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Snippets: Dragon Age Origins Awakenings Appreciation Week

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prompt: Awakenings Anders, what sort of relationship does your Warden Commander have with Anders in Awakenings?

Disclaimer: I own nothing and make no profit from this fanfiction.

pairing: Zevran Arainai/Theo Mahariel/Anders


Theo looked over at Zevran, it had been a few days since they had arrived, and Zevran rather liked the new company. Especially Anders, as did Theo. They had discussed it privately, and both had flirted with the mage a few times. Theo especially enjoyed the way Anders would joke around, though he knew it masked pain.

It always masked pain… Zevran had often used humor to deflect as well, and Theo could be just as sarcastic. He wondered if it was a permanent condition of the men he met, who had been hurt… just like Zevran, or himself. Anders was like them, he’d come from pain… though Theo maybe didn’t know the extent of it.

That evening, Theo had joined Anders to look out at the night sky. The young mage with an ear piercing was leaning back. He’d just gotten his grey warden tattoo on his arm, and Theo had to admit, it looked good on him.

“Commander what a surprise, what brings you out here tonight.” Anders remarked.

Theo shook his head. “I was just thinking on a few things, probably a bit too much. As you get older, you tend to think more, humor leaves… I wish I had fresh eyes sometimes still.” he remarked.

Anders chuckled and shook his head. “It’s an act you know.” he replied.

“Yeah, I know.” Theo replied.

Anders looked at him with burning amber eyes, while Theo’s icy cold silver met his. “I… Theo, you’re really not half bad, what I said earlier… I meant it.” he said softly.

“And yet I see your urge to run is still here… I can tell Anders, they’ve put the instinct in you.” Theo replied.

“I mean… you get used to it, Templars that is.” he said softly.

“You shouldn’t have to.” Theo admit.

Anders smiled a little. “That’s true but, none of us come from good lives.” he said softly.

Theo looked back at Zevran, before he glanced at Anders again. “That’s true… but, maybe we could offer some comfort to you… if you’d be willing.” he remarked.

Anders blinked twice before blushing. “I thought you were Dalish… they don’t typically lie with humans.” Anders said carefully.

Theo chuckled and shook his head. “I am Dalish, but you’re no Shem.” he replied.

Anders frowned. “But isn’t that the definition of human in your words?” he asked.

“Not exactly, it’s reserved for the humans that deserve it, you don’t.” Theo replied.

Anders rubbed the back of his head. “I mean… if you’ll have me, what does Zevran think of this?” he asked.

Zevran looked up, trusting eyes glancing at Theo. Theo gave him a reassuring nod. “We’ve always been open, but we’ve talked about this… I think he’d like for you to join us in our bedroom tonight as well.” Theo whispered.

Anders blushed a bit more. “Well I… who am I to refuse such an offer?” he teased.

Theo leaned in closer, brushing his lips along Anders and motioning for Zevran to come over. Maybe they didn’t come from anywhere happy, but they could at least comfort each other.

AN: thank you all for reading