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Zill: The Romance of the Entertainer

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“Point your toes properly, Yuuri!”

I pointed my toe out farther, feeling the strain on my shin while simultaneously keeping my chest pointed to the sky. As I continued to dance, I focused on my fluid hips and ending each piece of the routine with eye contact to my teacher, Celestino Cialdini. He was the best omega dance teacher in all of the kingdom that specializes in training young omegas to become entertainers to the King. Soon, about a week or so, I was slotted to entertain his majesty at his Banquet of Men. As I was turning twenty three years old this past month, I was told that it was about time for me to entertain the young King.

I didn’t want to do this.

All Omegas ever did was entertain, breed, and curry favor to their masters.

This wasn’t what I had planned for my life when I was younger.

This wasn’t even close.

I was trained in ballet and ballroom dance by my previous teacher, Minako Okukawa, an Alpha and strong-willed women from impressive lineage. I was trained and become quite famous in the Nihon. Until, I turned eighteen and ruined it all coming out as an Omega. Since the age of twelve, I knew I was going to be a dancer but I had never thought that I would become an entertainer for the King. Honestly, I’m a little grateful to have been marked entertainer rather than bed servant. I had heard that being a bed servant meant that you had to attend to the King during the time his wife was gone and I knew that wasn’t the life for me. As an entertainer, all I had to do was dance.

Well, a little more than dance but it was better than servicing men.

I hadn’t even kissed another person, let alone service someone.

Omegas were only allowed few jobs.

House holder, Breeder, Prostitute, Bed Servant and Entertainer.

“No! No! No! Sloppy!”Celestino shouted, shaking his head and gripping my waist as I halted to a stop. “Stop staring into space and focus on the task at hand, Yuuri! In only seven days you will be dancing in front of the most royal of men in all of this country! If you can’t entertain them, you will be disgraced and I, though you may not think so, will pay for having you go out like that!”

“I’m sorry, Celestino,” I mutter, lowering my head. “I’m just not that excited about dancing for the King. It’s not something I dreamed I would be doing.”

“I understand, my little dancer, but you must deal with the cards you are dealt,” he smiled, clapping his hands together. “Now. Let’s see if your costume is going to fit you. I don’t need a repeat of last time we tried fitting you in it.”

“I didn’t mean to gain weight! I promise,” I smiled, sheepishly. “It was my birthday and I wanted to eat my mothers famous Katsudon. I didn’t eat too much.”

“Ah, yes, your family is from a tiny village in Nihon right?”

“Yes, sir,” I reply, looking down to my feet. “They are only allowed to come to my home in the Omega Compound on holidays. I wanted to treat myself and enjoy the little time we had.”

“How about we no longer treat ourselves for the next few weeks?” He chuckled, looking down at my waist. “You are a little less firm around your stomach and I don’t want the King to comment on that.”

“Yes, sir.”

“Now, head home,” he smiled, reaching out to pat me on my shoulder. “Phichit will escort you back like always.”

“Thank you,” I smiled, grabbing my satchel filled with clean clothes and changing.



As an Omega, I am not allowed, by law, to walk around by myself. If I am ever found my myself without a guard, I will be placed on house arrest. Punishment or not, I fear going outside, let alone, by myself. Being an Omega is seen as being a second class citizen to some people. Most Alphas look at me like I’m a breeder or toy to be played with. While other Betas believe that we should all be locked away to make their lives easier. Either way, I don’t feel safe unless I’m in the Omega Compound away from anyone that would try to hurt me. I am fed, clothed and am able to ask for anything I need so it can be delivered to me.

“Are you excited to dance for the King?” Phichit asks, kicking a rock ahead of us. Phichit is a Beta who doesn’t see me as a stain on existence. He just sees me as a normal human being. We’ve only known each other for the past four years but he has begun to grow on me. Well, enough for me to trust him. His dark hair was pushed back with gel and he wore comfortable slacks and his normal practice shirt that he wore to work in. As an assistant to Celestino, he needed to make sure that he was mobile.

“Not exactly,” I said, trying to smile a bit. “I’m really nervous I’m going to mess up and the King is going to punish me.”

“Yuuri,” he smiled, reaching out for my hands. “You are a marvelous dancer! You’ll do fine. Plus with that beautiful face of yours and your radiant smile. You’ll do just fine.”

I looked at Phichit for a moment before he released my hands to tell me about his day. I didn’t really listen to him as I thought about what he said. I knew I was an okay dancer but nowhere near good enough to entertain a King! When I learned I was assigned to entertain at such an event, I told Celestino no. I couldn’t bring myself to believe that I was good enough to dance like that. But the King specifically asked for new entertainers because he believed that it would make the event a little special.

As soon as I arrived to the Omega Compound, I was asked to show the brand written on my left wrist. I tend to hide it under longsleeves because I was embarrassed of my brand. Written in dark ink was a healed tattoo in the shape of a circle that was almost closed. This was a symbol of an unmated Omega who was working for the royal family. As long as the circle tattoo was open, I was able to live in this compound with other unmated Omegas. Once, I mated, they would finish the circle and brand me with my mates initials, marking me as his property. Though it sounds like we Omegas are cattle, this is only to make sure those who mess with mated Omegas will pay dearly for their crimes. However, those of us who are unmated are left at the whims of those around us.

The Omega Compound is a set of about two hundred villas all housing three or more omegas. Being that I was fairly new to the Omega Compound, I was housed with the younger Omega, Kenjirou. He is very young for an Omega but he had no one else who would take responsibility for him. His parents abandoned him and don’t come for visits on holidays either. He is completely alone.

“Good Evening, Mr. Yuuri,” Kenjirou yawned, stretching his arms above his head. He was on the simple brown couch reading over the few books we Omegas are allowed to read.

“Good Evening, Ken,” I smiled, walking over to ruffle his hair. He blushes at that before pouting. “I already told you to stop calling me Mr. I’m more likely to be your brother than a father. You can call me Yuuri.”

“I only do it out of respect, Mr. Yuuri,” he smiled, picking up his book. “I already washed up so I’ll see you in the morning for practice.”

I nodded as he ran up the stairs to his room.

The villa we lived in was pretty simple. We each had a room with a spare room left for any other Omega that would come and need a place to live. We had a single wash room that we filled with water from the well that was naturally warm. Our kitchen was small, a counter, furnace and a few pots and dishes were all we had. Most of the time we would eat at the dance school so we didn’t need a big kitchen. In our bedrooms was no more than a bed and dresser with a few personal items we were allowed from our previous home. In mine, there was a chest that I had filled with my parents letters, my sisters favorite hat and my most prized possession, my first pair of dancing shoes. Minako had given them to me on my seventeenth birthday as a gift. They were dark black and a little scruffed around the heel from all of the use.

I remember crying the moment I received these.

They were beautiful in their tiny brown box and they were just a little too big for me so I could grow into them just in case.

Regrettably, I never got the chance to perform publicly in them. The next year, I was taken away to the Kingdom of Leroy. My training started immediately after my arrival.



Somehow, I found myself staring into a fogged mirror in the wash room. I had begun to stare at the odd figure that stared back at me in the mirror. He had pitch black hair that covered his ears and his forehead. His cheeks were rounded and eyes were dark brown with thick eyebrows to accentuate them. Without a shirt on, I could find a few extra pounds around my mid-section and a little around my thighs. Things I could lose if I focused hard enough. But with the stress, I was lucky that I weighed so little.

Grabbing my white sleeping shirt and undergarments, I walked back to my room in silence. It was pitch black but seeing as I was familiar with everything, I made it to my bed and underneath the covers in seconds. Laying on my back, I stared up into the darkness, praying that something new would come to change the life I was headed for. Something to stop me from turning into someone I wouldn’t recognize in the mirror.

Little did I know, my wish would come true.