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Teen Survivors

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Talia Hale looked down at her son Derek who was looking down at the cellar door by the giant tree stump with the ghost of tears in his eyes. He had been shedding tears for days and it seemed that he was now spent. The sun was setting in the distance showing that it would be dark soon but Derek hardly noticed. He then moved to kneel and set a flower on the ground next to the doors. Suddenly two figures came to stand next to her, her brother and her eldest daughter.

"How long has he been here?" her daughter Laura asked her.

Talia let out a small sigh. "At least an hour a day since it happened." She then shook her head. "He can't keep coming here though. It's not good for him, in more ways than one."

Laura looked over at her. "You mean because of what happened with Deucalion and the Argents?"

At that, Talia's face hardened slightly. "For starters," she mumbled. "They'll all be laying low as that Sheriff's deputy is still looking into the bodies found at the distillery from their meeting but not forever. Deucalion has left to recuperate after losing his sight but the Argents haven't yet moved to leave. And I know for a fact that Gerard and his son know of this place and will no doubt be skulking about. The last thing I want is for them to come around and find Derek here by himself. He's going to have to lay low and stay away from here. We all are."

Peter let out a small snort. "Good luck stopping him. Nothing less unstable than a teenager and their first love."

That made Talia close her eyes as she took a stressful breath in and then heavily expel it. She then slowly turned over to her brother. "Peter, take Derek back to the house."


"You heard me and be sure that the two of stay there. I'll be round in about an hour or so and I'll be needing to speak with you both."

"Talia," Peter started to argue but he stopped when she gave him a hard look.

"Now," she said softly but sternly.

Peter knew there was no winning here. "Fine, whatever you say sis," he huffed.

He then went over and gave Derek a tap to the shoulder and mumbled something to him. Derek eventually picked himself up and started to walk off with Peter right beside him. Talia watched them head off silently with a stern look on her face.

Laura noticed the way that her mother was looking at them. "Mom…as much as I hate to admit it, Uncle Peter has a point. Paige was his first love. You can't stop Derek from coming back here when he wants to."

Talia knew Laura spoke from experience and nodded. "I know." She then brought out the claws in her right hand and looked down at them. "But he can't if he doesn't know how and where to go," she said softly.

"Mom?" hissed Laura. "Are you seriously going to do that to Derek?"

Talia turned to look at her daughter stone faced. "I am. And not just him. But Peter as well. It wouldn't exactly be the first time I had to resort to this with him. I know that I can't trust your uncle with this kind of sensitive information."

Laura let her eyes go off to catch the shrinking forms of her brother and uncle through the trees. "And me?"

"Don't worry sweetie, you I trust. And I'm going to have to ask that you pay close attention to your brother and sister for the next couple of weeks while I try to sort through any trouble the new hunters might cause here. Okay?"

She nodded. "Okay mom."

Talia then moved to take off her robe leaving her naked as she handed it to her daughter who took it with a nod. Laura then headed off for the direction that her brother and uncle went while Talia stayed there to look at the Nemeton for another moment. She gave it a hard look before she started to walk off into the brush. She walked for a few seconds before her body shifted and transformed into a dark haired wolf. She ran to where there was a big rock with semi flat surface. She went over to it and stood up on her hind legs as she propped her two front paws on it to stand on her hind legs. She pointed her snout up into the dimming sky and let a small howl loose before she then climbed up on the rock and pushed herself off and jumped off into the woods. As she had jumped, the claws in her hind legs had unknowingly dug into the rock and left deep scratch marks in it. When she touched back onto the ground, she broke into a hard run through the trees.

On the other side of the clearing, hidden by the cover of the trees was a certain young blonde woman. She had been watching the family through binoculars and finally set them down when she saw the Alpha move into the trees and transform. When she heard the wolf's howl she started moving off, towards the tree stump with a fully loaded rifle in her arms. A werewolf like that, especially an Alpha, wouldn't be easy to take down. But, as she looked down by the base of the tree, she moved to pick up the flower that the teenage boy had left.

"Ahh, a real romantic at heart," she smirked to herself as she crushed the flower in her hand.

She believed she had just found the way to not only take down the Alpha, but the entire pack.

Almost eight years had passed from that day and Beacon Hills had gone through many changes, among those were that there was a new Alpha in town. One by the name of Scott McCall and he was leading his friends Stiles Stilinski and Lydia Martin into the Animal Clinic.

"How long has it been?" Stiles asked him as they went inside.

"Weeks," he huffed out as he went to a cabinet. "And he hasn't answered any of my texts."

"Derek ever return your texts?"

Scott took out a container. "Once. Definitely once but, this time it felt different so I went to the loft. The alarm was on and everything looked okay," he then went and opened the container and pushed it to him. "Then I found these."

Stiles looked inside and then pulled a very familiar piece of metal. "Bullet casings," he mumbled. Stiles' nose then crinkled. "From wolfsbane laced bullets. Hunters," he said with a bit of a growl.

Lydia's eyes narrowed on it. "There's something on it."

Stiles turned the casing to find that there seemed to be a skull engraved on it. "What is that?"

"I sent a picture to Deaton. He said that it's a mark of a family of hunters based in Mexico. The Calaveras."

"What would they want with Derek?" asked Lydia.

"Whatever it is, you know it can't be good," Stiles mumbled as he went and put the bullet case back in the container. "You don't think they killed him, do you?"

Scott blinked and shrugged. "I don't know." He really didn't know. The only hunter family that they ever came across was the Argents. They didn't know anything about this new family or how they worked. But he did know of a way to find out if Derek was still alive or not. His eyes went over to Lydia. "That's why you're here."

Stiles looked at her too. Lydia definitely could tell them. As a banshee, she would be able to sense if Derek was dead or not. And, she now had a greater understanding and control of her power. Scott pushed the container of bullet shells to her. Lydia took a small breath as she reached in and took a handful of them. She then let them rain down on the table. The sounds of gunfire echoed in her mind as each casing hit the table followed by a hard scream that she recognized as Derek Hale's. Lydia then started to stare off with a far off look in her face.

Stiles shook his head. "What? Is he dead?"

Lydia shook her head as she still stared off blankly. "No," she mumbled. "But, I'm not sure he's alive either."

"What does that mean?" Scott asked her.

"I don't know. Something…just doesn't feel right."

Stiles looked down at the bullet casings. "It could mean that they have him and are going to kill him. And, if the Calaveras have him then how do we find them?"

Scott went over and reached for a bullet. "Mexico."

Stiles nodded before he looked down at the bullet casings. "We're going to need some help."

Scott turned to look up at him. "Yeah," he said glumly.

Later, Stiles, after he, Scott and Lydia made a plan and then went home, was leaning against the wall of his room. He stared off hard at a spot on the floor though his mind was nowhere near his room. They were going to Malia and Kira for help but even with the five of them, Stiles knew that this was a big risk. He remembered when they went toe to toe against Gerard and his goons and how vicious they were, not to mention Chris and Kate. If this other hunter family was anything like the Argents then there was a chance that something could seriously happen to them, or to the girls. Stiles wouldn't let that happen.

He went to his phone and then reached into his wallet and took out a card. It was a business card and the name on it was Marin Morrell. He then entered the number inscribed and made the call. Stiles heard two dial tones before he heard the click of someone answering the phone.

"Hey, it's me. And I, well all of us, we need some help." Stiles then moved to look down at his hand where he was holding one of the bullet casings in between his fingers.

Raphael McCall was in his hotel room, watching the footage for perhaps the hundredth time. It was of a camera outside the entrance to Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital. His eyes followed after Stiles Stilinski wearing a black leather jacket over a black hooded sweater as he walked for the entrance to the hospital. It was from the night that the attack happened at the hospital from those men wielding swords. Unfortunately, this was the only camera that had any footage that night. Every other camera actually inside the hospital had malfunctioned. The building supervisors said that it looked like there had been some kind of electrical burnout. Raphael had scrubbed this footage and he couldn't find a moment when he walked back out. Naturally, he questioned where Stiles had been that night and he claimed that he had been with Scott to help him deal after having lost Allison. Scott, Melissa and Stiles' father Noah all collaborated the story but he knew that Stiles had been there that night. He'd seen him.

He looked over at some notes that he made surrounding the boy. The recent events around him such as copies of the tests that he took at the hospital, including a small print of his MRI. Not to mention, a testimony from an orderly at Eichen House named Brunski of Stiles' time there. The kid looked like he was on the verge of a mental breakdown, coupled with a sickly constitution, and he suddenly was right as rain.

Something strange was going on, not just with Stiles but with Scott too. They were involved in something that was going on in this town and he had a feeling that Stiles' father and his ex wife were involved somehow as well, not to mention Alan Deaton, the Argent Family and Derek Hale. He wasn't sure exactly what it was yet but he would find out.

Raphael's phone started to ring and he moved to pick it up. He saw that it was a call from the bureau. "Agent McCall," he answered.

"Yes, I thought you would like to know that we got a ping on that vehicle you gave us. It crossed the Mexican border less than an hour ago."

He narrowed his eyes. "Do you have an image?'

"Yes. The security footage is being sent to you now."

"Thank you."

Raphael opened his laptop and quickly pulled up the image of a familiar blue jeep. It played out where he saw the jeep pull up to the window and he saw Stiles stick his head out and show his driver's license. A moment later, the jeep began to drive on through. Raphael moved to freeze it. He could see that there were people in the jeep but he couldn't tell who. Yet he could make out that there seemed to be at least three others with him and he had a strong hunch who one of them might be.

What would Scott and Stiles be going to Mexico for?

Stiles and Lydia stopped in their movements to let a small red taxi cab by.

"Wow, taxis are red down here?" Stiles said giving it a look.

"I just hope that's all the red we'll see while we're here," Lydia sighed out tensely.

They were moving through a small Mexican town that seemed quite simple and friendly looking, from the outside. They could see some people calmly going about their business and a few even were smiling at one another as they passed.

"Pretty homey little town isn't it?" he said as he took it all in.

But Lydia didn't share in his optimism. "It's not the town, it's the plan."

"What's wrong with the plan?"

"Stiles, this could be the stupidest plan we've ever come up with. You're aware of that, right?"

He sighed. "I admit it's not our best. But don't worry."

"Why shouldn't I worry?"

Stiles went and took out his phone to send a text. "There's a Plan B." Stiles started to type in the words: Going in now.

"Great," she nodded. "What's Plan B?" He reached into a pocket and brought out a small bottle of pepper spray. "Seriously?"

"Sorry, my bat couldn't fit in my pocket," he said pocketing his phone. "And we can't enter the hornets nest without some bug spray." He then handed it to her.

"Fantastic." Lydia said as she pocketed it. "Except our problem isn't hornets but armed hunters."

"I'm aware of that. Very aware," he said before they began walking off. "Which is why I made a Plan C. Let's just hope we won't need to use it."

Lydia sighed. "Oh, we are going to die."

"You saying that as a banshee or are you being pessimistic?"

"Uh, I'm saying it as a person that doesn't want to die."

Stiles sighed. "Well then, do you mind restricting any talk of death to actual banshee predictions."

She nodded. "This plan is stupid and we're going to die."

"Oh thank you," he said to her sarcastically. "Maybe it would've been better if you stayed with the others and let me handle this."

But the unease in Lydia's face vanished as her expression hardened. "No, you're not going in alone."

The two of them moved off for a street that didn't seem as lively or friendly as the rest of the town. They came upon the address that they were looking for and found that the entrance was being watched by two rough looking men. Stiles could tell from the smell of gunpowder leaking out of them that they were armed. He subtly passed his hand to Lydia's to let her know that they had to be careful now.

Lydia got the hint and quickly tried to relax a bit for them as she quickly asked them if this was the place for the party. One of the men quickly shook his head at them and Stiles went to reach for the card. It was one that had the Calavera's symbol on it that they got from one of Deaton's contacts in the area. At the sight of it, the guard then looked off to the side and Stiles saw that there was a surveillance camera. He then lifted the card so that the camera got a good shot of it and the door then buzzed open. They walked on in and found themselves in a dimly lit and empty hallway that was somewhat creepy. Stiles and Lydia walked in and the door was shut right behind them. They went and bit the bullet and began walking for the other end. They went and opened it and were hit with a rush of lights and sound. There was a loud and lively party in full swing complete with drinks and a DJ. Stiles' eyes scanned the room and he found a few security men watching the area. His eyes went to an upper landing where he saw a man with a walkie talking looking down right at them. He grabbed Lydia and went to make their way for the bar and blend with the crowd. As soon as they sat down, the bartender quickly went and slammed down two shots right in front of them. Stiles went for his wallet but a hand slammed down on his and Lydia's shoulder.

It was the man that Stiles noticed earlier. Close by, he seemed to be bigger than Stiles thought he was. "Don't," their new friend just said to them. "On the house." But Stiles and Lydia moved to fix themselves up but didn't move. The man gave them a look. "American teenagers don't cross the border to refuse a drink."

Stiles took a small whiff from his nose as he looked to the drink in front of him. "Guess not." He went and grabbed the glass and quickly drank down the shot for the man's benefit. As it went through his throat, Stiles barely felt anything. Not too long ago, Stiles had been given the chance to actually know what it felt like to experience drinking. The buzz that alcohol gave to people as it went down your throat and then to your head. But now it looked like Stiles was back to not being able to be intoxicated or drunk, which in this case, might actually be a good thing. But he still quickly put on a show for the hunter's benefit. From the smell, this stuff was supposedly strong and the man seemed satisfied with the reaction he gave.

The man then looked at Lydia, as if expecting for her to drink as well. "Thanks, but we're not really here for a drink." She then went and tossed a skull engraved bullet casing in the glass.

The man then went and took the two of them and led them off into an office in the back. They walked in where they found an old woman sitting in a fancy chair behind a desk with a man and young woman close by. She seemed to be wiping down a hunting knife with a piece of withered cloth.

When they entered, she looked up at them and gave them a small smile. "Please, sit," she said still continuing with her work of cleaning her knife.

Stiles and Lydia moved to sit while the one that escorted them in went to stand beside her while her bodyguard moved to block the door. The young woman went over to sit on a cushy chair that was off to the side. Stiles sat down and his eyes silently moved from the bodyguard, young woman, to the bigger man to the movement of the old woman's hands. As soon as he took each of them in, he then went to look at the old woman in front of him. Stiles guessed that she was this Araya Calavera that they heard about. The leader of the Calavera Family. He knew that the Argents had a matriarchy when it came to their family and he guessed that this family might be the same judging from how the other hunters in the room were looking towards her. Though she was old, she didn't seem to be quite as old as Gerard was. But she was still giving off the same cold and bloodthirsty feeling that Stiles had remembered feeling around him.

He then looked up as they could faintly hear the music from the party but the woman just kept going with what she was doing with her head swaying slightly to the beat. "Didn't think someone your age would like this kind of music."

Araya let a chuckle loose. "Yes." She gave the big man a small look. "Severo hates this music. Me, I've always loved the music of youth. This kind especially. It has a savage energy," she said looking up at them and taking a hard swipe of the knife against the cloth. She didn't seem the slightest bit worried that she would cut herself.

Lydia was sitting straight in her chair and trying not to look as nervous as she felt. "We're here for Derek Hale."

She smiled at her. "Is that so?"

"We know you have him." That was answered by another hard swipe from her knife against the cloth. Lydia tried not to break in her gaze. "We've heard that you could be bought."

Stiles then moved into his jacket and and took some rolls of money and then slammed them on the table. Five small piles. "That's fifty thousand for Derek."

At the sight of the money, she finally put the knife down. "Now, where does a teenage boy get money like this?" From her tone, it didn't look like she was really curious or even asking a question. "Japanese Mafia?" At her words, the young woman in the chair cocked a shotgun and the man behind them brought out a handgun and turned the safety off.

Stiles followed each of their movements before he looked back at Araya who was smirking at him. "You seem well informed," he muttered at her, not breaking his composure.

Araya went and leaned on the table, moving a little closer to them, the smug smile on her face not faltering a bit. "Stiles Stilinski, that's what they call you, eh mijo? I've heard quite a bit about you. One of those being that you are smart. Not smart to come alone."

Stiles rose his eyebrows at her. "And what makes you think we came alone?"

At his statement, Araya smug expression faded a bit. "You brought a wolf into my home?" she asked a bit angrily.

Now it was Stiles' turn to smirk. "We brought an Alpha."

Scott, Kira and Malia were now working on the second phase of the plan. While Stiles and Lydia were keeping Araya busy, they would scope the building and try to find Derek. They had already managed to get passed the front door and were already in the party. Scott moved off by himself while the girls stayed inside the party room.

Kira quickly noticed that a few of the security guards were starting to move about and going through the crowd of partiers. She quickly ran to Malia who was moving about on the dance floor. "Something's happening," she told her.

"I know," Malia said, still dancing.

Kira was starting to panic. "What do we do?"

Malia however was still calmly dancing to the music. "Blend in." Kira looked about as if trying to find out how to do that and Malia smiled at her. "Dance with me dumbass."

Kira's eyes widened. "Oh."

Kira then started to move a bit and dance but it was awkward. It seemed to do nothing more than make Kira stand out even more. The guard she was looking at seemed to think so as he stared at her and spoke heatedly into his walkie. Even Malia thought Kira was doing terribly so she moved over to her and grabbed her hip to try and help her relax and move. Kira was slowly starting to smile and began to start getting into it. With the two of them dancing together so fluidly, they started to truly blend into the crowd so much that the guards seemed to be overlooking them now. They even began to get joined by other partiers which further helped to hide them from security's eyes.

Araya paced off a bit before she went to look out the window of her office. "My friends, I don't think you're aware of your poor timing. Do you know what the Dark Moon is?"

"Part of the lunar phase where the moon is least visible in the sky," Lydia answered.

"But do you know it's meaning?" Araya pressed on.

Lydia bit her cheek a bit. "Some people say its…a time of reflection. Or grief."

Stiles knew about this. After Peter's resurrection, he quickly looked into the different types of moons that there were. He'd seen what the Worm Moon did for Peter and he knew personally the effects of the Lunar Eclipse. If werewolves were affected by the moon then he wanted to know all the different ways. He managed to learn quite a lot about them especially from the books he borrowed from Deaton a few months ago. He had learned that the Dark Moon was actually supposed to be when werewolves were supposed to be mystically vulnerable. Whatever that meant. He was snapped out of his musing when Araya fully turned to face them.

"Grief and loss mijo. I wonder why, when you and your friends have suffered so much loss, you would risk it again for someone like Derek Hale."

Stiles narrowed his eyes at her. Say what you will about Derek, there was no denying the fact that he was still important to them. He had gone out of his way to help and even save them in the past, just like they had done for him. He was one of them. "Because we don't want to lose more," he told her.

Stiles was cut off when a man's voice rang out from a walkie. He reported that the front entrance was clear. But Severo began to ask for one of their men as he wasn't answering his walkie.

But then they started to hear Scott's voice come from the walkie. "Stiles, take ten off the table."

Araya narrowed her eyes as Stiles went and grabbed ten thousand dollars off the table and pocketed it. Araya then turned to look over at Severo and he moved to leave the office though the other two armed people stayed behind. Stiles let himself use that chance to refresh the position of the other two as he followed Severo leaving.

Lydia seemed to be feeling a bit more confident as she shrugged. "Maybe you should just take the deal."

Araya just smiled as she leaned in towards Lydia. "Well I am keen to follow the warning of a banshee. But I'm going to have to decline."

Now the security was starting to get more aggressive. They actually brought their guns out and kept them at their sides as they violently shoved through the dancers, checking them out one by one. They were heading straight for Malia and Kira, who were both still dancing sensationally. One of the men caught sight of them and was going for them just as a woman with a shotgun moved to stand behind them.

Malia noticed and leaned in closer to Kira. "Ready?"

Kira nodded as she brought out some nunchucks. She then started to swing them at the woman behind them while Malia turned to the man stomping for them. Kira was swinging the nunchucks around so quickly that the guard couldn't find an opening to get to her. Malia quickly disarmed her target before she went and slammed him down to the floor. She then punched him hard in the face just as Kira whacked her target in the face with the nunchucks. Another guy was moving for them but Scott quickly moved in and pushed him into a beam. He then grabbed him harshly and threw him across the room to have his back slam against the wall. The three of them then moved to leave the party room and begin searching the rest of the place together.

Scott moved to his pocket and took the radio. "Stiles, take another ten off."

Stiles reached down and pocketed another ten thousand. He then looked over at Araya. "Look, just give us Derek. You don't want him anyway. Haven't you noticed what a downer he is? No sense of humor. Poor conversationalist. Just take the money. It would cost you far less than it would taking all your people to the hospital. Keeping him can't be worth all this trouble so, why not just let us have him and we can all call it a day?" But Araya just stared blankly at him and Stiles' insides lit up as something seemed to crawl up his spine. A heart wrenching fact. "Unless you don't," he realized. Araya's mouth cracked a small smirk as her eyes fell on the bodyguard at the door. Stiles quickly looked over at Lydia. "Okay, Plan B."

At that he threw himself up and went for the guy behind them.

"Stiles!" Lydia cried as everyone started to react.

Immediately the guy moved to point the gun at him but Stiles was so fast though that he barely managed to lift it an inch. Stiles had both speed and had memorized exactly where he was and was ready. He then sent a hard punch in his face that sent him tumbling back before Stiles grabbed him by his shirt's collar. The girl with the shotgun cocked it and Stiles had been ready to pull the first hunter around to block him from her sight but he didn't need to. The sound of the shotgun had made Lydia shoot up to her feet and pull out the can of pepper spray he'd given her. She sprayed it in the face of the woman just as she aimed her gun. The woman shrieked and staggered a bit as she moved one hand to try and cover her eyes as Lydia was still spraying her. The first hunter was still reeling from the punch and he grit his slightly bloodied teeth before he moved to point the gun at Stiles again but the teen wolf twisted his wrist towards the woman's direction and made him pull the trigger and let out a shot. It hit the other woman in the leg and made cry out and tumble to the ground in pain. Lydia then quickly kicked the shotgun out of the woman's grip and then frantically moved to the opposite side of the room. With her down, Stiles then put all the power he could into squeezing and snapping the guy's wrist which made him scream and drop his gun. With the hunter stunned, Stiles quickly yanked the guy's mangled arm behind his back where he went to stand as well. The hunter tried to break free but Stiles stopped his moving by bringing out the claws in his free hand and having them graze his neck holding him in place as his hostage and shield.

Araya had been watching all of their activity quietly and calmly but her expression went sour at the sight of the claws on Stiles' exposed hand as he held her man hostage. "Curious. Last I heard, the wolf with the smart mouth was no more."

"Guess you're not so well informed after all." Stiles glared at Araya and let his blue eyes shine through. "So let me inform you, loud and clear. We're leaving. All of us. Tell your men to stand down and let us go."

Araya wasn't reacting to his threat in the slightest. "Sorry mestizo, I'm afraid you and your friends aren't going anywhere."

Stiles violently shook his hostage. "You sure about that?" he asked savagely.

Araya moved to the table to pick up the knife she was cleaning earlier and threw it for them. It found its mark, straight into the hunter's heart, killing him. Stiles dropped the guy in shock as he stared open mouthed at how she had just killed her own man. He then looked up at Araya who then brought out a gun and pointed it right at Lydia. Stiles quickly put his claws away and held his hands up as he looked fearfully at Lydia who was staring back at him pale faced.

"Deadly," Araya told him with her eyes and face going stone cold. Just then, the other hunter who was shot pulled out a taser gun from her pocket and move to jam it at Stiles' leg. Lydia let out a small cry as Stiles started to seize up and then fall to the floor. Araya still had her gun on Lydia as she moved her free hand for her walkie. "Severo, show the others how the Calaveras negotiate."

Severo got the signal and he moved to the DJ where he gave him the okay to begin the smoking pyrotechnics. Immediately, smoke started to pour into the party room to mix with the laser lights and cause a dazzling visual effect for the partiers.

In the hallways, Scott, Malia and Kira were still moving about as they checked every room they came across for any sign of Derek.

Malia then suddenly held out her arm. "Did you guys just hear that?"

"Hear what?" Kira asked.

"It, sounded like a gun," she told them.

Scott's ears then heard a scream echo in them. "Lydia." Something must've happened with her and Stiles. "Let's go," he said as he tried to quicken the pace. But they stopped when they noticed smoke starting to leak into the halls from the path ahead. Suddenly, smoke started to pour in from above them until the whole hall was full of it. And it had a disturbingly familiar smell. "Wolfsbane. It's wolfsbane!" Already, he was starting to feel weak in the knees and Malia was starting to collapse. Kira wasn't affected by the wolfsbane though. "Kira, get out of here!" he cried out to her. Kira moved to leave but Scott's eyes widened as someone moved for her with a pipe. "Look out!" he tried to warn her.

Kira moved to fight the guy off but he managed to get a hit to the back of her head. Scott was now on his knees as he tried to crawl for her but could barely move. He saw that his vision was getting blurry but he could make out a new figure moving close to him. It was Araya.

"Someone who has been an Alpha for only a few months should be more careful when facing a hunter of 40 years," she said tauntingly.

"All we want…is Derek!" Scott coughed out.

She just shook her head at him. "Aye lobito, you're a long way from home."

Scott then suddenly realized it. "You don't know where he is either."

"Hmm, not so bright either," she said before she moved to jam a taser gun at his chest.

Scott seized up as he felt the electricity begin to pour into his body. She kept shocking him until he eventually blacked out. When he came to, the first thing he saw was Kira's face looking down at him in concern.

"Guys, he's awake!" she cried.

Stiles and Malia moved over to him. Thankfully, they both seemed okay.

But Scott shook his head. "They don't have him. They don't have Derek."

"Yeah, we know," Kira told him. "And they have Lydia."

He narrowed his eyes. "What would they want with her?"

"We don't know," Kira told him.

"What I do know is that whenever someone wanted Lydia, it wasn't for a good reason," Stiles mumbled out. That had been the case with Jennifer and the Nogitsune. They wanted the power of a banshee and he could only guess that Araya must have some use for it too.

Scott was then helped to his feet as he took a good look at where they were. It seemed to be an old storage washroom.

"We've got to get out of here," he said. Scott then went for the only door and moved to try and pull it open.

"Scott," Stiles said to him as he kept pulling on it. "Malia and I already tried that while you were out. This room is completely escape proof."

Kira nodded. "Yeah, and it doesn't look like we're the first ones that tried to get out either."

Scott saw what she meant when he noticed marks on the wall next to him that looked like scratches from claws.

"I say that when that door opens again, we take out whoever's standing in the way and run for it," Malia told them.

"What about Lydia?" Kira asked.

Malia shrugged. "What about her?"

Scott moved over to them. "We're not leaving without her."

Malia looked confused. "Why not?"

Stiles went over to her and took her by gently by the arm. "It's because we don't leave without people, remember? We talked about this. Rules of the Wild Kingdom don't apply to friends."

Malia was still new to what it meant to be human again after being a coyote for over eight years. The last few weeks Stiles had been trying to help ease her back into society but it was slow work.

"Is that what you would do as a coyote?" Kira asked her. "Leave them for dead?"

"If she was weak and injured, yeah," Malia said nodding. "If hunting had been bad that season, I would eat her, then I'd leave."

Both Scott and Kira just stared at Malia as she said that while Stiles stroked the bottom of his chin.

"Believe it or not, that's progress," he told them.

Scott shook himself out of it. "Alright, guys we're not dead yet. That means Araya wants something."

Kira shook her head. "But if the Calaveras don't have Derek then that means that they didn't take him from the loft, right?"

Stiles thought about it. The bullet found at the loft were definitely the Calaveras which meant that they had been after him. "Maybe he fought them off," he put out there. "Left on his own?"

"Or maybe someone else got to him," Scott put in.

"But who, and why would they, or the Calaveras, want with him anyway?" Stiles asked.

Both very good questions.

Lydia was sitting outside with Araya being watched by some of her men. She tried not to move or do anything that would cause a reaction from the armed people around her. Especially from the woman who had just thrown a knife into one of her own men's hearts. On the table were a few helpings of fruit and Araya was pouring some hot tea into two mugs.

"I have to admit, I don't have much experience with banshees," she told them as she finished pouring.

"That makes two of us. I don't have much experience being one," Lydia mumbled.

"I have a feeling you underestimate your own abilities Lydia," Araya told her before she moved to take a sip of her tea.

Lydia just narrowed her eyes at her. "Trust me, you'd have better luck with tarot cards."

"Let's find out," she said with a soft smile. She then looked over at the two men guarding them. "Tell me, which of these men is about to die?"

Lydia's eyes widened as she looked over at them. "What?"

Araya then went to pick up an orange and began to peal it. "Tell me, how does it work? Do you need to touch them? Or maybe I need to give you something they own? Or is it, just a feeling?"

"I told you, I don't know," she said softly.

But Araya just smiled wider at her. "Just how close to death do they have to be?"

Araya had put the knife down and then began to tap it with her finger. The tapping seemed to echo in Lydia's mind. She then slowly looked back over at the men. When Lydia moved her sights to one of them in particular, Araya quickly picked up the knife and flung it. Just like at her office, her throw had the knife land in her own man's heart.

Lydia let out a startled scream as she got up and backed away a bit. Her eyes never leaving the man as he then fell to the ground, dead. "Why did you do that for?" she cried out.

Araya was calmly finishing with pealing her orange. "He stole from me."

She was crazy. Lydia knew that for a fact. This woman had personally killed two of her own men without batting an eye. "What do you want?"

"I want to know about Scott McCall. I want to know what kind of Alpha he really is."

All of a sudden, the four of them were looking over at the door as it slid open. Four hunters appeared, three of them armed with automatic weapons. They aimed them at the kids and they all took a step back. The remaining one stomped over for Scott and hit him with a shock stick, knocking him out again. He then moved to carry him out. After Scott was out, one of them moved and grabbed Kira. Stiles grit his teeth and moved to try and help her but the hunter pointed the gun straight at his face, stopping him in his tracks. Stiles and Malia glared at them as they yanked Kira out of the room and then slammed the door shut and locked it again.

Scott groggily came to and found himself chained to a chair. He quickly spotted Severo who was holding onto Kira tightly in a corner of the room. The door then flew open and Araya stepped in with one of her hunters having a firm grip on Lydia's arm.

Lydia was brought in where she saw the contraption that Scott was hooked up to. "Oh god," she muttered.

She was then pushed inside and getting forced into another chair and tied into it.

"No," Scott said trying to pull on the restraints but they didn't budge. "You got me. Just let the others go."

But Araya and her men didn't falter. Severo just yanked on Kira and brought her in front of a control panel. He then took her hand and slammed it on one of the dials. "Your hand goes here," he said as he put his weight on her wrist to keep her hand over it. He then looked over at Scott. "So, let me explain what's about to happen. This one, the fox, has an immunity to electricity. So, she is going to turn the dial on the Alpha. If she doesn't…I turn the dial on the banshee." That made Scott and Lydia share a panicked look.

Kira began to struggle harder against Severo. "No, I'm not doing this."

But Severo kept his tight grip on Kira and put her hand back on the dial. "Oh, you sure? One of your friends has the power to heal. The other, not so much."

Scott narrowed his eyes at him. "What are you doing? What, is this a game to you?" he asked directing his sight over at Araya.

She heartlessly smiled as she walked over. "This is a test, lobito. Let's see if you pass. I'm going to ask you some questions. You answer them, nobody gets hurt. You don't answer, we turn up the dial," she said as her face became hard.

Scott quickly looked up at Kira who he saw was only becoming more frightened. "Do what they say," he told her. "Give them whatever they want. I can take it." Kira's face grew paler but she nodded to him.

Araya wasn't stirred by the affection at all as she decided to move this along. "So, we don't know where Derek is. We want to find him as well. You know who took him."

"What?" Scott gasped. "How would I know that?" He didn't understand how Araya would believe that. If they knew who had taken Derek then why would they all bother coming all the way down to Mexico to find them and risk being where they were right now?

But Araya just sneered at him. "That doesn't sound like an answer to me."

"We don't know. Why do you think we came here?" Lydia said voicing the thought that Scott had in his head only a second ago.

Araya narrowed her eyes. "Kira," she said to her but was still staring at Scott. "Turn the dial."

Kira looked down at the dial under her hand and shook her head. "No."

"Should we turn the dial on Lydia instead?!" Araya said triggering Severo to move to it. "If she has to go, we have another wolf and a coyote that could fill her spot and I can keep asking."

"No! No! No!" Scott quickly shouted out at him before looking at Kira. "Do it Kira," he begged. Kira shook her head but Scott nodded furiously at her. "Do it," he told her.

Kira choked back some tears as she looked down at the dial and moved her fingers around it.

Araya looked back at Scott. "Let's start at one," she told Kira.

Scott and Kira shared one more scared look before Kira moved and turned the dial to one. An electric current then flooded into Scott and he felt his insides begin to burn.