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Easy's Omega

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“I’m sorry, sir, but I will have to decline the offer.”

2nd Lieutenant Dick Winters resisted the urge to roll his eyes at his CO. They were currently standing in Colonel Sink’s office, the humid air of Georgia surrounding them, while the low hum of the fan barely drowned out the noise of the training going on outside.

Dick stood slightly behind Sobel, looking at the tiny dust particles floating in the sunlight. He took a moment to glance at Sink’s face, and what he saw almost made a smirk cross his face. The Colonel seemed just as annoyed at the Alpha as he did.

“That wasn’t a suggestion, Lieutenant. You will be getting your medics tomorrow, and one of them will be an Omega.”

Sobel stiffened at the order, his jaw clenched in what Dick could only describe as restrained anger.

“Permission to speak, sir.”

Sink stared Sobel down, reminding the younger man who the Head Alpha really was, before speaking.


Sobel looked at a point right above the Colonel’s head, beads of sweat rolling down his face, “With all due respect, sir, it’s bad enough with the Omega secretaries and nurses walking around the camp, but putting one of their kind directly into combat with the men will only distract them, and make them inadequate for battle,” he paused for a moment before saying, “Easy Company is the only all Alpha company in this regiment, my goal is to make them the best, sir.”

Sink leaned forward in his chair, letting his hands clasp together on top of the desk, “And I understand that, Lieutenant. That is my goal as well. That is why I am putting this particular Omega in your company. Out of all the medics currently training in the medical detachment, he is the best. He will get the job done.”

Sobel nodded, trying to show the the utmost respect for the Colonel, although his face looked like he swallowed something bitter. He gave a clean salute, and when it was returned, Sobel quickly turned on his heel, and walked out of the office.

Sink started to shuffle through his paperwork again, before he noticed that Dick still did not leave the room.

“Is there something I can help you with, Lieutenant Winters?”

Dick swallowed and glanced down at the Colonel. He was staring at him intently, but not with the harsh look he gave Sobel.

“Permission to speak, sir.”

“Permission granted, son.”

“Sir,” Dick began, “I too am concerned about the Omega, but for a different reason than Lieutenant Sobel,” it was here that Dick took a moment to pause to choose his next words carefully, “In fact, I would say I’m concerned for the Omega.”

Sink dropped the paperwork back on the desk and leaned back in his chair.

“Continue.” he spoke with a gesture of his hand.

“Sir.” he said again, “This Omega will be surrounded by up to 140 Alphas a day, and I will not be able to keep an eye on him at all times.” He hoped he was making his point clear enough. He must have, though, because Sink pursed his lips and stood up to face the window.

“I hear what you and Lieutenant Sobel are trying to convey. Omegas are known to be flirtatious, distracting, soft, and weak.”

Something outside must have caught the Colonel’s eye, because he followed its movements closely.

“Have you met the Omega yet, Lieutenant?”

“No, sir.” he admitted reluctantly.

Sink just smirked, and moved his head a bit to give Dick a view of the medical attachment running down Currahee, one in particular being in front.

“Well this one will surprise you, Lieutenant, in more ways than one.”

Dick couldn’t stop the little smile that crossed his face due to the older Alpha’s words.

“Yes, sir.”

“You are dismissed, Lieutenant.”

And with quick and proper salutes, Dick left the office of the Colonel.

Once outside, he put on his side cap, and looked to the side to see Nixon leaning against the wall waiting for him.

“So,” Nixon spoke as he pushed off the wall and started to walk with Dick, “is there a reason Sobel just came out of there looking more pissed off than usual?”

Dick could only smile as he looked at the different companies going through PT. As he looked around, he was able to spot the medical attachment at the obstacle course.

“We’ll be getting our medics tomorrow.”

Nixon raised an eyebrow, “Well I know Sobel wants Easy Company to be the best, but even we need medics. I doubt that’s what really pissed him off.”

Finally, Dick was able to spot raven hair sprinting through the course, helping his fellow medics over walls, and picking them up when they fell down. He could only be compared to a gazelle, the way he jumped over beams, slid through the tunnels, and hopped through the ropes. So graceful. So beautiful.


“One of them will be an Omega.”

Hearing those words caused Nixon to stop moving, and stand in front of Dick, hands on his chest to keep him from walking any further.

“An Omega? In Easy Company? Are they out of their minds?”

Dick had yet to remove his gaze from the young Omega, causing Nixon to follow his gaze. When his eyes finally locked onto the Omega, all he could let out was a low whistle.

“That’s him?”


“Jesus,” Nixon mumbled, and leaned a little to the side to get a better looked at the Private, “Maybe this war won’t be that bad.”

Dick let out a little huff of laughter at his friend’s words, and gave him a humorous look, before looking back at the Omega. As if feeling eyes on him, the Omega turned around and locked his doe eyes with the two of them. His face showed nothing but indifference, but he also never looked away, as if accepting the stare as a challenge.

Nixon found it adorable, and decided to wave at him. The Private’s lips curled in a barely noticeable sign of distaste, before turning around and going through the obstacle course again.

Nixon chuckled at the sight and put his hand down, “Do you think he’ll survive being surrounded by 140 Alphas everyday?”

“Apparently, this one will surprise us,” Dick repeated what the Colonel said to him while smiling fondly at the Omega.

“Well, what’s his name?”

Dick watched as the medical detachment finished up at the course, and walk back to their barracks where they would shower, and probably head to medical training. The seven Omegas stood out from the rest of the Betas, but he was only interested in one of them. Dick didn’t know how, but he had a feeling the Omega would be an important addition to Easy, and his name was,

“Private Eugene Roe.”