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Cherry and Atticus Meet Sonic the Hedgehog

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Cherry and Atticus played a Sonic video game as it was a personal favorite of theirs.

"Man, wouldn't it be great to meet Sonic the Hedgehog?" Atticus smiled.

"Yeah, too bad he's not real though." Cherry shrugged.

"Oh, yes, he is~" Drell's voice sang.

"Oh, great." Cherry groaned.

Cherry and Atticus looked around.

"Where are you?!" Atticus asked.

Drell soon tapped their shoulders as he was right behind them. Cherry and Atticus flinched with slight yelps.

"If Sonic is real, why haven't we met him?" Cherry glared.

"Because, he lives on Planet Mobius." Drell replied like it was obvious.

"Okay, that makes sense," Atticus said. "Anyways, since you're here that must mean that we're going there, right?"

"Yes, I have an assignment for you and I know you can't refuse since this is a chance to meet Sonic the Hedgehog," Drell replied. "You must help the two realms. The Land of the Sky and the Land of the Darkness."

"Dibs on the Land of the Darkness!" Cherry raised her hand.

"I'm afraid it doesn't work that way, but you must help Sonic and Tails against Dr. Robotnik." Drell replied.

"Okay." Atticus said.

"Wow, that was easier than I thought..." Drell muttered. "Also, Atticus..." he then sighed. "I know how you are, so... Could you do me a little side quest on the way?"

"What's that?" Atticus asked.

"I need you to help Tails find Amadeus and Rosemary Prower." Drell told him.

"Wait, you mean they're lost?" Atticus asked. "How long have they been missing?"

"I haven't been able to find that out, but it seems like their son's whole life..." Drell replied as not even he could find the fox couple.

"Can you at least give me a photo of them?" Atticus asked.

Drell magicked up a photo of a younger fox couple who had tearful eyes as they carried a bundle in their arms wrapped in a blue blanket and gave it to Atticus. Atticus accepted the photo and put it into his pocket.

Drell took out his wand to send them to Mobius. "I'll see you guys there."

"Wait, what?!" Cherry asked before she and Atticus disappeared.

In a split second, they soon appeared somewhere else. Cherry and Atticus looked around to see where they had ended up and seemed to be on the beach.

"A beach." Atticus smiled.

"A beach?" Cherry felt confused. "Hey, maybe Drell was just kidding about Sonic and decided to give us a vacation for once."

"Maybe." Atticus shrugged.

The two began to walk across the beach as it seemed to be an ordinary day where nothing could possibly go wrong.

A blue hedgehog was lounging in a chair while sipping a drink with shades as he tried to relax until a certain yellow-furred two-tailed fox came up to him with a board.

"Sonic, I finally finished it!" The fox smiled. "See? Isn't it great? It's a jet-propelled body board! Come on, you wanna try it out?"

"Not right now, thanks." Sonic replied as he leaned back after taking his drink.

"Okay, I'm going to try it out for myself." Tails smiled as he took his invention to the water.

"Tails is just like a little kid with his new toy." Sonic smirked as he lounged and clicked on his radio to listen to some music while he relaxed.

Once Tails was out in the water with his new invention, he soon put it on the water and activates it as he gets on. Sonic shuddered as the water splashed him. He hated water more than anything in the world.

Tails struggled at first, but soon stood on the board and laughed once he got the hang of it. "Whee!" he cheered as he then accidentally splashed Sonic again.

Sonic soon took off his sunglasses for little while to see what Tails was doing.

"Heeey!" Tails smiled as he balanced with one paw and his feet in the air. "Come on out here, Sonic! It's okay if you don't swim, just give it a try!"

"But you should also watch where you're going!" Sonic called out before putting his shades back on.

Cherry and Atticus soon walked along the sand and ran into the iconic blue hedgehog who was the fastest thing alive.

"Oh, great, looks like he didn't send us on vacation." Cherry groaned.

"It's okay, Cherry, we'll get one soon." Atticus comforted.

"Mm-hmm..." Cherry didn't believe that.

They soon heard Tails's scream for help.

"Just don't show off so much and look where you're going!" Sonic advised Tails like a big brother to his little brother.

"Uh, Sonic?" Cherry said nervously.

"It's probably nuthin'." Sonic said to himself before going to lay down for a nap.

"Sonic! Help me! Come on, Sonic, help me!" Tails cried out.

Atticus took off his socks and shoes as he decided to go into the water to help Tails.

Sonic growled before glaring into the water. "SHUT UP, TAILS!" he snapped before he gasped once he saw what was happening.

"Heeeeelp!" Tails cried out as he was being chased by a machine.

Atticus began to swim to Tails's rescue. Tails yelped as he nearly fell into the water only for Atticus to catch him.

"It's okay, buddy, I gotcha." Atticus soothed the two-tailed fox.

"Thanks, but we still got that to deal with!" Tails told him as he pointed to the machine.

"Look out, Cherry!" Atticus cried out.

Cherry yelped as she splatted against the machine and it soon drove through the beach and flew through the air and she was pressed against the windshield and where she soon saw who the pilot was.

"Sonic?" Tails hovered as he looked down to his blue hedgehog best friend. "Are you all right, Sonic?"

"I'm fine, just fine," Sonic replied before glaring up at the sky. "So, who's that?"

"Some kind of weird owl!" Cherry called out.

"Hi, Sonic! I have some news for you!" The weird owl called out.

"Oh, not that old man again... Count me out!" Sonic replied.

Atticus soon came after Cherry to bring her down to safety with the blue hedgehog and yellow fox.

"Sonic, we have to do something to help him." Tails said to Sonic.

"You're the one who can fly, you do something!" Sonic replied.

"You're no help!" Tails glared to Sonic before hovering off.

Sonic fell flat on his bottom and looked up with a small frown.

"All right, I can rescue the owl man all by myself!" Tails huffed as he flew after the weird owl.

Atticus soon got Cherry off the windshield. Cherry soon pulled her face slightly and shook her head.

"Who are those guys?" Sonic wondered about Cherry and Atticus.

"You okay?" Atticus asked Cherry.

"Not hurt, I don't remember that guy from the video games." Cherry replied.

"Same here." Atticus said.

"Mister! Mister!" Tails cried out to the owl.

"Tails, it's you!" The weird owl smiled to the two-tailed fox. "It's nice to see you again. I have some urgent business with Sonic. That's why I'm here."

"I think you should be worried about something more than your message to Sonic!" Atticus told him.

"Yeah, your rocket is on fire!" Tails added.

"Whoa! No wonder it's getting warm!" The owl soon noticed the flames.

"Don't worry, I can put out the fire!" Atticus assured them.

"I can fix it!" Tails reached out.

Atticus was about to blow out the fire like a candle. The flame grew and the owl was soon going down with his rocket which blew both Tails and Atticus back.

"I'm not gonna give up that easy!" Tails glared before zipping after the rocket.

"Same here!" Atticus added as he teleported Cherry back to the beach.

Cherry's eyes spun in her skull before she squeezed them shut and shook her head.

"Hmm..." Sonic smiled as he went back to relaxing.

"Wahoo!" The weird owl cheered.

"How can you relax at a time like this?!" Cherry gawked at the blue hedgehog.

"I practice." Sonic smirked innocently.

"Of course you do." Cherry groaned.

Tails and Atticus soon stood on the wings of the rocket as it went haywire.

"Pretty impressive, boys." The weird owl smiled to that.

"Thanks, I do some surfing when I get the chance." Atticus said.

"And I had some good practice before on my body board." Tails added.

The weird owl chuckled as he didn't watch where he was going. "Lucky for me!"

"Uh, sir, you might wanna look ahead!" Atticus yelped.

"Sir? Sir! LOOK OUT!" Tails cried out.

"Huh?" The weird owl soon looked forward and it looked like he was going to crash. "What are you talking about?"

"DO YOU NOT SEE THE MOUNTAIN?!" Atticus asked him.

"Uh, no." The weird owl said.

Atticus soon jumped into the rocket to take control to miss the mountain.

Tails screamed out as he was really scared about crashing. "Sonic!" He cried out.

Sonic was getting ready to leave the beach and turned his head as he heard his little buddy's voice. He then began to run with his super-speed to the source of the cry.

"Oh, now he cares." Cherry commented.

Atticus began to try to pilot the machine up. Sonic soon ran over to see what he could do to help since Tails was in trouble.

"Oh, don't mind me, I'll just stay here..." Cherry said before shrugging and decided to relax.

Drell soon appeared and looked to her. "What's this?" he glared. "Napping on the job?!"

"I... Uh..." Cherry muttered.

"Go and help." Drell said.

"Uh, the others are in the air and Sonic is running, what can I do?" Cherry asked.

Drell grabbed her and threw her into the air.

Cherry yelled out as she shot straight toward the rocket. "I had to ask!" She yelped.

Atticus helped Cherry in. "Hey, Cherry, glad you could drop in." he smiled while taking control.

Sonic soon rolled into a ball and collided against the rocket.


"Oh, sure, why not?" Cherry groaned.

Sonic helped out Tails and the weird owl as he floated in the air and Atticus helped Cherry in a way Superman would save Lois Lane from falling to her death.

"Oh, Sonic, thank you!" Tails beamed.

Sonic winked back to him with a small smile.

They were soon back on safe ground. The weird owl was shaking.

"So, who are you guys anyway?" Sonic asked Cherry and Atticus as he had never seen them before.

"My name is Atticus Fudo and this is my best friend and sister figure, Cherry." Atticus introduced.

"Nice to meet ya," Sonic replied. "I'm Sonic the Hedgehog."

"I'm Miles Prower, but please, call me Tails." Tails added.

Atticus soon brought out the picture that Drell gave him and soon looked at Tails and then back at the picture.

"What's that?" Tails looked curiously up to Atticus.

"It's a picture of you when you were a baby with your parents." Atticus said before covering his mouth as he had a feeling he wasn't suppose to tell Tails that.

"Parents...?" Tails repeated curiously as he tiled his head.

Sonic took the picture and saw that it was Tails with his parents.

"Mom... Dad..." Tails whispered as he looked with Sonic. He soon had his very first flashback to before he met Sonic. He could see a rather fuzzy image before it became clear.

"Push, dear, push, PUSH!" A male fox squeezed his wife's hand.

The female fox grunted and groaned before screaming before she had a small smile with tears in her eyes as she heard the wailing of a baby being born.

"It's a boy!" The duck doctor announced. "Oh, wow..." he then noticed that the fox baby was born with not one, but two tails.

"This is a first." A nurse said.

"You've arrived here just in time, Mrs. Prower." The duck doctor smiled to the female fox.

"He's beautiful." The female fox smiled.

"He's a handsome kit... Who cares if he has two tails?" The male fox added.

"Congratulations, Commander Prower." The doctor smiled to him.

"Thank you, Doctor." The male fox smiled back.

The fox couple began to cradle their little bundle of joy.

"What should we name him?" The male fox asked his wife.

"Hmm... I like... Miles..." The female fox smiled.

"Miles it is." The male fox smiled.

The couple smiled to their new son. "Welcome to the world, Miles."

There appeared to be a proud older fox girl who smiled as she was now a big sister.

The flashback soon ended from there and Tails now had tears in his eyes.

"Tails, you okay, buddy?" Sonic asked.

"MOM! DAD!" Tails cried out before bawling.

"Whoa! Take it easy, Tails!" Sonic flinched at the crying.

Drell soon arrived at the scene after hearing Tails's cry.

"GAH!" Cherry yelped from his sudden appearance. "Drell, you almost gave me a heart attack!"

"You showed him the picture, didn't you?" Drell asked Atticus.

"I didn't mean to." Atticus rubbed his shoulder shyly.

"Ooh, is Atticus in trouble?~" Cherry teased.

"Well, he was bound to learn about them sooner or later." Drell said.

"Atticus is in trouble, Atticus is in trouble~" Cherry sang.

"QUIIIET!" Drell shouted which blew her hair back.

"Yes, sir." Cherry gulped.

"Anyway, Tails, you'll find out about your parents later, I think your friend is having a nervous breakdown..." Drell replied before picking up a crab and pinched the weird owl's foot with its claws.

This caused the weird owl to stop having a nervous breakdown.

"You should watch where you drive, old man." Drell wagged his finger at the weird owl.

"I don't know what you're talking about, young man," The weird owl turned the other way, not facing him. "I could handle them. I realize I'm a little older now, but back in my day, I was quite the racer. Believe me, I was pretty popular with the ladies!" he then laughed out loud while Tails and Sonic smirked while rolling their eyes.

"Anyways, you had a message for Sonic?" Atticus asked.

"Oh, right, it's a real emergency," The owl replied. "You see, the President-" he soon looked back and had another mental breakdown before calming down. "Uh... The President..."

Sonic and Tails anime fell down together before coming right back up.

"He wants us to come to the Presidential House right away!" Sonic said for him.

"That's it! That's it! Please hurry!" The owl begged.

"You know, it might've been easier if you just called to tell us that." Sonic smirked.

"I could've done that too..." The owl replied sheepishly.

"Why didn't you?" Drell asked.

"I didn't think about it to be honest..." The owl replied.

"Come on, guys, you can ride in my plane." Tails told the others.

Soon enough, they were in Tails's plane.

"Old man, take care of the place while we're gone!" Sonic called down to the owl.

"Of course, you can count on me!" The owl replied.

"Sure we can," Sonic deadpanned before looking to his little buddy. "Ready, Tails?"

"Right." Tails smiled before turning on the plane.

"Aren't you a little young to be a pilot?" Cherry asked the two-tailed fox.

"I'm smarter than I look." Tails smiled.

"He's right." Drell said.

Soon enough, the plane ran off the runway and was in the sky as the owl waved them off as they began their adventure together.