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Last Week - Part 1 (I might have accidentally slept with Hannibal - Part 3: the first prequel)

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'Dr Lecter? A little help please'

Hannibal looks at Will, they've been enjoying a quiet conversation and he is reluctant to break it off right this moment, but Jack's voice, inside the back of the ambulance is insistent. Together they walk and then he almost jogs, sees the mess inside that Devon Silvestri has caused with one of his 'transplants'. He gets his jacket off and rolls up his sleeves fast, gets nitrile gloves on, reaches forwards,

'I've got him'

He feels carefully inside the man, nasty. Poorly done. But nothing he can't manage. As he glances up he sees that Will is watching him. Something very like awe on his face. Or. Maybe not awe. Maybe more like... Hannibal blinks, looks away, conscious of the burgeoning of the most inappropriate erection of his career threatening his composure.

Will watches the figures inside the ambulance, and fuck if that isn't the most arousing thing he's seen in a while. Hannibal. Hands inside the guy. Hands. Inside. The. Guy. All bloodied and shit. For just a moment their eyes catch and Will has to make a bit of an effort not to whine right then and there. Hannibal's hands. Large. Warm. Competent. Will shivers. Has to shift a little, surely these pants weren't this tight earlier?

After the EMT have taken the victim away and the scene has been cleared to Jack's satisfaction, Will finds Hannibal talking with Zeller and Price near the lab's SUV. Ok. He can do this. Definitely. Even with an audience,

'Hey, good job in there. With him. Very impressive. Can I take you back? I thought as I came with you, you might want to come with me'

Will mentally kicks himself, he could have phrased that better. There's a tiny snort from Jimmy, Will fights his own inner critic and ignores him, ploughs on,

'I don't mind either way, whatever you like? If you want to come that is?'

Dammit, there it is again. Hannibal smooths his jacket over his arm, considers everything he knows about Sigmund Freud, he smiles a little,

'Thank you Will, do you want me to come now?'

This time it's Zeller who makes just a tiny noise, shit, Bev is totally right about these two, damn, he's only got a twenty in the pot, Will side eyes him,

'Sure, if you're ready. Or a few minutes. If you need more time?'

'Thank you. I believe I'm quite prepared to come'

'Great, I'll tell Jack we're getting off, oh, and don't forget it sticks a bit, I must remember to use some lubricant on it, you might have to push quite hard to get in'

Jimmy makes a little whimpery noise, Hannibal glances at him,

'Thank you Will, I'm sure I'll manage, I think I have the knack of it'

Will smiles at him,

'I think you do too. Just takes a certain amount of practice. It needs a sort of thrust and twist at the end. You'll be fine'

Will makes a sort of goodbye face at Zeller and Price. Hannibal heads for Will's car and the recalcitrant passenger door he's already fought with once this evening, Will heads for Jack Crawford. Both Jimmy and Zeller let out the breath they'd been holding, Zeller turns to Jimmy,

'Oh my god? Do they even have a clue?'

They clutch each other,

'Bev will be spitting she missed this'

Zeller smirks,

'I wonder if she's the only one who'll be spitting!'

They carry on, wheezing with laughter.