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A Darker Take: Book One

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Chapter One: What the Hell Ginny?


Harry stood leaning against his desk, absently twirling his wand and sending his scattered possessions flying into his bag. It was nearing 5’ o clock, and the monotony of the day left him yearning for home.

“Hey mate!” Ron called, as he breezed into their shared office.

“Hey..” Harry replied, eyes following the progress of his papers more than that of his friend.

“Leaving so soon?”

“Yeah!” at this, Harry brightened, “The kids get back tomorrow so I figured I’d get home early and help Ginny with the tree.”

“Ahh.. You sure that’s good idea? You know how Ginny feels about surprises,” Ron chuckled nervously.

“It’ll be fine, I do live there you know, me being home hardly counts as a surprise,” Pausing, Harry gave Ron an assessing look, “Are you feeling alright? You look a bit peakish.”

“Probably just left over from that curse Dolohov threw earlier, nasty bugger, that one,” at this, Ron straightened up and threw what he hoped was an encouraging smile in Harry’s direction.

“Alright then, mate. Take care of yourself, and give my love to ‘Mione!” He then turned, and headed towards the atrium, eager to floo home.

Once he was gone, Ron murmured to himself, “Surely she isn't that dim, she must have sent him home by now, right?”


Harry exited the floo into the downstairs lounge of his house, barely avoiding stumbling onto the plush rug draped near the hearth.

“Ginny? I’m home!”

Hearing no response, and deciding she was likely just napping upstairs, as she tended to do in the late afternoons, he headed up towards the master bedroom.

Harry opened the door to the bedroom, expecting to see his wife napping peacefully under their thick duvet, however what he actually saw was very different.

Ginny wasn't napping at all, rather, she was gleefully riding Dean Thomas’ thick cock, moaning each time he thrust into her.

After a brief moment of shock, Harry exclaimed the only thing which came to mind;

“What the fuck, Ginny?!”

At this, she gasped, rolling off of Dean and pulling the sheets up to cover the both of them.

“I-I can explain! Harry I swear it isn’t what it looks like!” Ginny leaned towards where he stood, still clutching the sheets close to her, as Dean looked at Harry, shocked, and gaping like a fish.

“I don’t really care for your explanations at the moment, Ginny…” Harry murmured, the items in the room began to shake and rattle as Harry’s magic seeped from his body, his anger causing his normally strict control to waver.

“Look, mate-“ Dean began, only to stop as the rattling became more violent.

“Harry! Please! You’re scaring me!” Ginny pleaded, face paling as she realized the potential repercussions of her husbands anger.

“Ginerva Potter nee Weasley, I hereby declare our marriage null and void, and cast you from the House of Potter,” Harry began, voice barely audible in the chaos of the room, “… So mote it be.”

At this, all of the objects in the room stilled, halting quickly once Harry gained control of his rampant magic.

“H-Harry… Please…” Ginny sobbed, “W-what a-about the k-kids?”

“They deserve better than you,” Harry whispered venomously, as he turned sharply towards the door, “So do I.”




Harry apparated directly into the auror training room at the ministry, unwilling to spend anymore time than necessary in the house he had shared with that cheating bitch. He paced back and forth on the slightly padded ground, slowly unleashing his magic to do as it pleased.

He hardly noticed as the contents of the room began to swirl around him, carried by the furious strands of his magic.

“i can’t believe she would do the to me… After all these years…” Harry murmured to himself, as his magic became increasingly rambunctious.

“How am I supposed to be a single father? How am i supposed to explain this to them?” His voice was now taking on a more panicked quality, as the reality of the situation set in.

“Lily adores her! She will hate me, she’ll think it’s my fault….” At this, he dropped to his knees, fear overwhelming him as he realized just what the sudden annulment of his marriage would entail. He pressed his clenched fists against the floor, his knuckles whitening with the pressure. He knew his kids loved him, but how could he possibly explain why their mother and father were happily married one day, and divorced the next? How could he tell an eleven year old girl, who, quite frankly, idolized Ginny, about the sins of her mother?

Harry slowly sank deeper and deeper into his thoughts, not noticing as his magic gently cocooned him, before sinking into his skin, leaving him glowing a shimmering silver, before he vanished.

The Harry that defeated Voldemort and became the Light’s savior, was gone.