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She was beautiful in zero gravity.
Security did train in zero gravity and the Chief Engineer of the USS Enterprise had made it a habit to occasionally, just now and then, take a glimpse at the training sessions. There was always something that needed some checking up and welding done and so there had always been a reason to stick around a few training sessions. Today Chief of Security had ordered them all outside - real zero grav for a change - and she had just floated around a monitor.
„You’re an old fool, Montgomery Scott“, mumbled the Scotsman to himself and turned around, checking his PADD for messages. He had work to do.

„Y/N, we’re done!“ you’re senior officer waved you back inside and you saluted, turning around, gliding through the vacuum of space, back into the Enterprise. You were in orbit around a planet that was „Fascinating“ according to some well known vulcan - and while you weren’t stuck in WARP, your senior took the opportunity for some real Zero Grav training. You liked those sessions, they were good training in three dimensional navigation. And there was another thing: You loved the thrill of only fabric between you and space. It was a trance - effortless, and silent apart from the soft buzzing of your life support systems. There was a certain beauty to it only you seemed to grasp, as your mates seemed to groan about those drills more than anything else. You halted at the airlock, took another good look at the Enterprise - few inside the ship ever saw her like that, despite when in port - and marveled at her beauty.
Yes, you loved what you did.

Airlock shut behind you, pressure equalization whizzed and you could finally take your helmet off. Cassandra was already grinning, small wrinkles around her nose and a twinkle in her eyes.
„I was beginning to think you’d never come, took a good look at the lady, huh?“ she laughed, grabbing a towel to rub her face. She threw you another towel.
„She’s one beautiful ship,“ you replied, catching the towel with one hand and putting your helmet on a pile of clothes next to you.
„Heard we’re off on shore leave?“
„I think the exact words the captain used were ‚camping‘“, replied Cassandra and shook her head, although not all too dismissive. As far as you gathered, exploring was going on well and Captain thought it would be a nice break from your 5 year mission to get a few days off. Do something relaxing.
„As long as we’re still airborne, how about breakfast?“ - you nodded to the door, grabbing your pile of clothes. She grinned. „Yeah, I’m starving.“

You went for a steak and some kind of fruit salad, glancing around the room. The sound of chatter and laughter around you filled your head with a pleasant buzz. Cassandra chatted away with some guy from the MedBay she met a few weeks ago. What was his name? Andrew…Andrej…? Something starting with an A. You couldn’t remember, as you didn’t make an effort to remember her companions name until they stuck around for longer then three weeks. As long as she was happy and content and didn’t want you to remember any birthdays, you were fine. She had always had the attention of the guys, and girls, around you. She was tall, at least 6,2 feet. Long hair in a tight knot. Ever sparkling brown eyes. Andrej .. or was it Andrew? .. was smitten. You could see it in his face and had to fight back a grin. Good thing you didn’t share bunks with her anymore, the sleep deprivation would have probably killed you by now.

There was another familiar sound on the enterprise. It was like a different tune in all familiar music. Something that always caught your attention - the sound of a scotsman, laughing. He was sitting there with Bones and the Captain, and their conversation seemed to shift between heated argument and joking around. He shook his head at the captain with what looked like a moan about yet another stunt and as he lifted his head your yes met for a moment. All sound seemed to vanish, as if a hull breach had created a vacuum right here, right now.
You smiled and hoped you did not look too sheepishly, nor too .. well.. what?
„Well, have you got your eye set on one big fish or what?“ Cassandra’s voice broke through the moment, a moment that couldn’t have lasted more then a second. Maybe two. You hoped. Your cheeks flushed red.

„Shut up.“ - you focused on your steak again.
„You know, Y/N, I have seen Scotty hanging around lately.“
„Hmph.“ She always wanted you to get a guy, or girl, or whatever. Someone to relax with.
„You were on Solfar 6 with him, weren’t you? That away mission where you caught that nasty burn?“
„Yeah“ - and he had been a pleasure to work with. „It’s Scotty, lass.“ you could still hear his voice ringing in your ears. He had even checked on you in the MedBay afterwards.
Cassandra was still looking at you and you let out a small sigh, pushing the rest of the food away from you. „What could a man like that want from a simple security brute like me?“, you lifted your eyebrows. If you had her looks, well, that would be one thing. „He’s smart, he’s nearly a living legend.“
„You’re being unfair to yourself, as usual“ Cassandra shook her head once more. You laughed at her remark „You know it’s true. You do. It’s always you bringing in the fish.“ - „That, my friend, is because I dare to throw my bait out in the ocean, while you’re not even going near water.“ Groaning you got up with her, brought your stuff away and left the mess. A pair of blue eyes followed your every movement out.