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Allison and Lydia are only about halfway between Lover’s Leap at Rock City and Birmingham, Alabama, when their tire pops on a dusty back road that looks like it is only frequented by locals. Lydia grumbles about the dangers of driving fast over rocky roads as she pulls out her cell phone to call AAA for a tow. Allison shakes her head as she gets out of the car, she calls to Lydia as she examines the deflated front tire.

“First of all, we ran over a screw which is why the tire deflated. Second, you don’t need to call AAA, I got this.”

This peaks Lydia’s interest enough to ignore the slight embarrassment at being wrong. Lydia raises her eyebrow as she locks her phone before stepping out of the car to join Allison. She crosses her arms over her chest as she too surveys the deflated tire..

“You know what you’re doing?”

Allison rolls her eyes at the sound of disbelief in Lydia’s voice. She walks to the trunk of the car and begins to rearrange their bags to get to the bottom panel of the trunk.

“Of course I do. I just need to make sure I have an actual tire in here and not just a donut...”

“There is no way we have a tire in that trunk…”

Lydia quips as she walks over, curious as to how with all of their things, a tire could also manage to fit. Allison successfully opens the bottom panel to reveal a new tire. She grins to herself as she starts removing all the pieces necessary for the task at hand.

“Remember how you mentioned that since we are going on a road trip we should get new tires for the car? Well I told my dad and he talked to your mom about it and they split the costs. I also hinted that a 5th backup tire might come in handy-Glad they listened!”

“Good thinking on your part. Now I’ll really be impressed if you can get it on.”

Allison takes the car jack and the bag of tools out of the car, setting them by the deflated tire. She returns to lug the extra tire out of the trunk before crouching in front of the tire and tilting her head as she examines it.

“I haven’t done this recently, so bear with me.”

Now it is Lydia’s turn to roll her eyes, uncrossing her arms as she makes her way towards Allison. She rests her back against the car door, smoothing her skirt out against her thighs to prevent the hot metal of the car from burning her delicate skin. Crossing one arm along her chest, she watches Allison attack the situation with a fierce sense of determination. Lydia’s eyes travel down Allison’s face, over the back of her white t-shirt that is becoming a little see through from the sweat gathering on the back of her neck caused by the Alabama heat. Lydia’s eyes roam lower over the accented curve of Allison’s ass in teal shorts. She becomes starts becoming aroused just by watching her beautiful girlfriend fix the tire on the car.

They maintain a comfortable silence as Allison steadily works on removing and replacing the tire while Lydia watches her work, her mind filling with different scenarios that all end in having sex with Allison against the car. The sound of another car on the dirt road brings Lydia out of her fantasies, she narrows her eyes at the young man that steps out of the pick up truck, admiring Allison’s ass with an obvious once over glance.

“You ladies need any help?”

Lydia crosses both arms across her chest now, suddenly on the defense. Her voice comes out clipped and annoyed when she responds to him.

“No. We are almost done.”

Allison chuckles lightly at Lydia from her place on the ground as she continues to tighten the screws back into the new tire. The man puts his hands up in front of him, the universal innocent gesture.

“Don’t mean trouble. I just thought I’d ask. It isn’t always safe for two beautiful girls like yourselves to be on dirt roads when it’s almost night time.”

“Well it isn’t safe to leave nails on the road either...”

Lydia quips back just as Allison stands up, wiping the grease off her hands on the rag she was kneeling on from the tool bag. She beams at the the man while Lydia maintains her harsh glare.

“Thanks for offering to help but we are all set. Unless you happen to know a place that I could drop off a flat tire? We’re just driving through so we’re not familiar with the area.”

“I figured as much; you guys don’t look like locals. My cousin owns a repair shop, I can take it off your hands if you want.”

“That’d be perfect! Thank you!”

Allison says as she clasps her hands together. She helps put the tire in his trunk and waves as he drives away. She walks back to where Lydia is still leaning on the car, standing in front of Lydia as she wipes the sweat off her forehead with her forearm. Lydia uncrosses her arms and widens her stance just a little so Allison can stand between her legs.

“So you were just peaches…”

Lydia’s arms return to their crossed position over her chest, preparing to be defensive for the second time that hour at Allison’s words. She looks down at the tool bag still on the ground to avoid Allison’s critical gaze.

“He was creepy and blatantly checked you out while you were changing the tire when he first drove up.”

“Were you checking me out?”

Allison’s questions surprises Lydia, she snaps her head back up to look at Allison, whose face is much closer now than it was a moment ago.


Lydia replies slightly breathless as a blush rises in her cheeks, watching Allison bite down on her lower lip. Lydia’s eyes trace Allison’s movements, barely noticing her close the distance between them is. Her eyes flit back up to Allison’s, suddenly turned on by the smug expression she sees there.

“Good cause you are the only ten-I-see.”

Allison responds as she kisses Lydia when she starts laughing loud and open at her terrible pick up line. Her tongue silences Lydia’s comment about not even being in Tennessee any more when her hands reach up to hold Lydia’s face in just the right tilt to deepen the kiss. Lydia’s hands scramble for purchase on Allison’s hips, pulling them flush against hers. Her hands travel up under Allison’s shirt, eager to touch skin. The thin layer of sweat on Allison’s lower back turns her on more; the thought that one of her earlier fantasies might become a reality makes her digs her nails into the soft skin of Allison’s back in an attempt to bring her even closer. The movement jostles Allison a little and she releases one of her hands from Lydia’s hair to catch herself on the car. Lydia’s immediately lips trail down Allison’s jawline to her neck in the new angle. The hot metal of the car under her palm makes Allison wince causing Lydia to pull back from the hickey she was working on to Allison’s collarbone. She looks a little sheepish as she watches Allison’s face from under her eyelashes.

“Too hot?”

“Yeah, sorry boo. That totally killed the mood, didn’t it?”

“A little but we should probably get back on the road anyway since we are behind schedule now.”

“Next time boo, next time.”

Not even a full day later, when they are walking back to their car after eating some of the best gumbo that can be found in a small shack in New Orleans and playfully arguing about whether the tears from Lydia’s eyes are from the spice or dirt, Allison doesn’t think twice when she starts heading towards a lady that looks like she is having a rough day. She is holding a crying baby in one arm while the other hand holds one handle of a tool bag that a little boy no older than seven is holding the other handle to. Lydia stops slightly in her movements when she notices that they are not heading towards their car,

“Allison, the car is not this way.”

“Yeah, but that woman is having car troubles. I just want to see if we can help her out.”

Allison approaches the woman from the side with her warmest smile already in place. Lydia follows close behind her, watching the interaction with mild curiosity. The baby in the woman’s arms is the first to notice their arrival. It’s cries calm down slightly as it regards the new arrivals with big wary eyes.

“Hey there, having some car troubles?”

The woman turns to look at Allison and Lydia, her glance a little apprehensive. The little boy next to her hides behind her leg, suddenly shy.

“Yes but unless you can change a tire, I do not need your help.”

Lydia didn’t even think it was possible for Allison’s smile to become any brighter but it does as she nods her head enthusiastically.

“Actually I do! I just changed ours the other day after we ran over a nail in Alabama. I can give you a hand to change yours if you want!”

The woman’s sharp gaze doesn’t waver a bit under Allison’s smile. Whatever she sees in Allison and Lydia’s face she must approve of because she relaxes slightly, letting her shoulder slump forward as her eyes soften a little.

“I would appreciate that.”

“If you want to help me get the tire out of your trunk, Lydia over there is great with kids and would love to hold your beautiful baby.”

Lydia’s eyes go wide at that comment; she heatedly whispers to Allison in a voice that is plenty loud for the woman to hear.

“Allison! I don’t interact with kids! Especially not babies!”

The woman tilts her head, as if amused by this conversation, while asking.

“Are you sure?”


Allison and Lydia both blurt out at the same time. When Lydia sees the pleading look in Allison’s eyes, she sighs knowing that she lost this fight already.

“Yes, I would love to hold your fragile precious baby.”

The woman raises her eyebrow at Lydia’s comment while Allison starts walking back towards the trunk of the car. She approaches Lydia slowly like she is a wild animal that might dart at any moment. Lydia’s eyes turn away from Allison quickly as the woman approaches with the baby bundled tight in her arms. The woman gently places the baby into Lydia’s arms, waits a moment to gauge the baby’s reaction before turning to help Allison.

Two beautiful wide brown eyes gaze up at Lydia from a round face framed by tight black curls. A bead of sweat rolls down the baby’s dark skin that Lydia wipes away with a corner of the blanket, opening it up a little to give the baby more air. The big toothless grin the baby gives her makes her heart melt a little in that Louisiana heat. Lydia taps the baby’s cute nose, drawing a surprised giggle from the baby. That sound sells Lydia to the dark side: babies are cute. The baby grabs her finger and squeezes gently. Lydia smiles back at the little bundle of happiness in her arms. The woman looks over at them with a relaxed smile on her face as she closes the trunk up after removing the tire. The sweat glistens on her dark skin as she lifts the tire from the ground and carries it to where Allison is jacking the car up.

“She likes you.”

“Of course she does, why shouldn’t she?”

Lydia retorts while she waves her finger around as the baby girl in her arms tries to catch it again. The woman chuckles at Lydia’s response while handing Allison the wrench. Lydia doesn’t even look up when she asks her next question,

“What’s her name?”

“Veronique. Though my other sister calls her V; she can’t say everyone’s name yet. And I’m Ali. My momma’s name is Imani. What’s your name?”

Lydia looks down at the source of the response, a curious little boy with big brown eyes just like his baby sister has edged closer. His hand plays with the tassel on the purse hanging off her shoulder. He stops when he realizes that he is being watched now, a blush forms on his dark cheeks. Lydia smiles warmly to him.

“My name is Lydia and that girl helping your momma is my best friend in the whole world, Allison.”

Allison looks over at them when her name is mentioned, her expression going fond, her eyes crinkling at the corners at the adorable sight that greets her eyes. She smiles to herself as she continues to remove the tire.

“My best friends in the whole world is my cousin Tre and my momma. Oh and my dad!”

Ali’s eyes go even wider as he looks up into Lydia’s face, leaning closer he whispers,

“You won’t tell him that I almost forgot him, right? Promise?”

Lydia laughs when Veronique’s tiny fist latches onto one of her curls that falls forward as she rocks her back and forth in her arm. Lydia calms her face into a serious one when she returns her attention to Ali. She offers her hand, pinky out to him.

“I pinky promise I won’t tell.”

Ali crosses his pinky with hers and grins a big smile, some of his teeth missing which causes Lydia to smile right back in response. Allison stands up, wiping her hands on a spare napkin as she walks over to where Lydia is with baby Veronique.

“All set Imani! The spare should hold you until you can get to somewhere for a new tire.
How’s this pretty lady doing?”

Allison says as she stand next to Ali in front of Lydia. Lydia looks up at her, beaming with pride at her ability to successfully hold a small infant and not have it burst into tears. Allison leans her forehead against Lydia’s while they both peer down at the baby.

“Oh she is so cute. Look at her cheeks!”

Imani comes over to them and Lydia begrudgingly holds Veronique out to give back to her mother. She returns her now empty hands by her side and Allison takes her hand in hers. Imani smiles at the two of them as she holds her hand out for Ali to grab.

“Thanks again, I appreciate the helping hand.
You guys are really lucky to have each other.”

Allison blushes, slightly trying to conceal it by hiding her head behind Lydia’s shoulder. Lydia squeezes her hand in reassurance as she replies.

“We know. Have a good life! Bye Veronique! Bye Ali!”

Ali waves out the window from his seat. Allison and Lydia wave back in unison.

“Bye Lydia and her best friend in the whole wide world!”

Lydia chuckles at his words while Imani pulls away, leaving Allison and Lydia alone in that section of the parking lot. Lydia turns her head to ask Allison a question but the expression on Allison’s face makes her pause. Allison is looking at her as if she is trying to catalogue every single detail in her face because she wants to remember this moment forever. She looks open and incredibly fond of the person under her scrutiny: Lydia. Lydia smiles shyly, her voice barely above a whisper in their close proximity.

“What? Do I have baby spit on me or something?”

“You know you’re my best friend in the whole wide world too, right?”

Lydia bites her bottom lip gently as she slowly nods her head yes, watching Allison’s eyes move to her lips. Allison kisses her softly before pulling away to look back into Lydia’s eyes. Her expression a little more serious when she confesses in a gentle whisper,

“You were in my nightmare.”

Lydia’s eyebrows scrunch together as she absorbs this new piece of information, she nods her head in understanding. Adding another piece to the puzzle of that night they left New York City. She knows Allison doesn’t want to talk about it anymore, just wanted to share what she was ready to say. She likes to go at her own pace; when she is ready. Lydia stands on her tip toes to kiss Allison’s forehead in acknowledgment of her confession as well as a silent thank you, before pulling her by the hand towards the car.

“Come on, let’s go get some rest. We have a long couple of days ahead of us.”

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“I still can’t believe that you rode that mechanical bull for almost two minutes! I swear you could have gone longer; the operator was just pissed that you were doing well.”

Allison laughs in response to Lydia as she ducks to avoid a tree branch in front of her. Walking in the Texas heat under trees is a whole different temperature than being at a rodeo or someplace with no shade. It is still hot but not so hot that Allison feels like she is drowning in her own sweat. A teasing smile is on her lips when she turns her head to look at Lydia.

“Someone must be pretty pissed themselves about the whole thing since they’ve mentioned it about five times now…”

“Well I just think they jipped you of the title you deserved!”

“You just wanted me to win the title.”

“Because you deserved it!”

Lydia responds, blushing at how clearly Allison can see through her argument. Allison shakes her head at Lydia’s antics, reaching her arm out to steady Lydia when she stumbles on a root for the fourth time in the past hour of their hike.

“You were the one that suggested that we go for a hike since we haven’t really been outdoors much the past couple of days… And I know you are really excited about the cowboy boots we just bought but you didn’t have to wear them on our hike.”

“Well I wanted to break them in since they are new. This hike is just a little harder to walk than I thought it would be. But, we should almost be there.”

Allison’s eyebrows pulls forward in confusion at Lydia’s continued vagueness of their final destination.

“Where is there exactly?”

“Oh you’ll see.”

Lydia responds with a wink as she continues walking in front of Allison, leading the way to this mystery spot. Allison hears the sound of rushing water before she sees its source because there is a dense grouping of trees ahead. Once they are finally pass through the thick trees and bushes, Lydia finally stops and spreads her arms out wide.

“Ta da!”

While Lydia may have a weakness for hard to solve math equations and fashionable shoes, Allison’s weakness is archery bows and waterfalls. The beauty of them simply takes her breath away as it does every time she sees one. This waterfall is practically a baby compared to Niagara Falls with water falling from a height of about six feet into a deep lagoon that becomes a more shallow river further from the sight of the waterfall. There are large rocks in the sun with lush green bushes making the place look like a true oasis. The best part of all is the fact that there is no one else around.
Allison turns back to Lydia’s proud smile, watching her as she removes her backpack then unzips her cowboy boots.

“Lydia, what are you doing?”

“I’m going swimming of course.”

“I didn’t bring my bathing suit...”

“Neither did I.”

There is a mischievous twinkle in her eye coupled with a devious smirk that means Lydia has a brilliant solution.

“Let’s go skinny dipping.”

Allison blushes at the idea of being naked in a national park, but her eyes trail Lydia’s chest as she lifts her shirt off.

“Lydia, we are in a national park! What if people come?”

“Do you see or hear anyone around? If someone does come then we politely leave. Come on, you’ve always said that you wanted to.”

Lydia unbuttons and removes her shorts as she talks, standing in just her underwear and bra now. Allison blatantly checks her out from head to toe before grinning as she quickly rids herself of her shirt and toes off her shoes.

“Alright, fine. But if we get in trouble, you have the honor of explaining it to my father.”

“I think it’d be worth it.”

Lydia replies as she finishes unhooking her bra and steps out of her underwear, leaving them in a pile by her backpack. She slowly climbs down the rocks into the water, Allison watches the curve of her ass walks away. Lydia hisses when she first makes contact but keeps going until she is in up to her thighs.

“Fuck, it’s cold babe.”

Allison takes that statement as a challenge as she hurries to finish removing all of her clothes and undergarments. She follows behind Lydia down the rocks into the water but barrels past her towards the deeper water. She dives down to fully submerge herself before resurfacing. Lydia hasn’t moved an inch, but is looking at Allison like she is absolutely crazy. Allison grins as she swims on her back, simply stay afloat.

“This standoff is looking oddly reminiscent of the Olympic Peninsula except this water is way warmer...”

Lydia’s eyes go wide at the memory, she crosses her arms across her chest in defiance as she edges closer.

“You wouldn’t dare!”

“Oh I would-”

Allison responds as Lydia bends down and splashes water at her, earning her a mouthful of water. She laughs as she stands up in the shallower section of the water and splashes Lydia back, aiming for her hair but backing away at the same time to avoid more water in the mouth. Lydia follows her, slowly getting deeper into the water before she gets close enough to tackle Allison. Allison lifts her head out of the water, smiling wide at Lydia as she fully rests her body on top of hers.

“This also reminds me of the Olympic Peninsula.”

Lydia grins at that remark, sliding up Allison’s body slightly. Boxing Allison in with one arm on the ground on either side of her head, her thigh slips in between Allison’s legs and gently pushes against her clit. Allison’s mouth drops open in surprise at the clear physical reminder that they are very much naked right now. She watches Allison’s pupils dilate as Lydia’s nipples brush against her when she leans down, hovering over Allison’s lips.

“Yeah, but I like this outcome so much more.”

Lydia kisses Allison, taking her breath away for the second time in the past fifteen minutes. She pulls Allison’s bottom lip in between her teeth, playfully biting it before running her tongue over the bites. Allison surges up, tangling one hand in Lydia’s hair to pull her closer and the other cups Lydia’s boob, giving the nipple little squeezes just to hear the soft sighs Lydia makes. She licks into Lydia’s mouth, enjoying the reaction she gets from Lydia when she grinds down on Allison’s body in response.
They both pull away, gasping for a breath. Lydia’s pupils dilated, making her arousal obvious as she stands up away from Allison. She gestures to the waterfall itself with her head before swimming towards it, a playful smile on her face. Allison gives into the chase, swimming fast to beat Lydia to the waterfall. When Lydia surfaces, Allison surges forward cupping her cheek in one hand while while carefully pushing her against the rock wall. Her feet find purchase on shallower ground as her other hand holds Lydia flush against her body, She kisses her with the filthiest kiss she has given someone, all tongue and little finesse, simply eager to taste her on her lips.

Lydia moans at the kiss, turned on by Allison’s blatant desire for her. She kisses her back just as passionately, her hand massages Allison’s boob while the other roams down her body. Allison catches on to Lydia’s plan and breaks the kiss to nod enthusiastically while she bites her lip, so turned on by Lydia’s touch that she is barely able to form sentences. The low level arousal build up from the past couple of days making itself apparent in both of them with this free moment to themselves.

“Yes. Fuck. Lydia. Please.”

Lydia throws her head back, hitting the wall lightly as she moans in response to Allison’s begging. She grinds her hips against Allison’s, looking for relief.

“Fuck. Babe.”

Allison’s mouth finds Lydia’s again, kissing her hard and demanding. She teases Lydia’s tongue into her mouth just as Lydia’s hand slides over the hair on Allison’s crotch. She lets out a soft moan onto Lydia’s lips when Lydia’s fingers gently pinch Allison’s clit then start rubbing. Her other hand pinches Allison’s nipple, encouraging her to grind her clit down into Lydia’s hand. Allison tries to keep her moans quiet by sucking on Lydia’s tongue but one hard pinch from both hands has Allison throwing her back in pure pleasure. Lydia refocuses her efforts by sucking a hickey onto Allison’s collarbone. She can tell Allison is close by the soft grunts she is making and how hard she is biting down on her bottom lip, so she bites Allison’s neck as she slips two fingers into Allison’s vagina successfully bringing Allison to the edge. As she orgasms, her vagina tightens around Lydia’s two fingers as do her legs around Lydia’s leg, she doesn’t hold back the moan that spills from her lips either.

When she comes back from her orgasm high, Lydia is grinning smugly at her. Allison kisses the smug smile off her face, playfully biting Lydia’s lips. Both of her hands go to Lydia’s nipples, alternating between pinching and rubbing them. Allison pulls away from Lydia’s mouth to suck on her nipple until it hardens under her tongue. Lydia’s hands fly to Allison’s head to pull her mouth in closer, her hips grinding her clit down on Allison’s thigh. One of Allison’s hands stop massaging Lydia’s boob, instead it rubs down her stomach to tease her. Lydia throws her head back as a pleased moan escapes her lips at the direct attention that is being paid to her swollen and sensitive clit. Allison follows Lydia’s lead, putting two fingers into Lydia’s vagina while her thumb continues to rub against her clit. Lydia hisses out a moan when Allison playfully bites down on her nipple, causing her to grind down on Allison’s fingers for more pressure. Knowing that Lydia is close to her orgasm, Allison starts to fuck Lydia with two of her fingers while sucking harder on Lydia’s nipple. She watches Lydia’s face from under her lashes in fascination. Lydia orgasms the moment Allison bites her neck in retaliation of earlier, to suck her own hickey onto Lydia. She slowly removes her fingers from Lydia’s vagina but she doesn’t stop sucking at the bruise until Lydia laughs, shoving her head away while muttering vampire. She pulls back as they grin stupidly at each other, exchanging soft lazy kisses. Allison regards Lydia with that same fond expression she seems to be wearing of late. Her face becomes slightly more serious as she closes her eyes and leans her forehead against Lydia’s.

“I didn’t protect you in my nightmare.”

Lydia gently nudges her head against Allison’s, forcing her to open her eyes.

“Hey, babe. You won’t always be able to protect me. And that is okay.”

Allison nods, feeling the burden of holding the secret behind her nightmare lift off her shoulders at her second quiet confession. Suddenly, she hears voices that seems to be getting closer. She pushes off the wall with a giggle as she starts swimming towards their clothes.

“Let’s go boo, sounds like we might have company!”

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Allison and Lydia are driving away from Las Vegas with a feeling of disappointment; as if the city let them down for not being everything it was hyped up to be. The feeling hangs obvious in the air between them in the car. Allison shrugs to herself, feeling the need to support the wild city.

“Maybe it was because we saw it in daylight?”

“Maybe. It was still very pretty in a showy kind of way…”

“Maybe it’s because we are not 21 yet so we couldn’t really do much?”

“Yeah that must be it. We’ll have to revisit it in three years to get the full experience.”

Allison turns her head to smile at Lydia,

“Sounds like a date! Let’s road trip back in three years.”

Lydia playfully rolls her eyes at the notion of already planning another road trip when they haven’t even finished the one they are on currently.

“I’m into it.”

Allison’s eyes go wide and she grips the steering wheel tight, it sets Lydia up on the edge of her seat, alert for whatever Allison is about to say.

“Shit. I just realized something.”


“We haven’t finished your playlist yet!”

Lydia slumps back into her seat, relaxed at the lack of urgency in the task. A soft smile appears on her face because Allison not only remember her playlist but noticed its lack of playing in the car trip thus far. Lydia plugs her Ipod into the auxiliary cord of the car before settling back into her seat.

“I’ll play it now then.”

After Young and Beautiful finishes playing, the car becomes comfortably silent. A few minutes pass before Allison speaks up.

"Boo, was that playlist made entirely of female artists?"

"No. Timbaland was featured on there and David Guetta technically is one of the artists even though Sia does all the singing."


"Okay. Yes. I just thought that we could use a good and complete detox from all the testosterone we are bombarded with back in Beacon Hills. Men are awesome but women are just as awesome! We are strong, smart, and powerful! I just felt like after everything, we could use a reminder."

Allison looks over at Lydia driving, with a fond smile once again on her lips.

"No, I completely understand. You’re my best friend for a reason. I appreciate it."

Allison reaches across the center console as she says this and squeezes Lydia’s hand gently on the steering wheel. A small private smile crosses Lydia’s lips as she immediately relaxes in response, knowing that whatever happens at the very least she will have Allison. And for now, that is all she needs.

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