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A sweet escape

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With the death of their father, you'd think the ownership of the prestigious Hiiragi Corp would go to the eldest child. You'd think, but you'd be wrong, and Kureto was pissed.

He had spent his entire life trying to outdo Mahiru, trying to please their seemingly unpleasable father (unless you're Mahiru) but in the end SHE had inherited the company, not him. All his hard work had been so Mahiru could step on him, and boy was she good at that.

"Kureto! This report sucks dick more than Shinya does!" she yelled at the breakfast table, in front of everyone, including Shinya. Seishirou got a kick out of it until she glared at him.

"Seishirou, your reports are worse then Kureto's, if that's at all possible." The second youngest Hiiragi sibling froze. There was no denying that they sucked, he half assed them.

Kureto simply glared at her, eating his breakfast quicker than usual as to get away from this. Until she decided to add MORE icing to the shit cake.

"Don't eat like a pig~" she chided. He decided he wasn't hungry any more then, and got up to leave, placing his dishes in the sink.


He wasn't in his office long before he heard a knock at the door, which he wanted to ignore. He was looking over his report, it seemed fine to him, yet he had to redo it because the queen said so.

"Lord Kureto?" a familiar voice sounded from behind the door, thank god it was Aoi.

"Come in." he said, relaxing a bit. It seemed that Aoi was the only one on his side, she hated Mahiru almost as much as Kureto did...almost.

"I heard you have to redo your report again, is that really true?" she asked, she felt guilty, it was her proofread it.

"It's not your fault, I guess I just suck at writing these, in her eyes." he sighed, Aoi frowned.

"Is there any pleasing her?"


"Figures. I'll still try harder this time, for you." she smiled a bit.

"Ahhh! Young love!" a third voice said dramatically. The pair immediately froze. Satan had descended.

"Shinoa" Kureto stated, his face returning to its usual expressionless state. Shinoa wasn't really as bad as Mahiru, but she was spoiled rotten. Mahiru never had her do anything, not because she was still in highschool, but because they were biological siblings. Kureto was sure of it, favoritism.

"Aren't you going to greet me better?" she pouted "By the way, I have the day off, the school flooded again." This was the worst news ever, why did she have to tell him this? She would be bugging him all day now, him or Shinya.

"Fine. Good morning, Shinoa"

He was defeated, because he knew she would go straight to Mahiru if he didn't greet her. By the way, he and Aoi weren't in love.

"We aren't in love." Aoi spoke up for the first time, did she read his mind? Shinoa pouted, she was usually so good at playing matchmaker. She knew that Yoichi had a crush on Kimizuki right off the bat.

"If you aren't in love, I'm bored already, so I'll see you later!" She turned on her heel and left, making sure it was as dramatic as possible. Kureto would have to lay down now.


"Nii-san" Kureto heard a far off voice in his dream, which was about him taking a vacation, forever.

"Nii-san" That annoying voice again, he didn't want to wake up.

"NII-SAN!" he woke up, and stared at Shinya, who was about to dump water on him.

"Oh, this? I wasn't really going to dump it on you!" this was a lie, Shinya had dumped water on him before.

"What is it?" Kureto asked, Shinya wasn't that annoying aside from the water dumping. He was adopted, likely to make their father look good, which it kinda did. Mahiru liked to remind him of his adoption.

"Well, it's not like I'm asking you to write this report for me, but could you?"



"Go away"

"I'll get you some triple chocolate ice cream!"

"Fine, I'll do it." Ice cream? He loved that shit, so he'd do Shinya's report, it didn't look that long, why couldn't Shinya do it? He'd ask, but the answer would probably traumatize him.

"I knew I could count on you!"

Shinya left hurriedly, he'd better be in a hurry to get the ice cream.


The rest of Kureto's day drawled on, with his siblings occasionally coming in to bug him, why him? He didn't know. He had his ice cream though, so he was sitting in front of the TV eating the entire tub, he deserved it. Eventually, he wasn't sure when, the show had switched to one of Seishirou's video games, the sounds now his younger brother cursing at some 12 year old who had called him a name. Why were 12 year olds even allowed online? Shouldn't they be doing 12 year old shit?

He eventually fell asleep on the couch, the empty tub of ice cream still in hand. Dreaming of more ice cream.