason but Yuri seemed pleased by it.. Or at least willing to accept it. “Tea and desserts?” Yuri repeated softly, rolling the words around his tongue. He couldn’t imagine what kind of indulgent treats nobles feasted on but the boy’s emerald eyes lit up with curiosity. But once more, a skepticism returned to his gaze, “Learn about each other? You still haven’t told me what I’m doing here.. Is this a date?” Yuri sounded half-amused, almost sarcastic but perhaps hopeful? His suggestion was meant to be taken lightly- unless that so happened to be Viktor’s true intentions. But this was a world Yuri was a stranger to. Courting, kissing, even a lengthy handshake? Yuri felt flustered and unsure, leaving him to fumble with half cruel words. “What are you to learn about me? I’m from the country.” He huffs, as though it were a means to disturb Viktor’s curiosity.

“What isn't there to learn?” Viktor countered, his blue eyes unfazed by the blond's sharp tongue and self deprecation. “I've never even been out in the real country, and I could stand to glean a much of useful information from you...and what if this is a date? I can assure you that I have heard of people meeting in stranger ways than this.” The Tsarevich chuckled, turning to take a seat at the table. “Please join me. It would please me to share these items that I have had prepared, and I would love to hear about the country. Indulge me if you would, Yura.”

A pause makes the moment heavy, as Yuri contemplates this request. To indulge and enjoy the man’s company sounded harmless, Yuri just promised himself to remain aware. His brother would surely slap at his hands when he returned home to punish him for sneaking bites of cookies and cakes. “..Yes, your Highness.” Yuri supposes the use of the title sounds appropriate, at least it masks the usual annoyance in his voice, which is steadily being replaced with a kind of coyness. But, the little diminutive so sweetly spoken melts some of his resolve, and he must silently curse Viktor for his charm and the way his smile brightens his eyes.

With an awkward hand Yuri pulls the chair out, uncaring that it scrapes against the floor as he seats himself with a look of hesitancy. Peasants were taught to be quiet in the face of nobility, to avoid looking them in the eyes or even deigning to breath their air. Perhaps that’s what contributed to Yuri’s sudden greenness, as though his usual prickliness battled against this sense of propriety and fear. It left him shy, even a bit docile, agreeing to things that seemed altogether dreamlike. Sitting with a Tsarevich, sharing his tea and nipping his sweets. “Well- we don’t have this in the country.” Yuri eyes the silver trays of treats, all so perfectly stacked.

Viktor's stomach fluttered as Yuri took the seat across from him. He could easily imagine every day like this. Yuri’s warm emerald eyes glittering behind elegantly full lashes, delicate fingers wrapping around one of the floral teacups, or any of the fine china that the royal family was proud to own. “Please, call me Viktor.”

The Tsarevich passed a small plate to Yuri, urging the blond to select a treat from the sugary tower as he poured tea for them both. His hands were steady as he gripped the slim handle, his body longing for Yuri's touch. “If you have any questions about the desserts, you can ask me. I had them make my favorites and hopefully there are some things that will appeal to your taste. My favorite are the little ones that look like clouds.” Viktor nodded towards a collection of white and pink puffs on the top of the tower. “Zefir. They are fruit flavored, and they are my mother's favorite as well. Do you not have sweets in your home? My parents raised us on desserts and sweetened beverages. I'm lucky to be as in good of shape as I am.”

Yuri reached a petite hand towards the tower of fluffy, whipped treats. They appealed to him the most, so fragrant and sweet he eagerly took a bite before tucking a few onto his plate. “..It’s good.” Yuri tried to avoid the look of sheer pleasure that flitted past him as the sugar danced across his tongue and mingled with the aroma of tea. “My mama would let me have a spoon of honey.” Yuri explains, “Papa says it’s too expensive now.” Yuri doesn’t seem to scowl at this but rather continues to fill his plate with little cakes and jam filled cookies. “This makes you heavy?” Yuri’s lips were already sticky with little flecks of zefir but for a brief moment he was much too enamored with the spread to really care.

“They can make you quite large if you don't enjoy them in moderation, but please enjoy.” Viktor nibbled at the rounded edge of the pastry on his plate, his eyes indulging in the sight of Yuri sampling each dessert. The blond’s pink lips were sticky and glistening. Viktor licked at his own, wondering how soft and sweet the young blond's were. He decided to be obvious, unable to hold back his excitement and desire to touch more of Yuri's body. The Tsarevich smiled as he reached forward, running his thumb along Yuri's lower lip, brushing away the crumbs that lingered there. The touch was almost casual, as if they had been lovers for years. Viktor's hand slowly pulled away, his confidence never waning as he looked deeply into the farm boy's eyes. “Tell me more about your family. Your mother sounds like a wonderful woman.”

Dewy eyes looked with considerable shock at Viktor the moment a finger curled across his lip to dispel the granules of sugar. It was so bold, the boy was actually left speechless, frustration choking up in his throat before he realized.. he’d liked it. Viktor’s honeyed smile was enough to trap him and bring a pretty flush to his cheeks. Instinctively, Yuri’s tongue poked out, licking the trail Viktor’s finger had left behind, as though he might taste the man’s flesh. But he gathered himself quickly, even if his words began with a stammer, “..Mama is in Heaven now. I live with papa and Sergei, my brother.” Yuri explained between bites of zefir. “Papa works at the factory we went to.” Yuri did speak a little softer now, as though he were reluctant to mention about his family.

Viktor paused, his lips becoming a thin line as he regretted bringing up the topic of family. “I...I am very sorry for your loss. I didn’t mean to bring up something so unfortunate during our first conversation together. Family always seems to be a hit or miss topic, and obviously I missed on this one.” The Tsarevich frowned, taking a long sip of his tea before continuing. Trying to hide his awkwardness with a forced smile. “Your family is so small compared to mine. It must be so peaceful with only a few people under one roof.”

A curious blond brow arched at the look of uncertainty and strain upon the gorgeous face of his host. “Mama is probably happier in Heaven, y’know. At least she’s safe there.” Yuri says genuinely, not appearing completely distraught but rather accepting. Whether he truly believed any of the biblical babble was questionable but he didn’t feel like crying over her loss right now. The boy gives a nod, as though he’s unsure how truly tranquil it is within the few walls of his home. “How many siblings do you have?” He decides not to elaborate, sharing a bed with Sergei and sleeping across from their father was anything but peaceful, but Viktor didn’t need to know.

“Far too many,” the older man said with a laugh. “You would think with a home like this that there would be plenty of space for all of us, but we just end up following each other around most days. That was my older brother, Vladimir, in here earlier. He’s always a negative person, so don’t let his dramatic exit bother you. I have six siblings total. Three brothers, including Vladimir, and three sisters.” Viktor’s smile returned as he spoke about his family, listing all of his family members with great detail while chasing a few ripe strawberries around on his plate. He had always been a family person. He’d been born and bred with the notion that it would later be his job to carry on the same legacy. “And who knows, maybe my parents will decide to have more children?! I’m not boring you am I?”

It was almost dizzying to remember every name spoken, three young ladies and three young men- each with their own thoughts and interests- but Viktor seemed to know them all perfectly. Yuri simply had to nod along and attempt to recall the history lessons he’d learned about the Imperial Family, in fact he probably should have known better, but a life spent mulching gardens and scrubbing floors didn’t exactly allow for much study. “No- no it’s not boring. But how do you remember all of that-?” He asked with owlish eyes. “I can’t even remember Sergei’s birthday most years.”

The Tsarevich laughed, relaxed and airy as he gazed deeply into Yuri’s eyes. The bright green sparkled in the natural light that streamed in from the large picture window and Viktor found that he couldn’t get enough of the deep almost velvet luster of those orbs. “I guess I have a slight advantage? Birthdays here have always been such a grand affair. My parents usually start to prepare for a party months in advance. So, I often have a countdown until the day. I’m sure if things like that weren’t so involved that I would be much similiar to you. I have to warn you that I can be a bit forgetful at times, but when I really care about something I am very invested.” Viktor noticed that only one soft pink zefir was remaining, plucking the delicate pastry from its spot and placing it on Yuri’s plate with a wink. “I’m sure you could tell me plenty of things about your family. You just seem to be a little shy at the moment.”

Sugared fingers reached to take the offered dessert, thumbing it idly before taking a bit of the cloud-like pastry. “I’m not being shy--!” He suddenly protested, looking almost frustrated that Viktor would even dare tease him like that, not that Yuri wasn’t used to such prodding from Sergei. But upon realizing it was merely a gentle jest, blood flooded into his embarrassed cheeks and quietly he cursed his nervous temperament. “You’re still a stranger.. Even if you are a Tsarevich.” A smile did grace the pink, slightly chapped lips of the farm boy as he finally eased back into his chair. Perhaps he felt a little silly, or maybe it was just Viktor’s smile chipping away at his shell. “..Well, what would you want to know?” He inquires, stirring at his tea and clinking the edge of the porcelain.

“Everything,” Viktor said too quickly, his cheeks going pink as soon as the words left his mouth. While it was true, the silver haired man hated to look so desperate. “I mean… I’m just curious. I’ve never lived on a farm, I’ve never had a father that worked and I’ve never had freedom like I would imagine you have. My life is very scheduled and dictated by routine. I really admire the small bits and pieces of your life that you have hinted at so far during our conversation. I just worry that my dominant personality is coming off too strong, and I apologise if I have put you in a strange position by asking you to come here. However, you really have captivated me, Yuri Plisetsky. I can’t put my finger on the reason why, but I felt drawn to you from the moment I first saw you.” Viktor brushed a strand of his hair behind his ear as he reached across the table to gently take Yuri’s hand. “I’d like to see you again, if you would do me the pleasure.”

Yuri nearly balked at the suggestion of freedom but he supposed in some respects Viktor was correct, he certainly didn’t have to attend meetings or greet diplomats every few days but Yuri didn’t feel a true sense of liberty. His life was still tied to the farm and dependant on his family. But Viktor, to him, felt like freedom. He felt like change.. The kind of change Yuri had always been curious about, an offering to temporarily leave his life of exhaustion, even if only for an hour. “I’ll see you again, Viktor.” The name sounded heavy and for a moment Yuri wasn’t sure if it was allowed, thankfully no scolding came. But this strange desire was beginning to knot in his belly and ache in his chest, something that felt almost freeing and terrifying all at once. Sergei had spoken of this, when he would fall in love with the beautiful girls in the city.. Was this the same? Had Yuri fallen in love? “Thank you for this, and um.. Your kindness as well.”

“No, thank you for indulging me and coming to this place without even an inkling of why you had been summoned,” Viktor said as he held fast to the blond’s hand. He wanted to memorize every line, every little detail that he could while he had the chance. “I have truly enjoyed your company and I look forward to seeing more of you in the future.” The Tsarevich rose, carefully bringing Yuri to his feet as well as he brought the blond into his arms, encircling Yuri’s waist with a soft squeeze. He knew their meeting was coming to an end, but refused to just let his chance of enjoying the blond slip away. Viktor knew he was making a bold move, but had to take the risk. His lips brushed the crown of Yuri’s golden hair, before traveling lower. One strong hand moved, tilting Yuri’s chin up to make emerald green and sky blue meet. “May I kiss you?”

It felt natural to fall into Viktor’s embrace, as though the movements were practiced from years of kisses and shared affections. Though Yuri’s heart still hammered loudly, nearly throbbing in every inch of his body as he settled against the perfumed Tsarevich. Shaken hands settled first loosely at his sides before steadily creeping upwards to find balance upon the man’s upper arms, holding him there as though he may faint without it. The fingers that gently explored the length of his body set his skin ablaze with every touch, until Yuri was nearly trembling with anticipation. “Yes.” The word felt weighty upon his tongue as he nearly whispered it out, but regardless of his gentle tone, Yuri needed it. His first kiss, how lovely it would be and beyond the fantasies Yuri had once occupied his thoughts with. But despite how much he wanted it, the boy had trouble meeting the handsome gaze that demanded his attention, no, it was almost overwhelming to feel the reality of it. Suddenly he worried he might be terrible at kissing, or perhaps he would do something wrong.. But instinctively, Yuri pressed a little closer, offering himself to be stolen of his first kiss.

The Tsarevich was in awe of the young boy in his arms. His lips were like fresh peaches, so smooth and supple as Viktor captured Yuri’s mouth. He held Yuri tightly, fingers rubbing gentle circles into the blond’s back as he deepened the kiss, daring to run his tongue over Yuri’s lips, the tip teasing the tightly closed passage. He wanted to taste him. Viktor wanted to savor the hot cavern, but didn’t want to be brutish. He was already being very forward by asking for a kiss after such a brief first meeting. Viktor pulled away with a reserved smile, petting the blond’s hair as he hugged Yuri on last time. “I’m afraid I cannot keep you here forever.” Maybe one day, Viktor added mentally before escorting Yuri to the door of the study. “I will send a letter to you at a later date so we can arrange another meeting. I will make any day you select available.” The Tsarevich opened the door to the lavish hallway, hesitating before continuing. “I could have someone drive you home if you wished?”

Still reeling from their tender kiss, Yuri pliantly followed the man’s lead towards the door, mind still very much lost to the sensations that remained like a ghost against his lips. He would dream of that kiss and the gentle embrace, the way Viktor’s arms wrapped around him like a soothing lullaby. But the inkling of desire to have more, to taste the mouth of his new pursuer was eating away at Yuri.. until next time he supposed. For now, he bobbed his head numbly to the plans being laid out in front of him, at least Viktor would be arranging most of it, considering Yuri was still dipping his feet into the world of courting. “No, I don’t need a ride.” He assures with a quick nod of his head, the idea of arriving home in a town car felt cruel to his family. “But.. send the letter soon. I want to see you.” Yuri is knitting his brows as he says this, as though he feels foolish for voicing the need.

“Of course,” Viktor said with a nod, pressing another quick kiss to Yuri’s cheek before leading the blond out of the room and into the hall. The silence was thick between them, as if it existed as another presence, watching over them. Armed guards lined the brightly illuminated corridor as the pair stood awkwardly by each other before Viktor grasped Yuri’s hand for a final time. He cleared his throat before speaking, a slight blush creeping to his cheeks. “Today was more than I could have hoped for. I look forward to seeing you again.”

Viktor motioned a guard forward, instructing him to see Yuri out. As he watched the blond leave his stomach felt heavy. Viktor wanted him to stay, wanted more than anything to whisk Yuri away and keep him in one of the many rooms of the palace. Viktor had always been insistent on getting what he wanted. However, with Yuri he knew he would have to be patient. Good things came to those who wait.

Still shaking, still left wishing he could share another kiss or caress, Yuri leaves the palace with heavy steps. The guard says nothing to him but Yuri is so consumed with his own thoughts he hardly notices or cares as he ventures through the streets. There is still a throbbing in his chest that feels so new, yet completely natural, like Viktor gifted him an entirely new emotion. To know he would be returning to that hidden world behind palace doors is like a dream slowly morphing into reality.

Chapter Text

Viktor stared at the reflective silvery wrapping on the large rectangular box, a frown stretching across his thin lips as he searched for any imperfection. He had already wrapped and re-wrapped the box twice...not that he would ever admit to anyone about how particular he was with this gift. His fingers ran along its smooth surface again as he checked for any openings in the paper or any blemishes in the ornate diamond pattern of the wrapping.

When the Tsarevich was finally satisfied with his careful tape work and convinced himself that it was as perfect as it was going to get, he made his way to the reading room, his package tucked under his arm as he rapped softly at the door. Viktor entered with a sheepish smile directed toward his mother, who sat near a wide stone fireplace with her embroidery hoop resting on her lap.

Mariya Nikiforov enjoyed time to herself. After years and years of child rearing, the empress had finally started to return to some of her former leisurely pursuits now that her youngest boys were old enough to spend most their days with tutors. Preferring the company of walls and walls of books over ladies in waiting or members of the court, Mariya sought out quiet moments in between her frenetic schedule as Empress of Russia and more importantly, mother. However, she always happily welcomed her children, a special spot in her heart for her second born, her sweet Vitya.

The empress’s gown concealed most of the chair she was sitting in, the deep midnight blue fabric blooming out from her trim waist into a sweeping skirt that made her appear to float on air. Silver roses climbed up the sleeves of the dress, framing the elegant open neckline of her bodice where a pear shaped pendant hung from her slender neck. Mariya’s sharp blue eyes matched those of her children, one well manicured brow rising as her second born entered the room.

“Vitya,” her voice cut the silence between them as she placed her hoop on the table next to her and gestured her son forward. “Did you bring me a gift?”

The Tsarevich blushed at his mother’s teasing tone, laying the package on a near table with a shake of his head. He felt foolish as he tried to find the right words. Instead, he produced a long stretch of red ribbon from his coat pocket, proffering the length of silk with a guilty look upon his face as he met his mother’s eye. “It’s a gift for a dear friend, but I was wondering if you would have time to put a ribbon around it like you did for the presents you wrap at Christmas?”

The empress laughed softly, rising to her feet to cross the short space between her chair and her son with a delicate smile. “You wrapped gifts for you sisters with know how to do this.”

“I know,” Viktor mumbled, cheeks red with embarrassment as he worried the ribbon between two of his fingers. “You just do it better.”

Mariya eased the bit of fabric away from her son, hands moving quickly as she crisscrossed the silver package. Years of experience and a lifetime of lavish birthdays for her children had made the empress a professional at gift wrapping. She had always insisted on doing everything for her children herself, spending hours preparing for every holiday and birthday from the comfort of her reading room. Her heart fluttered at the thought of Viktor being just meticulous with this gift. It was obviously for someone special to her son, but Mariya decided for now, not to pry. However, she knew that eventually she would demand an explanation. “That looks about right, don’t you agree?”

“It’s perfect.” Viktor smiled at the perfect bow that now graced the center of his gift, fingertips running along one end of the ribbon before tucking the package under his arm, pressing a quick kiss to the empress’s cheek. “Thank you, mama.”

“Of course, Vitya,” Mariya said with a gentle squeeze of her son’s hand. “I’m sure whoever is getting this gift will appreciate all of the care you have put into it.”

“I hope,” Viktor murmured as he excused himself from the reading room, hurrying out into the brightly lit hall, boots clicking on the marble tiles of the floor before turning down a winding staircase to the servants dining quarters. The large brick hall was buzzing with activity as the Tsarevich entered with a nod to his driver who sat on a high stool while flicking through a smudged newspaper. The head housekeeper and lead butler looked on in confusion as Viktor flashed a quick smile, offering a wave of hello to the collection of people that lined the sides of a long wooden table. Maids, footmen and kitchen workers gawked at the Tsarevich, most of which had never been so close to him before.

“Was there something we could help you with, your Highness?” the head housekeeper asked with a nervous glance to the butler at her side.

Over the clattering of silverware and clinking of glasses, Viktor called softly for his driver, “Just a word, please.”

The Tsarevich’s driver set his newspaper to the side as he crossed the room to stand at Viktor’s side with a look of confusion. “Have I done something wrong, sir?” the man asked with a stammer.

“No, I just have a request. Could you follow me?” The silver haired prince motioned for the man to follow him back out into the hall, most of the staff craning around each other to get a glimpse of the member of the royal family that had decided to come to their level.

“I need you to deliver this for me, and please be discreet. I trust you more than most others and I’m counting on you to get this to the right place,” Viktor stated firmly, thrusting the package into the other man’s arms, along with small cream colored envelope. “It will go to a farm owned by the Plisetsky family, but I’m not sure what the exact location is. You will have to ask the captain of the guard for better directions...but I know it's a few miles from here, near the factory that was just opened. The one I visited recently, if you remember.”

“Of course I do, sir,” The driver nodded, wiping his ink stained hands on his trousers before offering a quick bow to the Tsarevich. “Of course, your Highness. I’ll take it right away.”

Viktor gave the man a curt nod, shaking his hand before climbing the stairs once again, returning to his room and closing the door with a heavy sigh. He sank down into his heavy oak desk chair, drumming his fingertips against the thick armrests, a nervous feeling gnawing at his stomach as he swam in his own insecurities. Had he waited too long? It had been weeks… The silver haired man hoped that Yuri would still be interested in a second meeting, but he had wanted to wait for the gift he ordered to arrive before sending word. Viktor had wanted everything to be perfect. The Tsarevich prided himself on his attention to detail and he decided to spare no expense when it came to courting Yuri. The blond would have only the best. Viktor had picked everything by hand, even the most minute detail had be scrutinized. He had even taken the time to properly compose his letter, and after three drafts the wording had been flawlessly written in his well practiced script.

“I hope you like it, Yura,” Viktor mumbled as he ran a hand through his hair, hoping that he hadn’t ruined his chance.


Packages were rare in the little village just beyond the bustling city, and to have it delivered by a palace driver was even more uncommon. It garnered the attention of a few neighbors who curiously peeked over the edge of their ancient, wooden garden fence to peer at the exchange. Yuri had been bent over, his knees planted firmly in the soft dirt as he spooned delicate seeds into the tiny holes he’d dug out earlier in the misty morning. The sound of a car rattling the small pebbles of the dirt path had hardly been noticed by the boy until his gaze was filled with the shine of leather boots.

“Package. This is the Plisetsky residence, correct?” The driver inquired with a formal tone- not quite noble- but a peasant who had practiced his accent so as not to offend the Royal family’s sensibilities. Yuri slowly rose to his feet as he curled a muddied fist into the terse wool of his apron. “From the Tsarevich..?” He had been expecting the letter that would summon him for their next meeting but a gift as well? Even as the driver nodded and handed off the perfectly wrapped present, Yuri blushed with embarrassment. Viktor was truly going to properly woo him.. But he wasn’t so sure he could handle it all.

The driver left with only a few muttered niceties but Yuri could hardly think about anything beyond the gift clutched in his hands. Seeds and garden forgotten, the boy rushed inside, kicking off his soiled boots to fling himself into his shared bedroom. Sergei and Nikolai were working for the day, leaving Yuri alone with his thoughts. Like any eager youth, the gift was opened before the card. But rather than rip into it recklessly, he loosened the ribbon with care and cast it aside on the bed. The heavy paper slowly unfolded to reveal a silky, heavily beaded.. negligee? The little pearls and sewn in diamonds were heavily concentrated at the top before cascading into elegant little bursts of brilliance until the thin lace looked almost transparent. This must have been a mistake? Yuri clutched it tight, like a treasure he was quite afraid would vanish. But he nearly gasped at the pair of panties that shared the same design- certainly paired with it. “..What?” He spoke aloud to himself, holding the undergarments in either hand before stuffing them back into the elegant paper to hide away. Yuri told himself this was an accident, Viktor hadn’t meant this for him.. Even if Yuri loved the way the heavy beads felt cold against his skin. Quickly he locked it away in his own trunk- the one he had banned Sergei from ever touching- and shakily looked at the accompanying letter. The parchment paper felt thick in his hands, so unlike the well thumbed pages of his father’s bible.

But.. Yuri couldn’t read. No. He could decipher his own name, and he could tell the date by its numbers but everything else was nearly impossible for him to understand. All he could hope for was that the time and day he assumed were correct. Angry little tears began to well up in his eyes as he was faced with the letter that lay heavily in his dirty hands- Viktor was so different from himself- the feeling made him almost ill but then he remembered the tender way Viktor had kissed him. The Tsarevich worshipped him like an angel. But he was still afraid to admit his own lack of knowledge, would Viktor find him amusing for it? Or would the man lend a kind hand.. Neither option was truly appealing. Yuri didn’t want to be pitied nor did he want to be teased. But something deep in his belly assured him that Viktor would be gentle, even as fat tears rolled down his cheek to ruin the ink.


Evening had fallen and life felt still as Yuri was guided from the palace entrance and into the deeper corridors of the personal Nikiforov home, beyond just the spotless salons and the impersonal chambers meant for meeting dignitaries. Instead he was taken into the richly welcoming living room, the one with pillows stuffed and embroidered by Viktor’s own sisters and even a few rare photographs that showed the smiling faces of young children, rather than starkly painted portraits.

Sergei had questioned him for what felt like an eternity that afternoon, demanding to know why Yuri had bathed in the river for over an hour and scrubbed himself raw. Angrily he’d told him- explaining that the Royal family had requested for him to share a meal- but Sergei had only scoffed and accused them of cruelty. He swore they were simply amused by Yuri but truthfully the older Plisetsky was just frightened. To lose his little brother, his mother’s namesake, it made him overbearing and skeptical. But slowly he came around, offering to help Yuri tug on something clean, even if it was their mother’s old clothes, at least he looked decently dressed.

Now, adorned in a richly decorated frock, still so simple, Yuri was left to wait in the private salon for his hosts.

Viktor checked his reflection one last time, straightening his grey military style coat, insuring the rows of ribbons and medals were perfectly in line before leaving his bedchamber and making his way to the parlor that Yuri was waiting in. He collected himself just outside the room, a sigh of relief pushing past his lips as a wave of calm swept over him. The Tsarevich entered with a gentle knock, an excited grin gracing his face when his eyes settled on the blond. He gave a quick bow, taking Yuri’s hand in his to place a slow kiss to the petite Russian’s knuckles. “I’m so glad you came. Was your trip here without trouble? I know it is getting colder, and I wish you would have allowed me to send a car for you.”

Yuri’s emerald eyes brightened upon the Tsarevich’s entrance into the candlelit living-room. How perfectly he fit in with the richly carved furniture and overstuffed pillows. Yet the kiss to his hand felt almost surreal in its softness, leaving him to crave even more as Viktor parted. “It was fine-- and I don’t need a car.” He assures hurriedly with flushed cheeks and knitted brows. Yuri wouldn’t mention that hundreds of times he’d traversed that path from the farm to the city, even when snow flecked his eyelashes. “..It’s nice in here.” He finally speaks a little calmer now, less defensively. “-And it smells really good too.” The boy’s belly was grumbling softly, clearly incited by the smell of fluffy breads and seasoned meat filtering in from the servant’s kitchens.

“My mother decorated this room. She is actually responsible for most of the things you will come to see in the palace. She really has an eye for elegant things,” the Tsarevich said with a nod to a tall bookcase filled with small trinkets and leather bound books. “I think you’ll really enjoy meeting her, eventually.”

Viktor grinned wildly as the sound of the soft rumbling of Yuri’s stomach brought forth a round of gentle laughter. His blue eyes crinkled at the corners as a hand moved to press against the blond’s stomach before he realized what he was doing. “I guess it is safe to assume that you are ready to eat? I had our best cook make all of my favorite things...and a few things that I thought it would be fun for us to try together.”

Yuri had been so distracted by the litany of little treasures placed perfectly around the room that he nearly flinched when a warm hand came to gently rest upon his stomach. The desire to slap the offending hand away melted immediately when he looked deep into the beautiful sapphire gaze, so full of affection and tenderness. Instead he softened some, feeling even playfully amused by it, before he nodded in agreement. “Yes- starving.” Yuri grumbled softly, fingers delicately stroking the knuckles on Viktor’s hands before pulling away. It felt strange to touch so casually, like they were lovers for years.

A servant was suddenly clicking open one of the massive, white inlaid doors to interrupt their moment of quiet. “Dinner is ready, your Highness.” The alert came as both a surprise and pleasure for the boy with a loud belly, as he eagerly began stepping forward, as though the servant would lead him to the wonderful smell.

Viktor slid his hand to rest at the small of Yuri’s back, guiding the boy forward and into the adjoining dining room. The space was dimly lit, rows of candles lining the perimeter of the room. A pristine white tablecloth stretched across the long wooden surface. The table was lavishly set with stacked plates and sparkling silverware. The china was a dark red with a floral pattern in a stark black, sitting atop a gold charger. Radiating out from each place setting were several different glasses, forks and knives of varying sizes. A wide array of plated dishes sat at one end, while two high backed chairs sat together at the other. Viktor pulled out Yuri’s chair, ushering the blond to sit before draping a napkin across the smaller man’s lap. “I hope this isn't too much… I just wanted to do something nice for the two of us.”

Sparkling crystal glasses and polished silverware dazzled Yuri in a way he never believed he would ever care about. The lovely lightness to the entire room felt dizzying and almost dream like.. but he was eager to sit and allow himself to be dressed with the linen napkin. “Wow.. It’s amazing- this is all for us?” He blinked at the fine china, the kind that would’ve made his mother gasp and wish for a better life. “I.. I really like it.” He assured quickly, bobbing his blond head as servants spun around the table, serving them both with warm bread so hot, steam still rolled off its buttery surface. A thin soup was also set aside, some mention of a palate cleanser being mentioned but Yuri was still salivating over the decadent food being laid across their table. For a moment he both adored the plentiful servings spread out, but he wished to share a closeness with Viktor.

Viktor couldn’t hide the pleasure that warmed him to the core as he watched the way that Yuri marveled at the opulence he had worked so hard to plan for their first real dinner together. His hand stole away under the table cloth, seeking our Yuri’s to give it a tight squeeze as the servant to his left began to cut thick slices of beef. “Please serve my guest first,” Viktor said softly, one finger drawing shapeless patterns in the palm of Yuri’s hand, watching the way the blond was practically drooling at just the smell of the food they would soon be feasting on. Food was piled high until both plates were heavy with richly spiced meat and an assortment of flavorful side dishes whose names were quickly rattled off. As the servants were dismissed and both men began to enjoy their full plates, Viktor’s eyes lingered on Yuri. “Did you enjoy the gift that I sent you…”

Smaller fingers curled against Viktor’s while his heart pounded. Ever so slowly his attention was being dragged away from the thick, healthy slices of meat and back to his host. The touch was innocent but Yuri could feel himself sweating already, something about the way Viktor smiled at him seemed to defeat every one of Yuri’s hasty instincts. For the first time in his life he actually desired this attention.. But his mouth felt dry at the question. “Your gift?” He glanced down to his plate, wishing to stuff his face and refuse an answer. “I think it was a mistake- that wasn’t for me, was it?” Yuri’s brows knitted as he tore open a thick roll with his hands as a means to distract himself. “I mean- I liked it- but surely that was an accident?” He wasn’t angry, no, simply confused. But he relied so often on frustration that it became difficult to express himself beyond that, which led to his bumbling mess of a confession.

Viktor’s nose wrinkled as the words washed over him. It was like a blow to the gut as he tried to process what Yuri had just said to him. All of his planning...all of his careful thought… The Tsarevich swallowed before speaking, his heart in his throat as he tried to form the words in his head. His hand held onto the blond’s as he willed the words to tumble from his mouth, his own voice sounding foreign to himself as he spoke. “But.. but I told you in the letter. I had them specially made for you. I delayed our meeting, because I was waiting on them to arrive. They were perfect! I mean, I did have to guess at the size, but I knew they would fit.” He felt a slight surge of anger tugging at his heart. It felt like a snub, like the blond had disliked the gift he had put some much time into, coming up with a feeble excuse to try and save his feelings, but only succeeding in rubbing salt into the wound. It wasn’t fair... However, he caught himself before his mind let things spiral out of control. He was surely overreacting, and hoped that Yuri wouldn’t be too offended by his brief lapse in positivity. Viktor reasoned that it must be a misunderstanding. The silver haired man pulled himself together, willing his body to return to the calmness he had just been filled with only a moment ago before speaking further. “I’m sorry for snapping. I’ve made a poor choice with my wording,” Viktor said with a gentle tone, his thoughts drifting back to his driver and wondering if the man had failed to deliver the letter along with the package. “Did you not get my letter?”

Yuri gritted his teeth for a moment, realizing what he’d said had harmed rather than explained. He could see the flash of irritation pass over Viktor’s usually brilliant eyes, and the sight left him tense. “They were for me..?” He spoke into his plate, feeling for the first time in years like a scolded child. “I couldn’t--...” He paused, face furrowing as he considered his next admittance. “..I couldn’t read it, I didn’t understand.” A cold sweat rolled across Yuri’s body, introducing a deep flush that filled the apples of his cheeks. Anger bubbled up in his chest as he felt so misunderstood- forced to confess his lack of ability to him- but he swallowed it back. “I didn’t know.” Yuri considered Viktor’s gentle apology for his abruptness, which kept him from tipping off the edge of frustration, but he still frowned at his meal.

“Was it my handwriting? My mother has always said that it is appalling...but I really tried. I always struggled in school with my penmanship, but no one has ever not been able to read it before,” Viktor stammered, his cheeks pink. “This is so embarrassing.”

Heart hammering, body tense, Yuri finally had to speak once more even if it pained him. “No-! No I can’t-- I can’t read!” He yelped, the anger seeping into his voice as the words fell rawly from his tongue. “I couldn’t read it- at all- all I understood were the numbers..” Yuri’s voice was quivering with humiliation, his skin feeling overly warm and flush in his clothing. “..I’m sorry.” He swallowed thickly.

The colored drained from Viktor’s face as he realized his misstep.“Please don’t be sorry. Please.” He squeezed Yuri’s hand tighter, worrying his bottom lip between his teeth as he tried to will the blond to understand how he was feeling. “I didn’t know, and I’m sorry I’ve put you in this position. It was not what I intended to happen at all. You must think I’m so stupid, and I’m sorry if I have made you feel uncomfortable. I was just so excited and I wanted everything to be perfect...I should have just kept it simple, but I wanted to make you see how much I desire you.”

The words rushed over him, like cold water over a burn. “Just be quiet. I forgive you.” Yuri mumbled softly, the blood finally easing from his face as he relaxed into his chair. Warm fingers curled against Viktor’s, offering him a squeeze of forgiveness. With a hard swallow he glanced back to their meal, “I liked it.. Didn’t I? It was perfect.” The words felt silly, even a little difficult to say, but Yuri couldn’t bear to see him upset even if he still felt overwhelmed.

“I'm so glad.” Viktor felt his heart flutter as the words left the blond's lips. There was so much he wanted to say, endless apologies waited on the tip of his tongue as he wanted so badly to explain how terrible he felt at his ignorance. He just assumed that Yuri would have been able to read the letter. Yet he couldn't deny feeling almost mildly relieved that the blond had been spared from Viktor's mindless rambling and fumbling words. The Tsarevich had always excelled in courtly graces and military strategies, but composing his thoughts into a well written letter seemed like a daunting task. He had gotten so worked up in his quest for perfection that he hadn't even considered the fact that Yuri might be unable to read. Viktor's cheeks were glowing red as he found himself unable to tear his gaze away from Yuri. “I'm sorry that I just assumed, but maybe the next time you come I could read it to you...if you wanted.”

“I’d like that.” Yuri gave a short, rather quick bob of his head, as though he wanted the subject to end there. Though there was a genuine affection in his eyes, a rarity reserved for very few moments. “I did like the gift too- I swear.” He cut back in, looking determined in his attempt to dispel any of VIktor’s remaining worries. The following evenings after its arrival, Yuri had coyly stroked and examined the garment when the house was empty, and now he regretted not even bringing it back to return had it been a mistake.

“I'm glad you liked it,” Viktor purred, a smile returning as he leaned closer to Yuri. His eyes flicked around the room, to make sure that there were no listening ears other than the blond at his side. The Tsarevich spoke low, barely above a whisper, “I'm not going to lie. I am disappointed that you aren't wearing my gift...I was looking forward to to chance to see the way it would look against your beautiful skin. Those were real pearls, and I would gladly cover you in jewels if given the chance. I hope you realize how much your affection is worth to me...I'm truly taken with you.”

“Real pearls-?” Yuri’s eyes widened with shock before his body seemed to melt at the soft purrs being whispered into the shell of his ear. The chamber felt smaller now, more intimate as he listened to the warm promises of affection, his entire world was Viktor and the way his mouth curled into a handsome smile. “I’ll wear it when we meet again.. I promise.” A little jolt clenched tight in his belly at the thought of walking to the palace, beads and pearls rolling against his skin, hidden beneath the scratchy wool of his frock. Yuri finally turned his head, meeting Viktor’s sapphire gaze and swallowing the nerves that welled up in his throat.

“I'll be the luckiest man when that happens,” Viktor said with a chuckle, returning his attention to his still heavy plate of food. He chased a small piece of potato around as he waited for his nerves to settle, stealing shy glances towards Yuri through his lashes. The Tsarevich cleared his throat, opting to attempt polite conversation as the pair ate. “If I may ask, how does your family feel about our meetings? I know it's only our second time together, but I know my family is champing at the bit to learn more about you.”

Yuri sought reprieve in his meal, taking bites with much more ferocity than Viktor. Though the question brought him pause as he thoughtfully chewed a bite of buttery bread. “Sergei isn’t very happy.. But I don’t care.” Yuri assured with a little roll of his eyes. “He doesn’t like anything I do.” Yuri swallowed back his bite, “Papa doesn’t know yet.. I know he’ll want to come here the moment I tell him.” Yuri gave quiet huff though a smile did tug at the corners of his mouth. “You told them about me?”

Viktor smiled and nodded as he finally speared the piece of potato. “I've told my siblings. My sisters are very interested in you and you've met Vlad already. My younger brothers are the most insistent. They were pestering me so much this afternoon that I had to beg my sister Irina to take them out of the palace while you were here,” Viktor said with a sigh as he thought about how demanding the twins had been, begging to meet their older brother’s love interest much to Viktor’s chagrin. “There are no secrets in my family, our lives are very public. I'm sure my parents know about you, but they have always been too polite to pry into our personal lives.”

“I hope that isn't an issue. One day you'll have to meet them all,” Viktor said hopefully, his eyes glimmering with excitement when he imagined Yuri finally meeting his mother. “Not at the same time I hope, but they are all rather pushy. Some royals are just used to always getting what they want,” Viktor laughed to himself, shaking his head as he thought about how boring his stories of his family must be to Yuri.

He decided to switch gears, hopefully not overstepping his boundaries as an idea popped into his head. The Tsarevich stabbed a piece of beef, the rich sauce dropping from its surface as he held his hand under the morsel, reaching across the table to offer it to Yuri with a grin. “Would you like to try mine? It has more sauce than yours and the sauce is really watch makes it taste amazing.”

Yuri distantly imagined all of Viktor’s siblings as being very much like him- outside of Vlad- he wondered if they all were as sweet and persistent as him. Not much was spoken about the younger siblings, most attention was focused on Vladimir, being that he was the oldest. “I think I’ll forget all their names,” Yuri confessed, looking already quite bewildered by the sheer amount of children in the Nikiforov household.

But the little bite of beef was a welcome distraction, “Mm.” He nodded eagerly, leaning forward to wrap his pretty lips around the silver fork. He plucked the morsel free, eagerly chewing before bobbing his head with a renewed enthusiasm. “It’s good!” Yuri enjoyed how the meat practically ripped apart on his tongue, so utterly tender. Eager fingers plucked a particularly nice roll, offering it to Viktor the same way he had, “Try this one.” He grinned.

Viktor happily accepted the offered roll, teeth playfully trying to tug it from Yuri’s hand as he stole a large mouthful of the buttery goodness. He sighed with happiness as it practically melted in his mouth, trying so hard to ignore the twitch of his semi hard cock in his cotton breeches. He had been struggling to keep his touches chaste, wanting so much to slide a hand between the layers of Yuri’s frock, just to feel the warmth between the blond’s thighs. “Thank you for sharing with me, Yura.”

A rare grin bloomed across his face as Viktor stole the bread from his hands, “That was almost the entire roll!” He jeered playfully, “You’re greedy.” He teased, the words harmless in nature. The rest of the bread was happily eaten but Yuri felt somewhat distracted, there seemed to be a kind of hesitance in Viktor’s gaze, as though he were holding something back. His own heart was pounding excitedly, and blood seemed to split north and southwards in his body. A bold hand reached forward, swiping away a few crumbs from Viktor’s lips, “Messy too.”

He dared to swipe at those fingers with his tongue, catching just the briefest of tastes of the blond’s skin and unable to stop himself from softly moaning at the contact. His eyes fluttered closed for just a second, before a look of panic swept across his face, his eyes avoiding Yuri’s gaze as the Tsarevich realized his error. He pulled away from where he had been casually rubbing his thumb over the back of Yuri’s hand, awkwardly folding his own in his lap with a frown. “I...I’m sorry. That was uncalled for.”

Narrow brows knitted across his forehead as Viktor so timidly pulled away, had he done something wrong? A cold sweat broke across his flesh as he settled back in his chair, “I didn’t mind.” Yuri replies sheepishly, wiping his mouth with a napkin before poking around at his food again. Perhaps he was being too forward and uncouth, certainly a noble would balk at how freely he had touched him, but Yuri was feeling a rush of nervousness that was completely strange to him.

Viktor smiled weakly, brushing his hair away from his face with a nervous laugh as he slid his plate away with a sigh. “I just don’t want to make you uncomfortable. I am very attracted to you and I would gladly be closer to you...touching you if you allowed. I’m trying my best to be a gentleman,” Viktor said with a look of shame, his cheeks coloring again as he looked into Yuri’s wide green eyes. “You make me come undone. You’re beautiful, but I’m sure you’ve heard that countless times before.”

Yuri took in a slow breath, “I do like it. I like when you touch me..” His cheeks are filling with color, nearly to the point of aching. “Are you going to make me say it every time?” He gave a somewhat frustrated puff, as though he were too nervous to speak it aloud. But it was true, he enjoyed the fleeting touches.. even if he felt ashamed for it. Perhaps that’s why it was so difficult, Yuri had been told to always be pious, to remain chaste.. but Viktor made it impossible. Yuri swallowed thickly, “I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t.” He confesses, looking thoroughly exhausted with all of this emotional confrontation.

Viktor let the blond’s words tumble around in his head before deciding to go with his gut and let his instincts take over. If Yuri wanted his touch, then he would have it. The Tsarevich’s gazed flicked to the corner of the room where the door to the adjoining room was only slight ajar. He knew many of the servants had a habit of listening in on conversations or trying to spy with their wandering eyes, but Viktor wanted Yuri all to himself. The Tsarevich stood from his chair so abruptly that he almost knocked the heavy wooden seat over with the movement. Viktor’s hand wrapped around Yuri’s wrist, urging the blond to his feet and away from the large table. “Then how about we finish dining later, and go someplace that I can touch you without people seeing?”

The movements seemed so quick, almost a blur as Viktor rose and snatched him by the wrist so eagerly. His body felt brilliantly light as he was being urged forward, away from the candlelit loveliness of the dining hall and through the winding corridors, ever traveling deeper into the beautifully mysterious palace with its ivory walls and parquet floors. Yuri’s heart was hammering as they reached another door, this one appeared quite grand, making itself known with a richly carved frame and golden handles.

“..Is this your bedroom?” Yuri’s voice felt tight in his throat as he took in all of the grandeur. No shared space, this was entirely Viktor.

The Tsarevich nodded, ushering the blond into the dimmed space before tightly closing the door behind him. He had never considered how austintatious his room might appear to someone not used to the splendor. The walls were lined with painting and large framed maps that he had collected during the time his father traveled for military conquest. Young Viktor had enjoyed tracking where his father was as the Tsar traversed the snowy plains the country, and as an adult Viktor had lovingly wanted them to be framed. A large desk sat in one corner next to a black stone fireplace, the embers barely burning. He hurried across the room to tuck a small oval framed photo into the drawer of his desk before turning back to Yuri. Viktor smiled as he watched Yuri wander around the space, hoping that the blond was enjoying the more intimate setting. “This has been my room long as I can remember?”

“It’s amazing- and massive.” Yuri continued to circle the room, the soft click of his worn boots were the only sound echoing through the large chamber. Glossy windows with white muntins gave a view of expansive gardens, all sprawling around the manor like a moat. “You grew up in here?” Yuri curiously peeked at the bed, wondering what Viktor did in this manor at his age. He glanced up, meeting his host’s gaze before slowly waltzing closer, steps measured.

“I sure did. I didn’t travel much as a child, and had tutors right here in the palace, but as soon as I was old enough I joined the military to be at my father’s side. I’ve always enjoyed strategy and discussion. I use my charms,” Viktor said with a teasing tone moving over to stoke the fire to more of a roaring flame. He slid an arm around Yuri’s waist, pulling the blond against his side slowly. His hands danced over the curve of Yuri’s hip, toying with the smooth fabric of Yuri’s frock. “I saw you looking at my bed. It’s pretty obnoxious, but most don’t seem to complain too much.”

The flames danced in Yuri’s eyes and warmed the soft flesh of his cheeks as he stood beside Viktor, wrapped in his arm. At the mention of his military service, Yuri lifted a hand to curiously play with the array of medals all pinned to Viktor’s jacket, each one of them were so stiff and clean.

“..You have a lot of people looking at your bed?” Yuri asked with a scrunched nose, battling the implication with his own inquiry. His gaze returned to the enormous piece of furniture, with thickly carved pillars and heavy brocade fabric dripping down to hide away its sleeper. It was nearly bigger than his own room- but Yuri was quite curious about it- even if he told himself to hold back.

“Not a lot of people, but enough. I guess that came out the wrong way,” Viktor snickered, reaching down to catch Yuri’s hand where they fussed with his medals, bringing the hand to his mouth to press a soft kiss the the tips of his fingers. “Most of the royal family wears these for show, but some of mine I have earned through service. I guess that’s why I never really settled down and found a companion. I was very dedicated to my work in the military, but since we are in such a great time of peace I have been afforded the luxury of time home and time in a real bed.” Viktor nudged Yuri toward a set of chairs that sat closer to the fire place, his hands unwilling to leave the blond’s form. “We could sit and chat more if you’d like? Or if you wanted to lay on my bed I would allow it.”

Viktor had always seemed valiant when people spoke of him, more so than Vladimir, Viktor was truly a likable Tsarevich. With his heroic military service and charming smile, Yuri wasn’t so surprised the man had shared many bed mates. Even with the gentle way he kissed him, pressing butterfly kisses against the tips of his fingers, it was all so romantic. “Well.. we wanted to touch each other, no?” Yuri’s voice is quivering a little as he glances to the bed. So badly he desires to be held.. To feel soft fingers roam against his skin. But he’s nervous, enough that his voice nearly cracks. “The bed.” He won’t admit his virginity- no not yet- but Yuri was resolved to remain chaste.. For as long as he could, anyways.

Viktor lead the blond to the massive bed, stripping off his jacket to drape across a high backed chair before climbing up to lounge in the middle of the elegantly embroidered duvet. He motioned Yuri forward, helping the smaller Russian to get settled next to him, one arm resting against the blond’s chest, fingers tracing the heavy stitches in the boy’s simple frock. “If you were wearing my gift, I would be requesting you show me right about now,” Viktor whispered into Yuri’s ear, breath hot and heavy against the sensitive skin. The Tsarevich buried his face into the sweet nest of blond hair that fanned out from Yuri’s head. “This might be too bold, but will you let me see what you’re hiding under that skirt of yours?”

Yuri fit perfectly against the long lines of Viktor’s body, his own seemed to complement the broader Russian perfectly. They lay there, looking perfect together, even as Yuri can feel his heart hammering so loudly he nearly shakes. “I’m not hiding a fortune of pearls sadly,” He whispers, feeling his defenses rising as he slowly spreads his legs to tug up the length of his skirt. It feels all so strange- like when he’d caught Sergei in bed with a girl- but now Yuri is the one lifting his dress.

His cheeks warm brightly as he reveals a very simple slip underneath and cotton undergarments, ones that are meant to keep a body warm rather than entice. But nimble fingers are untying his tunic, hoping to keep Viktor’s interest as he reveals himself to the Tsarevich, still dressed so handsomely beside him.

Viktor’s mouth went dry as the blond spread his legs, his eyes tracking each inch of newly exposed skin as the skirt climbed higher and higher up Yuri’s legs. The fabric seemed to reveal a never ending expanse of snowy white skin, willowy legs intoxicating as Yuri untied his simple tunic. The Tsarevich’s heart was thumping heavily in his chest as he dared to touch the boy at his side. Viktor’s pants were almost painfully tight as his erection strained against the stiff material. He reached a hand between the petite Russian’s thighs, nails carefully running over the warm flesh as he edged the slip up as well. “You’re hiding something much greater than a collection of useless trinkets,” Viktor said lowly, tracing the top hem of Yuri’s under garments with a breathy moan. “How are you so beautiful? Your skin is so lovely and delicate. You can’t convince me that you are just a farm boy. You’re so untouched by the earth.”

Yuri’s chest aches beneath the wool of his clothing as a budding excitement flourishes within him, shooting down his spine and spreading to the tips of his fingers. Only his first kiss weeks ago and now this.. undressing himself in the lofty bed of Russia’s Tsarevich. But Yuri is fueled by his nervousness, even if he feels unsure.. Viktor’s fingers are as comforting as they are intimidating, as they creep up his pale legs to seek out more flesh. The words feel strange in his ears, like he’s being recited poetry or a passage at church. All he can do is shake his head shyly as he finally rids himself of his blouse, letting it fall open and reveal the thinness of his sternum. “I want to.. I want to see you too.” He pleads softly, hoping to take the attention off of himself for a moment.

Viktor was reluctant to leave him, sitting up just enough to undo the long row of buttons of his white collared shirt, slipping his black suspenders off his shoulders. He removed he garment with a smile, tossing his shirt haphazardly to the side of the bed before doing the same to Yuri's loose clothing. The bed was less crowded by all the extra fabric, and allowed for Viktor to explore more of Yuri's supple skin. The Tsarevich laid on his back, pulling the blond to straddle his waist and sit atop his prone form. Viktor's cock was nestled against the plush curve of Yuri's rear. His hands were braced on the small of the boy's back, forcing Yuri to sit up tall. “Is this better, my Yura?”

The sight of smooth, milky skin rippling with muscle was one Yuri immediately felt himself attracted to. Viktor wasn’t so flawless as the boy, there were scars flecked across his body, small nicks but there was the suggestion of a few deeper ones sprawled across his back that were quickly hidden when Viktor laid back to prop Yuri up instead. But he didn’t inquire further, just peeked with bright eyes until he was firmly sat against the thickness contained only by a few layers of fabric. In that moment the room felt dizzying.. This was quite real. Viktor’s desire was real- tangible even- as an eager length rubbed against the soft flesh of his bottom.

“Yes,” He nods quickly, the locks of blond hair curtaining his face as he looks down, fingers coyly touching at the strong cords of muscle that wrap around Viktor’s chest. His own organ, soft and tucked safely in his bloomers gave a twitch of pleasure as he felt Viktor’s body move beneath him with every soft breath he took.

The Tsarevich smiled, fingers inching down the white fabric of Yuri's under garments with careful hands, slowly exposing more and more of the blond's pelvis and bottom. His hands were fully inside the fabric now, fingers playfully pinching the flesh of Yuri's rear before edging toward the boy's sweet hole. He wanted to touch it, his mind racing with images of Yuri sinking onto his fingers, riding his cock like a well trained whore. Viktor's free hand had begun steadily running the blond's soft member, bring the flesh to life with skillful touches, debating on pinning Yuri to the bed and tasting every inch of the boy. He knew Yuri would make the most enthralling noises…

“You're so sweet up there, sitting on my cock like some delicate little princess,” Viktor said with a groan, pushing his hips up to grind against the blond, his voice was thick with lust, his brain lost in a haze as he stared into Yuri's eyes. It had been too long since he had shared his bed with a lover. “Why don't you get up and take all of those underclothes off and let me see all of you? Maybe your pretty hole?”

Such a salacious suggestion tore right through the farm boy, his eyes widening and cock jolting against his soft breeches. Had he been any more out of control he may’ve lost his composure right there but he took in a steadying breath as blush crept up from his chest to inch into his blond hairline. “Y..Yes,” it’s all he can manage to say as he sits up enough to tug his slip off, letting it fall uselessly to the floor. With a bit of wiggling he manages to leave himself completely naked, all of his innocent white clothes are left in a pile by the bed, until Yuri is sitting naked and trembling on Viktor’s lap. The wool of his trousers itch against his soft flesh but he just stays there, still feeling dizzy.

“You are a vision from the gods. Angel sent just for me…” Viktor took a steady breath as the naked figure settled atop him once more. His mouth watered at the sight of Yuri's sweet, weeping cock, desiring to suck on the flesh and bring pleasure to the boy in his lap.

A pink cock is jutting out between Yuri’s thighs, eagerly pointed towards Viktor. Never in his life had the urge to indulge in sex been so strong.. Hormones were usually suppressed by a day of labor but now he felt completely controlled by them. “I.. I can’t have sex before marriage.” The words fall from his lips with a look of frustration and fear. “It’s wrong.” He mewls but the words feel useless, especially when he can feel the warm cock beneath his ass, but Yuri is trying so hard to convince himself.

Viktor parted the boy's ass cheeks, one finger tracing the ring of muscle before pausing at Yuri's words. His hands pulled away carefully, not wanting to startle the boy, but feeling guilty for his lustful touches. The Tsarevich frowned, but did not want to upset his young lover...his virgin lover. His cock felt even harder at the realization. His desire to claim Yuri grew stronger and stronger, but he knew he had to keep himself under control, choosing to try and talk it out with the blond. He had always been told that he was very persuasive.

“Sex is very natural my dear one and you shouldn’t be ashamed of it. Does it bother you that I have had other lovers before?” Viktor asked softly, fingers tickling up Yuri's sides as he tried to gauge the boy's reaction to his statement.

Yuri clenched his jaw as the desire to give in- to ignore all of the preaching he had listened to- and indulge in carnal delights. But the guilt weighed on his heart, mother had always told him to be chaste and prudent but.. She had never met Viktor. “No. I don’t care about that-” He quickly shook his head, “But.. it’s a sin.” He frowned, cheeks flush as he realized how achingly hard it made him to consider breaking his vows of chastity. Ever so slowly Viktor’s ticklish fingers were picking apart his resolve, it had seemed so easy before, but now.. now it was quite difficult to cling to the idea of purity. Perhaps he was the only boy in their city who felt this way but it had always been quite important for him to remain chaste for a dowery.

“Isn’t it?” He tilted his head, “I’ve heard choir boys talk about..- about doing things.” He fussed again with Viktor’s skin, touching the ripples there as he was faced with temptation. Viktor didn’t seem damned, and yet he clearly enjoyed the delights of premarital relations.

“I wouldn't know,” Viktor said softly, blue eyes watching the worry building inside of Yuri’s emerald green. He eased Yuri from his hips, laying the boy down upon the rich duvet and leaning over the smooth body. “But I'm more than willing to respect your wishes and keep your virginity intact, but I will enjoy you in other ways.”

Viktor dipped down, capturing the boy's lips, running his tongue across the soft skin before forcing his tongue inside of Yuri's mouth. His hands slid between Yuri's thighs, fingers wrapping around the blond's cock, smearing the fluid leaking from the tip of Yuri's erection along the shaft before steadily jerking the flesh, his hand forming a hot tunnel for the cock to fuck.

A soft whimper, a sound never uttered from Yuri’s lips, resounded in the bedroom as they shared a kiss. This one was sloppy- not the chaste peck shared weeks ago- no this kiss had tongue and the promise of something deeper. Their breath melded together, leaving the air feeling humid between them as their mouths meshed into one another. Viktor’s tongue was sinful in its quickness, leaving Yuri to play catch-up as he tried to mimic the delicate movements he had yet to master. But the moment a hand clutched his weeping cock, Yuri was completely lost, all of his attention was beginning to vanish and he felt weak to the warm fingers that manipulated him like a doll. Narrow hips obeyed, bucking forward as though he had no control of the movement as higher thinking left him and the warnings of his church burned to ashes.

Yuri eagerly pressed forward, grinding his hips and rubbing his ass against the thick tent in Viktor’s trousers in an uncoordinated, yet gracefully natural movement. Yuri wasn’t considering what he may have looked like- so desperate for pleasure- but instead he just obeyed the will of his body.

Viktor's hands worked skillfully, tugging and teasing the boy's flesh, feeling the pre cum ooze all over his hand with each careful jerk. His teeth pulled at Yuri's lower lip, nipping at the swollen flesh to draw more pleasures noises from the blond. He rutted up against Yuri's ass, his own erection begging for freedom from its fabric prison. Viktor had never been so gentle like this before. His previous sexual exploits had been rough and tumble meetings, quick fucking and sucking while tangled in silk sheets with experienced lovers like himself. A part of him was selfishly proud that Yuri was a virgin, excited by the prospect of teaching the boy and molding him into the perfect sex god that Yuri was born to be. Yuri would become his tiger in the bedroom.

Viktor's lewd thoughts brought in closer and closer to the edge, he hasn't came in his pants from simple stimulation since he was a mere cadet in the royal military. “I'm so close, Yura…I don't know how you're doing this to me, but I never want it to stop.”

It was Viktor’s lovely voice, so melodic and charming even when desperation dripped from his words, that sent Yuri completely over the edge. With a deep shudder, one that ruined the beautiful rhythm of his bucking hips, he spilled across Viktor’s hand. A pitiful cry of delight fell from his lips, as though he had never known such ecstasy even by his own hand. Blunted nails had curled against Viktor’s chest, digging into the flesh there as he jerked his hips to rub his body against the wool covered cock beneath him. He didn’t care that the fabric was scratching him, leaving him raw, all he wanted was to feel it, to taste the sinful delight. “Viktor- Vitya..” He mewled, clenching his brilliant eyes shut as pleasure-filled tears rolled down his cheeks.

The Tsarevich shuddered, the sweet whimper of Yuri's voice bringing forth his own release. He gasped in deep puffs of air, continuing to weakly thrust up into the delicious ass that still tantalized him. He wiped his sticky hand on his pants, resisting the urge to taste the blond's seed. Instead Viktor's arms reached up to pull Yuri to drape across his chest. His sweat slick skin stuck to the blond, hearts beating together as they shared this silent moment together. The world seemed so far off in the distance around them. Everything Viktor needed was in this bed with him. His eyes were closed tightly, trying to keep the tears of happiness from escaping his lashes.

“That was amazing,” Viktor huffed, one hand rubbing up and down Yuri's spine, feeling each of the ridges with calloused fingertips. “I hope...I hope it was good for you too. I’m usually not that fast, but it has been a while for me.”

Still reeling, lost in the dream like bliss, Yuri can only sink into the warm embrace. “I don’t want to get up..” He panted, feeling bold enough to bury his face into the elegant column of Viktor’s throat, there he felt the soft thump of an overexcited pulse. Thin arms are curled between them, but Yuri just presses his palms flat, enjoying the way he he can feel the steady beat of Viktor’s heart and the movement of life. Virginity still intact, Yuri hardly feels any guilt.. This wasn’t really sex? Or was he simply convincing himself of it. But he loved it all the same, if this was sinful then Yuri would be wicked.

“It feels different when you touch me..” He confesses. “I like it.” Yuri bobs his head, eyes heavy as he tries to steady himself once more. The rush of nerves seems to have been quelled by his orgasm, leaving them both boneless and numb to the world beyond.

“Have you only had your own hand before?” Viktor asked quietly, feeling his release beginning to cool and cling to his softening erection. The clammy fluid made his skin begin to itch, and begrudgingly he decided to deal with it. The Tsarevich eased Yuri off of him, rising from the bed to remove his polished black boots and breeches, cleaning off his cock with the sleeve of his undershirt with a sigh. Yuri looked so perfect on his bed, the lazy rise and fall of the blond's chest paired with the rosy blush of his milky skin was a sight Viktor never wanted to forget.

“I’ve only been touched by you.” He confesses into the pillows, eyes heavy as he feels sleep tug at his body. But he curls closer when the Tsarevich returns, eager to cling to the now nude figure of his new lover.

Viktor climbed back into the bed, flesh fully on display for his young lover as he rested his head on Yuri's chest, arms wrapping around the smaller form. The Tsarevich closed his eyes, exhaling deeply through his nose. “I don't want you to leave.”

“I don’t want to go either.” He mumbles into the bed. Yuri gave a nod of his head at the question, only to bury his face in the crumpled duvet the moment Viktor left to undress.

Though.. Yuri feels a cold sweat trickle down his spine as he looks eagerly upon the soft length between Viktor’s thighs. “..Is that normal?” He swallows, looking at the intimidating size only to feel himself twitch with titillation. Of course he’d felt the organ beneath him but.. Seeing him bare was quite different. Blood flooded his cheeks as he knitted his brows, determined to one day make Viktor’s dreams come true and ride him, that is, if they were to be wed.

“Then you will just have to stay with me forever. I'll lock you away in this palace and court you until you accept an offer of marriage,” Viktor teased, squeezing Yuri tightly before peppering kisses across the blond's pale chest. The thought seemed almost real in his head. He could easily steal Yuri away, protecting his sweet virgin lover like a delicate dessert that he would devour on their wedding night. However, he wasn't a brute and he knew that taking Yuri away from his family would crush any of the positive emotions they were building between them.

“Is what normal?” Viktor asked with a look of utter confusion, his eyes flicking up to see where Yuri was looking. The Tsarevich cocked his head to the side as he met the young man's gaze with a slight frown. “I don't understand what you're asking, my love.”

Yuri’s face flooded with heat, “Your.. your cock.” He spat out, a finger stroking the length as though to compare it to his own. “I don’t think it will fit.” He huffed, eyes wide as he drinks Viktor’s entire figure. There are stretches of scars that wrap around his body, perhaps from battle, but the lengths of muscle seem fitting on his languid form. He truly looks sculpted from marble, and Yuri must wonder if beauty like that is bestowed only on very few. His little moment of shock feels silly now as he lays with him but the boy is not yet used to sharing these intimate moments.. And he can’t help himself when every handsome inch of Viktor’s body is sending him into a tizzy.

Viktor rolled his eyes before he could stop himself. “Of course it will fit. I’m not some sort of monster that is going to split you open on my cock,” Viktor said with a laugh, spreading his legs wide for Yuri to get a better look at his flaccid member. He was used to being judged by his size, and had, on more than one occasion, agreed to be on the bottom due to apprehension from his former lovers. However, luckily he was very experienced and had been with people much more skittish than Yuri in the past. “There are ways to prepare you and with time I will show them all to you, but tonight is not going to be the night for that. When we do finally make love I will make sure to stretch you, and you will see that all of that foreplay is part of the fun...or if you are very nervous I could fit you with a toy that would make the whole process very easy. Your little hole will eventually gobble up my cock like it is nothing.”

Viktor's eyes glanced at the clock on his nightstand, sighing when he noticed how late is was getting. “I haven't even properly fed you yet, and the sun has gone down. I'm a horrible host.”

Yuri knitted his brows, as though he didn’t entirely believe him but he was quite curious about this new world opening up to him. “..If you say so.” He mumbled. Had he not been to spent another round of excitement might’ve been in store but.. For now Yuri just admired Viktor from afar. “A toy?” He looked confused, unsure of what that meant but his thoughts were disrupted by the mention of dinner.

“But I don’t care, I just want to lay here..” He murmured, “Though.. I guess I should go.” He frowned, realizing how late it had become, surely Sergei would begin to worry.

Viktor purred, cupping Yuri bottom in his hands as he placed a kiss to the blond's neck before slipping out of the bed and walking over to his wardrobe to pull out a fresh set of clothing to wear. He slipped into a crisp pair of pants, tugging on another white collar shirt before turning to look at Yuri with a soft expression. “I will be escorting you home,” Viktor said firmly, helping Yuri to his feet and gathering up the blond's clothing. “I'm not letting you walk home at this time of night and I owe your father an apology for keeping you so late.”

“What-?” Yuri questioned as he was being gently urged to his feet. “You want to meet him..?” He seemed bewildered and perhaps a little shy, but he could already see his father now, eagerly inviting Viktor in for meager tea. The thought made him blush, to be escorted home, it was endearing nearly to the point of making Yuri roll his eyes and huff with embarrassment. But Viktor was right, it was getting rather late, and so the boy tugged on his haphazardly thrown clothing, righting it all once more until he looked at least decent, not as though he’d been debauched. A small hand carded through his messy blond hair, the strands having fallen out of place in their rush of pleasure. A glance was stolen towards Viktor, admiring his elegant clothes that appeared far more casual than the regalia he’d been adorned in earlier.

“Or if you aren’t comfortable with that yet, then merely let me escort you home. I could stay in the car,” Viktor offered. He knew it was a poorly disguised excuse to spend more time with the blond. He was so curious about where Yuri lived, and what his family was like. The desire to know more tugged at his mind. However, he knew it might be too soon. It was only their second meeting, and even though they had seen each other naked it didn’t mean they were ready for that next step.

Viktor stepped forward, a careful hand smoothing down the fly away strands of blond hair that stuck out at odd angles. Then then helped to straighten Yuri’s clothing, fingers brushing over the fabric with a smile as he looked at himself and Yuri in a large mounted mirror that hung over one of his large oak dressers. “We look perfect together, don’t you think? When I’m dressed more like a working man, and you’re in this dress… You look like you were born into a noble family who have somehow found themselves impoverished. You’re a storybook princess.”

Yuri found himself drawing closer, nestling against Viktor’s side to feel the cold fabric of his fresh button-up against his warm cheek. Everything he owned was scented sweetly, whereas Yuri used vinegar to take the stains from his clothes. “I want you to meet him. Papa will like it.” He assured softly, bobbing his head with a kind of rare gentleness as he felt a hand smooth across his frantic silken locks, easing them back into place.

He didn’t argue being called a princess, even when it made his cheeks flush and his eyes cast aside. Perhaps he liked it, even if he knew it wasn’t true, a princess was given anything they desired. Yet that had never been the case for him. But Viktor had never questioned why Yuri wore dresses or kept his hair long, both being a choice and a result of circumstance. It was an unspoken understanding, and Yuri was grateful that the Tsarevich seemed to accept everything about him without question. “That makes you my prince then.” He urged, “Even if you are dressed more common now.” Yuri smiled slightly as he glanced into the mirror.

The boy gave a sleepy yawn, one he was unable to stifle as he looked towards the cozy fire. He already missed this chamber, wanting to spend his life here, tucked away with Viktor and hidden from the world beyond.

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Smoke erupted in a plume while the voice of their driver hesitantly alerted Viktor, “Your Highness, the car doesn’t seem to be starting. I would advise you seek refugee here for the evening until I can make repairs..” The technology of their age had its limits, even for nobility. The sheepish driver was parked just beyond the familiar wooden gates of Yuri’s home, where the snow had blanketed over their garden. A late winter.. It really should be spring by now but it seemed Mother Nature had other plans.

Just as Yuri opens his mouth to question the success of repairs performed in the snow, the heavy slap of their wooden door is jarring him into silence. Sergei is there, standing in his worn wool tunic with boots thrown hastily on his feet. “Yura!” He shouts, the sight of his little brother tucked away in the confines of a royal car is enough to make him seethe. “Yura, what are you doing out so late? You had Papa terrified.” It’s a roundabout way of confessing his own fear. “Get inside now.” Sergei stares at Viktor as he speaks, as though it were the Devil himself corrupting his darling brother.

“Seryozha, I’m fine!” Yuri’s voice is slightly hardened, not as sweet as it can be around Viktor, but there’s an obvious brotherly love between them. “I told you I might be late, you’re nagging me. I’m not a baby.” Yuri huffs as Sergei harshly pulls open his car door. Viktor is following suit with an expression of mild glee, despite their driver still frantically attempting to access the issue with their car. But he’s stunned into a kind of silence, it feels strange to see Yuri at home where he clearly reigns as the little prince.

“He’s coming inside too.” Yuri stands his ground, even as Sergei is angrily looking for any stray marks or a single stitch out of place. He would happily slam a fist into that perfectly poised, noble face but Yuri is clearly being protective for reasons unknown. Their gazes meet, Sergei silently demanding an explanation for this act of brotherly treason. How dare he undermine him in front of Viktor? But Yuri has always had a certain boldness that quells most arguments, he was not a quitter, and Sergei could only argue for so long.

“Fine. I only hope pretty boy doesn’t wilt without his servants.” Sergei scowls and opens the door for Yuri, only to let it go the moment Viktor is following after.

“I’m quite capable,” Viktor mumbled as he moved to follow the pair, avoiding Sergei’s harsh glare as he glanced over his shoulder to see his driver working furiously.

The Tsarevich paused, barely missing the heavy wooden door as it slammed closed. The silver haired man sighed deeply and entered the small home. It was going to be one of those evenings... Viktor chuckled as he brushed snow from his shoulders, not wanting to let his amazing mood be squashed by something as simple as a protective older brother. Viktor was used to moody brothers...this young man had nothing on Vladimir as far as the Tsarevich was concerned.

The main floor of the farm house was a single open room. There was a small wooden table in the corner nearest to the small half moon fireplace. The hearth was a collection of mismatched bricks, but the Tsarevich loved all of the differing colors. Tiny bundles of herbs and delicate animal pelts hung over the roaring flame that warmed the compact space. There were two frames on the mantle, a family huddled together in front of a plain backdrop sat in a simple pine frame and the second was a brightly painted image of Jesus. Viktor grinned as he wanted to get closer and examine the image. He was sure that the small child in the photo was Yuri. A modest kitchen was tucked away on the other side of the space, only a few tall cabinets and a tiny icebox.

“I love this,” Viktor said softly, tugging off his gloves to run a hand along the tops of a small collection of books that were stacked on a low shelf near the door. He could imagine Yuri’s family building this home, each thing seemed to have a place and a purpose. Nothing was excess.


Viktor was utterly enchanted by the home. His blue eyes scanned every detail, making mental notes of each nook and cranky, from the intricate grain of the wood walls to the little scuff marks on the floor. He sought out Yuri’s gaze, seeing his blond lover whispering with his older brother.

“Should I removed my shoes?” Viktor asked, still lingering by the door and not wanting to track snow and slush through the house.

Yuri moved with ease, flitting around the small cottage with a grace that came only with a lifetime of practice. He knew where ever splinter was in the floor, where the cold air would hit him harshest. This was his own little palace and he loved it even when the ceilings felt low and oppressive and the smell of mulch filtered in through any open window.

“Yes, we have slippers if you need them.” Slippers were thick wool socks, stiff from years of wear, but it kept his feet from freezing off. His own little boots were kicked off to the side, left to dry from the snow that still clung to them.

“Yura! You’re home, Seryozha was having a fit.” The sturdy voice of his father fills the wooden room, booming with a strange glee and a tobacco yellowed smile. “..Who is this?” Nikolai’s voice seems to drop, his watery eyes blinking in surprise at the very recognizable Tsarevich. What a foolish question to ask, but it felt rather unreal to have a member of the Imperial family standing tall in their modest home.

Viktor removed his shoes quickly, not bothering with the slippers for the time being as he crossed the room with his hand extended. The man was surely Yuri’s father, the Tsarevich could see the slight resemblance in the eyes. His smile was sincere and it warmed Viktor’s heart as the Tsarevich waited for the older man to take his hand.

“Mr. Plisetsky, it is a pleasure to meet you. My name is Viktor Vadimovich Nikiforov and I want to say thank you for allowing me into your home for the time being,” Viktor said as friendly as he could manage, his voice struggling to stay confident as he looked into the older man’s eyes. “You truly have a lovely home.”

Nikolai took the offered hand, shaking gingerly, “It’s a pleasure, I had no idea Yura had made your acquaintance..” Sergei scoffed, amused that his little brother had forgotten to share such a detail with their father but thankfully their patriarch seemed more pleased than upset. “Thank you, Your Highness.” Came the humble words as he backed away, offering a seat to the Tsarevich with a directing shake of his hand.

“Yura, bring us tea.” Nikolai smiled, giving his youngest son a gentle pat to the back, encouraging him along. His earlier prediction of his father’s joy had been quite accurate, one might think Nikolai would detest them but he had a kind of tired acceptance. It was Sergei who now remained aloof, avoiding the living room and instead busying himself with stroking the fire.

Viktor took his seat, winking at Yuri as the blond flitted off to prepare some tea for the two men. He immediately regretted his actions, his cheeks going pink as he realized he had winked at Yuri in front of his father...a man who had a painting of Jesus hung above his fireplace.

“I’ve only had the pleasure of knowing Yuri for a short while, but he has be an utter delight to me. I’m sure you hear tons of people tell you how amazing he is, but to me he is one of the most wonderful people I have ever met. I had the honor of meeting him during the celebration for the new factory, and I have had the pleasure of meeting with him twice now,” Viktor said with a smile and a glance toward Yuri as he reflected on who they had spent their evening. “I’m sorry for keeping him so late this time. That was why I decided to escort him home. I didn’t want him out by himself. I have to admit that I’m very smitten,” Viktor murmured as he found himself at a loss for words with Yuri’s father. “I think Yuri was waiting to tell you until I had officially presented him with a courting gift, and I will do that. I promise that I only have pure intentions toward your son.”

Yuri was trying so desperately not to listen but his ears were a bright pink as he shakily poured tea. He could only imagine the look of sheer delight upon his father’s face.. At least he hoped there would be joy and not fear.

“My Yura?” He sounded shocked, believing his son would have hardly ever smiled at anyone beyond their family. But he certainly wasn’t surprised Viktor was in love, his son was an angel and a treasure, even if the boy could spit venom with the worst of them. Of course, the decision wasn’t truly his to make.. To know his son was happy mattered more to him, and should Viktor make him happy, then he would grant him with approval. “You want to court him? Well.. you have my blessing-” Sergei cut in, nearly slamming down the fire poker as he fled the room. “Don’t mind him, he’s just protective..” Nikolai huffed, a sound so very similar to Yuri’s usual noises of frustration.

“Do you really mean that, Papa?” Yuri was standing there, eyes wide as he held a tray. He felt foolish for ever doubting his father, while the man would worry endlessly about him, he trusted Yuri. Unlike Sergei, who believed the world was only meant to corrupt.

“Yes, my Yura..” Came Nikolai’s strangely tender voice, garnering an embrace from his son, while the tray was left forgotten on the table.

“Thank you.” Yuri spoke through slightly gritted teeth, as though he were hiding back emotions that bubbled beneath the surface. But his father understood, he could see the look of mirth dancing in his son’s eyes, there was no need for anything more.

“I...I thank you,” Viktor said softly, his voice not even sounding like his own as he reaching out to brush a hand across the back of Yuri’s arm. He wanted to touch him...Viktor wanted to feel the softness of Yuri’s skin. The Tsarevich felt relieved. His whole body relaxed as he let Nikolai’s words wash over him. “Thank you for letting me court your son.”

Viktor’s blue eyes met Nikolai’s, with a spark of excitement. “I promise to do right by your son, and whatever else you require. I would gladly introduce you to my family as well. I’m not sure how traditional you are, but we could meet with someone at the church to discuss our relationship with religion as we begin the courting process...and...and I’m rambling, aren’t I?” Viktor smoothed down his hair, fussing with a few of the buttons of his shirt. “My mother says that I tend to shoot off at the mouth when I get nervous.”

Yuri fluttered from the sturdy embrace of his father to the meager bench where Viktor sat, shyly lacing their arms together. It felt strange to be affectionate like this, it sat oddly in his chest but he liked feeling the thrum of excitement buzzing in Viktor’s body. He gave the Tsarevich’s arm a squeeze, “You are rambling.” He snickered, but Nikolai just smiled warmly, offering Viktor a look of reassurance. The lines of his face seemed lighter, as though he’d become more youthful from this moment alone.

“I trust that you will make him happy and keep him safe.” Nikolai nodded his head, “I do ask that Yuri live here with us before you are wed.” He assumed the pair would be married quite easily, but he would request purity from his son until then.

Yuri gave a sheepish nod, face blooming with color as he blanched. The thought of discussing this with his father was too much to handle- so he quickly busied himself with pouring tea.

The Tsarevich noticed the change in his young lover, leaning closer to Nikolai to whisper to the man with a look of utter seriousness. “I will treasure your son’s purity. I want you to know that I take it very seriously and I would even consider purchasing some sort of chastity device if it would put your mind at ease when we spent time together. I could give you the key, and you could insure that Yuri would remain pure.”

Viktor was only doing it to torment Yuri. He could see the way the blond noticeably bristled as he openly discussed the small Russian’s virginity with his father. He loved the pink color that became darker and darker in the blond’s cheeks. “Of course, it would be all up to you, sir.” Viktor’s hand squeezed at Yuri’s thigh, of course he would have a key for himself…

Nikolai blinked in surprise at the suggestion, his matching emerald eyes glancing to the pair seated on the wooden bench. “Well.. I trust my son to remain pure. He is a chaste boy, I promise.” Nikolai smiled kindly as he looked to Viktor, “But.. I suppose your family would want to ensure his virginity-” He looked a bit caught, unsure if it would be so peasant-like of him to simply take his son’s word, or if the Imperial Family would desire such drastic measures.

“Papa, I don’t need a belt!” Yuri yelped, cheeks flush. “I pray with you every night.” He gave a puff of embarrassment.

“You will be a good boy, Yura?” It wasn’t that he wanted a dowry but he didn’t want to give a reason for the Imperial family to doubt his son’s chastity.

“Yes, yes I swear.” He huffs, looking to Viktor accusingly.

“We both know you are a good boy.” Viktor smiled, and placing a quick kiss to the blond’s cheek. He sipped at his tea, admiring the delicate teacup. So different from the finery his mother insisted on using. Everything here was so much simpler, and Viktor found himself wondering what it would be like if he and Yuri were to live like this once they were married. He almost wished it would happen.

Viktor set his cup down with a sigh, noticing the snow beginning to fall in huge clumps from the small window near the front door. “I hope I’m not intruding, but I was hoping to be able to bed down here tonight. My driver was planning on walking back to the palace if he could get the car working, and by the lack of noise from outside I’m going to assume he has gone. I could make a bed down here near the fire, if that would be acceptable.”

“Nonsense,” Nikolai smiled, gently clapping Viktor on the back. “You will stay with us, eat, and sleep in our beds.” He assured, taking one of the sturdy cups and sipping down the bitter tea with a soft sigh. “Seryozha and Yura share a bed, but we can decide later, perhaps Yura should sleep with me tonight.” Nikolai already knew his oldest son was skulking about and would probably refuse to allow Yuri a night sleeping beside his new amour.

Nikolai slowly stood up, shuffling off to the kitchen to slice bread and meats, they even had a few wheels of goat cheese from their own animals. It was important to him that he offered Viktor something to eat- even if it was meager.

Yuri just nestled closer, taking their moment of privacy to give Viktor a quick kiss to his cheek. “A chastity belt-?!” He whispered, knitting his brows.

“I thought it was a cute idea,” Viktor said with a cheeky grin as his hand snaked between the blond’s thighs to cup Yuri’s soft cock before moving it to rest on his knee, hoping that Nikolai hadn't seen. “I think your daddy was really considering it as a valid option...I wish he could have taken me up on my offer.” Viktor waggled his eyebrows before placing a sweet kiss to the top of Yuri’s head. “You’d be so needy for me, and would beg me for the key, but I would only let you out if you were a good boy.”

Viktor quieted down when the older man returned with a plate of food. His heart was warmed by the offering as he plucked a piece of cheese from the platter. “Thank you for your hospitality. I see where Yuri gets his kindness from.”

Still reeling from the warm fingers flitting between his thighs, Yuri was rather slow to respond to the small plate his father brought back. He breathlessly nodded, reaching to pluck a few thick slices of dried meat for himself as his father settled. “Ah, my Yura?” He chuckles, knowing his son can be rather abrupt. “I’ll be heading to bed soon, I trust you to feed our guest if he requires it, Yura?” He smiles, gently ruffling his son’s hair as he finishes the rest of his tea.

“Yes, Papa.” He bobs his head weakly as he stuffs his mouth. Hunger wasn’t truly rumbling in his belly but he needed the distraction.

“We won't be much longer,” Viktor chirped, munching on a thick cut of meat between sips of tea. This had gone better than he ever could have thought. Not only had he gotten Nikolai’s blessing, but now he would get to spend the night near his love. “I'm sure Yuri is exhausted, and I as well had a very busy day. I hate to make more requests of you, since you have kindly offered up your home, but do you have any sleeping clothes that I could change into?”

“Of course, Seryozha should have something that will fit.” Nikolai murmured as he slowly lifted himself up to shuffle through the slightly off center door to their bedroom. His eldest son scowled of course, opening his mouth to argue, only to be gentle shushed by his father. “Be kind, Seryozha.” He warns him, gathering a bundle of pale, cotton pajamas and offering them humbly to Viktor. “I hope you sleep well here, sometimes the sounds of the forest can be quite loud to a stranger.” He chuckles before leaving him to change, considering there wasn’t much room for Viktor to have privacy with four people sharing such a small cottage.

Yuri slowly rises, shrugging off his vest to undress some but Sergei is pausing him, “Yura, change in the bedroom.” He orders, looking sternly to Viktor as he tugs his brother gently by the arm.

“FIne- fine! You’re such a nag.” He huffs, giving his brother a little scowl as he reluctantly leaves the warmth of the living room.

“You can trust me,” Viktor said lowly as Yuri closed the door, leaving the two men together. The Tsarevich tugged his shirt off, hanging it on the back of a nearby chair before sliding on the cotton shirt. “I mean your brother no harm.”

His eyes were fixed on Sergei as he removed his pants, leering at the other man as he revealed the fact that he wore nothing underneath. He slipped on the pants, moving to grab some of the wool slippers that Yuri had pointed out earlier. “Besides, you heard you father. I have his blessing to court Yuri and I intend to do so.”

Sergei’s eyes were hardened like ice, refusing to back down as he watched Viktor. Even the sight of scars littered across the Tsarevich’s body wasn’t intimidating to the older Plisetsky son. “I don’t have to trust you.” He spits back. “You’ve done nothing to prove you’re worthy of my trust or my brother.”

“I will prove myself to you. I will marry your brother and you will see how much I care for him when I put a baby in his belly,” Viktor said sternly. His blue eyes were dark, his voice deep like a rumbling from his chest as he hissed at the other man. “You're going to be seeing a lot more of me, and I won't tolerate you sulking around here like a cat who has had his tail stomped on. I care for your brother more than I have ever cared for another person. You will see.”

Sergei nearly roared with anger until he heard the soft voice of his brother, quietly speaking to their father in the closed bedroom. “I won’t tolerate you harming him- you lay a single finger on him and I’ll have your throat slit, little princeling.” He hisses, eyes sharp and skin prickled. “I’ll sulk if I want to, my brother is marrying Russia’s Slut Prince.” He scowled. “You think we’re naive about the rumors? My father and Yura might be blinded by your jewels but I’m not. I know you fuck any dignitary who is dumb enough to bend over.” He growls lowly.

“Slut Prince? That's a new one for me...but I won't deny that I have had a fair share of lovers in my years, but I don't think your brother will complain that I am experienced,” Viktor smirked, running a hand through his hair as he walked down the hall and made his way to the bedroom. His hand was poised to turn the small brass knob when he turned back to look at Sergei wit's a wicked grin. “Better sharpen your knife, peasant. My hands already know the curves of your brother's body, and your pathetic attempt at intimidation is nothing compared to what I saw during the war.”

Sergei’s stomach was in knots, his fingers even twitched with the desire to throttle the Tsarevich’s neck. What a scandal that would be.. And surely Yuri would never forgive him. “I will.” He would sharpen his knife and keep it ready, prepared to defend Yuri to the end from the cruelty he assumed boiled in Viktor’s blood.

“Vitya, Seryozha, come to bed. It’s late.” Yuri yawned, opening the door just as Viktor was about to step in. He draws back inside the bedroom, crawling across his father’s bed to find sleep, while Sergei’s bed would serve as their guest’s.

“Seryozha, no whinging. You need to be a good host.” Their father warned sternly as he rolled over to sleep. His oldest son was seething, teeth gritted as he angrily ripped the blankets away from Viktor as he settled in his own bed.

“Thank you so much for the bed,” Viktor said sweetly, curling into the small place, back to Sergei as he tried to get one last glimpse of Yuri before Nikolai blew out the candles that were illuminating the room. “Sleep well.”

The Tsarevich could just see the top of Yuri's head over his father's form. Viktor's heart was pounding as excitement bubbled in his stomach. They were courting. He was officially courting his blond angel and the mere thought made his heart dance. “Good night, Yura,” Viktor mumbled softly, closing his eyes, but unable to resist the urge to smile. He felt amazing, and nothing could bring him down.

“Good night, Vitya.”

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The heavy warmth in his arms felt amazing, as Viktor snuggled closer. His body was wedged between the wall and the whatever his arms were wrapped around. The chill that crept into the room made goosebumps appear on the exposed skin that wasn’t lucky enough to be shielded by the blanket. His feet hung off the end of the bed, toes poking out from under the thick wool blanket. The Tsarevich wrinkled his nose as the cold, obviously he had kicked off his socks at some point during the night. He nested closer, nuzzling his face deeper into the warmth. It felt almost nice.

Trapped, Viktor had trapped him but only when the cold morning light splashed across his face did Sergei realize just whose arms were holding him. But Sergei is possibly the last to be aware, considering Yuri is ever so slowly rising as he drinks in the image with a muffled laugh. What a pair they made- Viktor, with his face buried in the blond locks of his older brother, and Sergei squirming upon realization. “Comfortable?” Yuri cocks a brow as he snickers.

“What the hell--?” Sergei is flinging Viktor off, ripping himself free of the arms that clung to him. But Yuri is quick, pinning his brother down just as he did in childhood, to allow Viktor a chance to drink in the amusing realization. They’d used to do this, playful mornings with Yuri jumping on the bed, but Viktor seemed to reawaken it in him.

“Seryozha, are you stealing him from me?” The boy teases as he sits on the flat plain of Sergei’s stomach while his brother is still battling the hands that continue to cling.

“Get off Yura!” He yelps, caught angrily between the two beaming lovebirds.

“What's wrong, Seryozha?” Viktor said with a devilish twinkle in his blue eyes as he clung to the other man. His fingers danced across the flesh of the blond’s stomach. He held Sergei closer, his chin resting on the struggling man's shoulder for just a moment before rubbing their cheeks together. Viktor shot a wink to Yuri, delighted by the innocent look the blond tried to wear as he trapped his older brother. “You didn't mind me cuddling you all night...what seems to be the issue now?”

Sergei gritted his teeth and jerked against his younger brother- pushing him onto Viktor lap with an angered growl. “This is who you chose to court-?!” He huffs, rubbing his cheek as though he might wipe off anything Viktor had spread. But Yuri was still snickering, smirking even as he wiggled in Viktor’s lap and kicked a foot against Sergei’s chest with a playful spirit.

“Are you sure you don’t want to court him, you looked so happy.” He teases, only earning a little smack to his ankle as Sergei angrily flung himself from the bed. His cheeks were marred a deep pink and relentlessly refusing to calm as he gathered his clothes and fled. At least Yuri’s little plan had worked, his brother was gone in a huff and he was allowed a moment with Viktor.

Viktor’s eyes scanned the room, assuring that they were absolutely alone before laying back down and bringing Yuri to lay partially on top of him. The silver haired Russian pulled his boy closer, arms wrapping carefully around Yuri’s shoulders as he brushed his nose against Yuri’s. His cock was already beginning to harden as he slowly rutted against the blond with a sigh of happiness. Yuri smelled like warm wool, and his simple sleepwear was soft as Viktor’s fingertips ran along the smooth sems. He dared to slip a hand under, ghosting up the long line of Yuri’s legs.

“We could just pretend that I’m your hostage, and I could stay here forever,” Viktor said softly, burying his nose in Yuri’s hair as he enjoyed the time alone with his lover. “This place truly is wonderful, and your family is very welcoming...for the most part.”

“Hmph, held hostage?” He rolls his eyes but the idea makes him smile, even if it’s silly. Certainly Sergei would protest that Viktor had barged in. “I’m glad you like it though, it’s not much.” He huffs, feeling a little foolish for even saying it. What use was there in comparing his cottage to a castle? But knowing the Tsarevich is happy lifts a weight from his rest.. So Viktor wasn’t as snobbish as so many had always claimed?

But as they lay, basking in the cold morning air, Yuri wonders if being held in Viktor’s arms is rapidly becoming his favorite sensation. He loves it more than the Sun that warms his skin in the winter or even the feeling of fullness a bowl of soup brings him. Viktor is radiating heat and life beneath him.. Thrumming with sleepy pleasure. The both of them are slaves to their bodies, which stir to attention beneath their woolen night clothes. He tries not to focus on it- Viktor seems rather the opposite- fingers are creeping along his flesh to play with the farm boy’s skin until he squirms.

Yuri glances down, catching the sight of silver lashes, ones that he presses feather-light kisses to before settling back with a sleepy growl. “I don’t want to get up.”

“Good, because I’m not letting you go.” Viktor’s hands kept climbing higher, cupping the doughy flesh of Yuri’s ass before kneading the plump rear. He grinned wickedly as the boy wiggled against him. The Tsarevich could hear the soft, breathy moans that crept from Yuri’s lips. Fueled onward by those sweet kitten mewls, he slipped his hand between the pert globes, his middle finger circling the tight ring of muscle that he desired so much. He wanted to claim Yuri. He wanted to feel his quivering hole as it devoured every inch of his thick cock.

Viktor’s cock was fully erect, jutting out from his body as he pushed his sleep pants down and slid Yuri’s dress all the way up. “Spread your legs baby...daddy wants to let his cock fill the gap between those milky thighs you have,” Viktor purred into the small shell of the blond’s ear as the stick tip of his erection touched the outside of Yuri’s exposed leg.

Excitement seized Yuri’s heart as the orders are purred from Viktor’s lips. Had he ever been so docile? He’s spread his thighs as blood floods northwards and southwards, plumping up his shorter cock as he rubs himself against Viktor’s taut stomach. For a moment.. Guilt takes him. This felt wrong. But he wanted it so badly, badly enough that he ignored every prayer he’d ever whispered and instead worshipped the body beneath him.

“Yes- daddy.” The words feel strange on his tongue but Viktor seemed to speak them so easily, and that kind of confidence is what Yuri so desires. Perhaps it’s just the implication of the name that completely shakes Yuri to his core- he feels himself thickening just at the thought alone. The thickness of his lover’s length is rubbing dangerously between his soft flesh, like some kind of mockery of his chastity. Surely this wasn’t actually sex.. Just touching.

Sticky fluid is pearling up between them, Yuri making a mess of Viktor’s stomach while precum slicks up the softness of his legs. It feels divine, even if it smells sinful and the room feels stuffy like how they warned him Hell would be. But Yuri adores it, feels himself growing lost to it as they rut against one another with an inelegant but perfectly wonderful rhythm.

“You feel so divine, just like I imagine touching an angel would feel like,” Viktor closed his eyes, breathing deeply through his nose as he tries to keep his pleasured noises to a minimum as his cock glides between the smooth skin of Yuri’s thighs after the skin had been soaked with his precum. He hid his face in the crook of Yuri’s neck, breath hot against the blond as he started to pant. His dick was steadily leaking now and it all felt so delightfully wrong as he recalled his conversation from last night with Yuri’s father.

“Maybe I should buy you a chastity keep me from stealing your virginity,” Viktor teased, voice low and velvety as he fucked Yuri’s thighs. “I can’t help it. You’re so different from anyone I’ve ever been with and I just can’t wait for you to ride me.”

Viktor’s suggestion sent a deep shudder down the length of Yuri’s spine. To be locked up, caged and protected from the evils within Viktor, only to beg for them every night. For as much as Yuri knew he should be chaste, to love purely, he so badly wished for this. Every pulse of Viktor’s hips was cracking at his resolve until they both lay panting and pleading to tear into the other.

“You make it impossible to stay pure-” He groaned, whispering into the warm crook of Viktor’s throat as he rubbed his weepy cock against the smooth flesh of his lover’s body. It was exhausting to fall back and forth, to plea for what he believed to be filthy, only to find himself writhing on Viktor’s lap shamelessly.. But it was simply intoxicating to be around the Tsarevich. Power certainly corrupted.

Already Yuri was losing this battle of wills, his body eager to finish and seek that moment of intensely gratifying pleasure. Narrow hips ground downwards, just like he might’ve done to many a pillow in the late hours of the evening, while his thighs squeezed instinctively with the movement of his body.

Viktor clawed at the meat of Yuri’s ass, nails digging into the flesh as he took turns pinching and softly spanking the cheeks. The Tsarevich was lost in sensation as he nipped at the small lobe of Yuri’s ear, catching the delicate area in his teeth and tugging playfully, trying to urge the blond over the edge. His hips snapped a steady rhythm as his thick length forced its way between Yuri’s thighs with each thrust. The tip of his cock was beginning to throb. Yuri made him feel like a teenager again. So willing...orgasm so urgent. He was going to finish, but knew he needed to hide the evidence if possible. His mind was hazy as he felt around, trying to find some stitch of fabric to spill his seed on.

“I..I need something, Yura,” Viktor growled, warmth was beginning to pool in his pelvis as he felt his orgasm growing nearer and nearer. “I don’t want to finish on your pretty dress and have your father asking questions.”

The words glazed over his mind, almost not making sense until Yuri realized the importance of them. With a regretful little huff, he glanced up to seek out anything Viktor could use.. But to get up would mean ruining his momentum and Yuri was feeling a little selfish. “Just- just finish on me.” He stuttered out, teeth clenched and eyes dewy as he reached a hand back to tug his night gown up even more. It’s a choice made out of a hazy, distracted mind but Yuri can’t imagine anything he wants more in this moment.

“Please- I want to feel it.” The fam boy is breathless but the words are spoken clearly. Though, he hadn’t even considered hiding anything.. His own orgasm was rapidly mounting and all he cared about was the moment of senseless delight. His hips were snapping at a rabbit’s pace, rubbing his cock raw until numbness spread through his body. With a little jolt, the trickling warmth of orgasmic bliss spread from his scalp to his toes as he painted Viktor’s tight stomach. “Vitya--!” He buried his yelp in the blanket, forcing himself to remain quiet as the outside world buzzed beyond this bedroom.

“Yura!” Viktor grunted into a pillow as he finished, his vision going dark for just a moment as he clung to Yuri’s, his hands trembling slightly as semen erupted from his erection. The Tsarevich’s breathing was heavy, he struggled to get enough air while stifling the moans that fought to escape his lips. Viktor sunk his teeth into Yuri’s shoulder, marking the pale flesh with deep red grooves as he pulled away, flopping on his back for a moment to gather his composure.

His eyes eventually glanced toward his lover. Yuri’s dress was still hiked up around his middle, baring his beautiful skin. The boy’s thighs were glistening with sticky globs of cum and trails of sweat. Yuri was a mess...a delicious wanton spread out before him. There was only one thing the silver haired man could think of.

Viktor’s mouth watered as he tugged on Yuri’s wrist, pulling the blond into an awkward position on his hands and knees while settling behind him. He spread Yuri’s thighs wide, grinning as long trails of cum spider webbed between the quivering columns. His tongue lapped at the damp flesh, taking one long lick up the blond’s right thigh before switching to the left. Viktor cleaned the skin like a hungry cat lapping up a saucer of cream, playfully sucking dark marks into each leg as he worked.

So over sexed and pliable, Yuri hardly cared that he was propped up on his hands and knees, having the cooling cum between his legs lapped up. It felt like sheer bliss, the tongue that roamed his thighs was heaven. Soft mewls fell from the farm boy’s mouth while slick smacks of lips echoed from Viktor. The two of them moved slowly, even when the crash of pots and pans from beyond the bedroom seemed to jolt the little cottage back to reality.

Half-lidded eyes peered backwards as Yuri craned his neck to steal a glance, noticing the stretches of redness that Viktor had so happily sucked into his flesh. “Are those going to darken anymore-?” He panted, looking alarmed and aroused all at once. This meant no one would be allowed to see even a glimpse of him undressed.

“I can only hope,” Viktor mumbled between licks. The loud noises from the other side of the door drew his attention away. He was surprised no one had come looking for them yet. When the Tsarevich was satisfied with how clean his lover was, he reluctantly pulled away. “Thank you, Yura.”

He gave Yuri’s ass another admiring glance before giving a quick smack to the flesh as he got to his feet. Viktor wiped the residual semen on the blanket before tugging his pants back up. “Let me go out first...I left my clothing out there.”

Viktor smiled as he closed the door, a strange sense of accomplishment radiating from him as he entered the main room to retrieve his clothing. The smell of the beginnings of breakfast filled the small space. Smoked meats and melting cheese were just a few of the things Viktor could recognize in the mouth watering scent. The Tsarevich gave a nod to Nikolai as he grabbed his clothing from where he had left them over the back of one chair. “Yuri was changing so I wanted to give him some space to do so...I’ll redress after he is done in the bedroom.”

While Yuri lay completely dazed and pleased in the confines of his shared bed, Sergei and Nikolai had spent the morning tending to breakfast. The kitchen smelled of warm, buttery goods and the tart bite of berry jam. The aroma beckoned Yuri, encouraging him to at least pull on a pair of long underwear and shrug on a coat, at least that would hide the sweat dampened areas of his night gown.

But the reactions from Yuri’s family upon seeing Viktor were wildly different. “Oh- thank you for being considerate of him.” Nikolai offered a bumbling smile, clearly blissfully unaware of anything beyond that. To believe his son was still chaste, and to believe that Viktor would be so gentlemanly as to excuse himself was a comforting thought. But Sergei just seethed as he sliced thick cuts of bread. Still spurned by this morning’s teasing, he hardly wanted to see Viktor let alone remember that he had any connection to his little brother.

“Of course, I just want the best for Yuri. Especially after our conversation last night. I want to make sure that Yura remains pure until our wedding night. I respect the connection your family has with the church.” Viktor smiled, brushing his hair out of his eyes. He could see the rage that burned in Sergei’s eyes, those bright green orbs almost glowing with the tension.

The Tsarevich didn’t know why, but Sergei’s anger only made him want to torment the boy more. Maybe it was because he had so many younger siblings...or maybe it was because the other man had referred to him as a Slut Prince. Viktor couldn’t quite put his finger on it. “But I did want to ask for your opinion on a courting gift. I would love to get something for your family, in addition to something personal for Yuri.”

“For us?” Nikolai blinked his watery eyes in surprise. Of course, courting gifts weren’t uncommon, in fact it was rather customary. But he certainly had expected Viktor to offer them anything beyond a piece of jewelry for Yuri or perhaps a luxurious trinket. “You’re much too generous.. I don’t know if I could accept anything too large.” To refuse would be even worse but Nikolai certainly didn’t want to sell his son short. Yuri deserved an entire garden, a hoard of treasure, but to be unable to thank Viktor felt painful to the old farmer.

But Sergei seemed skeptical, “What exactly would that be?” He questioned, cocking a blond brow the same way Yuri did when faced with authority. Even when Nikolai tried to shush him, Sergei remained firm.

“I’m not sure what to get Yuri,” Viktor said softly as he looked down the hallway to where the bedroom door still remained closed. “I want it to be something that he really wants, and I hope that I will be able to give him something that he will treasure for years and years...But for you, Mr. Plisetsky maybe something more practical like a car or a new barn for your animals...I’ll think of something simple like that.”

The silver haired man took a seat at the table as he waited for Yuri, one finger tapping on his chin as he stared into the roaring fire across the room. He had to think of something perfect, but he needed to get to know Yuri more before making an sort of decisions about something so important.

Sergei actually looked surprised at the thoughtful suggestion, as though he anticipated Viktor to offer some uselessly expensive toy for Yuri or perhaps a belittling gift for the family. But a barn, or even a machine would certainly improve their lives. But just as the desire to berate Viktor any further arose, Yuri was trudging from the bedroom to the kitchen with sleepy footfalls. “Smells good.” He commented, earning a little tousle of his hair from Nikolai as he settled in the chair next to Viktor.

“Yura, we had enough for stuffed blini, your favorite.” His father grins, serving up mismatching platefuls of food and preserves. To his delight, Yuri beamed, “Thank you, Papa.” There seemed to be a moment of quiet peace as they all took their breakfast, even if Sergei glared the entire time and Yuri occasionally brushed his foot against Viktor’s.

“Thank you so much for preparing breakfast. I will have to return the favor the next time I visit...However, I’m not quite as adept as you all in the kitchen,” Viktor said with a smile as he chased a small piece of fruit around his plate.

Viktor sampled everything that was put in front of him, savoring the dancing of flavors over his tongue as he watched Yuri stuff his mouth with blini. Everything was so rich and simple. Viktor loved eating breakfast while still in his pajamas, a luxury he never was able to enjoy in the palace. He felt so warm. His body relaxed and filled with a calm sort of pleasure that he had never felt before.

Viktor reached under the table to softly squeeze at Yuri’s thigh, pressing a chaste kiss to the blond’s temple. The Tsarevich added the rest of the food that remained on his plate to Yuri’s before heading back to the bedroom. Viktor shucked his night clothes, reluctant to redress as he knew his time with Yuri was slowly running out. He didn’t want to leave, but knew that he had no choice.

Everything seemed at peace when breakfast was done, Yuri cleaned dishes while Sergei gathered any leftovers for the compost pile. But despite this moment of deserved bliss, there was a trampling outside. The earth felt as though it were practically shaking as cars and cavalry flooded the beaten-down path towards their cottage. “What the hell?” Yuri’s brows were knitted as he glanced through the foggy window, Sergei behind him and Nikolai pausing in his whittling to join their confusion.

It was the royal guard in search of their prince.

“Your dogs are here to fetch you.” Sergei growled as he stormed the bedroom just as loud, leather glove clad fists banged against the chipped wooden door of their home.

“I’m sorry for the ruckus,” Viktor said as hurried from the bedroom, buttoning the last few dark buttons on his shirt as he entered the main room with a frazzled look. “I didn’t expect them to arrive with such an unnecessary amount of people…”

The Tsarevich crossed the living room and cracked open the door, several armed men and Vladimir stormed in as Viktor turned to tug on his boots. The older Nikiforov looked furious, his eyes glared at the faces of the faces of the Plisetsky family before turning to his brother, grabbing Viktor by his upper arm as he hissed angrily at the younger man. “Mother and father were worried sick. You had no reason to stay here last night-”

“I assumed they would understand me not wanting to travel due to the snowstorm and the fact that the car wouldn’t start, but apparently they didn’t get the message or you are just trying to make me feel bad like you always do,” Viktor snapped, yanking his arm away with a sour look as he moved to stand next to Yuri.

“You should have had your driver send for another car. It isn’t safe for you to be cavorting with peasants,” Vlad growled, blue eyes narrowed when he noticed how close his brother was to Yuri. So this was why Viktor had spent the night...“It’s time to leave your whore and return to the palace.”

The glint of bayonets seemed to quell any desire to fight back from Nikolai- even Sergei seemed stunned to silence when the men stormed their cottage, boots trudging in snow and filth. But Yuri just clenched his jaw and glared at them, his emerald eyes fearsome even when Vladimir shouted scolding words.

“It was storming, you expect him to--” But Yuri felt a sharp pang of fear and frustration grip him as the eldest Nikiforov accused him of being a whore. The boy nearly lunged only to have Sergei grip him tightly by the arm. It wouldn’t do any good to have his little brother arrested for attacking a noble, even if it was taking all of his strength not to beat that smug face to a pulp.

“Get the hell out of here. Both of you- royal assholes!” Sergei yelled, voice nearly cracking with sheer anger. Yuri was quick to turn, even growl at his brother- it certainly wasn’t Viktor’s fault for Vladimir’s cruelty but the trio of peasants looked hostile towards him.

“Don’t call him a fucking whore!” Viktor roared, crossing the space between himself and his brother in a few strides, his blue eyes dark and stormy as he stood toe to toe with the slightly taller man. “If you disrespect Yuri again I will take it as a personal offense. I have asked Mr. Plisetsky to let me court Yuri and he has accepted. So treat him with some respect or I will take it up with father and the council.”

Viktor was furious, his hands trembling as he glowered at his brother. “And don’t try and fucking lecture me about hired lovers...You have had your share of strange bedfellows in the past and I have never treated them with anything other than kindness. Now please, leave this house and I will join you outside when I am ready to leave. You have already disgraced our family enough for one day.”

The brothers stared at each other, both unwilling to back down until Vlad finally turned to leave. After the last guard slammed the door behind him, leaving Viktor alone with the Plisetskys, the Tsarevich let out a breath he hadn’t realized he had been holding. His blue eyes watered as he turned to look at Yuri, trying to think of the right thing to say in apology, but all he could think to do was hug the boy close to him.

The Plisetsky family still stood in shock, all looking to Viktor for some kind of answer.. It felt surreal to have seen such blatantly cruelty but Viktor had surprised Sergei with his show of defiance. One would expect a noble to merely glower and dismiss their eldest sibling but to make a threat felt overwhelming.

Viktor’s embrace was readily returned, Yuri wrapping his arms around him and squeezing tight.. He wished they were alone, just a moment to breath. Nikolai shuffled off, eyes lowered as he swallowed thickly and even Sergei seemed to understand. The couple were left to the deafening silence, distracted only by the occasional sputter of an engine outside.

“Thanks.” Yuri huffed softly, voice muffled by the stiff cotton of Viktor’s shirt. “..I’m sorry for Sergei too.” He confessed quietly, knowing it certainly wasn’t easy to have either of them as brothers.

“Please don’t apologise,” Viktor said quickly. “He was merely trying to protect you and I am grateful that he did...I...I should go, but I promise to return soon.”

“I’m sorry for my brother,” Viktor said to Nikolai and Sergei, a sheepish look on his face as he hugged Yuri tightly to him one last time. “I hope won’t let this ruin your opinion of me.” Viktor pressed a kiss to the top of Yuri’s head, pulling his coat around him as he turned to leave. His stomach felt heavy as he started to head out the door, throwing one more quick goodbye to Yuri as he headed out into the cold.

Yuri wasn’t satisfied with his chaste kiss to the top of his golden crown.. He stood there, fists clenched as Viktor left, only to chase after him into the snow. No boots, socks soaked, body quivering, he grabbed Viktor and eagerly kissed him. Warm mouths met, meshing together and basking in one another’s affection. To kiss like this in front of Vladimir felt beyond satisfying.. Perhaps that had been an influence but truthfully Yuri just couldn’t stand not having what he desired.

Viktor held Yuri close, loving the fact that the blond had came after him when he saw the way his brother was frowning from where he stood, next to their shared car. He scooped Yuri up into his arms, nuzzling the side of his lover's face as he carried Yuri back inside, sifting chastising the blond for coming out into the snow.

“You're going to get sick!” Viktor grumbled as he settled Yuri back on his feet in the doorway to the cottage. “And I can't have you sick for the surprise I'm planning for you.”

Like a cat who got the cream, Yuri could only grin as he was whisked back to the warm safety of his home. “Surprise?” He blinked, the smile on his face loosening for a moment as he considered this.

“Yes, my love, a surprise for you. But you’ll have to be patient,” Viktor said softly, placing a kiss to the tip of Yuri’s nose as he headed back to the car, holding open the door for a moment before looking back to Yuri. “I hope you like dancing,” the Tsarevich called as he stepped into the car and closed the door behind him as Vlad climbed in from the other side. The caravan was soon heading off into the horizon, the early morning sun daring to peek through the clouds as they made their way back to the palace.

Chapter Text

Giggling girls in gowns that swept the parquet floor all crowded around Yuri as he sat being fussed over in an elegant, overstuffed stool. Viktor had been pushed aside as perfumed fingers carded through Yuri’s hair, tugging just enough to make him growl, “Ow-!” He yelped, regardless of just meeting them- he certainly wasn’t going to let himself be bullied by the Nikiforov sisters. Irina, Ekatrina, and Galina- all the little jewels of Russia and of course, just as ferocious as their brothers. When alerted that Viktor’s new love would be arriving, Yuri had no chance of escape. Formal, stuffy introductions had been cast aside in favor of sweet compliments and now, relentless primping.

“Yura, you have such pretty hair!” Galina, a budding teen, grinned as she ran a heavy brush through his silken hair. Her smile was so much like Viktor’s, wide and almost curved in nature.

“And cheeks-! So lovely to pinch,” Irina, the eldest sister teased while Ekaterina rubbed rouge along the high points of Yuri’s face.

“Vitya!” Yuri groaned, glaring at him through the vanity mirror, only to catch the brightened smile of the Tsarevich.

“Yura, let them doll you up, my love. You are going to look even more beautiful that you already do when they are done, ” Viktor teased as he moved to stand at his beloved’s side. He slid the brush away from Galina, earning a pout from his younger sister as he continued to detangle and smooth down Yuri’s blond tresses. His fingers were light as they carded through the soft locks. Hands moving quickly as he carefully tugged Yuri’s hair into a haphazard braid before being pushed to the side by Irina. “This is going to be a special night for both of us, and I have taken the liberty of buying you some clothing for the occasion. I hope you love them and I wish I could be here to see you try them on, but I’m afraid I have to finish getting ready. I’m sure that my sisters will take great care of you.”

“What-?!” He attempted to crane his neck to look to Viktor as his love departed, only to have three sets of hands holding him firmly in place. His protests were met with pleased laughter, glad to have been given their brother’s permission to have Yuri as their new charge. Irina took up where Viktor had left off, holding the braid up with a silver hair pin, while Galina clipped heavy pearl earrings onto him.

“I don’t need all of this-” He fussed at them, but the image in the mirror made him blush. He actually looked quite lovely- appearing like the memory of his mother, Yulia. Yuri would perhaps deny that he enjoyed this, or that dresses hadn’t become something of a comfort to him, but to have so little judgement from Viktor’s sisters was a relief.

“You look so beautiful,” Galina beamed as she pinned a loose blonde lock behind Yuri’s ear.

“Um- thank you.” He huffed, brows knitted as Ekatrina took him by the chin. The middle daughter and perhaps the most quiet, she took to wearing trousers, a rather bold choice for the daughter of a royal family but perhaps she had a kindred spirit with Yuri. In her hands she held a creamy pot of pink balm, which she smeared delicately across the boy’s lips, giving him the perfect pout.

Once finished they whisked Yuri away from the vanity and towards the massive, carved armoire where his new outfit was held. “Vitya showed me what he picked out for you, it’s from Paris.” Irina grinned as she held Yuri by the forearm. Still in a slight daze from all the dressing up, Yuri hardly even realized that the outfit being presented to him was actually his for the evening. Rich, pale brocade sewn together to create a sweeping gown. It toed the line perfectly, casting Yuri in an angelic, androgynous light. The sisters helped him dress, even when he scowled and attempted to shoo them away, though he wasn’t quite able to do it alone.

When finally done, a heavy coat was brought to rest upon his shoulders, while pale fur tickled at his cheeks.

Viktor had finished dressing, a large smile across his face as he thought about how elegant Yuri must look in the clothing he had imported from France just for the occasion. He was sure the blond had never seen anything quite so resplendent, but Viktor spared no expense when it came to Yuri. He checked himself over again in the mirror, nodding his approval as he tugged at the sleeves of his coat before deciding he was ready.

The Tsarevich made his way to his father’s dressing chamber, nodding to the armed guards as he entered the brightly lit room. The room was lavishly decorated, like most of the other rooms in the palace. Rich tapestries hung from the walls in any space that wasn’t occupied by towering displays of glass trinkets and wooden carvings. A large, almost black fur coat was draped over a high backed chair, Viktor ran his fingers through the thick strands as the he approached where his father was still getting ready.

Vadim Nikiforov was the perfect embodiment of Russian nobility. His eyes were dark, two deep almost black moons that seemed bottomless as they tracked all the subtle movement that was going on around him, they were the only part of him that wasn’t mirrored by his children. He loomed large, a man of grand stature and elegant posture as he shooed away a footman that was fussing with the polish of one of his massive boots when he noticed Viktor. He smiled warmly at his second born, gesturing the young man forward. One large hand adjusted the top buttons of Viktor’s high collar, patting his son firmly on the sternum as he turned back to the large dressing table, sliding heavy rings onto each of his fingers as he hummed quietly to himself.

“You look very nice, Vitya,” his voice was smooth, a deep rumbling like an animal.

Viktor beamed at the praise, taking a seat in his father’s dressing chair as the older man shrugged into his form fitting jacket. “Thank you… It is an important night for me.”

“Is it?” Vadim asked with a quirked brow, mouth set into a thin line as he

“I was thinking we could use one of the other private boxes instead of sitting in the royal box...if that would be okay with you and mama,” Viktor said softly as he polished one of the heavy silver medals that hung from his gilded jacket with one of his gloved fingers. He moved to stand at his father’s side as the elder Nikiforov primped in front of a large mirror.

Both Tsar and Tasrevich were in deep blue attire with silver and gold braided cords accenting their broad shoulders. Vadim’s coat was heavy with ribbons and medals, more so than any other member of the family. They were both immaculately dressed, but Vadim always took special care of looking his best when he knew he’d be in the public eye.

“You usually like sitting with us, Vitya,” Vadim said with a slight hint of annoyance in his voice, his dark eyes were fixed on his son’s reflection in the mirror, watching his second born bounce from foot to foot as he avoided his father’s gaze.

“And I mean no offense, papa,” Viktor added quickly, blue eyes finally meeting his father’s in the mirror.

“Then why isolate yourself? You know your mother loves discussing the first act with you during the intermission-”

“I have asked Yuri’s father to let me court him, and he accepted.”

The Tsar paused, holding his breath for just a moment before turning to his son with a gentle smile. “I look forward to a proper introduction.”

“Of course, papa.”

“Let us go now, we don’t want to be late,” Vadim said, clapping Viktor on the shoulder before collecting his heavy fur coat and draping the rich garment over one arm. “We must not keep our beloveds waiting.”

Mariya had found her way to the small gathering of her daughters and their newest companion just as Vadim and Viktor arrived back into the bedroom. She stood slightly taller than her daughters, a beautifully elegant woman with long limbs and sapphire eyes. Her hair was flouncy and silver, just like Viktor’s, but her features were soft. “So this is Yuri Plisetsky.” Her even voice, like the low ringing of a bell, startled the boy at first. Mariya’s daughters were quick to grin and usher Yuri forward, though he looked intimidated to meet the graceful Tsarina.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, your Highness.” Yuri bobbed his head, only hoping that his tone conveyed joy. It wasn’t uncommon for him to sound irritated when it was simply nerves taking over.

“I’m grateful to meet you as well, my Vitya has spoken very highly of you.” Her smile was like moonlight, not beaming, rather having a very quiet elegance. Her daughters all came forward, offering their mother a little kiss to her cheeks. “Shouldn’t you all be in bed, my darlings?” She teased, though Mariya could only hope the twins were still asleep and not hoping to catch a glimpse of the mysterious Yuri. But her concern was only met with giggling, which soon morphed into excitable chatter as Vadim and Viktor entered, “Papa! Isn’t Yura so pretty!” Galina cheered.

The Tsar entered with armfuls of his youngest children, setting his twins on the ground as he moved forward to greet his wife and the unfamiliar face amongst the sea of his children. He quickly kissed his wife’s offered cheek before standing before the petite blond. Vadim carefully grasp Yuri’s delicate hand in his, bringing the smooth skin to his lips as he pressed a simple kiss to the flesh. “It is a pleasure to meet a vision as lovely as you, Yuri Plisetsky.”

Yuri stuttered out his greeting, not having anticipated such a gentle kiss to be pressed against his calloused hand. “I.. I’m happy to meet you, your Highness.” He blinked and gritted his teeth without realizing it as the handsomeness of Viktor’s father crashed over him. An entire family of radiating beauty, Yuri felt at a loss- and almost frustrated. “--And thank you.” He swallowed thickly as Galina beamed and Mariya distantly inspected her son and his new beloved.

The Tsar was flanked on either side by his youngest boys. Vanya and Volyav grinned at Yuri as they moved forward, ducking under their mother’s arms to poke and prod at the blond. Their fingers fussed with the glittering buttons of Yuri’s coat as they pawed at the petite boy’s thin frame. Mimicking their father, each took one of Yuri’s hands and playfully kissed it before leaning in to place sloppy kisses to both of his cheeks.

“Boys, leave him alone,” Vadim said sharply, yanking the twins away with a sigh when he noticed the pink tinge of embarrassment that crept into Yuri’s cheeks.

Yuri had fought the urge to react- though he did tense up as the boys fled back to their father, each wearing little smirks that reminded him so much of Viktor. “It’s okay-” He rubbed at his cheek, frowning at their sloppiness only to glance towards Viktor.

The Tsarevich chuckled as he moved to stand by Yuri’s side, one arm snaking around Yuri’s waist, steering the blond away from the group and into an open space in the overcrowded room. The silver haired man cleared his throat as he looked between his parents, smiling at his father as he started to speak. “I guess you will all hear the formal announcement after tonight, but...I have gotten permission to court Yuri and I plan to obviously do so, with the intention of eventually asking him to marry me. I plan on informing the other noble families during the next council meeting. I know it is rather sudden, but I hope you all approve.”

Gasps of delight fell from his sister's’ lips, Galina being the most excited and Ekaterina looking pleasantly surprised. Of course, Irina could only beam, she had listened to her older brother weave endless compliments about his new little love in the late hours of the evening, his attraction was obvious- one might even say “love at first sight.” Mariya appeared reserved in her joy, but obviously pleased for her son. She had lived through each one of Viktor’s lovers.. and it had never been easy when the passion faded.. but this felt markedly different. Never had Viktor proposed an idea like marriage.

Yuri could only nod his head, feeling coy amongst the royalty in the chamber.. The announcement was suddenly very real- he could hear Sergei accusing him now of being too flighty- but Yuri didn’t care. His hand squeezed a little tighter around Viktor’s, grasping at him for silent support.

“A congratulations are in order,” Vadim said with a toothy grin as he pressed a kiss to the top of Yuri’s head. “However, we are going to be late and some of you should be in bed.”

After quick goodbyes from the girls and whining from Vanya and Volyav as they were ushered off to bed, the two couples made their way out. Viktor held open the door for Yuri as the icy winter winds whipped across the massive circle drive. He climbed in beside the blond with a smile, nuzzling the small amount of exposed skin as they drove off into the night. “I hope you enjoy your won’t be much longer now.”

After a whirlwind of meeting nearly the entirety of the Nikiforov family, the quiet, darkened drive to the Mariinsky was a welcome reprieve. As the newly created couple nestled closer to one another there came a moment of calmness as hearts fluttered. Thankfully there wasn’t much small talk- Yuri was absolutely terrible at it- and he wasn’t sure if he could manage answering too many questions as Viktor’s hand rest gently on his thigh.

With the theater soon in sight, beyond the darkened window of their car, Yuri gasped. He had seen it hundreds of times.. Admired its grandness from afar, tried to listen in. But knowing he would be seated in its plush confines and bathed in the golden lights, he nearly yelped with joy. The moment their car came to a gentle halt and the servants opened their small doors to the bracing late winter wind, Yuri was the first to practically bolt out of the car and stare at the theater. Mariya elegantly followed after, a hand gently grasping him by the shoulder, “It’s quite beautiful.” She smiled softly, and all he could do was sheepishly nod. Silently she appreciated his sense of wonder. It wasn’t often she saw that same glimmer of sheer determination in her children’s eyes but Yuri had a boldness to him that she admired. He was tough, even if beneath that layer he had a heart yearning to be loved.

Viktor linked arms with Yuri as he guided the blond up the steps to their box, waving goodbye to his parents as he traveled to the opposite side of the theater. He had chosen the box closest to the stage, the small compartment was framed with heavy embroidered drapes, thick pillars jutted up towards the vaulted ceiling. Everything was glittering and gold, intricate carvings of flowers and faces adorned the barriers for each level of the theater. People in long gowns and finely tailored suits were milling about, straining to catch a glimpse of the Tsarevich before he disappeared into the dimly lit space. Two armed guards waited just outside of the door to the private seating area as Viktor pushed by and ushered Yuri into the intimate box.

The sweet, sticky smell of honey and cakes greeted them both as they stepped into the darkened confines of their elegant box. Uncorked champagne and vodka sat on a golden tray, simply waiting to be poured and indulged in. “This is for us?” Yuri questioned hastily, cocking his brow. Everything was so overwhelming, very much like a dream, as every whim and pleasure were sated. Luxury like this felt needless but Yuri couldn’t deny that a little smile was tugging at his features.

“Of course,” Viktor laughed as he motioned toward two bejeweled chairs that sat close to the edge. The silver haired man hung his coat before hurrying over to kiss Yuri’s full lips in the low light. As the blond took his seat, the Tsarevich poured two glasses of champagne into tall crystal flutes, offering a glass to Yuri. He held his aloft, proposing a simple toast to his new lover. “I’m very lucky to have you by my side, and I thank God for allowing your father to bless our courtship. I hope you enjoy the ballet. It is one of my favorites… I think I’ve seen it five or six times now.”

Their delicate flutes toasted as Yuri smiled over the golden rim of his glass. When had he smiled this much? It felt like years.. Perhaps it was wrong to find such pleasure in this but he couldn’t help himself. He loved it- and he loved Viktor. The thought made him tense, only to be quelled by the soft, unearthly orchestra warming up the theater. It sounded ethereal- almost tangible- as the sound embraced him. “Thank you, Vitya.” Showing gratitude was just as foreign as his happiness but Viktor deserved it.

While the champagne bubbled their tongues, the lights dimmed and the sounds of the orchestra wavered from senseless warmups to melodic music as dancers filled the stage. Yuri was utterly enchanted by the glittering costumes and ghostly steps as dancers leaped in time with the music. Yuri was not yet used to the small cues in ballet to understand the story of Sleeping Beauty, but he could admire the powerful strength and the elegance. The boy practically leaned off the edge of their box just to watch closer, eyes tracking their every movement as the story unfolded before him.

Viktor downed his drink and poured himself a glass of vodka as he watched Yuri. The blond’s bright green eyes sparkled with wonder as he was fixated on the stage. He was much more interested in watching Yuri than watching the show. His heart was pounding as he willing himself to relax. He could spend the rest of his life with Yuri. He would give him anything to see those glittering orbs bright and excited. He was so lovesick that it almost hurt. The Tsarevich grinned as he downed his first glass and poured another, sliding off his gloves to pluck a honeyed cake from the tray and bring it up to Yuri’s pouty lips. “Cake?”

Yuri had been so immersed in the movement that he almost flinched with irritation when Viktor innocently offered him a cake. Though the dripping sweetness of the dessert was enough of an apology and eagerly he leaned closer to bite. A soft, warm tongue swept across Viktor’s fingers before slowly pulling away to chew and swallow, though the sight of his handsome Tsarevich made it rather difficult.

The silver haired man sighed with happiness as he watched Yuri eat. He dared to run a few fingers through some of the sticky honey that lingered on the clean, white plate. Viktor’s fingertips ghosted along Yuri’s bottom lip, smearing the sticky fluid along the full line. Daring to push a single digit inside, just to feel the warmth of Yuri’s tongue. He held his breath, waiting to see how the blond would respond.

Lost to the silky pads of Viktor’s honey coated fingers, Yuri hardly even acknowledged the lewdness of their flirting. Though his cheeks did burn with pleasure and to his relief, the darkness of the box hid it. But he couldn’t bother himself to care.. not now, not when Viktor was curiously exploring the wetness of his mouth and rubbing addictively sweet sugar across his tongue. He offered a little whimper, a quiet sound of delight as he wrapped the slick muscle around Viktor’s digit.

The Tsarevich tugged, forcing Yuri’s mouth open. A second finger joining the other as he slid in deeper, smirking at the small lines of drool that dripped from the corners. He carefully fucked the boy’s throat, a strange desire to dominant overcoming him as he played with the blond at his side. He could feel his cock starting to swell within the thigh confine of his breeches. He removed his fingers just as quickly as they had snaked in, covering the boy’s mouth with his own as he stole a kiss. A strong kiss of all teeth and tongue, as he practically pulled Yuri into his lap.

Willingly Yuri climbed into the Tsarevich’s lap as he was tugged forward, mouth still hanging open and little strings of saliva dripping down his chin. The ballet was forgotten for a moment as his back was turned towards the stage and his chest pressed against the cold, pointed medals of Viktor’s coat. Labored breaths filled the air between them as they kissed desperately, Yuri so willing to follow the lead, all while determined to impress Viktor. Pale fingers curl into the stiff wool fabric covering Viktor’s arms as he presses forward, eager to practice his kissing and prove himself.

Viktor devoured Yuri’s face. He was being so lewd, grinding his cock into Yuri’s ass while working open the buttons of the blond’s coat. He muffled his low groans into the smaller boy’s mouth, hands reaching up to tangle in perfumed strands of blond hair as he sharply tugged Yuri closer. A soft knock at the door brought Viktor back to reality as he glanced over his shoulder to see one of the royal guards sheepishly poking his head into the box, with a anxious look upon his face.

“I’m sorry your Highness,, the Tsar has requested that you and Mr. Plisetsky pay attention to the stage, rather than each other,” the man mumbled, unable to maintain his gaze with Viktor’s sharp blue eyes. “I beg your pardon. Please enjoy the rest of the first act.”

The gentle, somewhat hesitant plea from the guard only sent Yuri reeling. With some frustration and embarrassment he unsteadily climbed off of Viktor’s lap and hastily buttoned his jacket back as Vadim gazed into their box. “He can see us-?” Yuri panted as he wiped his kiss-softened lips free of honey and saliva, the taste of Viktor’s vodka drenched tongue still heavy in his mouth.

“Apparently.” Viktor scowled, glaring out into the darkness toward the center of the theater to where he knew the royal box was located. He was an adult, and was fully allowed to enjoy the company of his lover without his parents deciding to neuter his fun. The Tsarevich squinted, barely able to make out his father’s form from his vantage point. The older Nikiforov’s gaze was trained on their box, a tiny pair of Mariya’s opera glasses clutched in one hand. Viktor waved, resisting the urge to make obscene gestures as he sank back into his seat and poured himself another glass of vodka. He patted a comforting hand on the blond’s tight as he sighed. “I’m sorry, Yuri. I hope you’re not embarrassed.”

“Well- your father just saw me on your lap-” He grumbled but quickly quieted as he offered Viktor’s hand a little squeeze. He wasn’t truly upset, just pride damaged. But that was nothing his own flute of champagne couldn’t mask as he quickly swallowed the rest with a little scrunch of his nose. At least the ballet was a distraction, though his hand remained in Viktor’s, fingers idly stroking the knuckles there.

Viktor was still emboldened, still was daring as he brought Yuri’s hand to rest on his cloth covered crotch. With a wicked grin he leaned close to whisper in the blond’s ear. His cock was throbbing, his hot erection begging for freedom. “Can you feel that? You make me this way...more than anyone ever has before.”

Viktor’s hand felt firm on his wrist as he was brought to feel the throbbing warmth beneath Viktor’s cool trousers. A deep flush spread across his slightly pinched face, only to relax when he soft words were purred into the shell of his ear. “I.. I feel it.” He nodded slowly as bold, yet trembling fingers unbuttoned Viktor’s fly to touch the blood-thickened organ. “You don’t wear undergarments-?” He was nearly appalled only to find his own cock stirring with interest as his fingers smoothed over the firmness. He stroked slowly, just as he might to his own cock when he was trying to be quiet, as he desperately attempted to keep his attention on the stage.

Viktor spread his legs wider, sipping on his glass of vodka to hide the pleasured expression on his face as he assumed his father was still watching. He subtly thrusted up into Yuri’s hand, begging the blond to play with him. The Tsarevich’s mind was clouded with lust and liquor as he ran a hand along the front of Yuri’s long jacket. “Please, Yura. Please touch me more,” Viktor panted softly, his cheeks pink as he sighed deeply through his nose. “Be a good little princess for me.”

Almost instinctively Yuri’s fingers clutched a little tighter as the teasing words of encouragement were purred into his ear only to be masked by the excitement of the orchestra. With gritted teeth he jerked his wrist a little faster, muscles aching as he tried to isolate the movement to only his hand. “Yes, Tsarevich.” He bit out a whisper, wondering if Viktor would enjoy hearing his title as he stroked him with a precum slicked palm.

“Oh Yuri,” Viktor growled, struggling to keep from forcing the boy's face into his crotch as the blond worked faster. The first act was coming to a close, and Viktor could feel himself fraying at the edges while Yuri's touch burned his solid flesh. He wanted to scream. He wanted to tell everyone in the theater that they could never have Yuri, they would never know how amazing the boy could be. “Fuck, do you know how to do this? Are you slutty when I'm not around? Do you touch yourself and think of me? You must, because your little hands are so skilled,” Viktor ground out, teeth grit as his orgasm seemed so close.

Yuri felt his cock poke against the cotton fabric of his undergarments, begging for release as he stroked a hand over and over, stopping only to rub the silky flesh of his cockhead with a slick thumb. “Yes-- yes I touch myself and I think of you. I know it’s bad- but I can’t stop it.” His teeth are gritted and it’s nearly impossible to whisper as he stares at a fixed point on the stage. “I.. I think about when you finally get to take me,” He huffs softly, brows knitted as he feels his wrist subconsciously quicken in pace, as though his pleasure were also Viktor’s, which perhaps it was. He wanted to make him cum, cum from his hand alone. Such a base, simple form of pleasure and yet he wanted to please Viktor as much as he could.

Viktor bit his lip to keep from crying out. His could feel his hot seed erupt from his cock as he bucked his hips into Yuri's soft hand. There was a thin layer of sweat that had begun to bead on his forehead. His chest was heaving, thighs quivering as he fucked Yuri's hand through his orgasm. His voice was quiet when he finally able to speak. “I- I love you.”

It seemed as though the world all shifted at once- just as Viktor whispered his confession, the theater seemed to go hazy as the music came to a slow end and the world brightened. His thoughts caught in Yuri’s throat as he tried to speak them, finally looking upon the sated Tsarevich with widened eyes. “I love you too.” The words felt almost deafening to his own ears.

Viktor cleaned himself up with a napkin, tossing the soiled fabric to the floor without a care as he grabbed Yuri, not caring who saw or what they said about him. He was in love...and nothing was going to stand between him and Yuri ever again.

Chapter Text

After seeing the way Yuri’s eyes had glittered with wonder during their trip to the ballet, Viktor begun to plan a new activity for him and his lover to enjoy together. His heart had been so warmed by the almost childlike excitement that Yuri had displayed, that his evening with Yuri was all he had been willing to talk about for the days that had followed it. His younger siblings seemed to enjoy the chatter, while Vlad had grown tired of it after just one sentence.

The Tsarevich’s desired to see more of Yuri’s pure happiness, prompting him to contact the dance company that had performed Sleeping Beauty at the Mariinsky. He had reserved a private training session with one of the show’s premiere dancers, sending word to Yuri that the had planned another special activity for them enjoy.

Viktor waited at the dance studio, the bright early morning light streaming in through the floor to ceiling windows that looked out over the city below. The Tsarevich was still wrapped in his heavy winter coat as he waited for the furnaces to warm starkly decorated room. His boots clicked on the polish wood floor as he checked his reflection in the long wall of mirrors before inspecting the ballet barre. He hoped Yuri would love learning ballet as much as he enjoyed watching it. Viktor checked his pocket watch, smiling to himself when he saw that Yuri would be arriving in any minute. He had missed the boy in the days they had spent apart, but knew that soon they would be together.

Yuri had been excited when the car that had swept him up in the early morning, finally came to a slow, pebble-shaking halt. All memories of Sergei shouting and Nikolai attempting to hush him seemed to melt away as he was instead presented with a curious building. As a guard led him, Yuri grew more quiet and unsure until he was greeted by the handsome sight of his Tsarevich basking in the cold light. Just to see him there sent Yuri’s chest clenching, something about his tall elegance and charming features always struck him.

“Vitya-!” Yuri finally shouted, a lilt causing his voice to convey his puzzled attitude. “..Why are we here? Is this for another performance?” He glanced to the mirror, heart hammering, before peeking at his love with knitted brows. Idly he reached out to touch the wooden barre only to see a small stack of clothes not very far from them.

“Well, I saw how much you enjoyed watching the show, and I wanted to do something special with just the two of us.” The Tsarevich smiled as he pulled the blond close to him, Yuri felt perfect in his arms as he carefully spun them together across the floor and closer to the pile of clothing. Viktor placed a kiss to the top of Yuri’s head before letting the boy go, one hand still holding tightly as he chuckled softly to himself. “I arranged a lesson for us. I’ve always been good at ballroom dancing, but ballet will be a new venture for both of us to explore. I even acquired authentic costumes for us to use for today.”

“Really-? A lesson--!” The boy’s voice nearly echoed. Though, still reeling from the dizzying spin across the wood floor, Yuri looked to the silken pile of clothes with a moment of hesitation. Would he look absolutely ridiculous in them..? Although knowing Viktor would be sharing the same fate seemed to quell his skepticism. Slowly a smile bloomed across his face as he reached down, collecting a black pair of tights, “These are too big for me-” Only to then realize that perhaps they were Viktor’s, and what was left for him, was the pale petal colored ones. Blood settled in his cheeks as he glanced over them, though it could be easily assumed that most danseurs weren’t as small as Yuri.

Viktor collected the dark tights in his hand, smiling as he noticed the way that Yuri’s deep green eyes lingered on the soft pink tights. He had debated on purchasing something more modest for his young lover, but had settled on feeding his desire to see Yuri’s chasteness pushed to its limits. “I should go change. I will give you some time to change in here without my wandering eyes on you,” Viktor said with a smirk. “The instructor should be here shortly. So, if you have any questions about your clothing you can ask him when he arrives if I’m not back yet, my dear.” Viktor turned to leave, his heart pounding and unable to hide the mile wide grin that stretched across his face. Yuri was going to look beautiful, delightfully sinful, but he didn’t know that yet.

Yuri was still pawing through his small stack of clothes when Viktor took his leave, “Your wandering eye-!?” He nearly laughed only to realize perhaps it was best.. Yuri could already feel himself losing the battle of wills. But he quickly squared his shoulders and gave a dutiful little huff as he slowly stripped out of his frock and icy leather boots. The airy studio felt like an odd place to change- so he was quick to do so- for the sake of being nude for as little time as possible. The silken tights fit him nicely, clinging to the long lines of his legs and masking all signs of humanity- he looked like a little doll. A skirt surprised him, it was long and sheer, just fluttering at the tops of his calves. He may have fussed while putting wrapping it around himself but the moment he glanced into the mirror, Yuri couldn’t help but smile coyly. Shirtless, revealing his flat, masculine chest, but below he was swathed in ethereal elegance. Perhaps he liked toeing the line.

Viktor returned with a middle-aged gentleman at his side. The silver haired Tsarevich was shirtless as well, his chest crosshatched with pink scars that wrapped around his muscles and accented the broadness of his shoulders. He was battle worn, years in the military having left him with many memories of the fields of soldiers he had faced. The black tights accented the long line of his legs, making the already towering man appear taller as he crossed the short distance to stand by Yuri. Viktor rested one hand on the blond’s chest, his hand was heavy and warm against the smooth skin as he admired they way they both looked in the mirror. His fingers toyed with the top edge of Yuri’s skirt, humming his approval as he spun the blond again. His blue eyes watched the way the boy’s skirt fanned out around him, revealing the lack of under garments. He was perfection.. Viktor grinned, molding Yuri to his side and smoothing down the skirt as he steered the blond over to the instructor. The dark haired man was kind, giving the younger boy a gentle handshake before asking them to join him at the barre. They would start with stretching, something simple for both of the young men.

The teacher worked slowly, positioning them both with great care- straight backs, straight knees, shoulders low and chins up. Yuri seemed to squirm when his hands were on him, but thankfully Viktor took direction the easiest. “Now, if you can, place your leg on the barre and slowly go down on your remaining knee- I would like to see which of you is flexible.” He chuckled good naturedly, only to be surprised when Yuri seemed almost a natural. “Is this your first lesson?” Slowly he came closer, gesturing for Yuri to stand up straight, only to take him by the arch of the foot and slowly lift. The boy’s quivering knee nearly reached his cheek, and the desire to keep pushing him had to be quickly quelled by the instructor.

“No- Ow!” Yuri yelped as his leg was ever so slowly brought back down. He glanced to Viktor with a flushed face, clearly already exhausted.

Viktor had watched closely as Yuri was twisted into different positions. The blond’s body seemed to move with such an elegant ease as the instructor pushed and pulled the boy’s willowy form in different directions. “You look amazing Yura,” the Tsarevich remarked as he continued to stretch as well, the muscles in his back ripping as he bent forward to rest his cheek against his leg. “Maybe you should just leave me and join the ballet company? You could be their new prima ballerina and I could be your wealthy patron.” His tone was teasing and lighthearted as he relaxed out of the stretch.

“It was just one stretch-” He huffed, cheeks going a bit pink as he looked to Viktor. Though the ballet master remained rather curious, continuing to position Yuri’s feet and teach them both the motions. Yuri couldn’t deny that it was actually rather.. fun, the challenge was enjoyable and certainly the praise was quite nice as well.

“Perhaps you could be our prima.” He chuckled, seemingly amused by the notion but encouraging. Slowly he shifted his attention to Viktor, helping him achieve a decent turnout, though he relentlessly slapped his legs when the Tsarevich would bend them- not even a prince was immune to the demand for perfection.

Viktor knew he was not as flexible as ballet would demand he be. He fumbled through the positions, biting the inside of his cheek as the instructor touched him and corrected his form. The Tsarevich threw sad glances over his shoulder to Yuri, blue eyes pleading for the blond to save him as he was tugged into a tight stretch, his thicker thighs not enjoying the motions and beginning to burn from the activity. It made Viktor realize how out of shape he had gotten, a blush creeping to his cheeks as he slumped forward to put all of his weight on the barre. He realized he was being dramatic, but he could see how his antics made Yuri amused as the instructor barked at the Tsarevich to straighten his back. He would play the part of drama queen forever, just to see the blond smile.


“Go cheer up your partner. I don’t tolerate moping in my studio.” The instructor chuckled as he glanced to Yuri, giving the boy a little tap on the shoulder to relax them back down.

“Vitya, I’m sorry you won’t be a principal- maybe not even corps.” Yuri smirked playfully as he stepped closer, his feet seemed to be lighter as he moved. A curious finger stroked down Viktor’s muscular chest, touching the tight abdominals there, only for Yuri to squint, “What are you wearing..?” He hadn’t noticed it, his back being turned to Viktor for most of the lesson, but now the smooth bulge between his legs was unmistakable.

“See something you want?” Viktor chuckled as he inched Yuri’s hand lower, resting the tips of the blond’s fingers on his groin with a wicked grin. He had been sure to keep himself decent, conveniently forgetting to purchase under garments for Yuri while preparing for their lesson. “It’s a dance belt,” the Tsarevich said softly, pressing his cloth covered cock up and against the boy’s hand. “Do you like the way it makes me look, Yura?”

Yuri knitted his brows when he looked down to his own length, covered only in the skirt and his tights- no wonder some of the positions had been a bit of a nuisance.. But the belt was quite prominent on Viktor. Pushing everything out and accentuating to an almost mouth-watering degree. “..Well, the belt makes it very obvious.” He swallowed hard as his hand was slowly led downwards, allowing him to touch the fabric there. Suddenly he looked backwards, noticing that the ballet master had left to gather a pianist. “I like it.” He grumbled, clearly unamused at admitting it but the evidence was written across his cheeks.

“Of course you do, kitten. It puts my cock on display for you. I can see how much you desire it,” Viktor said softly, leaning in to nip at Yuri’s neck as he dove under the fluffy layers of fabric to seek out Yuri’s naked organ. He hiked the skirt up high, tugging playfully on the silk covered flesh as he moaned lowly in Yuri’s ear. “And I have you on display for me as well. Your body should never be covered. I should be able to access it whenever I want...I will have that luxury one day.”

Yuri’s knees were shaking as he fought to stand there, it would be so easy just to crumble and let his legs fall open. “You would have me naked around you- all the time?” He panted, sounding both intrigued and mildly irritated that they could just have that now- but his thoughts were quickly being shoved aside as a warm hand manipulated him into hardness. Only pleasure and sensation filled his mind, leaving him thoughtless and somewhat numb as he bucked his hips easily. “V..Vitya-” He whimpered, lifting a hand to his own mouth as he tried to stay quiet, begging that they would have just a few more moments of solitude. Yuri was already a mess, dripping down his tights and smearing the edges of his lifted skirt with sticky precum.

Viktor backed away quickly as the dance master returned. He wanted to play more, but knew that he should try and remain decent, willing away his own erection by filling his head with thoughts of Yuri's loving father and how much the older man would disapprove of his younger child being so thoroughly debauched.

It was time for them to learn a simple dance, just something easy that would mimic the choreography from the final sequence of the first act. The Tsarevich smiled sweetly as he sank to the floor, sitting in a cross legged position while the instructor motioned Yuri forward to begin learning the soloist section as the piano played quietly in the corner, warming up with a few simple scales.

Still fumbling and slightly uncoordinated, Yuri tried his best to calm his body down- quickly smoothing his skirt and clenching his jaw as he was brought forward. The instructor brought him to centre and went through the motions with him, all of them fairly basic. He assured Yuri this was far more about musicality than about leaps or technique, but the idea of simply doing something like this for pleasure seemed a little odd to the farm boy. Though, without the terrifying elements of the variation, Yuri actually enjoyed it- moving and twirling across the wooden floor- even with his feet hardly pointed or his knees bent was enough to garner an excitable laugh. The movement reminded him of traditional dances, ones his mother had taught him by the fireplace or in the dewy grass.

Viktor was entranced as he watched Yuri flit around. The blond's face was alive with a shining happiness, that made the Tsarevich’s stomach flutter with excitement. Yuri's skirt kept flying up, granting the silver haired man short viewings of the blond’s pink cock as it strained in its confines. He could feel his mouth go dry with each twist and turn, desiring so much to just taste him. “You're a natural! You put me to shame, Yuri. I should retire before even getting started,” Viktor said with teasing tone as he reclined backward, resting on his elbows.

Yuri finally ended his variation with a short little stumble, his body losing the battle with balance and landing him on his hands and knees to expose the softness of his bottom and the long lines of his legs. The instructor gave a good-natured clap, beaming with pride, “Well- you would certainly have quite a long way to go, but I see promise in you.” He assured, of course, Yuri had only been flitting across the stage but the boy had a grace that he seemed to simply exude, even when he tripped over his own feet. Slowly the boy lifted himself up, chest heaving as he relaxed against the wooden floor, glancing to Viktor with a strange kind of smile- like one who has felt an emotion previously unknown.

With a quiet groan, he crawled over to Viktor, finally collapsing against his side and panting. The firmness of the Tsarevich’s muscles were a welcome support to his sweat-dampened body.

“My sleepy kitten… you worked so hard today,” Viktor said in a voice just above a whisper, a volume meant for only him and Yuri as the instructor moved to pack his belongings. Their first session had been short, but Viktor could see this as a gateway to a new hobby for Yuri. It was certainly not an activity for him, but it was something the Tsarevich would enjoy watching. His hand slid under Yuri skirt to knead at the plush flesh of Yuri's rear. “But I don't want you to do it too often. I can't run the risk of your bottom not being soft and doughy for me to grab whenever I want,” Viktor chuckled, giving Yuri on final pat as he got to his feet and thanked the instructor for his time.

The piano player and dance master left after receiving promises to meet again, both obviously delighted that a member of the royal family had taken an interest in their services. The Tsarevich locked the door behind them. Viktor turned back to Yuri with a sly look on his face, sinking to his knees and crawling over to where his boy laid on the floor, a crumpled mess of sweet and gauzy fabric. “You were a good boy, Yura. Just like a little princess should be…my sweet ballerina.”

Only when the soft thumping of Viktor’s body came closer, did Yuri finally blink open his eyes as turn towards him, curled up on his side and exhausted. “I have to practice- don’t I? Being a princess and a ballerina?” He panted softly. His hairline was slightly damp, causing the finer locks of his blond hair to cling around the sides of his cheeks. So hazy and pink, he looked like the true epitome of innocence and a sleepy kind of beauty, or like a peach ripe for plucking.

“You are a natural, princess...but I was wondering if you would be so kind as to indulge my curiosity, for just a quick second? Then I could help you change and we could rest together on the ride back to your home,” Viktor asked softly, one hand smoothing down Yuri's hair as he spoke, while the other tugged at the hem of the flowing skirt, managing to undo the silken ties that kept it together. He eased the garment away, exposing the blond's petite body. “Is that okay with you, little darling?”

As the skirt gave way, only the sticky tights, clinging to his body were left. The pale, sheer silk was still taut across his slightly pump cock, leaving him to smear pearls of fluid across himself. “..What are you curious about, exactly?” The boy cocked a blond brow as he nodded his head, giving permission was hardly even a question- Yuri was always eager to have every one of Viktor’s fingers splayed across him.

“I would be willing to say that my desire is more of a scientific nature,” Viktor chuckled as he eased down Yuri's tights, fingers ghosting over the slick skin as he paused to toy with the blond's erection. He pushed the fabric past Yuri's thighs, bunching up the silk material just below the blond's knees while maneuvering Yuri to rest on his back. “I just want to see how flexible you are...I wasn't aware of how pliant your body was and I want to test the limits. A fair request?”

The exhaustion made him pliant, but Viktor’s warm purr encouraged Yuri’s willingness. Already the plump organ between his thighs was stiffening to jut between his legs and beg for attention. “Permission given.” He pants, brows knitted as he wonders what manner of testing Viktor is going to indulge them in.. though being so flexible had come as a surprise to him as well- never had he given it much thought- but he loved seeing how eager it made Viktor.

The Tsarevich wrapped a large hand around Yuri's ankles, gathering them both together as he lifted the boy's hips upward. He brought the blond's feet up slowly, checking for any signs of discomfort as he pulled Yuri's feet up toward his head. He pulled Yuri's tights the rest of the way off, spreading the young boy's legs wide as he settled Yuri's knees, one on either side of his head. The blond was totally open to him, ass and sweet pink hole on display as he continued to push Yuri forward. The boy's body was contorted into a curved shape when Viktor paused. “Okay so far?”

“Y- Yeah..” Yuri panted, though it was difficult to speak with his knees at his ears and his shoulders pressed into the floor. His body seemed to take the stretch well, leaving him exposed and perfectly presented to Viktor- though his cock seemed to point almost directly at his own face as it bobbed against his smooth belly. He distantly had to remind himself that Viktor had indeed locked the door.. Though it wasn’t as if anyone would speak out against the Tsarevich acting lewd in public.

“Just a little more. I know you can do it.” Viktor pressed onward, bringing Yuri's crotch even closer to his face. The Tsarevich supported the stretch with one hand, while his free hand stroked the boy's cock to life, teasing Yuri's winking entrance and tickling the soft flesh of Yuri's balls before tugging on the slick shaft of his cock. “Do- do you think you could fit your cock in your mouth, princess? You're so close… and I'd love to see you choke on your own length.”

Yuri’s flexible spine seemed to curve perfectly, accommodating Viktor’s careful pushing until Yuri was met with the soft flesh of his own weeping prick against the plushness of his lips. “I-I think..” He gagged a little as his own pearly precum dribbled down to lace over his open mouth- it was warm and unfamiliar but he wanted to try.. Yuri craned his neck upwards, capturing the tip of himself between his lips and giving a few firm sucks- sucks that shot vibrations down his spine while Viktor toyed with his overly exposed hole. Sticky, milky cum splattered against his own tongue as he came, filling his mouth and making him gasp for reprieve. Viktor surely felt him shudder and twitch as he tried to suck himself completely dry only to crumble.

Viktor had never seen anything more erotic. His eyes widened as Yuri nursed his own erection, his pink lips curled around the hot flesh as spit oozed from the corners of his mouth. His hands held the blond steady in a vice like grip, his fingers were firmly wrapped around the meat of Yuri's thighs as he dared to lean forward and carefully lap at Yuri's hole. He teased, gentle kitten licks with the hopes of bringing Yuri to the edge. The Tsarevich’s eyes never left Yuri's face as he savored the body beneath him. His heart was pounding when his petite lover finished, drawing the sticky mess of his seed into his mouth and struggling to swallow every hot drop. Viktor cock pulsed with excitement as he eased Yuri out of the stretch. He wrapped himself around the blond, their chests together as he praised Yuri for being so good, for being the best thing to have ever happened to him.

Yuri still panted softly, body aching with pleasure and pain as the loving pair wrapped themselves up in one another’s arms. He could have melted right there as blond lashes fluttered and the taste of tangy cum still perfumed his lips. “..Curiosity sated?” He panted against Viktor’s throat as he straddled the man’s lap, loving the thickness beneath his sore thighs. Willowy arms came to gently wrap around the broadness of Viktor’s shoulders as he tucked his face against flush skin.

“Yes, the royal science academy thanks you for your service and will be mailing you a Medal of Honor for your commitment to their research,” Viktor mumbled, his words thick and sloppy on his tongue as he tried to ignore his own throbbing erection. His dance belt was tight over the flesh, keeping his cock firmly supported and pinned to his body. He wanted to keep the focus on his young lover, everything was about Yuri as far as Viktor was concerned. “Yura, that was incredible...I've never seen anything like that in real life before.”

Yuri snickered softly only to roll his eyes- he supposed it was a rather unique quirk- and one he would have balked at. But to know what it made Viktor this flush- this bothered- it was bringing a little swell of pride to Yuri’s chest. “Do you think about that often?” He asked with a skeptical little smile, only to press down. He could feel the warmth of Viktor’s throbbing length, it practically curved against the plumpness of his ass. “I.. I want to touch you too.” He scooted back some, eagerly tugging at Viktor’s black tights and the annoyingly arousing dance belt that hid him.

“My cock is yours to claim,” Viktor said in a breathy tone as he lifted his hips to make it easier for Yuri to remove his tights. His thighs were sticky with sweat, the fabric clinging to the scarred flesh as the silk was torn away by Yuri's dainty fingers. The silver haired man spread his legs wide once the black fabric was removed, his dance belt on full display for his young lover, his body was like an offering to whatever devil he served. “Take whatever you want.”

Yuri sunk down from Viktor’s lap only to creep in between his parted, muscular thighs and press his cheek against the sweat veiled flesh. He didn’t care- it was musky and tangy- but Yuri rubbed his cheek against the smooth skin only to peel off the pale fabric of the dance belt to be met with a thick cock springing to gently pop him against the face. He gave a little yelp, almost irritated, only to find himself swallowing thickly as a dizzy haze of arousal glassed over his eyes. Once more he rubbed his lips against the salty head, tasting the precum there, still his inexperience hindered much of his technique but Yuri made up for it with vigor. His nose buried at the base of his cock while a warm tongue gave kittenish licks to the heaviness of Viktor’s scrotum.

The Tsarevich watched the blond work, his cock painfully hard and feeling semi ignored as Yuri traveled south to toy with the bottom of his shaft. It frustrates him in a way he couldn't describe, his arousal eating at his patience, until he could no longer stand it. The silver haired hooked one finger under Yuri's chin, drawing the boy's face up and meeting his lustful green gaze for only a moment before smacking one of Yuri's cheeks with the hot flesh. He smiled as the head clung to the boy's pink skin before the silver haired man guided the tip to Yuri's lips. Viktor's eyes were demanding as a strange dominance flowed through him. “Put it in your mouth.”

As the engorged length connected with the soft flesh of his cheek, Yuri gave a quiet gasp of surprise- only to have the sound crack and give way to a sickened kind of aroused mewl. It didn’t hurt- no but the there remained a blooming red mark against the tender roundness of his face. With some defiance he took Viktor’s cock into his mouth, only first teasing the head with his tongue before finally giving in. He was very much like a kitten with its prey, still trying to learn as he toyed around. But he couldn’t hold out for long, as soon Viktor’s cock was filling his mouth and making it difficult for him to even rub his tongue anywhere other than the veiny bottom. Pretty tears welled up in his eyes as his jaw was stretched into submission and opened for Viktor to fuck.

He slid his cock in and out of Yuri's warm mouth, his teeth grit as he endured the fumbling at first while Yuri struggled to get acclimated. The blond's teeth awkwardly bumped against the Tsarevich's cock until Viktor began thrusting deeper, fucking the tight passage of Yuri's throat as he skirted the edge of his own release. He finished with a shout, force feeding his young lover his seed, watching the beautiful way that Yuri gagged on his cock, but tried so hard to please him. “That's it, a good princess knows how to finish everything her prince serves her...drink it up baby. Swallow every drop, Yura,”
Viktor growled, his hands fisted in Yuri's hair as the last few drops of his cum were pumped into the blond's mouth.

Yuri dutifully swallowed the ropes of cum that coated his mouth, only to lick up the final dots of seed that were glossed across his lips. Viktor’s words still shook him down to his core, igniting a little fire in his belly that would soon beg for more sweetly purred praise- even if he didn’t truly understand it all yet, all he knew was that his body enjoyed it. Slowly he pulled away, panting as he rest his cheek on the firm muscle of Viktor’s thigh.. He could hardly garner the will to move, only peering up at him and smiling coyly, eyes hazy as he finally closed them. With a belly full of cum and legs stretched so wide he doubted walking would come very easily tomorrow, Yuri was simply a rag doll as he eased down from his high.

“Was- was I too rough?” Viktor asked, cutting through the thick curtain of silence that both men were blanketed in after the Tsarevich finished. His heart had slowed, his chest returning to a more natural rise and fall. His blue eyes were fixed on Yuri, imploring the blond to say something, anything that would set his mind at ease as his thoughts were flooded with the fear that he had gone too far so early into their relationship. “I didn't mean to hurt you, if I did… you're going to have a mark on your face…”

Yuri quickly lifted a hand, gently pressing his palm into Viktor’s sternum as he slowly lifted himself up once more. “No- no I liked it.” He promised with a reassuring nod. “If I didn’t.. I think you’d know.” Yuri wouldn’t mention the occasional punch or kick he’d doled out when a scruffy soldier got too eager at the tavern. He just gave a little smile as he rubbed at his cheek, “I don’t mind.” He confessed, feeling rather filthy for enjoying the lustful mark.

Viktor smiled, pressing a kiss to the pink welt on Yuri's cheek as he hugged the boy tightly in his arms. “I wasn't lying when I said I was proud of you. You were so lovely today and I swear- I swear you never cease to amaze me. I'm shocked that some other man didn't beat me for the rights to court you. I'm very lucky that you remained single, as if you were waiting for me.” The Tsarevich helped Yuri to his feet, holding the wavering blond in his arms as he admired their nude forms in the long mirrors. “You are a treasure to me, Yura. Never forget that.”

As they slowly stood, Yuri wrapped his arms tight around Viktor, holding him close and nestling his cold nose against the warmth of a muscular chest. He didn’t care to look in the mirror.. Just wanted to feel the life pulsing around him. “I.. I love you a lot too.” He blushed, knowing his words probably sounded inadequate but Yuri simply didn’t know how to speak so deeply like Viktor- but he knew what he felt- and that’s what mattered.

Chapter Text

Snow dots the windows crystal clear windows as it flurries around outside. The Nikiforov Palace gardens are frosted and blanketed with beautiful sheets of pillowy white. Yuri stares at it, as though it’s the first time he has seen such beauty.. The snow he has grown used to is black slush that fills up at the sides of the stone roads- but this is like a fairytale. It reminds him of the pale costumes the dancers had flit across the stage in- bouncing beautifully.

Behind him, some of the Nikiforov children are chatting with their mother, filling their mouths with silky tea as their laughter fills the room. Viktor had flitted off- insisting he needed to introduce Yuri to someone- though his mother had warned him to use a leash. The suggestion made Yuri quirk his head but the other children simply giggled. He returned to his quiet musing until, the little porcelain cup poised between his fingers long forgotten until the the sound of rushed steps and flat pawpads filled the chamber, and the squeals of the twins filled the room. “Makka! Makka!” They chirped, pleased to see their brother’s massive dog.

Viktor followed behind the massive poodle, a wide grin stretched across his face as he saw the delighted faces of his siblings. His excitement quickly faded when he saw the look of utter terror that Yuri wore as the dog pounced on him. Makkachin’s furry body slammed into the petite blond, almost knocking over the chair that Yuri sat in. He hurried to his lover’s side, a sheepish smile gracing his features as he pulled the dog away. He wrapped one hand around the thick, diamond studded collar as the poodle fought to stay close to Yuri, whimpering in disappointment as Viktor handed him off to Vanya. “Are you okay, Yura?” Viktor asked softly, one hand held out to the blond as he helped the boy from his seat. “Do you not care for dogs?”

Yuri trembled slightly, heart pounding as he watched the massive animal trot off sweetly with Vanya. “Yes- I’m fine.” the boy quickly tried to brush it off, shaking his head and frowning. “I haven’t been around dogs much..” He explained, trying to calm his voice to mask the hesitation he felt. Mariya tsked softly, standing up and shooing off the big puppy to play with her youngest sons. “Vitya- I told you, he is still quite young, he needs a leash.” She warned in her tender voice as she smiled to Yuri. “He’s a sweet dog, but pets always adopt the personalities of their owners.” She teased.

Yuri gave a sheepish little nod, even smiling at her joke. “I’m okay- I swear.” He looked to Viktor.

The Tsarevich frowned, worrying that he had upset Yuri, but trying to bury his feelings in order not to spoil the moment. “Why don’t we go outside? I could show you the fountains.. They aren’t on, but the sculptures are very lovely to look at. We could take Makka! I think taking him for a walk would help him to calm down and you could see that he really is sweet.”

He didn’t wait for Yuri’s answer, his fingers lacing together with Yuri’s as he left the room, whistling for the poodle to follow as he headed toward one of the massive coat closets that were tucked into random corners of the palace. It also gave him an excuse to present Yuri with the new fur coat he had purchased for the blond. It was a long, white mink, the buttons were a glittering onyx against the snowy fur. Viktor had lovingly hung it next to one of his military trench coats, shrugging on the jacket before offering the coat to Yuri with a smile. “Another gift, for my love. I hope this coat does a good job of keeping you warm when I’m not around.”

Yuri looked a little shaken as the poodle happily ran towards them, even when Mariya arched a brow to remind Viktor to train his pup not to run through the house.

But he followed after, standing beside Viktor as watched his love tug on his deep, richly decorated wool coat- only to offer him a beautiful mink. “For me-?” He blushed, brows knitting as he took the coat with vigor. It was beautiful.. The fur tickling at his skin as he shrugged it on over his nearly threadbare frock. “..I really like it.” The boy looked a little embarrassed, almost huffing out his delight as he struggled to find the right words of praise. He’d never been very skilled at accepting presents- but he quickly leaned closer, pressing a wet little kiss to Viktor’s cheek before pulling away.

The two figures, bundled up and warm, traversed the snowy garden path- Yuri even pulling on the matching white, mink hat that sat prettily against his crown of blond hair. Makka panted beside them, sniffing at every little rock and occasionally bumping against Yuri as he explored.

“You’ll love it when the flowers start to come in,” Viktor said softly, his voice carrying just enough to fill the silence that hung around the couple as their boots crunched against the crisp snow. “If you weren’t so religious I would suggest that we could get married in the garden, but maybe we could use some of the flowers from here to decorate.”

Their wedding was a lifetime away, far too long for Viktor to be content. He had already started planning, secretly journaling his ideas in the leather bound notebook that he kept in his breast pocket. Maybe he was being too eager, but he had never cared for anyone like he cared for Yuri. Everything would be perfect on their wedding day. Viktor whistled again for Makkachin as the dog began to stray, trying not to get lost in his thoughts as he rubbed his cold nose against the warmth of the blond’s slightly exposed neck.

Yuri’s eyes widened, cheeks going pink as he imagined their wedding on these grounds.. Covered in flowers and trees softly swaying. His father would never allow it- even if the man was quite gentle- their wedding had to be at a church. But Yuri saw no reason why their distant reception or feast couldn’t be celebrated here. “I would marry you anywhere- it doesn’t matter to me.” The boy whispered as he nuzzled closer. It was true- while Viktor may worry over the fine details- Yuri simply wanted the to live his life beside the Tsarevich. “I’ll let you exhaust yourself over that.” He teased, beaming to himself as they continued to walk slowly through the crisp snow.

The pair came to a split in the garden path, prompting Viktor to hesitate before continuing, glancing over his shoulder back toward the palace. “Do you want to keep going or head back? I don’t know-”

The Tsarevich was interrupted by a heavy bark as Makkachin bounded toward them, his chocolate fur was covered in snow as he tried to skitter to a stop, paws sliding against the slick stone. Instead of stopping the pup only succeeded in once again plowing into Yuri and knocking the blond off of his feet and into a small mound of snow next to the walkway. Viktor covered his mouth as he tried to hold in his laughter, eyes watering slightly when he saw the way the blond struggled to get back up, the poodle playfully trying to steal his hat until the silver haired man intervened. “Bad Makka!”

Yuri grit his teeth as he skid across the icy stone path, his feet unable to find much traction as he tried to push against the playful pup biting at his mink hat- it surely looked like a little rabbit to him. But rather than fight back against the pet, he gripped Viktor’s arm and clung to him, moving quickly as adrenaline coursed through his body. Even a sweet dog like Makka could frighten Yuri when they jumped. “Viktor-” He yelped, finally managing to skitter onto his fawn-like legs.

“I’ve got you, Yura,” the Tsarevich chuckled, steadying the blond boy as he pushed the dog down. His smiled faded when he saw the fear in Yuri’s green eyes, and felt the way that the boy clung to him with a vice like grip. The silver haired man felt guilty as he steered the blond back toward the palace, brushing snow flurries from Yuri’s face before pressing a gentle kiss to the smaller man’s cheek. “Let’s head back and get warm.. I can have Makka stay with the twins and we can just relax.”

“Inside- please.” He nodded tartly, hugging close to Viktor as they shuffled inside, the snow melting on the marble floor as Makkachin eagerly pranced around them. “He’s.. a sweet dog. I just haven’t been around them much.” Yuri murmured as he saw how easily the twins whisked the pup away to play, the both of them giggling as Makka tracked slushy ice inside.

“I understand love,” Viktor said with a sweet smile as he eased Yuri’s heavy coat off of the blond’s thin shoulders. He walked arm and arm back to his bedchamber, happy to see the roaring fire in the corner of the room as he unbuttoned the top few buttons of his shirt before turning to Yuri with a playful smirk. “I guess I shouldn’t buy you a puppy anytime soon?”

Yuri happily followed after, clinging to Viktor’s side as they crept deeper into the palace to seek solace in Viktor’s expansive bedroom. The warmth from the fire filled the space, sending little prickles down Yuri’s skin as he shucked his shoes off and walked closer to the rug beside the fire. Over the past few days he’d grown more comfortable- visiting the palace- learning to look past the overly perfect chambers. It felt like a second home now.. “No- no puppy. Maybe.. A kitten.” He rolled his eyes and curled up on the floor, letting the fire warm his sock-covered toes.

Viktor made a mental note of the blond’s request, sinking to his knees and crawling over to the boy like an overgrown cat, his muscles shifting in an enticing way as he butted his head up against Yuri’s shoulder with a low purr. He laid his head in Yuri’s lap, pawing at the ends of the blond’s hair. “I can be your kitten…” Viktor said with a teasing tone, rubbing his body along the boy’s petite form before continuing to unbutton his shirt.

Yuri’s cheeks were pink as he drank in the languid image of Viktor crawling towards him, muscles moving beneath the cotton of his shirt as the fire illuminated the high points of his flesh. But the boy couldn’t help the laugh that bubbled out of his mouth. “A kitten-?” He repeated, cocking a brow before snickering. “You’re more like a little lion.” He teased, rolling his eyes as Viktor unbuttoned his shirt to reveal the flat planes of muscle that stretched across his torso. “Full of pride and covered in gold,” He teased, looking to the medal covered jacket Viktor liked to wear. But the boy’s smile did soften as he stroked his hand across Viktor’s firm cheek, gingerly using his nails to graze over the flesh.

“Little lion?” Viktor huffed, using his weight to push Yuri over and nuzzle his face into the crook of the blond’s neck. He straddled Yuri’s waist, his cock already semi erect from just the slightest touch from his lover. “I’m hardly little…”

His fingers tugged at Yuri’s frock, fumbling with ties and buttons until he had the boy mostly exposed, pale pink skin glowing in the firelight as he dipped to to kiss the blond’s collarbone. “You’re my little cub.. Not quite a lioness. You’re too delicate and sweet.”

“Ah-! You’re heavy-” Yuri panted, a laugh puffing from his lungs as he squirmed beneath Viktor’s weight. But the boy was rapidly becoming breathless as Viktor fussed with his clothing, slowly peeling it off to reveal his milky flesh to the warm fire. The pink length between his legs was twitching with interest, loving Viktor’s prowl and the rumbling quality of his voice.

“A cub?” He huffed, “I’m not too sweet.” Yuri defended himself against the compliment, only to sit up a little and nip at Viktor’s fingers. Hardly had the boy been this.. Comfortable. He was still learning how to move and breath around Viktor- what it truly meant to be friends and to love someone. But he was slowly understanding, his heart softening as he slotted himself perfectly into Viktor’s life. It showed in how much he smiled now, his usual scowl replaced with a slightly coy upturn of his lips.

“You’re my sweet cub, and I’ll protect you from the big bad men out there,” Viktor purred as he changed their positions and pulled Yuri to lay on top of him as they couple relaxed, sprawling across a think bearskin rug in front of the fire. “I’ll check you safe and well fed. I’m your keeper and your big strong lion.. Your king,” The last word felt heavy for the Tsarevich, a strange thought creeping into his mind that maybe one day.. One day he would possibly rule Russia with Yuri at his side. Emperor and Empress. “An object for you to worship.”

His King.. his lion with a silver mane and a crown of gold. The thought made Yuri’s mouth water as he slowly sat up, pressing kisses to Viktor’s chest and throat, as much as he could reach as his hips remained trapped. “My king..” He whispered, the word dripped with desire. “I want to honor my king-” He panted, kissing at Viktor’s jaw like a submissive animal. A few red marks spread across Viktor’s pale flesh from the pleading kisses that Yuri peppered him with.

Slowly the boy fell back, his arms splayed out and his chest heaving softly. “Will my king enjoy my body..? It’s all I have to offer.” He whispered, tongue lapping at his swollen bottom lip.

“Your body?” Viktor growled as he pushed his clothed erection up to meet the blond’s sweet cock. His hands were grasping Yuri’s rear, fingernails clawing at the pale flesh as he longed so badly to turn the blond over and just plunder his virginity away. He wanted to steal it.. No one would know that he had taken the boy before they had been married. It was maddening. “Don’t tease me so.. You know I want to claim you. Don’t offer me the one thing you aren’t prepared to give.”

Yuri realized the mistake in his words- he’d forgotten just how easy it was to slip the suggestion in when his mind was fuzzy with lust. But Viktor was right.. He couldn’t let himself be deflowered-- not until they were wed. The boy gave a soft whimper, cheeks a pink mottled color as he rest his cheek against the stiff fur of the bear skin rug. Whenever he thought on breaking his vow, the thought of his mother returned to him- but he pushed her memory aside- “I’m sorry my king..” He whispered. “I can’t help myself.”

“Why...why don’t I make an offering to you then?” Viktor said softly, his blue eyes twinkling when he thought about a gift he had hidden deep in the back of his wardrobe for his blond lover. He didn’t know when he had planned on giving such a gift to Yuri, but something told him that now would be the perfect time. He climbed to his feet, leaving Yuri on the rug as he rooted through the tall cabinet. It was wrapped heavy tissue inside of a plain black box. He hadn’t had time to stress over the presentation.. The Tsarevich held the box out to Yuri with a reserved smile. “A gift for my cub.”


Yuri looked surprised when Viktor returned with a box- what sort of offering could this have been after such a confession? Curious hands tugged off the sleek black lid after untying the ribbons keeping it all together- revealing a contraption that made his heart pound. A fitted, gold chastity belt. Yuri’s mouth went dry as he looked at it- a cage for his cock and a plug that would only stretch him about the width of a finger. “You were serious-?!” He yelped, blood spreading from his chest to the very tips of his ears as he clutched the piece of metal. The inside was lined with something soft, almost like delicate cotton to keep him from getting cut by the edges- but it certainly didn’t soften the blow.

“Of course I was serious!” Viktor grinned wickedly as he watched the blond’s expression change from excitement to embarrassment in the blink of an eye. He had commissioned the piece weeks ago, and had been wriggling with pleasure when it finally arrived. He had decided to wait, but for some reason he was unable to contain himself any longer. “Can.. can we put it on you?” His voice was soft and nervous, fearing the blond would reject his gift.

Yuri looked hesitant for a moment.. But he thought on his mother- she had always wanted him to be chaste, begging to boy to remain safe. He supposed he could try it.. Viktor wouldn’t force him into anything but the boy felt a hard sense of responsibility from the church- and even his father’s nightly prayers. “..Yes, I’ll try it.” He nodded, shrugging off his undergarments and shakily standing up. The metal was being warmed rapidly by the fire, and the etchings were more pronounced. “This is stamped with your name-?” Yuri had learned how to read Viktor’s full name- but everything else he couldn’t quite make out.

“I thought it gave it a more personal touch. Everyone will know that you’re saving yourself for me. You’ll be a beautiful virgin princess and everyone will covet you.. It’s just as much for your protection as it is for our mutual pleasure.” Viktor was blushing uncontrollably when Yuri noticed the little addition of his name on the back of the chastity belt, it had been a last minute addition, but part of him wanted anyone who caught a glimpse of him to know that the blond belonged to him. “Do you need help putting it on?”

Yuri’s heart was thundering with a strange kind of delight.. No teenage boy wanted to be wrapped up in a chastity belt.. But to know that Viktor was delighting in it seemed to ease harshness of it all and even entice him. “I can do it-” Yuri quickly assured as he unclasped the loose lock and stepped into the holes for his legs. The cock cage was a little harder to manage, he nestled himself against the metal with just enough room to allow him a weak erection- but he’d heard of other boys that could still finish in a chastity belt.. Perhaps he could practice.

But the plug made him squirm when it finally settled inside his body- thankfully it looked removable. “I think it’s on right..” He glanced to Viktor as the metal saddled up on his hips, accentuating the slenderness of his figure and trapping him in his virginity.

The blond looked divine, like some sort of untouchable angelic beauty that made Viktor’s mouth water as he gazed upon him. Viktor’s heart was pounding, dreaming of the day he would share a wedding bed with Yuri. The blond spread out across white sheets as the Tsarevich finally got his chance to claim him. It seemed like a far away fever dream, but one day it would be the truth. His fingers brushed along the cool metal, one hand sliding around the press the cold plug deeper into Yuri’s warm body. “I want you to wear it as often as possible. Can you do that for me? Where it everywhere.. While you pick berries on the farm or while your father reads to you from the old bible he keeps by his bedside. I want you to wear it.”

Yuri nodded obediently, his cheeks pink and his cock already swelling against the tight metal. “Yes- I will wear it everyday.” The boy likes the structure.. He has always needed a discipline to keep him focused and this seems like a new challenge. “I will wear it when I pray and when I think of you..” He pants, already whimpering when the plug is pressed deeper into him- the device feels more like a toy to rile him up than to keep him chaste.


He had spent the rest day tangled in the blond’s arms, unable to stop his hands from wandering down and teasing Yuri’s exposed skin that wasn’t trapped by the heavy belt. They had dined and drank until their bodies were loose and warm. It was already late in the evening when Viktor called for a driver to escort Yuri home, deciding that he would accompany the blond to get the chance to spent just a little more time with him.. But partially wanting to see the look on Sergei’s face when the lavish car pulled up outside of the cottage.

Viktor couldn’t keep his tongue in his mouth, the hot muscle licking long stipes up the blond’s neck and sucking the soft lobe of Yuri’s ear into his mouth. “Can’t you just stay with me for the night? Just tonight? We could turn the car around.”

Yuri had quickly fallen in love with the cars.. Loving how they hid every sound and every lewd touch. “You want me to stay the night-? I’m wearing a chastity belt..” He growled back, only to melt as a warm tongue trailed against his jaw and nipped at the taut flesh there. Already he could feel his cock plumping up again in its confines, begging for release as Viktor’s fingers played along the fabric of his frock.

“There are other parts of you I could enjoy,” Viktor purred, his fingers squeezing Yuri’s nipples and pressing kisses along his jawline. “I would find creative ways to make you please me. I would love to see you use that mouth on me again. I would give anything to have you on your knees, sucking my fat cock while your poor prick is trapped in that chastity belt. Maybe if you were a good boy I would let you finish.” His words were thick and syrupy as he rubbed his body against Yuri’s. He was already hard again, just the image of Yuri driving him mad.

Yuri’s burned like a roaring fire, begging for Viktor’s cold hands to douse him. “I.. I can be a good boy.” He panted, eyes squeezing shut as he imagined himself, his back to the fireplace as he knelt between Viktor’s legs.. Swallowing down his cock and begging for more. The thought alone makes him buck Yuri buck his hips eagerly, even as the metal holds him with unrelenting rigidity. “Vitya I want to cum,” The boy moans, biting at the fabric of his dress to keep from crying out as the driver tries his best to ignore his Tsarevich.

Viktor’s hands rubbed at his own erection as he panted into Yuri’s ear. His mouth was pressed as close as he could possibly be, his heart and cock pounding as he sucked in air with short gasps. “Have you earned it? Have you pleased your king? Do you deserve to be allowed to cum?” Viktor’s voice was like the low growl of a wild animal as he spoke in a hushed tone to the boy at his side. “Tell me. Tell me what you deserve.”

Yuri’s toes curled in his boots as he fought off the immediate urge- it almost hurt- as his cock swelled against the metal as though it might burst. “Please- please I can prove it..” already Yuri’s voice was cracking as he leaned back into the leather seat. Trembling fingers gripped Viktor’s thigh and crept upwards, palming against the firmness between his lover’s muscular legs. The boy practically slumped over, pressing his face into the tented trousers as nimble fingers worked to unbutton his clothes. He wanted a taste- if he couldn’t have the same pleasure- he at least wanted to feel it on his tongue. A silky, petal-pink tongue rubbed across the tip of Viktor’s salty cockhead, eagerly lapping up the precum there as his own prick remain docile between his thighs.. Even just having him like this was enough to drive Yuri wild. Perhaps it was just his excitable youth, but the boy adored every inch of Viktor.

His hand firmly held Yuri in his lap. The power exchange was driving him insane. He had never done anything like this with another lover. It was a whole new dynamic that Yuri allowed Viktor to explore. His body felt electric as he commanded the boy, his heart racing and skin tingling with excitement as Yuri went down on him. He could feel tears collecting in his lashes as he sobbed Yuri’s name. The boy was beautiful, more so than any other person Viktor had ever seen. There was a fire that burned between them, an unbreakable connection that seemed to tether him to Yuri’s soul. He would rather die than not have the boy by his side. He would rather never see the world again if Yuri wasn’t in it. He rutted into the boy’s mouth and knew that he would never let him go. He would never be without the blond. “I’m.. I’m going to cum, Yura,” Viktor said through unsteady breaths. “I want you to cum. Soak your pretty dress for me.”

Yuri couldn’t have disobeyed even if he tried- the boy’s cock gave in- staining his cotton undergarments with a few needy dots of cum. His body shuddered, clearly not used to only being confined, but Viktor’s smooth purr and tipsy antics weren’t anything he could defend himself against. The farm boy was left panting through his nose as he snuck his mouth down a little deeper- daring to even take Viktor further as he worked his tongue in a frantic fashion.

He finished with a muffled groan, spilling his seed into Yuri’s mouth as he softly bucked his hips. He felt amazing, his body going tense then suddenly becoming boneless as he sagged like a sack of noodles against the leather of the back seat. His eyes were closed as he lazily took deep breaths. The Tsarevich’s mind went clear for a second as he looked to the blond with a baffled stare. “Did you just cum on demand?”

Yuri took in a shaken breath as he slowly sat up, swallowing down the seed spread across his tongue and wiping his lips of saliva. It took him a moment to even realize what Viktor was asking- “..I think so.” He panted, cheeks burning as he confessed. “Or maybe it just happened-” He quickly defended, realizing the power Viktor would wield over him.. Even if the thought left him feeling like jelly. But it was too late, they both knew, Yuri was quite a little performer.

“My friends at the club are going to love you when you finally meet them.. That is an excellent party trick,” Viktor said with a lopsided grin as he tucked himself back into his pants, producing a handkerchief from his pocket to dab at Yuri’s lips before sliding under his frock to clean away some of the mess there. “You always keep me guessing, Yura. There are so many little talents that you possess that are just...just... You really are astounding.”

Yuri almost rolls his eyes but his exhaustion wins over- “It’s hardly a talent.” He does manage a little smile, even if it’s slightly tired and a little embarrassed. But he doesn’t care to defend himself, it seems to have pleased his Tsarevich.. So perhaps it wasn’t such an awful accident.

Their car is steadily approaching the cottage, and Yuri can see the dim light sneaking through the gaps of their shabby curtains as they arrive- but what he notices first is a modest, handsomely built barn just paces away from their home. “..Vitya?” He looked to his lover, drinking in that fox-like smile. “You built us a barn-?” He sounded almost upset, as though the emotions were too overwhelming- how could a noble be so kind? Or was this simply a quirk of Viktor’s alone?

“I didn’t want your goats to be cold,” Viktor mumbled as the car came to a stop, his hand resting on Yuri’s thigh. “I’m serious about wanting to marry you.” His eyes were cast down, fixed on his boots as he tried to think of what to say. He hoped Yuri could feel how devoted he was. The Tsarevich climbed out of the car and hurried around to the other side to hold the door open for Yuri.

There seemed to be a heaviness to Viktor’s words that were starkly different to the whispers of pleasure they’d shared earlier. But Yuri can still smell the faint taste of vodka on his lips while champagne bubbles on his own.. Emotions always seem to flit about when one indulges but Yuri can appreciate the genuine nature that follows after. “I want to marry you too.” He whispers when they are left standing by the car, fingers laced into one another.

They walk in silence to the barn, Yuri’s smile is slightly teary as he looks upon it. Their little goat rests happily inside, bleating quietly upon seeing Yuri. “I bet papa cried.” Yuri gives a little puff as he speaks- as though he weren’t also bordering on tears. “..Thank you, Vitya.” He mumbles, sleepily resting his forehead against the firm muscle of Viktor’s arm.

“Anything for you. Anything.” Viktor escorted Yuri to the front door of the cottage, his smile infinite as he waited for the blond to disappear inside, before turning to head back to the waiting car. He knew he had done the right thing. He had made the right choice by bringing Yuri into his world and in return tumbling head first into Yuri’s simple farm life, but the blond was far from simple.. And the Tsarevich knew he had so much more to learn.

Chapter Text

The air was warmer than it had been in a long while as Viktor decided to ride his bicycle from the palace to Yuri’s cottage home. The roads had been cleared earlier in the day, making the Tsarevich’s journey far less perilous as he rode over the dirt path leading away from the city, but Viktor wanted to enjoy a moment of peace. Choosing to take a more scenic route along the slowly sprouting fields as he picked up speed along the sloping trail. Viktor was unable to stop himself from chuckling as he looked behind him as a dark car that had been following him for as long as it could came to a halt and the men were forced from the vehicle. The well dressed guards having no choice but to continue on foot to keep a watchful eye on the Tsarevich.

The Plisetsky cottage soon began to appear in the distance, seeming to come forward from the mid morning fog like some sort of magic house from the stories Viktor’s mother used to tell him. It felt like a second home, even though he and Yuri had been together for such a short amount of time.

When the tires of Viktor’s bike came to a slow, steadying halt, Yuri glanced up from his spot on the covered porch, eyes wide as he gazed upon his Tsarevich. “Vitya-!” He quickly pushed the wooden bucket between his legs away, leaving the laundry there to soak as he tugged on a robe. The boy had been stripped down to just a pale, loose cotton dress but he felt the need to cover up as booted guards crunched down the stony path.

“I didn’t realize you were coming,” He looked a little pink in the cheeks, “Warn me next time!” He gave a little laugh, embarrassed that his hands were soaked from scrubbing clothes with vinegar.

Yuri toed closer, eagerly reaching out to touch and embrace his guest.

“I wanted to surprise you!” Viktor grinned when he saw the simple dress that Yuri had been wearing when he first hopped off of his bike, wishing he could just push the robe away to expose more of Yuri’s creamy flesh as he wrapped his arms around the blond’s shoulders. “I missed you, and I wanted an excuse to get some exercise, by riding my bike.”

Viktor nuzzled the top of the blond’s head before leaning in close to softly whisper in the boy’s ear. “Have you been good for me?”

A button nose buried into the clean scent of Viktor’s woolen coat, so pleased to be embraced in the sweet aroma of the palace. “I missed you too- I always do.” Yuri rolled his eyes at his own silly sentiment.. Feeling so foolish and romantic when he spoke like this.. But he couldn’t deny its truth. “And.. yes, I’ve been good.” He mumbled back, pressing a little closer so Viktor could feel the thin metal of his chastity belt through the gauzy fabric of his dress. “I’ve been wearing it all morning.” He confessed with reddened cheeks.

“I’m glad.. Now I feel better about bringing you a reward. You’ve earned it by being so good,” Viktor said with a cheeky smirk as he turned back toward his bike. His hands paused at the lid of a small wicker basket attached to the front, glancing over his shoulder to Yuri with a playful false frown. He shut the lid tightly when he saw the blond was watching him. “Close your eyes! I want you to be surprised.”

Yuri blinked curiously, only to squeeze his eyes shut with a furrowed brow as Viktor pleaded with him to play along. The boy gave a little puff, clearly not used to this- but there was a fluttering in his heart that made him all the more excited for a surprise. “What is it--?!” He yelped excitedly, a soft laugh even bubbling up in his chest as he listened to Viktor shuffle around with a wicker basket. Yuri could only imagine.. The Tsarevich seemed to have an obsession with giving gifts- or perhaps he just enjoyed seeing Yuri pink in the face.

Viktor was careful as he cupped his hands and urged the small white body from the basket. The idea had came to him after their last meeting, but he had wanted to find the perfect gift to give Yuri, refusing to settle on just any ordinary thing. He couldn’t help but smile as he walked over to the blond, clearing his throat before softly speaking. “Will you put your hands out? Close together...I don’t want your gift to fall to the ground.”

Small hands cupped together and eagerly jutted out, pleading for their prize as the anxiety in Yuri’s belly swirled. He could hear Viktor stepping closer and the soft puff of breath nearing him. The urge to squint his eyes and peek through his blond lashes was nearly impossible to ignore but he managed to avoid spoiling it for himself, “Ah! You know I can’t take getting gifts as it is- you’re torturing me.” Yuri could practically feel Viktor grinning at him.

The Tsarevich swallowed his squeal of glee as he settled the kitten into Yuri’s hands. He had traveled to visit a close friend after hearing that the other man’s cat had just delivered a litter of kittens. Knowing that Chris wouldn’t settle on just any feline when he had decided to get a pet all those years ago. So, Viktor knew the little animal was high quality. Her fur was an elegant white and her eyes sparkled an eerie yellow that seemed to glow, but her nose was a perfect pink heart in the center of her face. He had loved her immediately, but was currently praying that Yuri would love her as well. “Don’t drop her…”

The moment her warm, pink paw-pads pressed against his palms, he knew exactly what Viktor had surprised him with. The snowy little ball of fur was cupped perfectly between his fingers, her small head resting against his wrists. “Vitya..” Yuri’s voice almost broke as he blinked his eyes open to stare at the mewling little face. “She’s perfect-” He grit his teeth, clutching the kitten against his cheek as he buried his face into the warm confines of Viktor’s chest once more. He reached up, struggling to press a kiss to Viktor’s cheek from his tip-toes.

The silver haired man beamed, bouncing from foot to foot as he saw the loving way that Yuri cuddled the small kitten to his chest. “Ahhh, I’m so glad that you like her. I just brought her back from Switzerland the other day and while I think she enjoyed prowling around my bedroom, but I thought she would enjoy living with you much better.”

“I love her.” Yuri assured, bobbing his head firmly as he looked to his little pet. His gaze was firm, clearly determined to take the best possible care of her, perhaps almost too stern for just a kitten. But Yuri was already making a perfect new mother. “Thank you..” Yuri’s cheeks bloomed with color as soft purrs gently vibrated against his hands, leaving him unable to fight the smile that tugged at his lips.

“I also got this for her, but if you want a different color I could take you into town and we can pick something different,” Viktor said sheepishly, holding up a light green leather collar. The material was butter soft in his hands as the Tsarevich held out the second offering with a small smile. “I didn’t get it engraved yet. I wanted you to pick the perfect name for her.”

Short fingers reached out to grasp her new collar, looking it over in his hands with curiosity. “I like it.” He assured, knowing Viktor needed to hear that promise. “A name..” The boy frowned for a moment, looking over his new kitten with a keen eye- he certainly had to pick a perfect name- although Sergei usually teased him for suggesting odd names for their goats and hens.

“Potya,” He chirped. “Mama used to call our cow Potya.” The cow was gone- sold for money- but Yuri still liked the nickname.

“It’s a lovely name,” Viktor said softly, a slight hint of remorse tugging at his heart when he thought about how he would never get to meet Yuri’s mother, and how he knew she was a huge influence on Yuri’s life. His stomach felt heavy as he searched for the right thing to say, hands awkwardly clasped in front of him. “Your mother sounds like she was an amazing woman.”

“Well.. I guess you’ll just have to share your mother with me.” Yuri looked a little sheepish but a smile still remained on his usually pinched face. Once more he pressed up onto his toes to lavish a warm, slightly berry-tinted kiss to Viktor’s cheek. “Do you want to come inside-? We have tea,” Yuri offered, looking still bewildered by the surprise visit but not the least bit upset.

“I.. I actually can’t stay,” Viktor said with a frown as he reached out to stroke the kitten’s soft fur, eyes looking to Yuri with a saddened glance as he pulled his watch from his pocket to check the time. “I have a meeting with my father and some of the men of the council, but you know I’d rather be here with you,” Viktor added quickly. “You and our sweet, Potya.”

Resignation crossed Yuri’s face for a moment, passing over the loveliness of his eyes before he gave a reluctant sigh. “I’d rather you be here too.” Yuri couldn’t think of what to say- he wasn’t upset- he would see his Tsarevich soon enough. They had been inseparable aside from the few sporadic trips Viktor had to leave for, but Yuri never blamed him for the absences. “Hurry back then- I want to see you again. Papa bought flour so I can make you bread.” Yuri offered, looking quite pleased with himself for having such a talent.

“I would love that,” Viktor said with a smile as he pressed a kiss to the blond’s cheek with a deep sigh as he turned back to his bike. His stomach pleaded with him to stay, the temptation of fresh bread and other delicious foods prepared by his princess made him realize that he hadn’t eaten since breakfast. “I’ll try to come back soon, maybe tomorrow? You could bake me whatever you want and we will have a feast.”

Yuri followed him towards the gate, listening to the familiar clang of ancient wood and rusted locks as Viktor left their garden. “Tomorrow then.” He bobbed his head, mind already filling with thoughts of fresh baked goods and jams he could make for Viktor to enjoy. Potya gave a soft mewl as Yuri pressed close to steal another kiss, “Don’t keep us waiting.” He teased, his eyes scrunching as he smiled.

“I promise to be here on time.”


His fist pounded on the door, cutting through the silence of the late night as he waited on the doorstep of the cottage. Viktor clutched his coat tightly around him as the chill of the night air crept up his spine. He knocked again, checking his watch as he waited again.

Sergei was the one to answer, nearly flinging open the cottage door when he realized who was practically rattling their home with relentless banging. “What are you doing here-?” He questioned, voice a near hiss, but Viktor was pushing inside. In the depths of their small home, Yuri was curled up on one of the pillow covered wooden benches, eyes sleepy as he nuzzled his cat and stared into the fire. Clearly the knocking had startled him from his dozing- but the moment he saw Viktor’s wide-eyed look, he felt entirely too alert.

“..Vitya? Why are you here?” Sergei stood watch, arms crossed over his broad chest as his lithesome brother slinked closer to the Tsarevich. Emerald eyes met for a moment, but Sergei refused to budge.. Viktor seemed on edge, enough so that neither Plisetsky felt entirely comfortable but the eldest wouldn’t dare leave his brother.

“I just need a moment to speak to Yuri alone,” Viktor stated firmly, blue eyes narrowed at Sergei as he spoke. “I.. I just need to talk to him. So if you would please give us just a moment, I would greatly appreciate it.” His tone was rushed, hands clenching and unclenching as he waited for the older Plisetsky to leave.

“Keep it brief- Yura is exhausted.” But the boy was shooing his brother away, even rolling his eyes at Sergei’s argument. Unease filled the room- enough that Sergei finally fled- feeling completely strange when caught between the two lovers. Once alone, Yuri slowly stood, eyes weary as he looked over Viktor’s irritated state.

“..Has something happened?” Yuri frowned, looking firmly to the Tsarevich as they stood beside the crackling fire.

“I won’t be able to come over tomorrow or even for a while...” Viktor said with a faraway voice, a strange softness to his tone as he sighed deeply. His blue eyes were fixed on the floor in front of Yuri as he tried to avoid the other man’s disappointed look. “I.. I'm sorry.”

“Tell me- tell me what’s happened-?” Yuri sounded frantic now, clearly not able to stand the gentleness of Viktor’s tone nor the ambiguity of his words. Why was Viktor so upset? What had transpired from just the few hours spent apart..? Yuri’s heart was racing, beating out of his chest to nearly deafen him.

“I’m leaving first thing in the morning, and I wanted the chance to see you before I left,” the silver haired man said with a tight frown, one hand reaching out to grasp one of Yuri’s. He gave the smaller boy a reassuring squeeze as he tried to put on a brave face, finally mustering up the courage to look the blond in the eye. “There’s been a conflict. Not with us.. We are amazing. But it has been decided that the empire is going to be entering into war. I’ll be leading a group of men into Japan and I don’t know when I’ll be back.” The words felt like ash in his mouth as he forced himself to say them. The meeting with his father had simply been a gathering of the war council. “I’m sorry, Yura.”

Angry little tears prickled in Yuri’s eyes as he listened- the desire to curl a fist into the wall or even shout felt overwhelming. This couldn’t be true.. This was simply a nightmare. Viktor wasn’t leaving- he would wake up in the morning and all would be well. But the Tsarevich stood here, a very intimidating presence in the middle of their cottage. “No- no you can’t go.” Yuri’s voice was thick, garbled with tears and sadness as he choked on his own emotion. “No!” He yelped- Sergei was tense in the hallway, trying to stay away as he listened to his brother sob.

“Vitya..” War meant death.

“I don’t have a choice,” The burden was heavy on his heart as he pulled the boy in his arms and shushed the blond. His fingers carded through Yuri’s hair, swallowing down his own sadness as he fought to comfort his young lover. “I have a duty to my country and to the men that will stand by my side in battle. I promise to write you every day.. I know you can’t read, but I will have my mother tell you what they say. I’ll do everything I can to fight and win this battle so I can come home. I will come home, Yura.”

The force of his crying was causing Yuri’s teeth to chatter as he clung to the comforting wool of Viktor’s coat. Never had he cried this achingly, not since his mother had passed. Viktor couldn’t leave him- not now- but.. It wasn’t his choice. Caught between anger and melancholy, Yuri could only muster the strength to cling to his Tsarevich. “Please come home- please..” Yuri’s begging was muddled but spoken firmly- he wasn’t asking- he was demanding. “I need you.”

Viktor nodded, hugging Yuri tightly as the blond continued to cry. He wiped the tears away with the sleeve of his coat as he peppered the small Russian’s face with eager kisses. Viktor pulled away to catch Yuri’s chin in his hand, making the blond look him in the eye as the Tsarevich spoke. “I will come home to you. I will come home and marry you, Yuri Plisetsky. I swear to you. I love you.”

Another quiet sob fell from his quivering lips as Viktor grasped him.. Shouldn’t the Tsarevich be the one in tears? He hated himself for being so weak.. Viktor needed him to be strong. “I love you too.” Yuri whispered, voice achingly tender as he curled his fingers into his lover’s firm arms. “I want to marry you-- and.. and.. Have your babies when you come back- and I’ll never let you leave again!” The boy was fumbling for his words but he couldn’t stop them, they felt too good to speak aloud.

“I will come back.” Viktor held Yuri for one final moment before turning to leave, pausing at the door and deciding to return once more to his lover’s side. He slid a ring from his finger, presenting the heavy golden band to the blond with a sad smile. He pushed it up one of Yuri’s thin fingers, knowing good and well it was too big, but needing to having the symbolic gesture. “This was a gift from my father when I turned eighteen.. Keep it safe until I can come back and give you a real engagement ring.”

The jeweled ring, fit for a prince’s hand, felt heavy on Yuri’s willowy finger. Still warm from Viktor’s own heat, and sparkling in the light of the fire.. Yuri felt his throat hitch once more with a shuddering wave of angry tears. “I love you, Vitya.” Yuri whimpered, wrapping his arms tight around Viktor’s middle as he clenched his fist to keep the ring on his hand. With a final, frustrated squeeze, the boy pulled away to practically dart into the shared bedroom and rifle hazardously through a set of uneven drawers until he found his prize. A pale scarf, one with deep red patterns and bright, vivid green leaves, and yellow daisies stitched into it.

“Keep this-” He pushed the heavy scarf into Viktor’s hands. “Look at it and think of me.. moya lyubov.” Yuri clenched his jaw to fight back any more tears.

The Tsarevich nodded as he tucked the scarf carefully around his neck and into the top of his jacket. “I.. I need to return to the palace. I’m going to try and get some sleep before boarding the train in the morning. I just needed to see you, and I’m glad you were willing to receive me.” With one final nod he headed off into the night, climbing into the darkness of the automobile that had brought him here. He stared at his feet, unable to watch the cottage disappear into the distance. “Dasvidaniya, Yura.”

Chapter Text

Yuri is tucked into the warm, candle lit room of Mariya’s study. The heavy, brocade curtains are drawn, sweeping across the floor with their golden trim. The fading sun is blocked out from the cozy chamber, creating a kind world completely distanced from the snowy land beyond. The air is scented with beeswax and firewood. Yuri almost wishes he could sleep here- spending everyday here- but it would cause him too much pain. Everywhere he looks, he sees Viktor. Even the Tsarina’s face is a portrait of him, with her softened smile and sparkling eyes. Yuri so wishes he were here.. But through her, he can still be connected.

As Yuri curls up with another book, one filled with brightly painted images and a spine decorated with little pale flowers, a soft rapping echos through the study. “Your highness,” It’s a guard speaking lowly, voice soft to match the evening. Mariya is speaking quietly to him and as she bobs her head, the flouncy silver bun gently loosens a few locks of hair to fall along the sides of her pointed face.

“Yura, you have a letter.” She beams, shuffling in her heavy dresses to offer the boy a thick, ivory envelope stamped with a thick wad of red wax. Her steps are quiet as she moves across the parquet floor, hardly making a sound as she settled beside him.

“Is it from Viktor-?” He looks up eagerly, blinking his wide eyes as his trembling hands clutch the icy paper. The question is obvious- of course it is- even Yuri’s name is scrawled across the top in elegant loops. “..Will you read it to me?”

Mariya nodded, settling down into a seat near to Yuri as her long, elegant fingers tore open the envelope. The paper was slightly tarnished with dirt and smudged ink, all of it slightly torn at the corners from the long journey home from Japan. She turn it around to the front once more, admiring the recognizable scrawl of her second born before passing the envelope to Yuri while she shuffled through the contents.

The pages seemed endless, Viktor had always had a talent for words and now was no different. The Tsarina cleared her throat, smoothing down the pages on the table in front of her.

“Dear Yura, it was a never ending train ride from the palace to the coast and with each passing day I realized just how much it means to me to have you by my side. Being unable to wake up and have the luxury of seeing your lovely face and shining eyes is enough to make my heart ache to abandon my duty and return home, but unfortunately I have a responsibility to protect our homeland which in a way is me protecting you even if I’m miles away,” Mariya paused, her mouth dry as she watched the way her son’s words seemed to cause Yuri’s eyes to water. However, she continued, knowing that the blond wanted to hear what her son had written. “My thoughts of you keep me motivated, and I cannot wait to win this battle so that I may have you in my arms again.”

Yuri sat, trembling as he listened to Mariya’s ringing voice tenderly read the worn letter to him. How he wished he could read it himself.. But her voice seemed to meld into Viktor’s, as though he were listening to the sweet, poetic musings straight from his mouth. As the letter continued on he could practically hear the eagerness of his writings- describing their wedding with utmost delight as he confessed to having little else to do at night but imagine their days of celebration. Even Mariya’s sapphire eyes glittered with tears as she thought of her son marrying his true love.. His true love in the form of a tiny, flax-haired boy with dirt under his nails.

How she loved him already.. Yuri was like a child she wished to care for. So strong and tender, hiding away his emotions until Viktor draws them forth. Her son had always been so forward- but perhaps Yuri needed that little push. As she read, she couldn’t help but imagine them hand in hand, smiling as the snow flecks their cheeks and settles in their hair.

“Goodbye for now, my Yura. Please be well and think of me, as I think of you, every evening. I know my mother will keep you at her side and for that I am grateful. I love you, my princess.”

Yuri swallowed thickly as listened to the last words of his letter, wishing the pages had never ended. Eagerly he sat up, reaching to gingerly grasp the thick pieces of folded parchment and gather them in his hands. “Thank you.” He whispered, rubbing feverishly at his puffy eyes.

The Tsarina fought back tears of her own, her heart dancing in her chest as she floundered between worry and delight. So happy to see her son finally settling down, but so fearful that the war might claim his life before even having the chance to enjoy like with Yuri. Mariya reached across the table to take Yuri’s hand in hers, gently squeezing the thin hand and lacing their fingers together as she smiled warmly at the blond boy. “He truly loves you. I’ve seen Viktor smitten with others in the past, but he had never been so fond of anyone like he is you.”

Yuri’s own hands were still as soft fingers gently stroked at his rigid knuckles. “I love him too.” The words felt strange, Yuri hardly even told his father that he loved him- but he felt the need to share his love for Viktor- as though it were an emotion not completely controlled. Blood rushed into his cheeks as he tried to avoid confessing anymore about his partner- to Viktor’s own mother no less- but he did coyly offer a smile. He felt Mariya deserved more than his usually pinched expressions. “..Is it normal to fall in love so quickly?” Yuri didn’t have a mother to ponder these questions with.. But he so dearly wished to understand. Perhaps Mariya could guide him, offer Yuri advice as all children beg of their strong mothers.

Mariya sighed, unsure of how to answer as she tapped at her chin while collecting her thoughts. “My marriage to Vadim was arranged. We were both very young and inexperienced...but in time we learned to love each other. Yet, when I think back, I knew I loved him from the start. I had read about him often. The royal family was always in the paper and I loved the little glimpses of him that I got. I was head over heels when we finally met. It was only a few days before our wedding, but when I saw him I knew that I was very lucky.”

Yuri supposed it must be different for nobles- though Galina had whispered to him that Vladimir would be the only male heir saddled with an arranged marriage. But Mariya had always had such poise.. He was almost certain she could wed anyone and remain just as courteous and tender. Though Vadim had a similar charm to Viktor: heroic and handsome.

“I think my mama and papa really loved each other too.” Yuri bobbed his head as he fiddled with the tasseled edge of a blanket. “Papa still loves her- and.. I think I’d still love Vitya too, if something happened.” Yuri’s blond brows knitted tightly across his forehead as he prayed quietly that the Tsarevich would remain safe on the gruesome battlefield. “I’ve never wanted to make someone happy like this.” He frowned, almost confused by his own emotions, as though it were a duty he was meant to complete. “But.. Papa always wanted mama happy too.”

“You make him very happy, there is no question about how devoted the two of you are to each other,” Mariya said softly. She thought of her own marriage, the time she spent endlessly waiting for Vadim to return from battle, the struggle of raising children without her husband there to share the weight.. But she never let her family know how much she struggled. She lived to make her children happy and to be the devoted wife of the Tsar. It wasn’t an easy trail to traverse, but she made it her own. “Why don’t we write him a letter? Hmmm? I’m sure Vitya would love to hear from you and we could work together on your penmanship and reading… What do you think, Yura?”

“It’s going to look awful-” The boy protested, his face scrunching up as Mariya gathered an inkwell and a few clean pieces of parchment. “He’ll hardly be able to read it.” The boy blushed as he finally settled closer to her, giving into the idea. But despite all his whining, he certainly enjoyed the thought of sharing his mind with Viktor in the privacy of a letter. Slowly he gathered up his thoughts as he stared into the abyss of the pale paper, wondering just what to convey to his dearest as Mariya readied a pen.

“I want to tell him I’m fine- he shouldn’t be worrying about me when bayonets are being pointed in his face.” Yuri huffed softly, heart hammering as he felt a swell of embarrassment wash over him. Dealing with his feelings with Viktor was one thing- but he felt so silly trying to speak his mind to the ever level-headed Mariya. With a final squeeze of his damp palms he began talking, dictating the letter to her, so that he could then copy it in his own scrawl. Words of confession and care were plastered across the page, Yuri always teetering on the edge of too emotional with his feelings, but Mariya of course smoothed out the edges.

When the letter was finished in her elegant script, Yuri took on the daunting task of holding his own pen over a fresh sheet to copy her words down ever so slowly. “..Does it look right?” He panted, squeezing the ivory pen in his little hand as he mimicked her.

“It looks lovely,” Mariya said with a gentle smile as she scanned the lines. It was obvious that the boy had never written anything in his life, but she knew that was far beyond the point. The lettering was endearing, and she could tell that Yuri had put his whole heart into making sure the writing mimicked her own. She knew this would be the first of many lessons, and was devoted to teaching Yuri the basics of reading and writing before her son returned from the war. “You are a very quick learner and you should be proud of how well you copied my writing. That takes great skill. Just think, soon you won’t need me and you’ll be able to write Viktor whatever little secrets the two of you share with each other.”

Regardless of her praise, Yuri still scrutinized it, wishing his words were just as swift and precise as her’s. But it was his best- for now- he certainly had a drive in him to learn and better his abilities at reading. He would one day wish to read to their children, whenever that day came, it would be his desire. “I’ll keep practicing- but my hand hurts already.” He huffed, looking at his own awkward scrawl as the dull ache of unused muscles pulsated in his hand.

“You’ll get used to it, my dear. It is an acquired movement, and your hand will settle into a pattern that works well for you,” Mariya chided, easing the paper away from the blond and blowing softly to make sure the ink had dried. Viktor was going to treasure the letter. It honestly didn’t even matter if he could read it, just the fact that it was from Yuri would be enough. “I can have this sent out tomorrow if you like? However, there is no telling when it will actually reach him, but I’m sure when it does it will brighten his day.”

“Tomorrow if you can, please.” Yuri had to fight sounding overeager and demanding but he could hardly wait to send his letter in the hopes of having a swift response. His heart thumped happily as he imagined being given another thickly sealed letter stuffed full of love and devotion from Viktor. “Can I send him things?” Yuri inquired, glancing to the handmade blankets that were draped over the edge of their sofas. “I want to make him something.. He never got to try my bread.” He glanced to Mariya, looking hopeful, “Could you teach me how to sew too?”

“I’m afraid bread wouldn’t be something that we could send him, but something you’ve sewn would be easy to send in the mail,” Mariya said with a thoughtful glance to some of the pieces that she had made, that were currently strewn about the room. She had often stitched floral handkerchiefs or knit scarves with the double headed eagle for Vadim.. She was sure that yuri could pick up the simple repetitive motion and that it would be a welcomed distraction for the blond. “Was there something in particular you’d like to learn? Sewing is a very broad category and there are many many things I could teach you.”

Yuri tilted his head in thought, the immediate ideas that filled his mind were of elaborate projects- ones certainly exceeding his beginner skills and even time. “Maybe a scarf, or a handkerchief, just something he can keep with him.” Yuri scaled down his grand ideas- deciding to save those for when he improved. “I want it to have a kitten- or a tiger!” The boy grinned, looking quite pleased with his vision of a bold creature stitched across wool cloth.

“We could start with something simple,” Mariya chuckled, rolling her eyes at how eager the small blond was to just jump into advanced stitching. She could remember how excited she had been to make tokens of her affection for Vadim, but luckily she had been taught by her mother from a young age. She didn’t want to discourage Yuri, but she didn’t want him to get frustrated or overwhelmed while learning a new skill. “How about a heart? We could do something like that and try to do your name as well?”

Yuri looked only mildly appeased by her suggestion, though he supposed it would be good practice before he sent anything much larger than a handkerchief. “I could manage that.” He beamed, feeling a little stroke of happiness as he thought of sending Viktor something, it truly was a welcome distraction from the thought of any cruelty his love was facing. Yuri was certainly one to succumb to the negative anger over the war rather than putting his focus somewhere more productive. But with Mariya’s help, they would both make it. Vadim and Viktor would be gone for who knew how long.. The war certainly seemed unexpected to the peasant people but perhaps that meant it would have a swift end as well.

Mariya had started collecting wartime photos of Vadim when she was just a young woman, amassing a sizeable collection into her later years. It kept her mind busy, something she seemed to need during those long times of isolation. While the Tsar was away, she scoured every newspaper, desperately searching for signs that her husband was alive and well. The Tsarina had picked up that habit during Vadim’s second time away, and during that period she began collecting photos of Viktor as well. She had large leather bound books, shyly offering the one she had started for her son to Yuri during one of the afternoons they had decided to spend together.

“I want you to have this,” Mariya said softly, pushing the heavy tome across the crisp white tablecloth toward the blond with a reserved smile.

Fingers worn from days of learning how to stitch, Yuri tenderly reached out to grab the heavy book, only to eagerly paw at it the moment he realized it was filled with photos. “Is this Vitya?” He grinned, looking to her with true appreciation for this treasure. Inside were dozens of photos, paintings and other clippings of her valiant son. When Viktor was eighteen he was only sporting a few medals and long, elegant hair, but by twenty-three, Viktor had his handsome cropped locks and a chest full of ribbons. “I remember hearing about Vitya, when I was just a child.” Yuri noted, scanning the photos for every possible image of Viktor. “And mama used to say the Tsar was handsome too.” Yuri blushed with a slight roll of his eyes.

“I’m used to women fawning over my husband. It is something a Tsarina needs to recognize as inevitable.” Mariya’s laugh was light and airy as she pulled a bundle of papers from the chair beside her and spread them out across the tabletop. “Would you like to go through the paper with me? I’ve saved a few from the last few weeks and I thought it would be nice for us to read about how our boys are doing?”

Yuri leaned forward in his chair, elbows pressed into the table as he looked to the thin stacks of newspapers. Everything was written boldly, and over the weeks he’d come to understand a few things, particularly “war,” “Russia,” and “Nikiforov.” But slowly Yuri was beginning to sound out the simpler words. Thankfully every paper showcased a grainy photograph or even a drawing, with Vadim and Viktor depicted across them all. Bright eyes went even wider as he looked to the war-torn faces of their nobility.. Gazes deep and proud even with blood across their uniforms. But Yuri could see, even in the hazy photo, the pattern of his scarf wrapped snuggly around Viktor’s throat and tucked into his woolen jacket. “Look-!” He yelped, pointing out the photo to Mariya with pride, “He’s wearing it..” Yuri’s voice cracked with relief, so pleased to see that Viktor was still breathing and bearing his colors.

“It looks lovely on him,” Mariya remarked as she traced the outline of her son’s face before doing the same with Vadim. It terrified her to see their clothing smeared with blood, she could tell how tired they both looked, mouths set into forced smiles as they waved to the camera, trying desperately to appear strong and noble. She prayed they would return soon as she clipped another image from the paper. “Did you see this one? Vitya is wearing a cat shaped pin on his lapel… That has to be for you.”

Yuri could hardly describe his emotions, it all felt so real, this wasn’t a fantasy. Viktor was declaring his love even across the waters and through this war. Tears prickled at his eyes as he stared at the photo, trying his best to stifle the sounds as he admired the sharp lines of Viktor’s face. “I want him home.” Yuri whispered, jaw clenched as he looked to Mariya. The boy hadn’t really thought about her pain- she was clearly used to this- but he doubted someone could ever adjust to the absence of their love.

“I know dear...I know,” Mariya replied sorrowfully, her blue eyes beginning to water as she thought about her husband, and the numerous nights she had spent alone in their bed chamber. She missed the walks they would take in the garden and the time they spent just enjoying the comfortable silence they would share while sipping tea. “They will come back to us, but we have to be patient.”

Patience was hardly a talent of Yuri’s. It felt like years- even if it were mere months that crawled past them as they waited for their beloveds to return. Hardly could he count the tears that streaked his cheeks when he curled up in bed, begging Sergei to keep him company. On some days he even managed to pluck up the courage to ask if he could spend the evenings in Viktor’s bed, with a reluctant yes from his father and a silent nod of understand from Mariya. Yuri would bury his nose in Viktor’s pillow and dream of summer days spent in one another’s arms rather than scribbling out letters with frustration. Only in the confines of Viktor’s bed, with Makkachin whining softly at his feet, did he feel any peace.


It had been months. Spring had came and was beginning to fade into a summer that had been colder than it ever had been in previous years. Mariya watched as her children became restless, and as Yuri began to spend more and more time at the palace. The blond was a shell of his former self, a heavy sadness following him around like some impenetrable gloom. They were all beginning to lose faith..

She had gotten the letter late one evening, just as she was getting ready for bed. The guard had been insistent that the Tsarina read it at once, claiming that it had came right from the front lines and the Tsar himself. Mariya tore into the envelope, holding it close to the stubby candle as she struggled to read it in the low light. Her heart climbed into her throat, fingers clutching the letter tightly. They were coming home. Her Vadim and Vitya were coming home.

The sky was a deep, foreboding color when the palace seemed to burst into life. The cries of neighing horses and loud, overworked cars filled the city. Even in the depths of the palace, no one could escape the intensity of their arrival. The children, tucked away in their beds, were soon roused by the sounds of shouting and the rapid running of servants up and down the halls. Vadim and Viktor had come early, nearing the early hours of the morning when they trudged in, valiant despite their weariness.

It was the twins who woke Yuri, pulling him from the safety of his bed and tugging at his arms until he leapt out of bed. Their shouts of delight and relief settled deep in his heart, practically yelling along with them that the Tsar and Tsarevich had arrived safely. “He’s home-” Through clenched teeth he whispered his thanks.

Barefooted, he ran through the impressive hallways, uncaring that his nightgown was hardly a slip of fabric and that his hair was messy from linen pillows. He wanted more than anything to see him, after months of waiting, of yearning, of trying his best to scratch down his thoughts onto paper-- he would finally be with Viktor.

“Vitya!” he sobbed, clutching onto him, fingers digging into the woolen fabric as he crashed into his fiance with all the ferocity of a tiger. Willowy arms caged him, holding Viktor close as he buried his face into the dirtied fabric of his uniform- even Yuri’s toes stepped on muddied boots as he clung.

The Tsarevich spun the blond in his arms, his face buried into the crook of Yuri’s neck as he whispered sweet words of adoration. He was overcome by emotions, his heart pounding as he took in all of Yuri, everything that he had feared he would never see again. He had survived. He had made it back. The petite boy smelled like home, like the wonderful scent of the country that Viktor had missed so much while he was away. It felt right to have Yuri in his arms again. Everything felt perfect.

In this moment of bliss Yuri could hardly remember a moment of the agony. Everything seemed worth the pain of the unknown.. He would wait a thousand years if it meant Viktor was home safe.. here he was. Viktor, with his handsome smile and velvet voice just like a lullaby. “I missed you- I missed you so much.” He whispered through hot tears, burying his face into the wind-chilled flesh of his lover’s throat. “You’re safe.” One more sob, this one a true confession of his fear.

“I missed you too,” Viktor replied tightly, tears gathering in his eyes as he hugged the blond tightly. He was exhausted, body aching for rest and recuperation after the long journey home. He hadn’t seen a decent night sleep in weeks, the end of the war just beginning the uphill battle toward peace for both nations. “We should go inside, Yura. You must be cold.”

In Viktor’s arms, Yuri could simply melt. He wanted nothing more than to crawl into bed and peel the uniform from his flesh. Surely he would examine every inch of Viktor’s flesh just to look for any trauma, only to kiss it away as they both fell asleep. But Yuri only offered a nod as he slowly unfurled his arms to tug him inside of the brightly lit, bustling palace. “Can you rest first- I don’t want you to do anything before then.” Already speaking like a little noble he was, clearly spending time around the Nikiforov children had made Yuri less than worried about speaking his demands in the palace.

Viktor nodded, hands carding through the blond’s hair as he spoke. “I love the idea of that, Yura. Why don’t we-”

“Vitya? Should I put my things in your room?” The voice was soft, and the words in broken Russian as a dark haired man appeared at Viktor’s side. He was taller than Yuri, deep brown eyes glancing fondly at the Tsarevich as he held a large embroidered rucksack in his thin hands. His features were gentle, eyes and mouth both conveying the casual happiness that seemed to flow out of him as he simply stood there and waited patiently for an answer.

Yuri glanced towards the uniformed man with a soft flush across his face and rounded jaw. “..Who are you?” He asked abruptly, knitted brows as he looked at the heavy pack in his hands and the look of exhaustion in the stranger’s honeyed gaze.

“He’s a dear friend of mine,” Viktor said with a shy smile.

“Katsuki Yuuri,” The dark haired man took a step forward, a reserved smile across his lips as he spoke. “First son of the Emperor of Japan. It is a pleasure to meet you, Yuri Plisetsky.”

Chapter Text

Yuri is curled up at the fire, seated happily in Viktor’s lap while his eyes stare half-opened into the flames. “Your hands feel so cold still..” Yuri frowns, grasping the Tsarevich’s fingers in his own and rubbing at the flesh tenderly. He would rather bombard Viktor with a million questions.. But the hour is late and neither of them can quite speak of their woes yet..

“I can’t believe I’m meeting the famous Yuri Plisetsky.” Comes the warm voice of their guest from the darkness of the bedroom. Yuuri is settles in a chair near them after setting his belongings aside with a heavy sigh. “If Viktor wasn’t discussing strategy, then he was speaking of you.” The sentiment makes Yuri’s heart flutter excitedly, despite his exhaustion. “It’s an honor to meet the boy who has captured his heart.”

Yuri’s cheeks are warm with blood as he settles back against Viktor- wishing with all his strength that he might hear what the man had said in the war-torn barracks. But even Viktor looks only half awake and very much like putty beneath him. A gentle hand does manage to squeeze Yuri’s arm, a kind of silent reassurance.

“Really?” The boy’s smile widened as a renewed sense of vigor filled his body.

Yuuri gives a good-natured laugh, bobbing his head gingerly as he speaks, “Yes- more time was spent on those letters he wrote you than training. Even I didn’t write to my Phichit that much!” Yuuri teases in a quieted voice- and even Viktor can wonder how the man can manage to laugh after such an exhausting evening. “Prince Phichit Chulanont is my fiancé,” Yuuri explained with a pink face and a rather timid smile, a look of true devotion in his eyes. Yuri bobbed his head.. Feeling a wave of relief wash over him.

The moment Yuuri had entered their palace he feared who this man was.. This man who Viktor seemed to smile with so easily. But his suspicions were utterly doused with reality, as the photos of Viktor and Yuuri upon his desk revealed a pair of childhood friends rather than lost loves. Quietly he wondered if it was foolish of him to believe that Viktor would hide an old flame from him.. But nothing felt farther from the truth.

“How long have you been engaged?” Yuri asked with a sleepy glance towards the Japanese diplomat.

“Perhaps too long- I’ve loved him since I was just eighteen.” Yuuri’s cheeks filled with color as he rubbed a hand against his own chest. “It’s quite late in the evening to share old memories- but Viktor and I once kissed, we tried-” Laughter bubbled up in his chest, and even Viktor couldn’t help but offer a nostalgic chuckle. “But-- my needs are different from his. I needed more than what Viktor could offer when we were both so young, and Phichit gave that to me- and you can fill Viktor’s life with more than what I could have provided.” Yuuri confesses, hoping to ease the tension that is written across the boy’s face.

Yuri had thought that he might feel angry.. Endlessly used, as though he were a substitute. But rather, he felt even prouder. Viktor needed him- just as he needed Viktor. Perhaps there was truly only one person in the world for another.. and they had found each other. Just as Yuuri had found Phichit, or Mariya had found Vadim.

“There is so much more that I want to learn about you,” Yuuri confessed with a shy smile toward the blond. He took a seat on the edge of Viktor’s massive bed with a casualness that spoke volumes to the familiarity he possessed with the silver haired Russian, crossing his ankles as his hands settled in his lap. Yuuri’s eyes were endless, dark pools that watched the tender way Viktor’s hand rested on one of Yuri’s thighs, the milky white skin exposed as the blond’s sleeping gown inched up. Yuuri was filled with a warm happiness for his friend, but also a creeping sense of sadness as he wished Phichit were here at his side. He shook off the negativity and returned to his train of thought, “However, I’m sure you want to spend the day with Viktor, and I can feel exhaustion beginning to slow me down.. We could dine together for a late dinner? It would be nice to have the company.”

Yuri pressed gingerly against his lover, for a moment the affection radiating between them both intensified.. Perhaps from the ease of Yuri’s nerves. “I can’t really deny that.” Yuri confessed with a frank little smile- he wanted Viktor all to himself for the day- but Yuuri seemed like a calming kind of companion- especially against the chaos that was the Nikiforov household. “I’d like that, Yuuri.” The boy bobbed his head as he stroked a pale hand along Viktor’s forearm. It felt divine to touch him once more, as though he would have an endless lifetime to stroke every inch of the lover he had missed so badly.

“Thank you for meeting with me.” Yuuri nodded and rose from the bed with an elegant grace. “I had Vlad help me take my trunk to one of the rooms down the hall. So, for now I will take my leave and let you two lovebirds have some time alone together,” Yuuri said with a wink as he slipped out the door and into the brightly lit hallway.

As the door was closed Viktor pulled Yuri closer to him, the blond felt so right in his arms. It was as if an irreplaceable piece of him had been missing all these months. Yuri’s familiar weight grounded him to reality. “I told you I would come back for you…”

Nearly the moment Yuuri gently clicked the carved door shut, a wave of relief crashed recklessly over Yuri’s body. Hot, pleading tears rolled down his cheeks as Yuri turned to grasp at him. The need to be formal- to remain quiet and more regal than he truly was, all came tumbling down now that he was completely alone with Viktor. “I missed you- I missed you so much..” Yuri pleaded angrily, upset that Viktor had even been ripped from him for a mere few months. The boy sobbed quietly against him, kissing at the Tsarevich’s pale cheeks.

Viktor stood, scooping Yuri into his arms as he crossed the room and eased onto the bed, nestling them both into the mound of pillows that lined the tall wooden headboard. He cooed softly to the blond, his finger smoothing back the messy golden strands while wiping away the hot tears that clung to Yuri’s cheeks. His own eyes were watering, but he decided to stay strong. He was overcome with joy to be with Yuri once again. “I missed you as well, my dear one. It has been a long time, and I was so happy that you gave me your scarf. It kept me warm on the coldest nights.. And your letters were so lovely. I’m so proud of all the work you did.”

Eager, lonely hands crept across Viktor’s back, stroking and tugging at the fabric of his clothes until he could feel the warm muscle beneath. “I saw you.. In the papers, wearing my scarf.” Yuri’s voice was still warbling with tears as he spoke. “And- Mariya gave me a chain for your ring- I didn’t want to lose it.” Yuri had worn it everyday, even while he slept, his fingers curled around the heavy, golden ring that weighed against his frail chest. Already he was tugging it out from beneath his nightgown, revealing the sparkling piece of jewelry to him, “It reminded me of you.” Yuri wouldn’t mention how he cried, or how he kept his chastity belt on for days at a time like a vow.

Viktor smiled, his fingers ghosting along the thick band and tracing the double headed eagle design etched into the front. He could imagine how much Yuri would have lovingly cared for it in his absence, and it made his heart swell as he crushed the blond against his chest with a happy rumbling. He pulled away for only a moment to free the brightly colored fabric of the scarf from inside of his military jacket, wrapping the scarf around Yuri’s blond hair. His Yuri.. His princess.. “I dreamed of you every night. I prayed and prayed that I would come home to you. I.. I want to marry you as soon as possible.”

Tucked away in their nest, beneath blankets and the cover of a heavy canopy, Yuri felt so completely safe. Viktor’s warm, purr of a voice soothed away the pain he felt. “You better-” The boy sobbed for a moment, a burst of emotion cracking through his tear stained smile. He gave a sheepish smile, tugging the scarf a little tighter around his hair just so he could smell Viktor’s skin. “I love you, Vitya.” The boy’s jaw clenched a little as he spoke, trying to keep from crying once again as he buried his nose into the muscular expanse of Viktor’s chest. Beneath the pressed cotton of Viktor’s uniform shirt, he could feel newly healed scars crossing his flesh.. Each one of them sent a shiver of pain down Yuri’s spine as he imagined Viktor trying to heal on his own.

“I will make sure of it, Yura,” Viktor mumbled, tears finally escaping his lashes and running down his cheeks. He felt complete again. The last few months had been like living in a fog, his mind trapped in an inescapable haze as he fought endless droves of soldiers. He had spent sleepless nights with ringing in his ears from all the loud explosions of cannon fire and gunshots ringing out in the air. This was a welcomed quiet, a quiet he had begged and begged to return to. He debated on giving up his riches, his rank.. Even his family if it meant returning to Yuri safely. However, he had been strong enough to overcome everything and travel home a hero.. A soon to be husband. “We can plan as soon as you want. Your wish is my command. We will have a glorious wedding.”

“Papa will want a church wedding.. I’d like that too.” Yuri confessed as he began to gingerly unbutton Viktor’s top. The man was far too dressed for his liking.. He would prefer for them to be naked, lounging languidly in the confines of their warm bed beside the fireplace. “Then we can travel- nobles have those honeymoons-!” He said excitedly, cheeks flushed color. Yuri finally lifted a hand, stroking away the tears that rolled down Viktor’s sculpted cheeks. “..You’re safe here.” Yuri did look a little tense, remembering the way his father would speak of the cruelty of war- but Viktor wasn’t unfamiliar to it either.

Ever so slowly he peeled away the slightly damp fabric of Viktor’s uniform, revealing the stripes of deep pink scars and the white lines of older ones. Delicately he ran a finger across them, watching as Viktor’s body twitched.

“I will find the largest church, it will be as lovely as you are and your father will be proud to see us married.” The silver haired man winced at the delicate pressure of Yuri’s fingers. He hadn’t quite healed all the way yet, the flesh still very tender and livid in some spots. His own hands tugged at the gauzy fabric of Yuri’s night dress, pulling the sheer material over the blond’s head and leaving him clad only in the bright scarf and the heavy ring at his neck. Viktor sucked in a heavy breath as his hands roamed all over Yuri’s nude form. “You haven’t changed at all.. You’re still my beautiful doll. So perfect in every way. I’m lucky that you waited for me.”

Yuri’s skin felt as though it had been warmed by the fire.. body exposed to the cozy air of the fire. “..I’m lucky you returned for me-” Yuri blushed, cheeks going a deep pink as he pressed closer to kiss Viktor’s cheeks excitedly. “You seem to look even more like a hardened warrior.” He whispered, offering a shy smile as he looked over Viktor’s healing scars. “My handsome soldier.” Yuri swallowed hard, feeling ever so silly for the feelings that bubbled up in his chest.

“I would devour you right here if I could,” Viktor whispered, his hands cupping the supple curve of Yuri’s ass, fingers playfully pinching the flesh as he spoke. “I would marry you tonight if it meant I could finally couple with you.. I have struggled so long. Even thinking about you in the purest of ways has resulted in my cock getting hard for you. Have you been good for me while I’ve been gone?”

Yuri’s heart hammered in the cage of his frail chest.. “Yes, yes I’ve been good..” He whispered, breath heavy as he tried to keep himself from completely melting at Viktor touch. He loved the rough purr of his voice when he spoke such filth, it was so completely new. “..I want you. I want to touch you..” Yuri whimpered, nestling downwards and kissing at the scars that littered Viktor’s chest. He wanted his mouth stretched wide and his throat painted with cum.

Viktor spread his legs wide, fingers tangling in Yuri’s hair as he pushed the blond down. His cock was already hard, pearls of precum beading on the head and oozing down the sides of the hot shaft as he urged Yuri toward the meaty flesh. He would give the boy what he wanted, his prick would be a delicious treat that the blond would beg for in due time.. He dreamed of Yuri being unable to resist him, sitting pretty on his knees while working his mouth over the girth of his erection. “Suck me then.. Show me how much you missed me, princess.”

With trembling fingers, Yuri unbuttoned woolen trousers to free the red, excitable length between Viktor’s muscular legs. Even the sight of it, bobbing heavily, was enough to make Yuri’s own prick twitch with delight. For as messy as his mouth might be- the farm boy had tenacity. He leaned forward to swallow up the tip and rub a pink, smooth tongue across the sensitive head before sneaking lower to press sloppy, wet kisses down the sides. Already locks of blond hair were getting caught in the precum slicked organ but he didn’t care- this would be an excuse to bathe with him when they were sated and boneless.

Pale fingers grabbed at Viktor’s thighs, holding him for balance as he crept back up with his eager tongue lavishing every inch in saliva. “You taste so good..” Yuri whispered, breath tickling the tender flesh of Viktor’s cock before he dived forward again to swallow him. Hardly could he reach much further than a few inches- Yuri was prone to gagging- but he worked his sloppy little mouth as much as possible.

Viktor’s head thrashed against the richly embroidered pillows as he fought the urge to thrust into Yuri’s mouth. His legs felt like jelly as the blond bobbed eagerly, his mouth working the small amount of the Tsarevich’s heavy prick that he could manage. Viktor’s hands gripped the duvet, forcing himself not to pull at Yuri’s hair. He felt like being brutal, a strange carnal passion building inside of him as he longed to claim Yuri’s throat. He wanted to touch more of his lover.. “Change your position… I..I want to suck you and eat your sweet little hole.”

Yuri obeyed the order with vigor- body acting on instinct as he pulled away and pushed his pink bottom towards Viktor’s mouth. It felt strange, as though he wasn’t entirely sure how to achieve this feat, but Viktor was grabbing him by the thighs to encourage his little love. “L.. Like this?” He panted, belly flat against Viktor’s as his short cock dangled in front of Viktor’s handsome mouth. The first lick was enough for him to realize that yes- he’d done perfectly- and could return to rubbing his silky tongue against Viktor’s length at an entirely new angle.

Viktor sucked the blond’s pink cock into his mouth. He loved the feeling of the smooth skin of Yuri’s prick on his tongue, the muscle demanding more. Demanding more of the salty liquid that steadily leaked from Yuri’s erection. While laving the blond’s cock, his fingers began to tease the boy’s hole. Viktor pushed gently at the tight ring, never breaching the bright pink circle, but delighting in the way that Yuri’s hips bucked as he played with him. Viktor hummed with appreciation, enjoying his boy’s body was like breathing.. Essential to his life at this point.. He didn’t know how he had lasted so long without Yuri, but knew he would never want for it to happen again.

Yuri hardly lasted more than a few long, loving sucks. The boy had kept his hands to himself- truly relying on his chastity belt to keep himself pure- even from his own fingers when Viktor was gone. He’d dreamed of being touched by him.. But this was far better. Viktor’s tongue was hot and slick, and his fingers were soft, spreading him open tenderly until Yuri could only twitch. The boy came so embarrassingly quickly, one might think he’d never been touched. With a broken sob, Yuri spilled himself into Viktor’s wet, willing mouth, body shuddering as he gave in so very quickly. The only thing keeping him from simply wailing with pleasure was the cock stuffed inches deep in his mouth, being lavished in drool.

Viktor greedily swallowed all of Yuri’s seed, his chest blooming with a rush of warmth as he sucked the blond dry, pulling away from the cock with a deep groan as he felt his own release drawing near. His nails raked down Yuri’s back, dark red lines trailing over his pale ass cheeks and down his thighs. Viktor growled, low and almost dangerous as he steadied Yuri’s head, hands fisted his sweaty blond locks as he came. Viktor moaned Yuri’s name, the word barely above a whisper on his lips as his cock began to pump his sticky load into Yuri’s pink petal, lipped mouth. “Yes.. Yes, Yura..”

Rolls of pleasure thundered down Yuri’s spine as Viktor spurt across his mouth. It was filthy, depraved, but just what he’d been desiring. They had all their lives to be gentle.. But he wanted it now. Months of nothing, hardly a touch, for either of them had left their bodies boiling with lust. An eager mouth opened, swallowing as much as he could while the rest dribbled down his chin to messily fall back down. The two of them were completely debauched, panting the thick air and clutching the flesh beneath their hands tightly. With an exhausted sigh, Yuri crumbled against Viktor’s body, uncaring that his cheek rest against his softened organ or that his nose was buried between sweat slicked thighs.

Viktor’s heart was pounding, a feeling of happiness spreading to every inch of his body as he waited to speak, the words jumbled in his mind. All he could find himself able to do was pant, and gently pet the curve of Yuri’s ass. When he finally was able to make sense of things, he could only manage to say one thing, “Yuri Plisetsky, you are my gift from god...please never let me go.”

Yuri breathlessly rubbed his cheek against Viktor’s muscular leg, pressing a sleepy kiss to the skin there. “You’re stuck with me.” Yuri smiled softly as he finally rolled back over to tuck his overly-flushed face into scarred flesh of his lover’s chest. “I love you.” Yuri whispered sleepily, the hours of his disrupted rest catching up with him as he wrapped an arm protectively around Viktor’s flush figure.

“Come up here, and let me hold you.. We both deserve some rest,” Viktor said sleepily, gathering Yuri into his arms and holding the blond to his chest. Sticky. Sweaty. But most importantly in love.. Their hearts beating as one, sleep finally claimed them.

Chapter Text

Viktor’s knees shook with a nervousness that he had never felt before. He was the son of the Tsar and a military hero, but the twenty minute drive from the palace to the Plisetsky farm house made his stomach flutter and his palms begin to sweat. He chewed on his lip to avoid the uneasy laughter that threatened to bubble up from his chest as the car came to a stop. He wiped his hands on the dark fabric of his pants with a sigh. Today was the day.

The driver hurried around to the side of the car holding open the door as Viktor struggled to make his way out. The Tsarevich exited the car with his arms full. He had been showering Yuri with gifts since his return, and today would be no different.

Like tradition, Yuri was in the garden, knees buried in the soft dirt and dress slightly stained with grass. He was pulling weeds and checking on the small seedlings that were fighting to survive into summer. But perhaps he’d waited too late- the war had ended in August, leaving the fall steadily approaching. But the click of a car door being closed and the crunch of boots on pebbles, pulled Yuri from his tending.

“Vitya,” He grinned, heart fluttering. Had it not been for Sergei, the boy would’ve been spending every moment at the palace.. But he simply couldn’t ignore his duties here, nor could he avoid the watchful gaze of his father.

“I guess I don’t mind you surprising me this time.” The boy rubbed his cheek, resulting in a little smear of dirt to wipe across his chin. Soiled hands buried themselves in his apron before he eagerly reached to embrace his pristine Tsarevich, already so in love with the buttoned up clothes Viktor donned in preparation of the cool Autumn air.

Viktor peeked around the large arrangement of flowers in his arms, cheeks pink as he wrapped Yuri in a hug. He reached up with one gloved hand to wipe away the rich soil that clung to Yuri’s chin. “I am glad to see you, and I hope you don’t mind a few more gifts,” Viktor said with a grin. In the past few days he given Yuri a bounty of treasures that he had collected while in Japan and a few that he had special ordered on his return to Russia. “How is your father? And where is Potya?!” Viktor asked with an excited laugh, linking arms with the blond and heading toward the small cottage house. “Has out kitten turned into a giant spoiled cat yet?”

“Vitya! My house is already full-” Yuri teased as he took in the bright, colorful flowers that practically fell like a waterfall out of Viktor’s arms as they embraced. But truthfully, Yuri was most concerned with returning the gesture.. He had no idea how to express that kind of gratitude.

“Papa is fine, he’s at work- and Potya isn’t giant! She’s tiny,” The kitten was surely the runt of the litter, just like Yuri. He kind of liked how little she was, but no less of a hunter.

Yuri led him inside, shucking off their shoes and whisking the flowers out of Viktor’s arms to greedily place them in his room. He would prefer to tuck them away, but there was hardly an inch of privacy in this cottage. “It’s hard hiding some of your gifts, Sergei is a snoop.” The boy rolled his eyes, having had to lock up the more intimate presents Viktor had presented him with.

“Well, soon you will have a place in the palace to keep them. I was thinking that you would have a dressing room like mama when you eventually move in,” Viktor said with a smile, pulling out one of the heavy wooden chairs at the table that sat half way between the kitchen and living room. The cottage felt like home to him, the familiar smell and deep warmth made his body push away all of the nervousness he had been experiencing. His blue eyes scanned the small space, a slight smirk creeping to his lips as he spoke, “Speaking of my favorite soon to be brother-in-law, is he here today?”

Yuri flitted back in from his bedroom after untying his dirtied apron to leave it on the bed- he wanted to look somewhat decent for Viktor. “A dressing room?” Yuri snickered, cocking his brow, it seemed lavish- perhaps a little unnecessary.. But isn’t that what the Nikiforov lifestyle was about? “No, Seryozha is in the fields today.” Yuri assured with a little nod of his head. “Which means you have me all to yourself.” The boy gave a brightened little smile, seeming to miss the unfamiliar feeling of happiness coursing through him.. Months of utter devastation had taken their toll.

As he spoke, Yuri busied himself in the kitchen, just paces away from Viktor. He tugged one of their trays away from the warm oven, pulling forth a few hearty, darkened loaves of bread. “Papa bought flour- I guess he knew you would be coming.” Yuri looked quite pleased with himself, almost eager to show off his handiness.

Viktor’s eyes sparkled as he took in the sight of the thick loaves of rye bread. The oblong beauties looked piping hot and perfectly formed into the traditional oval shape, the crusty tops sprinkled with caraway seeds and chunky pieces of salt. His mouth was watering as Yuri presented the bread with a shy smile. Viktor rose to his feet tugging off his gloves and stuffing them into his pockets, softly clapping his hands together as he appreciated the blond’s hard work. “They are lovely! I think you are better than the bakers we have at the palace...these look stunning, Yura.”

A proud radiance shined in Yuri’s eyes as he listened to Viktor’s praise. It pleased him to know that he was more than simply a pretty face, or a fleeting interest.. Viktor admired him, thought him to be stronger and more talented than even he believed at times. “Try it-” Yuri didn’t care, already cutting a thick slice despite its heat. Still steaming, Yuri eagerly split the piece into two, offering one to Viktor and the other for himself. The rich, rye flavor hit their tongues wonderfully- though Yuri was quick to seek out butter or perhaps a jam to soften the taste.

Viktor’s eyes rolled back as the flavors danced on his tongue. There was a rich, earthy taste that made him sigh with contentment. Food always brought so many memories back to him, and Yuri’s bread was no different. It reminded him of childhood, he could distinctly remember sitting in his mother’s lap as she fed him thick pieces of rye bread, soaked in honey and milk. Maybe that was why he had always been so fat as a child.. “It’s amazing! How about you just come make this once a week in the palace and I’ll just pay you in kisses?”

“Only kisses?” Yuri cocks a brow, “Will I be allowed more than just kisses when we’re married?” He beamed between bites of bread, finishing off another slice as he belly growled with need. But it pleased him to know Viktor enjoyed it.. He’d probably make it for free if he could impress the Tsarevich once more.

Viktor growled in appreciation, grabbing Yuri by the waist and hauling the petite blond up and onto the counter with a smile, one hand slipping under Yuri’s skirts to paw at the tall socks that crept up the boy’s willowy legs. “Oh, I’ll ask for much, much more, but I’m afraid that you are willing to give me what I want...but you will eventually,” the silver haired man purred, nuzzling the side of Yuri’s face as the blond continued to munch on his slice of bread.

Perhaps it was the months of absence.. But Yuri’s heart hammered as he was lifted and playfully played across the counter, while warm hands tickled across his flesh. It felt so lovely to be touched again, even if it were a mere embrace or a kiss. Yuri had never believed he would have such a need to feel flesh. “We’ll be good-” Yuri nodded, knowing it was agony to Viktor to wait.. But only one so innocent to sex would believe that their past romps had been pure.

Yuri wrapped his eager legs around Viktor’s waist, holding him close as he sat on the hard, wooden counter. “I still wear it.” Yuri sheepishly lifted up his skirt to reveal the slightly tarnished gold metal of his chastity belt.

“You better,” Viktor said with a strong tone of possessiveness as his fingers ran over the warmed metal. If he had it his way, Yuri would wear the belt and nothing else, the rest of his porcelain skin would be on display. The blond was truly an image of loveliness that had been one of the few things that had kept Viktor alive while fighting in the war. Viktor smiled as he thought of the gift from his mother that now sat hidden away in one of his desk drawers.

Mariya had given him the locket as a joke A plain golden oval, with a small sketch of Yuri that Galina had done taped in the center, one final parting gift from the Nikiforov women, a simple token that they knew Yuri would have wanted Viktor to have. He vowed to show Yuri one day, maybe give it to him as a gift after having Galina add a portrait of himself.. Maybe give it to one of their children if they were lucky enough to have them.

“It pleases me to see you like this,” Viktor growled, softly. A predator, true and true.

Even as the cage kept him firmly in place, Yuri couldn’t help the rush of blood that went southward. “If it pleases you.. Then I like it too.” Yuri had never believed he would speak words like that- hardly had he ever entertained someone else’s desires.. But Viktor was entirely different. Shaken fingers let his skirt go, allowing the fabric to remain hiked up as he eagerly reached to touch the firm flesh of Viktor’s throat.. He wanted to hear that growl rumble against him, sounding very much like a tiger.

Viktor’s mouth attacked Yuri’s neck, teeth nipping at the sensitive skin right under the lobe of the blond’s ear, kissing along the soft jaw line to claim Yuri’s mouth. His fingers toyed with the lock on the chastity belt, tugging at the heavy metal as he slipped his tongue into Yuri’s mouth. He wanted to take it off, to cast away the vows and promises he had made and just have Yuri right here and now. The blond would look stunning splayed out beneath him. They key was in his pocket.. All he had to do was remove the lock..

Quiet purrs of delight fell from Yuri’s lips as a slick mouth attacked his throat. It felt utterly divine.. Enough that he nearly gave in- they were close enough to marriage? They could pretend it hadn’t happened- that Viktor hadn’t fucked him against a splinter filled wooden counter. A desperate little whine filled the small, overly-warm cottage, only to compete with the sound of their creaky door clanging shut.

“Yura, did you finish baking?” The moment he heard his older brother’s voice, Yuri practically scrambled to push away from Viktor and settle himself on the dusty floor.

“A-Ahh, yes, I did!” He swallowed thickly, hoping his brother hadn’t seen- or worse- heard.

“Sergei, I didn’t know you would be coming home so soon,” Viktor grumbled with displeasure as he turned to look at Sergei with a forced smile. He hadn’t missed the overbearing older brother to his sweet Yura, and he had hoped that the older blond would be gone for the duration of his visit to allow him a few seconds alone with the boy in the humble cottage. “Yura’s bread is divine. I was lucky enough to have it fresh out of the oven.”

After casting his boots aside, Sergei turned to face the couple- feeling a moment of anger bubble up in his belly as he looked to his flush faced brother and the imposing Tsarevich. “Lucky is right. You’re lucky I wasn’t here- Yura, what is he doing with you? You have no chaperone?” Sergei asked incredulously, looking between them with his stern gaze.

“You’re being such a nag, Seryozha! I can handle myself!” Yuri huffed, brows knitting as he shoved a thick slice of bread into his brother’s hands. “Eat, so you won’t talk.”

Viktor snorted as he grabbed another slice for himself and sat down at the table across from Sergei. He wondered if he looked similar to this when he was with his siblings each time that Yuri visited the palace. “I’m happy you can join us. I was just about to give Yuri a special gift I got him and you can inspect it for purity,” Viktor teased as he produced a deep red box from one of his coat pockets.

“Didn’t show off your money enough already?” Sergei spit back, only to earn an angered little shove from Yuri.

“Shut up-” The boy grits his teeth as he reaches over to snag the little box with some hesitation. It’s quite heavy, sitting in his hands like a rock. A moment of anxiety fills him.. Yuri has never been very skilled at accepting gifts- but he hopes his genuine reaction is enough. Nimble fingers open up the box quickly, hardly taking a moment to savor the anticipation, as he reveals a delicately carved egg.

“..What is it?” Yuri asks quietly, squinting his eyes as he observes the beautiful jewels and hand-painted shell. But Sergei somehow knows- even gasps when he sees it. “Yura, you little idiot- that’s a Fabergé Egg.” He huffs, eyes widened. Perhaps on occasion Sergei had considered stealing one when he saw them so perfectly placed on velvet pillows.

Yuri glanced at it again, looking almost afraid of how priceless it truly was, “Vitya-” He began, eyes welling up with tears as he admired how pretty it truly was. Pale, milk colored flowers were placed along the shell, along with the carvings of a few cats- cats with eyes crafted out of emeralds. “..I, I really like it.” Yuri almost whimpered as he cradled it between two small hands.

“I’m so glad!” The Tsarevich was pleased. His father had started the tradition years ago, presenting Mariya with the first egg at Easter. Viktor could remember watching her open it in wonder, and softly begging for one of his own. She had received a new egg every year since then, amassing quite the collection that she kept safe in a large velvet lined cabinet in one of her reading rooms. Viktor grinned, carefully reaching over to guide Yuri’s hands to the front facing flower. “Here, press on this little pearl.”

The delicate egg popped open, the inside was painted a crisp white with deep scarlet rubies dotting the interior. In the center of the egg was a jeweled cat statue. Its body was made from a tiger’s eye gemstone, the tawny colored rock was elegantly carved with a stripe pattern deep into the cat’s form. Two dark onyx eyes completed the figurine.

“What do you think now?” Viktor asked with a slight chuckle in his tone.

Yuri gasped when the inside of his new little treasure proved to be even better than the outside. “I love it!” He yelped, voice full of excitement and delight as he held the little egg in his hands, marveling at the intricate carvings. Sergei still sat beside him, dumbstruck that Viktor had procured such a gift for his little brother..

“It’s amazing!” Yuri beamed, leaning across the table to happily kiss as Viktor’s cheeks, while his hands still clutched the egg.

“Here..just a little more,” Viktor laughed, fingers carefully opening up the cat’s hinged body, splitting the figurine down the center to reveal a small wooden box that had been carved with Yuri’s initials. “I guess it is just a gift that keeps on giving…You open this last one, okay?”

Yuri wasn’t sure he could handle much more- his heart was already pounding- but when he reached a trembling hand to open the last little box, his breath nearly stopped. Inside was a tiny, golden ring. Delicate, nearly impossibly intricate florals swirled across the band, each with a little diamond in their center. Finally, a very pretty flower, dripping with gold was settled at the top. “Vitya..” Yuri’s voice was quiet now, no longer excitable and passionate, but instead he verged on tears.

“I wanted to make it something you would always remember...Yuri Plisetsky,” Viktor said strongly, sliding to one knee as he eased the small box from Yuri's hand with a looked of pure adoration. He was trying so hard to hide his nervousness. He had no doubt in his mind that Yuri would accept, but he wanted the blond to be happy.. he wanted this to be Yuri's choice. “Will you be my bride?”

“Yes- yes!” Yuri almost sounded frustrated- as though he had no idea why Viktor would even need to ask- he adored him. The boy’s shaking fingers accepted the heavy, golden ring, only for him to sink down to his knees and grab Viktor around the shoulders. Overjoyed kisses were pressed against his cheeks as he squeezed his eyes shut- trying not to cry anymore than he already had.

Viktor held him close, his hands trembling as he slid the ring onto Yuri's finger and admired the way it glittered in the sunlight at streamed into the cottage from the kitchen window. He was overjoyed with the blond’s reaction, his heart still pounding as he tried to keep his emotions from creeping into his voice. He spoke with a purpose. “Hopefully one day I will rule Russia, and you will be the jewel at my side. I will do my best to honor you, and to ensure a life of splendor not just for you, but for the children we will have. It is my pleasure to be your groom, Yura.”

Yuri could only hold him.. Clinging tight and whispering the dearest words of affection he could muster. Forever confessing his love, his loyalty, and his life. “Just kiss me, please-” The boy begged as he found Viktor’s mouth, meshing their lips together excitedly as he watched the ring glitter around his finger. All he wanted was to hold him.. Not that this moment had even been a surprise- he knew they would be wed- but Yuri simply couldn’t express how much it meant to him.

Viktor pulled away with a lopsided grin as he lifted the blond’s hand to admire the ring on Yuri’s finger. He had found it in Japan, a custom piece Viktor had asked Yuuri to have commissioned by an imperial jeweler. It had been more than he could have imagined, desiring something that would be as lovely as the boy he had left back in Russia. “We need to celebrate! What do you think?”

“Yes! A celebration- Papa and Seryozha can come,” He glanced back, seeing his brother quite misty eyed and silent. Perhaps if he’d been a little less excited he might’ve teased Sergei for even remaining in the room.. But his brother seemed changed.. almost happy?

“Of course! Mother and father have been asking to meet for quite some time now and we can have a nice banquet for just the family,” Viktor said with glee, jumping to his feet and sweeping Yuri into his arms, spinning the blond around the small open living area of the cottage before capturing Yuri’s lips in one more kiss. “We could have it in a few days, I will just need to check with mama of course, and I can have father send word for your father to be given the day off of work.”

Yuri held tight, clinging to Viktor with all his strength as they spun languidly together. “I think my papa might faint when he meets your family.” The boy gave a little roll of his eyes- though he knew how much his father enjoyed the lively attitude and mirth. But Yuri just happily nestled against him, far too pleased to even imagine any days past this one.. One of the happiest days of his life.

Chapter Text

Silk glides across his skin, almost as if it’s tickling him, as Mariya helps to adjust his sleeves. They’re quite long, billowy, and delicate. “Do you like it?” She smiles, helping to straighten the narrow row of pearl buttons that follow his spine.

“Yes, it’s really soft..” Yuri can’t help but be polite to the Tsarina, she is the mother he misses, and he is the child she now adores. None of her son’s would ever put up with this- even her daughter might balk at the idea of being dressed up by their mother, but Yuri seems to take it in stride. His curious interest in pretty clothes with wide skirts is enough for Mariya, she wants to endlessly indulge that softer side of him that is usually so shunned.

“You look lovely.” A flowery pin is placed in his hair, which has been brushed and left to lay neatly behind his shoulders.

But as she turns to collect a brush, Yuri is quick to turn back to his crumpled pile of clothes in search of the finishing piece. His first meeting with Viktor would be amended, as Yuri eagerly tugged on the bottoms to the lingerie set that had been sent to him many months ago. Though- getting through the layers of such a heavy dress was enough to make the boy huff with irritation as he tugged on the heavily beaded panties.

“Everything alright, dear?” Mariya’s calm voice startled him, but Yuri was quick to bob his head as he furiously smoothed out his pale yellow gown.

“Yes-! It’s fine- just nearly tripped- it’s so long.” He lied, offering a completely unconvincing smile as he revealed himself from behind the painted wooden screen.
“Well, let’s not keep them waiting.” Mariya gingerly took Yuri by the arm, leading him through the dressing room and towards the grand hall. “I believe Viktor has dressed your brother.” She beamed, amused by Yuri’s own surprised look. He knew his father would be donning his old uniform, nothing as elaborate as Vadim or Viktor’s but honorable regardless, but to see Sergei dressed up would certainly be a treat.

As they waltzed into the hall, arm and arm, Yuri could feel his palms sweat.. He wanted this to be perfect- the merging of their families felt terrifying.

Viktor had wasted no time helping Sergei into one of the uniforms he had worn during his younger days. He had hoarded most of his clothing over the years and for once was very grateful that he had chosen to do so.

The older Plisetsky was just a little shorter than him, but built very much the same even though they came from such differing backgrounds. The black and gold ensemble that Sergei wore was striking, even without the dozens of medals that usually adorned the Tsarevich. Viktor couldn’t help the smile that crept to his face when he took in the sight. He loved to see the blond man scowl.. Maybe it was because he had plenty of his own siblings that he had delighted in tormenting when they were younger. However, tonight was about Yuri and he knew the blond would be excited by the opulence he would be sharing with his family.

“You look nice.” Viktor circled around the blond one last time before nodding his approval. “I’m sure Yura will be happy,” Viktor said softly as he tugged on the front of the coat to straighten the two rows of buttons down Sergei’s chest. “If I didn’t know any better I would guess you were royalty as well.”

Even as they waited in the salon, Sergei attempted to put his focus anywhere other than Viktor’s gaze. “That is more an insult than a compliment.” The eldest Plisetsky quietly snarled but Nikolai was quick to clap his son on the shoulder.

“Thank you, Vitya, for offering my son something appropriate to wear.” Came the genuine voice of Sergei’s gentle father. “He may be poor at admitting his appreciation but we are both honored to be in your home.” Nikolai insisted, beaming at the beautiful Nikiforov family.

Vadim stood next to Viktor in a similar fashion his dark eyes smiling at Nikolai and Sergei as he sipped vodka from a short crystal glass. He had been over the moon when Viktor had confessed his intentions to ask Yuri to marry him. They had started planning for the engagement while still in Japan, but he had no idea that Viktor would ask the small blond to marry him so soon after getting back. However, he would never dare to question the motives of his second born. Viktor was just as stubborn as he had been at that age, but he knew that his son was so deeply in love.

“Can I offer either of you a drink? My wife and Yuri should be joining us soon, as well as my other children,” Vadim said with a good natured laugh as he motioned over a servant that had been waiting in the corner with a heavy silver tray. He switched his for another before gesturing for the other men to take one as well. “You might want to have a drink before my younger boys join us, but more importantly we should toast this momentous occasion. To the joining of our families!”

Sergei and Nikolai each indulged in a stout glass, holding them firmly as they toasted- Nikolai being far more enthusiastic than his son. “To my Yura, and your Vitya.” He beamed at Vadim, cheeks rosy and smile wide. Sergei simply sipped, finding he’d never had such a smooth drop of alcohol in his life.

“Toasting without us?” Mariya’s silvery voice joined in the chorus of congratulations and celebration. “You cannot have a toast without the bride.” She gingerly inched Yuri forward, revealing the beautiful boy to Viktor and his family. His glossy lips and silken hair were illuminated in the candlelight of the parlor, while his petal-pink cheeks seemed to glow with embarrassment at being given so much attention all at once.

Viktor could feel his mouth go dry and his pants tighten at the sight of the blond beauty. Yuri was more elegant than any man or woman that the Tsarevich had ever met. His heart was pounding as he crossed the short distance to take Yuri’s hand and wrap an arm around the young man’s trim waist. He felt like crying. He had never dreamed of feeling this much passion for another person. He had always assumed he would settle for someone.. However, he had been lucky enough to find Yuri, who was so much more than he would ever be. Yuri made him work harder and strive for new a level of excellence for the young Tsarevich.

“You look perfect,” Viktor managed to mumble, placing a kiss to the side of the blond’s face. He was finding it hard to form coherent thoughts as he tugged Yuri along behind him to stand with the rest of the group. “I.. I hope you’re hungry.”

Viktor had been a buffer for Nikolai and Sergei’s reactions- allowing them both a moment to collect their thoughts as they gazed upon the youngest Plisetsky. Nikolai took the moment to wipe his eyes, while Sergei quickly buried himself in his drink- it wouldn’t do for Yuri to see them like this. “My Yura.. You’re so grown.” Nikolai sighed softly to himself as he watched his son gently nuzzle Viktor’s shoulder.

“Starved.” The boy responded with a little smile, though when he glanced up, finally breaking his gaze with Viktor, he noticed the glassy eyed look of his family.

“Ah- Papa, don’t cry-” He huffed, only to be tugged into a gentle embrace by his father. “Papa..” He whispered, gently rubbing Nikolai’s arm before being held at arm’s length by two shaken hands.

“I can’t help but cry, you look so lovely, my Yura.” He whispered.

“You look like mama.” Sergei said softly, even offering a sheepish smile to his younger brother. The three of them quieted after that, all smiling warmly before Mariya tenderly announced that dinner was prepared and awaiting them in the dining hall.

Yuri was the first to tug Viktor along- using it as an excuse to ignore the joyful tears welling up in his eyes. “I wasn’t teasing- I’m hungry.” He grinned.

Viktor followed behind his love with a gentle nod, casting a glance over his shoulder to where Sergei and Nikolai stood, the pair slowly following as they collected themselves. While Viktor was sad that he would never get the chance to meet Yulia, he was happy to think that maybe they would find some sort of peace by seeing Yuri so happy and with the new life they would all soon be sharing.

The dining room was brightly lit and filled with a multitude of pleasant smells. The table was long, stretching down the center of a colorful woven rug. The dark oak wood was a sharp contrast to the crisp white linens and gold chargers that held carefully folded place cards. The Nikiforov children were already there, the girls chatting quietly amongst themselves while Vlad sulked from his seat between the twins.

“Everyone,” Vadim said sharply, ushering the group into the room before the door was quickly closed by a waiting footman. The chatter stopped and six sets of clear blue eyes were on the Tsar as he escorted Mariya to her seat. “I would like to introduce Nikolai and Sergei Plisetsky, our dear Yuri’s family. I trust everyone will be on their best behavior,” the silver haired man added as he passed his youngest boys.

As they entered, the sisters’ quiet chatting slowed, all of them beaming with matching smiles to their older brother and his future spouse. Yuri looked a vision- belonging perfectly in their family. But Sergei truly caught their attention, his wide shoulders and blond hair sent them swooning. “Yura, yura- come sit with us!” Galina cheered, though Mariya was quick to gently tsk at her daughters and instead placed Yuri beside herself and Viktor.

Sergei and Nikolai were seated across from them, while Vadim took the head of the table.

Servants danced around them like clock-work, their plates decorated with hot food while their glasses were filled.

“It smells amazing,” Yuri eagerly glanced to his father, watching the man look with sheer delight at their over-stuffed plates.

Viktor, took his hand under the table, his fingers brushing over the soft knuckles as he pushed his wine glass around and waited for permission to eat, glancing at his father out of the corner of his eye.

“Before we eat, I would like to have one last toast to our new couple.” The Tsar rose from his seat, raising his glass again with a fond look toward Viktor and Yuri before speaking. “It is my pleasure to have these guests, soon to be new family members, with us tonight. Thank you Yuri, for putting up with my Vitya and for supporting him through the war. And thank you to Nikolai for raising such a wonderful son. To the marriage of our sons, and the boundless amount of children they will have.”

Viktor rolled his eyes as he took a sip from his glass, squeezing Yuri’s hand once before whispering, “Did you hear that, Yura? The Tsar said we have to have tons of children, and we can’t disobey the Emperor of Russia.”

Yuri’s cheeks brightened with color as Viktor’s soft crooning tickled his ear. “I wouldn’t disobey a Tsarevich either.” The boy teased before burying his face in Viktor’s cheek to press a quick kiss against warm flesh.

“To your health- and to the health of the Nikiforov line.” Nikolai rose as well, beaming alongside Vadim. The twins chirped with delight, clinking their glasses of juice while Mariya nodded elegantly to their toasts. The table was silent for a moment as they all drank- Sergei finishing his own- while Vladimir fought the urge to spit out his own drink in annoyance- but Ekatrina was quick to shoot him a glare.

The conversation was light, Mariya asking Nikolai about his preferences for the wedding with sporadic input from Vadim between bites of stewed meat. Viktor wasn’t even paying attention as he chased a stray carrot. He caught small bits and pieces of the conversation choosing to leer at his older brother.

Vladimir was seething as he watched his parents talk with such excitement about his brother and the new whore he had chosen to warm his bed with. He was the true heir. He was the one who would be the Tsar.. but it always seemed like the attention was on his younger brother. Vladimir wanted to be the one to get married first. He was bitter. The whole situation left a bad taste in his mouth as he made eye contact with Viktor. He hated the smug bastard sometimes, and tonight was no different.

Sergei remained just as quiet as the eldest Nikiforov child- but his gaze was not pointed at Viktor- no he kept it firmly on Vlad. That scowl upon his face was enough to rival even his own but to think it was directed at Yuri was enough to make him seethe. Thankfully- neither Viktor nor Yuri seemed entirely aware, simply so wrapped up in one another that even Vlad’s hate wouldn’t disrupt them.

Yuri kept an ankle locked around Viktor’s, practically tangling up their legs beneath the table, it was the easiest way to keep his family from panicking- even kissing seemed to make Nikolai worried. But he wanted to touch him- even if it was the simple press of their ankles- Yuri didn’t feel as though he could live without it.

As their plates were cleared and dessert was served, Viktor began to try and think of ways to get Yuri back to his room. He could lie and claim that he had gotten the blond another gift, but knew that his sisters would demand to see it. He could simply ask, but had a sneaking suspicion that Sergei and nikolai would not approve of them being in his room alone. It felt like being a teenager again. After he had fought in his first war, Mariya and Vadim had decided that he was his own man. However, now that he was engaged to Yuri he wasn’t sure that either family would approve of their premarital activities.. But his cock was so hard that he thought he could possibly die.

Viktor stared down at the fluffy confection in front of him, thinking about how it would taste much better if he had the option to eat it off of Yuri’s thighs.

Mariya was quite suspicious of the silence between the two beloveds.. Hardly either of them spoke aside from answering the occasional question. She could see Yuri flitting his gaze towards Viktor’s face, or her son looking quite desperate for a kiss. The sight was rather amusing to watch.

“Nikolai,” She began softly, “Vadim and I would like to keep you for a drink after dinner, if you would like?” Mariya glanced towards Yuri, then back to his father. “Sergei you’re welcome to join us.” She smiled.

“Oh- I would be quite honored, your Highness.” Came the eager reply of the Plisetsky patriarch. “My son and I would be delighted.” Before Sergei could even decline, his father had already joyfully accepted the invitation, which would leave Yuri a moment of solitude with his fiancé.

“Wonderful.” She beamed- and already- Viktor’s younger sisters were eager to flit off for their own after dinner salon.

Viktor shot a thankful look to his mother before excusing both himself and Yuri from the table with a quiet nod. He ignored the protests from his younger siblings as softly closed the door to the dining room behind them. Viktor hurried down the hall, and up the large stairway to the corridor that stretched on forever before his bedroom door appeared. With the shutting of the door his hands slid around Yuri’s waist and he pulled the blond against his chest with a content noise.

“You look like a real princess,” Viktor groaned, his stiff erection pressing up against the silk of Yuri’s gown. “I want you out of this. Now.”

Yuri was nearly breathless as they fled the dining hall gracelessly- surely it was written across their faces what their desires were but thankfully no one protested. “Please-” He panted, eyes practically rolling back as he felt Viktor’s cock against his thigh. Viktor was so warm.. So warm and thrumming with life.

Trembling, over-eager fingers tugged at the buttons of his dress fruitlessly- “Vitya, I need help,” He panted, the dozens of buttons needing either a hand maid or a lover to undo.

“I’m on it,” Viktor growled, turning Yuri away from him as he worked.

Viktor pawed at the back of Yuri’s dress, his calloused fingers flying over the tiny pearl circles as he worked to free his lover from the dress. He tried to control himself, debating on just ripping the delicate fabric if it meant his would have access to the small blond. With the last button undone he pushed the fabric away from Yuri’s shoulders and gave him room to step out of the giant frock.

Fawn-like legs stepped from out of the heavy gown that slumped around his ankles like a silky pool, revealing to Viktor the bare boy with his pearl accented panties and white lace. “I wore them- ..kind of annoying to sit in though.” He rolled his eyes, only to coyly step closer, hoping to have approval from Viktor. The pale fabric hugged him tightly, both complementing and accenting his milky skin and slight curves. Yuri still had a pert bottom and long, beautiful legs, even for a slender boy.

“This.. This is amazing.” Viktor’s hands twitched as he stepped into Yuri’s space and cupped the curve of the boy’s rear through the silk fabric. He’d dreamed of this moment months ago. He had been waiting so so long to see Yuri dressed in the sweet lingerie that he had sent the blond and now was his time. His fingers squeezed the soft flesh as he leaned in close to capture the petite boy’s lips. The Tsarevich nipped at Yuri’s lips while his hands ghosted over the pale skin of the blond’s torso.

As their mouths meshed, Yuri took hold of Viktor by his broad shoulders. Pale fingers roamed his flesh, pressing against the muscle there and the heat that seemed to roll off of him. Even more bold- the boy practically clung to him- lifting his legs to wrap around Viktor’s trim waist. Which seemed to break all of his resolve- still uniformed, and with a thick cock tenting his trousers, Yuri could feel him perfectly between his perky cheeks, practically splitting him as he clung to the woolen fabric of Viktor’s coat. But he hardly cared- even as his cold medals pressed against Yuri’s bare chest- he found it all the more dizzying.

Viktor sank to his knees, his hands returning to Yuri’s ass while he greedily lapped at the blond’s half hard cock through the material. His tongue teased the head while his teeth were tugging on the pearls. The Tsarevich’s fingers snuck under the silk, searching for Yuri’s tight hole and circling the winking muscle as he continued to lap at the blond’s prick. “Yura, just let me fuck you.”

Yuri’s mind felt as though it were numb- his body was simply reacting to the devilish tongue- hardly able to think any further than pleasuring himself. Viktor’s warm mouth felt like heaven against his flesh, while silky hair tickled his thighs and hot breath bloomed across his body. “N.. No- No just wait..” He grit out, even if it killed him to demand it, he couldn’t disobey his mother’s wishes. Even if they’d already dismissed any purity- Yuri was young and innocent enough to be blissfully unaware.

Narrow hips jerked upwards, pleading for that wet tongue to delve beneath his panties- but it felt as if relief were merely teasing him. Trembling fingers gripped at silver hair, holding himself steady as his willowy legs fell to the side.

“Yes Yura,” Viktor whimpered, feeling like the slut that Sergei claimed that the Tsarevich was.

Viktor tugged the garment down, sucking the damp cock into his mouth with a happy slurp and a pleased moan as he slid one finger into Yuri’s hole. His teeth teased over the head, lapping up all the fluid that beaded on the tip. He was begging for his own release, his free hand grinding his palm into his rock hard erection as he nursed Yuri’s cock. His dick was throbbing, trapped by the tight material of his pants as he resisted the urge to rut against the blond’s leg.

Yuri’s eyes fluttered, breath nearly gone from his lungs as quivering hips jerked eagerly into Viktor’s wet, cavernous mouth. It felt impossible to fight the urge to cum- he tried his best to keep himself steady- but Viktor’s tongue seemed to know exactly how to send him reeling.

“Vitya, Vitya- wait-” He quickly pulled away, exposing his wet cock to the warm palace air. “Sit up,” He panted only to soon crawl into the Tsarevich’s lap and tug his heavy cock free. Yuri trembled as he wrapped a clammy palm around their lengths, jerking at a quickened pace. It was lewd, but the boy simply couldn’t pull his gaze away.. Viktor’s cock was long- far longer than his own- and practically furious with eager blood.

Viktor growled at the delicious friction from the skin on skin contact, his own hand wrapping around Yuri’s and tugging the hot flesh together with heavy pants. He buried his face into the blond’s shoulder, as he tried to hide the shame when he finished so quickly. He had been hard since the moment he had first seen Yuri in the dress, his cheeks red with shame as he came before the younger man. “Yura...oh god, Yura.”

Even the jarring sight of Viktor’s cum dotting their chests was enough to make Yuri’s cock tighten and his body jerk. With a muffled mewl he soon finished- hardly able to bear the sight of their bodies without losing the battle with lust. Yuri shot across Viktor’s cock with a teeth-gritting cry, “Vitya-” He yelped as they both rode out their orgasms with awkward, frustrated thrusts. Together their lengths softened as they crumbled messily against one another like weak pillars.

“Why are you so good to me?” Viktor sighed, pulling Yuri against him as he moved to lay down on the rug in front of the dark cobblestone fireplace. The flames felt good against his skin as he nuzzled the top of Yuri’s head. In three months they would be married, and he could hardly contain the excitement he felt as a sleepy smile stretched across his face. “You will be the envy of all of Russia, and I will just be the lucky man that gets to share a bed with you.”

Yuri held loosely onto him, as though his limbs couldn’t even manage to cling any tighter. “.. Thankfully you aren’t that hard to please.” He snickered sleepily, eyes heavy as he stared into the flames that licked the fireplace. “I thought you already had that title of most envied.” Yuri buried his nose into the warm flesh of Viktor’s throat so he could enjoy the slight pulse of a heart beat.

“I’m nothing compared to you,” Viktor laughed as he shook his head, kissing the top of Yuri’s head as he laced a hand with the petite blond. “You are far more beautiful and charming that I could ever be, and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life trying to reach the level of grace that you so naturally have. I love you, Yuri.”

Yuri could only huff, “I don’t think I’ll ever be as good as you at giving flowery compliments.” He rolled his eyes, only to smile brightly as Viktor whispered those lovely words. “I love you too.” Yuri mumbled into the cologne scented flesh of Viktor’s cropped hair.

“You love my compliments!” He could have stayed there forever, never letting Yuri out of his arms and enjoying the rise and fall of his lover’s milky chest. However, he knew he had to let Yuri go. Viktor helped the small boy to his feet and back into the shimmery gown before tucking his soft cock into his pants with a frown. “I don’t want you to leave.”

“I don’t want to either.. Maybe if your father gets papa drunk enough- then I can stay.” Yuri gave a mischievous little smile before finally resting his round cheek against Viktor’s chest as they embraced. “But.. I’m glad we came, even if I have to leave.” Yuri murmured.

“Even though I have to send you away each night, I still have a piece of you with me. I keep the scarf you gave me on my bedside table, but in the future I’ll have you..which is far greater than a scarf..” Viktor whispered, leading Yuri out into the hall with a soft sigh. “Let’s go find our families, and get you back to your cottage, Princess. You deserve a night of rest.”

Yuri tucked against him as they walked, his arm wrapped chastely around Viktor’s, a mere facade given how they’d been sprawled out on the floor only minutes ago..

“Is our newest Nikiforov ready to return home?” Mariya smiled as her son and his fiancé entered the warmly lit study, where she, Vadim, and Nikolai had been chatting- while Sergei quietly admired the paintings.

“I imagine not,” Nikolai chuckled softly, smiling as he set his drink aside to welcome his new son-in-law with an embrace, and finally a kiss for the top of Yuri’s head.

“Papa is right.” Yuri huffed, though he avoided pouting in front of Viktor’s parents- even he had some semblance of propriety.

“You will soon be here forever, Yura. So do not fret that you must leave us for tonight.” Mariya offered as she too pressed a kiss to Yuri’s cheek, a gentle farewell.

“I can hardly wait for that day.” Viktor agree, brushing back some of the loose blond strands of Yuri’s hair and looking into the endless green of his lover’s eyes. It made him uneasy to let Yuri go, but he knew his mother was right. “Good night, Yura and thank you Nikolai, and you too Sergei. I look forward to seeing you all again soon.”

Viktor watched from his bedroom window as their car disappeared into the inky black horizon. The nights felt endless when Yuri wasn’t there.. But not for much longer.

Chapter Text

The church is so massive that their steps echo like thunder as Viktor and Yuri step away from the alter.. Their rehearsal was over- at least for now- no doubt that Irina would demand for Viktor to practice his vows and Yuri would be swept off to be taught how to walk with poise- but for now they could breath. Soon.. soon it would be the real thing. Yuri in his gown, Viktor buttoned up in his uniform.. It would be beautiful. But now was the time for mistakes- for Yuri to nearly trip and for Viktor to fumble with his crown.

“Do we get to practice the feast as well?” Yuri asks cheekily, his smile brightening as he looks around at the golden architecture and ornate crosses.

Viktor rolled his eyes, pressing a quick kiss to the top of Yuri’s head as he took his crown and placed it atop the smooth strands of blond. “We are heading to dinner in just a few moments, but it looks like my father has decided to chat up our priest,” Viktor said softly, gesturing to the short man that the Tsar was towering over. “It looks like they might be a while…”

The Tsar and Tsarina had been particular about every last detail, always including Viktor and Yuri, but demanding perfection for their first child that would be wed. It had been months of meetings and decisions. Flowers. Cake. Gowns. Somehow all of the juggling pieces had fallen into place with help from both the Nikiforov and Plisetsky families. However, the Tsarevich was still on edge. Patience had never been his strong suit. Everything was less than a day away, but for Viktor is seemed too long.

Yuri had grown comfortable- comfortable enough to even pout when the Tsar decided to stall as he spoke with the squat priest. “Should we look around then-?” The boy held Viktor closely by the arm as he peeked around the long, decorated hallways. The only church he had ever been inside was the tiny wooden one just a few paces from his home. It was crooked and cozy but Nikolai always claimed that it didn’t matter where they worshiped. But this was.. Grand. The gold seemed to reflect off of Viktor’s hair, dousing him perfectly.

“We won’t be long.” Yuri grins, the excitement over the past months has been bubbling up inside of him- not even days filled with labor have been able to halt his dreams in the evening.

Viktor laced his gloved hand with Yuri’s petite one, as he let the small blond tug him along. He was happy that the rehearsal was over...dreading the thought of crown issues during the real ceremony, but deciding to let his thoughts revolve around Yuri. The Tsarevich found it hard to believe it was finally happening, but he tried to keep his excitement under control as he watched his lover look around the large domed nave of the church with almost childlike wonder. “Did you think we were going to make it here?” Viktor asked with a gentle smile, squeezing Yuri’s hand as he spun the boy to look at him. “Are you ready to be my princess everyday?”

Yuri tugs them through a quiet corridor, the light that floods in through window dances across their shiny hair. But Viktor was grabbing him, twirling him until his back was pressed against the carved walls and their grins finally met. “..Are you ready to be my Tsarevich everyday-- well.. I guess you already are.” The boy gives a little puff and a roll of his eyes before he nestles closer. “I didn’t know if we would.. I’ve learned not to expect much- but you’re more than I could ever ask for.” Yuri’s brows knitted as he struggled to find the words.. But they seemed to simply flow from his mouth naturally as he buried his nose into the woolen fabric of Viktor’s jacket.

“I see you are getting to be quite talented with flowery compliments.. Did you learn that from me?” Viktor said with a laugh as he stood over Yuri, pressing his body close to the blond’s with a soft purr. His heart was pounding. He had never been so nervous around Yuri in all the months he had known the boy. They had been together for a little less than a year, but it seemed like lifetimes. Yuri had quickly become such a vital part of his life that he knew he needed the blond by his side for the rest of his days. He felt as if he had known Yuri forever.. “I promise not to be nervous tomorrow, but I will be on the edge of my seat as I’m forced to wait to see you in your lovely gown.”

Yuri’s fingers gingerly pressed against the notches of Viktor’s spine through his jacket, touching every inch of him like a sculpture. “I can’t promise I won’t be nervous.” The boy grumbled, of course, he would put on perhaps the bravest face of his life- but Viktor could know the truth.. He trusted Viktor, unlike anyone he’d ever known before. There were secrets about himself, whispered in the night, that even Sergei had never heard. With Viktor, he could be at peace, even if that peace meant admitting his fears. “Will you be wearing your uniform?” Yuri’s cheeks warmed as he asked, if Viktor hadn’t already figured it out then the evidence was written plainly across his face now. Yuri did love that uniform- he kept every newspaper clipping of Viktor that Mariya had given him.

Viktor shook his head and smiled, tugging his leather gloves off and tucking them into his pocket as he reached up to cup Yuri’s face in his warmed hands. He eased the blond’s chin up to look into the grassy green depths of the small boy’s doe eyes before kissing Yuri’s forehead and then the tip of his nose. “I have a very special outfit picked out for the occasion, and I’m sure that it won’t disappoint you. However, that is all the information you will be getting. If I don’t get to know about your gown, then it is only fair that I have a few secrets of my own. Wouldn’t you agree, princess?”

Yuri nearly bopped his head against Viktor’s in a search for more kisses- only to be teased. “Fair is fair..” He finally smiled- it didn’t truly matter to him, whether he knew now- just so long as he was allowed a moment to gaze upon his husband’s elegant glory. He supposed if he truly wanted to.. Irina might sneak him a peek.

“Have you always gone to this church?” Yuri finally asks as he steps a little further down the polished stone path. There’s a few locked doors and a large stairwell that’s shrouded in private darkness. “You must know all of the secret hiding spots-? I know you weren’t well behaved.” Yuri snickered, his cherubic face clashing with his mischief.

“I was named in this church. I was baptized in this church. I have spent every Easter for the last twenty seven years… Of course I know where the good spots are!” Viktor said with a wicked grin as he tugged Yuri down the hall and around another corner. The couple hurried up a narrow stairway and down another hall before Viktor knocked softly on a small rounded door, pressing his ear to the wood as he waited for an answer.

He pushed open the door, extending his hand to Yuri as they entered the darkened space. Three arched windows were set deep into each wall, but the evening sun was blocked out by heavy curtains. Low bookcases lined the walls and there were a few small desks pushed into one corner. “I used to have private bible study sessions here..and when I got older I snuck up here to smoke while my parents greeted the nobles that lined up to well wish them after every service. It took fucking hours…” Viktor groaned, his cheeks going red as he turned to Yuri with a sheepish look. “I think that was the first time I’ve casually cursed in front of you..and of course it was in the church that we are going to be married in. I think I’m going to hell.”

Yuri had been sneaking around as he listened, only to dissolve into laughter as Viktor condemned himself. “I like it..” He confessed, looking just as coy as the Tsarevich, it made him sound all the more lovely. “But I don’t think God will send you to Hell simply for that.. We would probably have to do something much worse.” He chided playfully. The desks were slightly dusty, but Yuri didn’t mind, even when his dress was dirtied as he sat atop them. “Smoking tobacco in here? Vitya- you’re worse than I thought- who am I actually marrying?” The boy snickered.

“It was a phase,” Viktor sighed, hanging his head in his hands in mock sadness, before reaching over the tug Yuri’s desk closer to his. “I would have loved having you in my classes with me. I’m sure you would have been the star pupil that would have just rolled your pretty eyes at me every time I brought up the fact that Leviticus said we weren’t supposed to cut our hair.” Viktor chuckled as he thought about how he had demanded to have long hair back then. “You would have hated young me...I guess I got lucky that it took so long for us to meet.”

“Maybe I would have..” Yuri teased, his smile bright as he crawled into Viktor’s lap across the desk. He felt playful- perhaps it was the room- knowing Viktor had snuck in here to smoke, or even ignored his bible studies. “But I would probably have been the star pupil.” Yuri jests pompously with a shake of his golden hair.

Spindly arms wrap around Viktor’s shoulders, touching the epaulettes there curiously. “I have seen the papers- your mother showed me- I can’t believe you had such long hair.” Yuri looks almost jealous but he strokes the cropped silver locks anyways. “I would have liked you still- even if you were annoying.”

“I was rebelling. I cried anytime my father tried to make me cut my hair,” Viktor said with an exasperated sigh as he leaned into Yuri’s touch. “I was spoiled, pompous and just... I’m so much better now that I have you in my life. I’m grateful everyday for you, even though I’m slowly tainting your purity,” Viktor snickered, leaning in to press a smooth kiss to the blond’s lips. “They are probably looking for us by now. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sergei had called the police to try and locate you.”

Yuri nestled closer, gingerly rubbing his nose against Viktor’s throat. “I want you to taint it.” He mumbled, cheeks burning with hellish heat as he tucked his face away. “Should we go back?” Yuri knew it was true, his brother was probably demanding to know where the pair had snuck off to- or rather Sergei would imagine that Viktor had kidnapped him- never once believing that it could be Yuri’s idea.

A few footsteps could be heard echoing beyond the door- and the thought that may get caught was enough to send Yuri’s heart pounding.. Straddling the lap of his betrothed in the darkness.

“Shhhhh,” Viktor hushed the blond as he kept Yuri close to him. He was sure it was just a church worker or maybe one of the guards doing a perimeter sweep. He waited until the footsteps faded before standing up and easing Yuri back onto his own two feet. “Let’s get you back to the safety of our families...I think it is almost time for a celebratory post rehearsal feast.”

“Safety?” Yuri nearly balked, only to laugh quietly. “Are you unsafe?” The boy asked as he reached out in the darkness to find a path clear of desks and to tug the door open. The bright light of the empty hallway was almost blinding as he attempted to steady himself once more. The soft, echoing chatter from the altar could be heard distantly.

“I’m very unsafe. You better be wearing your chastity belt or I might just steal your virginity,” Viktor teased as he walked arm and arm with Yuri back into the open chamber. He smiled weakly at Mariya as the Tsarina raised an eyebrow at the couple, but said nothing. Vadim tapped one booted foot on the swirling marble floors. “Don’t give me those looks! I was just showing Yuri some of the stunning stained glass they have on the second floor and the old organ they have in the back storage room. Yuri really loves music, right Yura?”

Still shivering from Viktor’s low purr, it almost took a moment for the boy to even realize Mariya and Vadim were suspicious of their absence. “Vitya played something for me.” Yuri bobbed his head, attempting to look the sheer epitome of innocence as Vadim looked them over with his icy gaze. “I’ve never been in a church this big-” Yuri knew it was best to play the naive card, it usually softened his poor lying.

“Well, we should be returning.” Mariya offered a slightly unconvinced smile as she swiped a few stray flecks of dust from Viktor’s silver hair.

Vadim nodded in agreement, snatching Viktor by the arm as Mariya led Yuri away with the rest of the family. His eyes were serious as he looked at his son, trailing behind the group just out of earshot as he spoke. “You only have one day left. Don’t be untrue to him-”

“Don’t start this. I still haven’t forgiven you for the Mariinsky incident, Papa. We didn’t do anything,” Viktor groaned as he dragged the Tsar up to Mariya, trading the taller man for Yuri and lagging back to stand near his sisters with a deep sigh. “I think my father just tried to tell me to keep it in my pants..can we just be married already?”

Yuri had been avoiding Mariya’s amused smile when he was gingerly grabbed by Viktor. “..I don’t know if I can even look at him now-” Yuri’s cheeks burned as he glanced up to see Vadim excitedly whispering to his wife. “I would prefer it- but then he will be far too aware of our.. Intimacy.” Yuri nearly blanched as they climbed into their street car, even saying the word ‘intimacy’ was enough to make him groan.

“Are you ready for our intimacy?” Viktor said with a laugh as he snuggled against Yuri after closing the heavy door behind them. His chin rested on the smaller boy’s shoulder as he toyed with the buttons of Yuri’s coat. “Did mama explain how it works to you? Did my mama teach you how to properly spread your legs for me, Yura?”

Blond lashes fluttered as he listened, trying not to completely ruin his dress and bloomers just from a few salacious whispers- even if they were enough to make him go beet red. “I.. I think it might just be instinct.” Yuri mumbled back, mouth feeling like cotton even as it watered with desire- shame and pleasure- swirling around in him endlessly. Yuri’s brows knitted as he buried his cheek against Viktor’s shoulder, eyes closing as he tried to avoid tenting his dress.

Viktor’s hands snuck between Yuri’s thighs with playful teasing touches, spreading the boy’s legs as he ghosted along the smooth flesh. He avoided the blond’s cock, keeping his soft caressing as gentle as possible as he tried not to ruin his lover’s beautiful gown. “You’ll finally be mine tomorrow. I’ve dreamt about this night since we first met. You’ll be crying my name all night and I can’t wait to get you on your back, Princess.”

Yuri wondered if it was wrong- wrong to love the utter filth that fell from Viktor’s lips. Shouldn’t a “virgin” be far more pure? Or was he completely doomed from the start? With a shuddering gasp he bucked his hips up, feeling ashamed that he was this hard and hardly even touched- Viktor’s fingers were still innocent stroking his thighs, but his words spoke a far different tale. “P..Please,” He whimpered, losing all resolve as he practically begged. “I want to be yours- all night.. Until I’m a mess.” Yuri’s voice was nothing but a whisper, as though he feared Heaven might hear him.

“You will be. You will be mine, Yuri Plisetsky. However, tonight your virginity will remain intact..only a prison for one more sunrise, my love,” Viktor purred, tickling Yuri just behind the knee as he nipped at the blond’s ear. He could smell that Yuri was aroused, but chose to keep his hands away, tempting and teasing the blond for one last night. One final chance to drive the boy wild. “Then you’ll be my bride..and our bodies will be one.”

Yuri’s brows knitted as he leaned back into the leather seat, toes curling as he tried to steady himself. “F.. Fine, I will wait.” Yuri bobbed his head, feeling almost breathless as he imagined just one more evening of this lovely torture. If he had already lasted his entire life- what was one more day?

Yuri curled a little closer, going as far as to cross his legs and nuzzle against Viktor’s side as ignored the rush of blood southwards.


“What’s wrong, princess?” Viktor asked with a teasing tone, finally daring to palm Yuri’s cock for just a moment, loving the way the blond was squirming against him. He dared to tease him further. He dared to push Yuri to his limits with every interaction. “Are you unable to wait for your Tsarevich? Are you too much of a wanton thing to wait until our wedding night to enjoy your next release? Your cock is so hard for me… I like it.”

“I.. I can wait.” But Yuri hardly sounded convincing- in fact his voice was cracking even as he spoke, hips lifting to rut and thrust against the offered hand. The chastity belt was tucked away in his bedroom- and the thought that he hadn’t worn it made him shudder- it might’ve prevented his eagerness but Viktor would endlessly arouse him regardless. Small fingers dug into Viktor’s forearm, attempting to hold him there as he bucked his hips up into the warm pressure of Viktor’s palm- it felt sinfully good- enough that he nearly lost himself then.

“You aren’t even wearing your belt.. You’re asking for it. Aren’t you?” Viktor asked, his tone demanding and almost possessive as he squeezed Yuri again, his callous fingers digging into the hot flesh. “You need me.. As much as I need you. You need me so bad right now..”

Pink lips hung open as he wordlessly bobbed his head. Viktor was right- he needed him- he loved him- he wanted everything from him. The sheer thought that tomorrow they would be tangled on their marriage bed was enough to have Yuri spilling across his own dress with a weakened moan. Narrow hips jerked to a finish as he came, the orgasm shattering across him until all he could do was crumble across Viktor’s lap. “I need you, Vitya.” He mumbled, eyes half lidded.

“And I need you, Yura.. More than you will ever know.” The Tsaervich smiled brushing the blond strands of Yuri’s hair away from his face as he brought his sticky hand up to his mouth, his tongue sneaking out to lap up the salty fluid that had erupted from Yuri’s sweet pink cock. Tomorrow they would be wed, bound together for the rest of eternity.. And he would have it no other way.

Chapter Text

The Tsarevich’s military issue windup clock ticked softly from his bedside table. The battered, old metal had been by his side during each of the times he had fought on the battlefield, and today he was trusting it to wake him up on time. Sun was just beginning to peek in through the curtains, the heavy brocade losing its battle to blot out a long line of light that began to creep across the parquet floor and into the darkness of the canopy bed. Viktor grumbled as the sunshine cut across his face, throwing one arm across up to cover his eyes before he turned away from the window to wrap himself around the silk covered pillow at his side. Even though he knew what day it was, the Tsarevich’s body refused to move. Viktor sighed, nuzzling deep into the goosedown duvet. His eyes were still heavy with sleep, body not wanting to get up just yet after the night he had spent eating and drinking to excess.

Viktor eventually perked up at the cannon fire he could hear booming in the distance to announce far and wide that today was a day for celebration.. It was the day that everyone would get to see his love for Yuri. He was getting married. A smile blossomed across his face as Viktor sauntered over to grab the robe that was draped over one corner of the low chairs that were huddled around the fireplace in his bedchamber. He hurried down the hall, excitement bubbling up from inside him as he knocked softly before entering the guest bedroom where his beloved slept. Viktor slipped in, crossing to the window and sweeping the curtains to the side as he looked out toward the citadel in the distance.

“Do you hear that, Yura?” Viktor asked softly, holding back the raw emotion that threatened to slip into his voice. The Tsarevich turned to the bed, bounding over with puppy like glee as he threw open the gauzy curtains of the canopy “Are you ready-” Viktor’s smile quickly turned to a frown when he noticed the blond was missing. “Yura?”

As the panic set in, twin snickering could be heard flitting through the massive hallway just beyond Viktor’s bedroom. Booted footsteps dashed along the wooden floor into a deeper chamber within the manor, hoisting their prize as best they could. The delicate, silk-bound Yuri, a lovely prize indeed. Yuri was still groggy, eyes covered and hands tied to his front while his ankles were tugged together, he was at the utter mercy of his kidnappers- though- if their laughter was anything to go by- then Yuri knew just who had stolen him from his bed in the early morning. He grit his teeth in anger but struggling might prove disastrous..

Their victim was stuffed into a carved armoire, his small body making it the perfect hiding place to stow a bride away. “Let me go-” Yuri began, wiggling some only to be hushed by Vanya, who had managed to climb in alongside Yuri with a giggle. “Vitya is going to spank you both-” But the boy just grinned wickedly as Volyav snuck out to make demands of their older brother.

“Yura- be quiet! You’ll ruin the surprise!” Vanya whined, his voice sounding very much like a softer version of Viktor’s. He held another one of his mother’s scarves in his hands, almost like a threat that he would gag their victim if need be. “Vitya has to make an offer for you- otherwise we get to keep you!” He whispered as Yuri angrily shook his head.

“Let me go- you little brats!” But Volyav was already shutting the armoire door as he trotted off to find Viktor. He supposed a few minutes in a stuffy armoire was hardly enough torture to break him- so long as the twin didn’t start tickling him for more bribes.

“Brother? Where is Yura--?” He asked innocently, pressing into the nearby room of his sibling. “Vanya and I wanted to play with him..” The boy wasn’t very skilled at lying, but that didn’t matter, he wanted Viktor to indulge in their game.

Viktor was pulling on a dark dress shirt and pants when he noticed the way his youngest brother smiled at him. It was like looking into a mirror, a reflection of his younger self staring back at him with the same impish wickedness that he had once used to torment much of the housekeeping staff when he was that age. The Tsarevich knew at once that Yuri was with his younger brothers.. But where was the more important question. Viktor raised an eyebrow at the small boy’s feigned concern before slowly moving toward the doorway, arms crossed over his chest.

“Volyav, I can’t find my dear Yura either...and I’m afraid he’s decided that he doesn’t want to marry me anymore. What am I going to say to mama and papa when they find out?” Viktor said with as much sadness as he could muster, his bottom lip jutting out in a mocking pout as he stood toe to toe with his younger sibling.

Volyav only offered a little tsk of his tongue, “You will have to tell them that Yura found someone else.” A little grin wrinkled his eyes as he tried to hold back laughter, his brother’s fake crying had never worked on him- Vanya usually caved. “I guess you didn’t have enough money to keep him interested.. Money or.. sweets.” The boy added casually, giving his older brother’s shoes a little tap. “Maybe if you’d spoiled him with chocolates then Yura would have stayed.” Volyav finally snickered, his bright blue eyes full of mischief and his little heart-mouth widening as he smiled.

“Chocolates?” Viktor asked with a surprised smile, turning back toward the large desk in the corner of the room before leaning closer to his brother, one heavy hand resting on Volyav’s shoulder as he spoke again in a hushed tone. “Yuri knows that my bottom desk drawer is filled with sweets…”

Viktor pounced, scooping up the smaller Nikiforov into his arms, pinning the squirming boy to his chest with a roar of laughter as Volyav struggled to escape. “Where is he?”

Volyav squealed, ever edging between laughter and true cries of frustration as his older brother trapped him. “If you have so many sweets- then we want toys too! Yura plays with them too- then I’ll tell you!” He lied, wiggling against Viktor’s body. Of course- most bribes usually involved a necklace for the bride and perhaps some money for the family- but most brides weren’t kidnapped by a set of young twins and stuffed into an armoire.

“Toys?! When did my beautiful mama give birth to such greedy little children?” Viktor laughed, long fingers tickling along Volyav’s sides as the older man nuzzled the top of his brother’s head. He dropped the smaller prince back down on his own two feet, before slipping into stern older brother mode with a tight lipped glare. “Volyav Nikiforov, where is my bride? I’ll only give you the candy when you take me to Yuri.. I’m not so foolish as to hand over the ransom without first seeing my dear Yura in one piece.”

Volyav gave a little pout as his brother took a far more controlled approach- it wasn’t easy to taunt such a stoic face. “Hmph.” He pouted, frowning when their game ended so easily- though it was quite difficult to barter with one’s own sibling. “He’s in our room- Vanya is keeping him company. You’re going to hurt his feelings if the bribe isn’t good!” As Volyav led his older brother into the bedroom, he continued to speak, “Vanya really wants to marry Yura- his heart will be broken!” He pointed to the armoire with a little pout, the same one where Yuri was still pushing against the doors, although the handles were also tied together with a silk scarf.

Viktor’s eyes softened as he nodded. “How about candies, a new pair of fish for the aquarium you two share...and to sweeten the deal even further.. I’ll give you both a sip of my wine at dinner after the wedding ceremony?” Viktor knelt down to be closer to eye level with the twins, his arms wrapping around both of them as he brought them into his embrace.

The boy’s eyes widened- a new fish? That hadn’t been apart of the deal but it was enough to settle their bargain. The boy snickered at each other, eyes bright as they were embraced. “..I guess that will mend his poor heart.” Volyav feigned a sigh as Vanya pretended to sniffle. They pulled away to untie the armoire, soon revealing the bound up and slightly sweaty Yuri to his groom.

“Vitya!” Yuri finally sighed in relief, his blond hair sticking to the sides of his face as he turned his head. “Finally- let me out you little demons!”

“Brother traded you for some chocolate and wine!” The boys cheered, “He’s so easy when you make him guilty.” The boys snickered as the stepped aside, allowing for the Tsarevich to scoop up his bride.

“Do you hear that Yura?” Viktor teased, as he balanced the blond boy in his arms. “You were bought and sold with chocolate.. Now only if your father had been so easily convinced, but at least your goat has a nice warm barn to sleep in now,” Viktor added with a laugh and a kiss to the side of Yuri’s pink face.

“You’re all little devils-!” Yuri couldn’t keep the amusement from his voice as he settled into Viktor’s grasp, only to look pointedly at his silk bondage.

But the twins were quick to quiet, their laughter dying down as Mariya took pointed steps into the bedroom. “Vitya- boys what are you doing?” Her voice was stern but there remained an amused lilt. “Are you torturing your poor spouse already? What kind of Nikiforov family welcome is this?” She cocked a silver brow, crossing her delicate arms.

“Mama-! Vitya had to do the bribe!” The twins pleaded, as if the tradition were one they valued so highly.

“Aa-ah.” She shook her head gently, “I’m sure Yura could have done without it.” To which the boy eagerly nodded his head. “We have a busy day, no more games. You too, Vitya.” She winked.

“Yes, mama,” Viktor sighed, letting Yuri down and untying the blond as he ushered his bride toward the door. The silver haired prince looked over his shoulder, giving his younger brothers a wink as he followed Yuri and Mariya out into the brightly lit hallway. Servants and housekeepers were already buzzing around, arms laden with towering floral arrangements. Viktor had heard them whispering about the mountains of gifts that were already beginning to trickle in from nobility and common folk alike.

The Tsarevich looked toward his mother with a curious glance as the Tsarina chatted softly with Yuri, he thin hands smoothing down his messy blond locks with a motherly warmth. “Will.. will Yuri be spending the day with you?” Viktor asked with a gentle smile.

“Of course,” She replied, “We have to get him dressed and cleaned up. Galina and Ekatrina have been waiting all week to brush his hair.” She playfully rolled her eyes, but even Yuri couldn’t help a slightly flattered, if not irritated, smile.

“You are to spend the day with Vadim- and if you can round up your younger brothers then perhaps you can teach them some manners.” She chuckled only to halt outside of her bedchamber door. “This where we part.” She glanced to Yuri, encouraging him to give his momentary farewells.

“I will see you at the church.. Hopefully not bound.” Yuri rolled his eyes, only to eagerly wrap his arms around Viktor’s broad shoulders.

Viktor pulled Yuri close for one final hug, his arms not wanting to let go of the blond, but knowing that he didn’t have a choice in the matter. They were getting married. It had been less than a full year of courtship, but everything felt right. Yuri felt right in his embrace.

“I love you, Yura.” Viktor’s heart was pounding as he squeezed tightly, his palms beginning to sweat as he let Yuri go.The silver haired man kissed the back of Yuri’s hand in a remorseful farewell, nodding once to his mother as he turned to gather up his brothers and find his father.


The whirlwind of preparations seemed to hit Yuri the moment the bedroom door clicked shut. Mariya’s boudoir was swathed in bright, glistening flowers and boxes filled with shoes, jewelry, gloves, and silk stockings. The sheer sight made Yuri’s eyes widen as he was gingerly ushered in, only to be plopped into a tufted chair. He’d lost the ability to fight it off- even as two pairs of eager hands began tugging at his hair with matching giggles. Ekaterina and Galina might’ve been even worse than the twins- they were armed with brushes and combs. But this was a lovely kind of torture, one that took him awhile to adjust to but soon enough his little scowls were replaced with sheepish smiles.

“Would you like to see your gown?” Mariya finally smiled as she pulled the massive, beaming white garment from its rack to reveal to the silken-haired boy. Soft gasps of quiet delight fell from all the sister’s mouths.

“Yura it’s beautiful-” Irina began, her eyes softened as she admired the look of pure shock on Yuri’s face. The gown was long, fluttering against the floor with a heavily decorated white border, while the rest was decorated with thousands of little pearls and beads, all stitched lovingly along the embroidered fabric. The shape was quite traditional, a full skirt with a long-sleeved blouse to cover every inch of his milky flesh, like a present simply waiting to be unwrapped. But the truly elegant piece was the headdress.. Decorated with pearls and pale jewels, a beautiful golden color with a long veil to cascade behind him.

The sight of it all sent the boy into tears.. His mother would have loved it. She would have cried and hugged him tight, whispering of praise of how happy she was that he would be honoring her. “..T..thank you.” He whispered between little tears, only to be gently grasped by Mariya and Irina, his quivering shoulders stilled by their delicate hands.

“Thank you for joining our family, Yura. We love you.” Irina whispered as she pressed a kiss to his temple.

Viktor sat perfectly still as Vadim ran the straight razor along the smooth line of his son’s jaw. It had been years since his father had first taught him how to shave and it was almost soothing to have the older man take care of him like he had all those years ago. He didn’t feel nervous. He didn’t feel anything other than a peaceful warmth in the bottom of his stomach as his father made sure his face was clean shaven.

The Tsarevich stared into the oval mirror seeing the reflected faces of his brothers who stood together on the other side of the room. Vladimir was wrangling the younger boys, smoothing down Vanya’s hair as Volyav fussed with the few glittering medals on his jacket. They were all images of perfection. Viktor had never given much thought to his wedding day, only ever picturing his brothers by his side and his parents watching him with pride as he was crowned along with his beloved. It was all so real now. He was living in a dream.

“I think you’re done,” Vadim announced with a smile, setting the razor down onto the vanity with a satisfying clunk.

“Thank you, papa,” Viktor said with a squeeze to his father’s hand, running a finger along the line of his jaw to inspect the Tsar’s perfect work.

Viktor stood, reaching for the bright white coat that was carefully draped over one of the back of a dark leather chair. He slipped the jacket on with ease, the cut perfect as it hugged his muscled chest. The coat was white with a thick line of black down the center of his chest. His shoulders were adorned with gold cords and glittering, braided epaulettes. A bright blue sash cut across the fabric, accenting the deep color of his eyes. Vadim straightened the medals that hung heavily on his left side.

“Are you nervous, Vitya?” Vadim asked softly, cleaning the small remaining amount of lather from Viktor’s face.

“Honestly.. No,” Viktor said with a strange sense of calm that flooded his belly as he hung up the towel that had protected his black dress pants.

“Well, I’m glad you’re ready,” Vadim chuckled as he pulled a silver faced pocket watch from his pants to inspect the shining face. “Because we are leaving in ten minutes.”

As Yuri and Viktor’s elaborate preparations ended, with nothing but fussing left to do, shining cars filled with guests and gifts screeched to a halt in front of the glittering palace. Their Grand Church being flooded with candles and excited people all dripping with finery. This was to be the wedding of the century- perhaps even overshadowing Vadim and Mariya’s in its elegance. Deep, blood-red curtains framed every pale window, while massive bouquets of milk colored flowers clung to nearly every table and chair. Anemones, chamomile, roses, carnations, and daisies sprung like bursts of fireworks around the church, leaving the massive chamber to smell of a sweet spring day. The only competition with its lovely aroma were the thousands of beeswax candles all burning brightly.

Viktor tapped his foot to the beat of the soft string music that filled the high ceilings of the church. He could hear the dull roar of the crowd of people that were waiting just beyond the door to the chamber he was waiting in, the noise making him smile for just a moment as he thought about how so many people had came to see his marriage. He was antsy, he was ready to have everything begin.. Ready to see how lovely Yuri was going to look.

He could hear a voice above all of the others, hushing the room as members of nobility and distant royalty were announced. Viktor was ushered toward his spot, waiting for his own name to be said. He felt like his body was moving on its own as he made his way down the long aisle, nodding towards some of the familiar faces he saw before taking his place at the edge of the altar, waiting for his bride to join him.

Yuri trembled as he stood within the massive church, feeling quite small- despite this day being entirely about himself and Viktor. The people all quieted as he revealed himself, standing in his long white gown, the veil and heavy mantle being held for him as he stood. The procession was quite large behind him- but all he could see was Viktor. His groom looked handsome, so very much like a painting as he stood out like a shining light against the alter.

With shaking steps he began his journey, feet shuffling softly with every step as the room felt near silent outside of the soft music playing loftily. The only face he could recognize out of the massive crowd of sparkling guests were his own family- Sergei and Nikolai- looking teary eyed and flush as they watched their youngest be wed. It was a beautiful sight to see Yuri smile, even as tears trickled down his round cheeks with every step. Crying had never come easily to him- but since meeting Viktor it felt as if he had many reasons to cry- but all of them happy.

To finally meet the altar, his feet felt heavy, cemented into place as he and Viktor were presented with bright candles to hold. Yuri wished he could have the courage to look up at his husband.. But he knew the tears would only worsen. The candlelight was a solace, keeping his focus as he listened to the deeply rich voices of the Clergy.

Viktor couldn’t help but stare at the petite blond. His mouth felt dry as he watched Yuri slowly make his way down the aisle to where he had been waiting. Viktor’s heart was hammering out of his chest as he looked upon his radiant bride. Yuri was stunning, almost like some beautiful angel sent down from the heavens to bring happiness to his life. Viktor wanted to urge the boy to look at him, his whole body begging for Yuri’s beautiful green gaze to meet his. The Tsarevich blinked back tears, clearing his throat softly as he tried to get Yuri’s attention. He didn’t care about the people watching him, or the clergy men going through all of the pomp. He only cared about the blond to his side, that lovely face illuminated in soft candle light.

Yuri could feel his body thrum with excitement as he heard the soft, subtle plea from his groom.. It was a gentle encouragement, enough for Yuri to shyly peek upwards. But the moment he did, another wave of joyful tears burned at his throat and ran like rivers down his mottled cheeks. He wished he could shout over the Archbishop and simply profess his love- he didn’t need all of this ceremony to bind himself to Viktor. But the most he could do was coyly tap his foot against Viktor’s, a silent reassurance that he was happy.

Viktor’s breath caught in his throat when Yuri finally looked at him. His hands trembled around the candle he held so tightly, a few stray tears making their way down his cheeks as he was unable to keep his emotions from taking over. He truly was blessed.

The Archbishop brought their rings, displaying them on beautiful golden plates to be blessed. Nikolai nearly sobbed as he watched, feeling so very happy to know that his son’s union would be protected and pure. Yuri could even hear him, feeling his own heart beat faster as the ceremony seemed to whirl past. It felt like endless streams of prayer spoken into the candlelit air, all of it rushing through him as he simply awaited the moment that he could wrap himself in Viktor’s arms. The candles felt heavy, but the Crowning ceremony felt far more weighty. Their golden and silver heads decorated with heavy, nuptial crowns, the same ones used for Vadim and Mariya, and the ones that would be used for Viktor and Yuri’s children.

Viktor felt a lightness as soon as the crown was placed on his head. It was a feeling of unity. He wasn’t just one with Yuri, he was one with his parents. They were a single family now, united in front of the public eye and the eye of god. Viktor turned slightly to face Yuri, wanting to burn the image of the blond boy in his nuptial crown into his brain, a memory he would treasure for the rest of his life. “You’re beautiful,” the silver haired man whispered, unable to keep himself from commenting.

The crowns were gingerly removed from their heads just as Viktor spoke, the familiar words of the Gospel felt like mere background buzz as Yuri listened. His pink lips parted, wishing to speak, but finding that he could only bob his head in silent appreciation. It would be impossible for the sentiment he wished to express to fall gracefully from his mouth- he knew his voice would crack and the tears would start again.

Ever so slowly, the words of their Clergy finished, and it was the moment to give thanks to Mariya, the Tsarina. They would thank her for everything- for allowing this wedding and for providing Yuri with such a wonderful husband to love. But she only smiled, assuring her two, beautiful boys that she was all the more thankful for them and their companionship. Vadim stood by her side, a beaming smile upon his handsome face as he looked into the eyes of his family. To him, Viktor and Yuri appeared just as he and Mariya had so many decades ago- so full of love and happiness- wishing to be only with each other.

It felt like a blur as they left the church, pleased voices and sweet, energetic music filling their ears as they paraded down the aisle arm in arm, their fingers heavy with blessed rings. “I love you.” Yuri finally whispered, his hand tightening around Viktor’s forearm.

Viktor held the car door open for Yuri as he helped his beautiful princess into the back of the black vehicle. He slid in next to the blond before finally letting his emotions tumble out, throwing his arms around Yuri and pulling the blond into his lap with a shout of joy. He kissed every inch of the boy’s face, tears falling from his eyes and onto Yuri’s cheeks as he showered the blond with attention. “You’re finally’re finally my princess forever.”

As they kissed, their world rumbled with the celebratory sounds of canons. Russia’s Tsarevich had been wed, and now a new reign would begin in the Nikiforov family. “I’m yours, and you’re mine..” Yuri whispered, feeling completely breathless as he pressed his nose against Viktor’s jaw. Their tears seemed to meld as their soft cheeks pressed together, bodies completely becoming one as they shared a moment of quiet pleasure.

Viktor didn’t want to leave the car once they returned to the palace. He was happy for the moment away from everyone, a moment where they could just hold each other and enjoy the warmth of their bodies pressed so closely together. He never wanted to let Yuri go. He hid his face in the sweetly perfumed and expertly styled nest of blond hair, sighing softly as he relaxed against Yuri’s soft form.

Heavy knocks at the window brought him out of his trance as his younger brothers and sisters pounded on the door and tried to urge the lovers out of the car. Viktor could hear their sing song voices from the other side of the barrier as they peeked in the window and made faces at the young couple.

“Go away,” Viktor barked, rolling his eyes as he smacked the glass with one hand, while still keeping a firm hold on Yuri with the other. “I just got married and I am so not in the mood for any of you right now. All I need is in this car with me!”

“What about Makkachin?!” Vanya teased, sticking out as tongue at his older brother before Vladimir appeared with the herd of younger siblings.

“Mother and father wish to see you both, and your family is there as well,” the older man huffed at Viktor and Yuri as he gathered the brood of Nikiforov children away from the car and motioned them along toward the palace. “Don’t keep them waiting, Vitya!”

Galina and Ekaterina grinned when the car door finally opened, the both of them still cooing at Yuri’s beautiful dress, while the twins tugged at his veil curiously. Moving with all of them, and the guards surrounding them felt impossible- it was all so overwhelming- but Yuri supposed that was what being a noble meant.

Vladimir kept a firm pace as he brought them into one of the massive grand halls where white cloth-covered tables were lined with food and crystal glasses. There, Yuri found Nikolai and Sergei, both who encompassed him in an embrace before any other royal families could trickle in.

“You looked beautiful, Yurochka..” He whispered as Sergei smoothed a hand down Yuri’s shoulder, only to kiss the top of his veil covered head. “If he hurts you I’ll kill him-” but Nikolai quickly shushed his eldest son, only to beam at them both before they were all seated.

Viktor and Yuri took the head table, being given the most beautiful pieces of china, and supplied with only the finest wines to indulge in while the members of foreign nobility spoke words of congratulations to them both.

Viktor couldn’t stop smiling as he wrapped an arm firmly around Yuri, while his other carefully poured a large glass of wine for his bride. The Tsarevich nodded along with the speeches, but wasn’t really hearing them. His focus was on Yuri, on the way a sweet pink blush crept to the blond’s cheeks every time someone wished them well or bid them good fortune on being blessed with children in their future. He couldn’t wait to start a family with Yuri, whispering softly about how they would be starting tonight, waggling his eyebrows suggestively, which only made the blond blush even more. “We will have a herd of little babies, little kittens that follow you around,” Viktor said in a hushed tone. “I hope they all look like you, but then we will have to worry about all of the boys chasing them around and asking them to marry them.”

Yuri’s cheeks warmed as he imagined he and Viktor’s entire brood of children.. It seemed quite common- if not expected- that a Nikiforov mother bear their spouse many, many children. The idea made him nearly dizzy but he wouldn’t mind the process.. “I bet they will all look like you- all of you look like your papa.” Yuri teased, smiling softly, “Strong blood.” He tucked a little closer, cheeks pink with wine as he indulged in a few sips. Though Mariya had warned him not to finish the bowl- but it was quite difficult to deal with all of these guests while sober.

Viktor chuckled, leaning in to capture Yuri’s lips for a quick kiss, tongue darting out and slipping into the smaller boy’s mouth to taste the wine that lingered on the blond’s tongue. Yuri tasted divine, the sweet wine perfuming his short puffs a breath between the kisses that Viktor peppered him with. “They will be perfect no matter what, my little lush,” Viktor said with a grin as he watched the blond continue to sip on the deep red wine. “Your cheeks are so red, my love.”

Yuri felt as if his face reddened even more when Viktor pointed it out, leaving him to blush brightly as he pressed his warmed face against his husband’s shoulder. “It’s just hot in here- all of these people and food.” Which was true, the servants had been placing great plates of grilled poultry, swan, and chickens, with hot soups and warm earthy bread. It was a massive feast, with so many courses, Yuri nearly lost count.

After finishing his wine Viktor switched to vodka, sharing a toast with Vadim before turning back to Yuri with a sly grin, “I hope you aren’t too full to consummate our marriage,” Viktor slurred, his voice a little too loud and uneven as he leaned on the blond at his side. His body felt loose and excited. He was ready for the feast to be over and to have the chance to finally lay claim to his young lover’s body. “Maybe it will give you more energy?”

Yuri had tried to be steady with his drinking- but Viktor would fill his glass- and the two of them were left woozy and pink at their head table. “..No, I’ll be fine.” He panted, eyes half open as his blond lashes batted prettily. “Will you be-? Doesn’t your cock have to work?” Yuri snickered in a quiet whisper as he nuzzled against Viktor’s cheek. The sight of them was merry, their cheeks and noses pink and pupils blown wide.

“I’m the son of the Tsar.. My cock always works, my dear,” Viktor purred, one hand slipping down to squeeze Yuri’s thigh through the layers of fabric. He was lustful, and he was sure everyone could tell that he was champing at the bit for the moment he could tear away Yuri’s clothing. He had seen the boy nude before, but now it was different.. Now Yuri was his bride. “It won’t be much longer now, and we will put on a show for them all, won’t we?”

Yuri couldn’t help but feel his cock jump at the playful statement, knowing and adoring that Viktor was quite proud of his virility. But he was rather confused, putting on a show? The boy tilted his head, blinking up at his half-drunken husband with a puzzled gaze. “..Put on a show for who?” He asked thickly, cheeks feeling hot.

“Yura, mama surely told you how it works.” Viktor rolled his eyes as he cuddled the boy closer to him, sighing as he toyed with a long strand of Yuri’s hair.

“..She didn’t.” Yuri looked a little sheepish but no less eager, body still squirming against Viktor’s as his hair was gingerly pulled. But a delicate hand upon his shoulder sent a jolt of shock through him- it was Mariya- “I would ask you both to stop causing a scene but I believe the Tsar is ready to begin the consummation witnessing.” She spoke evenly- but Yuri couldn’t breath.

The Tsar was ready… Viktor grinned, as he got to his feet leaving the room with a sea of noblemen, leaving Yuri behind with Mariya and Vadim at his sides. The Tsarevich laughed and joked with the men that accompanied him. Viktor had never been shy and today was no different.

“Will you come with me, Yuri?” Vadim extended a hand to the small boy with a soft smile, trying to be as loving and as strong as possible with the skittish blond. “You’re going to be just fine, little one.”

Yuri watched with widened eyes as Viktor left, only to be tugged numbly along by Vadim. His hand felt soft and large, gently grasping his own and leading him towards a private bedroom down a dimly lit hall. “..I don’t understand.” He confessed as they walked, his blond head bobbing as the wine took hold of him. But there weren’t much words spoken, just a tender thumb stroking the back of his palm.

But what Mariya had failed to explain was the cruelty of noble marriage. Their first night would be viewed. A practice that seemed to be notorious in the French Courts but had bled into Russia as the West began to become more popularized. It was a means to prove the validity of the marriage- to assure that an heir could be produced and that the bride and groom were bonded- but anyone could assume that such a feat wouldn’t be difficult for Yuri and Viktor.

Vadim lead Yuri into a small dressing room, large candles along all of the walls kept the space dimly lit. There was a long floor to ceiling mirror on one wall next to a small oak door. “Do you need help out of your gown, or can you do it on your own?’ the Tsar asked as he removed the blond’s veil and draped it over his arm like he was Yuri’s valet.

“I.. I can do it.” He didn’t know if he could- truthfully- many of the buttons were on the back but he pulled his headdress off, letting his blond hair shake free. Over the months it had lengthened, now tickling against his shoulders. Fumbling, wine-slowed fingers pulled at his gown, managing to unclasp a few of the tiny pearls before glancing to the Tsar with a flushed face, wordlessly asking for assistance.

Years of being with his wife, and caring for his three daughters had made the Tsar very good with fine motor skills. His large hands finished the last few buttons, easing the garment off of Yuri’s shoulders to pool around the blond’s ankles. Vadim admired the boy’s milky skin, a smile creeping to his lips as he allowed himself a moment to ghost his fingertips along the cream lingerie that Yuri wore. “You look lovely, dear one.”

Yuri bobbed his head, trying to avoid the connection between Vadim and Viktor- they were quite similar- but Yuri was a little to hazy to see the differences. “Thank you.” He responded curtly, cheeks burning as he turned around to shuffle away from his dress. Just a few paces away was a heavy door, where he imagined Viktor lay behind, soft voice could be heard, leaving him to tilt his head once more. “It’s not just you..?”

“I’m afraid it isn’t just me…” The Tsar shook his head with a slight frown, but disguised his unease to try and keep the blond boy calm. He could tell that Yuri was on edge...obviously unaware of what was waiting for him beyond the door. Vadim rested a hand on Yuri’s shoulder, steering the boy toward the door and holding it open for him with a quiet nod. “You can do this.”

As the door slowly creaked open, Yuri was greeted by the sight of his handsome groom lounging on the bed, uniform still on and impeccable, while a group of dignitaries remained shuffled off in the corner. They were accountability- to ensure that everything was kept honest- but Yuri’s cock twitched at the realization. With a final glance towards Vadim he shuffled inside, creeping towards the canopy bed and peering at Viktor with widened pupils and pink cheeks.

There was a large semicircle of chairs around the towering canopy bed. It was one of the biggest beds Viktor had ever seen when he had first discovered its existence deep within the palace. He had removed his boots before climbing to lay atop the crisp white duvet and mounds of fluffy pillows. His cock was already hard, straining against his tight black pants as he waited for Yuri, his mouth watering as soon as the little blond entered the room in his cream colored panties, the matching garter belt tight around his trim waist as the bands stretched down his willowy legs to clasp his silk stockings.

Viktor crawled to the edge of the bed to motion Yuri forward, his blue eyes smiling at the quivering boy as the petite Russian was guided closer by Vadim’s firm hands.

It was so stiflingly quiet that Yuri almost wanted to yell simply to break the tension.. His heart was hammering, mouth feeling dry, but he couldn’t manage to make a sound. Even as Vadim rubbed his shoulder, only to take his seat at the front of the semi-circle, leaving Yuri and Viktor to their stage. The boy finally swallowed thickly, managing to swipe his tongue across his plush bottom lip as he looked towards Viktor with widened eyes. He felt almost frozen- caught between wanting to indulge, and wondering if he would be punished for eternity for engaging in this- but he supposed if the Tsar had mandated it.. And even overseen other noble’s consummations.. Then this was proper.

Ever so slowly Yuri reached a hand out, clutching Viktor’s uniform trouser leg and blushing brightly- he almost wondered if his cheeks glowed in the dim bedchamber. “Do we.. um,” He stumbled with his words, catching sight of the stoic gazes of the dignitaries. “Do we start?” He whispered, though Yuri had no idea how to start, would it hurt? Would Viktor need to stretch him? Yuri had a rather basic, rudimentary understanding of sex beyond the enjoyment of it.

Viktor pulled the boy onto the bed with him, a low primal growl escaping his throat as he pinned the boy under him. The Tsarevich nipped at the blond’s neck, his teeth and hand exploring the exposed skin of Yuri’s semi nude form. Viktor tugged at the hem of the smaller boy’s panties, pulling them to the side just enough to allow Yuri’s cock to be free of its silky prison. “We do whatever we want, Yura. Don’t even pay any attention to them.”

Yuri hardly realized how tightly his jaw had been clenched until he gasped- the air felt cold against his cock- even despite its slight hardness. But even knowing he was exposed.. That they could see his arousal and assume that he found this all so tantalizing was enough to make him twitch. But Viktor’s assurance, to simply not acknowledge them, felt utterly impossible. He could hear them breathing, shuffling, lips smacking. All he could do was close his eyes and wrap willowy limbs around Viktor’s shoulders as a way of hiding his body further.

“Oil is on the nightstand.” The voice sounded impatient- perhaps it was Vlad- wishing to simply end this already. Yuri’s teeth clenched and brows knitted as the Tsar made a sound of irritation with his eldest son, it was an unstated rule for the Court to remain quiet. But Yuri’s cock seemed to waver between hardness and softness, occasionally plumping up enough to poke at Viktor’s taut belly when there was silence.

Viktor continued as if he had heard nothing, his hands roamed over Yuri’s gentle curves, pulling playfully at the blond’s hair as he tugged the long tresses away to expose the line of Yuri’s neck. His teeth dug into the skin, dark marks beginning to mottle the pale flesh as Viktor sucked. His hands urged Yuri’s panties down, leaving the stockings on as he gently pressed at the flesh of Yuri’s perfect thighs. “Spread your legs, love...loosen up princess.”

Yuri obeyed, the wine perhaps helping in his boldness, though he’d never felt so clammed up in his life. But he spread his slender legs only to curl his toes into the sheets. He wondered if it was worse to make an entire show of it- or if this was Viktor’s way of helping him relax.. To be kissed and covered in obvious bruises. A hand finally crept down, petting Viktor’s silver hair, he didn’t want to appear entirely helpless, considering his cock was still achingly hard with desire for his husband.

Viktor ignored the offered oil, bending Yuri’s knees back toward the blond’s chest to expose his pink entrance. The Tsarevich feasted on the quivering muscle, his tongue lapping at the hole and soaking the skin with a level of excitement that he had never felt before. His fingers edged in alongside his tongue as he playfully stretched Yuri. He knew the boy wouldn’t feel extreme pleasure while riding his cock for the first time, but he wanted Yuri to enjoy aspects of their first time. He wanted to give them a show. If he was going to be forced to bed his lover for the first time in front of a group of people, then he would make sure it would be something they would never forget.

Viktor’s tongue was like a balm for his nervous heart. The hot muscle laved over him, easing at the tight muscle until he knees felt like jelly and his legs simply fell open. There was a moment of haziness, as if he’d forgotten that they even had an audience watching them, and it was only their two bodies occupying the entire chamber. His short cock even swelled up, laying pliantly against his belly as as Viktor worked him completely open with diligent fingers and devilish tongue- even being bold enough to press against his prostate- leaving Yuri to actually moan in honest. The sound cracked within the room, breaking their silence far more intensely than spoken word- a sound of genuine pleasure aching from his lips.

When he felt that Yuri had been soaked by his tongue, Viktor began to fumble with the button of his breeches. He palmed his hard cock through the heavy material before releasing the stiff flesh with a groan, his fingers continued to work Yuri open as he knelt between the blond’s spread legs. “I’m...I’m gunna take you like this, Yura. Are you ready for me?”

Yuri rolled his head in agreement, neck feeling loose as he looked up to his husband. “Please..” He begged, the sound was quite small but it was enough to send half the chamber into hardness. The new Nikiforov noble was quite a sight- completely spread out beneath the Tsarevich, looking already so debauched.

Viktor shuddered as he pushed the head of his cock into Yuri’s tightness. The blond felt like silk around him while he inched more and more into the delicious heat. He cooed softly to his virgin bride, he could feel the boy beginning to tense under him, but his hands moved to stroke Yuri’s skin and pump Yuri’s cock in time with the rapid beating of his heart. “You’ve got this, Yura. Keep breathing and relax little doll.”

Vadim held his breath while he watched Viktor enter the blond for the first time. He took a sip from his glass, the vodka easing his nerves as he nodded his approval for how gentle Viktor was trying to be. It was so unlike his son, but he was happy to see him treating his bride with such tenderness.

Yuri didn’t quite register what Viktor was saying- the initial burn was enough to practically deafen him until his senses were slowly winning out against the pain. If it hadn’t been for Viktor’s hand then he would probably be soft- but they were steady together- each arching into the pleasure of the other until Yuri managed a few exhausted mewls of pleasure. It felt easier than he’d anticipated- always fearing that this moment would be far more intense- but the ease with which it happened felt calming. But the boy, ever a spitfire, didn’t want to be coached- he gave a buck backwards- almost a reassurance that he could handle it- only to whine when he felt Viktor’s thick cock push deeper than he anticipated.

“Don’t hurt yourself,” Vadim said in a voice barely above a whisper, catching the pained expression the blond made for just a moment as more of Viktor’s erection pushed deeper into him.

Viktor kept moving, finally bottoming out inside of Yuri with a low groan as he waited for the boy to become used to the thickness. It felt intoxicating, he could have filled Yuri with his seed then and there, but he managed to hold back with all of his willpower.

Yuri’s lips quivered as he lay beneath Viktor, the power of his thrusts, despite their gentleness, still shook him across the mattress, his body moving like a ragdoll with every push. “Vitya-” He finally panted, feeling his cock twitch as the hand that stroked his length began to quicken. “V..Vitya I want to cum..” He clenched his teeth after that, sweat pearling up along his brows as he thrust his hips upwards, only to mewl again. He wasn’t quite ready for much motion, his body still adjusting to the fullness.

He was fueled by yuri’s delicate moans and kittenish thrusting. The boy was so eager, so willing to let his body be used in front of all of the men who watched in silence. The Tsarevich would hear their soft moans, he could hear the rustling of zippers as they stroked their hard cocks. Viktor picked up his pace, his cock brushing deep inside of Yuri prod at the blond’s prostate with a wicked grin. “My princess wants to cum? Then cum for me. Make your Tsarevich messy, baby.”

Yuri only nodded, teeth still grit as he edged towards utter madness. Only soft, half-voice cries fell from between a clenched jaw as Yuri’s body jerked with pleasure, finally spilling across his belly and Viktor’s fist with a few pearly spurts of cum. A soft sob followed after- realizing that when he orgasmed- his body tightened intensely, practically sucking Viktor down deeper as his orgasm crashed over him. He hardly even remembered that they were being watched, until he gasped for air and fluttered his eyes open to see the shadows cast against the walls.

Viktor thrusted harder as Yuri gripped him tighter. He was pushed over the edge by Yuri’s release, the warm fluid coating his hand made him growl with desire as he stilled. His cock erupted with one last push, hot seed filling Yuri’s insides as Viktor brought his hand up to his mouth to lap at his lover’s cum. It felt like he was drifting out of his body, his heart pounding and ears buzzing when the Tsarevich realized they had finally done it.. They had finally been together and it felt glorious.

Still panting, Yuri nearly fainted. His body felt as if it had been completely used- but he loved it all the same. Despite his exhaustion, he already felt the urge to go again- his youthful spirit still begging for more. But the moment he tried to move, reality set back in, his body ached even as Viktor’s cock softened inside of him.. With a little whimper he wiggled against the bed, body damp with sweat. The boy finally let his arms fall back, body going utterly limp as he laid beneath Viktor.

The Tsarevich felt boneless for just a moment before tensing up, his knees trembling from kneeling on the bed for so long. Viktor slowly pulled out, a trail of semen and blood clinging to his cock, connecting him to Yuri. He sighed, collapsing next to the blond, still completely dressed.

Yuri curled against him, uncaring that his bottom was exposed to the Court as he nestled his naked figure against Viktor’s woolen uniform. His thighs and bottom were slick, a pink mixture of cum and a few dots of blood painting his inner thighs. The boy was dizzy enough for his vision to fade a bit- a testament to Viktor’s fucking and the exhaustion he felt.

Vadim rose from his seat, moving to stand next to the bed. His dark eyes raked over Yuri’s nude form, nodding his approval at the coupling before turning back to the group with a tight lipped smile. “I do believe they are a compatible match.”

Viktor chuckled to himself as he listened to his father address the group, cleaning his cock with the white sheets before tucking his limp prick back into his pants. “Did you hear that Yura? We don’t have to worry about being forced to get a divorce.”

Yuri only whined softly, a quiet pout falling from his lips as he nestled closer. The boy was tired- and hardly had a mind to speak as he buried his nose in Viktor’s jacket collar. The sight, such a fussy noble already, made Vadim chuckle as he stroked silky blond hair, and offered a pat to his son’s shoulder.

The noblemen in the room talked quietly amongst themselves as Viktor edged toward the end of the bed, hands urging Yuri to stay still. Most of the man were just milling about, congratulating Vadim of how powerful of a son he had and how the Nikiforov line would surely continue with the addition of Yuri to their family. Viktor smiled at his petite lover, running a finger along the line of Yuri’s lips as he spoke. “Just lay there for a helps the chances of conceiving,” Viktor said softly, rubbing a hand over Yuri’s stomach.

At the whispered mention of a baby, Yuri lifted his head, offering a quiet mewl of understanding before settling back down. He tried his best to ignore the sound of diplomatic chatter and the occasional praise of Yuri’s willingness. He finally managed to tug a blanket over his bottom, hiding the evidence of their coupling- which would surely be paraded around later now that his virgin blood and Viktor’s cum stained it.

“Won’t they leave..?” He whispered, giving a kitten-like glare towards any of the men who grew bold enough to step near the bed. But Vadim just offered him a little pet on the head, and finally a glass of vodka to ease his nerves.

“Be nice little Yura,” Vadim teased, reaching into the nightstand next to the bed and producing a large gold plug from the top drawer. “Vitya, will you do the honors of filling your bride and making sure he doesn’t lose too much of your seed?”

Viktor nodded, snatching the toy from his father’s hand with an eye roll as he moved to sit behind Yuri. He eased the blond’s cheeks apart, working the thick plug into the abused hole before placing a kiss to the blond’s shoulder and a whispered apology. “I’m sorry, but it is traditional.”

A soft cry fell from Yuri’s lips as he fought the urge to curse. His bottom was tender- and the plug burned in its coldness as it slipped against his raw flesh. He buried his face in the blankets- still embarrassed that Vadim was even watching them- he just assumed the man was as eccentric as Viktor. But he had just watched them consummate- so he supposed their limits were nearly nonexistent now.

“I.. I better get pregnant.” The boy panted, clenching his teeth as he wiped an accidental tear from his eye. Yuri collapsed again against the bed, curling his head against Viktor’s lap and rubbing his cheek against the man’s thigh.

“I know you will, my princess,” Viktor said with a confident smile, carding his fingers through Yuri’s hair as he continued to praise the blond. “You never cease to amaze me, and I know this time will be no different.”

A little smile tugged at his usually pouty mouth, “Or maybe you Nikiforov’s just have special cum or something.” The boy snickered, feeling too exhausted to care anymore that the annoyingly curious diplomats were only just now trickling out of the door.

Viktor scooped Yuri into his arms, wrapping the boy in the white sheet as he made his way to the en suite. A bath had already been drawn for them, the sweetly perfumed scent of the water filled the small space as Viktor settled Yuri onto his feet. He stripped out of his clothing tossing his heavy coat and pants into one corner of the room before climbing into the deep tub and beckoning Yuri to join him.

As they settled into the water, a soft hiss could be heard from the boy, his body both loving and despising the hot water he settled into- but he would refuse to get out. His aching muscles needed it.. But most importantly, he desired a moment alone with his new husband. Without a care he crawled closer, pressing his bird-bone back against the strong flesh of Viktor’s chest. “I really liked it..” Yuri supposed he didn’t feel much different from being a virgin- but he certainly felt a connection to Viktor- a deeper sense of trust.

“Well hopefully you enjoy being with me without a ton of people there,” Viktor teased, his mind still cloudy from all of the wine he had consumed as he traced little patterns into the water that clung to Yuri’s creamy skin. “I really liked it...I loved getting to finally connect with you in that way and we will keep connecting forever and ever.”

Yuri simply closed his eyes, bobbing along with Viktor’s quiet, lovely words. The sound of his voice was like a lullaby that weaved sweet tales for him. “Forever.” He gently grasped Viktor’s leg, holding him close and pressing their bodies together as the warm bath loosened their muscles.

Viktor felt at peace as he let himself sink deep into the water. He felt a strange feeling of calm wash over him as Yuri draped himself across his chest. Their hearts were beating together as the Tsarevich closed his eyes. They were wed. They had survived a public coupling. They had survived being ripped apart by a war. Viktor felt invincible as he nuzzled the boy in his arms. The feeling would be one he would treasure, and never allow himself to forget. He prayed that their children would know this kind of love some day. Everyone should feel this kind of love.. But right now they were the lucky ones. He was the luckiest man in Russia, and nothing would change his mind.

Chapter Text

The sparse landscape was slightly blurred as Viktor glanced out the window. Heavy snow flakes clung to the window for only a fleeting moment before drifting off in the swift wind that whipped across the empty fields. Winter was in full bloom, and the countryside was barren of all life as the train steady flew down the tracks.

Vadim and Mariya had arranged for the new couple to have a honeymoon far from the cold winter. Viktor had decided to keep their travel plans secret, loving to watch his squirm with impatience and nervousness when they had been packing earlier in the week. They would be taking a train across the frozen Russian tundra to the very edge of Poland, and from there the rest of the journey would lead them to yet another train to their final destination.

A few dim lanterns illuminated the luxury sleeping car, just enough for Viktor to see to the end of the bed where their clothing sat in a tangled heap. An empty bottle of wine and half eaten tray of sweets were thrown haphazardly to the floor. The aftermath of another round of lovemaking lingered everywhere.. And Viktor loved the sight.

The Tsarevich’s new bride was asleep at his side, curled up against him under a nest of heavy blankets. Viktor held the blond close as the chill from the window seeped into the room. They weren’t allowed the use of a fireplace overnight while on the train, but lucky they had each other to keep themselves warm.


Viktor nuzzled Yuri’s face softly as he settled down into the blankets with a sigh. “Are you warm enough, Yura?”

Yuri blinked sleep out of his eyes as his seat dipped with Viktor’s weight. Cold fingers felt like ice against his flesh as they seeped beneath the blankets to gingerly stroke him. “Yes.. but you’re more like the Prince of Ice than of Russia..” the boy mumbled as he grabbed Viktor’s hands, clutching them in his own in an attempt to bring him heat.

Still fighting the battle with exhaustion, Yuri managed to languidly curl a little closer, wrapping his lithesome limbs around Viktor’s middle, only to tuck his soft cheek against his throat. “How much longer until Poland..?” The boy whispered as trees flit past them beyond their window. The car they slept in was fitted with only the finest luxury- but it seemed that the view was truly priceless. Stars filled the sky, while the moon provided enough light to admire the tops of pointed trees and snowcapped mountains.

“What’s wrong princess? Are you so impatient?” Viktor chuckled, fingertips ghosting over Yuri’s naked skin. The smaller Russian felt like a furnace and the silver haired man couldn’t help but hold tight. Viktor gathered the blond into his lap, always loving how the smaller boy felt lighter than air in his arms. He dared to be a little cheeky, one hand dipping down to press on the flared end of the plug he had begged Yuri to wear after every round of sex. “Don’t be so fussy. I think you once said that you loved surprises..and I don’t want to ruin this for you.”

A little scowl scrunched up Yuri’s button nose as the plug was pushed deeper, encouraging his legs to spread just to accommodate the weight of it. “I think you’re misremembering.” Yuri retorted with a sleepy smile and a kitten-like growl. “And I am impatient-- I don’t understand why nobles ride in these trains- they’re so cramped.” Yuri could complain for a little while longer but he would rather listen to the rumble of Viktor’s voice in his chest.

Viktor rolled his eyes, tugging the blanket tighter around them as he pressed against the plug again. “If you think this is cramped then you should go spend some time in one of the public cars, and this is just our sleeping compartment, my love. We have a nice dining room and sitting room that we will be able to enjoy.”

A strained noise fell from Yuri’s lips- almost a gasp of surprise- as Viktor pressed the plug in deeper. With hardly an ounce of exhaustion left in him, Yuri was quivering as his body tried its best to clench up around the plug. With only a few.. dozen fucks, Yuri still hadn’t mastered the art of loosening up, his body was always quite tense. “V..Vitya-” He growled out, a kind of warning, but really it sounded more like a breathy plea. “Fine- fine.. I’ll stop being impatient.” The boy huffed as he buried his nose back into Viktor’s throat.

“That sounds more like it,” Viktor snickered, his hand easing up on his teasing as he nipped at Yuri’s ear. “I knew I wasn’t foolish enough to marry a little bratty child.. You’re my patient princess.”

Viktor blew out the lantern next to them, causing the chamber to grow darker as he continued to toy with the small blond’s body. If he was allowed to have it his way, the boy would spend the entire train ride to Poland bouncing on his cock. He had struggled to keep his hands to himself now that they were wed, there was nothing holding him back anymore and if he was honest the pressure was now building for them to produce the Tsar’s first grandchild. “Go back to sleep. We still have a long way to go, my love, and your body needs rest.”

Yuri still grumbled, even as Viktor teased him with that loving voice and tender touch.. But most of Yuri’s pouting was simply out of exhaustion. He’d never traveled this far, and certainly not in a tight train, but Viktor was doing the best he could. Soon.. soon they would have an entire honeymoon to sprawl out. “..Sleep too.” Yuri whispered beneath blond lashes. He cared for Viktor, he wanted his Tsarevich to be in good health as well- even if that meant fussing at him.

Finally sleep caught up to him, tickling the edges of his vision until the darkness consumed his mind completely. The gentle jolting of the train and the occasional light from the moon was enough to lull Yuri into a peaceful sleep.

Switching trains in Poland was a nightmare. There was a heavy downpour that started as soon as Viktor realized he had failed to make sure that his footman packed an umbrella for both himself and for Yuri. By the time their luggage had been moved, and he had escorted the blond to their new car, the Tsarevich was soaked to the bone. Viktor’s clothing weighed him down as he handed off the umbrella to a waiting servant and joined Yuri in their new car. He flashed the blond a weak smile as he closed the door behind him, tugging at the buttons of his heavy coat before hanging the jacket on the back of the door. “Well, I can say for a fact that I am sure that our luggage has been safely stowed in the baggage car. And, I promise to buy matching umbrellas for us when we make it to our next destination...Are you dry, my dear?”

Perhaps it was simply a natural affinity, but Yuri didn’t seem completely phased by the rain. He would squint his eyes and scowl when golden blond hair clung to his cheeks but in truth he didn’t whine. Instead, he pressed his hands against the glass of their car and peeked out into the darkened sky. Even if his clothes were soaked and his feet cold, he only blinked to Viktor when the man shuffled onto the wet leather seats. “I’m fine,” Yuri assured as he shrugged his heavy, woolen coat off- it was better to be cold and dry than cold and wet. “You look like a wet dog,” Yuri snickered as he reached a hand up to brush back Viktor’s silver hair, styling it to be slicked and and polished. “A handsome one, still.” He rolled his eyes as the train began chugging along.

Viktor shook his head wildly, flinging water all over the small space as he began to strip out of his wet clothing. The Tsarevich was shivering from the cold, goosebumps along his arms and legs while he quickly undressed. He carefully draped his rumpled pants and undershirt across the other seat before snatching down a heavy wool blanket to wrap around himself and Yuri, pulling the small blond against his nude form with a low growl. Viktor palmed his naked cock, warming his flesh before pressing against the blond with a knowing smirk. “I’m your big puppy.”

Yuri nearly chirped at him as water droplets flecked across his cheeks- but before he could even realize Viktor was stripping down- twin strong arms wrapped themselves around his figure. “Vitya!” He yelped, a laugh rolling off his tongue as he playfully struggled. “You’re soaking wet- bad dog!” Yuri’s small fists hit at Viktor’s back, much like a play fight of wrestling, only to leave him squirming. His white dress still hung heavily off his wet shoulders as Viktor’s naked form weaseled between his legs.

Viktor pulled Yuri’s dress off with an audible rip, tearing the gown away and smirking to himself as he left the blond half naked. He scooping Yuri into his arms, pulling the boy away from the puddle of white fabric on the floor and dumping him onto the long bench like bed they would be sharing for the night. He wrestled in next to Yuri, moving the blond to sit astride his lap. Viktor chuckled when he saw the pink cheeked look on his lover’s face as he playfully rocked his hips into the curve of Yuri’s ass. “Is something wrong, my love?”

Without his dress, Yuri’s pretty, pink cock was exposed to allow for Viktor’s enjoyment. It stood stiff and excited between his milky legs as he was manhandled onto their bed- Viktor had never been so playfully rough with him- but the boy couldn’t deny that he enjoyed it. “Nothing-” He snipped back but the sheepish smile upon his lips was impossible to hide. Arms came to wrap around the Tsarevich while over-eager fingers tugged at the plug still sitting heavily inside him.

Viktor raised an eyebrow as he watched Yuri fumble with the toy. He offered no help as the boy quickly pulled the gold plug free, dropping it to the floor of the compartment with a heavy thud. The blond’s eyes were bright and full of fire as Viktor watched the small boy trying to seduce him. “You know what you want…” Viktor teased, thrusting into Yuri with one smooth motion, grunting as he fully seated himself inside of the blond. “Ride your Tsarevich, princess.”

Still sloppy and wet, it was like a dream to slip into the boy’s slick heat. Cum and oil eased the passage and sent him reeling as Viktor completely filled him in one smooth motion. With trembling limbs, Yuri finally managed to grasp Viktor’s shoulders, only to lift himself and plummet back down. On a cock like Viktor’s, it felt almost never-ending, but to hear the slap of his plush ass against muscular thighs, it was like utter heaven. Over and over Yuri arched his spine to grind himself as though Viktor were a toy to fuck himself on.

Viktor’s mouth was open wide as moans and growls bubbled up from his stomach. Yuri felt amazing on his cock, it was as if the boy had been trained for this, secretly sent to the best brothels in Russia to learn to fuck the life out of him. Viktor’s hips began to snap upward to meet Yuri’s rocking. The Tsarevich’s hand shot forward to wrap around the blond’s prick, jerking the pink cock in time with his thrusting as he fought to bring Yuri over the edge. “I can’t wait to put a baby in you..I’ll fuck you like this when you’re big and round,” Viktor purred, one hand bracing Yuri’s lower back. “You’ll be the most beautiful mother.”

Slick sounds of flesh and pleading breaths competed against Viktor’s words.. Nearly drowning them out until Yuri managed to focus enough to look his husband in the eyes. “I.. I want your baby, please-” Yuri couldn’t quite think, his mind felt hazy, all he could grasp was the desire to cum. “You’ll be a good daddy..” The boy bobbed his head as he bounced his lithesome frame on Viktor’s cock, even if his thighs ached, he couldn’t help but buck into the offered fist that clenched around him.

“Say it again,” Viktor snapped, fingers pressing sharply on Yuri’s spine as he continued to pound into the blond. The Tsarevich knew he was close, his cock threatening to spill at anymore, but he begged his willpower to let him last for just a moment longer. His heart was beating so quickly that he feared he might pass out, but there was something inside of him that made him crave more. His body felt on fire, eyes fluttering closed as he panted. “Say it again, Yura. I want to hear you.”

Yuri’s voice was cracking, the words almost difficult to even find as the beginnings of orgasm began to overwhelm him. “You’ll be a good daddy! I want to have all of your babies- I want you to fill me up, please..!” Yuri’s head fell back, throat exposed as he jerked his hips awkwardly as the waves of pleasure crashed over him. “S..such a good daddy.” The boy panted, lips falling open as he sucked in a quivering breath. His body was like putty; completely melting and pliant in Viktor’s warm hands.

“Who am I?” Viktor asked in a commanding tone, slapping one of Yuri’s ass cheeks to cause the blond to clench around his cock. Viktor came with a shout, his hips continuing to buck forcefully as he began to fill the blond with his seed. His hands gripped Yuri’s tights, steadying the small boy as Viktor sucked in deep breaths of air. He kept his eyes closed as he gathered himself. “You’re so good to me, so good.”

Dizzily Yuri spoke, “My.. my daddy- and you’re my Tsarevich-” Yuri babbled, mind elsewhere as he collapsed against Viktor’s chest between shaking breaths. Emerald eyes finally fluttered closed as warm, wetness painted his clenched insides, leaving him to shiver with the realization that he had another load of cum filling him up. Yuri’s own seed painted his belly with little droplets- he wondered briefly if there was a way to bathe or if he would spend the rest of their journey with dried semen on his skin.

“You’re amazing.” Viktor slid out with a low groan, fumbling for the plug as he secured it deep inside of Yuri before helping the blond off and onto the thin cushion. He reached across his lover, snatching up the ruined gown and cleaning Yuri’s stomach with a satisfied look across his lips. He loved to see the blond so consumed by passion. He loved taking Yuri apart and just making love to his beautiful princess. “I’m...I’m so in love with you..I’m so in love that it hurts me to even think of what life would be like without you.”

Yuri eased back against their bench, body still thrumming with pleasure as he slowly gathered his thoughts. “Then why think about it?” Yuri whispered with a raw voice, feeling as if he couldn’t speak another word. “I’m here.. You can’t rid yourself of me.” The boy finally offered a little smile as he tugged sleepily at Viktor’s arms, a silent plea for him to settle.

“This all just feels like a dream,” Viktor said softly, one hand reaching up to smooth down Yuri’s hair as he pressed a quick kiss to the side of the blond’s face. “I sometimes worry that I’m going to wake up and this is all just going to disappear like some sort of fever dream...and that I’ll be alone again.” The Tsarevich sighed, running a hand through his silver locks before looking to Yuri with a gentle smile. “I know it’s foolish, but sometimes I can’t believe that someone like you even exists.”

“Who knew I’d make a Tsarevich so lovesick.” Yuri smiled warmly, his eyes brightening as he grasped Viktor a little tighter. Small fingers dimpled the flesh of Viktor’s arms as he clung, “I’m here with you- and I’m real.” He assured with a quiet puff of amusement. “--But shouldn’t I be the one thinking this is a fairytale? Going from farmland to a castle..” Yuri whispered into the shell of Viktor’s ear.

“You’re ruining the moment I’m having...your husband is a sap so let him just be lovey dovey for a moment without all the sass,” Viktor laughed, tickling along Yuri’s side as he moved up to cup the boy’s face in his hand with an overjoyed smile. He pressed a kiss to the pink rose petals of Yuri’s lips before retrieving their discarded blanket from the floor. “You were meant to meet me, we were meant to be married and no one can tell me anything to convince me otherwise.”

A quiet snicker fell from Yuri’s lips as he was tickled, his body squirming with joy until the air felt heavier around them once more.. Their breaths seemed to pause- or perhaps Yuri was simply nervous- but Viktor’s words were weighty. “..I will concede.. We were meant to be.” Yuri had to stop himself from feeling so silly, but strangely enough, the words felt right. Anytime Sergei would wax poetic about the lovers he’d bedded- Yuri usually gagged- but this felt completely different. He wanted to share his love, and to have love be shared with him.

“Thank you,” Viktor mumbled as he pulled Yuri even closer to him, willing their bodies to become one as he tried to settle in for some sleep. He was exhausted simply from traveling, but the lack of good food, the constant cold and rain.. Not to mention the marathon sex.. Left the Tsarevich almost too tired to function. “We still have a day's journey ahead of us, my dear. So close your eyes and rest.”

Yuri obeyed without complaint- knowing the boy- he could probably sleep the rest of the journey from Poland to the destination that Viktor refused to share with him.. Thoughts of faraway cities filled his dreams as he gave into the temptation to rest. Sleep always came easier to him when he was wrapped up tightly in Viktor arms, the man was like a security blanket.

Viktor slipped out while Yuri was still asleep, gathering up a tray of foods for them to share before heading back into the sleeping cabin with a wicked grin. It wouldn’t be much longer now, just another hour and he would get to surprise Yuri with their honeymoon location. He leaned over the boy with a light puff of air against the blond’s ear, chuckling softly as the boy tried to avoid him. “Sleeping beauty, I have brought you some food.. And I’m having them bring some warm water for us to wash off with.”

Yuri rolled over with a sleepy groan, his voice thick with exhaustion as he swatted lazily at Viktor’s mouth, but the cold air had been enough to rouse him. “..Will you feed me- I feel too sore to even move.” The boy feigned pain in his arms, as though hoisting himself up and down Viktor’s prick had been enough to turn his muscles into jelly.

Viktor rolled his eyes, but still offered the sleepy blond a bite of a honey covered biscuit. “You better start to wake up...we will be arriving in about...thirty minutes and you’ll finally know where we are,” Viktor said with a smile as the smaller Russian greedily gobbled up the small bite of food. Viktor continued to carefully hand feed Yuri, dabbing the blond’s lips with a clean napkin after each different breakfast item. A knock at the door pulled him away as he spoke softly to a servant that offered him a large pitcher of steamy water. “Are you ready to clean up, my love?”

Yuri ate happily, his tongue simply pleased to have something a bit sweeter than bread and butter. “Mm- yes.” He bobbed eagerly, only to tug the blanket tighter around himself as the servant dropped off towels and dampened clothes for them to wash up with. The big, porcelain dish was lightly scented, a few rose petals floating along the top that Yuri touched curiously. “Are you going to bathe me?” He snickered sleepily as he grabbed a cloth to swipe across Viktor’s honey covered lips.

“Are you my helpless kitten now?” Viktor asked with a smile, dipping one cloth into the water and running it across Yuri’s chest with a wink. He carefully cleaned all of the skin that wasn’t covered by the blanket, before pushing Yuri back, tugging the blanket away with one sharp pull to expose the lower half of Yuri’s body. “You’re such a dirty kitten..what am I going to do with you, Yura?”

The cloth that smoothed over his chest left every inch of his flesh prickled.. But nothing felt filthier than Viktor’s playfully purred words. “Yes- yes I’m your kitten.” The boy’s cheeks burned, never having anticipated that he might play such a game. As he fell back, lithesome legs spread open to reveal his messy thighs and cum covered bottom. “Mm.. I guess you have to clean me- then play with me.” The boy grinned, feeling a little more comfortable in his role the more Viktor touched him.

“Where did my innocent Yuri go?” Viktor asked with mock concern as he continued to clean Yuri’s pink skin, he could see the blond’s cock beginning to come to life again. He leaned forward to suck the hardening flesh into his mouth, giving it a couple of licks before releasing it and raising a curious eyebrow to his lover. “I thought you were too sore?”
“..I guess daddy has the magic touch.” Yuri lied, his cheeks going pink as he was caught in his lie but breathy little moans were taking the place of his words as he gave a few more eager bucks upwards, begging for that tongue to lavish him in affection as the train chugged along. The boy was too distracted to realize that forests were giving way to beautiful buildings.

“I’m sorry baby, but you’re going to have to wait. I need to finish cleaning you up and then clean myself since you are so helpless today,” Viktor said with a smirk as he finished, draping the cooling towel over Yuri’s pelvis. He grabbed another towel and began to clean off his shoulders with a sigh, the warmth felt good against his cold skin as he washed away the sweat and dried cum. “We are going to be arriving very shortly...look out the window, love. The city is already beginning to sprout up around us.”

Yuri panted softly, his eyes glazing over as he glanced up to Viktor, “Sorry I’m so helpless..” He smirked playfully, only to roll over onto his side and glance out towards the window with widened eyes. He hadn’t even realized how rapidly approaching the city had become- completely surrounding them in bright lights and beautiful buildings. “..What-?” He blinked towards the signs of the train station revealing to them, the city of Paris.

Viktor stood with a quiet smile, bringing a small trunk with clean clothing for both of them down from a high shelf. It was easy to find a frock for Yuri to wear, and the Tsarevich carefully laid out the silk garment before digging deeper. He rummaged until he found a thin pair of lace trim panties and a sheer, pale pink slip for Yuri to wear under his dress, turning back to the blond with the offered items. “Do you need me to dress you?” Viktor asked softly, dangling the panties on front of Yuri's face.

Yuri was still so enamored by the tree line streets that dotted the train tracks. “..It’s amazing-” He gasped, only to realize Viktor was holding up his panties. “Yes,” He peeked back, spreading his legs almost thoughtlessly as he pressed his nose against the glass to peer up towards the tops of stone buildings while silk was hiked up around his thighs. The boy did finally glance back, reaching for his slip to tug it clumsily over his head as he tried to keep his eyes on the window.

Viktor could see why Sergei had claimed that brothels and countless suitors had been interested in Yuri. The blond had an amazing body, his narrow waist and perfectly plush hips shimmied back and forth as he fussed with the slip. His bottom was pert, but full and bouncy. His panties clung to his supple curve, hugging his soft cock. “We need to teach you how to be more case the need for such a trait ever arises,”
Viktor mumbled as he slipped into his coat, waiting to button it up until his boots were on. “You are a wanton thing…”

Yuri glanced back at him as he righted his nearly translucent slip, blinking pretty eyes only to squint at the suggestion. “..Demure? What does that mean?” The boy asked as he sat, one of the pink straps fell from from his shoulder in a rather tender way. But finally he did get up, shrugging on one of his many dresses with a little smile, they were all quite long for the winter, a pale white color, like milk. “I do know what wanton means.” He smirked, nestling a little closer to Viktor and kissing at his jaw.

“I will have my mother teach you when we get home,” Viktor said warmly, leaning into Yuri's kisses. “The people of the court will expect you to act a certain sitting with your legs closed instead of splayed out like you're waiting for me to crawl between them,” Viktor chuckled as he bumped Yuri's leg with his own. “But I'll never complain about you, my dear. You can be as naughty for me as you want to be.”

Yuri only offered a look of boredom at the thought, “I don’t see why they should care how I sit.” Though, Mariya had made it quite clear to him that Viktor did have an image to uphold- that being apart of the Nikiforov family would not always be so simple and lovely.. Yuri knew it would be a possibility that he might have to attend a few charm school lessons if he wished to be a proper spouse for a prince. “Fine.. I’ll be naughty for you behind doors.. And maybe in hallways.” He snickered, before finally turning around so Viktor might help button his dress.

Viktor kissed up Yuri's back, fastening each button with precise hands before pressing one final kiss to the base of Yuri's neck. “That's all I ask of you, my dear.”

Viktor finished dressing as the train came to a sudden halt. He could see the crowded platform just outside the window. Tons of people were buzzing around as venders and other merchants were shouting above the dull roar of the bystanders. He loaded the small trunk with all of their belongings before turning to Yuri. “Are you ready to see Paris?”

Yuri had practically flung his coat on, hastily buttoning it between tugging on gloves and grasping for his things, “Yes- yes I want to go!” He chatted eagerly in Russian, but the smooth, languid sounds of French overwhelmed him the moment their car doors opened out into the busy hallway of the train. Yur was nearly lost in the rush of people, his white little figure being surrounded by brocade coats of their guards as he and Viktor managed to squirm out of their private car.

The world outside smelled of mechanic oil as trains squealed to a stop while others pulled out with loud signals. Yuri was both thankful and irritated by their guards who kept a close watch, all of them huddling around the Tsarevich and himself. “I can’t see anything-” Yuri gave a little push towards one of their men until he managed to poke his head out to glance towards the busy platform where people flit around like birds in massive hoards.

A car sputtered just beyond the station, awaiting its passengers while Yuri and Viktor were shuffled through the massive station, only to be stared at with the curious eyes of Parisian citizens.

“Stay close to me,” Viktor whispered, gently pulling Yuri back to his side and wrapping an arm around the blond's waist. “You will have plenty of time to see things, I promise, but for now I don't need some grifter bumping up against you and stealing your wedding ring,” Viktor said firmly as they left the station and climbed into the back of a black town car.

Yuri did remain close as smoke blew into his face- from what he assumed were the cigarettes and trains. With a scrunched up nose he held tight to his prince, following him towards the safety of their darkened car. While it was indeed more cramped, at least the sound was dampened and the air clearer. “..That’s worse than St. Petersburg-! So many people!” The boy blathered on, only to realize their driver was speaking another language, and Viktor seemed competent in responding in a completely different tongue. Emerald eyes blinked as he listened- it sounded as if they were simply greeting one another- but Yuri was rather confused.

Viktor chatted happily with the driver, asking him about local sights and good places to dine that were more authentic that Yuri might enjoy while they were traveling around the city. The driver seemed to know of a few places the Tsarevich had never heard of before. As he spoke he played with Yuri's hair, chuckling to himself as the blond's eyes flicked back and forth between him and the driver. “I can teach you a few phrases, Yura.”

Yuri knitted his brows only to nod along skeptically to the idea. The sounds falling from Viktor’s mouth when he spoke French felt entirely different than the ones he was used to.. It felt a little intimidating to imagine speaking them as well, “Teach me something easy.” The boy gave a sheepish little smile as he tucked against Viktor’s side.

Viktor nodded, going through the list of dirty phrases he would love to hear in Yuri's sweet voice. He smiled as he considered the idea when he noticed the large manor house coming into view. The large brick mansion was just on the edge of town, set atop a high hill that overlooked the lower part of the city like an ancient sentinel. “We are here, darling.”

Yuri was distracted by the richly built manor- it was a brilliantly grey building with white accents- massive windows dotted the outside while huge bushes edged the gates. “..Wow,” Was all Yuri managed to squeak out as the roughness of their road slowly smoothed out as the street gave way to a polished driveway. A few servants waited for them just beyond the carved doors, a few of them already unloading the car that had transported their luggage ahead of time.

Viktor led Yuri up a grand central staircase, the dark wood floors were sparkling and glossy, reflecting their elegant forms as Viktor held open the door to their suite. The fireplace was already lit, warming the room and brightening up the richly colored space. There was a large picture window, with a plush chaise lounge next to the billowing curtains. “I hope you like it.. this will be our home away from home.”

Unlike the fluidity of the Nikiforov Palace, this place felt quite refined. The shapes were not so round, but rather perfectly arched, just as the masters of Classical architecture would have demanded. But it was beautiful with its tufted furniture and shiny windows. “It’s huge- all of this, for us?” Yuri stepped in further, coyly glancing to a butler who waited for them by the door. But it wasn’t difficult to ignore the presence after awhile, the room seemed to swallow him up in its warmth, leaving he and Viktor to bask in its elegance.

“Yes of course, this is all for us. Were you expecting something different?” Viktor asked gently, leading Yuri over to the giant window with a smile tugging at the corners of his lips. He settled Yuri onto the deep red chaise lounge, pressing a kiss to the top of the blond's head before turning to head back to the door. “Just...just look at the view and relax for a moment, my dear. I'm going to speak with the house staff and arrange a car to take us sightseeing tomorrow morning. I'll be back in just a few minutes.”

The plush sofa beneath him felt like a dream, hugging at his body as he lazily watched Viktor sway from the chamber. A feeling of love clenched at his heart as he smiled, only bobbing his head to to reassurance that he would be right back- it was only a moment- but Yuri wanted every single second of Viktor’s attention. With a relaxed sigh, Yuri settled back into the cushions, eyes half-lidded as he stared into the fire that reminded him so much of winter nights.

Chapter Text

Yuri is swathed in silk that is so pale it mirrors the stars just beyond their window. The evening sky has darkened to a deeply navy color as the hours dwindle down but Yuri hasn’t felt even the desire to sleep since arriving in Paris. He rests only because bottles of vodka and wine are brought to him for tasting, or Viktor has utterly worn him out. But Yuri has an endless kind of spirit, one that allows him the luxury of boundless excitement even as the clock chimes eleven.

Viktor is sprawled out on one of the chaises they’ve christened while candles flicker in their sconces.

“Is tonight the ballet?” Yuri asks eagerly as he crosses the room, his heavy dressing gown dragging thoughtlessly behind him. Pale yellow flowers are stitched into the silk, they creep along the bottom to cling like ivy up his spine. He walks with turned-out steps in his soft slippers, almost instinctively, as though he wishes be on stage rather than simply an admirer.

The silver haired man’s head was slightly spinning, his eyelids heavy as he tried to shake away the sleepiness. Viktor smoothed down his hair, sitting up just enough to watch Yuri flit about the room with a dancer like grace. The Tsarevich smiled as his lover twirled, his gown fanning out around his lovely hips. “I was thinking we could go...maybe just for the first half. They are doing an interpretation of Firebird, but I’ve always hated the second act.”

Yuri finally fell onto the sofa, his body tangling up between Viktor’s legs. “Are we going back home after that?” The boy’s brows were knitted, though it wasn’t as if he had his own plan. Much of their days were usually spent walking around the parks, or even galavanting through the many shops, but evenings were divided between restaurants and the bedroom.

Viktor kissed the top of Yuri’s head when he sensed the blond’s unhappiness. He had his agenda, and he wanted to make sure that Yuri’s first trip to Paris would be something his lover would treasure and remember for the rest of his life. Maybe he had over planned, but it seemed like Yuri was having a great adventure with him. “We could go to one of the better shows that will be playing this weekend. I know you have your heart set on seeing the ballet, and I feel selfish for not allowing you to do the things you want while on our honeymoon. So, if you heart is set on the ballet tonight then we can go. But...the opportunity for something very special came up and I was hoping that we could be able to attend a gathering later this evening… If you were up for it.”

Yuri cocked his head to the side, his curiosity thoroughly piqued. “What special opportunity?” He repeated, looking into Viktor’s gaze with his own brand of intensity. Regardless of their activities, the boy was enjoying his honeymoon in Paris- so long as he could relish in Viktor’s embrace at night- or whenever they stole a moment for themselves- he was happy. There was a beauty in not having much knowledge about the city- it meant he was usually quite impressed by most anything.

“A dear friend of mine just happened to come into town, and he is hosting a party tonight,” Viktor said with a gentle smile as he leaned in, brushing his lips along the column of Yuri’s pale neck as one of his hands began to creep up Yuri’s thigh, bypassing his crotch and moving to tug open the tie of the blond’s dressing gown. “I think you would like him, and I honestly don’t want to miss an opportunity to show you off to a bunch of other royals. You’ll be the most beautiful one there.”

The silken rope of his robe loosened with Viktor’s tugging, revealing a pale figure beneath that Yuri didn’t care to hide away. The butlers had soon learned to remain outside of the chamber- rather than in. “Is it going to be a stuffy party?” Yuri could only assume most nobles weren’t like Nikiforov family, or so Sergei had warned him. “..But I guess if it’s a friend of yours then it shouldn’t be boring?” Yuri snickered as he pressed closer, his button-nose burying into Viktor’s throat.

“Christophe will absolutely die with laughter when I tell him that you were worried his party would be boring,” Viktor laughed as he pulled Yuri’s robe away, pulling the nude boy into his lap with a smile as he tried to image how a party with Christophe could ever be stuffy. “I think you’re going to have the best time that you’ve ever had at a party. I would be willing to bet that you will have so much fun that you’ll compare this gathering to all others that we are invited to in the we can go buy you a special outfit for this. What do you say, my dear?”

A blond brow cocked as a smile tugged at his pretty mouth. “That’s quite a declaration.” Yuri snickered softly as he tucked himself between muscular legs, his nude figure pressing against the woolen fabric of Viktor’s clothes. “I want to go.” He finally bobbed his head, “But we’ll go to the ballet another time-- promise?” He looked pointedly at Viktor before easing his robe off entirely. The chamber felt too warm with the fire blazing and Viktor’s hands roaming across his flesh.

“After the party tonight I will take you to the ballet as many times as you desire. I will even sit through Firebird if it meant that you would be happy,” Viktor said as he rubbed his nose against Yuri’s.

Much to Viktor’s chagrin, he forced Yuri to get dressed so that they could go find the perfect outfit for Yuri to wear to the party. He assured the blond that nothing they had brought with them would be suitable. “Christophe is very particular, and he always seems to have the strictest dress codes of anyone I have ever met, but luckily there are a few places around the city that have what we might need.”

With trunks upon trunks of luggage and clothing it had felt impossible to believe that nothing would meet Christophe’s approval. It left Yuri in a haze of confusion as to what exactly this party was meant to entail- and why it demanded such rigorous rules. But Yuri wouldn’t question it beyond his usual skepticism, considering he was being taken on yet another shopping trip, he would be docile- for now. Their ride in the darkness, after hastily dressing, seemed endless as they passed the more pedestrian boutiques in favor of a stranger area of the city.

Had Yuri been a little more aware he might’ve realized they’d entered into a kind of red-light district. The people were fewer, not so many on the street, but most of the windows were dimly illuminated with promising shadows dancing across the curtains. He didn’t pay it much mind until their car actually stopped, bringing them to a rather darkened shop that smelled of hides and musky perfume. Even the guards seemed a little.. Apprehensive, but Viktor seemed to take it all with grace.

“What is this place..?” Yuri tried to look through the windows but many of them were covered in heavy, brocade drapes.

“You’ll see, Yura. Where is your sense of adventure?” Viktor teased, eyes scanning the dim store until he saw the face he was looking for.

Viktor held Yuri close as he spoke softly in French to an older woman who sat perched on a high stool behind a heavy oak counter. Her grey hair was piled into a high beehive on the top of her head with a few bobbles and writing instruments tucked into the mound. The woman’s face have heavily made up, her cheeks bright with red rouge and her lips stained a petal pink color. Her dark eyes glanced between Viktor and Yuri until she finally flashed a knowing smile as she climbed down from her spot. She walked with a hunch, motioning for the couple to follow her into a section of the shop that was hidden behind a beaded tapestry. In the attached room there was a short platform in front of three tall mirrors, with a few over stuffed chairs that sat in a semicircle.

“Go ahead and undress,” Viktor said as he took a seat in one of the chairs, flanked on either side by an armed guard. “She's going to take your measurements and then recommend some clothing for you to try on.”

A signature scrunch of his nose passed Yuri’s face as he was positioned in the center of the room, a beautifully carved mirror revealing him to his own gaze. But the woman was wasting very little time, she spoke to him in French but the boy could only huff as he stripped down to long underwear and a slip.

Calloused hands pulled his arms out or moved his legs apart so she could measure his inseam. She was a rather gruff woman despite her warm face- but Yuri supposed he didn’t mind. Slowly he was warming up to her cruelty, even laughing when she tsked at his size. “Too small-” She barked at Viktor in poor Russian, only to shuffle the boy off his wobbly platform as she rifled through a few garments.

With arms crossed over his chest, he waited beside Viktor, standing in the slightly tepid air until she returned with arm fulls of selections. Milky white and richly beaded garments were laid out on a wooden table for them to observe, “What kind of party is this-?” Yuri asked again with knitted brows and a look of amused irritation.

“I think you know what kind of party it is,” Viktor chuckled as he ran a finger over the silken fabric of a blood red ribbon corset. There were several lingerie options that he liked. Frills, fringe, ruffles and heavy pleats.. Everything was so delicate yet so ornate at once.

This store had always been one that he had loved after his first taste of their fine craftsmanship. It wasn’t a typical sex shop or smut peddling establishment. Viktor had purchased many things here in the past for his lovers, and had even purchased his first gift to Yuri from this same store when they had first started to see each other. The older woman, Simone, had been making clothing in this same storefront for over forty years and her painstaking detail was what had first brought Viktor to the store all those years ago. Her creations made Viktor look on in wonder as she held up a few more options from across the room.

“I want something that is going to command attention, but will be comfortable for him,” Viktor said softly as he pushed a few of the whale bone corsets to the side. “I don’t want him to have any marks on him from it being too tight.”

Simone bobbed her head as she stole a few glances over the rim of her delicate glasses as Yuri. He doubted they even made corsets that would tighten enough to give him such a little waist. “Loose.. soft, silk?” She spoke aloud, pulling options for them both to look at. Many of them looked more like nightgowns, considering corsets were quite popular, but she chose a few heavily beaded and stitched sets that would be enticing without restricting.

Yuri was dressed up once more in something quite pale, every edge had layers of lace, almost like ruffles, that accentuated any softened features he had. Long, ribbon-like garters extended over his thighs to clip into a pair of silken stockings, while a lacy top puffed against his chest. Every piece of silk was hand crafted, embroidered with beautiful little flowers that reminded Yuri of the countryside. It looked quite delicate, even against the usually boyish nature of Yuri’s body, he was quite angelic. There was a very loosened corset around his waist, one tightened just enough to stay on him, but the boy would surely have a tantrum if it pinched him much more than that. By the time Simone was finished dressing her newest doll, Yuri looked like something from the Moulin Rouge..

Viktor nodded his approval as he circled Yuri with Simone at his side. Yuri looked expensive and sultry. His nipples barely peeked out above the corset. The blond’s stomach was flat and bottom accented by the perfect frame the panties provided. He looked like a photo from a magazine.. Like some beautiful starlet or ethereal model. Viktor’s hands reached upward, resting on either side of Yuri’s trim waist as he tried to touch his fingertips together, just a slight gap between his middle fingers.. “So close,” Viktor said in a voice barely above a whisper as he admired the clothing before turning to Simone with a large smile across his lips as he pressed a kiss to her wrinkled cheek. “We will take it all.”

With that, Simone offered a winning smile and a handwritten bill. Yuri didn’t bother to look, his cheeks going pink as he watched Viktor sign off and presumably the guards would pull the real money out for her. But she did offer him a robe so he could travel without drawing too much attention to his lace covered body. Thankfully he was allowed to wear slippers as well rather than stumble around in a pair of heels like a newborn deer.

Viktor thanked Simone with a firm handshake that quickly turned into a bear hug. He squeezed the brittle lady as carefully as he could before rushing to Yuri’s side and out of the shop. Viktor helped Yuri out to the car and giggled with excitement as he settled in next to the blond. His hands crept under the robe to tease the small blond mercilessly as he buried his face into the crook of Yuri’s neck. The Tsarevich captured Yuri’s lips, running his tongue along the lower lip as he demanded access to the boy’s warm mouth. Yuri looked exquisite, the only thing he had ever worn that made him look more stunning had been his wedding gown. “You look so lovely. You have no idea how amazing you look in everything you wear.”

Their car purred to a slow start after they crawled in but Yuri was already being mercilessly lavished in affection. “I do look quite lovely.” He snickered, mouth falling open as Viktor licked and tickled him, still reeling from their excitable kiss. “..Are you allowed to dress so easily?” Yuri pouted at him, looking over Viktor’s expensive suit, fur lined coat and tight gloves that clung to his elegant fingers. The black rim of fox-fur only intensified his silver hair and wolfish smile. “You look handsome anyways.” Yuri rolled his eyes playfully, not that he truly minded being the one fussed over and given expensive gifts.

Viktor roared with laughter as he pulled Yuri into his lap as playfully swatted at the blond’s rear. “Such a fussy boy.. You’ll need to be on your best behavior tonight or you’ll end up over my knee,” Viktor purred his eyes were filled with passion, lust beginning to grow within his pelvis as he ground his half hard cock into one of Yuri’s buttery thighs. “You’ll be the prettiest one at this party, but you’ll have to act modest because of all the royal egos you will have to deal with. Christophe is a dear friend of mine and I know you will love him. Yuuri might even be in attendance with his beloved if we are lucky,” Viktor said with a grin as he nuzzled his princess.

“I’m not some harlot Vitya- I can be modest.” The boy fought back with a grin as he nestled him. Though truthfully Yuri never entirely understood, he’d always believed he was quite pure.. Never having even kissed someone before Viktor- but the endless teasing made him wonder if the world saw him completely differently.. but it felt quite natural with Viktor. “What- do I have to be perfectly submissive to all of them?” He questioned between kisses that were peppered across Viktor’s jaw. “I thought I was only yours?”

“You submit only to me,” Viktor said firmly, his eyes going dark as he imagined one of the other men there daring to lay a hand on his lover without his permission. “But I want to show you off.. If that is something you are comfortable with. We could stop now if you want, we could go back to our chalet and just spend the rest of the night together if going to this party is going to be something that will put you in a state of unease. I’ve enjoyed our evening so far, and I think you look beautiful.. This night is yours, princess.”

“I want to- I said I want it.” Yuri assured as he took Viktor by either side of his coat, fingers burying into the fur. “If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have even let that lady put me in all of this.” He rolled his eyes playfully, though he did appreciate Viktor’s concern, but Yuri didn’t feel he needed to be treated like glass. “Besides.. I like to be seen with you.. I like it when you touch me in front of all those stuffy nobles.” He confessed with reddened cheeks and a hint of embarrassment. He did enjoy it- but Yuri still hadn’t shaken off the initial fluttering in his belly of admitting what he truly enjoyed. It was easier to dance around it and simply allow Viktor to goad him.. But he knew it would be best to reassure his husband that all was well.

Viktor nodded, cuddling the blond closer as he allowed himself a moment of calm with his lover before they would both be swept away in the impending maelstrom of delights. His blue eyes watched the city scenery begin to fade as they rode out into the countryside and deeper into the night.

Chapter Text

The city was gone, and all they had was the night sky and the dotting of trees on the horizon. They drove through farmland and slowly winding up a large hill that dared to touch the low lying clouds that slowly drifted through the air. The driveway seemed to appear out of nowhere, two bright lanterns marked the turn onto the gravel path that stretched deep into a heavily forested area. Towering trees blotted out the expanse of the night sky, their thin branches tangling together in an almost ancient looking web pattern. They were traveling into darkness, the lights from the car providing a meager amount of dim radiance as the driver navigated around the sharp turn of one corner.

The ride was uneven, the car bumping down the rough terrain prompted the Tsarevich to pull his lover tightly to his side as their bodies were rocked across the leather of the backseat. However, he didn’t mind. Viktor held Yuri close, fingers dancing over the small patches of warm skin he could brush across in between the gaps of the blond’s coat, enjoying the contact with his bride during the moment of quiet that swept over the car. “We are almost there, Yura.”

Yuri’s brows were knitted as their car drove through the foreboding darkness, his exhaustion nearly taking hold of him until the brakes began to squeal to a stop. Through tinted windows he glanced through the glass, while Viktor spoke softly to the valet who promptly pulled their doors open and offered gloved hands. One greeted Yuri, to which he simply stared, not comprehending the French. But thankfully Viktor was at his side once more, their arms looping together as they stood in front of the massive manor. Every window before them glowed with a stunning warmth, while massive white doors revealed smiling faces through their window panes.

A delicate hand tugged his fur coat a little tighter, hiding his scantily clad body as they took shared steps up the polished stairs. Not a single weed nor pebble disrupted the stones that led them to the front door- it looked more like one of Galina’s many dollhouses rather than an actual home.

“Who is the host exactly?” Yuri squinted his eyes, only to feel a gentle hand tugging the coat off his shoulders. “What the hell-” He yelped in Russian, only to find a kind-faced butler obediently gathering their outerwear. But Yuri was still quite defensive- when his fur was taken, all that was left behind was his slender body wrapped in all manner of lace.

“You’re fine, Yura. He’s just going to hang up your coat,” Viktor replied calmly, shedding his own outer layer and handing it off without a second glance toward the man. The silver haired man smiled, holding out his arm to Yuri as he spoke lowly to the blond when they passed by another row of waiting servants. “This house belongs to Christophe Giacometti. He is an ambassador from Switzerland and I had the pleasure of spending a great deal of my youth with him. His mother makes the best pies.”

Viktor snickered at the pinched look on Yuri’s face, smoothing down the blond’s hair as he decided to explain more about the event they would soon be joining. “These parties started as a joke. Christophe has always been one to...indulge in the finer things in life. Sex included. I think he honestly just wanted the chance to see other people naked, but people enjoyed the first one he threw years ago and they just happen randomly. We are lucky that we get to attend.”

As Viktor spoke they took measured steps down the sconce filled hallway, the sound of voices and soft laughter ever so slowly amplifying as they approached. Their pace seemed to drag as Yuri fussed with his outfit.. He couldn’t quite believe he was about to attend a party half-dressed. His heart was pounding, blood blooming across his cheeks as he squeezed Viktor’s arm. The thought of foolish noble boys indulging in flesh seemed quite distanced to him as he became consumed in nervousness. But- it was a pleased kind of nervousness- one that sent butterflies flitting around his stomach and made him light-headed. His religious heart may have balked at the thought but a deeper part of him couldn’t help the curiosity that was piqued by these parties and the voyeurism involved. “..It does sound like an excuse.” Yuri finally retorted light-heartedly, finding that he couldn’t be entirely judgemental. “How many people usually attend--” His question vanished as the doors were opened and an entire host of people were presented to them.

Glittering eyes all turned to watch- only for excited gazes to give way to pleased greetings as another servant presented Viktor as a guest. It all felt very much like their wedding- so much fanfare for such a gathering. But in the sea of beaming faces, there was amazingly one that Yuri recognized, it was Yuuri. Which certainly came as a surprise.. What had the man been doing in Paris? But it became clear when he saw the elegant prince beside him- it must be his fiancé.

Viktor guided Yuri through the throng of people, men and women in various states of dress, but all so well put together and adorned in so much finery. The Tsarevich was grateful for his height, being able to spot Christophe from where the Swiss man lounged on a low, dark purple cushion. Viktor excused himself and Yuri as they pushed by a scantily clad young woman, her large breasts exposed and framed with a gold body chain, taking her seat across from Christophe. “We should get you one of those,” Viktor murmured before making eye contact with the hazel eyed man across from him. “Christophe! It has been too long.”

Christophe was all smiles and fluttering eyelashes. His silk blouse was open, exposing the hardened planes of his chest and just a slight peek at the pink of his nipples. His arm was wrapped tightly around the man at his side, a young brunette with glossy shoulder length locks. “I was at your wedding, Vitya, it was less than two weeks ago. So we saw each other, even though we didn’t get much time for pleasantries, and I’m still waiting on a proper introduction to the beautiful creature at your side,” Christophe said with a wink, reaching out to gently take Yuri’s hand in his. “It’s a pleasure to meet the man who finally tamed Vitya.”

“I’m Yuri Plis-.. Nikiforov.” He finally stated, cheeks pinkening. His gaze looked between them as his hand was gently grasped by a larger, warmer one, eyes sharpening before a slight smile tugged at Yuri’s features. Any mention of their marriage usually brought a lightness to his face, “..I wouldn’t call it taming.” He cocked a brow, only to gently nudge against Viktor’s side. “That might be an impossible feat.” Yuri spoke in Russian, pleased to know that Christophe could speak it so easily.

“Your little bride knows you so well, Vitya!” Christophe laughed, pressing a quick kiss to the back of Yuri’s hand before turning to the man at his side and smiling softly. “I would like to introduce my fiancé. This is my dear Hans, and we are so happy the two of you could join us for this...get together. I know you are on your honeymoon, but why not have a little fun, right?”

Viktor nodded, tugging playfully at the frills of Yuri’s lacy top and pulling one strap off the blond’s shoulder with a low purr. “He might look like a sweet kitten, but my dear Yura is scrappy tiger. Just you wait, I’m sure you’ll be treated to more of his wildness tonight.”

A little glare was pointed towards Viktor as the ribbon-like straps of his dainty blouse were pulled- only to earn a little smile from Hans and of course a pinch from Yuri as he nuzzled against Viktor’s side with a coy kind of affection.

“Vitya- are you picking on your new spouse already?” Another voice chimed in, this one quite soft as warm arms came to gently embrace them both. It was Yuuri- a welcome sight to the blond- Yuri quickly turning to return the affection as tightly as he could.. He’d missed the presence of diplomat after so many weeks since his arrival. Only a few dinners and their friendship had blossomed after some initial curiosity of one another.

“You look lovely Yuri.” Phichit stood beside them, speaking confidently and easily so Yuuri could translate for the Russian boy. The kindness was returned with a thoughtful nod from Yuri as he struggled to address the small gathering of people beside himself and Viktor. It felt overwhelming to be surrounded by so many beaming faces.. He had to wonder how any of the Nikiforov’s managed to relax.

Yuuri squeezed in next to Viktor, patting his lap and pulling Phichit to rest on his thighs with a shy smile. “I wasn’t expecting to see the two of you here, but I’m glad that you decided to come. I love your outfit Yuri. I never felt confident enough to wear something so elegant like that, but you could be a the fancy ones in the magazines or even for portraits. There was a photography exhibition at one of the museums recently. I could imagine seeing pictures of Yuri in something like that. ”

Viktor shook his head, resting his chin on Yuri’s shoulder as he rolled his eyes at the dark haired man. “My beautiful Yura is mine. You should all consider yourselves lucky to be able to witness his loveliness.”

“Oh?” Christophe said with a teasing tone, one eyebrow raised. “Does this mean you won’t be sharing Yuri with any of us tonight? Or do we have to beg…”

Yuri could only roll his eyes- he’d never handled being showered with compliments very well- it felt like he was back in Mariya’s boudoir, being praised by all of Viktor’s sisters endlessly. The blood pumping into his cheeks nearly burned up to the tips of his ears as he fought the urge to bury against Viktor’s side.

“Christophe! You’re embarrassing him, stop it!” Phichit giggled as he wrapped an arm loosely around Yuuri’s shoulders. “I doubt he could even go from Viktor to you- what a disappointment!” Phichit snickered at his own taunting, only to watch Hans stifle a laugh.

“I’m a stallion!” Christophe grumbled with mock indignation. “We all know that Viktor is just an overgrown puppy.”

“Yes dear, you are a stallion,” Hans said with an airy laugh, pressing one hand to Christophe’s bare chest as he fought the urge to roll his eyes as well. He was dressed more similarly to Yuri, his body held firmly in place by a ruby red whale bone corset, a thigh length can-can skirt barely concealing any of the muscles that rippled just under his pale skin. “And stop teasing Viktor, you two always get over the top when you try to prove your manhood to each other. No one wants to see that-”

“Well, you know I do,” Yuuri giggled, snatching a tall champagne flute from the tray of a passing servant as he glanced between Viktor and Christophe.

Yuri could hardly contain his little grin- to see Viktor fighting for his dominance was a rather amusing sight- he hadn’t witnessed anyone challenge him before. But he did finally steal a seat beside Yuuri, figuring it would be the easiest way to remove himself from the lime-light while Christophe and Viktor bickered like school boys.

Yuuri did finally sneak a flute of champagne for the two princes beside him- Phichit who eagerly thanked him with a kiss, and Yuri who looked curious of its bubbly contents.

“Are you challenging me?” Viktor asked with an amused look, crossing his arms over his chest with a wicked grin as he glanced between Christophe and Hans.

“It would hardly be a challenge,” Christophe snickered, carding his fingers though Hans’s hair with a just as wicked look.

“My Yura and I are very skilled in the bedroom. We could out perform you and Hans anytime, anywhere,” Viktor declared, his blue eyes dark with excitement as he leaned forward to playfully poke Christophe on the breast bone. “Isn’t that right, Yura?”

The suggestion that this was anything worth a competition was enough to make Yuri roll his eyes. The boy gave a snicker before nuzzling against Yuuri like a picky cat, “Why would a prince need to have a pissing contest?” Yuri sipped at his champagne as he curled his stocking covered legs beneath himself. Even Phichit couldn’t help but agree- though if given the chance he would surely challenge Christophe too.

Viktor nodded, realizing that it wouldn’t be right to throw Yuri head first into some sort of ridiculous competition with Chris over something so petty. It was their first time out in a semi-public arena as husband and husband. He didn’t need to make Yuri uncomfortable or make himself look like a brute of a man. “Maybe some other time Christophe, you win this battle, but you have not won the war,” Viktor mumbled as he climbed across Yuuri to get closer to his sweet bride. “Yura, would you like to take in some of the spectacle or would you like to catch up with Yuuri some more?”

A curious glance behind them revealed an entire landscape of debauchery. Yuri nearly scrunched his nose as he watched people fuck against the grandiose furniture, beneath the chandeliers. “What is there to see?” He sat up, his elbows on the back of the sofa as he peeked out.

Viktor glanced around as well, looking for something that would be more interesting than just sex. “I don’t know...we could-”

“Phichitokun and I were thinking about doing a little show and tell if people were interested,” Yuuri said with a reserved smile, swirling the last little bit of his champagne around in the thin crystal flute. “I brought some fun things to share, and if you weren’t wanting to be the center of attention for a battle between Vitya and Crissu.. Then Phichit and I would love to show off for you, Yura.”

Yuri peeked up, glancing to Yuuri and Phichit with a little smile.. “What did you bring?” He chirped, looking to the pair as he crawled into Viktor’s lap. He cast his own glass away, finding that the champagne bubbled nicely on his tongue. “Well.. If it’s private then I guess we could.. We didn’t buy all of this without reason.” He looked to Viktor then down to his own frilly clothes.. He liked how they contrasted with the darkness of Viktor’s own vest and trousers.

Yuri supposed he hadn’t worked up the courage for such a display again, though he had to wonder if they all knew about his wedding night. The memories still coursed through him, especially when he saw even the hint of a smile in Vadim’s eyes. But perhaps if it was only Yuuri and Phichit- maybe Chris and Hans if they asked nicely- then he wouldn’t feel so shy.

“You’ll just have to wait and see.” Yuuri wiggled with excitement as he turned to Phichit with a look of glee. He patted the skin of his lover’s thighs, nuzzling along the smooth line of the Thai man’s face. “Are you ready now, darling?”

Phichit nodded, tugging at the loose tunic that was held close by a silk tie at his waist. The sea green fabric fell away, leaving Phichit clad only in a heavy necklace, pear shaped sapphires hanging delicately from the golden circlet. To Viktor he looked like an exotic sea nymph, skin glistening with sweet smelling oil, appearing as if Yuuri had freshly scooped him from the ocean. The sight of the two together brought a smile to Viktor’s lips when he saw the way Yuuri showered the now nude prince with affection. The pair left the group, moving toward an open area in the middle of the dimly lit room to a raised platform, only a single step up, where a long leather chaise lounge sat, currently unoccupied.

“Aren’t they lovely?” Viktor asked softly, taking Yuri by the hand and following after the two men, blue eyes scanning for an open seat near the presentation stage.

Yuri watched wide-eyed as he the two handsome beings danced around one another with a languid ease that came only from years of loving one another. Yuri still seemed to jump- his body aching with every inch to be near Viktor like he might die without him.. Yet Yuuri and Phichit had a graceful balance that appeared more relaxed than ballistic like Viktor and Yuri. It was a tranquil sight to watch them touch and kiss, their mouths melding while Yuri squeezed his husband’s hand tightly. “Yes..” He mumbled in Russian, tongue heavy as he leaned back against Viktor to settle in his lap.

A servant in all black produced a heavy looking trunk. The top was carved with an intricate lotus flower pattern that spanned across the dark cherry surface, slowing morphing into a snarling dragon. Yuuri knelt to rifle through the contents, dumping out a few long hanks of rope next to the container before making his way back to Phichit with a smile. “If I had a way of suspension, we could do something more awe inspiring.. So I’ll do something more intricate, but quick,” Yuuri said with a glance toward Viktor and Yuri as he began his work.

His fingers were quick, pulling Phichit’s arms behind his back and holding his wrists together with his hand until wrapping a triple band of rope around the delicate flesh. He worked his way up his lover’s arms, braiding and weaving the bright red fabric together between both arms. He seamlessly added another length of rope. As he finished his first example, Phichit was bound from wrist to neck and across his chest. His gleaming necklace still glittered in the light, giving him the look of a beautiful prisoner. “Too tight, my love?”

“It’s perfect,” Phichit murmured, cheeks bright pink as dozens of sets of eyes watched his squirm against the heavy rope.

Yuri watched on with delight, his emerald eyes blinking rapidly as he took in the scene before him. He could see the tender affection in every movement of Yuuri’s hand- even the smiles Phichit flashed were full of love for the man who bound him in place. The flesh of Phichit’s body strained against the ruby-red ropes in a way that made Yuri’s mouth dry and his cock swell. His pert bottom gently rubbed against Viktor’s lap as he viewed the beautiful coupling unfolding before them. Briefly he wondered how many of those men had enjoyed watching their wedding day.. Was this the same?

Ever the lovely exhibitionist, Phichit offered only the most brilliant of grins as he undulated against Yuuri’s body, obviously coaxing him into arousal as they enjoyed their moment upon the stage.

A barely audible whimper fell from Yuri’s pouty lips as he watched.


Yuuri pulled Phichit’s chin higher, exposing the long line of his neck before diving in and nipping at the beautifully tanned skin. He buried his hands into his lover’s hair, trying not to maul the other man, but failing at holding back his desires.

Viktor cupped at the swollen flesh of Yuri’s cock as he rested his chin on the blond’s shoulder. He couldn’t help, but reflect on how he and Yuuri had given a relationship a solid try, but their unwillingness to submit to each other had lead to an awkward amount of sparring for dominance in the bedroom until they finally decided that friendship would be a better path for them. “You seem to be enjoying the display...would you like it if Yuuri tied you up like that?”

Yuri whimpered, almost mirroring Phichit’s movements as he rolled his hips subconsciously against the firm muscle and hardening prick of his husband’s lap. “Yes- but.. I want you to do it.” He mumbled, eyes half open as he watched Yuuri grind against the taut flesh of his fiancé’s ass. “Please?” He whimpered, unaware that Chris was grinning quite lewdly between the two couples.

Yuri was immersed in watching the handsome pair on their small stage, the two of them completely lost and ignoring the world around them as Yuuri played with Phichit’s bound body like it were his doll.

The Japanese man remained fully dressed, and Viktor guessed it was all part of their scene. The darkness of Yuuri’s suit contrasted beautifully with the blood red ropes, his hips pressed against the tight bindings. One of Phichit’s hands snaked its way between Yuuri’s thighs, fingers kneading the swollen shaft of the other man’s cock as Yuuri moaned with a low wanton sound.

“Looks like your little kitten is enjoying the show,” Christophe said with a smirk, settled next to Viktor with Hans in a similar position in his lap. “Yuuri is the master of shibari. He’s been giving demonstrations at small events.. Or so I’ve heard.”

Yuri glanced over to the couple who joined them.. His eyes darting to Hans’ own elegantly muscular body. He felt blood well up in his cheeks as he was caught between the handsome men, left to quietly wonder to himself how Viktor came to acquire so many gorgeous friends. “O..Oh.” Yuri bobbed his head, trying to feign innocence with a cock nestled between his pert cheeks. “Yuuri never told me.” Not that he would assume it would be common conversation- but Yuri couldn’t exactly think clearly.

Hans groaned softly, far more vocal than himself, but the sound was rich like velvet. Perhaps he was putting on a show more for his audience than for his lover.

Christophe rubbed his hands along the insides of Hans’s thighs, pushing up the fabric of his lover’s skirt and exposing the weeping tip of the brunette’s cock. He glanced at Viktor out of the corner of his eye. “Spread your legs wider baby. Let’s show off how loud and free you are.”

Hans nodded, sweat beading on his forehead as Christophe began to pump his erection with the rhythm of Yuuri’s soft moans from the platform. Hans’s whole body glowed with a fresh pink hue as he panted. “Please...please make me cum, daddy.”

Christophe groaned, turning to fully look at Viktor with a taunting smirk. “Your boy seems shy. Are you sure he’s not still a virgin?”

The sounds of Hans’ incessant moaning was ruining the dream-like vision that Yuuri and Phichit were producing upon the stage- it was enough to make Yuri’s cheeks go red and his hackles to raise. But it was Chris’ little comment- just a playful tease that made Yuri go completely ridgid. His cock stiffened, as if it were begging for the challenge.. Or perhaps he was simply flustered from champagne and Viktor’s hands roaming across his body.

“No-” Yuri bit back, giving a firm, if not inexperienced rub against Viktor’s crotch. The boy was nothing if not eager- already battling Hans’ own movements with his own. “Vitya..” Yuri purred, his voice obviously forced at first before he began to melt into the touches that always made him squirm.

Viktor narrowed his eyes at the Swiss man before grabbing Yuri and pulling the boy down to grind harder against his cock. His eyes were dark as the lust began to gnaw at him. He knew that Yuri was being blinded by his desire to show Christophe that he wasn’t a virgin, even if the other man was only teasing. However, he couldn’t help his own competitive nature. His need to show up his long time friend and prove that he and Yuri were superior. “Yuri is much more talented.. He is so flexible, and I’m willing to bet he is better than your lovely, Hans.”

Yuri would deny later that he saw no merit in the competition- that is- if they didn’t win. But Viktor was guiding him, speaking lowly to their rivals as he and Hans rolled across their lover’s laps. It was lewd- bordering on silly- but Yuri still split his legs apart just as he’d been taught by their ballet master- his cheeks going taut and tense as he pulled himself apart at the seams. Hans gave a groan of irritation at watching the beautiful boy bend to his husband’s desires, his body practically begging to be debauched.

Viktor freed his cock from his trousers, tugging the frilly material of Yuri’s panites to the side and rubbing the sticky head between the blond’s cheeks. The Tsarevich closed his eyes as he rutted against his smaller lover, reaching around to jerk the boy’s cock in time with his thrusting. He whimpered Yuri’s name, loving the way the word tumbled from his lips like a reverent prayer.

They were lost in each other’s embrace, bodies seeming to move on their own accord as the two couples battled to be louder and more lewd. Many people were watching them. Their gazes flitting between all three of the groups as if they were all parts of an erotic symphony.

Christophe and Hans were both watching intently, their eyes shifting away from Yuuri and Phichit’s performance to gawk at the two Russians. Christophe carefully pet his lover, realizing that the brunette was certainly not as flexible as Yuri, but deciding to just enjoy the tantalizing show that Viktor and the small blond were willing to share.

“They have already given up, Yura..” Viktor panted, his heart pounding as he felt his cock pulsing with desire as he continued to rut. “But..but I don’t want to stop.”

Yuri was panting.. The feelings of coyness and fear having melted away beneath the bubbling champagne and the warm breath that washed over his ear as Viktor spoke. They were watching them- they were lusting after them.. He and Viktor were just as envied as Yuuri and Phichit. “Keep going-” He gritted out, finding it hard to speak with his torso nearly hanging off the sofa as he kept his split in perfect form. Orgasm was already swirling in his belly.. Perhaps it was the situation itself that was eating him alive.

Hans and Christophe still gazed on, caught between two delicious displays of eroticism. Yuri looked completely uncontrolled, his body twitching and wiggling with every touch- while Phichit had grown obedient beneath Yuuri’s palm.

“Daddy-” He stole the line from Hans, even smirking when he saw the man go red-faced as the English word rolled off his tongue like a filth.

“Fuck,” Viktor growled, the word sending him over the edge and making him feel like a love sick teenager as the pleasure washed over his body. He came hard, spilling his seed all over the blond and soaking the silky material of Yuri’s panties as he thrusted a few more time to ride out the wave of lust. “Yura..fuck..”

“Well done, Vitya.” Christophe smiled, nodding his approval as several people in the crowd cheered for the new couple. It was so obvious that they were in love. Their passion seemed to bubble over in just this moment as Viktor’s hands moved up to press Yuri to his chest, their lungs sucking in deep gulps of air in unison.

Viktor’s encouragement only spurned on Yuri’s own pleasure.. He came in a few weak, jerky movements of his hips. It was completely out of rhythm- nothing compared to the dance Yuuri and Phicht had performed- but Yuri lay blissed out against Viktor’s chest all the same. His panties were a sloppy mess both their seed but he didn’t care to even move a muscle. The boy simply sank back against him, trying to ignore the burning flush of his cheeks as he realized just how much of an audience they’d drawn.

Finally Yuri rolled over, even going so far as to stick his tongue out at Hans before nestling back against Viktor like a faux angel.

“He's a wild cat, but I honestly should have known that any lover of yours would be like that,” Christophe said with a wink, reaching over to smooth down some of Yuri's sweat slick hair. “You're lucky to have someone like him.”

Viktor nodded, holding Yuri as close as he could, fighting against the trembling that his hands were threatening to do while his fingertips ghosted along Yuri's skin. “I know,” the Tsarevich whispered, pressing one lingering kiss to the side of Yuri's face. “I am very lucky.”

As they spoke in lazy voices, Yuri grabbed Viktor’s hands, holding them close to stop any tremors that wracked his body as they lay boneless on the tufted sofa. “So am I.” Yuri mumbled privately, whispering it into the shell of his husband’s ear before closing his eyes.

Chapter Text

Arriving home from their honeymoon had felt tremendously bittersweet, yet entirely welcome. To return to their own palace, tangle up in their sheets, and begin life as a true couple. A true noble couple. Yuri had missed the pale walls of their home and the darkened streets of St. Petersburg.. He longed for the rumbling sound of his own language to be spoken around him. But Paris never left them, not when Viktor had amassed a few more trunks, all filled with Parisian clothes, lingerie, and trinkets. But thankfully Yuri slept naked tonight, his body free of ribbons and clasps, in favor of soft sheets.

The two of them lay peacefully in their bed, the canopy draping them in heavy brocades that blocked out even the lazy flicker of their fireplace. Beyond their bedroom snow was blanketing the entire city as the last few moments of December 24th trickled away, and the early moments of Viktor’s birthday began. For the Tsarevich time seemed to move quite slowly as the days lingered ever closer to the celebration.. Knowing this would be his first birthday in the arms of his spouse and soon after the holidays would sweep them away.

The soft ringing of the chime bells of his alarm clock woke the Tsarevich. Viktor blinked blearily at the shining face, looking closely at the time. It was just after two in the morning, officially the start of his birthday. The silver haired prince smiled as he slid closer to Yuri, wrapping his arms tightly around the small blond’s waist and nuzzling along the soft jawline of his lover.

He had been pestering Yuri for days, begging to know what the younger man had gotten for him and finally he would be allowed to know. There was no way he’d be able to wait until his party later that evening. Viktor draped his larger form over the petite Russian like an overgrown puppy, demanding attention from the sleeping blond. “’s my birthday. Where is my present?”

Still groggy with sleep as he was tugged away from his dreams, Yuri could only squint into the darkness as Viktor wrapped him up in an overly warm embrace. “..It’s too early-” He mumbled, voice thick and heavy with exhaustion until he realized what Viktor was speaking of.

“You don’t get presents until later, so sleep or you’ll get nothing.” He grumbled only to gently bop his head against Viktor’s chin like a pleased kitten. Still, a little laugh trailed after his lofty words, as if he could ever deny Viktor anything, but it was quite fun to tease him. But Viktor already felt quite teased- when Yuri moved he could feel an obvious symptom of excitement pressing against his back. “Vitya--” He huffed with a renewed kind of awakeness.

“Yura, I either want my gift or I want to be allowed a special birthday treat,” Viktor whined, nipping at the blond’s earlobe before rolling onto his back and dragging Yuri to lay across his chest. Viktor’s fingers ghosted along the curve of Yuri’s trim waist, pinching playfully at the soft skin and tickling the boy just enough to keep him from falling back asleep. “I set my alarm so we could wake up and celebrate my birthday as soon as possible. You can’t be mean on my birthday! Please, Yura.”

“You’re almost worse than your little brothers.” Yuri groaned into the firm muscles of Viktor’s chest, silently enjoying the way his body moved with each breath. Even when his body felt as if a single movement would exhaust him, it was impossible to ignore the excitable quality of Viktor’s voice and the smile that bloomed across his lips. “What is a special birthday treat anyways..?” He finally asked, feeling his willpower crumbling as exhaustion tugged at the corners of his mind, but he managed to swat at the hand which pinched at his sides.

Viktor raised an eyebrow, trying to find the best way to explain himself. “I’ve had this fantasy that I have been thinking about since before we were married..and I would love if you’d give it a chance for my birthday.” Viktor grinned wickedly, sitting up in their bed and wrapping the sheet around Yuri. the silver haired man slipped out of bed, going over to the tall oak wardrobe and pulling one of his oversized furs out and draping it over his shoulders. Viktor padded barefoot to the door, peering out into the empty hallway before turning back toward Yuri with a coy smile. “Are you coming?”

Still blinking the sleep from his eyes, Yuri could only slowly rise to his feet after a moment of contemplation. “Yes-- How are you this eager in the morning..?” Yuri growled as he tugged the sheet a little tighter around his body to walk across the unforgivably cold floor towards his husband. Together they shuffled down the hallway, pleased to find them completely deserted, not even a servant to be found. But Yuri was still groggy-- groggy enough to bump against Viktor as he mindlessly followed his husband through the halls. But their path felt.. Familiar. They were ever so slowly leaving the family quarters and entering into the territory Yuri had always tried to avoid. Chambers with massive, daunting oil paintings of past Tsars and the occasional religious artifact to remind him to be pure.

It was the throne room. Vadim’s throne room.
“What- why are we here?” Yuri growled again, his button-nose pressing against Viktor’s shoulder as the protective sheet dragged like a train behind him.

“I want that.” Viktor nodded toward the raised platform that loomed in front of them at the far end of the room. The chamber was dimly lit, but everything seemed to sparkle in the low light. There were paintings that lined the walls and jeweled headdresses secured in thick glass casings. A long carpet stretched from the entryway to the bottom step. Six red and gold steps led up to the top where the throne sat like a proud symbol of the Russian Empire. The throne was a glittering gold with blood red velvet fabric embroidered with bright gold filigree and the traditional double headed eagle. A floor to ceiling tapestry was hung behind the gilded chair, a giant tribute to the Nikiforov family crest. “I want you and I to make love on that chair.. I will be Tsar one day, but for today I just want the chance to pretend. It would be a special birthday treat that I would remember for years and years to come,” Viktor mumbled, gently nudging Yuri forward.

A final glance around the cavernous chamber assured Yuri that they were completely alone, but his heart still pounded. On shaking feet he stepped closer, beginning the trek down the massive carpets towards the intimidating throne. “For your birthday then.” Yuri is terrible at pretending this is merely for Viktor. Anyone could see the mottled blush across his cheeks or the way he held his sheet a little tighter to hide away his cock.

Yuri has only ever been near this chair when he and Viktor have kissed Vadim’s rings to pay respect- but even closer it looks like it belongs in a painting rather than the chamber itself. With a final little huff, his sheet is cast aside and fluttering uselessly to the ground as he bares himself for his husband- or rather- his Tsar.

“How are you so beautiful?” Viktor asked softly, his heart pounding as he took a seat on the throne and beckoned Yuri toward him with a come hither motion. His coat was open, exposing his hard cock to the lovely boy that climbed into his lap with a practiced ease. They had coupled many times since their first time during the public viewing, and it seemed to get better and better the more they learned each other’s bodies. They had rutted like wild animals before going to bed, and luckily Yuri still seemed to be loose as Viktor pushed in slowly, breathing deep breaths through his nose as he filled his lover. “I will be the luckiest Tsar if I get to keep you by my side forever.”

“There is nowhere else I would go.” Yuri’s blond brows knit as he speaks, as if the words feel like a struggle to confess.. But he means them completely.

Lithesome legs straddle a more muscular pair as he sinks slowly, impaling himself with a pleased sigh. Since discovering oil, Yuri had almost made it a game of just how much he could surprise Viktor.. He would sway around his husband’s office, bottom slick just to tempt him. “Vitya..” His words are breathless and sleepy still as he balances one clammy hand upon Viktor’s broad shoulders, while the other grasps Viktor’s. Upon his husband’s fingers are a golden row of rings, each of them fitted with a jewel or an engraving.. Each one is given a kiss from Yuri’s lips as he pumps himself eagerly on his cock. The taste of metal on his lips sends a jolt down his spine as his warm breath clouds each band of metal until his mouth adorns each one with another worshipping kiss.

“You’re my whore, Yura.. You’re everything I’ve ever wanted,” the Tsarevich growled. Viktor spread his legs wider, one hand bracing the blond’s lower back as he rocked his hips up. He growled into Yuri’s ear while the young beauty worshipped the rings on the older man’s fingers. Yuri had been surprising him with his creativity and eagerness. The Tsarevich would have never guessed that the blond would have ended up being such a sex kitten, but he was over the moon with happiness that the boy was so willing to share all of himself. His eyes glanced around the room, insuring that they were still alone before he sunk his teeth into the milky flesh of Yuri’s neck, marking up the pale skin. “This will be my best birthday ever.” Viktor mumbled around a mouthful of flesh.

Pale lashes flutter with each bite, his body arching away from the pain until the sweet press of a wet tongue soothes away the ache. A soft, pleading sound falls from his pursed lips as he finally gives Viktor’s ringed hand a squeeze before letting go in favor of reaching out for balance. “H.. Happy birthday, Vitya..” Yuri speaks between heavy pants and strained jerks of his hips. His belly is tight from lifting his hips over and over, only to plummet back down and fill himself nearly to the point of breathlessness. Every word from Viktor’s mouth shoots jolts of pleasure down his spine- even the playfully cruel ones- Yuri was no whore, but he spread his legs for Viktor so easily.

“Fuck...Yura,” Viktor ground out as bit down on his bottom lip. Viktor could feel his orgasm burning in his loins as he steadied Yuri on his lap, holding the boy still as he filled the blond with his seed. He groaned low and powerful into Yuri’s ear as he emptied into the willing body on his lap.

The Tsarevich was a mess of emotions as he rutted into his lover. Need. Desire. Want. Viktor wanted everything. He wanted to be with Yuri. He wanted the feeling of their bodies moving as one to never end. He wanted a baby… Viktor held the petite Russian close, one hand snaking between their torsos to jerk the blond to completion. He wanted to be painted in Yuri’s juices. He would wear Yuri’s cum like a badge of honor. “Cum for me, Yura.”

Viktor’s own eager orgasm spurned on Yuri’s- to know he had pleased him to such a point was enough to bring him crashing down- as a hand encompassed his short cock Yuri couldn’t help but buck. His narrow hips moved in jerky movements but his face was an utter masterpiece where his body spoke of innocence. With his mouth hanging open and his eyes squeezed tight, Yuri finished across their bodies in just a few short strokes of a ringed hand. “..Vitya-” He mewled out, cheeks burning with rushed pleasure. Perhaps it had been knowing they were splayed out in the chamber, performing for their own imaginations.

With a final shaken breath, Yuri collapsed against Viktor, his face burying into the soft fur of his husband’s princely cape.

Viktor couldn’t believe that they had done that. His body felt boneless, but he knew they couldn’t linger there for too long. They hadn’t been quiet and the night guard would have surely heard them. The Tsarevich stood with his lover cradled in his arms, snatching up the discarded sheet and wrapping it around the two of them. He glanced over his shoulder back toward the throne, grateful for the fact that his coat seemed to protect the delicate fabric from the lingering reminder of their lovemaking. He snuck back down the hallway, slipping into their bedroom with a relieved sigh as he dumped Yuri onto their bed with a grin. “So..I’m turning twenty-eight. Does that mean I’m entitled to twenty-seven more special sexy gifts?”

Yuri was nearly half-asleep by the time they returned to their private chamber, with eyes half-closed and body limp, he could have fallen asleep in Viktor’s arms. “..You are quite spoiled.” Yuri grumbled as he buried his nose in Viktor’s throat. The slight tang of sweat remained there but it wasn’t enough to repel Yuri’s desire to nestle. “You’ll have to wait for more in the morning.” He concluded with a quiet yawn.

“But it is morning,” Viktor teased, yawning deeply as he settled in next to Yuri. He loved to rile his lover up, but it seemed that nothing was going to bother Yuri at this moment. The blond was already falling back asleep in the Tsarevich’s arms. His own eyes felt heavy, lashes fluttering closed before jolting back awake for only a moment before slipping back into sleepiness.Viktor nodded to himself as he flopped back on his pillow, bringing Yuri with him as he sighed. “Alright...I guess we can get a little more sleep, but I want to maximize our celebration time.”

Only a muffled sound of agreement fell from Yuri’s lips as he buried himself in their nest of pillows and blankets once more. His body was giving into exhaustion like it never had before.. Even to be woken in the morning would come to be a struggle for the usually spry boy. With his arms tangled up in Viktor’s and darkness surrounding him, Yuri fell once more into a deep sleep.


Morning had hardly filtered in through their bedroom window when the bed began to bounce with laughter and squirming Nikiforovs. The twins had managed to sneak inside-- but just as Yuri parted his lips to hurl demands for silence-- there came the soft words of Mariya and Vadim, greeting their son with breakfast. Perhaps it wasn’t the twin’s fault.. but Yuri could hardly handle the commotion filling Viktor’s bedroom.

“Yura, we’re so sorry to wake you, the twins have always had a tradition of bringing Vitya breakfast.. But perhaps we should let you sleep.” She smiled warmly but was met with a simple shake of Yuri’s head.

“No- no I was just startled.” He confessed, finding himself unable to deny the look of sheer joy upon Viktor’s face as his youngest brothers nestled between them on their bed.

Vadim gazed curiously at the blond, noticing the paleness of the boy’s cheeks before settling down the the edge of the bed. His dark eyes glanced toward his wife, his lips set into a thin line for only a moment, until a reserved smile graced his lips. He reached out to tenderly touch his second born’s ankle, gently squeezing. “Happy birthday, Vitya.”

Viktor wrapped his arms around the squirming twins, grinning from ear to ear as he let Vanya offer him a sweet piece of breakfast pastry. The Tsarevich tilted his head, resting his chin on Yuri’s shoulder as he reached over to snatch a apricot jam covered zefir from the silver tray to offer it to Yuri. “Would you like some, love?”

Mariya followed her husband’s gaze with a concerned attentiveness. At the offer of a pastry, Yuri could only shake his head, finding himself unable to stomach the smell of tangy marshmallow or even cheese. “No-.. no thank you.” He softened his voice but the twins still blinked at Yuri’s slightly knitted brows. But he found it difficult to leave, not when Viktor was embracing him so tenderly and the family all gathered around. But his belly soured as he watched them eat, while a cold sweat danced across his flesh.

Vadim couldn’t shake the feeling of unease that he sensed whenever he looked at Yuri. The blond looked ill, his thin frame slightly trembling as he leaned on Viktor for support. The Tsar stood slowly, clearing his throat and reaching over to lift the tray from the pillowy comforter. “Why don’t we let Yuri and Vitya have some time to just relax before the party. I think they might still be tired from their journey home and we will have plenty of time to shower your brother with attention today.”

Viktor looked to Yuri with a worried look, noticing the glistening sweat on his forehead as Vadim herded the two youngest Nikiforovs out. “Yura, are you okay?”

With a quick shake of his head, Yuri nearly bolted from the bed just as Mariya had gathered her twins’ hands in her own. In a vain attempt to cover himself, Yuri tugged a robe across his body, only to fall to his knees the moment he reached the en suite. With a few quiet, sobbed out wretches, he had emptied his stomach into one of the wash basins. Humiliation flooded him as his skin burned, heat replacing his cold sweat, as he realized what a scene he’d created.

“Yuri?” Viktor followed quickly behind his husband, tugging a robe around him as he gave his parents a concerned look before going into the bathroom and closing the door behind him to avoid the grumbling of his younger brothers. He knelt by the blond's side, brushing Yuri's hair away from his face before grabbing a damp cloth to dab on the back of Yuri's neck. “Was I too rough with you this morning? We can go back to sleep and just rest,” Viktor cooed, his hands rubbing gentle circles into the blond's back. “Maybe the honeymoon took a lot more out of you than we thought.”


Yuri gingerly grasped the cloth that had cooled his neck, pressing it instead to his mouth as he wiped himself clean. “..No- no I feel better.” He didn’t mind lying, it was Viktor’s birthday, and the nausea had been plaguing him for some time now.. It wouldn’t matter if he went another day. Perhaps he could ask Mariya about it when Viktor was distracted- it would only be maddening for him to be fussed over by the Tsarevich. On shaking legs he stood once more, “I want to walk around- laying in bed just makes it worse.” He reasoned with a bob as he moved towards their sink in search of tooth powder.

Viktor nodded, hovering behind Yuri as he grabbed a brush and began to carefully untangle his lover’s hair. He hated to see Yuri sick. They had been together for almost a year now and by some grace of god the blond boy had avoided sickness the entire time. Viktor rubbed Yuri's shoulders and hummed softly to the petite Russian as he tried to be as tender as possible for Yuri. “We can take it slow today. How about a sleigh ride through the countryside and warm tea along the trip? I could see if the cooks have any recommendations for something to soothe your stomach.”

Never in his life had he been sick, perhaps the sniffles or a cold, but Yuri had never been plagued with anything. “I’m fine,” He reasoned back, brows knitted as he tried to avoid frightening either of them. “It’s your birthday anyways, we should do what you would like.” Yuri paused then to scrub his teeth clean of any rancid acid left. He supposed it wasn’t Viktor’s fault if he were nervous.. But the idea of drawing attention to any ailment made his belly lurch with fear.

“I want to do whatever will make you feel better,” Viktor said with a chuckle as he tied off the end of a long braid. He had gotten to an expert at braiding hair after spending hours with his younger sisters when they still demanded his attention. He pressed a kiss to the top of Yuri's head, walking over to the large bath and dumping some of the scented oils into the slowly filling water. “I'm going to get a bath and you are welcome to join, but I don't want the hot water to upset your stomach further. Why don't you go rest and I'll come get you when I'm finished?”

Already Yuri felt too warm, his skin so flush from being sick that the idea of a bath only made his belly slosh. “I’ll rest- don’t spend forever in the bath!” He teased, offering a weary grin. Viktor had always adored spending far too long in the water- leaving only when it was icy cold and Yuri began to getting restless.

As Yuri shuffled back towards their bedroom, he noted a little slip of paper upon their bed.. It was scrawled out in Mariya’s elegant print, explaining to him that he would meet with a doctor that evening- which he promptly hid. His body practically trembled with fear.. The only doctors he had ever met were ones who had retired from the military and took payments in bread. But perhaps he could still enjoy the day, even with this appointment looming.

While Viktor bathed, Yuri tugged on a heavy robe and a simple frock, something he could still breath in despite the cold that seeped into their palace. But before he trudged back into bed for another restless nap, Yuri collected a box from beneath his vanity, one that Mariya had helped him to wrap just a few evenings before Viktor’s birthday. The paper was a pale blue, reminding Yuri so very much of his husband’s eyes, and the ribbon strapped across it was of a very fine golden silk.

Viktor emerged from the bathroom wrapped in a dark blue towel. He smoothed down his silver hair as he made his way over to the bed, flopping down next the the blond with a blissful smile. His skin was fresh looking shade of pink, the scent of cranberries and pine clinging to his skin from the soap that Mariya had given him as an early birthday present. The Tsarevich could tell that the young man must be feeling better, he looked a little more steady on his feet and the color had returned to his cheeks. “How are you feeling now, my love?”

“I told you before, I’m fine.. I feel well enough.” He promised with a sheepish smile. “Now I actually do want to spoil you.” Yuri tugged himself up to sit a little closer, his legs tangling up with Viktor’s as he pulled forth the box he had hidden beneath one of the blankets.

“..It’s modest.” Another coy glance towards Viktor was spared before he pushed the box into his hands. Inside were a set of skates- surely Viktor had dozens- but Yuri had never shared a moment on the ice with him. Vadim had paid of course, making sure that his son would be given an expensive pair, not just the ones that were mere simple leather straps that tied to a pair of boots. But of course, Vadim had purchased a pair for Yuri as well in the hopes that they would skate together out on the frozen lakes.

“Nice wrapping, my love.” Viktor ran a finger along the edge of the wrapping, nodding his approval of the crisp corners before easing the gold ribbon away and tying it around Yuri's neck with a laugh. Viktor tore into the box, excitement getting the better of him as he ripped the package and uncovered the expensive pair of skates that waited on the inside. The Tsarevich clapped with glee, smiling at Yuri while he held up the black leather skates with golden blades. “These are amazing, Yura!”

Viktor tugged on the laces, fighting the urge to just put them on and head out into the snow. “We should go skating today! Do you have skates? If not I could see if the twins might have some that will fit you.”

A pale, rosy flush bloomed across his cheeks as he watched Viktor praise his gift.. While it was simple, certainly no Faberge Egg, it had nearly exhausted him to pick something he wanted Viktor to cherish. “I do-- What? I’m not as small as them!” Yuri couldn’t help but laugh, even if his brows were knitted a scowl fought the smile that tugged at his mouth. “Your father bought a pair for me as well.” He explained, tugging a little closer to peek at the sharp, golden blades that matched the golden ribbon still wrapped loosely around his neck. Yuri gave it a little tug, appearing more like his kitten that slept at the edge of the bed.

“You're tiny,” Viktor teased, tickling his fingers under Yuri's chin as he captured the boy's lips. The skates were so thoughtful. They had spoken once before about how much they both loved skating, a quick side conversation when they were first getting together and trying to learn more about their interests. The skates really were the perfect gift, but Viktor would have never guess that Yuri would have plucked such a random memory from their past and turned it into something so thoughtful. “I love them, Yura and I want to go skating if you will indulge me.”

Yuri nose scrunched up, nearly backing away as he was tickled only to be drawn in for an easy kiss.. It soothed him some, the taste of peppermint on Viktor’s tongue and the smell of clean bathwater was enough to calm his swirling stomach.

“I will.” He bobbed his head as he crawled a little closer, his arms loosely wrapping around Viktor’s shoulders as he set the skates aside. “Just don’t try to pick me up- Seryozha did it once and we nearly fell through the ice.” He snickered softly before peppering a few short kisses across Viktor’s own throat.

“If I didn't fear both of us getting sick after falling through, I would certainly try to prove you wrong,” Viktor said with a challenging tone as he got up from the bed and went to get dressed. He tugged on a heavy, wool pair of pants as he waved his arms around to try to get Yuri to get up, chucking some of the blond's lingerie and underclothes onto the bed, none of it suitable for cold weather. “Let's get ready, and we can go out to the pond behind the house. I can have mama get the maids to make us some hot chocolate for when we finish!”

“You really are like a puppy-!” Yuri teased as he crawled from the bed towards his dressing room. The massive armoires held an array of winter coats and boots, as well as long, woolen socks and frocks. Together they dressed the part, adorned in heavy gloves and fur-lined capes- Yuri even had massive, pale muff to keep his hands warm, and a matching hat. Though he couldn’t help but go red when he looked in the gilded mirror- feeling that he looked more like a puffy mess than anything else.

“I would race if you knew how to get there.” Viktor dragged Yuri through the brightly lit halls, laughing as he hurried past the guards and servants, throwing a smile over his shoulder to the blond as they made their way through the snow covered garden to the frozen pond just behind the servants quarters. “I'm so excited!” Viktor said with a wiggle as he flopped down in the snow to take off his boots and lace up his skates. “We should make a routine to show off...eventually. But for today let's just focus on not killing ourselves before my party.”

The snow offered an icy finish to the entire garden.. It looked all so beautiful, like the children’s books all of Viktor’s siblings begged him to read after Mariya had taught him how. The world seemed far more peaceful when little flakes of snow drizzled down upon them to get caught in Viktor’s silver lashes and Yuri’s fur muff. Even the air was still and the noise dampened, like they were completely alone.

“A routine-? Are you going to give up on being a Tsar and skate instead?” Yuri teased as he tugged on his own skates, having remembered how the shop clerk had done it when Vadim had purchased them. His own pair were a leathery, chocolate-brown color, with sparkling silver blades that contrasted nicely against Viktor’s gold.

“Maybe I would have dreamed to have done something like that before meeting you, but now all I desire is to see you live in comfort for the rest of your life,” Viktor said with a wink, gliding across the ice with a practiced ease. He did a few laps, skating backwards and then flipping around forward with a grace that he had mastered over many years. He stopped by where Yuri stood, extending his hand to the blond and drawing the boy out into the ice with a playful twirl. “Show me what you can do, Yura.”

Yuri’s eyes widened as he watched Viktor- blinking only when the cold dried him out. “Your father didn’t tell me you were actually good-!” He shouted playfully as he stepped across the snowy path towards the lake to grasp his hand tightly. Truthfully, Yuri was quite skilled as well but it had been many years since he had been able to indulge in a glide across the ice.

A gloved hand held tight to Viktor’s as he found his balance upon the ice beneath him. The world seemed to tilt when he moved across the ice, or perhaps it was the return of his nausea making it difficult to steady himself.

“Should I try lifting you?” Viktor said with a laugh, skating away from Yuri as the blond found his footing and began to skate in a simple circle as he warmed up. “I could commission a cute little skating outfit from Simone, something silky and glittering with gemstones. And you can just put on little shows for me and papa, because you are obviously his new favorite member of the family,” Viktor teased, gliding by Yuri and placing a kiss on the boy's cheek as he did so.

Yuri nearly grit his teeth, cheeks burning with color as Viktor skated around him. “Stop teasing me-” He couldn’t help but smile, even if it were coy, as he flit away from Viktor on fawn-like legs. The thought of performing like that only made his heart race- both with a desire to excel and of course, be given such attention from Viktor. “No lifting-!” He laughed shakily once more, the sound cracking against the still air as he did another loop of the small pond. His limbs felt weightless- as if he were almost light headed as he moved across the ice.

“Stay close to me?” Viktor moved in closer to his lover after he finished flitting around Yuri as quickly as he could. He wrapped an arm around the small boy's waist, going at a slower pace as he decided to just enjoy the time alone. “We need to get away more often and just indulge in the quiet. I know that marrying into a royal family was a burden that you never expected...but you have handled everything with so much grace. I cannot thank you enough.”

The arm around his waist was a desired support, helping Yuri to remain more confident in his skating as his muscles slowly recalled the familiar movements from years ago. “I.. I really love you. It wouldn’t matter to me what kind of family you had.” Yuri nestled a little closer as their skates glided across the ice to leave little trails in their wake. “Just as long as I still had you.” Yuri swallowed thickly as he took a deep inhale of Viktor’s clothes, finding he enjoyed the smell of peppery cologne now.

They skated in easy circles around the pond, reflecting on the year they had spent together so far and their plans for the near future. They were beginning to wrap up, making their way back to where their boots were waiting for them when Viktor softly cleared his throat.

“Are you ready to consider having a family?” Viktor asked with a meek smile. “I...I understand if you want to wait. I'm not the most patient man, but I don't want to force you. I want it to feel right for both of us.”

Coming to a slow stop felt almost disorienting, his body having been used to the steady movement of blades against ice. Yuri’s grip on his husband tightened, as he fought to find his balance against the sudden wave of sickness passing over him. “I.. I want a family..” He tried to speak but his vision seemed to blot out as he spoke, teeth clenching.

“Vitya- I need to sit..” But Yuri was already collapsing onto the frigid, glassy lake with a solid thump.

The Tsarevich was unable to move as he watched Yuri crumble to the cold ground like a puppet who had just had its strings cut. He threw off his skates and tugged on his boots, helping Yuri up from the ice and scooping the blond into his arms as he ran across the gardens shouting for someone to help them as he practically kicked in the double doors from the garden entrance to the solarium. He felt sick, his hands trembling as he held Yuri firmly in his arms, praying that his little bride would be alright.

“We need a doctor!” Viktor bellowed, sprinting through the halls toward their bedroom as tears began to wet his face. He laid Yuri on the bed before rushing back out into the hallway and almost colliding with his mother and father as he did so. “Call a anyone. Something is terribly wrong with Yuri.”

“Vitya..” Mariya could hardly console her son as she grabbed him by the shoulder, “Calm yourself- we had a doctor here earlier, just bring us to Yuri.” She glanced towards a stray servant, giving a knowing look as the three rushed back towards the bedroom. She supposed it was intuition that would be to thank but she already had a distant idea of what may be plaguing their newest Nikiforov.

Still sprawled out across the bed, Yuri was weakly fluttering his lashes as he drifted between coherent thought and fear. His memories felt quite hazy.. And the room was far too bright for his sensitive head. Even the voices that echoed in his bedroom were like canons- but the person closest to him seemed to be quite silent- instead he was being prodded at and his dress tugged open by the sterile hands of a woman.

“What is.. What is happening..?” Yuri asked weakly, but even his own voice sounded distant. But instead of an answer, Mariya simply shushed him.

“You're going to be okay, my love. You fainted after we finished skating and the doctor is just going to make sure you are okay. I told you should have just taken it easy today…” the Tsarevich sighed, leaning in to kiss Yuri's cheek. “You scared me so much.”

Viktor sat close, brushing Yuri's hair away from his face with cold hands as he watched the doctor gently run his hands over Yuri's chest and stomach. He felt along Yuri's throat, his hands quick and clinical. Viktor hated to see his lover so exposed and exhausted, with another man touching him so casually but knew it was for the best. “Lay still, Yura.”

Yuri scrunched up his nose as cold fingers prodded and poked at his figure.. Seeming to focus plenty of attention on his torso and the soft flesh of his slightly protruding belly. “Am.. Am I sick?” He panted, looking overly pale as his body trembled. The room felt terribly cold.. Even as Vadim stroked the fire just paces away and Mariya pulled the blankets up to cover his feet. The boy didn’t even have the mind to be embarrassed, merely exhausted and confused.

The doctor said nothing, simply continuing to examine until his thoughts seemed to be in order. “I believe you are with child.. I would estimate you’ve been pregnant for a few weeks now.” He spoke evenly, attempting to give the most accurate answer possible considering he was dealing with a noble family. It wouldn’t do to suggest that Yuri had become pregnant before their marriage, but that didn’t appear to be the case.

Yuri hardly seemed to even realize what was being spoken, he merely stared at their doctor with shock. Every thought he had was half-formed and flitted past him before he could even voice them.. He was with child- he would be having a family with Viktor.

“I'm going to be a father?” Viktor said softly, his mouth going dry as he barely found the ability to say the words. “I'm going to be a father,” the silver haired man repeated, his eyes going wide as he looked around the room at all of the familiar faces before looking back to Yuri with a smile and a look of adoration that radiated with more happiness than he had ever felt before. He was going to have his first child. “You're having my baby…”

Yuri bobbed his head as he reached a trembling hand to grasp Viktor’s. “We’ll have a baby..” The words felt strange- as if they were spoke by someone else. Yuri had never imagined this would happen so soon but.. He supposed it wasn’t uncommon. Fear and excitement laced inside of him, filling him with a beautiful kind of anticipation.

Mariya smiled brightly, kneeling down beside them, “I confess.. I spoke with the doctor earlier about you, Yura. You were showing some signs.. But I wanted to be quite sure.” She gently stroked his cheek, pleased that she had explained some of her son-in-law’s symptoms before, she certainly doubted Yuri would have had the willpower to answer a stern doctor’s questions. “My Vitya is going to be a father,” Tears glittered in her eyes as she held them both close, her usual cool grace giving way to a more breathable tenderness.

“This is the best gift you could have ever given me, princess.” Viktor couldn't stop the tears that ran down his cheeks as he was hugged by his mother and the soon to be mother of his child. His heart was pounding, and then suddenly not as a strange sensation of utter calm seemed to wash over him. “I will do my best for you and our baby. I promise you both the world, and I'll cross the frozen plains of Russia for you if it meant you would be happy.”

Yuri gave a breathless puff of pleased laughter, holding his husband tight. “Just stay right here- I want you here..” He whispered as Mariya gingerly let them go, favoring her husband’s arm as they watched the beautiful couple embrace.

Still feeling weakened, Yuri eased back into the pillows only to tug Viktor along with him.. He wanted to soak in this wonderful news with him- even if the doctor was uselessly trying to offer information- Yuri could only stand to listen to the soft beating of Viktor’s heart.

Chapter Text

Questions fall from his mouth like an avalanche of curiosity, his mind begging to know what should have been explained to him by Yulia. Most little girls and boys would be spoken to about what might lay ahead of them in the marriage bed but Nikolai usually skirted around the subject entirely- simply hoping Yuri would wait to indulge. Thankfully, Mariya is here, waiting patiently as ever as Yuri drags out his next question with fumbling thumbs, “It will only be one baby right--? I think I’ll die if it’s anymore!” He looks to Viktor, scrutinizing the Nikiforov height as a hand instinctively rests upon the minuscule bump of his belly.

Viktor shared an amused look with his mother, blue eyes meeting over the top of Yuri’s head as the Tsarevich paced around the room. He hadn’t been able to sit still since hearing the news, fingers tapping little patterns on his thighs as he struggled to contain the glee that made his body electric. His energy seemed boundless, but he quelled his excitement and allowed his mother the chance to calm the sea of nerves that were roaring inside of Yuri.

“It is too soon to tell if there will be more than one baby,” Mariya said gently, taking one of Yuri’s hands in hers. “But I know you are as strong, if not even stronger than I was at your age. You’ll be a great mother to the new life inside of you. Won’t he, Vitya?” Mariya raised an eyebrow at her son, prompting the Tsarevich to end his pacing and stand by the bedside.

“Of course!” Viktor added with a reassuring kiss to Yuri’s soft blond hair. “I’m so proud of you already, Yura.”

“Thank you.” He smiled coyly, having to bite his tongue around Mariya. He might jest- suggest that the getting pregnant portion was rather easy.. But he simply smiled graciously as Mariya stroked the back of his palm. She appeared perfectly gentle, her observant eyes reassuring him that all would be well. To be pregnant, young woman or man, was a dangerous game. But Yuri supposed that being married to a family whose wealth afforded them only the best doctors would ease the strains.

“Can I still help papa? It’s just gardening,” He certainly didn’t want to become completely bedridden, especially after his father lost his usual presence.. But it occurred to him then that they would be sharing this news soon. The soiree for Viktor would be hosted in a mere few hours.. He would see Sergei and Nikolai- hopefully his brother wouldn’t make a scene.

“I would say for now just be careful. Garden as much as you want as long as it feels right,” Mariya said with a nod. “You know your body, and you know how you feel. Today was too much for you, but you just need to be aware and not push yourself to the limits. My little grandchild needs lots of rest, but also light activity will help you stay healthy.”

Viktor was mentally making a list of the activities that would be on the “no list” for the rest of Yuri’s pregnancy, quickly realizing that he would need to rethink some of the trips he had planned to take with the blond and that the surprise horseback riding lessons he had arranged for Yuri would no longer be an option. However, he was determined to be helpful. “I can help you with things! I know how to do some of the stuff you do.”

The excited offer of help nearly brought a chuckle to the boy’s lips.. He simply couldn’t imagine that the prince dressed in an ankle-length fur cape would truly understand gardening. “You can come with me.. I’ll teach you how to make bread, or do laundry.” Yuri fought of a little snicker as he reached for Viktor, encouraging his husband to pace closer. He couldn’t completely fault Viktor for wanting to help.. Though he feared just how worried and protective he would grow to become as the months dragged on. At least Mariya would be there to offer wisdom to them both when questions of the baby’s safety rose.

“You are your father’s son,” Mariya said with a sigh. She could remember how it had been when she was pregnant with Vladimir. Vadim had wanted to be involved with everything, sunrise to sunset the Tsar had followed behind her like a man possessed. He had started reading books and consulting midwife after midwife. “I promise that Vitya will relax as time goes on. Vadim once insisted that he would be more qualified to deliver Vladimir than one of the best midwives in Russia...However, I think you and Vitya are much more prepared than we were.”

Soft laughter fell from Yuri’s lips as he listened- imagining Viktor to be just the same. “I can’t say I’m really surprised.” He squinted at his husband- knowing that overeagerness would turn into restlessness when the pregnancy became more obvious and inhibiting. But this was about the baby.. And Yuri would do what was best for their child first, even if it meant giving up his hours spent on his feet, or even missing the ballet classes he and Viktor had indulged in again and again since their marriage.


“I’m not claiming that I could deliver a child, but I have faith in my ability to pull a potato off of...whatever kind of plant it grows on,” Viktor said with a wink. “And before you go crazy, I know that potatoes grow in the ground! I was just teasing.”

Mariya rolled her eyes as she got up from the bed with one final brush to Yuri’s midsection. Her thin hands smoothed down her floor length gown, tugging at the frilled cuffs of her sleeves. “But I think you two need some time to yourselves. You did just get some big news.”

Yuri could only roll his eyes at Viktor’s silly little antics.. But Mariya once again calmed him with a gentle touch. “Thank you, baba.” He grinned, realizing then that their baby would have a grandmother- and Nikolai would certainly be excited to have a couple who could help cherish his first grandchild.

The boy slowly pulled the sheets away from himself, his body aching for air after laying in bed for what felt like an eternity. The desire to stretch his muscles, to run, to even skate again were all flooding him. “I’m scared to tell your sisters.. I think they might parade us around the palace.” He huffed.

“Let’s just keep it a secret until you’re too big to hide it anymore.” Viktor sank down onto the pillowy comforter with a flex of his muscles before burying his face into a sheet. “We can tell your family… oh who am I kidding, I wouldn’t be surprised if they had been listening at the door this entire time.” Viktor climbed up to rest his head on Yuri’s stomach, closing his eyes as he sighed heavily through his nose. “I hope you have at least...three babies in there. Isn’t three a nice number, Yura?”

It wasn’t outlandish to suggest that the sisters might be listening- even the twins had been known to sneak in on private discussions simply to whisper about it later. But Yuri supposed it might be easier that way.. He couldn’t imagine a huge announcement would end without utter chaos- not where the Nikiforov children were concerned.

“Three-?” Widened emerald eyes glanced down, looking to his own slightly rounded belly as Viktor caressed him. “I hope you’re prepared to carry me if I have three in here- I won’t even be able to walk!” Yuri huffed, though the sound was playful even with his cheeks going pink. Still, one of Yuri’s hands crept down to bury itself in Viktor’s silver locks, gingerly stroking the strands with a mild curiosity. “I wonder if our baby will be silver or blond?”

The news was still settling in, but the Tsarevich couldn’t help it as his imagination ran wild. When he pictured the future Viktor could see Yuri with his arms full, a beautifully dressed child balanced on one hip as the blond still managed to look poised and jovial. “I don’t think it matters too much what this little baby looks like, but I won’t lie.. I’d love for it to look just like you. Big green eyes and a head full of blond curls.”

Viktor held Yuri close. He buried his face into the soft fabric of Yuri’s frock, savoring the clean scent and the earthiness that always seemed to cling to Yuri. Squeezing the petite Russian tightly before daring to look up into the blond’s eyes, Viktor fought the urge to cry as his heart surged with pride. “We’re having a baby.”

Their little prince or princess having a halo of blond hair and round cherubic cheeks was a thought Yuri never wished to leave him. Though- he would adore a miniature Viktor, a baby with piercing eyes and a curved mouth- his heart hammered just imagining it. “Our first baby.” He bobbed his head finally, though the words felt surreal. Everything felt so.. Natural. Perhaps it wasn’t meant to be this quick, but it was a rather spoken about expectation of royal couples to produce children rather swiftly.. Thankfully they were quite lucky.

“My papa is going to cry.” A button-nose buried itself into Viktor’s throat, eyes fluttering closed soon after as the weight of their new responsibility rest heavily upon his shoulders. But it was a pleasant intensity, one that he knew could be handled easily with Viktor by his side. Already he had managed to thrive in this strange environment of uptight nobles.. A baby would certainly be a challenge they could overcome.

“I’m sure he will be overjoyed.” Viktor nodded, sitting up enough to take his weight off of Yuri and palm the barely noticeable curve to the blond’s stomach. “Well, then why don’t we go tell him? We could go pick up him and your brother. Instead of telling them in front of everyone at the party it might be nice to just take a moment and have this time with them away from…” Viktor wrinkled his nose at all of the opulence. He had grown to love spending time at the Plisetsky cottage. The simplicity and the lovely colors of the blankets...he even loved getting to pick on Sergei. “Tell them away from all of this. What do you think?”

“I would prefer it- I’d rather not watch Seryozha have an episode during your party.” A coy smile crossed his features as he slowly sat up, his body still feeling detached after his fainting spell.. Of course Mariya had also warned him that the nausea wouldn’t end, at least not for a few months.. Perhaps that would be enough incentive to avoid gardening. But with his hand firmly clutched in Viktor’s the sickness seemed to subside for even a brief moment.

Together they climbed from the bed, bodies warm and still wrapped in their furs as they emerged from the chamber. On quick feet they practically fled the palace.. It wouldn’t do to be stopped by one of the younger siblings- only a flurry of questions would arise. With simple instructions being given, the servants flit around them, preparing a car and bringing a gift for Nikolai as well- Yuri had to wonder just how many bottles of wine and vodka his father had tucked away in the cottage considering how often the Nikiforov family gave them as gifts.

The silver haired man helped Yuri into the car, and hoped that the boy wouldn’t tease him about already being overbearing. He settled into the seat next to Yuri with a grin, patting his thighs with a sense of childlike excitement as the car sped off.

Viktor couldn’t keep his hands to himself as they rode in the back of the car, tugging off his gloves and hastily stuffing them into his coat pocket as he longed to feel the warmth of the blond’s skin on his fingertips. He tickled along Yuri’s chin as he turned the boy’s face to look at him, rubbing their noses together before pressing a kiss to Yuri’s forehead. “They are going to be excited and happy..don’t be so nervous. I can feel your legs shaking,” Viktor said firmly, his voice calm and strong as he tried to soothe any nerves that his lover might have. “It’s going to be fine.”

Viktor’s fingers nearly always made him melt, when they crept across his flesh, it truly felt like heaven. “You would be nervous too- I’m worried Papa might faint the moment we tell him.” Yuri panted softly as he nuzzled against his husband’s side in an attempt to anchor himself to something firm. No matter how brief the bumpy drive was, it still stretched like an eternity as they drove.. Yuri’s mind whirled with thoughts, many of them imagining that Sergei might attempt to strangle Viktor.

“Don’t goad my brother too much, he already believes that you’ve actually kidnapped me.” Yuri warns with a little smile smattered across his lips.

“But I was looking forward to it so much,” Viktor whined, bumping his forehead against the side of Yuri’s head with a groan. “Just let me do it once...I’m not sure what I want to do, but I just want the chance, or I’ll be good if you want me to. I shouldn’t try to steal the happiness from the moment,” Viktor sighed. “Even though it would be amazing to see Sergei have a melt down, but maybe next time.”

As the cottage came into view, Viktor grabbed the blond’s hand when the car sputtered to a stop. The Tsarevich held open the door for Yuri, motioning for the blond to take the lead as their boots crunched over the fresh slow that covered the cobblestone path up to the heavy wooden steps.

The door was opened before they could even knock, a curious gaze turned into an annoyed glare as Sergei glanced between Viktor and Yuri. “We didn’t know that you were picking us up, Yura.”

“I only wanted to visit- let us in- we will give you enough time to dress.” Yuri takes his husband by the hand as he steels his way inside- knowing Sergei would sooner bar Viktor from the cottage if he had the chance. With his pouting brother forgotten, Yuri practically dashed off to find his father by the fire, everything felt the same.. The fire still crackled and the blankets looked as if they hadn’t been moved from their chairs. It still felt like home- no lofty palace would ever change that- but now he simply had two. “Papa!” Yuri yelped as strong arms gathered him into an embrace, the both of them hugging until their arms ached.

“My Yurochka..” He whispered, gentle pinching his son’s rounded cheeks. “We were just preparing to dress for the evening-” He paused, smiling to the prince who he hadn’t yet noticed until Sergei began to tap his foot, “Happy Birthday, Vitya.” He gingerly pulled away from his son to press a quick kiss to Viktor’s taut cheeks. “I’m afraid you will have to wait for your gift- even a prince must be patient.” Nikolai teased as he wrapped an arm around Yuri’s shoulders.

Viktor clapped the older man on the shoulder with a roar of laughter as he struggled to keep from just blurting out that Yuri was with child. He grabbed Nikolai in a warm hug, feeling the strength of the other man's embrace grounding him in the present.

“I had to beg Yuri to give me my gift.. I guess I see where he gets his strictness from,” Viktor teased, noticing the old pair of ice skates that hung near the front door from a thick hunk of wood embedded into the wall. “Yuri got me a new pair of skates. Maybe we should all go together sometime,” Viktor suggested as he tried to decide whether or not to remove his coat, looking to Yuri for clues as to how this interaction was going to progress.

A calloused hand took the skates from their place on the wall- Nikolai admired them quietly until his voice broke the silence once more. “Of course.. these were little Yurochka’s, he was quite small when we took him on the ice- he could hardly walk right.” The little boots were miniature, meant obviously for a child’s feet, but Nikolai had kept them still.

“Papa-” Yuri’s cheeks burned- but he supposed this would be the opportunity they needed.. “Maybe we should take them with us?” His hand reached to gingerly grasp the small skates, his fingers pressing against the dulled blades. “..Someone else might be able to wear them.” Yuri felt as if he sounded quite foolish but the words wouldn’t stop falling from his lips.. To tell him felt far more difficult than he’d imagined- he wanted his father to be happy- to be proud of him.

Nikolai paused then, confusion written across his face until he noticed the tender look that washed over Viktor’s eyes as he caressed Yuri’s belly. “You mean..? Are you with child, Yurochka?” His voice was immeasurably hoarse now as tears beaded in the corners of his crinkled eyes.

“Yes- yes papa. You’re to be a grandpa..” Yuri’s voice broke then as he bobbed his head, looking sheepishly to Viktor.

“We just found out today, but we wanted to come and tell you immediately,” Viktor said with a smile as he wrapped an arm around Nikolai's shoulder and steered the man closer to Yuri. “I hope you are as excited as we are, and we can't wait for you to meet you new grandchild, dede.”

Viktor looked to Sergei. The blond stood silent, arms crossed tightly over his chest as the news seemed to still be sinking into his brain. “Are you going to come say hello to your niece or nephew, Dzyadzenka Sergei?”

Yuri offered a firm squeeze to his father’s middle before he broke off, stepping across the wooden floor to meet his aloof brother once more. “You’ll force me to come to you then?” Yuri huffed but the anger wasn’t truly there.. His willowy arms simply wrapped tight around his eldest, and only brother, burying his nose in the firm muscle of his chest. “You’re happy for me, right? At least be happy for me.. Even if you hate Vitya.” Yuri mumbled, the crown of his head resting against Sergei’s shoulder.

Sergei’s lips were set into a thin line as he let out a breath he hadn't realized he had been holding before encircling Yuri's shoulders. His green eyes were glistening with tears as he swallowed. “I'm happy for you, Yura. I truly am.”

He was overjoyed with the news, part of him not wanting to be happy because it was just another thing that meant Yuri would be bound to Viktor, but an even larger part of himself knew that he should be happy.. and he knew of their mother was here that she would be happy. “Congratulations.”

Yuri supposed that would be the best he could draw out of his brother, but the sentiment still pleased him. Sergei would always be doubtful if not utterly irritated by their marriage but Yuri could understand why.. Another family member lost. But he wasn’t truly lost- merely married- but their families would merge soon enough.

“I love you, Seryozha.. Even if you make it impossible.” Yuri snickered softly as he nuzzled his brother once more, only to pull away with a little smile.

“How about a toast?” Viktor suggested, pulling the large bottle of vodka from out of a sturdy gift bag as he crossed the room and began to check in a few of the higher cabinets with a confused look upon his face. “Yura, where are the glasses?”

“Always about drinking…like a true spoiled price,” Sergei grumbled, giving Yuri one last squeeze before reaching into a cabinet on the opposite side of the kitchen to produce four glasses. “No vodka for you, Yura, but I think we have some juice.”

Yuri snickered softly as his brother seemed to cave.. Even offering help to his princely enemy. “Thank you.” He could only roll his eyes, helping to wipe the glasses clean and pour three shots worth for them. His own would be red currant juice- one of his favorites.

“Yurochka, I have a few of your old baby clothes.. Perhaps you could take a few.” Nikolai smiled as he grasped his glass.

“You still have all of that-?” Yuri’s eyes widened in surprise, his heart hammering as he imagined his own baby dressed in woolen socks and playing with his old toys.

“I want to see them!” Viktor interjected, quickly pouring a little more vodka into his own glass before handing out the other two glasses to the older Plisetsky men. “But first a toast to my Yura, and the beautiful little baby that is growing inside of his tummy. To new beginnings!”

Viktor downed the shot and smiled at Yuri, crossing the space to hug the blond close to him and run absently at the boy's stomach. He felt warm and floaty as he let himself drift for a moment, his heart thumping in his chest. He was living in a dream, and he never wanted to wake up.

Their cheers boomed in the cottage- but thankfully the toast was short- his father was known to endlessly go on, preparing speeches, but Viktor clearly needed a drink. The party alone would certainly call for many toasts.. Yuri was thankful he had a reason not to indulge in so many swallows of vodka.

“Thank you for the toast..” He smiled softly, burying his cheek in Viktor’s neck. His husband smelled sweet like honey but his breath remained perfumed with alcohol. “It means so much to my papa.” He pressed a kiss to Viktor’s cheek before gingerly tugging away.. Now would not be the place for Viktor to nuzzle him into excitement.

As their embrace broke apart, Nikolai shuffled out of the room to retrieve his most prized possessions; an array of baby clothes, bibs and toys- even a little spoon once used by his youngest child. “Look! Look, I believe your baby will look quite lovely, just like you did.” Nikolai smiled as he came bearing his gifts, placing them upon the table for the new couple to paw at.

Viktor clapped clapped his hands as he began to rifle through the belongings, immediately grabbing the little spoon and tapping Yuri's mouth with the tiny object. “You should let me feed you with this! When you get too tired to lift your arms...I have heard that pregnant people are always tired...this utensil will be the answer. I can just use this spoon to make sure you get enough sustenance.”

The Tsarevich tucked the spoon behind Yuri's ear, shooting a glance toward Sergei with an amused smirk. “Does this bib still fit?”

Yuri’s cheeks burned as Viktor teased him- he nearly slapped the spoon out of his husband’s hand before he realized it would be less damning to simply pretend. “Vitya- I won’t be useless- don’t practice your parenting skills on me!” He scolded.

Sergei only glared while Nikolai found it all rather amusing. “Yurochka- you will rest still, yes?” He ruffled his son’s hair as he presented another pair of small leather shoes and a few more baby blankets. Some were embroidered with little swans or rabbits- one even had a tiger stitched into the corner, below it was Yuri’s name.

“I will rest papa- I swear.” He grasped one of the blankets, smiling at the familiarity of it and deeming it to be his most beloved.. It was rather threadbare where Yuri had obviously held it every night.

Viktor checked his watch looking to the Plisetsky men with a remorseful look. “I'm afraid we need to start getting ready to head back to the palace.. I can't be late to my own party. Do you want to help me talk all of the baby trinkets out to the car, Yura?”

“Yes- yes of course.” Nikolai quickly bobbed his head and stepped back towards his bedroom, “Seryozha, come finish getting dressed.” Nikolai gingerly tugged his eldest son along while Yuri gathered up their gifts- most he left for his father- knowing every bit of it was quite treasured by him.

“Hurry Seryozha! I know you are just dying to attend.” Yuri snickered as he walked with Viktor towards their rumbling car that had become slightly dusted with snow.

Viktor was careful with the belongings that he put into the trunk of the car, lost in his thoughts as he was distracted by his baby, He had been looking for the right word. Something that he could call his unborn child until learning its gender. Viktor looked at the swans on Yuri's baby blanket and smiled, thinking of his own childhood and the swans that used swim on the pond behind the servants quarters. “Cygnet...I think I'll call this baby my little cygnet for the time being. Do you approve, mama?”

Yuri couldn’t help the smile that tugged at his mouth as he held the blanket tight in his hands to admire the delicate needlework his mother had poured into his baby blanket.. “I do. Our little cygnet.” He blushed then gently stroking the white threads with his fingers before folding it up. Yuri could have choked on the tenderness- a few years ago he may have never believed himself to be capable of loving this deeply.. Of even feeling worthy of this love. He buried himself into Viktor’s side, holding him close until the soft crunching of boots distracted him.

“Papa.. I didn’t know you could still fit into your uniform.” Yuri teased with a playful smile, his heart warming when he saw his father’s formal dress. “Seryozha, I forgot you even owned anything other than stained shirts.” That earned him a little swat but the brothers couldn’t help but share a quiet laugh as the four of them piled into the waiting car. A lightness encompassed them all.. Perhaps this baby would mean more to the entire family than to only Viktor and Yuri, like a branch between their lives.

Viktor gave the older man a nod of approval before climbing in the front seat with the driver to get the small family a little bit of space to process what was going on. He hated to admit it, but desired time with his parents to express his joy more freely. It wasn’t that Viktor felt unable to be open with Yuri, but there was something about just being with his parents that put his mind at ease whenever he was worrying. The Tsarevich fussed with his hair in the rearview mirror, using at opportunity to steal glances at the two blonds and their father. Yuri was glowing with happiness, and even Sergei was smiling. “Are you all having fun back there?”

Yuri bobbed his head, beaming between his father and brother- though Sergei was quick to deny, “Isn’t there supposed to be a partition?” He looked to Viktor with steeled eyes as he wrapped a powerful arm around his younger brother’s shoulders.

“Don’t be a brat-” Yuri hissed, “I believe that’s my role.” He snickered while their father could only gingerly shake his head, offering a look of apology to their driver as his boys bickered. The two could be utterly exhausting when they started- the both of them were far too similar.

“I need to be able to make sure that my babies are safe,” Viktor said with a smirk as one of his gloved hands reached up to adjust the mirror to show more of Yuri.

There was already a line of cars and carriages when their car bypassed the main entrance and pulled around to one of the side openings in the towering iron gate that surrounded the palace. Hundreds of people in flowing gowns and tailored suits walked up the great stone steps to the massive double doors. Viktor smiled as he watched out the window, excited to share the news of his child with all of those people as the driver pulled up next to the giant garage that housed most of the royal family’s vehicles.

There were several footmen and maids waiting just outside the kitchen door, watching in silence as Viktor rushed to hold open the door for Yuri and his family. “We can just go in through the kitchen to avoid all of the mess that’s going on out front,” Viktor suggested, taking Yuri’s hand in his and giving the blond a reassuring squeeze. “I know it isn’t some grand entrance, but I’m sure my parents want to congratulate your father.”

Still drinking in the grand beauty of their palace, Nikolai hardly seemed to mind that they were being ushered in through one of the smaller entrances- the magnificent beauty of the Nikiforov Palace was still obvious in its wide windows and perfectly manicured topiaries. Even Sergei was stunned into silence, his eyes widening as they walked across the icy stone path that wound its way from the beautifully crafted garages to the palace itself.

“Papa- it’s cold, don’t dawdle.” Yuri clasped both Viktor’s gloved and his father’s as he tugged his family inside to ward off the snowy chill, even a boy born in an icy spring couldn’t handle the cold for much longer. No matter how beautiful the snow was, coating every surface, the dry air still stung at his eyes and nipped his lips.

“The Tsar and Tsarina want to see you again,” Yuri explained with a softened look, he knew how much it had meant to his father to be treated like an honored guest.. “They didn’t mention Seryozha though.” Yuri snickered playfully as they walked across the marble floors towards the deeper chambers of the inner home.

Vadim had been prowling around with the same nervous energy that Mariya had seen in Viktor. The Tsarina smiled as Vadim kept picking up random objects, just to roll them around in his massive hands and set them back down on another surface. He was slowly rearranging the entire room as he worked through his thoughts with his free hand tapping absently at his lips.

“Do you think we should build them a new wing when the baby is born? We could just add on to the main section of the palace and give Vitya and Yura some privacy or maybe we could just build them a whole new palace on the other side of the gardens...what do you think, my love?” Vadim asked, pausing next to the chair where Mariya sat with her embroidery hoop, face ducked behind her hair as she tried to hide her smile.

“I think you are worrying too much.”

A knock at the door stopped the Tsar from responding as Viktor entered with Yuri and his family. Vadim’s face lit up as he took thundering steps across the room to grasp Nikolai’s hand with a firm shake. “Can you believe how lucky we both are?”

The excitement so obvious in Vadim’s eyes was enough to bring a smile to Nikolai’s own lips as his hand was grasped by one as weathered as his own. “This has been a blessing.. A true blessing.” Nikolai whispered hoarsely as he stepped further into the chamber. Behind him, Yuri looked on with tenderness.. To see his father so happy was all he had ever wanted- to make his family proud.

Mariya stood slowly to greet them all, crossing the parquet floor to wrap Viktor in a gentle embrace, “Your father is already desiring to build an entire castle for your baby.” She teased between kisses to Viktor and Yuri’s cheeks. Even Sergei was given a chaste press of her soft lips- sending him sputtering as he wandered off to scowl at a bookshelf rather than listen to the ramblings of two over-eager grandfathers.

“Just a castle?” Viktor said with a mock look of offence as he hugged his mother tightly and gave his father a grumpy look. “I think my baby deserves its own city, or even its own territory.”

“Vitya, please don’t tempt him,” Mariya laughed, ruffling her son’s hair before joining her husband and snaking her around around the taller man with a sigh. They were going to be formally announced first alongside Yuri’s family before Viktor and Yuri. Her thin hands smoothed down the front of Vadim’s jacket, her nails clicking along the medals as they stood in comfortable silence before clearing her throat. “Well, are we ready? All of you look amazing and I think we shouldn’t keep our guests waiting for much longer.”

“Then let's go! It's my birthday,” Viktor said with a nod, pulling Yuri against him as the older members of their families filed out of the small reading room.


With Mariya in the lead, they trekked through the long halls, Nikolai chatting with Vadim, Yuri nestled against Viktor’s arm and Sergei trailing. She walked with confidence, pausing only when they would be introduced to their swarm of excitable guests. A pleasant buzz filled their palace with joy, the shuffle of feet and the warm conversation only enriched the majesty of Viktor’s soiree.

All eyes were upon them as they reached the brightly lit salon, the chandelier light bathing them in rich golden light. Yuri wondered if he would ever grow accustomed to the introductions as he watched them proceed, Vadim and Mariya of course garnering a full-bodied applause as they graced their guests with pearly smiles. Their arms linked with Nikolai and Sergei’s like a show of solidarity- the three of them with beaming faces, while Sergei could only manage a look of neutrality.

When they were announced, all Viktor wanted to do was make his own announcement, but he kept his mouth closed and waved happily to the mass of men and women that waited at the bottom of the grand staircase. He held tightly to Yuri as they navigated through the well wishes and causal pats to Viktor’s shoulders as the Tsarevich made his way over to a towering cake that sat atop a lavish table filled with desserts. Viktor’s mouth watered as he considered trying to steal a zefir, but was tugged along by Yuri to blow out his candles and listen to the off key singing of some of the traditional folk songs.

“It looks like other people brought cakes as well...I guess I’ll just be eating desserts all night,” Viktor said with a waggle of his brows before posing with Yuri next to his cake.

“I believe you mean, we will be eating desserts all night.” Yuri snipped back as he nuzzled his cheek against Viktor’s woolen coat. The cold medals felt soothing on his flush skin.. All of the noise and chatter, the warm breath filling their salon and the plates of hot food were like a blanket encompassing the palace. He would wish for this evening to never end.. What a dream it would be to enjoy the dancing and singing over and over, it reminded Yuri of his childhood, when his mother would take him to the festivals.

Fork in hand, Yuri nabbed a bite of a rich, buttery tart for himself before lifting another piece to Viktor’s plush lips.

The silver haired man snatched it happily, sighing around the bite as he nuzzled the top of Yuri’s head before returning the favor and offering the petite blond a jam covered zefir. They continued to sweetly exchange bites, laughing and stuffing themselves with treats as Viktor was led over to blow out his candles. It was a struggle to get them all in one go, but the tall man pulled Yuri closer to him and encouraged his lover to help until all the flames had been extinguished. Viktor captured Yuri’s lips as the people around them applauded.

Viktor reluctantly pulled away, nodding at his parents who stood with Yuri’s father and Sergei near a long head table that was being loaded with trays of hot food for dinner. He leaned in closer, softly whispering to Yuri as he hugged the boy tightly. “Should we tell everyone?”

Still reeling from the excitement, his heart hammering as he watched the smoke swirl from each candle, Yuri could only bob his head. A streak of panic ran through him for a moment- fearing how their life might change from this announcement- but seeing his father’s beaming face, and even the hint of a smile on Sergei’s, it was enough to quell the feelings of doubt. Yuri was strong enough to handle this.

“Yes- yes.. I want to tell them.” He glanced out into the sea of glittering jewels and smiling faces knowing he would be determined to keep this baby as their own. The child would not- if he could help it- be tainted by any cruelty.. He would want only the best for their little cygnet.

Viktor nodded, accepting a piece of his cake from a servant, but guiding himself and Yuri forward toward the large head table. He stood next to his father setting down his cake in exchange for a glass that he raised and cleared his throat to get the attention of the room. “I want to thank everyone for joining us, and I want to thank all of the staff for the amazing food we are all about to share. It has been a year of changes for me,” Viktor said with a grin as he looked to Yuri. “Well I was lucky enough to find the perfect match..the other half of my heart and I got married. I honestly never would have guessed that I would ever get married, but Yuri is my everything and I can’t wait to spend the rest of my birthdays with him.”

The Tsarevich paused, his mouth going dry as he tried to find the right words, but settling on the first that managed to tumble from his mouth. “And...well.. We’re proud to announce that we are expecting a new member to our family, and I’m going to be a father, which has been the greatest birthday gift I could have ever asked for.. So good luck ever topping that,” Viktor added with a laugh as a booming applause swept through the room and echoed off the high arched ceilings.

A shaky smile tugged at Yuri’s lips as he listened, the weight of the words falling around him. He loved Viktor.. Dearly so. It was a love that felt as deep and as comforting as the memories of the love he shared with his mother. He hoped she would be proud of him for finding this connection.. Something he felt might escape him entirely.

Slowly Yuri stood, taking Viktor by the arm and gently kissing his cheek to the sheer delight of their guests. Not since Mariya and Vadim had there been another couple so highly favored, perhaps it was the charm of such a charismatic prince and his beautiful, often frowning, dear.

Soft cheers continued on, another round of toasting- from Vadim, a trembling Nikolai and Mariya. It had felt like hours.. Tender words spoken, wishes made and the hope for a healthy child and a long marriage shared across the party. By the end of their rambling words, nearly anyone with a drink in their hand looked pink in the face and pleased after so many toasts.

“Our little cygnet has had so many cheers and toasts I think they’ve had enough vodka for the entire city of St. Petersburg..” Yuri snickered.

“Our cygnet is already so loved,” Viktor said with an unsteadiness, his forehead bumping against the side of Yuri’s face as he set his empty glass back down on the table. “Can I be pregnant next time? I can’t keep up with all the toasting...I’m old now. I’m ancient.”

Viktor felt warm and soft as he settled in next to Yuri, his eyes fluttering closed as he brushed his hand over the blond’s midsection with a content sigh. “Are you happy, my love? That’s all that matters to me. I just want you to be happy.”

Soft laughter puffed out of his chest as Viktor’s slurred words tickled against his ear.. “Of course I’m happy. I’m very happy with my old.. ancient husband.” He whispered between a few soft-lipped kisses. “Don’t make me confess it a thousand times.” Yuri mumbled sweetly as he helped Viktor to his chair.

Yuri sipped his own juice, lapping a tongue against his lips. “You look quite decent for an old man.” He teases, stroking a hand through Viktor’s silver hair.

“I guess I’m lucky.” Viktor rested his head on Yuri’s shoulder, enjoying the closeness as he tried to keep his mind from racing with thoughts of their future. He wanted a little boy. A little prince he could teach to ride horses and run around the palace with to terrorize his sisters. A darling child that would be perfect… He wanted a little copy of Yuri, bright green eyes and soft blond hair. He wanted everything for this child, and he would give anything to make sure that they got it.

“You are lucky, I like old men.” Yuri snickered as he eased back into his chair, popping another honey-coated treat into his mouth. His tongue felt almost numb from the sheer number of desserts he’d been devouring.. Yuri wondered if it might make their baby a little sweeter too. Though he could only imagine their child would be an angel.

“I am the luckiest man here.” Viktor swallowed as he fought back the tears that glistened in his eyes. He truly was the luckiest and nothing could take that away.

Yuri pressed closer, nuzzling his nose gingerly against Viktor’s before he moved the man’s glass away, grinning cheekily at him. “No more vodka. You’re about to cry at your own party and I don’t do well with tears..” Another kiss was pressed to Viktor’s silver brow, and finally his handsome mouth.

“Yes, mama,” Viktor said softly, a smile tugging at the corners of his lips, continuing to rub at the blond’s stomach. “I know you’ll take good care of both of us, me and cygnet.”

“Two babies already.” Yuri playfully rolled his eyes, finding it rather difficult to be irritated with Viktor when the prince was so obviously pleased. There was a content warmth radiating between them, a quiet bond, as if they were completely severed from the excitable chatter of the soiree.

“See! You’re ready to be a mama. You should feel proud! You’re a professional,” Viktor chirped, as he missed his mouth with a bite of pastry and dabbed at his cheek. He laughed softly as he tried not to make a fool of himself from all of the alcohol he had consumed. “I’m a mess, Yura..and I’m sleepy. Maybe waking you up so early this morning wasn’t the best idea...”

“Should you be tucked into bed before you start spilling wine?” Yuri cocked a brow as he watched the lazy smile of his husband morph into confusion as the pastry plopped out of his hands. Yuri stood then, helping Viktor to his feet when he noticed the exhaustion written across his own family’s face. The hour was quite late.. Some guests were even shuffling off to their carriages and cars.

“ can be be final birthday present. Just getting the chance to cuddle you and our baby,” Viktor said with a yawn, borrowing further into Yuri’s embrace. “Your father and brother can stay in one of the guest rooms. It’s too late for them to be heading home and it was snowing so much that the roads might not be safe, but most importantly... I’m ready for bed, mama.”

Just as Viktor began mumbling, Nikolai and Sergei were being offered lodging by Mariya- of course she was endlessly hospitable and usually one step ahead.

“Mmph.. I can grant that request,” He gingerly lead Viktor back to their chamber, rolling his eyes as Viktor called him ‘mama’ once more.. But he found it a little endearing, especially when Viktor looked so dazed and handsome in his uniform. “Come on- you’re heavy-” He groaned playfully, tugging the prince along.

Viktor trudged with Yuri back to the bedroom, the walk seemed endless as he wavered on unsteady feet while Yuri struggled to support his weight. He practically kicked open the door as Yuri fussed with the pearl handle. With each step he shed another layer of his clothing before all that remained were his pants that were still tucked into his black polished boots. “Can I just sleep like this?” the silver haired man groaned, trying to tuck a sheet around his nude torso as he buried his face into the mound of pillows at the head of their bed.

Yuri watched with a cocked brow as his husband stumbled around, looking positively ripe with alcohol and sweets.. It certainly had been a successful evening- though Yuri’s wasn’t over. He stepped closer to the half-asleep mound on the bed, reaching forward to tug the shiny black boots off his feet and scatter them haphazardly on the floor. “You need a bath.” He huffed, brows knitting as he crawled on the bed to unbutton Viktor’s trousers so that they would at least be loose enough to sleep in.

“No,” Viktor growled, trying to slither away from Yuri’s delicate hands. His body felt as if it weighed so much more than it usually did. His arms and legs climbing a mountain instead of just pulling himself to lean against the headboard with a blanket over his face. “Just get in bed! It is still my birthday for...twenty more minutes.” Viktor’s blue eyes peeked out to meet his husbands. “My last birthday request? We can take a bath together tomorrow…just bed. Now...please?”

“I’m getting in bed- stop your whining.” Yuri hid his laughter, finally tucking into the bed after shedding his own clothes, beneath he wore a simple slip, nothing very extravagant.

“..Better?” Yuri had nestled closer, his limbs tangled up with Viktor’s and his eyes half lidded as he rest his round cheek against the firm muscles of his husband’s chest. He curled their fingers together, lacing them easily as they both nestled like two true love birds.

“Much better,” Viktor said with a yawn. It had been a busy day, but he wouldn’t have changed a single thing. He watched the minutes tick by, rubbing his hands in small circles along Yuri’s lower back before finally falling asleep.

Chapter Text

An endless Mass- Yuri is almost swaying on his feet as they slowly leave the candle lit church, the soft sounds of pleasantries being whispered as the morning dawn breaks across the sky. It’s nothing new- but it still hits him hard when he’s carrying a mound on his belly and the smell of candle wax is leaving him faint and hungry for honey. But even Yuri cannot be cruel upon this day.. It’s Easter. The entire palace smells of bread as they enter, having left their own private Mass at the church in their home.. The boy couldn’t handle going out among the crowds- his hormones feel as if they leave his temper endlessly piping.

From early evening to sunrise they’d been side by side, Viktor’s melodic voice whispering prayers that Yuri knew by heart. But as they walk, the boy must lean on him, his feet feeling heavy and his pregnant belly even more so.

Viktor’s hands were always ready and supportive, gently guiding Yuri toward a waiting chair at the far end of the lengthy table that was perfectly set in the formal dining room. The surface was laden with colorful plates that had been lovingly glazed to match the embroidery of the crisp napkins. The servants were just finishing the last few touches, more candles were tucked away against towering floral arrangements and decadent platters of pastries. The tablecloth had an elegant egg like pattern with swirling gem tones that just made the whole display look more like a work of art rather than breakfast.

The Tsarevich took his seat next to Yuri with a smile, his hands once again going to the full curve of his lover’s stomach. His fingers pressed softly, searching for any sign of life as a smile began to stretch across his face. “Have they been active this morning? I haven’t gotten to feel them kick yet today…”

Yuri nearly batted Viktor’s hands away in favor of drooling over their beautiful spread.. But the boy merely smiled, his eyes glancing to the pale fingers that perfectly tangled across his belly. “No- they were being quiet for Mass.” Yuri snickered as he captured one of Viktor’s hands in his own.

Paskha and Easter bread filled their table, while still sizzling sausages and beautifully yellow eggs served as more savory dishes to the usual Easter sweetness. Yuri had tried to avoid falling for any pregnancy myths- having wanted to remain completely in control of his body- but he would be damned if he didn’t admit how utterly starving he felt. Another prayer- he hoped not a dozen more- before the family was served. Even Viktor’s siblings looked positively famished as the days of fasting and avoiding indulgences came to an end.

“Maybe they will kick after I have something to eat.”

Viktor nodded hopefully, unable to tear his hands away after the last few prayers had been said and his father had announced they would do gifts after eating. The older Nikiforov had never been able to wait when he had a surprise for any of his children or Mariya. Vadim lived for showering those he loved with his own brand of affection. Viktor knew his father had planned an afternoon of excitement for the royal family, and hoped that Yuri would feel up to joining the others for the celebration.

“Papa asked your father and Sergei to join us later,” Viktor added, reaching for a few of the honeyed biscuits, splitting them between himself and Yuri with a kiss to the blond’s cheek.

“Good, good.. I know papa will want to visit mama’s grave today.” He sighed softly, knowing he should do the same before the day was over. But he still cried into Sergei’s chest whenever they visited- but his father would leave all manner of Easter eggs for her and flowers. But Yuri seemed to remain content, even parting his mouth to take a pleased bite of Viktor’s biscuit before the man could swallow it down for himself. “Did you forget your promise to feed me? My arms feel quite tired.” He teased.

“Of course, of course,” Viktor said with a laugh, filling his plate with a giant assortment of food and forgoing his fork for most of the feeding. “Anything for my sweet mama and my baby.”

The words were like acid on his skin as Vladimir took a long sip of his tea while watching his brother out of the corner of his eye. He had been in a foul mood since their wedding, only made worse when Viktor had announced that his whore was with child. The elder son hated how much attention the two of them received. He was the heir. He would rule Russia one day, but none of that seemed to matter. Vitya was perfect and Yuri was the Tsar’s new favorite.

Vlad tucked his long bangs away from his face, glowering in his food when he heard his mother’s soft laughter and gentle teasing directed toward Viktor and Yuri. He should have been married first...he should be the one celebrating the impending birth of his future child.

Yuri’s lips parted, his laughter strained as Viktor doused his tongue in sticky cakes. For all of Vladimir’s brooding, no one seemed to notice- aside from the twins- who merely snickered at their eldest brother and his deep scowl. But the subjects of his cruelties hardly noticed, their lips pressed together in a kiss as Viktor captured him after another bite. Nearly all of Viktor’s sisters cooed with delight- they loved to see such a presence at their table, a dot of gold to break up the sea of silver.

“Yura, Yura!” Galina chanted, her smile wide and grin toothy, “Do you want to have a girl or a boy?” She beamed, her sisters giggling softly and while the twins made guesses.

“I don’t care- so long as the baby has blond hair.” Yuri snickered.

“Blond?” Vadim asked curiously, one perfect brow arched. “My grandchild will surely have my hair.”

“I don’t know, papa,” Viktor interjected, hands returning to Yuri’s stomach. “I think a little blond would be perfect. With big green eyes and a button nose...I think a little girl would be so amazing.”

Vlad rolled his eyes, rising from his chair with a huff as he announced he was finished and would be spending the rest of his day devoted to his studies. Viktor watched his brother go with an impish smirk. “Have fun, Vova.”

Yuri paid no mind, his attention still caught in the pleasant laughter that filled the illuminated dining room. “I want a baby who looks like me!” Yuri teased, his grin amused and biting as Vadim feigned a scoff. A healthy baby, truly of any kind would be what they all desired most- but Yuri had no doubt that the genes of his husband would almost guarantee a shock of steel hair. “I’ll have plenty of time for silver haired babies but I want a Plisetsky!” He cheered.

“We will be blessed with a wonderful baby.” Viktor would be more than pleased with a beautiful blond baby, imagining Yuri with his arms full, smoothing down the frilly outfits and fussing with all endless needs brought a smile to the Tsarevich’s face and made his heart beat faster. “Gifts? Is it time for gifts?” Viktor asked gently, changing the subject to avoid becoming over emotional.

“Gifts!” Vadim agreed, signaling a herd of footmen into the room with small, delicately wrapped packages for each family member. The twins were bouncing in their seats as the girls and Mariya simply marveled at the display.

A bright yellow parcel was placed down in front of Yuri, the small box wrapped tightly with silver ribbon and glittering paper. The box was similar in size to Mariya’s, much smaller than most of the other gifts. Viktor smiled, leaning into whisper into the boy’s ear, “I wanted to start a collection for you. I hope you like this one.”

Yuri was surprised by the gifts- the most he’d been given was a beet-stained egg by his father and perhaps a rare kiss to the crown of his head from Sergei.. Truly this family lived for their indulgences. But Yuri wouldn’t be one to complain.. Not when he was greeted with a beautifully wrapped box- one that he tore open as it balanced upon his poked out belly.

“A collection--?” He asked in confusion until he beheld the beautiful egg in his grasp, the box cast aside upon the marble floor, “Vityen’ka..” The boy huffed softly as he cupped his warm palms around the carved flowers and the glossy, miniature swans that danced across the surface of his golden egg egg. “Thank you.” He whispered quietly- but his cheeks burned- especially when Mariya and Vadim looked on with adoring delight.

“It’s like our little Cygnet..” He nearly sobbed, emotions overwhelming him as he opened the shiny clasp to reveal a little swan statue inside.. It was all painted with the same rich metal tone, brimming with warmth.

Viktor clapped his hands together with excitement as he produced a long golden chain with a small flower pendant from inside of his jacket. He slipped the chain over Yuri’s head, carefully taking the flower and slipping the charm into a slot at the back of the egg. His hands trembled, carefully winding up a mechanism before pulling the pendant free which caused the center statuette to begin to spin and softly play music.

“It is the overture from Sleeping Beauty...I can honestly say that I knew that I loved you from the first moment I saw you at the factory, but I knew we would be together forever after that trip to the ballet,” Viktor said quietly, easing the egg back into Yuri’s hands as his cheeks began to color a bright red. “Happy Easter, Yura.”

“Thank you..” Yuri whispered, his voice raw with emotion as the words struggled to fall from his lips without revealing the sting of tears. “I love you.” Short arms wound themselves around Viktor, clinging to him as he sobbed.. Perhaps later Yuri might scold himself for weeping over a necklace and a Faberge Egg but he couldn’t control the onslaught of emotion that weighed him down, only to lift his spirits to the heavens.

“Your gift will come in a few months.” The boy’s laughter laced with his tears as he rubbed at dewy lashes.

“I can hardly wait.”

After the rest of the gifts had been exchanged and the dishes were beginning to be cleared, Vadim lead his family toward the double doors that opened up into the courtyard. The garden had been decorated with ribbons and candles. There were bright white chairs and a low sitting chaise lounge that were huddled around a table of eggs and brightly colored dyes. On the opposite end of the space was a small collection of baby animals. Rabbits, lambs and a collection of sand colored puppies frolicked together in a tall, wooden enclosure.

“I thought we could all use a day of indulgence,” Vadim remarked, sinking into one of the chairs and gesturing a servant with a tray of crystal glasses closer, selecting a smooth serving of vodka and downing it before grabbing another. “I hope everyone enjoys this little moment of relaxation.”

Yuri’s eyes widened in surprise.. It was like a fantasy upon the lawn of the palace. The sun had come out to play- a myth most Russians shared. Easter was blessed with beautiful sunlight that felt like bliss upon his skin as he clasped his hand tight around Viktor’s. “Is this for the children?” Yuri asked with widened eyes as a litter of Nikiforov’s sped past, the twins, Galina and Ekaterina all frolicking forward to play with the little animals in their pens.

“Too old already?” Came the familiar voice of his father- the smile he wore was one of sheer gladness to see his youngest son, while Sergei stepped behind him.

“Papa- you should have brought our goat to play.” Yuri jested as he gave his family soft pecks upon the cheeks before losing Sergei to the offered tray of vodka and Viktor’s eldest sister, Irina.

“Our goat isn’t so groomed as all these animals.. I’m afraid she would have scared away the children.” His father laughed sweetly as he accepted an offered seat from Mariya and Vadim. It was a welcome sight to see his father so comfortable with them, all notions of class forgotten when Nikolai sat between them like equals.

“I love that goat!” Viktor grumbled, clapping Nikolai on the shoulder in a warm welcome before taking Yuri by the hand and guiding the blond over toward the animals.

The puppies yipped with excitement, their bodies squirming and wiggling as Viktor leaned in to scoop one into his arms. The dog was larger than a typical puppy. It’s legs and paws were waffling in all different directions as Makkachin woofed at the ball of fluff. “These are puppies from my father’s borzoi hounds...he said something about them being gift for us...and you know that I hate to refuse a gift.”

Viktor smiled weakly, his eyes pleading with the blond. “Can we keep them...I’m sure the baby will love dogs.”

Yuri watched with widened eyes as all the puppies wiggled closer, their tongues out and tails shaking. “All of these dogs are ours-?” Yuri asked with knitted brows as he looked to the small gathering of puppies licking at his ankles or tugging at the bottom of his dress with gummy mouths. “Fine- we can keep them but if Potya doesn’t like them then they can’t be in our bedroom.” The boy laughed, leaning down to pick up one of the squirming pups- though he set it down nearly instantly when it grew bitey.

“Deal!” Viktor said with a laugh, noticing a small, snow colored lamb that had begun to creep closer and closer to Yuri. The baby animal’s eyes glimmered like two black gemstones, tracking Yuri’s movements while carefully inching nearer. “I think you have an admirer, Yura.”

The Tsarevich scooped up the lamb, offering the lightweight baby to his lover. “You could practice being a mama with this little one. It seems to really like you.”

“Vitya-” The boy grumbled, feeling his cheeks warm at the idea of being hunted by a little lamb- though the innocent thing was quite docile in Viktor’s arms as he gingerly placed the babe in his own arms. A pink, snuffling nose pressed against his jaw, leaving him to giggle softly as the lamb baaed in his ear. “I hope our babies aren’t as leggy.” He huffed quietly as the lamb squirmed to nestle its head against Yuri’s shoulder, it’s willowy hooves kicking gently.

Its soft, wooly fur felt gentle to the touch, enough for Yuri to even dare resting his cheek against its body as it continued to baa quietly with delight.

“I hope our babies are as tall as me. I want them to just tower over their little mama.” Viktor grinned wildly as the lamb nested into Yuri’s arms with a content little wiggle. He buried his fingers into the baby’s wool, prompting the animal to baa its disapproval before hiding its face in Yuri’s neck. “I hope our babies don’t hate me as much as this lamb seems to...but I’m sure you will be the favorite, no matter what I do.”

Yuri scoffed softly as the lamb nestled closer, its baaing sounding almost irritated that Viktor would dare attempt to cuddle. “I’m not that small!” Yuri protested again- though even the twins were beginning to surpass him in height, clearly taking from their father, and even Mariya had an edge to her stature.

“I bet I will be, I’m not as cruel as their papa.” Yuri teased as he stroked the woolen fur of the half-asleep lamb that lay contently in his arms. But the smile upon his face said it all, Yuri might be a bundle of temper tantrums but the boy was sweet, sweet when surrounded by a love who cared for him and a family that breathed affection. Their child would be adored- and would hopefully share that connection with them equally- though Yuri assumed Viktor might be most liked, considering he was already far more lenient.

“I’m not cruel! You must have me confused with Vlad,” Viktor snickered, rolling his eyes at the way Yuri had bonded so quickly with his little lamb. “Should I have a painting commissioned of you and our new family member? Does the lamb have a name yet?”

Vadim joined them with a roar of laughter and a gentle pat to Yuri’s stomach as he always seemed to do whenever he got close enough to the blond. “How about we call the lamb Dinner? Because we will certainly be enjoying it later this evening.”

All amusement plummeted from Yuri’s face as Vadim ruined their moment of blissful chatter with a cruel reality. “What-?” His voice went cold, icy even. “We will not be eating this lamb.” Yuri growled, his eyes narrowing as a wave of protective instincts flooded him. The sweet lamb in his arms still slept soundly, though he could feel its heartbeat pattering against his own chest. “You can eat one of the nasty ducks out in the pond!” The boy huffed, scowling at Vadim even as the man still beamed down at him.

“But that is this lamb’s purpose in life-”

Viktor cleared his throat, gently shaking his head and glancing up at his father to warn the man that there was no way he would be winning this fight. “I was thinking we could send this lamb home with Nikolai and Sergei...and it could live on the farm where Yuri could visit it if he wanted. What do you think, papa?”

Still wearing a deep scowl, the answer didn’t seem to completely satisfy the boy whose arms remained protectively clutched around his newest pet.

Vadim nodded, reaching out to ruffle Yuri’s hair. “Mama can have whatever he wants, and if mama doesn’t want us to eat the lamb then we won’t, but I was thinking that maybe the farm is too far away to send the lamb…”

Still pouting quite powerfully, Yuri would refuse a smile until he knew his lamb was safe. Perhaps he would blame the pregnancy.. It seemed to make him far more sentimental- or perhaps that was a useless excuse. Yuri had always been a creature of sentiment, little things meant the world to him even if he hid behind scowls and pouts. But what was this suggestion- the farm wasn’t very far- close enough that Yuri could survive a short car ride but his father was edging closer, a telling grin written across his face.

“Yurochka.. We have news- pleasant news for you and your lamb.” Nikolai teased as a calloused hand reached out to stroke the babe’s woolen curls. His father’s eyes sparkled with a kind of knowing- it left him to wonder just what had been discussed without Yuri.

“I have had a new home built for your family,” Vadim announced, his hands clapping together as he grinned at Nikolai.

They had came up with the plan during one of the feasts that had followed the couple’s wedding. Vadim had quickly bonded with Nikolai, laughing over old war stories while sharing bottles of vodka. The Tsar had found his new family members to be so earnest and hardworking. Nikolai had sacrificed so much for his family, much like Vadim had done during the wars in Russia’s past. Their friendship had been a joy, and something the Tsar hadn’t realized he needed. “Your family will be moving onto the grounds here, and it will be much better for all of us, especially when the baby is born. There is still some construction that is being finalized, but your father and I were hoping that he and your brother would be living here before the baby arrives in the next five months.”

Once more, Yuri’s mouth went slack. What he felt was utterly overwhelming.. His father would be closer- his father with cracked nails and scarred knuckles would be allowed a life of luxury.. The boy was moved to tears once more, his jaw clenched shut as he was enveloped in another gentle embrace from his father- thankfully the lamb didn’t bleat in protest now.

“You will still keep your cottage,” Mariya’s voice rose about their sniffles. “We don’t wish to destroy that piece of your life, it will always be a place for you and Vitya, and your family to visit when you wish.” She smiled warmly, pressing a kiss to Yuri’s temple as the boy bobbed his head vigorously.

“Seryozha is pleased- even if he hides it.” Nikolai chuckled as he grasped Viktor in a firm embrace. The man was grateful to this family.. Tsars had been notoriously cruel when Nikolai was young.. He could only hope that this new Nikiforov line would spread their generosity across Russia in an effort to bring about change.


The day ended up taking a turn for the grey as clouds began to blot out the sun and the threat of rain prompted the family to move indoors. The first few drops were beginning to fall when Viktor eased the lamb out of Yuri’s arms with a smile before handing the sweet thing to one of the handlers. “I’ll make sure they put your lamb somewhere that it won’t get drenched in the rain.”

Vadim herded his children inside, grabbing his youngest two boys and dragging them away from the animal enclosure with a grumble. The twins giggled and struggled in their father’s hold, begging the Tsar to just let them keep playing with the animals like mama had been doing.

“You can't use your mother as an excuse, She wasn’t even interested in those rabbits,” Vadim chuckled as he closed the door behind him and set the wild children loose in the small lounge area, straightening his coat as he sank into an overstuffed loveseat next to Mariya.

“Mama loved the lamb,” Vanya teased, sneaking over to steal Yuri away from Viktor and wrap his arms around the petite blond, his hands kneading the soft flesh of the older boy’s stomach. “We can call you mama now, right?”

“What--? No I’m not your mama!” Yuri yelped, his emerald eyes narrowed as Vanya and Volyav snuck around him to curiously rub at his slightly rounded tummy. “I’m not pregnant enough for you to touch yet!” Yuri scolded, but it was all for naught. The twins were still pressing silly kisses to his stomach, even as Yuri shooed them.

“Boys- you’re going to knock the poor thing over-” Mariya warned, narrowing her gaze the two willowy twins who nearly crept past Yuri in height now. It hadn’t felt long ago that the twins were only at his shoulder.

Viktor smiled, joining in the fun and sweeping Yuri off of his feet and carrying him over to one of the chairs closer to the brightly flickering flame of the fire. He settled the blond into his lap, tucking Yuri's hair behind his ear before softly whispering to the boy, his words just loud enough for the blond to hear over the other voices in the room. “But I can call you mama, and you can call me papa, Yura.”

The flurry of silver all around him was enough to leave Yuri dizzy- that was until VIktor gingerly settled him in his lap to fuss at the silken locks of his hair. “I thought I called you daddy?” Yuri snickered softly only to shoot a glare at the boys who crept closer, still curious of Yuri’s tummy.

“Mama-! I want a baby too!” Volyav begged to Mariya, his brows knitted in plea. She could only shake her head at the request of her youthful child, “When you’re a little older, Yura can teach you all about being pregnant.” She assured, gingerly swiping her son’s bangs back to tidiness. But Yuri could only grit his teeth- he wasn’t so sure he could teach his own baby about such things- let alone Viktor’s siblings- but Mariya winked in reassurance.

“Volyav, you'll just have to wait and you can help out with our little baby. You'll be a uncle and you'll have tons of responsibilities. And if I remember called me old the other day. So, Yuri and I will be counting on you to help raise our baby, since I'm such an ancient man.” Viktor hugged Yuri closer, delighting in teasing his younger siblings for giving Yuri such a hard time. “So no more play time and extra sweets at dinner. You have to set a good example,” Viktor added with a smirk, watching the way his brother’s face fell. “Doesn't that sound like fun?”

Yuri couldn’t help but laugh- Volyav looked positively devastated at the idea but Vanya pouted. “If you’re so old then you shouldn’t be married to Yura.” But before the boy could protest, Vadim had snatched his son up for a time out on his lap. “Easy, Vanya, you must respect your big brother.” Vadim teased as his son crossed his arms with all the power of a Tsar. “You will have your own children one day- but enjoy being a child for now.” Vadim smiled as the other twin came scampering up, the both of them vying for their father’s attentions.

“I’m not sure I can handle more than one- you can keep your babies.” Yuri huffed at the Nikiforov patriarch.

Viktor could see Yuri's eyelids beginning to droop as he tried to stay feisty, only succeeding in coming off as a fussy kitten. “I think we have had enough family fun for one day,” Viktor said with a pleading look to Yuri, knowing that the blond must be exhausted from the long day of activities and the early start they had gotten. “And I think my little mama needs to be carried up to bed for a much needed rest. Wouldn't you agree, my love?”

Yuri bobbed his head, brows knitted, “They’re only going to keep calling me that-” He warned, but the twins merely bid their goodbyes to mama and Vitya. The energy to complain any further felt impossible as Viktor lifted him up to carry his pregnant spouse back into their bedroom. The soft, pleasant chatter of the Nikiforov’s ever so gently fading away as they took their leave for a much needed nap. Perhaps when he had slept a decent amount, he could go out and join the family for dinner, or return to the cottage once more, his father having departed when the weather turned strangely poor.

But the soft, canopy bed was calling to them, an evening of Mass and a morning of bleating animals- Yuri was decidedly exhausted. But the moment Viktor gingerly set him down, Yuri realized he was missing the Easter egg so newly gifted to him, “Wait- I want to keep it in the bedroom- I think the twins might break it.” He sighed, rolling his eyes as Viktor fell heavily into bed with a mumbled plea for him to stay.. But Yuri couldn’t help it. “I’ll return quickly,” He assured with an exhausted sigh, wishing for a moment he didn’t feel so protective of presents, but anything Viktor gave him was one a gift he held dearly.

The boy tugged himself out of bed once more, soft slippered feet padding gently down the candle-lit hallway. All was silent, perfectly so, it was peaceful.. But a sudden cry disturbed the stillness. Perhaps it was Vanya- or maybe one of the dogs whining- but a foreboding Yura was shouted soon after. The soft squeak of slippers stopped and instead the sound of a pounding heart filled his head as Yuri peered skeptically between all of the symmetrical doors that lined the corridor. Another sob revealed which chamber the cries must be emanating from but Yuri almost couldn’t bring himself to draw any closer..

“Shut up-!”

Finally, Yuri did creep nearer to the piercing voice, his lips parted as breath shallowly escaped his throat. The corners of the chamber felt fuzzy as all of his attention settled on the golden doorknob that he shakily pulled open. It wasn’t until a sliver of light illuminated a slice of the debauched scene that Yuri realized he’d opened Vladimir’s bedroom door.

The eldest Nikiforov was lost on his own thoughts, not even noticing the ajar door. His hand was wrapped around the back of the boy's neck, fingers digging into the flesh as he pressed the other figure’s face into the mattress. His hips snapped roughly, the sound of slick flesh slapping against flesh filled the small chamber. Vlad was growling the most disgusting phrases he could muster, degrading the boy in his grasp as the smaller man could do nothing but sob.

“You're such a slut, Yura.. just parading around in your skimpy clothing whenever my idiot brother isn't need a real man to keep you in line. Isn't that right?” Vlad spat, a quick smack to the boy's upturned rear, a bright red handprint left in his wake.

Horrified tears welled up in Yuri’s eyes as he crept backwards- the door loudly clicking shut before he could stop it- once again he was met with the beautifully carved decorations on the door that hid behind it something rather foul. For a moment, his body felt heavy, unable to move and cemented to the parquet floor until a surge of fear told him to run. Whatever fantasy Vladimir had conjured up- it obviously pertained to him. The young man in his bed, with long blond hair and a slender body, looked utterly pliant- perhaps a paid courtesan.

The boy fled back towards his bedroom, forgetting all worries about the carved egg Viktor had presented to him- but his body felt almost as if it were cramping up, his body not used to the sudden movement.

The close of the door pulled Vlad out of his fantasy, his eyes snapping open and quickly looking toward the noise. He pushed the boy away from him, sending the young prostitute skittering across the bed with a fearful look upon his face as the Tsarevich tucked himself back into his pants. “Don't fucking move.”

Vlad fled the chamber with a sense of urgency, his blue eyes zeroing in on Yuri as the blond struggled to flee down the hallway. With quick steps he caught up to the boy, noticing the way that the blond panted and supported his stomach, avoiding the older man's gaze.

“Stop running, you are going to hurt your bastard child if you aren't careful,” Vlad growled, his words dropping with venom.

“Get away from me-!” Yuri yelped, his breath labored as he struggled to push against one of the walls to continue his path down the corridor- but Vladimir was grabbing him by a thin arm, snatching him backwards until he sobbed. “Let go! Let go of me!”

“Shut your mouth,” Vlad snapped, pinning the blond against a small side table, the wood digging into the boy's back as the older man towered over him. His blue eyes were burning, his lips set in a thin line as he tried to calm down. “I don't know what you thought you saw or what you think you heard, but you are certainly confused and it had nothing to do with you. Understand?”

“Get away!” He grit his teeth, kicking uselessly at Vladimir’s legs until the exhaustion and fear set in. “W..Why were you calling him ‘Yura?’” He growled, though the question seemed useless.. He knew why. What did it matter to have Vlad clarify?

Vlad grabbed the blond by the chin, his fingers digging into the softness of Yuri's face. “You don't need to concern yourself and it would be in your best interest to leave this conversation here. I won't make it easy for you if you run off to your Vitya and tell him. I am allowed to have a lover, just like he was allowed to have you even though you were nothing more than farm trash.”

Yuri grit his teeth so hard he felt they might crack- mustering up enough courage- the boy spit at Vladimir’s feet before pushing back against him with a final, exhausted shove. “You are disgusting!” He shouted.

The silver haired man was unable to stop himself before he struck the boy with the back of his hand. He was furious, his heart and stomach sick with embarrassment that he had been caught indulging in his fantasies with a hired whore. “Not as disgusting as you. You're a slut and a social climber who is only interested in using our family’s wealth. I'd be willing to bet there are people out there that would be willing to believe that you were pregnant before you and Viktor were married.”

Yuri stared, wide-eyed and breathless as his cheek stung with pain.. His flesh felt so hot it almost went numb as it rolled across his body like a wave of heat. “You only tell lies! You are lying--! Our baby isn’t a bastard!” Yuri growled, staggering backwards until he could gasp a breath far from Vladimir’s shadow. “Get away from me..” Yuri panted, his heart pounding as he reached a trembling hand against the wall. “Never touch me again-- and I won’t tell.” That was utterly false- the moment he could escape this Hell he would shake Viktor awake and sob to him the truth.

“Take this as your one and only warning. Vicious rumors spread faster than a wildfire, especially when it concerns the royal family,” Vlad sneered, moving away from the blond and watching with narrowed eyes as Yuri hurried away down the hall. The Tsarevich in turn stalked back to his room, realizing that he needed to banish his whore from his chambers in case more than just Yuri had heard the noise of their coupling.

Still quaking with anxiety, Yuri fled back to his bedroom to collapse against the bed, his hands reaching out to grasp Viktor tightly. “Vitya-- Vitya!” He shouted, his throat raw with anger as he shook his husband awake, pleading with him until sapphire eyes blinked open sleepily. The bedroom still felt detached from reality, the weight of Vladimir’s cruelty sinking in.

“Y-Your brother.. Vlad.. He threatened me.” Yuri whispered. “I saw him with someone- he was calling them ‘Yura’ and.. He was furious.” Yuri sucked in a shaken breath.

Viktor sat up, yawning while he ran a hand through his hair, rubbing his eyes as he chased away the sleep.

“Slow down, Yura. I don't think I understand.” Viktor gawked at the boy in confusion, his nose wrinkling as he tried to have Yuri's rapid fire whispering. His brother had always been painfully single, never showing any interest in anyone... “You saw Vlad with a lover?”

“Yes- someone crying.. And then I heard Vlad yell. I walked in and he had his hand wrapped around some blond boy’s throat.” Yuri explained with knitted brows and a heavy tongue. “The door slammed shut- and he ran after me.” Yuri rubbed at his arm, still feeling the weight of Vladimir’s grasp upon his body. “He threatened to say our baby was a bastard.” Yuri’s jaw clenched shut as he curled a fist into the skewed blankets.

“He wouldn't dare sully the name of our child. He's not foolish enough to challenge the validity of my first born…I'm sure his has all just been some mistake on his part.” Viktor's eyes narrowed, a scowl stretching across his face as he touched the blond's stomach with steady fingers as he suddenly relaxed. His rage was bubbling just beneath the surface of his skin, his eyes doing well to hide the anger. “I want you to stay here, and let me go speak with him about this.”

“Don’t do something completely foolish-” Yuri knitted his brows, wondering what the possibility might be that Vladimir was prepared to be violent. “But.. he should be punished.” Yuri hissed under his breath, a hand coddling his own belly as he recalled being slapped. His cheek still stung- and the small of his back ached where the wooden table had jammed against him.

“I will handle it, Yura,” Viktor stated firmly, straightening his jacket as he pressed a kiss to his lover's cheek before heading out into the brightly lit hallway. He wondered what his brother would have to say, but he knew he wouldn't be willing to listen to his excuses.

Chapter Text

He was disheveled; hair slightly unkempt and a few buttons open on his shirt. However, Viktor was too angry to care. He had barely been able to hear Yuri's explanation of what had happened over the rushing sound of his own rage boiling inside of him after hearing that Vlad had dared to put his hands on the petite blond.

His older brother's room was only a short walk down the hall, but the bright corridor seemed to stretch on and on as Viktor took furious steps toward the chamber before pounding his fist against the heavy oak door with a scowl across his face. “Open the fucking door.”

Vladimir nearly slammed the chamber door open, using the advantage of his few inches over Viktor and his strength to stare down his nose at his younger brother. “I assume your whore went crying to you?” Venom dripped from his words as he squared his jaw. The sound of rustling went on behind him, perhaps the poor courtesan he had hired was still gathering their things but Vladimir paid it no mind. He merely scowled at Viktor, their gazes each more furious than the last.

“Speak about Yuri in that manner again and I will have father send you to the edges of Siberia. You'll be begging to be allowed back into the palace,” Viktor spat, taking a step into his brother's space and coming chest to chest with the older man. He stabbed at the other man's chest with one sharp poke of his finger, eyes attempting to look beyond Vladimir and into the dimly lit chamber. “Let me see him. Let me see your whore.”

“You make many demands, little brother.” Vladimir’s matching eyes narrowed, his scowl deepening to reveal the extent of his fury. Anger which perhaps stemmed from fear- fear that Viktor would speak of this to Vadim, or worse, make his promise true. But Vladimir remained where he stood, willing with his mind that the idiotic prostitute in his bed might not rise- but the boy with silky blond hair and a lithesome figure shuffled on the floor, looking for strewn about garments- perhaps ones that had been stolen from Yuri’s armoire.

Viktor pushed past his older brother, his limbs tangling with Vlad’s as he stumbled into the room and laid eyes on the young blond boy that was fumbling to dress on the other side of the massive sleigh bed. Viktor's eyes narrowed, lips curled in disgust as he crossed the short space to seize the prostitute by the forearm, dragging the half dressed blond toward Vlad with a snarl. “Explain yourself. Explain to me why you have this hired slut in your room and why he's dressing in the clothing of my beloved? I demand you answer me.”

Vladimir only scowled, looking coldly at the boy who trembled between the two of them, his eyes filled with tears as Vladimir scoffed. “Am I not allowed a farm boy like you? Or are you the only one allowed to put your cock into peasants?” He narrowed his gaze once more, ripping the garment from the his hands. “Tantalizing, useless slips are quite common.” He denied the thought that it could be Yuri’s, feigning ignorance. “I believe that tart you keep in your bed is rather self-obsessed if he believes I father an attraction to him.” The boy, Pyotr, at his side merely stared incredulously at Vladimir, remembering the specific instructions to refer to himself only as Yura.

There was no denying the boy looked similar to Yuri, maybe just slightly taller and body mildly softer, rounder at the edges. However, he was delicate in the face with wide glittering eyes and messy blond hair. His milky skin was marred with dark marks that made Viktor want to lash out for his brother’s cruelty.

“Let me hear it from the boy then,” Viktor growled, tilting Pyotr’s head up gently by the chin and forcing the young peasant to meet his icy gaze. “How have you served my brother? Tell me, or I will have you banished from the city.”

Pyotr nearly burst into tears, his heart heaving and his tongue heavy, fear coursing through him as he looked between the two Tsareviches. “He.. He would have me act as Yura- but I don’t know who Yura is- His highness just came to the brothel.. and chose me.” Pyotr’s words were tear filled and frightened, clearly more trusting of Viktor than the Vladimir, the man who had choked him within an inch of his life for messing up the performance. Beside him, Vladimir pulsed with anger, his eyes burning and his hands furling up as the boy spilled so easily. But Pyotr didn’t even care for the money now, the riches Vladimir had promised him if behaved and acted as this character. “I.. I just want to go--”

Viktor released the boy with a eerie calm before turning to his brother. His fist connected with the side of Vlad's face with a angry crunch, hand tingling as he knocked the other man down before pushing Pyotr away to pin the other man to the floor. “Yura?! You call this paid bed warmer Yura?! I should have you killed! I should have your dick cut off while I laugh at your pain!” Viktor was seething, landing another blow to Vlad's cheek as he roared with fury. “You covet my husband. You are a fucking shame on the Nikiforov house!” He was shouting, his voice carrying out into the open hallway for everyone to hear, but he didn't care.. all he cares about was Yuri and how his brother sickly fantasizes about the mother of his child.

Viktor’s punches were impossible to avoid- they hadn’t fought in years- and only as children had they ever wrestled one another to the ground. But Viktor, the ever charming, smiling Prince, wasn’t one to anger. Vladimir fell heavily with a groan, his hands pushing backwards, fighting to grab Viktor by the throat but managing to only grip him by the fabric of his shirt. “You would pretend--” Another punch cut his words off. “--You parade him and yet you are so protective!” Vladimir scoffed, blood sputtering across his lips as he laughed.

Before Vladimir could curl his fist into a cruel, relentless fist, a shrill shout echoed within his chamber. In the doorway stood their horrified parents- and Yuri staring wide-eyed at the scene, their faces cast in the dim glow of the fireplace.

“End this! Now!” Mariya shouted, her teeth gritted as she stared at the two of them- Vladimir taking the opportunity while Viktor was distracted to land a succinct punch to his younger brother’s jaw. It didn’t matter that his mother stared at them in disgust- Vladimir wanted the last word- he should be favored anyways. The attention placed upon Viktor was one that sent the eldest son into an utter rage. To be married first should have been his right- to have children- to be crowned- and yet Viktor was deemed greater.

Viktor groaned at the sharp jab, turning back to his brother with a sneer. His fingers were buried in Vlad's hair as he slammed his brother’s head into the wood floor with a triumphant laugh before being hauled of the other man.

Vadim pulled Viktor to his feet with an angry huff, his face a mask of disappointment as he pushed Viktor toward Mariya and Yuri before helping Vlad to stand. He stood between his two sons. “What is going on here?” The Tsar demanded to know, his arms raised to keep the two men separate as Viktor took a step toward Vlad again. “And who is this young man?” Vadim's gaze softened when he looked at Pyotr, the poor boy looking quite terrified by everything that had happened.

“I believe it’s rather obvious.” Mariya sighed, her voice heavy as she realized the weight of resentment between her sons. The boy, a near mirror of Yuri, stood trembling, staring at a heavy sack of coins near on Vladimir’s desk. “Go. Take your pay.” Her command was clear yet tender as Pyotr shuffled off, collecting the velvet bag and nearly dashing off-- almost knocking the true Yuri over. Their eyes met for a moment, a look of fear shared between them.

Yuri just clenched his jaw, not bothering to mention that Pyotr was running off wearing one of his nightgowns. It didn’t matter, he would growl and hiss when he wasn’t still shaking and weak from the heaviness of his belly.

Vladimir hardly looked at anyone in his family, eyes downcast as he glared in embarrassment and shame at the floor. “Viktor believes I lust after his pet.” He narrowed his gaze, knowing the words would surely be enough to sting even his parents, but he couldn’t care. Rage rushed through him as he caught Yuri’s pinched expression in the corner of his eyes.

“I would say Vitya’s concern is very valid,” Vadim remarked as he watched Pyotr scamper away before turning to look back at his eldest son with a curious gaze. “I want both of you to see a doctor, and I will have one here within the hour to make sure neither of you have been seriously hurt by your foolishness. You are both Tsareviches and should handle yourselves in a more proper manner.”

Vadim knew he would have reacted in a similar fashion if it would have been one of his brothers looking at Mariya in such a way, but he wanted to be diplomatic for his children and he could see the way his wife looked to him to end their squabbling. “Yura, take Vitya back to your bedchamber and we will send for you when the doctor arrives.”

Vladimir scoffed, still holding dearly to the idea that this were merely Yuri’s imagination but the truth was obvious between all of the somber nobles. Angrily he tidied his shirt, pressing the fabric flat as he scowled at the way Yuri grabbed Viktor by the forearm, holding him close as he dabbed at his blooded nose with the sleeve of his nightgown.

“That was heroic.” Yuri sounded almost amazed, his smile widening as he had a moment alone with Viktor. Of course.. The boy was frightened, he didn’t wish to be the object of Vladimir’s desires, but to see his husband throw a vicious punch was enough to have his heart pounding. “But I ask that you not bleed on my pillows.” He still wiped at Viktor’s face, uncaring that the pale linen of his clothes was dirtied.

“I would gladly fight him again for even daring to look at you in such a way...and it go as far as to hire a whore to play your part in his bed.. it disgusts me,” Viktor growled, flopping back on the bed with a heavy sigh as he rested one hand on Yuri's swollen stomach, trying to calm down and reign in his anger. “How is my baby? Do you want to have the doctor check you over while he is here? I don't want our child to be bothered by any of your stress.”

Yuri’s face sobered for a moment, looking almost concerned for the boy Vladimir had hired. “It makes me ill just to imagine.” Yuri blanched as his brows knit, feeling almost ill prepared to handle the emotions coursing through him. The only desire he knew was from Viktor- he had never believed such an obsessive lust could be real. “Little Cygnet is fine-- maybe tired.” He jested quietly, stroking a hand atop Viktor’s. “No.” Yuri shuddered softly, “I hate that doctor, his hands are always too cold.” With a soft sigh he nestled back against Viktor, pressing a sleepy kiss to the man’s slightly damp temple. “I’ll be alright Viten’ka. You’re going to worry yourself into an early grave.. Why should I be afraid of him, when I have you?” Yuri mumbled into the crook of his neck.

Viktor smiled, his hand still stroking Yuri's stomach with a fondness that he felt could never be matched. “Oh Yura, don't be so fussy. Cold hands shouldn't keep you from getting our cygnet looked at… and you still haven't let me try any of the gender prediction methods that my sisters told me about,” Viktor teased, molding the blond to his side as he enjoyed the warmth that radiated from Yuri's tiny form. The blond had become a furnace, his petite figure just full of heat. “And I'll always protect you. I'll never let anyone hurt you or our baby. You two are more important to me than all of Russia. I would give up all of this...everything if it meant you would be safe and happy.”

“Maybe you spoiled me too much.” Yura huffed, his cheeks going pink as he was wrapped in a gentle embrace. Viktor still smelled of sweat, the adrenaline rolling off of him even as they lay in bed. Perhaps the intensity of the past was only giving way for a burst of sweetness, like sharing a laugh after being frightened. “I love you.” He finally whispered, eyes feeling heavy as he eased back against Viktor’s figure. “--But I won’t let your sisters touch my belly.” He warned playfully.

“Please,” Viktor tried to put on his best puppy dog face, blue eyes pleading with his lover as he ran both of his hands over Yuri's stomach, trying his best or put Vlad's actions out of his mind and focus his energy into something more positive in his life. “I know how to do one...and I want to know what the gender of our Little Cygnet is so badly, Yura. I just need to see your tummy for just a moment, and I promise it isn't very invasive. Please please please…” Viktor pouted, nuzzling Yuri's cheek as he gently began to tug up the blond's nightgown.

Yuri only sighed, his dewy eyes rolling as he let Viktor sneak his gown past the tender bulge of his belly. “It would be impossible to refuse you anyways.” With a final huff, Yuri glanced down, curious of what magic Viktor intended to perform in the vain attempt to predict the gender of their child. “Will it hurt?” He asked with knitted brows, frowning at the state of his belly button- which used to lay flat.

“It's not going to hurt at all, and take off your wedding and,” Viktor chuckled, pressing a kiss to Yuri's stomach before hopping up from the bed and retrieving a long spool of thread from the blond's embroidery basket that sat full of colorful fibers on the edge of Viktor's desk. He took the golden band from Yuri looping the thread through the delicate hoop before dangling the ring over the blond's stomach with a smile for only second, certainly not long enough to have an answer, before stopping suddenly and looking to Yuri with a mischievous glance. “Do you want me to tell you what the test says? Or should I just write it in my journal?”

Yuri watched with idle fascination as Viktor prepared the test- his emerald eyes following the small glint of his golden ring religiously until the man teased him once more. “Yes-! Of course I want to know.” He pouted, returning to his eager watch as the ring hung above his belly on piece of yellow thread.

Viktor grinned, dangling the ring above Yuri's stomach with a steady hand as he waited for the golden loop to move. His blue eyes watched with fascination as the ring swung to and fro, like a lazy pendulum over the blond's stomach. His features were schooled as he nodded and refurbished Yuri's ring before leaving the bed to put the yellow thread back into the box. “Interesting…hmmm that was certainly unexpected. Maybe I'll just put it in my journal and let you be surprised.”

Yuri blinked once, looking almost afraid, before a scowl broke out across his delicate features. “Unexpected--? What could that mean? It’s either a boy or a girl.” Yuri frowned, rubbing at his belly. “Unexpected would mean I’m having a litter of kittens-- or a real cygnet!” Yuri only pouted when Viktor put the ring back onto his finger, and the thread was tucked away. “Viten’ka! Don’t tease me..” Yuri pouted, his cheeks going a beautiful pink.

Viktor slipped back into bed, delighted by his chance to torment Yuri for just a moment before leaning in to whisper softly to the blond, his lips brushing up against Yuri's ear, “Our Cygnet is a little prince...Russia will have another little Tsarevich if this prediction is correct, and I pray more than anything that it is.”

It had been hard to contain his smile while he watched the ring swing back and forth. He had wanted a little girl at first, but over the last few months he had begun to wish for a boy, a sweet little blend of himself and Yuri that would carry on the Nikiforov name.

“A little prince?” Yuri asked through tear filled eyes. To be gifted with a girl or boy would be a dream- or perhaps even a child who danced between- just as Yuri did. He would love a boy who would like his mama’s dresses, or a girl who wore her ballet slippers and played with her papa’s boots too. He wouldn’t care, he would love their baby, and hopefully more would come. “Really? We’re going to have a boy?” Yuri, who had been so very skeptical, was nuzzling against Viktor’s chest and holding him close as he wept.

“Well, we cannot be for sure...just because I don't want to put too much stock in trusting a ring on a piece of thread, but you never know,” Viktor said with a smile, kissing the top of Yuri's head as he held the boy close, fighting back his own display of emotion as Yuri softly wept. “I'm sure of one thing, and that is that our baby will be so loved by everyone. No matter what happens to you or I...the hardships we face or the trials in our lives, we will always be there for our child.. our children.” His heart felt warm and his mind adrift in a sea of emotions as he clung to Yuri, just so happy to have the blond in his life. His future was becoming brighter and brighter with each passing day and he owed it all to Yuri.

Chapter Text

Months past slowly, it was agonizing to watch the the flurries of snow melt into rain, while the gentle Summer eased itself into early August. Changes within the castle moved like sand between one’s fingers- Nikolai and Sergei began to occupy the small estate just beyond the Palace, a place where they could continue their farming as well as their gardens, and yet by evening their bellies were full and laughter was shared between the Plisetsky’s and the Nikiforov’s. Perhaps the most hasty change of all was Vladimir’s departure from the Palace. Wrought with fury and shame, he fled, leaving for the city that lay only beyond their door, but it was far enough that Yuri felt a sense of calm. Even Mariya seemed to believe it might be for the best that Yuri be far from him while the baby in him grew.

Yuri’s body was a timebomb, and Viktor found it harder and harder with each passing day to ignore the way his lover’s body had begun to change. His once flat stomach had a gentle roundness to it, almost laughable when he stood next to the blond, watching the way Yuri’s hands seemed to always be absently rubbing at the protruding flesh. Viktor’s fondness for Yuri’s stomach was infinite. There was a life inside of there, a new beginning just waiting to spring forth and join their world. They would be parents.. He would be a father.

Much to his dismay the Tsarevich had taken on a responsibility that could not be ignored. Viktor was working with military officers to secure the western border with Europe as a new rail transit system was put in place. His work seemed to be demanding his time be spent away from the palace for longer than he wished as the project grew closer to completion. Viktor had made plans to return just before the baby was due, spending one week at the palace and one week at the border on and off, always writing letters to Yuri that trickled in almost every day to the palace mailroom. As he settled in his seat in the officer's’ car of the train, Viktor couldn’t help but smile as he thought of returning once again to Yuri.

Refusing the countless offers Mariya made, Yuri had replied to nearly every letter himself. Even if he scrutinized over every word, checking to produce only perfection, he was proud to send them to Viktor while he anxiously awaited reply. The boy had truly grown independant despite the heavy belly usually stealing away his will to move- he would hide himself away in the nursery- preparing it himself. Only when he required more furniture, or perhaps a snack would he creep out to inquire about a tray of tea cookies. To live in this luxury was something he found rather incredible- he refused to lose his hard-working edge. The boy may have no longer had scrapes on his knees or torn frocks, but he was still a tireless tiger.

Alone he pushed furniture and fluffed pillows- even locking the door so Vadim couldn’t sneak in to help- he wanted this nursery to be of his own creation. Viktor could dress the baby in whatever frilly and lace covered dresses he found most adorable, but Yuri desired to be the provider he knew he could be.

With a final puff he fell back into a rocking chair, his hands aching from meticulously repairing the blanket Nikolai had gifted him- a skill he had learned from Mariya’s diligent if not strict tutelage. The little swan was renewed and edges patched up from where a toddler Yuri had probably chewed a hole. But aside from the new callouses forming on the ends of his fingers, Yuri looked around with a pleased smile. The nursery was a pale yellow, little stars and swans decorating nearly every surface. Even the armoire was painted to match the crib, each with little animals parading around. Rarely did Yuri ever find anything to be ‘cute’ in the manner that Viktor did- but he was rather fond of everything- he had even trilled in delight after finding the perfect placement of every toy.

Viktor arrived in St. Petersburg as the sun was beginning to sit low on the horizon. It was only a half day’s journey from the section of rail they were currently watching over to the station just a few miles from the palace. His train ride had been almost agonizing near the end, but as soon as his feet hit the platform in the city he hurried home to the palace with a renewed sense of vigor. Viktor’s boots clicked across the polished wood as he handed his coat off to a waiting servant before climbing the staircase towards the nursery. He had no doubt in his mind that Yuri would be there. The blond had spent practically every waking moment in the sunny room that overlooked the courtyard. It had been the perfect selection, and he was glad that Yuri had been so insistent on making that little bedroom the nursery. He tried the pearl handle, chuckling to himself when he found the room locked and having no other choice but to knock softly on the thick oak wood.

“It’s me.. Am I allowed in or is it still a secret?” Viktor teased, brushing his hair away from his face as he waited for his lover to open the door. He could hear the telltale creak of Yuri’s rocking chair and the shuffling of the boy’s socked feet against the floor as he made his way to the door. “Should I go get my parents before you give the be reveal?”

Yuri had been dozing, his eyes half closed when the click of someone at the door disturbed his moment of dreamy exhaustion. He expected it might be the twins- attempting to peek under the door as they loved to do- but rather it was Viktor. The moment he heard that familiar, sweet voice Yuri was hefting himself up, groaning a little as his body cramped. “They’re in the parlor-” Yuri dismissed, already Vadim and Nikolai had pestered him, wishing to know when they could look, but Yuri had banished them both to a sitting room.

“You’re home!” Yuri unlocked the door, only to quickly shut it the moment he was out. Short arms wrapped themselves around Viktor’s broad shoulders, pleased to find that his coat was dry- not flecked with any early snow. “You didn’t tell me you would be arriving home this soon.” Yuri’s brows knitted, as if he were offended Viktor might surprise him rather than keep him waiting.. But he couldn’t help the smile that broke out across his features.

“I simply couldn’t stay away,” Viktor sighed, embracing his lover as best as he could with Yuri’s large stomach standing like a wall between them. He would have been home sooner if he could have gotten away. Vadim simply didn’t enjoy traveling very often anymore. So, Viktor felt it was his duty and step up to fill any roles his father didn’t desire.

Viktor dropped to one knee, rubbing his stubbly cheek against the roundness, whispering softly to their child before pressing a kiss to the heavy flesh. “You’re looking well today. I was worried about you when I left because your color was a little off, but now it seems like you are back to your usual self.. Did you want me to go get them so you could do a big reveal? Or did you want to keep the two Dedas in suspense for a while longer?”

Yuri reached a hand down, stroking at Viktor’s slightly rough cheek and frowning. “You’re going to greet your own mother and father with a stubbly cheek?” Yuri snickered as he rubbed the silvery hair with a little look of feigned disapproval. “..But we shouldn’t keep them waiting- I thought my papa was going to begin picking at the door with an axe if I didn’t hurry.” Yuri rolled his pretty, emerald eyes as he clasped Viktor by the hand.

But it seemed the conversation had already echoed down the hallway- Viktor and Yuri were greeted by a small fleet of eager grandparents, much to his chagrin. “Is it ready, Yurochka?” Nikolai asked softly, his smile wide and his hands trembling as Yuri guarded the door.

Vadim roared with laughter as he saw the protective way that Yuri stood near the entry, “You’ll have to let us in eventually, Yura. Are you going to hide my grandchild away in that little room and keep a watchful eye on the lock?”

“He’s been making sure everything is perfect,” Viktor huffed, playfully punching his father’s shoulder as he snuck around to give his mother a prickly kiss. He beamed at Yuri, offering Nikolai a warm handshake before moving to stand next to the pregnant blond with a sigh. “I haven’t even gotten to see the full space yet, and it’s my baby that is going to be living in there eventually, but I think it is time to show off all of Yuri’s hard work.” Viktor’s hand hesitated on the door handle as he looked to Yuri for approval.

“I would hide my baby from you- you want our child to be riding horses by age three! Just imagining it makes my belly ache..” Yuri snapped playfully, glaring at Vadim until he settled, finally offering a nod of approval for Viktor to open the door.

Open to them now was a chamber full of light, soft candles glowed, leaving the entire room bathed in a golden ray. Nikolai was the first to grab him, his gruff hand, dry as a desert holding his shoulder firmly as they all stepped inside. For all his pride, Yuri still looked a little sheepish, as if he didn’t want to reveal the extent of his caring nature.. It still felt odd even imagining that he would really be a parent soon..

“Well- do you all approve? Not that I intend on changing anything.” He questioned, curling against Viktor’s side as they basked in its charming glory.

Vadim fought back the knot that was forming in the back of his throat as he ran his fingers over the smooth surface of the top bar of the beautifully carved crib. It was all a sudden rush, his heart hammering and eyes beginning to mist as he turned to look at Yuri with his lips set in a thin line. He didn’t know what to say, he couldn't make the words form in his head as he felt Mariya take his hand in hers.

“It’s darling, Yuri,” Mariya finally said, her singsong voice breaking the silence between the group of royals. Her smile was endless as she crossed the small space between them and pressed a kiss to the blond’s cheek. “You did such an amazing job and Vitya should feel like the luckiest man in all of Russia.”

Vadim nodded his agreement, still fighting back his emotions. The Tsar turned to a neatly prepared daybed, something that would certainly come in handy if Yuri wanted to be close to the baby as the child was acclimated to the nursery. The blond had truly thought of everything they could possibly need.. He sat on the pillowy surface, gently taking a small sheep stuffed animal in his hands as he finally mumbled through his overwhelming happiness, “There are no dogs…”

“Papa, is that all you have to say?’ Viktor grumbled, rolling his eyes before looking toward his mother with an exasperated expression.

“I think your father is very happy...and not sure what to say at the moment,” Mariya laughed, ruffling her son’s hair as she made her way over to her husband’s side.

Yuri could only mirror Viktor, rolling his eyes at Vadim’s pathetic inquiry, “You already gifted us an entire litter of puppies- I think that’s enough dogs. Our child will prefer cats anyways..” Yuri scoffed, meeting Mariya’s smile as she gingerly kissed her husband upon the cheek.

“It’s just amazing, Yurochka..” Nikolai sighed once more, wrapping his fearsome son in an embrace. The two of them stood in silence, Yuri wishing for a moment his mother might be here.. He would have loved to have shown her his utter pride. But her smile would always be etched into his memory.. Perhaps he could imagine how brightly she would have grinned if she would see him now. Married to Viktor, with a genuine happiness in his heart, one that had deserted him for so long.

“Thank you papa--” Yuri’s words clenched for a moment, catching in his throat as he tugged away, clutching his belly. Nikolai looked on in shock, reaching out to touch him, only to have Yuri gingerly bat him away. “It’s just another cramp- they’ve been happening all morning..” He grumbled, pouting as if it were merely a nuisance.

“Cramp?” Viktor said in alarm, his hands quickly going to Yuri’s stomach as he supported some of the blond’s weight. “Cramping shouldn’t be happening at all, Yura. We should call the doctor immediately and make sure you haven’t overexerted yourself by finishing the nursery alone --”

“I’ll call for one right now,” Vadim said with a tense nod, snapping out of his emotional state and hurrying out into the hallway. His heavy steps could be heard receding down the long corridor as he called for servants and someone to assist Yuri.

“Yura, you should sit down..actually let’s get you to the bedroom and have you lay down,” Viktor all but commanded as he took the boy’s arm and gently pulled Yuri towards the hall. “Why didn’t you tell anyone you were feeling this way?”

Yuri’s brows knitted, his jaw going tight as Viktor nearly dragged him from the nursery, while Vadim shuffled off in a haste. “It’s nothing--” He growled out, looking like a cornered tiger as Mariya began to touch at his belly, curious if the baby dropped- though even the Tsarina had her hands pushed away by a rather frightened Yuri. But the boy would rather react with anger than tears- or perhaps both- now that he was truly riled.

“Stop pulling me-” He yelped, but Nikolai had joined in, helping to ease his son onto the soft surface of the bed. The boy could struggle all he liked but Yuri was hardly a match against the three of them. Even worse than their tugging was another shock of pain coursing through him- it had started slowly- but their frequency had crept up on him.

Viktor tugged at the ties and buttons that held Yuri’s dress closed, his fingers pushing the silken garment away from Yuri’s skin to expose the blond’s willowy body and swollen stomach to the trio that doted on him. He carefully ran his hand over Yuri’s milky skin, his fingers delighted by the warmth that radiated from the blond. “Can you tell anything, mama? Is the baby okay?”

Vadim joined them, followed by servants that brought chilled glasses of water and damp towels, which Viktor quickly dabbed on Yuri’s forehead. “The doctor will be here momentarily. Are you in any serious pain?” Vadim had trained as a field medic during his early years in the military, giving him a little bit of insight into some of the finer inner workings of the body. “Is it just your pelvis or any other parts?”

Yuri still clenched his teeth as Mariya touched at his belly, “It’s difficult for me to know if the baby has dropped.. But these cramps may actually be contractions.” She explained softly to her son, while Yuri fought the urge to scream- how he hated being surrounded- he couldn’t stand the concern upon their faces and yet he needed it. Still so young, Viktor and Yuri were foolish, not completely aware- and Yuri had made a mistake he realized. He should have gone to her- spoken to Mariya when it grew too painful..

“N-No.. Just here-” Yuri didn’t merely pointed at his hips and the ache between his legs that crept up his spine. It was a pain he had never felt- but even speaking through it was growing difficult as the tightening pain washed over him in waves. Now he could see the worry in their eyes.. Even the way Nikolai stood in shock, his hands grasping Yuri’s so tightly he feared his father might panic.

“Yura might be going into labor.’ Mariya spoke calmly, gently petting the boy’s ankle. “It will be alright Yura- you’ll have your baby very soon.” She smiled sweetly, her own brows knitted as Yuri looked up to her in terror.

“Don’t panic,” Vadim said with an even tone as he rubbed at Yuri’s exposed stomach. His eyes remained on Yuri’s face, trying to avoid looking at the boy’s nakedness as Viktor practically climbed into the bed with Yuri. The Tsarevich looked terrified, and Vadim knew the feeling. He had felt it with the births of every one of his children. It had never gotten easier for him, even though Mariya seemed to take everything in stride. “The doctor will be here and he will get a midwife here to help-”

“But we haven’t gone over anything! Yuri’s not due for at least two more weeks!” Viktor snapped, his blue eyes looking to his mother like two orbs of pure dread. His heart was pounding as he took Yuri’s hand, stroking the back of the boy’s palm. “Is it too early?”

“No, it isn’t too early. Your baby is just ready to come now. Everything is going to be fine,” Mariya assured, her own gaze imploring her son to be calm for Yuri. “I’ve had plenty of babies, and this very doctor helped me deliver all of my children. So, I have a great deal of faith in his abilities.”

Yuri lay like a stone, his body utterly rigid even as the contractions wracked him once more. Everything felt slightly.. Numb. Even listening to Mariya and Vadim, their calm voices merely floated over his head. But he managed to speak- a final plea, “I only want Vitya with me-” Yuri confessed, knitting his brows as he looked to the pairs of frustrated eyes. It was rather common for births to be observed in nobility- but Yuri was putting a stop to it- “Only us- and the doctor.” he huffed, jaw clenched.

“Yuratchka..” Nikolai whispered softly, smoothing a hand through his son’s hair as the doctor calmly entered, looking between the over-excited nobles. “Are you sure?” Nikolai whispered, almost a plea, but it was a battle he was willing to lose.

“Yes, I just want it to be us.. Our baby is ours.” He looked indignant, an expression his father knew well.. The eldest Plisetsky bent to kiss his cheek before slowly shuffling out, beckoning the Nikiforov’s to follow.

“I...I’ve been here for the births of all of my children,” Vadim said softly, looking to Viktor for some sort of agreement from his son. He didn’t want to leave, he wanted to stay and support Yuri and to witness the beginning of the new life that was about to join them.

“Well.” Viktor wet his lips, climbing to sit behind Yuri so that the blond was braced against his chest. “This is my child...and I support Yuri’s request. We’d like for everyone to leave, but the doctor and the midwife.” Viktor gripped Yuri’s hand, brushing the blond’s hair away from his face before pressing a kiss to the top of Yuri’s head as Vadim left the room with Mariya in toe. A hush fell over the chamber as the doctor moved to Yuri’s side, greeting the boy with a smile before gently pressing on the blond’s stomach. “You’re going to be fine, and our baby is going to be fine as well, Yura,” Viktor murmured.

Perhaps later Yuri might apologize- to see the look of hurt upon Vadim’s face was painful but he had already been deprived of privacy before. With a final nod of his head, Mariya slowly helped her husband out, the both of them pressing warm kisses to Yuri’s cheeks before they reluctantly took leave.

Sheepishly he stole another glance to the doctor, his eyes watering with fear as they helped him out of his clothes.. The only sensation that truly anchored him was the warm press of Viktor’s body against his own. Still trembling like a newborn deer, Yuri curled against him, burying his face in the stiff fabric of Viktor’s coat as the midwife began laying down blankets and preparing a bath for the baby. Still clutching dearly to that feeling- labor began.


Evgeni Viktorovich Nikiforov was born with wisps of blond hair on the top of his head and round little cheeks that were a deep shade of pink from the soft cries that bubbled up from his tiny body. The doctor had put the newborn in Viktor’s arms, but all the Tsarevich found himself able to do was cry. He had years of practice with babies, given the countless siblings that he had been blessed with, but nothing had prepared him for this moment. “My son..”

“Congratulations, Your Highness.” The Doctor smiled as he watched the tears run down Viktor’s face. “Your son is already quite handsome.”

“Thank you,” Viktor mumbled, running one finger along the back of the baby’s hand before looking to Yuri. “Are you ready to hold our son, Yura?”

Weakly Yuri bobbed his head, the once silky blond strands now lay plastered against his cheeks as he relaxed against the crook of Viktor’s arm, while with the other his husband held their new, wiggling baby. “..I want to, please.” He reached up, slowly grasping the linen-swaddled baby, holding him tight against his chest as he blinked away the tears that formed in his eyes. Still weeping, the baby bawled, struggling against his blanket until Yuri kissed at his forehead. “He’s already fussy.. And loud.” He laughed breathlessly.

“Little Evi.” He mumbled, curling a finger against the little tufts of slightly pale hair, wavering between icy blond and golden sunlight, until finally settling on Evi’s cheek. “He’s so small.” Yuri held him close, even knitting his brows as if he were prepared to attack anyone who dared come close.

“He must get that from your side of the family, because I remember my mother always saying how fat I was as a baby,” Viktor laughed, reaching out to tickle just under the new child’s chin. The baby was all he ever could have wanted, a perfect little package containing bits of him and Yuri that would later grow into the future ruler of Russia. “I’m so proud of you, Yura. You… you did all the work and I can’t imagine having to do that myself. I’m truly amazed.”

Yuri could only gaze into the bleary eyes of their new baby, the world beyond them was utterly gone. “Little Evi will get fat- I promise. I want a healthy baby..” Yuri murmured as eased back against Viktor’s chest. “..I didn’t really imagine I could do it either.” He confessed quietly, a look of exhaustion written across his face.

Their child snuffled softly, eyes closing as the three of them fell into a silence. Eager for warmth, Yuri tucked his son against his chest, holding him closely- uncaring that he was still sticky with blood and sweat- Yuri just closed his eyes for the rest he so dearly needed. “Stay close to me, please. I don’t want you to get up.. You’re trapped here.” Yuri mumbled quietly, his head lolling back heavily against Viktor’s shoulder.

“Of course, Yura...always,” Viktor said, cradling his sleeping lover and child closer to him. He felt a fullness that he had never dreamed of. His body felt one with Yuri’s as the blond’s weight settled against his chest with a familiarity that made it seem like Yuri was just an extension of himself. It was like being in a dream.. A dream he prayed he would never wake up from as he allowed himself a moment of silence, closing his eyes and being grateful for their new beginning. Their journey was only starting..

Chapter Text

No longer did they sleep in their grand bedchamber- Yuri had all but dragged their belongings into the nursery where his baby often slept in his crib, or when Viktor worked too late to make it in, Evi slept with his dutiful mother on the bed. He preferred it this way, sleeping so close to their child, Yuri had been like a hawk in how he watched over his first baby- often refusing Viktor’s sisters a chance to hold him. Even when they woke to the sound of crying echoing from the depth of Evi’s beautifully carved crib, Yuri would only grumble quietly before scooping up his dearest one- even Potya had grown envious of his affections.

“It’s all these ridiculous pajamas you put him in, Vitya- they’re too stuffy.” Yuri carried the whimpering infant into the spare bed, tucking himself back in as he gently rubbed his husband awake. Gingerly Evi was laid between them, while the little white bows and buttons of his clothes were loosened by Yuri. It was all very sweet and charming- but he saw no need to dress him so fancifully for sleep.

“...what?” Viktor asked with a yawn, his face half buried into his pillow as one eye slitted open to see Yuri’s green eyes glaring down at him. The Tsarevich pushed himself up onto his elbows, pressing a kiss to the top of his son’s head before nuzzling the soft, ice blond curls that had begun to grow ever so slightly longer with each passing week. “He’s dressed just fine. I picked out those clothes and he seemed happy about my selections. He always smiles at me the most..” Viktor grumbled, smoothing down the delicate sleepwear.

Their child was lovely, with long fluffy lashes and softly rounded cheeks. Evi always found his fingers, gently gnawing on the little nubs no matter how many times Viktor and Yuri had tried to give him something else to chew on. He was perfect, a little cygnet to round out their royal swan family. Mariya had found an old photo album of Viktor and had proudly showcased every image of the young Tsarevich, claiming that Evi was just like Viktor had been as a baby.. And she wasn’t too off the mark.

“What would you dress him in?” Viktor said with a raised brow, carefully rolling Evi closer to him, and bringing the boy onto his chest as the older man settled on his back.

“He does not smile at you more.” Yuri corrected as he nestled closer, watching as their baby happily drooled and sputtered on Viktor’s chest. It was a charming sight.. Evi even had his father’s curved mouth, almost like a little heart. Their baby had also grown to be lovely and round, his belly growing big and his cheeks adorably plump, just as Viktor had been.

“I would dress him in something simple- a cloth diaper and a shift- or even just swaddled. He has enough blankets and the fire to keep him warm.. No need for all the extra buttons.” Yuri rolled his eyes as he eased a hand upwards to pet at the little curls of blond hair that matched his own. Pressing their heads together, Yuri nuzzled his nose against Viktor’s cheek, kissing at him, only to recoil. “You need a shave.. It’s all prickly.” He teased.

“I’ve been too busy,” Viktor sighed, sitting Evi up on his chest and supporting the baby’s back as he wiggled in his father’s hold. He had been traveling more often than not, hating having to be away from his family, but understanding that the work he was doing for Russia was important. He had often begged Yuri to come, promising that he would find some way for them all to live comfortably in the middle of a military encampment, but he knew it wasn’t a possibility with Evi being so young. “I was honestly just hoping you would let me grow a beard. Evi, don’t you think papa would look better with a beard?”

Viktor lifted the baby up higher, dangling Evi above his head as he cooed at the giggling child. “Papa is the favorite! Say papa, Evi!”

The laughing child continued to drool, softly babbling around the fist he managed to fit in his mouth before mumbling a sweet, “Ma..”

“No beards- Evi agrees with me. He even said ‘Ma.’” Yuri quickly supplied, grinning at their sticky-faced baby. “Papa would be too prickly then- he wouldn’t get any kisses from me or Evi.” Yuri stuck his tongue out playfully before plucking his baby up once more, grabbing the boy gently in his arms to hold close against his chest.

“I will shave you if I have to.” Yuri warned playfully, his fingers combing through the silky blond locks he loved to stroke at. The tender little strands felt like wisps of petals in his hands, dancing across his palms as he pressed a soft kiss to the baby’s blotchy pink cheek.

There was a soft knock at the door that drew the small family out of their conversation. Vadim peaked in with a smile of excitement, making grabbing hands for Evi as he stood in the doorway of the room. “I was wondering if my grandson was ready to visit with his deda...I could get him dress if the two of you wanted to sleep more.”

The Tsar had been charmed by his first grandchild since he had been given the pleasure of holding the child in his arms. Vadim doted on Evi, offering the little boy anything he could have ever wanted often to the chagrin of his parents. Horses, small motorized toys, a single person sailing ship that fit in the large pond behind the palace, a fleet of puppies that were being trained to pull a beautifully crafted sled, a hand carved ivory handled saber, which Viktor had quickly snatched up in horror..nothing was too great and Vadim seemed determined to spoil the newest Nikiforov with all of his might. “I was thinking I could take him out with me for a tour of the grounds...maybe stop by and pet the newest pony I got for him yesterday.”

“Papa, he already had a pony,” Viktor groaned, draping his forearm over his eyes as he hid his eye roll from the older man. “What is a six month old baby going to do with two ponies?”

“He needs options. A Nikiforov never settles,” Vadim stated sternly, moving closer to the edge of the bed and smiling down at the child nestled in Yuri’s arms. “I’ll be careful with him. I raised seven children! And the two of you can join us later, but right now this baby needs his deda.”

“..Just for breakfast, then I want him unharmed and safe.” Yuri warned, gingerly handing his snuffling son over to Vadim before pressing a final kiss to the boy’s head. “No ponies. No dogs either.” Yuri demanded quietly, still looking sweetly to his son before nestling back into the bed with Viktor.

At times it was as if Vadim and Nikolai competed over their grandchild, endlessly spoiling or insisting they were the superior deda to Evi. “Share Evi with papa too.” Yuri snipped from the plushness of his bed, taking in a slow breath as he let his eyes close. Since the birth of their baby, Yuri had rarely taken a moment to lay down or even spend more than a few minutes enjoying a bath.. Everything had to be quick, circling around Evi. Yuri had refused the assistance of nearly every nanny, only allowing his own father to babysit- or Mariya if she could spare an hour.

“We will see what fun activities Nikolai and I come up with,” Vadim said with a smile as he grabbed a handful of Evi’s clothing before heading out into the hallway, bouncing the child in his arms as he closed the door behind him.

Viktor could only sigh, knowing that Yuri would be on edge as soon as the baby was out of his sight, especially since Evi was with his father. Yuri had been more fussy than the child in question, demanding that he be the only one to care for Evi even though everyone was begging to help. Viktor wrapped an arm around Yuri’s waist, bringing the boy closer to him with a yawn. “I can feel you worrying, so stop before your pretty face is nothing but wrinkles. My father will be fine and Evi will enjoy getting to wander around. Plus you know my mother will surely be there wherever they go.”

“He is nearly twice as wily as you.” Yuri teased softly, rolling onto his side so he may nuzzle against Viktor’s chest. “I know Evi will be safe- I’m just worried he’ll start acting like Vadim.” He crept a hand upwards as he laughed, stroking the hard line of Viktor’s jaw. His husband looked beautifully pricely even with his half-lidded, exhausted eyes and ruffled silver hair.

“Should we have a bath? You stink like sweat.” Yuri teased.

“I act like my father..” Viktor wrinkled his nose, but began to move. The Tsarevich scooped Yuri into his arms as he left the bed, pressing the boy to his bare chest while climbing over the toys and clothing that littered the polished wood floor of the nursery. They were lucky to have an attached bath, mostly because Evi usually started to fall asleep anytime he played in the large porcelain tub. Viktor set Yuri down before reaching over to fill the giant pool, catching his haggard reflection in the mirror as he sunk down into the hot water. “You’re going to have to let people start helping you with the baby. I feel like we don’t get any time together anymore..”

“..I just don’t trust them- what if he was lonely or hungry? I know Evi better than they do.” He huffed softly, easing his back against the tub as Viktor crawled in to join him. “But.. I miss having you all to myself.” Yuri smiled sleepily, crawling on his knees to straddle Viktor’s lap while short fingers curled into the silver locks of his hair. “Now you’re a papa..” He whispered.

“I’ve always been a papa,” Viktor teased, pressing a kiss to the tip of Yuri’s delicate button nose as he smiled at the way the boy’s cheeks began to bloom a lovely shade of red. His fingers ghosted up Yuri’s spine while he pressed his chest closer to his lover’s with a low growl. “Now I have two lovely dolls to protect, but I’ve always known you were more than capable of protecting yourself.”

Viktor loved the feeling of Yuri’s skin under his soft touch as the boy arched against him. “My mother was saying that you need to give Evi space to learn some independence. She didn’t do that with me and apparently I took advantage of her all the time. I was quite the demanding little Tsarevich and I don’t want Evi to cause you stress.. Just in case he takes after me.”

Yuri let his eyes flutter closed, breath hitching in his throat as Viktor’s fingers crept across his flesh. It felt like so many months since they last enjoyed one another that wasn’t a rush of kisses and grunts.. Needs that wanted to be satisfied had been pushed aside in favor of Yuri’s endless hovering over his baby- but now he could enjoy this moment.

“Have you always been my papa? Well I already had a demanding Tsarevich- what is another one?” Yuri teased as he peppered kisses across Viktor’s sharp cheeks. Slowly Yuri rolled his hips, the water sloshing to lap at the edges of their porcelain tub. The need to touch was encompassing him, he felt utterly starved for it as he rest in his husband’s lap.

“I’m hardly demanding,” Viktor said with a smile, kneading the flesh of Yuri’s rear with both hands as he buried his face into the blond’s neck with a soft sigh. His cock was beginning to harden, the waking flesh snaking its way between Yuri’s cheeks and rutting against the wet skin with a delightful friction. “And I’ve always been your papa...I’ve always provided you with the nicest things, haven’t I?”

His body felt loose and languid even though they had barely begun. It had been far too long, far too many nights away from home with only a photograph of Yuri to keep him company. Viktor bit into the flesh of Yuri’s neck, sucking a dark mark into the area as he felt his hands tingling with a familiar excitement.

“Yes.. Yes daddy has spoiled me- but he’s still demanding.” Yuri’s voice was playful, but his breath caught tightly in his throat when pearly teeth sunk into the tender flesh of his neck to bite a deep, red stain, like brand. “..I like that daddy is demanding.” He whispered, voice low and strained as he fought the urge to curl up and succumb to the pleasantness of having his skin sucked between plush lips and teased by a hot tongue.

Narrow hips rolled downwards, rubbing his pink hole and pert cheeks against Viktor’s engorged length. The bathwater supplied a lovely warmth for both their bodies, lighting their flesh on fire and turning airy breaths into panting. Pale skin deepened into mottled pinks as the steaming water seared them, leaving the them beautifully flush.

Viktor let go of Yuri to take hold of his cock, guiding the thick length into the blond with some resistance. It had been a short while, but he hoped to force his way in with minimal damage...he knew he wouldn’t be able to last very long. He felt like a horny teenager, his body moving with its own mind and agenda as he began to thrust into Yuri without a care. He held tightly to the blond’s hips, pushing inch after inch of his heavy prick into the boy before Yuri was seated once again in his lap. Viktor breathed heavily through his nose as he bounced Yuri on his lap, the water splashing out of the tub as he made a grand movement of flesh against flesh.

“Fuck, Yura. I’m sorry I can’t hold on for very long,” the silver haired man panted, his pelvis slapping against Yuri’s body with brutal force.

Yuri gritted through the initial push- but now he couldn’t contain his pleading. Hands gripped at Viktor’s shoulders, curling into the muscular flesh as the water clapped loudly around them. “Keep going-” He begged breathlessly, through knitted brows and clenched teeth, Yuri was meeting his own end. Viktor’s stomach was a slick, warm friction for his cock, while the snapping press against his prostate was dizzying.

“My daddy feels amazing-” Yuri’s lips were already chapped from the way he dug his teeth into them, trying his bed to keep from shouting in the depths of their palace en suite. It felt like years- decades- since they had touched but this moment was entirely theirs. “I’m yours- remind me I’m yours,” Yuri begged, slamming his hips down eagerly.

Viktor was unable to stop himself as he came, his cock erupting deep into his lover as he slammed Yuri’s hips down and made sure that all of his hot cum was spilled inside of the blond. His heart was race, vision wavering for just a moment as he drifted far away from where they were and allowed himself to be consumed by the blissful feeling that began to bloom in his pelvis.

“I..I’m sorry if I was too rough, or too fast,” Viktor panted, his breaths coming in heavy gasps as he clung to Yuri’s thin frame.

Jarred but no less pleased, Yuri merely blinked down to him as Viktor’s words of concern and breathless regret fell from his mouth. “No- no.. I actually really liked it.” As he confessed, the darkness of his pupils went wide, taking to rutting against Viktor’s taut stomach. “I like it when you use me..” Reaching his own orgasm wasn’t difficult- it hit him roughly when he imagined Viktor pinning him down with powerful hands and biting at his thighs until his skin was a mosaic of patchwork bruises.

With a pleading cry, Yuri spilled across their stomachs, finishing with a final huff as he slumped against Viktor’s body. “I love you.” Yuri knew it must be difficult, his focus was rather exclusively on their baby, but he hadn’t felt this.. good in months. “..I missed you being so rough- I felt like a glass flower when I was pregnant.” Yuri confessed.

Viktor would have been lying if he would have said that he wasn’t hoping this coupling would result in another child. A part of him craved for Yuri to be pregnant again, to be blessed with another lovely child, but more so to show everyone in Russia how compatible they were. He and Yuri were made for each other and no one could tell the Tsarevich anything else.

“Well, I’m glad you don’t mind,” Viktor chuckled, resting his chin on Yuri’s shoulder as he caught his breath. “I’ve missed you so much. Hopefully this time I will get to stay home for much longer.”

After completing the new rail system Viktor had been sent to various cities around Russia to help educate the crews of men that would be in charge of maintaining the system. It was originally a job that he would have shared with Vladimir, but following his brother’s departure from the palace the responsibilities had all been placed on Viktor. He never complained to his father, hopeful to someday succeed the Nikiforov patriarch and rule Russia with Yuri at his side. However, everything seemed so far away..especially when he was sent to the far corners of the country every other month.


“Should we go and search for our baby?” Viktor asked with a grin, hugging Yuri close to him in the bath as he enjoyed his final few moments alone with his husband.

“I was just beginning to enjoy our moment alone.” Yuri jested as he slowly crawl further into Viktor’s lap, nose scrunched as he looked to the dirtied bath water. “Are we going to wear one another’s cum?” He rolled his eyes, tugging the stopper for their tub as he let fresh water replenish their bath. Finally they scrubbed one another clean, leaving the air smelling of sweet honey soaps and steam.. It was quite nice, almost nice enough for Yuri to forget where he had let Evi wander of to.

Only when Yuri had washed himself clean of any lingering seed did he follow Viktor out of the tub on shaking legs. It hadn’t been long, a half an hour to themselves, but it had felt renewing all the same to be allowed a brief vacation from the duties of a new parent. But Yuri felt a weight missing in his arms- never having expected he might care for a child like this, it all came as a surprise- but one that he cherished. Fiercely protective, Yuri couldn’t stand to leave Evi’s side.

Viktor trailed after Yuri with a smile, tugging on a clean set of casual attire while the blond hurried around the room gathering up a collection of Evi’s belongings and tucking them into a small basket that he had once used for sewing. “Yura, get dressed first and then worry about what Evi could potentially have needed in the brief moment you two have been separated,” Viktor said with a laugh as he stood at the blond’s closest and selected a simple frock for the flustered mother to wear. “I’m sure he is okay, and he hasn’t forgotten you.”

Viktor worried about that constantly.. He feared his son would forget him in his absence. The Tsarevich was often gone for long periods of time and his mind liked to make him worry about Evi just thinking he was a casual acquaintance instead of his father. However, now was not the time to dwell on such things. His son was simply a few steps away, and hopefully in the future Evi would always be just as close. “Let’s go find our baby.”

Dressed and wearing a pout, Yuri held tightly to his husband’s arm. “Vadim left without any of his favorite toys or blankets-” He argued between steps, tugging Viktor out into the beautiful brightness of the palace. Of course, it wasn’t that he didn’t trust Vadim, merely that Yuri believed he would always know best. His first child and already an expert, regardless of what Mariya said. “Besides, he didn’t even get to spend anytime with his papa this morning.” Yuri urged him as they entered the dining hall that was filled to the brim with sweet pastries and sizzling breakfast meats.

Nikolai was there, smiling as he held his grandson with a bottle to his lips. “Yurochka,” He greeted softly, eyes glittering with love as he looked upon the simply dressed royal couple. They were at their most beautiful then, when all they wore were cottons and linens. “Vadim spoke of having a ball in Evi’s name, a means to celebrate his birth and share his lovely face.” Nikolai explained in his gravel-like voice.
“A ball?” He asked, eyes brightening at the idea of celebrating his child- to show off his greatest pride alongside Viktor.

“Yes!” Vadim said from the other end of the room, taking a seat at the table next to Nikolai with his arms loaded with swatches of fabric and brightly colored paper. “I usually leave the planning to Mariya and the team of people she usually works with, but I want to take this on as my own pet project,” the Tsar explained, pushing plates of food out of the way as he laid out his bounty of planning supplies on the grand table.

Viktor rolled his eyes as he took a seat next to his father, part of him loving the enthusiasm his father displayed, while the other part was wondering how long it would take for his mother to slip in and make sure everything went smoothly. “This seems like a lot of work for just you papa...maybe mama or Yuri..or even Nikolai could help you get everything sorted out.”

“Yuri, which do you think looks better?” Vadim asked without a single glance in his son’ direction, a wide grin plastered across his face as he held up two very different types of royal stationery.

Emerald eyes nearly glassed over as he looked between the two slips of paper Yuri felt to be identical, “..Vadim can decide it. I don’t have the patience.” He took a seat close to Nikolai, curling a hand against the crown of Evi’s head. “I took over his nursery but parties are a bore to plan.” The boy huffed, his focus settling on his baby rather than the invitations Vadim fussed over. Viktor surely adopted that from his father, endlessly wanting to control every detail of things Yuri might find frivolous.. But, if it meant something to them, then he wouldn’t complain.

“Papa, let Vitya hold his baby.” Yuri eagerly urged his husband forward, looking between the two with a slight smile.

Viktor took the boy into his arms, cooing at the blond baby as the little boy reached up to pat at his father’s lips with a sticky hand. Viktor held Evi’s wrist gently as he playfully pretended to eat the baby’s fingers. Evi squealed with delight, burying his face into Viktor’s chest before gazing up at his father with wide blue eyes. It made the Tsarevich smile to see his son so happy. The child wiggled in his grasp, attempting to push himself up higher while his tiny hands reached up to tug at Viktor’s hair. The Tsarevich winced for only a moment, before freeing his silver locks from Evi’s vice like grip. “You’re so strong already...and so big,” Viktor said with a laugh, winking at Yuri. “Soon you’ll be bigger than your mama.”

Yuri looked on with beaming delight, only to wrinkle his nose at the suggestion that his baby might ever grow up. “Maybe bigger than papa.” Yuri teased back as he reached a hand to fuss with Evi’s grip on Viktor’s nose. The boy was a curious one, forever tugging and pulling- Yuri usually lost a few strands of hair every morning- or Potya yowled with annoyance when she crept too close to the baby.

“I’ll finish feeding him,” Yuri saddled closer, his fingers wrapping around a genuine silver spoon. “He can try a little bit of fruit puree- Mariya told me so.” But Evi hardly cared for anything more than his bottle, even going so far as to clench his lips shut when Yuri attempted to press the spoon against Evi’s lips.

“He must get that fussiness from your side of the family, because I was never the kind of child to turn down food,” Viktor chuckled at his son’s resistance. He reached over to tickle under Evi’s chin, cooing softly at the baby as he firmly tried to push his mother away, little arms straining against Yuri’s chest as he struggled. Viktor kissed the top of the little boy’s head, nuzzling against the silken hair with a sigh as he lazily looked to Yuri with a smirk. “Maybe we should just give him what he wants?”

With a little puff, Evi’s silver spoon and dish of puree were tabled, while Yuri reached out to grasp his wiggling and demanding little child. “He will always have what he wants.” Yuri reasoned, though soon enough his baby would need to at least try a few solid foods, but for now he could enjoy the meager milk Yuri managed to make. Often refusing to let his son go to a wet nurse, Yuri tried his best to feed him by himself- most noble mothers might scoff- but he ignored traditions.

Tugging at a few buttons on his frock, Yuri revealed the slightly puffy nature of his chest. Hardly breasts, but enough that he would complain about feeling swollen or achy. Thankfully, Evi didn’t care- his baby latched on excitedly- and Yuri could only smile sheepishly as he nourished his ever fattening baby.

“See! Now he’s happy. We can try fruits another day.. Or maybe honey! You’ve always been a fan of honey, even moreso during your pregnancy,” Viktor said with a nod, laughing at how eager their child was. Evi’s face was mostly hidden against the milk skin of Yuri’s chest, but Viktor rested his head on Yuri’s shoulder to get a better view. The boy was certainly most comforted and pleased when in the arms of his mother, and Viktor would have it no other way. He couldn’t help the smile that tugged on his lips when he saw the way Evi’s eyes fluttered closed as he nestled closer to Yuri, his beautiful eyelashes so long and delicate. He was truly a little doll, and while people claimed he resembled Viktor, all the Tsarevich could see were the lovely pieces of Yuri that his son had been blessed with.

“Honey can be dangerous to babies, Vitya.” Once more, Yuri was endlessly protective, even frowning at him as the gentle weight of his husband’s head relaxed against his delicate shoulder. “A little more fruit.. Maybe Papa can make goat cheese, or cream, for him to try.” Yuri reasoned as he held Evi tight against his body, watching as contentment washed over his eyes to leave him peaceful and quiet.

Vadim and Nikolai had already shuffled off, leaving the little family to enjoy their moment of privacy, but Yuri had hardly noticed their absence until now. Rarely did Viktor and Yuri have a moment with Evi alone.. Often the nursery was invaded by the Nikiforov children, or a maid changing their linens, but Yuri was endlessly shooing them off. The baby was theirs, not the entire palace’s.

“Papa was saying that there was a chance we would convert Vlad’s old room into a study just for us. It is only a short walk away from the nursery and we could go in there to rest so Evi could sleep in peace. And we would be able to hear him if he needed something or we could have one of the maids checking in,” Viktor suggested hopefully. He loved how close Yuri was with their child and how seriously he took his role as mother, but he always worried that the blond was taking on more than he should.

Yuri was amazing, someone that never stopped surprising Viktor.. However, he wanted time with his husband like they used to have. Time where they could just share each other and bask in the casual ease of their relationship. He craved more moments like this morning when he had enjoyed Yuri in the bath, but he didn’t want to seem like he didn’t care for their child. Opting to just skirt the issue and hope that Yuri would agree.

“If it’s close enough that we can hear the baby then.. I suppose we could convert it.” With a moment of hesitation, Yuri relented, though not without his hands petting at soft blond curls. There was a pause in the young parent’s words, his eyes downcast as he considered his thoughts. “You know I still love you, Vitya, I still.. Crave you.” He assured with bright pink cheeks. The rest of his confessions could fall from his lips when Evi was safely sleeping in his crib, but Yuri couldn’t voicing his initial emotions first. “And you know how terrible I am at saying it-”

“I just.. I want to be everything Evi could ever need.” Yuri glanced towards their resting firstborn, heart throbbing as he drank in every rounded feature. His eyes were so very much like Yuri’s, but he saw them as his own mother’s; Yulia. Everything he hoped to be was in her name, never wanting to leave his baby side, like she was forced to leave his. “..But I love you both, I need you both.” His voice was firm despite the shaken quality to it, the edges clipped away by the threat of tears.

“And we need you, Yura.” Viktor wrapped an arm around Yuri’s shoulder a pressed the blond tightly against him. He could hear the sweetness in Yuri’s voice, the way his tone seemed to waver as he looked down at their child with all the fondness in the world. “I will tell you everyday how proud I am of you for carrying our child, and for being such an excellent mother. I know that you love me, and I think Evi already knows how much you love him as well.” Viktor reach down to wipe away a stray trail of milk from his son’s chin, his large hand lingering on the baby’s soft cheek. “We made something so beautiful.. More beautiful than I ever could have imagined. You deserve all the credit, Yura.”

Wordlessly Yuri nestled against him, letting his eyes close as he relaxed into the warm purr of Viktor’s velvet voice. To speak on deeper emotions had once felt impossible, aside from sharing embraces with Nikolai and Sergei, Yuri hardly spoke of his affection, yet with Viktor it felt necessary. Though now, with the fruit of their love cradled in his arms, Yuri could merely press a kiss to Viktor’s cheek, and that spoke volumes of his affection for him.

Chapter Text

The entire palace was illuminated well into the night, snow had capped the roofs and left their gardens a beautiful frosty white. It would be their child’s first winter, his first glimpse into the life of a true Russian year. But for now he was kept warm, only when the Sun was out would Viktor and Yuri stroll around outside, letting Evi touch and play with the snow until the tip of his nose was pink and his mittens covered in a light sprinkling. But tonight would be hosted entirely indoors, the ball in the heir’s honor, every staircase was dripping with heavy red carpets, while heavy bouquets pale flowers acted like pillars. The Nikiforov Winter Palace was shining like a massive gem, each window filled with a lovely amber light that bathed its guests.

All of it reminded Yuri of their wedding, how grand it had been.. And not so long ago. It was a quiet little joke between himself and Viktor that Evi had been blooming in his belly from the very first time they consummated their marriage.. A kind of blessing and gift, little Evi was the ultimate symbol of their love and affection, a boy steadily growing with little blond ringlets and pretty sapphire eyes that sparkled like so many of Viktor’s rings- the very same ones that their baby loved to gum.

The trio were dressed in rich finery as was custom- something Yuri had initially loathed but he was slowly beginning to enjoy shopping. It had become something of a sport- he would point and grin- endlessly picking out jewelry with tigers crafted out of rubies and onyx, until his boudoir was filled with all manner of ornate pieces, just a Viktor’s was. But for their party, the two of them dressed in elegant tones of reds and blues, Viktor in his usual uniform that shone like gold, while Yuri was adorned in something more traditional. He had selected a heavy, deeply elaborate sarafan and cape that spoke highly of his mother and her influence upon him- his deep connection to Russian- rather than the highly prized Western styles. A kokoshnik topped his golden crown of blond hair, it dripped with pearls lace, but remained modest in size considering Evi would be want to grab it. But together they all painted a portrait of mirth- Viktor clutching Yuri by his hand, and Evi balanced on Yuri’s hip, endlessly entertained by his parents’ heavily decorated costumes.

Applause greeted them when they entered the marble chamber that stood swathed in dark velvets to contrast with the icy snow just beyond their windows. It felt intimate despite the usually over-indulgent, stuffy nature of noble gatherings.. Thankfully Yuri had been firm on placing a cap on the amount of guests- swearing that if there were any more than a few dozen, he and Evi would be spending the night by the fire. But as requested, there was food for hundreds but the room was inhabited only by those loved most by the royal couple.

Viktor kept a firm hold on Yuri’s hand as he guided the blond through the small herd, snagging a small slice of rye bread from a passing tray and pressing it into one of Evi’s little hands, chuckling as the baby immediately stuffed the food into his wet mouth. “He’s always hungry,” Viktor teased, grabbing another piece of bread for Yuri and placing the jam covered morsel on his lover’s tongue. “Like his mama.” A soft scoff of amusement left said mama’s mouth- but he couldn’t completely refute Viktor’s teasing.

“And he’s always so needy- just like his papa.”

“You have a point there.” Viktor rolled his eyes, and grabbed a piece of bread for himself before wandering deeper into the crowd.

There were smiles and well wishes from everyone they saw, Vadim was trying to get them to join him in a circle of nobles when Viktor spotted Yuuri in the back corner of the room. They hadn’t seen the dark haired man since Paris, but Viktor had been sure to send word of Yuri’s pregnancy and the eventual birth that followed. Yuuri was all smiles as he sauntered over to the couple, pressing a kiss to Yuri’s cheek as he leaned in to brush just the tip of his finger along one of Evi’s chubby cheeks.

“When are you finally getting married? Haven’t you kept Phichit waiting long enough?” Yuri teased, his smile bright and sweet despite the harshness of his affection. But Evi usually softened his appearance, endlessly smiling and babbling while Yuri bounced him. The boy was reaching out for the stranger, his small heart mouth wide and drooling as he tried to grab the cords of Yuuri’s uniform.

“Soon. Soon. It’s hard to plan a wedding, but I’m sure you know all about that. Our families both have very strong ideas of how they want the wedding to we are at a bit of a standstill at the moment. Our mothers were bickering over what color the napkins should be the last time I checked,” Yuuri sighed, running a hand through his hair before turning his attention back to the little boy in Yuri’s arms. He grinned with a sunny warmth as his waggled his fingers at the baby, his dark eyes pleading with Yuri before he dared to ask the question. “May I hold him?” Yuuri asked with a hopeful grin. “I promise not to steal him.”

The initial distrust was written across Yuri’s face plain as day.. But a gentle nudge from Evi was enough to sway him. “..No running around- or throwing him in the air like Vadim does-” Yuri warned as he gingerly placed Evi in the arms of his nervous companion. The sight was comforting to him, a thought that Yuri hadn’t anticipated he might feel.. Very few were trusted with Evi; himself, Viktor, Mariya, and Irina were honored with the privilege. But Yuri even managed a smile when he watched the way his son tugged at Yuuri’s hair and attempted to clutch his round cheeks. “..I suppose he likes you.”

“He loves his uncle Yuuri!” Viktor roared, embracing his child and friend with a gleeful excitement. He kissed the top of Evi’s head before pressing a kiss to Yuuri’s cheek. “Mama is just always worried that Evi is going to love someone more than him, but we all know he loves me the most,” Viktor teased, raising one eyebrow at the dark haired man as he watched the way Yuuri was so careful with his son. “So when are you going to have a baby?”

Yuuri wrinkled his nose, bouncing the little boy in his arms as he shook his head. “Oh not for a while...I was hoping to just live vicariously through you and Yura...Evi really is a little doll.”

Yuri rolled his eyes, “Does Evi show his love through always spitting up on you, Vitya?” He snickered softly, reaching a hand forward once more to pet his son’s golden crown. “Mm.. You should have your own soon- Phichit will make sure the baby is beautiful.” Once more he teased, only to see Evi nuzzling so sweetly with his uncle. The sight was loving, very unlike Yuri, Evi was quite affectionate to anyone.

“I hope all of our future children look like Phichit. He’s the glamorous member of this couple..” Yuuri held the boy higher, bringing the smallest Nikiforov up to rub cheeks with the boy. There was something so charming about someone so tiny, and Yuuri couldn’t quite put his finger on it, but there was something almost comforting about having Evi in his arms. He had always known that fatherhood would suit Viktor better than any other role the Tsarevich had played, but seeing it now made everything so real.

Viktor reached to take the little prince back, tucking Evi under his chin as he looked to Yuuri with a curious gaze. “I trust you have noticed that Vlad is no longer darkening the corners of the palace.”

Yuuri frowned, glancing around the lavish space as if to confirm Viktor’s statement before donning a look of confusion. “He’s chosen to leave?”

Yuri’s brows knitted with irritation at the mention of Viktor’s cruel, eldest brother, nearly rolling his eyes when he called the last few moments spent with him.. “I hope he renounces his heirdom to the throne.” Yuri gritted, scowling quietly as he reached up to stroke Evi’s chin while the boy babbled happily in his father’s grasp. “Vitya should be Tsar..” It was treasonous to say such a thing, but Yuri certainly didn’t care.

“Don’t let my father hear that,” Viktor mumbled, his eyes darting around to make sure none of his siblings had heard and that is mother wasn’t standing near by. It was certainly frowned upon to ever speak any sort of I’ll against a member of the royal family, even it was something as simple as what Yuri had just stated. “Here, take Evi and I will go get us both drinks. Yuuri can you keep my beloved company?”

The dark haired man nodded, the smile refusing to leave his face as he ended closer to Yuri and Evi. He watched Viktor leave before daring to speak in a voice only he and Yuri could hear. “He certainly wants to rule, but the only way Vadim would ever surrender the throne would be on his deathbed..but I’m sure you know that.”

“Vitya should have the throne- I don’t understand why he doesn’t challenge his brother.. The man is a shadow on this family.” Yuri growled as he toed the floor, smiling only when his son reached up to grab at his pale hair. “Vadim should continue on.. But Viktor was meant to be a Tsar.” A hand gingerly adjusted Evi’s frock, making sure the garment was laying loosely and warmly around his wiggling baby, but Yuri still spoke with a firmness that sounded more like he were preparing for war than fussing with his child.

“It’s all a matter of honor,” Yuuri said with a frown, brushing away a bit of bread that still clung to Evi’s small hand. Yuri had no real idea about all of the politics and subtleties of royal affairs, but there was one thing the boy knew for certain and that was his love for Viktor. Yuuri hoped that Phichit loves him the same way… “But something will come of it I’m sure, but it will take time and debate. I have heard rumors of Vlad’s departure and they are rather unsavory.” Yuuri adjusted his glasses, leaning in closer as he spoke. “I heard he is going to be a father.”

“What?” Yuri’s eyes widened, heart pounding as he listened. “..Does Vitya know this?” Pearly teeth clenched in annoyance.. Many things would change if Vladimir was truly going to be a father- it meant he would have an heir already- prepared to rule when Vadim handed over the crown, and Vladimir did as well.. Of course, Viktor perhaps never prepared to be a Tsar, but the position would be truly stolen from him now. “Hmph.. well. If he has a baby then his attentions should be focused.” On anyone but him, specifically. Yuri had still felt rather.. Targeted.

“I can see the worry in your eyes.” His words were soft, yet firm. Yuuri caught the other man by the chin, looking into Yuri’s emerald green eyes with a calm and fondness for the blond that he hoped would make Yuri able to relax and enjoy his party again. “I shouldn’t have brought it up..but everyone is talking about it. I would rather you hear it from me than some other tactless bastard.. Viktor will be the next Tsar. I have faith.”

Yuri’s brows knitted in irritation, his hands holding Evi even tighter as he cast his gaze away from Yuuri. “I know it may be impossible that he would be Tsar.. but Vitya is destined for some kind of greatness.” He huffed softly, cheeks going slightly pink as he realized just how obvious his feelings were becoming to Yuuri. A slight smile tugged at his mouth still, even if his heart ached for his husband, a deeper part of him hoped that by avoiding Tsardom, Viktor might find solace in family.

Viktor returned to a tangible tense that looked in the air between his lover and best friend. He offered Yuri a glass of sweet wine before giving Evi another piece of bread, this time smothered in a sugary fig jam. “Everything alright with you both?” He asked with one silvery brow raised, as he sipped from his own carved crystal goblet.

“Just gossiping,” Yuuri said with a laugh, kissing both Evi and Yuri before excusing himself and wandering back into the crowd with a fond wave to the couple. “I’m going to greet Christophe, I saw him arrive just a moment ago.”

“Are you alright, Yura?”

Yuri’s lips were still pursed tight, his gaze downwards, even when Nikolai swept by, asking eagerly to hold his grandson- who Yuri offered with a quick bob of his head. With their baby in the arms of his loving grandfather, being tickled and cooed at, Yuri gently led Viktor towards the marble dance floor that was surrounded by a perfectly formed orchestra.

“..Are you happy being a Tsarevich? Yuuri spoke to me of a rumor.. Vladimir becoming a father.” He spoke with a little huff, clutching Viktor’s fingers tightly as he began to sway in slow, sleepy circles. They were the only pair not dancing formally, but the ones who garnered the most attention. Strangely it felt easier to hold him close as they spoke of such sensitive topics..

Viktor looked thoughtful, his hand resting on Yuri’s lower back as he brought the blond closer to him, their chests bumping against each other with a reassuring weight. He rested his chin on the top of Yuri’s head as he eased Yuri’s head into his shoulder while slowly making a circle around the dance floor. He closed his eyes for a moment, clearing his throat. “I have heard,” the older man began, searching for the right words as the music began to swell around them. “And I want you to know a secret, but you have to promise not to tell anyone…can you promise?”

With his nose buried in Viktor’s chest, Yuri merely bobbed his head, promising he could keep any secret Viktor would dare share with him.. His heart was already hammering, fearful that Viktor would be angry that he would forever be a Tsarevich, never recognized for his powerful work, yet beloved by so many of Russia’s citizens..

“I love Evi...and I love you, more than I could ever love Russia.” Viktor sighed, nesting closer, not wanting anyone to hear his confession. “I would be a terrible Tsar. I would just want to abandon my duties for the two of you and...I know we are going to have more children. I want to be there for them, like my father wanted to be there for me, but was unable to due to what was required of him.” Viktor smiled, petting the blond’s hair as he spoke. “I was thinking that we could get a summer home away from the palace. Somewhere we could spend time together without all of the pomp and circumstance of...this,” Viktor said with a loose gesture toward all of the opulence around them.

The confession was jarring.. Viktor had always been so dedicated to the military, of bringing glory home.. Yuri knew he was loved, but this was truly a revelation. Viktor would be willing to cast aside everything for their little, budding family. “Really?” Yuri pulled away, just enough to gaze up to him, his eyes watering with quiet, emotional tears. “..I would like that.” He quickly nodded, nearly ramming himself against his husband as he embraced him even tighter.

“I’m glad,” Viktor said with a sigh of relief, returning Yuri’s warm embrace. “I was worried that you were going to be disappointed. I know you enjoy all of this, but you also enjoy simpler things. I guess I was thinking that you were hoping I would be Tsar, but if the rumors are true..I never will be.” Part of Viktor felt a little bit defeated, but he knew it was best to accept the reality. He might not be the emperor of Russia, but he would be the king of his own empire, one that he started with Yuri and their children.

“Disappointed? No.. I just want our family. I want us to have one another..” He mumbled into the medals of Viktor’s uniform as he rest his cheek against him. “You make me so soft.” A puff of laughter accented his sigh of frustration, but his happiness was obvious in the slight curve of his lips and the lightness of his eyes. The world beyond their gentle swaying felt numbed by the happiness that coursed through them both- to know that Viktor wouldn’t regret a missed opportunity was a relief for him.

“You were always soft,” Viktor chuckled, thinking back to the night when he had first brought Yuri to the palace. The blond had been a boy pretending to have such a wall built up. A kitten with a prickly exterior, but he had seen through all of it so quickly. Yuri was a ball of love, wrapped in barbed wire, but Viktor was patient as he unwrapped each layer to get to the truest form of Yuri. “I was thinking that we should have another baby as soon as possible, what do you think?”

“You want another baby so soon?” Yuri nearly laughed, the bark of amusement falling from his lips with a resounding huff. “Will you promise not to be so irritatingly watchful? I could hardly roll over in bed without your hands guiding my belly.” He teased through a bright grin.

“I don’t make promises I can’t keep, Yura,” Viktor said with a grin of his own, the idea of his lover once again round with their child making his heart flutter. He didn’t need Russia. He didn’t need a glittering crown or golden throne. Everything he needed was within arm’s reach as he hugged Yuri tight and smiled at Evi who sat happily in Nikolai’s arms. He was the richest man in Russia, and no one could tell him anything to the contrary.

Chapter Text

Traveling in the snow had once been something mundane, cold, and endless. Grey skies and slick pathways were easily ignored, almost vanishing into the background. Yet when Evi was in Yuri’s arms, eagerly reaching out to grasp at the snowflakes that landed on the ends of their matching blond hair, it bloomed. The brightly painted buildings, and shimmer of Viktor’s medals all reflected in their baby’s bright, sapphire eyes as he looked out to the world with a babbling smile.

Their travels would be taking them just beyond St. Petersburg to the countryside, farther than even Yuri had ever traveled. In the forests would be a beautiful dacha, though one perhaps more fitting of a Nikiforov’s tastes rather than Yuri’s. He had seen dozens of photos, ones of Viktor spending holidays or summers in the country home, far away from the city and tucked away in the trees. This would be their first vacation as a family, a chance for Evi to touch and play in the leaves. It had always been important to Yuri that their baby have an escape from the overly regulated nobility- and this was the perfect opportunity to leave.

“I think Evi is turning into a snow bunny.” Yuri scrunched his nose as a small hand reached out for his nose, prodding and pulling at his mother’s face and hair until Yuri had to pry off the little mitten clad fingers. The walk from the steaming train to their carriage had been enough time for their little one to swat at all the incoming snowflakes before they piled in.

“Hardly- he’s in so many layers I doubt he even feels the cold.” Sergei cut in, and of course, Yuri’s brother had been hired as their babysitter for the short holiday. A chance for Yuri to reconnect, and for Viktor and him to have a few moments of privacy.

“Give me that little bunny.” Viktor made a grabbing motion for the baby in Yuri’s arms, his mouth mirroring the smile that Evi wore as the blond was settled into his father’s arms. He cooed at his first born, pressing quick kisses to the side of Evi’s face as he squealed with excitement. Little hands slapped against the frosted glass of the carriage window, his nose pressed against it as he stared out at the droves of people that were milling about just outside the train station.

Viktor bounced Evi in his arms while listening to Yuri and Sergei bicker back and forth about how practical this trip was with Evi being so young, but the Tsarevich didn’t care. He loved the freedom and openness that the world beyond the palace walls had to offer him and he wanted to make sure Evi grew up with all of the freedom he could ever want. Viktor had become infinitely grateful following the announcement of Vlad’s first child, the attention had shifted away from him and Yuri, granting them a moment of peace to enjoy their child as well as the ability to steal away to a country home that had been built when Viktor had still been a little boy.

“Evi and I should have taken our own car..” Viktor muttered, nuzzling the top of the blond’s head as Evi continued to gaze out the window.

“It was your idea to bring Seryozha!” Yuri reminded, cocking a brow as Viktor complained. “We won’t be fighting the entire time- he will have to quiet down when Evi has a nap.” Yuri stuck his tongue out playfully as he nuzzled into his husband’s side to fight off the cold that still crept into their bouncing carriage.

“You’re still as whiney as you were before marrying into nobility. I thought you might’ve matured.” Sergei snickered, rolling his eyes as he gave his younger brother a gentle tap from across the carriage.

Evi’s attention was torn away from the window as Sergei spoke. Viktor hated to admit it, but his little boy had a fascination with his uncle that no one had been able to explain. Evi giggled as Sergei lightly slapped at Yuri’s leg and reached over the follow suit, his mittened hand playfully mimicking Sergei before looking back across the carriage to the other man for approval. He tried again, pawing at Yuri’s knee as he babbled and looked to Viktor with confusion when Sergei didn’t praise him.

Viktor laughed, catching Evi’s hand before the baby could do it again. “He’s teaching our baby bad the end of this week Evi is going to be gambling and picking up call girls.”

“You’re teaching our baby to hit- and you call me immature?” Yuri scoffed, even going so far as to roll his eyes as Sergei before he smiled at the thought. “No. Evi is going to be perfect, a completely innocent boy.” He said with pure certainty, glaring at Sergei like a silent threat. “I swear Seryozha- don’t make us regret bringing you along.” Yuri spoke in a half-hearted jest.

Evi reached for his uncle, whining until Viktor eventually passed the boy over with a sigh. “I’m second string to your brother...was I gone for too long when he was little?” Viktor asked softly, watching the way Evi grabbed at Sergei’s blond hair and laughed as the man tried to pry the tiny fingers away from his golden locks. “You think he knows I’m his father, right?”

“Of course he does.” Yuri puffed, knitting his brows as he watched Evi eagerly play with his uncle’s hair, and the bridge of his nose. “Vitya you’re worrying too much.. He loves you.” Regardless, this would be a perfect chance for Viktor to spend enough time with his baby- though really what attracted Evi to his uncle was the slight curl of his blond hair and the scowl he usually wore.

“He must like me better.” Sergei bounced him, just as he used to do with a slightly bigger Yuri. It felt like being a young again, taking care of his younger brother and figuring out the needs of such a tiny person.

“Seryozha- stop it.” His younger brother growled.

“He’s just bored and sees you as some sort of clown,” the Tsarevich grumbled before he rolled his eyes and burrowed his face into Yuri’s shoulder with a muffled huff. He knew Sergei was only teasing him, but he couldn’t deny the gnawing feeling that made him worry that Evi didn’t know that he was his father. He decided to let himself close his eyes for a moment, enjoying the smell of Yuri’s hair and the softness of the blond’s fingers as Yuri massaged Viktor’s scalp. He must have drifted off at some point, because the next thing he knew Yuri was gently shaking him awake to announce that they had arrived.

“Vitya, wake up..” He mumbled softly, easing him back into reality as Sergei hefted Evi up on his hip, while Yuri urged Viktor forward.

The snow had grown heavier, coating the entire forest in a thick, white blanket that they trudged through to reach the already fireplace-warmed country home. Their luggage and a softly panting Makkachin had been brought in by the staff, but Yuri still felt exhausted just hefting his way up the stairs.

“I was having the most pleasant dream,” Viktor said with a sly grin as he put most of his weight onto Yuri while they made their way into the entry of the cottage. The floors were beautifully polished and gleaming in the soft glow from the large chandelier that hung from the high domed roof. Servants were bustling about, taking floral arrangements and the large collection of luggage to the various rooms the family would be occupying. Everything was a mix of Russian traditionalism and royal opulence; a blending of both the Plisetsky and Nikiforov families. Viktor bent to removed his shoes before continuing, “We were naked and you were on my cock…”

Thankfully Sergei had been too busy with showing Evi the massive windows to actually hear what VIktor was whispering into Yuri’s ear. “Vitya-” He began, turning to him sharply as they both shuffled off their shoes. “At least wait until we’re alone.” He huffed softly but still offered a kiss to Viktor’s cheek before pulling away with a flushed-face. It would be a lie to say that this hadn’t been the exact outcome Yuri had hoped for.. He wanted a few weeks for themselves, a chance to hide away for even an hour. The excitement was still there, his lust for Viktor had never ended, yet Evi was a handful that required attention beyond what Yuri had anticipated. He loved both- parenthood, and the relationship that bloomed between himself and Viktor- but he wanted them equally.

“I was just teasing,” Viktor snickered, wrapping his arms around Yuri’s waist as he lifted the blond and spun him in a circle. He had been debating on asking the one question that had been on almost everyone’s kind since Evi had been born. He hadn’t been able to find the right moment in the weeks that had followed Evi’s party. Vadim and Mariya had been hinting at it, but neither had been willing to actually vocalize their question. However, Viktor knew it was there. When would they be having another child.. He didn’t want to rush Yuri. Viktor knew that carrying their first born had been physically exhausting, and that Yuri hadn’t expressed the desire to have another child. “I was hoping we could have some time to discuss some things later, maybe after Evi goes to bed?”

A feeling welled up inside of Yuri, a kind of expectation of what his conversation might be about. The thought was enough to leave him slightly jittery, perhaps unsure, but it wasn’t dreadful. Viktor had asked curious questions, all of them innocent, or hopeful at the suggestion of another baby, but Yuri had remained intentionally tight-lipped. What he thought was merely a few aches or a cold has left him curious to the possibility that he might be pregnant again.. It was both terrifying and exhilarating, but never one to back down from a challenge, Yuri was eager to take on the toll once more. Yet- he didn’t wish to be vocal about it, he wanted to wait until it was certain.. And with the announcement of Vladimir having his own child with a prostitute-turned-fiance, he certainly didn’t want to encourage anymore gossip.

“We’ll talk then..” Yuri quickly bobbed his head as he played with the cropped hair at the nape of Viktor’s neck. “You were only teasing?” He pouted easily now, his brows knitting as he peeked to his husband.

“Oh? Was it something you were interested in?” Viktor asked with a laugh as Sergei made his way over to the pair with a wiggling Evi in his arms. The little blond had started to fuss, his pale face turning a soft shade of pink as he whimpered for Yuri, his mouth trying to form the word mama. “Looks like someone has had enough of Sergei..oh wait..I think everyone has had enough of Sergei,” Viktor said with a playful smack to the older Plisetsky’s shoulder. “And before you get all bent out of shape, I’m only joking and we are all grateful to have you here with us.”

“Always so diplomatic, Viktor.” Sergei rolled his eyes, handing off the simpering child to Yuri.

Evi’s initial tears had mellowed the moment his mother began to bounce him, gingerly petting the quietly cooing boy. “You should practice your child soothing.” Yuri quipped, cocking a brow as his brother took to milling about rather than learning how to relax Evi’s fussing. But truthfully, Yuri would prefer to hold his baby while he cried than watch someone else attempt to quell those loud tantrums.. But Yuri had always believed he knew best when it came to his baby.

“I’ll change him into something lighter- he must be too warm.” Yuri glanced to Viktor expectantly, unsure of where the nursery was in this massive country home.

“Sergei, your room is up the stairs and to the left. Yura, let me show you where we will be staying,” Viktor said with a gentle pat to Evi’s back as he leaned in to kiss the fluffy blond hair on top of the small boy’s head. The four of them made their way up the stairs to the second floor of the cottage and parted ways down to their separate ends of the house as Viktor lead Yuri to a pair of doors. “The room on the left will be ours, but this one.. Will be where Evi goes. I had them fix up my old nursery. So, I hope it meets your satisfaction.”

The nursery was far quainter than it was in the palace, no baroque furniture, or painted ceilings, instead it was all very fresh and plain. “I think Evi will like it here..” Yuri bobbed his head, cocking a brow at the toys and piles of blankets- while it was plain, it was no less grand in its expense, with big windows and plenty of candles. But more important than merely admiring the bedroom, Yuri flitted through Evi’s trunk, pulling forth a crisp linen dress for him to wear as the fireplaces kept the entire country house quite warm.

Evi gurgled happily, kicking and squirming as Yuri laid him down for a change, as well as a new outfit. Mittens and woolen socks were pulled away, allowing his baby to grab and grin all he wanted while Yuri went through the practiced motions of dressing and undressing him.

“He’s so wiggly,” Viktor remarked as he took a seat in the overstuffed rocking chair in the corner of the room. He watched the way that Yuri’s hands moved quickly, but still had time to tickle and tease the little boy’s toes and along the baby’s sides. Evi was enjoying a fit of laughter, his cheeks pink as a high pitched squeal escaped him. Yuri was so much better at parenting than he would ever be, but they were a great compliment to each other. “How did you learn so fast, Yura? I feel like you went from nervous mama to be, to professional baby wrangler.”

Yuri rolled his eyes playfully, but his smile never left Evi’s view. The baby could peer up at him and see the love that dwelled within Yuri’s gaze. “I just had to.” He answered simply, “I don’t trust the nurses to love him as much as I do..” Yuri could have left his children with the nannies, in fact most nobles were actually quite shocked that the Nikiforov lineage was quite known for their attention to family life over political matters.


Finally dressed in more breathable fabrics, Evi was happy to be held against Yuri’s chest, his heavy head resting against the delicate shoulders of his mother. “Sergei is decent- he just hates when they cry. Even when I cried as a baby he usually locked me in a cupboard until papa found out.” He snickered.

“He better not lock Evi in a cupboard…” Viktor grumbled, motioning the two of them closer so that they could all crowd together a top the chair. Viktor guided Yuri to sit in his lap, positioning the blond so that he was leaning up against his husband’s chest while Viktor wrapped his arms around the two most important things in his life. Evi was beginning to nod off, his big blue eyes fluttering closed as he yawned and nestled deeper into Yuri’s arms. “I hope we can spend more time away from the palace. I know we just started this trip, but already I feel very relaxed. I hope you feel the same.”

“I do. I like to see the forests during the winter.. Maybe we’ll hear the wolves howling.” He grinned in delight, a brief glimpse into the mind of a boy like Yuri. “Or see a bear rummaging through the gardens.” He teased while cradling their sleeping baby. Evi often took naps, forever falling asleep when Yuri held him too long.

Viktor nodded, chuckling as he thought about how panicked Yuri would be if a bear truly did show up in their garden. He held both of his boys close, eventually helping Yuri to his feet so they could place Evi in his crib and slip into their own bedroom while the baby napped. Viktor flopped down on the freshly made bed with a sigh, burying his face in a pillow before turning to look at Yuri with a soft smile. “We are very lucky to be able to escape. Not being the next Tsar is certainly going to have its perks.”

With Evi tucked away, Yuri could let his mind rest for a little while- he had grown more accepting of the occasional distance between he and his baby- which perhaps benefited Viktor the most. “You’re still my Tsar,” Yuri snickered softly as he came to rest upon the bed with a soft huff, his body sinking into it pleasantly. Outside he could hear Makkachin yipping, and perhaps the occasional mewl from Potya.

“And you are my Tsarina,” Viktor mumbled into Yuri’s hair as he brought the smaller man closer to him. His arms were firmly wrapped around the blond, savoring the sweet scent of Yuri’s hair and the softness of the blond’s skin as he allowed his hands to roam Yuri’s body. “I promise to do my best for you and Evi...and whatever children we decide to add to our family down the road.” Viktor hesitated, hugging Yuri tighter as he tried to choose his next words carefully. “That was actually what I wanted to talk to you about...babies.”
As their limbs came to tangle around one another, fingers gingerly stroking, Yuri couldn’t help but grin at the intensity of Viktor’s words. “I know- you speak of babies all the time.” He teased, reaching up to press a quick kiss to his cheek before relaxing back with a slightly nervous sigh. “..I think I might be pregnant again- but it’s too early to tell.” He mumbled, sobering some before giving a sheepish look. He didn’t want to be wrong- but given that he’d been growing weary again- he had to wonder if it was possible. “You’ll have another baby soon, I hope.” Finally a smile broke out across Yuri’s feline face.

Viktor didn’t know what to say. Everything seemed to stop as he found himself unable to fully comprehend what Yuri was trying to tell him. Another baby? He had been wanting to ask, wanting to make sure Yuri would be ready for another child so soon, but he hadn’t had the courage to actually put his ideas out there for Yuri to evaluate.

Evi was a little less more than a year old, slowly becoming more independent, but surely still needing Yuri. He was still very much a baby, and Viktor remembered that the last time they had discussed the chance of having more children that Yuri had mentioned wanting to wait until their little boy was just slightly older. It would be difficult for the blond to juggle them both..if there was to be another child. Viktor was a jumbled mess as he clung to his lover...was he going to actually be a father again?

“Do you know for certain?” Viktor managed to mumbled, taking Yuri’s hand softly. “We shouldn’t have traveled with you in such a delicate condition, Yura.”

“I’m fine, don’t be silly. I just don’t know completely.. I feel as terrible as I did before- the nausea and fatigue.” He huffed, a small laugh bubbling to his lips. Short fingers gently stroked Viktor’s hand, peeking down at his flat stomach with hesitancy. “I wouldn’t be surprised if I became pregnant again anyways,” What was left unspoken was how often he and Viktor enjoyed one another’s bodies, and of course, how often Yuri ended up wearing a plug.

“Are you ready for another baby, if I were to start swelling up again?” Yuri asked softly.

“Am I ready?!” Viktor asked with a roar of excitement as he began to rub at the blond’s stomach with a pleased purr. “I was going to ask if you wanted another child, because I was growing impatient. I am more than ready. I would love it if you had a baby right now, or...if you were blessed with twins like my mother was with my younger brothers. I can only hope,” Viktor said with a gleeful grin, hugging Yuri to him tightly as he allowed the feeling of utter bliss to wash over him in this moment. He was ready to be a father again, ready to welcome another beautiful addition to their perfect Russian family. “You never cease to amaze me.”

Yuri smiled tenderly as he turned to hold him close, letting his eyes close for a moment as he enjoyed the thought of Evi having a sibling. “Twins-? I think I would burst..” He snickered softly, finally tucking his nose against Viktor’s throat to enjoy the smell of his peppery cologne. “We’ll have a big family..” He sighed softly, thankful that the pressure of taking a crown would be eased off of Evi’s shoulders. He wanted his baby to be happy, not forever seeking approval from other nobles.

“We will have a big family, and it will all be thanks to you.” Viktor knew the real excitement had yet to set in, but as he held Yuri in his arms and thought about his future with the blond he knew that fate had brought them together at that factory ceremony for a reason. They were meant to be, more so than anyone else that Viktor had ever met. “I’m lucky to have you..never forget that. You are my treasure, and the love of my life.”

“I love you too, Vitya..” He smiled tenderly, rolling a bit closer until their foreheads touched. The hardships before now felt distant, almost erased from Yuri’s mind when he could curl up in bed with Viktor and dream about their future. Already one of his hands was idly stroking his tummy, wishing hopefully that he was pregnant.

Chapter Text

Sergei had promised that Evi was his for the day, a promise that both excited Yuri and made him nervous. But for the first time in months, he had not been woken up by the sound of hungry tears, instead he woke to the tickle of silk against his wrists and the smell of freshly baked pastry. The first words that fell from his mouth were sleepy, “Vitya..?” He mumbled as he vainly tried to rub the sleep from his eyes, only to find that he was tied to the carved headboard of their massive bed.

Viktor smiled as he admired his treat. Yuri had been perfectly laid out, legs spread and held open with blood red silks. His hands roamed over the milky flesh, teasing along the insides of Yuri’s thighs before moving upward and tickling across Yuri’s stomach. Viktor leaned in to capture the blond’s lips, his tongue slithering into the wet cavern with ease as Yuri moaned his name. Today would be their day, and Viktor had planned to enjoy it as much as he could. “Good morning, my darling. Your Tsar, requires you to service him like the proper princess that you are.”

First wrinkling his nose at the sunlight that crept in, his expression soon melted into sleepy desire as they shared a languid kiss. “My Tsar has me tied up- how does he expect me to service him?” Yuri’s pouty bottom lip jutted out before he whined for another open-mouth kiss. His husband tasted of tea and something sweet, like syrup or jam.

On a delicate cart just by the edge of their bed, was silver tray filled with puff pastry and cakes, even a few pots of sensuous honey and whipped creams. All of it smelled decadent and aromatic, a breakfast of only desserts, but Yuri wouldn’t complain. In fact, he was quite eager to eat, even wiggling in an attempt to gaze at all the glossy berries and biscuits.

Viktor ran his finger along one of the wooden honey dippers, lifting the honey covered rod from the porcelain pot and dripping the long strands onto Yuri’s lips. He grinned wickedly as the blond lapped at the viscous fluid with his pink kitten tongue. Viktor then traveled lower, creating a road map of honey along Yuri’s chest before moving down to suck on the sweet skin. His teeth nibbled at Yuri’s nipples, drawing soft moans from the blond beneath him. He toyed with the sensitive nub, his other hand grasping the other one and rolling it between his fingers. Viktor chuckled as he dipped the rod back into the pot, gathering enough to try and write his name across Yuri’s stomach. “Now everyone will know who you belong to.”

The honey was warm, warm enough to send shivers down Yuri’s spine as it was lazily and messily dripped across his skin. He could feel Viktor’s sloppily written name melt across his stomach with every breath, “Until you lick it up.. Better leave me with something more permanent.” Yuri hadn’t had a hickie in months- but he loved the foolish, juvenile love-bites. He hoped Viktor might lap up his honey and leave a trail of mottled bruises in his wake.

“Something more permanent?” Viktor asked with a raised brow, burying his face into the side of Yuri’s neck and sinking his teeth into the blond. He was rough, his teeth gnawing at the flesh until sucking a dark bruise into the creamy skin. He pulled away with a laugh as Yuri now sported a wicked red mark. “Why don’t we just do something impulsive then? I could find someone to tattoo my name across your ass...then everyone would know, but you’d never be allowed to wear pants again. I don’t see any issue with that.”

Yuri nearly protested at being given a mark on the flesh of his neck- if anyone caught him without a collar or a scarf he would be scolded. But it felt far too delightful for him to demand Viktor leave, the warmth of his mouth and the tickle of his silver hair was enough to keep Yuri quiet.

“..No!” He huffed, dissolving into a puff of laughter as he tried to playfully jab Viktor with a knee. “No I don’t want one, I want your mouth.” Yuri whines as his too-tied up body isn’t allowed any reprieve.

“My mouth?” Viktor tugged at the silk tie of his robe, pushing the garment aside to expose his own body, his stick cock hanging with lust between his muscular thighs. “How about something better?”

He snatched one of the honey pots from the tray, drizzling the golden sugar along his stiff prick and coating himself. He smeared it to be sure he was fully covered, his fingers sticky as he buried them in Yuri’s hair. Viktor wrenched the boy closer, as much as the silks would allow, before feeding his pet his cock, stuffing the hot flesh into Yuri’s mouth with a satisfying groan. “This is much much better than my mouth.”

Dripping with syrup and precum, Yuri’s lips were stretched wide and made sticky as Viktor’s prick hit the back of his throat with a resounding groan of pleasure. Perhaps if his mouth hadn’t been full he would have hissed that his golden hair was now sticky and messy, while honey trickled down his chin to smear across his chest. But there was something elegant and filthy about this debauchery. Their bed would be a mess of cream and sugar but he loved being his Tsar’s morsel.

A sticky tongue rubbed the underside of his cock, tracing over the veins as he savored the sickly sweet syrup. Saliva trickled down his cheeks as Viktor thrust with powerful hips, filling him to the point of gagging before allowing Yuri a moment of reprieve. Even to taste and pleasure his handsome husband was enough to have Yuri’s cock twitching between his milky thighs. The cold morning air was bracing against his exposed skin but he felt flustered and hot despite it. His pale body was going completely flush as Viktor straddled his mouth to fuck him eagerly.

Viktor’s hips pistoned with a beast like force. He held Yuri’s head still, his heavy sack smacking against Yuri’s chin as he fed the blond every inch of his prick. Viktor grabbed another pot of honey, dumping the contents all over Yuri’s face, covering the blond lashes and making everything sticky. “Take it, take all of my cock like the trained whore you are.”

Early on in their relationship Viktor debated on sending Yuri to the brothels, hoping that the boy could learn something from all of the prostitutes. However, Yuri proved to be a quick study, needing little instruction on how to please him. It made Viktor proud to know that he had groomed the blond, molded his lover into being so open with his passions.

“Do you want my cum?” Viktor asked with a smirk, laughing as Yuri gagged and whimpered. “I think I know the answer, but I want to hear you beg.”

Yuri’s nose wrinkled as honey dripped into his hair and made his lips go glossy, buzzing from the sugary sweetness. Viktor didn’t often tease him this roughly but it never failed to send him into a spiraling arousal, the more debauched, the more he adored it. Still breathless and panting, he bobbed his head in plea, begging to taste the cum of his Tsar.

Soft mewls sent vibrations up the column of Viktor’s prick as Yuri’s throat hummed with desire. He wanted to feel the boneless pleasure wash over him but all he could do was whimper and squirm in his bondage as he gagged on his husband.

Viktor’s cock steadied as he came. He looked down at Yuri with fluttering lashes, his thighs quivering as he tried to hold himself up. Yuri’s name tumbled from his lips like a soft prayer, slowly transforming into a howl as he let the tremors following his orgasm shake him to his very core.

Viktor climbed off of Yuri with a huff, his heart hammering as he spooned up against the blond. He reached up to brush away some of the honey, wiping it against the duvet. He buried his face in Yuri’s neck, nuzzling the fresh mark on the blond. “Fuck...was it always like the before we had the baby?”

Still swallowing down honey and cum, Yuri was slowly to speak as he took in deep, shuddering breaths. “It has been a while..” He panted as he blinked, but still he squirmed, “But are you going to keep me like this?” Yuri’s cock was still half-hard and pink with arousal. “Don’t be a greedy Tsar!” He teased.

“Oh, my mistake princess,” Viktor chuckled, rising to his hands and knees before climbing to the foot of the bed. He slurped up Yuri’s cock like it was a treat that he was only ever allowed to savor on special occasions, deep throating the boy with a pleased hum. The smell of Yuri’s musky crotch was intoxicating, urging him onward as he sucked. Viktor would gladly live between these thighs if given the chance.

With his body bound, Yuri’s movements were almost bouncy, his hips jerking upwards eagerly but without much power. Though the vicious movements Viktor had enjoyed weren’t necessary for Yuri- he was already nearing his edge- it had never taken very much to leave him a panting mess. His breath seemed caught in his throat as he panted, quietly calling out Viktor’s name as if they might be heard in this massive cottage. But the moment Viktor’s tongue began to circle the tip of his sensitive prick, Yuri’s mewls were breaking into echoing cries of delight. He liked to be loud- or rather- he simply couldn’t help himself when Viktor had him trapped like this.

Viktor has always loved how vocal Yuri was, and the way his stomach would get so pink while he was pleasured. The blond’s body was radiating warmth, a wriggling fire under Viktor’s finger tips as the man suckled his cock. It was the most pleasing sensation, a boost to his ego as he brought Yuri closer and closer to the edge. He could tell by the pace of the moans that his lover was close. He would bring Yuri to the brink.

The warmth of his mouth was ruining Yuri, he met his end with a softened cry of frustration as he finished into his husband’s mouth with a stubborn yelp. He didn’t want it to end yet- but now he could only bask in the flood of euphoria that rushed from his fingers to his scalp. A muffled cry of Viktor’s name was drowned out by the rest of his breathy gasps, before finally falling silent and pliant into the dampened sheets. Utterly boneless, he relaxed back into the bed, while his wrists and ankles still hung from their silk bondage.

Viktor rested his head on the inside of Yuri’s thigh as he wiped the small amount of cum that escaped his mouth from his chin. His breaths were slow and easy, his heart rate beginning to slow as he looked up and into Yuri’s emerald green eyes. “We have to do that more often. Maybe my mother or your father could watch Evi for us. We would have to think of a better excuse...but I’m sure you could come up with something,” Viktor said with a laugh, pressing a kiss to Yuri’s sweat slick skin. “You’re the brains in this marriage.”

“I don’t want to talk about your mother and father right now-” Yuri growled, rolling his eyes as he shook his wrists to accentuate their intimacy. “Now I’m the one begging for a moment without them,” Usually Yuri was the one to keep Evi around, never allowing Vadim to take their child for much more than an hour.
“We have today don’t we?” He panted still before glancing out towards the forest just beyond their windows. Surely Evi and Sergei were out walking about, or perhaps playing in the nursery. He would thank his brother later for agreeing to be a nanny for a little while, even if Sergei would blanch at the thought of he and Viktor enjoying marital bliss.

Viktor nodded, tugging on Yuri’s binds and allowing the boy a second to relax against the bed before Viktor was scooping the blond into his arms and into the bathroom. They would have plenty of time for sex today, but first he needed to remove some of the honey from Yuri’s face. The blond’s eyes were struggling to stay open, his lashes glued together and heavy. “I had them draw a bath for us...I hope you don’t mind.”

The ensuite was covered in flowers, ruby red rose petals lined a pathway to a steaming clawfoot tub. The curtains were closed, more than a dozen candles illuminating the space. The flames flickered and cast elaborate shadows against the walls and floors. Viktor sank into the steamy water with a sigh, bringing Yuri along with him as he settled with his back against the porcelain surface.

The water lapped at Yuri’s skin in a lovely way, he didn’t even mind the heat rolling off of it when he washed his face clean. The smell of rosewater and buttery oils that smeared across his skin were all soothing to the touch. But perhaps best of all was the small table, decorated with little chocolates and even more tarts. “Why would I protest against this?” Yuri chirped happily, using his new freedom to reach over Viktor for a creamy tart, one that he first bit into before offering a bite to Viktor.

“You haven’t always been the most receptive to luxury, and to the serving staff, but having this moment together is worth a lot to me. I just always want you to be pleased.” Viktor happily accepted the bite, sucking Yuri’s fingers into his mouth as he nipped at the blond. Viktor wiped at Yuri’s face with one of the crisp hand towels that waited next to the tub, the skin glowing a soft shade of pink. Viktor’s cock was already beginning to become hard again, his flesh coming alive as Yuri’s slick body wiggled against him. “I don’t know how you do it to me, but I can’t control myself around you.”

Yuri’s happy mumblings between bites of cookies and biscuits was enough to make his contentment known- but Yuri was usually at his most tranquil when he could eat something sweet.

“The Tsar can’t control himself?” Yuri giggled softly, his smile beaming and bright as he nestled a little closer, lithesome arms wrapping around broad shoulders to hold him tight. “Should I be scared of you losing your restraint?” He teased between sugar-sweet kisses that were peppered across Viktor’s jaw, which were followed by bites with pearly teeth.

“You should always have fear for your Tsar, little lamb,” Viktor said with a wicked grin, his hands digging into the flesh of Yuri’s ass. His fingers teased along the outside of the cheeks before diving inside and circling the blond’s hole. Without warning Viktor forced two of his fingers inside of the boy, delighting in the way Yuri hid his face in the older man’s shoulder to muffle his whimpers. “This belongs to your Tsar, but I’m sure you already know that very well.”

The moment that elegantly long fingers dug into him, Yuri keened with pleasured frustration. He loved to be fingered open, to feel Viktor’s digits working him open as if it were all he could handle. “Yes.. You taught me well.” He bobbed his head in tune to their little game. He loved to see Viktor live out a mild fantasy of being ruler- a cruel or kind one- Yuri loved both.

Narrow hips rolled themselves to take Viktor’s long fingers even deeper, purposefully pushing himself until he could feel them curl against his prostate.

“You have no idea how many times people have asked me if I found you in a whore house...are you sure you’re not some sort of prostitute pretending to be a princess?” Viktor teased, adding a third finger to open the blond up. “A princess wouldn’t be such a wanton...You can hardly contain your passion. I think that's why I lose control. Yuri Plisetsky, you are a god of sex,” Viktor purred, his cock fully erect and sliding between Yuri’s ass cheeks as he removed his fingers. “And I was put on this earth to worship you.”

Yuri always felt the need to remind Viktor that he had been the one to teach him all of this- yet he couldn’t deny the pleasure in being worshipped- even if it was he who was being fucked into the floor. “If I’m a god of sex, what does that make you?” Yuri playfully rolled his eyes, panting as he was taken in one smooth stroke. He trembled on quivering thighs as he adjusted around his husband, having to gasp for breath as he settled all the way onto his lap. He certainly didn’t feel very angelic when he was shaking, body clenching up as he squeezed his petite body around Viktor’s thick length.

Water sloshed out of the bath and onto the floor as Viktor readjusted with Yuri in his lap. The blond would have to ride him, there simply wasn’t enough friction on the bottom of the tub. He braced his hands on Yuri’s hips, helping the blond to lift off of his cock and slide back down with a groan. Yuri never seemed to adjust, his body tight like a well tailored suit. “I am a mere mortal. I may be a king among men, but next to you I am nothing.”

Yuri’s hands eased themselves around the tight muscle of Viktor’s shoulders, holding him tightly as he sunk deeper into the tub to allow Yuri’s body the freedom to ride his cock. Finding the angle that he loved was easy- practice had taught him well- how to perfectly rub his prostate until he would tighten up over and over as the pleasure ebbed and flowed. “F-Faster..” He mewled softly, quietly pleading for Viktor to grab him by the hips and slam his body down.

“Anything for you.” Viktor was more than happy to comply with Yuri’s lustful demands, his fingers digging into the pillowy flesh at his lover’s waist as he forced Yuri to take his cock deeper. The Tsarevich’s body was loose and warm, his limbs stretching out around Yuri. The silver haired man chuckled, loving how eager for sex Yuri had become. It made him more willing to believe that the blond might be pregnant. Yuri had been quite needy when he was still expecting Evi, but maybe this was all just a build up from their current sex drought. “Is this better for you, princess?”

Gasping breaths filled the chamber as Yuri happily bounced, his body arching and squirming until he hit that lovely spot that brought him to the edge. “Y-Yes.. Yes my King..” He grit his teeth for a moment, struggling not to finish so easily.. But the moment he caught a glance of Viktor’s handsome features and the glittering quality of his eyes, Yuri was losing his battle.

Toes curled in anticipation as Yuri’s body clenched tightly- tight enough that he squeezed Viktor’s length like a vice grip, before spilling inelegantly across them both. Blooms of his cum filled the bath water as he melted against his husband’s body with a shuddering, pleading sob. The weight of his arousal was almost tangible in Yuri’s voice as he struggled to even blink away his blurry vision.

Viktor’s cock twitched as it was trapped by the vice like grip of Yuri’s hole. He steadied the blond, forcing his cock as deeply into the boy as he could manage while his eyelids fluttered closed and images of Yuri’s blissed expression flooded his mind. His husband was intoxicating, Yuri’s slick body pressed up against his, their hearts pounding out of their chests. It pushed Viktor over the edge as he let out a low grumble, thick ropes of semen forcing their way deep into the blond. Viktor whispered Yuri’s name, his voice quiet and airy as he crushed his small lover against him.

“We need to slow down if we are going to go all day,” Viktor teased, jostling Yuri just enough to reach around and let the murky water out of the tub.

Like a melting snowflake, Yuri happily puddled in Viktor’s lap. His lithesome limbs were heavy, collapsing around Viktor’s shoulders and narrow hips as he sat with his husband’s softening prick nestled in his bottom. The feeling was.. Blissful. Domestic and slightly uncomfortable, but Yuri still loved the closeness, practically purring when he could feel the rumble of Viktor’s words in his chest. “You sound like an old man. Can’t keep up..?” He snickered between little nips of Viktor’s throat with his languid mouth.

“Some of us aren’t sex gods,” Viktor groaned, easing his cock out of the blond with a hiss, wanting to wash away the little reminder of their love making before all of the water was out of the tub. “We came in here to get clean and all we did was get even more messy.” Viktor was the first to get out of the bath, draping a long grey robe around his shoulders before turning back for Yuri, holding out a matching robe for the dripping wet boy. “Give your old husband a break.”

On bambi-legs, Yuri followed after him over the lip of the massive tub. Water splattered against the floor as he snuck closer to Viktor, reaching to snatch the robe around his cold shoulders with a shivering giggle. “I married an old.. Silver man.” Yuri teased with a little mischievous smile, but he happily nuzzled against his side, tucking the coldness of his pink nose against Viktor’s chest to soak up the lovely smell of his body. Together they stood in a nice quiet, the massive windows of the lavatory revealing the snowy landscape.

“Are you sure your father didn’t secretly own a brothel that you trained at during your youth? I could see Sergei being a good door manager,” Viktor mused, scooping the blond into his arms and bringing Yuri back into their bedroom. The sheets had already been changed and a new tray of breakfast goods set by the roaring fireplace. It tickled the Tsarevich to imagine Yuri as some paid seductress...Yuri scantily clad and performing on stage for throngs of people. “Why don’t we eat and then just check on Evi? I want to make sure your brother isn’t teaching him to hate me or how to drive.”

“You wish I was a trained whore.” Yuri snickered as he fingered a pot of honey, eagerly suckling on his fingers as he eased back into bed, the rope opening to reveal his chest. “Mm.. I was just beginning to trust Sergei.” Yuri jested as he happily curled against Viktor’s lap between bites of biscuit and indulgent sweets that he held up to Viktor’s mouth.

“You know Evi will love you- he’s going to be your little shadow.” Yuri mused.

“He is mama’s boy,” Viktor laughed between bites, trying to suck Yuri’s fingers into his mouth as the smaller boy teased him. “He wants everything to do with you, and I think it is utterly charming. Vlad was like that with our mother. He was always with her, and when I was born he became so territorial. So I ended up gravitating more to my father to avoid his ire. Maybe this second baby will be mine...but I think you should embrace being the favorite,” Viktor said softly. “You take such amazing care of Evi, and you give him so much of yourself.” Viktor hugged Yuri tightly as he spoke, feeling himself getting lost in the moment of tenderness between them.

Yuri smiled to himself.. He wasn’t sure he had ever been so happy in his life. He had always had the love of Nikolai and Sergei, but to be able to provide that same love for Evi, was all he had ever wanted. Once so full of irritation, but now he couldn’t help but feel this deep affection for his little family. “Well.. like father like son.” Yuri teased as he nestled against Viktor sweetly. “He loves me just like you do.” He suddenly wished to be holding his little baby- in fact it felt slightly strange not to hear his crying or babbling. “Maybe we’ll have a little girl who you can teach how to ride horses.” Though Mariya had always warned him that the Nikiforov lineage was rather prone to twins.. He wasn’t so sure he could handle another two growing in his belly.

“You know I wouldn’t mind a little girl...but I would love more boys. More little men I can fight with for your affection,” Viktor teased, moving to sit on the edge of the bed. “You saw the way Evi slapped my hand when I was trying to hold your hand on the was hilarious, but what ever will we do if you don’t have enough hands for us all to hold? You better always have one for me.” Viktor laughed at his own poor joke before making his way over to his wardrobe and grabbing out some of the warmer winter clothing he had packed for the journey. “Let’s go find them and put our minds at ease. Then we can go enjoy one of the surprises I have planned for you.”

Chapter Text

Months had passed since their arrival at the distant manor, it stood deep within the forests, far enough from the palace that Viktor could briefly forget the strain that remained there. Thankfully the bitter cold was relenting, but frost and snow still blanketed the earth as they waited for the gentle warmth of spring and summer. Evi had been getting plump and growing with each passing day, just as Yuri’s belly had been rounding out with life. Before their eyes Evi was learning how to walk- how to speak- at eighteen months he was racing Makkachin down the hallways, even if he stumbled or crawled half way.

Viktor followed behind, taking small steps to let Evi feel that he was winning. His prize was the toothy grin that the small blond wore, the sparkling blue of Evi’s eyes as the little boy squealed when Viktor got too close. His hands reached out for his son, fingers wiggling with the threat of tickles and playful pinches. “You better go faster if you don’t want papa to get you,” Viktor teased, swiping for Evi and missing on purpose to make the boy feel powerful. “I’m going to get you.”

Makkachin yipped softly, nipping at the backs of Viktor’s heels as the three of them played, but the dog had been trained to do nothing more than nudge or nuzzle Evi. “No! No Papa!” Evi shouted through the cavernous halls as he raced away from Viktor on uncoordinated legs. Panting softly he hiccuped with laughter as Viktor’s fingers continued to merely tickle at his clothes- that was until a pair of lithesome arms scooped him up from the wooden floor in one swift motion. Despite the heaviness of Yuri’s belly, he could still wrangle his boy like a cat taking its kittens by the scruff.

“Is Papa teasing you?” He quirks a brow as his young son giggles breathlessly and hugs Yuri tightly around the throat.

“I would never!” Viktor said quickly, holding his hands up in surrender as he leaned in close to press a kiss to the top of Yuri’s head. “I was only testing our son to see if he would be able to outrun kidnappers if the situation ever presented itself...and I think he might be able to escape, but I will need to conduct more tests.”

Viktor laughed at his own joke, moving his hand down to Yuri’s stomach with a pleased rumbling in his chest as he felt the heaviness in the blond’s stomach. Yuri was a walking showpiece of Viktor’s sexual prowess. He would have a large family, and luckily Yuri was receptive to his seed. “How are you feeling, my love?”

The worry of ever needing to protect their children from traitors to the crown was a thought that left Yuri with slightly pinched brows, but the thought was shaken off as he glanced to Viktor. There was a warmth in his gaze, one clearly blooming from the sight of Yuri’s belly. With a slight roll of his eyes he returned the graceful smile, “I’m feeling as if I weigh more than one of the horses out in the stable.” He grumbled, but Evi’s own curious touch was comforting. The boy was reaching down, patting at Yuri’s stomach the same way Viktor had, but with a more puzzled curiosity. “You’ll be a big brother soon, Evi. You won’t be mean like your Uncle, right?” Yuri snickered softly as his young son dutifully nodded, only to break into a beaming smile.

“You have to protect your little brothers. Papa is a good big brother and he knows that Prince Evi will be just as amazing,” Viktor chuckled, his stomach fluttering for a moment when he felt the gentle movement of his children under his palm. Maybe it was more pronounced since there were two of them...he didn’t remember being able to feel Evi move this early, but it made him so happy that he could already experience his babies. “Love, why don’t you lie down? I could take Evi downstairs to wait for my father.”

Vadim had been begging to visit the summer palace, hating that Viktor and his little family were so far away. However, Mariya had asked him to give the couple space. Yuri and Viktor hadn’t ever been given the luxury of privacy until they moved to the country...and it was certainly something Mariya had once dreamed of when she had first been settling in with Vadim.

“You should rest, Yura. We are just going to do some of the things my father and I did when I was younger,” Viktor insisted as he tried to guide the blond back to their bedroom.

Yuri’s hardly believed such an innocent statement, “Vitya I swear if your father intends on teaching a baby how to shoot or ride a horse I will have both of your heads mounted and stuffed.” Yuri growled as he was shushed and led back to their bedroom. He certainly didn’t like being treated so tenderly simply because his belly was round, but that was Yuri’s own youthful ignorance thinking for him. He didn’t realize what a strain pregnancy truly was until he found comfort in sitting upon their plush bed.

But Evi giggled happily, clearly uncaring of his mother’s warnings and his father’s pleading smiles. “I will send Seryozha out with you both.” It was a threat spoken with a slight smile as Yuri glared at him. Of course he too was a young thing full of rebellion and excitement, but Yuri certainly didn’t want his child harmed or taught violence too early.

“Yuri don’t ruin the fun! My father packed all of his rifles and we were just going to have a cleaning day. He never lets anyone clean his guns for him, and without me to help will take forever. We will be teaching Evi gun safety and cleanliness...and its too snowy to saddle up the horses, but maybe Evi can ride Makka,” Viktor said with a weak smile, hoping that Yuri wouldn’t protest too much. “You can join us if you want, but you will be terribly bored. How about I promise not to let Evi shoot a gun?”

Yuri nearly slapped him for that, his eyes rolling as he held Evi a little tighter. “Cleaning guns? Perhaps I should be there to make sure you two fools bring him no harm.” Yuri wouldn’t admit that it did sound a little interesting- he had always peeked at Vadim’s collection of weaponry with curiosity. The glint of swords and daggers had always made him grin with fascination, but Vadim kept it all safely away from reach. Distantly he knew they were trustworthy, Viktor would sooner die than allow any harm to befall his child, but Yuri had grown more instinctively protective of the both of them, as if he alone was in charge. “Are you not the older of us both? Or have you gone senile in your old age.” Yuri snickered now, feeling somewhat soothed by Viktor’s promise. It wasn’t as if Mariya, and all of Viktor’s brothers and sisters weren’t well versed in weaponry- and thankfully none of them had been marred.

“I want my lovely spouse to be happy with me...and I want my Evi to get to spend time with my father,” Viktor whined, reaching out to slip Evi out of Yuri’s arms and into his own. “Come with us. You know you’re my father’s favorite child now.”

The family made their way to the large, formal living room. The tall picture window showed the beautifully snowy landscape just outside of their warm home. The trees were heavy with fresh snow, branches bowing under the weight as they struggled to support the powdery precipitation. The sun sparkled across the untainted white of the lawn, spring flowers starting to poke through even though the chilly weather kept the snow around for a little while longer. Spring would be in full bloom, fighting against winter for its place in the spotlight.

Viktor sat in the banket, sinking down onto the cushion with a sigh as he let Evi stand against the window, the child’s hands smacking against the glass when he noticed the caravan of cars pull up the lengthy drive. “Dedushka is here, Evi.”

Evi was a flurry of excitable shouts, endlessly chirping “Deda! Deda!” As Vadim dusted snow from his shoulders, and servants placed heavy trunks down around the room. Evi toddled around his feet, slightly clumsy as he clung to Yuri’s legs the moment he and Viktor stepped forward to greet him. “Did you bring my favorite shashka?” Yuri spoke with a slight smirk, perhaps he didn’t like rifles, but he was certainly intrigued by blades. There was a warrior in him yet, which Vadim found all the more delightful.

“Oh?” Vadim chuckled, hefting Evi up and into his arms with a pleased sigh as he tucked the blond under his chin. He was always so careful with the boy, gloved hand rubbing the child’s back as he whispered his soft phrases of love into the shell of Evi’s ear. For a large and imposing man, he was more of a teddy than actual bear. “I didn’t know my Yura would be joining us...I only brought have of my shashka collection, and hopefully I remembered your favorite.” Of course he knew which one it was, the gold handled sword with the glittering green gems. “It might be in one of the trunks I packed.”

“You can keep the stink of gun powder for yourselves then.” Yuri seemed to have warmed slightly to the idea. Seeing how happy Evi was to be surrounded by even more of his royal family was a sight that left Yuri feeling syrupy. “Perhaps Vitya can teach me how to fight with a blade.” He beamed at him, as if he weren’t a few months pregnant and completely untrained as a warrior. Yuri hurried back to his husband’s side, encouraging him up to greet his father while servants unpacked the emptied rifles and slightly dull swords and sabers.

“I’ll teach you to fight when you teach me how to cross stitch,” Viktor teased, moving forward to embrace his father and squash Evi between the two of them. The child cooed and wiggled against both of them, happy to be close to both his father and grandfather. “You are such a attention grabber. Isn’t that right, Evi?”

It had been months since Vadim had been able to sneak away from the palace to spend time with his second born and his family. The Tsar was always busy, but that didn’t change the loneliness he felt with Viktor and Yuri’s absence. He didn’t like having them so far away, especially since it meant less time with Evi and his soon to be grandchildren. “Lets get inside. I don’t want Yura to catch a chill,” Vadim remarked, urging Viktor toward the door.

“Of course, papa,” Viktor said softly, following behind the Tsar as he ushered Yuri inside.

Yuri followed after them, but not without a bold retort- “I can fight, just not with a blade. You don’t think living with Seryozha was a battle?” He snickered softly as he watched Evi tug at Vadim’s cropped hair curiously. “I’ve tried, but you’re a terrible student to teach sewing to.” He rolled his eyes as they shuffled by the warmth of the fire, their heavy furs and cloaks whisked away by servants. He eased back against into a massive chair, eyes slightly dry and irritated from the cold. But Evi appeared completely uncaring, he was a giggling mess as Vadim tickled him playfully.

“Well, I just don’t have the patience for it.” Viktor grinned, watching Vadim lift the blond over his head before sinking to the floor to get on Evi’s level. The little boy pawed at his grandfather’s medals, tugging at Vadim’s coat before being whisked up and onto the older man’s back. Viktor could remember doing the same thing when he was small, riding on his father’s shoulders when they spent time together in the Tsar’s study. “Hold on tight Evi. Maybe one day mama will let you ride the pony deda got you...but for now you can just ride deda.”

Vadim smirked, groaning softly as he got to his feet and kept the small boy on his back. He took quick strides around the room, one hand firmly planted on Evi while the child held on for dear life. “Don’t let go, sweetling.”

Yuri offered a hint of a smile as he watched Evi cling tightly to his grandfather, the laughter which echoed in the massive parlor was infectious. His barely-there grin was soon broadening as Vadim seemed to remove any hint of Tsardom from his shoulders, in favor of playing with his grandson, it reminded Yuri quite intensely of Nikolai. He dearly missed his father, wishing to hear his gruff voice again and feel the weight of his massive arms in an embrace. They would return to the palace soon, this was merely a means of vacation, but Yuri did enjoy the lack of stress.

“Not too fast, you wouldn’t want your knees to go.” Yuri snickered from his place upon the sofa, where Makkachin had happily come to lick at his hand and beg for a few gentle pets.

“I’m not that old,” Vadim griped, rolling his eyes as he settled Evi back onto the soft rug in from of the fire, his eyes flicking over to where his guns and blades were being laid out across a cloth covered table. “Vitya, we have work to do.”

Viktor nodded, sinking into a chair next to his father with a pleasant sigh. His fingers worked quickly, taking apart one of the smaller handguns that had belonged to his grandfather. He carefully laid out each piece in a single row, years of practice making the act more muscle memory than an act that required thought. Vadim worked the same. His years in the military making him a fine tuned machine as he took apart two guns at the same time to inspect the interior parts of each. “Have you considered keeping things like this here?”

“Not with Evi being so young and curious,’ Viktor said quickly, glancing over to where his son had curled up in Yuri’s arms with sleepy blue eyes. “I’m confident in the men that watch over us here.”

“I just want you all to be safe.” Vadim scowled, his gaze lingering on Yuri’s belly. “Has the doctor been out to see him?”

“Twice since we have been here.” Viktor paused, pursing his lips before responding calmly. “I promise you have taught me well. I am taking care of them like you took care of mama and us.”

“I know..I just worry.”

Yuri was dozing off as he held a sleepy Evi in his arms, with their eyes half-lidded and arms wrapped around one another, the parent and child were quick to fall asleep to the sound of Viktor and Vadim’s chatter. It was nearly routine now that Evi would rest with his cheek pressed against Yuri’s chest, while one of his small hands laid across his mother’s rounded belly as if he meant to protect him. The sight was tender, but Yuri usually refused to allow anyone aside from Viktor see this vulnerable glimpse.

But even as he rest, the servants returned with small meals for the four of them, before whisking off Vadim’s luggage to store for his evening spent in the country house.