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One of Us Has to See Sense

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Freya’s hideout

Freya paced nervously around the abandoned attic. She sent Finn to find Niklaus’ child and hadn’t heard back. Killing the baby shouldn’t have taken more than a day and she was beginning to worry. Deciding to be better safe than sorry, she began to perform a locator spell. She gasped in shock when nothing happened. The shock turned to rage when she realized the truth: the spell only worked on the living. Finn was dead. This meant war.

The Bayou

Caroline strolled into the cabin in the Bayou Kai had called from. She saw Enzo and one of the wolves at each other’s throats. Hayley stood in the corner glaring at her and a middle-aged man was looking at her curiously and giving her a strange vibe. Deciding to prevent another fight, she threw her keys at Enzo’s head and said. “Make yourself useful. There’s a box of grimoires in my trunk.”

“Always so bossy, gorgeous.” Enzo teased as he left the building. He returned a moment later carrying a large box.

Caroline sat down next to Kai and asked. “Why am I here?”

“The wolves had rings that helped them control their transformation. Apparently, right after our little tiff, they stopped working and they’d like to know why.” Kai answered.

“But why am I here?” she asked again.

“Because, Blondie, your vampire friend and the witch insisted you might be able to help.” Hayley snapped. Caroline turned to face the hybrid.

“You know what’s great about you being a hybrid now?” Caroline asked, before speeding over and snapping her neck. “It means I can do that.” The wolves began to growl at the blonde and she rolled her eyes. “Relax, she’ll be fine. She also had that coming. Now, tell me exactly what happened.”

Oliver was almost finished explaining when Hayley woke up. “What the hell?”

“It sucks, doesn’t it?” Caroline asked, before turning back to the others. “Now, did the rings lose power all at once or did it slowly fade?”

“We don’t know.” One of them said.

“It was sudden. I…I tried to bite you before staking you but my fangs wouldn’t work.” Another werewolf answered.

“And I’m guessing none of you know the spell that was used?” everyone shook their heads. “Ok, I can think of two ways this happened. Option one: Traveller magic purification ritual, it would undo most kinds of magic. There are a few issues, like, among other things, Hayley would be dead if it was that.”

“Why would I be dead?”

“It strips all non-Traditional magic out of an area. Like the Spirit magic that created vampires.” Enzo said, trying to get his point across without saying it.


“And you had to die to become a hybrid. Without the Spirit magic, you’re just a dead werewolf.” Caroline said tersely. “Also, all the Travellers are dead.”

“Second option?”

“First, answer a question for me. Why’d Esther give you moonlight rings to begin with?”

“Something about convincing Elijah and Klaus to agree to become human.”

Caroline pursed her lips and rolled her eyes. “It’s times like this that I miss Katherine.”

“Did she kill you goldilocks?” Enzo asked.

“Yes. Katherine was manipulative, calculating and self-centered, but she was at least honest about her motivations. “ Caroline was met with blank stares. “Esther doesn’t want to turn her children back into humans out of some sense of motherly love or because she cares. Nature will not allow Esther to find peace as long as vampires exist. She’s hiding behind this ‘let’s be a family again’ facade. ”

“We all know by now that Esther’s a psychotic bitch. What’s the second explanation?”

“Esther reached into something to supplement her power and now that something is reaching back, reclaiming its power.” Caroline said.

“What could that something be?” Ansel, the werewolf that gave Caroline a weird feeling, asked.

“Let’s see: Nature turned against her when she created the Originals, so not that. Most benign magic wouldn’t work either for the same reason. The Other Side is gone, so no Spirit magic. Esther’s a control freak so she wouldn’t channel the Ancestors. That leaves the dark magics, but I don’t know which one or a very powerful dark witch.”

“The witches are being bitches again and you’re still as useless as you were two years ago.” Hayley spat out, still angry about her neck being broken. Caroline turned to look at her and raised an eyebrow. Hayley was about to continue when her spine snapped, followed by one of her femurs. For some reason, Hayley was shifting. “What’s happening to me? I can’t make it stop.”

The wolves looked at each other confused and then turned to the visitors. “The full moon isn’t for another week and a half.”

“Is this going to happen to the rest of us?” Ansel asked.

“Are you asking for yourself or for your son? You did come back from the Other Side for him.” Caroline asked.

The werewolves turned to look at Ansel in shock. “How-?”

“Did I know? You aren’t denying it, for starters. For me though, it’s the eyes. You have his eyes or I guess he has yours. Anyway, I’ve only seen those eyes in one other person, and I don’t believe in coincidences.” The blonde said. “And no, I’m not going to tell him, but you should. Preferably before certain other people beat you to it.”

“Back to Hayley, what’s happening?”

“Someone clearly wants her to suffer.” Caroline said. “Perhaps this is the hybrid equivalent to depowering your rings. Whoever it is, really doesn’t like werewolves.”

"Are we entirely sure this isn't Inadu's doing?" Ansel asked.

Caroline looked up in surprise; Ansel knowing about Inadu confirmed that he was much older than every other person present. "Nah, Inadu hates all of you. She wouldn't have let the spell work to begin with."

"Who's Inadu?"Jackson asked. He’d spoken with Ansel about the history and origins of their people but the older man had never mentioned this woman.

"Inadu was a powerful Native American witch who lived sixteen hundred years ago. She's the one who cursed your ancestors to turn into wolves."

"She created werewolves? Why?"

"She was the sole survivor of another village's attack. Since your ancestors slaughtered her people like animals, she thought they should become animals."

“And you’re sure it isn’t her?” Jackson asked. “She seems like a prime suspect.”

“I guess we can ask.” Caroline said, mostly to herself.

“Wait, she’s still alive?” Oliver asked.

“Of course she isn’t still alive you dumbass.” Kai said. “Witches can stretch Nature, but not that far.” He rolled his eyes and turned to Caroline. “How are you going to talk to a dead witch? Especially with the Other Side gone.”

“I have my ways.” Caroline said, “I just need to go home for ingredients.”

“Great. Enzo needs blood and you can give us a ride out of this swamp.”

“When I say home, I mean, home.”


In the middle of the woods, a lone figure sat up and gasped for air. The brunette looked around wildly, wondering how she got from there to near her old family home. She felt the sunlight on her skin and panicked, knowing what damage the sun could do to her kind. When she didn’t start burning, she smirked, “Katherine Pierce is back, bitches.”