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Snippets: Dragon Age Origins Awakenings Appreciation Week

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Black Marsh and the Warden Commander, adventures in Black Marsh, the Fade, etc.

Disclaimer: I own nothing and make no profit from this fanfiction.

pairing: Theo x Anders x Zevran x Nathaniel ot4

It had taken a trip into the Blackmarsh for Nathaniel to admit his feelings for the three men, and Theo could not think of worse timing. They’d been wandering through the Marsh, and Anders kept prodding and poking at Nathaniel. He was sarcastic and witty, and joking of course. They all knew it was how Anders handled any emotional pain he may still be harboring, plus Nathaniel was fun to tease.

Than there was Zevran who had decidedly had enough of Blackmarsh within three minutes, as had Theo. But they had to be there anyway. Still, it wasn’t until Theo was fighting some terrifying monsters, and they were talking about mortality when Nathaniel really felt he needed to say something. Sure they’d done that before… but the three had been growing on him.

The rogue looked at the ground, expecting rejection, when Anders kissed his cheek. Nathaniel’s eyes went wide as he looked at him.

“Nathaniel, we’ve already discussed that each of us like you in that manner.. we were just waiting on you.” Zevran remarked.

“But you have awful timing. I mean… we’re in Blackmarsh, we can’t say our first official date was in Blackmarsh, are you kidding me?” Theo remarked.

Nathaniel pinched the bridge of his nose. “I just… what if we die here? This place is pretty spooky and filled with odd enemies… and I know we’ve faced some of them before but…” he said.

“Nothing is killing me here, I have too much left to do.” Theo remarked.

Anders smirked. “Besides, I know this place isn’t the best, but we’re better.” he said.

“True, Theo only recruits the best.” Zevran remarked.

“Besides, the minute you failed to kill me and wanted to follow me, it was just like how Zev and I met, right Zev?” Theo asked.

Zevran snorted. “Basically, you were doomed to fall for him, I am afraid.” he teased Nathaniel.

The archer blushed, the three of them taking turns to kiss him on the lips, before they finally moved ahead.


AN: thank you all for reading