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The Third Floor

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It all began exactly when you’d think it would; when they first locked eyes after Cass had dropped her tray of lasagna onto Elena’s shoes in the middle of the lunch line.

Gasps of horror and amusement filled the air as first graders shuffled around the two who were stricken motionless in shock and proceeded to the front of the line. Cassie shrieked upon realization, and began avidly apologizing to the blonde, wasting no time to buckle her knees and attempt to scoop the ruined noodles from the girl’s soiled sneakers.

She was flustered and panicky and didn’t even realize she had only made the situation worse by putting her own shoes into the sopping mess. She expected immediate discipline, because that’s what she was accustomed to, and lowered her head in shame. But to her surprise, delighted laughter filled the line, and she looked up with her large, doe eyes to bear witness to the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen.

Elena’s cheeks were rosy in exhilaration and her shoulders quaked with every airy intake.

Cassie was confused.

When the other girl had quieted down, she sported a kind of teasing look, a half frown with half accusatory eyes. “I hate lasagna.” She said, and ushered the other girl off her feet so they could go wash off before a counselor noticed.

And that is how they became best friends.

When Cassie’s mom died, she was curious as to why everyone seemed so surprised with her behavior. She woke up the following morning, on her own, made breakfast, on her own, and walked to the bus stop… on her own. Of course, these were all things Cassie always did on her own. This was her life, and it was all she knew.

Her mother’s disappearance did no more than make the house quieter.

When high school came around, she searched for a job. To keep herself busy. Needless to say, it wasn’t easy being a fifteen year old in a low-income based mobile home with a drunk of a father.

She begged the manager from the grocery store two streets over to allow her to bag items, and he begrudgingly did. But Cassie loved having a job. It made her feel even more responsible, even when she received her first week’s pay of $68… her smile could outshine the sun.

She was a hard worker and picked up more hours upon showcasing her abilities and her steel-like willpower. Her manager was pleased.

Cassie saved up enough to buy herself a phone, and became a pro at hiding it from her father.

Elena and she were as inseparable as they had been since first grade, somehow managing to always share classes every year and somehow managing to always keep each other entertained. They were at their happiest points.

When the girls had met the boys, Cassie was enlightened; she sensed it wouldn’t just be a temporary group gathering for an assignment. She thought that their duo would partner with her duo to take on the world. It was inevitable, she believed, because she grew so fond of them so quickly—and that never happened, not since meeting Elena.

She had so much fun with them—the three who laughed at her stupid jokes and tolerated her uncontrollably flamboyant behavior. And who didn’t notice the abundance of blues of blacks surfacing on her skin every other night she was home. She grinned through it, convincing herself people would understand if she told them they were from the sports she played with the neighborhood kids.

She was happy with her friends, and happy with herself.

That was, until the night before her group would have presented their project, when she was bruised and broken and could barely see through her blood-matted hair.

He threw something at her as soon as she entered the house, something she didn’t register to be a glass vase her mother kept dead hibiscuses in until after it had cracked against her skull. She screamed, not in pain, but in shock. The pain would come later.

As she scrambled to find her bearings, the ringing in her ears louder than his disgusting words, she was suddenly torn from the door by her hair, the once glorious flames now extinguished in his rough palms.

No, she shook her head, it wasn’t the time to remember this.

Cass had always survived by living each day like it was new and welcoming and only meant for her. That’s how she was able to push her secrets, her experiences, to the side, and easily become distracted by the now.

So as Elena cried out in frustration after having realized she’d spent six hours nonstop on Sims, the smile Cassie wore was genuine and amused.

Senior year began the following week, and Cass was delighted to be back in school, freshly eighteen. But due to her new living standards, she didn’t have to support herself with work five hours a night for a few days a week. She liked working and its ability to keep her preoccupied and out in the world, but she figured her high school environment would have to do.

And when she first saw Jimin approaching their lunch table, she felt a glimmer of hope that the old crew would find its way together once again. She hadn’t forgotten about her dear Kim boys. In fact, Cassie felt disgusted with herself for disappearing without notice. It was only right she made it up to them, grinning even wider when Taehyung decided to join.

“You two should come!”

Cassie chucked a fry from her lips and slammed a hand onto her binder.

“We’d love to—!”

“No, it’s okay—”

She raised a brow at Elena, are you serious?, and narrowed her eyes. She wouldn’t back down without a fight. Surprisingly, the blonde held her ground when Cass attempted persuading her with food. She knew she’d have to try harder; of course, the idea of food was always inviting, but the girl had been through so much recently, and wanted to replace bad memories with fresh, fun ones. It was a coping mechanism she adopted at a young age.

“This will keep me distracted. Please? Come with me?” She tried quietly, so Elena was the only one who heard. And when the look of resignation passed over her best friend’s features, the brunette knew she had won the battle.

There was always this thing where Cassie became so overwhelmed by her attraction towards Elena that the only way she could get away with her gawking was by playing it off in an innocent, flirty manner. She sighed, approvingly, as Elena dressed, and wondered if she was ever too obvious.

But when she caught Jimin doing more than a few appreciative glances at the curvy blonde, a tight feeling embedded in the pit of her stomach. She distracted everyone by inquiring the whereabouts of the Kim boy’s parents.

She knew she shouldn’t be jealous, but as she stopped to think about it, maybe Elena and Jimin were cozying up more than she believed.

No, that can’t be. I know she likes me. She selfishly consoled herself.

Elena excused herself to the kitchen as they were all lounging around and mindlessly chatting, a comfortable mood for comfortable people, and Cass watched her dear friend go before engaging in an intense game of eye-spy with Taehyung. She didn’t notice when Jimin left the room.

“…Cassie?” The girl turned and locked the simple eyes of Taehyung. She apologized for not having heard him, too busy scanning the room for the shorter Kim. Where did he go…?

“It’s okay. I said ‘I spy something hairy’.” He gave her glistening eyes and a brooding grin.

Cassie enjoyed Taehyung’s company because he was just… well, this. She felt his personality was as outgoing and bizarre as hers, and the notion made her contented around him. She was never afraid to be herself around anyone, but being with the boy made her feel exceptionally open to self-expression.

“Hairy?” She giggled, quirking her lip at the absurdity of it. “Other than your feet?”

“Hey!” He feigned offense with a dramatic gasp, and the girl patted his shoulder quickly in reassurance. “Okay, okay!” She laughed, scanning the room. “Something hairy… hairy…” Her hazel eyes swept the vicinity, but she came up with nothing, a frown of defeat on her features as she looked back to Tae.

“I… honestly don’t know.”

Taehyung rested his chin in his hands and stared at her from the other side of the couch. “It’s you!” He chirped with a boxy grin.

Cassie felt her eyes widen before she busted out in shameless cackling. “Tae!” She hid her teary crescents behind her palms, attempting to catch her breath before speaking. “You can’t just… HAHA!” She snorted, “You can’t just say that to people!” She knew he meant no harm by it, but the thought of him verbally making that observation to someone more serious than she had her hurling.

He suddenly drew back and cocked his head at her. “But it’s true, you have so much hair!” He pouted, trying to make sense of why she found it so funny. She explained it to him after she managed to control her sense of humor. “Trust me, from a native English speaker, it’d be better if you just say ‘you have a lot of hair’.” She released a few more giggles and rose from the sofa. “I’ll be right back; I’m gonna go find Elena.”

Taehyung nodded after her and she left through the open door.

It took her a few moments to recollect the layout of the house and the brunette was soon making her way for the kitchen. She’d heard some murmurs from the front, passing by and going unnoticed by the small gathering of people at the entryway.

She smiled at herself, mentally thanking the people responsible for throwing this party she was having so much fun at, and turned into the kitchen… only to be reeling backward and cupping a gasp against her lips.


But yes, it was indeed Elena and Jimin who were heatedly locking lips in front of the fridge. The girl’s stomach dropped and she almost stumbled out of the doorway, hurriedly running back to the back living room.

There’s no… She shook her head and stood before the door, composing herself quickly. She must have been seeing things again. Yeah. That’s… that’s it. She convinced herself what she witnessed was not the truth. And so she proceeded through the door with a shaky smile.

Taehyung had gone from one end of the sofa to taking up the entire thing with his body stretched out. He acknowledged Cassie with a cheeky grin, as though he was ready and waiting for her to throw another tricky eye-spy at him. But she didn’t.

She went to collapse in an adjoining recliner and whistled to herself, her eyes fluttering closed as she listened for the approach of a pair of footsteps. And when she’d heard it, she made the realization that it was actually two pairs of footsteps. Her eyes shot open and she halted the chair’s rocking.

She only saw Jimin, who hastily said something about going upstairs and knocking. Cass blinked.

Then she saw Elena, with dazed eyes and rosy cheeks, and Cassie almost smacked herself for stupidly trying to ignore the reality of the situation. The kiss was real. Elena’s heart eyes were real. Her crippling despair was real.

The blonde sent a bubbly grin her way as the boys conversed in Korean, and Cass almost visibly shivered with how happy the other girl looked.  She tried sending a supportive expression her way, but felt as though it came with her looking like someone was holding a knife to her neck.

The door was closed the next instant and Cassie could not fight her sigh of frustration. Her thoughts were running a mile a minute, eyes digging holes into the surface of the wood, the damn thing that had forced the girls apart, and she clenched her fists at her sides as her jaw clenched with every passing thought of hatred for herself—why couldn’t she have seen it coming? Why was it already too late?

She felt like screaming and tearing her hair out, because she deserved punishment for being an idiot, a selfish idiot who wanted no more than to follow them upstairs and drag the blonde into her arms and never let go.

Cassie quickly looked at Taehyung, who had shifted on the couch and was now lying on his back. She deserved punishment.

Her feet were planted on the floor and she took less-than-careful steps towards his couch, not stopping when his black orbs flitted over to her and naively observed her steady approach. She didn’t even stop when her knees had hit the material of the furniture, raising a leg over and placing it on the far side of the boy. And that’s when he reacted. “Uh… Cassie?”

She did not respond, her eyes shadowing because all she saw was darkness bleeding into the corners of her vision.

She sat herself onto him quickly, earning a choked gasp, and rolled her hips, pelvis-to-pelvis. She didn’t see the confusion on his face and didn’t care for it, her dress riding up with her posture and exposing her black cotton panties for his flustered eyes to take in.

Soon enough, the uncontrollable occurred, and she was rolling her dry self against a clothed stone. Taehyung tried and failed to contain his airy groans, fighting and failing to keep his hands off her hips as he urged her faster.

She did not speed up, but ground harder, possibly even slower, her hair falling over her dazed eyes as she took hold of his shoulders. She was staring right at him, and his eyes were squeezed shut every time he threw his head back in pleasure. He was mumbling incoherent things under his breath, and she traced his delicate features without feeling.

She wondered if Elena and Jimin were doing the same thing.

Cassie suddenly slowed enough to reach a hand down to unzip the boy’s trousers, palming him quickly through his boxers before scooting the face of her panties to the side and allowing him to feel her even closer, her flesh, which was growing irritated with all the dry gyrating.

Her lips tightened into a line as Taehyung became even more immersed with the action, his lip falling dangerously between his teeth as he released a long drawn out moan. She recognized the sound.

Then she ground harder against him, her feet arching as her toes planted against the cushion, a cramp forming in them. The girl ignored it.

She also ignored when Taehyung had mindlessly ran a hand up her side, relaxing under her breast. She grabbed his palm, cupping it for him, discomfort exploding within her.

His fingers were nimble and careful, but so avid on exploring— they squeezed, they prodded, they traced her clothed areas with ease.

Cassie exhaled sharply, her head lolling back so she could count the tiles on the ceiling. She wondered when it would end. If it would. It felt as though she had been experiencing this hell the past eighteen years. Maybe it wouldn’t end. Maybe it would never.

Taehyung had leant up at some point, his teeth grazing a spot on her exposed collar; like it was an apple he wanted so deliciously to bite into. But he didn’t. Instead, he gave a few thrusts up against the girl, his straining member only entering her in the slivers of cotton that managed to seep through her crevice.

He groaned, his face finding the crook of her slender neck, before his hips swiveled around once or twice before his release came spurting against the inside of his boxers. He fell backward, his high overtaking him, and released his grip on the girl.

After a minute, the boy’s eyes flickered open to see her rise from him and step off the couch. She casually adjusted her dress around her thighs and slipped her feet into the boots she had discarded earlier in the night.

She held no readable expression.

In that moment, a light flashed by the window, and Cassie observed a familiar car pull into the drive. She mentally cursed herself for performing such activities under such exposure, and hurried to finish fixing herself up. She didn’t even spare the boy a glance as she made for the door.

As she opened it, though, she collided with a body and was immediately spewing jibberish. The frown that had marred her features when she realized it was Elena was instantly replaced with a grin when the other girl glanced at her. “Oh gee,” she laughed off the stupid fucking situation. “I was just coming to find you. I think your dad’s here.” Her words were quick and right off the top of her head—she just wanted out of there, away from Jimin and his affection towards her girl.

Cassie had even sent a glare over her shoulder when the boy daringly winked at the blonde, only happening to catch a glimpse of Taehyung, who was now face-down on the sofa, half-lidded eyes staring at a spot on the floor. A pang of guilt stabbed her.

Elena was bidding him words of farewell when he yawned and turned slightly. “…bye Elena.” He finally looked up, locking eyes with the brunette. “… bye Cass.”

Named teen said not another word before dragging Elena through and out of the house that was so large but felt so dangerously cramped in that moment.

The entire ride home she grew increasingly upset with her actions, regretting them, regretting everything.

She slipped her hand around her friend’s seeking inconsolable comfort. She had no idea how she would face Taehyung normally again, and couldn’t stop herself from messaging him as she laid awake hours later.

I’m sorry.

She never received a response.

The next day she awoke rejuvenated—to some extent; no, she had not forgiven herself for jumping Taehyung, and no, she was not ready to face him that day. But alas, Cass lived every new day to her advantage, because it was her way of dismissing the past.

She skipped out at breakfast when the girls arrived to school, fearing what she’d see if Jimin and Elena were together, and made for the library—a safe haven, of sorts. She didn’t nearly read as much as her darling friend did, but she found a spot sometime the previous year that was secluded and surrounded by the art books she loved to indulge in and smother herself with.

When she bounced cheerily through the halls towards the cafeteria, her heart spoke on different terms and was hammering in her chest. She couldn’t avoid lunch, because that would be too suspicious, and she’d be stuck probably witnessing Jimin and Elena buddying up. Not to mention, seeing Taehyung for the first time since she… assaulted him.

She shivered, flushing, and took a deep breath before turning into the bustling lunch room. She was the third of the group to arrive, immediately spotting the shorter Kim boy and her blonde friend playfully bickering over… something. Cassie sighed, and smiled brightly as she approached.

When Taehyung showed up, about seven minutes after the bell, Cass munched on her chips quietly. Everything… seemed so normal. Elena and Jimin weren’t cozying up, and Tae… he was acting his usual self; beaming at the whirlwind of conversations the table ensued, sticking his nose inside his milk carton…

“Why so quiet, Cass?” Jimin had questioned, innocently, but Cassie’s fingers tightened around her bag of chips. That’s what Elena calls me… She knew she had no right to dislike the boy, and she really didn’t, but she was just so frustrated. It was like the feeling of having to go first for a presentation because your last name starts with an A and the teacher was going by alphabetical order. It just felt unfair.

Cass, nonetheless, swirled her tongue around the straw she haphazardly punctured into her chocolate milk carton, and pulled away with a smile. “I’m just tired!” She laughed, a sound so fake and horrifying to her ears she opted to just shove some potatoes angrily into her mouth.  

The table mates seemed satisfied with her answer, a fair share of understanding comments being thrown around, ha, if only they really understood… She lifted her spoonful of grainy, dehydrated potatoes to her lips and happened to glance up in Taehyung’s direction, immediately locked with his gaze. She nearly dropped her spoon at the… intensity it held.

Taehyung, with his naturally dark and deep eyes and his naturally vacuous resting face, was facing her with such an immense amount of blank it was almost shocking. There was so much in his expression, and yet, simultaneously, an abundance of nothing, all at once.

Cass retracted her spoon, quickly, suddenly less hungry, and gave him a tiny smile. I’m really sorry. But Taehyung didn’t even react… at all. He didn’t return the gesture, he didn’t falter his gaze, and he sure as hell didn’t budge a fraction of an inch. Cass found herself swimming in his trance—actually, drowning, because she had to tear her eyes from him the second she stopped breathing. She had to know… what was he thinking?

The remainder of the day was spent pondering the idea—especially when in the two classes she shared with the Kim. The first period they were together, Taehyung was sat two seats directly in front of her, as per the seating chart’s layout. She could only stare at the back of his moppy, tousled brown hair, and hope he wasn’t chanting death threats under his breath.

As their next class rolled around, Cassie held her breath in her seat. The two had bounced together in sheer joy upon discovering they shared another period, and took advantage of the free reign of the teacher, scooting their desks together. But the girl wasn’t so sure today would look the same.

She swallowed thickly when she felt his looming presence saunter over. This is gonna suck… I’m so stupid.

Though, her thoughts were quickly tossed to the side when the boy offered her a friendly smile and took his seat. “Hey, Cassie~” He grinned broadly, and the girl almost smacked herself to see if she was conscious.

“Hello, Tae.” She returned, shakily, her eyes concentrated on the eraser atop her sketch book. Taehyung did his usual cute routine of placing all his necessary items on his desk before stretching (quite cat-like) and leaning back in his chair. Cassie blinked.

It was the perfect time to apologize to him, and she was sure he knew she’d bring up the subject.

“Hey uh… Tae?” She mumbled, unsure of herself. Hell, unsure of everything. His behavior was slightly concerning earlier in the day, but now was just plain unsettling. It was too normal.

The boy looked over with a quirked lip, humming a deep, “Hm?”

Was he seriously that clueless? Perhaps he really was mad about it and wanted her to say it out loud.

She shook her thoughts away and lowered her voice. “I just want to apologize, for last night. I acted way out of control and I promise it won’t happen again.”

A blossom of puzzlement etched onto his face (for a reason unbeknownst to her). Then his picturesque features were swamped with utter confusion and he was tilted his head in question. “The eye spy?”



Cass shook her head sharply after the initial shock passed over her. She leaned closer, lowering her voice even more, “No, I loved the eye spy. I’m meaning to apologize for when I—”

“Sorry, I have no idea what you mean. Nothing else happened.”

Nothing else happened.

The girl caught a look in his eye, finally capable of reading his expression, and relaxed back in her chair. She was a little put-off that he’d so easily brush away the event, as though it never occurred, but she was still grateful that he was willing to forget about it. Anyone else probably would have been… aghast with her sudden, crude behavior (especially if raised in a culture where modesty still thrives strongly).

But then, Cassie remembered, Taehyung was different. Not the kind of different sprung from being a foreigner and having unimaginable good looks. No, she smiled, Taehyung was strange and cute and processed things differently, and thought about things differently. Her heart warmed in appreciation for her classmate—her friend.

“So,” Taeyhung nudged her shoulder colorfully. “How about we see who can make the littlest origami?”

She laughed brightly, her mood immediately lifted, a confident “you’re on” leaving her lips. Sometime after Taehyung was rambling about his professional craft maker abilities, the girl twiddled her two tiny swans in her hands, staring at his profile as he went on and on and on.

“Thank you.” She whispered, going back to perfecting her creations. Sometime later, in the most hushed of voices, but still bringing warmth to her chest, “You are welcome.”

Everything was normal for two weeks. With Elena. With Jimin. With Taehyung.

It was almost as though that night at the business party didn’t happen. And apparently to Taehyung, it didn’t.

For Cass, though, she would briefly be reminded of the event, but push it to the side, treating it like all her other mishaps in life—forget them.

She was an overachiever, to anyone who cared to look past her dumb-faced bubbly exterior. She really did take school seriously, so when she was swamped with work for her AP classes, like her groupmates as well, she went ham on them (unlike her groupmates). School consumed her for a short period of time, and when she had finished a six page essay for her literature course on Friday, she was ready to bask in freedom with her best friend.

But the girl could only mask her frown when she walked in to their joined bedroom to see Elena already dressing for something—something they didn’t plan together. She had a sneaking suspicion of what the blonde was up to, but had to hear it herself. As painful as it was to hear.

“I’m… going to the movies with Jimin.”

Ah, and her suspicions were right! Congrats to Cassie for—!

“Have fun, loser.” The brunette brushed her hand over the sheets of the bed, her pink lips gracing a smile.

Elena scoffed, fixing something with her braid, responding, “I will, dork.” before scampering to find her shoes and leaving when it was time.

It must have been five minutes before midnight, Cassie was still incredibly awake, when a fountain of shame rained on her pajama-clad body. But it came down in bricks… stones… fucking boulders, if anything crushing. No vanilla drip-drops or soft, gentle pattering.

Cass closed her eyes for a good while, trying to drown out the sound of her thoughts pitying herself, scolding, berating. When they didn’t die down, she forced a loud laugh and scrambled for her phone on the nightstand.

She wanted to tell Elena the bed was cold, and maybe if Elena was there, it would warm up? Yeah, fat lot of logic that was. Except Cassie felt these things, and she was desperate and heartbroken. Leave it to her AP classes to distract her from her torment—as soon as she’s unwound from them, she falls right back into her turmoil. Maybe she’ll thank her teachers later.

The dial tone rang like it was taunting her. But that wasn’t even the worst part. It only went four times before she was directed to voicemail, and she almost chucked her phone at the wall. Ignored. Cassie was too selfish and attention-seeking to be ignored.

“Fuck!” She exclaimed, her cry echoing within the fluff of a pillow. She pulled her face from it. Why was she this way? Why was she so distraught and unaccepting of Elena’s new love? Why hadn’t she done anything sooner?

“At the tone, please record your—”

Cassie ended the call with a huff. Her finger hovered over her recent logs, all of which were Elena—the girl really didn’t speak to anyone else—except one.


An idea sprouted in her mind. Since that day in class where the two reconciled, they had bonded tremendously quickly. Because Elena’s attention was now being shared with Jimin, Cassie turned to Taehyung for friendly endeavors, and the two often met up in the middle of the night and just talked; she learned he was a painter in his off time, and begged him to show her his work when he could, to which he sheepishly agreed and switched gears in the conversation.

She quickly tapped the phone icon beside his name, her wide and frantic eyes focusing on an empty spot on the wall.

It took five rings of that damn nagging dial tone for a deep, raspy voice to take over. “Hello? Who is…” there was some shuffling on the other end, and the device went back to his lips. “Cassie? What’s up?”

“Hi Taehyung!” She chirped, her face free of expression. “Sorry if I woke you up, but can we meet somewhere?” She hoped her voice was cheery and convincing, a sweat breaking on the back of her neck. Oh, how desperate she was.

“Now? Uh… I mean, okay sure, is everything okay?”

She gave a stupid sounding laugh, “Super! How about the park? Where we usually meet, is that cool?”

After some hesitation, she swallowed nervously, but Taehyung gave an affirmation, claiming he just needed to get his shoes on and he’d be there in fifteen.

Great, she’d be there in ten.

She hung up and scribbled an unsuspicious note, leaving it on the bed. Then she stuffed her feet into her slippers before tiptoeing out of the bedroom and sidling out the front door.

She swung gently as she waited, her bare thighs pressed uncomfortably tight in the restricting plastic. Good, she thought, you deserve discomfort. If she was grateful for anything, it would be the seclusion the park provided. It was well of the road and nod surrounded by any buildings for a good many meters all ways. Plus, in the dark of the night, no one would see.

Cassie glanced up at the moon, sheltered by its little clouds, and wished for a shooting star. Of course, it is only after shooting stars zip by when your wish is supposed to be granted, so of course nothing happened.

She heard some brush be disturbed at her left, and hopped off the swing right away. Taehyung was dressed in dark gray sweatpants, a baggy black T shirt, and plain sandals as he moved around some tree foliage. “Cassie, hey!” He exclaimed, albeit tiredly. The tall boy moved forward for their casual embrace, but the moment the contact was made, Cassie was already consumed by her demons.

She wrapped her arms around him, tucking her head into his chest, and suddenly reeled him backwards—with a strength no one expected the small girl to possess—until his knees buckled at the slide riddled with dew spots.

“Whoa! Cass?!” Tae’s hands found refuge on her hips, and he tried distancing himself, but she was already pressed against him, hard, unforgiving, willing for him to take charge and force her into submission.

He was confused by this one-eighty, being reminded of the first time they engaged in such acts. “Cassie wait, you said this wouldn’t happen again. You promised.

The girl simply nuzzled against his exposed collar. “I lied.” She nipped at him, hoping for any response. Any type of discipline. Taehyung was unmoving, calculating, his eyes at the stars. Cassie wanted to cry.

“Please—” She leant near his ear, begging, “Punish me.”

At that, Taehyung dismissed his resolve, and turned the girl by a tight hold on her waist. The plastic of the slide was digging into her back, and she relished in the familiar sensation of pain.

Above her, Taehyung admired her scantily-clad pajama body before diving in and having a taste of it, his eyes an oozing blackness similar to that which haunted her dreams. She looked up at the night sky, and remained motionless as he gave into his carnal desire. He was biting, licking, doing everything with his mouth, and he pinched the top of her shorts and spared her a glance. She wasn’t objecting.

The boy eased them off her long legs, leaving kisses in their wake, and moved to press his lips against her mound. But Cassie held his hair in her fingers the next instant. “No foreplay. Just do it.” She said, a dark voice that was unfamiliar to his ears. Taehyung gulped nervously. He had a formidable tent in his sweats, and kicked them along with his boxers down to his ankles.

When he swept over her, he couldn’t resist smothering the girl with his eyes as they trailed across her smooth, exposed flesh, from the tops of her breasts poking out of her tank top, right down to the juncture between her legs, covered by a deep blue material. But there was concern in his glistening black orbs, and he slowly eased the panties down her legs, having them join her shorts on the mulch.

He spread her legs for her, she had made no move to do so, and gave himself a few strokes in preparation. Then a thought crossed his mind. He bent for his sweatpants, finally kicking them off his leg after retrieving his wallet and pulling out a silver wrapper.

He tore the end quickly, rolling the rubber onto himself with a light moan, and moved between the girl’s opened legs.

Taehyung frowned at her, prodding her entrance gently. She was still staring lifelessly at the stars. He frowned even harder when he brought a finger down to test her entrance. “You’re… Cass, you’re not… wet.” He was obviously upset with the notion, making a move to back away, but she quickly jumped into action, ignoring the itch in her mind telling her to stop. She hooked him with her legs, her resolve still heavy on her mind.

“Do it, Tae. Fuck me. Do it, now.”

There was a scary intensity riddling her glossy hazel orbs, and Taehyung swallowed thickly, regret filling him. But he listened to her. He sighed lowly as he entered, her inner muscles constricting him so tight and so good.

The girl bit back a whimper at the intrusion—it had been a few months and she had been just as dry and unprepared as now—and she offered a fake moan to urge him to continue. She needed this.

Taehyung groaned beside her ear, his hips going amazingly slow, setting a delicate pace. He thrusted deep, and not hard, retracting every time her tightness consumed him—as much as he wanted to nestle in there forever.

Cass,” he grumbled, fingers coaxing the skin beneath her plain camisole, and the sound was so foreign to her, she froze, her palms stilled in the air. And then she was taking in every noise he made, every sound of delight and pleasure, and every gentle motion he cradled her with, and every time his face scrunched up because he was holding back.

For me.

Her stomach stirred and a haze lifted from her vision, so she could really admire Kim Taehyung, and really admire how well Kim Taehyung went with the stars.

Taehyung made a resounding noise in his throat before an expression that came too quick for her to read passed his features, a notable squelch in the air. She watched as he gritted his teeth, slowing to an almost stop as though he was about to test new waters.

The tip of his cock was inside her, and his head tilted down to watch as it became sheathed inside her core. And just like before, a squelching sound, and relief filled him.

He hooked an elbow beneath her knee and buried himself sharply, earning a gasp of shock from the girl. Then, he remained with a slower pace, but settled with hard thrusts that rendered the girl motionless with her fingers gripping the sides of the slide, her head thrown back against her will.

After a while, Cassie felt his hand ghost the side of her neck, and without warning, Taehyung was lifting her torso from the damnable slide. He quickly wrapped his arms around her, his chin atop her tousle of flames, and began hammering away, drilling farther into her hole.

He was saying things she couldn’t deter from the crickets of the night, or the plane passing by, but the tone of his voice made her feel fuzzy and she honed in on every godly moan reverberating in his toned chest.

A few more thrusts, and he was crumbling, his feet planted until his release, his seed coating the inside of the condom and warming her tender womb.

When he slipped out, he did not remove his arms from around the girl until he carefully placed her back on the slide. Her breath came out in little puffs, and her eyes were lidded.

Taehyung didn’t look at her as he removed his condom and stuffed it back into its discarded packet, bringing his boxers and sweat pants back up until they were snug on his hips. Only when spared the girl a glance did he notice she had been watching him the whole time, her eyes deeps and glossy.

“I’m sorry.”

The boy didn’t answer right away, focusing on bringing her underwear and sleeping shorts up her legs, smoothly securing them around her. He adjusted the top of her tank, which had dipped dangerously low during their excursions and he could see the flesh of her rosy nipples exposed. He gulped, carefully fixing it, all while staring into a spot of nothingness.

After a while, the girl made a move to stand, but she winced and almost toppled over, and this made shrapnel of guilt stab through Taehyung. She was sore, tender, even when he’d gone slow and eased her into it.

But Taehyung shook his thoughts and wrapped his arms around her, delicately carrying her off the slide and placing her onto the stairs leading up to the play area. He sat beside her, his hands fidgeting in his lap. A barrier of silence wedged its way between them, and as much as Cassie wanted to go home and sleep, she knew she couldn’t just run away from him. She was about to say something, anything, when Taehyung leaned back and parted his lips.

“What do you mean by punish me?”

The girl nearly gasped. She didn’t realize she had said it out loud. Her thoughts were littered and going a mile a minute, but she felt a hand clasping hers, and looked to see Taehyung rubbing small circles on her skin. She glanced up, meeting his worried, caring gaze.

“I’m in love with Elena.” She finally said, her eyes set on the swings idly swaying across the playground. The moon peaked out from beyond the clouds, finally coming out of hiding to greet the teens with its white glow. Cass took his silence as a sign to continue, to explain.

“I have been in love with her since we were kids. My whole life I knew she felt the same way towards me, but I was an idiot. I waited too long, we got too old, and she now likes someone else.” The brunette nodded to herself, peeling some loose thread from her cami. “This is gonna sound stupid but being disciplined for making mistakes is all I know. That’s why I turned to you.”

She faced him, sadness in her eyes. Taehyung met her gaze and stopped stroking his thumb against the side of her palm. He exhaled slowly, blinking a few times. “I understand you… kind of…” He added as an afterthought, and Cassie would’ve giggled at his pondering expression if not for the intensity of his stare when he looked back at her. “Jimin and I have been together since we were young, and we were together for a long time, too.”

“Wait,” Cassie gasped. “You guys dated? That explains why you’re so close for being step bro…thers…” She trailed, wondering if she treaded too deep, but Taehyung simply brushed it off.

“It’s okay. We accepted it. Our parents met and fell in love and we just had to go with it.”

Cassie was silent for a long time, reevaluating the situation. Then she peered at him once more. “Did you ever get over him?”

The boy tilted his head up towards the moon, reminiscing a montage of his life. Then, he unconsciously laced his large fingers with the girl’s and gazed into her darkened, dingy hazel orbs.

“I did. I think he did too. There are still some times when I know I’m… longing for it, and sometimes he is too. But I’m happy with us now, with everything. We’re still really close, and we still love each other, but now we have the freedom of being together and able to live our own, separate lives.”

He did something unexpected then, and smiled at her. It was lopsided, but it wasn’t his traditional goofy grin, where the dimple of his lip was so deep you could get lost in it. It was sad, understanding. But in his eyes she saw many questions, all of which the girl figured he had the right of knowing the answers to. He deserved that much, for putting up with everything I did.

“Tae, I need to tell you something, and it isn’t easy to say. But I need to tell someone.” She eyed the tree line before her, taking a steady breath. It was now. She would speak words she never spoke before—par policemen and counselors. And for the first time in her life, she was ready to speak them.

“I grew up in an abusive household. My parents would argue and hit each other, and that was so normal to me. But they never hurt me. Then, my mom died when I was in middle school, because she took one too many pills.” Cassie tightened her hold around his hand, her fingers dancing across his knuckles. “I was left with my dad. No one knew he was a sore drunk. But that didn’t really bother me. That was the only side of him I knew. He did mechanic work some days of the week, but was laid off his job in my junior year.”

Taehyung turned to her, recognition in his face, almost like he knew what was coming, or he had been waiting for it. She turned to him, offering a light smile that barely reached the freckles of her cheeks. “It was the first time I’d been beaten. And then the second time. And the third, the forth, the fifth. He took his frustrations out on me.” She stopped, easing her nerves with a quick breath. She was afraid to look at him, to gauge his reaction. But she prevailed, because that was what she did best.

“I was so scared you’d figured me out that one time in the Steak N Shake.” A nervous laugh, “When you asked if I was hot wearing all those clothes—to answer your question, I was blazing—but I did it to cover myself and my bruises. And before you wonder why I didn’t go to the police… well, I have no one other than Elena. I would have been shipped off to stay at a children’s center for a few months, since I have no other family around.”

“Why didn’t you stay with Elena?” He asked, his voice deep and light in the night air.

“I didn’t want to burden her. Or worry her. I hate doing that sort of shit.”

“And you stay with her now?”

“Yeah,” she answered, quietly. “I do… the night before we returned to school from spring break, I stayed at Elena’s house. Normally it wouldn’t be a big deal, because I usually spent many nights there. But I didn’t tell my dad where I was and I didn’t make him anything to eat.” Her heart clenched as she recalled the events, vivid details zipping through her mind like it all happened just yesterday.


He threw something at her as soon as she entered the house, something she didn’t register to be a glass vase her mother kept dead hibiscuses in until after it had cracked against her skull. She screamed, not in pain, but in shock. The pain would come later.

As she scrambled to find her bearings, the ringing in her ears louder than his disgusting words, she was suddenly torn from the door by her hair, the once glorious flames now extinguished in his rough palms.

“Dad! Wait—!” She cried, fighting his pull, but too disoriented to hold her own when he bent her over the back of the couch. “Shut up, little whore.” He seethed in her ear. “While you’re off fucking around, you left me with nothing—not a word.”

Cassie crumbled in fear, shying away from his hands as she did every time he touched her, but his chest was pressed against her back and it took her a moment to realize how harrowing the situation had become. “No, no, please, DAD DON’T!” She screamed, hoping anyone would pass by and hear. But no one did, and if anyone in her neighborhood heard, well they’d assume the same thing was going on that went on the past seventeen years.

In a second he had shoveled his hand down her jeans, tearing them from her squeezed legs all while she tried kicking him off her. Then his fist came down on the back of her head, and she blacked out for a short time—but it was long enough for her be incapable of registering he had removed his pants and had roughly broken the barrier of the girl. “This is your punishment. This is what you get. You deserve this, you deserve my punishment.

She wheezed, drowning in her own blood that caked her face, her lungs compressed against the bend of the couch, her shoulder dislocated where he shoved her down and popped it out of place to render her motionless. With every painful thrust she saw spots in her vision and prayed to someone in that moment, she would die.

She didn’t realize he had finished until he unloaded himself onto her clothed back, the stubble of his chin nuzzled against her neck as he breathed an alcohol-stench against her ear lobe. He didn’t bother to tuck his limp member away or zip his pants, waddling over in stumbles to collapse on the couch, like he was just going to sleep it off. Cassie stayed there for a moment.

She was very unfeeling at the time.

As though the ghost had strayed from its shell, leaving the carcass to its own devices, she limped over to the kitchen, eyeing a dulled set of unwashed cutlery.

The girl took one in her hand, the handle splintering and dry, and returned to the living area. She stared at the man who snored on the couch. Then she released an angry battle cry. It was guttural, it was raw, and it was pissed off. How dare he make her wish to be dead? How dare he make her see the darkest moment in her life?

She brought the blade into his abdomen three times, screaming, “I DESERVED BETTER THAN THIS!” because she did. When she finished, he was gurgling blood and vomit, and she rushed out of the door, crying for someone, anyone.

He raped her and she killed him.


“… or so I thought. Turns out the paramedics stopped the bleeding and he’ll have to live out the rest of his days in prison. Which is pretty cool to me, I guess.” She shrugged nonchalantly, her shoulders far more lax than they had been at the beginning of her story. She recalled counselors telling her it wasn’t safe to bottle things up. They were right—it does feel better to say it.

Taehyung was silent at her side. She spared another glance at him, almost forgetting he was there. Cassie wasn’t sure what to expect from him, maybe something like ‘I’m sorry to hear that’ or ‘thankfully it’s over’, but she sure as hell didn’t expect him to say, “Is he who you think of when you come to me?”

She blanched, because she hadn’t thought of it, but god damn it he was right. Kim Taehyung was goofy, playful, loving, and he was right.

“Yes. I’m sorry.”

The boy pulled his hand from her and clasped his own in his lap. “Why do you do this to yourself?”

She shrugged, she wasn’t sure why. Then it hit her. “Do you remember when we went over conditioning for our project?” She asked quietly, trying to get him to meet her gaze.  

He nodded, a look of recognition going over his features. “You… conditioned to accept punishment?”

She nodded, “that’s what my counselors told me. It would explain why when I’m feeling distressed about Elena I come to you, to remind me that I am wrong to be so selfish. ”

“But Cass,” He said, exasperated, a level of exasperation she never saw from the boy. He took her hand back in his. “This isn’t good for you. You weren’t… ah, you weren’t—” He ran his free palm over his tired eyes and finally met hers. “You were in pain. I saw it. You weren’t… wet, at first. I can’t do this again, not when I know you’re in pain and definitely not when I know you’re thinking about what your father did to you… Tell me,” He said. “Tell me you actually wanted it.”

She stared at him for a long second and shook her head, her eyes glossing over. “No. I didn’t want it.”

He exhaled sharply and looked down. “I can’t help you punish yourself for something you don’t deserve.”

Cassie wanted to cry in that moment. She barely cried for herself, but she wanted to cry for Taehyung too—she couldn’t believe all she had put him through for her sake, making him do those things to her even when they both didn’t want to.

“Tae, I—” She choked, then, without warning, the boy had her in his arms, chest to chest, burying his face in the crook of her neck. “Just stop.” He whispered. “Stop talking, stop thinking, stop these things, and relax for once.”

Cass relished in the comfort seeping from him, feeling a weight off her chest. Her heart bloomed for the boy and she did just what he told her—she relaxed.

She stayed in his arms for a long time until it was just a few hours shy of being sunrise. She suggested they part ways, insisting she’d make it home just fine walking alone, and make do with what sleep they could find. With a gentle smile, she kissed his cheek, gratitude swarming her suddenly cheery hazel orbs.

“Bye Taehyung.”

He pulled his hands from hers and mirrored her expression, backing away a few steps before suddenly closing in and pressing his lips against her crown. She flinched, a light flickering within her. He retracted all too soon, and grinned cheekily.

“Goodbye Cass.”

They parted ways, and when Cassie quietly slipped into her new house, the clock on the wall indicating it was just after three, she smiled. When she took in Elena’s form on the bed, she smiled. She changed her clothes before joining the girl. Stop talking, stop thinking, stop these things, and relax for once.

She hugged the blonde she so deeply cared for, an airy whisper leaving her lips as she closed her eyes. “Nighty night.”

Almost every day the following week, Cassie met up with Taehyung. It was always at the park, because for some reason, they had a mutual love for the night sky. And while they were there, they simply talked and basked in one another’s comfortable presence. It was like what they’d been doing before, except, so much more meaningful.

It was routine for Cassie to go home, after a day of witnessing Elena falling deeper and deeper for Jimin’s charms, and look forward to the night with the other Kim. The brunette could see they tried their subtleties, and she felt betrayed—why couldn’t Elena just tell her best friend she was dating? That’s what best friends are for, right? To know these things? The sneaked kisses, the longing eyes, the hand holding… the girl saw it all. And every time she was forced to tear her gaze away and fight the eruption of anger and frustration and sadness bubbling within, she would lock eyes with a concerned Tae, a conversation needing no words.

You okay?

Yeah, I’m okay.

She convinced herself that Taehyung was providing more for her than anyone else, and that with every meeting with him, she was being healed fraction by fraction. Some nights it would be just she spilling nonsense, some nights just he.

Either way, Cassie always found closure when they parted ways. She felt more bent than broken every second he was around.

As Cassie collapsed on their bed, wondering if Taehyung would be busy that night, she opened a book. She wasn’t in the mood to read, but Elena had disappeared long ago, spending an ungodly amount of time in the shower, so she wasn’t quite sure what else to do. Maybe she could convince her friend to go to the new 24-hr diner that opened near the mall? It was a Friday night, and it sure as hell would be better spent not lounging like bums.

She shrugged, fingering the pages of the nameless novel. It was then Elena came bustling into the room, adorned in a teal dress tickling the tops of her thighs. Cassie’s eyes darkened when she recognized the scene, and she watched her friend, wondering how long it’d be until the other girl decided to say I’m leaving with Jimin, I won’t be back. Thanks, bye!

She locked eyes with the blonde in the mirror, and quickly turned the pages of the book.


Cassie sighed. Caught. She went back to scanning the inky lines before her, wondering what would happen if she just told her everything.

Elena turned to face the younger girl, because Cassie realized she had taken too long, and asked, “What’s up with you? Everything okay?” her voice dipping into a lower octave.

Everything’s fucking fine and dandy, as always.

“How are things with Jimin?” She, instead, found herself asking, disinterested. To be honest it had been a chummy day at school, a major reason why she was looking forward to the possibility of going out. Now that the pretty and talented and overall amazing human boy Park Jimin was taking her plans for the evening, she felt even grimmer. Like a pancake drowned in syrup.

“Really well… I’m actually going over to his to watch a movie in a bit.”

There it was; the moment she had been waiting for. Now that her suspicions were confirmed, she had to bite her lip from saying anything nasty.

“Sounds fun.”


After a beat, Elena hadn’t resumed her readying, and approached the bed. “What’s wrong?” Oh for the love of jiminy cricket—she closed the book with much excess and unnecessary force, kicking her way off the covers. “I’m hungry.” But she really wasn’t.

It was an unconvincing excuse, and Cassie should have tried harder, because she knew Elena was too smart to fall for it. “Bull shit.”

Cassie’s breath hitched as she reached for the door handle, a twinge of annoyance filling her. Her thoughts became muddied as she searched for a logical way out of the conversation. She didn’t come across one.

“How do you know? You aren’t my stomach.” Yeah, it was stupid and not thought through, but honestly, that’s the best the brunette could do without going Super Saiyan. She really didn’t want to blow up on her friend—the girl she was in love with—because the relationship would never be the same, and why couldn’t she just get over Elena as easily as she got over her?!

The familiar feeling of self-hatred that she stumped a week ago came back like a freight train, and Cassie was unable to compete with her young, passionate rage, her jealousy. The girls had been bickering nonsense for a few seconds, Elena finally throwing her hands up, “Will you just let me in?!”

The following several minutes were a blur to Cassie, like a drunken haze or a cloak of darkness wrapped around her body. She saw herself, bending at a dingy, torn couch, her jeans ripped down to her knees. She saw her blood matting her face and hair, whimpers leaving her lips, completely helpless and already giving up the fight. This, the girl discovered, was what her father was seeing. From his eyes, the pitiful, submitting sight. She felt his power, his control.

And she hated it.

When she came to, she was rubbing the back of her head, her thoughts at a momentary ceasefire. Elena was panicking, stumbling over to help the smaller girl to her feet.

The rest was just calm, collected words between the two. The fire died out, leaving crisp embers to wither in the wind.

She left after the official rejection. She wasn’t angry anymore, she wasn’t sad. Was that acceptance? She didn’t know, but she knew one thing for sure—she could rely only on one person to make her see the light of day.

Taehyung was already there when she arrived. She smiled at him. It wasn’t her normal one, and he immediately collected her into his arms. He didn’t know what happened, but he could guess.

“Let’s go somewhere else tonight,” He suggested, as she rested her head on his shoulder. She nodded. Anything would do, truly.

He led her up the stairs of the Kim residence, hurrying her so she didn’t hear the hushed discussion coming from his step-brother’s room. She did, but she didn’t care anymore.

It was then Cassie realized she was being taken up another set of stairs. She had not ventured this high or far into the Kim residence before, her taste for adventure immediately becoming savory.

“Almost there,” His deep voice resonated in the darkness, and anticipation filled her. She forgot it was a three story house.

When her sock-clad toes met the wood surface of the upper floor, Cassie was met with a long hallway, and in that long hallway, one door. It was strange, almost something you’d see out of a horror film, but as Taehyung squeezed her hand reassuringly, the girl realized she was not afraid. The door was a dull red color, standing out against the stark white walls even in the midst of darkness.

Taehyung pulled her towards it, his feet distancing in long strides, and he grasped the handle without hesitation. “What you’re about to see is something none other than the Kims have experienced before.” He stated flatly, somewhat dramatically. Cass stifled a giggle.

He turned the knob and pushed the door, a faint, dim glow crawling out of the entryway with every inch it opened.

She followed him in—she’d follow him anywhere.

And she was mesmerized, her breath taken by the draft of the AC. “Oh my god.”

The floorboards were as white as the walls outside, but above them the paint was a daring, bold onyx. But that wasn’t just it. It bled into hues of midnight blues and amethysts and crept onto the ceiling, where swirls of star clusters glistened in pale gold specks. Dim fairy lights cascaded from the upper surface, dwindling down and twinkling like comets caught in time. The walls were lined with tiny glowing orbs that left oval shadows dancing along the wood.

It was so dream-like, so ethereal.

“You like it?” Taehyung questioned, amused that she’d done four entire three-sixties to take in her surrounds. He already knew her answer.

“If I’m being honest, I think I love it.” She almost laughed, taking careful steps to the middle of the room. “Though, you can’t tell me this is your bedroom—that’s just unfair.”

Taehyung made a throaty chuckle and followed her, “No, I’m on the same floor as everyone else. This is just my little work space.”

“Work space.” The girl giggled. “It’s amazing… but if it’s just where you work, why is there a mattress in here?”

It was true; right in the center of it all was a thick, pillow mattress consumed by a straight-black sheet and a few pillows tossed haphazardly. Around it were a few false-flame lanterns, flickering in succession with one another, creating a bubble of dim glow around the sleeping area.

“Sometimes I get too lazy to go downstairs so I stay up here. This is where I paint, but Jimin uses it for music too.” His elbow brushed hers. “It has special soundproof walls our parents had some workers build.”

Cassie almost did a double-take, “What I’d do if I had money…” She mumbled and moved to flop onto the bed.

She gazed up wondrously at the night sky, seeming all too familiar yet all too astounding and adventurous. “I’ll take it you did the painting part, huh?”

Taehyung plopped down, causing her to bounce around. He laid back, at her side, and they were staring up together. “Yeah, it was a lot of time.”

“Haha, I’d assume so. But it’s… miraculous. Probably the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.”

She looked over to him, and he looked over to her. Her eyes scanned his inhuman features, his honey-dashed skin, his tiny moles, his cupid lips.

She smirked, “But still, it isn’t as beautiful as you.”

A beat went by as she reigned in her corniness, and she was teething her lip between her teeth to keep her insistent giggles at bay. But Taehyung simply watched her, no grace of play on his face.

“I was going to say that.”

She looked away from him, her cheeks warming. They basked together in a welcoming silence, being embraced by the faint hues of the night sky and lanterns.

“What happened tonight?” He asked, after time was just a ploy to them. Cassie’s eyes fluttered open, eyeing a constellation with striking resemblance to Orion’s belt.

“It’s a long story—”

“I’m not letting you go anywhere.”

She peered over at him, and he was serious. So she told him, from beginning to end, leaving no gaps.

A sigh wheezed from him after she concluded, and he brought a hand down to caress hers into untightening a fist. She let him tangle his digits with hers.

“I’m sad that my plan only worked for a week.” He admitted. Cass gave him an inquisitive eye.

“What plan?”

Taehyung stroked her hand calmly, his adam’s apple bobbing as he searched for words.

“To make you happy. To make you see there’s more than living up to your father’s standards. To make you forget about Elena.”

At this, Cassie turned on her side. He didn’t turn on his. She bit her lip and silently urged he continue. He didn’t, so she slid closer, her eyes big round spheres of hazel plea. “Why?” She whispered, using her free hand to cup his cheek so he finally met her teary gaze.

His chest rose as he took a long exhale.

“If you forgot about Elena, you could start remembering me.”

He leaned over and kissed her.

Like a shockwave went through the girl, she was rendered motionless, her heart skipping several beats before she responded, her fingers threading through his hair, pulling him atop her. Taehyung braced his arms at the sides of her head, careful not to crush her with anything more than passion.

His lips melded with hers, and though it was her very first returned kiss, he maneuvered with practice ease and she returned it with mild trepidation. “Relax.” He’d moved away from her lips to whisper into her ear, a flurry of warmth coaxing into her chest. She leaned into the pillow, and he pulled away to smile at her. His was a face she could trust. The only face on her mind that moment.

She took his pause to settle her thighs around him, inviting him in as instinct told her to nip up at the caramel skin of his neck. Taehyung released a deep sigh of content, relief.

He then pulled his sweatshirt over his head, the dim illumination of the room radiating against his chest.  Cassie bit her lip at the sight, slowly bringing her hands from his neck to smooth down his back and around his shoulders to his front.

“Cass,” He sighed in her ear, and he fingered the bottom of her T shirt before bringing it up to leave a wet trail from her naval to her bra. He gave her the eyes of a patient man. She granted his permission with a nod.

Her head tossed back as he traversed her small and ample breasts, her rosy nipples he’d dreamt about tightening up into little buds beneath his large palms. He removed the midnight black from her torso, excited to what else he could explore.

But he paused. He was afraid to overstep any boundaries. What was she thinking? Was she still thinking of her father? Of her heartbreak?

“Do you want this?” He asked, sincere eyes pleading for a sincere answer.

Cassie didn’t hesitate to nod; she did it so quickly he was shocked. When he didn’t move for another few moments, uncertain, the girl smiled sweetly, reaching for his hand. He was confused, but let her direct it, lowering, lowering, lowering it until it was at the apex of her skirt, the juncture of her legs. She maneuvered it beneath the curtain of material, her nimble fingers forming his into a fist while leaving his index untethered.

Then she pressed him against herself, and he was in awe. An array of expressions passed over her delicate, tired features as she whispered to him.

“I want you.”

He stared at her as her face contorted in pleasure, moving his hand for him to run his digits along her silky lining, only to bring him at the cusp of her core. She dipped him in slowly, innocently, all the way until his final knuckle was half-submerged in her juices. Then she released the greatest noise he ever heard, and he was back in.

Taehyung pinched the lace of her panties, bringing them down and tossing them to the side without care. He added a finger to the mix, and Cassie’s hands went to clench fistfuls of onyx bedding at her sides. She groaned out, needy, before him, her spine arching so beautifully.

“Taehyung please—” Her words were sheltered by his pounding heart. His fingers drew patterns around her clit and its pretty curtains, arriving to her center where he pumped her a few times, her mewls almost making him buckle.

Though there was suffering on his end; Taehyung’s cock was painfully strained against his shorts, and he rolled it along the sheet in succession with his fingers that were coated with want. The friction forced a bubbly moan to vibrate against Cassie’s clit and she almost howled.

He groaned out, removing his digits and tasting them right before her eyes. “This is for me.” He said, licking the remnants from his perfect lips. “All of it, all of you.”

“All of me.” She agreed, in light pants. Taehyung moaned with her words and scooted up to kiss her body and her mouth, chasing her tongue with his. He couldn’t resist it.

When he backed away, it was to bite back a guttural sound, and it was when Cassie palmed him through his shorts. She sported a smirk that complimented her feline eyes; her constellation of freckles; her fiery hair splayed out like a blanket.

He kissed her quickly, and then said, by her neck while his was leaving a wet trail, “You’re mine.”

The boy felt her chest rumble beneath him, and he pulled away, slightly puzzled. The girl was grinning cutely now, and she grabbed his palm in hers, holding it between them. “I’m yours.”

A moment of euphoria passed between the teens. It was unlike anything they’d experienced in their past loves, in their past anything. They stared at each other as though looking into a mirror, drawn by the reflections in one another’s eyes, reflecting care, reflecting promises.

He kissed her quickly, and removed her skirt and shirt with a happy grin. Cassie relished in the feeling of his palms against her, smooth waves pressing into sand and leaving their mark there.

She sighed, contented.

His hand located the jut of her shoulder blades, easing down and around until he was pumping into her again with renewed vigor. He brought her clit to his eye level, watching through hazy hoods as the girl cursed aloud and threw her head back.

Then, he added his tongue, and she was biting back her screams.

He licked all the way inside her, his tongue running down and around all while his fingers left their famous impression.

Cassie squirmed, almost kicking him, and he ground his member against the sheets once again, still fully clothed by his briefs and shorts.

“Tae, stop.”

He halted immediately, wondering if he did anything wrong. But the girl was not upset. She was drugged by her lusty stupor, and leaned up to kiss the apex of his lips. “Let me pleasure you.” She smiled.

Soon enough, Taehyung was on his back, his member flush against his stomach as Cass clumsily brought his sleepwear from around his ankles.

It was the first time she really gauged his size, his girth, and no wonder she had been in pain. She shook her thoughts away. This time would be different.

“Tell me if there’s anything I am doing wrong.” She gave him a look, and he playfully scoffed.

“I think I’ll like anything you do.” He admitted, his hands clasping behind his head as he watched her edge closer. She wasn’t nervous. She was just unsure of herself. But Tae gave her a final glance that boosted her confidence.

She grabbed around him, squeezing gently at his base, and he hissed. She took that as a good sign. Her other hand came around to grip the top of him, smiling to herself when he released a choked moan.

It started as simple, routine pumps, and she put two-and-two together to figure out how to disperse his leaking pre-cum. Soon, he writhed in her touch. Her hands pumped him without resistance, gliding down like silk on a slope. She suddenly brought her head down and gave him a long, tedious lick, like a puppy trying a new treat. Taehyung nearly came undone. He would have none of that.

He scrambled up to grasp her palms and fling her to her back in a squealing heap. Taehyung fought for the wallet in his pants, fishing out a condom, once again grateful Jimin’s hiding place was super obvious. Then, he repositioned himself, tearing the foil with his teeth all too sexily for Cassie’s comprehension. The boy rolled the rubber ring onto himself, and searched the girl’s smiling eyes for any objection.

He found none.

Then he slammed into her with a collision of wet noises and slapping skin and passionate moans. She had grasped his shoulders upon the intrusion and was whispering sweetness into his ear to urge him on. Taehyung swallowed thickly, the tightness swimmingly consuming this time around. He rocked into her a few times before kicking it up a well needed notch and pummeled into the girl’s abyss of wetness.

She released a cry of sheer pleasure, her ankles locking against his backside, and he forced her against the mattress, the springs shrilling in protest. He couldn’t hold back anymore.

Taehyung grasped her hips, his lips against Casse’s with lazy pressure, and rocketed his cock within her, his groans reverberating in her mouth.

Harder, harder, faster—he did it all, and Cassie began meeting him halfway, the force of their pelvises colliding having awakened a painful bliss within her.

And suddenly, his arms were around her, and she lost all sense of time and gravity and… sense, as he carried her body, cock still sheathed to the hilt inside, and pressed her against a painted wall. Excitement and shock flickered within her, and she wrapped her arms around his shoulders.

Taehyung thrusted up, a sufficient angle for the two, and the girl blocked her screams with a palm.

He did it again, and so did she.

“Sound... proof.” He growled, intense eyes slanted in unspoken warning. He pounded into her, watching her with his dangerous gaze. Though she only muffled her lips again, and he finally released a hand on her waist to capture her wrist and hold it beside her head.


And she did. Taehyung spread his feet and brought her down onto him, his cock drilling farther than before. Stars exploded in her vision as she threw her head back against the vivid canvas. Her throat was hoarse, and she didn’t last much longer, rolling her hips every time his member was firmly nestled within her bounds.

After some moments, his arms grew weak, and she slumped against him as he caught himself on his knees. He held her entire weight, her slacked body, her racing heart. He finished his final pumps powerfully, his seed filling the condom without effort, and he fell back onto the wood, Cassie collapsing onto him.


They were melded together for several minutes, the flickering orbs around them casting shadows on nude skin and glistening pores. Cassie released light puffs of air against his chest as he ran languid strokes down her back.

She mumbled something he didn’t quite catch against his skin. “Hm?”

The girl slowly raised her chin until she was lazily staring into his eyes. Her lips spread into a simper of twinkling happiness. “I said thank you,” She bent down to kiss his chin.

Taehyung ‘s chest shook as he chuckled, wrapping his arms around her to hold her flesh against him. “For what?”

She snorted, playfully, and slapped a hand down on his front. “You know what. For helping me forget about Elena.” Hair fell into her face and she bit her lip. “I think I spent more time under the impression I loved her than I was actually in love with her. She was my only shelter all these years, and I think I became defensive at the thought of her leaving me for someone else. But you made me realize that she’s not the only one there for me. So I thank you.”

Taehyung felt his heart murmuring at him and his eyes lit up.

With a little boop on his nose, Cassie made to stand. “Where are you going?” He asked, tightening his hold on her. With a cunning smirk the girl slipped her way out of his embrace and giggled. “As much as I love lying on the floor with you, I think I’m gonna try the bed.” They both groaned as he slipped out of her finally, the emptiness without him already intangible.

She crossed over the floor, and he admired the view from behind, before falling face-first into the mattress. She heaved a lovely sigh.

“Much better.”

Taehyung chuckled in amusement and carefully rose, tossing his soiled condom somewhere without care. He padded over and kneeled down to cover her back with his front, the girl beneath releasing a characteristic “oomph!

After ensuring his weight wasn’t crushing her, he leant his head in to leave pecks on her shoulder. Cassie nudged for him to move, and she turned over, eyeing him. “How did you do it?”

“The sex?  I just took off my pants and—”

“No,” She laughed, running a hand up to cup the curve of his cheek. She reminisced in the fact Kim Taehyung complimented the stars above them. “You changed me so much in just a few weeks when I’ve been the same person my entire life.”

Taehyung took a moment to ponder, his dimple cutely poking out in his cheek.

“Maybe it’s because I like you?”

Cassie’s eyes widened a fraction until she beamed up at him. Her heart was racing but her mind was at ease. “Maybe you’re just the human form of the devil and used magical dark powers to possess me.”

The face he made had the brunette chortling into her hands, “I’m kidding, I’m kidding.”

She grabbed around him and brought him onto his side, so she could use her octopus-like limbs to wrap around him and bury her head into his neck. With a soft breath, she grinned against his skin.

“Maybe I just like you too.”

Cassie went back home the following evening, the weight off her shoulders and her heart ready to face the truth. She was happy, happy even so soon after heartbreak, happy because Taehyung with his goofy face and strange antics and warm smile filled the gaps she never knew ran so deep.

As soon as she saw the girl, she knew everything would be alright.




“Hey, don’t you think it’s strange Jimin and Elena have no idea about us?” Cassie suddenly questioned, and Taehyung glanced up from between her legs.

“Is now the time for this, Cass?” He questioned in firm disbelief. It was true; sneaking into the brunette’s secluded part of the library in the middle of lunch to have a quick oral session didn’t seem like the proper time to discuss such things.

He moved his head back beneath her skirt, and she writhed, biting a gasp. “But really, isn’t this obvious?!” She asked through clenched teeth.

“I don’t know, I don’t care. Hush or I’ll make you beg.” He mumbled against her, his tongue quickly going to work.

The girl bit back profanities.

“Well, well!”

The teens froze. Oh no.

“So this is where you’ve been going? We’ve had our suspicions.”

Taehyung moved away at the speed of light, and Cassie slapped her face into her palm shamefully.

She peeked through her fingers to see Elena standing at the entrance of the concave with a smirk and crossed arms, Jimin, flustered, a few steps behind her.

“You’ve got to be shitting me.” Cass whined and turned her face into the floor. “Ughhh, you’ll never let this one live down and I know it.”

The blonde laughed, “That’s right. I’m so hurt though.” She walked a few steps in and Cassie finally faced the newcomers and adjusted her skirt.

“Hurt?” she asked her best friend.                                  

Elena made to sit down between the two, Jimin carefully trailing. “Yeah, you guys left us all alone to have your own fun.” She pouted with mock sadness. Cassie almost threw a book at her until she continued her words. “You should have invited us!”




Elena laughed, mischief in her eyes. “We’ll join you next time, then.”

Cassie threw her hands up, in disbelief, but she sensed a challenge—and she never backed down from a challenge. A smirk painted coyly against her lips and she leaned forward with daring eyes, “We’ll be waiting.”

Taehyung and Jimin exchanged nervous glances then, fearful of the lust-ridden females and their capabilities.

It was going to be a long rest of the school year.