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dancc oneshots

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Byakuya looked into stingys eyes. he said, ‘you are mine. would you stingy me pingy? ’ Then stingy proceeded to ask: Are you a triangular sign, because you are mine as well. Byakuya was so moved he cried a little tear. This was the first time in years byakuya felt emotion. except for that one time when there was an announcement of a new shrek film. he sure busted a nut when he heard that. he got off his train of thoughts at stingystation, bc he asked him something. ‘n-nani?’ oh fuck stingy suddenly became barry b benson. ‘will you bee mine’ ‘diggity darn ye’ ‘lets have some ishukan communication of u get what i mean.’ Mmhm yes i sure love me some beestiality.’ suddenly gucki walked in, offended at the idea of suhc an ugly but still beautiful human would have sxe w smth tthats not human. byakuya instn beautiful but he is bc hes a human gukki likes homsn. ‘how adre yuo’ You are a hyporcryt because you gonna tell i cant fuck a bee but you fuck a horse on daily basis.’ ‘Leave jeaaan or jeeeeen or whatever out of this. he is one hot piece of horse ass u wouldnt understand no one understands only nee-san understands but shes dead and zeke the beast daddy does too but he’s more interested in eldian asses.’ ‘babe whtas goni on u know u cant handel this muhc pressure ill give them some rusty honesty on this. all furries are valid’ ‘my lov ur so good at explaingin lets fuk’