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somewhere along the way.

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Allison isn't sleeping, merely pretending, as she leans against the window of the car. Her body feels exhausted from sleeping poorly last night but her mind refuses to stop racing for even a second. Dozens of thoughts flicker in her mind about the fight last night, about their friendship, about Beacon Hills, and everything inbetween. Her mind keeps replaying the fight over and over again, Lydia’s judgement, when Lydia flinched, and no matter what else Allison tries to think of, her thoughts always return to their stupid stupid fight. She refuses to dwell upon it for too long, always trying to distract herself with another thought, a different memory, anything that isn’t Lydia’s carefully blank face. They are driving through a tunnel when Allison finally allows herself to open her eyes and peak at the clock on the dashboard, a bleary 2:30pm blinks back at her in the darkness of the tunnel. She groans internally in pure frustration at how slow time is moving.

2:30pm - that means they have been on the road for almost seven hours, a blessing and a curse. Blessing because that means their final destination of Niagara Falls must be near. Curse because that means they have not muttered a single word for the past sixteen hours. Even with Welcome to Nightvale playing from the car’s speakers in a useless attempt to hide the dreary silence, the lack of exchanged words is suffocating. Allison shifts in her seat in an attempt that being physically comfortable will ease the uncomfortable feeling the silence has created in her stomach. Even after sixteen hours, the silence has not become familiar. It seems to worsen as time drags on, leaving Allison feeling almost nauseous with unease.

Still Allison remains silent, treating it like a game that she is determined to win. She lets the uncomfortable feeling of wrong wash over her until it has sunken into her bones and solidified her joints with the belief of being right. She refuses to let Lydia win, to play her game, to apologize simply to end the silence when she knows she is not at fault. Well not completely at fault. Allison knows first hand how frequently Lydia gets her way, how often she ignores someone instead of admitting her wrongs. Allison refuses to crumble, she refuses to lose to Lydia.

Allison is so lost in her own mind that she doesn’t register that the car has stopped moving until she hears the engine cut out. She raises her head in confusion to take in their surroundings as Lydia unbuckles and removes herself from the car. They have finally reached their destination: Niagara Falls, specifically a parking lot labeled “For Those Touring Niagara Falls”. She scrambles to unbuckle her seat belt, so she can leave the suffocating silence of the car and stretch her legs for the first time in hours. When she finally manages to remove herself, two things surprise her: Niagara Falls is practically deafening compared to the environment of the car and Lydia is waiting for her, not making eye contact, but still waiting for her none the less.

Annoyance flashes through Allison at Lydia’s still passive behavior and she bites on her tongue to refrain from commenting on it, reminding herself that she refuses to break the silence first. As
Allison approaches Lydia, Lydia turns to lead them down the stairs to the bridge that has the iconic view of the falls. Allison shakes head at the notion that only Lydia would manage to run the show without making eye contact or speaking and she cracks a small fond smile at that before setting her face to carefully neutral when she reminds herself that they are still fighting and she is still angry.

Lydia finally stops on the path that is near the base of the waterfall, turning to face the beautiful waterfall that is the largest in North America. Allison stops right next to her and follows her gaze to the amazing landscape right in front of them. She leans her arms onto the railing, not caring that the mist from the waterfall is landing right on her. She closes her eyes and breathes in deeply to just take in the moment. She feels a lump forming in her throat as memories of her parents arguing over who told the story better of the time they almost losing their family wedding bands when they renewed their vows at Niagara Falls flash behind her closed eyes. Suddenly, the loss of her mother hits her harder than it has in months and she grips the railings tight, trying to steal her emotions back to safe thoughts.

She is surprised when she feels a hand on hers, she looks down to see Lydia’s hand on hers-rubbing circles into the back of her hand just like they do on each other’s back when the nightmares feel the realest and the tears won’t stop flowing. Allison glances up and into Lydia’s face for the first time in what feels like ages. Lydia gives her a small smile as she squeezes Allison’s hand. Though no words are exchanged, Allison relaxes enough into the familiar touch to really take in their surroundings. The sound of the waterfall is loud enough to drown out the sound of her heartbeat and to quiet the thoughts in her mind. For the first time all day, Allison feels like she is at peace. The white noise from the waterfall is so loud that Allison almost doesn’t catch the whisper soft confession fall from Lydia’s lips.

“I’m sorry for getting angry at you last night and I am so sorry for what I said. It was completely out of place and I’m sorry for criticizing you for making out with that guy. You were right, it was wrong of me to comment about your standards and sexual desires. Especially since you have been so supportive of me these past couple of years through all of my questionable relationships or lack there of…”

Allison finds herself holding her breathe in without even realizing it, she lets it out when Lydia’s voice trails off with a quiet self deprecating laugh. She opens her mouth to reply but like always Lydia beats her to it, her voice a little stronger this time but it sounds confused and terribly lost. Allison turns her body to face Lydia, her heart aches at the uncommon display of vulnerability that Lydia is sharing with her right now.

“Thanks for being patient with me and willing to call me out on my bullshit. I don’t even really know where it came from… the anger I mean. I just saw you kissing him and I couldn’t help but think that he probably doesn’t know that your favorite color is navy, that you don’t believe in fate or unicorns, that you take your coffee with extra cream and sugar, that you love music with a good beat to sing and dance to, that you sleep with chinese daggers under your pillow just in case, and that you are one of the strongest people I have ever met. And that made me so…it made me so irrationally angry.”

Lydia’s speech tampers off again as she stares straight forward, as if searching the mist for the answers, for the rational explanation for her anger. Allison studies her side profile for the entire confession. She scoffs slightly, rolling her eyes playfully, and chuckles to herself quietly. Her smiles is genuine as she feels whatever barrier that had established itself between her and Lydia over the past sixteen hours finally crumble away.

“God, you almost sound jealous, like Scott when Isaac and I first started liking each other!”

Lydia snaps her head to look at Allison, her eyes wide with sudden clarity.

“Maybe I was jealous…”

Allison’s eyebrows draw together in confusion,

“Why-Why would you be jealous?”

Lydia glances down to where she is still grasping Allison’s hand on the railing then back up to Allison’s face. She pauses as she searches Allison’s face for a second, her eyes flick from Allison’s lips to her eyes and back again. Her voice drops to a whisper as she responds,

“Maybe I was jealous... because I wanted to be the one kissing you…”

Noticing Lydia’s gaze, Allison bites her lip half due to the added attention on them and half in contemplation of this notion. Lydia’s gaze returns to her eyes with a certain sense of determination but her nervousness reveals itself in the form of a blush that forms on her cheeks. Allison realizes how dumb the two of them have been the moment she acknowledges to herself that Lydia’s blush is endearing and adorable. She feels a blush on her own cheeks as she whispers back,

“Maybe I wanted you to be the one kissing me.”

Lydia leans in closer but Allison doesn’t move either direction, keeping perfectly still as if she isn’t sure if this is real, as if this could be one big misconception or worse yet she fell asleep in the car ride and this is all a dream and they are still fighting. Lydia pauses,

“You good?”

Allison nods as she mutters back,


She surges forward to eliminate the gap between them. She feels Lydia’s hand reach up to grasp her chin. She closes her eyes so she can channel all her focus on her sense of touch, on where her lips meet the soft red lips of her best friend, of Lydia Martin. Her brain short fires a little bit at that thought and when Lydia pulls back, she feels lightheaded and Lydia looks a little breathless. Being this physically close, she finally feels the support needed to blurt out her own apology.

“I am sorry I called you a freak in a hateful tone last night. I mean you are a freak but in the best of ways. You are a freak’re….”

“Your freak?”

Lydia supplies, staying close and leaning into Allison’s space as she curls a loose strand of Allison’s hair around her pointer finger before looking back up to Allison’s gaze. Allison smiles and shakes her head,

“I’m no idiot. I know very well that you don’t belong to anyone.”


Lydia says, over emphasizing the hard t at the end of the word. She continues to play with the curl of hair around her finger to distract herself before speaking up again,

“But I wouldn’t mind being with you.”

“Like girlfriends?”

Allison looks down at Lydia’s open face and feels the slight tug of Lydia playing with her hair, affection fills her as Lydia beams up at her.

“Yeah, like girlfriends.”

Allison puts her hand on Lydia’s waist to test out the feeling of her skin against Lydia’s. It feels right deep in her bones in a way that nothing has in a long, long time, like way before she knew about werewolves, hunters, or even Beacon Hills. She rubs her thumb in soothing circles against the skin on Lydia’s hip as she returns her smile.

“Yeah, I wouldn’t mind that either.”

Allison seals her words over Lydia’s-no her best friend’sno- her girlfriend’s lips, feeling the stupid grin that Lydia is sporting rather than seeing it is a nice change that she knows she could get use to.

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