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Interconnected thoughts

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*Peter Hayes*


I am a strong person.

I am a person who does not believe in safety.

I am a person who dreams with his eyes open.


Why is it that Caleb Prior, perhaps the weakest, safest, boredom inducing person I know makes me feel so alive?

Another note on how alive Caleb makes me feel. When I'm with him I have no urge to jump off a tall building. When I'm with him I want to sit on tall buildings.

god I've got no problem with being gay but this kid is turning me into a real pansy.

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*Caleb Prior*


a list of reasons why I can't focus at work.


  • Peters hands are really big


  • There is a leak in the corner of my "office" *note, leak was fixed as of last week


  • I think my sister hates me


  • They want me to keep tabs on my sister who hates me


  • I can't figure out if I'm gay


  • Peter's hair is really curly *note, one day I want to braid it


  • Peter sometimes comes to have lunch with me, when he does this I almost never have lunch so he shares his food with me *note, we use the same fork, he cuts things up for me too when the bites are too big


  • Peter's cheeks get red when I talk about hot showers


  • I want to grow a garden and have no idea where to get seeds


  • Peter is on the other side of the world *note, by other side of the world I mean a 10 minute walk


  • I haven't seen Four in a really long time


  • I can't figure out how to tell Peter I'm gay


*note, I think about Peter far too much.


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*Peter Hayes*

I am definitely gay.


Something happened last night, when I think about it my cheeks turn red.



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Peter has really soft lips and don't ask my how I know that I just do.