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Letters To Him

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Dear Harry,

You may not know me, but I like to believe that I know you. I want to tell you that I don’t believe the lies that are told about you. I don't believe that you are an attention-seeking prat. The youngest Weasley boy had no right to do what he did. He should have stuck by your side, being your best mate and all. The same for Granger. Instead of leaving you to your lonesome, she should have known that you are not the type to dive headfirst into danger. Unlike Weasley, You actually think before you act, making me think you should have been a Ravenclaw or Slytherin.

That is another thing I do not understand. Why do you allow yourself to be pushed around? You are the heir, if not the head, of a Most Ancient and Most Noble House. You should not be dressed like some pauper or peasant, your family is one of the oldest and richest in the wizarding world. Why do you continue to dress like you have no money?

I know you may think I am being pushy and that I do not know what I am talking about, but I do. I know that the Potters are a secretive bunch, but that is one of the most basic knowledge out there. The Weasel should have been able to tell you that, and I find it strange that he did not.

I will continue to write you. I hope you will respond.

Kindest Regards,