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forgetting is not as easy as forgiving

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 Aaron awoke, forcing himself to sit up, shaking frantically from his nightmare. Robert woke instantly and lowered Aaron down onto his back. He tilted Aaron’s face to his. The fear in his Husbands eyes, it was unsettling.

 “Aaron, look at me. It is alright. Please calm down. Come back to me, yeah. That’s right. It’s ok. I’m here. Come on now, breath in and out.” Robert calmed Aaron down breathing in and out deeply to show Aaron. When Aaron came round from this massive nightmare he turned from Robert.

 “What time is it?”


 “I haven’t woke Liv up have I,” Aaron asked Robert thinking of the hell it would cause.

 “She’s a teenage girl. A tornado could sweep through here and our Liv would still be tucked in those sheets complaining about who left the windows open,” Robert chuckled.

 Aaron smile to himself. He loved the way Robert referred to Liv as theirs. It showed them as a proper family. It drove Liv mad as she would always remind them that she is no ones property but this just made the married couple laugh to each other.

 “Are you ok now?” Robert asked tentatively, not wanting to leave Aaron about to have another panic attack.


 “No?” Robert questioned in surprise. Normally Aaron replied yes even if it was a no.

 “That’s right, no. I am not alright and I don’t think I ever will be.”

 Aaron burst into tears as he started to panic again. Robert tried to calm him down before he was in full blown panic.

 “What is wrong aaron? I don’t understand,” Robert replied worried about what his husband was in such a blind panic about.

 “I….. I….. I try s…..s….so hard t…to try and l…l….live normally but some….thing always goes wrong!” he cried between sobs.

 Robert tried to reassure him with a kiss on the forehead. “I am here to protect you. Just tell me what is wrong.”

 Liv came into the room having heard the cries from the bedroom. She stood at the doorway for about five seconds before she came running in to help her brother.

 “Aaron, what is it? Let us help.”

 “Liv ring Chas.” Robert instructed.

 “What, at 2:30 in the morning? She’ll love you”

 “Just do it!”





Chas came running in. She was still in her pyjamas and dressing gown having not bothered to get dressed once she'd heard. 

 “Aaron son, It’s me,” Chas tried to calm him down.

 “M…mum?” Aaron relied. Chas could here the uncertainty in his voice.

 "Yeah, it’s me love.” All of a sudden Aaron launched himself at his mum and Robert. The held him tight as he steadied his breathing. Liv watched as he tried to control himself.

 As Aaron looks over his shoulder and sees Liv, he pulls her in for the biggest hug he has ever given.

 “I’m sorry, Liv, I really am sorry”

 “It’s ok, Aaron, but what caused it?” Liv questioned. They all watched Aaron as to make sure that he did not go into another panic attack.

 “My dream.”