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Paralyzed Ladybug - A Miraculous Commissioned Fan Fiction

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~ A Normal Day's Work ~

It had been a couple of weeks since the red suited heroine had started making nightly patrols. She had trouble in class, but found a way to balance her timing out to get a couple naps in to make sure she did not pass out randomly throughout the day. It was good to just jump on roof tops and really see what she could do now and then. At least without the threat of someone being Akumatized.

Marinette smiled and hopped another roof before stopping to stretch a bit. It was only a week ago since someone caught a picture of ladybug on her patrol at night, and the day after it was in the paper a certain Black Cat had suddenly been "bumping" into her non-stop. Although it was not like she hated it or anything, just thought it felt weird to just be hanging out together with no one in danger.

It almost felt like a date most of the time, and even more so when he constantly flirted with her. After awhile he seemed to know to do it only when she actually did not mind it. He was late, usually he would be on her tail after the third or fourth house she stopped on, but no sign of Chat yet.

Adrien was walking through the street slowly, he knew where Ladybug would be heading on her patrol so had taken the time to go out and walk the way before transforming. When he neared the destination, he slipped into an alley and transformed.

"Plagg… Claws out!" he called out and transformed, the black skin tight suit fitting firm to his body, the long belt around his waist coming down behind him in a tail-like fashion, the ears on his head twitching as he detected sounds around him with them; the mask adding to the messy hair look to hide is identity from everyone. He was Cat Noir now, not Adrien Agreste; he was funny, charming and full of silly Cat puns.

Looking around and back down the street, Adrien jumped high into the sky; assisted by his staff. Dashing across the rooftop and pounding on all fours, Cat Noir landed in front of Ladybug. Laughing and waving to her, Cat Noir smirked and bowed to her with a sudden wink.


"Ah, I wondered when you would turn up Chat" Ladybug grinned softly and smiled at him.

"You know what they say, a Cat is never late, he arrives precisely when he means to." Chat grinned, but Marinette turned his head.

"Isn't that a Wizard? From the Lord of the Rings?" she asked, leaving Chat rubbing the back of his head in embarrassment.

"Can't a Cat never be late either?" he grinned before turning and looking over Paris. "Guess we better get patrolling, the city won't look after itself!" he pointed in the distance and jumped to the next rooftop.

Ladybug watched him jump off and shook her head. "What would I ever do without you Chat Noir." She sighed and dashed after him.

The fighting duo spent the rest of the night on the mission fighting a pair of Akumatized villains called "Thunder" and "Lightning"; who it turned out were a pair of rappers that Hawkmoth had given the power of Thunder and Lightening to.

So when Adrien finally got home it was just turning day. Adrien jumped into the bathroom window, made sure it was clear and then changed back. Plagg flying out of his ring and out onto the bed, finding the stash of Camembert Adrien kept in the bedside draw and began munching on cheese.

"Alright, you stay here okay, I'm going to shower" Adrien told Plagg, who was too busy stuffing his face and rubbing his enlarged stomach to reply. Going over to the shower, he began to undress and shower.

Marinette had only just got home too, she jumped right into the loft and transformed back; quickly grabbing a towel and heading to the bathroom. They had school the next day and it was going to be an exhausting one. Her only condolence was that she'd get to watch Adrien all day.

The walk to school was filled with yawns by Marinette, Alya had been waiting for her down in the shop and together, the pair walked down the street.

"You been up all night pawning over Adrien again?" Alya laughed softly but Marinette just waved her off with a slight push.

"Oh shut up Alya, I just couldn't sleep properly" She sighed.

"Oh look, you're not the only one" Alya laughed and pointed ahead of her. Stepping out of the car, Adrien was yawning wide too. "If I was one to assume something, I'd say you two were moonlighting together" she laughed and headed up the steps into the school

School did indeed pass slow and exhausting, both Marinette and Adrien yawning through the day and on their way home, Alya was heading off to Nino's so left Marinette on her own.

That was when the police sirens rang out, the particular ring that was adopted for Akumatized victims/Villains.

How many did Hawkmoth want to send their way?


~ Showdown ~


Dashing into an alley, Marinette transformed with a "Spots on!" before dashing and jumping to the roof top.

"Ah Milady, so I found you rather quickly" Chat Noir laughed as he suddenly landed right beside her, she let out a yelp and chuckled.

"Did I scare ya there Purrr-incess…" Laughing and waving to Ladybug, Cat Noir smirked and bowed to her with a sudden wink.

"I apologise but we have bigger things to do" he pointed to in the direction of where the Akumatized villain had buzzed their Miraculous.

Dashing across the rooftop and pounding on all fours, Chat Noir made his way against the Akumatized Villain.

What stood in front of them was a very familiar face.

Dressed in the black and white outfit, Alya as 'Lady Wifi' stood on the buildings edge.

"Alya? You can't be" Ladybug spoke shocked at her friends appearance.

"Not just me" Lady Wifi began and pointed behind them. Dressed in the white costume, The Evillistrator or Nathaniel, their friend from school; stood smirking at them from the building's ledge.

"Nathaniel? Not you too?" Ladybug gasped.

"Not just him" Chat Noir sighed as he looked around, staring at the vast number of villains appearing.

Rogercop, Timebreaker, The Pharaoh, Mr Pigeon, The Bubbler, Dark Cupid, Horrificator, Dark Blade and the list could just go on and on. Turning so they were back to back, Chat Noir and Ladybug both gritted their teeth.

"Looks like every Villain we've ever fought" He mumbled quietly and she nodded back.

"Yea, this is going to be difficult isn't it?" she replied.

"Oh yes, it will be VERY difficult for you" a new voice appeared as someone else stepped out from behind a set of stairs leading down from the rooftop.

"You!" the pair snarled and balled their hands into their hands into fists.

"Yes, it is I, your adversary Hawkmoth." The man, the legend and the arch-enemy of the pair smiled as he stuck down his walking stick on the ground.

"Why are you doing this, release them all now!" Ladybug snarled and Chat Noir kept her back covered.

"If it is that easy my dear, oh yes; it is… hand over your Miraculous and I will let them all go."

"Don't do it Milady, he will only continued on. I'm sure we can beat them all once more; we did it once, we can do it again!" Chat Noir grinned and spun his staff in his fingers.

"My Akumatized minions… take their Miraculous!" Hawkmoth pointed at them just as everyone of the villains around them charged.

"You take the one on the right, I'll take the one on the left" Chat Noir chuckled as he kept his back to Ladybug.

"Oh ha ha." She replied and picked her first target, dashing forward, flipping onto her hands and then back flipping over Darkblade, using her yo yo to trip him over. Continuing her dash, she went for 'The Mime' as he constructed a wall; not stopping, she ran up the wall, back flipped just as arrows came flying at her from Dark Cupid.

The Mime had dropped the wall as Ladybug ran up it and was about to create a large bat to swing her way, the arrows hit him in the chest and knocked him back.

"You doing okay Chat?" Ladybug asked as she looked in the direction that Chat Noir had taken.

"Erm, I might have a bit of trouble here, I might need your help" Chat called out as he ran closer, directly at her as he was chased by the Pharaoh and Stoneheart.

Ladybug began to dash forward when something kicked Chat Noir in the head, smashing him into a nearby vent.

"Chat!" cried out Ladybug.

"Not me Milady… keep fighting!" Another Chat Noir yelled and motioned to the one who got kicked. The Pharaoh picked up the Chat Noir who had been kicked, both of them charging at the Chat Noir who had kicked the other one.

"Copycat" The REAL Chat Noir told her as he dodged an attack by Lady Wifi.

The fight was going on for at least fifteen minutes, the pair dodging attacks and trying to take down their villain. Hawkmoth simply stared watching them both fighting, tapping his foot against the stonework as he impatiently controlled the villains around him.

"Enough! I will deal with this myself" he tapped his staff on the floor. The Villains around them stopped and circled the pair, leaving Chat Noir and Miraculous back to back.

Stepping forward slowly, he brushed some dust off his shoulder and threw the staff up in the air in front of him and grabbed it.

"Give me your Miraculous and I will let you both go. You do not understand why I need them both. Once I have them, I can finish what I plan and then you will never hear from me again" He explained, but the pair did not believe it.

"So… what's the plan" Ladybug asked Chat.

"I was thinking we kick his ass then go home and make out?" he chuckled back.

"Oh ha ha. I mean how do we deal with him?"

"I guess I can take him on and you figure out how to defeat him?" Chat replied as he let out a yell and charged Hawkmoth.

"Chat!" Ladybug yelled as she tried to think of a way to fight Hawkmoth. She bit her lip and then looked down at her Yo yo, an idea popping into her head.

Dancing around Hawkmoth, Chat was busy trying to get close but every time he did, Hawkmoth dodged, slashed out with his staff or disappeared in a flutter of moths and reappeared somewhere else. Hawkmoth was suddenly behind him and before he knew it, Chat Noir's face hit the stone rooftop; a foot stepping on his neck and cutting off air to his lungs.

"Hey Hawkmoth! Don't hurt him… Here!" Ladybug suddenly yelled and threw something. Hawkmoth stepped forward and grabbed the object in his hand, laughing.

"I knew you'd give in the moment Chat was in danger" He laughed and opened his hand. "Now I have hers Chat, you will give me yours or I will push the girl from the rooftop!" he gloated.

"Now Chat, His neck piece!" Ladybug yelled loudly. Turning just as Chat Noir seemed to somersault over his head and kick him in the chest.

"Not if I get yours first!" Chat cried out, but as Hawkmoth reached out, he caught Chats leg and fell backwards. Around them the figures of all their past villains disappeared into smoke and fluttering moths; not real but simulations created using his power.

"I got it!" Chat laughed only to see Hawkmoth fall back, a sudden fluttering mass of Moths caught him off guard and lost his chance to grab their nemesis. Chat Noir looked to Ladybug hoping not to see her transformed back but she was all normal.

"What did you throw him?" He asked as he walked over.

"My Yo yo… It came right back" she held up the string and Yo yo, laughing softly.

Chat Noir laughed back, walking over and just collapsing on the floor, Ladybug falling down beside him with a smile on her lips.


~ Victory ~


Staring up at the night sky, Chat Noir continued to laugh heartily as the stars above them twinkled in the French sky.

"You know what…" Chat Noir began as he turned to face the girl laid beside him, her blue hair released from their pigtails sometime during the last hour. She was laid opposite him, their heads side by side but upside down compared to him; each parallel to each other's body.

"What?" the girl questioned, smiling at Chat Noir as she felt the chuckle starting to grow in her stomach.

"…Now that he's gone, that means no Akumatized victims, which means no villains. Does that mean we don't have a job anymore?" He asked, the happy smile on his lips changing to a sad smile.

"Does this mean that it will not be 'Chat Noir and Ladybug'?"

Ladybug's happy smile began to face into a soft and tender smile, her head to the side as the paired laid side by side.

"Chat, no matter if there is no adventure or bad guys to fight, I'll still hang out with you. You're my partner after all, my friend even. Ladybug nodded as she added the last three words.

"Just friend?" he questioned in return, a slight flush appearing on his face.

"Chat…" she began with a soft sigh but he continued, interrupting her.

"…I've liked you Ladybug, for a very long time. Ever since we first met, my heart has gone crazy for you every time we see each other. I even fangirled when I saw a poster of you" Chat Noir admitted as he rambled; the fight and the sheer excitement of Hawk Moth's defeat bringing his heart out.

"…Chat…" Ladybug tried to interrupt but he continued to ramble.

"…I am flirty because I think that it might be different than my real self, the me under the mask; it is totally different than my normal self" he continued.

"Chat!" Ladybug yelled at him which managed to snap Chat out of his rambling. "I'm sorry for yelling at you but you were not listening." She explained and smiled over at him softly.

"You're a nice guy, and I really do like you a lot but there is already someone else for me" she admitted.

Chat Noir looked sadly at her for a moment before the word "Oh" left his lips.

"He's a boy from school. Its why I never said anything about us being together." She began to explain.

"No no… you do not have to explain yourself…" Chat began but she put a hand on his.

"I'm sorry Chat, I know that it isn't what you wanted to hear, but… I still think you're funny, smart and although you need to work on your puns you…"

A sudden beeping filled the air and Ladybug looked over at Chat Noir's ring.

"Chat… your ring, you need to go… before you transform."

"I, well… I can't really move. My legs hurt like hell and I think I sprained my back" Chat groaned as he looked over at her face, his head turning slightly to stare at her flashing earrings.

"Your miraculous, it's time for you too" he told her, to which she tried to get up too but collapsed back onto her back.

"Crap…" she groaned and looked over. "Don't look okay, I won't look at you; you won't look at me… then we won't know who each other are!" she told him firmly but he smiled.

"Hawk Moth is defeated, we have his Kwami, we don't have to hide anymore" Chat Noir stared at her as his ring began to beep more urgently. Marinette turned her head away quickly, just as he transformed back.

With eyes tightly clamped, Ladybug spoke hesitantly. "Chat… Don't look at me, I'm not looking at you okay?" she questioned just as she heard her ear rings beep a last time.

Adrien Agreste smiled as he watched her change, the smile turning into wide eyed amazement, horror and then shock. A cough left his lips before he put a hand over his mouth.

"I'm… not looking" he told her, "You can open your eyes and move now" he explained.

Marinette Dupain-Cheng opened her eyes and found Adrien Agreste staring back at her. His smile on his lips only made her gobble her own mouth like a gold-fish. Tears began to pour down her cheeks.

"Adrien? You're… you're Chat… Noir?" she gasped, beginning to hyperventilate.

"Yes… and you're… Milady Marinette?" he began to chuckle, then laugh then burst into a fit of laughter as tears began to fall down his face too. Managing to roll over and get to all fours, he leaned over her, faces upside down to each other and leaned down; lips meeting hers as he kissed her.

Marinette did not even have the time to think about who she was kissing or that she was being kissed; her mouth and lips kissed him back rolling slowly with each quick part of their lips and turning herself so she was properly facing him. Adrien did the same, shifting on one hand while the other cupped her cheek.

"Marinette…" Adrien began.

"Adrien…" Marinette spoke back as they stared at each other, eyes locked together as another pair sat watching them.

"They're too cute aren't they?" Tikki cooed over them while Plagg shrugged.

"Idiots if you ask me, I mean, we worked it out day one without even seeing each other." Plagg chuckled. "And it's been several years with them two… I mean even a child would have worked it out"

"Oh leave them alone Plagg, they're in love…" Tikki smiled and leaned over, pecking Plagg's cheek. The black Kwami flushed and then pulled out something, a piece of Camembert cheese. He handed some to Tikki, who pulled out a cookie and handed some to Plagg.


~ Love's Embrace ~


"So… Milady, what do you want to do?" Adrien questioned the girl beside him as he lay sprawled out on the sofa.

"I don't know, are you going to give a silly pun and then get yourself hurt again?" Marinette asked with a chuckle, scooting herself closer as she smiled over at him.

"Purrr-haps" Adrien laughed softly and winked at her.

"You already used that one yesterday" She slapped his chest softly.

"Doesn't mean I can't use it again" he grinned back before leaning in and tickling her, kissing at her neck as she let out soft moans in between her giggling.

"Who would have believed that I'd be laying here next to Adrien…" Marinette sighed softly to herself.

"Well, I did not realise that you liked me that much" he admitted. "Not until you kissed me on the rooftop… quickly followed by you confessing your love to me" he admitted

"Wait… I kissed you? You kissed me!" She laughed back at him.

"Did I? I thought you were the one who kissed me?" He asked, grinning at her, they both began to laugh together once more.

"I can't believe it's been a month since we started dating" Marinette admitted as she looked over at him.

"It is something spectacular that we're now dating" Adrien replied as he leaned closer, kissing her again with a soft peck on her lips. "I thought I would be dating Ladybug, but finding out that you're her, it was surprising. I never thought you'd be so… dominating" he laughed quietly to himself.

"Yea, we were both very different as our Miraculous persona's. Adrien Agreste is a smart and confident guy, Chat Noir is a sarcastic and full of horrible puns" Marinette grinned softly at him.

"Oh yea, and Ladybug is confident and controlling, while Marinette is the shy clumsy girl who fell face first into her spaghetti" Adrien teased back with a snorting giggle.

"Hey! I told you not to talk about that! And it wasn't my fault I sneezed" Marinette punched him in the arm. The pair cuddled for a few a little while, playing games and kissing each other. They had not gotten further than the kissing and slight fondling of each other just yet but they were pushing their way further up the relationship tree.

"You know what's strange" Adrien scratched his chin as he looked at his phone after it buzzed during one of their little mid-gaming make out sessions. "My Father has been awfully nice recently. I mean, he's home more, he's paying more time to me and is actually talking to me, we had dinner last night together." Adrien sighed to himself.

"Maybe something happened. Maybe he realised that he should treat you better" Marinette suggested but they both shrugged.

"Maybe he was Hawkmoth and being beaten gave him some humility" she added and they both laughed to each other. It was very unlikely that Hawkmoth and his father were the same person!

"I should go home, we got school tomorrow, it's coming to the last few days of school but we don't want to miss out on the final exams" Adrien explains as he begins to get up.

"You can stay the night, it's not like the first time you've stayed over" she chuckled softly and pulled him down onto the sofa again..