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Little Glowing Box

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Maurits looked up from doing his homework when he heard something ticking against the kitchen window. When he saw the big black bird outside the window a big smile appeared on his face. He closed his laptop and walked over to the window to open it.

“Rafaël!” he exclaimed, “It’s so good to see you again! Did you bring any news from Thomas?” The raven nodded and stuck his claw out so Maurits could detach the piece of paper that was tied to it. It did not look like the other letters Thomas had send the past few days, this one was a lot more official looking with the red Raveleijn seal sealing the letter shut. Before taking another look at it, Maurits ran upstairs to the rooms of his siblings, knocking on their bedroom doors while yelling;

“Guys, Rafaël just brought another letter from Thomas! You wanna read it together?” Joost came storming out of his room two seconds later and a few moments later the twins joined as well. Maurits wanted to break the seal on the letter, but Joost stopped him.

“Shouldn’t we get mom and dad as well? I’m sure they wanna know what Thomas wrote this time.” Maurits nodded. After they got back the kids had decided to tell their parents about Raveleijn together, because they deserved to know where Thomas was and why he had stayed there. Of course they had been shocked and it had been hard for them to believe everything at first, but the evidence was there, because Thomas had not come back. Rutger gave up his idea of using the gate as an entrance for his vineyard, as it was the only way to get in contact with his oldest son.

“Good idea little brother, let’s get mom and dad.” Together the four siblings ran down the stairs and out the back door. After first looking in their mother’s atelier, they found both their parents in the vineyard.

“Mom!” Lisa yelled.

“Dad!” Emma exclaimed.

“Thomas send us another letter!” Joost added in excitement. Maurits presented the letter with the official looking seal proudly to his parents. He handed it to his mother.

“Mom, I think it is your turn to read it out loud.” Their mother nodded, carefully broke the seal and unfolded the letter. Another piece of paper fell out of it and Rutger picked it up from the ground, giving it to Sophie. She first read the little note that had fallen to the ground.

“Dear mom, dad, Maurits, Emma, Lisa, Joost and Spike,

I am really happy and proud to tell you that I am engaged to Samira Grafhart and I want to invite you all to my engagement party. I also gave Rafaël the official invitation, but I really wanted to tell you myself as well. So I hope to see you there! I really miss all of you a lot, I know it has probably only been a few days for you since Maurits, Emma, Lisa, Joost and Spike came back, but here it has been a few months already. I can’t wait to see you all again and to show Raveleijn to mom and dad.
I love you and hope to see you soon!

Your favorite brother and son, Thomas”