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Sir Malcolm put a hand on Robin’s shoulder. They were both looking at Guy, who was sitting under a tree with his face buried in his hands.
“You should go to him, Robin. I think he needs a friend now.”
“He doesn’t like me. We’re not friends.”
“Maybe you had your disagreements in the past, but you should try to put them apart. Guy is a good boy, I’m sure that you could get along if you try.”
Robin looked at his father, worried.
“But what could I say to him? He’s crying!”
“His father just died, Robin.”
“The leper?”
“Never speak like that about Sir Rodger, and never in front of Guy and Isabella! Their father was a war hero and a good man, it’s not his fault if he got ill.”
“How do you know that he died? He was banished...”
“Ghislaine went to see him at the leper camp. He took a turn for the worse a few days ago and he passed away.”
Robin nodded, glancing at Guy again.
“What could I say to him?”
Sir Malcolm sighed.
“Try to imagine how would you feel if you were in his place. What would you want to hear, then?”
Robin stopped to think. The idea of losing his own father was horrible and he felt sad for Guy.
“I don’t know. But I could just go and sit near him, so he’ll know that he’s not alone.”